Newspaper of True American, March 14, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 14, 1837 Page 2
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:eltta.s DAILY A ?ratI-weaeLr, AT n1IAl' AR ekas, coa r La or aiA o3 a r,:te utrT .ttal t. EnMrqs n JOI-N GIBSON. Faithful astd lold. Ode paper eu tlnb uutside .'oull bear the date of ts lkh March.. Oer paper is again before the pu'dli. We are -Lm)elled in justiee t the patrons of this journal i teeplpin the cause of its non-appnarance fsr .... iland Wednesalrs On Monday we were eis Typograpilcnl Arssoiation ti thatthe pt ltne. eTrksrt*t be raised .5 per cent on the .A, 1. eu.ees, fees,4 faeeaturd ay the 18~1 day of Marith. Hpd we been.convinced of any cause l1tbis rise in prices we ehoold have been rtting the lrst to enaede to the- demand. Smoe years else., whes every other master employer in the Sley refueed 6l come into the then increased prices, we werethedrat to ept:em, from a persuasion that thIy;w.w .jsps e a ble. The laborer is werkty of 'hitolhbs ieir etpphero of life, aecord. jig to the demand for his services. Guided by lrotagreat rule e have ever acted in outeditorial - -alt towards the jouraoynien printers, as a body S. n, exercising sprefession of the utmeat im e to the public. To do them or any one Siatlce, is not in osr naturen LThlac tegelsootie above referred to, we de forthwith to advertise for pnntertoa the At onee the hands in our ofite threw r~afak sad Sefesed o work. This unex dietatles to a proprieter'ofap er of what . ebliahed and whet shall neo a jeuraal owr control, nta rits the vesrt en iagl. ehboeld be frowtsiddown bacvery good . if orderand rig , The As - aeltatiea itself cannot deiead the act pe paper . ldelpis. And this ts thh carse of Trades' Uai .r -ilato destroy all eompetitisa which is the lti-theedl gusnaem of American Ilbety. To ja* Oij limbsh sed beejt, as we pleakes. er the S't Yaradl eoaitatioe it the palladim of ear righlt t. ; t l the mesll o0f.tthaio upaoe alder wmil'l lsefaseeiued. What most be-thet Casse or pe.seaoles that fears exposition apd ~omepsetion I .1 ' ep we seaettemtate on the pit of any boy .of S ms teneeeraia the lilefty of th& citIenOs beyond SeiIutsaions of the 4aw lbst$ pesiesitution, •snso Il stsettingbtounds'tu tueacts of .ech ant SleeSpesibls junta, es editors and proprietors of ; rpleriodlcal in New Oteuns, resed e e rm esit .lt tahey . tseivr d to be a cohbinatio'h lgainsi thr esped -4 t. itasN it has frequently htppnedt oeteranaes prevented tea adoption of )ittple, Baid seedered it aeceesiry for an lo suceumb. We Sletve daes eaOfromeasepals& , not fronm a eonvic. s. tuthee the Association was right in its nerse. .- U editor and proriesor is of this opinion, aasd bt feor the imnperative engagoments of one of the j.sristors, the measure would have been resisted We pay the prices now demanded, but we con ssess them to. be exorbitant and unjust. Hows tey, the difficulties are arranged, -and we shall S-ietiese to cater for our leader 'risl all the seal a O htdustry in our power. Wsr "'tappoee then, it be dt ermtined to deepvn the' -l eý east pese,-who shall do it? This is aetlan. ea* enquiry. fly the Conetituatoia Coagreas Smboatrolover all the sea board, to ,rect. for i, Sald dcall other things for the publ!e good. We s ed men to represent our interests in the 1t;ad hese oaf the National Legislature. It to tlhe.' bkiertete.ering thi sulject berotae that body, i leber ina nt'ill something ,definite-be dltne. Ifave eli4o9s sot Somte ftcle effartis have bsna teme time to time' made, bnt to goe;, hasa n yet rteulted. lied the matter brn' acted ,on trsl yeareagn; our levre would now 'be -lined withl ipse drwing front 17 to 20 fert water. iThe tno ay grnoted tart session for making a sarvey,andl rigothtr things, has we preunse aeen "ctpendl. edis due form, nd we look daily har the.rrsulth f the exaftination. A'nother year year ust p.estb y fM. any estphbe tken- to ornmct.c the t;otk. "41ee commerce of NvwOrleans .usat uflf r till',uor National Councils meert againa. We min tt lie Sweanteat if action be prorslptly had thian. Bit its mar be, thetour wise tmen will tUlk -sutta t it another. eta months, and put it offto the seNsion oft 183, in. der to be care of asuccess. Public impro-vet.ents ihen very alowly unlder tihe regimle of, a. ad while the subject is debaring, t'he injjury, is. deoe never io be repaired. It is cf.dent then that Jd iance can ever be placed on the gbneral got. , for deepni,,g and keelpingopen tire North - .~"a~s. If we depend on Congress, we sha l be in the pjtdicamernt of the -Cumberland d ae-sathe interests of tire whale valley will be soadedependent on thIe whim end epeplce efa set eLheadstrohg legislators. Let as t shthelt, this heMr wtare to hope for any thing froik the legisla enef oaur wn stale. aSeeg4she many pgoodr that our Obtuncil hasef Sit*it noe its organsiation, weawotqlarit has no ' gralsrure.4dce that public spirited body to paur .ilUi hat eye-sore, Dr. Clapp'sa o ur ithn h. nor <It'f et. Charles ad Grovier sat.andIsell out the 1Mts1 wa.l ensm with'the cotton pres propert . YI ea tlehnif- owner iT thei jloinog would ad dow. to possei.y Oas n individnel awvlg the welfare of mapkind" at heart, if hp waild pull it dow anrd msct a rumple in its place neathy of the religion to he eu- levted wthin It$ -f wll. We