Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 29, 1873 Page 3
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PHYS1CANS AND DENTISTS. JOHN NICHOLSON. DENTIST. TAMA CITY, IOWA Office S. Patterson's Store. [45 H. W. BOYNTON, M. D. Physician and Surgeon —ALSO— u. 8. EXAMINING PENSION SURGEON TOLEDO, IOWA. g^rRtiidence near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. c. K4BSHAW, S. H. Frazee, II. S. BRADSIIAW Bradshaw Bros., Attorney* and Counselor* at Law, Tole do, Tama County, Iowa. 1EORUE RAINES, Attorney at Law, No tary Public and Justice of the Peace Office over Free's Building, Toledo Iowa. GEO. R. STRUBLE, Attorney and Coun sellor at Law, Toledo, Tama county, Iewa. G• H. Goodrich., ATTORNEY AT LAW, TOLIDO, TAMA CODHTT, IOWA (Office in Free's^Bullding.) [8tf APPELGATE & KINNE, Attorneys and Coun?e'lors at Law,Toledo, Iowa. Of ee in Stone s building, OYer W, Walter' Orocery Store T3n3tf THOMAS S. FREE, Attorn*/ at law, Toledo, Iowa. Offioe In Court Iloute. Also U. S..COMMI»SIONE». [T3n9tf GEO. Lv BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Toledo, Iowa, Office oyer W F, Johnston & Co'*. Store. 5tf STIVERS A SAFLEY, LA VVYELtS, Will practice in the Supreme and District Court* of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. C. O. TERRY, DIAUft tlf First Class Piano Fortes, AND ORGANS. Agent for WESTERN COTTAGE ORGAN Manufactured by Lukssbury & Carpenter, Menlota, 111. Old instruments taken in exchange for new at fair prices, and new instruments for sale on term* to suit purchasers. TJLIMIA. CITY. F. IICRFR, COUNTY SUPEBINTENDENT, (Residence at Orford,) WILL be in liiH office at Toledo, every Saturday, from 10 A. M* to P. M. FKEE EXAMINATION the last Saturday ef each month at 'J A. Fee for examina tion at any other time, one dollar. 7ly Jeweller. WATCHE5*, CLOCKS nnd JEWELRY 22tf] Repaired and warranted. BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, notices will be in serted in this type, leaded, at the rata of ten cents a line for each insertion Special terms given for long notices and long time. Editorial notices in local reading column will be charged fifteen cents a line, each insertion. GOOD FOE Hoasas.—I have used Prof. An derson's Dermador en my horses for trails. Scratches, heelcracks. etc., and am plensed to say that it is the best preparation that I Lave ever used for such cases. 1 have been a constant traveler on the road, driving horses for seven years, and have never yet found its equal. Jomr J. ANTIS, Traveling agent Dr. Herrick's Remedies. 8e advertisement in another column. The Dabcoclt ut Carbondalc, 111. CAKKOXDALB, III., Jan. 4,1873. F. W. FARWKLL, See, Chicago, 111. Sim:—I take pleasure in slating that my three story brick store was saved from de struction by fire on the morning ef Decem ber 20, 1872, by the timely use of three Babcock Extinguishers. The fire had gain ed headway in the heavy wooden cornice, which had communicated to the roof which was in flames and oould not be reached by water from buckets. I feel that but for the aid of the eslingnishers my building, cost ing $12,009, would now be in ruins. Yours truly S. G- IIINDMAN. An offica fixture long desired is now bes Ing introduoed to the public, bearing the name of Cook's American Letter File. To make a brief notice of it we can only say it is ornamental, convenient, and the most useful arrangement that we have ever seen to keep letters and papers in alphabetical order, for ready and immediate reforence.— Chicago Adtanet. JBbo Br. Henry'n World'* 'loMio and Blood Purifiwr. 1t!s the great household remedy, pleasant to take, yet potent for the prevention aud cure of dUeuaei. It is better tban Bitters, Cordial, Ituuhu or ftkssaparilU. Sold by Druggist* Br. Henry's Root aad Plant Hid yet thonragh^mo nausea or griping—en* ureij vegetable—great 11ver remedy cents. Sold by Druggists. Kfs. Vhlteemb'slyrap. The great soothing remedy. Trieo on., tS e*nts. Gives rest to the mother anu health t# ttlttcUUd Druggists. •anMte Guide. Interesting Work, Enlarged Edition, WW Engravings, Two-hundred and sixty rages, frier 50 cents. Address DR. BCITTS' Disrrtx SAJW. 13 North Eighth Street, St. Louis, 11a See Advertisement. miNKS.—BLANK DEEDS, MORTGA Gig, Quit Claim* and Jnatice't Blank Cssraicu Office |^olr4tt ^hroiticlc, Toledo, Iowa, Thursday, May 29, 1873. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Spring piga for sale by T. A. Graham. Plastering hair lor sale by M. J. Powins. Now is the time Nimrods. Pigeons are abundant in the timber now. A car load of Trunks just arrived atM, J. Powers1 Harness Shop. That new stylo of perlumery stand in the window of Berger ds Yeiser's drug store, is admired by all who see it. Another full car-load ol COOPER ^Wagons just received by Parker & Lewis, Tama City. tf In another part of this paper w ill be found a call tor the Republican County Convention, which is called for Saturday, 21st prox. John Deere, Ottawa Clipper snd Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker & Lewis', Tama City. tf "Dr. A. C. Rickey, Justice Offne," and G. Raines up staird Law Office'1 are among the signs iutJus place. NOTTFK TO TR. CLEKK.S.—CSmcry & Son are prepared to furnish Furst & Bradley's steel bottomed Road Scrapers—the best in market. 20-23 Townships wanting Road ScrapeiB, can get them ot Dennis & Averill. They sold last year a great many. They are the best Scraper made. A drove of cattle passed through this place last week, in which there were about 375 head. They were chasing the star of Empire," i. e. they were going West. For a splendid ice cold drink ol Soda Water, go to E. M. Wilkin son's. His arctic apparatus has come. Buy John Deere "Plows and Culti vators of Cnmery «!b ,Kon. Also Furst & Bradley Plows, Cultivators and Sulky Rakes, best in market. Wo are authorized to announce that there will be a public installa tion of officers of tho Masonic Lodge at their hall on Tuesday evening, June 3d. Vto publio MM cordially invite!. Key-stone hay-rakes and corn shellcrs, at Parker «fc Low is' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPER BREAKERS. tf Mr. Ilenry Galley has put up a large sign over tie entrance of his Dry Coods Store, and Messrs. Ber ger & Yeiser, druggists, have done likewise. Call on Camery & Son and exam ine the Climax Planter, and Cham pion Reapers and Mowers (wrought iron frame) befere giving your orders. Ice Cream, day and night, at E. M. Wilkinson's. Mr. W. is an ex pert at making ioe cream tbat is par excellence. Just 74 little showers, half a doz en drenchers," a few acres of sun shine, and a few hours of sultry weather about sum up, what Old Probabilities'• brought na dating the last week. Camery & Son have on hand 10,000 pounds of Wire, 100 kegs of Nails and a full stock ot Shelf Hard ware which will be sold at bottom prices for cash. GATHBU THEM IN."—Another has been gathered in from the town of Dysart, and is now enjoying the hos pitaKtien of Deputy Sheriff* Biel by. Benzine was the cause of his com ing here, and unless bailed out, ho will tarry for thirty days from tbe time ot his incarceration. The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County, at Parker & Lewis Tama City. The Pearl, John Deere's Advance, and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also Buckeye Jr. com bined. tf. MOLINS PLOWS, MOLINE PUMPS, MOLINB WAGONS, MOLINE CULTIVATORS, For tale by CAMERY & SON, TOLEDO, IOWA. Tho storm that visited this place last Thursday morning, and of which ment*on was made last week, unroof ed the Stone Block, commonly called Union Block, at Montour,and injured the building and goods to the extent of several hundred dollars. Other buildings suffered injuries, and a number of small outbuildings were overturned. The Citizen of last week, alter quo ting from the CHRONICLE, concerning the shipment of twelve thousand dozen eggs to California, by Mr. Andy Maiden, of this place, says Tho above, as it stands, seems a little eggs-traordinary, but it is about as near correct as anything that ap pears in that a inine sheet. Here are the facts. Of the twelvo thou sand eggs shipped. Mr. Maiden had of A. Humiston, Tama Citv, two hundred and forty dozen J. B. Tims, seven hundred and eighty doz en Brice Brothers, seventeen hun dred and ten dozen T. Whittaker, twenty-eight hundred and fifty doz en from Orford, Chelsea, etc., some three thousand dozen, leaving about two thousand dozen from Toledo, eight hundred dozen less than Whit taker alone. An immense thing to make a great blow about. Mr. Whittaker's were all taken in about ton days, and he had at the time sev eral hundred dozen uncased. We think that wo have thoroughly prick ed that bubble and let the wind out." To adopt the mildest terms known to the English language, the facts" above stated are overgrown insin cerities and that the reader may be