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February 25, 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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-E jnr. ·.7~ 1yY JOHN GIBSON. NEV ORLEANS, SATiR - NING, FEBRUARY 25, 1837. - ýV, Il-, o. II: ..... . . ",.i ' . ,,=,=.,. , '-., ," ,, TERMS OF THE TRUE AMERICAN j SUBSCIIPTION. Ten dollars frothe Daily, .o Cen Dollars for the tri.weekly paper, payable itl advance. "s No subscription from thecountry willhe received, unleas an l exlet i tis city be ,Igslgn .ld, to whom ap pllcationl may be regularly mnde flr the dvaeoes. tIt Letters moto in all cases lie post ail. " t(1 No subteription shall Il stoppe, unleasthl e manmeat 50 be paid; n tid h el p eson Wiolgt o disciontiuml his iubmeiiatioo, shalll ive notice thereotL int uritiog, at least oie week befote tile explratlo of the allf yeae; aild all subaeriptios shall aolntlue, unless st 1pdch as above. §j§ No susoriptloos are taken lorlesstlhon sit months hl? AdveretisemeIts a cllilAed without interuptioh, shall be chared at tile rate ot One Dollar per qtrlhe tor tle llrst ilseition, aen Finfty Cents for eorti subseqouent one. Semi-weekly all t, i-weekly iosertilos, tlle same as arfstlnsetlt)ll). 12 llles makeaEsq)liae. I'f a ldver tisentet tookes lesttn o e, it salll cost as ,oine1 as a full mst: awl if it exceed a ,sqtoe Iby olin line, it shall be eharged as two;c ifit exceed tiw. as thieo; l:ad so oil. Fauli'h le, arge shall be Caretll gIe setpIely. Si iAdvertismelonets whit4t )enet limited on thiemot usaript, as to thie omber of ine.ltois, will be colutin o itl for one moldth, al1 so elnargtl; utnless previoioiy . rleetlEd to be taken out of the paper byS a writtIen orde. .,wAdMtlseents not lbearig upol their focesthe names p Iteren. by whoma they are sc1lt, must be eadorsed by theorlupon tile back. ThIle iriiogef Annal Ariltiserla is limited to teilr 00im ioueliate bulsiess; and all .Ivetltseentets f.r the benefi't at otlid IpesmI, os well as al legal adevrtnse menAtIAd Faver@iSOletlll at IN o l nn sales, seIt io by tlNm,rmAt le IMid at tle us .al rates. Airnaugement Swil be tmlo with AnctiONeers, seeding os their get)eral E DlWa, at Yrie greatly NodceEd belaw tile 1cst0a5m No advertisemets set be intertcd gol tutoumsly for Ols*l le, Or other scie.ties, pblic nslutll ona, or ....manies.. "-' J.ur 21 A FISK, WATT & Co., No. 79 Canal street. " Hnov 21 rnov 21 A BIJAI. FISK, No. 61 Common street. nov21 BENJAMIN BOOTH & Co. No.71 Gravier street. nov 21 BOERT & HAWTIIORN, No. 61 hravir street. EDWARD YORKE, No. 65 Camp street. F OILESTALLA, fG10l & Co., No 40 Camp st1reet. S nutn gust2 H ARROD t& QUARLES, No. 24 Corton-lhouse street. nov 21 HIERMOOENE BROWN, 9 Conti street. BGORGE BEDFORD, No. 2 Bienville street. jAUNSEL WHII TE & Co., No. 100 Grarier street. • t nor 21 N. & J. DICK & Co., No. 87 Canal street. AQAN, NIVEN & CO., No. 83 Canal street. IrlAM G Or. HEWEtS & Co., No. 45 CaIrp set. nov 21 JOHN N ALi.EN, No 28, Gravier Street. J D RIEI.N & AARON cOHEN, No 77, Calln I Strout. nor' 1 J M tiOADWEI.,. & r & For warding Merchaets, 63 Magazine street. dlj Dry Goods eUecles. J B. HYDE, No. 22 Chnartres street. nor 21 Sotek and lesehane lrolaers. R A M W : O.AAN, No. 23 Roynl street. N J d r nov 21 Cotton BrLeoke. BANKS & CAMMACK, No. 92 Gravier street. 'CH:ARLES F. IIOZEY, No. 16 ;t Charles strleet. nov 21 SSA LEL MOORE, No. 26 Camp street. o rnov 21 o lalal r Pl iralek. W ILLIAM FCHRISTY, Arcade, Magoazine street Auetioncers and Anetiovn 1 )CENAS Arcade, Magazine street. nor Si I.EWLET'Lt & RlRIGcIIT Ainade, Magazine street. II OCiee No. 46 St. Luio streert. nov 21 m C. CASH &1 Co., No. 44 tljap street. • , ,e. . ' ard:l:U re aIerehanti. - YATON &co, 53 levee. stret. I Y.;LS & Co., No. 70 Chnartres street. I". nov 21 Aetl'an IRekean. des, c. MONDELI, touse, Sign and Ornamental Painter, *No. 58 Camp street, nearly opposlte tih America S OYLE & MAY, Ornamental and Sign Paintrs, No. 3 Carootdelet street, nov 21 I. DEVEIIAUX, Brazier, Coppersmith, &e. Y J No. 2 Teonpitoulas streeto nov 21 H. TWOGOOO , Builder, No. 93 Camp street. S Apothecnrles and Drog.s*ts. :QWAIN & BROTIIER, No. 11 Canal street. floksellers and Otatlonerr. BKENJAMIN LEVY, No. 66 Chartres street. uov 11 "HOTCHKISS & Co., No. 24 Chmtres street. WILLIAM McKEAN, No. 37' Camp, corner or Sr Common strerts, nov 21 Academles. SW. HARDY'S, Tivoli Circle. (0 ITY, formerly Bishopa',) Common street. Fnrnllnre Wnechancass. .'U BOISE & GARRETSON, No 23 Bienville St. U B E no I21 T & J. GRANT, No. 28 Custom-house street toe no 21 Attornies and Connsellors aS Jaw. JOHN NIXON, No. 58 (iravier street. Inaelligelnee and General Agency Omce. E A COIIEN & CO. No. 166, Magazine ot. .12 ion 2i. .IANALS and IRAIL IIOAI)S-Malp of thie U itet SStatek showinlg the principal travelling turnplike *lnd .asIOmoI roadsl; on which are given the distanllce in miles sam one place to anothter; also, the courses of the canals a rail roads throulhout the country, care. (ally eem. ilet tr0n the beat autholities, by S Augustus ltlitlhell, 1S35. Jtnt received aid tie' late by VWM M'KEIAN, o) ernl-r nanmp anl eomnon ets. A -A s --"virt . e. ting thr auurnai of a traveller through these parts most inter aling to American travellers, wid deariptions of l.ceery, ete, etc. Political Conlsitution of the free state of Coashila and l'exas. Slap of Texa', with parts of the admlniting statest by S V Austin, edl. 1835. A Mapt of 'T"exas, by Lardt I HB.arr, ed. 1835. A Map of Texas, with the coatiguous American andt -,.exiosn ate,, Ity .1 I1 Loting, published by I. An gettas Milthell, 1035. Just received and for sade by WVM. !cKlF .\ oat .N er cal and l5,mlln Ft. SE MI o V A L. HOUSE, SIGN AND OINAMIENTAL PAIT1'ER, 511 Camp at, nearly opplosite the Amerlican Theatv. T ESIEC.`Tl UILY ilirs Iis fruels and tile publio i general, thalt hie executles all orders in the atve ltanthoes, in thle best style, ntd ot motlerate terms. He will also exeette in ilike, all kinds of decorations in Oil and \lYtlr Colors, for halls, en tries. Ilrlors and Ibn -nroom, ke. e. t he will alas imi tate a great variety of Marbles and WtYoods, .Military lstaldaldsl f n. ie hopes sixte. )t: of practice anl exertions so atecessively sltttaine1., will merit a ncontit,:nce of tile atrotage ie has Iheretefore received froaml Is :riencd andll +h whole collllumni Paintt, Oil, Gloss, V'uia, l old , oll lenf, Sc. fea. eo nllll for vtle. Also, reatlv mixed collors for ure. Wl hiltelin , . h alk tindllyr colors. mIta .l I Nr EV l1)! IKS-ttran L. lie, a Intale of the prces .eat tined, io e vol , h T a C"Fay. Pon.lting one Slavery in the United States. Stories of the Sea. lv the au thor of Peter Simnple. Memnoir of George i T Illces, witl traits of the tea party, ,tea" i Gil.rt Garnet', by the outlior of Snyias and Do n;s, b&e. Al'o, a noe sutpply ofOne in a Thousand,or the days of li ort Quatre, by the author of Riethliel, hee. iEst e csived by C IIBANCRo'FT, ml5 14 calomp lt. S I.)EI.' S NIEOV \VOl(K,.&c.