Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, April 27, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated April 27, 1876 Page 2
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D0 lE CIIROMCLE *1 nnTL INTELLIGENCE, *l Tuesday J'es' week is Court week, and still we •»!. l»rt® our new hotel. his writing school at Clark closed IOiVj rc C4Bn flliitte" ^°'1ls'on 11 o.. Stone is stocking up his notion ^on to cotner °PPostte PeM5 ylvama^_^ ll& Warren's additioft to Tama City rijjartsi.oru's addition to Traer were "lei for recoidjast week. me improvements are still progressing Lr streets in the way of new cross tojs, tpainttg sidewalks, &C> '-11 fan«s arc r,ei- •jjtt Temperance Meeting- will be held (In Chris''""1 Church next Tuesday CARJ tresiof Remember the time. All are (jr:t«lto ntlend^^^ J[r. Jno. D. DeCreet is improving his mpertr ,n tiC Kllst l1art •A".Hi, AW, Deputy Auditor, riv Samuel Forkor re- tpei. SM, Oilr fritnte t-feai no Pierce & Ambit's store, at Mcwtour, suj .tale several articles. They are sup losedtoliave gone south and officers miiptnsmt. Dr. Btcnrcbinn hns "£S. ia$tfeigltty-fivc head. ',i Hfrf "3 VVfg»» i Catalogues fur-, lifki! upnn .ip^iieation cither to the Judge Struble was down to Belle Tlaine tlie Ju«t of the week. COBB:?. the w?r7. B\Coales pro- '•r Alt-.x. O.'.-ul. •!. Snticc, T\i( undevsigncd will be at the offtee utMiyi Atwtin 011 the Sllh & 10th of #«t««eu!e areounts th vt were liv.ide »'i A P. H'ulkcr. in l^iTi, for Hie use for day i rd fclth it better than money and those r^il»i!l(io well to bear in mind that! yi 1 iE'l Base CalKs 3 k s. the cr,s'd ^rrHlmer'haye bought Mrs. Cannon's Millinery shop. Gertie Struble has been quite sick for ft week or so, but is some better now. Done Chapter, No. 54 meets in special convocation, Monday evening, May 1st Matted for Kddvvlllc last at 7.-30 sharp, for work in R. A. degree. D. TERBV, H. P. Little Raymond Stevens has been very sick with the mcasels, for the past few days, but he schools &TG'^ow M^tOtthC country 1. 1 heir Sv""S term. pflltiS1 •cl ConncU returned home from Chicago Urt TUuvscUiyuoon. is now rapidly recovering, and is hoped will be around again in a few days. The Congregiuionafliociable, held at the ell has been improving the JkM the residence of Mr. J. J. Stevens, last Thursday evening, was a grand SUCCCSS, there beiag a house crowded, and every body enjoying themselves to the extent. South sutc ot Ins residence. TjlTITBViUKMs^f r0 from Chicaffo lust Tuesday. busy son!'J= ffrain- but w the lateness of tlie season not J^lgt a crop will be sown as was ex- readers have been troubled to make light and uniform is more than proba ble they do not use D. B. Dt-Laiid & Co.'s Beit Chemital Saleratm.—Thai CamerJ'A Sot's- .. ffe received a caii from Cla* New Jertetwcek. He is Hying at present Messrs J. M. Camery & Son's large new advertisement may be found in an other part of to-day's Cimoxu-r.E, and we invite the attention of our readers to the same. They have this year secured the control of Tama County for the -Adams & French Harvester, the machine i which did sucli goi.d aud effective ivork lust season, and which is doubtless iftany respects the best Harvester in the town VOry building a new fencc, p-att'iBg fcra'uMcwalk, repairing '.lie house, &c. Hr. Sorry Stigcr has been apyoh*ttni Charley Appellate takes llorry's market. As good as it was last year slice in Appelgah: & ivhiM's Law Office, many improvements have been made ,. f"ic: Ulc» '«d at Montour- don t. belrefc fa„llw3 last Saturd.-Ij-right some it is uow oft'ered to the a3 nearly parties broke perfect as can be made. /Jproliibition, but they go hcavv^ on Their other machinery is ali of like grade with the Harvester—first-class in every respect. When you wish anything in the line ol farm machinery give them a (call. licme. Thev have raised the saloon !iten«« up to tlie liimlest figure of $700. Last Thursday was the decided to vi.sil TokA Rjfolarly, sn5 caa be Found the wad IWl&y of each month at the at Br.Sourtet. He will remain wwkituaeh tr.omh. 40th so crowded that it was almost to get from one tearAlk-n, of Msrsballtown, nn old mamt denVr, i* now woiking in TIM Oiarty llic interest of (he and Mower, one of the (*»«|ii('ments uiaimfacturcd. The fhort llom sales at West Liberty ttipnHAI), & 7, were very success W,wttM\ that uf S. W. .!,\i'ohs which owntd to iiliout iSflO.iw, the animals pifforan arerage offS-W each. Mured ilmtMili'H will in mind the sale tSStonllHT#Cattle of J. D. Downer, of XsistaUwvti, on Wednesday May lutli, •ferelie nill sell his entire herd consist- room to another. It IV.