Newspaper of True American, March 17, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 17, 1837 Page 2
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naa "ttaWLU.y, AT RAiNK' Al a er r MAU.LtE A49 NATCHEZ STS. s avY Jo aN GIBSON. ~eaillhful a ,d neld. NE\V-ORLE.IN3 : t WfI:'MONIN * .............March 17, 1837. TOPbsI PUBttlt AaND ouR SUnSCRIgRCI. ° Tl) abhlishers Alnd pr arietors of the periodieal i..r.paetfniay t* alh citiens and pabll 5i' Vo tha O. a otheenarmoas increase ith ~ pwoai~saa , -e samai , clnri .ire " , ey have been compelled in seli, defeal e to unite as a Imly and to tdvince their bill f prices, an as to ena tle them to do justice to themselves and to their. ptraons. It is a well eC, tabliihed fact that eieupanse-of liking. and the ples of lahar have nlaiai been highaer n this city than sny other in tr. tliant d ntd yet the eharges f oe adversieing and .la woark hnve been fir les. Whieileth pricesnfadvetiefint in -the towan of ll Tennessee, lan e, hne esn t the rates dn r sally charged here, viz: $1 per equare, for the am less il a n, a.nd 50, eqits for ece h contanuance, she esrarlivinog and ciraving on a paper in that -nitcity iona ilkins 5 per cent of what the same is an Nt'OPftlaana it t ti' easily be seen how we bane ~ r aaad weRo lies awe hnve endared. CPant 0l tew arlean Ita New. Orleans motea are P~l~aI eaina otaa oIn the city just nand, a 50 perse ao -ao eharcedi for 30 lines renewsale tharee timeiatsrhek at pleastue, rwhile here the cenmmon hrpie $'Oa aer ar rn as mtch nf ha panner as the tAieialr feces to neaocuny. When indicitlu am acecuate exceed $10,. the reataest dine.ttut madesd$thr ci.ies doe, not aaxeed 33 I-3 per seat, oa 10 1per rent ddetlhtin in is a commtaa sctja New Orleans. In flarmer years, wiea linia~ l.aebeap to what it is no a , wlen the ex pease f coendueting paper was little more than half wh.t itSi at present, proprietors contrialed t lae b of a .nusual itadurary, ndtl Nlainv. htor met.a, tathic c.oa.tnned. 'rile eanlitol ainveaed wast n olarge ms it is non antid hence the Ios. flr t-.,'hee they lat--wans aota so sceerely f" It. It i tt ofmi;ted principll, that prc rv saerics of bnr itm vanite, and hltthe r er capithl itetstedl at err ny any In' or is enatitle to i quanttn arf in sereetsequal to tile rommaerai:ll denantad fcr atanay. If thara a pperodperdet-r ,tf oaattntin be palid ta the prooe e n of a btsines.r, the publi havea i ig'-t so col enhate the latoror in setth a dearea,, that he may `pa th. l. lenei t ,f hlia indtlstry. Why this has not been done in N'ew Orleatin, so for as sthe iatcesna of atlnscer prinlters art, ctlcetre d, a varier d uses have contributed. VWe do, not dien~ lt question anow, but wislh to call the asi es rtn of the 1public to lthe correctrness of earc arns. Alle.ask of the publie is to do ts justice. r Withah e gull assurance thla it will not be denied, we haseseverally and jointly n£erre-l to nRapt the fallowing bill of prices, by which tao Ie tgrve.rnted in erve i.ftance en the standard chlar e fr tle menttdl'n!dpltyical llalbor a .Ienderorta, nd as a fair cd lae ,aiuen for tse risk of .lae capital ae. e.esosar.jj emsld yed in the prosecuti-.t of our busi. Wit t.hedetails which a e no v e tat j n ,submitted ts ahep plulic, we shall also give the prices fixed ey lthe .anrnte'mott lPrintcr, at their n .cting on the-131h qt tils month. " Cos Sitorttttplnted ott Morr.iag Papers s'iall teeivzIm fil 1-2 no 125 cents per 1U3J coa., in and htit 5O cents hithert, received. Wqtsten in a job atllite., or ollice wtlhro pam phliJ oks, cards, &e. &c. are printe.I, instead of s bieh was the price hitherto, now delnand Th plstble will perceive that if awe have deter ijupt sollle entall utlientaltion inl tu priestti' ma.sure is forced upon nls hby the in ereasefjourneymts, nn wanges imposed upon us ly the Trp Lgraphieal So.ietr of New Orleans. SCAI;. OF PRICES O ITHE NEW ORLEANS TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION. coavcanarrasmaa. Coal"paihtors employed on ..lrfanitn....rtewsanprro to woH.'y'the pitce, anlv, at tlhe fll.awinta rate: Plaini.fatter, in the English, Fraen h or Spanish language 6..t.Z cents per 1000 m nt for manulaeri{a, orprinted p py Peaorl, 75centsp r 1000 uts; Ru a1 . 81 I..4 amal per 1000 emrs; Di-,maad, $1 00 per 1000 sel: Rule and Fiure vork. $1 $ i0 cotts, --r 1000 inus; Rule or Figure work e.para:ely, 93 3-4 santas ter 1000 ems. A forcu an not to receive Iss than 5 eitr week. -I , n . -. Pereaps, the pecketting of the bill to repeal the Trceabey Circular, is one of jr a nost unxanu p!ed lastapraof tyraniny in a republican governmenlt an record. When it was shown, in leters not to P be millaken how injuriously the rtnnsutr operated an commerce and the currenty,--when it was proved conclusively that the few were benfitted i by it to the emanifest injuryof the many, y)tt ox president Jackson dared to wilthholld his signature from .s. .lill to repeal aso odious a measres, and I what is nore extraordinary still, had tlhe inlpu s dance to keepi in his possession and prevent the onsenti.aional action of the legidlnture thereon And *yp)ray, was this donel When the trust of teuing orerandte/nding tIh constituroin was abouute be taken from Ih iands, could he not honorgbly and honestly yield it up, without oam mitti.ran acet that could only emanate from ano absoldte monarch with any show of consistencyl .la w1 knsew in throeting thIt bill into his pock. 4t, that he was subserving the interelrt of the r party, ind infliating another wound in the side of p the bleeding cnestirution. Yee, Andrew Jackson knew this, and the public wird yet learn to their sorro, that, though in the IHernitage, the spirit of the tyrant will preside over the councils of the c presitnadministration. Blow after blow willbe h given to the charter of our liberthie, tidl our gov S sratnt he converted into a splendid centrulinoh , ,with some odious but all powerful ruler at its head, diutating to tile remotest quarters onf his etm pire, what shall, and what shall not he dotne. Tihe Amserican people sit quietly down and offer t:o re sistanie'o the enerlachments of executive power, so alarmingly exemplified in this last nct of their Jul, Jackson. But little time is e t for them to, be up and doing. Are there no friendsl of the consi tuti.n,-ere there no enemies of the unhloly olbjects of the party,-are there no true Americans left? Has the canker of s:lf-interest eaten up all that is patriadt and true, in nme.t's souls? Are we all the a.rd sons of brave flthersl Iad one spark P the fire that animated the bosonts of our forefst.`e.p been left in the breas:s of their re arsant agle, Gen. Jackson would never hI ve been taised to-The presidency; or if placed there, he wouldg.per have been allowed to break down the bulwarks of tile eonstitution:-:hey wool: have hulled the sceptre from his hand, ere tho harm was done. Aflr..Wight rose in the Senate chamber on the last nt ht of the session, and reviled the low r llouseLr.daring to oppose the deposite banks. This unpastlamentarv usnage called forth fremt Mr. Clay ap address repltts with the finea touclhes of oratory, and glowin: with indignatrin at this hun dredstlhto'ndon of Constitutional usages. Ie eajc "iGo*s'poohle Hiouse of Representatives-continue to perfasn yoear duty, as you have done this day. It is slillt day-thank God for nll his mercies! -thes day of the admlinistration of Ansnazw Jromaer. We have laid on a hard bed for the last sight fk T.o-morrow .egins the administration of Mtaplr Vea BtrREr. Whether the bed will be sefter detler is doubtful--but at leaot we shall harelf te privilege of turning over to the other side, elb t.eeting our weary mtuseles, which habv bassn a Lng distrained.'s And so it wi'l continue to be. The Aetna of despotlam is henpe.l upon us, and like Enueladons at oIdf t only privilege will herenfter he-lto taer a:o4dohe o.aer sile. Would thot, in thus tarniaý over, tilc eruptions of popular feeling woldwoop .c qp.y the in.e.mbrunces of dlespot. ism, atndirqrwheltm forever the dentogita~cs that ifet.ati ltaair feldaol republiiann insititntions. Th% e enienn of Alice Lulranche, Esq. as -s'ees tSp tlhc IRepublic of Trxas, is a great lose adfeWt s pte. Whaet`ill the flntese do pow ýpeakerF no comnpliment to L u. .',ean a.from amon. g her many es,. ath t Mr. Labrantche rthould h:ov been n, advise that re slhould take twtelre S rt Iuren in diploney, the use of ettal before be goes on los a e. would do wrll to appoint A.