Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, 22 Mayıs 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated 22 Mayıs 1873 Page 1
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Vol. VII, No. 21. V. 1*. HAMRISO*. 0. I. IIALL, '0. II. WARREN TAMA COUNT? BANK, —or— foledoi Ilowa. 8ABBI30N, HALL WABESN, BAKKESS Correspondent*: Kountze Urol hers, New Ydrk, and Third National Dank, Chicago. IUB flRST NATIONAL BANK 0F TAMA CITY. IOWA fe. A HALL, Pres. G. II. WARRCIC, Casnier A. L. IIouonTox, Asst. ("ashler. 1KB We refe to all of our Customers. "\6(| Mew York Correspondent, Chatham Na tional Bank, Chisago Correspondent, Manufacturers' National l^ank. [17 7. a is now prepared (o produce In the most improved style of modern art. Call and examine tamplts of hit work— SATISFACTION GUARANTEED GALLERY OVER BROWNS GROCERY. TOLEDO, IOWA. [3-1/ INSURANCE. WM. H. HARRISON, General Insurance Agent, Toledo, Iowa. Represents the CIIA11TER OAK UFE INSURANCE CO., OF HARTFORD. AJ5SEIT.5S1Q.QOO,OOP And Ikt following reliable Flit Insurance Companies AITKA, or Tlartford, assets $6.W,000 HOME, of New York, assets .RI,IHMI,HK) I ariford of Hartford, a sets J!,7"0.HK) i'hoenix, of Hurt fa d, assets Fpecisl nttention will be given to insuring l»Wtl I.INGS, liAliXS tiii(1 CONTENTS Rj,»iiiRl KIKE and I.IUI1TNING, for a peri od of due, Three nnil Five years, and at as Jew ratti at any one ran }ouibly give. OFFICE—In Tama County Rank. 5-3 THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL Life Insurance Company. Org nized in 184G Net AsseU /39,000,000 Dividends to Policy FIolle*S,"on Pretti- tams, for 1171,47 per sent. N. C. RICE, 11# BUCKINGHAM, IOWA. Obires, A NEW THING. W. F. n, PRESERVE THE SHADOW, ERE T1IE SUBSTANCE FADE!" SHADOW PHOTOGRAPHS ,• J. M. SEARLES. ®l)£ SoWo ESTABLISHED 1^7 J*Yi» CPE, Agent. nra A New Wagon. "*The plaee lo get the best WAGON or ^JUGUY made in Iowa ib at the BRADBROOK WAGON & CARRIAGE •Where is kept a full supply of WAGONS *nd BUG01ES on hand and everything in alter Uradbrook's line made to order.— A11 orders for repairs or construction promptly filled. None but the BEST MATERIAL .used, and only tbe BEST WORKMEN EMPLOYED. All \V ork Warranted to give satisfaction. A new thing about his Wagons is th HltASS THIMBLE SKEINS, Jdrtilch excell all others. All wanting Wag j»us or Carriages should eall upon the un jdersigned before purchasing tttTWAaoS and CARIUAGE PAINT I done to order. WALTER BllADBUOOK, TOLEDO. IOWA. B' MOHTGA QES, Quit Claims and Justing 6 JilwH $i the CBMOJUCLK THE PEOPLE'S STORE JOHNSTON & CO., Ilave now open and on exhibition, tlio Largest Stock of General Merchandise in Tama County, consisting of Domestic and Fine Dress Goods, Heady Made Clothing, w Aiming to lead in all movements, having for their object SMALL PROFITS and Quick Returns, and to furnish to the people ol lama County Goods of the Best Quality and Manufacture at greatly reduced marginal profits, they would solicit an examination of their stock, con fident that they can gi\ "ENTIRES SATISFACTION 24tf Both as to QUALITY and TRICE. W. F. JOHNSTON AMD CO. CKIMU llil'llls MARBLE WORKS! 0£jAiiXj£3S cfc BAXTEIR, DEALERS IN FOREIGN AND AMERICAS BABBLE, Largest and Best In Linn or any Adjoining County. FIRST BUSINESS HOUSE BELOW IRON BRIDGE Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Agent, Trt«#n Bithnn & R1 Boots and Shoes, Glass and Queens Ware, Ilats and Caps, Groceries, Hardware and Agrioul ural Implements, Umbrellas. Parasols and ustotiohsts OF KUITIDS. Shawls, Marseilles Quilts, Wall Paper, &c., &c., which they are prepared to sell at LOWEST prices for CASII. J. O. DEXTER, 8-2* E. P. BALDWIN, (ion'I Agtn REMOVED! Is Now Established in tiie NEW BRICK BLOCK, And has already filled up with new staple and fancy DliY GOODS Foreign 'ind Domestic 1 Goods, lleady Made Clothing, Carpetings and Oil Cloths, Hosiery, Gloves, Corsets, hito Goods, Laces, Shawls, Silk and Cotton Threads, Notions, Ilats and Caps, Boots and Sh oes, Trunks, Wall l'aper, Window Paper, Table and l'ocket Cutlery, Scissors, Queensware, Lamps. A FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Including Tea, Coftec, $ugar, Syrup, Dried Fruit, (Cx\ Adhering strictly to fair, legitimate dealing, and holding out rare inducements, I expect to merit a large trade. M. GALLE K Toledo, April 10th, 1873. THE MEDICAL EMPORIUM of Tama County —is the place to find— PURE DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Putty, Toilet and Fancy Articles, Perfumery and Toilet Soaps, School Books, and Stationery. In fact, everything usually kept in a first class drug store. Call and examine our stock and prices. We are determined not to be undersold by any Drug House in the county. Thankful for past favors, we hope by strict attention to business, to merit, a liberal share of patronage in the future. Toledo, Iowa. DEEDS, MORTGAGES &cB SWUNG EK 00. For sal© AT THIS OFFICE. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1873. ^Tolcild ^f'roniclc. 1 Is published every Thursday morning by WARREN HVKM&S. If paid strictly in advance fke subscription prica of the CHRONICLE be $1.75 a year otherwise it will b*t$*2.00, and no subscription will be allowi'l to run over two years unpaid. $ Office on High Street, Etatibf Tama Coun ty Bank. Cash Bates of Ad ising. 1 Inch, 1 week 1 I NC J, 1 month 1 Inch, *i months 1 Inch, 1 year i Column. 1 year... The Illinois Railroad Law. The following is the Railroad Bill as it passed the General Assembly of Illinois, at the late session SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of lit not*, represented in Gen- be enacted, or any railroad corpora- inereoi snun Lie ae^lt\'ilh as herein after provided. Sue. 2. If any railroad corpora tion aforesaid, shall make any unjust 1 collect, or receive from any other person or persons, for tho transpor­ tation of a like quantity of freight ol the same class, being transported from the same point, in tho same di rection, over equal distances of tho same road or if it shall charge, col lect or receive from any person or persons, for tlio ttsa or transporta tion of any railroad car or cars upon its railroad for any distance, the same or a greater amount of toll or compensation than is at the samo time charged, collected or received from any other person or persons for .80 2.00 4.00 (J.40 1 Column, 1 year tS Column, 1 year...*. Column, 1 year 41.40 I Column, 1 year 80.00 tho use and transportation of any i Legal advertising, at legal rates. °'.if railroad car of tho same class or nuni 22.40 28.80 ber, for a like purpose, being trans ported in tho samo direction, over a greater distance of the same railroad 5t Bha" C,,arS0 For tins use of large cuts and wood type ceive from any person or persons, for sta0°u passengers or freight, of any descrip-: °hargo, receivo or collect or receive lion, or for the use and tran'porta *'10 or permission to use, operate or con -j 'or 1 discrimination iu its rates or charges #i miy description, or for the use or transportation of anv railroad car upon its tsaid road, or upon any branches thereof, or upon any rail oad connected therewith, which it has tho right, lioetisc or permission to operate, control, or use within this State, the same shall be deemed guilty of having violated tlio provis ions ol this act, and upon conviction thereof, shall be dealt with as herein after provided. SKC. 3. If any railroad corpora tion shall charge, collect or receive, for tho transportation of any passcu gcr, or freight of any description, up on its railroad,for any distance within this Slate, lho same, or a greater amount of toll or compensation than is at tho same tunc charged, received or collected lor tho transportation, in the same direction, for any passen ger or a like qnantity of freight ol the same class, over a greater dis tance of the same railroad or, if it shall charge, collect or receivo at any point upon its railroad, a higher rate of toll or compensation, for receiv ing, handling or delivering freight of the same class or quantity thau it shall, at ihe same time charge, col lect or receive at any other point up on the saine railroad or it it shall charge, collect or receivc for the transportation of any passenger, or freight of any. description, over its railroad, a greater amount as toll or compensation, than shall, at the same time be charged, collected or receiv ed by it for the transportation ol any passenger or like quantity of freight of tho samo class, b«*ing transported in the same direction over any por tion of the same railroad, of equal distance or if it shall charge, collect or receive from any person or per sons a higher cr greater amount of toll or compensation than it shall, at the same time, charge, collect or re ceive from any other pcrsou or per sons, for rcceiviug, handling or do livering freight of thu sauio