Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, June 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated June 12, 1873 Page 2
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^Jtte ^hroniflc. Wawhw Hahman -ty .Editor and Publisher Toledo, Iowa, YbnrsdaVV iont 12,1S73. Eepublioan State Convention OFFICE REPUBLICAN' STATE CENTRAL COSIMTTTKE, Dcbiqce, April l'ith, 1H73. A State Onveon^ of the Republican Fatly of Iowa will be held at Xfes Xsiaes, Veizszizj, Jose 25th, 1873. Cbmmeoc'tig at 11 o'olock, A. II., fer the purpose of nominating A candidate for Governor. A candidate for Lieutenant Governor. A candidate for .Supreme Judge. A candidate for Superintendent of Public liatruclion. The ratio of representalkm will be, one delegate for each organised County in the State, and in addition thereto one delegate for ererj twa hundred »otw, or a fraction trover one hundred votee, cast for Josiah T. Young for Secreiary ct" State a* the last OiMiilIlietliat JACOB R1CII, Cbhirman Ci/mmittte. It ©publican County Conven tion. A County ConTertion of the Republican party, of Tama County, Iowa, will be held at the C»urt Hsuee, in Toledo, on Saturday, June "Jlst, l?7:l,nt one o'clock, p.m., for the purpoee of seleeiog t-leven delegates to ttend the rfiaie Convention. Tte ratio of represcctanea Trill be one delegate for eacii orgaoiitJ township in l!.e county, and iii addition ttereio, one dei-? gate for every twenty-five votes, or fraction over twelve votes cast for Josiah T. Young, for Secretary of State at the last general election. Townships will be entitled to 'be num ber of delegate] indicated by the second ^-column of figures. Backitsfhefe townsliip, (Carlton Carroll Clark order 78 4 105 6 46 a 62 3 68 4 66 8 107 5 21 2 61 3 94 5 204 t» 14 2 aoo 41 Columbia Crystal 4* Geneset Grant Highland Howard 4t Indian Village Lincoln u Oneida Otter Cmk Perry ilichland Salt Creek Spring Creek T*ma Toledo York To 4 136 6 04 4 75 4 77 4 175 8 221 10 US 5 Mr. M. M. Avery were appoiuted to Dominate an Executive Committee on County Conventions. Chan. Mason, B. A. Peugh and Dr. Beeln wele appointed a local com mittee for the semi-Anual Conven tion, to bo held at Waiiham. Report of the Treasurer, J. B. Dennis, ol Taraa was read and ac cepted. On motion of Rev. J. Kingery, township secretaries were urged to see that the schools that have not paid the $1.00 assessed to them, for ward the same to the County Treaa oier. Revs. Brown Messrs. Wenswr, and Blake, were nominated Ex ecutive Committee cf County Con vention*. The nomination* were approved. Tbe sum of $25 in favor of S. W. Cole was ordered to be drawn from trtasury, said amount having been aid to the State Association for Tama county by Mr. Cole. The following resolution* were passed: Jiftohed—That we instruct the del egatts lrom this Convention, to pledge this Convention to tae State Sunday School Convention, to be held at MtPleasaut, in June, next, to the amount oi a fair proportion of the funds necessary to carry on the State work. Iietohed—That the township secrc tvics be instructed to procure from each Sabbath School the sum of 81, for township, county and Slate work. Outlook of the county—led by J. 13. Dennis, followed by S. W. C^le, and Revs. Holmes and Messmer. At this time the Convention re ceived a telegram faom the Linn county Convention, at Cedar Rapids bringing greeting and reference to Mark 13,31. The greeting was returned, with reference to psalms 134,3. What should this Conveutiou effect? —Ly Revs. Kingery and Hurd. Mr. P. Helm read a letter from F. J. 31. Woust-r, regretting his inability to attend the Convention, and cheer ing the workers in the good cause ol Sabbath Schools. 18 «r Coaniy C«Wnl Committee. £.!. AfPLLGATE, Chairman. feNpubffcan State Ticket. For Governor, C. C. CARPENTER. iFor Lieutenant Governor, TION. JOSEPH DYSAUT. Subject to the decision of the Re publican State Convention. The Lieut. Covernorship. Since tbe nomination of lion. 1). W. Adssis for Governor, by Jeremy Bradley, the press of the State has discussed tbe propriety of plating his name second on the Republican State ticket at the Convention, to be held two weeks from to-day (Wed nesday). While we have not favored his nomination, we entertain no per sonal feelings that would prevent us giving him our support, should the Convention place him in nomination From the first his high rank amoii£ the Grangers has been one of tin principal reasons for t' inking unia vorably, at^Jus time, of bib nomina tion. IIis inexperience in leginla tive matters is anoth indeed with many tbe principal reason, why hi nomination is not looked upon with greater favor. As to the char^eb published against him, they Lave hardly been backed up by such facts dad proof as to justify republishing. We are gUd to Bee so large a pro portion of the Republican preset ot tl.