( Ilikeller and t'rice Current Soleke5, valt ecret.ary. At all events esch an tppofi 1fo i4 hbe haled by all the hontesi and' e leading to the absence of t e a genlua Guam thoe city. S gi-jsaflre in stepping forward to reli.e. the ,Wste, 4t eo theatcrical world, ntused by the 1j It Celeste, on Tutesoay lat, mani t irnt blet considerati'.a for the generous baI- otef . Orteenst, that they will not forgct e i to ftfi' a ro'gu!arsngagrm:e st at ' :ea - Prenruco thinks thal Southern Editors are en the verge of treason, in their speculatins about sever in; the Union; and that the Kentucky he:trp growers are holdling up their staple in antieipation of an increased demand in the article. The inuon do if the Journal is in: exceedingly bd taste.- Why is the sqtuiect of dissmtlving the Unitn discus sed at alil! .ieanse Northern abolitionists and ifnatics force it upon us. We tell the Journal, the South is for Consiuti tuinnl liberty,--hat if the written Constitution be broken down without our consent, revol.tion Is tle next step. Who are the traitota to the government? We answer, aboheli tionists and their adeoeates,-those who would per pet unate the Union, on the remains of the destroyed Constitittion. Let the Journal be assured, that when the time comes, every true Southerner will promptly oppose ten muskets to each one of uncle Sam's halters, and that the eon.,ieuous-Aritors to the country shall be the first to feel the arm of the o;:iressed freeman. We would sooner see tile Union blown into a million of atoms, than be aupmdsnen and hwated-e-by Nolorthlern :ypo critis and Clhannig trren. Celestn appeared last right in the Pirate Boy to a brilliant and fashionable assemblnge of more than sixteen hundred pers.ns. Iler reception after this temporary absence was enthusiastic and heartfelt. During her indisposition, the naxious inquiries made for her het henlh, and the nu. merous calls she was honored with from those of her acquaintance, indicated the high estimation entertained by our citizens for Mademoiselle Celeste in private life. Last evening she did not dance, and the large hIouse assembled to see her iet only, is another proof of the strong yet deserved hold this admirable artiste has on the public mindi EXPORTATION OF GOLD. Liver,pool, Dec. 3d. 1836. TO THE TrDITrR OF TIlE ALBION. [Concluded.] By beingr always a buyer of Gold when at n shade under the M\int price, she prevents a stock ancnmulating, until part is forced to the ,Mint to he coined, nod as coin to go into circulation. This coin would increase pricer, but it would force our of cireulation Paper, if, of bolh Iogelher, there was inure than the public wanted. This would dtie crieas te ecrrculat' of B of i nof gland Notie, bat inciase the amnountof I)Deposits. Tihe taink of Engrland, on the tsafe and sound" prinriple laid down by Mr. Inrslev Palmer, as exprlained in tmy letter of the 2960 SepFtrmr r, considers, that her eirculation and deposits tiny safely be allowed to ninonut to thrice the sum IIf Gild in her coffrs. By buying Guld, she acqunires to base on whi:h to founld an increased rircu~ation.i To effect this, she increases her issues, monelcy becomes plelti ful, easy to he bh ninet, thie rnte of discount is luwered, the quantity of capital obtained in ahr s!mupe of creeit on commercrial bil s mutiplied,n rtd a much greater rise in ririte is produced "than would have occurredl had lih Currency been cur fined to Gold." This hastens and aggranvtes the evil that will be the natural effect of an Exporta tion Gold. Whenr Gold fro,: lihih ptrices or other canuses is Exported, the Banlk of Einrahnd lnoks a aht!v oni and, as the expierience of 1825 and the present year shonws, wits until thie drain upon her for bullion is so great that, instiead of holling the anmount of one third of her Iaihilities to pay on demanrd, she does a.t hold above one-sixth. She then awakes like a man out of a soun:d sleep, that finds his house on fite. She should, by the sale ofSecuritite, have absorb ed her circulation gradually as G;ld went out of tie country, tlhat the natural effect of an Exporta ion of G;old might have been felt on prices; but site should havne supporled credit by disicounts, that the 1f-ets an n prices, the result of on r artifici systlem, should not i e felt oinly very slowly, that all mien tnieht be assisted to fulfil theirmonrentlry en.agements. On the contrary, instead of lessening the ciren atihon, she contratss discounts. W ith lialiiltries :o pay on demand 30 millions, and a stock of Godl of 5 millions, the base of only 15 million., (on the "siafe and sound" principcs of Alr J. H. Paliner.) she exerts her giant strength with n 15 million power, to prlodu:e, as suddenly as possiblh, a "scar city of monery" and a "fall in prices," that ought only to have been the result if an ixlporrtation of Gold to tile extent of 15 millions! This sudden, this ' only rtnedy" a s a dreadfl 9npravntion to the ordinary evils r'ie. tine from an artificial stitern if credit, by the Exnortation of Gi.·lu, end is-n viii. I Intion of the duty of the Bank of Enoland, as on plained ihv Mr. Ward, fior it is 'a pernieious ey'eel. that twoidd not have occurred had the Currency been eo.fincd to Gold." IHow thle United ainks of England" would noe in the event rfn demannd for Gold for Exportntion, I have sho.IWn in my letter in the Albion of the| t28l' Norvember. Site wcold work like the "pow I fill hnidy cnmmanding and rerulating the circu IntinL inmriint'm herein supposed. She would strive to miigatethe evils resuling from our er tificial system of credit. And why? Because, being governed by the Batnks and Bankrrse, her constituency, they wtould use her power to produrt f results beneficial to their respective Banks, name SI, to assist their customt ers, that is, the publio generally, to fulfill their engagements, to pay Iheir acceptances, that the Banks ulight have no "bad deits, and, therefore, might make "good divi (lens." She v:oulnd let the natural effect of the exporan tion of Go li be felt on prices by h-r redurIIed cir culation, but shie would ward off the aurlicrial ef tfhers resulting fromR a violent reduction of credit. iShe would throw in the whole power of her enmi itnl to continue discounts until existing enlange r ments were run off and facilitate the renewal of those which etuld not be imltmedie Ily fulfillei. T 'lhus, limne would be lained, and the-reduction ol thile amontt of mercan tile hills he effected trad udlt, ssnistanre might bie pretured from abroad. car.noes would arrive, the natiral iffect ,of tie Ex porainin of Gold would operate through the redur tion of the rircltlation, and, ill the end, "a suffi eirnt quantitay of Ghld wuld retlurn to put its on a par, as to nhunlt dnce of ciratilting medliuim nid urices, wilh the commercial world generally, and especially Europ.--et. remain. Sir, vours re.'ect. fhlly. A LrIVERPOOL MIERCHANT. By the Government Express. NEW YORK. 'The meeting in the Park cii tlie 6th, terminated peaceably. Mr Mini,jr. wnsppailntedchairman I" le real nsernleoflocofoo resolions,denouncing i hnnks, hankers, laIndlohrdl, nnd atiaoP LISS of eve 1.1 rv desci tion andl sor. TJ'hey werencarried iv ac. clamution. Nothin, was dinc in relation to the high price of pr,,visions. I ''he ship Etii , Cnap Funk, hns arrived in eafety r lFle encountered a irameoud,,s snle off the French ions!, ol Ithe night o the 25rth of Dectemler.