Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 11, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 11, 1876 Page 2
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fOLEl'O i'IIIMM' I'K SSA7' ^AUNTEI-LI&ENCE. torteriyMccU..rt.'-I.B.^ WltSaturdaj^^^L—. w n Fraeell held quarterly Jrfng Services at Belie Pitune last Sab- talk. If* m411 has a country seat th it is about .eti^ofyo^for him to go and sit do*0 on il' __ -r Aiiie (Cannon) llass, of Dclmar ££.* v«« i»'» Toledo. SoaieUiiag new If you don't believe a look at the new Centennial ^ceBtly liad put up- __ v «rs M. Camery & Son received their first car load of those Justly £i«* Adams* rr0UCl' HMVCSltrS- .hick sreMt-xecM^ fte Toledo Quartett Club gate another ...keif »aique entertainments last Tues L«nbg. They «ng several of un bailed pice'5 anil ^iljourned ••How doth the little busy bee How W* "ni«" chiu-t-hni sting bog lo-lmu'lovii cblj sixty lulult all a time. Oo.pktec up stint' bus juice all d»7, lii'tia places-lauu flowyts just got bunted, josliBiilto says: "The mewl is a i„i7f bard than the gusc or turkey. It twolees to walk with, two more tokickwitl' an'l it wears its wings on ifcesiilcf its bed. Messcrs. Sweat & Baldwin are having a minted on the front of their build jnrwhicb will tell the farmer where to T,uv the 5Ia^si!»n Harvester, the Buckeye Reaper and Jlmver aud other varieties of fariu niacliinory. Jud for off of bis premises MUie The lufomtr is an eight page monthly paperpuMisIictl at Eluin, 111., at 05 cents iir auauai. It is devoted to P'rmn, Agriculture, department being in charge of a compe tent editor. Vc have an arrangement *ith the publisher by which we arc en »bled to offer it/iw for one year, to every new subscriber to our paper, or if he se tures several he may have it sent to as "My other persons as he sends us names lor cure. With sueli an inducement will not every reader endeavor to secure at lost one subscriber for the CUHONICLE, «nJ receive the /.,/„)„ V( u s unx for mv com- a,ler Slvings -Irs. Elizabeth Cady Stanttfh Whk tlili guest of Major Clark, i Tlie Presbyterian Sociuble is to be held i at I? i aiilv McOee's this evening. e o unty. This is the lust wetek of Court. The term has been a tt-ry busy one. The call for District Congressional Con vention may be fonnd in another column, Jiri j. A. Bowdlc, our County Auditor Was Marshalltowil looking around last Monday* II. Galley went to Chicago |Tuesday evening. Look out for a stack of new goods the last of the week. An interestiug Sunday School meeting Will be heid at Irving The Harmon House at Tama City, is receiving a new coat of paint on the out side which will improve its appearance. u friends' The Pastors of Toledo will meet at the M. E. Pursouage, Mondar morning, May 16th, to organize a Ministerial meeting. Two elegant Palace Sleeping Coaches for the Central Pacific passed over the Nortli-Wcstcrnjllail Road, Tuesday evca ing. The second culvert bridge north of Tama City on the new load is in an ex cellent condition to pernianemly injure a team, especiilly if driven over in the sine die. We are pleased to announce that the School Board have re-engaged Mr. An drews as Principal of our schools for an other year. He has done mueli to raise the grade of our schools, *nd we are glad his labors arc appreciated. We made note of the fact recently that Mrs. Elmer & Coates had purchased the well-known Millinery Store of Mrs. E. J. Cannon. Thy propose to keep up the reputation of the shop by continuing to furnish everything in the line ot Millin ery at reasonable prices. They have made ariaDgenieats for the assistance of Miss fcheai'6, of Marshalltown. whocoines „c suable ta"rn^ed «lio old build- j*1*' as a Milliner of ex eellent taste and skill. They also propose formerly known The i Jacahs property He is improving jiB premise* very niucu this season jadge is a widc-u .vake man, and he will Si tilings up iu tirst-class style. Tbc TcwiK'rancc meeting will be held intlic Iiaptist Cliureh next Tuesday eve- BiBJr. The regular semi-annual election of officers lakes pluee and a good atten dancc is desired. There will also doubt less be oertiscs. pay special atteD 1 U e -i U i