Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 22, 1873 Page 2
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A V.' ijhc \Tolcila Wamik Harmax J2&L f,hronitlc. .Editor md Pub! Republican State Convention ofrftt'E hErilDLTCAX STATE 1 .'tST«Al Co*MITT**, V Dcbkji'E, April 1'ti, 1*73. A Bi*ie Convention of ilie Republican Hwty of Iowa will be held at Li: liiiz:::, Ttcizzzizj, Jua 25 ill, 1S73. fbmnitnc'ng at 11 o'clock, A. 51., for ihe purpose of Dooiiuitlr.g A candidate for Governor. A candidate for Lieuttnarit .Governor. A eandi ln'e ffr Supreme Judge. jLcinJulate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The ratio of representatim will be, one delegate tcr eaeli organized County in the ftau, and in addition ilieretc one delegate for ever/ tw* litinJred "votes, or a fraction of over or.e hundred vote*, cast for Josiah T. .Young for Secretary of State at tlrt last tijneral Klectieo. JACOB RICH, Chairman Committee. Republican State Ticket. tor Governor,. C. 0. CAHPENTER. For Lieutenant Governor, HON. JOSEL'II liVSAUT. Subject to the decision ot the Ro mblican Slate Convention. Remark* .The delay^in the issuance of this week's paper has been unavoidable, owing to bickness of one of the regular printers and an ex'.ra rush of job work that has crowded in Upon lis. If oar readers will ac cept this as an apology they will be justly generous and il they have succeeded iti keeping the children quiet until this Toledo Sunbeam been placed upon the family table ihqy are to be congratulated. Lieutenant Governor ship and the Grangers. We clip the following pertinent Bad timely remarks from tho Keokuk Gate City and which are copied by the IJelle aine Union IVe gravel/ doubt if Iti4 nomina tion for the placc named would be a jfoid thing for himself, or tho Grange or the Republican party. It would not be a good thing tor Mr. A larms because he crn have more influence and do more good as Master of the National Grange than as Lieutenant Govcnor. It would also prejudice itim because, however innocent ol il, lie could not escape the imputation ,ot having ustd his high position in t'tc Grange as leverage to secure po lilical office, it would not be a good thing for tho Grange, the latter is only in its forma)ire stage, ui. I U u u 4 i s Republican party. Because that parly owes its sLrength to its jtrfaciples and not to craft. And if Jt were to try the strategy of trying, to capture the Grange by the nam ination of Mr. Ad.ims it would be .deemed by many Republicans, Gran, gers as well as others, a sharp prac tice unworthy both tho Keprblican l»arty and the Grange, and they would ba profoundly dissatisfied Just so soon, too, as Mr. Adams wero norn inated the Democratic leaders would raise the cry that Mr. A. and the Re publican Grat gers had sold tho Ol der out to our party: they would ap peal to tlit Democratic Grangers not be delivered: and tho appeal would l»e successful. Nominated under Ktieh eircurr.stanccs we doubt if Mr. A. ivould get the vote of lilty Dem ocratic Grangers in Iowa. Wo are foufident that it would be better for the Grange and for the Republican party to nominate some such man as •Senator Dysart than to nominate Mr. A. Nominate Mr. IV, nav, and you have a Granger, a farmer, a sound Republican, an honest inteligent man, a State Senator with a record that *hows he iB true as steel a candidate that will be acce itable to both Re publican and Democratic Grangers and the objection cannot be raised that the Republican barty has sold out to. the Graoge and tho Grange to the republican Party. ,This objec tion would be made with tremendous rarncBtnese, it seems to us, against Mr. Adams, and it would result in prejudice to