- The ship was becanlned il,'thof coasti ofINewNl imnd land for forty dinys. The captain and passenger is catie uO to lown in Tl sda;l the 7th innlant. II is thouhti the cargo of the Erie is worth i$400,000 I Alderman Clark hns becn nominated lty a large meatiii fr the Nlaonialty. The circulaii.,- of the D) ily Exprres is 1750 co Dies daily-of the Joiirn! of Commeiirce 1350--of the Courier aid Eanquiler 3400G-of the Hlerald, p God knuws how lisany. t HALIFAX. A committee of te e IIn of Aisemlb!y of No. va Scitia, says the Halifax papers of tie 24-h lFe. . are insatracted to dh line the true meaning of the Il treaties now in foirce ..unlating thle fiserire of I Nova Scotia, and to inquire i'to the pres.::tI talc of that br:anch of indlitry. It appntas tha:t the existlng trealies operate too ftivorabIlr t ttle U'. SStates. GCE. J.At;K3ON. Ti-i Ex-president lef WV.shington fir the IIh'r- a imuitape onii Monday tilc Gill inot. Dr Lawson, Sur SIIIou G, Ielal of ite 'U d Any, acompanies hlii ar far as Whe, lini, c TH;l'lI TIMES. On ihe 2nd inrstami a tire ibroe out in Pnrlnlndml t I.nn. ddand rynd tred two lar.e stores--value ovu • .'000--a11 instred. A salute of500 .mts .was ftired nt NIew York, inh, s honor of the necr'saion of ,'aln ilren. S Foir hi,- )er 1833, 81i0 persotis were contined for Sdebt in thm jlailaul Moussachtausett, anol 2600 for Thurcre are 32 Savings Bmnks int Massach!useatts. ITh B tona f ldksare in a dil-mmma about one n Granham, who is atnltemnpling to lecture to the ladlles iin improiper sut'jeners. ena ndvise theic to lynch tie A'liw, if the can't get rid of him. By a late law ,of Coniremse, it shall be lawful for a ioasters f viesstals entering ior Enting out of waters ýt naiuldld b'y two or more states, to employ many t pilot duly authorised by tlhose states o situated, any usage or ct s:oan to thu contrary notwithstana n inp. 4 DIED--At New Orl-ans, ion he 16hl inst. Capnl W S NEwn.rTn,3d Regt U S Artillery. By his death the service has lost a gallant office, and his com panions a dtmvoted friend. 1C On the 24th ult. at his falher's resi:mence, Spnt. Ce sylvania teaty, Virlin;a, lit rn e 3d tyar of hii i. age, Mir GEoa.E D Ca.InAC, fo-merlh a resid'nii -is o this city. This di-peinastioio fi Providence, heI doprivnd a nitunmrous circle of relativee andi friend otf one of is utmost amiable and t rinvrd aI.suiamte it -firm in principles ie intogmity and lhonor, igene iouua confiding, ant iallhxihle in friendehip. OFFICE OP TiE T'lUE AMEICANt, ST lhur.tlay, March 1Ith, 1837., 'the money market is still tight. Nothing is dope setrcely in the way of bank dieunts. All the banks a eta tailing ra. pidly, in onsequence of the large amount now locked up by the late eommercialstispensloos. tn exochanges on New Yo k and England, things remain as usual. The rates on England are from 10 to IC1. We have been receiving oflate large quan tities of specie, and as little or no exportation takes place, we sha!l probbly be well guarded agnanst accidents. The pro position to arrange the stoppages will not be acted on, until In formation be recaeved from ahneignboring iostitutlon. tusiness transactions are confined to few aetelds. There have been sold about 100 ihhds. of sugar in small lots from 6 a 6 et. Weh earerf sale of00 bWls. of molasses nt3 a 33}cts. A bott 4l0hbble.ofudour went offfrot $850 to 8S 75. Prime pork, 50 bble. $16 5%-9 to 10,l0lflbs. btllk at 0 a GI att. We note a sale of50 hhds, bhamat our tet prices. In la d consider. abledoing--'lo kegs at8} sOcts. Western butter eoming down-.0 firkins were sold at S'eta. A small lot of GoChen went at 6 c. Whiskey brings from 35 n3Bets. Sales of 600 bbls. at these prices cameto our knowledge. Wegivethe saleof2o0ballgsoftlarana coffee at 1l eats: lu groundalum alt, 00 bagsat $350. The ma ket for fish is hrisk and at usual prices. No. 1 Mackaeetl$l 50; No.2 $1050 No.3 $750 Coastwise hides n good demand : U00 at 0 et,; 3(10 Mexican. at 0o all c-ta. Rice steady tll4 c; a sale of 100 tcrees as thits price. Fify boxes New Bedford candles went off at3 eta. No supply in market of Nantucket. We give 1500 bushels corn at 80 eta. lay scarce st $45. Lime steady at $2. The weather is again ine and quite cool for the season. STATEMENT OF COTTON Oct. te, .h3--No. holeson hand .................. ... ,70 Mar. 16,1837--No. bales ree'd thi.s ay......3,974 Total No. do. e'd poreiotslty 44,100 4(0.674 437,370 lIar. In, N1837--Exporte this day to lattfort...... 70 Total Expo to pt eiously..............310,710-740.9i6 No. hales remaining, not cleared...... 116406 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. Oct., 8I-No. hhds. on hand ...... ........... 7,277 Ker. 16, .k17--No. do roe'd this day...........40 Total do do preeiously ........ 3,e11 3.57 10,528 Mlar. 1G.-xporta to dt ...................... 38 No. libhda. remaining, not cleared.......3,.i0 REPOIRT OF TIlE OARD OF BROKERS. 135 isai.tsippi......................... ... 11 1 . " ...............................1 PIIILADE.LPHIA MONEY SMARKET-7th Mlarch. The money market is in a feeenliste ste. Ia eoncequenee oftqo learge quantities of tile U. t. Bank notescomg in th aongh tile WVtetorn and Southern merclante, that institution hiscartaeld it discounts. A great alnoutof seot orn atnd western mny is brouoebit into market, and as the wholesale dclets reflettto receive uncnrrent money, wtlch is at a great er discountthan 1 poe ct. the ppeasure ia increased, rathe ttao otherwise. More thae $100.0e0 of the Mississippland Alahoam Rail Roead Cottpany's notes at Broldon, Miss. made poyoablr t the Girard Bank. the Mlercants' leak of New l ctrk, and thatofthe Jo sepls are hold in New Y,,rk atd Philadelphia. The company ttvill no funds in thee Iehnkstle anetesare not aredceted. Tile tooat is, the tmerchants ho carried them llon are wofu Ily deceived. Tlhe4tih of MarctI was a hard day, aet there woe no failures. NEWV YORK MIONEY MARRET--7tth Match. tennettsays tihe wek culem.eln c with lueguo tni inac tion. Stocks are onl the decline a little, and money s scarce as ever. Great agitation it exptcatel to reign ia t!ta money mar ket all tte eon.ig eaunmer. (ionee. Jteksaon has left all the evilelements ofmis ale to work desolation and distressto the country Tile kitchen dynasty, if continuoed, willcarry t:;, spiritof speceltctiou to the hiighect pointwith the illlense asurplus in thle )eposite lanks. I at all depends upon what Van ' area does. Moneyisstillatoa 21 per cent. The in crease ofdouthern State I'anks will tead to gtnerate greater vibrations it o laetay and exchanges. Foreign exchange anoi nal at h and 6 per cent. The late and extensive chancery sales indicate the necessity of funds. NEW YORK SIARE LIST-Marlc 7th. 'i. State, n"uk shares, Ices 1,0 MoteL, Cacal to - 971 98 Kentinelky do 90 93 Americat Trust do 98 112 Vicisbtirg do 9' Ujiou do 123 BALTIIMORE IMARKET--Malrch 7. Wacon price of flour $1l28S. Sales from etores free at $10 75 Wheat oagest from $2 a 02 5. Rye $1 E5. Corn, yellow, 96 cts. WVhiikeV saleable at 45 ct. Baeon--tbe iog round goes offat I11. lI c's Lard 12 cts.-dullo SAVANNAtl iARKET--Mnrch 9th. Arrived since the 2d March, 7.1i5 Iolete of upland cotton. The prices ar) from : a 17Eli. Stock on Ianod not cleared of Uplands, is 15547 tbas. Sal as f 45 hIhd. NO. sugars, col mon qulity, 7 cace. Flour atnds at ot1 1. Corn eomm nls $1 '5. Exlchnge o England 10 lper et. Drafts on N. York at tight 11 per ct. I.ONDON MONEY MiARIKET-Mtonday, 27d January. By the Indeplcy lenca at New York,it ap, ears that the sale of the ' dead weight' was determined on Iby tile Bank of Ennland. It tas known in tile emarkittlht [ l5. . was theloweet sut that wcould be accepted, provided itege amollnta were wanted. These secur sties Itat carEe pyears lttger to rca ttin the Go vernment longp annuities and, it is thought, they willoter a leoieable investmeno , taolugh anlluities of toy kind aoe not comparable illb tockt. 