Newspaper of True American, March 18, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 18, 1837 Page 4
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IIR EY II L, E! eo, No 9 Maggte street, are S or.vW roreeirig frmn ships Nadshille, Louasvitle, Eineky, Igle, ant other lrte- ania:.ds from thi: N#rtnern' aieesl l ia· re and tnw selected wawortmeot lRs I s, Boots, Shoes and Brogan As IA -e o.ryosot'lbunena'slsn slt" nod a Mnontn. t.d fll usito'; iu IlntPd, n.1 arnit was lope. orocer iaqitutlitics; men'sa im callf , brgns a'. Im.tiup and brgma, bIsuckskiltie l sioeant . menl's fe olf aml kind l wax pegged shoes rt do boot,; do smtkwtajlity edlfasewel " sh., t ' cdo tolf wl o loroen bseiaos and J N ;.,dTlt; satati cl ro l hotiand ans nttl:s, do calf, buff n soert wvgs, nia at1 .l o fle roal; ws1 atnl :to:rcoo larteC "ia es mses' aotletildmin's pegged mad sceti bI .fn"e ,io-very ,rait"alod ' ,ni. ' aa,., general as~rmeltt Doff en's stout wo, marl " r.ot rrauns and to.ther with 10,000 cpin siro agg tas qoitdity, rt.uact It rogln, nailed in. the slitk, madi expressly fio plantation ili; a good as msitnelt of metl's fi andc stout kip rsnett br"igans, a w article, end a crge quantity of in inferior qialitr risst acid wax bnr n. Latie' fine calf, al, mroncon and grain welt., and pump sole sloes; do fue French Morocco and kild run acnml slipper; do roan salo.s, willt al witlhont leel; do unlf, seal lud stou leaother tmoteeo; do P.'nella shtwl of all kinds alnd qualities; do lasting twogans; lon gaiter la and lEoel boitese. Mises' lautinggslrig shoes ra ; brgans. Chldlren's colored Mortono and astilng bro pn and hoots. ko. OaAeen'sa 'lnefalimsoable black silk h.ts; do black awd dea beaver dt o5 a so pr.ior qality; do imiltatio, lilom do; tontl ucl narrow brim men's fOe drab nid blank Rlonl. short lc;nl hats, a lew Article. Youths' Lag e sine hats cf diffliret ,iitinies; do thildrite'. Me ands e hby's black mid sdrab wool lats of various iptws, wit general assortment of boys' and men's Tlis aslsortment will be repdenishedby lte arrival of ersh packetsfroat the aoose naned cities, all of wlhich wall he sold on ancommmlating terms, ag I--If AICAl)E IIATHS, CAMP ST'ltEEr. l'io ir the Bat!-LArT DA)st or POnrelI. Pl1 trltyplelid ol.stablinm:ont is now eonlnt-l L lv peui--were lhrt, cold, .plil or shower bllhs an be had, loeeompnoiet by crery lxurro and cmfoert SAIt eon adl to their ejovmtnut or tlei.r rethminvalid secking health, or to the traveller needing s, batab is at onee tile reatest luxnrv end thline most mertain restrative, while ith iros of inkindl nave the lati:onv of the faculty for aes paslt, tal there are no such cerain means of preserving health as frequent and ,egolar bathing. Phis stahlilsment in jstly deemed unrivalled ftir elaanlinens oald apace, wlnere aimundi ce of liglt and air add their naturaltenjoyneinls to IhonI nrtificiaell In u ris which arn her co;mbineid to render the bathl coimi 'lTh ARCADE BATIIf are next door to the Aimeri a.l l'bnatre, ad adj-.iir tile l.n "Bazaat r Arcado," leadng to the St. Charles tlleore-one square from the groat Exchange Hotel, onil have otlelhed to tiesm the fint reSTanrit in the enculrv. N i. Doriorm ihei foil and reiler oagonr, the boatl will be kepl readylor risilers everrl di,cfram noon iin Ul 3 'eloek p oa, and from i 6 to 9 s the eer'ott ; Cil l and:olin o bris open oin Snuadoaji,from ernnrise walil3 o'clock pt . f y nBath tickets are to be hadr at ite Saloon in Canp rt,h tl entrance to thre lBath. an ANCY S'PrmtE.-rba Innerrih rrespeeltfnlly inform their friclrd naln- c on.t.,meror g'ncnill, tlllit .s oro "Ill nd an iltl he reneiving froul tie Nortlhi, tir Pall supilios; sin, from Franee. 'Tie latter place will At.nish thl-o with a splecnli:l variety of t'erfincrv, la'ny rntielesoo&c. a,noglwhiteh willl be iunmd Par'is Cololow ,nin riund hottles, ifa supcerilr fnvor. Tlheir Sbjeot hao laas to prta:irn every nrricle of a very s pe rier quality, and tih:ir orderis invariably urge i'prioe ments bnth it kind sadll pattern. P Oer EnaIy--Will COilA'i N of clonih a eleutioms fromi ahs oannf.nct°iry of N. S. Prentiss, from Parish London aind Clio'a. BaRst cs-F rom teil bist isnlunifi.tonrioe--'so I trenel and Englicsh; tnMis." tire loUter, eiperir o''oti llrBite's, as article Iereluture seareo and difloh toI obnhiiain. lhet.c PcitcecT ilosm.--Ulnder this eaod will eti nand a eplealid varietl nflniit's' atnd gntleleai's Poeket Books, Note, Card, Needle 'd Tl'read C asos. Fancy Srdca, O SUISENaRttS, &.-.Of thse nlatet pattern, an of s.perior quality, consisting of PIain and aglared anti, bolHtzii, velBve'nt and cloth Stocks; linren leoms, plain and faney, with and iwithaiit ruleo; Nhirt Cllarn, & Sospcuaders tnade expressly for tAis ask.t, cailed " W'ashinton Snsolpoudere;", Gum Llastie, Worsted and Coiton-nett ito. with anco without rollers; Pantaloon Strops, with wire springs; and a great vearity of clltlemen's wear, nmadne expresslv for tie re tail trade, by A. L. Vanlhori & Sont, of I'hiitiaIplbia. Cone os.-A general &, omplete assortnenet of C"tnb.s, from lteir manul'actory. Also, Englislt and French Deeenis, Ciibs, &c. PLe.cie C*ros-Frnm the manufnctory of IhnI-I. CLrevs, Bartlett aad Ford; French aind Gerulan do.; lahk Cards, &.e. &.c. lIThIe obuve are but a portioi of tile nrticle ri - emired, whieh, in nddititn to their fitrier stock, will be scold low fur cash, or city ccrptanlors. oi.fl ItEES & Itt,ANIGE, 18 Cnamp rst. St'O , S E-l'It.t CANI)I.tIS, &c.--20 Bloxec ' - White Ioavanna Sigar, 150 ditto New Bedford I pera Calln les, 15/ ditto Nantucket ditto; ditto 14 Casks 7eunrOnn Zinc, 5 Pipers. 14 tIllf Pipes, and d26 Quarter saks Sicily Moadeira Wine. foIr sole by r3 COCKAYNE, 25 Graerier-treat, l'-NN '.5,.SMAl OF I.OUI.IANA,&o. &e A NEw iteP ori LoUluiin., wltl its canals, rods t. hnd distance, from, Iliace to plite, aloung tile stage and steamboat routes, biy Il. S. 'l'Teaer. MIereCHEL.'S tP OF T01 se IjUarEc S-r.CTES, chaiiwlg the prii:ipal T'uripike and nlnulon roads, oa whichl are given tih distances ia minles from one place to atolher, also the courses of titn canals and rail roadls throllgh pat the countlr', carefiullvy olnliled frao the beat ou tlsrities-puhlishod by i. Angtonsu Mtitclell. i' lTCHELL'S TrAvEotLE's GUIDE TIItOUrH THE UsITE sdrATEs; o map of tihe roads, dlistoaees, csleiil boat andeaotl route, &o. julst recived anild for sale by WVI M'KEAN, a.23 Corner of Cuamp &.Coninioo tlls STTF. Olt' LOUI1TfANA--Tiall whiom tesr per' f sents Itoay concern: Greeting. Know ye, tllat whereas, FrantUis Mtelieort Blieavenun residenit of the perialt of St Bernard, has applied tc me, Octave S Itonoesau, ex eflieiu, Clerk of the court of Probates, in aod for the plrisln of rit Bernard, Ibr maonition or adver iselnent in conformity to the act of the Legitlutl re of he State, entitled "An act for the further asnrano, of titles of purcl sers at judicial sales," approved oin Lie 0tb h3arech, 18131. Notice is herebhy given to all wif )ai itsay ceodrnthat by virtue atd pursuant to oniiier redemred by the honorohlo the Court of rnehuites, in an. 1 for the parish of St Bernard, hearing datle Deceihe, 14th, 1835, in the mattlor of the cntesioa of Anionie Dinnveon file, grantedon tc e petition of Fsnaoia Meli sssrt tienreenh. 1, tile undersigned, acting are ex oflici anctioneer, dti -e the 27th day of January, 18:16, at lHeclet'a Fx change, in the city of New 3rleans, expose for anblit sale by aoction, the property hereinafter deacrihed at adjudicated tonhe aoreairld Faneois Mlelicort BIlirnrve en, he being tile lasnot and iigest bidder; for tihe price o seventy-seven thoisand dollars, viz: Descrilpion of properly as given to the ladicial con ceynoet. Ist. A Sugar plantation vitll all the buildings and ima preoementr .tter.arr, aitnoted in the parilsh of St Ber. eard on the Baron an Bcannf, nt about ix nmilen front the river Alisoi.rippi, oeranaritg eicihteen arpents anl 24 toines front on lothr sides t. tihe naye nt. lloenf., with a depth rof frorty arpntr't on both sidies of said Blayou bollonid oa tihe uplptr line, altrd a, both sidct tf enid Baynr by the property of the Rlanan Catholii Church of tle pairta of St Itenrdnl, ad ont tihe Irower line also on heb'l sides of said Bayou, by the plantation of Mr G N Altard 2d. -Another tract of land situated in said pnrish be weea the property of tie Rotran Catholic Chvrch ot he Parirh oa St Bernard, and thP property of M lrn .Jant Po.z, bhain 28 toiena and three fee frotont o Irothl sdder 'A sid Bayou aux Bltafd, withll a depth of forty or ,nts on botht sides of said layot. 3d. Another portion of land situated on the north part of said lavou, b,'tween tihe plantatioon of Air PiCerrce Jlords, and that of Mr Jean Sohls, having trwo tloise anll nwe feat front on said Bayou, with a depth of forty or peants. 