are mot particular lto wlhat meet it - e hal seasacrated. It may b for rJediesisP ok. r any one of the nsmerou. denomita. A.. ee lght we are. Were we to hea-a it, .. .wM. Id toe (sr giving it to the presens.ine.a. lseur p bea eagrest regard fo iniimaamen, .4INaea ehriasin. Dr. Clapp ils agood spel. er ia pathcat master of his pofo.iou. Again, t peplmr itwosld he, to se the othrongs of i wfcmes and la.s4daaekg man going into di Church on a Siehoiti, iastead of ht , ticktsy building! But if tha bhe not done eil-would do wel toowlraha~ -the proper . e.ll it out to those awho.waould.imoRm it. Shlmttation of Weal mgton, Gen. Jackton hai gig ale public a farewellatjdreus It iae moa lisl predgmcti.o of the p ,seent age L .h rlof hi seuetry nited theory ard praooee 41ia e kbeeo"bhiaeoontrytalovn . 3t.Bnr-al agri.awth of a laterage, auadtepoiled child of a e ýtte9lcd preached most-t aesceptionahle llthsilR#actato4tcallyt v.trlsno with them. agollt.4 ave so far presaapd tosut hiomr .r p.l i s . ete 3 *itl thie father of the eoun Slieeultiughs iexample on retirin frontm the ,J- ildaey iaFp.rhape as instance of weakness or iy ay qoouatled in any-age. The eoantry cer - eJl atded no texposition of the Constitution *I' tlll open wiulaoer. And no man can rrnad ia. aebkeon's l.omily witlhdUt feerhnl a disgurt. Salla l snity of tfoeman. Ieo-, frequent allusions s hLi~ wa ats discover a baseness of character wLisel p did not suppose the Tena~ean - to pos • . The essence cf the wholo 4baseis, thtat aeL.hskanL cemnt into the Presi evy leged to ' ky.eon the proviiaons of tihe Constitution. D. S,.-a mg e his popularity, he turnted upon trio in -41L1ir0ie.nd trampled it tn the dust, apppenling to Spe'lepl alt tire while to sustaio him itrhis -cn . '" Ageewi a saldo no wrong. On going tolrhe Hr-" , :'l heias impudent enough to tell tire public bt hie.saIet were in accordanreo wftlh iho Can. -.,liesb e, and that the notion has o;use to rejice " '.I;) rm came into power! Does he a~setr S I.~ wis.izepa to believe all tlit The crown m tetreles hiebrow, an!d Ireitll Ire lJoonm ib,.,. e t..Uth and notling ogt the truth.- a s ne paleeen signalized by aarries of wato s popn enaritutioonal liberty and thr tougbohogt ty the mnet uooeunkod ot Seeu While Wmatingtmnts farewell addrene e" quhmJed in the memory of thi lateSt ' : 0 . 4 r.eor hegily of ieit. Jaekson i '1l~ etin the dust of oubivirt ere a ,, py.lljnfarlarm rla.pulolia that the Ihill the aoomadoe Barle nod Irestttutr a low. So intportatut a mtuorcoor ao b.ileileg, enate foll to r.rcir"e of Capitalia.s. lta few doays, b utle isbiyjiia law befori toe pblic . e. o 4. ., a . + . On Saturday tile 4th MaNrh, it aepars from Bfntt!att'rcort that teo co ,merial snspensioas touk place. Great fears were entcrtaillcd for the fat: of .her houss,. rThe facti, is, t4 wca't ,f the ouuntry ia i the hands Tf the domninant part) aini ther it is mine at to be IkXt. bVk.! thc it, .oIWIe ~ o' .,m , .,o..,..-vS ill the lit~f Ia f atide tXP'ebed an coatlb In to crtetn spendid Catholic horib in this MUnicipaliar. That zealous pastor, the Rev. Mr. McM.ullen has been mamnly instrunlenanl in bringing about anso de sirable a result. We sanll give a descripition in a If Vindlicator, and Vindlcatur jr. are anxious to know the fact, whether hLberq be on actiuj Eog oh. Editor of th True Ameriuan, either of themn can be satisfied bycelling at eaourlfiet We. wear no mayk. Who seare, and what e are, is ivellknown ta ,public. It comaenced salwing in Savannah on lthe 4111 instant about 5 o'clock in the marniing, and was eonlinulng at 2 P. M. when our eorrespendents of the 0ioegian and Replublican closed their favors. The sanew was tlhen 10 inches oep. Such an everit has not occurred in Savannah for thirty yesrs.- The Inugturation day, wh fear was a stormy one. Master Burke Is exeitieg the admiration of all, by his fine peronntlontn of Irish chrascersh and by his performances on the Violin. We read in a certain morning paper i(hL phrase -" well, perhapes, as any body else under similar eircumstanace.' Lindley Maurray is dead. Celeste is renoveristrapidlyp'rom the alight in. jary received on Tuesdaer ight, byT'he giving way. of a small trap on the stage. ihe plays to-night. Fifty-five houses and nige vmessels have been btrnS in New Orlea sinese March 13th, 1836. COTf U L (PD MUNICIPALITY. TUESaDAY, Mrch 14,I 1837. The Council met purseunst to aljosrnment. .Preseta: HtBisii rthe Reorder, and all the Al dernten with the exeeptitm of M Hab.rt. The journal oT the preceding meeting having been read and approved, A ctmnanic-lsi oln rtmn the Comptroller, under date of 7ia instant, was'read and on mittion refer. red to the.Finanee Committees. The weekly astate t s of the T'reaurer up to the 7th instant, was submitted, slsuwing tlhe rCe ceilpts of that week -to have amounted to $Ut695 30t;the epeplaturtes sto @2,.70 2i .aod the ha tance on iahd to $ 81,Olt 50. A comnnunioatiton of the Comptporbllsrof hie date, .sp la:d on the tabls. Th weekly state Jantt of tshe reasnr rera wa readtrehiin ic the ro eeipts of ale we'k nto ~Vlatnsuetal s, *,iBl 611, -(She ependiter.s to $3,72 48, sN thbe sllaanE-oo hind to $56,117 76. A eommatuniicaiun fom-n tla Sarveyor, wts tead end referred.cto thi cmmittee osirotreets adlani inian. • -. . A ,otniri'inttl an femt the Cunminsarsy of tie Str