Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 22, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 22, 1873 Page 5
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PHYS1CANS AND DENTI8T8T- JOHN NI^HOLaOjT DENTIST. TAMA CITY, N IOWA. Offioe orer S. Patterson's Store. [45 H. W. BOYNTON, M. D. Physician and. Sui'geon. —ALIO— V. 8. EXAMINING TENSION SURGEON. TOLEDO, IOWA. HVR*idene« near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. «. B. BEADSHAW, II. g. DKADSILAW. tfradihaw Bros., Attorneys and Counselor* at Law, Tole do, Tama County, Iowa. /140RUE RAINES, Attorney at Law, No \J tary Public and Justice of the Peace. OflSee oTer Fret's ltuildiug, Toledo Iowa. 2 GEO. R. STRUBLE, Attorney and Coun sellor at Law, Toledo, Tama county, Iswft* Q* H. Ooodrich, ATTORNEY AT LAW, TbliBO, TAMA CotuTT, IOWA. (Offie* in Free's Bullding.) [8if ArPELOATE F. & KINNE, Attorneys and Counre'lors at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Of «e in Stone s building, over W, Walter's Srocery Store T3n3tf rpifOMAS S. FRBE, At torn*/ at law, _l Toledo, Iowa. Office in Cotirt Home. Also U. S.-.CouMissions!. [T3n0tf 11 KO. L. BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor IT at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office o?er W Johnston & Co's. Store. Stf STIVERS & SAFLEY, LA VVYERS, Will practice in the Supreme and District Courts of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. C. D. TERRY, DXALIt First Class Piano Fortes, AND ORGANS. Agent for WESTERN COTTAGE ORGAN Manufactured by Luksabury & Carpenter, Mendota. 111. Old instruments taken in exchange for •ew at fair prices, and new instruments for sale on terms to suit purchasers. T^HVE-A. CITY. F. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT, (Residence at Orford,) lyil.Lbein hi.'i office at Toledo, every 11 Saturday, from 10 A. M* to II P. M*. FREE EXAMINATION the last .Saturday •f each month at 9 A. Fee for examina tion at anj other time, one dollar. 71y fe. II. Frazcc, Jeweller. WATC1IB-!, CLOCKS and JEWELRY 22tf] Repaired and warranted. BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, notices will bo in serted in this tjpe, leaded, at the rate of ten cents a line for each insertion Special (trim given for long notices and long time. «s- Editorial notices in local rending column will be eharged fifteen cents a line, each insertion. The Babcuck Engine in Jersey city. From the Evening Journal, Jersey Citv. Fiaa IN RAILROAD Amur.—This after about two o'clock. Black well, the druggist, rung the tire alarm for a fire at 112, Railroad avenue. The Arc was canned by a spark from a pasting locomotive fall ing upon the roof. Five minutex after the alarm, the Babcock self-acting Fire Engine, stationed at Department Headquarters, was on the ground and put out the fire without tho assistant* o' anything or anybody else. Damage $10.—Saturday, March 15, 1873. HOLLOWAT'B PILLS. Farmers require them as much as the axe and the plow. They re move bowel complaints caused by changa of water, also fever and ague, and all mal adies rod iced by unwholesome air or food. Sold TV Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price '25cts a box. Ask for new style the old is coun terfeited. The offiae desks of business men are'not comp letely furnished without tl# addition of one of C. A. Cook's new and useful American Letter Files, which, without in convenience, keeps all letters and papers Alphabetically arranged immediately at hand and always accessible.—[Chicago Tri bune. Prof. Andersen's Dermador good for MAn. My sen was taken with a swelling en his leg. just above the ankle joint. I paid eur family phygiciin $20 for attending to it. Vith no beuefit. Some time after I was ad vise I by a friend to use Andersou's Derma dor. I used one bottle on the swelling and •ffec ed a permanent cure. A.S.RALLS. Standing Stone," 4*a. 6M advertisement in this paper. ,V|e' Br: Htarr'a World's Tomie and Blood Pnrlfl+r.' It is the great household remedy, pleasant to tak?, yet potent for the prevention and cure of Aleaaecs. It is better than Bitters, Cordial, liucbu or jaasaparilla. Sold by Druggists Dr. Kenrj's Root anl Plant PilUu. Mild yet thorough—no nausea or griping—en