Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1837 Page 2
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1%4JE AMERICAN. ho J Mo .T D £AANCD T5I-WUKLT, AT BA tKLS' AR* go 1 CLORND aU OF r lAASINa5 ANR NATren-5a5 r Hi 4arrse sy JOHN GIESON. re Pnila aful wa1 elad. to NEW-ORLeANS: ONYDAY MORNING.....................March 27, 1837, vi IM[KPORTANT PROM NEW YORK. The Espress mail arrived late last evening, bo bringing the important but disastrous intelligence set 7ga at& 0pee Fridgy4I 7d/ idtatint. Thus ate our worst fears Ft -h $. ItgtitwAtin ia Wail atrellpit e fore- th noon of that day was very great. At a meetlng of the Bankers it was offered to sustain the house with one or twomillions. The.United States Bank also proposed to lead thei t .- zllion properly se cured. They wouTlfonnot ci however, till fur ther advices frotPaskiS cityV t ived, and they P determined to cea-ae. i Mondoy, when so.mething would sitel.vely. Tihe na tare of this informnti.-n w Ibe any thing but cheering, so that We apprehacndhab very worst ren stilts.. tl Stocks have gene down rapidly. Wihited States d shares on Friday closed at 114; Defaware 77, 1000 u shares sold; Mohawk 72I; Long Island 70; Morris Canal 85; Planters' Bank Tennessee 98; N. On n Mech. and Frad. Bank 85; N. O. Gas )0; N. O. Canal 83, 30 days; and all other stocks in propor- tl Lton. F ".is MajesTy recommends an.early renewal of P your inquiries into the operation of the oct per- e miting the establishment of Jint Stock Banks. c The best security against mtism nagement of bank- P ing affair- must ever be found in the capacity and I integrity of those who are entrusted with the ad misistaption of them, and in the caution and pru dance of the public; but no legislative regulation should bioomitted which can increase and insure the stability of establishmencts upmn which con- I aercial credit so much depends." Such is the text ottwhich the discourses of po litical economists in Eng:nnd are founded. It is the sound salutary doctrine of statesmen having the good of the country at heart. In this remark able portion of the King's speech we find much to admire, and much to reflect on. When we look back at the first allusion of the Ex-Presdent to the United States Bank, in his annual eormmuni eOtion to Congress, we see nothing for the mind to rest on,-no hope that a better state of the currency was to be substituted in place of what was given by that obnoxious institution. We see, in the very language used, thseeds of evil against the country. How different the recommendation of William ! Ticere is something here to reassure the lover of his country that the public interest is at atake, and that to secure it from the attacks of unprincipled monopolists I,thile object of the gov.. ernnatent. An examtination \ill doubtlesa be gone into of the joint stock co:npan.tie, and a thorough, Pearchingone it will be. It appears from various satharities, that the Bankof 'England,hlas by her .itduct, not subserved always the public interest, and thather connection with the joint stock com panies has been prodnetive of evil to commerce. But will the English government to punish thi. institution, make war against it and destroy it au ours did! Will they convulse the commercial world, and break up the fountains of credit, in or der to convince the Bank of Etgltnd of their su premacy, s Gen. Jackson -did? No;-there are men at the head of affairs in that little island, far more patriotic than our ruling powers for the past eight years,-a dynasty, that on all occasions have professed a love for the people, whilein their hearts they hated them. The utter failure of Gen. Jackson, to substitute a better currency than that given us by the United States Bank, is a con vincing proof to every dispassionate mind, that sinister purposes were entertained against the Constitution. And unfortunately the acts conte quent upon the crusade against that institution are the positive evidences of the wicked intentions of our late rulers. We were not left to grope in the dark. The theory and practice went ftrth si multsneously, and the country is just beginning to reap the fair fruits of the traiterous measurcs of Andrew Jacksot. We have a despot on the throne, prepared to pusl them to a crisis. While then, Englnnd is dorng all she can to perpetuate ler government, to pseecrve her currency, and eastain her credit, we ate compelled to witness the people's favorites ndvanced to power by dema gogical profeession, orlunlly undermining the walls of constitutional liberty, destroying our enr rency, and ruining our credit;--tny, we have seen all this done, and the good, easy majority, sit by and anplaud. Mr. Van fnren has nothing left but to rivet the chains hf slavery on the neck of a people, who can submit to be flatllted out of their precious birth right! TEXAS. New Orleans, La. March 24th, 1837. To THE EDITOR or TuE TRUE A MERICAN: Sir-As Texas has now in the field a force more than equal to her enemy, and as all