Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 4, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 4, 1876 Page 2
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CHRONICLE. jjfTELLIGENOL r.ndfl. rubbery W ith team*. lady i» proud ot ijontf .'lum't fSthe editor Md lotrwt. tSestoiB-'-oof the pastor ot •j'.rh there will be uo ser i ooreitg- Kev. Mr. Drury, Qiarcb, will preach in the Quarterly Meeting of the C. 0f this place, wilt begin niio. on hearing that a Mi. eea up?et while crossing the iu acacne. ilflibcrately re itwasa ca^'1 fiiacanoe too," U Iv free pass nnial Williams, "i Highland town inj liome on iior»eback from it Sa'nrdav, when his hcr»e IT taken sick and fell tbro er. crushing his knee. The nediatc'v- is imbuc-.l with a feeling of \mss sec'ind to that of the ,be can never wash out a pair siiiicru pants an I have them is they did before.—Fulton nor as well as they did be­ lli to blush •»!!.%" said a in? & rema! k 'rtain in an tvenins party recently. 1 Mush all over that cheek rposed a bjstander, "you there was an Aurora Bore-lis o brilliancy, and the roosters in the btlief that the sun has been started, called, grow Fat." You have to irat a time, and not shut nor e it any thing for seven ks. Nut chaT gum. Count nd not draw broath. Go to -andaysit with voor mout!' and listen to the sermon, to sleep. Try this ex peri that want to get fat. Lir.?e aal substantial Dry shiiicn:,-. of Ce tral Iowa, is s. DevenUoi Jc Mann,Cedar ia ry a e y larye stork, is cheap,pay stii-.t attention iness, are attentive to their era ani are liberal adverti- .iceuaes issued during the il. art and Rebecca Kern. Is and Marv A. Bennett. and XeJiie Poonecheck. tuti IltK'iia Bartak. iae and Josephine Uadacak. K-y and £»r&h Muliigao. ind Man'M. Authcny. tcs and Mary K. IJrown. li»' and Addie Randall. of the best, if not THE best "ind now presented to tlie M'le. It is baring a large in evidence of its real merit. aaii ation is a true test of ex i lis is gotten up on a new nsive plan, by John Clark of History in Indiana As ty, and is illustrated with irij superior engravings. It question the cheapest U. 8. iffered to the people of our i P. F. Breitliaupt,of Badgei for Spring Creek 'lownsliipi This book should be in! Ijetnoae fail to subscribe cy have the opportuaity. I Bi- n 6' Bi u,: 7 for referend c"BC'IJ»'ve. I I 1 a n 4 u lfv njr v.a 10 ^f£w wou'^ Probability that the quond, I "We received a pleasant call Wednei I day froa. HOD. G. Jaqua. Work ha» been commenced on Dr. of the Uountv. (Springer's new building. ^SS3AY. XATJITKJS. I Mr. Henry Wagner Is building a neat fence around his premise*. Mr. L. Biarbiu't, of Montour, gMm i pleasant call Tnosday morning. are fast bud- Mr. Andrew McElhmney, of township, called on us Tuesday. crowded Saturday, to it. Mr. Jonathan Beale is improving his ,£almer her a United mder- I».(er f"lcrf '',e 8*®c"m 0f the The Court House Association held a that the Semi-Annual election of meeting Saturday evening and renewed should lafc* place at the first meet ,loe« he mean?!,. ,. WLI.u.LUR- U U their articles of incorporation. .^Mke for yo«f cold T" "Four pocket io *r. I ^,raTnbu tUeJeCtre, °CXl 8 R._ T^JTio «av that no better Mon e a .textI the tfth and »s tM I jnd cowoit them, thtu® wto» ig[wmb* health. hM atored* of bur, to ncIt I iOO c'c'.ock. p. nt. and w-'.l edple'^aot ,^'5 ist week s?,ush 'Jiaii ot Icwa City, ar|5l of Marion, who were their respective interests in jna! way- C. Fremont Ni-al the individual who formerly presided over the destinies of the Chelsea Ptoplet' Friend was married in Marshalltown last Thursday evening inzton Woman." VYe have heard this lady lecture and can promise our readers an interesting intellectual treat. We see by the papers that the Centen nial Commission huve decided against keeping the Exposition open on Sunday. This