convinced of the truthfulness of this remark, we place in parallol columns the Citizefi's statement and the true statement (iho latter being taken from Mr. Maiden's books) as to the number of eggs purchased at Tama City, Orford, Chelsea, etc Citizen. True. A. Humiston, 240 dos. 00 doz. J.B.Tims, 780 780 Brice Bros., 1710 1712 T. Whittaker, 2850 2880 Orford, etc., 3000 0000 6432 Total, 8580 The first column of figures indi cates that of tho twelvo thousand dozen shipped by Mr. Maiden, 8,4-20 were purchased at Toledo, but for convenience, tho Citizen editor wrote it down "about two thousand dozen." The second column shows thatof the number of eggs shipped at the time referred to, there were G,5G8 dozen purchased at Toledo, thus showing that instead of Mr. Maiden having the (fccredit of buying "eight hun dred dozen less than WLittaker alone," he has tho credit of buying 1,138 dozen more from farmers than he purchased altogether from Whit taker, Tima, Brice Bros., Humiston, and at Orford, Chelsea, etc. This shows that the Citizen editor, in his zeal to prick that bubble and let the "wind out," was either misled,or was insincere to tho extent of 8,148 dozen. Thero are others engaged in tha shipment of eggs from this place, but tho amount ot their ship ments is not at hand. Again, we say, Andy Maiden shipped twelve thousand dozen eggs to California on Monday, May 5lh, inst. AN ACCIDENT.—Last Sunday even ing as John Ilagordt, of Tama City, and family were crossing a bridge at tho south part ot this place, the bridge gave way, and as a conse quence, some damage was done the buggy, besides inflicting some inju ries to Mrs. II. The banks on which the bridge sills rested had been so washed away by tho heavy rain of Sunday atternoon, as to render the bridge uusafe. Tho horsos passed sately over tho bridge, which was only a few feet across, but as the fore wheels were about midway, the bridge went down, throwing all in the buggy out as tho back part of the vehicle Still rcmaiued on tho bank. As soon as things could be set to rights Mr. II. came up and had M. J. Boyle tako a team from his livery stable aud take the family home. We learn from Mr. L. G. Kinne, who visited Marshalltown on Mon day, that a boy was drowned at ihat place the day he was there. The name and age of tho lad ho did not learn. The accident happened in this way. Two boys weut down to the river and climbed a tree whose top hung out over the stream, and while they were thero watching the river risitu very rapidly, tho limb on which they were perched broke, let ting them both into the river, from which but one was rescued. The body of the ono drowned was recov ered and buried. EDITOR CHRONICL* :—In the publi cation of the Notice to Stockholders of Toledo Savings Bank, to pay the installment due May 1st, left for in sertion in your issue of May 22d, you make my request too modest by far. Please say that every stock holder is expected to pay the amount due, by June 1st, without fail. The Bank will be opened for the transac tion of business, on Thursday, Juno 5th, 1873. Lsvr B. NKLSON, Cashier DUAMATIC CLUB.—We learn that a Dramatic Association has -been or ganized at Tama City, and that tho Association will be known as the Nonpareil Damatic Club." They have been rehearsing four fine plays lately, and propose to give an enter tainment at the School House Hall, Tama City, on Friday evening of this week. Admission, 25 cts. children, 15 cts. There will bo services in the Pres byterian Church, at 2J o'clock IVM., Saturday, preparatory to tho sacra mental service of Sabbath morning. GUINNKLL HEADERS, best and light est draft headers made. Sells from $30 to $40 loss than other headers and warranted to do better work. Parker & Lewis sell tbem at Tama City. Col. Connell, Collector foe this District, has removed his office into the brick block of Johnston & Gal ley and the room vacated by him will bo occupied by Applegate & Kinne, in addition to the room here tofore occupied by that law firm. MADISON HARVESTERS that boat the whole family of Harvesters. Seats for the binders. Stronger, more dur able and perfeot than any other. Warranted, warranted, WARRANTED. Parker & Lewis are selling them at Tama City. A good many farmers aro not through planting corn yet—its very late—our advice to thein would be, go to Dennis & Averill and buy a Brown Horse Corn Planter aud hur ry the corn in they only cost $50, and are