Ma.r.e atis.l, ".o referred to tie Fiinanc Camtmittee. h ,pt iitn.fomn orotg, sndanesoia farm R Ii McNai itq.wactsrcrrefera torbthes iatsni ilani tiiiro. Petiiina fromfr Ie i Ry R (a, sndai fromnl Ciqie uIhrtl A-.setrson wese rcrcedula trheda it!es ot n SIrieta and. L.nn ~-gt. . Mfr.Peirts; ohsirman of tlitFlna-ee ealnmitteec ofredlh,, - filloaring'riroluli<ht h thefrut is beiipil disfeneld ivith,-w yes rileln-.. a 'doptllclld. i-,s'eS-d, That -the irdinnaiice a.lrpi on the .i1l February last, prnviding fir Iba ule oan air petdul gruand reni of the sqpare of.riouid houlntd ed by G.Uyal,1tlainziirXaneo ansnd T'ch.iuilirita., I0sblrtrits, be a)jd the s.aie iso.ahee y repeialed. iResolvedl, i'hat Irovided Sahe catenta .o tie U. Stiaes District iourat lrao E .tal.tcii irnict oa Louioinns5 be obtained, the sgiaure of .ground eouauleL,.bay Canal, lnarhzi.., C-. ainon anil "PTbihupnitiula.s-teos, be divided nIntat ltand sold on a credit .f onte,two, tIve, ree,'fIurr vear., 4or ies :en rseii to ihe sintillsaecnrt of the United Slfjuil 1)istriet Antrneie nd tiallis Cuncil, lwhichli tnilre. ciurl Ire se'(urrdler inarinogat tan tihe lot iir Tote Sdr'tehich tti litf a 'tse givcen, aild tholl bear ran iin st of 6 peer eerttu!o pir runri.-nl iResolved, 'hats stoidci.roiuod, be oldl at peblic -ntlol-ltn at the Arcade Exchsal,ta .on-the Sirst 31 n oda at Matn next. c- Rsrdved, Tl'ha: nail lan potd oranton e proneed of lthe sale sa i li Ie dtep-sr,.id itr the tin1 'n Innk of Eduisi.:no, atitil-tihe Hinal dccivrioi el the htiaair rhf C - h United mltens tralti rI; p:cviid lthat rani 'oion li.aik shall agrne to allnw at interrat- or 5 ;ert tr rll [ n)ll 'llllli l tlis {1 1 a!! mont)ey rcCCived a, pr3-. iIllirtnii(nlllnililliouyrclcnori - Mnr.Cordwell, ,inc ., air o le r..min..fee e.not S.iecti anni Lanlldllllna lliradr the 'eubjii d ierpri teiotatliiitld hby heu tloelin" rePorlltl,.itv whtict, ale rdlht being disptr sad iltli, aere ilctakeo u) atru rhirpltf le Co mntileeP on 8elretand Landisgs. TIhe.4ieitlnt tif J lilt -l]orreCIt anld Johln Corbatl, ankiog lurreluuneraltion Ior losseon thibir con:lact far e,,bankLiner S'i 7, your cottmaittte deem in jnntice toasentrr - Resolvi:d, Tiat the Mlnyor an pdlhe is herebyl autlhorized to dnratS fisn natriat m on te 'reasu cr in lv r of JTohln f arctt rnd' Jtohn Corheia fr onet hundredd ,liars..- JAMEI hi CALDWhV LL, • saML J PIrERS, .IROlT H MCN.1IR, . . O C PRERET. JN~3O G P.eRE'P Resolvcd, T'hat in the .inr'ai f iEl Concil [it is expdient an1d iv ntc~J.ry for It.~n.vlit:e 5on veiience to continue Notre Dae p:jc.f(rt M. ,,I+ eqml w'ithsd mic.e, as.s Meoto i hereby aunborisld 19 giave Ip.blcl iia·oiaulthaTr. American and .It Comnretrosl ilt k'frel and English dueingeten diya, tharirir.d . rIs e ftl oI this Coaoil tn en-aot-ad asts 1o u ona#O nlity with anoc act oel e Legial1atrq etalsd *l act to regula.e the *epn lll 1 d)'yin-ol imbl dlo .provinsg of strerat aud put hie pla•, it-n.he city o Nee' Orlenas, &c." nlpprFnd .l .April, 831 . Reohukd. That i, the oitpito f" this Cltoncil i is e.pedient and nr~ese.nafa or the srate ud bhsaith1 to etzitu Nt .keh at. thruung feml t r s"hK n..ot ionlo.t~eano' _ot.hsa '~Na?4aoj.,te smtrt I'.P-..u"+tl,t +i+ lv m, ++._m: ..qn n-md.,-.-~ Irodm ctcaat aeholh.4etqe tlne lthriastd to giv pastciic raatini. cnrrattdCOlitsdsital Butte~ttia 4p~gloa duria 19 Vavs,4samb it it lthe1 s aohis Council lbm.O'ma d ©opfttttOO Ootd "rllru1 ,.oa ,to tiL"tc,.I5o . 54]. " ".ol~nut~n, Tnyangl out anl .Iso pcainm ooo~taSic.,id puttli plfao let the city 0 New rcnt, &r.." a lprsv·d 3tjApjlc , 1S30. Resolved, "l'te the CounOtltapprove ol the l1 oltei by the Cme'ptroll'r on'the'prt of the Sau.k. •lloune to the litre of L'tf e'(tc stredlz k.n-,e Tlehlo~pitttulas Oa+ rap. rl'.et a.sJ-.d ie ., on lhe tlnt ilulant. Rvsnlved, tha ltthe ecuri t as,.iaca o ltnon y use, say n tlOol.i,.Of O0- Oi.e tims la jltlfu ppirTlr Ian'nce uo" h icontractl Ifo la.,m . l .wakIj bt-c ecpeird. - ...- , Res,,led, Tihat ite seedtirl+ft d b) Thomoat Melvhllill; ctctlsotor fourt'noitag erb sdnd , #e .onies--lt Fruoaeis Belt nt aucept4d, provided, tta uddilional sEc.ttritr tna. le mrolurid, at aI.rL ttlt .--Gouncil may dmt prtoper, ,an in doisull p 'Iltddilonal aeeurirly.bin.glqoen t'h.tconatr-. 4te nell tnt void. - . SIve, 'Iltat Ithe Mayer ha and khei.her,.b3 fh,'ir'zed to draw Itt wurctnt ott tbe rte~lar-e t ltis Mhlulj.iclt!ity. for i1036 ito fuvlr fif Johr Mr Yorke, clhalirman of th. cptmmittre ou Fire illlntroduced he Illowinte relolttio.t, whvticth, ltn rulrs beigitt dienettlld It lthJ, cu a dotIcd ." Resolv'ed, Tini ttie Treilsttror li ttllulhol'iztd Ie pay to fire cotlmalnt N2, "ooll thle worrollt l thl -.lyor, $1,07i7 34, bti.g Itl. 4mouttlttnt of thrir- a-. -1nlit ilr curriln cxprnwe. li Yelere, lhnirttnn ol thettlnirtlrte In. twhn hgd Iecn refr thr .h supject, ntnde the tlulowlin rPot,o acomoiodtt, iirldiL pluls iilit tlr Otleto Irjfr .:aniciltal Uall, wlicill :il red, obrdeored ,0 rin!tttlt, and nuads e otrder of tlhe o.; for 0e0x Tuda ay. STh'e com;lmilt e to whoC n was refTrd a l , h - jecl of the eretti ,I of flre M lb-iPl uHllhJ ot lt lt hougitt fir t .at i.ritopp t. Ju.otf tit1speMA tlull" rrgurl that thave had ulnderrexashmtio IseveriErallyrllulbfnlitJii" by .iriingUished cliill, +okllfr, D epltttt u dt Datr h ; trheOlh pihu tit .,ittpflftet .1.,. uidutll f ute ltl.ty ot" d4ll, ai .i'llt t ted etill a contrtt it its grolud i rlon O obttntl rlnaru#rll grn 0181t Stet by ttSlet squar. e 110!) whi'h Ie nuilding w:l1 rie lrreU Itwalis in Ilii:1t Ther LItlrior wll pr'seli tI)n ol (. ml us ltijt is t tt. c t~ .co t. 010 f.,L. tt tchastie-ateig -aist ordern. hbls .crtLk Oprintlhi; an nichlteerurt, ftro lil. tlell.horc ml 1 onuinitll ofl Lpysirrtles ot AtlhelniL. TI Ilalltl- will bte eropo. sed ol'an ocltolcye ittict of tho s:xtll trd.i at cIte fO'iiLL reinplefe, t-crelty gCei,,t 0 plrtlco ot .ighti Onlotitld itl frooit, old i e.I,. itc il ul IW1 columna itrr'oik, trtltl tle woll ol lae frotll. ]'he portico will not ectend lhe entire witl of tie front, bet will LI tn by thi, dirhffreltc oone itl .ertttluntttllIJO 01t catIt alille, (sotfosle:g liter.. had b.:n ten rotuteleInn Ihu. kIt,l ,) Itittht gfvle rootm, r i tilght ol.thuisbja.teps to the fliatlorl uflte ptrtieo-it ercnj lids lTheil.luk p(the building will be oriltltented by bhd projected .iilile, n.rd the etislt.e srt miuntf e tby .i:. enltt-v re eltd Olpdiment. The •aimbulatory, ar. poiuis(etl o the partlc., will be easts r 4v Ikg wenty [. s e,1<.. forRing a tpal l beiia.+ E t' t luzri.vh tlrl e lilt edlifie, will rise a circUi r- cudf tla ' Cot' padu ii 125 fel+t in the thteight thlii 1he gLround. Ih usi Ite cttlliiosCd f ll'two ectitle Of Cforithtan nolltlolttt iltallding d.eoioed tLtu thll wall, ivit1 so .a ple pssele *usiwthr Canrsa 01 fb on, is ter.ntlated by a tome and lantern of the meat airy and relegant frm. The entire exterior of the ed:tie. will have a grand sitnpuccany cffer't a:,l preslent one of the most chaste liodrle olftheutant architecture il our country. YIour comintitee proposel that the vwh. exterior of the building on 8.. Charles and levia t treets, 4e of u b to marble, "aed they ate of c,8l i, th gat tie ..ole cost wtil Hol mtuc.retcecJ 173,00)J dol larts.. l'fiis expenrsen although great, is in rthe -opinio, of your commirrter, a matter'nf secondary cona d!. riation, when compared with the neoans, the vast resources,naid the unexampled prosperity enjoyed by thas municipality; a degree of prosi)erity tir that no crwelma that human foresight can predict, can mnateriall retard. "Nearly nil accession to the ppietin of of our city from eilidration,is in this morticipality, and our populatlion now is as great as that of Ire square ul the city; it is therefore quite evident Ihat t withinia vervy ~ort time, the positron of the Municipali lull will be toe centreof tine popuolnlirins will as of the wealth uo New Orleans. Ptrlic conve nience Hill then require, that the courts and pub ic ofnicr:esof the parish, be located in this liall, or in its iitmmediate vicinity. It will ibe perceived that besiJes providing eve, ry convenience for all tle municipal ,ofti:e, the' Recorders Court, (the .M1ayor's ofice, &c.)'as well ns io. the police;--a serocius and elegant rruoom meeigriag70 by 45, is n atted to jae ;uomtmercial Libtar&ieirty; and iall the partirlents in tihe third story, for armories and drill rtiillna for the unifirrm comrpanies ol the mnuoicipaliiy. Your co:.l,nitte respiectulty suolni trhe follow* ing reso.ution. SAMUEL J PETETS, E YORKHE, JAMES H CALDWELL. Rasblved, That the plan euarrittee y Messrs. Dakin, Bell and Dakrp ofe .ile mauicipal Hall, he adopted;iand that pubito notice be- given by the CoamptratUer, Ihat this Council will receive sealed for the erection.of the sanle, ..." thr the furnishing ul'all the materiale i ntil the Ist Tuesday in April next. The proposrl...r r... .. made conforpanoly with the specitlietions and plan furnished by Dakin, Bull and Dtkin. Mr. Peters also inireaduca the following, which the rules being dispensed witit; was taken up and adopted. Resolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby atuhorised to give publih notice according to law, of the alection for aldermen of this nmunicipality, -tos ake placeon the lint Monday in April next, et the lullowing named places, under the superin. teudance of the irspectors.ana clerks herainafter named. sat Ward, at the Arcade Excrlange. Inepe. tors, A. 1t. Inskeep, and D. C. H. Barton. Clerk, J. W. Stiiwell. Stond Ward, at the municipal Hall. Inspectors, Rob't Lajtun stand Wi. 'Freyc. GClerk, C. Bu.. ijtt. " 3d Ward, at Harry Morton,, Inspectors, Edw. Turner and J. B. Ge(.o.s. Clerk, P. Becklcman. Resolved, That in case anly of the atove namr ed persons shall refusercanegslect to ac,, the May or be and he is hereby notkortaedto appinut aucht alterlgaehe msay deiti proper, to replace them. A memoir Terr, Mr. Carey llobitasnr was refer. red to the Police eanoricttee. M~lr. Shlanbry ihtrdduted the foilowirg, which -was ardopted.a & Raulve' That tile committee on Police be in. strueted ro enqiire itnO the condition of the quar rnow oecuied y the a en the H oatermen in the thlird Wcordand to reprrt on-the expediency o .chatrg ing the said quarters ton tmore eentral point of tie said third 'WVard, and likewise on tht expedien ey of trrcreaijng t;to number of tihe Watchmnett In tye raid Ward. Oti nmotion irt was Resolved, 'Piant the place of Sergeant at Ari. 