Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 25, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 25, 1876 Page 3
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'.JABL"_L ii fOLEDO CHRONICLE. Official Paper of the County. JAB. IVKDGE. Editor and Proprietor. CttEDO. IOWA, THTTTSCAY, KAY,25th, 78. Republican Congressional Convention. The Republican Congressional Conven tion of tVo? 5th CnnirnsMnnil District of lown. will hp held at the City of Ceditr Kapids, lown,on Wednesday, "the 21st day of June, 18?ft, nt 11 o'clock, a. for the purp' se nominating o"«» Republican candidate to represent said District in Congress. The ratio of reprenentation will lie one delegate foreueh county in the District and in addition thereto one dele gate for every two hundred voles or frac tion over one hundred votes eaxt for S. J. Kirk wood for Governor at the general election in 1875. The several counties in fluid district are entitled to representatives «S follows Benton 0».. it dvl'jra?ci«. Iowa Co.. l» dcli'jriiti'R. John*'H '«».. tsi drlnratee. Ucn Co.. 16 (lelrcntv*. Hftrxhiiil Co.. 10 delegate*. P»wcth «k Co.. delegate*. IfcinaCo.. Sdelfg te*. WM. O. THOMPSON, Chairman of Cong. Com. 5tli Cong. Dist. Republican Count) Ciuiventlrn. House, in Toledo, on Saturday, May 2ith, 1870, at It a. m„ for the purpose of nom- tVountu u))erct*or: for thf purpose, aho, Lincoln Toledo...... .Spring Creek 8 Tama Crystal... 3 Otter Creek.. Perry York -Clark 3 ^'t Creek 'Oneida 4 Kichlaud 4 (Carroll 2 Columbia Highland 3 order of County Central Committee E. C. EBERSOI.E, We invite all to unite with us, without ^regard to past party preferences or atliia tions, who wish stitution and its anundments enforced, and just and equal rights accorded to all who wish to see corruption and dishonesty punished, and the President's order carried out "Let no guilty man escape tho affairs of the government economi cally administered and its credit and honor maintained and who wish to see the free school system fostered all who wish to sec sectional differences laid aside, but who believe that the war demonstrat ed tlio fact that the blue ard not the gray —'the hand that saved and not the one that would have slain, should govern the land all who condemn the recent trea sonable utterances of Southern Democratic members in Congress all who believe that JetY Davis has all the rights he Is •entitled to while the tales of Anderson vrillo and kindred horrors yet freeze the Iblood of the listener. To all such and all othcrr who feci that the Republican party Is the one to save the country in this its "hour of peril, wc bid welcome, and ask you to assist us in placing a ticket in the field that shall sweep the State, and place riowa in the Centennial vear. where she -now stands, the Bann-r Republican State :in the Union. By order Republican jState Centeraf Committee. II F.N It Y C. LEIGHTON, Chairman. Centennial Letter. TJtt International ErhlbiUan Inai'qnvatHl— Open ing prnmpUy on the lay prutnin' Philttdel phia illy prepared ArcommodationM adequate and eroncm'iral Trannpnrtation facilitUt am ,pU— The priii lege of a life time. PHILADELPHIA, May 19th, 1876. By the time this reaches the readers of •tlie CHKOMCLE, the news of the inaugu ration of the grandest World's Fair of •the ages will have flashed by the electric spark over the globe, and been carried by myriads of swift messengers into every •look and corner of the land. People In .-till the hauilets and villages of America •will have read from countless correspon dents' notes the jubilant scenes of the •dav. These scenes were imposing, im pressive, and inspiring to the last de •gree. No such celebration was ever wit msaaed since our fathers founded the Re OadUiic. tRvery department of the National Gov iCTnment was represented the Emperor •of with his suite, and the diplo matic corps of many foreign governments wmre present in person, with governors amfl tlcgislaturcs of the States, mayors of t{lirecitic8. and thousands of guests of dis rtuicticu in every rank and profession. It was an august assemblage. Multi tudes of the people attended. It is esti mated that 200,000 at least were there. $h(ili a mass of humanity was never be fiiie seen in any similar gathering in the world's history. The opening has been truly auspicious, and marks an event al together unique aud wonderful in our .country's annals. ItF.ADY FOU THE OPENING. Several points which have been matters of auxious question, have been practical settled by the happy inauguration of be exhibition. It was deemed by many Impossible to have the buildings in readi mesa at the