is as it aho-ld be. We don't believe in turn'r.j the Centennial into a great Sabbath-breaking institution. Court convened Tuesday morning, and is now in succesift:l operation. The great part of Tuesday and Wednesday was taken up with probale busioess. In ad dition to the Tama Co. Bar we notice Judje Hubbard of CedarKapids,Timothy Brown and W. H. Hammond, of Xarsh alltown, in attendance. One day last week Mr T. J. Sneatt weighed the short horn bull calf which he parcliaae'd last Summer of L. B. Nel son. It was just two years old and weighed 1547 pounds. It cost no more lo rai^e it than one of the ordinary kind which would not weigh more than about half as much. It pays to raise improved stock. Mr. Benj. Stone's new store, opposite Camery's Implement House, is now in op eration, aud is stocked up with a good a^ortment of toys, vases, pocket books, fruit, confectionery, &c. Mr. Stone left it in the care of Mr. Lewis Pugh, who will Iiappy to say their adver- be pleased to see any of his friends and tears in this issue of the sell them anything they may want, in the way of notions, &c. posed last week to a pitiless consented to act as agent for TlieCHROX et our feet and stoekingt, ICLE, and will take the names of those peisou all over. Iu fact 'king eolil, wLich brought paper of Tama Countv I fwere synii^lons oi fever. fe asserted lier authoritv, i 3NN':" a splendid medicine—pleas ad did the job. \\"e slept ugh the night and awoke mei'Ding. "We know we owe 'Very to the Pectoral, aud tiite lo recommend it to all Ii a medicine The printing business is the most IHS cinalim: and entrancine occupation that Ulan ii follow for a livelihood. It is not only an ext'ee!ini ly uleasant aiul hiphly resprctable calling, but also a very "lucrative employment. Large for tunes are continually realized by newspa per publishers without the slightest ef- Tehuacanu fort, and take it all in all, it is the easiest wav to £*iu subsistence one can find. Printing debts are almost self collectable. You never have to ask for vour pay on'y onee. Kveiybodv is .v.) kind aud thought ful that it is no" trick at all to gather in your stamps, fluy a printing office and learn for yourself how truthful are these reuiarks. History rf Ihe aiied states. A Kew Series of Int westing Book*. Messrs. Scribner, Armstrong & Co., the eminent New York publishers announce a new series of miscellaneous warks which will bear the title *of "The Sans Souoi Series." These volumes, of which there will be twelve, will be edited and compiled by Mr. Richard Henry Stod dard, himself an author and poet of marked ability. He it was who or'gin ated and edited the now famous "Bric-a Brac Series" which were published by the same bouse, and which attained such great popularity in a short time and net with such unbounded success. Tbe ^uena ^r's'a Co., this present series will he gotten up on the reputed doctor and same general plan as the preceding one, though it will embrace a wider scope and will contain more variety. There are many people who have a taste and love for books, but cannot afford a large library—on# covering as large a portion '')CCI suspenled from tlie 1 his ca»e referred to tlie aetinn. The charges Rev. Dr. Benn are adultery, playing tlie role of impos a-, "8 'ke doctor be-1 of the field of literature as they desire. Gtcd W 1th & Mtt. C. W. Bmitll I TA !'city ag phynican, and became ^"'le evidence of bi« guilt ia Ke* Indeed, hecoofea- itfie. Tliut mother clerical ras Mr. Benn ia said to ffltriy jp fmnlml Iowa, and I 'tlic-i:- w'!4' oni.ii npruine flip "Rrii'.fl Ri up" n*,rl To ftuch persons the "Bric a Brae" and "Sans-Souci" series are es|ecially valua ble while there is another large class who have naitber the time nor inclina tion to read and study the many"volume8 of forgotten lore," and yet desire to be posted on various