'r-.hLereby declred vacant. On motion the Coutcil proreedcd tonn election to upply tihe vacancy, and upon counting the votes Vi appeared that George II Parker, was unanim. onliy fjecteod. On rutlion, the Council adjourned to Friday next, the dilt March, at 5 o'clock P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. ly the tGevernzmenrt .0pres8s E - FNGI;AND I By tho packet sni-. IliilepoTndnce, Capt. Nvc, iirrivedalnt Nr .. "i rti 3t ' rf'arch, Lit n ol f, pers to the 2 f h f Januarc, yire receiv:l. - l-T ifl.enz: rlýrir in lil q-lr:ters, and hun. , the ,nx ili i.|a- fLaolfn spu.-y to tlhis dliac te. '1"ii Ln()idut 5Ior iur H-rlderr ss ed to in e poi;. li. tic ipiech ol Sir Rohc rt ''eil, in six clv ,rinted nmOtunIs, iin six hours lUter it was d.liver ed. Sbeuh extraurdinary despatch created quite i Sir Jahn Sano, the cerhlrated archi:iect dihd fI ihe influtza on the 22 Jannuary, aged 117 yiars. Among the dci lis rrcorded by ile paper-, we fi.lh Ireus ii )r. tRPltixth Ite au.hor of the Pii ltsophv ol:sleep,-D-)r. Jo)l IIi nIie', known for his editions of tile UCceasics,-and Dr. ''h.,rnton, tilt iotal nist. T.e diniculties between tile omnsters and work men in thel StaliT,rdshire Polleries are brnling arn satted by the asulhnisin of lhei Ulnons to the srvle oflnricets prolosed by the prprieltors. The prices of ir had a tardencY to advance. Nine iore furnaces have been. huwn out. T'he weekly nanrufacrnre of thei kingdum is now di ntiniahed more than 5001) ious. .Captain Nye is of oiniuon, that the Erie is not oInst. .It iheeohiango a qtrtation with monetary nter .in.-brdmlon,wheher Ihe Bank if England calei -ilth all its Leir coetrol its foreigt- Ex.chanrget. the t;inisctnial ,rejorit in tha Neew -ParlI. .s. ti Iaald lhs 13. Tihe acoonelatiee uo Luatisa B -napnrt in the •Straabounraoffhir have nm nteqitted. It wans c.nadently espeetednRatm hlere~pold be a ehais-ge in the Fench mirtitrf. 'The pyi)mpnth ee ireaol rnrdl"rh?,lej int thed drlis'oltfti Clatlbf'et ti tia Kiig," hiad- sxcitensl tIfe altention ofl he wlnia·t s oft ati . .e powers, .-bu. t it wae allegedi by the aanaesecea of' gover-. utent, that it wetd lead to no netiuit. Meanor Wee trald early ine.Fdarunty. Us raen.s that he was Lanpeled ti his etibte by the itls neerkigfr e Fnch painter Girard, irdbad. SThe C.rumbr haI s asCaeed;to peupnenthe eif n ritl, eti 1 clj-Ci.gatie iraiffair, IlS Mseahall lIApetl sheoll 'b" preaem ts anaier for iirnecel'. ",.. ie Rygnis wastlo'bh triad by. a cee.sqil of, on charges tirefterrj by e cuasel., The of tIisrldfrees r, hie. mnjisty fromnl th.British and AmterirclnS a Puris) 'was a brilliant affair. Tihe Kirg a-lck' in frhginh with his-nsual p iaeecey. 'rhkt orice Fe.reao, fIat blen aqieted of a persrinal libctl n .th King. SThe il luean ia said tobe nors fatal In Fances altisa in Eano 'j . The Ilca, in. eiag b daveoste from his UYaU .Urhe eik .mnailkia fiancr, to fiiai tr e" Louire . S8PAIN. NoNa n..rasaem s q lpp.ranoe hlae t.aken place ninese he reliaf4 aBiiboa. Great diecordpan vails in the rsaks of blh -partie,, . Villa Real'las fe.ignedtl:-crumntand of the Car Mats,-anJ it has been cenfred- oin the sangumiin Mioretie:" In cEmerqueia-l thue.Uof, the Jl;tlsh olly Cars aerviang.atder LD)o .inrpaes, have nlu.t .f tbet litrowa utp Ieir coanlmi+ions. Gee. Naervea ,as resigni.d on the Queen'et:. f-, bc~ause Al.Lv t.e a pe1terod to thes eulrnrland of lavar. 'l'hie Dirhop of Leon has I een aipointed to the -presidency of the Council in the Cabineti of Ca.ijo PORULG AL.. L- eters frnom Libon to the i 5th Ja.ltnar-,.rir. srli'ltli'ugs in LutYuttlhtllSa IiitI a glomutoy us p,,ct. " It was liortoi hl t fed lhi.pir, suer.n ,iiatlrv wouil hab overtirwlenwti at thl:e sea a6g ,it lhBealit ertIt. Great dtralalionun lir.lrnledidrhie .ae,lnt ul tIer tntiunlal ,ýatds, becauee euronhp pays)i etne hd not reen im ' - ' - " The i.igaisesaid 'tobe infested by robberaur Ircbh water pirates. .' brigatyui nalllledRemeIthllh, has been corn grot rUYavag. in the intl.ror. Diot ligeld 'a.slivlig quietly at Rome,-hit g'e4t delht oeaCs ooitin e oil the Puntlle 'liarblt RtUSSl A. Nichrldani Said to be non conlpos mentrue again. H Is t ree tong Itw fortretsses in Poland. - 'he iuki)nesa or la gIrippe prevails ImI Sweden to an alurrtiiieg extcrt. Msei.rrNa Io fi Tr. PAn. A great neeting was uheitp held une.ondra the 6th at 2 o'clock, when the mais left. The u;jeict wet usa fillows: No RACo .l~1EY. Gsm . e GILDnr. AoND a iihet. I:c tr mt arcetpLer D Au.n Utlsr n nllolroiitea. EQarel. IaUS etnST AND SUtALL oDE t'EtSIrVED. C'1 WILL till.OYr ti LIernTYi OR rEilto to Te. " * 'LA ". IT rCe. D.nlr t "gftlXEcED iNohnOPu.rE6. *o l.S Tie PRICE ol PaoniassttRENS . T &e. Rumnor were abroad tlhait an attaeken tIIh banit was intended. A latre tody lof miltary was read) All was peacebhle at '2 i'lock. - By a islip from the .;, orn ireet, 8thl March w",' learnl that 93 indiaus had come i wald s, re.n :;ired i l Gten. Jessup. Amollni i tnin were J uniti , Altigtor,Ahirnratn nrid Little Cloud. Meiu pyoud nlut Cuolm-was siCfi- Cent hie faek It tf~v 1're t :.: ePeaio hsa boen Iri-d: y s c.nrt msrtial and ron demned for cowardaiee in the WVaho, Swnnmp. Wliat a parnllel bi'tweeti h two i.lotiilu--court inarrial are the ,rdet oI the dal T ', 27th of was the atimtlt liil bl the tiles. Af:.r that time war, war to tho knlta was to lie the oi'lr. Even after the twer is olts #s'' I inut time tI collect the idians>, re[ , te et l f . et the isstssiapli. . NEW YORK. On the night of the 21, an eztensive lire fccur= red in this city. It broke out in No 177 in Water street. Tihe Ils is thought to be naout $13x,000, nearly all insured. An attemspt was made on th 1 laljtilsnt, to rob the \VInllhami balik. Adviss to ithe 28th Jaruoigy tre' received frnt" Belize (Htndurns) So,he tio an.n.lId be5einet! e rienced among the tmahluIaa l tira. leasre had been inken to get at a newforest.of mahogany on the Rio Honda. Three persqns lnat their lives last night on board the steamboat Maiseachusettse by sleeping in a state room with a clharcoal fir.. 