i e u w i u u i a u u u u u mtercstiag literary and tiwsical Chemical Xidei'uttut 011. Then lie you i:' fe'loot W(dncs°ay 'JUl' 21«t 0 Th aa ,se^Tccting 8811(1 lhtir m«y -''»sing it, but the manifcsta- ,0B no longer called for. I would ws shot any one who put himself in way when in pursuit of you, as I ,now any one who would !orC ct^een ^8 but as a proof of nay *» 00 my*ruBniDg car. Eleventh Annual Mass Convention Z l0"1 Mrs- and Thursday June and 2?nd, 1876, commencing i i,, ouf!' not a Delegate Convention, it ®oe 16th, for place* of entertainment!!' l° VlC wi"' j,.e H'lia usual *S on iIrs «°i to dress making. Give them call. Rev. W. S. Mcssmcr prcachcd'his fare well sennon Jast Hubbath tveniug at the Congregational Church, taking for his text Ker. 31:7—"He that ovci-cometh shall inherit all things." The burden of the discourse was to present the chiistian life in3 a life of conflict. He praised his 1 tr Kuds 9H,d ,U e f(,r iHies. Notice was given out that a Rev. Fuller would supply the pulpit tempora- ALVAVB OUT THE BEST.—Especially I rily. \Se hear that Mr. Mcssmcr expects in gtttiug Saleratus—as the bet costs to make an engagement to preach at Dav tat a trifle jr a year's supply, and enport.—SMe I'laine Union. the rood costs i.u! a trifle more than the I poor The best goes farther tlinn the! 'r Ntvthan Worlcy, Jr., of the firm of •ffloramlis much more healthv. We can N- nemmend I). 15. DtLand & Co.'s J3xt\ ^orley & Sous, Marshalltown, was iu loltdo Fridi,-V of last week. This ex- to be the best.- tensive Hardware house is building up a large wholesale and jobbing trade The Tamalately had a throughout Central Iowa, which we are most heartless and flippant mention of pleased to see. They liaye the past sea tbc suicide Mrs Mumlt, of that coun- sou been enlarging their borders until ly. Some people seem to have an idea now tlicv have, we presume, the largest lliat tliv tragedies which seoui to darken i Hardware establishment 011 the line of .1 liooieiiold for years are the proper sub- the Northwestern 1'. I{., west of Chicago, jects for a jest. Mr. TSeichman should Their store at the present viine if put iu dismiss his marl PI,tint paragrnphist.—Belle one continuous room would be over 600 tte !i .' :d several letters ask-! iajadtic-1- 1 1 !'..•• best time at which to visit the National Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia. From all we can learn, I from i,c!tli- and private sources, we judge i till the Ls|.()Htlu:i will not ho fully ar-j rattcil and- regulated much before the lsiof.Isnc, and 110 doubl the best lime tovi-iithe bij show will be during the mutlhof June, al'ti the weather shall become settled and the Exposition in its various departments shall have been com- Ln" :'r,' feet long by 20 wide, and it is so crowd ed with all kinds of goods in their line that there is hardly space to get about. The firm, as well as all the employees, are plersant genial gentlemen to deal with, and arc scrupulously honest in all their transactions. REAL ESTATE IU.VSSFERS, ^or U'e Week Kniliiig Tnj udni/, Maj/ ot reporhd by /i (t* Estate Agents, Toledo, luictt. E N Wicting •l"ue lsl w,n hp n i y o u A i i!vral Offer. PAfEUS foil 1 HE riticr. OF ONE. to II Fletcher pt no p'ftely arranged aud established. The sw 15 80 15 423 tkposuitin wiil open May 10 and close John A\ I alker Kxrs to Xuvcmlier JO—continuing six months. I ir -°«(1 nw se ft sw lie 15 Schwerdt 8315 1 House takes this method of iiiforinin" them that she has received a splendid ls- rtv'wenr°uneW •tjiCs. Call and see them. Mark Twain opens tlie June Monthly i y J. Saturday and Sunday, May 13th and 11th. Tbe Eighth Annual Convention of Uie Sunday School Association of Tama County, Iowa, will be held at the M. E. Church, at Montour, May 30th and 81st, 1876, and commence at 2:00 o'clock. EXEHCISES: 2:00—Devotional Exerciscs by tke.Pres ident. 2:15—Bible Authority for Sunday Schools. Led by Rev. Gordon. 2:30—The S. S. of to-day contrasted with that of Robert Raikcs of 1781. Rev. O. A. Holmes. 3:00—What has been accomplished through the S. S. work F. J. M. Wou ser. 3.30—Encouragement to S. S. work. I'ev. H. A. Brown. 4:00—Adjourn. EVENING SLSSION. 