« Stile favorable t) the no mi nation of Hon. Joseph Dysart for the Lieutenant Governorship. The loua Hornetl-sad, whose editor «e Secretary ot the State Grange, very properly says: Tbe proposed nomination by the jRepoblicau party of this State of the plgneet officer in the Order of Pat irons of Husbandry in the United fttatea, to tfee office of Lieutenant ^Governor, so far as we have had op titot orLanity of learning ot the members hereof, ia not received with favor, because he is not esteemed com eteot and as worthy of the place as ny gentleman named, b«t because he bold a high position in the Order. %t baa been so frequently charged Iipon the Order that it is being used Jor the political aggrandizement of its leaders, and that the Ord will soon foae its usefulness by admitting po llitica in its Granges, those of its mem *|er« who are true to the principles iich the Order, and they are its con 'oiling element, seriously deprecate a nomination, because it gives color to such charges, whether the 4prder has or has not meddled in the atter and they seriously hope that e Master of the National Grange ill aot permit the Order to be jeo pardized in the matter by accepting «ny nomination that may be tender ed biin. His present position for the jiromotion of the interests of the far jaer is ten fold more desirable than «tiy political office that can bo con leritsd upon hiin. nday School ConVofttJon. {CONCLIDEB.] A Committee of three, viz.: Revs. 0, A. Iloliurc, W. S. .V« rncr, and The Living Word—led by Rev. J. B. Gilbert, followed by Revs. O. A. Holmes, W. S. Messmer, O. Scott, F. Ilurd and S. W. Cole. Tbe following resolution was adopted: Resolved—That tbe thanks of this Association be tendered to the Sun Jay School friends ol Montour, lor their friendly hospitality, with the prayer that, as their hearts and homes have been opened to us, so may the Christ receive them to his heart and ^ive them a place in the home above, lhehouse not built with hands and that the thanks of the Association be tendered to the Choir for their soul inspiring music, which has sniivened this Association. S. W. Cule gave a very interest ing blackboard exercMM on temper ance. Convention then adjourned to 7:30 p. m. The evening service opened with prayer, led by L. Bingham. Church and Sunday School ia there a link missing?—Led by Mr. Goo. Blake, Revs, Fulcomer, llurd, Scott, and Mr. Chu. Mason follow ing. Blackboard exercises by J. C. Mil lard. L. Bingham and F. Hurd. The exercises were quite interesting and instructive. "Thy Kmglott Come'—how can the Sunday School neip n. on ?—The last subject before the Convention was led by Rev. M.Fulcomer Rev. Hurd closed a few well spoken ro marks, and Convention adjourned. Although there weie many absent who would have been with us, but for the very high water in the Iowa River, cutting off all access to this place from the north except by rail, still we think the Convention w as a success, and the time pleasantly aa profitably spent by all. The subjects were entered into with earnestness, and everybody seemed pleased with tbe results of tbe Conventiou. J. W. BEALE, Sec. EDITORIAL NOTE8. Ex Senator Pomeroy's trial for bribery is to commence next Mon day at Topeka, Kansas. A young man named Frank Wal worth, living in JJuflalo, N. Y., last week vitited his father in New York City. During a.conversation, which the young man said was about do mestic affairs, he deliberately shot and killed his father. The insane dodge will, of course, be urged by his counsel as a defense. lion. B. F. Allen, of Des Moines, has become a large stock holder in the Cook County National liarik, ot Chicago, and has been elected Presi dent of that Bank. It is said