Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 11, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 11, 1876 Page 3
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rOLEDO CHROXI CLE. jli»8 Official Paper of the County, «J AS, B. 11KDGE, Edilur aud Proprietor. IOTA, TS72SBA7, MAY, 11th, 7C-j The UnpuWican Congressional Conven tion of the 3th Congressional District of Town, will held at the City of Cedar ltupids, Ibe Jftwa iU.. l«lvL::iKsa. ^Mhnsun C'n.. 1*-! I .inn Co., lf drt ^utea. Viir«hail 0«.. in d-Ieg»tefk t»*rth «*k Co.. 8 delrjjate*', KVmi Co., 6 tk3eg WM. of iippuiiitiiiK delegates to rcpresmt the Ii' publican .pari v mess to transact and this iscntcnmal year i '.feneseo Muckingham irant 'J Lincoln Sprinc Creek.... 0 Crystal TVrrv The ratio of representation will be one delegate for each county in the State, and ml in addition thereto,"one delegate for ]i free ,,rm nl ,im Voun OWH.UU Wednesday, the 21st(lay of Jtrie, 18TC, at U o'clock, a. m., for the rpi-tie of rannimitiu& o::e Republican G. THOMPSON, ClntirmitTi i«T Cong. Com. 5tli Cong. Dlst. Tt-publlea:t County onvcnti' ii. MR. J. W. RKII, EDITOR VINTON EA- i'U Your "fsivor it at band asking mc I whether I am a candidate for rc-noiniua tiim. In reply 1 must say in justice to myself that 1 liavc not touched upon the subject with half a dozen correspondents Uflu!)Iicj.i onsii'sfciuual iouvention. in the district. Ill health for some time prevtnled me from attending to any- thing but my duties here. At present 1 am engaged on extra committee work every day, on the committee charged with investigating the Treasury Depart- wtirwss. The ratio of representation I to mk leave of ubscncc, as nearly every Iistriot and in addition thereto irate fur every two hundred votes turn over one hundred voles east for fc. J. Kirkwood for .Governor at the general fde_ti'n in IS7.1. The several counties in *»id district arccnti'lcd to rcprcscntalives follows teuton Co.. tl dvl -jatr*. •.-Ul *»•. one di-lecule I'oreach coiintv in the I .• are those of E. B. McOn&r, lion. J. •ftu l'epublii-an party of Tama Couuty hands that conferred it. I do not Hunk •••ill ini'i in convmtiun at the tV»mt this to be a time when men should eni 7lou.-e, 111 1 oledo, on haturdav. May 2Tth, .. t- -.i IHTti. at 11 a. in., for the purpW of nom- inating one ejindidate for cv Panmel J. Kirkwood, for Governor, at th« generil election in 1875. On tnis basis of representation, Tama County ig entitl od to S delegates. We invite all to unite with us, without regard to past party preferences or alllia tions. who wish to sec the country at per manent peace who wish to see the Con stitution and its ainnidincnts enforced, and just and equal rights accorded to all who wish to see corruption and dishonesty punished, and the President's order maintained ana v no WISH to we '«e State Ceuteral Committee. HENRY C. I.EIGHTON-, T= Chairman. COl'M'V OH'ICERS. The call for the Tami Connty Republi can Convention may be found in this Issue of the CIIT'.ONICI.E. There will be onsiberiible work to be done by this con vention and we hope our friends iu the different parts of the couuty will see to it that their Townships arc represented. Let us have a good reprcsentittinn. Among the other duties to tiO Jerforra- :on will be the placing i candidate for Clerk of tl: r-1Hpt:i i, t'U-cuil Cjurts, a County llturtuv.', ttii« u..v Supervisor. We have never spoken lo our present Clerk and Recorder on the subject of a re-comina iion, but suppose they would not refuse if were it tendered them. And while we do not wish to detract from any of their perdecessors in the lesst we do not believe those two offices have ever been filled As regards the candidate for Supervisor we have not heard a single name mcntion d—tlimi^h there will doubtless be enough when th(f time comes. The gentleman whose term expires—Mr. S. \V. Iluttou— was elected on the Anti Monopoly ticket 3 years a^o, Ujou^Ii we are informed thut l.e was ahv:.ys a Ii' publican previous to the Anti-Monopoly movement. He has always, we believe, done liis duty as he saw it. He has been a careful, honest and efficient Supervisor, and lias worked lor the best interests of Tama Couuly. Whether or not he will be a candidate for re-nomination we are not prepared to say. ml ir m,ss tl,c CUrk of the Oistrirt rtii'l Circuit Court*, dute tor ltectrrtlrr, and one ean.lMalc ror (lv ountii bnm rttxur: Rcpubl.can party