7:30—De votional Exercises by call from the President. 7:45—What of tlie night. Rev. Frazell. 8:15—Demands for more earnest-de voted consecration and christian work. Rev. ICingery. 9:00—Adjourn. WEDNESDAY FOREKOON. 8:30-—Devotional Exercises 1 y cai! from the President. {M)0—Qualification for S. S. work. Rov. Rindell. 15—S. S. helps. Rey. Bargelt. 9:30—llew far should question papers be used in S. S., Pastor of Congregational Church at Traer. 9:45—The duty of parents respecting S. S. S. W. Ilutton. 10:00—Reports from schools by Supcr 10:30— How to bring children into S. S. intendunts and Township Secretaries. Rev. Winsett. 11:90—What can be done to increase the interest in S. S. work. Rev. S. W. Ti:^!iani. 11:30—Bible reading. Pastu: of Con gregational Church at Traer. 12:00—Adjourned. AKTKltKOOK SESSION. -:00—Devotional exercises, by call fi'0111 tlie President. 2:15—Business.. 2:30—Do we as S. S. workers realize the magnitude of our work. Rev. T. More. 3:00—Childrclis' mass meeting. Ad dresses from A. H. Stcrvctt and F. J. M. Wouscr. 950 r. Clark & IJ Nelson t«. II Scott \vi no iiti 8(i 10 II Clreene to John Js Greene wl r.e lili S8 11 I Appellate to K Armstrong nw 17(56 15 S Kieki to W Fowler lot 26 15 Traer The S. S. workers 01 Montour and vi cinity are requested to familiarize them selves with the programme that they may supply the places of absentcs. 1000 700 Sirrinc to Casey pt nw se & pt DC sw I4SC13... 20 We will have to ask the Superintend ents and Township Secretaries, to sea that the sum of if 1.0) is paid iu from each school to carry on the work for the com ing year, and let as much as possible be paid in at this convention for it is needed now. 2000 K Deaford to Daniel Hart pt 115 blk 1 Truer II Brown to S Brown lot 18blk Health, Tem- etc., each 120 440 I Traer Taylor to Brown lot 5 blk 15 Traer 400 Spring:. Let blank-verse Thomson prate of Spring And lie "etfaeri-al inildneM" aing The Sj»rin£ wu at early uoru Is mi U cthcrea.— iu a horu UeBiuig of zephyrs, birdo and flowers- We Hing of Eiu*tf.'rn wiuds and yhr-wtM Hu baskc" iu bfulth-producin^ brcozco— We grumble in the gale that free/.ts He gave a plenitude of icasou* Wby Spring was b*.at of all the seasons Wc, in exjicricnce sadly versed* l'roclahn it evermore the worst He mi^ht have made u neater Job If be had known our iriond. Old Prob- for his trouble? N I .'! ,.s ind wney to to office. llH! Philosophy of After-Marriage. Tou love me 110 longer," said a bride »'»few months t„ better-half iu iiis iiuvru mid slippers. "Why do you say 'uss?"Ue asked, quietly, removing a cigar from his lips, "You do not ca s s e o u a e s y o u n o a s u i e o s e e e o e e 'onger seek d'-v- a"d f-'sfrometer. *a8 the tearful answer." ..My And pi»c,d-as we do-his rvl.unee djar"f.An*« Ou fancy leaa juid more o» stu-iK*. tootinued the aggravating wretch, Kthfercnl mildaesst YLS, indeed! }0U ever notice a man vunning Jim Tln.mpoon. liow al)«unl you read a car? IIow he does run If you had known one hour to ilugue ^er stoues, through mud, regardless of ui"ilL-ni .-.iiuaru-totti feVL-r n ^'"3imhe reaches ,he car, and he have found vour mild ethereal seats blni8elf and reads his pV IJI bair-and half, or worse luaU-Ti»t And what does that mean?" "Au But we in these cool mornings shiver '"titration, my dear The cur is as iin- Iu '""'Uttothe man after he J'et, und cry-cietiver cct8 in ils «!-eal.e is ,1,, gets in as Our pereeas. mental and corporeal aQd r4iu anll brce 1 zes b.r«al i.- lifting Hut stop! Thu chilly I" From East to South the wind is .«»liifth»g The sun comcs out. the clonds takes wing Old Tkom, your right—Hurrah for Spring I The Lecture. after Uie ~ex CwivenUon of the Iowa Sabbath School Association* Iu accordance with previous arrange ments and notice, Mrs. Elizabeth Cady •Slauton delivered her popular lecture on v il Sabbal1' ,111 w held at Council Blufl's, on Tuee- Stanton in company with Maj. Clark and family appeared. Mr. Clark Intro- ducL'd her 10 tl,e audience- nud 3bc eom' 'uestlay evening. menced her lecture. We regret that wd are «Dublfi t0 Kiv0 a s'u0'13is of hcr rc" "Wi that delegates-representative niarks. Her lccture was an earnest clo "irlters—be selected and sent to the quent, forcible argument on the subject -^'fangements are being i "Womuns Rights." Iler illustrations for able v.