tirely vegetable—great 11 ver remedy, l'rioe tf cent*. Cold by Druggists. Mrs. WMtee tab's »y»a. The great soothing remedy. Prlee on., tS •rati. Gives rest to the raothCfr and health to the child Sold, by Druggists. Marrtoffe Oelde. Tnhissiting Work, Enlarged Edltia*, fcew Engravings, Two-hundred and sixty Pages, Prleo SO cents. Address Dn. BCTTS' Disnfx BABY. 13 North Eighth Street, St. Louts, No. ®ee AdvertUemetft, Toledo, Iowa, Tlinrwhiy, May 22, 1878.' LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Plastering hair lor sale by IF' M. J. POWERS. Mr. C. W. Obnant received th« first postal card that eagle to tliis of fice, Another lull oar-load ot COOPER Wagons just received by Parker & Lewis, Tama City. tf The Sweet Potato plants that wore in market the early part of this week went ''like hot cakes." A carload of Trunks juBt arrived at M, J. Powers' Harness Shop. Flutch Schivel has opened a bakery next door to Henry Sclauot*' Saloon, south of Free s corner. John Deere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker & Lewis', Tama City. tt The Inter Ocean recently contain* el a communication from this place, which tho Chicago typoa slaughtered most unmercifully. NOTICE TO TI\ CLLKKS.—Camery tfc Son are propared to furnish Furst tfc Bradley's steel bottomed Road Scrapers—the best in market. 20 '23 The engine house at the depot has been moved from its old location, aud is now situated above the eleva tor. PERSON*!..-—Mr. Henry A, Frost, "ye local" ol the Belle Plaino Union, visited Toledo last week, and, dur ing his sojourn here, reported al this oiHco. Buy John Deere Plows and Culti vators of Camery & Son. Also Furst ifc Bradley Plows, Cultivators and Sulky Hakes, best in market. The West Branch of tho B. C. R. Jb M. railroad, it is expected, will bo completed to Trayer in July, but will probably not bo extended bo yound that point, immediately Key-stone hay-rakes and oorti* shelters, at Parker & Lewis' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPER BREAKERS. tf Rev. Mr. Fuloomor, of the United Brethren Church, and formerly agent of Western College, will preach in the Free Will Baptist Church next Sahbath morning at 10:30. Call on Camery tfc Son and exam* ine llio Climax Planter, and Cham pion Reapers and Mowers (wrought iron frame) befere giving your orders. Fanners havo not yet planted a great, deal of corn, owing to the very backward .weather. Must of them havo concluded that they can live through till spriug. Camery »fc Son havo on hand 10,000 pounds of Wire, 100 kegs ot Nails and ar full stock ol Shelf Hard ware which will be sold at bottom prices for cash. Tb« boys who arc Anxious for a vigorous exercise, and who havo a longing for crooked fingers, broken noses and all those little deformities attending liaso Ball playing, are talking ot organizing a club. The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County at Parker & La wis Taina City. Tho Pearl, "John Decro's Advancc, and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also Buckeyo Jr. com bined. tfi The croquet season pretty well inaugurated, and each evening a ]uartette can be seen in aotno of the yards "batting" tho balls, and fully a dozen hanging over tho fence watching witU uilttre*t the program of the game. MOLINB PLOWS, MOUNK PUMPS, MOLINK WAUONS, MOLINK CULTIVATORS, For tale by CAMERY & SON, TOLEDO, IOWA. The "Toledo Cornet Band," after a few weeks' practice, made their ap pearance in Court Square last Fri day afternoon, and played somo very nice pieces. The same evening, the band serenaded a number of our citizens, who should, and wo doubt not do, feel grateful for tho oompli ment. \v ith a few months' practice Tolodo can boiat of having one ol tho best Cornel Bands in the State. Messrs. Nelson tfe B.trker are ex tending their office, by an additloti to tho rear, which will bo occupied by tliom as an Insurance Office.