himself, to the Orange, nnd to the Republican party. is the wav it strikes us. The I3oston -r, i/ *vV a-' New York, being one v f? Vr* 'i- 11 lJoB-\luiii»./lepuli/ican. a EDITORIAL NOTES. Another of those heart rending coal mine horrors occurred last week in Nova Scotia, which resulted in the sinotherins to death of about sixty persons. The frequent occnrreuce of such horrors should suffice to make the miners require a means of escape before they would enter the mines, but it appears that a certain number ot methods must b® bad of destroying human life. t-Her Toledo, Iow5, Tli!ir!*laT» May S-* Vienna lias had a "corner" in fi nancial circles, but all things are a^.iin to rights. About one hundred !ai!ures occurred during the panic. Tito investigation of charges peu-1 inagiinit the American Commis sioner and his assistants has been completed and tlio details forwarded to Washington. The inquiry shows that some one has had a eoft snap and that much of the Congressional appropriation has been squandered, by other than legitimate moans. The Republican (Tenn.) Lava bed. W'hite man he p'ay high low,'' but he uo catchee The beads of tbe braves of the Amy has A magnificent altar is to lake the place of the burned one in St Marguerite's Churdi at Davenport. It will cost in tbe neighborhood oi $:J,000. Cincinnati if enjoying a Mimical festival, and Chicago expects soon to have a miniature l'eaco Jubilee, with Gilmore as the director. The great mountebank of the ago, Ceo. Francis Train, has been pro nounced sane. The lunatic asylum family should L-o increased by the ad dition of thoso wh) have arrived at such a conclusion. The Davenport :uiSiac- lion that would grow up inside the Order if its official herd should ao cept a political nomination at the hands ol either party would cripple, nnd even possibly disrupt and destroy it. It would not be a good thing Jor the 1 cluded to change the names of sev ral Iowa counties. One of them it calls V ork, alter the Kansas Senator of that name, wt presume, and the other Seward. Tho Cedar Falls Grasshoppers are said to bo lay ing waste the crop* in Texas. The car shops of the Chicago, Bur lington «fc Q^iincy Railroad were do stroyeJ by fire Sunday, loss estimat ed at $-50,00J. The Convention of Western Con gressmen, held at St. Lotus was well attended, and considerable interest taken by as many as were present. That Georgia man struck a deep vein of tiuth when he poajiod the following couulet It ianot rank, nor birth, nor tta'e, But the get-np-and-get, that makes men great. Stato News Marshall has a cheese factoiy, two stories high, and 40x80 feet, which is provided with ail the modern ap phanccs for tho manufacture of cheese. Cedar Rapids beats all other towns of its size in tho Stato for activity in policc circles. The Republican This Trantcript re calls an instance of the back salary grab of •twentyeight years ago. It says: In 18-45, sn extra session of the United States Senate was held, when thirty six members agreed not to take con Htructive mileage, Senator Dix, ol ot tho first to suggest and joiu in tho movement. Four years later, upon settling his accounts, the Sergeaut-at-arms asked fiiin il ho did not wish to draw his mileage for tho extra session of 1845, telljng him that all the others had drawn theirs. "What! hag Benton drawn his?'' ''Yosf Benton, and all the rest." "Well," said Senator Dix, "I will take it—into consideration." It remains in the Treasury to this day. Such a man, twenty-eight years .Jattf, is the honorable and esteemed jf/ Governor of the Empire State."