volunteers inl rited to that country, were by proclamation to have been with the army on the let instant, and to have reported for duty, I am ordered by the President to suspend, for the presnrt, tie recruit ing service; those, however, who have already en tered for two years or for the wltr and have made their arrangements to leave for Texas, with arms, provisions and clotlhing,will be enrolled and fur nished transportation from this point. Recruiting liceers will be governed acnecordingly. Very respectfully, sir, Your obedient servant, A. .. THRUSiTON, Cotiasoary Gen. of Texas WAn DEPARTnEETr, TEXAs, 10th March, 1837. General Order:--As all troops invited to the army of Texas, were required to be at tile army by the first instant and report for duty, none her: after will be received or accepted in Texas but sueach as come by the express orders of Colonel A. S. Thruaton, Commissary General of tile army of 'Texas, who Inas his orders from this departnent, ,ad is required to execute them strictly. By order of the President, WILLIAM A. FISHIER, Sceretary of War. Mr. Van Buren as inaugaarated on Saturday the 4th of March, and on Monday tile 6th he issu ed an order directing the Surgeon General of the army to accompany General Jacks ,n to Wlheeling, there to be relieved by some other officer o" tie medical department if the health of tlh ex-presi dent demanded it. We would ask a simple ques tion-where is the authority for issuing this order? The now President is aware that none exi'ts for it, and assigns as a reason that the measure will be " as gr.teful to the feelings of tIh American people, as it appears to the President to be suita ble in itself." If this be not usurpation of power, we know not what is. Have we not a written con stitution? But why argue against power? This is only thie one thousandth violation of that glori aosinstrumlent, destined by our forefathers as a shield aguirnt usurpation. Americans, if you love 00 be free, really free, rise in your might and bid your servantsll adhere to the written charter. IUBflrVILLE. aj-t Ir will be well for this community to re member that on to-morrow the great sale of Hurst rille takes place at the New Exchange, at the corner of Chartres and St. Louis streets. From its superior locality and many important adlvantagesr no town, or property of equal magnitude, has pro bably ever been presented to the public before in shis market. Connected in its whole lengthl by a branch road which is to unite it to the Nashville and Orleans rail-rooad, it must, through this chan ael, in addition to the river trade, receive a large hare of the proJnc:iens of the coast and of the western country for sto age and deposit-while no place offers equal facilities for the erection of fu ture cotton presses and extensirve waltousee, which will be much wanted to house the rapidly increasing setsale artictes of the country. Those already built are incompetent to afford sufficient shelter, to the bulky produclions of the counltry that even now poor into the city. The present varehouses too, ,ust sonn he forced to leave the thickly built portions of the city, nd nseek foundao jas :nuch hig'ter up the river. T'l' grorund irey occupy in the city is too valuable, and must soon be occupied for other purposes. Where can they go to and be built at so little cost as in Ilursiville? - Here is the ground and space for them on the most a reasonable termrt ,nd bfi.tns of the Careol ton Road and ~~e-r, "ed other branclhes.,ow making to ne sedi, every pag(ot 1est- a villo .is besught wit in 15 or i2 minXai travrl of the centre of N.Orleans. Near four years is given to purchasers to pay for their property. HlI must be a poor calculator, or economist, that cAnnot in le.s timethnn thint make a square in lIurssviile pay for itself, and leave him o handsome profit. From the very nature of the trade of NeaOrlenns, the tow.n will have to cover an immense space fTri its population. This trade, embracing so many bulky articles, requires acres of ground to cover 1 them ins; and the ground in Hurtivillt will be both extremely cheap and convenient for all these purposesa. 'Then do not let anyone forget the sale to-mor row, who may desire to do wpell for himself, or for those who may come after him. We take pleasure in laying before the public the following interesting extract of a letter from a distinguishold Texian, a gentleman of this city, under date of the 12le Me'tch, 1837. 1 Tell speculators we want provisions more thnn money. People are rushing into the country from all quarters, thinking their money will do every thing. They are mistaken. 