'I'he Emperor of Cihina has itterdieted the in troduction of opiumn thromu the eolltretn hu u c. TERMS OF THE NiW.SPAPfR ,PRM$S OF NEWl-ORLEANI S UNANI.OlUSLY Y A .REL D) TO ATl AN ADJOURNED Al-.TIING OF TIlE PROlPRIE I'ORS, HIEID ON- 'l'tde 13 fi OF MARICH, 1837: SitsscatrrWtx --Twelve dollars for the Daily pa peerper is uu,pay.abln eelni-r.,autlly in advabee. Ten doilar for the tra-weekly cohtltrv spa,'er, pit able one year in advnsue, where no city relertnce is given. No suuscription will be dtsrecntiuuos until arrearagec are settled. In case of distcon tiouance, one weeksa notice, in Werting, mui t be invariably given, previous to ict expimrtion of sub scriptinon. A nDVonrtL..--One dollar per square, Tor the first insertion, and hallf S'ta price for secht suls quent one; anly material alteration from the otiuitalt -ad vertieelantls will be.chlttrgtl a new one. YEAnRL. ADVErTtaxRS.-Meerhnults and 'Traders forty dollars for Eupgtsab alnet, and silty for belt ltaiguages, Banks, Insurance. OQloes, and other public Intitttiaiont litly dollars isn English only, and eighty for both la.tguagls. Ship and teaimbeo,t factir or eore)missionlmerchants, slilty dollars in English alone, and eighty for both lan. guogea. . -Mam Iaeas,. OarrTurn NTeICrs and articles cal ling the attention of the pdiliti to sale. t propert, cards of pnstengers,, &.. &ep will be charhed oit.. d uollar per quaret, for ithe fiost ioeitl lion in cachl language. CoitbinttlalTt.zn or Advertisements of any per sonnl nature,! when adlissebla, shall be charger dtuule, anti in advuance A deduciion ol twenty.five per cent will lb made to auttiotcer, SbleritF Kegister of Willi -nd laratnnls on sales of real 9lte, pbaiet~ipd in, tlutb languagge; and .50 per cctlinl Engtishl itone, 10 per cenit on saens ul other liproertly. ADTVETISEMENPS out t the direct line of busi ness at the yearly adv i ier, p.tsh as legal, uce ti-e, and plan anolit tl£tattasv.. y alav.. , stray animals, &e. •c. Will ao-chtrged, tr leplratrely asld at thie ordinlry ratea. Anspar'Xrnara nut specified as to time will Ibe peblisuned one month, and charged accordingly. No advertis.rnemnt of banikruptcies will be paub lished in any case, unless paid toe previous to int nertnill, or iseaymentt guar.mtuetl by a respuusiblh pere'it in town. T"hetroe tad otliher places of amusement, adver. liuing daily tur the eulsonl} towsII cltrgod 100Idol lare Itft Et.glish alonec, ad I.l dollaro-ip brath aIn guages. All announcemeetts of caididates for political ollices sdhll be clarged double the price ol other auvlvrtunlec lt, Owillg to the immense loss sustainedl by hevws paper plroptietors, the)y Iave c, Oe o tir c, hiieli sion, that the tinames if ,l .rstis whuse, tetion, sihtll be tlultti k ili ln (Ies ftr nC llreleitlr ile) to eact-otlihur, tile)) ublitinag thi eiUslvei otid to advertuse ,r print oer ulc.h dulifquentie, It case of adlance paymrlents. (Signed) J U D SrT RhilESi J I 'N.l . N P P REA, J C VENDiRG-AiST " •JtuIlN GUiON, LU LIIDEN. WEEA-LY IREss.--We, the undcrsi,2ned, agree to oblte biy tle lvtere ,itr(iul, as t ar Un they' a.ti1 upplilutble t werkly pI.ers. `,. "r S(Signedl) 'A B7R1PWJ 0N. E, tree i-u-....:..... ......._._, J w t:'V NlT elenvt. beitn it rritri with iiu ibhl ct't m fr, Rioturn of l ltf.nlkt i lt ionhriiz 4i,4tv flur hite quar 1ttarniii~in.i~broory,A a~y , tottot and Non..1n. beL,`1II36, and shnaltur lric0 the { f anlt if iti ltti:r SuluSi"o fihs ito rith ~ ' %sw a a czs wz , o. _ Vim ,ar c~~ o *aInB , 4" #h4Z36 JL.-· ij i n h2Pl isofyo -* - R te s t iy tipo te M x11 4~ mi od then tipieeoa itsNoe aftpe aMtia pendg letied JP 4 * 6 Jz 4 T h t i O f N 4mbel, ar on notte aDot , Sin h avingair Thitrpalitwao tint pasi ani at eio f~lot rong wosied., -T~wltiuitwa ttaa eoanneii1, iinatpaast, *ndqliter Anda.thenhigin tebsiaaatt iiniaid siti.prgi.d =ol Trey ' ws1toined dark ande mia~ts-tenuau -oers, Whic br entl a41o-i tvalestn toiawld ucnntn4 Thepahwp o te as, aal4trtd'batg a ep oacl manya faiten betnee thin b10e uried bhwt' TiOc wstae alt voice hina tehnaet irngbi woa balt r tioa aheI-ite, idiileM N'. Itveoe Woan tomn ants tile It ntnur ineh thea n Whicha beni~t stll Ic loetnto-its wild t neie II 1t; ThMsnyawhtat cnigi.h-altrbabe ta'tte an.srrtew Oit strhaindas iut-,n wihseit t ignhtn aote fah;, Or aitos shriine,t tileaWy pole vliitw itd; t Alo icnel mayl tuc Licebts e~ft thtt St'ls And t&e~i-n otter cet l tit, 'tit wm+ toý yea Titit ittll t ioe inn C irneiie ci rtints tnseti Tha heart iluy kow n atk terief sid darker test A liii, iti. otc athe th ttet-at, imto foltuota; nond ant of teit night trietel f rth etoti eb'EN~ . S ialO J. toldeutwil, b led oitoeinou·tc la Anditet- iisn ve n~oa, e Vthe- Lo' to es r. ni. ý .noe A. N . A.tlet ,CITY BtANKNE RL..EArNS Tnte atn ell'. attil Arectors oii hsil itter t An a nofl ctthe. Borit ntate ilitreoloweq jtta vdc Sannol ?arinawr aele ceed torthe tno ig n Jrt.t -1 Jrai - Klt; JP Pet, , l'n" \1t'. ) o St C sIA. JacobK, \i\l'? A . t kLeveticU ter . fad bi onict t J.e of a a ,otinandoo fitebs h, nith sta nlti, .iL. ttitita ilec tOItlntftt Utitic bt-to bitith fin i~dln~,;r !pdythin I Iltintlolplt.