4th. Another portion of land situated on the sontit pat of the said lBayoa, between the plantation of tihe eeid Pierre lJorda, an lthat of said Jean Soli-, halnTvin eoe eiao frront on said Bayou, withlr a depth of forty tr pleats. All the cattle, horses, aninmal, and all the mnovoable prperty appertaining to said pltntatoin. And also the 58 following slaves: Masso 48 years, Martin 25 years, Big Bob 31 years, qlly Jaekon 30 years; lufon 28 yoars, lleetor,55 yrt, Willianm 35 yearo Bill Dopant 35 years, Big Sanedi 25 years, Little Baob 5 yearu ; t0e 35 years, Tobrcy 3 year, Little amcdi 18t vears, ltar. 17 years; Will ro do ?ooIdl do, loortnaparte 15 years, Little Sam 12 years, taleha 16 years, Boec L60 yearn, Yazoo 3 years, Sal on 9 years, Mary 2" years Silvin Rickbon 35 ycarr, Ullela Jackson 30 do, with iter child 12 man old, Mary 3$ de, Abigail I8 do, Amelia 25 do, Jenny 50 do, Grace 36 do, Marca r 0 do, with her two children, one of 13 bentrh and the other of 6 months, Dolly 20 years, Su ala 35yares, ad her two children, one of 3 years tie other o months, Rose 45 years, Julia 8 years & her child Regls year. Jud ith 50 years, and her chhil iyen, Charlotte 30 yearn, Etty 20 years, Atnna 60 do, Jutte 18 yeaor, Nanc 60 yearn. Crease 60 yearn, Lerc dde, C.e 35 years, larie 70 years; Mla in 0 years, & her child Mariea Loioo 4 years, Ietty 60 years, Krltt 40 year, Little Rome 19 year, Peggy 15 nyears. Guoditioas at eale.--lThe purclhaser slal assame ti.e eligation to pay the followino eoms to wit: The sum ot $35,970 to the Bankrof Louisiana, an the t4th April, 1836. The sam of $1,350 to Mr Bulton Jaokrrnr, an thle let Iareh, 1836; and the aura of $16,350, on the let March, 1117. The tam tof ..,000 to Mr L B Merarty, an the 30th of Januarv.y, 1830. And the Ialane at one, two, three and fotrls enracre. dlit, in notes rot4nro.d to satisfactirn, witlt special |ae until final peymenat. Whlerefrre, all personu wis ciat et up any risht, title or claim, in and to. t!i. saidl plantation, tracts of lard an1.l slavestael dtscribhed, inconseqnenee of ary infoenn t in the order. doree, or judtltrmet, before recited, armtl, der which the sale was made, or anyirregnlnrity or llet gelity in the appralinsements or aldvertilement, it tire or anrnner rf sale, for r ally other marse or dlftecr wlrrtsor mre, are htorery cited and admonished, to shore cauro within thircty dayns fron the first pulicationt of this mno aition in tihe trtllie papers, why the sale so made as d*renal, rhncull trot Ihe eonlnnod and homologated, ayeoabty to tire prayer of Ithe purclhaer. Witnes yt my heald anl eal of otrec, this - day of Jame, A ) 1814, the G0tlh year of the irdependence of thire " sited State of Amerrieca. OCTAVE $ Rc)US.E.AIY, iJS __ Jdrlre ex offieio clerk. Jt ON'tl'r. U rcarule on htesntd ",J m.a.l a s ":'rratise nn ihe Art of Dceti',t elow, catn:peer ng itr mctlhndk r I orcder, tihe most re -r-s.L atr etnct tl.eor-tica odl eaurl retrl inlrtrtctionrr for ps-sparin" spiritrrtrr liqmra s re ca ent, potatoes, beet-l reosi, and ther flrltarconas anld sugers vcoeraltbi's, which araelsn the whole art ofrectileation, in lwhich, is piisreienlnrl treated tile onlurr oftessntiol oil.. as the nl'ential trarte of the tastes and flanruro of spiritrs, erl eftihe mart rel]o tdiLroveri-s anir inpmvrnlrrot in . te art, rot, the frenc.lrh ef Dbrt ufent, by John iSlheri. 4-,s.tao it'oh |istIreiared, tra Diotillers' praetiehl laide, ~ tcrr Jonec. ettirelvrlarit d antI au.t eoareCd, with ' iltia rvelipts for nahking rila. llr'ndr , lnallotrlos OI*'sa all ur:t1f onanrtuas, eordialo r-d liquors, aortar iveJ sad n's ale iry Wit , GE.N *i: orte :-xr t EW PUItULWArl'IU w. SNeigl'orh.od, by the author of "The T.Chs," in 2 vols. 4nes Serle, b he author of "I he HIiress," in two icEmes o. Internaordal Law, with a keten of the Ilistorv oftheSceonea,ly Henry Wheaton, L.. t.. D. A Pradicn l eatltise on Iteomolaee Engines opon Rai W'ays; a work iniended to show the Construction, the mode of acting,and the effect of those engines in couavying eavy loade to give the mean of awemtnin ig, on .to Mepectlonn of the Ioad,.ad the reults it will produce under various eireamstaces, and in different on enlitier, to detormine the qoantity of fool and water it will reqoire; te LI the proportion. whcl ought to he adapted in the onmutructoan of no engine, to make an ,.eranv intended purpo ete.t with praelical tabltes, giving ,t once the remlts of the formule, founded upon a great many new enperimente, made on a large scale, in a daily practie on tie I.ierpool and Mauclhestrr tailwOv, with r.:ny different engie and considerable traien of earriag , tno ehieh is addfed an appendix, show wino the capense d C. veyitg fions by I.,codnotive ,ngines on rail rnds, by Chtev. FM de Paauour. Janstres*raee andforsr by Wi M'KEAN, at3 Corner of Camp and Common streets. SE'II'ERS, tCUVERYA'I'IONS, RftE&COLLEC L 'TIONS, of S.T Coleridge. Koningemarke or Old Tiime in the New World; be inF Nos 7 and 8 of the Unifornnm Edition of P'auldog's V erks. Cuoltn, onc the Religious State of the Cnltrse. Whale Fihoery; hei.g-.No 21 and 27 of the Ihoy and Girls Library. Jist received by J12 C H IANCROfT 14 Camp tr. 'AP't'AIN MARRYA'r"S NIEW NOVE, &e. SRaIllin the Reefer, by the author of Peter Siteplr in 2 vols. kfimlino~s,or a Winter at Schlors llnrfield io tlower Stypna, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F. K' S., in l ol. Lord Raldos, a romance, by Allan Cunnnghlam, 1 vol. herrpard Lee. written by limnself, in 2 role. A ifmpeadions Hitmleay f ltaly, translated from tlhe original Italian, by Natheniel Greens, in I vol. for ning No. 79 of larper's Family Library. Vole. 3 & 4 oft he new complete and aniferAl editioc of I'asiorglon Ireing's Works. Roger's Frenrh end REnglish Dictlionary. in t vol, 3vu. Nng nofs French and Englist Dictionary. lo.ue's Key to Teelrmoque. l Aolnoer's Frjenc Colemliri Phraees. Bolter's French Fables and Key. Ameircen First (Clnas rBok. Colbnrn's Firsl Leseson Arnmrtmelw Donbntfatit end Jonrs's Complete Treatise on the nthoe art of DistillNion nd aeReliieatflin, new edition, translated and revised byhv Jol Slrlida. Agsn--A lhw copies of Bulwer's Rian: the l.ast of thr TribunAes, Just received and for vale b w WM. McKEAN, s2'J Croer onfo nap and CtomtimIoneii sS. ~jl.'IT'ONS PARADIJSE LOST', with illuratioisna tel by Johna Mn rin. Fiedtlols Beauties of Byron; or nortraits of the gri cipal itnale pnaraoetere in Lordl Ilron's Pnoel, . En anrved from original paiEinlgs Iy eninent artists, nwith extreret illstrahting each stlnjet. Finider's landirae illostrations of the Bible, consist ieo of viewe of the most remlnarklile plcs nmentioed "ia the Old and New ''estamgnts, from filished drawings, mode fromn original sketches taken on the spot. leath's (Gallery of lrilish Encgrav ngs. The Gallery of Modtrn Britiish Artists. 'fhe String of PeaCrls, a collection of first rate nvira ain g. Illustrtionas oftthe Pasures of tile Alp, Lv which [.lv eoioiniicatcs with Fronce, Switzerlnid oid tier i'(e'v. By Willinnm IBrockendio ,F. R. S. nrleber of II a Acadely of Fiine Arts at Fleer Wco and RoKiNe. The Anglers SoNvenir, with ilsraotionos. A Garland of love. wreathedolrl of pleaant flowers, g alhered ign the fiehld' of E oFglish P'hoevI. Fidheor'o Juvenile Scrap-Bronk. by Bernarld Bar o la. Tho ien.nomy of Hunnmn Life. Bly Robert I)odeley. Iigetrated by onegrvings on steel. " lde sitteth in his ellerepinicng, and the good tlft tlep emrcti t eanother, is to hin gi 1t 1vil." iBortall' Anatoily of lMelancholy. 'Tlhe Book of (enms. The Ponet' and Artists of Great Bllriti. Edited lv S. C. Hall. 'IThe istiory of Rloue. By Gi. B. Weibuhli. T'ras nlagd by J. C. Itare, M. A. 2 Vols. Just receiveld and for sale byI n8e HOTCIIKIAS &C()I,24 Chartres st. IHI. sobscribers hay. received per recent rrivlra . and offer for sale Bonston iron cogtpanynails, wiites ttrained Siperm Oil, Fall strained do refined wlhale iil do essential oila of cedar and womwocod, roll Briilstone, iinnufretured Tobacco of arions qunliiers, Sperm can dice, Tallow do Sweet Chocolate, Spanish in sittall box es, soft shell Almonds, Crnde Suit Peter, a suplerior narti cle, Pongee silk lidkes, richll pntterns, 7-t and 5.4 black do sheetings, 7-8 and 4-4 Lowell cottons, .Lawrence and Appleton 4-4 brown elheetings ngitable for the Mlxlcean inlrket, stnperior Russia brown shtetingrs, Raen's duck, Bell's celebratedl paste Rlnekibg, Norcross'g do Stcven'e patent halances, all sires, playing cards of various iqnali. ties, a ngood assortnment of seasonable clothing, aits andil .hcm--l0 cases iparasols and uiobrellot, rich patternt mild itest falshiois. I:,'5 IIRIDGE, VO."E &, Co 184 Magaziie st I'tNNOCK'S ROME, &c. SINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldsmnithl's Abridgment of the History of Riome to whieh is prefixed an Introduction to the Stidy of Roiiai Ilistorvy aid a great variety of valuable ilfor ilatioo added 'lthrouglhot tie work on the lManners, Iioistitutions si