-orkers from abroad. were well drawn, and her arguments, it J"1*?"#•*Sabbath School man and I aPPc«s 10 Iowa is invited to be present, i &lie names to Thomas Officer, of I since 1110 llu'n- ,0Uac'' liluffs sends fraternal greeting, I ^'tsl iu securing the you ih 1)eol'lc wi!l A cordial in"itation is given to all per sons interested in Sunday Schools, to at tend the convention and let even the re motest schools be represented if possible. 100 Swieli to \V Cooper lots 10 II blk U Dysart Taylor & wife to S Bicker lot 26 blk 15 Traer On the subject of hotel accommoda tions, tlie report says: "At one moment great anxiety was felt lest there should be a scarcity of accom modations lor visitors. It has been en tirely removed. Hotels of very large ca pacity hayo been erected in the immedi ate vicinity of the exhibition and through out the city. Old ones have been en larged, and by the agency of an enter prising association very large numbers of private dwellings, of which rhilailclphia has sixty thousand more than any other American city, have been utilized for the 1 House last Tuesday evening. There was 'a,'Sc »nd appreciative audience pres. ^hool Association about a quarter past eight o'clock, ing this (question: well-nigh unanswerable. ha8 a plcll»ant way hcard local Committee, at Council Bluffs, I of speaking to attend are requested i which interests all her hearers. We her some three or four years ago but il w ill be A She was frequently applaud-| e('' !ind ,ve aud t,iat WHS beopened of Wanuest Utl i rat!s 011 raill'Oads „i 1011 \'le Nortli and Soutii Hues, and I unvcnt'Ofl TLTKKH dr'ia#, Mason Citv s arrange for other leciure/s in the fulure, tim fifty-cent note, seems to us that she has improved possession of the visitor it can be obtain- cd l'ave heard but one opinion ll|at wide to give it was the best lecture from Yon -Reynolds nortli of Court SuoUs" AUof wLlch bare no Excuse! Have you art* excusc for suffering with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint? is there auy reason why you sbduld go on from uay to day complaining with Sour. Stom ach, Sick Headache, Habitual Costive1 hess, palpitation of tl e Heart, Hbart ^elatest Atlantic (Ctlnri\ 'TI,phL With a lauchtor-stirrino. .-- Burn, Water-brash, Gnawing and Burn- r- ^'jing pains at the pit of the Stomach, Vel- Ih »Cilj of Crime low Skin, Coated Tongue, and disagreea ^onnecticutbut readers will not taste iu the Mouth, coming up of food pause long before passing on to Mr af,t eating, low spirits, Ac. NoIt is Whiltier's Centcnnisil II,™ .'I Positively your own fault if you do. Go printed in ,uZ i your Druggist, I)r. J. N\ Springer, and number with tlie music, get a lioitle of Gtmra's AIWBT FLOWEI h. Paine,expressly composed forit i ^or "ocents, your cure is certain,- hut if and performed at the eiieninr nf tin. iv»' 1 ou doubt this, get a Sample Bottle for 10 teanial. This „luaic Unot fo°r sale ZT TW° d°SCS rC'iCVC Where else, and the publishers thus offer as part of llie magazine something which loledo Market* will be of great value to all who are in- I Cattle terestcdi u the Centennial. Henry James, cwt Jr., begins a new novel, "The American," i"" I"I very spirited and promising, and is fol lowed by T. I!. Aldrich, with some ex quitite verses called "Unsung." Frofcs-' Oats. Vliit' sor Felix Adler gives us "A Prophet of 5 the magaziue is W. D. Howell's papeF on A linker nlage," which comes next, and is one of thu best presentations of Bliakcr lite vet furnished within the same Keuible's "Old Woman's Gos­ sip is unusually entertaining, and brings u* to night. It Bliould be repaired immedi ately. the beginning of her career on the stage. There Is also an agreeable liicrary essay by Caroline D. Swan, on "The (Juaimuess of 'the Judicious Hooker," and Miss S. F. Hopkins contributes a grimly Humorous aud excellently written sketch, "Iii the Quantiek Stage." Be sides Messrs. Wiiiuier and AUlrioh,Edgar rawcett, A.dclaide Ailing, and others contribute jHjems. The whole number, tak,:u with the editoiial discussions of lkU'iature, art, aud music, reaches u very high mark of brilliant and solid excellence County Sunday Sell ml ConrciitiAii.