he contemplates moving to the "Garden idity of the West.'' The Asiatic Cholera, if such it is, has made its appearance in Memphis, where several deaths have occurred. The Grundy County Alia* joins the large number of Republican papers supporting Senator Dyaart for Lieutenant Governor. The Cedar Rapids Times gives the following Postal card correspondence which took place between an "Ern- pire State" lad and a Cedar Rapids youth. BKOCTOX, N. Y. June 2,73. Oor old hen came off yesterday with in chickens. All well. Yours truly, CBBT. To which Barton replied "Bul ly for the hen." Senator Allison was last Thursday married to a Miss Mary Neely, the adopted daughter ot the late Senator Grimes. The dispatch making the announcmcnt says Afier the wedding Mr. Allison and his wife will take the evening train for Chicago, and thc-nce to New York, where they will spend a few days, and on the 18th instant sail by steamer for Europe, theie to remain during the summer, return ing home in the fall. They will prob ably reach Dubuque about tha lit of October, or soon thereafter. A big fraud has been discovered in the Union Pacific Railway local freight office at Omaha, wherein a clerk was subsidized by a large ship ping firm in an eastern city, and car loads of coko billed at 4.000 pouuds less than actual weight, whereby the company wis defrauded. The guilty party was discharged, and at once employed by the subsidizing firm. SEW AU V£H 11SL'ML'XI'.i. tiUERll-TS SALE. BY2fUh virtue of a Special Eiecution, dated the of May A. D. 1:73, to me direct ed. issued or.t of th office of thi Clerk of tha Cireuit Court of Tama County, State ol Iowa, in favor of W. F. Joiin^tan, anl against William Provan, Lydia Provnr, J. II. Shutti. Jiimrod Norris F. J. Upton & Co., John Young. Arthur Farrar &. Co., C. H. McCormick & Bro., B. F. Smith, Charles Wheiton. E. A. McNair, and Norman Jor dan, partners as McNair A Jonlttn, aul K. II. Pardee & Co on a ju lament rendcrcl by sai 1 Court at the May term thereof, A. I)., 1873. against the sail William Provan for ilie sum'of $7,470.P-, and a decree of for closure against said Defendants, wherein it was orlere l, a tjudged and decrecd that the following described Real Estate, to wit: The south east qnirter of section thirteen (It!,) township eigVtj-Cve, (.83) north of range fourteen (14), west of the 6th P. M. fie sold to satisfy the sum of $8i)0.'J4 judg ment, and $S,S'J colts, the south half of section thirteen (II), in township eighty five (}•"), range fourteen. (14). wast of the 6th P- St., and the west lftlf of the south west quarter of section nineteen (l'0 and the south-east quarter of section thirty three, (":j) iu township eighty-five, (Hi) north of range thirteen (13) west 5th P. M., and alao commencing on section line, between eections o and 10, in township eighty-five north of range fourteen at a point V rods and 21 link1! west of qr. sec. corner between said sections thence south 0i rods and 11 links, east O rods and 21 links, to quarter section line, south 143 rods and 14 links, west SO rods, north ICO rods, east 8 rods north 8'1rods, east 0- rods and four links, te place of beginning, ei cept that part sold by Klingman to lliggiui and those parts sold by William Provan before November 1, being alMhe land owned by said William Provan November 1 1869, in section 10, towii'hip 8b, range 14 west, be sold to satisfy 70 judgment and costs taxed at $183 W and accruine O st«. And the west half of the southwe quarter of section nineteen (10). in Town ship eighty-five (85). north arrange thir teen (lij west of the Oth 1'. SI., to satisfy judgment for $1,071 88, and S8 39 costa and accruing costs, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judg ment, interest and cost: Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on the 2oih dayot June. A. D. 1870, between the hours bf 9 o'clock A. SI. anl 1 o'clock P. SI. of said day, sale to commence at tho hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court U jtise in To!c !-, Iowa, in the countv of Tnm», offer and sell at public out firy, to lhe highest and best bidder, tint bids n-v.thlrds or ever of the apprai°:-d val ue. for cash*all theripht, title and interest of the above named defendants, ia and to the above described property, or so much •thereof as i» necessary to satisfy said judgment for the above named sum, to gather with costs and all accruing costs, unlt-Es the s une shall be sooner satisfied. May 20, 1873. KNkilll DEXTER, flfcetiffcf Tnms count v. Iowa. STIVERS & SAFLEY. 