--Tfhe American in Erngland, by the atlthorof 'A Y'eoar in Spain," in. volmres. Noble Denedsf Womno, in 2 vols. The Yontllt \Wife'. Blook, a manual of moral, rceli giotas and dlmtaetie nities. Joast reeivel tld firsale byv WM. M'KEAN, jal, 97 corner of Calnp stil Comamon .st. xAil..,-i)t.TF:l'9I'iCS, .r...-The onhb-ribei" havre 1Ilr ,sale, lanlding fera'l shlips Ohio and Ann, 10 tro* e.a apltlerto 4-1 brown trheetinn , six bales in Ibaeh trs.o . pnt up for tihe lexintlt market . '75 kegs Boston a rml fsempiany Nails., well asartelt; 20 caes sweet Spanlish chocolate, l0 mamlll Iotas each, 11 canes summer cloth nz cllrlprisiaeo a good OOa.rtlnont of alirt .,lntaloons aeck t* ..V-.o it^ l trit ,VOnr , L C qh, S :I 1f T)RiTM -li0 I xes foI.r el by jtr |t G DORREY, 44No.. Leva,,. (Louisiana nd New Yuork of Packets.) Oilieta and ew lurk ono every ot"er Mon"da , commencing on tile 25th April anld to insure thle strictest punctuality ill their time of sailing, the line will hrereafter cosist on ix hilp, viz: lhip YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to wave nereo .ti April. Ship , ,MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on 9th alv. Ship SIIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on 23d May. Ship VICKSBURG, Captain Woodhouse;to leave on 6th Juue. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Pahner, to leave on 20th Jane. hipp IIUNTSVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on 3d July. (DY Tihe nbee ships are all new, of the first clars, coppered and con lar fitanord, and upwards of 500 tons burthen, are of liglht draughllt of water, being built in New York expressly for tlrho trade. The price of pin sage fixed at one hrrrdrrcl dollrsn; their cabins are fitted ipo on thile mot improved and convenient plan, & finishled inI a neat rnd elegant style. Amole stores of the first t qnnlity, will be providel and every regard Ial to tle i comafor and entire snlisofctian of passengers, who willlj tense take notice that no berth Cao he secured until paid for at tile office of the coninees. These packets are commanded by captains well ex- r perienced in the trade, who will give every attention and exert themselves to accommodate. They will at all b times be towed ttp and down the Missisaippi by steam- . boats, nod tihe strictest punctuality observed in the time I of l'ailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsible for any letter parcel or packge, sent by or put on board of c Sthenm, unless a reniar bill of lading be signed therefisr, t at the counting house of the agents or owners. PFor further particulars,E, N npp OENY I , D.19 iN & A. COHEN, April'll No. 77 Canal street. FORNEW Y r ls .u·.-* i o A SA . 9. niC , commander, 27 Stons to sail February 22d. Ship NASHVILLE, J. Rtathbone, commander, 513 tons, to sail March 7th. Ship KENTUCKY, John Bunker, conmmander, 629 tons, to sail March 1st. oShtip ORLEANS, S. S. Sears, eomnmander, 599 teons to sail April 4th. Ship AI.ABAMA, C. C. Befry, commander, 474 Stons, to eail Jnnueary 26. Ship SA RATO3A, 'Y. Hlathaway, commander, 542 I t. ons to sail May 2ld. Tie sltips of this line will sail punctually from New Orleans and New York, every second Monday through- I .lt tile senson. They are iall of the first class, coiper fastened and coppered, and were built in New York expressly for tills trade. e 'h:v are comm dended by experienced men, draw a light draft of water, andl will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by steambouat. Their uc commodlations for assengers are very superior. The owners of trese ships will not be responsile fir any letter, parcel or package, sent Iy or r nt oil Ironnd of themr, unless a regrlar bill of lading be rigned there for at tile counuting house of the agents or owners. Le'hraterof panrge is ixed at $70; no wine or liqor furnishled on board. For freightr or patelsgv, aspiev to BOGERI'T & IAWTIOIRN, f2t No. fil Gravier treet. NEW\V tt1., tN.s-i s ,httill.E ".1i. lIANE. S IJ From and rrller ths ldate, the follow. p - - ing rate rf freight and pIssage will be ,rr , t1arged, viz: trvy arrels 15c. Wet barrels It. Berrn rusk $3 0fl. itilhds. Suerar $3 75 Casks Cilate $0 60 SI .arrerl go.ods, at 15 cents per foot, $10l per ton of 20001b. tin ,, per i le, $3 0b (Corn, pir bIe hel, 18 3-4c. ( iars, per do 13c. aitrrite, 50e. per piece of 5G yards Itop;e, 51c. per .lllbs. KI(er orf Lard, per keg ^0c. Krgo of Btter, per ke 25lac. Kte Iar.r Lead1 0$1 c Pilrs of l.iponf, F'1 75 each (ollbe per byei l621-2 She.p eachi $1. Hirges $2 Cabin 'avsnge $'12. Scrvantse $6. Deck Passange $6 It will be necessary for shippers to give at the time of cettine their orders,r the marks anld cornsineee ss near as ssihe, so thatri geoods can properly ie delivered, inr case bills lading do not arrive rt the crist tine. 'OURN' E arrl BECIKWI'IrH, Agents, 36 Poaydas Street t. New Orleans, Dee. 10. 183i. UNITED I'AT'ES DAILY MAIL LINd. r rTMtILz. _iac Pncket, no Carriages. , thte first class,riz: Steamler OIACZIITA, Crease, Master MIAZEPPA Sutton, LEONI'DAS Conlton, S " SOUTH AIAIBAMA, Aldrich Tie abote boats are fitted up expresslv for the traie, r, andl commanded oy able and extperience.I seamen. In crnsequence of the very light draught l.f the above boats, c. they are enabled to take trinier parsages., cnseauent ly fassengers escape tile annoyance of sea sickness. at t. tendant on the outside rount. Tihe strictest attention paid to the comfort ofpasserngjers. An se'raarement las been nnllde with ise Florida line by wlieh passengerr s Inoundl to allehorsee, New York, Philadelphia or Norfolk, who dil not like the delay of stnoppin il Mobile ,.. ; Ie trnaferred to the Watcllman, an tithose retnr-.,,g from Penaeola, by tile Watchman to the mil; affording great accomnmodations to per son. t. vellingE nrthwards, ane, parties oa'p:easure who vnav wiel to visit ths Ihealthy city of Poenoola. f Tihe mail boits leave the lake end of the rail road mmendiately after the arrival of thie half past twelve o'clock car anti Mobile at 11 A M. For fr:ight orp aspre rspply to tOItRNE &IIECKiVIT'l, Arents. 28 and 29 New Levee, N Orleans; aug 19 or J G BURKE, Mobile. N. II. Passengers oy the above line have the pre ierenee in nail lines leating Mlnbile. Dinner will be 3t. given on board the bhoats at three o'clock PI'. M. The above boats will receive and land passengers at all the el nterrenldiate larrines. Wulinigtoun Irving'N New Vor; S, &e. ill E CRAYON MISCELLANY; No 3, containing Legends of the Conqest of Spain. By the author of the 'Sketch Book Tloo LIFE of George Washington; hlt Latin prose. By Fa.ceis Glass, A. M. of Ohio. Edited by J N Rey nolds. .lacK ID),nwst'os Song Book; enltainling it selection of hlout woth Iltnlll llst)ngs , .anlly ofl'ihel arll new. iBy.locik Downittg, . I). 33. I E.ntlIliES. 