—[ V Four murderers were hung last •week, tiro on Tlmrsdsy aad two Fri- n & 7 Banner I'm Captain Jaek of the Lara beds I'm "cock of the walk." and chief the Reds, kin "lift the bar' aid scalp tlio beads, Of tba whole United States Armjr. When I geout, my rquaw •hceriM, My squaw she criee, My squaw she cries, Wben I go out, my iquaw she aries— You'd better look out for the Army —big Ingio me—white inan ho make he too much bomb shell and tele graplty dispatch—but he no tarcey Waltham Correspondence. The citizens of this place are quite jubilant ever tho prospects of secur ing tho Narrow Guagc Railroad, which would be ot great value to our place. G. G. Mason and S. A. Reedy are now absent on business connected with tho railroad, and we expect tluir labors will not prove fruitless. Mrs. F.tnerson Lfrcjny of this place has returned lroin her eastern visit, of a few months, and notwith standing the many attractions of the Empire State, she is still enamored of Iowa siifiiciently to remain here, satisfied that a more pleasant place for a homo is not to be found upou tho western continent. The farmers are somewhat delayed in tbe work of corn planting by the very unfavorable weather, but the small grain look# remarkably well considering the lateness of sowing. Dr. W. O. Beam, of this placc, re cently had a valuable horse drowned in Salt Creek, near Smith & Lewis's dam. Tho team had been hitched to a post, and becoming frightened, they broke loose and by some means went over the bank, into the dain, from which but one was rescued. fur­ nishes the tollowing parody on "Cap a i n e n k a Our business men are doing a fair business, despite tho squeeze" in money matters, Md the unfavorable weather. at.akt.ata. From Montour, de Mb.Editor dit Jack, for— I'm Captin Jack of de Moloc braves, A cock o' tbe walk to the lava caves, Wben I catches 'cm out—their heads I ehtvea— Tho old "legend" "more rain, more work in the barn,'' don't seem to bo in vogue around horo just now. However we don't consider that "II im" is to blame. lie certain ly has fu'.filled the contract on his part. Loaferism is a cheap article with us at present—at par would bo preferable. Due preparations are be ing mado to entertain those from abroad who s all attend tho Sabbath School County Convention to be hold at this place on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Those desiring accommodations will please enquire for l'liineas Ilolm or I. C. Millard, who will see that all arc cared for. Come one Come all 1 We want to see how you look. "(Jkesf.HDO,1' Sai.t Gazetts has con­ Guztttc CitEEi Rays:—"A boulder of enormous dimensions, ly being'bustel,'preparatory to tmns ferring to Des Moinos for tho State Capitol.1' Township U u reports tho finding of iron ore near Iowa City. Stato Geologist White is making au exam ination of the place of discovery. The Sheriff of Black Hawk conn ty landed four prisoners at thfe Fort Madison penitentiary one week ago Tho prisoners, were Heath, sent for four years, Dye, for two years, and Mernc for twenty ontbs. Tho Omaha Lottery has been squelched, and all letters addressed to J. M. l'attee have been seized and sent to tho dead letter offi. e, whence they will bo returned the send ers. A mysterious and fatal cow dis ease has appeared at Cedar Falls, causing much alarm among the own ers of bovines. Tho combined wisdom of Iowa in other word?, the Iowa Press As sociation will meet in Cedar Iiapitls June Dili. The Des Moines Republican Cbsscs.— Subjoined is a stutornont taken from my books, showing tho census of Salt Creek Township lor tho year 1872. Number of llousea, 195 Families, 198 If Jlak-s, 550 Fi-males, Acres Improved, 7,557 u Jiusliels Wheat, it a a n B. W. Wilson, Peruy Tow.nshiii Censvs.—Mr. Number of dwellings 141 families 143 white males 443 females 350 voters 1G8 militia 132 aliens 20 acres of land im proved 11,370 Bushels wheat raised io 1872 72.530 corn 113,085 Oat» SO ,030 barley 150,30 Pounds of wool dipped 134 No. of cattle 1,245 horses 557 mules 17 sheep 12 swine 2,198 vehicles 27 Moneys and credits Taxable househo'd property, Value of taxable farm machin­ 'ATTENTION' All who Want a xo. orJB c°OtJSTOVE, CHAMBER SET, Or Any Kind of Or Want Any JOB WOHK 1