'Tis rnt so here. Flour, bread, corn, pirk, hacon, lard, beans, peas, potatoes,onions, apples, and every other kind of eatables, will do mnore than money. Our army is composed ofgallant young men under fine disci pline, and only want to be kept well eupi;lird to give a goodi account of any MIxican bfree that can come against them. Tell all who come to-assist us to bring all necessary supplies with thetn." It is to be hoped that the hint above given will be acted on at once. We advise some of ilhheavv holders of flour in this city to charter vesselh and send out their surplus, forthwith. Our eorresrmndlent at W.tashington informs us s that Forsyth sent in his resignation on the 9th I istant in a note with this superscription. " .Mr. Pan Buren, President of the U.ttled States." A copy, with an address tothe people of Gorgia, was forthwsith sent to the Glohe for pu!lieatioun, o ut the matter was suppressed by consent of par ties. Poor Martin seems to be in a sad disemn A ma. We thought lie was more of a moan than to E be dictated to. But despots differ in the way by I' which they eurry out their omeasures. Mr. Van Buren is then to be one of the titme-serving des t pote! They are far more dangerous to the liher n ties of a country than your reckless tyrents. In ,o spite of the opposition that the new presilent may is find in his own ranks, he will be fully able to f enarry his point. And what is thatl To make the , Presidency an elective monarchy. Aml what is' mc more, he will be the first monarch. This p-edic tion may be lanughed at, but for years hence will is verify ', or Mr. ouat BDren is an abused po'it ticinn. r| . . By the Government Express. LATER FROM EUROPE. s By the Virgiinian at New York the 16,h March, frotm Liverpool the il:h Felruary, it appears that the Portuigierse tariff Io o into, naeration the Ist B of April, will hi exceedingly injurious to British tcolllere. An order ill coulncl has passed re taliating upon the Portttuguese. The case of the Vixen was brought before Par liament on the Otit February. The plague has broke oari t Tripoli. Tihe Irashaw is Lgin Itretndy the gritevonces of whirih the Britilsh elippint r eomplain. In Malta they were engaged in making on quiries into the slate of tie poor, and the causes ul their distress. Tihe Pasha of Egyptt is enanced in carrying inl to effect his procilalatlion prtrentrlin" the demnoi- t tion of the antiqitiqtes of Upper EyTipt. At Bombay a chamber of commercre has been formled. The election far Aldtertman ofr' tihe Second Itiu. nicirpality takes place ont Monday the 134 o April, an iwe have been requested to pullish the fol lowin;g tickets: For the iFir/rl ifurd. J. II. CALD\VELL, J. P. FRERIF,' SPENCER GLOYD, T. O. MEUX. For the Serond iWard. S. J. PET''ERS, II. LOCKEI'"T, E. YORKE. Ior the Third lWard R. II. MNAIiiR, SEAMAN FI ELD, F. WILKINSON II-PWe are requestede to rannotncae as crndridatts fir Alermen frr tim Third \Ward of the Seotdtl Mluniei. pality, the following gentlemen, who will be supported by a majority of thew scers of that ward, viz: CIIAS. W. SH4tAMBIURG, Wv. P. JONES, FRED. WI LKI.SONV-Meay voters. m -2 [FITl'he schooner HlOPE & SUSAN, from Phila deldhitia, Itonv discrlharging opposite upper rotten press. Consignees will please attend to tire roe-ipt of their goods. m€24 ttTho to Packet ship ItUNTSVILLE, from New York is now discharging two ti rs below the Vegetable Market. Cor signees are requoested to attend to the re ,eiptof hltir goolds. m27 St. Charles T'heatre. On this Everning, March 27th, will be performed, (6th time in ) hie sooth) te greed Legendary Operatric Ballet. called LE DIEU ET LA BAYADERE, Or, 0te .laid of Cashmere. With all the original music; entirely new scenery, dresses decoratiot;s, &c. ZE.ICA, 91M'I.LE CELESTE, Fatinr - - Signora Mariette, laidet, - - Eliza. Lelia, - - IlMad. Thiinan, ,Mrs. Hunt, To concludel with tile farce of DAY AFTER THIE WEDDING. Freelov, . . Mr Barron. Lndy Elizabeth, Mrs Bunnister. lMAYhtitKAL''TY OV' NEW OIllEANs. The price offreah flour to dayheiog $8 $)0 ;cents per berrell according to the t.tril; the hbakers a!il gite 3i1 ortlrnes of itread for a lit, tlorittg text terk, fetrrt Moltl day the 2Gtlh ihst. lreoad of thre seoodl qullity, or of three loaves or a bit, is required to wei.o I 25 ,r caOnto more, say .2I 1-.2 ounte. D. itlllUli, Marner. March 27th 1037. 11 TACKERFL.--ii5 bIls no I, rlaekercl' 25 do no IV do; 15 di no 1, do; for sale at no. 8 Co'.ti at. by Grv eS & J P CWHITNEY. rT)IAG(E--. hh.l.,ii Tobaco will It- tliaker oil eto T rAg - in t t arthOlsr nrler of r | Mt.z t slrrid l.e fayrtt" ostreets. ELquire at 7t Mcagazine street. m27 1 7TINB'rIERt OIL.-25 casks New lidoritrdit Wttrtr rt i , of very ster e ittit, ist received per hip Hutrttrille frorr New York, nl fotr saltri r no. 2. Gmraiersa. iy nt27 J COCKAYNE, rTEA--50 boxes 13 lts each t.irnpowder re. 1 50 do do do Impellrial d. 100 do 6Ibil do do. 29 do 13l6s do yortrg ltetum, do. nll of late importationandl olslctperir qnalt jiest re colved per ahilp lunttavllc, frmn New Yorrk od ftr sile at 25 GIrIviFr saret byIr m27 J COCKAYNE. NO yeee:.- o11 erttx itrteieittrl o tire estate 1.fE. I AV. Ell;tt,t otce St. ('hailel ArcadR e lieetnlrn', I.c rltgnested to make imluediate patmnlelt tlo JaImles ]l. CuldwrIl, Provisional Synedii, at thie fox Olire, St. Charles Theatre. rn/27 IINE API'L.E CIIEI'IE:---l Ioxes jtoet tectived Jtand for sale at 90 Corrton srt., It 0!237 J 1) IBEIN & A COIIEN. H ATS.