warranted to bo tho best planters in tho market. Last week a subscription paper was circulated, and in a few hours about fifty (50) dollars wero sub scribed for tho purpose of purchasing an "E" Flat Cornet for J. T. Ctllins, and a pair of cymbals for tho band. The cornet aud cymbals have arrived, and wo now have a full Cor net Band, equalled by but few in the State. Dennis & Averill have just receiv ed another shipment of those cele brated Furst & Bradley Corn Culti vators. Tliey are tho best in tho market. Moro ot them in uso in Tama County than of any other cul tivator. JOHN P. MANNY New Double Diive Wheel, Self Raking Reaper and Mower Combined. Warranted to be the lightest draft Self Raking Reaper in the world, and to give sat isfaction. Price $185. Parker & Lewis sell them at Tama City. Last Sunday was tho day fixed, or at least rumor BO had it, for the Musquakies to have a goncral good time, which includes a hop," a dog roast, and all those nice little exer cises that conti ihuto to the make up" of a general gala day among tho Aborigines. A number of To ledo's boys put in an appearance at tho Indian camp, but when they came home, they reported that no general feast was that day celebrated by our neighbors of swarthy skin. The remark made in this paper last week, to tho effect that the Fed eral authorities had interfered in the Omaha Lottery was incorrect. Tho drawing has taken place, and if wo accept reports. No. 80,777 drew tho $75,000 prize, and

No. 471,409 the $25,000 prize. BUY TIIK BEST.—219,758 Singer Sowing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for salo at Frazoc's Jewelery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. WAYT, Agent Tama City. YORK TOWNSHIP CENSUS.—Tho fol lowing figures, taken from his books, have been furnished us by Mr. Ames Rogers, Assessor oil York Town ship Number of Houses, Families, Males, Value Town Lots, No. Cattle, 1110 VaK BUCKEYE REAPER AND MOWKR.— Combined either as Self Raker or Dropper, with all the modern im provements. As cheap as the cheap est. Every one warranted. Repairs always on hand. Parker & Lewis sell them at Tama Citv. Our Chelsea Letter. On the night of tho 19th the pic ture gallery of Robert Johnson was entered by burglars, and all the in struments and material stolen, amounting to about $150 in value. The river is out of its bauk and tho boys are having rare sport catch ing buffalo fish which come out in the shallow water on tho prairie. A latter directed to Fred Roach, of this place, and mailed at a town in Kansas, on tho 20th day ot Octo ber, 1872, arrived safely here on the 5th of this month. There is nothing lik« getting the news quick. Sudden Death. A sad event occurred in (feis vi cinity early last week, the particulars ot which did not reach us until our last, issue had gono to prtis. Miss Anu V. Beal, a voting lady about 20 years of ace, whoso parents reside in New Cambridge, Macon county, Missouri, has been staying' several months for a visit with her uncle, Air William Dixon, who lives about five miles south ot Belle l'laine, in Jefferson townshipPoweshiek Co, Two weeks ago last Sunday, while out riding with a young man aud two other young ladies, wlnlo going up a steep hill, a sudden start ot the team threw all three of tho young ladies out of the back end of the wagon with considerable torco upoa tho ground. Miss Boal struck upon hor back and shoulders, but made no complaiat or even mention of tho ac cidcnt, until tho Sunday following, the 12th inst., whou she spoko ot the fall and said she had not got over it yet. On tho following day, Monday, she walked out alter dinner and was not seen again till her lifeless body was found. Inquiries wero mado at tho neighbors' when Bho failed to ro turn that evening, but nothing could be heard ot her. Alarm does not appear to havo botn felt, however, and tho discovery ol her body was made by accident. Sho had gone out into the orchard somo 50 rods from the house, and sat or laid down under a willow hedge, where she seemed to have died without a strug gle. Tho body was found by a boy ot the family, just at dusk on Tues day evening. A post mortem exam ination oftho body showed that a blood-vessel had been ruptured, which undoubtedly caused hor death Iler parents were summoned by tele graph, and the burial took placo on Friday last. We learn most of the particulars from Dr. S. M. Cook, ol this place, who made the post mor tem examination.