Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, June 12, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated June 12, 1873 Page 3
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PHYS1CANS AND DENTISTS, JOHN NICHOLSON. DENTIST. MA CITY, IOWA. Office ore* $ Pal tereon'a Store. [45 H.W. POYNTON, M.D. Jiysician and. Surgeon. —ALSO— tT $ EXAMINING PENSION SCRGEON. TOLEDO, IOWA. Ut^KffTdence near Post Oflico. [32 ATTORNEY.#. H.m BftABSBAW, li. S. BKADSIIAW. Bradshaw Bros., "Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Tole­ do, Tama County, Iowa. GEORGEl'ublic RATNES, Attorney at tary Law, OffiM over Frce's Huiklin^, Toledo Iowa. 2 GEO. R. STRtiliLE, Attorney and Coun­ sellor at Law, Toledo, Tama county, ItWa. G- H. Goodrich,. ATTORNEY AT LAW, 0, TAMA COUNTY, IOWA (Office in Free's^ullding.) [8tf AfPELGATE & KINNE, Attorneys and C®unre'lors at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Of oa in Stono a building, over W, Walter's Grocery Store v'Jn3tf THOMAS S. FREE, Attornty at law, Toledo, Iowa. Office in Court Hout'c. Also U.S .-.COMMISSIONER. [v3ntUf 1 EO. L. BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor \JT at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office over STIVERS & SAFLKY, LA WYE US, Will practice in ihe Supreme and District Courts of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. 0, J*. TERRY, First Class Piano Fortes, AND ORGANS. Agent for WESTERN COTTAGE ORGAN Manvfttctnred by Lukssbury & Carpenter, MENDNU, III. Old instruments taken in exchange newttfuir prices, and new instrument* t«r sale on terms to suit purchasers. TAMA CITY. I Hi uu, COUNTY SlTEilIl'TEMDEl'T, (lit'fidencc fit Orford,) WILL tn liiti office at Toledo, every Puinrday. from 10 A. M- to 3 P. M. JUKI KAA.MINATlON the Inst Saturday of each mouth at 'J A. Fee fur examina tion at auj- ether liuo, one dollar. T'v E. H. Frazcc, Jeweller. WATCHER CLOCKS anil JF.WKLIty 22tf] Repaired and warranted. ^Iie ^jTolcila ^hrauitle, Toledo, Iowa, Thursday, June 12, 1873* LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. More new good* at Lemberger's. You can buy Sopolto of Berger & Yejaer. Fine wire goods at J. F. Lorn berger's. The Court House well laclcs but few leet of being brim full of water. Plastering hair lor salo by tf. M. J. I'owiM, "Porcelain litred kettles at $. IF. Lemberger's. A oar load of Trunks just arrived atM, J. Powers1 Harness Shop. Mora building will bo done in To ledo this summer than lor some time. Pocket Cutlery Rnzors Hoisaors Revolvers &c all Warranted at Ber ger & Yeisor's. [4t The Con^emjemeut of Western College will take place on Wednes day, June 18th. John Doere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker «fc Lewis', Tama City. tf Be sure and get one of the oele brated wiro hands at J. F. Lember ger'a. The statement in last week's paper concerning a change of eito of Traer, wo are informed, is incorrect. Another full car-load of COOPER Wagons just received by Parker & Lewis, Tama City. tf tor Makers will find the cele brated Emrnert Churn at Parker & Lewis'. Over 50.000 in use. They a'so sell He uGHin tica oWt,*r attachment—Call tfc Soe them The mechauics arc at work at tho brick block ot Walter Bradbrook, converting it, into a store room. Camery & Son liavo the agency of iama County for the celebrated Champion Reapers and Mowers. Call and see them before ordering.-it The "pensive cockroach" and June bug have both put in an appearance, after eight months of winter tad wet weather, qjlhto o Loai Money to Loan on easy terms on undoubted Real Estate Security. En quire of D. D. APPELOATH No­ and Justice of the Peace. Toledo Ifewa Old caloric is here, as evidenced by the mercury in thermometers, which indicated 00 degreed, Pah. in the shade. A fine stock of perfumery, Swishes of all kinds and Style Fancy Soaps Toilet Preparations etc., at Berger & Yeiser's. f4t The Iowa River la» been quite lull during a part of the past week, the water having risen several feet Saturday and Sunday. Call & examine the Marshall Steel bottom Scrapers at Parker «fc Lewis before you buy—Call for the Mar shall. W F. John*ton & Go's. Store. 