Aitiquitieo of tihe .h.iihis; withi n iiiroius iligrodiiriol and Ihitoricen Notes; anld qiei lions for cxoninotionn at the end of each secti',i. II listreted withl thirvrveigrnvin.. on wool, by Atlcrton. Plivyci' n Ilm lnproved Edliiion of DIr Goldlemithi's History of ElLigniial, froEl tite Inrvason of Jillius Cesar to the death of Gceorgce '2d, with a eintiiniotion to thle year 13l2.. With qrestiiis for examination at tihe end of each section. Besidoes a variety of valuable iifiirica lion added tlhroglhout time work. Consistiig if tablen of eoiteliperaey iovereigta tlid emiicnt persois. Colpious etltuanatory notes. lReiarks on tihe poli tics, nmoamrs and literutrre of the sec. An outline of ihe Conostitutio, &c. &c. illistrated by ilany ecngnv ti Us' EgyoryTo OF Awrtno.oaY, cnd aii Alrildimneot of Keith's New T'reatisc on the Use of Globes. New American edition, with additions anid improvcmecnti, anti an expiation of tlie astroiomical port of the ale riaeu Alimnnns. Just received and for sale bIgy WMI M'KEAN, nov 2l corner ofl' Calp anld Common its NEW 'UIIBLICATIONS. M i AUNT PONTYPOOL., a norl, in 2 yol The Devoted, fv the nuthloress cf "The Disinhelrited," "Fli'tition,'" .o. in 2 vols. Thie iAdrenlnres of a Gentlemn iin searchefs Ileorse, with nnil lerons wood cuts. Ciamperdoten; or News Irnt. Our Neighttrlodu: hbeing rykelihcs by the author ol "Our Neighborlhood," &c. in 1 vol. Riessia and ithe Ressitns; or a jouni y to St Peters birg anid Moscow, through Conland and I.ivonia, witll halnneteristie sketclhes of the people, biv loighi Ilit:lgie, Esq. author of 'lTurncr's A onnual Tour," "S'lib adouilcoh "Sic' et. Narraicve of tle .etlic Land E.epedilimo to tile moolih of tcli great Fish river, and alng thie shores of the Arctici Ocean, in the yearns 1133,1134, nl3a 18t35, by Capiitin Back. It. N. coemmander of the expedition, illisrnted nith a cnnp. Just re.e.ined ad fornsale by WIl M'KEAN, a. OcOntcr C.ap and Comnon sts. sI I i.LL'S SPAIN REVISITED, -&c., PAIN REVISITED by the authorof "A year in Spain," in 2 vola- Jlore Canleerl, a nacel, by thu author of "Cecil Ilyde," in 2 vols. The, Actress I'adua, and other tales, by the author of "Thie Forsu ken," in 2 volt. Nimrod's IuntImg Tours; intersprs ed with characteristic anecdotes, savings and doings of Sporting Men, including notices of tbe priacipal crack eridters l England with analytical t lnteutsooud generol indenx of name, to which are addedt, Niarod's Lltcrs on ridling to Hounds, i 2 vols. IBen Brace, the last of Nelsna's Agannt,uons, by Capt.Cbaier, II. N.,autlior ,of ,tle "Life ofa Sailor," Ec. In 2 volsn. Commentareies on Fquity Jurisprudence. is amýulistered in England nod .t.crisea, by Joseph Story, I. I. It. Ovid, trans lated by Dryden, Pope, Congreove, Addison atd others,. iooivols. forming No 2 andto1 of "Ilarper's Classical Libraor." Infaustrv Tactles, or ae the extrcise al t.lancnuvrea ol'the Utited Sttca Infaltr, by Maijor Genera Scott, U. S. Army, it 3 vod. Just icceived and Iar sale qy WM. MecKi.aN, j7 corner (amp & Common sts. Baolnr's E/ferr:escentM2llagnesian Aperient, -OIL Dylpe'Psia or indigestiot, nerots lebilityv, gid Sdincesasidity f tthe tonmachb, habit ual t ostiveness cutaneous diseases, gout, gravel, &c; highly valued as a genuine cooling purgative, very suitable in thisi tme of tihe year. A nopply of the abate nanmed valuable medicine, just receiru from England, andl for sale bv II BONNABI'IL, D)tggist. m20 Tchapitttoa h st. IIola.'' PFhrases. CA Collectiont o Coltltual nPbraee,on every topic ne. CLOeesnrv to maintain conversation, arranged under ditllrent heads, with numerous remarks nt the peculinr Irnunueiatio and useo of various words. The whole so disposed as considerably to facilitate the acquisithio of n correct pronunciation of the French. By A Bolmar, a new edition, roevied ad corrocctd. A selection of tna hundred of Perrin's Tables, geoum panicd with a key, containing the text, n literal anl free Irauslution, arranged ill tullt a mlannr am to polnt Out the dilTfrence nt'.ecn the French aod Etglish idiant, also a figured pronncintiol of the French, according to Ithe best French works exlantoon tihe subject. The whole precede.l by a short treatise on the sounds ofthe French nlutage, compared with those of the English. A i'ronouneing French Primcr, or the Scholtar's Guide to the necurate pronunciation and s.thographv of the Frencb I.angt age, eontaitntir its etemonta aecndtlng to the hbes .usge, by Bernard Trucebiu, reecived and far salc by WMI McKEAN, mt Cor Cnmp & Cona o te. " LAFON'A I57 Camp Stn'.t, has on'tnod nd ..1o2enrt or sale 100olioan hiis dory Mallga wine. 2100 qr casksdodoo 30 qr casks Geacit do, 50 do Lisbon do,6 lf pipns Madeira, do Il qr casks do, 6 one etigth do lo 30 dozen do do, 30 do Gonacitt wine, 30 do port do 40 do ,t IIonturgud, 30 thf lipes Lotudont do:k Ibrandy, 10 pipes Cnltalt,ia red wine,o'0 qr casks do, 50 hfpipen ma deirn wi,r. 50 do Mediterranean red wine, 30 qr casks Sicily ,ladeira wine, 2 caskt, 29dol Loadon porter init; 50 sacks o oft shelled atmonds, 50 boxes sRelled olltoonds, 9easts liquorice eante, 8 ccrons Caraoecs in. dign, 4 rsces gnm Arabid, ir caco aemrted pickled fish, :10 casoe Pouchoug tea, 50 61b bnhses ilm , io, 30 bIls Tickled cotish, 130 do Potolmac therring 30 kgs Goshen butter. a4 ItIA IPER'C 1 IAS IICA. 1littt.' RI'. ORA CE, tralslated by Phillip Francis,r D, with I aI a oppetdix, cottaintir trnalotions of various alor, &c. hy Ben Jonson, Cowleyr. lihtm, Drydon, Pope Adlison, Swift Cotterton, (I Wakcfiehl, Person, Bryan, &c. and some of tho mttreenlicnt poets of thle day-and I'iIIR(I)lUS, with the oppendix of tndu ttrm sit tell b Christollher Smanrt,. in 2 ans .rmling voumesn 18 andl 19ofuIIrper's Cl.-sienl I.i.rarr." Tile Eaxpedition of IIUMPIREY CIlINKER, by T. Smlletlt, B D, wit ,n memoirne of tile A tbtor, bhe ''lon,. toaisseno, Esq.. new edition, wit illustlatiolts; by Geo. Crnilt.lank TilE (GIPY: a Te bhy tihensthor of "Riettlieut' "Lary of Batrgutn'," &c., neaw edition,, 2 vois eon oplte ill our. PAI'It. CI.IF)ITORD;,bv tile authonr of "Pettlhasm.' Thlie Ditonwuetl," &Ce, tee t Ivolume V ofthe Iew edi t;,nofaulbvcr:r Complete \Vorke. Just receive d and fior ele by lVM MIrKEAN, 1 ' eorle of Camp sod Common o.t, S RIIHIAIRD, Tobacco and Snufftmanufnc- J turer, No. 277, Catme, c'ret, New-Orleans, I wishes to indtortt his Irteins aldll the public in gentelal, that be ilaow prepared. to f,...rnish. anly ltit ,l in tine alloe buiinssl and acoll t ln annitaor ta hUc tollow Ing SNUFFS. Rose, German Rapper, Macahoy, Englidi 1tci cltegnit, Amakrincot ltpptea Natahito laes, ntiateid, American gntleman's, Hergamot, ltunkent Rt:appw Irish Blackguar'd, St Omar, lureacoe, Paris, Paure Spnisak, Half coarse Rappee, Scotch, and inn ntle tooth powder. ,'IIUACCO. Fine cut clltcwtlg, sweet sceteid or plain. Fine cut smoking, of various qualitiea. RIilt-foot \'itinia, Sipanish, ke. Tbe abvear'ticles are li waranteal as g d, t'nint n terliU" to any tsllng of the kiMl imported, cand will be turnilbedl to dralelrs on tite nost lihalcl telnls. may 4 llARDMVARE. 29 MAGAZINE STREET, NEW-ORLEANS. fOSEPH KNETT'IE, & Co.--Itporters of Foreign aJ nd l)unmeticr. Hardware, are rceivinag frsea le rope atd the Atlantie Cities, direct front tde lnntfae turers, an extensaive assurtnlent of Fancy and lnavv Ianetlware comprising everry article in tile line whichl tlhey fiter low. Ctountre Merehants anti other are invited to call annd exnnale iheir stock which consists, in part, of talde hatcier's, packet, saddler's and straw knives, plated anl Britaia itea spoon, needles, pins, tl loka alteves, soin vels and nsatles, tongs, shovels, fenders, aldirims, BDrt tanin attd aianed wari , brnsesr blank books and pa per, looking glasses, anvils, vices, screw I tes, hand, sledge nad ail liantnlrs, ntlitia hellows, American and Eanliash bliister,enrt, aear, German and erawley steel, plonagih moulds trece, ox and log ellaill, weelitig, L,ouis lan and grubhbing htcs, Matteocks, pick nxes,corn and grtss scythese, L dlitns Kings and itimneas chopping axes, wronght,hrore and cnt nails, caitne and woan cards, coffee and corn ntills,planes nd plain irons,chis ari, gealies, locks, sad, irons, hooks and hinees, guns, pistols, sot, pnwder nnd liquor flnask,ptrussien caps, poater, ten, lslt, bras maid bell Metal kettles, gnn, hnob chitr, trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrnps, m3 0. N E V GOOI)S-B t Sinenlna & cot are now ra eeiing froen on behrd shipa Yazoo, and Saratoga, andbrig Ca.eardia, firnl New Yonrk at great variety of g load in their line, whlilh together with ther Fortine estack on, inakes their assorteSntverr cotnplete. S iThe otlowing cetnpnoe a part, via: ishell tnvit, curl,side, teck and ndressiang aotlia, ian do of all deriptio., In dia rabbcr, silk nld worsted elastic arters, eanlnoe & fine elstim suspenders, Ionfeco and Lneifer antrthes, Seilitz