— The front office—the one now oecu pie I by tlicm— will soon bo occupied by tho-Toledo Savings Bank. Pocfiet Book Lost or Stolen* Major Cooper, of Cleveland, Ohio, on his way toward sunset, stopped at Toledo for the purpose of visiting somo of his old eastern ^friends, now residents of this county and Tuloilo. After spending a few days with his lrieuds in the country, he returned to this place, expecting to tarry a short time and then renew his jour ney. During hit stay in this place, ho lost, or had stolen from him, a pocket book, containing some letters valued very highly by himself, about fifty dollars in currency aud silver, a bank check, some personal notes, coupons, «fce, amounting, in all, to about twelve hundred dollars. At what time tho pocket book was lost Mr. C. is quite unable to tell, and whether ho lost it lron». his pock et, or was "relieved" of it by soir.e one, is equally problematical. The loss was discovered Sunday eveuing, and Monday morning Mr. C. com menced hunting for tho lost treasure. He had hand bills struck, announcing his loes, and offered as a reward fifty dollars to any one who would return the same, to Mr. Purdy, Tim ICLE Mr. Cooper left this placo Wed nesday morning for Omaha, whore he joins the party of fifty-two per sons, twenty-five gentlemen and twenty-seven ladies, who aro start *ing on a journey around the world. During his sojourn ot a lew days u this place, the unfortunaio gentle nan formed a number of acquaint ances whoso esteoin he won by his frankness, candor and general con duct as a gentleman. A A piece of sidewalk on High street west of Court square, some fifty yards in length was uphlted, and placed against the fence, and the en gine house—'well—the fragments are down about tho elevator. Vivid flashos ot lightning and hard claps of thunder lollowed each other in rap ill succession. The storm was one of tho most violent that has visited this place for somo time. WitU a view of complying with the wishes of the Forty Second Con gress, which honorable body pas sed the offensive Postal Law, requir ing postago to bo paid on all ex changes, wo will soon drop froln our list quite a largo number of papers which havo long been yory wolcome visitors. Wo expect better things of the Forty Third Congress, than was reasonable to look lor from the Forty Second, and therefore hope, that that body will repeal that part of the postal law, which was passod for the purpose of inflicting a punish ment upon the press ot the country for so persistently demanding an abolition of the much abused Frank ing Privilige.' Mr. Peter Minfcle, of Clark town ship, .boasts of ^having a curiosity, which would be valuable even to so great a showman as P. T. Barnum. Tho "curiosity" consists ot a lamb which has been blessed with two mouths, which are entirely separato and d'stinct. One is in the proper place, and the other is situated under tho loft [ear, each having a tongue, teeth aud lips. The unnatural mouth is small and useless, except for orna ment and the purposo of showing that even "nature has made a mis take" as Josh Billings would put it. The lamb is about tour weeks old, and promises to live down to a good old ag# BUY TUT: BF.ST.—210,758 THANKS.—The CLE CHRON­ offieo, M. J. Boyle or Harvey Fisher. The reward was such as to mako it no object to any one to ro tain it, as payment on the notes and check has been stopped, anu the coupons-' or "meal tickets" could only bo used iu China or Japan. If any one is so fortunate as to find the pocket book at any time, ho or she should bear in mind the reward, and return it to ono of the places above named. City. VIOLENT THUNDER STOUM.—About •4 o'clock this (Thursday) morning, a most violent thunder storm com menced, lasting about an hour. The wiud blew a perfect gale from the south-west, overturning several out buildings, blowing over fences, break ing boughs from trees, doing such work as a fierce wind usually aecom* plishes. Singer Sewing Machines sold last yoar, over 45,000 moro than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Frazee's Jewelery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. WAYT Agent Tama Citv. tf Tbft Tama County Sunday School Convention will be held at Montour, on Tuesday aud Wednesday May 27th and 2Sth. All are invited to attend. Every minister, Sunday School Superintendent, and friend ot Sunday Schools is expected to bu there and assist in making it the best Convention ever held iu Tama county. JOHN KINGERY, editor of this paper is under many obligations to Messrs. Cambridge, of the Tama Citizen, and rost, of the Belle Plaino Vmout for kindly sending a printer from cach of their offices to help through the rush of work that came iuto this of fice during tho past week, and that too, when one of the regular CHRONI­ typos was sick. INDIAN PAY DAY.