24-25 $l?Jt Att'yelor I'iainiiff. SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a epeeial execution, dated tbe 10th of May A. I. 3873, lo me directoi, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Taiaa Ommlr, ?!ate of Iowa, in favor of W.J. Young & Co., and against William P. Browne, Mar tha A. Browne, W. F. Johnston, and Ja*e» L. Bracken, Assignee in Bankruptcy of W. P. Browne, en a judgment rendered by said Court at the -ttuy term thcrevt, A. D. 1874, nf-aiust the said William P. Browne, for the sum of $371 72-100 and a decree of foreclosure against Buid defendants, where* in it was crlertd, adjudged and decreed that the following described property, to- it: The warehouse of the defendant, William P. Browne, j-ituated upon the following de scribed premises, te-wlt, comiaonciug on the east side of the truck of tiie Tjle lo and Northwestern itailread at a point 117 feet south of a prolongation of the south line en State street in Toledo, Iowa, thence south along said track 39 feet, thence east to West street, iu said tewn, Ihenee north 39 feet, theuce west totheplaca cf beginniag, being the tract of land leased by L. Ciark, W.F. J»hnston, II. Galley, and \V. H. Har rison to said Browne, in Tama county, Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is ne cessary to satisfy sail judgment, interest and cost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shal! on the 20th day of June A. D. 1873, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o clock P. SI. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. SI., at the frontdoor of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in (ho Couniy of Tama, offer and sell at public out cry lo the highest and best bidder, that bidB twothirds or over of the appraised val ue, for cash, all the right, title, and inter* est of the above named defendant, in and to the above described property, or so much (hereof as is necessary to satisfy said judg ment for the above named sum together with costs and all accruing costs, uuless the same shall be sooner satisfied. May 19, 1878. BIIERIFFS SALE. BY Hny 21,1873. May yl, 15:73, KNIGHT DEXTER. Sheriff of Tama Co., Iowa. STIVERS & SAFLEY, 24 2ft §8.40 Att'y for Plaintiff. dated virtue of a special execution, the Slat of W»y, A. D. 1873, to ine directed, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county, State of Iowa, in favor of LeTi B. Nelson and against William Provan, LyJia Proran, Nimrol Norris, B. F. Smith, Charles Vhea ton, C. H. McCormick, F. J. Up'.on k Co., John Younfc, Artiiur Farrar & Co.. McXair It Jordan, R. fl. Pardee Bro W F. John ston and Shutts on a judgment rendered by said Court the Msy term thereof, A.

D. lsTi, against tUc E iiJ Wiiram I'rovan, for the sum of $2.'W7 74, and a decree of fore closure against said defendants where in it was ordered, aJjulged and decreed that the following described Real estate, to wn: The southeast quarter of pecti n thirty three (33) in township eighty-fiye (?5'i north of range thirteen /13 west of the 5th l\ M., in Tania County, Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as ia necessary t? sat* iffy said judgment, interest and cost: 5'ow. therefor?, public notice is hereby given, that I havalivieJ upon, nnl shall on the 2'jth day of June, A. 1. I?4! !, be tween the hours of 'J o'clock A. 1. and 4 o'ciock 1\ M. of-ail 'lay. sale to corr.mcnce at tL« hour of 1 o'clock I*. M., at the front door of the Cour llouas in Toledo. Iowa, iu the count^yjf Tama, offer and sell at public outci% to the highest and best bilder for cash, all the right, title tinJ inters-st of the alive named defendants in and to the above described p'ojjeriy, or go much thenwf as is necessary to satisfy said juljrment hr the above named sum to gether w:.h costs and all accruing costs aa less the s^tr.e shsll be sconer satisfied KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama Count v. Iowa. 0. R. STllL'BLE, Alt y for I'laintiff. 24-25 S6.60 SHERIFFS SALE. BYthe virtue cf a special Execution, dated 21st of May, A. 1). 