'l'tntslatel by Ihe Ilev Ii. Potter, M. A. Prebendary of Norwichl . In 3 ols 18mo. being Nos 15, 16 alnd 17 oflllarpel's Classical LibraLit Just reeiRved and for sale by VM Ml'KiAN, ol '2 " cor of amp no:ll eont ts SA. I:'S NEV WOIK-"elloirs of celeblated f J Comm:nlderstl by J P t Jtmest, Esq. athor of ironley, Rlichklieu, BlMasterton, T.le LCipsey, &e.; in f ols. Nuts to Crock; or, Quips Quirks, Anecdotes atni Fa cete of the Oxford and Camtri4dge scholars; by tlleau tll otof l aeetih Calltabrigi.nsis, k.,e. S Phlillips ni Ilnst.lrane, vI /A. Justreceivedund for sale by 1V. M'KEAN, net I enr'g~t toald Ctommon ss. T ALES O P illiam 1. HInr "WV exceeding in the asdanity of the atte t."t ."oy S 1nTueJ IS : ols. l ý Nonws Ar MasS. In I v "' A I',L.nttlana to thle Holy Land; cometprising recol lctions, sketches aoll irlectionls, nmade dltrilng lour in tihe lLOat, ilt 183l3l el, "3. I AlfnIe lI La atirtitte, MelIer of tihe oFtnel Acemtelv. 2 vole. Too ITu ro;s ill tEghnld bcitg ti siluel n iloe t Ftge sFally itt Pattis.ii" B iTtt. litroto thtounOotger, uthlloI l ile 'Twotlnny Plost ling,' etc. et . "Si uoen matertt e restpodet ktuntttnto a, "*Yicimus vto. IIOTCIIIISS , on, oct .7 lChatrstt stvet IoATE I'UBI.IC.A'IONS. FIHlE PRINCIPLES OF FREE TRADE, illus Strated i: a series of short and finniliar Essava, originally published in the "B anner of the Constitu COIIIIETT'S LEGACY TO PARSONS; or have the cler~ry of the establi hed church an equitable right to the tithes, or to any otlher thing called church pro tpel.t, greater than the disel tcrs have to te sattell tud 'outhlt thllere, or olghlt there not, to Ite o sepltrntion of tC l cllll'l frolls tie stalte ?-is-i tix slettert addroso;dt to the church piarsons gceralll, incluiing tilhe catedrral -ltlcl t tlle.o clhrgr andl tile Iliolt t, witlh t dtlllaltio Ito TlHE CO.MP'LETE WVOlKS OF JEREMY BENTI'IIAI. TIIE IMERCIIANT'S ASSISTANT, or lrr.antile Inlltructor, containitg a ftll accounlt of tile moneys, coinls, weights onld nenasures of tile plnincipal tradlint 2 nations and their colonies; together will their vaoltos in U. S. currency, weights andnl inasres, traasltelItl fromt tlto 71h edition of Flugel, with addnitions from; t tl works if Kelly, Nelcebrocher, Kruse, M-Kellogh, nd otllers; Ily Frahicis J. Grand, author of " EleImentary Treatise on Plane and Solid Goatnetry," &c. &c. TARIFF, or Rates of i,)ti:s, fIrm and after the 3d day of March, 1833, luntil the 31st of December, of said rear, inclnsive, on all goods, wares andl mrchandize, inmportod into the United States of America, as es tablishtd by acts of congress. Jut t received, ande fotr sol by W. McKEAN, I nov 7 Corner Camp and Common street. .\ NCY Pil NTIS-fo cose rich lieht fntly tprint-; 50 casoes domestic fancy do; o1 cases blue priuts, i tore anuod for sole by .'7 T C .1.t ,. co. 41m , REMOVAL. EE FIL4.EY has removed from 76 Chartres street to 76 CUanal, near Itoyal and has rectined by late orriva's, additions to the original stock, which are flow ollhred in quantit ic to suit pacniasers. Ilich Satins, plain and ligo:ed. do do blkandcohcold. do Gro de Palin, plain d d figd. do do jet onfiluse blk. do Rcll Silk. plain and egd. do Gnuzcs, lPaplins, l,roualoes, &e. Plain and knotted, Chiona Ubourgl & English Silk ionse. Suporiorembroidered, Loe and open work do do do h'lhrcad, Mohair, Worsttd and Cotton linsa. Slewart's Paris made Ii S Gloves, ,lk. white & ass'd Silk and Net Gloves, blk, wlhite and a-arted. do do and H S ilves, long urlmed. Also--20 olnneto. enusitinu of French Silk and Satin trimmed unt untrimmed,Orien. tal Grecian, Florenee, Uval crown, and l'ousca Srn'aw I urnans, Head Drcesses, Wreaths, Feathers, Flowers &c. &c. dI8 E. FII.LEY, 7( Cannl trrret. PHILADELPIIIA llllttuit. T IIE splendid patronage awarded to the Philanel lhi Saturday Courier, induces the editors to conl illence thie olicatin, onunder the ubove title, of a quar to edition of their popular journ I, so lone konwn as tile largest Fnamily Newspjpcr in the Unlited States,with a list of near T\VEN'TY-SIX THOUSAND StiU SCRIBERS. The new feature recently introducee" of furnishing their readers with new books of the bast lite rature of thle da, having proved uo eminently success ful, tilt-plat will be eontinucd. Six volumes of tile ee lebrated writintg of Captain Marrvatt, and sixty-five of Mr. Brook's valunable Lett-rs fronEutrope,lhaveotaeady been publishad without interfering with its news and mliscollaneonu reading. The Courneris the lareast and rheapest family tte +epaoper gever issned in this country, containing articles In Liotarature. Sclon-ei oao Anta; In tertnl lmproememe o 4d3fOltaren itsra a oeeey variety of topics usually introduced into a public journal. (iving full accounts of sales, markets And news of the latest dates. It ianltuiathed at the low prlce of $2. For this small slitll subscribers get valuable and c tertaining matter, each week enough to ll common hook of 200paogen. and eqaal to 52 volumes a year, and which is estunated to he rend, weekly, Iby at least two hundred thousand peeple, scanttered in all parts of the enuntrv firoam laine to I lorind, and fron tile senboard to the lakes. Its mammoth limnensions enable its enterprising pro prietors, Messrs WOOnWARD & CLARRK, of Philadet phin, to re-publlish in its columus, in the course ofa year,several of the most interesting new works that is sue from tile British press: which cannot fail to give to it a ernmanent interest, and render it worthy nf preaer vat'on. ' ,neet the wislhes therefore, o such of tlir subsc ribers as desire to have their numbers bound,they have deternined on issuing an edition of the Courier in tile quartol form, lwhich will render it mnuch narn con vonient for reading when it is bound in a solutne, and thus greatly enhance its value. TIE (kUAK'RLO EDITION. Under tlhe title of tihe PHILADELPHIA t MIRtOR. will comrnenc0 with tile llublication of the Prize Tale, to which was awarded te pIrize of $10, written by Mlie Leslie, editor of tIhe splendid Annual thIe Token,and author of Pencil Sketches and other valunable contribu tions to American Literature. A large nnen-ualirofoneo, pems, tnlte, &e. offered in compettition for thIe $5011 premiums, will add vanle and interest to the succeeding nu nlbers, whiell will also hIe enriched by a stlory front Mis Sldgewick, autlhor Of Hntpe Lonslie, 'Tie .inwvonnl, `"c. whose talents have beoen so justly and extensively appreciatedl, botlh at one anti abroad. Thi aspe roeod FAMILY NEW SI'APEI L is strictly neural in relicrious and political mlatters, and the ni compromlising opponent olfqackcry of every kind. 11l \ PS. In addition to all:.fwhieh tile publishers intendl fur nilnsine thelir patron with a series of enenraved Maps, embracing tile twnenty-five States of the Union, &c. ex. nibniun tile sitllatil.n, &c. of rivers, towns, Imlnlains, latkes, tie seabnurnrnl, internal inlnprovement, Iots diq plav ed in canals, rail roads, e, with othellr interesting and useful feanturs, rondl, distances, &e, ftrluinnn a cone Ietot Atlas fnr general nust and infnrhnatinn, handnnne y executed, andi each dlitinlet mapn on a large nqurto sllet, at an expense wlicth notlling" but tile splendid patronaee whidl Afr six years post has been so gener. oulv extended to theim, olluld warrant. TERMS : The Philadelphlia Saturday Courier is still eontinued in its laree form, at the sanlom price as Ih retiofore. The