questions and in re- Snii'li ahile gard ta prominent characters of other vea,s I i e s e s e a i e s w i i n i n e s e aK° Jived volumes just what they want. We are f"Ean, 1,, ^'ie identity of certain that the "Sans-Sou' i" will liuve I ,w„',le',i0n to point a large circulation. They will be hand somely printed and beautifully bound and illustrated, uxt ft* $1.S0 per Totoip*. Teaperuee Xaetinc. The Temperance Meeting was heM in the Christian Church, Tuesday evening. The attendance was good The President menccd with Congregational Singing aDd prayer by Rev. W. B. Frazelle. Heading i minutes of last meeting. Singing ("Work and tray"—by the Glee Club— Misses Carrie Guilford, Anna Johnston, and Aggie Slruble, and Messrs. Geo. If! and property corner of Broad ana M»in fits. 'DgS B- Montour. quite interesting. Singing by Glee Club—I Keep Me from Sinking &own Mr. Frank Pierce and two of Leonard Headings by Miss Alice Lo«,hri,W i Hedge. Sclcct Read-1 by i*iss lizzie Conaat which were i I S __ Tuesd^ I aD! '. E,1Iabel!l Cafri£d U,at lhc Ru,cs be ,„ur Past»* cd. Solo—"On the Danube KiverMiss I o e a n o o o w a s w e e k I ijymietl Saleratu*. Be- sung. The pledge was circulated for pound, ami all kinds of canned fruit (1)weight- The excavations fur the new School 8'£natures —i*-*— *, House at Montour, are now completed i "The Ten Virgins." The next meeting i ..| ,m be here SaU^ay ,fce foalldilioil wS„^ in wible. Tuesday evening, May 16th. After sing- i Hver her Iccture w adbiogtoa Women" in Toledo next Tuusday evening May »th. How Mr. Took SmIUi'g Life. Let ber have a full bouse. ,, .~ The life insurance aseat, Benjamin P. Mr. L. Mathews, of Mont^r, returned G^n, the oiUw dajr heara that old Mi'. mme rom iicago ast Saturday Smith had no insurance upon his life so Johnston & Co's. his spring -stock of g«ods are now Gunn concluded to drop in to se. him. mg urn in argc quantities. Smith lud no acquaintance with Gunn, Mrs. A. J.Woohrorth ^as soM her Book i and Statiocerv stor' u. a,ul u,leu ,hl' iatler cn,ered the offlce h* w KiltK who win contl^c i e introduced himself by saying: business, and add "Mr" to the sti^K fr0111 time to time. l'1C*"€d 'Iow a Items'' department of the cd Smith, in enrae alarm. Sioux City Journal is the most complete I "I say that I've come aronnd to take ertiic bib'ialli. The presjj. and extensive of any newspaper we re- your life. Mr name isGunn. As soon as ev. M- S. Drury, W'JI be Ui at- ce've- »Iowa news. 1' 's perfect cyclopiedia of I heard you were unprotected, that yon Last Monday evening Mr. BcnJ. Stone started on a visit to his father land "Merry ol 1 England." He will be ab sent several months. He was accom panied ly his wife and one daughter. to 1 could take your life." "Wli—A—what d'vou say 1" exdaim- had nothing on your life, I thought I would just run in and settle the thing! for yo'l at once." Then Smith got np and wen*, to tbeoth er side of the table, and said to himself It's a lunatic who lias broken out cf the asylarn. He'll kill uic if I halloa or run. 1 must humor him." Then Gu::n, fumbling in his pockets after his mortality tables, followed Smith aroumt lIie rooin said to him Remember the Lecture Tuesday even r. n «. Gunn "that's a thing there s no choice ing of next week in the Louit House, by I .. c. i about. All I can do is to make death Mrs. Elizabeth Cadv Stanton, on 'Wash easy, for you to make you feel happy as you go off. Now which plan will yon take "Couldn't you postpone it until to-mor row so as lo srivc me time to think V ,— "No: I prefer to take you .on the "Ob, you did, did you sakl Smith, suddenly becoming fierce. "Well, I ain't a-going to do it, and I want you to skip out of this office, or I'll brand you with the poker. Come now, skip!" Then Mr. Gunn skipped without selling a policy, and Sxith is still uninsured. Wonderful Sneces*! Mr. D. W. C. DickinsoL. intending to go east—to New York, we believe—will sell off his household goods, some build- Colds settled onthf Breast, Consumption, ing stone, Early Rose potatoes, and va- or anv disease of Throat aud Lungs.