1870, to me directs 1, out of the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, State of Iowa, in favor of Robert Stewart, and against J. II. Hollon, AJministralor of the estata of Fr !triek l)*go«r, deceased, Mary E. Dagncr, Clara Iagner, Meca Dagn»r, G. II. Warier.. Alfred Phillips anl Jhn Coyle, tn a judgment rer.lorel by said Court nt the May term thereof, A. D. 1*73, agiinst lhe said G. II. Hollen, as Adminis trator of the estate of Frederick Dagner, deceased, for the sum of ?477 8'J, and a de cree of foreclosure against said defendants wherein it wa? ordered, adjudged and de cree! that the following described real es tate, to-wif. Lots one (I) and two (2) in bleek seven (7) and also lota two (2). three ('••), four (4) in block eight (8), all in the town of Orfurd, in Tams County, Iowa, be sold, cr so much tl ereof as is necessary to satis fy said judgment, interest and cost: Now, theiefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on the 2 Hh day of June, A. I). 1873, be tween the hours of 9 o'clock A. SI. and 4 o'clock 1*. SI. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. SI., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, County of Tama, offer and sell at public o.itcry, to the highest and best bidder, that bid! two thirds or over of tbe appraised val ue, for cash, all the right, title and interest of the above named defendants in and to the above described property, or so much there of as is necessary to satisfy said judgment for tho above named sum together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the samo shall be sooner satisfied. KNIGHT DEXTER, fcberiff of Tama Co., Iowa. STIVERS & SAFLEY, 24-2" $7.0* Att'ys for Plaintiff. Notice-of Incorporation. To Whom it may Concern Notice is hereby given that Leander lark, W. F. Johnston, John Connell, L. B. Nelson, C. B. Bradshaw, Sirs. E. N. Bark er, Balpb Slorccroft, Theodore Schaeffcr, S. otiger, T. Free, 1*. G. Wciting, Geo. Struble, E. A. Mcrso, J. Q. Clark, C. P. N, Barker, Ceo. I,llai e,'', Jacob Veiaer, Jr.. Benjamin Stone, A. Chapman, Knight L'ex ter, J. R. McClaskey, John Naucrih, Furry Newcomer. Wm. Keickholf, Andy Slaiden, Warren ilanaan, T.J. rweatt,Juhn Sweatt, Wiuf.eld J. khnston, E, E. Stickney, G. H. Goodrich, John Voungman, M. Keeter, Da vid Stoner, Wesley Johnston, D. Arb, Deu ton Cam try, Sirs. C. SI. Blinn, J. J. Dowd John G. Haflcy, U. D. Appelgate S. C. SIc« Kennan, SL J. Powers, Emanuel Mericle, Sirs. Mary A. Murse, E. Slaxwell, L. Curtiiicliael, J. B. Sweatt. A. A. Olin, C. J. Stevens, Sirs. Uretta Kidner, Chus. SI, Hen dry, D. 3. Hendry, It. S. Clark, G. W. Sweatt, Henry Galley, J, 8. Sloiye, Eliza 1, Nelson, J. F. Loinherger, C. W. Onaitt, Lu cy E. Grah «o, Edward Buggies, Clias. Gray Jr., A. N. I'eyncer. J. G. Croak and Thomas Barlow, have associated themselves as an iniorjioraleil company, pursuant to the pro visions of dhap'or 52, of the Revisi»oii of 180O, and the laws of Iowa, amendatory thereof, for the purpose of transacting a General Bulking Business, and the ordina ry business of a Savings Institution, re ceiving dejusits o money and allowing in terest cher'on, ftnd investing such deposits by bans cn real properly or personal pe-. curily, nceiving interest ilierefor, or in such a manner as a Board of Directors may from time to time direct, to acccpt and ex ecute all such trusts as may be committed to it by aay Court of Record, Corporation, Company or private individuals, nuJ to is% Bus certilicatcs of deposit, or other evidens ces of truft or credit, with or without inter est, payalle on demand, or on time, and to do a general banking, exchange and bro kerage bu^incst". and own property, real and perional, all in such manner and form as thi.