with per- sonal wants and preferences, and in that one candi- spirit I rcspcclfully decline farther hon- asfu| iug ni friends in the district for lfi mrnosc. aho, «n 1 i:i: ilnL® countI TUUJSI hi it on Toledo' y 'lark 'i a( ueida 4 Carroll 3 Highland tt By order of County Central Committee E. C. EBKRSOLK, Chairman Toledo, Ma}' Oth, 1876. UEITUUC'AM STATE CONVENTION. The Twentieth Annual Republican State Convention will be held at Des Moines, on Wednesday, May 31st, 1S76, for the purpose of making the following nominations Twenty-two delegates to the National Republican Convention (4 at large—8 from «ael Congressional District.) Eleven candidates for Presidential elec tors (2 at large 1 from each Congressional Di«trict.) Two candidates for Judges of the Su preme Court. Out candidate for Recrelary of State. One candidate for Auditor of State. One candidate for Treasurer of State. One candidate for Attorney General. 0n« candidate for Register of State Land Office. I tX ,c oun a County in the gent a workc-r for the principles and i rSS called, hv 'ilie proper authorities and to ••transaft any other appropriate business. 0f 11 n •tjato lor each wnship. ana in aaui-j »vote-,tlK'retn vr rc-noii.lnalio.. if tendered, I desire -.ion' «,,e delegate f-r every 25 realized the ncc.1 of diligent application ^rtLdion thereof of If) or more, i to remove the ignorance of legislative cast for-FIon. S.J. Kirfewood for govern- ifc as i riuitltd to delegates as follows: dij not Howard 4 aud by continual attendance at all Houvc i ,, /v,,.it.,„ i I Here \\c jounci v. S1(tmgs 1)K I e y lest the good health I think I can regain Tama. 6 by turning my attcnlion to my farm. I Otter Creek 4 therefore trust that some gentleman will SxM'B y i be selected to represent the district that Richland" ""'4 i will command the respect of all classes Columbia .3 and the full vote of the party. Very respectfully, Tbc Book Business. at Ibis time the inside track. Here is Mr. Wilson's letter WASHINGTON, D. C. April 26, 18T6. As the thermometer gauges the tempera- ture of the air, so the bookstores unJ Arnold, K. member does at some time •luring the 'lie deli- .. or fnic 1 st ssi0n i but I cannot do so in conformity with my seusc of duly while so import ant investig.itious are being made. It is doubtful whether we adjourn before August and 1 presume the district will hold a convention before tliftt time. 1 certarnlv have 110 claims to picss upon the district. I have been used very gen erously and will always be grateful. I think the best course for me to pursue toward my friends and party from whom I have received the customary two terms, is to place the trust they have put in my keeping at the disposal of the generous It. examine the latest works, and to compare lU£1. ()uc o{ t|ie feilturc P»«y I which ,oem to bW yoa welcome is near 4 should occBf to any^ menu in tue i This convention having important bus- I district that perhaps I would »«*Pt .. ,, the entrance and consists of a space m- 0S ed by an open iron railing, ill which Me taW j, good standing, startled and disgusted the preeedentetl, anil'to day it is a matter of better sense of the community then the pride to them that their list of subscribers Belknap exposure, following at the heels to this w ork—supposed to ha\ a curiencv .1 only among wealthy and careful scholars of this disgraceful discovery, awakened oWing Bewart ln a^azine feel while at the a k in a properly ventilated public building, 4 HOW, UV »»VUU«UC« .» U.. .«V«.C and foreign neri was an original idea of G«n. MeClurg's, 1M vorkc1 g0 well and coai s0 |0 samc tJl| and committee uieetings, I have JAMES So much has been published, in a cet tn'm class of newspapers, ill the Way of ..sseittotis charges, and inuuendos, cal cula'tcd to create painful suspicion as re gards Ttic integrity of the Administration at Washington and its appointees through out tlie country, that when tbc exposure of General Belknap's dishonorable prac tices in the War Department was first proclaimed, the public wire prepared for fut'Lhet disclosures of u similar char acter in connection with other Depart ments of the Government. The discov ery of the iniquities of the whiskey ring, involving, as they did, some of the Uov Ck'nment's officials and men cf hitherto of secrcls f.., Village 7 .. ... Llncago s ailvancc- position in literary taste. This firm has largely contributed to iu cultivation by I lie