-ft CALL OX LEMBERGER, J. F. At Galley's Old Stand. 0.— GOODS SOLD CHEAP FOR C4 S±L lie also sells ihe Ooletorated TRUNKS, TRUNKS. AT M. 7. Powers'. Liar OF LETTERS remaining uncalled for in the Post OiBes at Iowa, May 1 Toledo Samuel Bakannan i Black Mrs. Amelia Barber udgc Chase Julio Drageua liarnet Liipjo lsaao Cuisltr Leo Humphries Mb w v IS Christian Knob Frank Moggtrs lirnjam ia o flare Annie l'orter W Preston Miiten farmer Hitnoni Snuderlow Vensel Yitoli Toll I U Voters, 217 l( Militia, 151 "»«t. Wilton S. ff, Person calling for these letters will please #ay advertised and (live date of ibis list. F.Mll.V L. 1MLLMAN, P. M. Homos Corn, 99,000 Oats, 111,270 Ilirk'y, 1191 u lbs. ol Wool, 724 Polls, 211 Value of land, •21GG01 Value Town Lots, $l57i!3 No. Cattlo, 144® Val. 117,01)2 Horses, 477 u Value $15,071 22,550. COO 17 5,530 905 5,400 1,150 ery A other taxable prop erty. Total value of personal prop erty 58,927 Total value gives the particulars of a boll robbery, committed jn that city, by two thieve*, who entered a house soon after nightfall, and by means of chloroform applied to tlio face of Mrs. Younfj, vvhose husband was ab fcput at the tlmd, accomplished (he robbery. i'iu $18,485 Mules, 10 jtsl5 Vehiclus, 29 1* $[) 15 Swine, 1007 $247(3 Sheep, 173 *203 Merchandise $C)115 Manufactures, 81070 Moneys and Credits $11125 Taxable Household Property,...$ 110 Other Taxable Property, $1^90 Total Personal Property, #62 887 Grand Total, $295271 Total Exemptions for Or chards and Forest tyjies, $5197 Scrath-W est Cairo & Fulton Railroad Co's LANDS In Arkansas. For further particulars address J. M. L0UUHIWROUUII, Land Comuistioner C. & F. K. E. 1,G48 oi land 214,940 Total assessment 268,873 Amount exempt from taxation on account of forest and fruit treti 8,075 SHYING machine IS Till' Bi:sT IX THE WORLD. Agents wanted. Send for circular. Ad DOME-STIC SEWING MACHINE dress. CO., N. 0KA PRETTY V. O) [Established WELCH & GRIFFITHS, Manufacturers of 3 iws. ELTERluR TO ALL OTHERS. EVERY h.WY WARRANTED. FIT.ES, ULLTING AND MACHINERY. Liberal D/scounts. Trice List and Circulars free. -©a M) WILCH St GRIFFITHS, Boston. Mass., k Detroit, Mich. USEihe Rcisinger Sash Lock and Support to FASTEN YOUR WINDOW. No spring to break, no c..ttir,g of sash cheap, durable, very er.sily applied holds sush at any place desired, and a sclf-fast ener when the sash is down. Stud stamp for circular. Circular and six copper-bronz ed locks sent to any address in the 3. istj aid. on receipt of "4) cts. Liberal in* duccments tr the trade. Agents wanted Address REISINGER SASH LOGIC CO. No. -IIS Market St., llai-' isbir, g. Pa. 10,000 tft LOW PI ICES. EASY TERMS. The Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company has a land grant from the U. S. amounting in Ihe ugprcgate to nearly Two Millions of acres. The road runs diagonally thround the Slate of Arkuusus, from the north-east to the south-west, passing through the city of Little Hock, and terminating at the Tex as boundary, where it makes connections with the It. K. system of that State. On the north it makes connection with tho St Louis aud Iron railroad, terminating at |S». Louis. The road is U miles in longih. aud the lauds donated by the Government are in alternate sections along., each side the line. The grant cmhraees a greater di versity of foil aud greater variety of pro ductions than cau be found in ihe same dis tance iu the U. S. The soil pro lu ccsfruits of all varieties, small grains, 'im oy und cetlon. Stock ranges are almndaut. T11K CL1.MA1E is temperate, having neither Assessor. heat or cold. S. I. Kccler, Ancssor for Perry Town shii, has kindly furnished us the fol lowing figures, taken from his booke: The cheapest land iu market for sale by tho Union Pacific R. R. Co,, In the the Ureal Platte Valley. 