-jn intended to make the party as near a surprise as possible, and the larger part of the invited guests gathered at the resi dence of Judge Graham, and proceeded from there to Mr. Woodward's. A Crrand Succetsff. A Year's Woris for '.ivp Sen. On another page rfkfwrtfdStallion. Thfse citlline will for culling to JOE?. CAIIT at Etu'l Im. e-j so clieri[, fremiti fully fe. HizalieHi C'.idy Slaaton, tlic uo !(ifemale let turer, aud one of the best tbestaire will dejiyer her celebrated (Ware entitled "Washington Women," Ttilpilo. on Tuesday eveninir, May Since the recent developments in jMiin:ti)n City high life mnny people -i*e 'iesired to hear more about the 80 "Wtlieie, ani as a natural consequence IliiWture very pop'ilar. We hope a will greet the lady .vlien she Wars in Toledo. TI mill & ft®, vfill be here on the the book-stores, hut is sold only by '!ii of May, to see their many old agents. Active, thorough-going canvass NJat" Md as many new that choose to ers—male and female—are wanted in -and consult them. It needs no long every township. Address, stating past •ttommendution from others to adv-ise success, and first and second choice of •j1 tat their treatment herewith several territory, at the office nearest you, J. C. *-«Hj!izeiis speaks for itself. those McCurdy & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., Cin ^'"Iroubled with chronic diseases cinnati, O., Chicago, 111., or St. Louis, to their advantage to call these Mo. '.vsicians. Call and see. i 1 reliable Western newspaper Lippincotl's Magazine. In gtrl i'nstant from tile effects of CTS riD^i!efiood8 Unici Jfo, "i the Iowa river our town has been ,, eral weeks except by boat. that each has had, and may hereafter be -,e first day that teams came expected to have, in the national devel There is nor.-,.atin.:?P'n'nt- tlie ril­ '4 the day fixed by rpo- uPt*rvisors C-rrutt ],. Jul- IS. .. °"ly road by which the i- aPtroacljed tues« t. of Ex Some Ilitl,elt0 ls no crossing Vf'r and will not be 180®e bridges made. to meet here i :"1 necessary to be done bridges, etc. Lauderdale ou tiic truin_ CUrk and r. on Iwweback and when -.. .er a town turned •'i/ ,, llre(^ ou' as we suppose by -?ter in tllc es slough North uPI,ose this is convincing ^tiling should be done by any means 1 and only until within the -m that w»y, and not yet «!lnrVh'lthM bceQ letive The have 1 Cfnt'radfilltol2ibuyersthose ^viniro eents per for LETTER LIST. The following IK a Li*t of Letters renu called for in the poirt Office at-Toledo, nn Clark, T. M. Clausen, John M. Clispie, Joseph. Cozek, Josef. Dodd, James L. Franzenburg, Corn Haines, If. D. Business Locals NOTICESauhderen tents line, C9nned FruitTrSto^rSU^V— Twisted Barb Wire, at aw eat & S»Wi. Keystone Corul'Ti^T^ Parker & Lewis Tama City and Traer. Blacksmith und"w^*Jn shop for "Wanted In is noticed jVIcKniglit'.s 4iOur Western Rordcr." Considering tlie extreme strineencj' of tlie times, the ran wliicli this portly and tlegunt Book is having all over the country, is something extraordinary. Scarcely out two months the Tcndi Edition is now being tnacle. Tin's book is sold only by agents, and is illustrated, ftnd in­ tensely thrilling from cover to cover Lipi'incott's Magazine for May, the '"Estates like Ananias and the wife of l):ll''i' of the Centennial series, "The W™' ihe "'"M eyed Mongolian Ontury: its Fruits and its Festival," -•"atun ltrstand ice cream, as witness S'Ves an account of the minor structures ^Mwing: "IB, teeth began to chat-! of tbe ^erthe ice-cream. He buttoned up shine on him, exclaiming, fe 00. C:ffPlc ,tyilar,co,tl ?TS. \rim iiv 0 Exhibition, public and private-, w't]l a"d wallowed another mouth- pictures of the most important and llttractivc of them, aui a l,an That Mttlcd it. Ile jumped up grounds, in which the positions of all the table and started to where the buildings are distinctly noted. The first of two illustrated papers on Constantino ple, by a lady who has not only explored the streets and bazaars of the Turkish capital, but had access to several harems, is written with great liveliness, and goes into details of domestic life and manners which will claim especial attention from female readers. A weightier article—one that combines a vast amount of solid in formation with striking and suggestive views—in that on "Berlin and Vienna," by Prof. J. M. Hart. It traces the his tory aud contrasts the characteristics of these two capitals,and indicates the share elub- N° *afo0 "y a" same tike Uielsea Items. 