-fet Co it. o it o t t Itt-I Antirolna en lant mntg i~ Atiet~ hotl~. £ S l O s e n t . t heeBl b ai r d o Donk t l i C ri t dlai h, Ba'tik New Yrerh ltvaojesnethee Pot Utie-nar! i ledbig auto lv afe oiti t H 'cllob Falhitar . At dayhao hunk a and wlytoioo k l1 ttinainjrS, - Anoe, baldhitontoyTetnile e en A tnoll-tita. Dr A. Ip.. S boyk, o 1. a. ttikltcu.lrt ditti iU i.t 410dinit tili th ee$t0telt. bill e A.l ifi ted ur, t~aF.. , . ntit. h iadttelNphi ,it{ 313 e'fe lin he's toltescol tli a+itih I aibra r.n eAuntl,, (pany ,ilat .Ang y. the l Flaoida;",. a Iti note, cttaro rnteie r d nodta tuennloebt*..b~xch BatktNwA.otrk; cha sveral 'shelves, an Clutal" ndat a Jilt A W. otinq 1w $ i. p -ntFtttid, for U l datai 2te . tS. Aavve, y . Ja rnabie rdwd iaer onlltogi ttte by W coiAnyof tp e I'l4 LaaC II& Cea-to. .steiaete. TOR lroy the \Itill nit aur iug Uiotri ilctl yf #:ng.t 1 otl, i s the ssul~n:mrr of 13 :3. By Bir II cil Htlils anthmir of "Furaat d a ca,' a d""Iuci ills to An Elementary Tr cntike on An alont. Irv A. 1..;~ French. By A..::idtir t Uouue, A. " ., dl. 1). ll ,.ivv tra uott ·pedbv George Bak~ler, A. dl iu 5 vl age+ loin;; No. 5id, to ",.J' of daarplUr'a Classical Fatuit In ad .bti' ttsl n wild I of Davi Inr Ille oirv of Aares Itarr. Just retxv d nd fr ane b nail l \Y V. J dcKL.\N, blarr of t nmmou i Xn 11'I:N"!73 andtltlllservationil onthr.B-iol IF, Jc cr" umui ti ~hynicl~ C pý'Dieei . in\Y n wlullti, .\l. Tli rrge n in the U. S. Army .. Ju rewired slid for sale by WattA. . MvK vo&AN.~ u,14 r f 'orn "rr c of Cnm-* etomn vssl, ON .ICE (,I llr. Ax~;.izwAbS. J .a1eaenothing: of momelnt to rl,rllr, inl the mney! market. YTollllal~furhetataa transpire~d rel~aiire to the groat t Iili 04. )1.tey istaetibngly scaruu. The rru ua! of the Treasury rohlbr might have titut hetttd 'ujt..' toIsmll dtgreu, Ibut the Ipraany~af Jacirroan bps eve denierd u. tha:t boon. tIbute.wa brtik tp-dy. We tiote sugar at 61 016I-15 It dl at tlhi price. Molausse ges ouffat t3--3311 bbl, at thl rate. In tobuaco no change. Au arrival oft3.0 hhdu. ijuotuijed. flour is slow at $8 53. We hear oif autle of 500 bbtl. Mtas Puoirsaleableat Ut20-Prime 16}-ut thil lusta salt of 1O0 bit., About50 or attI hltda. of ttb ptourk went offal 6 a 0 ta. forashipment. WIe quotehams t t tot 10 t i; Sittt 7tt. Btuluderuj, Suite int these articles cutmprit e 151 hhdt Lard plenty nt u Duta. WVestern butter abundant.ut 13 a0 6 ut d 1beI,6 tOO. From 300 aSt1O bbl.. of WBhiskeywere ta ken at '6 a36. Smailsales weru ttected in KiCtutty baggiug udbia'. rtpe, at usual p ices. Cutuee brika, 450bag ,l Haat went ofaf. 12 a 11 eota. Salt, Gruund A'uu,9 t0 l at 9350. Liverpoul bltwn is coming- duwn, 4ua 4. Nothlng duing itt Oit.. Small salu. In Fulh at usual pte. sItexicau Hiidte thisr day, 9611 at 11 a 11I eta. 150 enartwi·· at 9 ets. About 1(10 pacia ummu r duert kinl acuordung ut qutjtliy fouud patih.. er,.t 03 a .30, -t150 shetred- from 27 tat34u. Ftattqutit mtuld price. Rieilcutis te m 4 34- a I-9 I l t u edfu %tarm ca dte.e3a da35, auule u O' bass. t Cort cummanld 80 Scent. Oats 7 ceat. Hayauctue aS4O,. a .g1 of. ftoi ueueted at this price. L.m. statutt at $t F eightare a te al0aty. In h aba we aetlar· tuanaaaln oCuf0oidba white atO5cw-3bttdou d 1s a u0uue. LONDON SHARE LIST: Jauarey Ihlb-U.S. Banb 0413 4: Ahmiv.. 3 au 01tO 9tt Lutat.taaa lAres: t.uotai.uastaute L to 15. LIVERP'OLY OTT)N MARKET. t 'Senior?6th-Th upply ar ived up to the close of thisr day is about 5104 bags, mostly American. NIO (aura are rx proeed th any yatia.wotthy of auties.awiap to tu bheulth l autaralto.aaut . (ood iad.prueo tutl itloeat A uianaue atUudhlj seugit for. Sake at ltueriua at day NE YORK SHARE LIST-Matah 3d. U. Staal B.lak shabe. 119 tu to 1-2 Vic114v do do 921-2 Kwhpkjr de - do 90 to 93 N. 0. OGee C.. de 9 N.O. GasCo. da 9 a. 981-4 Murcht 4uh. UunitedlStates uank hurea 119 to 1t1 N.O Ca. Co du du ItO N. 0. G4 do do 17 - PHILADEIPHIA SHARE LIST-Maruch 4. lanttd State. :ank abate. , -1'4 to 120 1-4 YPIttbIbau du 971-i Ruegtk7 du. 00 * POSTON MARKET-Fub. 2P0lh. sesptuao. netwa Ba ue.d iU tie attest at l jpr cent pet uIO Kubhaugeou Loda. deuclined. Oaaeu at 1S. Chubeut 0 . Tee. eta smalltpremiuu. Futur hb.beau qante beut. Ceammonuatbuatd. Guaseuutkaatnd ftt $'2 32J. Arrivala utaft .uuatuuuuaitcle taupe. Ptime yellw Sut cora goes of as$t 17. Tte demtand for ed-ith uha not been auptlie '.aud 'leat huVagun up. New Ortuaa mtuo.taee brintg 40 tat at +mm. MAR0SEI1LLE MAKIT--Jaawuauy 6th Stopk o.Oagugr an deficit. Saurowo g-uf atOW p._the1 5i9ilos, Tte uates for uu auaau o.eruottuon. l:t.0t lYO S .mace taaaiuipaagd. Stoki on bqtatt 3rt Deg. 1839 f,0t -bter.. STATEMENT OF v''OrPoN CLat. le, 8,Na. 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KulWin~~ Al. it °ll~~ ,,h1., i.... t1 ..,,a ... .. _.l Nuatical lnIleliigence. lri,' t.-,ial'tr -- l.W , o.tol, I yll t h lt. N. Orls. lrlg l.uu-, o - ALd I.. tou td.rc Iti, N. Urln. MIhtp A1IIUht , y 5 . N. rl. Ir. et Nn York 4th Shhllojkry, Pierce ld W ol.t, .' 