Philadelphlhia Mirror, Irine a quarto edition of tile Sa turdnay Co:rier, wilh itr increased n'tracions, and 'riot aed n tile hest white fine paper, If the onme snze an tile New Y rk Alblin, will be pu t aprecisely onne half the price of that vaklnaacn n onrlt viz:a o T're Dollarte1er annnum, payable in adannce. (inclunine the WOOD WARD & CLARKE, _j 14 PhilaelSjpnis. [_'RIl1t) & QUARLES No 24 Customnllouse st. tLoltbr tfor sale Ill pipes and 611 half pipes Bordeaux brandv,entitted to debentre; 10 qr cas0s old brandy; 20 riglhlt casks chnlpaigne brandy; 8 pipes gin- 12l qr casks arnra illen nMandira wine" 30 qr casks heily Mladeira; 01 half niter Port Wine; 2i l baskets hnlnnpaigoe dln; 101p ha raown Havana sugar; 112 hugs Ilanana :.odete; eb bkgs St I)omingo do; 50 ceroonns Cnuba 'obanon,; Il) ceroons o it itindigo; 50 sacks aol t shelled olnealds- 200 bns im onnriOl til g nupnwnr a sllkbs rea.l end O d oin Iti Lbm 20a, t 2 s ahet ouhong tea, I00 boo No, I ehoelate, a09It, lack 2140 , 41tp l2r0L a 11r. It-l'r I tnibo . ,co; 50 bls llNo :l nnack 22 barrels No 1 I'otl onc herrings (new;) 90 bbln lwives, &. &c. &c. J30 -MACOMIS TACTICS FOR THE MILITIA. (ONCISE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTIONS AND /O REGULATIONS for the Militia and Volunteers of the United States, nmprelendling the exercises ani l nlovements of tie Infantry, Light Inlhintry, aol tilr- - men, Cavllrv, and Artillery; together eith the inannr of doing duty in Garrison and in Camp, il tlhe fornms of paranlen, reviews, anl inspections. as e tabli-hed hy au. thorntv, for thle government of tile Regular Army. Pre parerl and arranged by Brevet Captain S Cooper aid de Carnp, and Asnistant Adjutant General; under tle super vision of Major General Alex. Macolnb, connluanding the Army nf tIhe Unitedl Stnates. ORNITIOtOL.OGICAL BIOGRAPIHY-Or, an ac count of te ha of t of e hit Birds o the f tUnitd Stales of America, accompani d ly descriptionn ?, the objects re1resented in tIhe Work entitled The IBirds of tAmei ca," and interspersed with dlnuneations of American ocenery and manners; by John James Audubon, F R SS L & F.-Vol 3. Just received and for sale 1 cKE WVM 5IcKEAN, J29 Corner of Canmp andl Cmne ion et. KEW BOOKS-The Laws of Eliquette. ill one vo. Skelthes of Switzerlalnd, by the author of tile Spy, &c, &e, in two volumes. Life nad Designs of Jehn A Morel, and an account o hisn detection, by Virgil A Stewart. Received and for sale Ivy J6 IIOTCHIISS & Co, 4 Clhartres st. N4EW WORKS. ~ITlL' iATClH. Frnomtlhe notoblograpthoofa 11,i Stibh oil:er. fly the nlnrmhm of Cunlioh, elt. elt 'Am lh I'ull'Hroawhe pinlao aI onodo durL(!' I lthree volumens. Also, isic: IlloTlccr SenooL; oat Nnt~onol Edlnclion. fly . 0ille 'lo lot, I',rolessor ll'onulnb Eductinn n in New York University. RIeceivad by IIO'I'CIIRISS U co, et 113 14 Clhartreset ANNUAL&i\OR I836. T I'F. roi e nowl Atlllntic Souvenir; a :brislmrs aoll New Years Prsclnt. I ('tie r; a Chlristas clnd Now Year's P'resel. Edited by Minss Leslie. Recenived and for- sal by SIOTCHIKISS and Co, onr 7 24 Ch nrtrro trrns C OAL TAIL.-Plnacers, Builders, shill oaol steall boot t mlsterst. ca now supply tIhemselves withhi os~'u rticle at 12 1-2 cents per gallo, by Oplicationbo ct the Ginn Oliti, Batik Alloy. 'Ibo wo, y sucessful experiments of thoe cal tar has radrdit to those ':lL',intodwihitsallo thlel bl, uilaut, woodlen oofs, &c; mixeld wiLth Shap sebolt ll Tine, it alkoeso lmot exoollenlt cwnt fortlte oroolf, securimthelum (low leakage. 'The entlylnly low price otwbln in 00bl'lLiI ebwId(;S-- fiolo·le·rnl~ll ton plotr, tipt whch t now kollrlten, lhoue ta eluto every1) n~oter, ln 1 t11 l atUI1AKPA"N\E-.A hontatlwtlllyo b 15111nly ceOlbrated wine, Whit leaden Caps, noll- ant ed i qolliyt, :llu Iolstoqu(llto a tychampalgne itlnpotud io the Uniltel Stlats, julst tlwneivetl sept I I A II ISSbKEEP , 3S oact st LTIVES0OF THE NECROMANCERS, or, an no ' Scouot of tbe most eminnt persons in noncessive oges, woll have lailed for tbelnoelvesor to wllhom hso leen htOP otod b udt etn the exercise of tlnlinnlll power: by Willinm Gnodwic, author of Cobb iVihlinms, .Lr. &c. LET'I'ERS FROM TIlE SOUTII, by a Norbrorn mIlln, new edition, in 2 volumes. Joul received nwl for vale by \)I l'KEAN, now 27 Corner of Cnanp ad Conoon ats. - r1ANDY, GIN & RAISIINS-.1 Intfo 11few hu B llollbodbea elhnch raisins, few halflo ipes of Frel n Brandysenoerol pipesofolbl sperior Hlollnid Gin, nod fity bomea pcno ccndloes, all of foir alillitl, In be told loe tocl:,ro a rocero. WM BAl'r l'EYt31 ld levee. N.I Iron olad Copper-oach will be laid for a fetw bhdlred ton oof old Iron and Copper, a11ply oo nbrove Tr111l LO.\U bCE OF FI.t)WIIlS, ho -T11e U aoqu arc of flowers, illustratel by Colo] ed Cno Ito M. ,l l o:lowers, illoslroled4 b) cololed engro. _,ll 1 ntnlldi. r nott Flora :I 11nd'1'hl~alto; or Gems' of Flowers a ndl Poetr11Y, no,'n nlo alp::belitol nl0111g11111ll of flowers, oitht ap IllolpIll' 11(0llustrati0n0, tobollto wth e:od 0ln01012 plae, Sleer's lottpnl1lerl; Or, Ithe Anlrriano Blook of Flow. ers andII Scllallmell(., by M\rs S S 111111, third L:~liliou, il The Artist5, att, YVoung Inlies' Inslrnetor in 011r1'o anm~ 'toliodlo',Ilrolo'2,e. J osl 1 tei'ild Unt for salelby WSM M't(EAN, not 1' ewoorof Compato C ROIIAN", CI.OTIIINt. &o.-l.nndinwz from hith B hin b'lario: 50 eonas r000001 Bramnzil c, nn, nxts ntrrlkoy' siz-; 4 en4 nocteett's kipn pa;med lII,,. ,.1n; ocases men's dnl owin Putmplo; 17 nnes lilies' kid, mnno nd Itl:atin Slippers; 15 roors Cloibionr * mhr:0ia a Goad ,oooetrtsientnr saln ,y. p4IxRilG, VIYIC & cl). spe, tlull s i i .it-- iosli u l, er c tied slhe tmit 1 .osoilr asus sirov sid mon*st almi rabhic situahion, in t Wrkin|s, spoin (li rnih 'oaitClosnonsitol 'otu 15111 rolul, olle ile liam i. 'L'he buildling is IlllA a iommmodoi vi~llvlcd intmo, for "nuLt di Lilt illa ses atIl slillorisnt diliteut . Tle institutio is. asiiemo*i'lilful pn. attetllve nl'le anll flTel ! peakiog the iurlioul iioolel'lt languages. ? 1i'ivlie i.alns may 5 genltlemen at Ioom two to li c dollars ic r ctit ll ,l les Ilt. tennism isu ti orlaiit n~l lote' r Iel' dayj; Siavosalsaoitedolls. aiu liar'y wai's' tIleel dsollars. All tiitl lsuirgite extrn. the slsitide lleat . II. Le.wis, to whos., lllli isa oIIt lns' si uimt'isa aidel, or to l). O. A. I..nlizalnl 'l'iro. N i7. li?, i I. . iv . li ithefuntalo, ill vs TI',e Wife aud WVms eril, by 17'l SNlton, in 2 vola. .iiunCoffilor t e ersn 'he tIslstinl eio lmint, ilofsisn, io llest. A Nsrrntioeet ofaVisit Aoairieoo Uhorelfa, bly s tlopotatimi fiom the tist Uiion of Eng* lllld ntl Wales,nyli I1h , D. 1i nil Jaies AI iheson, 1 I1, iou2 ools. Ni;vels sitd Tides by.. worths 90 volisvers nentlty teo id ii it. Thie Wolks of Mrs St ,ting the only ullil Ibrnm estioll eve..ribltise totd States. Just received sidl~ a~ll It fl' ests 5or~cot 0 to'nuntOt rCIIE Foiultty of tis. iT Arespectfitly as tn tsufter ,Ioession, ua... ,.,ot.fie t i'oe i;n ntt, to the cottiti tlt uslan nio postasttt u nnia tis their nlllloel t . The oil ge ws ogssi -ol , tuste of 1834; a liall couase of leetlre ws. ring tile lpast winter, land lit tle lIst sessinoll cot I:. ae, ucsoltiiw..lsller wlls eoioferrel on it iltwitih shl u is ll il lrivtilgese au st iiiiiuuuitrinlittu IiiltliS. " siillnee tihe titllin of th oue of t eose eftetlers, tIle FIcullty hlve.rgi'itunreeiuttd tetleniso to htleiltlelrest of the (nollge, Intl invae tbis ileibbly nigielitedt itr nicitnso of Isilillues. Butli 4. tlrt, iwhtuurel, may le their ownrll zuantl :d illlU.styll seu.ens of thlleilr elltel Iiniz n i n I nlt ohlsly d enlcltotsl ls e sillttllluuine it li:l) ru'hi'e fiolllithe clllightninei I nooitotie nlotliolt of thie folloaw cilizeils, or'iidslp. fro.l those oflthe .In lcii niprofisiolli---tlie I'aculty' dlesirolns to olt liliIhl nlttellollntiol n' tile comllnitY 1 aivlntag:~les nlilrl by lntir instuiioi so the .3tdiklitil tuduluut ih. this snctionl ofolll, count ry l .V Tlie ,llogtge will lbe ill up on, at the om:nc·e intut of l" lost seoslioml, of utlo ltnta l at'lllnlo:t', v tilt•