'ittle foQr-year-old olfkc if not allied for wltliiu Ihirty days. Lons, C. H., 2. Mitchell, Mrs.Frank towards l4Tedojie but little Wilson, Mai L, --j-' MI'.I Hulett, O. A. The Col. Kennedy, VVni lr, to ,^ W' Ry has 1 °'»n ,seeding. Wedi"g Tlle Co p3i v+jjf Appointment a ving Meggtis, E. H. Merritt, Mrs. E. J. Parker,Mrs. Melinda Riddle, Ben j. F. Sclleck, Guy M. Harbor, Win. Strain, Thomas M. Persons calling ftr aOfof th"- above wtll frt«iae Mlc cheap. Inquire at this office. A good 5-year-old horse for 6ale for cash or on time. Im,'lire at this office. Nails of ail kinds, at Sweat & Baldwin's. greaUst Gordon Seeds at St one & Stoner*8. If you »re going to have a reaper with a Johnston Rake, buy the Johnston com bined Reaper any of our & Mower, is a pure article, not determiutal to health and sure in itsettem. Try it by all means! Monday of last week David Butler was arrested for drunkenness in Montour and put in the city lock-up for safe keeping. Shortly afl«r some friends handed him an uxc through the window and told him to knock the roof oft' and get out. lie proceeded to obey directions, but the noise attracted parties there w ho s uv what was going on and took the «w with 3 bars for Reaping & Mowing, of Dennis & Averill. Cash paid for old Cast Iron at tlie Union Plow Co.'s Foundry, at Tama City, Iowa. If you want a Van Sickle cultivator,call soon as they arc going off fast. Sweat & Baldwin sell them. The nicest assortment of Carpets in town, at W. P. Johnston & Go's. Camery & Son are Sole Agents for the County for Deere's jiluws and cultiva tors. Sold as cheap as the cheapest. from him. The person suspected of giving Will the axe was arrested but subse quently nct|uittcd. On Wednesday But ler had his trial and was fined $10. Mr. Jos. Popefka was attorney for the prose cution and C. H. Roberts for defense. New stock of Hard ware and Garden Toois, at Sweat & Baldwin's. 1 100 toga of nails just received at Came ry's. Also five tons of wire will besold at BOTOSI FIGURES, FOll CASH. trade Faim Cheek Rowers for Planters •warranted to make rows straight both ways at Parker & Lewis', Tama City and Traer. that wherever it is known it is out, the best and most successful agents are dropping all else, an 1 taking it. Agents' sales nrc enormous, lu Pittsburg, one sold forty three on li'ts fiist day another twenty eight in four hours another seventy-five in three days. Country agents report sales at almost every house, notwith standing the dull times. All good judges confess this timely Book to be the best and fullest work on Border Life,Struggle, and Adventure ever yet published. Everybody wants it, and all who read it are delighted. It cannot be had from FOR SALE I3T fttar Wagons, Peru City Cul tiyators, Brown fc L'nion Com Planters at BOTTOM PIUCES. Also a Lamb Knitting Machine for sale or trade. Inquire of A. J. DINT,EE, Montour. BEAD AND KEMEMBER That the Johnston Reaper has a change of speed, fast for mowing and slow for reaping that tliey give 2 bars and 3 knives. You can't find one of these advantages in any other reaper with a Johnston rake. DON'T BE DECEIVED 1 Some dealers arc offering a combined .chine with only one bar. Saying it will Reap&Mow, and only two sickles. DON'T BRY IT, but go and look at the Johnston. Sold by Dennis & Averill. It has 2 bare, 3 knives and a change of speed for Mowing and Reaping. Stone & Stoner at VV. N. Brown's old stand will sell you first-class fresh gro ceries cheap! If you want the best corn planter in use leave your order for the Star, Quincy or Vandiver. Don" wait until they are ail gone and have to buy a second class planter. Sweat & Baldwin's is the place. of tlie A full assortment of Spring goods at W. F. Johnston & Co's. Fifty Stirring and Breaking Plows, and seventy-five Cultivators, at Camery's. Best in the market, at BOTTOM FIG URES. Also a full stock of drags. Sheriff's Sale. BY VIRI LE OF A SPECIAL KXECU tion, dated the lTtli day of April, A. D. 1876, to me directed, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama County, State of Iowa, in favor of Sophia Hirecli, and against Benjamin Digman, Barbara Dignian, John R. Mo Claskcy, McClaskey.on a judgment rendered hv said Court, at the February term thereo'f, A. D. 19TG, against the said Benjamin Digman, for the sum of One Hundred, Eleven and Eighty-Seven Hun dredths Dollars,and a decree of foreclosure against said Defendants, wherein it was ordered, adjudged anil decreed that tl)e, following described Real Estate, to-wit: unpublished facts respecting Benedict Arnold, and the beautiful