means of its grat ification and stimulus for greater desire. Gen. McClurg is a gentleman of culLure, and a keep critic to delect whatever is adapted to cultivated tastes. His selec tions in New York by personal inspec tion in addition to the orders from abroad attest this fact. Then Mr. E. B. Smith, who seems to know every book audeveiv subject, will tell you just what you may need if you do not happen to be convers ant with any particular subject mutter W1T.90N. Not so bad as it seemed. Mr. Jansen, tl:e senior member of the firm, with his fiuict, unobtrusive manner, has gained the Confidence and trade of mole country dealer: than any other mail iu the book business. With these quali fications and attractions, it is not surpris ing thai this ririu has built up a laiger single renter lor the book trade than that of any other city. Thus, while they have improved the taste of the people generally, not only in Chicago, but in the country at large, they now reap the beoetit by rapid ly increasing sales, and are obliged to make constant additions to their accom modations. mf imon general distrust, many being ready to be t|mt of any other book house ill America, e that our country liadjindeed enter- I not excepting New York or Huston. As every S'lO votes or fraction over 100, cast of'unparalleled official I publisl.i-rs, tliis house has brought out 1 and political rottenness, the highest This Imn brins on from Xew York the as well as the lowest grades of its civil finest line of rare and choice old in.port service. Then ia quick succession fol- engravings, representing the finest gems i i i i„ i,,.,,,,,).. „„ii of the engravers and etchers art from lowed whole bloods of t\il npoi s, firm whom the ])Ublic were accustomed 1 in the le«iHn^ papers of tli" n»rth .A, west ol iheir rnretullv uiix«'sled monthlv ... west of ilieir caret'ullv ilisi-sted monthlv to regard with implicit irusirulne^s. ,- ie SOurec uMiintiiinod wild who wish to see the i J'"O' si-lmol system fostered all who *.vish to see seciionul differences laid avide, investigation others oriu natcd ID Ihe but who htolieve that the war demonstrat- imairiualions of reckless journalistic scav ed the fact that the blue tr. not the £iaj whose readiness at invention is —the hand that saved and not the one ti 4l -hnt would have slain, should govern the "»b" equaled by their industij in gathei land all who conilenin the iTrcnt trfii sonahle utteraucf-s of Southern Democratic members in ('on^ios -, all who believe th'.it Jefl" Davis has all the l'iyhts he is entitled t^ while the tales of Anderson rille and kindred horrors yet freeze the blond of the listener. To all such and all others who feel that the Republican party ia the one to sayc the country in this its hour of peril, we bid welcome, and ask von to assist us in placing a ticket in the field tliHt. shall sweep the State, and place i'own initio Centennial year, where she now stands, the Manner Kep'.olican State in the Union. I'v order rf Republican ing idle rumors and shaping them into pretended and plausible statements of fact. As a consequence, even that class of men who have the philosophy and wisdom not to believe too Hastily what ever of ill they may hear or read con cerning their fellow-men, began to lose their faith. Happily, it is now gradually appearing that atVairs arc not nearly as bad as they were represented—that partisan- zeal, rather than an honest desire to get at the truth and at justice, is the stimulating force which is operating to involve the Government, its lenders and its agents in one great black clout", of repulsive iniqui ty. Gradually but surely it is being de monstrated, to the gratifying conviction of intelligent men, that that great cloud is not a real tiling, but the invention of politicians, who have an object in view —that, in short, the great black cloud is, after all, "no larger than a man's liand," for, take out of view Belknap and the revenue thieves of the w hisky ling, and there is no cloud at all—even the tele scopic scrutiny of the committees of in vestigation failing to discover anything in the Government's official firmament except lie 10 and there a dark speck, which, ou t'jrtlier examination, geneially proves to be the dust of their own defec tive glasses These committees of inves tigation and their tioek of journalistic camp followers, with their remarkable faculty of magnifying very small mole hills of scandal