class and like quantity at the same poiut upou its railroad or if it shall charge collect or reccivo from any person or persons for the transportation of any freight upon its railroad, a higher or greater rate of toll or eompensation c0,lect or ro »j«to on ami uwponttkm of.,,, Prompt settlements will be expected with railroad car or cars upon its railroad, all time-advertisers, nt the close of each I a higher, or greater rate of toll calender quarter. Transient advertise- I •. meats must be paid for in advance. I Shall, at the same time, charge. o k o e e i v e o a n y o e person or persons, for the use and transportation on any railroad car or cars of tho same class or number, for a like purpose, being transported from the same poiut in tho same Ji- rc®0on, over an equal distance of tho 8a'n® railroad all such discriminat- eral Assembly, It any vailroad corpor- jrates, charges, collections or re alion organized or doiug business in ccipts, whether made dircctly, or by this State, under any act of incorpor- nK'a"s alion, or general law of this State °^'cr shift or evasion, shall be deem now in force, or which may hereafter |et^ of any rebate, drawback, or 01 1 taken, against such railroad corporation as prima facie evidence tion organized or which may hereof- 0,e unjust discriminations prolnb ter be organized, under tho laws of ,'fed by tho provisions of this act, any other State, and doing business ail(^ compensation for transportation of, sliall not be deemed a sufli-

within this Slate, shall charero, col- cient excuse or justification of such lect, demand or receive more than a discriminations on tho part of such fair and reasonable late of toll or ''ai'loail corporation that the railway or point at which it shall sam0 or tion of any railroad car upon its' pensation for the transportation of track, or any of the branches hereof l04"* rates of toll or com 8110,1 P«wgors or freight, or for the or upon any railroad within Uie and transportation of such rail State, which it has the right, license jroatl car lho gr' ator l'10 trol, tho same shall bo deemed guil-' Nation or point at which there exists ty of extortion»aufl ^t-'on conviction competition with any other road or iit'iini WH:II i lif» afiiti. 'ith NFL liprain- I tion shaM not bo construed so as to exclude other evidenco tenJing to show any unjust discrimination in froight and passengor rates. Tho .t I provisions of this section shall extend o1 toll or compensation for tho trans-I' i-' and ai-ply lo any railroad, tho bran portal ion of passengers or freight of i i „i, distance than "horter distance is a railway ches tvereof, and any road or roads which any railroad corporation has lho right, license or permission to use, operate or control, wholly or in part in this State Provided howev er, that nothing herein contained shall bo so construed as to prevent railroad corporations from issuing commutation, excursion, or thousand mile tickets, as the same are now is sued by such corporations. Sue. 4. Any such railroad corpor ation guilty of extortion, or of mak king any uu'pist disci imiuation as to passenger or freight rates, or the rates for the use and transportation of railroad cars, or in receiving, handling fieights, shall, upon convic tion, be fined in any sum not less than ono thousand dollars, nor moro than five thousand dollars for lho first olfeiiso and for tho second ctVcnsc not ltiss than five thousand dollars, nor moro than ten thousand dollars, and for the third offense,not lew than ten thousand dollars nor more than twenty thousand dollars auil for ev cry subsequent offense and convio tion thereof shall be liable to afino of twenty-five thousand dollars—provi ded, that in all cases under ibis act either party shall have the right of trial by jury. SEC. 5. The fines hereinbefore provided for may be rcooverei in an actiou of debt, in tho name of the people of the State of Illinois, an I there may be several counts joined in the sainu declaration as to extor tion and unjust discrimination, and as to passenger and freight rates, and rates for tho use and transportation of railroad cars, and for receiving, handling and delivering freights. If, upon tho trial of any cause instituted under this act, the jury shall find for the people, they shall assess, and ro turn with their verdict, the amoui of the fino to be imposed upon the defendant, at any sum not lees than one thousand dollars, nor