^ We y and Eliznheth McDermctt. i rious other articies, at auctiou, on Saiur- wea^'Lunio.'to w*to ''tnl'ir "lirus •tad Jennie Powell. day of this week. The goods will be gi#l-0r- j. u. Spnnaer.and r't this M«di I and Sarah A. Morison. sold on 6 months time, purchaser giving cine, or inquire about it •in and Jennie L. Farnam. approved note. Sale will take place at 75 ceut* sample bottle his residence near tiie Depot. We received a very |ileasnnt call Xon day morning from Mr. C. F. Breitliaupt, of Badger Hill, the gentleman wlio work ed so earnestly and successfully for llic Kansu9 sufferers about a jear ago, in se I curing and sending tliem aid. He lias Cattle Hog*. Live, per cwt.. Wbeat. No. 8 8 '•Rejected Uarley, Ofttn. White who wish to subscribe for U»e leading q*t« B!«k Tllc Flax Keystone Corn Planters at Lewis', Tama City and Traer. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop for sale cheap. Inquire at this offlce. A good 5-year-old horse* for sale for cash or on time. Inquire at this office. Cash paid fer old Cast Iron at the Union Plow Co.'s Foundry, at Tama City, Iowa. If you want a Van Sickle cultivator,call soon as they are goiug off fast. Sweat St Baldwin sell tliem. The nicest assortment of Carpets In town, at W. F. Johnston & Co's. Camery A Bon arc Sole Agents for the Count for Deere's plows and calttra tots. SeU as cheap ss the cheapest. FOR SALE! HT Star Wagons, Peru City Cul tivators, Brown & Union Corn Planters at BOTTOM PRICES. 0" Also a Lamb Knitting Machine for sale or trade. Inquire of 1 not being present, W. F. Johnston called i the meeting to order. Exercites com- 1 A. j. DISGIEE, Montour. Pence Wire Cheap for Cash, at Sweat & Bald win's. Seed Corn. Seed Corn, raised in Poweshiek County, Select for M,e e tor wasnington territory. Rolling'Round." The Constitution pro- at W. F. Johnston Co's. by Sweat A Baldwin, foledu. Iowa' u 1 y a U to SU5'wnded tady Stanton, and nominations be made—Uie election to Tama City and Traer Iowa Subject "Washington Women," take place at tlie next meeting, On mo win„„"tT.* ,, ., ., tion the present officers were re-nominat- At N. C. Wicting's corner store you Stoie & Stoner's and get one of in May, and no nominations having been Itho8e excellent smoked hams, or some made at the previous meeting,it^was moved breakfast bacon. Cooper Wagons at Parker Lewi.' C*D e e n e n e Set 15 lbs. good rice for $100 4 Bs. while the Glee Club sang VERV CHEAP. will take placc in the Baptist Church 1 V Wrn ploW 8wert & W' 1iM' FARMERS! Remember that Dennis & Averill will put the Johnston Reaper into the field with any other in the market and it will draw lighter and do better work in mowing and reaping. More new goods last week at W. T. 1 Mrs. Jus Gannon is prepared to dn nTl kinds of Hair work, making switches, curls, £c &c. Having learned the art in the east, she will gnaranlee satisfac tion to all. She also renews hair and makes switches and curls from comb ings. Charges reasonable. Residence in North-west part of town. Wanted lo trade Faim machinery for good horse. No Centennial wanted. Groceries Groceries Groceries at Stone Stoner's. The Union Planter is the only one mluuf'' utade that the driver rides on the wheels, i making it run a horse LIGHTER THAN iD»trum AXY OT11JSH. Ageats. If you want the best corn planter in use leave your order for the Star, Quincy or Vandiver. Dcn't wait until they are all gone and have to buy a second class planter. Sweat & Baldwin's is the place. A full assortment of W. F. Johnston A Co's. It is reported that BOSCUEK'S GF.KMAX Begt the market, at BOTTOM FIG SvKCPhas. since its introduction in the nited States, reached the immense saie of 40,(XX) dozen per year. Over 0.0tM3 i UriiKgisis have ordered this Medicine di- Buy the Haworth Check Rower, it red from the Factory, at Woo!burv\ N. saves marking the ground it saves the J.. and not one have reported a single doses will relieve any case. Don't neg lect jour cougli. Toledo Market. 