inio very huge moui.liiius of calumny huve done their best—or i i worst, rather—lo croak' a popular im. with more obli^in^, faithful crcumputcut- inrssiim ilint the Administration uul the men than Mmk C. J. Stevens and J. B. "«P«blicuu l-nr.y are totally and I.upe .. lua^ly corrupt ami iiiiouitous but «u »ift M. Dunni the pas-t fifteen n a tiA1. .... their fears and take new courage. If the Be sure and don I forget the date of the rcttenness existed, it would ere Convention—Saturday, May 27th. For Congress. Lust week we published a clipping from Ihe Inter Ocean to the effect that Hon. •lames Wilson bad withdrawn from the Congressional canvass, and this week we publish the letter in full. His withdrawal will leave the field open to the n«w cand. totes, of which there are at present three Jfon. J. Young, of Linn County, Uon. R»H!I Mvnring Star. Uruimued-up lestimony of months they have been illoflice they have hired wttm-sses, who are generally men lieen prompt aud efficient, always willing with pei-sonal grievances, anxious to h, do anything to accommodate the e' alir u^e or reveng.-, the. diserimiu- atini jiublic vainly seeks lor er.dible hundreds with whom tney have come in f.lC(b sust.iinin^ the slanderous charges. contact, and a ne-nomiualion would be no more than simple justice and a fit recog nition of their public worth. Indeed, if thu many ai.d persistent inves tigations have resulted in anything worthy 1 Those good people who, a few weeks ago, were lillcd with apprehensions, lent ti.e Administration at Washington, or the great Ueputilican party which is respon sible for that Administration, niijlil, in deed, be full of ulcerous sores aud reek ing with corruption, run now dismiss Ibis have been discovered :nd exposed and the very fact that no such rottenness, or anything like it, has been developed, I welfare of liis country than lor mere party, it affords cause for h» :irtv congrat ulation. Let us see to it that our polit ical fidelity and our national honor aud integrity Mutil be maintained, and that it shall never be more true than it is DOW that corruption has |o*scbMon of the! Clark, of Johnson County, and high places of the Government of ihe Senator Rumple, of Iowa County, all United State#, or that the piidc of power, sood men, and true, either one of lbe-in cominued, has rendcre.l tlic Hepub i a n a y i s s a e s e n o U s i e s e n cap iblo ar.d «tle encnigh to represent our tativ ,. s tfi (licr iI1(lirt«reii. lo honor or t.u- Distriet with credit. Wc are neither faithful to Ihe opu]. trust.—Chicago prophet nor politici*r,fei$$9ippe&rR u O N E O E E w htl.lM, T,.Hl.hl.ra K5vt. nnnai u i I n i v a e i a i e s o a n y o w n 7 i V i i i or city indicate tl» iutelliaeuce of the ,LIU™„RY. Nmmal. MUKC, ralatins. Hud Com i people who ceimu»c the place. A ""t" 1 houses Of Chicago very im)'" Perfectly Swntifa and EealthM. feet without a sllort review of the Hading ,1rm „|ielle% «-»«"'IVIS'V\\*.rtK**K'l'x.. it Nus. 117 and 119 State (street. Chicago 4 'tf Mt \Yn..-i.. (»»«. lias ono advantage, possessed by all "urge niinnr nsres""*"*-- 1$120.09 A MONTH Some of the tincat libraries of tliccoun FOR TWO YSARS! try have been collected 1imc,among«lndi Millie Ageikttt Asay, Major Huntington "OK.UNC. Foft and others. Having been informed of t'.icac TH E TH1SJ* LE facts •we feit inclineu to judge of effee ts from causes, and visited the great book and publishing house of Jansen, McClurg & Co. The apprarancc of the large sales room as »cu enter immediately suggestsn literary atmosphere rather than merely a bock store. The beautiful engravings, paintings and staiuary scattered about, the easy chairs occupied by persons read ing, the groups of twos and threes you see 11" Of America! mitke evei sfftred to thb public. E. J. HALE & SON, Publishers, IT MUItKAY St N. Y, •'An «»xc*,rdln r'y beautiful edition.ft 1'° graphical beauty," sayn Ibe New York Kirty--if:bt un- public libraries—is larger than many valuable books. w)) cU lh(is vhf) iftVe n nhvavula) touching, if not actually involving, tl^c sn*li s» tliev \vislly «it astonishingly --f) honor aud honesty of men high in posi- low prices. The information they gi\ the i Timf'"vJi'.y V.'Ijur'»j"1"v'i'%i.i'rV |Joa st of new ho ks is Quiclt and fast came these damaging terprising indeed, and keeps Ihe reading a n i n e i e a y our mam be ous eagerness of puitisan committees of carried out "Let 110 guilty man escape allegations. The "sensational" press fair- public well advised regarding the litcra tho affairs of the government economi- ]y gloated aud fattened on them. Some world. He advise ad people from o callv administered and itscredit and honor i i.aii ,i in the over-zeal- i conimendulUe an.l cfx 8ec, 0 (,f cou| i l, '. v to visit tins mai 11 k llouse iinV.1 u time thev may 1 n, 0 city, even if tliey should not wish to purchase,and see what a literary store house money am! brains have built up in the ereates'o c-iiv of the world—CHICAGO. —3line'U"lit mmni itpes of s.. ,i :... r.i.