'ilte whole amoultt of tile alnlllty in question is i 5,.1,01., of which itis proposed to elloe half, thlatwill b ing in nearty 530001,Ot;of pounds. Whilel hispea positionto sell i before the public, it operates as a 'dead weighit' ofall the markets for gt.v.rnnoent securities. RIO JANEIRO MIARKET--IGt'- Janus y. Tile Exchange on England formetly stood at an average rate of39 a397d--wlen on tile aneouncenoe nt of the Jeprested state of tlhe money market in England,it ftell to 30, oand isnow as low ;as 3lid. Coffee immediately went up, and the demand is lively f.r good. fir-t cnd superior. The eoipplies are good. Tb decreacse in exports thea montlt up to Dea. 31at, is 34,3"25 bag. Ilildesare at lSOes. ODESSA MARKET--l17t Novenllet. Stock ofeoft awect l2,:O0 ct. bushelhc--e-t o, flinty, 575 m. he. Average price ofboth qualltie, 56 a 75 ta, per be. Freights -to TriestoT0 p tatyo-to Veuice 76 dto o--Leghorn Ill1. p. Iecco - -.-..- TRUE _.MERICAN SnIPPING LIST. PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. A 2l,E(A2111.( YEV4''ERDAY. I 1aro4q2 4lnri(e., I. o, N '.,r';, ii ,1II 4lhcl4c-cargo 273 hll an .d 5:11 hhls pl)rk, 10.15 kes lhtrd. 0lri! 04Nel(4 Clllk, (11II, (lnlva( , \V Porter-nrea 1(103: 44l44 fioi, 25011 ko44. lr1d. 1 0 Casks mrd 4 19 0 oxes l , ii. 8 il(ls lnlos, 20t1 (ox240 Cll dlEo. IIs 4).42,1 . l.410.14re', (lnrford, G Bedford--orero 260 hl0 l (4stlnl4, 100 sucks corn, 100 kegs laId, 145 tircres, 2420 h,1ls pork,. 00hr Ros;ario, 4e r4, r 0.0nn, N' II (umner . c0n--cnrgo Ft hl4 I,41, (o1,'. 4444 hIhls pork, 30 hbe beans, 1 do sua r, 5(02 kPgs I.4rd., FO .id hs. P.cket slIp 34is'i40ppl(, 4ail4, New York, I14n (4 Colcn. AR1tlVEI) YEST'PIE DAY. T4w hoo0 t hnn1 , *'lll4ll'4 44i. 1(.11 t 11l'.,4+44--F,40yed to 4ea sio it Nowl,+ 'rlellll 1, t! 11.' II 'r al'~ IILdey , o ,hr Fatlty. nod sell, dson l, , hoborir Al' Irhlrhill Brou3,h| ,pill ship ilh. ist,lI to is Tilsi Point ii+rhr +T~enze, (rler (710nl. pi..~l-. L.f, f ... 144(( 4, 44 ..... 44:"'44,4 41,, ... . .. 44444 514o 41 4j44. 4,4ip Y. zoo( oil' l'4 0 se '('441 ,(4, 14r. uC i, J 4r4 --in4 ei4 . 4,15(feel wale, piloll (4l fi(,LI 41ith4Ieket 4(ip (11I4(J'ie4; hJ.4 1 ,.4,lh nod 4 1sc4 r i( tl , fiver, in EI ,i.hll It.1h. '4. 4loill Alol(nt, -rl0l' 4, l311 v ' fnllo New IYu k,. to Illslrr, --144 l. 4 ol4,2 l W(,l4l i44o O' ,t., 11s , 4r 1t(,,0 2ol 111 deovorl, to t... t4e.. Ja..... Penn3ll3I( I ....lo . I.r id4.i4(: I...VE iln Iop hlws. cls, ied ,way the timller IlollS;: lost anchor solld elY~il. I(rig 1 r(1 Pill, lholl4,1. .1 Aulpinre2 , to Ina4 r--car0go 250 .s441 rst2fo 144(44(4(44(4440: r.0. (l04.l'ks 'lco,322..5,1 ( 4IOII4Iogw, od. Srl, "l'4l5zr0, J5lolm. 5 day' f 1,m I4vnn4 , to IV Porter- cr,- f,30 o;,rks onlh.; ,r;P " re filia f .lil Ot Al .,1,, & 8,iB 4s4llll4: Qu;,ilrs& co, ( lill , 4 4It . d 4 4A" 4 co, 4 \V4alsh,2 A C: 81111h1. S4l4 , C4 (1.4rlll ((l 44, 4herw, 4fr (m 4 F 0hine, to nlit4r.4 Sr1.0 41,004,1 Itl4( .-l4o.Jt ew3.,1 d Itl. I444,04(1,., 4 m:"sler--ca;,g, earl Il, oP ill Ilm++ hwom.1,tJ ve nIIn Ih is ki4,4s (\'i4 n x, T. Iiml, i(, k. J 3l; .4'e, & 21,, Fi t .ill 0 r",, &l'l4.l44jl4, Ri( ki .. B,4i;rl 0 21,1 J .\ l'lllel" , II Mrl3 lnl & \(40i40 t,.4 11' P4 . (0, s-ma 4 r,,4 0 40 .4"h1,4 . ( o.1 0 C(4 4 Ill..0, \\'34 4 14 0 ro..2 '1'41' v r( , \'. K2 mile. I0 Y llltll4n . 1'1J ilkins. IlO , ',4e, Ol4 s rd42 - o r, E les,~1l. P,02 ( K ,lo, , ,N (4i2 G14 C4,0 4 ,4 s. -i, It l.iv4li2 , 4 '. C 1 ,.I0, N II".y, It t ,qplilltor. Iso~ultlo D:. vis & ro, C I nloyllhrd, 8 G1 C'h:lllhlrl. 1ll.1 611, . J --col.ll.~ J 1' \W01101e. II & W lhop. kills, \1\';lInI '" \Vatkl r. J l'h y rIrr I.sylnoll 4'r1 , tL Yo, k. 4Wil, ",x, AII4,I, ll42 & o Clr tlo ii, ( It1 Co, 2 4 \ hllil 4 l, lll& order. Buanl4oast . or enr. Wi son, O4l44 Iol4 0 I0 0 nl.,34l4r--rn ell 104 0l2P 0l,1lll4,1 I.nll4lltll - T't(4lll5 , llllll4 4 ; 4 H( 1 L. C1:, O A 11:110113ll cor+; 11 ,:n 1o order. 0nr0o01 Iel notr pilllI'r in hlhpir 7'Ill lndrfL'. I hlll d sllto mm(I" l 401044,IoS ,011,1,00.,,,7,I 4,44. 1, 44oojs.., 24 11 424:01lo I het1, d'hllm ll-mpls ; Ill,3 (ll0l:0 .' l il, e+s iii~ l ,( s Bllilill, `I.i:o S '0: 27 illd. l,...hlases .Alali PIFIwIIIIIIo A' 1,; 1j5hlld F 4 1r to W l , oi 0F44 4l(l 4 P '1,1 .l 4 I 4It M1'eelllll & W . iht; 63 Illld. Ill0l; s 27 464l hI.418 .5L4,r Bll4o , \\'1 It .- 4 o; 4 11 4 les c lll." l ot 4,I(cu0 , 4 ..4 4o 8 4 lll4d rll;ll4 J 0hlllr y -4 L:lurenl; 0 : 4hhds4 F gIo.r II .cl.(l4ll( 4 \(rig0l4.; 4,a4le4 II4UI5 IImo (4e4r0 Oli hoonod. S(e11,'n 4 t 0 Cl2ihorlle, (arretf, Vi' '.r4,4 , to Int4, r- ra~lln 2 3 ha~lle 1111h ll trklno , S. 1tlt I . r" 1,: 29lH dl Mih orsl 4\(41111 (o; 180 do Ilu lilt .ii4i;- & 021; 741 .(ltl(l4l1,1 \' il444 IIII do 0o44y. M 5Ol 4 co: 54 (0.i 1 ,4 l r Iles V.i.... 44. I. . 1! Brt 2 l l.4ld l 124~ ll~ 4144 444o44..442.4 I'4"G.1 0,4.43442 1L., tins 1'800 mllla c ,: 19 d0 Ill'"·l lnitln l 1 .'g.13 A ro; 15 110 Illl ,i. C2,lll4 l E4 2 r.,; I4 d.. 1,.llll4 4 ll4ld 'J4444(4)44O 4; ( dol I vl..,id.ll;44 4 lhJ 4 442dlllh4 4 .- 0.; 4 d., 4,14. ' llardy; .8 Iholes io11001, :soI Illldu , i€1 N ;lId IK Ford; nlld uentll ile to 'ulncr o. , \ o1hlluf. P;IFsP'4 uer.-M0l'(r0 D4ir, Young, Goodill, Sco4f, 14+0 Dew Strhallo at Ve'n: iped"' , Dnrs', SI M,,iti.sville. tI nl lre -rarg.o 4I0 hh'd2 .ll r J levillpheuvro. 44 l(,1211 co(t2o44 4 Fonlellette; 3 d, A Sii;wes:t1 & 1o: 2 h ds tltlu r I' ',+mlnldli R0 ha4r 4 rol11o4,, 43 ill' su14,r Las11 ;.po .+ Il( , 4 ll r4 411 4442l 1,2422) B244. ,4.01 & t4; 24 I0l(244er0, W(140422ell . P,.44.4(02l 534044Oi 04 li24 l,4, '4i4r4.44, F Pnli0t, It., (Ih4 . (2.'44444 Il, .344A1 o11 ( .)41. Sll. mlllthll, I (/ei: , I; li'-w,' l.l rtr, Lnuli*vilh, Itoli ',ster--car L 0o 41,ills I l.', 1,04 hl l lf 44 1, li2 ke$ h. r0 d I Gi IllO4v; ll4ll; 5: h(I.I. liquor J A 1i 4llll;20 .k oe1 I;,rl P ie AI- ('l(o llii; 16,,1 R.i ,our4 611ll,4 'ple0(( 4o2414 hd4l4 .0o..,4. 4 lJ1Will 4 cu, 1 os . i ,0~i~l Iy W rl+. J 1) L'al n,llll td 1 [h;lot J.+;lll, M umll Lux1.4.03 (4420(20211 B44n0. :17 e141443 b4ls II((.4 l' ll.ol ..onS " e4(4 2 kg0(1 .I4 1. (1 041 4 p4t.4tla4 lll444 il2ll4l4 1I, 4 4,4'l4 a s J (i4,4,2'n', 444 441 4r. p..5 10el4rr.--40514 A dl.ll,(". Fllrl(lle, l.4fonl,, 4ln4e, 0 i4'ialll.4 242. C( siid 4 il4 ll( r, ohll'e'n 02. l'4 4e4. Cl.il4;4. 4lu4il4 C,4 . 1tvl . I ull I.. Ru24424, \V D olt, II-,, iul ll .Rirh. r"llh r ll ;s lll filllilv, Colll1, Oll. Milht) 'rp, I+%11r o1 4( .rl0,H(, lIl. , Il,4,.r0,1 (2 1J I I41. lh1 l. l uo , llw10 , 5l.l124. 41.4way pl;sesl. I'a ( lsnod 73 4e k O1." Sl..s;llll.hlilt ClOmmece. .I ,P . Fort Ad.,lrm. t3 J M4tlpr0- c 2r " 42 1 0.h 0l8ll4 tll PI1 k';llo. (l..lll.ll 1 cll; 50 (l'lm I. I4ri_ 44 & t ; I'l'h1l. II rr, I4 41 r4 :4 4 Ilod'"P. UXti4,U 4 .\ 4 11 ; 0 B 4I kL. \1'.,.(1,I .41 1;4: H;lfll; .:| & hl 0 .1111 2. & 0: I I444 ill. 4l; tp .&-. I-4; I.o20 5ullri4 4 11 ai4d \V Iluiki ,s; 021 .lull( se;.l: 4 , I. 4'4,1d4i0. 2.142;4ll41)4440 II54 A4.o1 0 2l 4lllel 2ll, 3.1Po.0 00r12, . J G 0e1l -care0 161 ' ater,,vonn A 6-11011x:711l J It P.nulllll & ell. lit c 1r4le : 44 4 \IV 'I0h. 4 :144 ( ( I'y.llr4; 3 ' l,l0llll. 4l44ll:h a s 2- 1 I44ri ,(ier; 14 4IQ ,ll l 41 .0llm 41; i 44 rk( . , ".4 .11' co; ir 6 Le .1li2r0I: 45 4 \41,440 0he ; 3 Ilo,Il2Ia4r.0Mlcl4e2ll & r13--3U. 413 hhlls (u'1ar P A:eull coll. ( ~2id iesta os1e1.0 oll, 10o1,(1 p;44l44,1er0s-4ll0(5l Ns. w2o, 8g24a2rt. D044, J 4.4ire ,old lad.n l s A (4 C .4(1y, 4' 4t ( orsly '. J 4.rlll. 4I. E R,4hil. 0 ld y Als 1z '4,4A.2. 442s~(,orlo,,Be..111, . No.,(0o4,. 34 s on Itei : " J ilslDd ,IO'.PIl l. ll· 11lo l :.(·er+ ei . \ l tllu'llllAlNl 41.e.I ( ,:,..45.4li ( 4 .,s l l. (1444 ,0,4.l4.440k1t4. S12.5. 410.'0., J`l,,, 1'w, Killlll,l, COolry 31eKaIey, .lllrgsll, Iiii],01tl, D.., Bnko . To yor.,.. 2240 ull(olO ..o.l*ley. He04,(o. Po442l1r0 L4 1 , dour Dnnma ll,ll d:. filhhlP , 31, (; ellell. lr1.m5o lol 304v;lll44 4i.( , Nll4l0il424 ,r4.( io (, i('r--r04 0lg 441s0 I.4 coll n14( A 0l4 rllh 4 - ll. , ,o IIo.1.4 d 2 4ro,l. .lru , il & 1 r:,: 31 do and I Iox iiidze d ull i~ . \leti-olyr ,1. co: 316 do J R I'nm3 bet3 l &. Tl.lllpx,n ; 71 (l'o f hlio . u', I Iu("dl4 .,14I( . p a0 k pets Virtu, Df v. 5 I5 p k IIPL, I 4do I4Ii.loo .lihi4 , I dll he5r ski(,4 I, i4 .lldzb \V4il440 .' A4id4 rllln; I hol l(.dz \4V p4 s4elle --J P(wlL.J , ' WRedma.4., J ( l4er. .140 Al l 4 len. I.4 ri', l l. s h l l.oi , L(.4.0. Il, lllle 4 ( litll, I0 u'04.4 01 , 4(2ry 4 F 0.llllt,4Silll4 l P., t. 3 41(4, S(lot.. ' l,.lU4 lll4i4. TIl o044.. ll4n4 l elll. 4(44,,4h0 ,121 , Ayo.. ll'lhlll . I T1o'10. 