Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 29, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 29, 1873 Page 2
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^folcilo ^lironidf. WAMEN HAKMAN .Editor and Publisher Toledo, Iowa, Thursday* 3I*J" 2©» 1SI3. Republican State Convention OFFICE REPUOLTCAN STATE CENTRAL COMMITTKB, V DCDIQCE, April ltith, 1873. A State Convention of the Republican 1**Tty of Iowa will be held at Dos Msiaes, Wednesday, Jnae 25th, 1373. Cjtnmcoc'ng at 11 o'olock, A. M., for the purpose of nominating A candidate for GoTernor. A candidate for Lieutenant Gorerner. A candidate for Supreme Judge. A candidate for Superinten4ent of Public Infraction. The ratio of representation will be, one delegate for eacli organized County in the J^tate, and in addition thereto one delegate for every twa hundred votes, or a fraction pf over one hundred Totes, cast for Josiah T. Young for Secretary of Slate at the last U antral Election. JACOB RICH, Chairman Committee. Republican County Conven tion. k Cettnty Convention of the Republican fmtf, of Tama County, Iowa, will be held at the Ceurt fleuse, in Toledo, on Saturday, June "l»t, 1S73, at cne o'clock, p. «n., for the purpoic of selecting eleven delegates to attend the State Convention. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for each organized township in the county, and in addition thereto, ene dele pate for every twenty-five vetee, or fraction over twelve vo'cs cast for Jcsiah T. ^eung, for Secretary of State at the last general election. Townships will be entitled to *be num ber of delegates indicated by the second column of figures. Buckingham township, Carlton Carroll Clark Columbia Crystal Geneseo Grant 18 u Highland Howard Indian Village Lincoln Oneida Otter Creek Perry lliehlnnd Salt Creek Spring Creek Tama Toledo tMk Uf n I 98 erder of Cuunfy Central Committee. I. D. AI'PELGATE, Chairman. Republican State Ticket. For Governor, C. C\ CARPENTER. For Lieutenant Governor, 1ION. JOSEPH DYSAIiT. Subject to the decision ol the Ile |tnblu.nn Stat.« (lonvpntion. Louisiana. The long continued disturbances fan Louisana have resulted in the is suance of a Proclamation by Presi dent Grant, in which he commands tho disorderly persons to disperse nad rotire to their homes within twenty days and he further orders them to submit to the laws and con stituted authorities of that State.— In view of the shameful butchery of a large number of negroes a few weeks 6iaceat Collax in Grant parish, and the unnumbered deeds of violence committed ly tho outlaws, it cannot be charged to the President that he has been hasty neither can he be said to have Bhown any inclination to declare martial law and thereby be charged with usurpation. The con fusion, disorder and general anarchy that lnve gained such a foot-hold in Louisiana are due to the dispute as to who were elected at the last gen eral election and the dispute with all its consequences are directly ohargeable to ex-Governor W«rm* otb, who passed and repealed laws at will, removed such officials with out occasion, who would not come and go at his behests, and who at unco usurped th-3 powers ot the Ju diciary, the Legislature and exercis ed to the full extent all the powers vested in the Executive. Such a man has been Governor of that State for the last four years. The been prouonncetl by the Courts of the Stale llie lawful board. As the President has now taken a step to secure order, and as ho will doubtless have the hearty support ot all peace loving citizens, we expect anarchy in Louisana will soon give way to good government, and legis lative order will come out of the present choac. The Beecher-Tllton Scandal Few, it any, intellectual people, would have been lound to believe the V/oodhul! charges against Mr. Beecher. lJut roccnt publications show only too plainly that they did not originate with her, and confirm the conviction of those who have be lieved Iron the first that it was and is a great mistake lor Mr. Beecher to meet them with silence, on the grouud that his accuser is too vile lor recog nition. Reputable papers publish osly allusions to tho stories that are afloat, but the disreputable ones, like the Chicago Times, gloat over the garnished details, and industriously tan the suspicion that there U a con spiracy of the Christian Community to suppress the facts. We say it re luclantly, but confidently, that the world will be compelled to believe there is something wrong somewhere, il Plymouth church, at least, shall tak« no action to clear up the scandal that Involves its three most prominent members, and involves them iu a way that will not allow the public to believe that all three ought to be "in good and regular standing.