3,000,000 ACRES IN CENTRAL NEBRASK, Now for snle in tracts of forty acres and upwards on five and ten years credit, at 0 per cent- No advance interest required. Mild and healthful climate, fertile soil an abundance of good water. The BEST MARKET IN TIIE WEST. The groat mining regions of Wyoming, Co orado, Utah and Nevada being supplied by the farmers iu the Platte Valley. Soldiers Snt ltled to a Homestead of 160 Aero BE LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES. Free liomos for all! Millions of acres of choice Government Lauds open tcr fentry under the homestead 1 mr, near this great Railroad, witu good markets, and all the conveniences of un old settled country. Free parses to purchasers of railroad land Sectional maps, showing the land, also a new edition of descriptive pamphlet with new map mailed free everywhere Address o. F. DAVIS, Laud Commissioner, U P. R. II., Omaha, neb. I S $500,000 On Tuesday. July 8, lS73,lheTuird grand Gift Concert, under the management of ex Governor Thos. E. UramleUe. nnl author, ized by spccial act of the Legislature, for the benefit of the Public Library of Kentuc ky. positively and unqualifiedly hemes off in Public Library Hall, at Louisville, Ken tucky. when 10.(KM gifts, all cash, amount in" to S'.WjOOO, will be difti iluiled by lm among the ticket holders. The money to pay all these gifts in full is already in bank and set aside for that purpose, as tbe fol lowing certiOcate shows Office of Farmers' and Drovers' Bank, Louisville, Ky., April 7, 187-5, This is to certify that there is in the [•'armors' and Drovers' Bank, to the credit of the Third Grand Gift Concert, for the beneti of the Public Library of Kentucky, Five hundred Thousand Dollars, which 1ms been set apart by the Managers to pay the gifts in full, and wil be held by tho bank and paid ou* for this purpose and this pur pose only. 11. S. Veecii, Cashier. Only a few tickets remain unsold, and they will be furnished to the first appli cants at the following prices Whole tick ets, $10 halves, S'l quarters. 11 wholes for £100 for 11°. for §1000 and .j75 for $5,000. For tickets and information apply to full TIIOS. E. BR AM LETT!, Louisville, Ky. want- Tft rer dfty! Agents i classes of work­ IV O ed! \U class ing people, of either sex, young or old, make more monoy at work us in their spare moments, or all the time, than at anything elxe. Particulars free. Ad-tress G. ST1N SON & CO Portland Maine. WORKING CLASS M»le or fe If male, ^tiO a weeu guaranteed, Her spictablo employment at home, day o» evening no capital required full instr uc ions ami valuable package of goods sent free by mail. Address, with sis cent re turn slainp, M. YOUNG & CO., 10 Cort land St. N V. AGENTS! A RARE CHVNCE!! We will pay all agents 510 per week In cash who will eng-isje with us at once. Ev ery thinj furnislie 1 and expenses paid. Ad dress A. COCLTElt & CO., Charlotte,Mich. KEtVAHD. For any caso of Blind. Weeding, Itching or Ulcerated Piles that l)e Ding's Pile Remedy fails lo cure. It is pared expressly to cure the Piles, anC iag else. Sold by all Druggists. I'rice A BOOK FOR THE MILLION A PrlvntcConnarlor to the Harried Or tho«e aliout to Murry, on the