appointed time. The strange •apathy, not to say antipathy, of great numbers of the American people towards & he undertaking the long indifference, not to snv opposition of a large portion of the influential press of the country AMKRtrAN** iixrBTRATKD. A Few Tacts. Thank* to n golden number of resolute public-spirlted citizens, tlic "1™ whom the government laid the respond I bility nml to whon it intrusted the honor nnd the privilege of (lie undeitaking, all the doubts luive now been res'Iv-.'il the opportunity for months visiting the scene of bu«*y preparation, the sight has been utterly astounding. A strange looking city of magnificent buildings, wide avenues and drives, has grown up as if by magic, under their very feet. Richly-freighted cargoes of exhibits have ings in all, man) of them large anil uanii- i .js Ug )]b iml grnnd appointing delegates to repres, nt tlic f^t, the hxhtbKion is a greater state Republican party of Tama County in the of forwardness than were any of the Mate, Congressional and Judicial con- Chairman. ,1Tal«do, May Oth, 1870. ."BEPl'BUCAN STATE (OXYENTIOS. Tho Twentieth Annual Republican "State Convention will be held at Des Moines, on Wednesday, May 31st, 1876, impulsiveness. In rcn vantions, cither now called, or Boon to be called, by the proper authorities and to transact any other appropriate business. This convention having important bus iness to transact, and this centennial year toeing one of unusual political interest, it A» hoped thai all parts of tlie county will World's Fairs that have yet been 1 held. PHILADELPHIA^ I.ODOIJiO CAPACITT. tunity and engaged in projects that to- nn .. it day stand out iu their completed jiropor ... .6 tions for the admiration of all who ap- 4 plaud well-directed business energy and 1 enterprise. FIGIM'ES SrEAKINO FOR T1IKMSEI.VKS. The Hoard of Finance have estimated, upon the basis of the attendance al the the Vienna and Paris Expositions, that there will be at least 10,000,000 admis sions to the grounds during the Exhibi tion—an average of 65,000 per day. This average attendance can now be provided for in the hotels alone! By extending old ones, and the erection ot monster new ones, sonic of them accommodating their 1000, 2000, and 4000 each, and with the innumerable smaller houses opened in the vicinity of the grounds capable of for the purpovc of making the following nominations Twenty-two delegates to the National entertaining their 100 to 400 gueMb each, Ropnhlican Convention (4 at large—2 from i the number of 05,000 is reached. Ill it 'each Congressional District.) Eleven candidates for Presidential elec •tor8 (J at large 1 from each Congressional .District.) Two candidates for Judges of the Su preme Court. One candidate for Secretary of State. ••One candidate for Auditor of State. One candidate for Treasurer of State. One candidate for Attorney General. One candidate for Register of State Land Office. Tlic ratio of represent nt ion will be one delegate for each county in the State, and and in addition thereto, one delegate for -everv S00 votes or fraction over 100, cast far Samuel .1. Kirkwood. for Governor, at the general election in 1H75. On tllis basip *of representation, Tama County is entitl •ed to 8 delegates. are included the liostelries crcctcd on the dwelling house plan,—that is, rows of houses so crnstructcd as to be readily transformed into dwelling-houses after the Exhibition is over. "A CITY OF HOMER." It must be remembered, too, tlifttPhila dclpliia is emphatically "a city of homes'' having her 144,000 dwelling houses with in her city limits. Among these arc a great number of quiet, respectable board ing-houses, well organized to entertain visitors, and give tliem accommodation! of room and table superior to many a good hold, and at rates ranging from $1 to per day. Many private families, too, have for the nonce arranged to keep house for Centennial visitors at very —.I....... „f ni»n»i The Centen nial Boarding-House Agency, having that special sanction of the Board of Finance, has already engaged accommodation* for 20,000 visitors on very reasonable terms and there arc other responsible and reliable agencies in the same work. The aggregate capacity of these accom modations is estimated at 50,0t)0 guest daily and when private houses whose latch-string will bang out for relatives and friends to whom the rare old-fashioned Philadel phia hospitality will be eartily dispensed we may safely put the figures of possible accommodation at 130,000 daily, with a still further capacity cf expansion upon such emergency days as the Fourth of July and other special great