—Chicago 4 105 6 46 a 62 3 68 4 66 8 107 6 21 2 61 8 94 6 204 14 2 100 6 75 4 126 6 04 4 75 4 77. 4 176 221 10 Adxanct. The Financial Problem* The varied and almost infinite the" ories of rendeiing aid to the business world in this time of financial and commercial distress, bid fair to result in nothing more than theories,'' either becausc of the impracticability of the plans proposed, or the indispo Bition to adopt tho numerous reme dies. Among the numerous schemes, none is more generally adopted than that ot favoring a re-iisuanse of the curreccy withdrawn from circulation some months ago. Such a policy would, wo believe, but add fuel to the flame, because it would immedi ately unsettle values, advance the gold premium, thereby placing us further from resumption, and no one specially benefitted by such an act. It is not improbable that the re-issu ance of the lorty-lour millions ot cur rency, or a portion thereof, would render apparent temporary relief but a permanent and true remedy must be sought by a more natural course of proceodure. The prosper ity enjoyed by sll classes for the last decade, barring tho last two years, must be regarded as having been a large dt grce only apparent. This will appear when we remember that the prices of al! commodities, whether products of the farm, foundry, or loom were likewise enhanced, and that the appreciation in valuo was commensurate with the depreciation of the currency dollar, tho law oi supply and demaud ot course opera ting then as now. It is a well estab lished principle oi Political Economy that a nation cannot legislate wealth iuto existence, any more than an in dividual can execute his personal notes and become opuleut thereby, and the inflation of currcncy is atten ded with an abnormal condition ot affairs that should .always be obvia ted. There are some things that, could they be effected, would be of mate rial aid to tho country. Among these is cheaper transportation from the west to the seaboard markets. Such a reduction would secure to the farmer a higher scale ot prises for all kinds of produce, and business would revive according to the suc cess of agriculture! which is tho basis of all prosperity. This is one k removal from the canvassing board last tall, of such as would uot "count" the votes a* he desired, together with the measures adopted by him to pre vent a full Republican vote being polled are familliar te as many as liaye watched closcly tho events that crowded rapidly, upon each other daring the last eight months in the South. The results reached by the two convassiug boards were widely different two sets of Presidential Electors were reported in Washing ton, the one representing the Kel or Republican party, and the other the McEnery or Democratic party. Both sets were rejected. It will also be remembered that prior to tho final adjou nment of Congress, President Grant issued a special mes sage, in which he asked that body to take some action that might lead to settlement of the difficulties,which he pointed out as then existing in that State. In the same message he stated that he had recognized the State officials composing the Kellogg government as the proper ones, os they had been declared duly elected, by a boar of caBOsgcrs that had ot (be things to lie much desired, and no work should be left undone, that would bring a pressure against wealthy and oppres sive monopolies. In the meantime, it would be well to forget, or at least abandon, some of the extrava gances which are attributable to the deranging influences of, and were learned dtiring, the war. This is the true remedy to apply, and it is not wisdom to seek an artificial stimulus, a recovery from whose effects would be more difficult, and attended with greater disasters than to accept the situation, and await the time tor all things to be set to rights by the nat ural course ot events, which it is folly to endeavor to evade. The funeral services of the late General Canby took place at Iudian apolis, Ind., on Friday. A largo number of ar4iy officers vers in at tendance. The Modocs sent word to Gen. Davis asking him to come alone to their camp for a "peace talk," to which the General very wisely re plied that he would not go out for a "peace talk,'' as he did not belteve in such a "talk'' away from his men. EDITORIAL NOTES. A Washington special of lasi week stated that the government has a grand annexation scheme on hand, and the acquisition of the Sandwich Islands is to be the first step made. A commissioner is about starting to San Francisco to proceed to the Sandwich Islands and arrange pre liminaries with the King. The next step in tho scheme will be the form ation of a new Stato of that portion of Northern Mexico, which contains the old silver mines, and its annexa tion to the United States. hen