- bf-laws, rules and regulations of said Corporation, shall direct, and in con formity with the laws of the State of Iowa, and have agreed to and hereby establish the following Articles of Incorporation AHT.I. This association shall be known and designated «a The Toledo Savings Bank." ART. II. The amount of capital stock of said Corporal ion ""ttoall be One Hundred Thousand Dollare, divided into shares of One Hundred Dollars each, and not less than ten per cent, of the amount subscrib ed for, eliall be paid in on ot befoie the first day of Slay, A. D., 1^7o, and a Board of Directors shall have authority thereafter to call upon stockholders for further install ments from time lo time—l'roiidn.' that no other installment can be called for before the first day of November, A. D., 1373, and that no installment can ever be called for at one time greater than ten per cent nor shall any two installments ever be called for within less than ninety days of each other, and then only upon thirty days' no tice and provided, fut-iher, that not more than fifteen per cent, in addition to the first installment of ten per cent. 6hali ever be ordered, unless, in the opinion of the Beard of Directors, losses sustained by lh« Insti tution shall require it. Notice of any In stallment called for shall bo posted in the place of business of eaid Corporation, for not less lhan thirty days immediately pre ceding'.he day of paymeut of such install ment, and published in some paper in Tole do, for not less than two weeks preceding the day of such payment. If any stockhold er shall fail to pay anj installment when the same shall be ordered as herein pro vided, the Board of Directors may sell the stock held by such delinquent stockholder, at public auction, giving ten days previous uotice thereof, in any newspaper published in eaid town of Toledo, and sell taesame to the highest bidder, unless sooner paid, From lhe proceeds of such sale shall be deducted the necessary expenses attending the same, and such delinquent stockholder may be proceeded against by suit at law for any balance due eaid iustitution upon the is* stailnent thus ordered anl upon a failure to make the first payment wten due the Beard of Directors may, at their option, cancel such subscription #r collect the same by legal process. ART. III. This Corporation shall com mence business on the first day of May, A. D., 1S73. and terminate on the first day of Slay. A. D., lv.i, and may be r?newed by vote of tbe stockholders holding three-fourths of the Stock in sfid corporation. ART. IV. The affairs of tbe Corporation shall be conducted by a Board of Directors, consisting of snch number of stockholder as may be fixed by the by-laws, save, how ever, that the Board of Directors first elect ed shall consist of fifteen members. Baid Board shall elect .one of their members President, and one vice-President, and shall have power to apfoint a Cashier and sueh fuither officers or assistants from their own number, or otherwise, as they may deeca necessary in carrying on the business of the Corporation, and at pleasure remove any snch officers or employees, and fix or change the salaries or allowances of any of them. A Majority of the Board of Direct ors shall constitute a quorum. AET. V. At the elections, and in decii" ing all questions at meeting of stock-hold ers. each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote on each bhare of stock held him. Stock-holders nny vote by proxy, duly authorized in writing, but no stock holler whose liability is past due, and un paid, shall be allowed to voic. All Direct­ ors shall be elected by ballot. ART. VI. The Stock of this Corporation shall be assigned according to such rules and regulations as the 1'y-Laws may pro vide, subject, however, to the laws of the State. ART. VII. The capital stock of tlrs In stitution may be increased to the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars by vote of stockholders holding two-'.Lirdj of the stock anl tho original shareholders, or their assigns, shall have the right of sub scribing tberelo, in proportion to the amount of their original stock. AP.T. VIII. The highest indebtedness of the Corporation at any one time shall not cxcecd one-half the capital stock, but lia bility of the Corporation for deposits made by the customers of the tank shall not bo estimated as suc/i indebtedness. ART. IX. The private property of stock holders shal! be exempt from the debts or liibilitics of said Corporation, except to lhe amount of any unpaid balances, or in stallments on their stocit respectively. ART. X. This Corporation may purchase and hold eucli real* and perstnal estate as the Board of Directors may deem convene ient for the transaction cf its business, and may have and hold any real or personal estate as