-36 eses t' thle unew la'laet \Vhahcbone hats, just received and for sale at 901 CommiInI t. by nti7 J I) BEIN & A COIIEN. '1 O-FFSE.- dior bae tritne rertr Itlat~r aa cothie ill w store and for sale lit eGrvier at., bI m7 BOi;GER' & IIA\VTIIe)RN. 3IO COFFEE-.-00 trngo RIls cofihe, itt etuc t n I frrsaleat 63 Grvier street, bIy moT7 BIOGERT' & IIAWTIJORN. AR?-7-550 kegs ladr,- of ot -irelrqiiuiity. it ertor. notd fr ale at 63 Gravltetr st. by . n27 BOGEIil'T & A.\WTHORN. [ AI.LAGA WINE--'i uait rter cersks weet rMlltage twlnet in store nod flr isle at li1(drtrior at. Ilv Y 'IlOBACC-3--20 oees troraoo ire -tore olrd o:r et'ae .iL at 63 Gravier et. by m!27l IBOGERT & IIAWTIOii N. Ti EA.--10i roeo vyt. g Ihryon te, of 13 lio each .l in ctole an:d fortle titr 6:i (iravler -t. by I ?7 J; t; 'tRT & II kb'l'lVT)r! . COMMERCIAL. -ati STATEMENT OF COTTON· Ont.2(t, 1836-No. bats .n hand. ............. ..... 8,7C2 02 M1r 44,25,96,'97-NsbSlna i rd thinday.. 4.92(2 Total N& .n 9.a'd pSvitnaly 446,690 45.57,3 In CI 441,775 tI Moo.315,2G Iy-F.apoa to Live 621. 2I do " Bnustna...... 420 4,, Sd n, Ya .....370 i S do " Brnn........ 44 n Total Expn , niouly ..............:?59,47-563,08 4 t No. balsa smaining, not cleard...... 97,691 ti STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. c Oct. lt, 187C -No. hhds,. on hand......... ......... 7,274 tar. 21,15,06, 1867-N,. Io ree'd to data ..... 49 Totl dpeioly..,, ...... .....4,61 4,760 12,237 Mar. 21, 27,'37l-Ex,,orted this day to Brsmen....3131 I do Manzanillo 2 Total Expos. Prerviot(ly ..........670-7.097 c No. hlhd. remaining, not clared..... 4949 NEW YORK SHARE LIST. 14,h 1,9ar1h.-U. S. Sank 112 a 119-N. O. Gu95,--N. O. 151thMarch.-U. S. Bank 117 a 14: N.O, Gas 95: Kentucky 4 90: 161, MlanS.-U. S. Bank 210 a 1161: N. 0. oGa 955 Vicka. burllgh 05 P1111.ADELPH1IA 611010E LIST.' 1l4hMa99I.-U. S: Baltic 1161 a118.34: Viokaurgg741 a 75: N.O. Oas 261. 1055,Marah.U. E.Sank 117:34 a 1181: Vekaboapgh 72 3-4 a 76, N.O0.aOn, 94 -4,, 251. 16th M129nh.-U. 6 Book J1.6 a 1173-4: Vctnkb,,,gh 51 a 74: Keutucky.8$1 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. (By tlh Virginian,) Otl Feb1. 1137.-Cotl,,, is very m9uch1 depressed and v9ices ane full,,y a halfpenny lown than wnhoa tb, last packetla,6 and theile $a~lnd is vary litnitcd,say oat Satardny 120O; cu Monday 0500. suid yealrday not more than 706 bag' were mid. Tihe san,,, drullness continues I a tis morni~p, and there is anrl, distress in money mattern owing to the restrictive mea sures of the Bank of Engl nn,. LONDON MIONEY MARKET. Monday Evening. 76, Feh.-The amount of bilt,, says the Times, sent outon Saturday hy private bnkers was ununal ly large. One house inl.ombard street had to demand pay. mentaon 4aa40instead of 12600,, 1510 s on 'formr occasions. It did not 't 1,,pir ,,,how many we9, dishonored. The stock mtnkenquitq i11native, Consols closed at 995 5.8 It cosh. Bank Stock remain9d at 127 a 263. But little dnae inl the for oi2ga tock tarket. Columblnn lnloe at125. CANTON 'IARKET-Oclt 17. Teas arrive niy iln .mllnI parcels, andlpricen, bloth ofBlnak and Gnnen, are u(nsettled: T1he Tea man are holding out for ver y 2lorbitat 9rates for Bincks. Raw Sub Ikh, fl:en a little, Ibt piece goods I(how no re ducliou is priso, t9e wav2rs Ibeing yet fall of work. Latter y, however,, tihe n2-orders have been inconiderabnl. BAh.TI5IORt MARKET.-Marsh 14. F'lour is saleable,11onard at at $1075. From the wagons t go,:s at"$19 25. tily nmills dull t $10: Rye flnour l qgndl 1y is 22oted~t at7 75. Snveral crgoe b of foreignwheat hnave arrive'. One p292el prim2e white was held at$2 30. White earn is 82,07 cents, yellow 6420 91 1ts. Maryllad Rye 22om. mnonde $1 0.7 a1 25: European in hold at $t 311. no oalas. Oat, are easy at 4ets. Clover2n2d stands at $7 5775 2,, aagotns Wh9liskey in hlhds. is dull at 45 ats in h,1,1. from atnt,, at 47 a 49 92,11,,. The wagon price of the saan is 43 a 44 cents nn, i elusive of barrel. NEW YORK MARKEf: --M2rc2915 Veryilil doing in cotton. Coffe is heavy. Flour is de. I sliuing. Puills on England begnt at 10nnd closed at 10 126 9er cent. On France 5 26nis the rat. A large sale of Teas wen0t off as fol9'a; Hymn from 40 a 57: Hyan skin ,5 a 35: Young IHy,,n 38 a 65: Gipowadnr 66 a 0:9 Impnri 1 13 a65: Sn .hanp9.O 120 1. 210lhlIarh.-A lArgetnle onfdry goods went nffE day at 0" 2 d9lin1, fo, nlld prices. EXChan21e 2n Eagland 1161 CHARILESTON MIARKET-1n99rh 17th. o But litt'o done in c·tt, thils wnIt. Good and 12ne parcels c haved d lined to16 -21contn. Common have gone down full I .2a 2 cents. It is doubtfulnwhelth 17 cenlts canl even b(2 obtainedl(1 f21hoi Uplnldla. TIhe sales for the week 9 om Irier 1707 bags fro 6e 18 cents. Sea lIalnd olmnmatndo from 511 a A gnool demand 2or 6ic,. Sales for tihe week r 1793 211921( frot 23.4 a3 3-4 ,,at. Flour is d9ll, t $11. 1ills on 1d2,,1 d are at It1-4 per cent.Carolina Indigo brings 75 te PO+RT ,OF NEW -ORLEANS. CLO.