day3 of the Exhibition. but one horse nuhvay available and no the honest doubts of many as to the ex-1 in advance that there are ®cdieucy of centralizing the celebration tions in the city for all who come far su SJJ the wav proposed the tardy support I LE'IO1: of the National and State Legislatures rom wou|| And beec conceived, combined with the depression in the general bus- to accomplish. Centennial comes but ioess of the ceuutry, all leading to disap- in a hundred years! If you miss it, j, o i vou miss the grandest civic opportunity jointmcnts ami u.l«y«, very naturally WonUi, «r evep iu the yew a,pi*ojotcd and p] the foU articlo dcscrip- u P° a tiv fi „t.clll8(ll usc ul Chicftg0 pnpcr rilc w mt uiey are recommended:] Inarl ., rnt is)su( of n :l sioners declared that the xh biticm' should open on the 10th of Ma}', 18«G. I) I I.Y, there ippe:irrd nil item entitled glorious realization of Aircrican patriotic "Old matter in new form," in wbi'li tlic pluck and prrseveraii' e. The Oonimis- facts are mentioned. Hint some ingeniou" ld ontrivc 1 flj| ,, n vv 1|cr—heat On the 19th of May, 1870, it was opened, litile article for household use, which Tt,» i.-m«fnrnitttio'ns effected on the united utility and economy in a rare and 1 lie ti.insinuations mi pleasing maimer. We described this .Mti grounds and in tlic whole locality of the follows: Exhibition in the short spacc of a year "A lmge lamp, made of heavy tin, flat ive hern simply marvelous. To many on the bottom, with rounded sides, li»v Pl.iladelpbians, c-en, who have not had |»S Ibree upright tube burners broad, large wicks, protected by mica guards. fniiToundir.gthe lubes and" about i the oil receptacle, is an npaitment for water which becomes heated by the burn ing oi! and converted into steam, an-.i jynssing upward, outside of the tubes. combines with the heat of the oil and produces a moist heat of great intensity. Surrounding and surmounting this devic" conic from all parts of the world, and is a mctulic frame work, quite ornamcn i i.i'in hnild- tal, but sulHcientlv strong for all practi been arranged in II e places. 1.10 build |ca] u8( s Upon tllis !irt. arc side for the uses and purposes of the oc- casion. Whilst the fiuisning touches are 1 still to be put on here and there, and The Republican party of Tama Couuty gome of the sections and spaces of exhib -will meet in convention at the Court i i|Hrg are nol u tc of the same description as those used have been erected within the Exhibition upon an ordinary cook stove excepting i ii i i ,.e Ki,ii,Hi,.«i mil. the oven, which is of a new and niucn grounds, and huiidieds of build,n s out ve( (l ,.sl„n Upon a a filled, yet the whole is ln Ruch a state or completeness as not to inating one candidate for Clerk of the. impair or abridge in the least degree the District and Circuit Court*, one eandi- general effect, or rob the inauguration of .date for KeconUr, and one candidate for tllis citv, where there arc several of these stores in use, practical, every dnv opera tions show that bread can be baked in eighteen to twenty-six minutes an eight to twelve pound roast in aw hour and a quarter to an hour am. a half turkey in tho same time chickens in fort)' to sixty minute^ a steak or ham, broiled to suit the most fastidious, in five minute oio On another question a good deal' of ^^^-^^min, ^'"aU ^e anxious speculation has becu spent, it 1 had been asserted that the Centennial City had not and could not provide, Jbe fullv represented, and that the several township committees will take early steps commodation for the floods of visitors tto send in full delegations. iat wou Tip* ratio of representation will be one ia surely pour in upon her dur- Tli ion it, now sct •delegate for each tcwnship. and in addi tion thereto one delegate for every 35 rest beyond yotes, or fraction thereof of 10 or more, Philadelphia was chosen as Hie site of .cast for Hon. S. J. Kirkwood for Govern- le or_»t the general election for the jrear •1875. The respective townships wil entitled to delegates as follows: Oeneseo 4 Howard.... Buckingham 3 Carlton •Grunt 3 Jnd. Village are told, has been done and is now beinir done every dav, nt a cost cf one cent pe hour for oil (the water costs less.) These Summer King stoves will do all that any cook stove will do, take up but little room and use no smell from the burn ing oil they are cheap. du»nble, easily asonablc doubt. When I kept clean, find easy to handle. We re gard their introduction as the commence ment of a revolution in the art of cork ing, and much of the labor also and re commend any person who wishes to avoid the disagreeable heat of the ordinary ,,r0|K)K(,ti celebration her hotel capac )y d)J Bo( il lruCt fXttl cd I 1 ,0)000(!UC8l! 1 •. !