„.', 1,1 ,.,i Trihmu. "After many days!" 3NTO^7V BOOKS. "AN EXQUISITE 3IFT BOOK." •'Nearer, My God, to Thee." By Surah Flower Adams. Willi full-page aud Initial Illustrations by Mis* L. B. Humphrey. Gold and black. "The artist has caught Ihe inspiration of the words themselves, and her brain has responded in complete harmuny. Tho i drawings arc all beyond praise, and the 1 engraving of them lias boeu done witli a! dclicucy and care seldom lo be met with in books of the moderate assumption of the present. The printing, 011 t..iek tint ed paprr, is faultless. As the hymn i? in all our hearts, this elegant book »heuU. 011 all our tables/'—Jonnwlof Oliver Optic's new Books. In doors and Out or, Mories for the Chimney (Vrner. One handsome 12tnu vohuue. With numerous full-pagt' and lettep-pres.M Illustrations. $175. C* This ii "a grown up- story book. A 51111111161' iklEff ctilleelion of the author's most popu!»r I stories. As the author says in liif. preface, "IJonn- thrusts at the follies of the parlor and Hie kilrhen, of the shop and the eountinir loom, in short, of life 'In doors and Out.' Most of them an1 now travel- US over the country like a dog without i,f remark, beside the lielknap bribery, U collar but unlike that highly respectable lias been the complete vindication of (hose charged with grave wrong-doing. Instead of convicting the l'reident or his Cabinet officers, or any of (lie liepub lican leaders, of official misdeeds, these public, men have emerged from tie ordeal unscathed, aud stand before the country full vindicated. To this ixtent, then, the Democratic paitisan investigators have perfoiiincd a real service, and if it were tiie resuit of intention, the country would have reason to thank thein. which isn't anyboily's dog, they puppy have an anxious friend at home, who takes this method of calling tliem back to I lie fold again. Going: West or, The Fortunes of Poor I'oy. Illustrated. $1.50. This is tlie first volume of a new series, "The Great Western Series," designed by the author to «rive a fresh, instructive, and entertaining description of Life on he Great l.akcs A Perpetual Gift Book. 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Tbc flove ron*ints ef a hupe lamp, mufa of tieavy till It if on iho huit^n with rounded sulet. havintr lbr«.'n U|ri£rlit tuhi- Imrner* with brond wick* |n-«»uvtnl by mica yusnds #urrouuiliiii_ ti)he!*.Httd tho oil rt'i fplut V inau for water hit.'tx Iwcomc^ lieatcd by the burning oil ami nverrcd i u.)»tetuu and iia^si s upward® ut^id'1 »f the t:ibi s and inro the chiiiin y com bines with the :»nd priidaces a nit ist heat of great inti nsi'y. Sitrniuiidui-'and ruriuouutii gthia df-vi.v is a ia»-ta:»r I'lftnif wnrk quite o:na:n» ntal butnullh-ct tlygiroiia: fora-l practical nws. Upon which to cook vhicli th- tho dinary stove cx:«'ptiij the oven whirh i* of a new aud much improved design. T'pon thin little move one can cook any and all things needed in a family IT WILL Bake, Boil, Fry or Broil any article in less tim»»nndat much Reutlin^ and the use of Schools. With more than 100 Illustrations. Price, $1.30. "Compact, clear, and accurate This unr retendin? little hook is the best pen- V.s'''I' 1 Lniled btates we ha»e 90 W'I it does not exist. This may be ilisan- i child old enough to read history at all will pointing lo the partisian Deiunc to the patriot, to the American citizen who has more regard for the honor and ie 'dis'ap-1 raev. but 1 ''.,CD that every 0,(1 Oliver Opticas Magazine for 1875. An elegant vjlmne of !)M pages, cm taininjr l-wo«erial stories by OliverOptic, two serial stories by Elijah Kellrgr, nu merous stories ami sketches of adven ture, Travel, and Koman a va riety of useful and entertaining matter ill subjects. Illustrated with up wards of 2^ iilustnitions. Price,H00. IOSH t!»an any orh«r coking arratif*nncnt yet d«vij»ed. With the ex eption of th' ovfn. broiler and mm heater t| e*c stoves use either 7, 8, or 9 inch furai tnre. The prices are as follows: Two Burner St?ve $7.00 Three .Burner Stove 9.00 FIXTURES EXTRA i To«Wr? oven holding 10 loaves of bra^d, 5.00 Uon heater holding 5 llats, enough to read history at all will TERMS TO AGENTS understand and like it, and persons of the i On orders Tin-5 fullest InfortiiHtion purest taste admire it."