31A.rch N, Orlr. "0th Poe. lot 3? loIng i .\lutdford, Ill days from Liverpool for N. Otis. P0111l .N I't(iMT . At Ifavos 15t', Jai . 1'.lle.llo ftor N O Is. At Bordealx 14th tJa. tdoh,.l, t T apt, f rr o ll; T .. d N,,. At1 L %r , orl,., 0r:. t JtJllt A h-lt, .lone ttd.New Ort. g"al. urr, Chll, 'n. u 1.. mlull IIuIu by-the lla ,tuull tW"u dyay out nlod dswl t.(Id. At liurrc Jlil+t. Tlibd-thurg Tay, T :o Ort. 9td 0, el, ne l Iri, N 0 .o a. I tl h t IL" t, .A'lo in, h . .h( o. At r ,.. I I" l, nu. l'n"ad e, I. ldkl .,N Ohtr. O(idtt of,: ul' tl tt4th Ju. Ollhwkl , Colton, N. OI. fort At tlM,,rh Jan. t rr. 4,tipn T'lty, Crowell Ti or,, aher; '1ItINLIN N ..\'iz,. - 'A I:. L'! " R5 ". LI2-1011, 0 $5111 tOnleitt l O XA \11tleA i ,lul·t, C '. To bedrantv at r'idad lly orll b C PITAI S. $358,;3 5bl.tfl. .,.:o-$gd ' Sul--$;,Ifl.r.o,0. 0 - Itt;tlll.. s17-;t.t-i(i:lul tuIlwa, O ul $.0, tc. dc. S'+,'kets $14; halves . .n. 33J \ P ,,k.k..' of lticikoL will cost $' 0n-wdrrdnt, d o draw mearlly one-hlf. tlrd.s ptomptly nt- ,-l: 1, Ifo, dr,l"sm',l tIt V.1 it'A i- t cINI'I IlE, Sl !EI.E bles of twine f dr ale by 1 I 3 A , II . ! bale. o 1. W ALL 1 ,'Eh '' (i" n s i :i ! mlG Gill l)j1 h 1 t1:1)- !1111 , oal wO n I "I . larian " I ('o"+'-- ,, ,t l: . ':l i j I I(' - l '" .'\l',------ -- -, f ln ,l r Iv (. i" '` .l " nil; r l r s V -- -- 'i __Oidii , l 'Ay dr I" A lit)--. 1 +upe, ir IS i,. 6I-;ui'-i n+toll l lJ 1 iss is iltI s R )ll i . l I 4 "'rl) t i. 0cii i i -- , ,e fl>tl ofesl..Unmet 2 to Ti oCs see .iiy Ue th i , " ans I ns AL li, l:i 'til. . t `tin's ssr s A .. I .alac - e, i slnpsss ed ' i nss s danlns's on bi's ari , ahe mrle . san h ir i in'se i '.in i Ne .. 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It;3 17t i ' i i . |r.P , 1 1 , , ' 6 1 s . ..: ds ' l . II sI ) 9i i's. tssisiss "5 1' n. sisIII. " 1 7 i 6i .\V oh;B .t ,n i: ;, ! pm L. 11 6! v t tlha- ', 'i 'iis i4 1'hih' "i s o'a, s i", tia. i lo IIj New 1',,rt,.. 9 ptu !)9 C, A " I Isi ,) 11 ! h , i r i . \nll ht.Ih r I. ('ul· iu_^) t . . Iu tth ahl,t S lh lils ix ni - 1'sie - t t i er 2 , s lis ils 17 i ' ii vtiir i i' ' ''). nI'i "II','s' .tis ,i -'l -i iits Mi- s ijs one s. i 1)s'\. s". jri hn ' sii' tississ, ,ssiisi I','r-Ieo- h I:+_ lri, l i. , "1 ':it lla·tl i!', , 1' lui i i , tiff0+. i o ii i sny s, I. lt. ('1it'. - t,-'lI li,',' n | i , ,la' alnd "l'llir dlnr "h i ' ,,11 ,!o d o P''itly i dr ito -I , I' I .i-) s ii lu EL :; r.. d, Ai ,tl i \ r C'E I i\ fse . i li l 'lSF h i= fi t "'I ! S i l t s-h, i Itl-i O v ' L ,'i, lron it ltClll I It lID"..) A I i. il ll I. E ( n1'1 ! 1' , I1 .\ . T' ., I FGAI T N f" ". ,lOtO sILLi. tit'.I. ! 's'Iti . 11LTI STE Ir. 'F. I B,' a e- I'shoji, Teacher o l .1111. I i, I lo; I . Diu::iiti , t 0 tll,: Spanish tintI .Ir. I'r .1it'' " ad It'Itil a e"nn nnlar l ol Vu , l I"r. AlII WAa Ib I U'- t; . i OIrlmlAn r!9: ('aril. to I N, 1 icr it 11r . 17 rnpl np t. PICKlers ; L1.11ti \I'.\Iir I: ter. t r 'REk lar itll u 1121I d~l brightbrolsrr In L~I' ERFl). /2 .. 7(11) 11.18. A~r olion :! ciillllirlrlliill 1155 C. miaaion :norahnn Ir glII, ,o~lhl lcllorclff:"l.v · pwcollS 1A :a0il d and pie erns[, tlc kolro o I na fr 21' do log chains do 1-2cssEn~li.l, f.ooliv" an 71; I,: (liomon do d It 1i(f'osroel[ o,o' l l do1101 fles Io(IL 17 do p u, o rkel, no.d dirk klices II' do nlrus callrw 17 dm bras- kettles 81 do Il-mo. ebnibl roa llslnicksa do somanll Croew 6 ea esopiiolol, nas'd 5)1 ton, Looliohb loiler plates 71casks sheert zince 451141 bioxes tin blo n, aslot rtdc mus, Willi also a ginrl oipl.' of Aiirjl on hardwar. Orders will receive prmonmllI tllill, 01 sidsIettd a lowest prkces. jnu 30..1s025 ElA(ll. lNSU !RANl CO1ttlAN1· isoM w lcd April12, 21115. Capitllll $500,00. /ýý U)IIEC'l'ORlS. CibARbES IISSOGO,, President. Tihos. florrtt, FaIuIltI Ill J. Fotas%, Jutsn E. IHydk, Ilenry I). Richuln* Joos. A. ltarrelli, Joinos arifl-hw, Johns Wlhliehol, Sorrarrry. li T1idi complalny will insu0e lire, baina sod ira1 risks san FiRornibber bills of ir cinngOe sll plrmm0i010 00100 lat thbir office, in the Exchangeon Royal stns ndljilig the Unioo Bank air 2l J. WIII'lEHE.AD. seest LAY TON 7 CO. FllRtliUN &1 III iE rlbrS11 I lRill\F [ron,'Itee (ill, Na, Uii!". Al11·l lrrr Chni..r Cor I·IPI alnd a gellerall 11ulrtlllrll of Shlip Chandle. 1ID,' 'lIF:I.- 1 kg, (ionl'll; lb ditto lBaltimottl i Ii Ijetiuatlll i s-tic. A nllorgu, bio _ _toll T y 14i1Nl;Iidog tiodforoniobl, sd &J i 0lllrO1 ' a I, Iti ,l od, 1 .llpcbl st 1)111e . =1.1 h i :1 101 dI LrI r . INis (10ut CI2IWN o,11 (3, 1I II ,-t--Jll , AILI).=il~tl ] r" s Irnf Ll utla oil I)pc·iul y lnlnnna .. ravtomantd for in ci it I. SuI. LOG.R (0 & IIIRrlrcsl miil ill I ll G8 111 v11 5 1 .it 1 Int 1C') llollý icn. 'u ilnaRrd'' 11,Oe h l 11t .;is rc II l' 111 11 , ml [ si3, yi' I 7)EXX l ll-ttdoz I X snrll l I3,:o: 0) iving an l ll ItI. Ii0 , ,lo JOIINi II. ('01.11. 0UIsofA'r'EId in byI( , n lt U" of hiltNs c I Into S t'ouu tre,., iý \COV.-170canlk+ lnirlel, 1Jllin nn, sieu~lut J. lolrlnion. Ioru;e b' Iý.IIdV lliiýri n~~t t ,t;, I' l..edrs int J from s11 teamboat Sllurariull. For mile by~f~ ml Jt i.lL'J tiff' Po! dnrr !} :a cb , \1'111 l' E IN -Z-1 t, b; 1t',s. bite ,t lnl;Ii + barel fi "d ,V'ii'' ; fi l .' [C,,, ,, Iuil:u ll slidfur :le bi .'IIU ire dys:' 1 m

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