Lower California and the now silver State have been annexed, the govern­ ment will turn its eyes elsewhere, and it is probable that a proposition will be made to relieve Great Brit ain of the burden ot Canada. The Ohio Republican State Con vention, held at Columbus, that State, Wednesday, 21st inst., placed in nomination E. F. Noyes (present incumbent) for Governor, and Al pbonzo Ilart for Lieutenant-Govern or. Judges White and Stone were both renominated, for the long and short terras respectively ot the Su preme Court. The resignation ot M. Thiers, as President of the French Republic has been accepted and Marshal Mc Mahon has taken his place. Thiers is one of the few statesmen of tho nineteenth century. A dispatch ffom New York, un der date of May 20th says: The latest intelligence from Peru is a brief statement to the effect that of 80,354 Coolies shipped from Macas to Peru during the past twelve years, 3,227 perished from shipwreck, and 50 per ct nt ol th# whole from suicide or 6ickucss. A destructive tornado passed through Washington and Keokuk connties, this State, and through a portion of Illinois, la9t Thursday af ternoon, sweeping away buildings, destroying orchards, killing people and stock, and leaving the marks of destruction in its path. The bodies of a number of persons have been found horribly mangled, and the en tire scene beggars description. A number of Modocs, including twelve warriors, have surrendered. Trouble within the Iudian circle is said to be the cause. A'E WAD VER TISE1IEXTS. Notice of Incorporation, To Whom il may Cowcm: Notice Is hereby given that Leander Clark, W. F. Johnston, John Connell, L. B. Kelson, C. II. Bradshaw, Mrs. E. N*. link cr, Ralph Morecroft. Theodore Schaeffer, S. Stiger, T. S. Free, 1'. 0. Weiting, Geo. K. Struble, E. A. Mcrse. J. Q. Clark, C. 1. N. Barker. Geo. I,, llaitly. Jaeob ciser, Jr., Benjamin Stone, A. Chapman, Knight Dex ter, 3. in R. McClaskey, John Nauerth, Furry Newcomer, Wm. Keickhoff, Andy Maiden, Warren Hartean, T. J. Sweatt, John Sweatt, Winfield J. Johnston, E, E. Sticknej, t». III. Goodrich, Solin Younpraan, M. Keefer, Da vid Stoncr. Wesley Johnston, 1. Arb, Den ton Camery, Mrs. C. M. Blinu, ART. 3. J- Do**1' John G. Satley, B. D. Appolgato 8. C. MC. Kennan, M. J. 1'owers, Emanuel Meric^e, Mrs. Marv A. Morse, 0. E. Maxwell, L. Carmichael, 3. B. Sweatt, A. A. Ohn, C. J. (Kerens, Mrs. Uretta Kiduer, Chas- M. Hen dry, D. •. Hendry, R. 8. Clark, O. W. Sweatt. Henry Galley, J, S. Moore, Eliza M. Nelson, J. F. I.emberger, C. \V. Couant, Lu cy E. Graham, Edward Ruggles, Chas.Gray Jr., A. N. Poyneer, J. G. t'ronk and Thomas Barlow, have associated themselves as an incorporated company, pursuant to tho pro visions of chapter 62, of the Revisi?on of 1860, and the laws of Iowa, amendatory thereof, for the purpose of transacting a General Banking Business, and the ordina ry business of a Savings Institution, re ceiving deposits of money and allowing iu* terest thereon, and invosting such deposits by loans on real property or personal se» curity, receiving interest therefor, or in such a manner as a Board of directors may from time to time direct, to accept and ex ecute all such trusts as may be committed to it by any Court of Record, Corporation, Company1, or private indiviluals, and te iss sue certificates ef deposit, or other eviden' ces of trust or credit, with or without inter est, payable on demand, or on time, and to do a general banking, exchange and bro kerage business, and own property, real and personal, all in such manner and form as the by-laws, rules and regulations of said Corperation, shall direct, and in con formity with the laws of the State of Iowa, and have agreed to and hereby establish the following Articles of Incorporation I. This association shall be known and designated us The Toledo Savings Bank." A«T. II. The amount of capital stock of said Corperation shall be One Hundred Thousand Dollars, divided into shares of One Hundred pollars each, and not less than ten per cent, of the amount subscrib ed for, shall be paid in on or before the first day of May, A. D., 1873, and a Board of Directors shall have authority thereafter to call upon stockholders for further iastall nients from time to time—Provided that no other installment can be called for before the first day of November, A. 1873, and that no installment cau ever be called for at oni time greater than ten per cent nor shall any two installments ever be called for within less than ninety days of each other, and then only «pon thirty days' no tice and providid, further, that »ot more than fifteen per cent, im addition to the first installment of ten per cent, shall ever be ordered, unless, in the opinion of the Beard