and accomplished wifo who shared his disgrace, though she had 110 part in Lis crime, are communicated in a very agreeable style by the writer of "An Old House and its Story." Lady Barker writes with undiminished zest of her home in Natal, and the author of Leam Dtuidas is evidently grouping her char ter in preparation for the final scenes. Lot Number Five (o,) in Block Number Nine (9,) in Zehrungs Addition to the A translation of Tourgueneff's new story, ''The Watch," exhibits the Russian nov- i town of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, as elist in a new light, as a painter of com- .shown by the Recorded plat of said town, mon life. There is a well-known article in the Recorders' office of said County of on George Tir-knor, by F. S. Perry, anec- Tama, be soid, or so much thereof as is dotical as well as critical. The number necessary to satisfy said judgment, inter eontains also poems by Sidney Lanier, Emma Lazarus, and Margaret Preston, and many good things in the "Monthly Gossip," "A Reminiscence of Macaulay" and "A Dinner with Rossi" deserving particular notice. est and cost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, thfkt I have levied upou, and shall On the 20th day of May, Vice-President. THE TOLEDO SAVINGSBANK! tnti Go and see Stone fc gtoiaer cha»ldg your Groceries. Cash Capital, $§0.00! Will do every kind of LEGITIMATE BANKING. Interest PiM on Time Deposits. DRAFTS DRAWN ON ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THIS AND THE OLD COHHTBIES. WILL LOAN A Few Thousand Dollars,' ON 1 One to Six Months time, lu sumi to suit borrow#™. Security must be first-class. JACOB President. Peru City and Gorham Cultivators at PiU'kcr & Lewis1, Tama City and Traer. W. All kinds of groceries aC Stone & Sto ner*s. Buy the Gilpin Sulky Plow of Camery. Everybody that sees it says it beatS them all. Fence Wire Cheap for Cash, at Sweat & Bald win's. Seed Corn. Seed Corn, rai^c in Poweshiek Co^oty, for sale by Sueat X' Baldwin, Toledo, Iowa. Trunks, Valises and Ladies' Patchels at \Y. P. Johnston & Co's. aniversary of the marriage of Mr. & Mis. o. V. Woodward, and their many friends took occasion to give them a pleasant anniver sary party. A large number of our citi zens [tad been invited, and though the house in roomy and commodious, it was Go to Stouc & Stoncr's and get one of those exceNeot smoked Imqib, or some breakf i*t bacon. Cooper Wagons at Parker & Lewis' Tama City aud Traer, Iowa. impossible At N. C. Wiethe's coiner store you can sret 15 fts. good ripe for $1.00 4 H8. choicc coll'ce for fl.dd cotl fish 0 cts. a pound, and all kinds of canned frait VERY CHEAP. The Ceres corn plow at Sweat & Bald win's. A. large number of present* find bceii provided,in chiding tn o most beautiful and elaborate easy chairs. Jiefresbments had been taken and about 9 o'clock, were partaken of by all present with an evident relish, About 11 o'clock, the guests began going home, all wishing the pleasant host and hostess many happy returns of the anni versary. Tfiere were several short speech es made, but owing to the crowd we were unable to get within hearing distance and so can give no report of what was said or who said it. JXTe^iV" machinery for a food horse. No Centennial wanted. Groceries Groceries Groceries at Stone A Wtoncr's. The Union Planter is the only one made that the driver rides on the wheels, maUing it run a horse LIGHTER TIIAA ANY OTHER. Cautery Ss Son are 6?le Agents. J. P. Henry & Co Champion L. B. NELSON. Cacbier. W. n. HARRISON, Jr, Vie® President. H. HARMdOK, A. H. STRHKKTT TAMA COUNTY BANK WILL. DO A GENtRAL BANK ING BUSINESS. Loan Money, Pay Taxes, Etc. FARMEHS'. Henu'inber that Dennis & \vcrill will put the Johnston Reaper into j,s the field with auy other in the market and HY n V II IllnOS it will draw lighter and do better work in i mowing and reaping. Mrs. .las. Gannon is prepared to do all —0 kinds of Hair work, making switches, curls, ifcc., Ac. Having learned the art in the east, she will guarantee satisfac tion to n)]. She also renews hair and makes switches and curls from comb ings. Charge* riMisouuble. Residence in Nortli-west part of town. If n THE Lumber Yard! In Toledo. DEAI.KU? IN LATH, SHI O O S Cedar Posts, Building and Carpet p«qer. «lc\. Ae N O I E U. S. Internal Tlevrnue Special Taxes, May 1st, 1876, to April A. D. 1876. between the hours of o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., of said day, sale to com mence at the hour of 10 o'clock, A. M., at the front door of the Court House, iu Toledo, Iowa, in the County of Tama, ,.,s siSsaerssisKS! title and interest of the above named de fendant, in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is neces sary to satisfy said judgment for the above named sum together with cost and all accruing costs, unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. Dated April 33nd, 1876. R. E. AnsTfjt,' IT Sheriff of Tama Co., fcwfe." THOMAS S, Attonwjr forpiafcliff. 