—Bo.*tnand Daily Adcertintr. On order* for over '25 stove* 33^ per cent. off. Discount on fixtures for 3 stoves or over, 10 per cent, otf. Agents wanted in every town Active parties can make from $5.00 to $20.00 per day County aud State with liroiltr will hp f( 1). by express £10,00. ghts for sale. As «mple •rwarded ft) any addiens Addresu tbe propriety ISumluor i 40 Clark St.. L2E & SH£rA£I), Fublishera, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 41rr««kflaSt., BOHTOS. plcave atr-K In what pap^r jron MW this. R, H. FRAZER ,WATCHES, Htc_ CLOCKS, S E N E E *40io A-'li jmt vcvk Ayei^s Cathartic Pills, FOP all the purposes of a Family Physio, and for curing Costiveness, Jaundice, Indigestion, i'oul Stomach, Breath, v World. (•plied i monthly. it two Hiths TftENTY-OXX VOL CUE'S, XoW READY. TRICE, in Clotb. ?i!t t-rtra. per volume, $1 50 ,k Half Turkey Mtrrrocco. £)lt top, 2 S5 APPLY FOK TERIUTOKY AT ONCE 40 TO Charles E Dabney, Gen*l Ag't, Care E. J. Uuie it ifi Headachc, rirysipolas, Rheumatipm, Eruptions and Skin Diseases, Bil iousness, Dropty, Tumors,Worms, a Neuralgia, as a Dinner Pill, for Purifying: the Blood, Are the most ef fective and conge nial purgative ever discovered. They arc mild, but ei wpv Actual in tlu ir 8 3UP' operaiion. moving the bowels surely and witliout paini '-/M Although gentle Se? in their operation, V"v -JrfA ^fk^vy ire e 5^* most 'borough and t-archin^ eathai*8 I tic medicine that can be employed clear —, ing the Ftouiach and bowels, and even the blood. In small doses of" one pill a day, jfj^ they stimulate the digestive organs and promote vigorous health. AYER'S PILLS have been kftotrfi for more than a quarter of a century, and liavc obtained a world-wide reputation for thtir virtues. They correct di^ea^ed action the several assimilative organs of the body* and are st» composed that obstruc tions within their range run i'nrely with stand or cvadu th«ni Xot only do thet cure the every-day complaints of etery* body, but also formidable and dangerous 1 diseases that hate battled the best of human skill. While they prodtiee power ful fefFcvts, they are, «it the same time, the safest and best physic for children. Ry their aperient action they ^ripe nifoeh l»Jsl than tlie common fnifgatives, and never give pain when the bowels are not intiamud. They reach the vital fountains of*thc bloft^, luid strengtlicii liic system by freeing it from the elements of weakness. Adapted to all ages and conditions in ftli climates, containing neither ealonv*! nor any deleterious drug, these Pills may bo taken with safety by anybody. Their sugar-coating preserves them ever fre^i, and makes them pleasant to take while being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from their use in any quantity. 1'Iilil'ARKD BY Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass., Practical and Analytical Ch^iiiistH, SOLD 15Y A1X jmiHiUl'STS EV£UYW1IK2&&. A ing, Penn. Building, •Japanese Building, Swedish Sch.ool hcu5e, Boitrtont, with City and Centennial 7 WII.SON SHUTTLE Piin..'DELPHIA. Mrs. Whitney's Xcw Story Sights and Insight Sewing laoMae iltSi nuri the Leslie )Blk FOR 50 Dollars FARMERS, MERCHANTS, MECHANICS, AN: E V E Y O Y Eiiy t!i3 World-Renowned wmsaw hi BEST IN THE WORLD! jT"»:ic Highest Premium van airardcd to it at VIENNA Ohio htmc Kiiir Northern Ohio Fair Amer. Institute, N. Y.: Cincinnati i:\]ositioii lndiuna|olis Exposition St. Louis Fair Louisiana State Fair Mlsslssiupi State Fair and Georgia Stato Fair) FCH BEING THE BEST SEWING MACHINES, K0PiTH"V, mill iloln? t!io luiTrost and best rmuro of work. All other iliicliinos iu tlio Market wct-.' !:i (iiri'ct COMPETITION!! OlOVQ, P3~For Hemming, Fell ing,Stitching, Cording, Binding, Braiding, Embroidering, Quilt ing and Stitching fine or heavy goods it is unsitrjuisaed. "Whero we have no Agents wo will deliver a Machine for tho price named above, at tha nearest Rail Road Station of Purchasers. cob W1TIIOUT Nos. Needles for all Sewing Ma chines for Sale. RXP"n?e Old Machines taken in Exchange. Send for Circulars, Price List, &c., and Copy of the Wilson Reflector, one of the best Periodicals of the day, devoted to Sewing Ma cnines, Fashions, General News and Miscellany. 