3.0021-25 6.2Vafi.50 701. 60* ?0® •d I In the car Shelled Allowing which we clip from an Oo. fit iii hot water, wrappt'd i exchange is evidently inclined towards kets, and sent our faithful what^Anemus Ward wouid call sarkas IC of ATEU'S CHEKRY PKC- I Butter, pvr Lard. Eras. Poz 89 Business Locals. OTICKS under this hval will b« charged 10 Canned Fruits a Stone & Stoner's. Twisted Barb Wire, at oweat A Bald win's. Go and see Stone & Stoser before pur chasing vour Groceries. of drags. eipenSe failure, hut every onesp(aksofitsast,.n- ishing success in curing se-crc toughs, of a dropper it saves time and and tee it at Swc BaW. I Jiotice. Regular size. 10 cents. Two The understpied will be at tbe ofScc I of Bailey & Austin on the 9th & 10th of i May to settle accounts that were made i with A.P.Walker, in 1875, for the use of Imported Stallion. These calling will be paid for one-half day for calling to settle by cash or note. JOEI. CARTER, Agent Earl I in., Co. Notice t? Builders. OTH E l!? IIE11KI5Y GIVEN THAT I will revive sealed proposals for the building of a School House in Oneida Township. Tama Countv, 1 wa, uulil the firs'. Monday iu June. 1'he specifications cau be seen"at my residence, two miles N- rtii West of WiiUhaui. I shall reserve the right to reject a iy or all bias that are not satisfaj torv. 10^15 24 9CK& Nc 14@1C Dated at WVdliam, April 12th, 1876. 17-4w* O. N. MASOX. Tals.© KTotico To whom it may Concern. HAYF. THIS DAY GIVEN MY SON. 1 William I). Kcnyor., his time, to do and transact any and all business asfully as though he was of lawful age. K. S. KENYON. 19 Toledo, Tama County, Iowa. April 39th, A. D. 1870. SherifTs Saie. Bytioa, VIHTCE OF A SPECIAL EX ECU dated tln lTtli day of April, A. D. 1876, to me directed, issued out of tlie offlce of the Clerk of tlie District Court of *.' T" .r, 1 Tiuna Couutv, ^tate uf Iowu, in favor of 100 kegs of nails just received at Came- |ijrt*cii. and against Benjamin ry's AUo five tons of wire will be sold at oibman, Burbura, Jclin K. Mr BOTOM FIGURES. FOR OASII. Claskey, McClaskey.on a judgment 1 rendered y said Court, at the Fehiuary Peru City and fiorlinm Cultivators at terra thereof, A. D. ISTtj. against the said Parker & Lewis', Tama City aadTraer. Benjamin Digmau All kinds of groceries at Stone & Sto ner's. Buy the Gilpin Sulky Plow of Camery. Even-body that sees it says it beats them all. Nails of atl kinds, at Sweat & Baldwin's. Garden Seeds ai Stone & Stoner's. for the sum of Una Hundred, Eleven«nml Eighty-beven Hun dredth- D)llar»,and a decree uf foreclosure against said Defendants, whereiu it was ordered, adjudited anil decreed that the following described Heal Estate, to-wit: Lot Number Five (5.) in Block Number Nine (9.) in Zehrungj, Addition to the town of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, as shown by the Recorded plat of said town, in the Recorders' offlce of said County of Tama, be soid, or to much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment, inter est and cost Now, therefore, public notice is hereby i J*"-',1?' given, th.