ilhilstnuinn of lstsm isi'v all'l' ie hullt:ltl'nl sui nl'e,. Ample mIteals fortihe ahllly of Anaitom,' will be filriilsh ell ithlt trouIlllle tl tlll sItlltu U1 without violatio oftlhe snI''-rl inCligsv, ir' ovetisijilCl s of society. Ilunit it is r'colltoctoid thut sutieh os the l il titonof Non 3l.\l,, n, surlnol u she woiestt' 5se in io se. 1 o f stal dl le r , m a1 ny l ofl wi ] f lroa l nl cht t e er t i -t oessity, i'.slrl i hikllss to tit alnl r well clitito lol l lo.,inl n i s nihs tit s, it n l *t 1 3't, nlt.ltt tint h - cllltv alle inl ipo$iss n of nnuii rllpUutls eaulls rens Ilr 1i.n+ Iih i rc re fIll intllIltil iolll thol ot h iIt i tlii il I'. "1o mlail themselves of these ip xls, it hals hentec lr iraged tit a luroIntuosrstioo t e'atlrs ictiis'.. m tlhil' uinil:icnl t hil hs, alnllll b ct ii tsic l sisceTe lud trenlt miii l tihi t tily b lsi0 o 'ti1i The. s.uilmler l" surii cail~l i i i lS is unlom mnnh" gi.:,t, util nCarhi cer. r iln in the .chec I ie . m e , b e lo r e th c t. l h liv in g ll ~l el . t'she colutse or ltnathololy and .oao wi itt Illmannller·, Lh· culco lnllied by demlllon 11 on I ' cilial lli.i Sl'll lIiacuhiy woulllll inltichul alpe thie oinion (hi whichh it is blielhed Ihey w+ill be+.s s~du il y ihe expe vienlcu lof Phy!" siciilis,) thait the elir.~r t tole h outlh testlllei stie oft ill te Uniol'tn il Plmsle ioo mitnll ill sltnces, so mliodilltd by clilmllte, tlhef.y eitir he well ttlglt.h iby those whol have not n themltl~, iior well stUtie ll tho, ioo otul tl'e not at potntnito"f wit te11to1 thilr 01ecu11 tiiit lis. i ghti it is, leriips, iiii . ni t'this pirt ol tht iUniol too.'tT peoriia y i molltvesl s Io m nwtlyllnn eruI Il llroleus uin irtssilllo, it it Sluy lo uLs.1 ull s to otate, ilnt iio i filii n;linthlltsol oft il it .titias of Il t d iJg remote ilntiutLihnls, i itonle, tle' eto ethli,1t*wl nlioln i f.Ov, lt " tlC o oItmlmnt siiiy., tintdsTer liie Schlooll accessible, to tiaiii. il hci lltamatius.l, it is prtleimd lIv hlle1 b-hI tln us ly s!t leit lie alldmilttd grit llllia ins e sltilt.ans, ild andclunlt lite lll I i. T he F'li lg h it ve oIo t s it riep t soi lIn eUnlionllx will Itiov+n,nltseonliso, t otlolnyonn anmd llllithoruih no Ilielevhig,. as they / i.of t his ilnstltut i wilnl e itii le tat th10,is0hfbinl of ,n1oulorao'ul f osl. tihh llce toithe ItrimiUmmluls. i iy s'itsi' Ncu~O'ltRYb~~:lr ~ 5 t deb week m .March CHIAH IIr.S A., LUJZEN iEIG, 10[ ]). ProlEssom oif thet- Pincillosid 'lacticsuof Seuge .s ills t it l)mi s ll Is. I Al stT(N es ts.1) i iiroaesSol of tile 'hneory nmd Pllctice of :le.ticille ulll I't linical Plilusticy '. w ' . I IY I VI:I, isssI. I), Proslosooi' of nl'nttinsti yt iharluecy atsisitsiils intclt e sotl i etiof Ph -lhg -i ~tilg I"u iOIta ol lloteli a i loldiy,. Tiiynttutiellillc JIctiot Jurnjisulhnace. r Piofesssnoof Ma on i n11dc, Ther put 'icat' eicaao "1 IIJMAS R. IANIALII , 3f 1), Profsstr of Ollhetri's ol'l Dilihinig of H t.nltls alyt Chillren C. . t LUZE.NIUiIld., MI. D. Iiufasie 'h ia'Stlnlins.- ol innoittsi,'saitl 3iodiv~na P eofofosoof or aisis s -allntt~rmv( n s'o inttetiam a ~"si.q. : n fe.d rm rll~ia wtionte samnu~s ini Ulsililees · li C1 OUGE ON BIANKINI-h sthert Hector, of n .U per Money and lanomne in the United ataaa in- A eludinganaccount f Provncial nnd Continental Paolr er Money; to which is reanxed an inquliry into the pranci ples of the system, with eulraiderntiee, on its effets oi n morals and happinees.--'rh :hchn.entendcd us a plain b exposition of tihe way in wieieh Paper Menev and Mn noy Corporations efict tihe hietreste of di|ferent. ientietsta of the community. By Wit. M. GogeC.. Secoln editint. d Just received ana for sale by IIOT'CHKIiSS &. Co. j12 24 Chartres-rt. COOKING STOVES.-Stanley & co's Putent tie tar" Cooking 'toves, for wood or anthracite coal. We have jusatreceived a full supply of their celebrated stovems of all sires, suitablle for Hotels, Bordling liounses and large and small families. For convenience sand deR patch in ctoking, n well ns tihe great cayine of fell, fully one-half, they will be found to he invaluable. Crtlifi cates from the prineipal Hotel (Kepcrs at the North, as it well as hundreds of others from private indiv'idalst ande captains of vessols and steamboate , as to the utility of these stoves, can be seen atur ounreoaeue. d. DUNBAR & Co, i jan 7 No. 59,'Tehoupitoulus st. 2 oepper3, tin and shee t iron made tp tooe. Extract of a letter frum Captain \mn. A. Hloward, com mending U. S. Revenute Cutter McLane, to te IIon. - I.evi Wondburv, Sec. of Navy: It answer to your enquiries in relation to Stanlv's Rotmrv Cooking Stove, 1 beg leeve nost respccule lll: to recommend to tihe Department, the adoption of tliose Stoves for the Cutters generally they are much less heavv, more convenient and ecoumnical than those ge nerally in use. Fuel is an article that takes up th most ruoon, is soonest expended, and is tmore destretcive to tie hoots of the vecssel in titportatin thun any ether used on hoard. I n yoaietbl :n cstinante of tale comparative cost of ilel herteean tie stovs. Alount otfilfel consumed by hile hle Gaelle" flioln Fecb. 2-th to March 24th, 1 ouIth, "eeee"it Aeoount of Pillt ctUilsumtd by Stanlev's frnt March 2nlth to May4tll, rbeig I monmth and li days, 651 Balance in favor of Stanley's, 6 5 O8 a Wy. A. HOWARD, Capt. U. S. Iad. Omueee MLauue. New-tedtlrd, May,ith, 1935. ixtenseie of Galleyt moetl and 10 d.yseat tamee ratio Its the tmonth, '16 :1 Expense Stnnley's sater tithe, 6 511 SDifference in favor ofe StnnleN'rs r St 'acket lont, Sen Serpent, bound from Baltdeo to oie ltuvlttg ier. rerneeted by a to explecsr my o .inito of the uttilitv anete cornrtietre of thle Iste, stove in Cnnlll Pakcets, I am plea,ed to say thatl I hae ia maleeIltl f teil Oe e f thie No. 3 Rie otarv Stttes otn I this Pket,o and fid it i teto nswera most vloalte Iep- . tose. We are able to bake, roast and boil, aeld, in short, to cook t'.! rletr l e vrietics of ineatcet vegetab le, iod dines, & cc. for m0 persons. ,l ______ _ SAl'I, MtMt iN, C.ttelen. ti T. WEOF WfV. CiiitiiAP l &-t.