30th, 1877. a 8. i engaged in any huHin«r6n, i iienl whi'-li n ntlors him liable to TO PROCTitE AND ILAi'Bf CONSFU'UOUSLT Tits KSTAHLISHMKNT OK PLAt-K OF BUSINESS a STAMP denoting the 1 payment of said HJ'F.OIAL TAX for the al-Tax Year beginning May 1st. l^TS. before commencing or contracting business April 30th. 137(5. i The Tases embraced within, the provisions1 following, I of the Law above queued are viz Dealers, retail liquor Dealer-, wholesale liquor Dealers in malt liquor*, wholesale Dealers in malt liquors, retail... Dealer* iu Kaf tobacco Retail dealers in l?af tohaero $200 00 25 0 100 00 60 00 SO 00 85 00 And on sales nf over $1.IKJ0. fifty cents for every dollar in 500 00 exc of #1,000. Dealers in inanufactnred tobac.'t) Manufacturers of stills And for each still manufactured ft 00 5(1 00 20 00 20 00 10 00 10 00 And -r each worm manufactured Manufacturers of tobacco Manufacturers of cigaiv, lVddlers of tobacco, first c'asn (more than two horses or other animals.) Peddlers of tobacco, second class 10 00 15 00 (Urn, horses or other animals.^ Peddlers of tobacco.third class (oikv horse or othT animal,) Peddler" of tobacco, fourth clai&(« or public convey nee.) Brewers of less than 50t) barrels,. Brewers of 500 barrels or more,... foot 15 00 10 00 50 00 100 00 Any person, so liable, who shall fail to comply with the foregoing requirements will be subject to severe penalties. Persons or firms liable to pay any of the Special Taxes named above must, apply to \V. II. Alden, Deputy, Collector of Internal I ivenne at Toledo,! Iowa, and pay for and procure the Sp*cial-Tix Stamps they need, prior tn May 1st, 1R78, and WITHOUT FUUTILEK NOTICK. D. D. PRATT, Commissioner of Internal Revenne. and postpaid—THIS UKVKBLX BUDGET hom* or traveling. TFET PEVERIYCO, CTUCATFA OLD FIRM.0LD HOUSE OLD, BUT RELIABLE GOODS jA.Ws.-. fht^ leading- t'itf.. BL GAMES! & SON., Are Sole Agents for Tama County, for the ^MS-^fren0* £9) EST E Adjustable 3-^et'l and other Improvements, for '76. e i a •Sk-'W to run Shelters. Churns, Wringer- and a full line of Sverytliing Hake Reaper and Mower, and Light Mower. j, •. I —*$.*?•''{ 9,sf The on/v Wrotiijlit Iron frame machine made WARRANTED LIGHTKR. and take up LODGJiD GRAIN better than any other machine j.n rat WORLD. inproved for '76. Either Triple Gear, or Woodbury Powers. Also Toietfo, Iowa, the Michigan Sweepstakes, Motine Wagons, Deere's, Reck Island, Norwegian, Blackhaivk, Defiance, EKvoocK & Buckeve P] ows. and Cultivators, Champi on & Coats Sulkv Rakes, Gilj^in Sulky PI. \v, Road Scrapers. Prices Reduced." Greatly 7 Hardware. Ai ell And we make our WARRANTJiES GOOD, without any grum" bliny. Call and examine our goods before purchasing. PESOPXjEIS' W. F, JOHNSTON & Co., general ^rchandi STORE In Tama county consisting of Domestic and Fine Dress Cooc':\ Ready Made Clthing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, FJHOCEITLES, GLASS AND QUEENSWAITE, Iliinlwarc, AyricuJ! urtd Implements and Not ions of all hhttt.t Which they are prepared to Sell at the lowest cafli pri.-cs. Aiming lead in ail improvements, having for their ».l.j.-rt "Small I'r!".t.=. Quick Returns," ami to furnish the people of Tama county with Goods of the Best "Utility and Manufacture, At Greatly Reduced Marginal Profits, WOULD RI.SPECTFULLY SOLICIT N EXAMINATION OF Turin Confident that tli'-y can give entire Satisfaction, both as to Quality and Price W. F. JOH'iSTOH a CO. Monuments, Mantels & Statuary. H01TH-WESTFRK MARBLE GRANITE CO. MANL'FAI' 1'V"I'LJS DEAI.LK' IN ALL KINDS TIL-' Marble Mantles & Grates. Summer King Stove, Marbleizod Slate and Iran «jJr.ntols, a rb 1 e Coun ters,Co un ter Tops Table Tops. Plumaers' Slabs, Floor Tile, &c. Wos, 147,149 & 151 Soirh Jefferson St., near Adams St.f CXIiOAGO, 113.. Oiler Hie Largest and most-carefnlly-: elected assortment'of Cfneva and American Watchi's, Kieli (lold Jewelry, Krench ("locks, Silverware, and Fancy Articles to be found in the WKST. MANUFACTURING THEMSELVES, and "through, tl*ei New York and Eun pean Houses, they have the advantage of o!Ter*ring the Newest Patteinsst the L0WE:"T RATES, It will be for the interest of