41o3 en..v. 1 l4;( I4( ht5 Wo4 I. 34a.1 I ll44, 044 44 i44. 44, ll0ik4(2r .llll3lier, Illelte wh k, ,'\l ro!+, Olily r, 8aiI ' ++ rt .tllfod, l ý y0r , )'l 4 4;1 41 4 I\0'4. I (hI T J (24412. K0,44444. ('o,'k, 4:4. 111 . \e (0ols . m. 045, Jo42l.o4n, (4avido,:s. 4'4'-s ,1.vid2, Vul e .1.4, (l20.I 0'o 1424 , F(2 41, JoS. I(404)44u4, (4.4r(101. ir4l4 , lr , 1"4 4 1(1l . 444 lll4 "'04l l 41 o, 4 ,l2 h I44(4C( ,l4 4 o Gil-4 l r1..o. 001l,00,1. (' yi01,,+: P 4 rker.0 4'immt 4ld ', 4o iv,','. Ste."lilblo .I F, rllse , 11.lli11, 1,1'liP firc Mold ', 1011 rl|ltl'' oi 420(5(l. 441444.454 p I44o04(144440540540440n5 (oup 44ok4(s: 0o7 4 ,t.ellMt t.le (;,w a rely la,ge Amelriocan *i.L (uiknowll w -Loe ++r tlt:. Li d I:;edl., .:,'anil, Iolors oflr:Ars , Nautical Intelligence. IIOh\I' PORTS. At N.York--l'd 7th March for N. Orls. thip Iluntsvtille and obarque Euphtates. At Bonlon, 5th March--Telegmrphed, ship Cowper, from N. O .. At Philadelphia-A r 8th March from N. Orls, brig Columlbia, Ryder. Barque Cuba, Storer, ti'd at N. York 6th MaIrch N. Ort.. trig Alfred Tyler, Crpeptor, el'd toston 4tLh NMar It N.Orl.. Ship Liverpool, lart.tow, el'd Iostoll 4th Marech N. Or,. Sehr New Jersey, Soharp, 16 d$ N. Ot., or at tall. tht Mar. Itrig Wm Price, Knight, el'd Ielt th tar N Orlt. Arr at Portsmouth Feb, Burmah; £6tlt, brig Uncas; 2.8tt, Reptblit, all from N. O, Is. Cl'd atCharleston 9th March, .chr Agnes and brig liram, for N. 0 Is. SBelrt )Olro.h and Fator atr at Savatlnah 8th N. Orlt. Blrig Corsair, looe ,18 d fm N. Orlt. ar at N. York 6ith Mar. F6OIEIC;N I'OTS. Att ordeux. eto . Foy, fore N. Ott, uner.ain; Diligent do, 15th Jan. Ar 9th Jat, Dedale, tutsell, N.Or!s. At Marseilles, Cette, for N. Orll, uncertain; Constel'ntion, do. At Nantes, Tampa, for N.Orl,, 3ltt Jan. SPOKEN 25th Feb,lat3150, long 72, blig nargnaret Ann, N. York for N. OrI. 2ld Jan.. lat ?, long! 546, ship St. t.ois.. N. Oi 1,fir Ii'l. 1(lNt Feb. lat 74. long 73 301, brig Vertoo. of 1 innhunk. Io dis fn N. Orls for ilatre. 25th Jan,l tot 59 401, long 40, St. Louis, N. Orls for Liv'l. LOST1'. Near Weford, 23d Jan. ship Sultana, Hill, Liv'l for N. Orls. Crew saoved. St. Charles Theatre. THIS EVENING (FRIDAY,) March 17th, Will be peri;,rned the dr'am of the WIZZAIIlt SKIlF, Or-The hobngless Pirate Boy. Aleox, a Greek Gih1, ) Alexis, COpiek Gt ilthe Skiff M'le. CELESTE. Agmla, a t\rllilldig Zingiro, ) V'nlalanilne, . tianAon Paulinei . . ~.l'S. tiunt. After the Plh, a new Iri-ht ·I erle, Overtuor in hionr o f ST. PATIIICK'0 D)AY. To co elidtl with the Opera of JOHN OF PARIS John fPri, . . .. . Mr. Hunt. Priltess ofNav:'re . . Irnl;d.'lThielman. 7' T'ie Ptcketl slii l lilrlioawav is now discharging opiposite the Vegetahle Mrk it. C.tneitneles are re quested tI attend to the receipt 'l their g o is. m'7 P The blark COSSACK, (Kniglht, llnst r, from Now ork, i discharilging opposite ipo t I81.--Innsig nets will please attenid to the receipt of their goods. 937 Thle .hip New Jersey is dlsoharging in the ce ond tier below Ithe rail road. Consignees will Iplease utteud to rteiviig their goods. tal_ TO BUILDERS. Comptrollar'sOtifie, Second Mn unicipalito, New Olleans, Ilith ltrchl, 1837, Sealed proposals will he receive ! by the council lof tllia Municipnlityc until the Is, Ttedlid i ill April nelt, (the 1th) tor tlie firnishlinig ,f'ill Ihe noiierihls, and the erection of u, lhinicipal Hall, mil the corolnr of St Char les alnd -evia sireets. The upn roplthlns to lhe lnmde ellnrl'ithlv with tihe ineeificatlilSt anld t ll furnlfishei by Dakin, Bell lnd Dakin, which maluy be se, ait the o.rrevor's oitice. m17 SEII V. NVE, .Cop , AUX ENT'I'EIPII.ENEURS. Bureau du Controlleur d la Sectode unicipalite, , Nuiiuvelle-o)lieans le If Miars, 1837. Descni'tes cacleries srte nt requs par.i caseil de eette tMunicipalite,Pjusvu an prremier mirdi d'avril lrchain lie 4) pior ifinforniture de tonl leo nlele ilux nltnsi quo In cn-struetienmd'tmu Hotel Munniei ml n l'eu origin, re dejstues St Chairles oandl Ileil, Lea prtpos tiins de vronit etre filntes contrfemente au plan fast par Itukiu, Bell nd Dakin, quli p.'t etre ver a I'Ioiie dli vover. m17 SE'tH WV. NYE, Coutroller. ABSCONDED Y ESTERDAY afternoon, BENJAtIN IAMITll, of thell firm of B . J Smrith, 1463 ffenzina'i IV of Piilarlelhlii, ilr traclt e copetr. Hi; iilt leli tllhi city with htlnd of tl.e sihbscrler, end lherr. tl, the amounllt of $20i0. The said B Soilth is about five f(eet foullr or five inches high; stlll built, ady Ciiomplexion, with a very Iereeptible sear on tie right evehrow near the n It io presomed Ie de hs geoe to Neow Yohk, were he recenltly resil,. i, rM17 JOHN SIlI't'H. . sirnns of sctlinl I;mnself iernlmlint!y in thisc its, is desirous ofa situntion in a I)r CGoodl Ious,r. in the city, hlav·ing bad several vemr' exrperlene in tlhe iusi ne.s, ,t tihe Nortlh. 'Ihebesi ofrefeoreee given if re. quired. A note addressed to A. B. at this office, will he promptly nttendcd to. ln17 W AS ,oh to thile prison of tie 2d \inicriinlitc, o0 tie Sit insit. a eprn womn, who nils her" self lHarriel, says she belongs to Norbert Podsaka: sh* is of a criff t lor, upwards of , feet hihe , and about o 0 years old. The owter will comply with the law and take her away. F. S. IIARPER, ,nl. Copt. of the Watclh. iTAS roNTllt t. the pi.oi. t of Iae d l lhini lit, J e iph lie ti inst. a Nerll, hi,, bv til e ollle.f Geolre Woasigtlon. II. is of it grill'i eulr, il.-at .5 feel 2 lt 3 inches high, and saon ie belomgm to ?It. Keno. The owner will comply wil the low olid taole hil. away. F. S. IIARPER, ml7 Claptain of tile Wetcih. t1.) LENT.--The ullper Iptt ofta i)wlliog Iltouse Sin 'l'choupitolas street, between Juliau ad St. Joesph streets. Enquire of III1LEIANN, BRIGGS, & Ce. n.17 2w 77 Canl stree.t. A Few Day eBoarders ca;n be uecoon,,tiatcd at tN. 73, (Cnn.l street. nil7 A First rate mnn Cook is wantied. Also, a wsther womnn, good woges will ibe giveon. Apply Nia. 73, Canol street. m17 PAl)EI.FOIfI1 & D[PE\V. THE NEW YO<LK BhOOK OF POllErYiY, in otne vohune. A l'reaise on the Law of Evidence in the Court of Eq uity. By Riehard Newcombe Gressly, 1Eq. Repors oi case. adjled in the District Court of the United States for the Eastern D)itrict of l'ennsvl. vnie. By lenry D. Gilpin. Just received and for saleby WVM. Bt cKEAN, il?7 Corner of Coamp and Common : ts. rlI HE subscribers have now in store and ol e for sale -. on ucommnodating teln-: 150 caskn Scotch Ale; (pints aond qiarte. :i0 Caskh he-t Loonntt Ier.eo Stout. 100 Piecen superior Scolech l13ageing. 2 Cses BIrown nid Wh'ite liccec Drills. 80 Gross Patent Wine Bottles. m17 IlOliMtE & MI.I.P, Bank Alley. TO LET. A comfortablec one story frame IIOUSE, suitable for a small family, in Canal street, no 112 between Bourbon and Daupllince.streets, - po-session given let April. For terms apply at no 114 next door, or no 3 anhk Alley. m17 f )OTTON SEED OIL-- casks cotton seed oil, for Ssole by J. TI1A ER & CO. 1c 74 Povdras street, ti Ac.IIVW CANIILES-i80 bioxes Tallow Candles, 1 landing fronl bark June, for sale by m 7 J.'I'HA-E!r & CO. 74 Poydrosst. AC iN iv. IAKI).-t0 casks ( iucinuilti p'cked I Lacon, and 190 hogs Lrd. Just reie ive.l end fbr sole bv J. THAYER & ('O. mi17 74 P'nvdras -t. C INCINNATI ihc.eo.l & LIrd, 31 hdbi. isa is, b2 lJ Ihds. Sides, 1f il is. Shouldrlers, 30) kegs Laid, landing liro steamoer ellcdclol, and fir sle by t1c7 8LO & BYliNE, 1i3 Tchnpitouela, st. UI.K PR11K. &c.