—OU Monday of this week, tho Indian Agent at this place, Rev. Mr. Howbert, paid over to "poor Lo" tho amount in Greenbacks due from Uncle Sam. It was a dreary, rainy day, but tho Musquakees were jubilant as though the prognostications ot Old Proba bilities for ftno weather had been fully realized. Deputy Sheriff Bielby received an other boarder at his house (the Tama County jail) Monday morning at 1 o'clock. The now boarder hailod from Dysart, and tarried with neigh bor Bielby three days to make resti tution tor certain irregularities broHght about by a littlo too much of tho Oh be joyful" or as "Nasby" styles it "com juice." GUINNKLL IIUADERS, best and light­ est dralt headers made. Soils from $'J0 to $10 loss than other headers and warranted to do butter work. Parker & Lewis £ell them at Tama All subset ibers for Stock of the Toledo Savings Bank who have not paid the Installment due May 1st, are respectfully requested to pay the same at their convenience as the mon ey is new neodod. LEVI B. NET.SOX, Cashier PRAIRIE WOLVIS.—Billy Foster made his nppearancc on tho street Tuesday morning, having in his pos session fivo young wolves, which ho had captured in Carlton township.—

lie expects to keep thetn for pets, unless the three dollar-per-scalp bounty proves too great a tempta tion. MADISON I AKMCRI KKS that beat tho whole family ot Harvesters. Seats for tho binders. Stronger, moro dur able and perfect than any other.— Warranted, warranted, Parker & Lewis are selling them at Tama City. SCHOOL BOOKS fore »ale at tho To­ ledo City Hook Store Algebra—Ray. Arithmetic—Hagar. Iliy, White. Hot any—Yotin a us. Dictionary—Wcbster. Gennraphv—Covnsll, Oayoi, M«« ticli & McN. Grammar—Clark, Piuueo, Swinton. History—Berard. Phyx ioloyy—Jarvis. Readers—Independeut, MoGuffey, Monroe in pait, Sanders. Speiler—McGuffey. Also, Slates, Pcncila, ons, &c. The June number of tho Phrmohg ical Journal is before us, and, as usual, is full of excellent reading matter. Tho first article is a biographical skctch of the Baron of Schwartz.— Seaborn, President of the Vienua Exposition, accompanying which is a portrait of tho subject of tho sketch. The journal is published monthly by S. 11. Wells & Co., 3S9 Broadway, N. Y. Hon. James Wilson, M. C., was in Tolodo oil Saturday, lie was on his way homo from Iowa City, where ho had been attending tho examina tions for the West Point cadetship, which were conducted by tho Facul ty of the State University. Tho ex aminations aro represented to have been very rigid and entirely free from any favoritism. D. 11. Price, of Iowa county, having passed tho most satisfactory examination, was selected. Mr. F. J. Loirtborger has now for sale a large quantity of the well known Gorman Lustre, manufactured by J. II. Spaulding «fe Co., and usod frr brighteuing tin-ware, bntania, sil. ver ware, cleaning windows, 6to. Price 25 cents per box. NE-.V SKSN.—The President. B. PflKKis, Sec. A Card. TOUEDO, IA., May 17, '73. There will be a meeting ol the Physicians of Tama County, on Sat urday, May 21, M., at the office ol Dr. S. Thompson, Toledo, lor the purposo of organizing a County Med ical Society, and for transacting oth er business pertaining lo the Medi cal profession. Let there be a gen oral response to this call, promptly at 12 o'clock. J. A. LAPP, S. S. Chalk Cray­ TINWARB.