security, or oa mortgage, or in pledge, or by deed of trust, to secure the pavment of loans and debts due, or to be come due to said corporation, and may pur chase real or persoual estate at any eale held by virtue of any loan or debt made in favor of said Corporation, and may receive and take in satisfaction of any debts m»de in favor of said Corj oration, anj real or personal estate, and may held and convey any such real or personal estate! ART. XI. The conveyance of real estate belonging to eaid Institution, and the re lease of incumberances made to or held by eaid institution sliall be executed bv tlie President, or, in case of his absence or in ability, by the Vice-President. All other contracts and instruments in writing made or entered ioto by said Corporation shall he subscribed by such officer or olficers, agent or agents, as its by-laws shall direct andall such contracts or instruments in writing may be signed and carried on without the presence of the Hoard of Directors, by its officers, assistants or agents thus duly au thorized. ART, XII. The Eoa-d of Direcfors shal] have power to make all needful By-laws, rules, and regulations iu carrying out the objects of the CVrpo-ation and in conduct ing its affairs, a copy of which shall be kept posted up in the place of-tiusiness ol said Corporation. AET. XIII. The Board of Directors shall be elected by "a majority of the shares of the stock voting and whenever a vacancv shall occur iu sail BoirJ, it shall be filled by a vote of a majority of the remain ing members of the "Board. The fr-t Board shall be electcd as soon as three fourths of the capital stock in said Corpor ation shall be subscribed for, and shall continue in office until the first Tuesday iu January, A. D.. 1*74, ou which day an other election shall be had for a Board of Directors, and annually (hereafter, on the same day of the same month. Any failure on the part of the stockholders to elect a Board of Directors at any annual election, shall authorize the Board to continue in of fice until their successors be duly elccled. lhe By-Laws may provide for the removal of a u.ciuber ol the Board, oa sufficient cause. ART. XIV. All dividends declared and paid by this Corporation shall be pro rata ou the amount of stock paid in, and from the net profits of the Corporation actually realized, but for the peri»d of one (1) year no larger dividend shall be declared than ton per cent, per annum on the amount paid in. ART. XV. Thi3 Corporation miy be dis solved and its affairs closed up at any lime by a vole of the stockholders holding three-fourths of the shares in the same. ART. XVI. The principal place of trans acting the business of this Corporation: shall be in Toledo, Tama county, Iowa, bat it may do business in other places, by its officers or agents. ART. XVII. A suitable seal sliall be provided ind adopted by the Board of Di- I rec'.cra as the Corporate seal of the Asso ciation. Art. XVIII. At all shareholdrs1 meet ings, persons representing two-thirds of the stock fhall constitute a quorum, and & majority of the stosk represented in said meetings shall be required to carry any question. ART. XIX. These Articles of Associa tion may be altered or amended by stock holder-- owning two-thirds ef all the shares at a special meeting, called for tho purpose by the Board of Directors, notice of which shall bo posted in the place of business of said Corporation for a period of not less than ten days immediately preceding the day of such special meeting, which notice shall be inserted twice iu eotne newspaper published in Toledo, but no alteration or amendment shall be made as above provid ed, except upon a majority of the whole number of thares belonging to said Associ ation voting for such alteration or amend ment. The above Arliftles of lncorpation Lave been signed and acknowledged by all tie parties whose names appear at fhe head of same, and are duly recorded in the Records of Tama County, Iowa. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Pl'BLIO NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned have this day been ap pointed and commissioned by the Circuit Court of Tama county, in the State of Iowa Administratrix and Administrator of the estate of George F. Kober, deceased, and all persons haying claims against said estate are hereby notified to file them with the Clerk of saidCourt, clearly stated and duly sworn to, and within legal time, preparatory to their being allowed or proved and persons owine said estate aie requested to make iinmedi ate payment to the undersigned, and ai costs. Dated at Toledo, Iowa, this 20th day of May, A. D. 1873, A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in South America, as missionary, dis covered a sale and simple remedy for the Cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by banelel and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this no ble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit tho afflicted and unfortun ate, I will send the receipt for pre paring and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any ono who needs it, Free of charge. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D. Bible House, 81y New York City. in o O O V-* o by 0 o 11 A n -,."1 improvements. jg'iiiimjiwME 3 ELIZABETH J. KOBER, Administratrix, lOHN KOBER, Administrator. W. M. HABmiflON. B. K. HALL, Q. A 0 \^t Cm & Z 2 till o $ & O ri c. i v Headquarters at Don't fail to examine the New Machine with all the late Terms mom liberal than given bjr anjr Machine Company in the United States. NEW GROCERY HOUSE! CHAPMAN & REYNOLDS, DEALERS IN Staple & Fancy Groceries, At tbe old stand oi BERGER & YEISER, corner of Broadway aad High Streets, TOLEDO, IOWA. The undersigned having opened the largest and best stock tof goods ever kept in their line, respectfully solicit a share of the public patronage, A liberal price paid for all kinds of Country produce, and Goods bold as cheap as the cheapest. WAt TAMA COUNTY BANK," Toledo, :iowa, nmiSON, HALL WA1KIV, BAKIQj Correspondents: Kenntte Brother* v fork, and Third National Bank Chicago" A If MI IS TRA TORS NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given 'ft., the undersigned baa this day beeae* pointed and SommiBsioned by the Cirenii i Court of Tama County, in tho Stale of Ip»! Executor of the estate of Henry Colaw' Ueceased and ail persons having against said Estate are hereby noting 1 file tliem with lhe clerk of eaid Court clearly stated and duly sworn to, and wift' in Icj-al time, preparatory to their beiai allowed or proved and peisonB owingi»iJ estate are requested to make itnmediau payment to the undersigned, and avoid costs. Dated at Toledo, Iowa, thi«2ndiUr^ June. A. D., f873. ™'w 28-27 W. H. LIFE. Eieenl^ AD.ViyiSl'RA TOR'S NOTICE. PI*I'LIC ^4 NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has this day beenM. pointe and cointaisBioned by the Circuit Court of Tama county, in the State of Io»» Administruiur of tbe estate of John iluck ler, deceased and all persons havisi claims against said estate, are hereby noti fled to tile then with the Clerk of said Court, clearly elated, and duly sworn to and within lugal time, preparatory to iheir bein.' allowed or proved and persons ow ing .iii estate avj requested to make im» medi ue payment to the undersigued and avoi 1 '3ts. Dated at Toledo, Iowa, this 2nd day o' Juue, A. D., 1873. WM. RlBCKIIOFr 2---7 Administrator E NEW WHEELER & WILSON Sewing Machine and SUPPLIES* A. & THOMSON, Gen, Ag'b, GALLEY'S STORBi Toledo, Iowa' CIL1PMAN Sf REYNOLDS- 1 THE LARGEST STOCK OF FIRST-CLA88 Agricultural Implements In Tama County, is to be sold at DENNIS & AVERILL'S, Tama City, Iowa, VERY W PRIO EL WARD HARVESTER, Strong, durable, runs light, saves time, saves grain & bat terings two or three binders can bind on it. McCORMICK REAPERS AND MOWERS, Will wear twice as long as any other Reaper. Long time given and only six per cent, asked on all notes, VIBRATOR THRESHERS, Manufactured by Nichols, Shepard & Co. HAINES HEADERS, May be used as a Header or Sel^Ruking Reaper, BROWNS CORN PLANTER Have been in use over twenty years. Call and examine them- FurstSf Bradley Cultivators, Stirri fig and Break' ing Plows. Grand Detour Plows, Moline Plows, Advance Cultivators, Corn Shelters and Grinders, Corn and Cob Crushers, Road Scrapers, School Furniture. WAGONS. Pumps, Sash, Doors, Blossburg and Oskdoosa Coal, Salt, &c JJ3T Repairs for all machines kept constantly on haiid^ All goods warranted. hi

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