pnwders,potwder pnlttland boxes, toilet powdr, pocket hooks nd , allets, needle nook, sllell, pearl, ivory andi orocco c ovel eases, hend Olln ntlln, plailn co ral "elad, necklelcs ant netcg'igees, betnd ihiainsbead neckloese, cult gllan and Itlnint,cttl,silver nd l ilt beads, Ilodilen brlds, bells nind plentes i"pitol and large pol der liack, shot beltt, hirsetr elt. pocket and delilint II pistols: loebhlre nd itle barrelled :.ena, Bowie knives, and dirks. seissors, seneas, pocket knive.., g.ard lteins, slnd ribbons, waist bl*·kles, cloth, hair, tooth, tnaihcaleb, 'd clltlll. alte, plate, floor lnd 1ltattinglt bruses, Ctlltgne, 'Flrine, Ilvender, rose :alll bLat waterassord essei LCC s iantd extract. ileicntssaneer, llea litiq le, nnd Wnrd's ve getld Ilaeir ,ils, sharing an toilet aonaps of all des crlpti ns, halis' ai I gen tlc eioS' desk anit drenasitt eaase, lair ricleta, frizettcs n braaidl plaip fancy ana l it tltorla work' boxese, plaind lati giltr, figred, oat and 'vet ittttoa pearl ad ittr nlshirt d,, shirt smttddr, olae If dd sihirr e unroil rcase, tllihpicks andl twezers,i plated litd tilt Ilcketlt, Ititiiatre It, silver, lrass tand steel tlinibler, Inooks ant evet, hair pilt, illitation fruit, ilk a r etill intlk,rle lalurkiang, ,iolins and guitarr,riibed altd ptllin iercnssenio aeilt, lil.n: ttwitne, .ieted etshb iens, ,gtld t, silver lace and frlnge, latter paper, gnlne habridsig wipa, walingw tattnesldavlecards, fine gttld, ltdand d gitj.twhicllry i .e. T'ler above, together wttit a great variety ofother arti cles are offered at wtholeanie or retail on accomaalnting N 81hell coobs tnhorepairert. OlI t lE & MAY, Iinse, Sign, and Otramlll " I nt iuites, No 3 C.eratdele street, two doars-frnlt Wanal street. tailtations of the following woods and marbles, ex oeeted is a masterly lanner. woons. asanan d s. Mahtgtny, Egyptinan Iblack and gohl, S Oakt, Giatlla Setll Antico, P'ollard d, i Olientdl or nerd anotiqe, Ct rl ed in, I ,iesper, tCrled tailde, Itnloodl Stone, i. iaills Eve ln, I lDky Granite, k Satin W.Wl Potlatnas, d lair Woao , Dl)or or Bnrdello, Yew Tree, Italian W.iite k, Coentltllle or IllarEk Sionat laed Breatella, 'a Iose Wood, Aterlnical (Grey, Asl VlWite Oak, b ca. kc. Pie. id Curled Elm, is Specimtns to be seen at tthe boaa. laiints, ils, glass, conepal varish, o c, oil hand andlor sale. mn 1 T OST OR STtth EN-A liberal reward will be giv n S els for tile recovery fea lacket lotok with its ene SItentS, thtt was tkten or dropped fnatl tay pocket On of Sandly iveaninet lst, while in ti crowd siaistlting to put out the fire it Calp street. 'The pocket bolk isa aom 'ttnont or large size, inblacked letltler, witt the namte of W'io. ir. Ihriidge written on it in two or aore ptlcesR s m4contsin a nennros llapersi 1' inl olrtanRe to the own. I er. Appl at tthe Irc Alneriecan office. 1j3 WM. Ii. BRIDGES. INIW' ORLEANS iSADDLE & HSARNESS WVAREPHIOUSE, of No. 30, CORNERa CcsrnatrO aros AND ClltiTRES STSa rp- Ti Sbsclrbers are raw recetving bk- the pacekets an anill other lite arrivals firotn New York, in additio: s. to their bmeln'c stock, a tale aaied batll'neea' ssortevnte li- of Satltletr , ntikitg itRir asltply fn' tit season allple af aud aomplate-coanpriising ervery kind and quality at v article in tieir line, altolntg tbilt alre I:lties' ant Plisses' saddtlcs, plaitt and quilted, et (icleinan's do t ilait, Sitatisih and Creole, w lt-'s ido In tdo. Btridles, brillo fillhtlgane martihgtles, Snhlle, dotble and singie, :'alicesan lll teialbags, lhtnUsels end Vnalecia carpet to. WVtested girths alid surasingles, Cotten do do. Vorsted and strltting waebh. Saddllc-trees atia sietitn leatllers, tiolstees andil pistol bels, Pest iron ft.amel leatlier trunlks, ofat assorted stzea, BrIns nanil oot top do do lsi g Cnack,gig and crop ailips, ltdies''all Gentlercen'stwig do, luhtd, bloss annd Japaoed eoscli harness, Do do do gig do, Don o o do barollace in, i Cart brereditg, collars, bridles unit liacr, llook util chain Imn es, Ca bltlllless contletlce it Skirilg, harnes ande bahed Ictheie, Thili e ntic lop tap SMoroeco, dcc, sheep and itrg skias, Slorsn brushes and cacrry roadta,n 'oagether with a large assortlnent of plate, brass anda steel bridle bits, ecrb clais, stirrups, spurs, ic. of - theiriow itportation. Also, tlC iloutngils. of Kitg's brndl, a nssorted sices, jst rceirel, vli'on the manUllaGtc StotT lt Enlefil, allf wrleidt tiler fihrat wntleclie andil retail at tke lowest prices, lln on tetres ta site t clt rtciucrs. 'hey will ales erltitlne to recrive tlttough the sealr f by tl packets fonlt New Ynork, fresh saipplies of gotals of every descrlptiol ih their IlAc of bus &ess. ,,..IT , IL'_.lAt _ & C C. Hi. BeNCR.OFT. I,)º0HI.SAL.F. AND Ill 'TAIL DEALER in B looks, Stationlly, Music-l Ilstrumlents, Fnncy Articles, kte. No. 14Crmp street, keeps constantIly o Inml a large assortment of Blank hooka, Maps on 0olless, Lottcr Paper iocket c rlaps, Cll, (10 Mailetdd writers, Ruled do Pen knives, Folio Post, ItDek do Banlk do Pocket Books, Colnmcrcial d W ottalets, Packet do Note blook,, Printin- Paper, Port folios, iVlr.pplng do do do with lookts, Ih~ia og do do do for travelling Marble n, Portable writing desks Cololred (to )lressig cases, Copying to \'ritino ink, black aall red, hlorico do Colpie odo 'issue dlo Jlnt lble al( tMusic do Ink t'oo der, black and red Playing Cards Copying do 'isiting to Sealing VWtx 'Proining dto Walies, Pircelnin do V'Wtf r tatmps, Bank Cheecks, Card htLoks, Check llouts, Paper Flies, Notes, Cord Clses, DIralis, Porceltin Slttes, Bills of Exc!utnge, Piper do Io Lading, Stone do Quills sfeve ryitUality, Chess men and boards Petrrlioin Pen,, Ilackgnmon do Footuin ii lI)e iunocs, Patent India Atber Cice, St inins o'0 Dissected lnaps, IOldies Iluby Ka V riting sand, Jones' Ai:loemical do Iitd boxes, Patent Luat(ed Ilcerve Pounce, GlllEver Pointed Percil Pictures, clses. Picture fl'mes, Sither do do I.ithographic 'rints, lrolmze Ink lanuds, Wlater Colors, (Glss do * Paintilxes, PeIter do ,do brushes k e. te. Wedgcwood do Itronze paltn eighlts, Alto tll xltensi( e assortment of io staldarl nd tn liScell neous, law illl medical o looks. .dgenl for tlhefollowinte Periodicals. tRepublican of the London, llitiburgt.h, Foreign anil Qur:terly Ieviews. Ili;ckwoodtI's Ml"zihe; Lit.tll's .oluseui. of Foreign Litcerature, Scieoce and JOIINSON'S MedicnlChirrreitnl Review, tile Amoe rican Jurist, tile New York Mlirror, Woaldie.s select ('irculating Libraryv, nldio's Por' Folio, the Pennyl Mlagazine, the Rlepihlic ofLetters, Parlev's Magazine. billucry antd blanok ook malluticooryis eooneoneed M kACKEREL, LTIME, &c. IT 71 bilhs. mackerkc , no. 1, 2 and 3. 1"l halfharrels nmackeral, nos I nSl 2 11i ctasks of lime, 2tol bodles toy, W0o0 cet lumiber, Lnndling from brig Rlinaldo ntd for slr,hv Jl7 STErlSo., AVEIIY & r.O. J i .nslt iilisihedl, ( lit nfllhe Bnks, Direc (ortdieoooln dat r&Cr,ioiurner and oitirr ooiponie" ortiyn ond sro, rtlllllbel of nll(l(Ol , l t-l Otlrhnlro' arrival aod de.artoreo oflthe mailt. tslend'r, lllltio 4' rl, c. &eAc, for cile by Illt'I'CIKtSo & Co. H.TF ttsRIll NS 00- his, o-d i20 Phalf i IN o. 11 • aotposo ITeroioro^ is primp oltler ,I for ole Iby 13GEItRT & II.tWTIIONt, jll 03 rao ier rot. Son bord ship Orleians Eagle, oiglander, nkr , leirv Andrew, French anid lGerna tlay tarns; linck g n lloa ; C 1-4 d inch llilad L aid ' iard Bals; 8, V , II anOd 12 inch biladie oiami Knivest Leather ad tother travelling l)ressiig Cases; Berlt, I Pocket, llorse nan's, and Duelling Pistoils; donale and siagle barrelled inacs; Game Bags; Shot Ielts; Powder and Pistol Flasks; Drain Bottles mid Drinking Cups; Peranussion Caps and Cap lolders; Cloth, hlair, Tnoti; and Neail slanshes; Orrm end Chlorine Tooth WasRl Tooth Powdelr: Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great vn rietyl loug Hair Braids, Ringleas and Frizettcs; Pearl and Toilet Powder, Emery Bogs; Ivory Tub Clushionsl Patenit Slides or tGarters; Gunm Elastic SUnplndere; Powder Plefs nald Boxes; (lilt Clains, Seals and reys; i Ear-drops; Waist Bucklne; Braceleti"; Bead Necklaces and Clhinr; (.ilt and Slivered Beads; Indian Breal, Uell and Plunes; Shell Twist; Side and )rcssiaei Combs; which, i add ti n to their tficne setock on lianl, makes their nassortment very complete, and will lie so low and un liberal teans, at the sign of the Golden Coati,. j25-tf 70 Chinrtre street. flTIIU LkSALl. A\t) IlIt hAI CiOAtIU A,'1 iV VAIlt:'I'.Y STOIE, No. 18 Cam; der Ilishop's Hotel-The lsubscribaers an. i;a rfli ig at their new standl aar extensive assortment erlldes ·i their line, cotplising every varietLy f Combs, lrt.lsies SPefumelery, Looking (ansen, P'laniarg Cl'ds nlad large number of Foaney articles. ilae fllowvita ,k turn a dlesrsiption: COMBS-Tortolseand Brazilian high toptuck, Ilvt and ani aed; do. do. twist, lon, nestk, nputf sile, pairce. anld drvnsins ivory alial Iol; fine