\IIID FRIDA1Y', Sbip Mo' iS', Jnolnson. Liverpool. MlCoaoltoot & o--nrgoo 7152 hle0s oolton, 51 Is cloog n t en. v ltro uI 1.10o1td1, Clihoordl. Nlw l"oo k. I nuklin--cr-oo 60 00 0l:ll 10 1ot2on, hhd I oool, 38 lo,lo oIinlllooo. p [h. Eltlet, , ioo YorkV, Qlooolar & eo--cnro, 5Ubbls c poo kO do who'ikey oo 41 cnlks Iooo , 5 oaokosoid 3 bhles ld 0lipper. 1 keots nowl 18 1lls 1 rl,.1 frig llnro Tl'olhonan, l.eLtiit, N Yorl. l..iey p. Aloolt- 1rJo tote .00os cotton, 1.0 caistk h1lO, 103 bblh pork, 51". ke.'s ]nld. 1ri2 Ciorlio, MPrrlym,'n. loto.lI. Ot .I tiol,--orroOo4tl 4 .ol c, 0 oilpllooil, Io.1lols lrd. lH:I otooltol0k. lA 1 IlholOlo oetr0o. Drilt Iyconin.+, L);t...ett. nl| ,| A Ilallelli t cn--carqr 1448 k0ega bpr. 03 l0ox0s porl', 30 hI.!s fl,,uro, nd oult lilg Coroli,.,. Ilogllh, lolvanot o Protl1 4 co--c1r01o 850 blob 0lo0r. 0i(O'd. Shllr Iruou' 10,olr.ll ,Nl Yoirk. Bein " Collcn--ei rg010 102 hhl0tl. tollnr. 50 111,ds rllll1. 'c00r Ilele4 riolo.oNyolk. 11nrh10 llh - otbbitis--"lrro 19 S hdlo soolll, Oi dooo'ooi.o I€IJ 110100 W Irll-. 8cls lr Mriotl, Btirnllltla Ihdltilll~re, %VmI Po ter--enaffo 31 Iolol's r tln01 1, itO 1010hh bils ll. ,'; 5 hhd.01, ooto 1 bb11 slu0r0 0 ,bl1 t1lo1. I I 1 is olo,,r,, 1 1iI lllze. (:L.E. LLI[D 8A'TUIIIOAY. l~ooolaroo Vlllo~ol, 3010ll. Liveri~ool, 11 |t..ooY--ooorgo 1838 h 0010a elllllll 31)1 hIde@.. 1l01 \\ ri+llo(lrkc , 00lrelne000J A IMerle -4 co--cargo 315 hllldo lotoo.,eO'o, '4 hnlel 'oltoon. Sli0 .lontioolIlo. Ilololosool, ,;oco, Me. S 40 J P Wolitney- o'.o{ 170 Io;lots cotton1. [{e1110 0,0002.e, (Iloe, Sl;lnzionoillo, Cutl,. Clloltlot ' 1.0101ro 0 co--trloo r, 4(10 bholo 'ollel, o5 oII 'o,'.o4 500 d 1ee, 4 casks Ill;n1.. L'0 do I-irr, 'l do toarco, .' 0 ke.~l I~rd. rellr'J'uwlslu~:,eI, 8 lnsrllll odv .oruq 4 .ebn - Sorll1 lillool;l. 1I0000lpcI, Mobile, A Priouo--nrogo bnco ooro,,' 0o10rJooIolOt A0 Ilo'ooo,Nh RIltoo(.litoilel l" lllttl-l-1oro hi I07.ol ca~ttl,.:I.J k 00s n170 hI bBIoit11ooo tclks hllco,04 8 0 Fnek.. (+(1"11, Oj IIIIXEII IlilUt# Scr. Olloi .'. boiblrI Boo.1t0ll. lBiley & Ahbot1--orgo 470 10'.1s .11k, 5oill klo, Inlrdl. Solor 10c0ic1 000 51)11 olo, l.iclmond, mooter--lorgo 100 tolb olh 1\0'o ll'"!yol lenllley. Colltlloin, Texas, IV Dryan- nr~lrZ i s~orh(~d 1ol. provision0s, 00C. Solo, J31lll0le0.0, IIorooII 0Ioi Ilce0ol o on---oorgO 10.1 oeosko Ilooool. I9 tea ol, 6-tO coils ropje, 400 oooks corl , 10 bills nlulol·Fcs. cl:r Volld rl,1lnon, PhihldllloliO, (1 Icdforlld--lroo 0114 Slor 'l'olltivo', 'Too,, S.ovo.nahl. J 3 DeSCooor'--elrogo t01 blid ollllooo Il olo) por1ok, 5o10dl mololoo..'10 Ildu11 polr. l1inloor ot Moooo'., COllootr, Apolchlicoolo, atoostoor--crgo 3LO blob Ioot'. So.Plllooloi Collllllolco Roldt. I.wolsvillo, il.Oot & P,.Ago--oar gou 4I ccr.,tr.A 1 IhdV.le El)010vllr. A\L|RIVED eLI IDAY,. "l'.wo:o'loP1'oifie, Mlortlo, lrooo lb, Po,0o00P,ltowedlto 000 rio. lOtloil. IIioo Thieo e; lrOoIuh oilt Iorigo Iotwto, sla to. el1o,. WI thlooono, JiIlioU Clooo,, 0Ill0il, Artoblroolo, and IIuIIIo.oo'oo ,iolipo lol l FI.k.' Pioo U000 od 1 l2lt2401, 1 stipl Uo . ripe, sehrs Eieri, ~illlllJ II hli Ul~lkllllVll( llt (:~rllllll l'rni- lloooV~d to siltllll.oo rl' bound, allip URoill; I l't,oll is-iri Ipi 100001 101ll0 to 101I0 0 ip YVooo ill Ui. oootifallodotioon as 'iot re Ii . lo.zr. C dy. 1. d~yJ rm rleston, t. Mnltinool. 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E Lntfonta. 1 hr kerc, Place, rfi St Joepohs, to mater-cargo 13 bolas he Coaton. to order. r-ahr A rlnlac, Sawyer. 5 d. Pi Mctamornl, a4 malter--la A llst. Pnsengers, A GUrrh, Pr Rolbido, S e CUrtachllt, A Ornato nod foI'nly. t A Solffse Ross,1, A Cut tin, W Lnanll.hrIm. J W tiesyen. II i Plttm..W It lten. :opr,J IR Crais. H Snllitll, Fatois-the last eight were p I-r onae-s re'eased try Ge IBravo. .bor P.atnreli:l. Binrat, It days from I.vane, to Pratt Mir antI Son: caernfo cle. oenrs.cet, to order. Mi Erig Francis, G.iven, 13th March fm Mtotano., to R On i nihle nnd co--cargl 22:In Ias coffeer, 1t0 boxes sogr, and Ig 24t tc.s Io.ney. R Goirrno lnl co. and o der. Seoaaler Black Ilawk. rlwin, from MolleI, to mnootr-O poi 900':. at .Seamrrnmcrtirt , Sr. rery, fr Shrere Port.eto mcttr calgo 1151h'o. ratton, N and E Ford; 17 do Iitrnder. Mc Kenna c uad W'riniht. 19 iuckar erStanton rand co. IoxMlnr tin, Pincnrtra nnd co. Paeerncn.eers Mes a Ilivone, BS 11 DLose, onears. Pnts, Rya.. nurng, Steele, Gcest. Steraner Ve'lo-iredc. iarecy, f.:oal Attatrnpae, to mnterrer- U con. 35 hIlldtisu:'r. Kirkrlno, Ros'r and co. 59 htll. a0 aeo-n, J Mntner. 208 lles cotton. O'DliNg anorid co: 34 c To ledallr.68 J It Pionicie nld o; 1 Mollariu and r o; 15 hhid.'r. ard 90 ilern coltor, Lee aid Hardy. ard sundries, to Cider. Steoimer llrncrllor. Wrastllnll. Im Lollsville, to master rro II hlri whIykiey, A II Wallaci..a 12 bllr and 0 lr i rto F eef. TI' O torvlrdll, 40:91 idic frocr. Dnmorii and co; 8l prs incugigc. Ilurke. W.Vtt and to: 453 Ie hogoli'lg. a50: coils rope.orI':; r 3 kjei s Ihod tr arrd i bidli Sioo nrl Ik0yron; 403 Fr oirs r roape. lerll . ll. Itrlggs rllrd cc: I ibbl pirk, Iuhbin oanrd Clalrk; 1i bidis hread. Fo,': and Block: 100 kecs lord. 4' do buher. Sco; a and oroth'el:; i4 pae mlinl. 