5tf PARKBII & LEWIS. Key-stone hay-rakes and corn shellers, at Parker & Lewis Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPER BREAKERS. tf The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County at Parker & Lewis Tama City. The Pearl, John Deero's Advance, and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also Buckeye Jr. com bined. tf. MADISON HARVESTERS READ IT for that beat the whole family of Harvesters. Seats for the binders. Stronger, more dur able and perfect than any other.— Warranted, warranted, WARRANTED. Parker fc Lewis are selling them at %atna City. READ IT 1 READ IT A. S. Thompson's double column Sewing Machine ad." in another column. BUCKEYK REAPKR AND MOWER.— Combined either as Self Raker or Dropper, with all the modern im provementP. As cheap as the cheap est. Every one warranted. Repairs always on hand. Parker & Lewis sell them at Tama Citv. GRISNEI.L HEADERS, SEA FOAM best and light­ est draft headers made. Sells from &30 to $40 less than other headers and warranted to do better work. Parker «& Lewis sell them at Tama City. Ilaines' Headers are $75 cheaper than any other header in the market. Will tint clog, and arc not built, of pine, but of the best hard wood. The castings are made of the best pig iron, not old stoves. Dennis & Aver ill, sole agents for Tama county. is warranted to make better, lighter, healthier, sweeter, moro toothsome, and more DIGES TIBLE and N UT Mr. Andy Maiden returned from Chicago Saturday evening. lie avers that tho Chicago Jubileo was the biggest thing out of jail," etc. Township Trustees or Supervisors wanting road scrapers will to well to call on Dennis & Averill. They sell the celebrated steel-bottom, Furst & Bradley Scraper. The best in the market. CORNELL COL^ROE.—The Two Bovs DROWNED.—It would appear that ot late Tama county has had her quota of sad occurrcne es. On Monday April 27, Geo. F. Kobor and Ernest Axon, of Buck ingham township, died from poison on Tuesday May G, Wiliio Guilford was,drowned on Sunday Juno 1, little Wiliio McClaskey died from being kicked by a colt tho day pre vious, and now we are called upon to chronicle tho drowning of two boys, sons of Mr. Houston, who lives just outside the the town limits close to deer creek, northwest of this place. On Thursday evening the two boys, aged about 14 and 16 rc respectively, together with a young er brother, went down to the con fluence of Deer Creek and a small tributary, both of which were high, and went in swimitig. Tho alarm was soon given by the youngest that his brothers were drowned. Assist ance was present, and tho bodies soon recovered. Immediate action was taken to recussitate the bodies, but all efforts failed. A large number of persons were soon on the creek bank. The unfortun ate boys were buried in the same grave Friday afternoon, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. W. S. Mussinur. The numerous accidents of this kind happening throughout the coun try every week ought to prove a warning to boys. At the Nonpariol Dramatic enter* tainment, given at Tama City, Satur day evening May 31, and mentioned iu these columns last week, a rather laughable incident occurred, which we will giVe to cur readers as it came us. At tho interval between tho farce 'Turn Him Out" and the "Dutchman's Ghost,1' a smart little child, about two years old, stood up bravely in the seat by its mother, and gazed knowingly over the audi ence. Presently its littl* eyes fell upon our brother, who edits the REJECTEE.—The UITIOUS, bread, biscuits, cakes, puddings, tfce., than can bo mido any other way. FCR sale by Berger & YoUer. 