•„. cook More, during the Summer or prae question, and capitalists saw then oppor- Hut public sentimcut was aroused on the |icp e( ()I)nmv |o pivi an exiim By A UNO LI) IlL'ttGKS, Late Editor "American Sportsman." 1 vol.. square 8vo. Illustrated. $4.00. A Trea i*e on lion's, especially the Sporting Va i rietie* uitha.SI,i*t of nearly SOU imnorted and n:*tiVii Dtuja in the Uuited States, giving cor iect Pe'lKjftos,'after the manner of thu Eng ish and American Turf Ca'endai s. "Admirably adapted for the requirements of the field Sportsmen of i hi?'•onntry. His suggestions Be OFR GF^V,ITRVICE!,,'r-J%,VLI7RTNJ S(rnimt New kkNo add the lumiOCl TRANSPORTATION OF rASSENOKHS. In close connection with the lodging question, is that of the transport!! tion facilities to and from the grounds'| from the surrounding towns and cities, and from the central and remoter parts of the city itself. Tiie means of rapid transit for enormous numbers are be lieved to be thoroughly ample and ade quate. Opening day was a severe test of tl:e9C facilities, but they proved equal to the strain. It must be borne in mind, that Philadelphia streets are a complete network of horse-car railroads. At Vien- f» »o n!in can peruse this book i profit and instruction while to the young bejrinne OI witjl gUn it is invaluable IWMv*' Spirit. AMERICAN' WILD-F.WX SIIOOTINO. By Joseph W. Lng. Illustr.4t.ed with models and planf for Hi ats. Decoys. Blinds. Camping Uten sils. etc.. and a number of spirited 8p rling To he. hul through '. \y HooksrUer, or u be mailtif potf pdi'l. on w.ipt nt' price, by B. FORD & CO.. N. Y. FORTY YEARS BEFORE TIIE PUBLIC. DR. C. M?LANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS, Hepatitis or Liver Complaint, Symptoms of a Diseased Liver. patient is rarcly able t0 S1(je steam passenger railway leading near the shoulder-blade, and it frequently ex tlie grounds. Philadelphia lias five main tends to the top of the shoulder, and is lines which pass directly to and into the sometimes mistaken for a rheumatism in grounds, and by the system of exchanges, f',le arm. The stomach is affected with these connect with almost every other lossofappetiteandsickness the bowels line in the city, thus bringing a car with- in general are costive,sometimes alterna- ft stone's throw of almost every dwell tive with lax the head is troubled with ^^""Xnvin'j ail' "intense ""partinHty ing,—nt a cost of six to nine cents for pain, accompanied with a dull, heavy passage to the grounds. One sensation in the back part. There is lines earricd between 0,000 and 83,0001 .. *. passengers on the first dav of the Exlii- I generally a considerable loss of memory, bition. The main lines o"f steam rail- 1 accompanied with a painful sensation of roads have also made special provisions having left undone something which to meet the case,—Pennsylvania and the rjUght to have been done. A slight, dry Readiug Iloads having their depots in ,nrTI„h- „n 't'l, and just without the grounds. The i„t. ,-ougn is sometimes an attendant, ne ter road gave as the total number of 1 patient complains of weariness and de ('entennial passengers carried on the bility he is easily startled, his feet are Opening day at 7S.000. In addition to cold or burning, and he complains of a these the public coaches, omnibuses, and nr:rj.i„ other recently organized transportation I railway is built all round the place, in side the enclosure, with stations at every principal buildiug. This road is 8^ mile's I gj We ,1:lTe becn ftcconnnoda- to l,ose in most of our summer watering-places means of getting around phu'i to place quietly and comfort­ ed above all, and largely arising from ably, at the usual rates fo'r such service yth"se the luck of funds to carry out the "»"t a public sentiment that will frown '. -n... „.„i„ i, down ail}' attempts at exortion which p-ojectoo the «o. thy scale on which it' ,, ,. th ExllibltKm lin 0 ,l go far ()f )-()1Jr ifp ^nt t() |I!1V0 i lc fi,-eside or iu the iogra pi, v 0 ™snt inn nfrhrskitv his snirifs rlckl sensation ot tne Skin, Ills spirits facilities, not forgetting the jaunty little are low and although lie is satisfied that steamers on the Schuylkill, give altogeth- i exercise would be beneficial to him, yet 0,000 carrying capacity of at 1 passengers an hour, or :!.)