- California Salmon for sale by \V. C. Walters. 100 kc^s of Dftila just received at Came ry's. Also five tons of wire will be sold at BOTOM FICiURJSS. FOR CASH. Peru City and Gorhani Cultivators at Parker & Lewis', Tama City and Truer. CARPETS rjjARPETS! Messrs. Devendorf & Mann, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have the largest *ti-ck to be foun 1 i» Central Iowa, and -at LOW PRICES. Buy the Gilpin Sulky Plow of f!»mnry. Evcrvi ly that sees i". iiCiuts them all. fJaS's of an kir.ds, at Sweat & Baldwin's. Choice fresh Ma-kerel for -ale by W. C. Walters. Cash pakt for old Cast Iron at the Union Plow Co.'s Foundry, at T'ama City, Iowa. If you want a Van Sickle cultivator,call soon as they arc going off fast. Sweat & Baldwin sell them. Camery & Son are Sole Agents for the County for Decre's plows and-cultiva tors. Sold as cheap as the cheapest. P03FS/SALB I2T" Star Wagons, Peru City Cul tivators, Ilrown fc Union Corn Plantfrs at BOTTOM PRICES. rT'" A'- 1 Check Rowers for Planters -a a 1 to make rows straight loth w Parker & Lewis', Tama City and go to Camery's and get the OLD The 011 in exchange for other money at an 0(fi(.c lo-.v COriia"-v invites Central and Kastern expressed by those who were present, 1 dreu pay the same as adults. To vary full* near each gate of entrance. Chil- u Ti|C^trc!,rc6c"tation at this Convention, they ever heard on the subject. conveniences as to forbid it. Fifty cents ospitable homes and christian hearts To Mr T. J. Bweatt belongs the credit for making all the necessary airangements products of the world, distributed among 1 reception. for our citizens enjoying this lecturc. beautiful buildings and on grounds of '•urtj will be se-! shouldered the responsibility of pay-1 surpassing attractions, must bo eatisfac- ll'e lecturer and all the expenses of tory to every one. Such exhibitors and j, '.(jrs possible. hall, advertising, ie., &c., ami wa ore (^nployocs as are required on the grounds pleased to state that the receipts were will is one week later sufficient to pay all bills. Ha expects to Vroporly authorised representatives of T.,u«oKfs,''CedarHan'idi'See and we hope he will bf «VX»afal ts be wco4P»iws4«»^m^ &M appli. ali.m. and if not in the Notice to Builders. NOTICEreceive 1 NW* 40" NXFJUS 20^ k the People." "The State and the Kail- 'or'a-lii t'he"tir™11..".".!r/.r. roads" furnish Charles Francis Adams, OnL"iwS.h' "!d .V.V..V.'.'.V./.V." Jr., with matter for an interesting and i ?LlUcr-.Pir.® lucid talk about an important public KS', cjues'tion, and not the least attraction of 1.15C& Business Locals. NOTICES uixler this head will be charged 10 1* cents a liue, each iu»trii»n. Fresh Graham crackers, for sale by W. C. WALTEKS. Twisted Barb Wire, at Sweat & Bald win's. Keystone Corn Planters at Parker & Lewis', Tama City and Traer. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop for sale cheap. Inquire at this office. Sione is on the Briny Deep But they are receiving fresh groceries every day, at Stone & Stoner's. O RELIABLE John Deere. Dcn't buy a third rate one that has to be hauled around the country in order to get rid of them. If you want the best corn planter in use leave your order for tlie Star, Quiney or Yandivcr. Don't wait until they are all gone and have to buy a second cla I As there is considerable doubt express ed throughout the country as to the Cen tennial Exhibition being rcar'y to open on the tenth of May we liavo taken pains planter. Sweat ^Baldwin s is the place. to inform ourselves on the subject, and Fifty Stirring and Breaking Plows, and give as authority some extracts from.the S(,vcnty.(!ve official report of John Welsh, Esq., Pres ident of the Board of Finance, which has iut been published. On the' of readiness it says: "Notwithstanding hindrances to our progress, our buildings and grounds are in an unusual state of forwardness us compared with those of ether Interna tional Exhibitions at a corresponding time nor will they prevent the punctual observance ot the appointed day for open ing, 10th of JIay." WE tyccr THIS OCT wn] ]Mi] We quote the text of the report touching 1 "In the arrangements connected with the entrance and exit of visitors, "xhibi tors, and employees, the greatest simplic ity has been aimed at. Each olas.s will use special gates. The tickct for visitors B' 1 pr and .'in* rtozi-n tt?