\t I have levied upon, and shaf If yon »re goingto have a reaper with a On the 80th day of Kaj.A. D. 1876,1 ALLEN, LANS k SCOTT, Johnston Rake, buy the Jolinaton com- i^twecn the hours of 9 o'clock, A. M. and bined Reaper 4 Mower, with 2 bar* for 4 o'clock P. M., of said day, sale to _tom Reaping & Mowing, of Dennis & Averill. nience at the hour of 10 o'clock, A. M., at the front door of the Court House, in Toledo, Iowa, in the Couutv of Tama, effi and sell at public outcryito the high est and best bidder, for cash, all the right, title and interest of the above named de fendant, in and to the above described property, or so much thereof us is neces-1 pary to satisfy said judgment for the 7TEW ADVERTISEMENTS. L. CLASK. Pr«id«Bt. GEO. A. PRINCE & CO Organs & Camerv & Son are Sole Check Rowers for Planters warranted lo mukc rows to a Miss Peet. "You can choose your own plan, you Parker & L«wis', Tama City and Tratr. know. It's immaterial to me. Some like Geo. Kewcoiuer has just titled out an- one way and some like another. It's a other School House with ihosc excellent matter of taste. Which on? do you pre Chihl's Patent School Desks ami Scat", fCr for which he is Agent. Thirty-seven was "I'd rather not die at all," said Smith, the number it took to do the business. jn despair. ,, i ., T. I "But you've got to die, of course," said straight l.oth ways at If you want the best Cultivator in the world, go to Camery's and get the OLD RELIABLE John Deere. Dcn't buy a i third laic one that has to be hauled around the country in order to get rid of them. READ AND REMEMBER Tbat the Johnston Reaper has a change of speed, fast for mowing and slow for reaping that they give 2 liars and 3 knivrs. Yon can't find one of these advantages in any other reaper with a Johnston rake. c»" Murder you Murder yon Who in the thunder's talking about murdeiing you "Why, didn't you say "I called to get you to take out a life insurance policy in oar company, and »nd look spot. I might as well do it now as at any Johnston k 0.o other time. You have a wife and chil dren "Yes, and I think you ought to have some consideration for them and let me off." "Well, that a curious ki-:d of an argu ment," baid Gunn. "When I take you, your family will be perfectly protected, of course, and not otherwise." "But why do you want to murder me I Melodeons. (VMh-pt. Large* r.\ Most Perfect llasa- ftrtory Jatli.- niu -i' 56,000 CEO. A. PRINCE & CO. SHEI?!yiA?* PATENT £U3iviP! i-~ Ft h?S8 new Carpet, at New stock of Hard ware and Garden Tools at Sweat & Baldwin's. WINDOW BLIND, 1 DON'T BE DFX '.liVn) Sune dealers ure offering a combined machine with only one bar. Saying it nil! Reap&Mow, and only two siokles. DON'T BUY IT, but go and look at the Johnston. Sold by Dennis & Arerill. It has 2 bars, 8 knives and a change of speed for Mowing and Heaping. Stone & Stoaer at W. N. Brown's old stand will sell you first-class fresh gro ceries cheap! MANUFACTURED BY THE Independence MTj STONER & ELlKXRt Local Ag« nts, at Toledo. Tauia Co.. Iow». BUY GOODS OIL-CLOTHS, spring goods at Fifty Stirring and Breaking Plows, and seventy-five Cultivators, at Camery's. UR£S A!sj a fuu stock A E S E V E & A Collar KiipUis,, Are i^repaivd with U»i'si "tork tn be found in thr Loii»istiug ot Fine Dress Goods, Shawls. Linen Suits, Parasois, Gioves, Machinery H: II, Horti cultural Hall, Interior of Horticultural Hall, F. joitnsto^ T* Vk«-Prc»ideat. THE TOLEDO baVlIlgS 158illK Sar-t stock of Clothing, Cash Capital, $50,000! TO o every Uad of LEGITIMATE BANKING. Iat*N«t P»ld om Tim* Depoaitl. nmrra DRAWN' ON ALL TUB PlilitciWt, cmn OF THIS AND THE OLD COUNTRIES. WILL LOAN A Few Thousand Dollars,! One to Six Months time, la iuat to suii borrowers. Security must be first-class. B. HKLaoW. JACOB Y*I?*R, Jn.. i President. tiic a^roe popularity. SEND YOA Pairs Address, BUFFALO, W. T« factofonrs hfing the )de«t and largest u t»ry tn ih- I nitrd wilh nt-arly 'i*!iTiQieii'f u w la us*-, is a suflJc eut guar pouui'uility and tho nu-riti W. H. Hinnrsow. View Pres dcnt. W. H. Habbhou, Caahier .. H. STEKnKTT Ant. CMH:-.T. TAMA COUNTY A N K Toledo, Iowa, 'iVILL. DO A GENERAL BANK IHG BUSINESS. Loan Money, Pay Taxes, Etc. CO. Greatly Superior in Every Re spect, and Combining more Advantages and Conveniences than any other Blind. {y ^ge*r» wmrfed in i very Coantj iaIour«. Send for Circular. Addre*t, R. RARTLE, Supt. of Agcnciea. BUY & SELL LANDS. py Drafts drawn on tbe leading rit* U. S.aad Foreign Coanlrtea. I NG\kt Lacec &c.,&c. Alto. Hons* -keeping Goods as Table Linens, Damasks. Colored Duiuusk* (with napkia* to ra itch,) I'raah' !