—Jlelle l'laine Union 12,000,000 tf Not two years ago C. H. McCor mick & Bro's. large Reaper works burnt down in the great Chicago Firo. They hay« since built larger works, and are building this year ten thousand Reapers and Mowers, and judging from tho orders pouring in trom all parts ot tho country, they will not have Reapers enough to near supply the demand. Dennis it Averill are sole agents for Tama Co., and sell selling a great tnnny. s A 213 213 610 5SI 168 162 94 Females, Voters, Militia, Aliens, Acres Improved, Bushels Wheat, 11,305 84,411 109.G95 18,898 5,891 160 lbs. of Wool, Town Lots, 5(2,660 $11,437 Ilorses, 511 u 824,350 Mult-t, SO $1555 Veh IQIM, SO $630 Swine, 1028 $2813 Sheep, 20 tt $72 Moneys and Credits 84675 Taxable Household Property,...$185 Other Taxable Property, in cluding farm machinery..,,...$2937 Value of land, $201519 Total Exemptions for Or chards and Forest Trcos, $8250 K w ACRES CHEA.P1''ARMS. The cheapest land in market for sale by tho Union Pacific R. R. Co., In tho the tireat l'latte Valley. 3,000,000 ACRES IN CENTRAL NEBRASK, Now for scle in tracts of forty acres and upwards on live and ten years credit, at per ccnt- No advance interest required. Mild aud healthful climate, fertile soil an abundance of good water. The J3KST MARKET IN TUB WEST. The great mining regions of '.Vyoming, Co' orado, Utah and Nevada being supplied by the farmers in the l'latte Valley. Soldiers Entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acrst BE LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES. Free homes for all! Millions of acrcs ef choice Government Lands open for entry under the homestead liw, near this great Railroad, with good markets, and all the conveniences of un old settled country. Free passes to purchasers of railroad land Sectional maps, showing the land, also a new edition of descriptive pamphlet with new map mailed free everywhere. Address O. F. DAVIS, Land Commissioner, U P. R. R-, Omaha, Neb. THE GREAT ALTERATIVE AND BLOOD PUttlFIEB. It is not a quack nostrum. The Ingredients are published on euch bottle of medicine. It is used and recommended by Physicians wherever it has been introduced. It will positively cure SCROFULA and kiwlre'1 diseases, RHEUMA TISM, WHITE SWELLING, GOUT, GOITRE, BRONCHI TIS, NERVOUS DEHILITY, INCIl'IES CONSUMPTION and all diseases arising from an impure condition of the Blood, Send for our HOSADALIS ALMANAC, in which you will find certificates from reliable and trust-worthy Physicians, Ministers of the Gos pel, and others. A Corn, Oats, Barley, V Dr. II. Wilton C*rr, of Balti more, says he has used It in cascsof Scrofula and other diseases witli much satisfaction. iDr. T. C. Pngh, of Baltimore, rv commcnds it to all persons suffering with diseased Blood, saying it is supe rior to anv preparation ho has ever used I S Ilrv. Dubnt y Ball, of the Balti more M. K. Conference South, says he has been so much benefitted by it to al'lhis friends and acquaintances. Craven A Co., 9or* donsvillo, Ya., say it never lias failed to Civ© satisfaction. SMH'1 U- McFatldon, Murrrees boro', Tennessee, says it cured him of Rheumatism when all else failed. THKB06ADALISIN CONNECTION WITH OUR will euro Chill" and Fever, Liver Complaint. Dy! pepsin, etc. We guarantee Hop ADA 1.1s superior off other Blood Purifteri. Send for Descriptive Circular or Almanac. 'ddrw, CLEMENTS ft CO., S.^ommerce St., Itatimnre, JU, Be member to ask your Dru jrqist for HOSADALIS. e v A 09 O 3* O O €0 y 9L mm •o 9 A 2 •o to PENIHK. fi "D A r* 00 •a 2 a cn •y. 5 o to W •o 0) N CO r+ •o o 3 3 0) a rf V) O T1 3 O O i2 o 3 MTATTENTIOTHEE All who Want a 33"0. ONm COOK _§TOVE, OR A PRETTY CHAMBER SET, Or Any Kind of ^TINWARB^ Or Want Any .TOP. WORK DONE, CALL OJV J. F. LEMBERGER, At Galley's Old Stand. GOODS SOLD CHEAP FOR CASK lie also sells ihe Cele'toratoa Homesr'u,, South-West Cairo & Pulton Eailroad Go's LANDS In Arkansas. LOW PRICES. EASY TERMS. The Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company has a land grant from tho U. 8. amounting in the eggregate to nearly Two Millions of acres. The road runs diagonally thround the Stato of Arkunsas, from tho north-east to the south-west, passing through the city of Little Rock, and terminating at the Tex as boundary, where it makes connections with the U. It. system of that ijtate. On*llie north it makes connection with tho St. Louis and Iron railroad, terminating