75 iv-ITiwtovng. -i't per cent, off Agents "Wanted AnDHEti8, Wilson Mil Machine Co. CLEVELAND, OHIO, fa* just received A Large Assortment of rri- drLiil^u O O .'.t tlUpiet'L'dr.Iitcil O W I E S And which are selling rapidly. The variety anil completncss i i the stock is unsurpassed. Having hitherto been favored with A LARGB POPULARITr OF THE ESfABtlSfiMElIT. j&) Spring Buggies, Kagle Corn Sheller, Star & Winship Pumps, New York Sait, Fence Wire and the b:*st Iiarb in the market, Ilardwan i of all kinds. Wagon Stock, Clothes Wringers, Washing Machines. IGiass and Garden Seeds o! all kinds. Also Agents twi" tiie Wee i Sewing Machine. GOODS ATvL FIRS P-CLASS. Repairs a way .• 'on hand. A IB QKirSOUTH OF COURT HOUSE SQUASH. Try us 4 D, A 0 0 It Dj n]| SI2AIIES Ot' patronage. I oxpcct to so attend to the ifailts to iMsictain the cf H. GALLEY. SWEAT & BALDWIN, 0 JC!CSYE RSOWE3 & KSAP5R. fThe ^assillon narvest 'i-, Tho Haines Header, Frairi City Seeder, Star, Quincy & Vandiver Corn Planteis.The Skinner, Orvis, & Mo line Co., Stirring Plows, The ansickle & Western Corn Plows. Aliens Seventy-Two steel pointed hollow tooth Harrow, also th I Scotch Harrow, Woodworth's patent Sulkey Plow, The Hamilton i & Ithaca Sulkev 11 ay Rake, THE STAR WAGON, Platfoni: \R BUY. E Y TU IN •First-Class Pianos & Organs.: Solo Ag-nt Tama !.»a:ty for th« cfVoraftd GEO. WOODS & CO.'S Parlor and Vestry Organs. Ex H-I's 1 v 1x0 rct-d i»ri,':ii'* Ola iositr:un »iij» tskt-n in f^cl'nn^i- for iu-w rr p^'rex 4 TTORMEY thU [-1 10 k ran II IM Organs for Rent. Llooral for n\\ and examine stock and price*, at Tama C't", or To'edo. Monuments, Mantels & Statuary. u m, r- m, mm.<p></p>F.'&RILE 147,149 & 151 WINDOW BLIND, MAM'H.U'Tl'KKD HV T1!K Independence 31 Tg Co. Greatly Superior in Every Re spect, and Combining more Advantages and Conveniences than any other Blind. ••ftF Agents wanted In wry Connty fn Iowa. |||d for Circular. Addreas. H. HAKTLK, Bujit. of Agoncies. STONER & EiMER, Lor» AJMI*. tmm Co., low*. ESTERN & GRAHITE co.i—il?rrr MANFFARTNTEILS A DKALKRS IX AIX KINDS OF Marble Mantles & Grates. ,"eli Marbleized Slate and Iron Mante!s, Ma 1 e Conn ters,Con 111 or Tops Tahl(^ Tops, Plumaers' Slabs, Floor Tile, &c. South Jefferson St., near Adams St- CHIOAGO, SHERMAN PATEWT 111. MAIN STREET, IlMilWI, I2W4 Hulbert Bros. AM) ©RCfciNS, 10 Of^l the standard makes. Marshalitewn, lowa. Business and Professional. "!CAW^^Jn-WKs^ STIVERS & LELAND, i TTOU. V Toledo, Ta:«aCooi»tJr« I BuiUlin-. over riarttt» i' A T.'N-H". 'I 2si AT cJa A town. Spi'tiul ntleiitiou t:icolle«tioii». 0«cf o*cr_tlf Hoft-offic-. D. S. i. Tf'U^P \0 C. R. STfiRrfEMAN1. J—III I vI.^'nsT. Will bi- a! T-di-ilo III.- Second Slop- HI I' orctL-rj Moi til. milt r-n-allt otip #wk 1 5 E I 1 I tl. t* xtlso- NIT Fill NSW HISl NIV GSIS !!ggSS:=KsS:isiSs^ I T.i twenty years a£23Sf."3 SB® T?- iir ilnvjsi s mm e 5^3 a in at t}i«- old »taad a^itin. at the *l£n of tit* LivcrvjFcedStabk._ CEiTFi mm ii: os 1 |T IX S-3 ID'S TEMPLE OF MUSIC7 Sltll.I.T, CUHAfiO. Eo^e -w* WW W W 0oIn#w^ Io*»- i TTTORNETS Al' LAW. Toledo. Iowa. Wil I J\ PrrtcJicc ill tile Suprrm^ and District Courts lift. Mpkesj. West.... i Gtrt&gEMt... APPELGATE & KINNE, TfiiKNKYS AT I..WV. Tol-.-do. Turn* Ooii|i(.T._ ,\ I'«a. in Stitiu-'n buiUiiUtf, oTtir C. Machine. e ina(.i frohnrf»»i l./" iy otlier business. For prieo* ami firl os* Hewitt & EvelfJh, Hitcin ^AIUT0 A. T. Biichard MAU AIID Boast,06 n the Grand°,d MUSTANG INIMENT, ul 17"r "n^,nJ.Ir-ST STAIimrb"' COUNTER,PLATFORM WACOFi&TRACK I SCALES CL/i AGENTS WANTEDS -I J-.EMD r0« PFslCE LIST MARVIN SAFE fjSCALE COj 265 BROADWAY /V. Y. I 72! CHESTNUT ST. PH!LA. PA. I fOSJMN K ST.CLEV .O 4RR'VALA, STRU3LE & isOd&itM. tf* «»y. Traoraucl ('rvstal 1 For the WeH HOMER S. BRADSHAW, TTOUNKV AX orJrsKr.'-»u ATtuw.j BAIIK*. AC"*. BAILEY tz AUSTIN, ud 1 Tn^" day and UtMi-einSton»'» and Crystal T.,« S«urf«r :Taoi,,V.Thui £BERSOLE & WILLETT. TTOI!i:V At 1.AW mill Notarlew Public: CENTRAL R, R, 4:»1 _r a?