al'ith, dressieg asud pocket comias; horn, redding and haJrwn n'imhs; wenms, Sdressing, fine totsh atd packet PERFUM EItY-A geltral ascintilut of French sand Ameri'ca Perfumery, consisting ct trl mne water in boltles, of nil shapes .ald sizes; I, .amue, Flnridla, rose, orange, lemal, jessiaine, chrgnmon nhlllaelteurm , inetc.;ifncy salps ofrec.ry descriltio;i masecar, nantila:, and Cveetahle hair oil oat curlin, fluid; chlorine tooth wnsh, carhbonic ad allt olrilu tdenu tiie ; rcated ail tplid toilet powder; puti taull plestont salts, etc. IIIetSHES Ccimlaisleg a great varirty f cloth, hal', lhat, flesh, tooth, nail,'cnlb, shaving, Itlate, hearth, fine andl latl dusting, sweeping, cruib f tiritinoe, Sscrubihhgl aid white wash, hlorse, shoe snd laner's s R, O ring,t pait ndvarntis brushes, rind sash and gti ia ingncols otf all sizes. LOOKING (;GLASSF.S-Cnmprlsing gilt f.imes ot varinns sizes5,5t, t muatl 1 draw toilets; German statia, toilet sanl pocket glass, ma.1lt'vic n amrt os, etc. Pt.AYING CbAIIDS-n-gla, .lhry 8th, Broom, f Highlmler, Spiel Cnraten, Frcuch ad whitt back Play a liar Cirlltis. FANCY AND VAI1IETY AIlTICLFES-A sape rior aslortmclt of icrtatlla desl , ladclies' and gentle mellns dressieng cass and Indiess wo'rk boxes; tlalny box es of varioust delrrlptiSio, sitahle for the mew year It anl Christilas' gifs; pocket tooks ol all soia; suspen dcrt de nsic-.loxcs, lcalld pitcils, ciaiysiI, vilins, bead es and nirse, a assoter ict of falhey cadns, superior Ilyloitnv Iillacd balls, paste Itlackinr; bonel, sdirt, vest, PLdl nd s hetlnrdilr buttosa; pealloitlis onil shirt slls, r Ian stroliS; gas inlutoaie.v foar ceatiiltg light; Slauishl and umelee segirs; sacclmonba, Paris, ilappere and Scotch sutl'As; an nssortlelt of jdain al sivord ellanesi bTak nsmlmino hntoars; dice, nircy scrleens, optics, Jews hires, iarolallas, ciitcr ls lche, st pia, Ilcdles, leerisioan A lclst dlhikinls hec lnp tl tlin allks ad gaioe bags; steel, silv er elnl eli l slertacle s; tlline bls, teilne, etc., a haalmole assorntment of eligravtilnis, anld a laige varic tv of other onvicles, all of wvlich will be soldiof r low Sir iccs, fr cash or city aellitnces. S ay I1 W IITES la D'LANCG E S--- SW- I.S CONCENTRATED SCOMJIPOUND ,SYRUP OF SAARAPARILLA, aI FOR HE CIURE u OF SSerofila, or King's Evil, Clhronie Rheomatism, SClhlrni Cataneoas Dis- Pains in the Boneas, by free S eanes, use of Mierecury, Scaly Eruptions, Meruerial oanld Syl;hiliod Af SPimplesor Puatulee on the fections, fiace,, Biler, by anll ipure habit of " disorderr arisig firom tlre cotnminrtl state of the blood, the iinjudic'eus unae of mrercur, &e. FIROM the suessea that mhas hrctofore attended this r convetieit and active Syrvniup, it is wvithl the fillest Seeafideitce oltlered to tihe Medical iFiculty and stlhfring eonmtsity, ma thle oiot pOWeCrfiul cUratie aent in the sbove tnallcd diseases, lad for tihe inirification of teh looid all erodirattla of sela chomplaintmtas arise from the blood being in a vitiated stlte. This very eonceltranted Syrlq is prepared wvithl the greatest pharmnccuticnl care and ncacurncy, od cootalns the active principle of Sarstparilla in the most clecen treted degree, combined wvith oter vegetabl substances of known efficacy. The great deslderntnm with physicians in being able to exhibit a large qoantity of Sarsaparilla in a small dose, has been obtanaed in this preparation--they, belng filly convinced of its merits, confidently administer it ia tihe coarse f tlheir practice. Price $1 50 per bottle. Sold only at SWAIN & BROTHER'S drug store, No,. 11 Canal street, where may be had, fresh and genuine, direct front the prfric. tort, Swnak's Pnnacer and Vcrniflge, P'otter's Ci.tsoli con, Carpenter's Prepluations, and a large and general nssortment of fresh drug, cheaticals, &e. ainI F 'Elgad' i AGUE.---.lust reacived ltcw'acI's 'T', nir Maixtuite, never Ihiltisto ce tis most dlstes, Itg f ll dis-ases, lllerrmitait Fever or Frver alnd Agle. T'his meclc is nis vni allv ad!ltted to hav Sreillsed the p'rtlensions of evCry othre mode oi f trtel it nents nd tlhierefoie selielselcsd the einlloymlnt of uIay n. tluerrmcdy, wherevler the Fr.c'lriil A.ll. cxists.''lir sf utperior mcrits of tite 'Ttnie Mlixture rtests almo sever eota illaotiantt qialitera. It is eltiarly ofa vegtulltle ncompyosition, plrevciti rrlalpsi of ihe uli.asle, estab lislhas a nostil and lpermaientapelp'it ei obviats orstive liass of ithe bowelsn, andl itvigirats end tforiirs tie eli in system. Fo saile, whnlces:le and retail, I)y the agrents, SWAIN and illllO'h'tElt, Ite)lggists, mug 24 No l1, (Ioalt st Royal College of' Physicano , Londos. T HE original Veetablht I geian looo'eson d lli cineU s , irelreet by V ltiskon, Esq. M l 1oter of the llal Colletge of Surgeons, I.icuenoate of Apothe eaty's toopany, Fellow oaf oll Court Socity, Surgeon to the Ityoal Union Petnsion Association, Laecaster Plaer, Wvoterloo Bridge, ond Perpetual Pupil of Guy's ond St. Thomas's llospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twentytl years' experience and ni ato dle.ted success ins the extensive and highly resplectable plltelice of tihe Iprolpriety, pateo iised b)- tile faellttytnd noliity, and it nsow iltrolducel to the notice of the Ameriean piollic, at the earnest so licitatiou sf a lnumber of.Tgettlemll n of long and highli stollling in the irolession. It is hoped, as a prelii tnry step, to check the evils and htal cldlsequences mrisIng fiom the use of the ennerous alli deleterious nostrus tolisted upon the pulllic by Ithe: id of fldriclteod proofs of miraculous cures, ald other 'lnols, bya set of mercenary, unprincipled pletendlers so totally ignolalt ol mtdieal sciencea,tlt1 it impossible tile oast'o delusil n call y longer go down itittl the inttlligent eoltle of this colutry. These pills, ttild adigritlile in their nature, shiould he kept in elery lmily in Clses ofsddeln illlness, for, by their plrompt onlliistlatiol cholera, crants, spasms, 'fever, oalt other alarming omplhllans, whioh too often tltote Iittl, oay be stocetli Iv coeelt or iprovetell. In cl, all tleostwe vhlno leo good lealth, slholld never beo withlut then. Thley are sohl io hltlltkets at 50 ceil.t , ell , loolt each, tlo everly Iespe tobole dlligsti boooksdtler llnl tellollrof ouedioile it the Usnited States and tihe Cainadis, wilh copious drecclions, oneltier with testimonials of wroflssionnal abhility fliro the followiono eminent gentll-tecn: Sir Astlil Caopel, J Abernetlhy', James Bllnttlul, !. iD., W. lJ'ck, V1. D., J. Aston 'Key, A. Framptoln, 1M. D) , and ltnmlerosl othiers. The originis imay bIt set ii pos'essio of tlhe (ienecl Agcut, tht wttoll thle litliei.n is inoilrtoed into lis untlllry, and to wheom all applilcations florllagencies mnuset he ade. JNO. IIOLIHIIN, 129 lWaccrly Place, N. ort, Sole Gleneral Agent for tihe U.nited States, cle. For sale hy lappointment of Ithe origional proprietor. hy SwAIx & .nlonrit:, I)u.ggi:ts, No 11 Cuatal street, .llenor Agenis for Sttthelle ol'f Louisa. ju. l ovd .-!I.LloTs IDII'LOMATIC COllE,--The Alneri 14 rlols iplomatie Code, eitllrllcii.otgi aolleotioo of tlreatlli and convenitions between the UnitIoed StateCs and Foreign Powers, frotn 1778 to 183.1, with ao nbsotnlct of impisrtantjudicialdeeisiono, on poinits ronlncteod with our foreign relations. Also, o concise Diplomatic Maln ual,eontaining a snmanrv of the iaw of alitoll, froom Ilh waorki of Vitlcefeuet, Vlatte, Mlreeten, Wlard, Kentl, Story, &e. nd oithlscr Liplollatic writillg. oil yueetiot s of ilternationsl [tow-o:.cfnl for pnhtli iilr otisters eamt con suls, and foLr all othlers havingo nficia or colno l eroiol in tercourse will foreig nations. Bly John Elliot, in 2 vols. just received and fob sale by WMS. M'KiAN t of Coame & o(:mmon sus. L ATE l'U IILICA'T ONIN-IPr',,. to' J- OLRC.CL- of `a residence at Little I'edlinton. Conlesc'sE:, or Italy; by Mallo d t St!el; Ilolstliron translalted tilo tile Itilerart of Stalndlrd Novels; T le Po etical Plassagesp , y I L IL. American edition, with nu mlrous correclions: ill 2 vls.. DRt.,x's AND ol`:,,LECK'S PoEntl--rOc edition; 2 eels bound i l:te. TIsE wo noS OF JOIsN DRYBEv -inl verse atd o l rer owitl alifSt, tby Rev I Mitfil.-ldtew edition, conitplte it 2eols. Jest treerievrdan for oalehov im 12 WI McKEAN, car Catip & Common est 1iEXAS LANI)S.