2t ICLE Considerable grain has been bro't to market during tho last week, and as a consequ once, trade has improved very much within lliat time. Call on Camery ifc Son for John Deere and Purst & Bradley Cultiva tors, Road Scrapers and Sulky Rakes. seven­ teenth Annual Commencement ex ercises of this institution of learuiug, situated at Mt. Vernon, on the C. N. W. Railroad. Gf miles east of tnis placo, will take placo on Thursday, Juno 19. We aro in receipt of a pro graramo for commencement week, which is here snbjoiued Sunday, June 15, A. M., College Love Feast. 10:30 A. M., Baccalaureate Sermon, by President Wm. F. King. 3.80 P. M., Annual Sermon, by Rev. J. II. Bliea. Monday, June 1C, 8 A. M., Annual Ex­ amination. 7.HO P. M., Address, JEsthesian and Adelphiun Societies. Tue-j'lay, June IT, 9 A. M., Annual Moet ing of the hoard of Trustees. ".'SO P. M., Address, Philomathean and Amphictyon Societies, by Pre*. Ueo. F. Magoirn. Wednesday, Juno 18,0. A M., Business Meeting of the Alumni. 2. :o P. M.. Educational Meeting, Ad dress hy Rishop C. E. Andrew. 7. !i0 P. M. Reunion of Alumni. Thursday, June I'J, Commencement. Address of Graduating C1»M Mid Mai- ters' Orations. Citi- ten. At first its little eyes sparkled Tike diamonds, its heart throbbed with joy, and suddenly, when all was quiet ?u tho room, tho little ''inno cent" exclaimed in a voice that is childlike and bland, ''Oh Mama Mama I want to go to papa." The editor immediately dropped down behjnd tho seat, and that child,which can mot come under the namo of a "smart child" lost sight of the object of its admiration. Tho little one was perfectly innocent of tho mistake it had made, and Bro. Cambridge is td he congratulated in so successfully hiding himsell behind the back of tho seat until the little one changod the direction of its gaze. Board of Super­ visors, of Tama County, have reject ed the money forwarded some time since to Auditor Free, by Hon. M. M. Walden, to be .added to the School fund ot this county. The money, as we stated at tho time, was a portion of Mr. Walden's hack pay,', all of which ho gave or proffer ed to the school funds of the twelvo counties composing his district. Now that tho money will bo returned to Mr. W., we trust he will return it to the Treasury, or buy and cancel U. S. bonds with it, and with as much more as may be returned. As THE CHRON­ suggested at tho time, that would have been a more natural dis position of the money than that made by him. Tho reasons assigned by Mr. W. for this disposition, while it probably fails to sJtisfy a majority of his constituents, is entitled to tho respect which has beeu shown by the press of the old Fourth Distrioc. Farmers, buy tho Ehvard Harves ter. They have a platform that saves all the scattering grain. Two or three men can bind on tLem. No bells about them.' Reel, Canvas and sickle run by chains. No slipping. Warranted to elevate the heaviest, weediest gram that grows—no, mat ter how wot. Dennis & Averill, agents for Tama County. Messrs. L. G. Kinno and Wm. II. Stivers have been at Des Moines for some days attending the Supreme Court no w in Session at that place. If they return before this paper makes its appearance, they will kuow tho paragraph was penciled during their absenoe. The sudden advent of hot weather was attended by a marked change in tho appearance of many of the gaver part of our citizens. With a change from heavy to light attire, the silk "bever" to a straw hat, and oth er seasonable changes, came many and various cuts and styles of the capillary filaments which protude be yond the cuticle of the boys' faces. BUY TUB BEST.