*tlle -'reulatiou THIS PAPER IS ON PILE WITH Where uniform price entails so many in- n -me hours' visit to a museum of thu be furnUhed with special tbkotn. wt)S April 35ti», Hfft. this tlme glon." i s, within reasonable limits, will AdvevtL»iun A Ccns corn plow at Sweat it Uald- win's. S. W. I.NoiiAM, Sec'y. Practical Questions Settled about the Centennial Exhibition. N e w s o k o a ware and Garden Tools, at Sweat & a w i n s Cultivators, ai Camory's. Host in the market, at BOTTOM FIG URES. AU-j a full slock of drugs. Buy tlie Hawortli Check Rower! it saves marking the ground it saves ti.e expense of a dropper it saves time aud money. Call aud see it at Sweat & Bald win's. Notice. The undersigned will be at the office of Bailey & Austin ou the 9th & 10th of May to s. tt)e accounts that were made with A. P. Walker, in 18T5, for the use of Imported Stallion. These calling will be paid for one-lialf day for calling to settle by cash or note. JOEIJ CARTER, Agent Earl Im., Co. W. C. Walters has just received alarp. lot of flower pots and hanging baske. Call and sec them. About May 10th. Messrs. Devendorf & Mann, Ced Rapids, Iowa, will open a large line of Ladies' and Misses' Linen and .lurpose so that under 110 probable cir- Grass cloth suits, made up with especial •'Washington Women" at the Court cumstanees can any inconvenience occur reference to their retail trade. Their for want of comfortable accommodations. goods arc made after the most fashiona "Tlie strongest assurSucc is also felt ble patterns and will be sold at little that the charges will be moderate." In the matter of the charge for admit tance, a fifty-cent note paid at the gate admits to the grounds, and there is no further charge. A visitor can enter one building or all of tliem as he sees proper. more than the price of the plain uiateii Garments will be sent to any partof the State €ont .acta caa be inad* tiCIAVK. -FnaUeat. IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT1 will sculi-d proposals for tile buildiDg of a School House in Oneida 1 Township. Tama CoUntv, I:wa, until tlM first Monday in June. The specification# can be.seen at my residence, two milea North \Vest of Waltham. I shall reserve I the right to reject auy or all bius that are not sutisfa tory. Dated at Waltham, April 12th. 1870. I 17-lw* O. M\ MASON. Talie KTotioo! To whom it vy Concern. HAVE THIS DAY GIVEN MY SON,] 1 William I). Kenyon, his time, to iM and transact any and all business as fu'ly as though he was of lanful age. 8.00(^4.85 6.25$ft.50 70tf I shall claim no part of his wages. and will not pay any of his debts aft this date. R. S. KENYON, 19 Toledo, Ttima Countv, Iowa April 29th, A. D. 1876. Sheriffs Sale. W B'Yrev'teil 7 Vfy 14&16 A. D. 1O70, in front of the Court House, in Toledo, JACOB.TE S«II..J!. Tama County. Iowa, at tint hour of Ten President. o'clock, of said day. when and where due attendance will be given by tl.e under- \V. N IIVBIH-W. signed. cuiiiiT. Dated at my office in Tolc Tie:: Coantv, Tbwa, April '-Ml!ii. 187(1. IMv At:s. :,-, 20 Sheriff of Tama Co., Town. STiifRT.ii S: (JooDiuon, f6 •.). At'jirne} s for Plaintiff. THE [Mf^CFLftUEi!.! For making Dross Trimmings The Simplest, Cheapest! AND BEST i A I N E SIDE IFIL^IITIiTa-, i'lttiu or with spaces, in varioa AND ALL KINDS OP Box r»laitins. Sent by Mail, or Express a Lamb KnittingMachine for sale or l:ad Inquiic of A. J. DIXOEB, Montour. Fence Wire Cheap fori Cash, at Sweat & Said wsrrs. ( Vagous at Parker & Levis' a i: and Traer, lowa. The l.nion Planter is the only on' made that the driver rides on the whei K. ninkh'g it run a horse LHIHTKR THAN ANY OTHER. Camery & Son are Sulci Agents. Frso of Chargn, for MILTON BHAilLEY ('v.. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. ro a V- iKX:i sift mtcd iys at Traer. W. C. Walters always sells the LcGrand flour. If you want the best Cultivator in the world, 3 & S w, S S Sz| s & 0 1 3! CD S & GEO. I PRINCE ACQ Organs & lleiodeaas. DOOR Nowinn-e. No other Musical Inatrn.