-'flhe suboiotbers, agents of the .IL Republic of Texas in the United Stoates, are aon tlhorizedl to dispose of the Public L.au1ds in Teoxias, and Scrip is now readv in crrtifieant' of lil0 icres each. And all acclunts or debts idue by bloe IRelotlic, dully audilell, ea lie settled tor in scrip, provided tile lnllilo e nlot lesI thn 61110 aerre. Jll TJIOMAS TOIY & ItROTIIERS. STATll IN.Ai Y--Steel iens, n complete ossorttet, 8 consisting of Winodle' perfeelntln, t e phus t/roons, Preervan, extra fine, Crow otnills, Illies' rnthvs, C.loc Ilnolts reculatine, dianond, rlongootedo and gillets, sotoe ior French wafers, extra filoe red and block Sealinog wax, patent gtmo elastic, red taper; Iodger's pen, poc ket, antd desk knives, erasers, later stoaImps, bronze alld iaqterced iuekr.tndn, paper weights, parallel, rolnd and olt rlrers, omatlleliall instruoments, bthl' Igaoln on hoards, drawing penrils, Bristol bhoards, and dr wing atper, banthker's eases, port folios, pocket books, wallets, ce. Justreceived andfl.r snle by nl IIOTCIH ISS " 'o cB , S Chartres et NEW BOOKS--A Lnaity's Gilt: or wosltt as site cosght to be. ty Jaote i Sdttniiord. R eotelos terol/erions of tile Ioosne of Cltnnon' frotn le ve,. 18r30 to ole clo.t of 1:. l teloinl, pe Fooal sket'heo of the leading oteo lois of ll onrties. Agnes de laonsfeldi, a.t Ihstori'cal ale, by Flhoiasi C Granlan, authonr ofJaquelise of Hollandt, Iligthwas antd lytways, &e. in d' vois. Thle llearens, by Robert 1tlli,, anthor of guidhle to the scrveioni of s atltr', &e jutst receive anld for Filh,; LOTITING-I. P. FREIMA N &'O. NO. 3MA (? GAZINE ST., ar Htow ret i, in. their seojlics ,of flll iod winter celothiong, so wl ol cotinue to recC ot shipments hv every pakee tihr noglotl tile sePIIon. hey hae ool bloldl, aolld are elnow opening n oaenrrll ossoli otesi of fine stoi e',oonnaont goool, suitoldo 'itler lore te city or conltrv tradle. All their siloetjo n will he large, nerchniIfroto tlhe rotntore oill Iold it to their dentotnoe to nuil o exIminie thei eloods. o l 'i!RACT IOF LANtiON W tl.F'I'll itT nl mntlh of the BCrlnu Freit, at the. head of Sch enre nmrlnhrne Ilur l b hl-es of the river, illald onwelich ih , mhll hlouse. Th'Ils hld is well woodedl with live onk 0inr0.lh11, retc. loTe nitlliontito i an elitlt ne fori AtW 11,1.. TIle Iill ler li'r tar ll winua fidr tli [lhln, i il.eadI cut, nlld inn! lie s ere ld I I Iloltlotdrie exlp ot. tor Isrtimity ohe ,il, oy f New Orlotot s. e I 're sed 1nd inereasing doaond for tihber-, i. worthy the att'n ion of any poeron desirous of emhbarking il tba: lu tost. For terms aply' to RtM WEL-MAN, Mrcrhants' Exchanre tiATE just ms ei ua tbe hFn'lung enre-h II No. I C pbl r utoby n receort tni.ts from ituu rot sl toe Nor th, uitie a.aditions to their osucri of ueful ndoirusetut Ise ekeenil arti mtlea, wichmtIe ltecively (they belleve.) Ibrm non tsortntlt more gener l andl compke than ia to toh fond in Iay similar et heshnet khown; monsistilog of n SILVER WARE. Coffee m ti seats; pitchers, waites, eastors, cardle i sticks, cup, tumbblrs ant goblets; tsbe andidelert forks h; table, dese, anl tea spoonsi marrow and gravy, or t-a gout Ioons; sugar tongs; sugar, sauce and souu lales; antlter, fruit, pudding ostn fish knives; pickle ani desert knives and forks, napkins, rings, .c. prinaetlly from tihe madaNtory of Mr B. Gardiner, of New Yort, tiose long eautblsbed reltetonutto n for the manofacli t of silver war.. is isufcient g~onuRastee of its superior pLA'iiD ..AIZ OF S11HEFFIELD AND BIllt MINGHAM. Ten and olfee urn, tea settis eastors, liquoanr and or dial stadlst superb tonllebits and Epe:goes with mir rour plateaux, for centre of tile dinner or siplier table; waters round anl oblolng, firom 8 to 12 incites; be.f steak and vegetubie dishes; rich dish covers; cake amd Iread taskets; decanter stands; mantle and chlmber cadllesticL s; wine stesslers; eoolers santl syphonrs; deean ter latuls, elaret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta ble, egg oand mustard spoons; egg boilers and t stlos, aoostu races, R. SILVER ON STEEL VALIE. Table ual deslert knives, forks and siool; sti an ou same ladles; butter and fish klives, cheese scoops, as pnragun tongs, vegetable foats, die. JAl'ANNEIltY. Fine GCothic Sanodwic and round eirner waitersi in setits ond silgle, from 8 to 3t indites; do of'papier stelse; bruead, elieete, and knilfe ays; lorge Ultplst Iplate warlners; splie, niger and iash boxes; presuhig eses;i India tea tables in nelts, cadlllies, Jap u.mted land of ritch trtuoit- shetel, etc. LAMIPS. An extensive asesorment, nsoong wiclel are Astrnl Inaompls all bronzed and gilt, ani of rich out glass; mantle lamps do, o, each pdi antlld with glass prisms i very asplesdhl cuit glass do; bronzed oain Jaoiaed asile or braeke, lampts. CIIANI-PLIE RS ANtD ITIANGII:G LAMPS. S English andilarellct cut glass elhadeliners or Iostres o 8, 10,15, 18, 2Oand "A lighlt; Freolh bronzed and gilt Grecian lambs,, 3, 4 anid 8 liglhta; ball lamps andil lal tlein, rich broolze bot or certre lamtosd for dtsawing rooms, front 1 to 6 lights, lamp shaudes, glassea idl wiaks. aMANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEBRAS AND VASES. Sloonzed and mtartble; b.roozed aind gilt, anld all gill, Swill fixturies, eto; eounting essne nod kitchenl clocks; brolizedl inkstsols, eegar do; papter weigihts, thermoe. ers, curd racks, cnndllescksi etc. CIHINA WARIE Ott PORCEIAIN. Englls Rd Frelchl dining dlesert, tea nord efloe eer See t i iels o n white, gold edge, and vesy. rich fancy styles; stleodid toilet setts; water anti silk pilchers, tmantle vases; fancy iced racks annd basketl. EART YAIEN CVAlrtE. )isinog, desert, te, etoe, breakfst and slipper atrts; toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Csnlou china dboier setts, CUT GLASS. Detaolrrs, plitlcers; claret rssit culored blek deeanmres bowls, dishlae celery vases, salt stands, snbmr bowls, butter tubs, tinger basous, toumblers, wine, elmpniss tle, claret, cordials, lemonade and jelly glasses; file colored - boskglames. Alo, cndle shalldes. T'ABLE CUTLERY. Fie ivory Iillunoe tollcnds, self tilt and Ilk shandle knives anld foks of S1 and l3 pieces, or by the dozen; Sivory tandle knives only for silver forks; gruarl onu game earters; log slices'for roound beet; oyster knives, r- ant u raek nsod picks; sngr custters, cork screws, eta . lRtITTlANIA AND) IiLOCK TIN WAItIE. if T'ea aull Etre setts o cs·ln , witlh I land 2 fieCets, suitable ofr Ihutels and o steacbotts spoons alud ladles; if veson disshes with covers, ysteraor lsafiong dishes; dish cover,, plateteers, cofeOe greegs; tea krettles oil standls s with heate hs, egg boilers, etc. t FANhY HARDWARE. g Brass mid wire fenders, btssatodiront; brass and steel Snshovels uld tongs, et; coplper roal hods an tinnitoch ket C tles; brss stittons, cEimney hooks; Japptaned, brass and m brontze handle Ihearth brusles. laoey bellows rel tsIru m brushes; ersmpilg atllut mlutit machines ; umbrella tostands, grate feotnuen for warminO plates. EKI'tLHEN FUltfUtNtE'UI.-Cosii lsthgofireo, tint, brass,,ctpperaandloeooslet'artres, beilg a collection of oil utensilanstally reqois"dforculinary psposes, and le in brieftlmost tevery article waoneds by house keepers can lte tfotul in their establishment. F loSilveramls iluated ware relpaired and repolilsedt au iv new. Ltnt s repairued and tebrolnzed dee ,c 1iC OI.ESALE ANDt IIETAIt.tCOS II AND) VA S I 1ETY STPORE--at the sigai of tile golden re scom bilo70 Chartres steeot. Thle stsribcers hanve re ceived, illtaddition to otleirtrev'iots issk on halntd, afidll andi comoplcte assortlcnt of articles i their liui; viz: tI Comtsb, terfinnere, Jewellry, brushesCR, lking glnsses, tints ortties,&e, vosoistogtsr ill iort uo fdlloWv: 1nO I11S--! otiri sc olsell, Iwrought aIInd lasbs tuk,itwist, sqonillecl hack, long round,l dressing, sill, ptls; curl and ll ecik, Blrazilian combs oi f every dletrcription Itt nti gst oowhich rt sOat MesxicnII patters, Ivory OoIlbs of evirVy to dseription, hort, dICressing indplieket, togetlher with g'} neenle nitortnclltofFrenull and tuterinct. lI'ERFMIERY-Colgne., Lavender, Floridao, bi.eey, nIm, rose,and nrti c hfltover w'fers of every size and dlie erption, empliortced Cologne, extntct of IerglttIot, 1ianni seops ofalil kide, hllaving di ill ukes ano d pots, o crrea ol S doade Wrd' rscgeglble hlir nil, ors d oul - titlvcdo. I'rrston's isiellilng salts, plain metd ierfolllied - toilet powder, pearl towder, l :r Iptilto ant bbtixes po ir ntoi in pots and rolls, Orris And clllorite tooth wasll and owdets, wisth t gelerdal asortoent of J.tVELI.R.-- omeie ofthe lsrest ssid mosto fstlsiona Ile setts, consisting of whlite and red oerneliato topte &. Ijet eardropll, set in tilogree, breast pins of a greu. ne.e of tv f ltitcnts, watclh trimnmitse, gilt and silvi .nekle, silver tlliholes, silver ond lolopt Itoils anutd guard chlinl BRIUSIES--Cloth, Ilir, idutt, .s eron isllbhenrtlttluor, li. lt, flesb, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shavhiug, slhoe und wlhitewnsh bllrlshesf. 