those about purchasing, either at Wholesale of Retai to comp ire their stock and prices with those of other manufacturers and importers. Nos. 266 & 2S8 Wabash Ave. Chicago. Am Y^u Going to Paiwfc! IT^IFN USE NEW YORK ENAMEL PAINTCO.'S CHEMICALPA f.M- .J WHITK. and ov. ifNIi 11['N1»UK1 DIKKKK!NT prime White Lead. Zinc ami Linked oil. UiiKMK'AL1A' combined, warm and ('UAI'KU, and la-» Twin: AS I.ONO at any ..ther Paint. It has take at twenty of the State Fairs of the Union, and is" on PLOW CO., Tiima City, Iowa. Are now prepared to furaisli plows Guaranteed. ALL im BP IMIll I I ry' All Farm lmplem3Hts. (J -jiera! MacZiiat Sliop and KoMJidry. CASH paid for Old Iron. -0- The Hydraulic Flour Mills, of i Tama City, Iowa, are now I rertdv to exchange •FLOURFOi mi\', 'S'ojriaa.s 2 And grind all kinds of feed at the LOWEST RATES. THE TAMA MANUFACTURER'S BUILDER'S ASSOCSAT.'OM, TURNING, 1 PLAN5NCT, \lffi SCROLL SAW me, ETC. STORE N FRONTS. SASH, f5'J!3RS, ^OUID^GS, nccs. & BRACKETS Of all mW t.» ovi'-r on All work douu proinptly, aud satisfaction City, Iowa. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fine Felt Hats And M:r.n.f:!\'t nv -of FASHIONABLE SILK Aiid CASSIIEREHATS. Xos. I'.)2 & W4 Madison St. Corner 5th Avenue* ,QO I A O 5?r.t C. O. D. to any part li..'ailed at Wholesale Prieeu. 15 olioe ta Builders. V!- is NT:RI:»Y GIVEN THAT I i re.-i ive sealed proposals for the •uiicicr £di'M)l House in Oneida t'««v»i»u ji ('«»unty, 1' wa, until the tirt jlouiiti- ?a 1-iue. The specifications r:i.i N'CJJ ?uy resitlenitc, two miles Waltham. 1 shall roser the right to reject any or all bk!s that are Dated at \Yiiltham, April 12th. 1876. 17 4w* O. N. MASON. STOCK, And rilflE-KEEPEHS. WI WATCHES GILES, BRO. & CO., INT Ml.iCH AN OSOMKR t.e F/nsr i-ntemuxs m-tny Htvumml of thf 1 MEW YORK EhiAMELPAlNT COMPANY, REJJUC§I. Sj^LE CAjspe 3knt Ttafc, 10» Chamber X" which hums common K- roscne at a cos of ONE CENT PER llOl'Ii WITHOUT ITEATING TIIK ROOM. The stove consists ef a hngre lamp, made of heavy tin flat on the button with rounded sides, having three nprirht tube burners with broad larjjc wiiks protected by mica gnaidH surrounding the tube** and abeut the oil receptacle is an apartment for water ubich bi-eomeA heated by the burning oil and c« nvcru-d intoeteam and passes* upwanls utsid of the l. bt s and into the chimney com biuts with the tlame and produces a nndnt hoar of preat intensity. Surroundin^andKurinoantii g'his device is a mctalie ft asm* \»ork quite ornamental hut futficeiitly«:r)ngr forall practical uses. Upon this are placed the nt nsi's in which to cook which arc th*-same a8 those used upon any or dinary stove excepting the ov u which is of a new nod much improved design. I'pon this little stove one can cook any and all things needed in a family IT WILL Bal(o. Boil, Fry or Broil any artich-in lers time and at much lefs expenne than anv other c.fokinjr arrangement yet devised. With the exception of the ov**u. broiler and ir4»n heater tl csc tdoves use either 7. 8, or 9 inck furni ture. The prices are as follows: Two Bnrrer Stove $7.00 Three Burner Stove 9.00 FIXTCKES EXTRA Tonl»)e oven holding 10 loav®s of bread 5.00 Broiler l.$5 Iron heater bidding fiats, v TERMS TO AGENTS! On orders ft»r 5 to So stovi s. *25 per e**nt. nft. On orders for over *35. stoves 33}^ per ro.t.nff. Discount xm flxtniva forostev.»orover,' lu per cent. off. Agents wanted in every-tewn Active parties can make fn^ni $5.00 to $20.00 perday County and State rights for nale. A sample stove with broiler will be forwardeil lo any addi ess C. O. W. by express $10.00. Address thu proprietors Sumnter Kins Stove Co., 171 East Madison St., couutry CHICAGO, lULlNO^. STILL RLH ,™ ZEE IN EVKRY COUNTY IN Till- VN1T. STATI'S The Bert and Cheapest in the Market. Liberal eomn?f«pfoni* nllowfrt. F«»r terms aud circalurx writt* iiumediutuly to St Louis Bible Publishing- Co Fino ImportM Engravings Frr HYDRAULIC Frav'n,fj or itahl, for Portfolio9. EVERY Flour Mills! YMIIETY XVISJECT IS HKI'HK in our catuloyiu'--lNtytr:\jts, LanA- Th«i*r oMvravi* uv numUmMl in i T\wy arc of all si/rg from 12 15 to 2ti 40, and caa fo« »««#n£ by nruil or exjrt*fi«. caivfuJI.' BEAUTIFUL GOODS f™ vr ATTRACTIVE PRICES. pieers WhUo l'ar^'an I'or White Pariuan 1\ I'ine White Frtneh China Pinner B. F. CI:KXSII.W, 7 1*1- piii-t..r. O. L, Hadley, Cooper Institute, N. V. Mrs. •Vliitiicy's \MV Ntory Sights and Insights. I '•I vols., 12mo. $'.