Newspaper of True American, February 25, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 25, 1837 Page 3
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Fer. tle iictolerr. FOK CININNATI &l O IVII.iE--P arage aly. TIIE .ualrlior ot rouning.a a,lpcr cRola I sa, f t 110, G I . WV. il)txon, ,i...llr, hullvlO lg r entirel cargo el age and g rg, on board, will iposiively lear e . aturnday, 2th AIr., at C e alock A.M. For Iasoage only, luhg good paealmna aliu, anplly oni Ihotlrl, orl' to f'5 GILLINGAtAM &hv n, il Graovier at.. For PItLNCETI' ON, VICIKSUtI(;, NA'I'CIIEZ anid iloermoedato, I' los. TThe Slalner CItIEF JrUSTrCE MA1RSIIALI, G. It. Wri-ht ma t tro, will pasiir ly leave fr the a b move n iu.toroaoe 2 tl r on Su S iudV the 6.h inrt., oo at Io'r'eloek, A M. lFar f'oight or passage appl) on board, foot of Conmonan aslet, or to feb25 STEVENS & tCo. 28 and 2l New lPevee. FOIl St'. IOUIS. lTH fine ettlbrtlani l Ltcrnmboat UNITED S''ATES, JC Blaird, Inalstr, having port of lor eaolg engaged, il haee quoick dostptoecl. Foor freigtt or Mto sage, having splendid aoooltnltotldtioNoE, ly ot p !huId, or to JULIUS VAIIII , f1,5 26 Poydrao street. 1 FIL.1E MOBIEIE A Tile U S Malil atatlnhr M.AZZEPPA, Sutton tlnater, will leave thllo .tke end of the railrtoad, Ilti day, after ithe e I r 1-2 'eloeki ear for Mobile. TOURN E & BJECKWITIr , i fcl25 No :36 Povlrao+.t Fi.Il il ilhrlt 1 o. Tlle US MGrl steamer ALAB AMA, * II Aldlrich m I-to r, will leave te Loake end of lhe railroad, ol toInda '27tlh Inst. aftert eoarrsrai! ofrtie 12 i-2 o'clock ca r I,;h MIo bile. TOURNE & BE(IKWITIt, feb25 No 31 Po) cdoam at. .FitIIUIVI.VILI. E AN I CINCI0. A I - S rIL Tn stenlner SPI.ItNI)II), Shlillotoe mto ea, hlaviu: ilotf of her clrgo ell t cgoagetl, will leave far lhte abovn ports on Wedny nlt, iilt at 4 P M. For bhlane t of ItigAlt, or ptlsaoe. Iarviog on.rior aeeonlmodotioln, apply on board. between Itcnviole ain C.tommhuuse streets. or to f.5 STETSON, AVERY & CO. FOR MOBIILE - Via the rive. a -. Jtfonle,,omerq .o4la. Sl E fast ruliag sttalboot JOlHN SNE0 SON. C1 allt lnoy Greenleaf, will drpoCt for the abo plorts, on S.ya e ' init For fri ,bt or pssageI having -aa. modation., applyv on.oa,'d. Fk TU lCUMBIIA ANDI FIO!IRENCE, Ala. THE line lerlumer PENNSYIVA .,l ,. NIAN. W. C. romplelton, master, will be ready to receive cargo to mirrow, an have good de poath. For fTriglt or pos. lgog, appply'm board, opposite the Cotono Haotse, or to fe255t LEIGH, MADII)UX & Co, V 1B. I ,tlJl'II.IE anld ioterlelh te r iort o. THE fin firot clona strainer MIS SISIPtPI, J. R. Blirch, malster, is ready to receive etirgo, te t.afr For freirhf or paasare, ainks eary applition on board, aelravier etreet wharf, or to fkl21 JOIIN iH. GRA rIAM. K ,tLOXU ND.VI)IANA.CIHtI EUCtIS, and all Intermldiate landings. TlE very fat runnini g lteaonboat Tt'I.TCIIE, J. B. Rol.hol, ltoter, is ready to receive eargo ols above, and wi leae oi eatunrday lornihg tile 5th irst.; at 10 o'clock A. P For freight or passage, apply on boold ,no slte Renville street, or to 2 J.1. e tRA H1AM, 149 TelCoupitoulan st. For VRIhbRUHGi, lItrenlai Grand Golf, Raodey, t, nd all intermediate landings 'ill Et wll kuowll stremer, NORTII ALAIAMA, labor moster. is now rerreeiving freiht,. and will leaIt on da instat 4 i 'clock A. M. For freight a passage apply on bonlrd or to felil KEI..Y, MASON & Co. FOIL ST. 1.OUIS & AI.ITON. The light dlrught andl fat rll Tnig staler CIIARI'I'ON, James Dloghlrty masterr. h Iling to " prin igal inrt o cr cargo egalogedl, will ieret with des oalt Folr freiglt or poaooae apply 0e, boar, o PpsOtite 'oGsal street or to ISAAC ItllI)I;E &( it., eba 20 184 aMH U ine street. VORVICKS IUO G, GRAND GCILF, (t)DN0EY ANI) NATCIIE7. . ~ P loln aster, is w reondy to roteive froeight for ildhe above iorts aond all nlrmedi ate ano lgs, ano will ionoeoliate deolatclht For freight or paissage apply on lollard olr to III.KIRE, WATT & COI. bo2N iool arof Pa) atlmr s trroet. FO-- Sf. L UlIl, AIl',o I, tNIDAL,.1IIEDIATE ,.A WDiIiS. TIr 1. J. firot -lnts st,'onrr AT. 1'O \,'i toro Itl0o- i r, aoll l. t ' I0lil" nelxt,an, Itii.i.t lare proptorti il of her caroogoe ltl-g ad, -,I11 h-tvn immediate d!isptchl l lor lfreight lof tile remain ter, or laeooe obavil.g plolloltll fnrllihed ac- I enommoedationo, withol, elolo sate 1ltt ItouInl0q, ly on boared appi.oite Iienvitle st., or to P2 11' )GI'.IIR & IlIA I'IIt)RN, it ,reviorr tr. FOE ItUISVIILIS ANID AL IN lIN'I'EILAl'lE Tile oirot elatt, f. t rl'lnigll or o aollll boat "IUStKIA ho. :1I. Itotooina, nIlaair, o itdlotto i rtendv tlo rtceite eal-,ll on to-mn:la t,, and delpalt oa ile 2j Lll iltlslrt, at I0 u' clack, A. 1. For freihlt or passane, ilanvint foir ote ll.o- mloationo, and being of liht drauglt, al o dv onhon Ia r ousite lJienville st.,or to . IOIIN II %V.tAIIA. N l. -. Aim e tot,'ao m. .. I ......... t1. , 00000 t. pranlsv alntloritel Irv the rpt0in, w ill noot he ,.aid. ff2l F K l t0I:IVI.I.I .A.D) ' INCItNNA0'. 00 e ta I ll lDo resIill "t[ t,..,t".· . " o.MMERCI., 1 2.00 00i00, will bo ready to receive fieigbt on 0 olon day,n id t 0 ,0..o.dliaooldeopatchl. FPr fofreight orpas oge aptily on Iloald, or to f.I J IiK'lA I).VIII.L & Co. 66 Mangazineo st. FIOB SAI.E . I ll lh The eu!,¢tmtidl Searnl Bnat Con 000l0l0 Ito,, ill I., oioletoanol of t a, HC .ortolnloatbl o, teul'rS----she is HCll o toiull r o s.i anolll Ie'eaod ilal o tr .erIrle, .tot1t to rob 1.01)tI tYl 14". 153 lt-oitooot, nt d FOR AEI.E, The a-eatnoer II 'AWVtEYI, aoitth ill herfrnnitnie, &. T'lle Iboat i' in gloodo ruanninga-rer, ioving[ latly undorgoo e rrr.iS, iand will ba sold a greoat bargain if iolllllllrioln a loliolloallon i+ itnde tO S SLATEIR,42 Pooy0rati at. f2 THE stoeambooat LEONIDAS, An drws lastelr., Ilavling beeIn exllresly fitted for tilhe towing busiless, is ow, ra y fititea it that Pway"tn, will pv Ioetween tiia and ba ngie Tort; also toto vesselh tip all dtottlllhe Caltl o plallitioll.s, or oer tbih.g ia thle lowing iloe t It may oalr. For furtlher illforlllilliOi n0plv0 at Noo 5t6 Poydra street. 'iOUIRNE & ItEl.KWI'lI. N. B. Persons wantilg tlhe iltve alont In tow, will peaaoseleave their olders as above or at lRooowland andl Ha t', )id Loonvee. .v t.,. UU k to La twthe oiLe I'riet of tile Second llhiiepalritv, II the 1I1th of Feb. a negro nmn maned JACKSON, naout 67 years of ae.eeI ll Ie itelOllgs toMr Little. The owner will prove pro perty, iay chanrged and take hinm away. il S IIA eP, Pl f2L Ci.ttain of the Wtol'h. T ETENiU dans Il geole de in seconde Mu-nicipalii t, U.le'0 Fevrmer unil ilero nmnle WV 1 1. L I A 11, age d'eniron 23 ant, so dite n puartenir a Mr. ItRhlinsl, Le pruprietaire pruuvera sa prorle, et Ie retirer enptayat les freate. aitt. e HA(R ,.t cI2 aEtP ,clt. do llaGnrde. WAS broughtl t he- policelrise, of the 2d mlunicilality, oni thle lgth da'v a' Feb., a negro mten ranmed NED lUSlII, about t uars ofag, sat y he belongs tl MrN dith. The owwner will prove tprope rt pay charges ead take him away. H S FHAIIPE'R, f2 Ctpt.i of thie tWatch. I~'riEAUEl a ella gI e ol e it lIeeotdtle Muunitipal ites, Is 18 Fevrier, in negre Ionlnte JacksonI, ge d'eevimrn 6 nse; nn dite apptrtt ntir a n I.ittle. La protrietairec prouvee se prultriete, et Ic retitera en payet lee ratt. Ii. S. HA . PER, F1" Capt. de in giarde I)E'rENu dets l ted eleidtt It seconle Ilunieipalite, Ilet Fcr; ier, ui uegLt e uolle Ned Bltaih, ege d'environ i2alte, su dite nl rtenir Mr .amitll. Le pr iet ire prntven-a sa propriete. et le retlrera ell Iletyam lel frait. o22 FI B HAIhI'tR, ctiapt. e lla Gaerde. t AST bregs.eAo rie a lice prrisnl oftlhe 2d mnuici {, _.ty, on ile .1.a day .l Februtrtn it n IegIO :ll. nmutaed V 1 L Li A M, abut 3L ynears of age, saes he belongs to r Rohilt.ou. Tile owner will pronvef opny, pay charaeets, tid tike him away. IIAiPII, f_2-! Caitatin iof te Vitoali TO RENT. A. Hleme on Itagaeine etreet,betwern Saint Jo enph, autid Delor eti. S Three Teni'eaontlleoe eat the eorner of Saint Iirn Poydras et. the aother trov aoinititt. S Two Brick 'I'edenintte nn St Johi at, between Perdi adond Graviertsei A Freaet House at thle eoretr of Glvtier and Il'hillilp pastreets Apply to Dr. RIC.E.teor the Oricans Bank, on Cianial etie it--rf A 'liu.ild;, inthe rear oef th corner of FrenchL I TIi & " Itittittll-tl t. hI in 20 lyet lby 43 ..t I1i hou.eC ,or fIrttherpnllrpose. The reut will Ie ttderCI tte, and p.sseseiaon given itmmdittejv. A ipll toi At lie tesd Pie llnanufactory, No..5 M larais st, ner the Charily Iloepita!. 