—219,758 Singer Sowing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 moro than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Frazeo'a Jewelory Store, at Toledo also Machine Oil and Needles. W.V WATT,, Agent Tam* City, tf CONCERT. Qtt Thursday evening, mo 19th, Mr. C. G. Buttkent, assisted by Prof, 1L Irwin Proctor, Musical Di rector of the Iowa College for the blind, of Vinton, Iowa, and a few friends of Toledo, will give a Vocal and Iustrumental Concert, at tho COURT HOUSE, in Toledo, at whioh time Prof. Proc tor will perform upon the wonderfal BELL PIANO, a new invention of Mr. Buttke. it's. At the close of the Concert, those who desire to do so, will liavo an op portunity to examine tho mechanUttt of, aud the principle upon which this truly wonderful instrument is constructed, by means ot which Sixty Six Bells are brought under the control of ono ver,or.-.ier. The entertainment will be such as to pleaso the most varied of tastes. The Toledo Cornet Band will be in attendance, and add to tho pleas ure of the eveuing by some ot their

new and beautiful pieces. Doors open at 7J oclock. Con cert will commence at8£ o'clock. Admission, 50 cents children un der 12 years, 25 cents. ATTENTION, LADIES Try Rosaline, a specific remedy for freckles, tan, pimples, and all eruptions of the skin. For salo at Berger & Ywiser's Drug Store. 4t Fourth of July Celebration. At a meeting at tho Court House, on Monday evening, June 9, for the purpose of making preparations, for celebrating the Fourth ot July, the following committees were appoint ed Finance—C. G. Buttkent Benj." Stone, J. S. Moore. To Procure Speakers—G. II. Struble, C. C. Guilford, C. B. Brad shaw. Music—C. G, Buttkent, Benj. Stone, J. S. Moore. The meeting then adjourned until Monday evening, Juno 10, at which time the committees will make their reports. Let ever}' ono tarn out to this meeting. We want a good old fash ioned celebration, audit we will all help wo can have it. Lectures at^Merchant's Hall. Tama City. Wo learn that I'rof. 0. S. Powers, the celebralud lecturer and delinea tor of character is now delivering J. 1». Tims, at Tama City, is sel ling groceries yery cheap. Don't fail to read his price list in another column. A reptile oi tho bltiorraccr kind was killed near this placo last week, which measured eight feet in length. To-day (Wednesday,) is the day of tho annual meeting of tho old set tlors ot Tama county. Wire castors, tea pot stands, tea and coffee strainers, coffoe balls, carved handled bread knives, etc., at J. F. Lemberger's. .Camery & Son have on hand 10,000 pounds of Wire, 100 kegs of Nails and a full stock of Shelf Hard ware which will be sold at bottom prices for cash. Farmers, if you wish to seo or buy the lightest running, host made, most durable, and one that will do better work than any other combined self rako reaper and mower iu tho mar ket, eall and see the now "John P. Manny," double drive wheel ma chine. Remember, tho wrought iron frame, "John P. Manny." Par ker & Lewis, solo agents for Tama county, Tama City, Iowa. The following price list will show why so many of our northern farmers go to Tama City to trade. J. B. Tims ot that place is selling 8i lbs of A sugar lor $1.00 8} ex. $1.00 9 yellow do $1.00 4 OO Java coffee for $1.00 14 Mich, dried apples $1.00 14 dried peaches $1.00 10 English currants $1.00 8 4ried blackberries $1.00 o Carolina rice $1.00 21 bars of Kirk's soap for $1.00 Choice Young Hyson Tea .55 per Jb. Best .80 Pyle's O. K. Saleratus .10 Choico fiue cut tobacco .50 Best Navy tobacco, Va. stock, GOcts. No. 1 white fish $1.30 per kit. Good brooms, 2 for 25 cts. Choice.syrup GO cts. per gal. It Iowa Press Association. The annual Convention of Iowa editors was htld in Union Opera House, at Cedar Rapids yesterday (Tuesday). The welcoming address was delivered by Hon. N. M. Hub bard, and replied to by T. P. Trey nor, President of the* Association, This was followed by the annual ad dress of Waldo M. Potter, ot the Davenport Gazette, on tho theme, a course of lectures at Merchant's Hall, Tama City., and will probably con tinue for several evening. Tho Pro fessor has lectured during the last ten years in most of tho larger towns aud cities in Northern Iowa, as well as in adjoining