°* «»Ing theCh:. .,,,,,, MA.iSUAU.C wwtem ]. —..uii'V Conncetinst "Hi THOMAS 3. FREE, TTOT7XKT AT t.AW nn-l I'mltd gtatta^Oom snT:Tu.p»t-, ... V !ni«*!T!»r Toledo, C»fTlc»' oVtr Free & Makes It the I for al,p„iau"n 111 SOL'TU-EAST A5IJ «n»et di'firablf outle '«r tr»*t*l fn.R, JOSEPH POPDLKA, rr-ThroniA Ti,-k.."t~i r"1 l.AW. Montour. Tarn. Coiinty. v'n'ited'statcs"" itt,por'aat ML3- "lulij. A. TOWN8END, KI-sckm, B- CBamu Gcn BALLARD. M. D. '^•""oJTick fe#,, I i TTORN-KY AT l.\« Trat-r. Tuma C'onnty. AL' 7. tsa i A ioW». \vii. uini.a to iv,i,i.i.. i o!u.t». r»t bniCaffO & North-WT* and 1:111(1 OfHcc b'jlhirl. Roonld in tlx A ,V W I d&m M»vor QlUff. l)li\SU'lAN. SUKUEU A!«I) AO«rrlIEri( I Special uttuulion puid lo SurK IJ Offlee .11 Urn-bur. Boston N,'* ^tiriiT-i-r's Iriljr Store. U-*idclice lu L. S. Hull 8 more. Wii-'liitiirioft si near the M. K. (.'htirrb. JCAITAVA'y P***ppj er8 for IJiiiTulo, iuuuti. Itoilif -v Sa'-runifiiip, I IL Blail".MOITU I, st ,Z. it, W fi-r, -. ,«n- ,'3ln(!i.'-t IT. ..«««• I rllin-.- t,--tli tilh Uoll a hny »he:r (lck.-t via fJll'-A( ',S,'! !*. i! I apcciaiu* .Ail Othrr W-.rh i ChltiflgO & North^Wegti •pcciaiU*- I NELSdlf & fiARKSa. 't 1 W»t i it. i! ,m »)tli ik r/OM "f' Kith /uth,* or',. nn u.1) Hif Itiw-a ..r it.: .i ''l'''tilD'"k»,lkakl I This is the ONLY l.lxif Iween Chic-opo ami St. .Ilt'He i v!vbii»Ii i| tai-, ai mt ""i all the Much uf this road. Sh~„ wtagoai. At (T.anaonrSle»T»r8ci.«,i.M land si-Fin-rn ..t, th- I'mon l'»,iiit »,' a P"iuts wt-n of thu Mi«oi,.i $*«• Anu.n^tho Inducements offere.ibi th I tt) tluMravelin? puMj,-ar« ii! i|„M i- menlis: and (JravtJ ..."rn'h .tall: Ifoi k and In n It if*.., i'.. T,lck:,,..luu-»'nn,f i jiniiins ilinjiiUi Five (jr« N"-' "nx/.T V 1 4 (jriti* f~ ji'o ccn^¥ft!YS 'liiti clri-ail ii c,,, ,uraplt,10iJ' '"ak' CRL k,™»'»i U.'V. FDWAHB A. WIIS1.J St-. H:!!i:i'H«b»r K' itROSS OF"YOUlT '.!:':ihooi!: bowlost, liowrtslow writ M-.t v.JidSr 'f ii' •:t v VTOKUHCEA o -ti rr/- .u-y If. J.Boixi: 3 Mrii'iil una I'!n iical Inn.. 1 tu Mnrr ML'f. tr. N l'l'lt K -Y ns:il 1 1 fjvtra^ .«, i fcj self in -Y ns:il 1 1 fjvtra^ e. & ri.-t- in a MU: Jetl ooi ii: -u 1 iic*!i-l)ra»f ft auth thi^ I dlui'.a. u :y rU'int from a Uii that th.* alar ir-.LBR.HTF ni N IK- ra-! c»j:\ withoas'v'-i rfbejcp knife: 1 riire i :. e. Ci rti iu. avi vrti »!. bv ttiinf ,'Y IAT LONRIIU i.' •ill,,. rfl pi v«c i fJ::^ f.-. 1 ill tbts kalU i v youtb nd in t! f? land. f,1K .it uii'h i e'l'pi'. ti pnKt-p lid. i'ii i statupu. .\ddn I' 151{ L" GMA.V Si SON. '•xv r- l• ffie« Bui AC7WTS WANTED EVERY aitww IN 'Ml!. 1. Zizi aai Cheaper.islfcfe. -al cmniiwimi'- iillowr' U wu» circulars wriic iiimu-di.itily to 3t Louis Bible Publishing Co BE UTIFU Al ATTRACTIVE FRfCSS White l'arii pieces.. White Paris'r Capitals, Brackets. I :odiliions Mt ^I^rnfi 2 J1 20 Porct'l/tin Diun« ll'j Pnrcc! iin Tv'aJols«P*«" tVud nil himl ot rchitfrtural Plaster i White Paris au Portwiain Toilet Se» NVoik, MuJHil.ictLUAl hy piece* A I White French l'hiu» Dinner Set4. J-\ E. STsliTH & CO., pier. 181 11 lid n-C8l..lf St.. I'almcr House, fine White French Chl ia T« Sels. 'iuc.\ o. iij.iNois. ne Oold baud From li China Tra Se«. Sow Jllnstnted C'aia'osiie Ire'W' CATALOGUE WMwwBRHi Mlllli.... O. L. XXffvd.iey Cooper Institute. N. V- .•a-«*#re una Ilousr 4 ... .» (ioo.'s ,'iirifllllv t.J. «M I S.. a for tran.iwrtwi.rn fnr nf V 1) nr V. U Money Order. New Law Books. JAMES COCKCEOFT k IK !«, CI-, IIWKS HECES-TL 1 i iu.ur. ADDISON ON TORTJ 'C y, r."— ADDISON ON CONTRACTl I'-fin th*1 latent Loudon rditinn iHf, Km- llU'l'lHlL'hl}' Hllll°t!ilt :vniv lo 1 In- AliH'riill1 i v...r Y' •ri f' A-ii.lflDn Mor":lli Kcil i1' H1' lor nf III* -Law uf l.iiemture. i.l'i'lli.' l'nn.-i|i--s .'f^Kj«'#••• BEST ON EVIDENCE •i!„. rri».-tyi.»..nhv hi I -j i») Aliicru'an Hi"r i •-M..Is..Svo.. Sli,,) Dillon on Municipal cori rations. Bv lion. John Hilli'ii ,if t: -. "Judge, Eijrhtb I'irriiit. and tiers oftlie Mijiri-n '''",",„iar»f(l. Edition, r. viswl and sn-»I.. n Herman on Execution^ Over 1U.OOO Cam clt«U "".""""{S,, the. cialoua KuflUU and i. time., B»o.. .v, flwl' t'-f flS Reed's Practical SugS tions. For the conduct »f Law Lu)i: court. John C. Loiu Shvij), Z'M 0ue $' Wella A Treatise on y tions of Law anoFae Instriictiuns to Jurlosi CMMtllllOll". BY J. \VKLL3« 8*o., l»aw 9h^p REPORTS FOR Illinois li,-|H.Vt» l\.|.ll'li'lf II|iaoi» i. poi i'. oil'! Ohio, and tiliin -i»K'. i'i"l'lel" I.ouishina. I'mupliii' .nv.iinim' MoakV l(rl...r... 1J Abbott's National IJitfest. c. S. »ise.l. 81 Volume, tw- REPORTS V.ANTEU- Iowa Report., 1 (.'•nkylcte Sct» sod Odd VdlinW-

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