more than five thousaud dollars, and tho court shall render judgment accordingly and if the jury shall find for the peo ple and that the defendant has been once before couvicted of a violation of the provisions of this act, they shall return such finding with their Iliao it ilwilf at Lkt f*aie iita* «lu»rge vet'dict, tod fiUall ass* aud rctum with their verdict tho amount of the fino to be imposed upon the defendant, at any sum not less than five thousand dollaas nor more than ten thousand dollars, and the court shall render jiidgincnt accordingly and it the jury shall find for tho peo ple that tho defendant has been twioo before convicted of a violation of lho provisions of this act, with re speet to extortion or unjust discrim ination, they shall return BUCII find ing with their verdict, aud shall as sess and return with their verdict the amount of the fine to be imposed upon the defendant at any Bum not less than ten thousand dollars nor more than twenty thousand dollars and in like n auuer for every subse quent offense and conviction, such defendent shall be liablo to a fine of twenty-live thousaud dollars Pro vided, that in all casos tinder the pro visions of this act, a preponderance of evidenco in favor of tho peoplo (•hall be sufticient to authorize a ver dict ayd judgment for tho people afotesaid. Sue. 0. If any sttoh railroad cor poration shall, in violation of any of the provisions of this act, demand, charge or receivo of any person or corporation any extortionate charge or charges, for tho transportation of any passengers, goods, merchandise or property, or for receiving, hand ling or delivering freights, or shall make any unjust discrimination against any person or corporation iu its charges therefor, the person or corporation so ollciided against, may for each offense, recover of such railroad corporatiou, in any form of action, three times the amount of damages sustained by the aggrieved, together with costs of suit nnd a reasonable attorney's fee, to be fixed by the court where tho same is heard on an appeal or otherwise, and to be taxod as a pat of the costs of tho aase. SEC. 7. It shall be the duty of the Railroad and Warehouse Commis sioners to personally investigate and ascertain whether the provisions of this act aro violated by any railroad the vaiious stations npon tho line ot each railroad for that purpose as of ten as :raclicablc and whenever the facts in any manner ascertained by said Commissioners, shall, in their judgment, warrant such prosecution, it shall be the duty of said Commis sioners to immediately cause suits to be commenced and prosecuted against any railroad corporations which may violato tho provisions of this act. Such suils aud prosecutions may be instituted in any county in the State, through or into which the lino of tho railroad corporation sued for violat ing this act may extend. And r.uch Railroad aud and Warehouse Com missioners aro hereby authorized, when the facts of tho caso presented to them, shall, in their judgment, warrant .the commencement of such action, to employ counsel to assist the Attorney General in conducting such suit ou the part of the State. No suit commenced by said Commis sioners shall bo dismissed, except said Railroad and Warehouse Com missioners and Attorney General shall consent thereto. SEC. 8. The Railroad and Ware house Commissioners are hereby di rected to make, for each of the rail road corporations doing business iu this State, as soon a« practicable, a schedule of reasonable maximum rates ot oharges for tho transporta tion of passengers and freight and cars on each ot eaid railroads, aud •ai) schedule shall, in all suits bro't against any such raildroad corpora tion, wherein i6 in any way involved the charges ot any such railroad cor poration, for tho transportation of any passenger, or freight, or cars, or unjust discrunuialien in relation thereto, bo doomed aud taken, in all courts of this State, as prima facie evidence that the rates therein fixed aro reasonable, maximum rates ot charges tor tho transportation of passengers and freight and cars upon the railroads for which said schedules may have been respectively prepar ed. Said Commissioners shall, from timo to time and so often as circum stances shall requiro, change and rc vise siid schedules. When such gjhedules shall have been made or revised, as aforesnid, it shall bo the duly ol said commissioners to cause publication thereof to be made for three suocessivo weeks in some pub He newspaper in tho city of Spring field, in this Stale Provided, that the schedules thus prepared uot ^cashier, Whole No., 333 be taken as prima facie evidence at herein provided, until schedules shall have been prepared and publish ed as aforesaid for all tho railroad companies now organized under th« laws of this State, and until the lot!! day of January, A. I). 