(),000 each way. i enolIg], t0 ve SOUHSMON FUHII,L. l" rti ul: S120.C0 A MONTH invention fram FOR TWO YEARS! stoves are .just MonGY AladC l).V A 2,011 tS „1C JI K noANTii,K WORKING FOR THISTLE EDITION, inlv fill]v tVi" i: "f rni THE fill maim1 r, to combine tlic products of and steam—in a neat Of American make eve, offered to the pnOHC. E. J. HALE Publishers, mplfte the p)nc(.d the uten- w some, all of them unique and ornamental j,|t.j, j() cook and these utensils Subscribers supplied with two volnmes monthly. Eleven mouths delivery, TWBNTT-OXK VOLl'ME*, 1WW READY. PRICE, in Cloth. «ri!t extra, this little st.»v« Qne Cftn r(H) al |y .uu}everything needed family. It will bake, boil, fry or broil, any article in less tin e, and at much less expense, than any other cook ing arrangement yet devised." In proof of this 1 st remark, and in an swer to numerous inquiries, we will state that, at one the largest restaurants in JUT vo'.nme, 03 ,0 7 i nil t|,rv will find them even better ter than described. R, H. FRAZEE. .WATCHES, mm V CLOCKS, JEWELRY. Etc.. ,jl CORNELL COLLEGE. Eighteen Teachers. Five hnndred students annually. Building ample. SiuptriorMuMCJim?, IJbrarien.Laboratory.and Apparatus, Clas cal. Scientific Civil Kn^ineerifiir. Military. Pre paratory. Normal. Music. Painting, and Com mercial* Depart ni-'tit* Board and Tuition very Low, ItlCIH K!» 'l li. K\'ir- poll TttK STfDENTS. Location Perfectly Beautiful and Healthful. First Term opens Hfpt. 2. 1H75. Second Term opens Dec. ». 1H75. Third T- rm opens Marck 1876. for Catalogues, etc, addrens, Pres W. F. KIN P. 1). 40 tf Mt. Vernon. Iowa. ANIMPORTAN Book on Dogs! TIIE AMERICAN KKNNKI AND STORTING FIELD It restores gray or faded hair its youthful color. It removes all eruptions, itching and dandruff*. It gives the head a cooling, soothing sensation of great comfort, and the scalp by its aso becomes white and clcan. By its tonic properties it restores the capillary glands to their normal vigor, preventing baldness, and making the hair glow thick aud strong. As a dressing, nothing has been found so effectual or desirable. A. A. Hayes, M. IX, State As suyer of Massachusetts, says," The constituents are pure, and carefully selected for excellent quality and I consider it the lliisx I'liK.i'AKATIOIf for its intended purposes." Price, One Dollar. Buckingham's Dyo FOR THE WHISKERS. .V. "Best \vrir?r and anth rity on d»-g* and their pedi-r.-es i-i this country." Th' Ul.t.«'hicairo.) Books. )TIN Shooting HELD. COVER. AND 'I I'M" SI Capt. A. II Hoffupimp. "(hnnifj of America. Edited by Ch J. h\» Steel Port rail of Author, and en« ravin^H ••Cham iion Medal." 1 vol. 12ino. Prin With the £3.1)0. thout he can scarcely summon up fortitude and Out/ .Most of them are now travel them A FAIR TKIAL. I °nB" Hiiow nnran iron ».i For all Bilious derangements, and as j..-r |...I *IW,| nirty be relied on to change the color of the beard from gray or any other un desirable shade, to brown or black, at discretion. It is easily applied, being in one preparation, and quick ly and effectually produces a per manent color, which will neither rub nor wash off. Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO., 1 NASHUA, N. H. Sdd tv all ii Seilsn la Uollc^iM 1 Soeues. lvol. 12mo. IM. e, "No to »k of its kind, s full in detail, so accu rate in information,hi s e*er appeared."1—Chicago* lnt r-Ocean. "After many days! ll^e^T* BOOILS. "AN EXQUISITE GIFT SOOE." "Nearer, My God, to Thee." By Sarali Flower Adams. Willi full-pnge mill lniliul llliistrntions by .Miss L. B. llumplircy. (ioldniul black. $2.00. "The in list IIMS cnuglit tlic inspiration of the words I hcinsulvcs, and her brain responded in complete harmony. The awings are all beyond praise, and the igniving of tliem has been done witti a delicacy and care seldom to be met with enirr FOR THE CURB OP i bookti ui"lh^, moderate assumption of i the present. The printing, on t..ick tint- DYSl'Iil'SlA AND SICK HEADACHE* ed paper, is faultless. As the hymn is in nilonr hearts, this elesant book slieuld be on all our tables."—Jouriialof Commerce. By the Author of "Prufly." "Doctor'* Daughter ami "Our Helen." AIN in the right side, under theedge The Asbury Twins. By Sophie 3Inj, of the ribs, increases on pressure Illustrated. $1 7"). mi the access was practically by foot- sometimes the pain is in the leftside the '.^)|l'ie May neyer proses. She never passages and carnages only There was Po' lie on the left jr^uUhhi^^i^iness'^hrS sometimes the pain is felt under typo of human life. Her characters do not dn like strayed and homesick angels pining fora speedy translation. They are thoroughly flesh and blood creatures, of ten impulsive,now and then going wrong, with the lower and higher natures daily coiuinir into close conflict and fighting doubtful battles. Hut she always puts for souls that throb with strong forces, and keeping little reveience for humbrura jicople anil mathematical go^loess."