11 LOOKING GLASSES-Gerioan statla nnd toilet ",, gItsss, inotgnlfy iig and French dresiing glassos, blooie doie, wth varnlvw of other klnds not nu leerated. rFANCY AND VARIETY AILIj'CLES--Freneh tsand Aimeriean isortlable d:alks tnod drcosiig riases, scoie i very rich aidi fintlyhftleltrd ladies work o xes and b dlres oting riLees, with lnd tvitlnnt t usic, noosirol boxes, Ac It vordinns ofvnrioots kinds, violins tiet gnitars, silver ioil ipltted penoil. end leads,wood pencils for entllenter And s enyonsonuaoltle elockaigoisaltd pislob witlh and so tiout cases, tercusio up per isonts e o a chlarergs, nsplsle si tvrewsvrioers, alht belts,ggaoe bags, paste blavkie., toy of tea Fells, lsidiian belds of every kind, Iellsaod oilltuloe, tilleolll o tonntnn klnives, razors anoil eeissors, hinttbles, s needles, pill. oilier ilated, steel tnd eomtoit n t lrrl t eles, oleket books aid wOuillets of varioIs kilold, Vsiting Ic ciolrds and crd ases, playilng rnrd of Frnlhl, Giermnl Sanod Alnerican niunincturn, dolls, initation fratil, Sunlf boxes,prnts sof varioos kitnds Sulndorat' l'ontceroy's, toonersoo 's, Hilltitt's anad Ilawkiuo' razor strlps talld 1imtalllc honel dirks, fsiivy loed neeklaces, do oltlin a-r i dlopo,toy wntheles, jlecrl illttis, powder losksa, erll cld pIlato seed bedsiI gilltoi silver do, gon elastic al.lpern dero, and gartero, pllninild sword ialnes, i.luekgoosnnli boards, dilie, npticalviennee jewshlarl..i leoftcso latt:hl Se allnd drkinoli Cp, withl a great viariety ofothler arli. vties, ,l ofwil Ili will Ie sold fir crit h or ritv r aeceptli. ee 01 on 2 ionlths credit. B II SI 8MMONS, & co. J dl _ 70 Cbrtroest. -EW liOiKii-Conti, ttw Diacarded, with other Tales land Flneics, by l eny lr F. Cherley, in 2 vfollnues. tCome!tweet Itmuic hanth a martnnrl And a haln far every Ianrt!" Tile Last day of Ponalpeii, ill one volamlle--nifnrm e~lithm~ The alluldt, for 1838 Just received ai tor sale Iby inn '2 HOTCIHKISS & Co, 24 Chartres st. ST'ATEOF LOUISIANA--Plarish of Ouahita. N1 lCrcbv glven to nIni n esdet onwaraa ni o ac'ilth:eao ecil tly IDanil Wt' Cox, Ilenryl iliraetrta aaotiterie n r nt rper.naor p , wlttHn ait ,nuv or ioatl concern, tlloir hir, n etrn, Ii nln atrn natirs n all, ill Ilrallaslllac offive n evra ofr dinaLncs of tie PotlheJrv of Raid pianaslt, piledl an n appndvd on tite 15th nofJih,, 1835; th. 1,-hit Sctellbesr, 15th e roau Jtn l 1 ,therorik, anitl 5ti oflv)cc. la8i; .d of tie 7Jth c,. 1i87; ant tlfrher, i purinnnsll e tof the dillrnnt sctilins ofant ata a t i e t tole ad aes ai ofa the t Liaslatnre aflhe Toerritory of c Orle l en, etaitd all llcl "rclti re' to, IRllad onld Levees, nold thle P'oliace of Cattle," ap .ranad jIlt of Aplil, 1207; and of tir tst, 21, and 3d, sartians of an aa cpasase at Itile t sessiont of tite 711 Legihlttren of Ihe state of Lnoaiiana, eatitied ani art "aspalltatit:r.y hi the seeraII acts relative to Itonda antd Laere," ap waved Feb lti, 18:25.--That tlnless tin roads alnd olier nor, ans ordain by tile nsaid PIo lice Jllr-,all. in Ialmrsunae to laws Cohall bh nrkei aTnti eonllltedl, a the ordinance or ordiaanes n f atlld uolile Jonry, illlllrurnier to Ilaws directs, on r icfitro tie Ist onijaly, A 1) 18D37, that tile saaun will e, dne at the l hllnrc e rndn ellsate if said noll rasideltt arIaI rIE Irlic dnd ta! niroa arty snie le L Arwl1 b 8 ai7 aE dl so nto nti vfy tile c xpn ses oei uleta1m , n ueaa it. -LEl.JVI F lAriY, it_ _ _ P'arisrlhtJiigi. ETAIT LU LA LOUInhANA.--Prissean da Outnlit:r . Aria. Eat ipar Il lirisnti danan n litt pnrovrrictane finmaier nelll residell, sleeiaalcmcait l Dlltlel "V.iCoe, Iletiry l'lrllnec, nil taintnlliitne iarsollne nit plc-tintli lntte ttllns eat Coetsie tine leU:r prritnirs EXeutetinrs Adtluinia Inrlller on IIIIIo IIz all ivnlltllt 5 dirc-rs ordlllllaaCek. du Jori de olui tie l dtiltn lartoisst , pIIOa At nllplltOe in 15 tie Jutilet 183t3 Ia 15 de ieptertbr l235te B Juillrt 1834 I 5 de I) tliae r 186 a ile 7 lFivricr 1887, et do nla stivnllt len dit-ereee r eitllt d an ae ipasne ala titan nanantiO lie l lc I.gisntnaiirett dt territatle d'Oe. lesnes, Iltittle iaoe rcllalif titnx citlinis ct line, rt ala Ittiee des anitiallt aplnratavte le Avrel 1807. Et nelnn Ire, 2le, ct3itire. Setition d'tttn ata jns snaela Ira ses sion dela 7nt La-giatlllttt do Letllt da In Loisiat" Intitatle ante niltttletlenttlaira dtx livers ilcates relatifs nux tle ttits et tevers aptrouve l 8 Farier 1825. A maaitt qtlt, lsenatrinia ot lIra s trlarve in i smnlln o" ont es par le dlit Jttr tie 'nPlice siTsallt in Ltti; cte les dita tratatnlla sliellt exetaltr et fialt soro Ittllr(tllalittIiitt an Ins rirdonnatlentcliu tI Jllrt: de nolur en, unfnernitat oen li Loti nvent on IL raae tie Juilleit 1837, tilte leo dita trnvatnX acra t ta-eclltees a eitchtaer et atX fraix den Ilita attn reaiirnan prnnperutniern, ct lutle dIr inltarictrs allfFtarillts nlolld .s'isies at nenldlta intt payer loeta fen {l(:esioelle p~our lee d its actlniits et travaitx. La 18 F-vrier, 1.37. tat7 WI1.lS F. l.ASIY,JuIgst de Porainre. A DIStOClOURSE oil the I.ife ant Clranecr of tihe IIbm.I· GCOlrgc JJItathcw, late ptrsidintg tjudgte ol'te ealt' (aoart ofilie Stnte of loUinlaitlaa, llas tIt hhaat (halltts W'tts, at ihe reataaeat f tita aeonlirn ofatile bar naf New Oilhtna. Just publin lad tnd farsale ay f__ _ IIENJ'N I.EVY. II li)N INSoURANCE COMPANY. FIhhllS eantltiata it ntw IreInared ro iarare Flre, lla -rinea e ni ilvcr t I iska, rhn d to ghltltllt itee illa of Ex itt;lte'r ,tait pluti t ssrva nalites it Ieir nffica nio 42 Ciamp at._iil-tf I..t. .WAPt.I) BARRY, l'rtsideltt. () "llA N(. 1"i(:IWEI- &. ROSE WVA'l'EI{--Ltteattit. a t am icr fitita, ,ih,a8.,ihrd itt hoxes e tititin illg e~llh (|lle lat. snlItl bottles, rcc'td f-mn~ ,lnlar'eilca. "o nale 13 II. iIONN A]IiI7I., 1.8 Taloitaaitanaiaia attii-t. -t ii'4li.a,1(; fIH;lSES. " P G° . - h ot appral'wve foralt \I Imllnltfavtulllr, by· I~h~ht IhmC lIndI Co. Alsnc .Notaarial ueal I're.r.-e. lnare aind small .izre, IJ it IlOTC'tII~he7 t o Co. '4 Chartres .1 HE INIJIAN'S PiANAEA. ' Rn the cure ot l'llnm.nisntt.cronlhi or kigs evilgnt t, S.iatieu or hip gout, incipie nt cancers, sidt therm, ilpHlitiic rl ercurial dliseases, ptrticularly ulcers and iefianll ctiheions of the iones, dleenotccd throatl' o ta eils, tlcers of every description, fever sotes, and internal ,blaesses. fistulas, piles, schiti head, scarey, bile., ehro i sore ole eyes, eryselsblotihess anti every variety oFu rneott alffection, crol Ciatrh, theat c inc proceed , nfom aly acrid humor, e pit in the stomach and dys lepsia proceeding fiom vnriation, nf'cction, of the liver, hronoSe i flammtation ofthe kidneys, anl general ldebili Sycausend Iy a torpide ction of the vessels of tle skin. Ii is ainlorly.l em caneiol in renotvtln thosae eonstitttionms hi:i h have beec broken dlown b-yicjudieioous reatmeni, l;c'enile irreglarilies. In general terms, it is aecom aneniced i all those dliseatse which arise from impurities of tie blood, or ititisaton of the huamors, of whatever a ome or kilahci Sltome of the abate eomplaintsmay rtquirie some tri nlsg asisntat a pliiaticns, shmich Illccireoms.lanees of ihe ease will diclate; bat for es n ieel iremedly oc Ptrifaietor to remove the cause, tihe I INIANm i PANACEA will generally bo founcl ostcienrtt. 'TO T'ill' l'UIIIIC. Ioow tule it is, that modern Pihysieians, in their am bition to excel in their prmfesiona;r xplore the vat fieldsi of scince by tbeanid ochecmistry, atod seek oat new Io medial Agerlct; in shorti, to arrive at rerf ection in .tle icntice lrv Imleals of alt nlone,--ntit'ely overlook anti reglect, s Icireath tl hir.tetice, tie ricih and boulnteous stores ofMeclicine, whlic the Amnightly has e,nsedtl to sptring out ofa te ealh il evelry clime! Andhow murch ano tle isittlol tha otile the Alnericali lPhysoian looks to Il reign collntries for ila.t oif his most coamaon and necessary aticlets, pclretualey ellgin g itS lir y arie at tbe dclitatecs offasliot or flly, lce is surrUtlintle in Ili own co ialt will a encallcss lrofsion of medlical plants, sotffici,.ltt to atswer aty itldilsocion inlciaeate o' toI cure any ealtble disenrldrcs ;l~ tiet he is i ralt of lthlleir vir tues, and they are stcred tol 'wcaste their healing on the desert air.' Tle rllcos of vegrelble mredliciles upon tihe systemt are tem prary--thoe eof emil ods la stiag. The Iormer ex ert d bv crefts and passnca---lle o itter, merclry ill inr tieultr, act clemicallyt upn tale solids, clromTposing the boles c nid undclrniiig ti e cestilutoaion by a slow said are cldasteracti n. 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'this is iotollred aso a cnatlon Iclretledv, that in lnste, but ats ctce wici iaptblcoi sal iiglilei ic nlcty eIl lM, ,lnccl9 ~ll~r olsicell eniccllnllliecccr'ienllll clcl. illll iasrlae ciers ictlrcltic tihe lusualt Iteitetfiocl. 'ii lsl hlas tlolie rleplaellg y; anil thlisis Ill, Iheil.lil.ltiliU it bhisob (aihnlelld .eltlvc itltrs berell iilraliecil. It is otly sbltoic hrei e valte r since this c.ilantio as clreated til liet pblic:t iiI tlall sholt lltle of elliC senoe lulllllIii oieirsotalighIl lieltlillcls, ndi oiould solennlytlll rielale ilt Iltey lclicd tllal thelr lies etl.t livet l it, y il l iii i..,rses ifirer hcy hInal tried tilel)" aonl pierhbps allcthercti tn rc.mcdlies itc tiat. l hi'r eovr i is klnwoll itslailll.cCollii. into lce, clod Iis cll'orllstile ilost subsltnlllati ll tc ol iciillg Illproof of its olurits. The snlinhefi t Pancea i nosl eonsnplicuous in those long slandtiiig ntil snltilitic and scrofulous luiClitons h.ich hate ,kdfled :di ollhor re.aedica, a! Ipartielnbly in those casen' nhie' mcr|e.y has blen so la isi n) used tnls ct: iie Idintressing tpaisin tile Ihnel s, nlucs, n Siderlll - rial ulcers, steanogonent ortihe iigestise orgens, con. 