*, Taw^'si. Nap- Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Three-Piy, ingrain, o a i n e Ras Carpets, &c. Together with Riu's, Hafsocks. Oil Cloths (aU widths, i Matiii^s. Stair Kod-, Kepa. Tcrrys, Uiuips 1 tisjvs.ifur.u'.n i-'ixt.ircs aud Cornices, lirv Gt'ose Feathers. &c. GUETAIN LAOES fysamplea 6eat aad correspoudence^olicitrd. DKVENDOllF iV. M\NN. "AGeiitury After," OR, PICTURESQUE tILTMPSES O!'' PIT LADEr.PllIA AND PE'.\NSVLVANIA. 1th.Century I sin,!I claim no part of his wages, and will not pay any of liis debts after this date. 'HE fifteenth artd coiicl.uung nnmbt-r of "A Afltr" wilt be issiud abrut April 31 ami will he ntaiaiy devoted to it'tt t-p'fts and pictural d.hrripti, ns of tb- pr^resa of tbe ('i-idr-un at to clatu of ptiblicfttiuu. including the various buildi'tgs, arrangrmeut of the proon-is. ,t\ the illustrations for Part XV. will be fouud- The Main building, Agricultural Hall, Aft Callery, U. S. Building and Lake, Ohio an .1 Indiana Buildings.Now Eng­ land Building" British and No.v York Buildings, Woman's Pavilion & New Jersey Build* ing, Penn. Building, Japanesa fcuiid ng, Swedish School*, ho iS3, Eeimcnt, with City and Centennial Buildings in the distance. All of the above are frum entirvljr original inndu exprtsily for tbla work, ai bt relied upon as accurate representations, ml"Ju wprtsiiy for this work, and may and J. W. LATOEBBACH, Publishers, SSS Soma ¥jwtu Sr., PHILADELPHIA. i above named sum together with cost and I all accruing costs, unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. Dated April 22nd, 1876. R. E. AUSTIN, 17 Sheriff of Tama Co., Iowa. THOMAS S. FREB, fT.OS. Attorney for Plaintiff, BARN HART BROS. &SPINDLER, GREAT WESTERN TYPE FOUNDRY, 105-107-109Madison St., Chicaga amfui Rtf* fwKr Lumber Yard In Toledo. or .. ... a full line of Hardware. LATH. SHINGLES, O S WINDOW SUXDS, Cedar Posts, Building and Carpet paper, Ac., tc.. L00KHEBE! Bradbrook & Nevins Ar* Mlliug good! Tk*a uy ClotbiDg Hou« in Tuna Co. Boots &: Shoes -Sr- HATS & CAPS And all other good* n the.r tin* of whicb they have a large stock, con*i9tiug of GENTLEMENS' UNDER-WEAR And all kinds of g^uilemeiw wear, such u FINE bHIRTS, SCARFS, Neck-Wear, Lap-Robes, Itc., Ac. of gentlemen that purchase garments ready made, in lieu ofexpen- £1 a sive custom work, will find upon our counters an immense and ele- IN FABRIC, Novel and Reliable. IN DESIGN, Artistic and Fashionable. IN WORKMANSHIP, Thorough and Honest. IN PRICE, Belowlthe Market for equal Goods.j For order work we have the choicest stock in the United States.! E V I N & O Broadway and Grand St. Broadway and Warren St. NEW YOHKL. OLD FIRM, GLDBQii OLD, BUT RELIABLE GOODS J. M. CAMERY & SON., Are Sole Agents tor Tama Countv, for the The only Wrought Iron l'vaiae machine made WARRANTED to run LIGHTER, and take up LODGED GRAIN better than any other machine IN THE WORLD inproved for '76. Either Triple Gear, or Woodbury Powers. Also the Michigan Sweepstakes, Moiine Wagons, Deere's, Rock Island, Norwegian, Bkickhawk. 