— Morning Oliver Optic's new Books. I In doors and Out or. Morii s for the Chimney Corner. One handsome 12mo I volume." With numerous full-pugs aud letter-press Illustrations. fl.7r. This is "a grown up" story book. A i collection of the author's most popular stories. As the author says in his preface, "Home thrusts at the follies of the parlor and the kitchen, of the shop and the 1 counting room, ill short, of life 'In doors try it. Ill fact, he distrusts ing over the country like a dog without a railwts eonverJ^gM Plliladelphialro,,! every remedy. Several of the above "ut.unlike. that highly resectable all directions, will run special trains at symptoms attend the disease, but cases reduced rates, and tickets are to be told which will give low rates to and from the Exhibition from all parts of the country. Uapid trains are to run from all points within 100 or 200 miles. From New York the running time is to be two hours, and thousands will come from that city in 'lie mrrning, spend the day at the Exhibition, anil return at night. The Pennsylvania Railroad has made ex tensive preparations to provide for the masses. To facilitate locomotion inside the grounds, a double track liarrow-gau AGUE AND FEVER. DR. C. M?LANE'S I.IVER PIM.S, IN CASES OF AGUE AND FEVER, when taken with Quinine, are productive of the most happy results. No better cathartic can be used, preparatory to, or after taking Quinine. We would advise all who are afflicted with this disease to timnlp nnmtivc ihi-v irp nnenn.-ileH setting, *t forth these Items, that all who propose! 0 vi jt a Slm )le ur i„, E.v.l,il,',iion may feel assur The genuine S^tve, they are unequaled. BEWARK OF IMITATIONS, DR. C. MVI.ANE'SLIVER i Every box has a red wax seal on the I lid, with the impression DR. MV'LANE'S LIVER PILLS. The genuine M?LANE'S LIVER PILLS bear the signatures of C. 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"lhe book is so wrilten that every child old enough to read history at all will understand and like it. and persons of the fullest information and purest taste will admire it."—Boxton Doily Advertiser. Oliver Optic's Magazine for 1876. and on the wrappers. S&- Insist on your druggist or storekeeper giving you the genuine DR. C. M?LANE'S LIVER PILLS-, )ccn at compelled to iiie Ooubt whether, after American Centennial will rest almost as Sold by all respectable druggists and iitll, Hie ExWMtion could possibly be a stigina npon an American citizen when country storekeepers generally. ,. ,i„„ ,,P .|1() the records of his individual life come to j-eaeb .for :the world on the day or the |)(_ unfo (1) ir()Und ,| To An elegant volume of SMM) pages, con taining two serial stories by OliverOptic, two serial stories by Elijah Kellrgjr, nu merous stories and sketches of Adven ture, Travel, and Roman ce,»»ul a va riety of useful and entertaining matter on all subicc ts. Illustrated with up wards of 200 illustrations. Price,$4.0U. pre- the pared by Fleming Bros., Pittsburgh, Pa llfflwl,h"?ll10 the future. i ff iS? *n^lOU n Cl. I rUILorAriUAM. K.KMtUKi HROS.. I'lfrahurjh, Ta. ^•L'AN" F'ttl Iht of publication* ir en 4qMrf ttunfof literature xrnt free on ap tcation LEE li SHEPARS, Publishers, 0 'II"LI I'laukliu St., BOSTON. themagjcpuiter For makirg Dress Trimmings The Simplest, Cheapest a AND BEST A 11ST 13 SIDE ZFLA-IITHsTG-, jipace.*. in various width*. Box 17 MIKKAY St., N. Y. with "An exceedingly beautiful «'dition.a trem of typo gruphical beauty.' xayn the New York World. Forty-eight volumes'. aviTHginjr 400 pagt s each, hamlBof inexperienced aud containing nearly Two THOUSAND z plaiting., O) a o o I The peculiar nn1 improved conPtnetionrenderH the Machine positive and ace.iraie. «*veu in the i is. while it makes beautiful than the i best of hand-work A chihl can produce perfect! work with if. To any !ady having sewing aoLe ha the family, it will pay for ifsiif sever 1 times in ILLUSTRA- AN style* of Plaiting 1 one day. Sent by Mail. oV-Exyresa Free of Charge, for Sl.ftf *1 B0 Half Turkey Morrorco. gilt top. 2 25 APPLY FOR TERRITORY AT ONCE 40 Charles K. Dabney, Gen'l Ag*t, MANI-rACTCRED OSLY BY MILTON IIRADLKY & CO., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. o HYDRAULIC Flour Mills The Hydraulic Flour Mills, of Tama City, Iowa, are now ready to O FLOUR FOR WHEAT, OH THIS Best Terms And grind all kinds ot feed at the LOWEST RATES. B. F. CllE.NSlIA tV, Proprietor. THE TAMA MANUFACTURER'S &' Tins staii'l ir.l article is eom pounded with the greatest care, Its effects arc as wonderful and as satisfactory as ever. BUILDER'S ASSOCIATION, I i t.