1S _______ -STORE Ti-itENT.. To Rent, steiit 53 Girol st. nithltle for a lmlmm o lliol S wloellnllr e Iltr F er l lltl) 0 ly 1!i lllthejirellnl. sea, i lt -.- bIltetere .1. i4-tf STtO IE. IE I' it ve~ry +n.e iittitti ttIittil ith deak, &i. iie, No I3 I trilville -t, pplpy JL to DIAVID MAPT . II"). f " / -. All Ofe to rent i:l Mnetaeinee street,.npneilte ti DBanks Ae ide, rtetl stab'% tfo terlnd illlcr / J..M pnrticnlnrs, enquire nt this ufice.d'9 IHOT'EI, I')RI I.EAN Nio 147 CH.RTItlES ST, Immnedittltel over the ImIprovemnent Daik. J t"'tlhfi etltericer reeetctlully itfitrtts hit rie f ienc t and tile plublic enertllh-, thati I" itdreIhl ln, etloltet, alst in tavina prtltli. red t it rate Freoeh eiklt all d cll tlll c lters, ith 1Itll Ildter h tilln to tleotl hinmself fir tite cmortrt tied I'et.,ttltttt, tillI of his Ittardere, he trust, to reteive that uttetroitte tilh hie %V meritt. ROBERT RVtDIPDO t, t I! FOR MOIlLE.. - TIIE seclonrer ELLE N, can take 0?0 hhit and will sail this eve.. g I'icallion 'Tier. fite24 GIrIV.lT'& PAIGE. 0F'l1 AI'Al..cCHICtI.A-treglir Ipacket. T TIe .pn nml schr BOLINA, Clif: aI nt., will have ttcnpitch, For fleight or psacrec, all lv oil ihOlld, oppocite .lird sol l RIcP tlor to Ir2. IiO n tott'r & nI.\\vr h'tn'..ts. (6iriv'ert lilt P \III.u;NC(.E, I. 1. T'lh very iet ,ailhng brig IIERCULES, Capct. Wise, hatcin eiull t of her vorce engag ed, will mectwith ll c Iletcl. For bnlalce of foiught or passage, Iharing tine ccolnmml lOls i Npptly to I IUCt (I ,1 fehll 79 Common slreet. FOIL NEW YORK-Packet of the 27th inst. l.ousiana ancd New Yorlk Linc. The elegallt iand fiat siling Packet Ship YAZOO, 'l'ras t master, Ilaving part of her cargo eng4edl, will I oe'tively sail as above. For freuight or passuoe, havinz c1iricr nec:Coolllltldna tions, apply to the e pital n or alrd, oetucni olitMint, or to J.. DBIhIN &A.COtIEIt, f20 90 Common St. FOE NORFO li& i.l\I.IINDltIA. Thle sehoner HIOP, Moore, master, hav ll ter lravy cnrgo ellgnlledl, -let woulld lakei - liht I'reight "nI a lew passegers. Alpply Ut post 37 Ito the captnain or to GEO Jt)ItNSON, lit 1c7 9i c c Clllllltln spt. IFORKE sY WAIST. . The fat saililng coper fastened brig 1OU ISIANA, Flliot Smith, master, will Scil for the above port, on'l Tuesday, the 2lot instant llFr cgcht or pclcc er , nlplyl to ct 16 '1llet1 C C.\ASHI & Co. 41 Cnrp St. _ FOR, llAl,'rIMORE. STHIE new brig i(OlltROSCO, Ctpt lBeltlev wolifs the bilk of 300 hbls to complete her luoadlig; lir irfight or tl clace applyt( to 113 S & 1' \VII''INEY, i Cotlllli Pt. lOIt NEW\V YORK-Passage Only. A ' TIlrE superior and tat sailing cooner I COil)OVA, Crtl.V in-lor, will have ieelntdi ate dctsptcl, h h. r FIa"p ge epr il on F i plv to LI. H. (ALE, 93otiimon st. FO IIOSTON-Pansalge Only. 'TIlE -leluerior andt facit tcilintg A I ehlilt RItGeeipe Snit,lt a vilg hee lier iht eelacged l willt n'et with dle=ctlch; litr tpars:ge oilty lip ply to [ i] I. II GAi.lE,3 (roeneactc ei. FOR NORFOLK & ItI(lIMtJNI). The iew ehoonrer PIER,C havlNTp her earge elutral1ged, n tkrta deck loal, nd tete elmodtea few te Isengors. Applt to S (E1 JOIINrON, 92 Commion street. For Sale, Fr.ei llP irl IIrllte er. OVWANTI'FD. A vessel from r 5(I t 60i tons at lonw frreight, to oen d fiir Alrcexlmhie is C. Aptlly ito f25 G. JO)IN.i ON. 92 Cecllnellcn it. FOil tEI(H|T'I ilt CIIAIt'I'EIlt. STHE sulerior end firt siilinre relpconer v V pl andtin c rcrri it rd r tee MARY, ('apt. MeGalagliuin, carryiln the ulk of ls, is ready receive freighlt. SFor t ripsr lpply to fetl 1I.. II. GAIE, 73 Common street. li'ct FltritI' Oilt CIIAitTFI't. '. H iE gooel sellcooer MELICENTE Ilo. e meunester--lmrth re is 136 tons, and carries 1101 bhld, or aboutt '0 tlcbds--is coppcer fcs. tecl d, andt icl Ioe order, rldll for it careo ito iv place, blet Richamod would be pref.rrred. Apptly to tie Cupt. cat coot 37, er to GEORGE: JOIINSrON, 17 92 Oeeotln oree,. FOR FREIGHT'I O CIIAITER ' The e firrtelis cllc coner lC'ItES, Deck. Sel Iater' 1611 hCLects IbIlrthe, isel rdy to re i- eive ea oe. lFor teri apellV to ceh lIEAD& B RST )V, 67 (eravcer street. FOR SAIE. THE shi I PI.ATO, e first rate cpprred, c andl eolller C fle e ti.l vCrelr, Iand hitIju-t Ur in .. ed iitih a urgno fclfee cllfrom Rio, ateply to f14 ' IrIAYElt & CO. FOR SAI.E. ,r + TPHE stlperior, fct nailtite. erep .r-f.tnlenedt I t alId copied bric IVIIIcI \ c 1 I c 'c ton, blrtll I n, I years old ]llt fclle, t th It of the hest antt' r ut nd wai newly rh o'sedrr , inhi it in No,. ientl, i l io.v ill eltl le e order, fin r llt vnvee; fo r rillac ap plyv to [i'4] J()OEPII COIlAYNE, -',5 Grnvicr it" S- -- - E')Rt S OLE. The brie ro1 '.1R88, n first rate cnpp rede Svessel and it cee npnlete, one r i'. any novne p ) Nv tr ,...t l :rn e l II I .r:cl , alo-i it l't rl- -e trcut n elets t ,l .1 I' t r ,o i . , 1i.. 7 lsv ir o .. The fir.m classi bri'e r]iNAI D), Hlobart eallclter, Ill:lltoe bllutc emll, i lrrie, cc i touI t c 75 Slld, cIc wiccll Ic ready tor ec ire cargo ill cew ,laysc or; tr ernc dte v oil hcceoard .r eo jit S'r'ERSI .'S)N, r\V.I & Co FORt it Itttl cI' 4)CII olt'rER. "hn new eolp'e and vry fnict Pncilic. occleieytr CUt.I,p, V. 8 +1 lcblcc bitceiee, ui:l +oii nbord onpocl., ci ISl (tri toc cTE Behr VC I'(rl., 100 tons bucc rlec i, sail. I dies, dlraw; 7 1-7 feel of water, clid ic in good rorder. For lp 0I c o ton !ani S S' J P WIVIl'rNEII, 8 (C-mti st. II()F'I(EI OF TIE NEWV ORI.EAcS ANID dNASiIVILIE RAIl ROAD COMIIPANY IFeb. ITte v,Id Thaict the ocIcklcc t he, acltctcllcm r to etlake n call oil tl.e Stol:ohrs lilr ahl insutltllllnt ol'f ve d. I lags per c cl, cavrtlc no tlihe 21 cb dciv of prr nic ext LExtlaect from ithe linilceele ,f lie Board. In pllerllolnce of the recticcc r-crollctioel e lick t.occie cfif,,h corcn ey in the cite of Nc.!'coieleancc efc$5 tlei eacllc Scre of cclcc tk reI.peeit v held bthI.. n nt file llcth env of Aril nexrt, clci thlt icl del:,iet thereof, tile tltek h icc I fie sunti is duor nill he lir lited, fIc lli I W HTOFFMIAN, Presideint. B i- cl Cnncicaigeiicc dlu cciccccccc. lici dchle Nstr le trlelll a cc nlcville.--IclelcIn flce te recidelt erst nutorise a c clire in c lapel llX acliorlires cre lllce lei t :c ll tlec pniulcellt die $:i ar action, uai serTi e(c i cue ti 0ct d'avri itrotelcc a; ti ollfere alelrrie t I In Or. se. i lc l de le clhtce.-- Extrii t ies cin ltesl-o e Ict I' l cicttioc. (Sielna) Mi'NAIIt, seeretaire. En exlit'c'ictcn de in duscite resolccion Ies ction. nni es dio· Indilo crlilpaigllie Oullt requllis p r le ir"'eLll avis d'clt"cttcr, ell Icllreecl le In cltmpnlpnin t lns l vi'ill de la Nouvelote Orlecns, to lielment te c$5 cr ce oI clclhAt do ccl(eIeinre des le ce itCcrtcclnlt il c sort dcle Curs, l "O 20 cic Iro:hllcinc defun t de quoi ftnt;inl nour Ingloll~h ee leieclllent ia'aura ps liell. rers olllnllhte. 17 t rv--ce ll IIOV110FF 3IA N, preridellt. 'I I Ell'l'FtIll ZINC, nicd SlIiEg'lt RON (lAN. UFItC'TOIY.-Tie uccl.ei'c:bkr keeps i:collslllitly aln hand l a enral lcrincrlclliico tin ware, wiech will Ice sold low filr ecs llcr city neeelltclcees. Also, t cvcers recic witlh coppcr, till or zinc, on resor. able tern,. GCutters nc d condulctors Iude and oput ip. SAMUEI. E IP, corncr elf flttn.lna Poylro+ nil 'I'chotlf.hiulciteci ts. MAYk)RItt.\I'TV H NEW ORIL.E-..-S T IE plricy, Ififresh flour lu-dhw, is 10 dollars undt a hanlt, reburroel urlet:olird I to'tci tri0; the baker shll nive :0 ollllun of Il e-td iir a Iit, durifiln next week, foll Molecav Ihe "'0tit iccct. Biread oftlle second qucil itv, orof itrre Ire fr a it, i relnuiredl eil to 5rit, tc'cceclt coreeficr ithe eale lcrlcrccay s7 lccd a hlcfi D. PRIEUR, Ml.yor. New Orleans, 20th Fichruauir,18T. T IE nnl.n ual electilon fir l)irelrs fitr ihis i.nttt t lioln, will bo heIll ait ile IBankila Hoise, cornor of Reval nld Bien rille streets, oni nl ,ainy the (6fi ynv, f OlIo uext, betweeno til houra often, A, M. and 2 Il. f'2 I)OB'T' J, VI..FPiE\, Cashier. JDlb riS'rLl --(trutdifittic,rof aotots.tta al eIuIwii( md, d ow ; t I Ic wieId; dttl l; do BI'aziian wood; coplera; ahlom; sunane 11adder; French berries iOr blll-llue; nt,£llls; in tio; oil vii'e i lncu r! IVS now I trl terns by II I()NN BEI, .. '.. ftb, 1 Natchaez tld 'I'c llllpitotllas sts. -ES'Ri. RICFIARDSON & WV L'ISON, have t Mlulr'h, w-h- it will ositivrelv take iilne tll ntie sub.rihelwill dhease ll ftr theLia a oie i i tillo Ito s, hMerchltnts Exelnteo. e , 'tt.1F t INtLt S &CoI. i |hia ceitv, i dissa,,lv by ultual ispont,, il take entiott itram he first t lay of'JroaMr. 