175 cols rope 3F. tkles of twire, 5 hills rapples. 8 do nal 4 hilldlo I.efn, Iirre.', Shrt nno and co; 93 de whiskey. 958 siacks corn. 6 do core aectl. Bolnera and Alex:alder; 14 hbl racker'. 108o0 whi-do FWll key. tho do 0l0-, 1t0i do apples, etc. B Crwford, U 5 Mail, and rundries, to h dnaers Oi hoad. PFeaenceo Ma lecrs CGreen and iludy. irs ilolly arl servan,-t, " SIort, OiSnsor. CriGllr, DUlirira, SAlmer Crwfcord, Cooper, Arldero, Wiebstlcr. i()prec',. flikctle, ylrh.k, Allnworll. Fl Hertld, 'I ipps, Dator, Riceh, Woilulim, DicLe, II Hynes, MUidllm,, CLol,per. AIIItVED VESTESDAY. loiwoat Pilot, hlorrisn, itom orthe Passe. Towed to sea shir Neow Jcrsey, hrigs Peri, Morris Cooper, Ceres Snid Lin col. Broughl up ship United Ftates, sehVn Ages and nlorn-F ing Star. .Left thie Pass aoI tie 24th at O6 Pl; ship Creole Ild ship lenry inside, hound up; ointe ship and Siol barque bound F out; ship Yazooin slrme situltion as last reported; iu the river coh Clariisa Providence, Ajax anid several other sail. Strip United States, T1 lurner, 19 drs fin Philadelphia, lIedgo, Oxtard & o--cargo, assorted odze to Burke, Watt & co, Brooder, McKeona & Wiriht, T Limerick, t Forayrh, Goodwi & 'co, Buohann &llagan, Lee and a Hardy, Kelly&, D 31 , M Crossmno B CaseyJ , Knettle & co, R. Yoatron, F R Stnlhrnoc, L. SpMrgcn brcg. N & J Dick, Gas co, I1 Bennell,l' Toby, Hec- p kine & Wilrocks, J H Field & cn, JReed &.co, Stetson Avery & co E Lvyle, Martin, l'loascnts & co, Inen & tB D'Lange, J DeBlcrot, Btin & Cohen, J Thaycr, W Gal hlhcr, F Gillett, Godfrey, flllsa.nan & en, Fergusan & Hall, H & W4 Hopkios, Kirkmlol, Rosl r a': d co, 1M i WVctso.. J Valri, Cannon & Lepper, \V l'Kleau, ibaln die, P Sent n, .Johns, Carllters, itnaras & co, EL Trucv, J F Barnesc , l.olbethl and Tlhompsro, Normaniu & Steele, Bnsle & UBo, Hart,Lahatt &co, R|IM'(iil, L Adamsr, I.ockhart & Aorntt, It It Springer, N Hoey, t Leramdeis, Churbonet & co, C Redon, J oloines, (nint mor &. Morgan, Chumpomiro r and Clrnetd, J Mlager find co J I) Beck, S Locke and co, T P lMinor, N Davil, J .Mayzoll, Wilcox, Ar.dprsnn and co, J A Barelli and cc, Groning aod co, K Moore, T Smith, Reed and I Brstow, JWalker, Cash & no, L Donhsen, W Jenkins M While, RBass &L Hawtho n, Eastman & Bros. Rd 3McKenncll, Whititg & Stark, J Ik Guraham and order. Schr Alaae, Swacey, 10 ds fin Charleston toFJ Ferstull & Co-cargo, 163 ceasks rice, 142 brls tar to F I SJ Forstoll & o, Uucknecr, Stanlon & co, 4 bolos dry 2 ods, Edwards & M:rscnall. Passengero, Meaorsl i1 vey, A Shlirrcr, Mrs Adunst, Mrs Kelly and rtwo chil S dren. actenmer Iiraltvil'e, Jordan, n l lryor SCnrn,to Turner and Woo Iul--cnrgo, 78 btles CollOnl Lee: nol Ilardy, 41 Illlrri· eon, ()e e lllad co, lj 3llHode. Oxnard sald co, 0 dor and 10 tacks cliltorl erod J S Wllltoli30 lalte cotton; A l.edl. nod coh5 do W. Flower, 21I A kliv'rd, II L.llncelh ner.'Thnrmp csoo, 10 V Alllin. 11 J I ' P :llcb Clll t co i B tllder, M;:Kel ni anrd clt; 9'' Itltclr, end co. 2 M tiio ., Plelscalt urll c ro. 2 J Meluyer andn co, nol inllc"cPa to olde. plleonelro.l MPs. e" IIcttlyllto hi. llSonn, W H Whil.e, J Perknll. C A Tha C Iiillt, l otll'tr1" Tlll"dy, WVillilnle. It Willilms. ft ..Mi. W.nson, itI eo. Davi0, A~le Msli shall, dordo n. M1rs Arnnll, Milse I.a Is cOilo,'.'olpsol an tld lidy. J Plldo, iady, ed sPrvl:lt, II l otlen'y, U .llloer, rMary P.'rehe:od. A ollier, nd Grimesc. aitletr t IIIBck (:Iordoll.Opclouas, to II:alli nod a eill --"iIIro .118 hulac coltolo.Lnstlrupe lllld Ileualnlen1, 23 Leeeeh alld TIOalIpoaa, 182 U TOIc!,tlro, H A rtlallllll ald co. Pis I.o.eLn. A Follrill, iV O:i1r. (uunlh, Cook, eosllare anld Sservant, ThoIoason, Perot :llld tnllin. teltner cwailrk, WValtrll, fi Iitlle Rockl, o n:,cer- 0 rgoa 14 l.alr cnlonl tirk llIal. a,.er nclld eo., 1 Ido u, ke, W.itt rand r, 17 io N nld . lickcid 'o, I2 do BOckller. 0ti'io orl aid co, cO pio Iur'l to ordlr. Pilsunengels, nrsr ,Ridd:oe allld Idy, Swell and lady, leckerocll nll:l Ildy, Mrs Coralluc.e, Sturle, kr Nor. IRilcy, GU.Ollu, ilonor, Ilill, MWkh s od, Mloore Br.:wn, Vil.olIn, G.iller. FislePr,Ponlcek,Gilllrg ll:ll. Mt.nremll, tl::uollloU, ilardy, Tu Ior, Jolln, Booni, k,arlcnrryi-le, noad Shrll 1eicnoer telnlphlore, lloflman, fm Opelousae, to Instrepe and Desltre--cnro 278 Iailed callon 27 aoils ore:. h5 boxes canlldles Illstrtl le inll Deslare. 101 hbales rotion CToledano., iB L.aetltanl'rlloulalolln. Ptcssenger. Moessrs Il:eat itald ri, lady Murdock, Ilurnegs. Daooers, Stewart nld Ivnes. acalellllor a Bllck lhrwk, Iiai, fill Mlobile to inltrr--no cargo" SItEMORAND A. 0 lBrqu q le''n Mar is report. to hluive been li:hltnlld Ind ltowed off il'todep wale,. . a Sclr Julius Ccsar reports tll t'e hlri Flight rwas lostia or Cu IvrLolr IaSllld :lrut illt 5th iMaIrcl,. Stermcr Newark reports thatr thelt Steamer Foncy, irhence wilth a full cargo, took fire on tihe night of tke 25th, 10 arilcs belo wBayon Sara, nd burnt to the wanter'-edge. Cargo rlos and nao'dlo an drowned. 