-ry on tht? Water-Power are pre TURNING, PLANING, SCROLL SAWING, ETC. STORE FRONTS. to SASH, DOORS, MOULDif^CS, & BRACKETS Of All kinds Made t.) order on snort notice, uvnrrai Con tractors. and iiuilders. are prepared at all times, to do all kinds of C'Arpenter. Joiner or Cabiuet Work. t^TAil work done proniptljOuiil satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a cull. COJ ypnlv to L. L. RHOAl)S. President. BUnN,Huperinten(lent. Tama City, Iowa« J. w. GEO. A. PRINCE & CO Organs & Melodeons. IVrftM-l Mnnit- 50,000 ow ill n e. No other Musical lustriiiuent e^ obtnined the same popularity. Srnu MU I'UH E LIST. Address, BUFFALO, N. V. nihility mill the merits of CEO. A. PRINCE & CO. n! Urtail Dealer Fine Felt Hats And Manufarfurtsrs of FASHIONABLE SILK Hog. 192 & I'.M Madison St. I Corner 5th Avenue, I A O Carry the 'arireft Stock and make the Loweet Prices, of any h"UHc in the Weal. i Hats sent C. O. D. to ugr part I of the Country. All Goods Retailed at Wholesale Priee*. UNION PLOW GO. Tama City, Iowa, Arc now prepared to furnish O-uaranteed. Also ready to make JUL mil OF All Farm Implements. CASE paid fir Old Iron. 'wppp —.... ^.f!L !.. A La rare Assortment of SPBUffi TRA At onpreccdeiited O W I E S the stuck is UDSU POPULARITY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. ^Ef FI8I. NIW HE. NEW GOiS SWEAT' & BALDWIN, BUCKEYE MOWER & REAPER. The Massillon Hnrvester. TJie Ihiine\s Ilea dor, Prairh City Seeder. Star, Qtiinc)- & V'anclivt'r Corn Pktn'.e: s.The Skinner, Orvis, & Mo line Co., Stirring Plows, Tlic Vansickli & Western Corn Plows, Aliens Seventy-Two steel pointed hollow tooth lliirrow, also the Scotch Harrow, Wooclworth's patent Sulkey Plow, The Hamilton & Ithaca Sulkey Hay Rake, THE STAR WAGON, Platform Spring Huggies, Eagle Corn Sheller. Star & Winship Pam n, New I York Salt, Fence Wire and the best Barb in the market, I lardw are of all kinds. Wagon Stock. Clothes Wringers, Washing Machines, Glass and Garden Seeds ot all kinds. Also Agents fur the Weed Sewing Mac!.i"e. GOODS ALL FIRS f-CLASS. Repairs a wav.-: on hand. [^SO'JTil OF COU^T rp 1 I V US hI 0 0 9! 4 G. D, I. '.I K\\ IN First-Class Pianos & Organs. Sole Agent »r Ta unty. for the celebrated GEO. WOODS & CO.'S Parlor and Vestry Organs. Kx« filed n.v ti.i reed orgun I ins'.nnu.'Titu t'.kt-lj in Call aud examine stock and pi in nt Table Tops, riumaers' Slabs, Floor Tile, &c. tfos. 147,149 & 151 South Jefferson St., near Adams St., CHICAGO, 111. SHERMAN PATENT Windew Blind MANVFAOTCRKI) I1V Till' Independence JIT'g. Co. Greatly Superior in Everv Re spect, and Combining more Advantages and Conveniences than any other Blind. t&T" Agenta wanted in every County in fowl* Send for Circular. Address. Ii. BAliTLE, Supt. of Agencies. STONER & ELMER. Local Agiuts, at Toledo. Tama l'»., Toivn O .......... The variety and complotncss of Having hitherto been favored with selling paused. A LARGEl SHARE ')f patronage, I expect to o mantaiu the Business and Professional. STRUBLE & GOODRICH. I TTOBSEYS AT LAW. Toledo. Tnmit CoOntj, .A Iowa. Office in Johnston A (Jalley*# Block. STIVERS & LELAND, AT LAW, Toledo. Iowa. Wit the Supreme and Iiiftrict Courts Z THOMAS S. FREE, 53 TTORNEY AT LAW and Uuittd Stairs Com Oflice over Jfree A APPELGATE & KINNE, TTORNEYS AT LAW, Tol'/do. Tainn ('o A Watt A Toledo, Tiisiia I y Johnst Ulock. JOSEPH POPELKA, TTORNEY AT LAW. Montour, Tama County. I»wa. Special atteutiou given tocolieOtiMM. over tl.e i'ost-Ofllce. Zi o »ffl. CO L. BAII BT M. AtTWtR. BAILEY & AUSTIN. TTORNEYS AT LAW AM) LAM) AGENTS z .attend to the wants of the Trade as a W H. GALLEY. c. Zj ceut8 if i-3 t* O tel 11 HOUS~ SQUAaS. U Jiuv. fUD e o o 0 3 ij! for u- v,- ICKIIU. MM'ISI k EIESSOI Pill Organs for Rent. Liberal Discount for Gisb. Tama City, or Toledo. Monuments, Mantels & Statuary. M\MTA. 1 i fajr A.T. Biicliard, ©KUCiCilST! main street, "mwm. iifft Hulbert Bros. I DKALKKS IN lfl Of »:t the standard makes. Marshallfwup. lewa. CENTFR PIECES! CapitalSt Brackets, Mcdillions* And all kind of An-hitectural Plaster W anuTat-ti red l»v 0 NORTH-WESTERN fViflRBLE S GRfiKITE CO. WIETING WINN DI:A!. :I IN AI.I. KINO.-OR Marble Mantels & Grates. Marbleized Slate and Iron Mantels, Marble Counters,Counter Tops E. SMITH & CO., 181 nutl iMi State St., opp. l'alnicr Hottte. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 3E1C3 PJ.'i ILLUSIEATED CATALOGUE TITLE* OIIIC\GO & XORTI,.^ At Tama City, I Going Went.... Goitlf Kant Arrival and '"•pnrtnn Traerand RV«TAI T„ 1 day and SHturdfty EBERSOLE & WILLETT. TTORNKYS AT LAW and Notaries Public dJ^ds^^- »e.d. 