-.i* nt ev«r obtained the same popularity &R SEND FOR TKICE LIST. Address, BUFFALO, W. Y. instriimt ins. 1'* cao. 5 n W. F. JttBKSTON. Tle-Fn:»tdent THE TOLEDO Savings Bank Cash Capital, $50.000! Will do every kind of Interest PaidoaTijne Deposit*. pOJ. VIRTI'J- OR' AN EXEI rnoN ni to me from th.e Clerk of the DRAST8 DRAWS ON Ali THB P!J,INL'!PAL 'R THIS A^D TEU OL COUNTRIES. District Court of Tama County,l»wa, n a Judgment obtained in said Court 011 the 80th day of September, 1!5T5, in favor of Uebccea Sbriniplin, as plaintifi", and against Oliver II. Shriinplin, as defend ant, for the sum of Fifty dollars and ac cruing coals, 1 have levied upon the fol lowing Ileal property, tauen as the prop erty of said defendant, to satisfy said i feW TlIOUS&IlCl Dollu' S, execution, to-wit: I WILL LOAN The Southwest Quarter of the South west Quarter of Section Eight, (8), an.l tho Southwest Quarter of the Southwest, ,, Quarter of Section Three, (8 also I tie OflC tO SlX nt Oritns tltTIS, East Half of the East Half of the East Half of the Southeast Quarter of the in «nui* tore'.t borrower*. Southeast Quarter of Section Four, (4), all in Township Kighty-three, (S3), North of Range Sixteen. (1G), West of the oth P. M., the light, title, and interest of the SOCtSrHv WlUSt b© f!r9t*ClnS0. said defendant, OS'-. er Shi-im|:liii, iu and to the aforesaid described Heal prop erty is levied upon, and I will oiler th, same for sale, to the highest bidder, for! L. ii. XKLxi.N, cash in hand, i ia v»..: rr On the 27th day of Slay, coum A N K. 3 v vv. WILL DO A GEK1JK.AL BAI KIO BU^IK£133. •d construction rfndei The pt-enliar an«l i:np'ov the Machine positive ami hand* of iiiexperieiTccd jji'isona. whil«- it n»ak« a lSivlt s of Plaiting* m-'vv hcautiful than tin hand-work A child an produtc perf. ct Mrtirk with it. To any iady havintjsewintr it 'i.c in I tin family, it will pay for its^ if M-fer »itv»« in! one day. o a n o n e y a v a e BUY SELL LSSOS. 1ST GW 0 ^wmber Yard r? 03 e Si i y e n y & A. PRINCE a CO. LOOK HEBE! 1 i •j* ar OIL-CLOTHS, CARPETS DEVEHD0RF2 FIA^tf, Ced a 3' i'«i»ids, Ion a. ID tl SKND IT Willi YOUR OHDKU Fine low 23 cents if bent with th- orrt« LOVKJOY & FOSTER, Dress Cooda. I Shawls, Linen Suits,1! Parasols, Gloves, Laces &c.,&c.' Alto. Homin-kecpim: (»-ods as Table Linen-. JXtinaake. folurcd lJam»8k8(witli iiapkins to in itch.) 'rasln-K Towt :^. Nap­ kins. i5fd Spreads, &c.. Ar. In Carpet* wo claim ha.v a ct«.clc Brussels, (all width*.) Mai Gimpi* I'VinjT' A N A O S & S -P I N E GREAT WESTERN TYPE FOUNDRY, 105-107-109 Madison St., Chicago CoDpUte Mtita sjMctltT. Prea^ttea ctuurv" V I a full line l.ATH. ijiUNxrl/:-:- Bradbrook & Nevins Are selling ffood*. CHBAPBR.J Tka any otharao*hlng Bonn in Turn a Co. Boots & Shoes MeonA I none in thu State. Connwrluff of Body Tapestry Brussels, HA.TS «& CAPS Three-Ply, Ingram, A- Cot. Cham, Hemp b»v«»large«u'A,cuu.i»uuvof Rag1 Carpets, pryri t'Rfll'"^lC' Together with Ilasstuks. OHeUaiitl LL^j Aw®, CURTAIN LAOES ML auav #fM! DEYENDOKF MINN. *«., aPr THE INCREASING CLASS :f that purehase garments rcady made, in lieu ot expen sive custom work, will ftnd upon our counters an imntense and ele 'ant stock ot" Clothing, IN FASR1C, Novel Snd Reliable. IN DESIGN, Artistic and Fashionables IN WORKMANSHIP, Thorough and Honest. LEGITIMATE BANKING.! IN PRICE, B3iow:t':e Market for equal Goods, rjl -,|ei wor wc iav BUT Iardwai' *Avtta-cb- Cedar Posts, The fact of ours hciu? tiie oidcat and iargest manufactory in the l'nit»»d Stat..-, with m-arly ri! North of The F.le W UNDER-WtflU the clio'icest stock in the- I'nited States, to DEVLiN & CO., I Broadway and Grand St. Broadway and Warren St. OLD, RELIABLE GOODS. M. (JAMEEY & SON., Atv S le Asrents for Tama C'n u n v I ij LiaRVE.&T&E.v£ Atij-.i.-Ut'olc K^«.•' .itui t'.hcr lni|io\t-i:ictn, lor '76. Champion Self Rake Eeap and Mower and Light Mower .... 76. Either Woodbury 1' -v.