38 Brig Daoiel t MBliller, O'Drinoll, h for Tampico and Canipeaclt, was lost oil or aboot the 7th March, 15 hlveing beon low nashore ir a violent gale near the latter part; vessol a total wrecOk, coargo consisted of mo nilla grass, partly snaved. Nautical Intelligence. 110.11 PORTS. Spoken 7th March off Capo Hatteras, hark Mary, Wingate, frot N, Orit. Ibr IBoton. Brig llHarvest Currier arr. 16th March from N. Orls. at New YTork, 22 days out. Brig Hudaon or. 10th March, 20 daysfron N.Orls. at New York. Schr. Caortovia, Vindsor atr. th Matrch. 16 days from N. Ort,. at N. Yolk. Brig Tlope, Bryant from Newcastloe,. M. for N. erie. seen the 8th Marth Ott 30 86. oug i71 it a cotldition. The brig Sarah Villitats took ott captain n ld crew alnd t routht themn to Boston 1hllt Mrch The liope was insured in Bos ton for 839000. Orig Augusta, Irotn,. r od. Savannah, 17th March. for New Orls. .aBrig LtoLnidat, Crock.h.t. from BIo ston 13tht March, from N. Orls. dhips Charles Wharton and Robert Morris, sailed from Philadelphia klth March for N. Orls. Itr. Hermoslt, Chlman or. at N1 York, 15th int. t8 days ifret N. Orle. lrig Arabans, Gardner, cld. 17th March, from Charleston for Noa Orls. O trlgMouhelrgnn,Sthekpolo arr. at Portsmouth, 11th inlrt N. Otit. tirig Trojan and satlr, Wayne from Nae Orl.. ar. tt Nte York J15t' inst. FOREIGN PORTS. Ohio from. N. Otrls. for Liverpool, spoken 13th Feb. 20 mAtils N. E. of 'PTscar. St. Louis, Sampston, ar. Liverpool t Fob. f'o nt Natcl, Mitr. Olioth,, N. Otrl: Peruvian, Speas, tio: Mlloaarat Forbes, King do: North Star tlendict do: Cincinnati. Ilatow, arr. Clyde, ltt Peb. N. Orls. Coral!an Picket sld. 5ill Feb. Dover for N. Orls. Birnmitgham, Ne' e.iland, Gilob, Colgress. Northl Amer ica, Empire, Herald, Ann MarytAnn, ColAumhiaand brigPleia des, all for N..Orleans. UnToa at tavre 5th Felt. Spoken 14th Feb. lat.343 lTog. 7':0. Renown t13days fromt N. Ortl. fou Mlarreilea. SpokanClhar:s, N- trlt. for LiTvprool 28th Feb. lot. 21. long. 8.. 25, 16, 32, 3, 2, 45, 01, 10, i, 58, 33, 23, Are the drawn numbers of the 15th Clat a"ot the FREE SCHOOL LG1'EILEY, Class 1& a on Saturday next, tile Ist April. Capital prize $110,110; tickets r. duced to $4, whilst the lowest prizes are retained at $5. By this arrangemttt ti e holders of one Ia belltr prizes caanreeivo a new ticket, aln somle change, ill eteadtoftiving it. Scheme tt-t'Srrowa. D:Trhe Itoldtlrofthe 3000 il nr prize, call reeie' the cash oiattaplicatio:t to the Olan-tger,: 7 Grv:er st. nt27 J K MtFA, 1, tManager. W AS taken 0 byk the eIght watch of te tdr i ard, lls h 23t1 Wll., Wl a sall bay mlre and her fol theoralt r is re lusted t tprtove.prperty, pay clharge, and take them away on or before the 8ith of Atril, otl e ,vise they will be sold at publie auction hay P A Guil lottet, altitoteer. JOHIN ItPiCE, Contmissery, 11t27 Itt Ward, 2Od Mtunil iolity. O'TI'iCE P--'ersonC nal lding for trofsaionalt r I1 vices, will please call Ibetween the hoars of nine anttdi five o'elock, durig the da. at 70 Cnnal st. tn?7 A 1t I.1,OEG1 , IDentist. SPEtI.I CANI)LES--N-o eeived pettr .eht J'Iescttlpe, O' and brig Old Colony, 700 boxes Nantuckeot epertt candles 2t do BoI*ton dtl. I)ltwter, A\ustijt & Co's. bran ,,r stale at 134 'lT'cltuittn ,lagtt st 1112t:7 1ll{tE &.Co. l and fir dobl fit -31Te'houpitonl'.us st. by the stllb +enri erd, 25 eases o,'asoluahe clothfing; 15 do firlli:,lla bl( silk h:tts; 1 1 do drb fttr bats, with Ibroad Itril. In27 I BILIDGE & CO. I_3ENRI( Y Ill)SdliN', ,aviug withdrawvnf fom the firs 1 +lr TlvmmC. Cash C. Co., the aectmats will he tled, and the aunetion iand (olmuniscion b.:chie, es tOlltlli ald at No 4 Camp street byTv'lhns. (C Cash', uetlcr the aid fit.i. ItHOiAS C C .S11, IIENRY IIOSKIN. Net.' Orleas, March 7th 1t837. 110 ENTIO--It30 bgs latllding fi'om stit Iluatsville, anad fore leby STETESON, .AOVEEKY&Co. A SUI'Ii'AttI.E persit to naOlt itn a t oarehuset, nrYy Il hear of a situationl by applying tt m27 ' 33 New I.ever. iON.ONGAIIELA IVHIISKE;Y.--0 I7ttls Mouon Ai gaelul whiskey, in store and for saleat 63 Gira vier st. by mt27 IIOGERT a. IlVTWfIIORN. APER-.45lutaudles printing apetr, in atore act fr ale at fi3 Gravier st., by 11207 tOfGEIL'' & HAWVTI-IORN, C INCINNATI BACON.-Sidee, shouhlers, andl itams, very tlpcrilor, it sttoe and fit r sale at 17 Comtterce tf. by m27 1.AYEI' & AMEI.UNG. lFt\II.¥ I|AM1S.--A prite article ia smallp |mt. F teo for sale tt 17 Commlterce st. by m27 LAYET' 3r AMIELUNG. C1 tI.EAR POR)K--30J tbld litsale at 17 Commerce sat. ly na?7 I.AYE'L'Th AMIELUNG. LFEAF LARID.-Itl ottre ttad for ale it I7 Caotm merce st, by tmt7 LAYEr ,eAMEI.UNG. ,.l n ESS P'ORK.., fur sale, by 2.vK mi7 G D01S 7.V, 4.1 New Levee. ESS BEEI, in half b ts for sale tar t027 Gi I)O:LSIY, 44 New -Levee. L.AIOt, 000 kegs let.f lard at-tt l ladini for sale, by L tt7_ G I)t)RS IEY, 44 Ne I.evtr, iLOU(.