of Directors, losses sustained by the Insti tution shall require it. Notice of any in stallment called for shall be posted in the place of business of said Corporation, for not less than thirty days immediately pre ceding '.he day of payment of such ihstalU cient, and published in some paper in Tole do, for not lees than two weeks preceding the day of such payment. If »ny stockhold er shall fail to pay any installment when the same shall be ordered as herein pro vided, the Board of Directors may sell the stook held by such delinquent stockholder, at public suction, giving ten days previous notice thereof, in any newspaper published in eaid town of Toledo, and sell tlie same to the highest bidder, unless sooner paid, From the proceeds of such sale shall be deducted the necessary expenses attending the same, and such delinquent stockholder may be proceeded agtinst by suit at law for any balance due said institution open the in* Stallment thus ordered, and upon a failure le make the flrst payment wten due the Beard ef Directors may, at their option, cancel such subscriptien er collect the same by legal process. A*T. III. This Corporation shall cem mence business on the first day ef May, A. D., 1873, and terminate on the first day of May. A. D., 1898, and may be newed by vete of the stockholders holdiag three-fourths of the Stock in Slid corperation. Ami. IV. The affairs of the Corporation shSll be conducted by a Board of Directors, consisting of such number ef stockholder as may be fixed by the by»laws, save, how ever, that the B*ard of Directors first elect ed shall consist of fifteen members. Baid Board shall elect one of their members President, and one vice-President, and shall have power to appoint a Cashier and tueb further officers or assistants from their own number, or otherwise, as they may deem necessary in carrying on the business of the Corperation, and at pleasure remove any such officers or employees, atd fix or change the salaries or allowances of any of them. A majority of the Board of Direct ors shall constitute a quorum. ART. V. At the elections, and n decid ing all questions at meeting of stock-hold ers, each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote on each share of stock held by hiia. Stockholders raiy vote by proxy, duly authorized in writing, but no stock holder whose liability is past due, and un paid, shall be allowed to vote. All Direct ors shall be elected by ballot. ART. VI. Tho Stock of this Corporation shall be assigned according to such rules and regulations as the By-Laws may pro vide, subject, however, to the laws of the State. ART. VII. *be capital stock of th e In stitution may be increased to the sum ef Two Hundred Thousand Dollars by vote of stockholders holding two-'.hirdu of the stock ani the original shareholders, or their assigns, shall have the right of sub scribing thereto, in proportion to the amouut of their original stock. ART. VIII. The highest indebtedness ef the Corporation at any one time shall not exceed ene-balf tho capital stock, but lia bility of the Corporation fer deposits made by the customers of the bank shall not be estimated as such indebtedness. AST. IX. The private property of stock holders shall be exempt from Iho debts or liibilitles of said Corporation, except to the amount of any unpaid balances, or in stallments on their stock respectively. ART. X. This Corporation may purchase and hold such real and perscnal estate the Board of Direetors aiay deem conven* ient for tho transaction of its basiness, and may have and hold any real or personal estate a3 security, or on mortgage, or in pledge, or by deed of trust, to secure the payment of loans and debts due, or to be come due to said corporation, and may pur chase real or fersonal estate at any sale held by virtue of any loan or debt made iu favor of said Corporation, and may receive and take io satisfaction of any debts made in favor of said Corf oration, any real or personal estate, and nay held and convey any 6uck real or personal estate. AET. XI. The conveyance of real estate belonging to said lnetitntion, and the re lease of incumberances made te or held by said institution shall be executed by the President, or, in case of his absence or ability, by the Vic.