States, and is very highly spoken of as an eloquent, im pressive, and often humorous speak er. ami remarkably scientifio and a intuitional delineator of human char acter. reaching a'.l tin physical, mental and chcmical conditions of his subjects, with an accuracy that is certaiuly astonishing. His lectures the first few evenings are free. No doubt sonio of our citizens will avail themselves of the opportunity of hearing him. Republican Primary Elec tion. 4, The Republican yotcrs of Toledo Towuship will hold a primary elec tion at the Oourt-house, on Friday, Juno 20, 1873, for the purpose of electing ten delegates to tho County Convention, to bo held Saturday, June 21, A. D. 1873. Polls will bo open from 1 o'clock P. M. to 5 P. Jg. Dated Juue 9,1873. GEO. L. BAILET. N. FISHER. GEO. RAINBS. Republican Towuship Com. Joinr P. MANNY New Double Dr ive W heel, Self Raking Reaper and Mower Combined. Warranted to be tho lightest draft Self Raking Reaper in the world, and to give sat isfaction. Price 8185. Parker & Lewis sell them at Tama City. Come to the meeting to bo held in the Court house, next Monday even ing, to make further preparations tor the celebration of Independence day. Considerable money has been raised by subscription already, and the bal1. is fairly in motion. Tho engine house is being rebuilt the frame is up and the Riding and roof will bo completed at an early day. The work 01 painting the de pot is completed, and Toledo can now be said to possess a depot that compares favorably with those of othor to was ol three times her pop ulation. SERVED HIM Rioiir.-^r E. L. The Press and the Age." Clinton was selected as tho next place of holding tho Convention, and after the appointment of committees the Convention adjourned until 2 p. m. At the afternoon sessiou the fol lowing gentlemen were elected ofG cers for the ensuing year President—Judge Traer, Clinton. Vice President—John Hahin, Mus catine. Stcietary—Al. Swalm, Jefferson. Treasurer— Mr.Parrott, Waterloo. Executive Committee—A. J. Felt, Nashua 1'ost, L. B. Raymond, Cher okee header, V7. II. Maple, Chariton Patriot. A number df resolutions were adopted, and considerable discussion followed upon the topics proposed for consideration. At tho close of tho afternoon session the President announced that carriages were at the door, and the members would be shown about the city, a courtesy ap preciated by tho fraternity. At 7:30 p. m., tho Convention re convened, and listened to a very line poem, by Mr. J. L. MeCreery, of the Dubuque Times, after which a supper and sociable were given at Brown's Jlotel. Wednesday morning quite a num ber of the Association started to Chi cago, on a brief excursion. The Con-" vention was interesting throughout, and to the Citizens of Cedar Rapids, is duo the hearty thanks of every member of tho Association, for the courtesies extended. J. W. Doughty, of Des Moines, extensively known throughout the State as a teacher of vocal musie, ai^l conductor ot musical conventions is in our city, and desires to meet all the children of our schools this ev ening immediately after tho adjourn ment of school, for tho purpose of organizing graded classes in vocal music. Wo hope this enterprise will be heartily encouraged. A meeting will be held in the E. Church to-morrow evening, for the purpose ot organizing a class. A local Sabbath School Conven tion will beheld at Dryden, York township, next Saturday aud Sunday beginning at 2 o'clock, p. m., Satur day. Revs. J. II. Haskyn, J. H. Vandovcro, and Prof. Cravens^with others aro on tho programme for ad* dresses. Tho Waltham Sabbath School, under tho leadership of Mi'» Qumcy Willits, will furnish the Con vention with good musio. An inter esting and profitaWst (icqe is antici pated. Eno, proprietor of Brown's Hotel, Cedar Rapids ha9 made Jeff. Philips, the gentlemanly hotel clerk,an equal part ner. The promotion is well merited as Jeff, one