-leee J Uo LWia. V llrC t ett dielienltei to his ons,n frou tie ne cohd Landau edihion, hi 1 vol. Melnoirs of tier lIre if I trilhe tict honrthl teir Janes Ilackintosh , editet by l is sole , Robert Jeamne ,Iackin-1 oash, IEsq. in': yles. eThleentloeel alics,ei the alitlo, r of Tnale oif n ra.gelr to thle Arctic Occallt in tvOls. rreeteel nllt oree sale bWMM ,'1iEAN, de,'ee 6 comer of Caep ante d Ce.t ete siei t . NE.W ItIIILIC.\TI)NS. . eClttred fr,: ii th trecnan and fdnaticis of tile eIlollelel Roser. ciul Maltrk ktna luede. I eel. IB.6 M. Inifmtry Tarti-,. or rlules fir tile exerlse and noa noeotvres i of te United Slates illfllrr. tIv .ajior IG nteral S:eet:, I; S Ary. In levl e 1 itt n,, l-ti rei inete and for ,lon by \\ MKICA N, crcn,,,p, , c.... t , eW ROO.S-T-lienxi. the last of tha Crihmls, b N the anthtr iof &e. t (e Iti Tetnh c Ler,,t tt l deei of e't Hetry Onr.teere,i b) ItIH auther o.ichrlle ell etc inl " vols. lllMnstn, in -o vl:iinwa, ct shrt. or t. r,wtr ie ellrn-PhreneolPe -ji t rn.,r'e ' by e .eNCi Fi I' L TItE!i,l I .. ,,, "t. f A Ii.\ L.S Fijit ' 'tclurrteAu dIn.tail fer 18 t, with a i splendid el gntvigag, by the beet ertists, aiter drawings, by A. t. Vickers, e-aq. Finlier'a ilts nlg Baten Scrap Book lar lIKe, witho poetieal rllustrratisll b L. E. L. The Tknba nad Atl.ntie Sounreir a Christmas' and 1N New Year's lrewent flr 1t;G, edited byr S.. ( uodrineb. The (;if, a Uhristleas' and New Yearet' 'raasnt, edi ted by tlies Leslie. Furgct-3e.-Not, a Christnmas, New Year's and Birth day Presett fI)r 1026, edited by Frederic Shoabel. liTe Frieundsaip' Ot'erineg, and Voman,'a e Wreath, ark Christmas and l fer Yeiar's Present far 183I. The Religious Souvenir, a Christhar, New Year's and Birthday Present for 1836, edited by Chanueey Col toal D. f). TIhe Juveltile Forget-Me-Not, a Chrinotmna and New Year's Gift tar 1836, edited by Mrse. S C. Hull. iht Pear l.or Atbtlion'a Gift,a Clhriatmua and New Years t'resent for 1836. F 'l'he n'oclial Aneual for 1836, bein elg e ttions fromn the IE' lislb 'Potsfrome Chtuuar to Beauttie. The lntut's Auuunl , r lotluler's Ufearing. 1'The Youtlhs Boolh oflhe Seaouns. The Artist, or Young Ladine' Instructor hi ornamrn tal Painting, drawing, tae by B. F. Guldeo. Elonarent. of Drawing Flower Painaing in opaque and transparett watercolors,. by E. E. Perkins. Flora and Tlalia, or Geams ad Poetry, being as al phabetical arrangement o flowiers, wtih appriatenihta-r trtions and colored p atoe, by a lady. The l.angnage of Flowere,`d edities. Peter ParTleE' Almanea for 18'3b. T'ret Ate nlrian Almnae and iepository of reftul Iunowlcdge, ftr the year 1836. - rte Nuticnl A ulnae and mtraing. s yI EphemIeris fa" rt 1year 83tm6:h . " . ViTht Ileilnt.8.3._et,. :t C llo n D r 1 ld e s t id oor " S•aexmiti tlon tE caumeand ~a t-lCmoheCo lt i e A m itste oauf Lui Wna.s ehtj iNe eondileneoflh lte u aneoge nlrt is naeetaghe tt the worlo, by 1J. C. Carey. te n a Cliston Bradsheaw; or the Adventuaes of a Lawyer, in two rulr. 'rh Ateanican Altnacoc anti Expositor of Useful Khowledme, for the year 1836. For eale by nov 24 IHOTCIIKISS & Co.. El Cllartres st. OBOK AND) JOB PRINTING, And Blakn Book Mantafactory. TII I etttbscrtber respectfllly iuforms tie frieands and .L the public that ne lhas, in eonnection vith Iis book and stationary store, an uxtcnsive Prhtlhng Office and Book Bindtry, and is ready to undertake the printhg of Ptnmplele, Ctrds, " Blelnk Cecklo, Catahgones Legal Notices, ills of Ratting, Label, . Bill Forms, Dra Reciltie, Aelltion antd Shtow e ill.t Also, the .idtlitng of Booaols and motufaaturitg ol llal Booksoi any saie or deaarit RioE. aN Coruerat Clmp and ttnttmton sta, opposite Riclmrdsou'e (late Bliihep's) Mttl. j 3 ANNUALS FOR 13336. rV lIE JUVENI LE F )Ril Er-M E-NOT, a f.risttnns "and dNew Year'e Gift, or Birth Day P'resent, fur 1836. lEditd byl i re. 3 C hltll. IonaTH's tlucTrltaEsqta Ansuat., for 1836, embellish ed withl 25 spletdid ongraviu;, by the first artins"t Pe.Lrtcalt. A..uSt., being selections from tile Eno tire poets, fromn Spentes to Btutti; eibellishaed with Lorn.t uId 24 illustration. from drawings by 1I Cor tuE trF.I.,neIGIOU SOUrVEIt, a Clrittmas, New Yetare, aild Birth Day Presnt fir 13:15. Editedl by Chauucey Ctlton, D 1i. Just receiverd aund for sale bv ',WM MKEAN, (dec 12 corlr Cnmns andi Common st. UNIt'ED S'ITATES I)eST.RIT COURT, East DiStrict of Louisiana. In Admiiralty eilii:ge I N lobedience of an ordler at this Conrt made on motieon I of Illery Soeetlt Ele. on the 16th January 1836,re. quiring o statement of thle monies retiaining deposited ant unclaimred in the nRegiltry of thie Court, to ie pub lished; lpecif ving tihe cin.oe--leltas ofdeiposit nnd parties interestrd ef R6enadl, tlhe unetersigned legistrar reports the suo of $1232 45, remoiting uunlaimned-in thle ful lowing cases. Welfdrd Stevens t'it ship \ealiniton 543 75 "De.auited onlha Rea'iotrv Ant. 19, 1617. lBe the proceeds nof sale of tlte vessel of whom tihe ownrs p olear to bie R,,wen &, Rib bias, James iMason, Olion Wilcox, WVrrctn Iishop-resident e not on Reeod. ,S'hoicr l Dahile ros ertain Goo ia, 537 30 date ofdpoeit A.e 19tlt 1817. SJ. Siitht eO 27"uglh's of wline, 73 80 date ofideposit July 24 819, no claimant on edit beell aldls raSclentouetbeJenetiry, 47 t " totesf ji~oat tkli.10ti.. 18: , Leviallqztoan, NP oamouth N lnim nt:fn"qm. . SWinter ed s at B Biniten'at Na;poleon Il0 1I dateof.n C 2 86 ,-l e of tie "lee of Louna ille.a t date cf delposit idept 14Ih t h . T nd e € h ' antr tle owner or eWllr. and all and every t pecson t pcrsons Ihaini or irutieding to have ani right, title, in Itercst or tlelmaud on or to tile said imonies are herb v ci lted and nlelnni-lled to be anlti alnpeor:net nDistrict Court of tie U. S. tir tilehetute-iittnhaetiutr i to in holitn on th,, thir, aloladrt if lla, 11336 at 10 o'clock a. in. It tile City ol iNeo Orleans to ieeil:e tleirclimrn tlhereto urshlw cause iwhy such dislpn ition thereofluhold inot be Itaude as to tile colrt .etllty S telleet alceld plollplr. By order oe Ciort, U)l:NCANi N IIENNEN , Registrar. jam .`.'0-o w- f;' r TiIE NATURALLeST'l"SOWN BOOK(-Cempriesing Sdeclisilstius au.e autllentie anecdoteo of Qouadrup eds; serientilea!lly- rreaned cu'e-dinSg to the s-stemt of Cuvlet by tlhe slthor f the h "Younig ',, Ow-n Book! 