'These it ecoml tel l'tr lelc s, uand it all tnse i' elj ilre ly lcllnlictlles tlhe dliencs Iitii clll ets Oc lmer.cuerY , nellO svote lhe osnllsltitotill,t nlllt teue.i tI e nliPtlltnt ilnlld a1d well. I1n ld in ullci t ell so1c s i oiillt its Iappy)e ll'eis r not les iapparent, givillg alnostn innc L'llkell ill lll'o.r soses, the llllllli.'sn I'nt:lenl erlteS us ni tlteril'tejin deierli llei'gentdittn hoil 'tini dinllic IIIId lXtLives, I nII Iti-.pnnmllllllic nII un(lluI e'i unII Il ill Iplrop" l s, .~us s.tolllnlehic aI emns ls o gucell ul. (.lner. nlly erxiresenil, i ilncI'lens. Ill tle seietanlllonl Iniii ex illioellts, igies tonetn to tle nloti lllocl excites illo ill Ille ls ini i tnlliiiir iintu inei. ionm: thete n ini tren itso. pe.ion ls hmly tie un erstood. Thuis mnliciine has been litind highly ustuetl in .ni) anlhin oul eijelses niot iere steci.eli, unit it has I unled wilth Wollldelelll oinuccss s SpiIillogngil nI FIll P1 rifiel, Ii) lhose n' hi are sulllljeet ito comilni of the sn e, cnilli Htoi cinontti'Ulillt)uineIUitine I sigonr. Sect tlne sons will do well to inne i e or thtee Ioiltlee ill sluill Il sei. WVheiever dliet d'iik is considered ln&eesslary thh PInullsenl, tell iln n sallslnonn; tn ill nlllswu nl its iul'oses, ill n n llll itess ntile l. t Itess i'xpllle. , i ill tl tiar iimorle ag.leeblll e Iiinlllllt:P thaln IthC CoIlIInso)1) dhi(l Ih k.illk The fillowin cerltificaltes, rt of hI i sit ilt ,, elhith miigiht btie llitlree, le giventlo nlhu ietli ct of the Intiln's ut'l:nni n, i h u lhie l o l l i ir d ., IeIIoitincil;nd iiiitt toeltxhibilt i itlhe ios i tli tllllllly Inlliir' itss rli'ii'lil ' t cyily I tl n l *O uil II se.t CASES iLl" IIIIEtJ.IA'TtISI. Cinin'ernnn No,. it, 1ti.T )urlngheiil t wlnti r :iiin itnglI als :,tlllitid wilh a vetIry b c SPCl.C· il I SIIii t.(eSillng Ihni illllSmiti lccai'.tclned m Iii lu.l{541e il I,tne.:tier. l iiiot iikeg.t'cnt |[IIII! ~ nuiiigli nt~ tih n s itittlllen oflhi tie iilcio'lil PuIIITo iIn Ii i'~lll Ille teItl'l ct Ienlllh llld I olltfintol'ly r.oeolllellnld it to tlt s niihely otliliotctd. JO.10IN FEItII;USON, Kitg st. Citntintn't'iin.t'neoi.l Lii. 1 :ii' I wans sne:ned o nlul three) ennI'S Silte, nitlh a dit tmyinlc IheInlllllltisll, .li.ed by) tkingcll enll . eel collll, whhii tleilldlullclccof merl.cully, .till whihl Illas IdIsahled mIle IiVom inuiness neathico r shiie3' . Ikn tine thss per iod I umtie ien a tieiinttin the utu ine thoseial in this dii, uIwIadlsl t1ur 11nlh.lls, lld Ielyrh Ihe one nIIIII t ]el;lh o timeinithe hitimrellosec llanl t ried h:toot etrt) iellled.t ilh litlle bCLecFr, On the 1e111 f eit ht'art1 Inst, al thaIt iime sc.:lciI) lble iiito Illol e t, llul n i11111 t I h es, I c lo llallten cLd t elil luse of ldia ls Illllll e ll. ]n 1 on1e mIollth I I'lbunld myseslf ellirl'd. |tl'l d fl'Olm |1111 n, l 11 now happ" to stale thai I constc r 'i yst' f 't/ee te h , ell. Wti1. TtUCK 'in1,13 3ntnrktlt st. CA'FIES OF SCtIOFUtOUS ULCEIltS. Nsw YORK, Septt I 1830i This ttmay rcrti'y thaiti in th lil o I5, e was siized wicth a swcllingin my ec'k uud thee, Ili:l stern a.€l iutellell ntod beeni llle I1i21e tgllllo y IutII.ces ill I cn nlik. Allich'nyugnweenidpht u ictuositone ntait tai c "1 oiet t to t'thitdelphm, meii tn tiuced nc i self oUlllt the cai e oi I)rs. Pllsic nid iitnch, lwh, i.lli Ieilleat ell tlivatlollsi tno iio enlt, I s. Ieoln'ollllcell Ittellely llellolble. Aier clletlet toIuOtu elllynol'llSl illln iiin llll'noll e III ght lioltei ottinlietie Entitllh leicu ti, iilhit tic ttli~ el.ll D)espairing ot'f lite, hiioi h:uI now Ieconm Ca n Iien to ole, I ieturteil to niy llelltitill itNew olek, ill 1LJ, nllll gaoeimetl'iu tIo a iihgering dilcth. lenrine ci the g.ent Sue-css fl The e lllnilllS iBY'lPle'lt IIhoweVtiI ill e:s'' uiinil' to imy o'n, I als Ipersuaded ton trn , it, as a last Ie uont. 10 mIiy great suni'se, as well as samtisfation I 'moli nmylll ttlll '.tL'l.lhllly eoneeOtCilllg, coi1l olinl tlkillc neicuiiiblttlentieile u'lt*r~enltold tin ttic'iwetioilofvtt, ell ill the course of two mollths, nlt have enl'ailld so niir since. I mill:ke tlis statlelieill titd willtlitpubllishedl thlellit-' Im' liet e l'lh'ti.nllo l Ilnitle nLlli'el.hlt.g lIliiel. htltn ile on ortid i m' Svlhilitic t: fse tionscbit Ilicy Ih i, Shy reit .iit Ires nn'idone who ehes sumtirtd cner t' ing but death, andl w. hu co/sidcri hin til't sittd lI tir. tboie. - W'1M. IIINIIAN. Clrlst.cusrox. Jul) I, Is31. I was :llictled, hils yerlls witht ul cee in mc ti, I'gc uiastill: t 'i e nicmlliti ittied itl cr siplel h llous itlltl:llnil n ra| excessite Imin hn the h'. aoiI cele joiht. Scieral etlll.lttll ph'Ii siciluisellut c't theleskill uiiom n it, it itlh ot tt en'uient hcnelit. In this i se lil botmtlcs or the ilsni iI'tn'ioi ninaet e en itlue. M.i litASit '1 A VI'ES'iT, 1I1 Miuket ot. Ior sale by IINIIY IIONNAIIEIL, druiggim, aigent lii tlc tn .o vitorsi, llthoupitoult is stlleet. j il SPAIN It'A'fS'llTl,&c: -.C. .. I Itl\ I lElVi TtI) c, &, by thie author of '. )car in eniii,' in e''ol'. Trnin o/'Inmiieehuterocere,otsgenernlly t'itilliciihie to 5he 5Aburi," ilcs of Nso'th A.ce'ich, ity tJ 'I.nette, Eeq, 1The Polinical lranin/,n of the Uniled .tttce, or n eon'lItetle iticw oIllf ther eorc and itrnliee of t1h i eknra and slLe gierlllliloeis, with lhie rilnio Ion l ewln thel -dedi ald adul ded ( the young eInCI of the tuted Stehen, ity' Ii: it Mansolieh!i, Enq." N'io.n'oa Iluting Tours inotertn rsed with chtrnecler istic lile/.d~lles, rlltvillg~ llll l {11$ OfsJot'slil iZ lell il. wilh anhultical eontents/ , and geneo/ndl iiIcx of o Iailcies, CHNn(.'omme~s larh~ tm :.nll. Ju~risprrudem'e~, as ldllli! - itered ill ':lllellhee IIII j AImIlrimier Iii lmeiteiu1 .iftllol I, t ) ])all~·lll',lrlfessr of larw in I1 [llrilll'l Uli]VBSil\. 1ol Is!. Vol. nel, Csi.y's C.etlral Pr, wlic. I.oih teien n. D conieoiui'/o e leigirit'dcpniceersity ilt Vicm.. 13/, Itnd et. Lhe < n entinos o/f"/citeee, soitt 12 ceoloued tlatnes IsnotAfe mtooreecoti/ecn CoutnhC'shenolt y utileo tii or i'm etlic P'einon ccause nianers wig Ju~ls received, and for taile by mi31 RENJ. ,EVY. N ELW iOtiKSie- Itihc Cvoistiinnh/cettnii coy - IY ntalnci leColndu of Snlil. my IIe ulthor of t le bkctcii inuk. IO'I'CIIItISS & Cit o31i .- CJ Hall'eS Mb. _____ l 24 Clint nMnhlle, Il/rnee anid Trunk Muanotijlrer, t nd fur uniser cf ,li!ilr ¾qniprennl s 0o erey descerition. Nit' li i 'l'otutiuI' o "onion' _It KlVIN n , i eo- t tt-slitterv lo lnreklTe, hr es r ra x lt nlk ill eti lil ;lllll lilts t alie byl¢}l'?et Iofl':..e, :LAd Oll ih & I CIO.i1 et iC LeTrs. hI~reh.: nl' amll I'cdhu's'.R Pae~kiiug·lrmdlll s I)1" ev.,rv. dv Prlillli~ ll. l~ll~hlll llv vn hIllll|, rnn: nd In1"0 kftN lis'W .ht A !. kes, in tiltmmr h n'f/ t tle b) ol LAU'I'"N & CO. nJ Lcter st. STU ~d AMBO0AT L1NR h TIIROOVOS IN FIVE: 0010 A OAL? boyI, 1 EAVEIS Mcdltite coero· c11,er Ia 100,i1il J1the orolool of the 01011 froml New 'mlet 0, ateomb~ost FJIL!tO, to ittl~koly. 1co~let l~ stosmhosts(per Pe~llscohlwlr,2t llomaotoj001 tohaclie Illoe·r and lli)y) 10 o drls hloff via. tlr~iomol,, Cl,otta~ohoooee (foraotto v 0lln non,) Ilalbdlol~ge, Pl'leotr1ol1 I oockiioorill ,Ol r;io ville, to~Augolol. A lo~ltsclgrerlo(kjlg Iills 01 I1· lbile Ii tII ll ilcllgcr of t~eiog Ihoowi~ 001 ,nrl01..l rrelWEreleel~lyolheocllfeli, lgc 11111 1100, tllroollollt, 111( 011 trdy WITS~ ConlorE.mlr o (n Cr atid at tay 1001011, 01100011111 111011 lola uf~orr tInpldIC aloolld occur. 'I'llve rnt N'ew O~·1i'" 9 IS l~rl~l 11 1110 ost. Ille Agoo~t, foollh.,,~ 1100, loomsl, C~oolleselad Ulilro 01Ž0 001so' the mOottllEro Coolll~ry. 10011s sfirllw mtoaolerolleel, e00llmlrld, Wolf l0N5u 1 io vl0y oOlavlc lectlel oslO 1010 ll lr 5~ i Yit enttc i YI;i(I tl t~yl .N Cllorlestbo, S. 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L. PLOUG1, l)e niot, respcliltlhis tr.os etie publie that lie ha. prelgad, ahni sill 0I. co.tmnuls for elh, the flllowing : loos 1),00ali.k. tines, fot the di.ases san alllictions of the tlaolhd SVt'ge ltle , .nd anti-sen l,.atic tooth ioudr., op.i.t asltingetlt lotiolns, gu i, p i:ate aiI lashes, h lldllua lixt"r, gon glen sinr sure mot'ih Hid titoat, tincturie, sliriluous u .irr foe gauge m ous ulher, tab lie tinctures folilr tender leulh, nd guplll Ilin) 'llEm . Eah l. l of the slot ell cin els arlle tll linei tlhe diCf t mallldies of Ithe let lh and guillts,:uIII .l l In u Lllhr6 r•ctiolns how fihey r Ie to he ledl. 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