1 Defiance, Elwood, & Buckeye Plows, and Cultivators, Champi- J. P. Henry & Co., ion & Coats Sulky Rakes, Gilpin Sulky Plow, Road Scrapers Shellers, Churns, Wringers and Everytliing Warranted! :d we make our WARRANTEES GOOD, without any grum bling. Call and examine our goods ptiivh THE PEOPLES' STORE W. F. JOHNSTON & Co., Have now ope and on exhibition tbe largest stork of general merchandise In Tama county consisting of Domestic and Fine Dress Goods, CHBAFESR-J^y Made Clthing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and-Caps, GROCERIES, GLASS AND QUEENSVVAKE, Hardware, Agricultural Implements and Notions of all kindst Which are prep»red to sell at the lowest cmah prices. Aiming to lead in all improvements, having for tlicTr object Profits aud Quick Returns," and i furnish tbe people of Tama county with Goods of the Best Duality and Manufacture, At Greatly Reduced Mat-ginal Profits, WOULD RESPECTFULLY SOLICIT ON EXAMINATION OF THEIR STOCK, Confident that they can givt, entire Satisfaction, both ad to Quality and Price W. F. JOHNSTON & CO. Are You (ioing to Paint! THEN USE Ntw YORK ENAMEL PAINT CO.'S CHEMICALFAINT Hi':tdy for u.-r in W11ITK. und over ONE llUNlRKr UlbThUtNT I'OU/KS tn: «»f •t'iictly prim.- Whit.- Uad. Z::K an.l Linftvd Oil. CL1KMU'ALLY corn\vu--an.. 1 Ml* .1 AN 1'SOMi.K aud i.UAFKfi, and to last twhk AS lon»s as any or her I'aiut. It hat* ttk^u the FJH^T PREMIUMS at twenty of the State Fairs of the Union, aud ia on many thousand uf the finest boubca in the cotntrj A'hiretts, NEW YORK ENAMEL PAINT COMPANY, PRICES REDCCED. SAMPLE r.«w« »F.NT mi», 103 Chamber St. tT UNION PLOW gO., Tama City, Iowa, Arc now prepared to furnish plows 7 &RV£jS!ER Auw»u ullici" lmprovniiciK Champion Self Rake Keapar and Mower, and Light Mower. Guaranteed. A. rwaJy to mak* MHO! REPAIRS OK All Farm Implements. I General Machine Shop and PuucdrT. 1 CASH paid for Old Iron. HYDRAULIC Flour Mills! The Hydraulic Flour Mills, ot' Tama City, low*, are now ready to exchange FLOURFOR WHEAT, Best Terms Ani! grind all kinds ot" '•eed .»C ihe LOWEST RATES. B. F. C'RKSSHAW, Proprietor'. THE TAf£A .MANUFACTURER'S BUILDER'S ASSOCIATJON, TURNING, PLAJSSfNC, SCROLL SAWING, ETC. STORE FRONTS. SASH, DOORS, MOULD3i«i33. & A K E S Of all liincl© Made t- ori!» i tractor?. Mid Hnild^rf. ar all kiutie uf I'arpc prepared at all rim er, Joiner ur C'abtai Work. J^Ai! wck DPMitptlj. acdi«atiifacti i guar,nit«-id. a App'v I.. !.. UV, -\.-S. Pr. .•» nt. or J. \V COBL'KN. SupfvUitt-ut'M !•:. Tama City, Iowa. 7 MI & I and RUaii leal Fine Felt Hats fashionable silk I CASSIMEREHATS. Grenth Nos. 192 & 11)1 Madison St Corner 6th Avenun. I A O tlw »d make the Lu to aay pari Hats sect C. O. D. of the Country. A.l Oooi'.B Retailed al Wholes*l« Prices. STILL AHEAD THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTSHOP la fall Blast:! «r A .,.*V- Re*- I STONER & EMMERLING' Practica Paintars, Take »tkuU T:i:na th* citizens of !k their increased a!i kind of P«iat- YAiw*. th« y ut thtir shop, uu SIGN PAINTING CARRIAGE PAINTING I«»a«iu atyle to anv finn in tlie S'ar\ botb u 4nkhanih:!*M:i:y. Test our skill, Mendr CRAINtMC Also 6o»e to suit tiietn.u of most of (MII diou^. PAPER HANCINC Aitendfd to im the ikuiV.-.' Personf wanrin^ ainiMinr 4--n-? onr iln« •hou'd gave u# a oa'.i. \tr«* will vmrrnnl to goo.l satinractioD. Thankfnl for patronage w«» to merit ft cotilinuance of the name. Our drices are reaaonabid. 11 Aw.r.DBDTQE III«nrsT 1BI»AI. AT E.&h.T.ANTTONY&CO., 591 Broad tuny. Xew lork: (Opp Metropolitan Hotel.) Slawfecturars, Importers sal roaljra la, Chroinos and Frames, Stereoscopes & Vievr«*: ALBVMS, GKAFKOSCOPL'S A.NI SUITA* iiJ.K ViKVS. Photographic Materials. We are neadquartors for everything ia the \v iy of Stereopticons & Magic Lan terns Being Manufacturers of tlie- IIICRO-SCIESTIFH' LASTEUN8, STEREO-I'ANOPTICON. UNIVERSITY STEKEornCO*. ADVEKTlSEIt'S STEREOPTIt'OI*. ARTOrTK'OX, SCUOOL I.ANTKKX. FAMILY LA.NTKKN, PJiOi'lJi'S L&STERN. Each slvle being tlie best of its class in tlie mnVk'et. Catalogues Lanterns and Slides with directions of using seut 011 application Any enterprising mau can make money wilh a Magic Lantern. nrCnt sat thi3 aiTirtissaientfer

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