--U1024 Sides, 1024 Slhiildecls, B 970 lIancs, :300 Sacks Corn, 40.1 banrels V Whisev,, 38 barrels Iard, 149 kegs dlitto, 116 bahrel [ o ir, land. ing fiocm Flat ieats, tladl for sale by m17 St,i10 & BYIINE, 15:1 Terhopi;oulns st, 101) BEEF-i2iccnsieh deud 0cc-f, ic ole, ccIcedfor sale hv m17 JULIUS VAIilIN,20 P'oydas st. ACci\-170 casks, Ilhaf casks, un:l qiurter casks nssorted Bacon, in ntoe, and ifor sa:e by oil6 JULIiUS V I vAIIN, 'Gi Poydras st. IIIS KE'--300 borrels uud lalf blt rcls VWhilske, in store and f ior sale by m17 JULIUS VAIRIN, _6 Poe rCl s st. ,LAX LEhl",-7_2 csasl, Flax 11eecl, luolng Irueet a stealer I.ooislaln, ncd lini sale by ml7 JIJlI , V.\I Ill' 2f1, Povdrac st. C ella)-500 kegs l.arc', in stole..uild 'o'e nel, by S117 JIJU.IUJ \'AIttiN,ai IPovdras at. 11 scod tc2 Ib shieet, in stoire i d fir sale by m17 J. D. IIIN, & A. COIIIIN, 00 Comonoil sCeeict. R :C].:--85 tie ces new Rice in store, .ld fir aice by Ii WILCOX, ANDERSILON & CO, mn17 e1, (nm , st: it. I.A ,ILY 11.\ .-- .5O bbl. iin euI ,i, d. "11ie t11 ml7 G. J. t NSi IN, 92 Conti st. A MERICEAN 'TUF RIEGC ITclRt A.\D SPORT'' SINGi MAGAZI AE--0. 5, for Juunaro 137. Just received, and ready for diehlery ti slslh-taibh rs, iby ii Vol :ien M1Ki'h.AN, l1?17 Corner yofi raicnii and Cnliillnl -tn. -.I-.RIUAN 'I'UItIF ILhGIJi'LELI AND SPO 'IP i1 1.0G MAGA'ZINE; Vlumcs ti6 & 7, complete and bound. For sale by WVM. IccKEAN, n1l7 Crne, ofCaIIp and Coin non stl. 1,rci le igcut bariels r.isicd illn., in store a d fr feailo by J. 11. B1lOAl\)IVILL & 1'Or. im17 6 1llcsensze street. O NE haaudrcd andl fily blrr Is Iti!eil Corn iteal, tlr dsale Iy J. I. I3ROA )WEl, i.l& CI). mil 66 3loagazine street. r fIW1 NTY half barrels hltur anld wat r Craockerh , 1 in store, for sale by J. 3. Bit )-DWEILIL, & Co, m17 65 3lTgneinie et lrt. Fjt 13-LNY inelI Aiciieienu ILcocido, lice cole Icy 1J. ,l. BIRc)ADWEI1LL & CO. r T7 66 _1 ,gazine street. O NE hundred barrels rectifid Whiskeyr, bl t Ilcands, Sfor sale by J. 1Ml. BROAI)WEL & CO. mi6 66 Magazine street. S o .\1'--o0 boxes Borton No I sclp, oflprinse quality t ju t receivecd per bark Jante, nd fir sale by m1i7t JOS. D. L.(iTI-ItLOt', 38 levee at. - ' SPElIM CANDLES. It O NE hundred and twenty lioxe New Bedford sperm LF. candles, assorted sizes, David Cctlin's bramnl.just received twr ship lltirkawav, from New York. For sale by JOSEPII COCKAYNE, 25, Giavier street. ml6 J Ill: KEY--57 barrel- cetifed W\Vhiskey, lading m' from steamener ediaitr. For sale Iby n!16_ JULI 3iS V.\A III1.N, 06 Povdras t. ACON--200,00 lb . hog rounds, is store, anl for S sane low, toc .elo i a iOllig I Ieni1t Iy Sni6 G-tIVOTr & PAIGE, 12 roPndras st. S AL RDR- 00 kege Loard of rsperior qualhty, in ifor , i- anid for she Iby GKIVOT & I'P.I(;E, c11l6 12, Poydras st. EI) ElF--i Casks nimckecd and 7 casks jerked Beef, in store, and for sale by GRIVOT & P.\IGE, oml6 Il, Poydras mlres A RD-- superiorlnt of .nr:l in store, acd fhr sale A by tll GRtVOT'I &A Pd E,12 Pad.v1t P'RK-300 barrels salt. prime an d alt lolsso polk foc sale by mlo6 STETSON, AVEIIY & co. OtR tIu:N'T'.-A tg.d t tt stlry doclliag =oote, F with loe rmols, in'' Th:lOuit'l as street, No. 52, a good cistern, kitchen, Rc. Apply at No 84, MAt.oezione street. m16 JOIhN ItItASCI MAN. F.LOUR-750 barrel' Flour on honrd FIlat Ilat. 1For sale ly J. TilAYER &CO.7 . mil 74, Poydcns st.rett. ACON--80 casks Cinciinati lacon, just recoiced -by J. TIIAYEli & CO. m16 74 I-Podtras shtet. TORSALE--TiI frst sailing coppertccd aod cpper fastened ihip Plato. Apply to ml6 J. 'THAYER &o. 7-i Poydvas st. -t OtN-4100 sacks, lanoding and for sale by t 16 J . THAYEI & C(). 7. Poydrc s st. ICON-A lot of bolk boacon, hog round, for sole _ lo , to close it rOlisienaielnl . I I GIIVOT & PAI GE,12 Poydraas t. LARt). ONE lhundred and sixiltfive barrels prinme leaf Lard; n 270 kegs ditto. Landline from stelaler St. Louis, and for solo by YORK & BRlTHERSI m16 65, Clnp street. TN store, oanld or sale by the subscril,er, 500 kegs of SCincinnati Lard; 20 obarrels rump Pork. m16l YORK & IROTIItERllS, 65 (nlp st. "EEF--tI casks tt k d and 7 i'cooks jerked Ilelft in 1 store and for sale by GlilViT'r& PAIGE, m16 12, Poydras street. RENCHI FLOUR--(ne hundred barrels sot Terfine n Flour, received per ship Colrr llatiou firont Ilovre, tid for sale by LVI II. o AI.t, tmlt6 ilit93, l,,ln ltee. SAmlt--770 kegs and i5 O arrels letit , .i eg L i tot sale by YOI¢tKE 2 BIltonT i[i-S. mll6 6i,, Canp st.reet. UGAI--1300 hogsheads ol tbe C(lt. For nole by S mll N. L J I)CK &CO. t M OL ISSESZ-8000i gallsla for sale, on plataliiOu t tlllve the city, Dy READ &. II RSTOW, 111!, G7 Gratier trcvt, ('0 OTTON SEE0)--5t0 bullhtlc. I tit (utll .r1d, in -J store, anod ti r sale low tn r e tlh byv ltol KEILLEY, MASON 't;. 01 Gtavier 't. 1~ ll t'Y B lKt tr;L--173 eo. tpty molat . s I:rc ' , lare si e -, atll I in liue order, landin, f on st:'2111 ooal SUlerior. Porl.atteiit b mnl6 1llG1IRI' t& IIAtWTIHORE, 6 Gra11 i r st. i "__'-A 1.L Y St I11.-t50 Ir'elet rirme qgaliiv, it t i brihlei 40 half birres ditlto. Fr gtilet by T o R A , ( , -C O 1 i . ,x c , va r i ,Tu - e. a d, . a.i li ft y t receivinlg and in staor. LFor li no, Ib JOIAN II. ('OIQUITT"I', ml0 No. 14, (Grlier slreet. ITloGoS-ITORE FOR StAlE, . ITUATE)D it tto cnttrrt of, , Jllbles, To . Ip. (- b letter to Po <t l )lite. t flle tICE-50 tierceo rice,in store o.Ild f s;le by S, & J. P. I t, , 10 8 (Coali stlect. IE INS-148 . h. . ll hi. an- d redt; 106 I bl .i. ti litlWi Sker: G obls Flor; laldig. floom stcim bout Lexington, anod tir sttie hl - . .1. 0-1.)10TW'I, & C'O. oli0 (;l, lalh ailne strel.l. - UTT'ER.--G kegy Goshen; l 1 dittlo lialtiore hi .sprction, for sale. A ltrguin, lly GEO. J;tIINSON, Inl 9t2, lltCommon rt-elrt. SAJCON-II cnsks; 1201(I bils. Iof Florll; .2 hhl.. of -"-Sloor. For sale by A. i. \VAIItACI' & Co. rell lh ltAllov. rutANNERS' 0")11,.--511 I~bN. s Otte'iortTaIttlt'' toil, I londtnt ani for saole by S. & J. IP. WI1TN EY,1 tall 1l, t i uet. L ERRING0.-l 14 b tI ot Io' ot ulttt wo 1 be sold very low,to cloe tales i7n' ndiatel. GEO. .lillN- tN," mll 92, o'nmmon street. ,- - tRD 0ikegs lard, loaudi fro .nll .htlntr ('Id , nAu for-ale by JULIUS VAIItIN I1t 9 i Pn I!lr . s '. L AlK,.- -lo bKegs jluls , c, ive d nllribr ale bi A. 1I . tWALLACE i tt . PIFeb. . nk Alev. NOTICu 1X ltttft i itttt t at Lt d N the stnok inl tiade of C II Itloirof, w ill , ooltllle the Book, Stationryv atid Ilank llolk Moinltoufturtttin BDliness, at tile saumie plie, Not14 Il'am <it L .OIR--60 blls superlin flrir, fort sol bI I0 ":-hippert by the St e n. hal ('',NVO\ , hir-(;. vetoln, oe rgnleLttd to olier their e at 'it the (Cu tornlhnluse, early chis moorning, WI llh ( Ill. ' INCINNA'ti 11 t'.I--f6 I ,it ' Lx J d, for fLamily us,e.ijust 'al lig l froln lt l s er lAt-. Inlta, and for ooa at 17 Crolllrre sFltr ft.l II hmti rn. lnding fromll stear (;lo 'e 1\\shlineon, atd foirolleby SIO(i & BYIYiNE, tn6 253 Telu spituarSl t r. IINCINNATI 3ACON & LA t.-8-li-is -.ouI d 1. era; 10 do sides; 3)0 k.Pe s ll rd(, ptm tp by Rc nold r & C.., landing from stcamer Geo )tllthlicll i, it 1 f , rsaleby -SlO10 i ii BlNiE. mG 158 Tcehoulpilthla,, st. -I [3ti-TS-- 51111 i Rtts oo a -it M usecaoIll ootd R.," glooms, for sale lv mltf JNO. IV FOSTER, I-l mraeter st. B E I & L.ARD; iu mrtere todl ftr at hly n 7 SItA'I'EItlt P,,drnc rt. 'I .OUR-2 llunded il fif tbt ine flotr llftis t Itbrand,luIdiag friom strttto tel tbo, lMorvian, r i ('i : eittti, for sale by BOGER'I' it IAW' II'IIOR , n1llC f3 Prat ie' tt' COF FEE--1-.0 bLagsR i'o offe., ne . -,I, it, St ie Sand br s.Lle bty It)GIsRI1 It & A\\'T II(II N. aotl . . . .. . . . ,' " s' 1 LOUIt-O0l bola flour ln, a r l l no , o l SJULIL " VAI lIN, nill 16 Fovdrasst. CASTOR OIL-20 bbi, freoh urarll or .il stole snid fr sale by JULiU. V\litIN,' mil 'vi, st. J7JuitK- lijO bitls h ork in.ll fnn, in, sa.tnie m I ant sole by JULIUS V l1'tI\', inml 2 -drs st.2I PENMIANSHIP. -I.O LB E A R'S SCIENCE OF l't: ~ ,ta s snIPt , w ith a Cllirographic A t:a' of tvwnnltt -f ll |rirn l· 1 olall s. rre't'nirrl d:finilrt lebn I I't I e'I11161 & ~CO . oVt fir such a one, good wages will be paid. A ppti I at tills oflice. 