-. Aiso tlu* Michigan Sweepstakes, Moiine Wagons. Decre's, Rec i Island, Norwegian, I'lackhaw] !ofl itice, Elwood. A !V i.! s. and Cull.v.ii .T. Coats Sulkv 3a1- Shellers, CI, Wringt: V*. $ ^.i .... Tlie only Wrought Iron frame machine made V. ARl.ANTEIi run LIGHTER, and tsike up LODGED GRAIN' hetler than maclrine IN THK V-'ORL,!)- "Prv* V GrfltK gcffipSHcra t* And we make our WARRANTEES GOOD, wilhotil any ivr bling. Call and examine our goods before purchasing. iTZEEHS ^.TJIOSPXjESS' STORE W. F. JOHNSTON & Co., Have now open and on cxV.ibiiiou tlie largest st k oi general j^erhcandise! In Tama county consl-tir.^ of Domestic and Fine Dress Which they arc prepared to sell at the lowest ensb prices. i -Viming to lead in all improvements, having for their_ob eet "M:t:ill Profits 1 Quick Returns," and to furnish the people ot Tama county with Goods of the Best Ouedity and Manufacture,! At Greatly Reduced Marginal Proflt3, OUI-D ESPECTFULLY S OLICIT ON E XAMINATION OFTIIKIR Confident that they can give entire Satisfaction, both as to Quality and Price w Are You, CiS\\\g HEN USE N: \\. kk E In sll grades. Lambrequins and Materials ^for HM E bHIRTfcj SO AB.F 8} J^J^yoVtb "Slate Kmrs1,of the^, and is" ou mang IkiHuaml of tiii- ttai-st h««.-» iu llw cocntty JJata en.t. C. Q, |. *f{£. |»-S»mi)le» 8tnt aud coit«BOHdi iiee «olkited. NSClfWoat) Lap* Robes, N£W Y-QB'^. ENASjiELi PAINT COMPANY, PRJCM BOOKS OF UNUSUAL INTEREST Ht.trvi'j (f*r n S NAMF.L AINT O.'S P/w) by v FIRST I FAM'LIES oi tho Sierras. i'.y Ji)A(jL'I.\ illLUKU. 12moi C.oth, Pi'kf 91.60.' huntor i feiViuiiug t) e wbole jiTpwtsial »u't Ihul, a t^uiWncy to fe«l 'w f.-fv." Th: ut'« .ccj. t«!« uf kindiirns uti th-.' jmrr of thr miners: their rcvfrcuce r«r a goud, tvoiiiiiu Hit-1'iiuiau b-urt and spiritual untur* bid. uiid. r.iii' U i-xltnur, :«ri- all with u app'cc live haiul."—Chicago cyi (l Tim*#, Thi* ftory «parkifK with wil and abounds l»i prose poetry. The picture iiv'i1 of uaiural word painter."--Chi.Journalihiwithd.»wuin ii THE AUTOMATON EAR an the k,o ,chJS. I v.'« I tut :.Nt'K McLANDBUEOII -Vc ly Ready. .( thfstr arc Mi.- BII sr fVorj.-' lie hua ever and tht* jrem*r«l demand for thuir :va»*rva i iuor«'. pi'nmuiiit form thau I In- tu-wiipapei s. s tti ih, ir ia^ue iu tb» yulunif. ii-,- if.-tfd. rt-vrd aud arran^vd foruuba I 1Y I'RTTF. SWINK LIIUISI IF RV A Z I A tory of Italian Lovo. I.f A. I)K\i li... i !. Fall I'ric, t«..w Tt/Tr 'lie Hydraulic Flu Tatna City, lowa, are readv e\ !i:t::g in i iaVsjP* f, 4 $1.50 ty who hav»- read "The Man 'oninttm K:ir •ir"The Anthtm I vt-u ifU-iv oopitd in vari iwi. with thf hi^luat autici- hi. hi r^j Ah't tc-»: rifted thau •ii'^'iiJll and cvcc 1FT Second St'rie* i U S FOR TO-DAY. Mv I'roftr^oi DAVil) SWING. Hearty VLUS VI» I'r- Swii ill late i •lies.' lhe fifth A j. '\r*. MiV With au if.'n 16 M. HI TL MASUN JxMijHtU iUt. .1:id f,.i t-raiJ/aru (.'harming ii,- .3i-(H'.i'tir« 1 tl» State St-eet, CUICACo UWION RpOog Ta:r,a ity, !»wa. Are n^'.v prtjur^I |«low» Onnrantoed.. A'ffo r- ady to »nak« ILL OF IFfflS Farm implements. ij mitral Ma-Mri*- Shop and Foundry CIASH paid for 01J Iron. HYDsAL5L!C ft] sf ft Best Toma.© S And grind all kinds of feed at .OWEBY RATES. 1:. CUKSSH.VW. "r- Pioprie i. N I A I I A MAHUFACTUftEII'S BUILDER'S ASSOCSATiON, At III- ir I':, tory ob th? W.-.I, How. 1 pr. TURNirCb A N I W Goods, Ready Made Olthing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, QltOCEUIES, GLASS AND QUEENSWA15E, Hardware, A'jricuUurul Implements xnd Notions oj all kindsf S O I SA-a- WC,^TC. stohg SA8H, &OOHS, O U I N S 1 & A K E S I Of a.l"5 liinds Mad*» orfl"r ou iliort notice, tifu^ral con rrartnr-«. rnd Hltiilflcri. an» prtpan«d at ail timet*. 1 ro do all kinds of OarptfUtt-r. .Joiner or Cabiuut I {•SiT'ATI wo-k done promptly.Jand satlsfiictiou guarantcrd. (ii 1S. Pr«tpidcDt, or J..W. C06CtHN,S" Supe Tama City, Iowa. COBL'HN L' •Rt1"!jVf Fine Felt Hats TOCK, FASHIONABLE SILK J51!l!^M. A_ CA8SIIERE HATS. to Paint! e i a a i n i o o s prime Willi..• Aiar• au.l unm-.-u uu. i .... ,v- y.oj.'jin. .1. u^rnna, .! Mt ,11 I'friiM, of »"V ta-aie in the We»K. ITTL^CAIUWIWT'RKBS, L03MAN»BER St.,.N T! AU 1K08. 192 & 104 MadisDO Carry IL"cKKKNT C(H.»ns irr.Hr of i*rr V ^tfr. rif» Stock and make th« Luw«tl i St.

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