1874, or until ten days after lho meetiug of the next session of this General Assem bly, provided a sess'on ot the Genor al Assembly shall bo held previous to the 15th day of January, aforesaid All such schedules purporting to bo piinted and published as aforesaid, shall bo received and held iu nil such suits, as primagfacie, tho schedules of said Commissioners, without further pivof than thn production of the pa per in which they were published to gether with tlio certificate of the paper that the schedule therein con taiued is a truo copy ot the schedulo furnishod for publication by Baid Commissioners, and that it has been published the above specified limo in any such paper purporting te have been published at said city, and to be a public newspaper, shall bo presum ed to have beeu so publishod at the date thereof and to be a public paper./ news­ SEC. 9. Tn all cases tinder the pro. visions of this act, tho rules of evi dence shall bo tho same as in other civil actions, except as hereinbefore otherwise provided. All fines re covered under tho provisions of this act shall bo paid into the county treasury of tho county in which lh« suit is Iried by tho pcrsou collecting the same, in the manner now provid ed by law, to be used for county pur poses. Tho remedies hereby given shall bo regarded as cumulative to the remedies now given by law against railroad corporations, and this act shall not bo construed as re pealing any statute giving such rem edics. Suits coiiimenced under the provisions of this act shall have pre cedence over all other business, ex cept crimiual business. SKC. 10. The term railroad cor­ poration," contained in this act, shall bo deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies or individu which may hereafter own or operate, any railroad, in whole or in part in this Slate and the provisions of this act shall apply to all persons, firms or companies, ai.d to all association ot persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any ol the lines of railways in this Slate (street railways excepted) the samo as to railroad corporations hereinbefore mentioned. Si:c. 11. An act entitled An act to prevent unjust discriminations aiid extortions iu the rales to to charged by the different railroads iu this Stato for tho transportation ot freight on said roads," approvod April 7. A. D. 1871, ic hereby repeal ed, but such repeal shall not affect nor repeal any penalty iucurred, or right aocrucd, under said act prior to lho time this act takes effect, nor any proceedings or prosecutions to en force such rights or penalties. Daniel McCoy, ecitor of the Del mar Cliuton county Journalt on the 2d inst. went over to Rock Island.— A woman went with him—not hit wife, but lho wito of another map, named A. B. Goodrich. lie signqd Ihe Ilarper House register—signing not his nor hor real names, but tho|» of "S. S. Norton -aud Lady." Mr. Goodrish was on tho track of tbe twiain, and soon appeared on the sccne. At first he was inclined to use a revolver, but changed his mind, and told Mr. McCoy, alias Norton' "I don't want to hurt you take her out of my sight I will have no more of her." The three went separate ways. Tho woman is neat, fair look ng, and 30 The Delmar Journal ig printed at Delmar, six miles south of Maquokcta, and is a ''patent inside" sheet, bearing the motto: "Home First—The World Afterwards," It has thus far reached but its thirieth number but McCoj has evidently already got tired of "Home," and started out for "Tho World," with a little of tho Flesh and the D—I thrown in.—Des Moines 'Republican, Atlantic is an unlucky name, whether appl'u to marine matters or matters on land. The Atlantic On Lake Erie was* lost, tho Ailantio ou Long Islaud Sound was lost, the At lantic on the ocean ot the same name was lost, tlio Atlantic Steamship Co. has become bankrupt, and the Atlan tic Bank in New York foiiudoiod ty tho dishouest managerial of iu

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