18J7; by ti tero, t fwli. ite Inks and loerts, both red oill ltplot'tI W IPeolle e propeIt.rt.y of WV It. i. PIIILIPaS . d Wni 1. IB. REYNOLDS, Anld thIey having fit ed i elneetiole with tllr. Clilifi,E( C. SNE'I'I.EN, Will contiaue thoe lsines ait their new hIouse, a Third ('oeail) steot. Iui lcr h ft-ir , lf 111II.I IPM, ILEYNOI.IIS & CO. ..l the nrw fitrm is ehnrtrar'f nilltl te otlelf ent oifthe blsiness, of Adams, Ilevnols'i ('a Co., hbev tlke Ien surn" h arkn m lm il. tha. th,'ir 'ooner corm"r, Mr. 1) . A t ttSt, wtitll a ain o nw ml o ilhs ito id Iard e tlitner , IMit. t1 . PI r1.1.1. P'I', if \1' d I r. AlO 11 t, Loutti'ville, Jon. 19. WVd B. IREYNOIDiS, N o'1rl E- Tip,-an C .ime ,:o k -In io,, il,. 'in ,W lI SlrCwi i, VaL f I'rc ll-led at t tnoll .a tle o .fie (If .c, , [hli-tv E-. Ilotrv plllic, lnd co "l lbr wit, Ihe J ttMit tool' ot-aOto1LL M11 !'G:' -g i Jn ree,e ,. I L 1 C Rll.Kl Il h v 4 I- shetIullhg , suita ble If r the .|eri ean ih rket. s lit fil eal Lrl ftIoI i, forri d s Si i e, f lLoi t t, r 1ao li. (tit[ifit I', A \'.ioI k"ell '20 ItI Jim l'ltri . nlet. l 0 Rirlt i'it a do t td i-n-i n io it e,tcto i t ole, aGRlVOT & 'tIi ' 'i 'a . " fIlh 20 2' r Po,\rl siftrelt. ct Lurdin tore, undr fiol sotle by J. M. BROll)iWELI, & Co., fib 20 (it; M!n.iiitsr ra ,oct. BIJLK PiORK-tii ---, I thlre' . - , hr sate h-mtoS A R)--,1ti kegs Leaf I.nod, in gcod shiipilnag odier, huldiu t f nOU 3tctt, nod ftr sah, by fill 20 ',(O i0 I ILNE,, 153 Tch tpitotlat at. tr Ililll t'Aa, Catitlit llfll, ifl the Texo ailu a ,l d tI--• l' 7Ja,' 7n t a'o t, l llatnlllioV anil dtli i,,• Siv 'irelllated a retorttn a lthi, t il., d,,ol,.at, to to ll t'lluutu r oIf tIlhn ulld r-'i ted, allll r |luvin left w ith itlll tgia alti f:ioflhi,,n I tlfer .ftr , cthti .ltoct! tl hi sualt ltiate hi n. tertion, cthen i'c, I ittllnunrrt Ililll i Liar. f(2 N.1 W. BRIGO!) M. For Europe. FOR GLASGOW. . THE superior and fast sailing A I bnrque DDROMR O ; calt. H igiusll, will bare mltedite . dicsprtclr. For frcig.ti rof It,bles oi cotton ar ls.ugc, having hoan lonle acconllotio , laons pl to P25 L. II. ( 9LE,:3 glotrmoirri, or. FOIL LIVElIPOOL. S TILE flie new Ameicao shlip PAIRTHE , NON, capt. ''Ima, wants about 300 bales Se l'oflotto to cllmplete her cargo, woull have pri,·nt despatch. For r. ht or iossaPu, apply on bord, or to HuI.MIES & hiILLS, flbt2d1 Bank Alley. FOR LIVI+I'POOI. THE superior and trti sailino A I barque AIIA.HAWV, capt. Tucker, will have io medi ate despatcht. For freight ofl00 boles of cotlluoll, {r lpa'sosae, aprply to lcbta8 ,E3V 1H. GALE, 93 Common st. FOR IAVIIE--Passre only. - THE fin,.e and fast sailing ship LION, capt. Martin, will meet witl despatch. For pas U e ollly, having good accole( ollllltio.1 applty to fe2.f l. II. (GAIlE, 93 Common sto reet. FOIR I.1 IERIPOO)I. TIIE suelcrior ntnd fast sailing A I chip lli Soraltrer, Copt .. onll.,r. till hitve depatchlt, Sfor frcight l 200 bales cotton, or passage, plry t I. H GALE, lel 93 Colmmon street , =E-k_ FOIL tAVRl.. TIlE fort s.ailine A 1 ship CHEVALIER, Calipt. Kinney, will receive imulediute de tsl iIt. Fior pinaogo only, haIvinl ILandsone accolm odorotirts, apply to L. I. GALE, Felr. 21. 18 C(omllllm tlctrt. OIl Esliip lIEN I\;VN,wanItst only 60 bIles ofcottnt tocolplr te her cargo. A few r ps rcngerset. fr rccoi,olmtltitrd. Apply to fll S'. TflI)tPSON & Co. No. 6O0 Clrlp srt. Frll LIVERPIOtIOL. TIlE fine and slperiorA I lship VESPA SIAN, Copt, Windsor, will ave inunediate desptctlth. For passage only having hlld isoolre .,'otonlllwodaoit IIplt to l .E I AI.EV AL, 93 (tommAon st. FOI HAVRE. STIE tfit sailinr A Ihllip MORO CA STLE, Capt. Smith. wid have inlnediate despiltcll. For priasssage loilv Ihving allerier lomnlra liirItio ty to ap IEy I .E f GALE, 93 CoItIonll. FOP (GLASGOW. 'rIliE sOperi ror ed ry fasr t tailin crt p iprled ulid o pl tlrer fisterrled brig (CAN)NtI SCUS, 1 opt liglcv, witll ave itmediate des pneri for the above port. For pasagP ornly npply to f16 I.. !1. 6AII1, 93 Crrni r t. FO IIL .t.EILL . I TIlE fast salftiniro coppered brie CITIZEN, Capt 'ihiltn wants 2t Iales cottonll oelln t ilet Irr careo. For f-.igrlt oftrwich or !as iage, apply to i .ll .1 J P IH ITfNE, ICtlltli ft. FOR IIVEI1RPOOL, TIlE A I first sailing ship ROMULUS, Caopt Weiater,wantr 1o1t bales ctton to com plele her carorr: for freilght f whicll, or pos orlgc tapply to &J J P WIIITINEY, Conti ot. fieb 12 FOIl LIVERPOO.. TIlE now f.ot sailing Phip SCOTIAND, Co it Mler.t ,ail wntorf 3t1it bales cottro tro o.p.,lerte her cargo; for freight if whicb, or passarge, apply to S & J WHITNEY, feb 13 8 Cortti t. -- -. FOR MA LSEILLES. Thte nlw nod elegantit copplre' oand Celroar fatrcnel Irig ANGOfA, Ilaynes masteor, willT il with till ftossible delsptchi. For baloace of freiglrt, 200 bales, or passaer, applry to fetlt D. NIA IS-rtN, I2 flienville trtee'. Ft (L I VEIPOOI.. STIIF: fole shipi SARAH PARKE.R, wants 250 hales to fill up, for freigh rt ortrhich or pas osge, apltly to I. H GALE, f 4 93 Common st. FOR LIVERPOOL. 'THE ftnt -oa itg shiip nONTICELLO,.Cpt Iawton will tove immlediate. deslati. For freihlt ofl200 bales, or lasagtr, app l ti 1'4 LoEVI I1 GAI.E, 93 Colrnton st, FOt II LAVRE. TIe supeTrir oand Iohft snilint tris II Ott D , Brockln a l ilator r, oIlnt 21111tIll Es to fill ii. Fr tile ftretir t of thlich irliasago, hn inr llpe riiur il:lmodulioaptlry to L I (.I E, fl 9.Cnollllln street. FOR .IEI I: t tOIEr. THE A 1 and srtperior ship ROGER IIEL1MAN, tIarit Lowell, wanter 301) Ielrs c-t to cmplete hier luoalilre. For lerils or lIponaee apply to 1 Ii GA0LE, jan 3tt 93 Collntmnl rt. FOR LIVEtRPt)(ll. .l. TIHE A 1 SllI filst Rsiling ship JACOB IPI:'HKINS, Coollt ShnIf, Wantllt 2;10 Inl-. rot !_ il_ ill t'toC, tier I oindue. FPirtelre ,ito pas iag.l l)lity Ino ja: ll L I Ii GALE, 03 C'illllrint st. FOR fIIAVI1E. S TIlE fine anodI fa-t sailing A I ship RO , IIt.'10' fII\VI'NE, t alsfihld; wantso 200 bl les cl llll to i orIqplete lr tlroi e. For telr1s tlo larsllgro, apply to I. I1 t-ALE, jail 30 " 3 C:l (llnllilml" FOt I. VERPoI ILL TIle first elmlls shipiip tU PIIREY, cari LnlUdroll, will areirs oultot 10l10 ,bales, and io iroaly toir beieiht, fr ir which apply to j'21 ,'1 TtftlIPAON ,i. Ci. 71 r'anr, ar. FJ', II t4.ite. _ h c uperieotrtlldvry fatt sa;lile A I shin, I , GRANGE, PFttur imilettor, will have im, - Ill1ilta cstiteli. For freight it 35I1 ibeas otrlioi or p0020 ge aplo y to I I GALE, i 93 Coalllmallll-tre, The srlloirer alld rr' rv lirtailing A. i. shiI M OtORA, aopt Nowt It, hIaing theie Iltcdinoe despatch;tr fir Ircigllt itlr sro.ago, aplly to j24 I. I. O8.11,"-.tCoanmnlo st. FOR IfVEIRP(t) L. k- Thite o letitdid itoit sailinr eriier'ed oaTid coii, tre ilastireil ntew uhilp RefiT 1,fUIION, E. A )n-bbs maiteri, flr freijhot o, pa«silrt. anpll o jil3 SAM A 1, TI IOl PSON & Co. -f-The sI,' d, teot, fost Osailing tship ST. JAMtS Ihnry Vhibtaiv miaster, woantt 20 I - bIdes corttlnl tit iofplrete ner loalline, fir freight ,f whllh, or passagc, llaviilt teupoeir i orOllllll-I dat+i,,a,plhy to S and J P VIII NF. , ', J17 BCiuti St. For Texas and tlie Vest Indies. FOR HI VANA-T- o ail on IVednesday noet. - II' thot sniliu. (.olpered and C'?per fo fntend o Irig NELSON fI.AItK, )lill, tos 'tr. For freih1t or passage, lhaving clegant lrnillshed acollomodltoi ioas, aplyIIi to "'25 WMI. I'ttR'l'l'it,95 Common st FOIL IiLAZOiIA A 'I) COILU Pill \.--'Ieas. . 'lE1 light draught anod last sui'ing packet f sch. SourtL INEIR, will mn t with curly Sdespatch fir the above p'.rts For bal .nee ot Iri2i1ht or pnss ale, laving sLuer ior t o ltdni applvnn board, or to %V. IIYN fold4 31 01, LeviL,. 1FO IIAVANNA, TIlE fast sailigeop,.eredl bri. OMAR, Capt il, wes, will tiositivocl suit UtInO' ow even I nd l , apply on board, 2nd vessel nb ,,ve he Ferr y, ur F-OR AUXCAiYES,ST I)OKINGO. I'H A I bi. F1reemnul larks naslerwill ',I it vely sail i a foo w days; tcan h,,dsnle v I" ac:cuanaodatc a few lhrSgellers on nppli aolloi oflto oI- . tIST )N, itb:i3 No It I ienvaille st FOR THE S.11N-E LAKt , (Tenoo.) h'lhe si1 i rior now schooner C OII , I1PION, Sherwood, ,oaster, having most of har care,, oln " gedi , hill hIvre immnladliiate dle<pllatch. For balanlce olf I'-.