-President. All other contracts and instruments in writiug made or catered iuto by said Corporation shall be subscribed by such officer or officers, agen or agents, as its by-laws shall direct andall euch contracts or Instruments in writing may be signed and carried on without the presence of the Board of Directors, by its officers, assistants or agenu thus duly au theriteJ. ART. XII. The Board of Directors shall have pewer to make all needful By-latrs, rules, and regulations in carrying out the objects of the Corpe-ation and in conduct ing its affairs, a copy of wliieh shall be kept ported up iu the place of business ol said Corporation. ART. XIII. The Board of Directors shall be eleetcd by a majority of the shares of tho stock voting and whenever a vacancy shall occur in said Board, it shall be filled by a vote of a majority of the remain» ing members of the lloard. The f.rit Board shall be clccud as soon as three fourths of the capital stock in said Corpor ation shall be subscribed for, and shall continue in office until the first Tuesday ia January, A. 1)., 1S1, ou which day an other election shall be had for a Board of Directors, and annually thereafter, on the same day of the same month. Any failure on the part of the stockholders to elect a Board of Directors at any annual election, 'shall authorize the Hoard to continue in of lieo uutil their successors bo duly elected. The liy-Laws may provide for the removal of a member of tho Board, ou sufficient cause. ART. XIV. All dividends declared anil paid by this Corporation shall bo pro rata on the amount of stock paid in, and from the net profits of the Corporation actually realized, but for the peried of one (I) year no larger dividend shall be declared than ten per cent, per annum on the amount paid in. AIT. XV. This Corporation may be dis solved and its affairs closed up at any time by a vote of the stockholders holding three-fourths of the shares in tho same. ART. XVI. The principal place of trans acting the business of this Corporation shall be in Toledo, Tama couuty, Iowa, but it may do business in other places, by its officers or agents. ART. XVII. A suitable seal shall be provided and adopted by the Board of Di rectere as the Corporate seal of the Asso ciation. ART. XVIII. At all shareholdrs' meet ings, persons representing two-thirds of the slock shall constitute a quorum, and a majority of tbc stock represented in said meetings shall be required to carry any question. ART. XIX. These Articles of Associa tion may be altered er amended by stock holders owning two-thirds ef all the shares at a special meeting, called for the purpose by the Board of Directors, notice of which shall be posted in the place of business of said Corporation for a poriod of not less than ten days immediately preceding the day of such special meeting, which notice shall be inserted twice in some newspaper published in Toledo, but no alteration or amendment shall be made as above provid ed, except upon a majority of the whole number of shares belonging to said Associ ation voting fur euch alteration or amend ment. The above Articles of lncorpation have been signed and acknowledged by all the parties whose names appear at the head of same, and are duly recorded in the Records of Tama County, Iowa. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned havs this day been ap pointed and commissioned by the Circuit Court of Tama county, in the State of Iowa, Administratrix and Administrator of the estate of George F. Kober, deceased, and all persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to file them with the Clerk of saidCourt, clearly stated and duly sworn to, and within legal time, preparatory to their being allowed or proved and persons owing said estate aie requested to make immedi ate payment to the underiigned, and av)id costs. Dated at Toledo, Iowa, this 20th day of May, A. D. 1873, ELIZABETH J. KOBER, Administratrix, JOHN KOBKR, S2-24J /drainistrattr. m. SEWING MACHINE IS THE BEST IS THE WORLD. Agents wanted. Send for circular. Ad dress. 'DOMESTIC' SEEING MACHINE CO., N. Y. en [Established 1H-30J WELCH & GRIFFITHS, Manufacturers of S:iWs. SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS. EVERY SAW WARRANTED. ^FILES, BELTING AND MACHINERY. Liberal D/scounts. 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The money to pay all these gifts in full is already in bank and set aside for that purpose, as the fol lowing certiOcate shows: Office of Farmers' and Drovers' Bank. 1 Louisville, Ky., April ", 187o, This is to certify that there is in the Farmers' and Drovers' Bank, to the credit of the Third Grand Gift Concert, for the benefi of the Public Library of Kentucky, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, which has been set apart by the Managers to yay the gifts in lull, and wil bo held by the bank and paid out for this purpose and this pur. pose only. 11. S. Vkech, it75 Tn Cashier. Only a few tickets remain unsold, and they will be furnished to the first appli cants at the following prices Whole tick ets, $10 halves, quarters. 11 who'es for £100 30 fjr ij-500 11 for $1000 and for §.:'.000. For tickets and full information apply to TIIOS. E. BRAMLETTE, Louisville, Ky. 4)A per day Agents want IU O «*V/cd! 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