(.00. This i« Mr«. WfiitMev'M lon„'cKt story aud ln-r U-nt. TU« cV.araot..r» are fi-oui New Kn^land. tin set Tie if mostly in Kun»\iP. T!i- are adniij-ahh*. tin* love niakinir at1rai:tivi'. and the wholt* work full "f WUitnifs's moat charac- t-))e -h hs Qiddthwaite." "Ueul t'olkx.' "The Otlic-r t-'irls- bori* hoJd iv,rds tlirc/U America aud England. X5L!ll"LCljS! do all kinds of Carpenter, Joiner or Cabinet ork. A Paying lnve»tm«i^t. BVASXAE. DICKIN.NON, FL.oo, "nilteraf.v.iynoranr**. tr idc« unmnlom.tbo ment of pviaonerw, the teuemenl houac horrort*. r.'i- haJior. Two Tears Before the Mast. Hi It. II. DANA,Jr. SL.W k-Tlie trm-ist honk of saih.r life «»vej written, and written no charminxlv a« to LioidHs fre^hnesn through Bcorfi# of editions.M For fulc hy all Booksellers. Scat postpaid, on reeeipl uf price by 'he l'uhiuhcra. James R. Osgood & Co., Uoslon. E.&H.T. ANTH0NY& CO., 091 Carry th? jr^rsi Stock and make the Lowest ftroadictui, A'ew York. (Opp. Metropolitan Hotel.) Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers in Cliromoa and Frames, SterecGOOpes & Views, ALBUMS, GNAI'Hoscori-s AMI SI I A 1!1,E VLKWS, Photographic Materials. We are Headquarters for everything in the way of Stereopticons & Magic Lan­ terns ITT! Being Manufacturers of th# tlCRO-SCIKNTll-'K' I.ANTEKNS, STEREO-PANOPTICON, UNIVKItSITV STKItKOPTICON. ADVHUTISKU'K STKItHOPTICOX, AltTdl'TlcoN, SCHOOL LANTERN, 1'AMIt.Y LANTERN. PEOPLE'S LANTERN. Each ,-lyle being the best of its class la the market. Catalogues of Lanterns and Slides wltl directions of using sent on application. Any enterprising mau can make money with a Magic Lantern. 2^-Gut out tKs advertisement for reference Ayer's Cherry Pectoral guoh a3 |-Whooplng Oough, and Consumption. The reputation it has attained, in consequence or the marvellous cures it has produced during last half century, is A sufficient a^Mirance to tbe y public that it will continue to realize the happiest i results that can be desired. In almost every As a safeguard to children, amid the distress ing diseases which beset the Throat and Chest of Childhood, it Is invaluable for, by its timely use, multitudes aro rescued and restored to health. This medicine gains friends at ovory trial, aa the cures it is constantly producing are too re isarkablo to be forgotten. Ko family fehpuld be without it, and those who havo once used tt never will. Eminent Physicians throughout tbo country prescribe it, and Clergymen often recommend it from their knowledge of Its effects. PREPARED liY Dr. J.C.AYER&CO., am tliii. Lowell, AHEAD! WATCEESR THE ULD HBWABUI CLOCKS JEWELRY. Etc-IPAINT ., TOt.KnO. 10W AGENTS WANTED SHOP IN full Blast ST0NF1R & EMMERLING Practlca Paintars, Taki' th»« mfUutd o( informing tU« cU\zon» of Tnlrdo and Tnmu i'nnnty done up in roller, and without iujury. Send i A.tcnd»'d toon Uir Aw* Btfltnp tor i'atahf^tlf, Price, frcm $1.00 to $10.00, according tc size, good {33T*A dist'ount ui.idf on lar^'c I'ATAl.OHCLS S1CNT To ANY AllDKESS C, f?. PELTON, •J:. i: »-t. N wifh fheir3Drre«ft-tJ faciliiieH. they arc pu'\)im'i\ to t\o aWkindot Vuiut uf tr t/icie dh"|. uof fif of t'our/ SIGN PAINTINC In every style scjjpes. Animal?, h'fguiv*. Marfm* VfcH^. «nrl Ui^t-.irical l'it turos, from such woll-knowu artist* LANl)^I5ElM!?-!tUIN({. ANSDRLL. KASTLAKR. II \l.T,. Wll.KU-: llKIiHKUT, BATKMAN. JJOSA HoNliKn: rooPi-Jt. :m.'I oth'Ti*. Over 700 Different Subjects. of ou .-ht»rt nttice, *w\ with tu^tu to suit nil. CARRIACE PAINTINC GRAINING PAPER HANCtNC wnn uig- iny io ,..r ivrant to hope to merit a eotilitmanee of the same, i dricc8»re reasonable. STOXKlt & EMMKHLINW. 14 Toledo, low# Ptib!isher, $120.00 A MO'IT'H 1 Money Mitdr hy Aleuts T.V- THISTLE ED5TIO N, THE WAOLEY NOVELS E. J. HALE & SON. TublisUtrs, 1" MCltUAY St., N. Y. "All i'XfW(Vmslv Wmititnl edition.*»emof tyi»i graphfi-a.' y. ciiy.s r/i- .Vevv Y«»rk .1. ilu '.e. shudder at. x*y Tvi to tlivm. to tt'holiMli the i riyrht. Her litUc honk in only about a hundred] pa'^es lon^. fnit if fcl, Hie irh af Hfory of nnd tells it truly." -[Hartford Cour&nt. Hair A Son. 17 Mnrrjiy St.. N. 11 Howard «t.. New Yirk Vor sal-' nt im im ioal Uook«tor*e. or pent bv nt«!I orexprefi-"u ir i n»t v( price Usher. i World. o y v o u e s s v -P i i i n i a -f i aud i.otitaiuiiivr ue:ulv Two Tiiooanii ii.i.r^T.v Ml vurietv. Uoovl-cur' fuUv t*and Ptcure'y Snlsinbetf Jui'n1ied with two volwmes*numtu parked for trai^j.orf.'ir»,.u ft. of any ch:,rgvt mil KU xvll t'.O. 1) .orl. o Mniiov tr lr. IS HM.lifJlH riWivnr. .oXK I'ol.l MKx, XOIV ItVAH i V'UU'K. I'lftth. jr\lt exlr.i. per \oHune. 