at|St Louis. The road is 300 miles in longth. and the lands donated by the Government are in alternate sections along each side of the line. The grant embraces a greAter di versity of soil and greater variety of pro ductions than can be found in the same dis tance in the U. £. The soil produceafruita of all varieties, small grains, tits QJ lid cetton. Stock ranges are abundunt. TIIK CL1MA1K is temperate, having neither extremes of heat or cold. TIMBER unsurpassed in quality, quantity or variety Lands will be sold at low prioea, and on easy terras of payment. TICKETS can be purchased at the St. Louts and Tron Mountain railroad ticket office, 10 South Fourth street, St. Louis, allowing holders to step off at any station to examine lands, if lands are purchased from the Company, fare over Cairo and Fulton road returned. For further particulars address J. M. LOUQHBUttOtOIT, Land Comntiseioner C. & F. R. R. TO SEEKERS or— GOOD BARGAINS* We would respectfully aft-" nounce to the public that wo have received our new Spring Stock of Goods* Which have been selected with much care, and with especial reference to the wants of this community. XT Our Calicoes we claim aro not surpassed for beauty and quality. 3xr Our Dress Goods are choice, serviceable and adapted to tl|» season. Our Shawls and Fine Whiff Goods aro various, nice and ill* vitiog. Our line of Summer Casi meres Tweeds Jeans aud Cot tonades is complete. axr Our Stock of Cloth ing is Very FulL & We sell Choice Groceries at a very small profit. Wo have a large lot of Boots and Shoes, that will be sold cheap. O We have a general assort ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, R. Hats and Caps, Notions,and other goods, to which we in vite the attention of close buy ers. Our goods were bought wiik cash, and toe tvill sell as close to first- cost as any live house cau safely do. We have no bails, but tve most respectfully invite the public to an examination of our goods and prices. Toledo, Iowa. J*:-:'- Little Hock, Ark. WEITING BRO'S. TRUNKS, TRUNKS. IMI. 0". Powers'. ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To S. II. Prouly You aro hereby notified that there is now on tile, in the olliee of tho Clerk of the Dis trict Court, of Tama county, Iowa, a peti* tion of Jacob Yoiser, Jr., claiming of you eighty-live dollars, for services in effecting a sale cf certain lands for you. and that an attachment has beon levied upon your pro« perty, to suenre said claim. Aud unless you appear thereto, and de fend. ou or before noon, of tho second day of the next Term of said Court, being the September Term of said Court for the year A 1) 1*7:5 commencing ou the third Moid&y of September, A 1) 1873 at tho Court House ia Toledo in said cojn'.y default will be en* tered agaiust you, and judgment render ed thereon. G- E. STKUBLE, 20-33 Att'y for L'laintiff. C% X- Terry, Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors Windows, Bliiuls, Etc., IN LARUE OK SMALL (JCASTITIES. Yards opposite Elevator, Tolodo. Iowa and with C. Lamb & Sons, Tama City. I am ready to deliver in car-load lota at Belle l'laine, Cuelsea, Tama Ciy, Toledo, Orford, Marshall or Dysart. 14yl TO THE SUFFERING. The Rev. William II. Norton, while residing iu I5razil as a Mission ary, discovered in that land of ined ienes a remedy lor Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Asth ma aud Nervous Weahnest. The rem edy lias cured mysell after all other medicine had failed. Wishing to benefit tho auft'ering, I will send tho receipt for preparing and using tliis remedy to all who de sire it FltEE ol charge. Please send an envelope, with your name and address on it. Addresa. ltev. WILLIAM II. NORTON, 076 Broadway, New York City. A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing ia South America, as missionary, it covered a sate and simple remedy lor the Cure of Nervous Weaknesa, Early Decay, Disease of tho Urinary and Seminal Organs, and tho whoui train ot disorders brought on by banetel and vicious habits. Qreat numbers have beeu cured by this no ble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit tho afflicted and unfortua* ate, I will send the receipt for prt» paring and using this medicine, in n sealed envelope, to any one whij^ needs it, Free ol chargtt. Add resit# •JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D. liible House, New York Cihj%

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