-ilt or passai c having sllperior accollllmu . ititiot, appolly llll 'tNt i for i to 'o.o BtYo N, fhll l 36 O)ld Levee. ot k I )'il f15)1 l'r.At .It .f-too iit , t ts. lia T1. "OBI & lift ,iTliElt. 17 $3. C(.alm stole-t. FOIl G.\LVENi' N AN IItAINtIStBUil(G,i (l'exo.) S T' e T Irig JANE, Villionto ioous", hlaRin0 oer i. o ne arly all iher froigplt aiotlt an galil Pai - oard,, till sill on \Vetlneatrly hes tr)r Ip l b elr pots:f fr el iht or pa~tl o t. W aply to Y he cllltil n bolard, llplosite St Peter stor to WVm\ I'? o'A , FOR il itlTGJiA. -N 'rllE fa t.nilinle ln soulld schr. IMARY,I rio-le s, dd soI , ht',In tot art t tot er toro e n rt.l-d wil meet wi h earl, d' patIlc. "'ti s:., ,arsolns a L ir T)n.trip fee r.. . O ln -In • - "h I t mill li oll l iit d to onii for a lit . oole to tit AI i oooi ttopi att ool,' 'to o o t fi 'I'.o'Tto" .I RO. , To olllT o .etl. 101V) 17tt3(Com 'ttO t-t - b Firi l \Ve= --'l e nw Th i 'otV ol)er i'tllentd oeir lii R('It "rhi llnnr Ihtide'o. itltor'n I rt, i .t r rall "r wolld bae in nedtion hedpa.lth frill term of f'reiglt .r ,tl. ,_it. i 1 .h" o 1 i f2 JUNE &Mhl)')Ni \l,, G2 ni't-opt. or tto 'later oI Ioard - .\1LI(. For F6-i1ht i pe==ac, l ! 1-- .'leglilit uccommiluatuion ,nl plyl tI I. F T,. IFONNTEr, fic'ii 76 Ma^_azilo ot r o . t . --t- It-I-- I . lo1-P-itoket ti-oto-,,. 'TI"lI t f oo- o itolii to s C"ltni'r A Iifti' tOiPl o'n.l. , c. t J. I' l, e Or lo.r, - ll,, t It .t tt It 1.- g.uik .iot- lht. iFtor itt,'i t-ht tr la,-ll Il hln_ plrrior l td t'l nurisl l rll i-e. lllllllll, hll li < 1],-)3 !a ,t- n I oels; .t1'tt toomso tnio. eo l iP lhe b ti sitt t veer. to'.-' ti "i will be nlloi'l f o the l-v, tlriiiole anI oclirf rt o jllil, - snn. yri. Alplty ol board, w',im. ilo '-tIrf .) =t., or to C i\ \I'I . )'N"l'At tt , 9i CS ilf'rinoo I "f.'oo - r steamer So ndl,d nolo l flr sale Ihy f23 LAYEI.I' S: AMIILIJNG, 17 C, mmi-r·e st W fit lllr bs L.A1-CT t- 1'181,1'\+i, f''3 "17 U',mmt rc st STrilY IiOR.iE. V Ilmt lei' h't t ot n bith , nn,| . Idle iark. with quested to . i"t ooo I ert-to' py cl'. r.-o tin tike hi.n ''l' t l o b-oo onr t-tittor ii l llt .ilf llf h nl f, iot nt li will hto i i iold at oltblic 'tt i t . ' P. A. Lioilloltt tI.'.'t o 0 Cotto: ;:e- " , ^ .! 1 i ;it flu. i, AUCTION BALES. BY ISAAC I. MlcCOY. O Wednesday let of larrll, t 12 o'clock at thle A Aredle IF.xelnege, will he eohl 8 VALUABLE IOA'Tl'URE 1.0 ri, Noc. I anl 8, adjoiing eelt oiither, iand citullte i Feln hoSrg Livaudnis, mensurvig each 27 ft 3 in ned 12line, fronlit oltIvn e ctlteet between 9th aln Eldalia sei(elr., by a depth var3 in! from 1310 aiot It 15I fti i nl., rull ning hack to the lrver MiEsssi7pi, h lire tlhey also lave tile seaee from es, 't Li'' eestreetn. Their pcnilie 'eutil. el's tlhm patltieula~lydesP.ahlUoilr the le Pr$IIa of Slw mills or the estallhllmentlf wood yardsl and the rapi - increase and extension e'f colnmmere inl :! ; dilre lnll ullncot foil to erecommendItem ti o itte, ttoln of c;tlci tnliltie and sleulnators. A[lan of aid lots s a ow Ce biiit:, ,,t the Arcade. ' tramn s lade known at the time and place of Pale. .-. BY ISAAC I1F~Oi.', Oniice No 47 Acade Exchane e. O N Tesday, 7th it t. t 12 o'clock, at the Arcade Exchage.. will he sold 16 VALUABI.E LOTS OF GROI'ND, edinininegech other, numbered from I to 16, and front. ing or chIiolptitulas, lRace and Irelieo s ets, in tlhe Oqfre lellnded by tiloe 3 nt, and OrEane at. Ne. to 9, fronth on Ti thlpitol, st. anti m-n-LAreT each fint 26 to 70 t frolt.L) a delthi laryoing afrom t9 ]nr, 1 inr. tov 112 f N, 5 ino. Nos I o I1u ]I front firt R onlegeon fr. 9 ani m 1.0ae5rs r11om Sfio, l in, to 0 lft fleeti, Iye deptt varyitg fion o9 ft1 II in, to 107 ft, II in. 'l'crllasa-, 2 led :r venare credit. I[Y ISAAU I. McCOIY. Office No 47, Ahl+e.t ESxchatoge. ON Tuesda,l 8thl inta. at 1e 'tloek, at tile Arcade . e lxthoan te, will be salld the fllowinug valuable ln'opert ,to i lt: " VA.IIABI.E LOTSOF GROUND, anoid im 'vemnts, Nos 1,9 aii 3, uljih other nI. talte, and s.tiute at tile enrler ul'Trian andll Phillip, at. No 1 measures 15 feet fronun Ithle form,'r, and 1(15 ft frouit on the latter. o 2 measures 25 feetftntt nt tTriton st by about 102 Oi in Tdelmth, runlnig back to a 8 feet alley in the rear. Nio 3 imatedieteh itt tile rcarf ali twn iriot, iald mai tlr 97 Ii frAont anI'riTf. ,Toi - st Iedit fen 'i l dei.tli. Olt thetto first I'n ,there an large bniliin g just fillet,I colit atnerlecd for a ablle housea on lot No , is i wareloase, writei nirlht asev as a stnble. Tie cost of tle ii st btilding was $16,ttu ad tit1, ]lter $'t00; tile iinrt,:r wia ins*ured fitr t $l[ nitlaid tlie latter Ibr $.U0- lheir situation ilcng in tflet itasliedttte ,icai v ofi'thi basrit of tke new cau.rl, retider, tO[lel gh tI e iiable not tnlly for a ptnicri house, but fr tihe sale of grories d liprl chantdlrer. iThe pna etia ti relitlly adanic ing arotntl the biaui,, and will btcntinead wintlert, tie lay along Trito, st lnl nlilomad passitn n in front, ntbreda very facility of recaltins either Carroltoa or the oity of Lafayette in the ishm ritesi snesible time. I'erntts--, 1, 18 24 aid :it'tes. ersent. - AI.0.), 4 OTHER LOTS OFGROUN P No 5n, 53 5 aid ctJ iiadjosting ca. eI othl:n, nd situate on l'lto,, Ilttaetcll [lillillita tnd BIlru a e sis, neasur llu each 25 feet front. ay 1 p20 fee ini depetl'. $i,Oellt, as folloes, iz:--i3l1 oni the 7th ela , 1837, $5443,4, on the 29th IMay, l.J7-$413,~4 oil thie o9tin Nov. 1i37i and $134i,00t on the "tit Mlay, 138n, and the bal.nee 1,O611, 12 an1 24,tomn'. iThe ats o' ale to be passed belae f Vi Y Lewis, oattity pnltie,at the i pern of tihe pureltaerst. 125 ldiiueri s ilandetoeteikee.,ctc. IlY ISAAC L. McCOY. f" N Thureday, 9th Mnarch, at 12 t'clock, at the Ar r cadl Exchanp ge, poitiively withlO t reserve, thlat splendid a dit billv a cultivated alnar klnowni as !tU III4UIL'I"' I;AIeDEN. Bounded bi v hlacda st and lle Calrollton raieroand, Tha.ia, Apollo atid Erato ata; dilted int, 28 splendlid lot', tetiuring eacl f(cit 28 to 29t1 atifn.t bl 28o to i27 ft, 10 in nad ti l i i dpthl. Nin. e of sail lota Ire t oil he Cha rollton Ia nilroad 9 oiu A elln, street; 5 o, lhaiia, a,d 5 on grat t, a ll t greeable to a il it drawn cy I.s Joe Pdie Esq. Ictputc 8 urveior, Iearing titte 17th February, 1t37, ind now a\hibited at the An cadle This beautilal square of ground is all hielt and t '8i, well nel,,ed nIll h..tndolt iely aitd tastefuitl I:i oil't inta Willki, Promneadea ud sqrctt. e itltrspersed witwi alllmut evaerey aiety i' vegentalble, frnit, fltnwers, sllrulb berv and ornttlllelltal trees, crtanictel ito tle climnte, Wli t setrnil Ialilei aelv arrinteed hat tooues stored ,, itl tile Illsost beautitl tand delicate iehrubclr, fruita illd 11 .we.ts. 'T'lie e :,tant plsting antd repassieg of the Cao rolleti ca t te extetsive and uiillnt, tit n t nitets ll'to. W ]i'rugras-inlg i n nh, ioott' :i te neigiih.lorhoe., ant the st ad, but e urt iier, taed valte ofilitoperte al I nit, tt retler nit n nt allv a deirab!e liaea of residect, ,bt el l worhli tahe cit ti.ol of npeetlators, wh.,se nlmar: inledilte ibjeet is that of guin. Is filet,c the nv td

vnatales wrtlielh thlii- iert v Iroelyemeater, a ]ino beduln, ,ipreectated withont visuitgtand extn aeiiaing the ireni sea, whichi ltt those disposed t Ilul'uec are invited to do at ily tie itme itreviouas the sale. n'enitas---5 pavyble cash--l-5 payonle ia 1 yeer 1.5 i|arale in 2 y'ear -1.5 pattahle in " venti.-1-5 pyaylle intl 'etare-alh ithout intera, with tile ex eeltlion tf'the two [list ] yolen ts, to c.ich (1| v,'hil inu ittrest af iniyeatr otti will ie .d ed atl the law rat e oIl6 percent. 'Ile piurehansers will alse |ave lile Ivi ige of.-xteutding lie cash paieltcit 6 mus. by allowing 8 t Icent iitcrest. Tle whole for nites rown an, endorsed to the attii actio o l'the sellers. divitledi itt, santi to sait their Iocleie";re, aud sectred by mcrtrame nlltitcilhn l eal-i rtt , to hiur an iltel'est of 10 Ilrtcea~t frln thle timletlhe be:onme dle, inltii the." ale lintll tp a d. nThe a e ts if'le to tnne I loICwd b'fUCre II B Cenat Esq. at tt' exi pee III ithe ptrcihserl . B I 1.SI IL' /+...rifeCO(. (file No. 47 Arcade. N Tuesdav, tll aet, at 12 'clock nt thlr Arcade ® Exchaung,', will oe sold 3 .I'S. OF GROUND. Nos teF5, 2t;t anid 2117,i adjoiitiali Otherlllld Sittt alte it LtucItrtil, etweei C.ilen stn'll elnr ihv hatl illg, Iii 'it itill e a eaqtuato ,t ner callnl, cEachi nut measnrese 25 it troit, hyv [25 fleet 1debth, T'tirtlls.