1 li iI'tl Sulbscriber, imporittetr ond irhtlent,t a iar a gt-;reigitandi Ihnmestic Ilm'idwae, has oiln 0llnl i n xtensivti stork of Sheifield, liering.lhal, mIl Ameri en gnd.l enlbr.eillg i great lariety, consistingl inll :n tl as Iollows - : Antils, common inlialinl land genuline mnllnshllte smith 11 ices, blntk sild hright flice; tl-lc ehius, evumn - nsonl, h d I : lll hi ght; hn os, ;I.: ronit i ,, I.ouisit : , lellob nod coltton; L. lish; ld lA 11it sai dtti S Iii n lllll S n-r hnlln'e i.'rn iiian IAt 'ir d in1tot, h o. t ll ll :0,I all other kinsils f lol lhg s; it, ill, s ll. d, 0.001, 100l0 s I d lcross I n .t l:s ; 'itl- , closiet, plll , iphn al nl and r dII locks; Almrican silver plated front, ilnside odo sli dii doori do; rold and flt sptrig, stillighti , hld lveckd 'rttert and door bollt; lilnt, pit, mill, and cross cut saw t'h'.l ship c~ll arillt"tl"'.8 told other 001)000; bilank, bightt all sizes; klidves al litlks ill st lstt lind iIdo ; gtilett:i I pocklt fno dlirk caller,, in a ,, m.itl sil ot cods tIona 1)i anl s an:llsci ssors, tnillor :l,,iI sheep she:am; coll)ll anlll fine inzlt'S a0t0ltuttt. pmm-ttdi, it'4itl :ati i le tliestiCks; pl t-.0 I, llliuila i, i t , lltn l lnd tble i litspoon flint nll percussion gun .lICk; atnti0'ttw anld nil, et renhells, ipodllcr, tfltsks, slot helt,. gah Ii- , elt . c:I pt'In t' e i. , ainttzes, . llsc( , anti . .I, t , at f. grtain hiads 01nt pinn, aoaaendo aoo, °nn . nighu Na Iik, bttas and nate. a laitts, coout. 1-'aa 1, t atI hnaels, adzes,Ic . a sif ,tl s i ei s,tt it t .ti ne.ri , t-" I hack iron:s, English mu Anwrian sIades :01 sl\Clb s lot' nl shonrlt rmdles; oelnlon cast, whecT iron a Io telnt ,eti ten, Lo.ulies, pttenlt selttan ,il t ontaiu alld wool rt.ils all llllll rs, li.r andl \ l10 illronts gridth le :ani bake, pla , jac. k .crew s, wo 1 WTl s cwe s h t i sclr . s, llllat.l sti ruplt.lS Ii lil(ts, hi 1s 5s, il\.n I Itlilu l- i aul ooliks ian rillg), chLilills :d Itiucklls,( a.xt.' lin.ll d unt's Carver's etc. coach u0reches,:.tuc , andi -n ihll."o ra s, 11i 1Ill , i lls, (lil't- 0I Jd :lh llln % ll:ll0n l¢lli, Dc'ks, brads, spl'igs, ploulhs nod iloLl ,l l hlitt : lS, C:I,0 nolid ilierm anc titee Ik ills, latlsI J palnnied tic na .i I O tlllE tie, iirtls corn mnills, on. s adsn, ir:red henpl ajs' ie, abed cords, plengh lines, paickin 1 an, tntton ania hempl tolo, lian.Trs, panl halalici. le, nillns, pisthll , rillcs, cit iiils, Iclad, sNhot, I l'grs' a1nd I upoill's oad,' alli wieth a g nut it'iclle . of other lgool lllog.ig to citti taita We C;aeI,11at, thianlas llsitai rom Nnew a i, I ·a"l w icnc, pa, t of side nlords at vrino. alterns, with E plti-n Spied talian mrbl lops, centre tables Of eveti, aleseati. ?eahcg da cnnrtnad taith pitch, p chn ntitinneatllnie lctt horenau reei ai dining Pemb rokes, card ald la dies' work tables, ptile do. also, a few pait sidlnatrdi with Egyptian marble tops, a new e nd beaa utinal at'ti A complete assortment of sofis. A lare ind pl ec assortment of. mahogany, a ple, rosewood, fancy and colmnmon chaire, ahidly rocking do covered with plush, p sin and 6i2ured hair canth, together with a complete ass. rtinent of such n1ti Srile itlic are reslectfully invited to call and exam ine the inak, Nil (Goois packed at shortnotice in good order for - shipping. f 1 C It GIANT' & co "n ' IY GOtI)1S--40 cases fany crl, orend otameti l prltsa; 10 bales Trenton imtrovnd tick ins; 10 Iales ()xfnd 4-i tiekin.e; 2 ecs a ilune Pitt-iure srotui 1 case helavy blacknarpeting, landing from harque Jo eptthie anll for sale by T C (ASII & Co, sin No 44 Colll.t STRACT iOWlANF L ON iili6FIVifl, li tfr month 1of the Enanou Frait, at the hil!l u:f Sheninet Navigation. State ofMlissi.siplpi; rontaiilning i,0 .\ore s n emniainr bath . sdes nf the iner, eand tn whitl es tmllll house. This land is well wootded win lit e oak, birch, pine, ete. The nituation is an elinicle nne for a SAW MIIL.. The tiahber for wlech and for the dam i3 lepndy rpti, ind matybe eriecled at a Iilod,,te rxplense. Ils proxilllty to the citv of New Orleans, tile hmllre<,.d and line a-in demand faor ti'ner, ie woretb lthe nilh, tion of any pmcrson deirous nf embarking in tilh basi ness. Far terns apply . o I M WELMAN, Nert.hatn ' Exrhange s't'1'i OF 1,OUiSIAN A Parish Court fr' the Parish a. Ci(y of Neaw Orle.ans Ir:it, to tlirabl. CiHna.E:s lt aIIIA , JuIe. NO 9L3,i. i.J Thomann Biroe vs. His Creditors. ITPti rmilnindg lnl fill nllg the ptition nod schdulr i Sthis ('a-e, i in ildrdrced tIhai the 'raditur, of the lu solveat do Inmet in oipen court, on Frilav tll 3ast day if larcha: cre'ditors then aml there Io detlitberal the' pe titioner's alfiiah, nll in the nle antilnle all proceedings agaiut his perolvn aIld lr' ert aire iayvled. By -order lf thie caouirt, Clerk's ofice, Mlrcl 9, 1837, II1. 1. GUYOIN, nit6 3t (ilelk. r Il Subscribers, Agents hfor tihe extensive o o W. & S. Butcher, Sheffield, England, have jlust received a very extaensive act of pailttelrns, consisatillg of Table and I)essrt Knives of every dcscrilation, Pen, Packet, Disk, and Spear point KIives; Itzora, Scis sors, Edge Tools, ,&c. Ac. &c. which they are preparedl itl exhibit to the trade tor orders. 'Terlns alnd colalitions aill be manlde known ait the tim ne. aill J. I). IfEIN&A & t)AOEN, 90 Conlma a t. rIOUR. through the Manlufilacturing Ditrictlts of Enlg Sland, i thile sunllicrof 1"i;5. Ilv Sir (eort e iletd, atlUor of 11 Forost SecCrm," a'aid "1Incidents in Anmerica." An E'lIlnelaary 'T'ratis on Anonrtmy. It , A. L.J. n Ingle,Al t. II. t''r l te fi-iOm g '4tha tiion the French. I t .1. Siiley I)oane, A. I., M1. D. I.ivv translaateud by lorel Baker, A. It. in 5 v mll.,nie, lei"1 No. i1, to I 8 f lurparer'a Classial IFamily Library. A.sna, A lat litilal sUlply of I)avis's ltemoirs of Aaron horr. Jost trcei'.ell d a llu- le ba ilali Witl PIctI' AlN, olllll'r of Coinataloi st tt I ti rtN'l'"S t'X;.1i-t I It t'S'-- ' XPý 1X f ll oN I'A llnd bservntians oa the GAsnRti SAi Jc. ,and the Ph'iolohgi v Iof Di-estionll. Ily IV 1 aaiaiwant, 31D. O.), 'Surgn int tile . S. ArImy. Ju receiaed and for sale by WV.U1. MtcKEAN, oll - " C o1rner. of Callp, & ('alrlllla: stl'eets. m llll' illdtrsigl nd fllo i this dlec will bI Ilasa al:aa tead 11 wl ith aim . ther, '1 h iia s l . wain, in the a ime andllll A o llllheilrrv hu-iI '"% i 0S 1 1, {luill Stlrl<cli, nid! r flhe firmi oflSwa ill la tilh her, thle liuidaiotI of II the nlt irs of'a'hat ns C. S'e ,1inl will ho s-tiled by tIie new firm; l nd the uIllllrigrd will give his maricula' attention to bu si nss, Ind solicits it share of 1 a ll lll. a : I _l____ .ittN V. "'VAIN rlli subnl cril r ha3:: l etlla ci i nin d Ill:n'l'l i this .L city thanu lie xl.lectdl . w Iir I renliny to sail :or - ']'c . Oc Ilthe first of mixt wee , and 1hbolit6 h hr las flbvr rdo i he fhl l h6.11 to:,mt ' o 1l that he inlended to (1, being inlbr "d tha1 th.'re alll, nl'y now here civil iand religious liblrlty; nliot c is hel'by rivenl to an!l rho, thbt pro ii, i ll an a tIran portaa ion will Iw a I r klii'd them, ree of exlttise i', prol: dd the\ 'maks ap tdieanaio u ditert aorls hrin. thiiýwecek. Alpply toll liito \ lde ,a at ii tlliar. liutlli "' a ('oll ac Ionllrl , a d Sa, LE I," AMAl l TTtT. ilt, l he nU it tehii evea a in' , the IiGth in-iai t, t at hair . a'past 4 o'r.lclt, I' tii, am'ae ait la, l a a'ol v Press, 18 Il\IA":S I 11\1 t1,) ID (0,lTTON, the I'. i c oli ot ih " \V1 ac l r orfth. Iurl, fir urcO:lit of whom nav atlnnr ion av. '| tiar re.- a. v l a iGaRAND & NIiVI t. 5LI a!! e5 ,893 53.100, or $50 00 artt. i FX.\NIlA I tAlert, Icls o'. To bA drwn sit llAlexsndri', V\a., i lill it ll-drIwig exil e td o(Il I,.i t ty ae a, a aa a a a Iitt CA Pl'ITA.ll.S. $ l,tl0l 3 5:3-1 (-9 15,/i0-8ll-- l ;,-lil --..,llg0-$3l,00 ,i -aa - ' ,81a tl 7-1('--1ta a l, I tf aa, 0 .- . a l $50, &n , e. U .l' \ Ip il;i g e o ll ' ! - lc etl. t w ill to* t $ !; '0- - w a rr,:a tF d aotlaa'alaw a a a:aaala oe- all:' 111| O t)ltl . f/ l I ;.l !. .E V- - t . h i r es r c t tI tl \ \ h i - k e yv i 1 w r V V l ahr salc 'by (;IIVOI' & P.111 ', n allt 1, I,' i'a -Ia rta r. SI 1 1 I 've, -Tit i I - i l ter, ;(I,-'.. It ,,k (;in, old I :0 h ·bl' . Poach lh nod v, Ia l Falll lll Iy A. II. a \Va A La.a I & I . t('I :III11 · l Ik Alley'. Sli .lva-l i:a lha a s ilow ua nlan: fho Ita nia vb l bl 1 ill2'alrnt vessels, f nlii , - l. n1111 i ~l. fl.r sl, laa J.a'- t l 1.ll-' a a IlI, al III),ala ' :ii'), \ 0.1:;,:. : i er i hT 'et. 113 :11.