'TIIIENAITURIL. IlISTORY OF INSECI'S-In two volulest-vol - ,fosruing no. 7,1 of the "Family Li A tdiest of thle LAW OF EVIDENCE IN CDTItN.sL CAsES -by llenrv Roscoe, Esq. with note.s and referencesse to American decision, nd to tile Enelish conmon law aund cceeosiasnctal reports by George Slharawood. ON' DiossetS OF i)EISEaES Of tie CHL.T--hnsed up on the Onlllrisulo t f their physical and general signs, by VV V iecrhard, 31 iD. IPRIN CIPLEs OF P.ATHILOGY, AN.D PRIACTICE OF IPrrsl--By .yohn 3lackmtole, 1i D., fiom tle. last [.Il dull elitioll with sotes and additions, by Samuel Gee. Morteis, Ni D, io ,uls. S AlE I .'IERs C.N UARTERL ReVIEas-No 36 for Decesbcer 1ili5. Just received aud for gole by fl Wsi McKiEAN.cornere ofeCamu and Comt. st. B -sUt.NI'I-'riE-loThe soubscribers have reciivrd.oer . ship Slbepcar, thefifllosiis sitleudi.nesw soiho asy furulitLlre, ewhiclh they ull'c fr oler on lioeral 3A31ahornrG Roelhinlsrge Ilal ani d ,lfrken. withl haircloth, blee, sc:s'ct tse d pbrpsle ipush osenrht v'eAset end worsted rlat nnsk spua 1 ,1ahogany f each parlour chains with damask Ihair s.ct 21 J 11do oo pl)m 12 do ds tdo rldteimtce wlorsted dmask- 13 lit o Greeia do doi hair clsoth,e do Isro:tch BIurcser hal'tise Marobe eltonlsco Sdo sl cllolls, lll1 ir eocos, i cvcteal o d--Alt ofs Ntsw Yslrtie s-s teuke ai.d perfelcth, ne1 w. t i5 IsIIN!s s.n Co. 5s 'rhltonspithls.seteI 'AS WORlii. I IhU NG ona hand a large squantit otf Cuke nd Coaol T 'aer, octsUPEIUR tutAl.cTr,otse aill be reeisbr ed at the (;as olaie ftr thle dclivrev of tie sslous, either is anre or .I mall squetisetes. JA ho C.t, l IVELdL. ii AIlEREASe (Cersge B''sT- eloyd, In to lers-ai i f Y ihe 1: Lt.v Ifl nfuotte, is- thI sro i oft Jellhes-o, hs - aplhd tic -c o siu ts- cas elosPd y fi Bo,,d sAbscris bed bs hi l s te e ses,id , ay e 1 y,- on, tlou -ii n d oid-l t see .llted Slld thlt-fiee lslle e tsI eUlll el te ei 0I - Paurnidllrsa {eJtly with Selth \W. Nye, aud Gemmo'l .lvni e .1at. p -euriel. 's- hesets arc too cieso te l to alrel solln' murt.std therehs , tl e hie iew cas is rit-~il tIhe ]!";nd l.l 'l tilre nltlttgeeO r, ullhe g titele!ieov l hlul d not he cnau h td -ul set.seel lseld. Gisvcn der t-my haid ald tih s.atl eof tt Seat', at i .Ns w O irleas on thit eillhteenth r! tnr i-f ' olra h, hlll ha I Wll Ihrlv-c l u; nod of the Intdpend Bar y Itl Gov l'a uY, l f I s3 st c Go ser ssor e of t S - i cl' l,tiu lont. Is- -se- eec!.ul d,:-ev ( it I s .nf- t 0 it e s till) i-le,- lis - i-. d ii h l lhsllo t treSt n' ile , I, of l -ll de ide si t-lo ii ,I cerit Ilec'et lu w SErt N. t.I: st j C )I :u:; 1 i :l 1yI C U i st s 0nutIll:n1: 11tRt in 1^1s-e'r, l . I r.i+. t:llb l'C Pam el 'it,1 i lt n I.tre'l -!el - l-eete - I 'Ets ll, .l il 'sOlrss ile ()lcsns. se- s d il s'sJ fte 5 ,i t re ise o:, Is tee- to ndle, la 'sse s 5eeeli lle - bl i or st I'll - e, .I tli ,. s e i-t -'. t l ie plee ese ll ct isuos-si, . 1;, v Ii, l'·, 1": 0100 blal it d fe v doCr ie !'.-,i de \-~arc e,_"t "or - 1t1 1 Iu i cnt ilis Coerces-or rs ds oi' ' st'il-r<e-e-v-s 1 - sI- I tl ( ll ;(I' I::· I'scls- l' d. \-AuYo 5 \ 'i l F; I.. , |\ 'E, G '" :vorLnrn 3llr I',tat Par -l , l? eeite. sescr ir d'lat. fe vi' \ e s-e OX \1.1o:, ie':1 s l l il, Ac e Putblite .imuetaets ti d General dgeaetry Qli'e. HT AMII'H)ON II. Iraingt openec: an .lli uat N 1 14 Exchanige l'ace, for the traens noes relative to Accouats, CollectieC tions; etc.; eil eonac to nrite uo saed Itookh, either by the tnonth, yow or job aot it le exleriace hle has had fir so in some of the nios t Iesrjellel houea,th It he canr giero gacnrni enti;frction to ithsec who nay pilhan to etlplay bira. Ite pide.e hio-lfttitt nild.bts eitrurte to lis care, wrill r.eite his bhst atteetion; and frtomi kis unow leodge of iand loune reiddre it this city, he off:rs his ser viers with the fillest etolidenee, at the same time he will gire teeutity for the filithful al.eoetitttag of all ri cciplt. Treanclaithcs to nod from thn F:retich aed Spo ni language nrlie will likewise undertake to execute with despatch nt Lorrectnecss. Ivoer .Vto Orleans. October PUOBLIC AC)COUNTAI.'T'8, (I;NEIA L AL.UENCY ANID IuROKERs OFFICE, [14 Fxeh~olaege Plce.] " H]AMII.TON IIALL, ttffe the tlolswije ILinsd L and LoIs Ir rale, viI:d IN IF XAS, 11 leegtiet, on the t ieer Ntvastot, 11 do on tlheobinr, mear Cddocvilltge 6 do on lctrritiidnd, 6 d on the Nareattt, S do on Red river, 1 do on Big Alabama creek, 1 do and 177 arera, on Charlee creok, near the 1 do I*trteen Village creek anoId,Pine Island .- do tn thoihsenoL.t~zejnl of Cni~v', - I do httlit atttto, sy "" t1n. lMinntaeG tiaoy__ aho,, 't....udITmeeln.ea hq, arlittle abuv I. do on l d racer, . " II donjt Ip Fork n~i iir feromle rier - 1 do ot Milts Creeb, 1-edo 3 nih.e rom Litm's Inuding, 11atagordo 1-O de ot Ith P~ay of Corpus Crint, Soevenl scrilt, of 6401 noree, "unticottdtf Do ifotte itettne do, 11800 Acres, soleiter Iinottt Landd Ati tit ahtt o lntdsn wte eia ttoted olhrr fir opre 1tft~ d ilA betnrr.lln l ALtIO.-100 Actee tltntd trmner nrorite, ittle sbot teout tctt tatieu fltan the bltssi~etitpt to nhitihl there to gtiod rtond. lbTh ere arieabut 4d ocres e jtt re seot, mdcr etoitt ntthitnt-tiatt u 171 Anion anei lipeatllc Le,. gnodottont lnt, het iltiber, with i eatit citaaneeuai'tcro vhe i 17e9. te b frotm Alictt feinie, and ahen i 5 fer n theon MibiioiPtit Cre. A4 lOtN, ii Fuirtug WInmuhiegtn fronting Ric du po rt,3i font i it. by 131 fi. ,it. itl d yt h, l.ett, itt Fettxiotrrg iscig-on, 7t fe-e lintc echl,, on Unia stroet. he 140 lbet'cfietr beitcsmuh liatio Lilieralt cod Petre. I Inot iin Phi',lipitit it. 14 ft. fctirn ie b i dent.. 'er e th ,.ercilt o tr city Lin, echict ale of fredn ateootieedi thiter. j e'21 NK'lP MlUSIU It 114K--I 0 ItAT'l':T NeffIlt:5. Mfv[ A iOil AI m aent tunilltY , nn colldti of J lllthe l~lvs fon(eiei tctll .iiluntehttlty )nEt'tii'4LCi i~ni'tvit Ut~iiinic C cii 3UhrleMuic--thi C~iteit or Unite, (J+,ilc-cthe---l. .rt S.ctt-+S iriiiiiet hicgs, ,iA.--at~t by lutintiiy L ti.t cais, It'o!'ior iat the Iithttiic Acetdit ttf" 7thtiso, Liiueinilti. lteildinihei b2 Trtxnnltt ib€ Sttiiit, iont, ib rsetic i 1i ineritlci. e as nn ls muiALd.-0 scities, ailndpsJ.. ner nod usider toll sig1 o S.ns hllts beic ci np ifn t tlee n'-h istdapte to erwntollr iiniiiltois h i~to'ityttit o h'n te be t s|~ lk'a lied initooillt tci'eiiein t.I t trte inty tine tet'trme ilhln i ltunti ltr ctttino lcielirntfitoi r hvny It hs bee' e. t.hondi. the hynu books othor tn drent tin tin belatiocn tills at i,1e uhyitiate ailen thet m iilttiliin ltie Witngslnotnie es acrd t ottt s witi in alo €|llt5 1 whih ml llolT W.tln~o, eay f t~flllllee with statial scleli% an 1)l:i.:,ll. o:l l it~ln Illi tittl' ate thi ln.i,eci.ititc htt:L¢ fillnttiiploeniiteett.en tI h Is i eeu llit t een tnrhinhest i tt t "rll Rneie d l amn i tt.o aIcle hy CIYieh ll it (Ii .tiliteit ic lutnintttlciUthc r'inii Irtot. "l'thranl Iei ',ifni,,lg erteetiyeiti ctii ihisetriho tire dtnitel'o lnt tf lii. [ien "ii"'t"it , tinn ctlt itniilry Uto A llllS'St'i 8lhctlu~ll , .e Irtllpaii, t it' thISi~lll (lr nCIt·dll. II~ t~\Folh.l \:le;,, i hilcli inrelteitd t~lltd ittintely llttthli lf .\lnlll illhll:ld i L'ulirrI ".," ' "ulll ,2 ..lll .,< Seitltrttlle~, (i~illi I liccclscd ailitll forale;i by llt~t ". e H:,"ltso 7l sllennttciit ttlfete h .. hiuEle C . slrci~ln, w,t cll~? dlI1 I) tOf ce.