of tho best and most ac commodating hotel olorka Is the west. Tama County Census. \Ve subjoin the census of Tami County, for IS72, as taken from the books of Auditor Free: Number of Houses, 8,158 Families, 8,t81 white Males, 8,56S Females, 7,740 colored Males, 19 Females, JG Total population ot County, 16,313 No df Voters, 3,369 Militia, 2,6)1 Aliens, 60G Acres Improved, 189,530 Bushels Wheat, 1,090,903 Corn, 1,932,240 Oats, 3'!),271 Barley, 200,406 lbs. of Wool, 10,595 Tho Chicago Jubilee is over, and now comes A. S. Thompson, General Agent of the Wheolor & Wilson Sewing Machine, proclaiming that tho machine ho sells is excelled by Hone in tho market. The best possible terms given purchasers. The machines can be seen at any time Galley's store. What is Pcrmador? It is a compound word from Derma, the skin, aud I)oron, gift, signifying tlio giving, or restitution, of a sound skiu. Plot', Anderson, being a scientific man, iuvenled this word as tho best, illustration of ihe use of his. wouderful liniment, and evidently no word cau ba found of equal significance. See advertisement in another colon*. The UuDcock Engine in Chicago. [From Chicago Evening Journal.] Tho entiro rear part of the frame build* ing No. r3 West, Madison street, was in llames aud well underway on last evening before tho alarm of fire was turned in. The Habcoek No. 1 was the tiivt to arrive, and actually sated tho whole coiner from de struction. This achieveuii'nt deserves great praise,—Tuesday, March IS, 187^. THE TOLEDO SAVINGS BANK! Open, Daily from 9 A.M. to 4- P- M., and on Saturdays until 5 P. M\ CAPITAL, SIMM. BANK OF DISCOUNT AN1) DK POSIT. Money Loaned on Real Estate and Person al Security. interest paid on K W Time DEPOSITS. Mortgages, Bonds, and ath&r good securi ties bough Every hind of legiti mate Banking busi ness done. To our customers we pledge tho most liberal treatment. L. CLARK, Pres. W. F. JOHNSTON, Vice Pree* L. B. NELSON, Cashier. «i! 0) 7 3 o 3* O O O a o (0 s fi 0 n 0) •o o I a .2 TO SEEKERS —or— GOOD BARGAINS, We would respectfully an nounce to the public that we have received our neir Spring Stock of Cood* Which have been selected w itb much care, and with especial reference to the wants of thi» community. XT Our Calicoes we claim ara not surpassed for beauty and quality. Our Dress Goods are choioef serviceable and adapted to seasooi. th3 Otrr Shawls and Fine While Goods aro various, nice and in viting. at Oar line of Summer C&si tnorcs Tweeds Jeans and Cot tonades is cjmplete. 3T Oaf Stock of Clott ing is Very Full. We sell Choice QWCBBM a very small" profit. at We have a large lot of Boots and Shoes, that will bo sold cheap. O We have a general assort ment of Dry Goo Is, Groce/e*, Crockery, Boots and Shoe), Hats and Caps, Notions,and other goods, to which we in vite the attention of close buy ers. Our goods were bought luith cash, and toe will sell as close to first cost as any lice house Toledo, Iowa. cam safely do. Wc have no baits, biti we most respectfully invite tk$ public to an examination of out* goods and prio$$, WEITING BRO S. "ATTENTION All who Want a 3VO. OIXTEI £°=K==T^V& OR A PRETTY CHAMBER SET, Or Any Kind of Or Want Any JOB WORK DONE, CALL ON J. F. Lemberger, At Galley's Old Stand. —-so:— GOODS SOLD CHEAP lie also sells ihe Oeletoratea TO THE SUFFERING. The liev. William H. Norton, while residiug iu Brazil as a Mission ary, discovered in that land ot ir.e i icne8 a remedy tor Contumption, /vro fula, Sore Throat, Cought, Colds, Aith ma and Nervous Weakness. The rem edy has cured myaeli alter all other medicine had tailed. Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will send the receipt for preparing and using ttiis remedy to all wtto 1^ sire It FREE of charge. Please send an envelope, with your name and address on it. Adthes^ liev, WILLIAM II. NORTON, 676 Broadway, New Yjrl City.

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