-- eashi, anc 'the huI 1.n n.d 14 taitllhs. IB t2aent'. Nnethe. AIniO, 10OTIIER [.01'S OF GR6UND, Niilered Ir,[ I to 10, djoininig eaeb tlther, and sita nie at, anlid itill, Olloe of the eoriers of P 'vtinlle nd et Alrew't en .tlou lt 'a iatig t; ,oi i ettie;tt fI ta Il,frtntc o[ 'ity tallent, alld ttllitlItei nearly thie nwhoel froit be tweenllSt Anh'ew aud St Mlarv et, alnd mensuros each 25 ft Ifrott, l 1112 itt tlepth. Netr, tdjotis It e rn-er of ti. 4, 5,ti, 7 atad 8, ad ilMasuires2f7 I', 11 in antd 5lines iiiront ot St Andrews st, by tallt I12 f, in deIlt. No il(, Udjoiut tlle tlar ot nios 1 tio l, tlld Imeauttlrea 17 ft 10 in and li hes teelot on St n lcerv et, y itlltt t10 ft i depth. 'ie whoae I0II lots will be stlid in block. 'Te[l'i.--lThe ,ltralhaser Io nssattit ile plnateye of 18 ioti., a iou.,titg in all to 9,151[14, palablen fil $ 875 on the Old Oct 1837. 4St0 " 28lh Uct 1837. [f,61,52 ' 4b Junei 1837. 1ui61.52 " 4th Dne 1[37. 450,110 " 't81th :Marhe 1838. 875,110 t" 22d April 18". [111,52 " 41i June 18.81. 875,10" a 22dt et.lB38. 1220,74 " 4thDec 1838. 1"20 74 " 4ih June 1839. $9151,014 and lthe baltance of the pturchasne noney pay:tble 1.5 cashl ad te residue in 6, 12, 18 atd"24 inca. WVn. shrsty Eeq. notary LY ISAAC. I.. lcCtO . (Ofice No 47. Arcade Erxcbgoe.) SN Wctdnesdaty, Ist.lurch, at 1L! o'clock, 't the Ar s cele I"cltalnoe, wiil be sold itihout reserve, to close a concern, F.AL It VALUABLE LOTS OF CROU \1), ,dgjiti ig each otler, d nu r-d 1` tc r ch0 .'1 rnd c 2t itu tced in "l'hct uuitout1ts street, wilhito 2I Ibet of the corner of L.ouisa sreer, nmeasuring ech 1li met li'o,,t, 9I0 lIet 6 ic;;hes in ldepth, ountded on on side by prop erly i cedI, orla ely owned by uAlooriClnllOl Ey and 'og the other side, py pLope "ty o ced, or litely o. nd tby gI :h..a, atId ru; ni gt Wtk to llopec ty oanced by osi idiCalnon and Juo. li lell Esqrs. ALS", ONE OTIIHER .OT' OF GROUND. No I2, timediltcly it the lear tof,'o 19, nd ment ur ing gt feet 'reolt on P'arttl t, by uot .tt fiet t6 incliqs iu dlplltl. 'lag sn8 ll tio ie tiulll t ) 1po i le .o ".Jl BIY ISAAC L. 'CtIU1V,, [OFICEtn, No. 4?7, Ac. Ct'.] OiN \ednXosdoy, 1st iMrch, it 12 o'clock, at the Ar Scadlae Esx ng,,, .wall Ih suold 4 VA LUA Igt, LOl'S OF G ROUND roild Ill in ,rotve IleuU thlereoll,-ittll t,, t the corll 'r OF Jau!kggndo ni TcoIggIIo strccts, Lot oNo. 1, 4, leIt icg 1e' fnt oli ''relllotte l'stree, a deplit of' L0 fiet II in.tht! , un ono .ide, anld oo f et "11 i tell o the otIcetr, where i t narrows "1 feet 3 inches, and Ihas u further de :th o1'33 fiet. On tlis lot tglore is a g tood houoo : built o britck, tont and rear, an.l wuther-buarded oil tlhe ens, divided iut-, 4 ollls.a cabinet alndl gallle r' ill the realr, illth '! w.ll tlioislled routls ill thh garret, be.sidles a kitehel, serlynllll+ rottills, a wedll alnd c.wolcisi terns--th wIhole cal.:; at "d flr " tcllelllnlnts. Lo No.2 adjoulls No. 1, anld tllelare 42 iet tiinches front c n T'reome street, Iby 15 eot II ilnches in dpth, and ihlts o it ia house con eo.lltdint i h llot No. 1. Iot No. S orls t ic corner of Jackson and Trelte rst. and nllll-lltes 4- ftet 11 i hche iuI: l ront on thle Fonlterr. tlnd an 191 liet 1 I it.hkes in lot on l the latter. Lot No. 4tgdioius the ger of Nos 1, 2, and 3, acd olgllguroes ' g o . rt lul on Jack-un itr t, by 16IU lct e oiches icdo.oth. Tero, r ..- eltsh, rl t the blnctte it 10,^0t, ntol 30 In lllut ll r a i.prvl dI eltndorsed otllle securedl by orlllt cotle Unltil filll III yoi cu11. hIIe ai:Ji , ,ath TSlk in :: ; 'tericl o. sv fd t 1he wrekl of the ,I Tllp.'ugus, otgCz: oio' Sattlin and i ln i ,g Ioal, Slars, 11 S r.e,'s, (C ,::is+, (a ,., .ln rt s, If''e c' &. &e.&c A OO the hull gf oth ship, ts shto tow lieS, sunk,-- i l g ung .r g ti Ii" of the Port \'::rdcg,, for ngtgnggt of wghom it g e C lcgro. , 1ýTOh'l:.-I f J.\A1!ES W. ,Ot1,l formerly of NeTuot, 1 Ihol. l'tnl, m ill all tl the otflice ot the subgrih 'r, Oi. 9.3 C.on n street, ho will hea o S.o thiatlo hi ndttgt'cg. LEVI . I. GALE. S a ct c-a uite Iu -orpl tde gar-. de . - econd; lul:tnl ip itt, , lei; f vri'r, uli b reau p r'ort lt rh i c, et .e inl ra g'tge Car ont:" 'i i hon hutil . I Le I ro; ri-her puth... le, aIvutir ln p eavt l j rix du f 1 Capintai e d la:aide. tiRK-3t l' p coi o act ew gb'is. ogs pork f,2t JULIUS VAIRIN, -AliD--!,lI, l- af lardt gtgdigg fG'ns st, lttir . "ýPh'n ;;+:, fro gs g.[1 igtggg Igg s le h, " r i3 it )Gt-lt' t IIA\VW'Ilt)tN,f.3Gnier-. SR " bdidi and forr -ale ir fe'3 L; )t;IT & HL 1VTiIORN, it3 G'ra'r ot. SACIiKEit.! C. HERTE t\g-t14 ti arig.ol' 0. S. 1, te am l . ora :ker I,, awl i'tt) whol tind 2 ;.htilf " ' : og-itt g g " AUCTION SALES. I Y ISAAC LL. 1i'COY Ollice, No 17, Arllde Exaluni e. Nn son.quelc",- ulFofte Paradlht lnd l'Pe'lltliOllo of I h'c oitl on the '.2d iio t,tohe . ale ftlhe hlollewht dtotctrlted.lpropilrt,4 advertiised for that dlun, was 1n-t proed until Friday, 24t-i inst., at 13 o'clock, when the slm:: will Iositively bo sold at the Arcade Exhllolge to TWr\O IlOTS OF (;RI)UND, tof .\1)ioollrohlo olI'tot'llo sit. eoch ooe:loioo "OI Tlfot 4l i ilootesoirl 4 ioteO rotot M til MaZine str fte) I ty 85 |4Ut . T oUI. LOTS OF GROUND, Nos I 4nd 2, square I o, ot ts per plan, or.tig the t ofler ifoheo tal 4 tines front on .ltogazino gtooer, by 85 fett o Nos 3, 4, 5 and 9, toare L), as per plan, measuring ench 27 feet l I ill.les uaJI 3 lines flOnlt oil ) atll il e.ogulr ItIpth of about: 150 fi t. 3d, IItEE !,0'S )IOF GROUNDI), Nost , 2 and 3, es per plnn, foruming the etrner of Ma galzioe:nl d :ioollthoIleniy slt. Nos I anld 2 oTltlllg eacih 31 fel 11 ilnches lld 5 lins lfrot on M31o'gzioe st. I)l 1 I00 feiin depll. Niot 3t m tt.asreht fret It inches aid 5 tline front on allrtholemli st. hy1 63 feet I I ilnches il depthlll. 4tih 'IIII I.O-1'S OF Gl(OUNLD. No 7, 3 alln 9 ill square no 2, as per plhn, situate on thatllhlnetny, between Cam p and Magazine stis. letus- I ing elto 29 l. t .4 in ses and 5 line. ontt, by IT5 loet TWOit I'TS OF GRIOUND, loes 1 t , illn squarle no '2, as per pl.n, slituate otn tiar tlole lyot be'totl (:anll tol lil llM gtzit tt. No I menlilla i ll fi'et illnches n 4 liines tf'ont, 19' fitrt 6 Itndit' in dlltllt , oIt the liine eit too t:amp ttt. inld 1719 Ieot 6 iocteo thoo Ittoo P h teltlithittg it front lot ol 2. Notnleo'lres 21fo l t tt',t no t lito s t.ot t, b 169 t'eet 'iitlo.s 4 lines io dettgttil o the linte nlt to \Ltg line st., aid 179 feet f ilnche on Ite line ditidii ng it llou oto 'lllllf I. LOT'S I F GROUND, nos 4, 5 old 6 ill sqrle no 21, as li' llaO , ituat:le at tihe Colrniet of C.o o o11ot) ' ln I thotdleonto titt i No 5 is thl c.rlllln lot nllld maslslni. 31 feet I1 illnhes ntld 5 linies fronlt on C s t. by LU0 foet froot oil ialr thiollny tt. Not adjoins no 5, andll menalres 3 feet I I holuhes alld 5 lines Itolnt oin Campln st. by 10 l feet in delpth. No ldljints no 5 od, measulres 27 l·eto 10 illlches i5 lits ftl'ltlt on Ilhtitholenty st. t. ), It Ii incihe ion 1TWO .OTS OF GROUND, lnos tllnd 3, snalllre nl L1 is per planl, situate onl Campl l a]latln lol lll" anid .\leter.itI l te'asm~ll taclit 31 1'd17't I I ichels: ml 1 t lintis hrot, bhy 27 foet iot titl's nod 5 loieo 'itothlt. 6th: '1TWl) L.OtG'O OF GRIOUND, Fituate pe I'.) dhlle betweenl SI Paul old (aitold its. 1e:+ tie site of the new mlltket ltotlse to 'e lere.tetl lli slpring, ntol lot lleaIsures 426 feet 11 ill:olCos front, bly 110 feet in deptih. 'Ih: T'I'RO LOTS iF GRIOUtND, situate on S. I'uul Letwteenl Pod? ras onld Pi'tlido st oeto, measurlinlg eac iO tfeet fro on St Paul st. by 107 foet in depth. S t TWO LOTS OF GROUND, nos 7 andl . as iper plitan, situate on Clio, beLweCen ie ailils lllad Dryadh. -is. No t7oa s mrs 31 .feetfo nt by 159 feet 10 illhes in delth. No 8 menstl'es1 ftieet 11 inches tld 5 lines fronlt, b t deptth of 159 feet 10 inchesl. I th A LARG(;E PIiICG Oil PAtCFIL OF GlROUNDi. sitlate on Apollo between Cligalnl Frnto sit. nleaslrinlg Ii1 feet 6 iinches in front on Apollo st. Ill in iotb ular depthll., eil 191 fe t 10 ilthes on the line ne'lt Ilrnlto st. anl 10t0 feet onl the linte next tio Clio t.e ll in tontirrtli Iy lu tohki niow exliif ed ill the A tn"le l.:nlii ge. 12th A VALU.ABLE L0OT' OF1 GROIIND, with the buitlilng it ere , under tent. next tothe corner of Magazine and Estelle, ineenritnl .2 feet t-otlt ot tIllngzine street, by 127 feet 10 inches i0 depth. 