Physiological mys Uriei ami rovolationaof thesoxual jyatem. with th« latest itiscovorit'fl in producing and 'preventing off •pring, preserving the corn^lexiou, Ac., This is an iuterettiug work of two hundred ani! Iixtj pages, with numerous engraring«,auil containi valuable information fur thoso who aro married or contemplate marriage mill it la a book that ought to be under lock aud key and not laid carelessly bbout tho house. *,!,v ono (fn'cCf extremes of TIMBER unsurpassed in quality, quantity or variety Lamls will be sold at low prices, aad on easy terms of payment. TICKETS can be purchased at the St Louis and Iron Mouutain riilroad tickct ollio^e, Il»3 South I'ourth street, St. Louis, allowing holders to step oll'at any station to examine lands. It lauds are purchased trom thp Con)pan lure uver C-iiro ami Fulton road returned.' Puttee) for Fifty C^ntJ. AMreiH, Ir. Butti UupotoMj, No. N.KIgblh Street, SuUuii, Mo. fKOTICE TO THl AJTLICTID AITS tTCTrOETTOiTI. to tlio notorious who ad»ertMt la ri, or tisln« nnv yuatk ponne Dr. Butu' puMic r&i< ^rork. no n W/r» vc,ur •k The Secret n days ITQW.'TIS DONE, This great secret and io-i others. Gambler's I ricks, Cardiology, entriloquisTi, all in the original Iiook of Wonders. Mailed for •1~ cents. Address D. C. CUTLER, Car liinjro, Jll. Pumps, Sash, Doors, or how dfj'lor&bUi yonf ... Pa. Butth.c»n ron»ult"d, personaiiy or br mtlL Jfl the dMcoMtmeatiuoM'.ihli work.. Office, So. 12 XorOk Mwdm uA CbMsut, at. '"tH| ID C- "fl *0 O cj #1 7* 0 O V j. &irt Va "ttVj XSIA* O S? J- I#. \J 5- for sale, at aay price "slewhere. a r~ Little Hock, Ark, 12,000,000 ACRES o Ct. n 5 o V* o~* M. «T. BOYLE is at tHS OLD STAND AGAINj [at the SIGN OF THE STAR His horses arc lively, safe and fast,—h'g carriages are in good condition and safe r~ Ilest of accommodations given customers!— I'ri c» as reatonabi# ag anywhere. (.21iy Notice. VOTIfTE is hereliy given that have (lug doy given my son, Ur»v.„0r O. Bunce hi» lime, as if he was of ago, and that 1 shall exact no portion of his wages, nor be respoDiibli for an/ dobt» of hi» contract ing. TcUW, fol'iou-in-1' C. W. nUNCK. Iowa May 14,1873. [Sjl-aa THE LARGEST STOCK OF FIRST-CLASS Agricultural Implements In Tama County, is to be sold at DENNIS & AVERILL'S, Tama City, Iowa, AT VERY LOW ELWARD HARVESTER, Strong, durable, runs light, saves time, shells grain & scat terings two or three binders can biutl on it. McCORMICK REAPERS AXIJ MOWERS, Will wear twice as long as any othor Reaper. L^ng tiflM given and only six per cent, asked on all notes, VIBRATOR THRESHERS, Manufactured by Nichols, Shcpard NEW STORE! 1IASMUS WOIiLK, jH'wjust opened a new Store, near the Elevator, where can be bought, GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, IIATS AND CAPS, QUEEXSWARE, GLASS­ WARE and WOODEN WARE, At the very lowest cash prices. His entire stock is new and NO OLD GOODS OFFERED *#r & Co. HAINES HEADERS, May be Used as a Header or Self-Raking lteapcr, UROW.Y'S CORN PLANTER Have been in use over twenty years. Call and examine them, Furst§ Brddley Cultivators,Stirring and Break­ ing Plows• Grand Detour Plows, Moline Plows, Advance Cultivators, Corn Shelters and Grinder's, Corn and Cob Crushers, Road Scrapers, School Furniture. Blo3sburg and Oskaloosa Co'^1, Salt, Scdt Repairs for all machines kept constantly on hand A" goods warranted.- Call and examine before purchasin 2-ly Special Announcement. In addition to our former announcement^ onr Steele to Dry Goods, Hats & Caps, GROCERIES, UEEJYSn HUE, #E., tak" plcasure in Special Bulletin m^TSBD| ORBEST^ -fcrniT—a Boots & gbnaa, filing attention to the FREE MOUSE, TOLEDO, I6W A

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