-41 2 bbls. lundin fro:n stensw rIeiantotn. S For sade b: G. I a i i l, ll', ia lt 4aa1., Natl.w Levea. 1 Itt Ka. .-.11) b .-' lama l . ..on:. ,rl n... L x i iitilha. F:"r -al bye ' (bI . I):il t 5EY, m'. '41t N'w I .ev ., aaT'aa l:, tI t'. - \ - .'a s al w + F-D i llIle,0 n.ol;.ill I'mI. -tr lle b i;. illli t,\.3', S 'l 'l, a. a --' Ii i, ' , 81i al' , akey, lading AfRmt ('r nla)EI.-aa olle Nlra a'ell llll l F r talo hy 10.1) &.IS 1 \ItTl , Ill I 182tall. loaalaa' iaaaa 'ae- aaa' tanaa ai a 4441 441'1I \1I III'1El:-S 444444 b'4.44 444 ie a Ilia N4 .. 12) (',ll. ll.444444 i.4 e I "I"1'1''12.-l}il u~sr 1'll,ls Ire~. It rol Iblirll li t kllingE from strain~( 1 1 1IIitl I1IIrm I' 1· I o ill e fl 1I J \1 11R(1AI)\'1":1,1, l (',.l; Nf ;vazine St '801 iIIi III too ~l l l'U( y [lo ll, focal ,[,[ JI Chlllln 4 4 l I R \W 1' II· by":8-, e'.j eah 12 2 fl. xu i iee i on & w der n - ~il 'llpelid to.,! C2IC C from ;-go" 91 Clue, im I 7 ~ 41~ ~,4 (R 1 44 vdn t,,4441 .11 & 4 4 l.l. ia m d [,li4tl 1, br."i Cur rule by (11211'l Ill,.l T 11'1' c 1'A1 15. 11143 21 1 ,-l O11 1144 1 ". & .I I a - .4k I11 ('n, b J; : I Iai{ d .l ]L boxi\y-, of 8 imt I ln-m l a .I'r 1ý 1 s ae 1~ 111[1 .1\1) (·1 11 F'11,S nI711, Id 4 i l~lviv ýt * ill 14 l l4 4144, 44 4411nS:~) ·~ 444 14 444 11·( ®®ýIII0KF:V.- I bbl.,l, a udig f(1 r1444 44444 , 4 la4., R eon. and for : ale by J ' I ' ll~.ll1. ilil l .11 1. it l ce L 4 -F'NS, 11a11 , 4 1 14)1 4411 4 4to41111,41 fo sl lilll'um C,-t. lr r.1 S hn All, it,-, mid l. 11111 I,r 'illl' I11 1147 A (il l\', .) l 4' rl. mdi - ng (runt steamerll' 1'rr·(.P nil l ,r' 'll 117 A (1'1: \;V, I C;I1O )) .t 444, ·. )) 1)4 ~.N'Ri. 44Iiti~ I.4I~ 4lll 1"II1n % 11.`12'1.\.\ ~lit l'1 110 ',) Iill 1,72, ,, til. I,. , llld 44 1 4 3 - 4,.4l 4,4.44 1 144441, 444441 Item - 4 (170.10441\.l4 t 24·I ,,,. I 2.17 . 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TlieLoaai Ala/ Sa rvlr2 Taipladr 'i'baraday, oi Cl ao"ea cere ona TIM1ES OF AItIUIVAL, L)EPIL, I'I'tIItpE nlTA &ac. 4:l~le t/:XPraaa ind," li~;'3ii.Dcli'aMll ISTA.11C laork-lenolabn Mlobile daily t31 RIi Nothwaa j NYa, Yarb daily at 0 F. St. Sniiibwiir~d . al Manigatcry, Al. 2 p'a l~lcl ia'a a m'11 Atll~lilldejlle. C2n. 2. 113 1il lIpa Caiun abji, /. C. 7t 0111. l~ii iyj is ilaleigir,,N C. 211 35 2 ' Wnrea~laiia,. Vi. 12 )1· 8 18 6l~~ lainlllllYI .I· II1 3 :Pp F~rcdil~iiakai:nai2, 2 67 7 Wisiaiingiaiiana, 21 pm GI 6j 5 flaltiiaiaa, /1 1 t'lbilad illli ia, 6)1 ala. 11)11 ii New Varli. ~i liii. '10 Nailiaaavd. Canlalo Sliatlina:l·, id, tlla ! jiam 211 131, Ics·; ~ li lace 'li nl llo nd. I l~ld NiaYiaPitiarlptriba, Ot'illliaiatiaUUI MtCji~jlk Iiililaaal, Caliii~iban, Ii illltglaacay liabl,, beinull Oiti;~-- itia taiiiii cinian l I o (Orlalian 'In in d*o da lii lii io do di, dii lan aa tae dii do 2tCaiitio lii do CaIiai~iani ii nti aaiiii lkanot ti·rl lllileIlbtlt ] Il Abs Ni ii lb· it (iiIa'i Jnlat·, U\Iii C .1 N II..K iilbboiil-,, 3lfl 1.i I'itnlnii11~ 111 i.. AIII)I)iat.- oia ,llilili ht An7 atli allilllll i·I~I iiftltclaaitiiia.·.1 1 iiie duodaytU Ii)ll~ll litt ll Pt1 1. 111 EV 1h a~llhwn~llc, I illlil l Ill all I)i J ; · 111 1:1 iiiiillaitatiii k~lol t l~ 1ll~~il~ Iif (110. 'on l oT Ii~lntli a lii Ii.1111Illli lll~ s 111:. i i ali ii ilii:ii', iila4 lin iI( lilili (1111 1 Il) t(ilsll I i-I it i N i ~ I r C ~II IIII..) : lii It 11, (11 1~ , ·111· l .lt (I 4 itt Illl t'1(.i1 I I tillllli Iltj lli II, III' Ili 1( 1 hl111) Idn, i ~· lli i II Nll 111( 1-11·1 (I! il ( Illilljl UldII I.(X liiA~ I liii. It.' d ,t it I' ý'F:I aSt. T',hi, e tlleat,,l. Teicher of An 'i,"i i t. un, I EI aI'ad-lla 0 a it,- II lihnO Guitarl .'lr. 'she toil "r ,+ i s i t "~~11·11 0I 1o 0cr op Iliatcnl to tiesI(\ nd t: 'I n t l. 1,i'vaa' a totr, 17 (`ala p t. I'.C IliAlo 1": II I· i)\\'11(I: ,',i- Fi-ill l-l, dno LUO 1.fri i RI-lI' A. Tll(LIJA1S. Corn tia*iini .lTtrrhllll i` II at alao anaaw"otiUI I ] AVlE on IooJ Ha ll m e t. ulvltinillll reC(·iviag f ro l i I. I,,,-' hi -.r~ot uI upyo ~d it ar e g I" licll arc~ ln;·red 11v· Illr Parkare at month . ' et ll rc + 1h i r"Ull atcl.100 ,01 Of I"' r- o (oro·a1 Ilux1 .'l do I,, ihl truces do :I' do lo,, c hnm, llo (\ I:!';-~`i ~t,~l~ h :~~li~ Gulns, 76 d, I·ich r1I0(· ,.,a d o doIlilcr 17 lii lo in bot, .,al d tk,okLay Ill d mitlaal a ile lang do a1 do ja-tIvallr 17 do1 111000 I< "tle+· ,l;,ad ikaa-,l am,-i- Ieli 1 lo hook n l d I hinge I X 11 II ·IC NII Nel~ Ilrl III Rll~l i)VN, Gn l ASS.uld boo, ca nton tf d 7 11 ri il s "I v la neI UI.· jI8l~rli~rtuii, 45011 hon Iti-plll p Of" 1s- idl size. It I U, l. Ia Yoo~ ,a,,,aanaly w ha ,Ibeulia are N. E )l- Or ll,Ii-aa lthli Ill anaaillnld hoJ paatiea in Il )d"-l l eeve pro~~rr~ ll- · Op , lfjn ti o nid e rfuoi,,l ned' it Alt llatt ,,,,,iiin, Na I Cirpijoslrenl. n-loi --·. ....! a· too.·~:r I.n Doyle &. :flay,~~gKT i -II (an aL,, "I,, T `T, Er. *I0. 7 N i ll 1 II conl naraaaa C tim ntnrs~ckin hY I -al, lonnai Caia1,aaianiol'01 a''!· Mr AI-,lrila nn , llihIliCitileintC, l ,,b utOFES I I -ai, i 1":h,.1l,(10nn7 iial( lI', ESP E' l il?; 'FUl orsll.Y *nilmlo s to the public of New · I t O n, ti r nli pan ite, t lanloom, No Ciarlcotre, , Mlobile in n-,in~innh NotOshbtI~Lb , .I. , , -. ,r", dI~, n7.L. I N,,. 41 rCinrr· nul C'tOrut. STREET. d V 'I I1 hno apno a el i- on fl~masI. th t ksin th t'hck tt i't r hu ljighit largo oremi l u Adaarnnm awifaa I,,ll t Int? allone hfnoa by II' a1I(I)XI12VI1.. &L CO. i3 Si 7dlngeinzlle aiant. Na. 7, (,,i,.l nst aI, hlat,'o llnyal ond 11,nintnnil·\ NIiiwoaf ,,a, ,,ilayao iia,,a 'IA. olrl. aatll "e N. P Cild lhEN C&a lo. PIll l1.L\C- AND Nlll'2N.MobAl. AGENCY .I . 31 , o .t t I tt t A s W P.1. 1. CI("L al-FlU 0111. L NI8cIIIIrebtltI A 1 1 I Il)\' & CiNII~SSLON DdI{KCI1AN~Ti ban Advaniel, lad I,,,,,-,f ig , ll a tlontahe l,,,ahln in h Nastan No. 78 (anall ll str IetI, b ,taeen pay anad lonI naloted., C'1nci l of ll+ eoi. lllle from 9A p. 91. until .i 1'im. 11. j e0A. '"aI1''I Ioa" 1ta, blal mlii. C@l1,ital .5ll',illi. 111IN O112 EON MERHAT;h. rý;:.Llshed Iim Ielf n the hove hniuess n~otel Fc Crt nait,, 1, 11 amnI~ aa, reigh,1 NewOrlat I l~no biti It, l7l,,,ad 3. Frnrrall, ~ Ike In n, 1 }a learn s ). E hjnhnrlNto , Ja'. -. lananItl,(, ana4 ' iniahnni, J t 'l pt hitn1l2n1 , C enpt l$0 0. Il73'Tilltani,,,a,,,-a n-ill i,,aa~trer inc urine Ond iiC g,,,,,,,,,~LII.111~~ Ialilla,,feaIRa,,noallp ' apiroo Wmi OYnr aor:l th;rI~tc, l e Eaahnogn a ln Ryal 5iTr 2 Ctool.,:, 13nI 1C. , President.l Thoral 3. WUITE11Ad. neon. i 10 UICI 1*1'cl101 010 o-;lOIs FROMl ;·jljE 9E (()I)l C1I'NICIPALITY. SI nlihnnay li-de, i IeI-) IntillnInlsiiJtO I -7'Thi lId aNt.. mll , II' i nure tfnre i lne ln rioe risl~s 00,1 gnn a ot limo al lnflaahlanllge a lainlddloiliO n aoiiil bir haieo ma iin that haga. or ,,i J. WH1'll E'0. NYF, Cosnptnlele . 01 11 4 CHI.I.E O11"1 S FNW (llTHEdN ¶Aji Ii-. I 11717.'ALTY Il neltrr ll, Tliiit tlienaaiitNew lteans, flueh 7 t, 11337 a a1111 o he i d,i oalI- rn find iianathls Moat of lin e on " a ,pro' heferor the NotI anliry i of thiet i, i f 1yand can it o.t-e1this. t xJ 11 '1 Nnn r of mit par'y , lmildiironyeharn nnoipiv niillp win ll nt pontanto thle onilcil iiaoar ahe actioII, t Iha oi ah. linthelttot 0ot n tlik-li ho a 'ijmni inr l atl. N ianafe j Itrell. r , fcl NAIII'1 TAL ROAD liC'lM '.'J, Fe~nlnl,. 38lllo7. I Ala -d II IOIN plAn' 'FAalO IlYcr'rc'-Ib n-i: ,ih~B~~b r P iioJ (ItIaIIIlW Resoh'el a Tohnattleota,, mtane ahaoed oi hmake bonaold lnia hIrora'hi n, IiarRclln c Alan, e oon har la, aa itilptle o , taia n 2 noe I n8dvApln' ahnlono t'rl. (hal~tian amid madialona:10~ aIlnoodIII jijitOP a p t ll a ln io of onrone hte In pL'iragnfadh oafh and *oaoldre nn .iour t'itock' hollr ha- - li m1lIeIT &l HpaymetaOR t. mt, thereofIa:li

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