131th 1 2 LOTS OF GROUND in the qutoare tloullttped v Nayoiles. Apollo. Clio, toil Eoirato sttelts i tilhe teigliboiodhllolll of MIessr. Bien. ant Auhert's brick IUildineg, Ilmeaslring 25 feet on Clio it by 1"5 feet inldepoth. i4th, 8 LOTS O(F GROUND, ftoroling the olrner of Tehoupitouln - anid Gitonnie it., with ll ilhe ildinst. ad itnroenet etI thoetreln, 0e. cording to tot pl l whio h will be extibiled at the Ar- clde "Teml., atsale. 15ith 2Ade VLUABI.E LOTS OF GROUND, situated in the Sluburb nulet, in square No. 29. frml ing the torner tf Cliland Apollho sleets, loe t'l to;e. ttlle. io 254 fo. t frolnt onll A ll a street, by lol0 feet ill deprtl ttnd friont o Clio t.reet. OI tie tlenlieo tlhere is t ull(lou hotiP. Te not wtill be toltd ihn Itlck. 16th' 1 OT'1111 VAI.UA.BLE L'OT OF GROUND. Sitlltted in 'lhillippi streetl, Letween Per.'edo aln Gro vitr street', ineoll.rine 30 feet front tn t hillipl i .teet, bly 9.5 feet 9 iltces itn totlt tlh it tihe sile next Gravier stret, anlli 90O feet on thle side next P, rio nstret andl is 25 'etl 6 inlches i the lear. cOn this Iro(,ert there exists a nlortcnge for $1250, against t hic tihe purctcasers will tIe fully etgilrltntted. Termn-,-O-eoo ttll ihn 9t0 Slovo, t nil lhe Illanee i ,12 anlid 18 monnth, for a plroved endorsed Inoes, so eureI bY ,1 oltoae iooil lllll all\ llltt. Actc of tale to boe l.t'e'tl withinl 10 days, as the ownter oevco fir the Norttlh. 17t ''n \ O LtT' (IF (ROUND. sirllated in squnreno.8., Fauxhoure Liv.ia hlis, lun. 1, S 0 as pter platn-no. t formlt the corner of houtzin, llld 71th street% mrIilnulrliln95 ft~etfrlont lnll it fnl'nlPr by 109 fit, 9 hinchllt in dlet th,o t nnd front tnl ihololer. "No2, oidjili ti i Ioind io olfthe sll'oo lit'io n ioli. Termot.-For noo . t, $10 iroatle lo the' I t Apiol lex, anl the iu elah and 12 mollnthd n fo r altl. nP el eotltseto notoc. to noioo D'in'orttttt 1 . For I.otl o . to 30n l.a.otll L leil t lt .eI Ao ril ii:, I, and the hollillc lotl oitlm I' nlotiti., for noplitrlol| (' ote ot, se hred by ntettoloe untit llt t tiilll tli n,. foBaleto oteottstdlo oflreo \' \\' Lewis, at tlh expense f dIo r.t' rtt ftit'3 iY I iE\VI.1'r" to ('ENAS, 'rLL lhe sold ot Sius day, i311 ilint. ot 12 o'clock T11i41F VAi.UA(iLE L?')IS OF GROUlND, litttttod i s hubllrl Ifly t e teill 't' i quorto tIotott(td tit Jer-e .t,' i.oorelJotcptlit e nio l St .nlreod ws tr,o ts, l tdc si.lootod o thoepanoaslotsuNoo.1,2onild'.I lot No o 1, to re o00) b't flinott ton Jerev trert, "nod t9 foot 7 ilchll in the rear, by a deptl of :10 tl ot.t Lot No 2, a,ojois No I,all io oflthe sane lllllFoillns. .ot No 3, aljoins Nlo, alld iof ti<.nm dionllnoils. S t'ermso.-One oand two yeotocreditr1. a te:o endOeo to tle Fa tifetiol of lhe vendor, with llrtgaoe until .'__L"-m, ... ol.- ++A ,| , ,,, Oltie No. 47 ArcadeI Exchange. N 'ruesdacy 2th inst, at ,l o'clock, at hle Arcade Exchanga, d ill le sold 2. I)'IES OF GROUND. Non l ard 2, sitllnt in Gireil, etwereP. Johln find Circus sis, measulring each P8 ft 6 in front, by 110 fI in depth. I'emnos.-I-8 rash, and tlhe plurcha 'er 1,f ean ilot to ns-eoc the ptayment of nooes each for the snII of $.'oicl 06 '2-3, pa yableh'. + 26th larch nlld o51h M.lea 1837. 25th " and h5ail ,1yv I833. 26th " nu:l 25th lay31 1839, and the balance m 12 too. from the dur ol sale. A ISO, ONE OT1E11i LOI!T 1)F GROUND. Nt:3, as l er plnIt , sit:Ioc ot tlC lelo eore ofllf (;iro! lllld S lt J iioell eoiict II scue rr1n 2 1 in ll( 6 liOve flol ll o Illh focrmI r, lby 110 ci fort on the Inte'r. 'tlernms-o-8 I allhrh, ,o the ilt-Illoteo' to e.llcte tile pO,"'oic tifl oloel rotIs l lic r tlhe lnlo of !10:1, :131-:t, I paable 05hh May 1837, 1833 and 1a39, iand tboahmcce il/ 1.2 mol.l (Office No 47, lArcule ExchF:ene.) .I1, he sod', oi Icidvy 2401 ii|st. Ia 12 o'r"l.,k at the Arcade I.xrhatr. 4 VAI.UABIllO' I Ti. l'S OF IRUNDU Nos 1, 2,3 u::d 4, aonlbjicig each iother, and sc o tu io l N', ns ietseenu Ite i .ious ci; l ()!O d I.,rcr street :l. d Ill I luils Ielad, d ul the prorrtc oned 1cc oh 1t li s f ironl, 107 2 ill I I ind 3 l s il depth. 'I'erl <-fie , . Ioi nlid 2o Ioo+p erlit. 31 ISA.\C I,. I, cUt, (Office No. 47, Aiende IExchnel.) O "0 N 'I'uew ,,'8th i nst. fit a 12 o' eh ,c a t hle A re a\., S :sx lll." ill , i it lltilloUi , ct te S F'I N I O'I'S ll: (litUUNI), Nos 18,19, 0,5, ;, andi 30, siltoicd in sqalrc No. I N, ;i Fl.1bot~oirg I. cti,t.iore. Three orf aid tills, ioo. 11, 19 and .nl, re Situtetd in Jacksoin cc rehltwetIIcien I (ce1c nld mlco el c treelt met'nr nu eiaci 29c - fiefccit, by 10i tit in dpth, and ecill tc sold ito u iihck. T'm.11.-ThpuiclUhceh1r to c=ci. r Ihe payii nt ofi note , i lrc ll e :ll sl I l I $11:1 :4I , anl l theI : I ai l r of the ]ulrch. se onI'y pniyble in 6, 12, Icc, lal 2- months. L it oii' Viiif,:r, [ionle:tral areth - too t Jackson and Josephline streeootso, I II; f:et ill depth. Lot ,,n. 22, ', and 300, eavnre eacch 29 fet front ail Jiscltiihl. U itwenI licicik eccit I .no aiul stl'eeto for lot o.ll.0-i-ll. l , 12,i I iand 24 m. . lhhs credit, ft r 1n, .L I, L. lttItcr ic Ivitl ic. c lo Tric , .c , c 1 t[h ion,, nl i o'ctlock, ut the Arcead . L Exh, hag'.i, will bI, s.old 41 EIt'Sor-0 TiitEEvit cclcS OFIi.OiiND. f Nos. 1, 2, c 3, as ;irer Ila~n, situate on T1'rita,1lktrth, ho Ifrioc tol b i te0 ct, ic ii i tcIv. ccieoc $ : l , i c lll ile llc i c l a v 37 Ii, I I) t1 " cic^ tici, ii t nr pia'l e ito bnrl.ig liner .ol le atI of 7 r io tl ' acet ; I I Land t,'e rcXI l llll r o t llm c 1tle o rIl v p I !it ll: i i ,I I'land 2-) mothscredit Al" nopr Overl coi orsod Ipal'rt Act- a '.nd me tfre J IR Mar.s, 1"'.Ct. ft the exrense of the purchaser. V LUABILE- " AU;.. AND FO1 IYA.1- n e- " of tils[ rate ýn:tr oru otton lhnl, sigl:,te near i(;c tl iO, - ln in lt exa, i, oiicre I fr sale it ca lt ipier fore,. l,, , ri .d 6 fnd 1')nIco 't , te, nmn-t be . ,m in.,, li '1!atr , t file n er lof " ,bo u , ciL caci ul c i crm lt i he 1 il I , ll att wi h Th' i tile will be fully 1u.t iu hti t;1r firh'r 1 l: 1 v apiJ O\UlON ItRIcc lolccc:i cci; cI fccvi Ti crc o n fo S l ItNl , 'urt . 8 l:: 0 8 11i 1 qU t i N ,o 'S, fur salo by l'1.Xl) & 1101lt0TjISt 7r10 ENGINEERiS AND ::l.ASK.S1't'Itim.I-.l till r Nili, f ia .trer .l l iSlc(cbllyth c c ot : 1'.1, I I- l,, o_ rt.e, P ,?ydras and Teou, it,,e. -s i t,. i 1AIS]N . 1lmo l id \'icet, of ii'tc importh l 3 It '1 ) & II.1 'O\ ,07 ;ramir c trc ,,t. I liuNNti B cctiic ,, l' ehiv bc cl d1,cbccc !1 fa:3 1.:1 & I\ itrevOW, ' 7 I rn ie- s . 1 "('1 1O, :t.d io ,:c' bIc J o ,1 io ", S.,>ih121 2" 1'oydrntor. fo III 1.). 0.-10 ,- l 0I r tW-i ed Whi cckce , i t sf :.::: i l.p", :;ad tie 6 :, I" co C:i1 e V kl ' - t " AUCTION SALES. _ VALAbLE PROPERLTY IN iTlE 3ECOND 11 NICIPALITY. BY ISAAC L. kMcCt1)Y. (ODfle No. 47, Arcade Exchange.) iN 'le.aly 28th inst., at 12 t clock, at the Arrade Exo:h ciu e, in Magazinel between (; rnvier tlel.\at irelze l.lrs, will be sold tle fillloiing valuable im i aved ani u tim rlvd pro erty, to wit: I1,. 4 I.'l': ir' G(td)itJND AND IHE NEW I ;RICK DW\ELLINGS ERECTING THIIERIE Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, as per plan, forminig one ef the eor iers ofSt Chllarlc and Gired streets, and between the latter and IGevile street, adjoining Ilhe prloperty of Mlail eal White Esq and ilen Iv opposie trLaFaette Squre,I each lot, lmo-ures 21 ifeel5 lcldres froi t of, S. Charles trret, 1by 101 feel I inch in deptlh, inclluinie aecommoln allev, runnin; wons the re tr,, peuing at', (4iload slreet. TbIcbouse wntc i twoe sto'y brick buck aill ill e fialishedl in the best aid nmost fui-hianable mane, willh bld n- doors, lmrble tnuntlll , &c., (igreeable to i contract with J. (allier, Esq., as I,s.,d rbefore II. II. Cenu , Esq, Notary Publi,e and will bh delivered to tlhe purchasers in a fnbihed talce, oi oin befor e Ilest May, 1837, or thile pulcheser will be allioed a rent, at the rate of$ l$0 per Inoultlh, for any delay n tlhe dclivery after thtlimlt . TI erms-- , 2 and 3 years credit, frmn 13th January 2ild. 5 VALITABILE TWO STORY BRICK DWELrING fO:SlES. NtiS. 5, 6, 7, 8 ad, as leier plill, foninei one of tih llers of Ciriondelet anlld (Gild slinets, nild ndjeilinel thos large hanrldsole stir-" brick d.ellingell laely erected Iy the New Orleanns lulding Colnpnyll,situate I on t.:tirdclet letween llcvii and (tiredl et'eet,. [o. 5 feorl tile ciirll're of (Cnronielet and iira treet, Iend ocenlia s a lot leaisuring 21 feet 4 inches frit onnan ronlle street, andlll I: li 10 inches foiaton G rod st. runnin back to all allev of 4 t inches in the rear, comonllll to all the house . No. t, Adjoins lit. 5, ilnt occupiis a lot Ileiealring 25 feelt L iiele fronlt on Cu'onldelct street, by 80 feel 10 inches in deplth, ith an alley ill thl rear. No. 7, Adjoins nou. , andl ovepitea a lot tnasuring `g3 feat 11 'nmhes frnnt, by 80 fieet 10 ic'hee in dentl, w Ih all nalley ill the rear. No. 8. Adjins no. 7, anl is Fllthe same dim.ns ions. No, 9, A,(joino ito. 8. and oclcupies a lot ~oasuri,"e 23 fet ti tellheB finte, l, 8i 0 fel 1f i iillnhe in deptll, witv ant alley in the rear, all of said hoites are leased u-,til Iiii let Lf Novenllb next, aind will bet sold sllhjicetl tleei; tna. 5, l, 7 and 8. at the rate ofe$91t0, and nle. 9, at the rate of $720 per inillnil Termsn-$i,000 oni ernch IIntt.e, payabnle in , 12, 13 and 24 monlhs,l:oltn :8311 Novenldee, 1836, ail the resi du i in 1,2 and 3 years frnm the 16th January 18.17. 