~r)~llltt 1~~l acplt 5 Utnertregatet n Sand . i AISWORTIPS3 Latin;m En lint r ",rono'llnw'a n iisDtoryoToooono", So",uth America, SFrlincr, Blloke's Naoural Ph1llorolohy, o si N tural It ll or Grldormilh's do k\'.oodbridye,o G:nobraph, loblft JB iu's b.bea ofudo, Bluke'a do I(loli'e do 5eurray's aEnlioio Grammar, A b, idtleo, ol do LGIoith' pro d uctive do !uger nll's do enIno.t's Arilho-tlic, (.ace oix's do Colloono', do ('ike'o d CO" Es do CobNch'a c al, Blakle's d.r ctl' I.esslb , To,,e'a Pontheon ,P. Po rl .' Gcora ijty, Hlgh dcc oll.l I.eader, A ericuu ;Speaker, (.S:l , tln in Oralor, \hllt.;e' ('om e d of Illi-torn, Wo ce t ' ii-toro, \\ebsoir'e 'ood Uioosoawono' i(tito - ari.,'nd lr ,;t.' Soollin, Book. chNllyra oa It :Iob es, i'arle,'s Ist. o d d Book of llistory--! or sole by f 5 IIOTCI I .1g.SS & Co, 'hrrs ot. DI 1 A l,"hC;Al. W\UVIItlS. LPI .CINOSU.K' Iltlanll ptrlloiodoogov,f vcnll. do (G moral '1 h.llrapeuic' p .u Ellements of 11; giouc Deoceno on Children do F nollrs do S o.tenr of llidniforyo I o Es-n, o norer's r. t.ol . cict l Anatomyu A tlltte.lmIl of til e p hsibs Aooa ck'e Ph, nil.o;y lieui~sn on F.,ur Cooluh Oil' tFhol, ch B'oooSSor's I hlcnlu::, scuda re o! (ult and0t1 ItIhonnutlim Blorkull onol Dropsy, J .bon :Clio"aten a'nris' I oh lar.ll:ll oia Talvern.irh s hulgtry jstetk's I ,rl-av (:,ro' o 'l'roai-e on Iou:monary ConyosaopC:on (oopcr on l tish.o,,cl i.o I lt.e w r'a , . tl.r , .\ t.y f.lsty (_'oOOr, l'n Ioo,:kll roo. flaol on th. luo.I 3locknb -on'. I r: u~i~n lichaldl'.. ('hy iol:,r' Ililh-ord's I',;neiphlO oif 3cdi;cna 'T ,altch. o'. Di=.p s.+t,,ry uloasle by IIOTCIIKISS 0 Co, ,:10 24 Clh:-tres ,t. I T ]Id11 AND S -Tjo :n WCI1ISKT. for sole iby A II. lNSI.K i, I', 53 C 'oalt orenta, anhb oan ryoolio:t!vl Io hado , Oldco 'no. Aoluir:l: o and Colplllnii-'O 11boon- i Iieo; H ollahd (non \'olooo Foih. nu; othen r In n 'o ls; Ja 00nic. St Croix antd Gr.anda rum; ouperior L. I'. Ma doirn; Browvn o nd Pnlla Shbrry; rap.n' Juice anal other Port; Liobnn, "l'eanrftfr; Pico, Madeoon, irild do; Clhain paiguo Boing udy,', ! art, nc, 0 Non o, - . . a f o1n in a d ,l-Ie illptiml) 1'2 rI ilI Cl:i.te ", . a ". q .1o: n scrn otkl n .f th0; Pi iiro of \i' 1. . i' It S. "k.. In ..olo , Loin' Nos. Col nno I oo " o "c'o l' l rnre Lea ,. ton no n lo o o -.:, it h ' 1, i. -1 ( i- urneov. N.So e lidiou I H n;-o.' SootheI osq. LL). Poet loon-otn, &r. No. (llhonntratond wioki clttlob Adlmo' olorolohsignf h C( apmlan, lo IIoro a ultlern' N -w 41 doiti.', 1f37. Just reci -d a,,I fo r i±- b \\" (K I \N. ,j,2{} + t. i.r (o f ( ooo:o.onp&( & o'u mo-o o-a. 7 1 I-A I:.l I :S. 5r ---T loha . -d0rl, r.oo o e o'fI.(oo llo. I lao dioh oo fo lol ,i; o (.l.l" I l--. 1' , 0v1 0 I 0 ,' r. _!;,. t-\'\' I - oa o n-' .o . Dororao" ,!; ' ra Of ar,,l-.. i o, .1 h+ s ron d.h.l: fall." E onIll'fl'oi I i( b .; n "(.8 1 ali - " F -.1 --'l k:.lth hok, ,l, Serva, cr(, 0:0.000llltl ll ; ·i , '.9. LIv the o;tthlo \ ot \Ip, {an l,!ona [..Oc,,lltti..}l. .f o ti I e, k n -no bI o:ln:; io n from thr year. . oo; -l.i ±ool 1835. inh,,ol- , n '-, • .,Just rec. led not lul e b \ ... . . . foror (oak.p a I C(0:00n-on o.t. A±5o--A ,o, ovoi fnl oliortoon'sAi:l±aolnv o"f oIel.Io thole. - ---- -- -- -------- I I 1\ fo ...... • - l o'ol. lo'r An i t ei, BRIbi' & dIl '12 - . IRE ENGXNE. R OG ERS' PATENT IDALANCE FIRE ENGINE. JUL --'lhe subscriloers er manlufacturig at 1Yej hesitate to reeom ened it to the puplil as e sMI e I I pe'rir to any fire rngiro now known. It bhy h tep.ol Td hby kilful IEngiclers at t.ine. S. ArsenrlAtUT.iT' ý* honsFville and ohiniton, and by tbeo a tl ther er n h- pulprio! to lany other. hOoer.? l 'hIea- .igtonI i rs oW supplied nwith'one of mid and tthe p)oprietore have just completed a I tiu govratStnel fufr the supply of all.theirprieojp rt' gr - searls. T'hi Engine eombihs the adturntage of omer'p at lems cast than any otlher in utand rae.uto~ p . Iat sod and tried t cnsurle a prelC' . ae to allo. Nt a 'Theo mntiofacturerr, in all eoaes, wwehmt' hd ra ..ti 0 gies; in a trial with othuers ndr equal lueirnr~oa t. . Io perflirln nore tlln ani othler Poiigthino0 Ih e al Prices at the Factory, rith plain p t, .r:The.-e de.igood for 24 men, dichargeng plg dt;o. ,f water per minute, P. t u_ Id men, 16l gallons p.ri.rfute, ' o mten, 11i0 galieon: eortmiutte, -jm~ 1 Th'l above ptineei"nleudn aotn owre e etd , Theeeeu it ep utnsetotly tasshand, li leuing nac . TCeon nets I fort wanTt ,tteh ,er o olo nrr, thor ' sy lead toea letito deeldtch, ifaldreloeeo.x oil to theor scribers at Westnktthd, tIatotygsa s. N. Y. WY3.PLAI'r' T& o New YprkhOeL.28, 832. I certi tstot I have thit day sepienindled a trial efa Fie Encane of iogers' Pateont, made hby W s. Plait & s:,. at \VacrfOrd, StArarsou no. New York, witl one al lhe hest engines Ielonging to te s eorporationmofth tly of Ner York. Theu lil na utatrde in the coleel tioo yard, and ironl the seperirett,d 1 ouo Itrrulded that the engine IllIL gees' PIart will lthr.e mure r ear,sad at A gronterdietanoe, wich (he applieation of eas -powwer. tilnl our .erprnrtiou clginet'. I t'ulhr ortifr tiror 1n fire engine lias ever bldg i o hibited in thii city sa hich rould cunpore ith thsath i , Yrilik en.:irr, orlrwhl sh'uul nlswder ur purpoolex copt lIogdci' Pusellt chuove rleutimod. TLhe coitrlto tir of lt ogCoe' e 'itlnl i exccdin, ly stir.pIe, ad n r ns onstlioh iit hotd i, a go into gscri uo'se, I. sidri. it har t nolfhr advitagi'; ii call bs friLrniltid 'at mirnch lcacanot. '. Jrbitt kGULICK, ' Chiefnieginhor of N Y Fire I)elreta.otrt. Ulicra, Jly 9,18~1. - I noso coclrflll' olmpani wirth a rqicuet from- Wta., Platt & co. to giver 'n opinion in relation toe thei i lngine of i(lIroe' I)letnt, rinauflictured by them at l\alterori , Sulntorge co '. Y. 'lie e!orprrrsliar of Utiic live purchaed one Of IhL obore luntiioned cogdirio uard ionll rtepcated trialtl.t, nit rb'tinite to t ro, l'tririic it didedly supllersior to sty, titirE fire rlapinir' nowr ill ustt of which I have anyl ai ' ledgei: nill|1 I IuIIt hnliy :oICur in the cretitleate8.,j (lJ lick, thii cbvi:lclni,. cc. of the New York Firt rmeut,i, relation to its r"o: rt'. 'l'h"pmpofltleofth i seniri ucttd i' a Finiioii cylinder, and i osoac 4 _ i nim p i e, en d l i t l it r u l e h ) t e t s i r o f re p a i r , t l n ' " , u' -i hliefo Ergincer of thbr Icen Fire stri .' D . N. It. One of tl.b a'ovre PIteit Engi.,es ofth._argt size, was ordered tin L l..l' Fire Cr. No. 7 ot +lw +va mlean, which they helire received, tried ild aceepted. 7Te Enginie cnl bo seen 0at any tine. hrv alrtph'ie eo " LMEuI. 8 KtI P, Agent fir theo blanultneturenr, Corner of P'odras & 'l'Ochiupituluhs ate. N.A4). P. S. [ will giarnlaslte ti have an enegios dselidva i New Orleans within lour rmoths from timna es arde i DILIGLTo I.. S hUMM1ER RE'RIIET. . IrttIlt PASlCAGOULA ttOUSE is nnw ola tA rLh receptiro of-etonpeliy. Titl estti.r sitrrtoil oni thue votairoe oftI're Panogi.t pp( confnoultu witti'tfte Gutlf efjsico. TIt l if.. " leirtett, awl cosnnrisids an exteberivse yeW r La ke, anl is ,ly asenrttd tftem ogfits a i ba o£Igbands, which lay'fti'oigthgte i.eJrtald r e' " r 1 miles . -: .. - ", a- " ," SThe Proprimlre feel. th'crtOl -lP thlei h the Istronune of rte pauns evra antnd wmon' W sadiý ranrtlcisitnt, : arl tte n ' t +- . - m'Tts - hJ oh Bfion tl fier t the I lorue il lltI boatsetl thore ri"ilin' the eliti.]lihntnt, isr now orbviloll, llai cnL.ol:],: tud gilt 11| ladh lnr Ilrret'ener s immedialelat - the C. & AI. J. hleRAE. 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