—Mr. F. J. Lemberger has been working almost day and night for the last fortnight to get in readiness a largo stock ot tinwaro which he now has. A glance through his sliop, at tho old stand of Mr. Gal ley, will show that Frank, knows just what is most needed at a first-class tin shop, and lurthei that lie fully un derstands how lo supply that want. Wo advise all in need of tiuwaro to give Frank a call and satisfy them selves that ho can supply thoir wants in that liue. Subscription price, 1^.00 per. aunutu. triangular sign at tho now grocery ot Chapman & Rey Molds is by far the neatest in Toledo. Tho painter, Mr. A. I. Churchill, got a good scald on tha sign, and wo challenge any Iowa manipulator of the pencil and brush to excel that piece oi work. Buckingham. W. A. DANIEI.s, S. THOMI'SON, Dr. Toledo. II. T. Bai.DY, W.M. Coitus, Tama City. The old stand-by, tho Charter Oak Cook Stovo, is for sale at F. W. J. Lenx- berger's Tiushop, at II. Galley's old stand. The largo and constantly in creasing sales of this stove, since first made, speak moro for it than could be said iu a column. If you want peace iu the family, good bread, pastry baked but not burnt, buy tho Charter Oak, of Lomberger. A. Daniols, of Bucking­ ham, has placed upon our table au apple, which is a vory fine specimen of tho "Northern Spy," and which grew in his orchard last summer,— He has kept soveral bushels until now, and tho one beforo us is in as good condition as when gathered last autumn. Our statement last week's issue, to the effect that Mr. II irmon had again become landlord of the hotel, at Tama City, bearing his natno is iu correct. Mr. E. S. Minor has leased the hotel and is said lo bo conduct ing the sanio satisfactorily to tho people and the traveling public. Last Saturday evening tho nine o'clock westward-bound freight train ditched a car at tho bridge just west of Tuina City. Tho front trucks were torn from the car, one stringer of tho bridge was brokeu and tho wreck train" at Belle Plaine was telegraphed for. JOHN 1®. MANNY WAUKANTBD. New Double Drive Wheel, Self Raking Reaper and Mower Combined. Warranted to be tho lightest drafL Self Raking Reaper iu the world, and to givo eat isfaction. Price $185. Parker is Lewis sell them at Tama City. CONVENTION.—Quite a num­ ber of tho Toledo Sabbath School Teachers and scholars expect to be present at the County Convention, to 1)0 liolden at Montour (Urtordj on Tuesday and Wednesday of noxt week. BUCKEYE REAPKII AND MOWER.— Combined either as Self ]taker or Dropper, with all ine mouern im provements. As cheap ai the cheap est. Every ono warranted. Repairs always on hand. Parker & Lewis sell them at Tama City. The melnneholy JI.VH have come— The sadtlc.'t of the year— When woaicu jaw ami make soft soap, And the old man takes his clear. Tho above did not originate in this office. Ola Yes. A NEW THING. ,/Sa,.-L^A i W E A New Wagon. The plaee to get the best WAGON or BUGGY made in Iowa is at tha HRADBROOK & SHOP, Where is kept a full supply ofWAODKS snd BUGG1 KB on hani and everything ia Walter Uradlirook's line made lo order.— All orders for repairs er constiuctiiia promptly filled. None but tli* BEST li MATERIAL aseii, and enly the BEST W0EKMEN MI'LOVE]). All Work Warranted to give satisfaction. A »sw thing about his Wayons is tb BRASS THIMBLE SKEINS, which excell all others. All wanting ens er Carriages should call upen the nn dersigned before purchasing. jay WAGON and CARK1AGE PAINT ING doae to order. WALTER BR AD BROOK, TOLKDO. IOWA. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TAMA CITY. IOWA B. A. HAM., Pres. O. II. WARRUN, Casaier. A. L. HOUGHTON, Asst. Cashier. BOF" Wo refe to all of our Customers. -TS8 New York CorrespjnJent, Chatham Na tional Bank, Chicago Correspondent, Manufacturers' fckUoatkl Tajik. [i7 NEW GROCERY HOUSE! CHAPMAN & REYNOLDS, DEALERS IN Staple & Fancy Groceries, At the old stand of BERGER & YEISER, comer of Broadway and High Streets. TOLEDO, IOWA. The undersigned having opened tho largest and best st of goods ever kept in (heir line, respectfully solicit a share of the public patronage, A liberal price paid for all kinds of Country produce, aud Goods sold as cheap as tihe cheapest. 0 •y 0 0 O 09 0 0 X* UI 3 Q) •0 y? fi) N 09 fi) 73 5T O 3 7? 0 0 o w k ORIGINAL NOTICE. gTATEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTT, SS. To S. II. l'routy You are hereby notified that there is now on file, in tho oftice of tho Clerk of the Dis trict Court, of Tama county, Iowa, a peti* tiou of Jacob Yoiser, Jr., claitniu^ of you eighty-live dollars, for services in effecting a sale cf certain lauds for you. and that an attachment, has been levied upon your pro perty, to sucurc said claim. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of tho second day of the next Term of said Court, being the Sej (ember Term of said Cotirt for tho year A 1) IMo commencing 011 the third Monday of Scpleaiber. A 1) 187 at the Court House iu Toledo iu said oo iu'y default will bu en* tcrcil against you, and judgment render ed thereon. G- R. STRUBLE, 20-33 Att'y for Plaintiff. O. 33. Terry, Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors Windows, Blinds, Etc., IX lilKUi: OU SMALL {CAMITIES- Yards opposite Elevator, Tolodo, Iowa anil with C. Lamb & Sous, Tama City. I am ready to deliver in car-load lots, at liellc 1'lainc, C-ielsea, Tama Citj', Toledo, Orford, Marshall or Dysart. 1-Jyl TO TIIE SUFFERING. Tho Rev. William II. Norton, while residing in Brazil as a Mission ary, discovered in I hat land 0/ metl iones a remedy ior Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colt/*, Asth ma and Nervous Weakness. The rem edy has cured my sell alter #11 other medicine had failed. Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will send the receipt for preparing and using tliis remedy to all who de sire it FREE of charge. 1 Mease send an envelope, with your name and address 011 it. Address, Rev. WILLIAM H. NORTON, 070 Broadway, New York City. A CARD. A Clergyman, whilo residing in South America, as missionary, dis covered a salo and simple remedy lor the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease ol the Urinary and {Seminal Organs, and tho whole train ot disorders brought on ly banelcl and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this no ble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the nlllicted and unfortun ate, I will send the receipt for pro paring and UMiig this medicine, 111 a sealod envelope, to any 0110 who needs it, Free oi charge. Address, JOSKI'II T. IN MAN, Station P. iiblu Hottsa, Sly KetP York-City. 8tG0k CHAPMAN REYNOLDS. 'to SEEKERS —or— GOOD BARGAINS, We would respectfully an nounce to the public that wo have received our new Spring Stock of Goods, Which have been selected xs ith much care, and with especial reference to the wants of this community. XT Our Calicocs we claim aro not surpassed for beauty aud quality. 3V Our Dress Goods are choice, serviceable and adapted to the season. Our Shawls and Fine White Goods are various, nice andin vitinj'. Our line of Summer Casi mcres Tweeds Jeans and Cot tonades is complete. POT Our Stock of Cloth ing is Very Full, s We sell Choice Groceries at a very small profit. rn We have a largo lot of Boots and Shoes, that will be sold cheap, o We have a general assort ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Hoots and Shocs# R. Hats ami Caps, Xotions^and other goods, to which we in vite the attention of close buy ers. 33 Our poods were bought with cash, and we will sell as close to tird cost as any live house can safely do. We have no baits, bat wc most respectfully invite the public lo an examination of our goods and prices. Toledo, Town.: WEITING BRO S. Chicago & North-Western RAILWAY. THE SHORT is DIRECT LINE TO O I O A O O Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, iug peiision Itrnl^e, rittsfouruh, iiiiltiniore. Washington, NEW YORK, BOSTON And all Voints in New Knglitnil and tlie Cnuadus. Also to Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis. Nsw Dries, And ftll Points South and South-Wc*f. This is tho Shortest Haute to Council Blulis Onmlia, Salt Lake «A1V FHANOISOO, AND ALL I'OINTS IK xtlli WKSTIHIX TEItriTOBlBS. This Line has Adopted all modern im provetncn'.s in track and equip* ment, including lleet Rsili, Lutnrloua ltaf iiiB'('Mto. Miller lMM«farnas nail Wettiafhowr Safely Air Drukra. Ask for and SPO that your tickets road via Chicago »fc North-Western Railway. M. iiUGIllTT, II. 1». STAN WOOD, Ocn'lSup't, Gen'l I'uss'r Agt TIME TABLE or THE TOLEDO A NOSTH-WESTESN BAHWA7 TH.YINS I-!'AVE TULF.1IO, Accommodation, 7 30 A. M, Mail, 19. 45 A. M* Accomodation, J," 1*. II. Mail, 4 29 V. Ji. TAMA cinr, Accommodation, 0 A. M. '-Mail, 11 55 A. W, Accommodation, 2 1U I'. M. Mail, 0 i 1'. M. t6S*'Tlie Company reserve tho light rary from this ui pleasure. I'ASSKVCKII F.UIK: -l"CT'iits if lickclsare purchased,— if fare is paid ou the cars,-O rtutn. i,. OLAKK, Bupeiimcud«at. I"

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