1 Half Turkry Mvrrocco. gilt top, 1 J.' APPLY FOII TKlilllTOHY AT ON* 1 10 Charles K. Dabney* Gen'l Ag't, treK. Y. POEMS, Poe's "Lea! I Diamond Edition. Vniform with "S\ tnti rv." -\r t}»- and new Memoir i. caWon, vtv. Tike, MKMUUIAI. EtUTWN OP EDGAR •Ms flia A. POF.'S POEMS mildlv con ir?i.v pa we tacitly ve ht*v"ttvllsVu-'1 sl"yl," "ii'mt iiieii niils'.m'u's nTaiienrt I*iiing_th«- l»U 'Mntttam Memoir *n« Vin.i i The Unseen World. And Oth^r V'usayg. P»y John l'Uke, author ul I Cahinet Kdition. K»mo, ^I.VJ •*Af vth« atxl Myi Ji Makrrf.••(!!tliue/* mie I'ltilofoplj)'," ete. taut bj«?ct.- in phi o*ophy. theology. ttt-rutur»». history, art, and tntttie. In tijp variety lid iuterest of itn lopieM. in the ahiiitvand hnufflitfuhn of their tr.-atni-i.t. and in the lit arv skill which civr* a charm toevety subject, ulitinc* of Ksi i & ESSAYS e\\ and tdhert*. and the romumei t'OK'S TALKS. I'tihinel Kdiiiou.'J v Ir» this voi'iinn- Mr. ri.-»he with lare p(»K*S ('OMI'hKTK WoKK^. 'ontaininir fr«'shn» ss and i- rtuity of thought, niauy i»n])or- well aiitbftiticated |»rom'wtorv. nrtirlf. or j« tliat the p"« tiiniS'Mf denied"worthv of {irt-'i hij» life and ^nie.* hv dam* Uu^selt Lttwell. N J\ Willis, O.-or^'c J{. »n«l otl.-rn K .ii' vols., erown Hvo.. clotb. $9.ivrt Half calf.|lt».'K An W. J. H*fr»l»LBT»N, fry (h+.l'at BOOKS l.Xl'SUAL ISTEREUT /i'-' v P'lfAiuhe FIRST FAMILIES of the Siorras. flj JOAtiUtX MILLEIt t'l-i. tlmt jtroduci •rpetur.l fini.«. an'! that, too wl'eil the eye haa a tendrn-y t»» fufc.* 'W terv.' The uneX|ie ted t*« nf kindiieitS on the part «»f the fuitterx their reverent-* f*r a good woman tlie human heart aitd npirituril tiattirt hid under n rnu,.h exterior, are all portrayed wi'.h a loving, ajijueri .five hand "—Chiraijo Toncm. "This Htory sparkles with wit and abound* ii. prose poetry. Tht* pirtmv ip drawn wifh die p. ncil of a natural word pnintvi-."-f.7ti. Journal II THtT AUTOMATON EAR an^othsr Sketches. By Mi -1-1 OltKNCK McLANDBUIiOU. X* rhj HtU'ly. Price $1.50 Any one of the many who have read The Mao at the ("rib." "'I lie Automaton Kar.or"The Anthem or Judea' whieh have I uen so widely copi. n vari ous periodicals. will look with th. tdi-li'ft pationsto this author, who is no ^...lud H.HH she is original and eccentric. in Sand St rics ui TRUTHS FOR TO-DAY. By Proft esor DAVID SWING. Xearly Ready. I'rlc^, $1."A This volume will contain the tatest discount s of Prof. Sivin^. s mu* of thetn preached at the Fourth luirch. iut im"? of them spoken at the Theatre to the New C. 4urAl For Diseases of ths Throat and Iiunx%. Church. It if universal!/con­ ceded tUut are the llm-sl, ejforts he has. ever made, and the L'I tu ral demand for their pn aerva lion in M-re pemrrtieiit form than HIP newspaper re|orls, has led to lh ir issue in (ii voiiuiie Thev are selected, revised and arru .^ fm pub'i cation hy I'rof Swing himst If. IV A Z I E A a Story of Italian Love. From til.- l-'rc:inli of A. |IE LAMAItTINB_ SimiU 1(o Ki i( Lh,j._ Bronchitis. Asthma, ,„ilM (Jraziella' is a jtpem in pios«--. The subject and the treatiitciU-ji both en inentl) poetic. it j^lows with lew of the beautiful ii. all uature.— It is i urc literature a rfect story, couched III perfect words. The senUnees have tue rlivtbm ami tl w. the sweetnef* tende. fancy of the oii^' nal. U is uniform with "Mt nioiic.' the fifth mlition of which hne just been ubiishe*!, and whoul(] 8tuu(i aide by wSlii section of country there are persons, publicly A r* nTM known,who have been restored from alarming and fVl A E Iwl ADDE il» even desperate diseases of tho lungs, by its use. a dtory. All who have tried ^acknowledge itssupwiority on the shelve* the .»f every lo\«r of pure, strong thoughts put in ..^nfsa tn thA pure, st'oug wortls. 'Gra^ieila' is.a book to be By tions. CHERRY PECTORAL always affords in stant relief, and performs rapid cures of th* milder varieties of bronchial disorder, as well the more formidable diseases of the lungs* ^r„. MAKY MURDOCH MASON. and where its virtues are known, no one hesitates, i with an introductory poem by Joaquin MIU as to w hat medicine to employ to relieve the dis- ,io. Ued Edges some little gen- fiifl of the tlavoi i.f true w:t. or som« descriitii-n. cteli it Msiy feminine, and wr with the spirit of poeirv. Cinc'tn- For sal9 by aJL ByokselUr*. MaiUd. postpaid, on receipt of price by the pttbli»h*r* Jansen, McClurg' & Co., 117 and U» State Sl eet, CHICAGO. BARNHARTDROS.&SPINDLEK, GFK.VT WESTKRK TYP35 VOUNDBT." Mass., Practical and Analytical Chemist*. MED Bt '41LL Mtuoqurrs syxtfwn|9s 105-107-100 MatfiscuSt.. CmXfr U-..i w *A

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