3rd 5. VA.Il \BI,L': liorT er" i tiOiitND. nos. 10. 11, 12, 13 and 14, sitlnate on fGirddl, between St. C ilnes and Caroldelet sireles, adjoining tile Ilrl die scribed proin te ae l nlne side, and the first described plre peity Ol til other. No,.x 1,11,1 , anil 13, 'djoan e;ach otler and menai re each 22 f'eetl inchles a1id lin's frtt, by 116i fet in depth, with the exception ofrln. 13, whichl hl a deptlh oe of only 98 feet onl one side, where it strre u f6- t 8 in nhet and 5 line, anld then lien a furtler depthl of 13 fet. L.ot no. 14, mensures 22 feet 8 inches flont on Giro:l street, by a deptlh of 908 ete t ol line side, anil 66 feet lnd 3 lines on the othlr, where it ilidl.n 411 feet, naind thlen hasl a firber deptll of 31 feet 11 inchea and 5 lines, nud 62 flel 6 ilelles ill tie rear, adji.inin property owinedl by the Sel nd u aluniclpalilty. crmnns--, 2. and 3 years credit, from 18th January. 1837. 41',. 2 VALI:ATIE LOTS.' OF GROCl..ND Nos. I and 9, ae per plan, situated ill Calnl b,'tweel Poydrae nand a L Fvette stre ts, and directlly opposie Lii',ine.elte square, ni,. i, tlea-u e '3 Iel :1 itl lies, and ile. ," 30 feet 9 inche, froiutl by¢ M1G feet G illcbea anad 4 lines in deipth. The impro eine,,tll i- no. I, reats for $1i3, and thosee oil o.., renlts foa $100 per iuolth Ternls--$4637 50.-100 on cneh 1It, ipaable on the Ilth If April, 1.37, and the balance in 1, 2 and 3 years, firony tile dIF ofecale. 5 "' 1.\l \tllR.E LOTS O(F G.ROIINI). Situated in Carondtelet, between I !cin and Garod, and directly olpposite tie liand-onle tlihree tory buildings, erneted bv tile New Orlenls Buildine Cleompany, each mensures25 feet frolnt, by 17ii feet in d.litli . ''erlln--'Tlhe illiean.rif oill ec lot to aseutlle 8 la. IImlei ofi 1 $50 each, dane in 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8,9, end 10 Ietlr Irom 19th ApIil, 1834, with Ii percent per ineum inter est froll date, andll the residuef the p ellle le money (ay.-ble in 1,2 and 3 years, from the day of sale withoit .lat'lest. Cth. 10 LO'TS OF GRON:ND Nos. i, , 3,4, 5, G, 7, 8, 9 and 10, iluattediniBacihut and comprising tih- whole front, extenling from Eut.rllpe to 'els.iclne stireete .lin. 1 to 8 mealurinrg each 30 feet fronlt, by 120 feet ill d.. Nos. 9 an 1"a joil tile rear,of nos. 5 6,7 and 3, anld menasnres enac 30 lret hn etn e.tltell streetby 120 I'ect deIph·tlth. TIel wlhle will be told iill b Ik. TernIs--$3333 :33-100, pnya'lde ill 6 mnltihs, fron the 19811 Janular 1817. $ 133 33:-100, niaavbie in 12 lonths traln the 19th January, 1837. $3:31:33.100,palyable in 18 tiith-b1i, flromi tile 191b Jatnllirv, 1.237. $2300. lleaeie ill 44 inolllih, fnill tile 19t11 Jllnaor,, 1817. ''otall $12,500. And tile residue cftlle Ilrcalne lnonllee,Ic y 3bi. iu 1,2, slid 3ycal., ioil thie daly nle- ul in 14 I. 1 'I- ,P' letll ' l )11. In sqnullre nit. 65 Fauxlhoure Lirandlie, bu deited iev Caiip,. lagazine, Seventh and Eighth streets. Non. 13 It 23, illelall.ur each . feetrot on Cium tli eel, by. 12 tlet 9l inciee ill de li. n elllbrl,lctlcs e whole frolt betu een seienthi ill Ei, lltIl tlieCL. Nols. 3, 4, I5 aml 26, adjloills thl roar of no,. 18 19, i0, 21 nind 1 , in succession, and mllea.ires eeil '25 feet fromt ,11 LeventhIl, a.etwecn Camill lnd il nlezill, Iv 125 fetl in de 1th, will the x,,epti n ,1 no, 26. w Bich is of an irrcl lrI I trl sII, . s ill I iir fully Itll allr . b i el'ellE to he pan, ,: iclh " ill th. 0 l thll l c ' lfii6 Ipertll ar ntw exhibiited at tib .lradl E xt lng:. 'prmln.1--r l t-i 11na i i { illl6ll i, ind tb h bulmelllce int 1liall:,n el Ii-lma tdei of slle. art ofall the Hccurcl- by ilJ)ia 1_ . I l ii t ti nal i n ilai lit. Notary 'uhlitl, et thle cxpc1,a ul t!le t,nl rbaet'. r- |lSuld a.n L o1' Of the; uoW.. not lie plaatu-11v paid at nma "`I"yr)"bect.lned lle until tbey ltre f:Jally ellid. V.LI.AIIIlil ItEAI. ESTATE .1AI) .LAVES, Iein l ntmg l lime Ri..,! ca r.i , ''lau./itiig [B D.I. }r s ,,lr d ,l, T IeI.d . 2::trl . 'iiritrnry, 1837, at Ist. A tract of land-itrnnt on the lefft bank of the rieri Tickthw, Pni h oi f I.iving.-ton ll this vta' r,about lnated to brick akin *, t o fitaiion ie a first rp'te onr fi l iev abe nilo thie I ilh r o la i r or i an lltc il. i t, Jt S lX IHUN;DREDi, & FIr"I r', At1lE,1 it is tlle firllt ih la nd mc etitn anI ll . til'I' e rivn . r, I. .it tio i n eautin ctl, th il ' iand well rii ltr "li hvi tedl dance ro rile lir wo od, ri rossk &r. "i' is n irdarer nllld paIltblt fhell I Im lk e t tIlh roil isp n a m ir ly n aied to b esfiek t, aki i er .itanr'r i' a first raite o il, frma pmtw mill; thein 1ualhy an til he w o dSlula g. itac,h shun-rlt-Rht t,) be ptiii if ln t lls .Pl'ri r to Ally ilt Fl11'i H, Anilt t wel c h. liat oel for nal i lt y aFII lt reir r. The i r Itelrlie l son thtie pla,,e nri r t , ,I c" i illl' i Iwte lllo. ho,,scs it l--t 111te st lls n il ntat"I rI1v ,hielh lillyr e wlige" I-f l"ri lnkiig ik u It t.- totllAr tile f L h the c y 15" Ii r'o t imcitr ' ' eitI 'h itn iit is hid ti elied th t a res frick s k n li- ne i ile tiv he ilt into full lp Ii lt illt - expel(, of" I l100, ),urc i ser. "' i hi hocinion a t ir ci ir I. ri a i lI 1 I le tll l f W ti N iill rati n lad lm lSic tl e inisii ' O.iln . I nd til, i I t' I ti dt ~)tt ;tn ht. iltir .rlted nbiy, v oI.t dr illmo a nlm a I nly dei.lp t r'i r ' rr this I .r tl i,.,'r fvemrirs' , ai . lr "r 1 i 1 ,0t t i tll fi r ri k, tlll )llkl., I'e1'i I ie sill ethrr, acredrr of 6 ' Iri'1ii 'pgir ' , ;i r rprlnor d irtrr r r ' t i r iqi l' OIlr I ll? 'A p rrf"," r . -dtt. Fif.Iro b lllltlli c al+'l riin ntte i slaves ofth, f,' l hl - itnrescri tirnsr: ii'h rc ui' ,it Ne y, " 17 " " irl " Will, ri15 " " Chari e, 1h . " 'i'E.i Al r I i ' a it o hii l sr, " "iiedi rr pre n' it ill 'Il ali ie . i l' . Ii l' 11"' 1 h 1i8. Ir lli ,l " 41r i t *hi"ie 'r in ik rt rue X i)u il ', Sails h t.: , a, l their ' clf ilrt n Ih at and' 1[ xlte ill he .,hil oitlkr. i T e'1 I -- "i'.ty .nd in, th ldrel, ai y da s 'in,, Tin r '" ) i r. dr , T): . illrr I t l'it c. , 'r it': 'to m" m, e ro n i.h,I eilts' \t' r heist, s tieo :u b Th lic t 'r'rxprl' of t hlle '. ii'r " .i 2 ( fflir e ' o . 17, . r >. irxc'h )ra n ' ir r ues f dar , i h hir t.l t'4t, 'rii'',le at h, Aredlet Lat ien l et tr. Jill i. noil Tt A nt 'h.eAN Canal, eat'1'P OF'm Cuu"I'ND, 'rt ri 't, ilir 1_'t, het in Jl l Fre n, it " nl:' t- m - ir, ,'i r ii Al nl iiin I r rl d ' '' I lat, o" sii.. .J l 'r r ,i ot: h hd ila the Sad rair next to the ,tl:actillon t qoeve., lll. i- uuw beioc I m"I'.. l tI' Inll ] !'llllilrd ,brith trll es. e'elul, o re.i1t i l1'. inr t i'r , rnl.. Irni. ." otd, and St e-ro t i' i' pl. dl e b. r i\'o s. Then or i a - j Lave \l:,j i eAN ill Iil eho ., and , u r te 'nt t <t !ro':rrin t in t ::liedu btr Nic whorh, i \ mneIl i llernni: hl al+, ale ,fno I a t illy i:n l -, hen e of 1," 1u1 1,;, 4r. t-A i ".!" l,., fr ;.! .t+. iII I l.] JAUCT 11S5AR. I t GRAND ISL,', BAI"TARA. ti he :rIv ,:,rt of March st.wst, li' lu'l Iuiby &,ottt/. will le . !dl by the ioovelmed t ltiior. , the most I il.rtcile pl.ql-) e!