'Tfe CENTRALJ. Crowing the Chic»gII Conn«Min» f„r n mason Wtlh the Milwaukee and S, ,L OTTVMW,, Withdivcrsl^ro.j SIIUTU-KasTav,,'"^ Makes it the mnut dMirahi,' HOMER ». BRADSHAW, Ti'-k.NTT- v. 4 TTOIiNEY ANI) fOl*NSEIAK AT 1AW. ijSttert St«tti*" ""'"'"•K V Toledo, Tama County. Iowa. Office in Stone*« (Uiildintj, over Clarke ISron.* store. A. RI'SSKLL. D. S. TOWNSEND, business. Rooms lu the H. NILSON. C. P. N. KARKKB. NELSON & BARKER, ])F:AL ESTATE HRoKERS. ONIO MILLION IV acres of lam! f»rsal«*. Money to loan for 5 arp. The ^///A'7'Land and Loan Agency in :'ama County. Have bad terrify years. rET i B* G5lXji I Gcti'l Tirt Chicago & North-v Railway etnnuti. Korhertcr, J. BALLARD, M. D. PHYSICIAN. SURFIUOM AND ACCOI'CHECB. IIOIIJ'I', near tlu- M. K R. STERNEMAN. T"11'-1®' Quvbec. tl.i«(,n N,.'w y L' Tl'r,,,!" morv.W^ldn^lV.n s,*^- 'bl cfl'tilun'J.'sioui''|"y Ssl,"j,lli'''''j.ii'i at». Mcnaviia M-iVl ton. Winona. IHluiii lir,S"!1,J-L aH North, K'''* VLU I Special attention aid to Putt^rv Office at ^"*CagO & North Springer's l) Residence in L. S. Hall's (•],,«,. ronnrr'W... ^'IIICATIO NIL"'' Church 34 l.JIKF v- e8lcr»J). \I I' ,irt':na' !*aHlIT-j, IV '''R"•' STUIRH,.,,. for all ]n the Cliii points DESKTTISIT U'iiiMonth, be nt Toledo the second Moj.d.vj of every nnd remain one week, /it lr. Sous! r*H oHltte. Aim* u! Truer the 3r«I Moii l.v of each I'lonfli. reiriaiii'iiir on«- wvk. Filling t.-'eth with Uuid. a speciality. Al' '.v I II It* EAST A Alton r". F:ni |i„ 'l.'TII. ll Lirk man PALACE dune. ?-CI:T THIf OCT Will mail Postpaid nnd out do/en fb« rircnlation of rh i- Ma- ONLY LINE Nt,,„w hirago and^t. pl0],., \Y for fi ii. and to I »H point,. wt«t of He MiMmn i*?r!L' rtisemeiit will at- Among the )VEJuY A FOSTER 88 State St.. Chicago. 11111 PAPER TS OU FTI/E WITH Whew Advertising /, lh ln(htcpnents o/Tere ih to the traveling puh Rail: Rotkand'ii nan: Ho, k and In n Itrid", ]'„. llooni bay (\m, In Sm.S, Stif* IV .V, ent ••.•u .!inir» :m,I S*f,-tv. an.l Al,. Running Ihrnnuh Fiti Stales, and operating o\er2.iKO,„ii„,( pnnv ,,r,.»,.nt» to ilu- tra, NDl and CANNOT be (Mire,I hT„t i«h the, bay yoor fic-krlH |.j TO I'ONSUMPir THK a«!v i,.,.,, 1 Of ll,ut *ein! a-m.yof thi-rrr* .) with tin- dir.'i tiun.f. *am\ w hit ilu-y w| N-CMl'Tl-iN, ASTHMA. Rev. rpwarh AJ ERRORS OF YOF Ol-NTU-M \N ,:lfw '.• Ntrvou, (»f sull'eriiiL' iimnrniif thf reeipt* and dir-rj remedy by whidi li.- a .Vaniiood: lion lost, how 71 l-t "f si'KKMATOURI lebrated antbn! fill pra-'tj' »elf-:ibuf»r tlVctUHl. by tk'i* what hi- O /STANG Z TIMENT, STOOD TIIE TW*1* «F40 VCCNTS WANTE: IN EVERY Cnl'NTV IN TilM I'M Fi! The Best and Cheapest is tie Liberal »«.•*••! F' circulars write iiiiincriiatf! St Louis Eiblo Publishr- BEADTIFDteip \T ATTRACTIVE PPIC^ 'Man Porcclnin Dionw While jnet* White 1' Whhe Pariran Poreclain ToiW iH'an PnrcehinTrt Sets* Fine White French China Dinner PLBI.IC. s i'U*r« Fine White French Chi ia Tea Sell Fine Gold band Freiit China Te«1 New Illufltrattd Catalan' ivx.xc f: J. M. INN. O. L. HaU^ Cooper Inslltule, 4 Mill, WILL ITRNI Glasaware and IIn-- Fnrni.h.r. variety. (ioo!« la-vfu.Iy -«-l«*^ paokrd for tranfi'orTaiioii vi t" .().!. or P. O Money O 1 New Law Bo^- cookcrof: JAMES The Old and Reliable ABSTRACT BOOK8 Of JACOII YEISER, JR., jCOUNTER,PLATFORM WAGON&.TRACK i SCALES AGENTS WANTED^Vd 182 Urar:'Irn Ht.. HOOKS /.'•''' t:xrn r11- ADDISON ON TOp Willi full Nr't-s «"l! .• We have the ONLY SET of ADDISON ON CONTRA, Abstract Rooks in rr»» t^:^„„annot ®"TAMA CO.! Oflice South of Court House, TOLE DO, low 0 ,,d U« From thf latent London Cave. Ki«q.. thoroughly ereui'f to thf Aim-man s Appletoa Morgan. K-q author of the "Law on the Principle? Kv^n^- A. BEST ON The Prin 8V«IK..SVO.. SAFES U» MM p. Dillon on Municipal By II011. .John I Jnd|0\ Kiirhth tires of Hi Edition, rt $15. vin.'ii' andjn*»« Vi" Execu tiof! ^p Herman on lt-rii f:C Over JO.uOOCaws citrd. islullB Kucllf A Reed's Practical S"?' v tions. .. *4 For the conduct of Law c«mrt. By .John C. sheep. r:o». i Wells A Treatise on tions of Law andF3 Instructions to Juries 0 ciiceptiunf Br J. t!. WKLLf- STO., J3END F0i^ PE\1CE LIST MARVIN SAFE 85SCALE CO. 265 BROADWAYN. Y. 72! CHESTNUT ST. PH/LA. PA. IPS BANK ST. CLEVF. O? Law Sheep REPORTS FOB 84 lit Illinoip liepm'ts Crmiilfte llliuoif Krpnrts odd votiiinrt Ohio, and otiin Coui| Lnnininnn. rnii|ilit'' niViili"1'' Moak'c Knirlifh lirpfrtJ. 1" Abbotl'n Nntinnal Mi^i!l U. S. I)i(.'rst. Ill Vidnnin. REPORTS WAS*1 Iowa Report!. H'SJW.JJJSJ!* Complcto s*I» and odi Ol^":

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