• lo'UfI'rIed to the clat;bcn of New I(ht.,nst, unl il wlielt thle people of l~tuisi ,a; nv wtef as ti" SoateH s hlb leelieg the valley of titi" 1 issisi .Ii :aw ideeply initerested. it will be salt in lots of hl011 a+ sn:. fpnt ti`ot.t by a ,ot 4 or 5 in dlepth, as will apllea, bIy tlf nM:Il trod ph. to he exhtiited at the MAi'TLc E.xetang, Spreiml i to thfe sle. i This pree'lto coe'tsists of aitrge rti ai of tlh:t weio Ioonon ow d botu-ii, ii ilan, oppropriwoety odlled "tUitltdl iso'" at oilfmtria, io mettt diately oii the sea stust of tlot Gulf of Mexico, eeloeaotetl as tire former ooo ii.esieb resort of lFlit.e, the plaoti; aoln Iow klouwnt a tmie gtntrdn spllot of Lomiialon. It is situaterl t the n.oefac of the exitensive bay oL f rtl oliatli, aon is about 4 i ailua ii len'gtfh, by I to I iland hnlcf in width; on thle itll ferlmtig the Coilf of Mexico is the seulrelliiog surf, witll a bielntitidtl hite s.llv bealh and bolttom; on ithll c qy sitr able is the fi'e I fi.y of Cuoinisila, hlch setpol 0It0 it frorm the maill alod by a unlrloIw sylait about onie mih. broad. On hlits fslaidf the teoar eatt loosonms, Sea Islanif cotton of the finest qalc'ity is Ilpenictlld, illdigo is imligi tnol to the soil; ie, or:euge tree never dl;f froom ant of. Lfet of fi"tt,4 apd thin tobacco of Cubi is Mr susteistui groo th. 'The lealth of thils prt of the sea coast is well tested by Ihe nouImerous fuities tliving there, the deiscendlnt of tile irst settl,'sot Lnotiskna, who gececnlly live to i l lhe long elebrity of Inrlt:in- If- ovrsters, fish and gale, is too lkliknownl ill XNcw Owleausto rIquircany As the great staples of oer country, tagpr, cotton, tee. olurisl oni this fatoretl nspot, o Io the Icodnlttion of the gal'trel ill gleate't aoilludallci such Is potatotrt,, irtlbbge, c'ltl'otl, heels, colerly, olals ag us, lettue, moel lonsnlrtcihokes, einoltbers, fe. Etc. ill fc.t u:mostet'ert vgeltable ad friuit rmised in the lorthern and soetther sicltnitcsn f the i coltlory. Oi this Ishind Ither is on alnndonce of Ithe lre olak :otd olthr everlgreen trees; thIe pasageto it trutn Nor Orleans, is by stnemboat navigalintion thIll h the ihilo ta ria enllal, hichf has its tiitranice into il Miisshisipp about7 miles afltoe tfis city olad ienarly opllpie ite t iowit of Carrotllnit tlee o' filur sltranborla will rmu dn-ingthe elsuigsummoi er, between New (Orfllil ald ]alatllitria, the distance ill lime is about 8 holl, . ,1 i are already two stetamlllt.oa , this route, tle t ) I, rttn thte iu.ratrin. 'TIhre is a fiue htrhor ii.l'to -'l,,d Isl':"ltruoif 12 fet w:ler at its eotltloi', ohioth it be lten theatit t d t nd Gttttedle tl'el'-et' t !o" ' P-.,, m. I i"',ihtt i..aror. '. From Grand lWe nor I.© (hily .en sloiis tihiaillott id fro ft-m it ee ofoftt ais aii .o. eaer ieside.~l, il s bathing d ollldte luxlll-i., ic i b. lievd to have io oequall ill the soulern colnt y A nall riiton tof thee,- laI'd is unht' iolvatiootin ct has hio o!tll productl 100 hhdfs of sUtgaei. lit: l.ljtlltil lllloitti,'n hl tt ieldld 500t lhdlt . toeitg hll.. i ;to it lnd - cultiltion. Samples of the sugar ilce, Sc Islmsld eot toil c ltd iulllg, r'tui fd tIltton tIhiln llffertyti , hr tt eCI :," tfhe ,lme of the above ilnllird clltitnt.l., o'i, 47 Ar- du: xel:ltige. Due notice will be gilen of tile a) oit ac. fell Lb .1iAliAZINE ANI JULI I STREET PROPER:f Y BY ISAAC L McCOY. (Ofifee No. 47 Area,' Eoxchange.) -N Ttleday, 28th inst. at I't o'clock, t the Arcade S Exchbnge, will be .old the undivided half inter. eat in, and to A LAItGE AND VALUABLE PIECE OR PARCEL OF GILOUND held jointly with Mr. Alfred Pedil, situated in Ilag. zile treelt, betweeu Girod and Julia stelets,and in Jo liu street. between M.lgzitne and Camp strleets. aid pie'i or plnrcel of ground,omealtus 256 feet front on .alazillestreeOt., cOtintnecingat about 128 feet above lth e conir of. Girod steuet, and extending to within oltittllll '1 feet of the comer ofJlio stieet, 1 - TOf feet il depth, andis btounded o the lower side by property oltued by Gien Ploucee, ond on the uppel oode by prop ortv olwed by Mr,. Ieckwith. It ohas l ,.e front of 91 'feet on Julia street. commencing wibiti aeheut 81 feet of tl courner of Magazine street, and extenldin uitodwel Comlp stree ,and runnino in depth until it intursacla the :ear if the 25t feet on Mafziune strsrt. On said prop eoy there are a number of houses,a rl a v:latble brick ware house, cLed for the storing of cotton. The whole would readily ront for $10,0fl0 per annum. The situa tion of this property is too well known, and ton highly apfpreciated to requiire comment. It will be sold in one entire locl: afftrdilng to enpililsttsand s peculatonr an exrcllent opportlunit ofmakin a pof fitable inve tweat. 'ferns.-°5,01if dollars p .auole cash, and the par chaser in noa 1lnl epi poyne'ot of htur promilory rte.s, each for the oium of'tL.,i0i(O tat able on the first of Motar 1537, 1f8:8, t8I.sond 1l10, and the residue of the pllr chaselmoney tt e in ahfle io ii,. snd 3 vears Ifro the doy ofosale, all withoult, for notet dotrn toel tendors ed to the sntialtotion of the venderu cd seoured by ,lort-. eno.I untfitonal otePlaerno rfe AN tNKtlIESEIlVE'i SALE. BY ISAAC L M'COY, rr e ftllloitg proptrny otmnioing cnt.'d lit Iei ooriginul sale of oFauoixurg Deleoouize, oill ut =1,' withoolt reserve, on Wednesdouv tce eit tf Atltrh next. at 12 o'clock, at the Arcade Exchange, iu order Ito loese ertheniership conucern of i:e original pur chasers of said Fanxb" oinr. lt. A .OT OF GROUND No.1, IN SQUARE No 2. FtrlltOng ithe corner of Levee, Pleannist and Fuol toon otreett, ui:e^turing 30 feet 9 inhers lni on I.eves andal Fltoll storeto by a depth and fron' of 17l feet 2 tu clor a rn fleas.U 1itreet. :2rid. 4 LOTS, Noo. 1, , 3, & 4, IN SQUARE No 15, .lt'tooiog cach 3lS ffe t lolot on Catp 't0tee, by ]20i ilt depth. .,iid lot adjis theeah other, c'. , ilt. 4 fll'nill" Ini a ct l'llelr ou1 Cultuiplmud 'l|,"nas ur .tr,lcts , 3rd. 0i(.( I'0, NsI, 2, 3,., 3& .,IN SQUA ItE N;, 31. I .lL- NLP. I o d2, oert.tcre eoch 0 foilt fonot oIn St. iolge -to rI, ftoi f0 i ,; lot no. I firLnoilLg ile eollPr if ltorllltolv lnd oft (teOlcg; io. 3 od;'oint o. 2i, tfld lletlluest' fet b i hoe fitoont on St Goit'gep, bh C10 Ilintt loleth ntl.t1, nUdoitl. tie rear olf to,. 1,2 (, anld i, 61 1.tet liil l i . o .0J'e J.rm-dl selet w.'4 "t-8 detoto r uit ars, io" a n d ir. D each i0 et flout oni Long atrcet, by "_0 feet in depllth. 4th. 4 .OTS, No . 1, 2 anlt 5, IN SQUARfB l j N fi N. i, l.en.Ieots 'J feme 9 ilfehe front o'I, l..rrlrlei by 195 it d pthl; no. 2 fLrn rlto r o ti Ic . r nt, and 1 [aItrntv streemt,l tn.nritg l I eft frfotll n I .ong ctreet. ty 10f iit drplth lltI. front itt Illrottonttt repl no,. 3 ;I I6 Tfe.'t o iloir f'onit ot -- str'el bl' 105 fet io defpth; "ind oloenlrro fl0 ort Ii'unt by 0IN ii depth, oltd frot on I unnlOl siltett. 5th' . AN '" NT:Eix Sq..\TARE, No. 2. Coutuliogl, luott, nunoolbrrd rlio o1 to Ii, ind lfooou. id by St hitlicki, lrloonv tanod St. Daciod str.ots td thle Qunoterr Cei Pltuio, e. 6't. ANtI flll.t ENTIIItE SQUARE, No. .'. lcntinlitot 12 lot, ootfocetf froll, ! to t, dlr] bound. elt by vIt. D:vid, tflarmony i:d St. iPatrick stireta, and tile lOturlier de Plai-ito c, A LSO,. 'rfee ocoocco soporati ',g Foltboorg 1)e.t.tliee from FollxhnoUlrg Leotlloni, which till be moro tilly ex pltilted ot lhe titto autd ltUce oftetle. 'T'ro-'-'l)t otar credit for appfeord tndtrc.d nooese secnrcd o t rilfrtct g i until fitnl pot moit. At'is of sal;otfuro oo , GrltliU, E.q. ot "tie exponse of the ,tpurc asers. feb -9 S tLE FIO COFFEE I'(tSi'tONED. TIwLL he sold on Mtnday 6h lMarc-h, 18.17. at I1 o' l o ck, ft lit,. strts kuuo, n as thhitr iangle, at lihe .n elr of Le( ,e anlld I) lold -trect. 7000 13.\1( 1ill) COtFFEE, \-w crop) jaut arrived direct by the ship 'lato, in luat to suit pltrelte +ers anerms libatul. Particulari at sale, and in the hnad bi '. felb. , l. BY IS A(C L. M1('01, Otfite No 47 AFeade Etkhange. ON Wodeld,,1stt ~Iat1irclt, at 12 n'caick, at the .1: Scade E. ,auI"_nc, will besoletl Sitaa c i., Ctrotlltmt; No 3, meausuring30 f:.t fr.t t lih, t let ,ln Juckson a, d I I ua le strectt,h, -t It.. , l t'li;h; NoJ 1: llet llurin;t 40 fort Itl ,+tau i'|lumn. b ',, Iak- oluln.d E gle siects, by I fiet iundepth, bac t, u til it j,,Ins the rnvr f No. 3, l ak .k tl t, d" ih of th, t o, lot,+ thrlolgh froml 4t to 1'1,::i:.: 300 :eut. T'he ",ill be .o'd tiogether. "i r' el it , rh lh I i l.- ''h,: ,u! chtler te a at- i. . pTh, lt of 4 "-+, ut 6 month4. 'The _'d liar 72, t 9 " ITI , : for Ihl., at 12 The Iar 103, at 18 " All from tho 11th tIIctober, 18301, and lth,= I4. 1 . t Ih." puttrchne nmuley pat ta, le in n i c . I t. s, r+ t h, riven ait tie expenI e of t purcasi, ra-u the eto be ,t.-ed cfirt. J Ii Marks. Lsq. not. I t the Ar uade ,r, e, the a hta lt 1,I:+ ,od 2t ears. 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