--I100 bds fit tIt, i mtodi· nd for sale at nor .4 New Levee, by mt27 . )01 OIl'0E. 1' 4 New I.:-ee, by t.t7 G )ORSEY. 19 ANII.I.A C()RI)DAE--An xteortaneat of" sizc., I fro I 'to 4itl, fiOTsale at ot (iitrayer st. by roti ISTETSON, AVEiY, & ('o. sl n ,lsh, cr·er 10 dri saus..ges, ftor sale. n t (i (Camp st,hv e,'.7 YOI~tKE BROTIIEILt. t.opelatnl opp tsite the 3lint f,,r sale eit :13 Common tt reht, tby Y,27_ I. 11f GALE. ýI IhIII I; ittt It\otolt-ti ,l.o ,sa -t" .7 , !alt 111 : ý,r, ,St '. 'tAN'SPORTS WANTED. d A NUMBER ofveosela of light draught oTl ater and wanted as Government 'ransports. 0heyare to he at Fort Brooke, Hillaborongh bay, by t te I dth of April next, wellprovidei with flomrs or [nmrberfor the di same, with wolad an Water, and all o:her neelaes dot pepaniations, fonr transpltatio of Troops or ladi, .pt Written proposals aeiang tlieonnage, draught, gen t deal, chraeter of l ean vessel, and the pries per hi.d ftrom Fort Brooke to this place, taking steamn up h Missiassippi, will hbe reeceied bly Major J. Clark, assst-t ant Quater Master U. S. Army, nnttl tile evening of the il t ROBERT it & CO. d Folsa double Gin nu of traws ors m above, r tranbe porting er, making Fort o ake to A palndla to at Lort sroke oin the 10t, of Adrsl ne. at , UAs TEo d. or 8 MATER'S OFFIC, New Orlan, 2 per saw, or 00 137. ()ORDER RECEIVED FOI I JoES NGLTE GINSCO TTO I ty the Pstentee, No. 53 NlogoZinoe strert, New Orleans. it UOBE MANUFACTURED IN NEW YORKBY . lROBERT'' iOE & CO. SCALE OF' PRICES--Dnoslc Gin:. For a single Ginl of O8 saws or me ore, with kt evlillden, making l100 ntG llh the stnod stlone setro, lders, ads. a&e. at. 6 law, $9110 00 Faria lIoll5l.(;inl oft Wto os vs otoaovYlinledr, For 1d. of 60 sawse witad, feeders, &e. at 50 per saw, or 070 00 For dol . of 40 saws, with feedeo.or 83 saws i a 7st5l, pe r saw, or 500 00 For do. of saws, with feede. or, 40 awe inat $7 5ta0!d at we.t ler saw, or s6000 SINGLE" GINS. Extor aiteethiwheredesired, for feeders,, withsuppled at 40e set osh; the number oteethds, e. t equper l saw, $11000 U to e number of saws, Onit e et of feeders, it. isco. 50er however, will wer0 of v or n l. o40 sawthes, with fee hders, Gi. A n wght at 23 ner saw, 300 00 wiFolldo. oe saws , with feedsto , t the. lt 'wh 50 per saw, 150 00 Eoxra teeth where desirert, far fredo, snmppled at 40 scorrs oalh; the alnher asl'teeth burg obout eqool 1 to tie nulaber of saws. OlUse ar of feedera, itis eoa. slderle however, willwear olt two or nleo ars oaf soas. Eolre sws star idiedl at 00 aen;s elachl,. Tiro r oerin e, will also helvordered whto tie agents ofred, lonate's ireastlo f ib e sea bu rt will e the cottor pla. Horse thrg Sates, at le a.coy theI wi the ageir views ing tregrd C freoighton te mntosn fsom New stsrk, bhes, coml Itr spge iamete fr ithan onthes. The moinst. A comi n rizet i llne ar it tile so(ilse wish them i wincheres. Some aired; the 5 or 6 rowgs of brshes on an axle, will e eothers do not want more gethan at most.e ordered where esaws with red o reasle to the inh, t whille others wante 0 Horlse 'tpart cular. Where it is left to lie u nisetil onwe like A order call sea edgieeedfrom cathe alsotime ordit is rece if de It ime lacedsinb whe hands teof th ive faceor fT o Gin tm i thesy aldesilsaeomslaoy ltsllcms willithieirviewsio regsrdL n to tlmsrrcaengsmel'oer f olws, Ilsanlda, bruadlei &t. l F Sfor they lext crop, all orders uio. Som e esirn the sawns of larger linuacturer lby the lrst. or middle of Mayon siep ior 0 inctat ionsw shme i they relate incmmoes. Some wi 5 or ows tetof Right, for an a onle, ofile thers do Sgrowingt moes, willbe solt n Son reasoiblaw withterms. o9leehlL to tile islee, ohile others wantl0or Ii. I l so ok of Saint Nicholep ase in r'er thley lould, o14 he tie ofiothe new complete and unifor sttemeit of thePaul-ir T.ihea,asd the soaFireside.-A Tale in 2 vols.em in gevey psrt'seular. Wsere it is I'll to onordisrerlioc, we shall ke ols. 1 ond oat ohde new complete and launifrm. S edir tion eeee, f thetme it isreeveaulding' ork.d, -ill tsimer.- raofnhted by Alexandereks tPie GEqin in t Rtios plcelin iNoe ba32,3 f teaud34, To I e ir's tine a for the Famerly Library. Juo t rto e i eillae hrs of ite ao inau Spnrc by te lst authoror iddle of MA year int for ptonsey oon, by they arounte in Bom leesing to id The T e ntet R ight, ftr any oe of ther with oth growing Statnes, wille sold ol rea. nauble terms. LATE PUIBI[CATIONS. Ia fllE book of Saint Nilsholae, in l vo.t belog el 14, I of hise Yew coplete and aullfor edi tin of a2 dol Sdirns wiorks. T: h Dats'scsllrs's Firaoide.--A Tale in2 vale. bhing sols. 12 nat 13i,ofI otew coniplete and uniforb aditio of Pu1 olding'a works. 0' Itomer.-'l'ranslasrtn by AIeaoondar pope, Eaq. io 3 e nalt. bhei Noea. 3'2,33.oad 34, of tllroere' Csa. '. saieal am ly Libraray. Juat received and far sale by Wa McKEAN, 'as "OS3 ¢oroer Conrp indd Cosmon sis. SCENES IN SPAIN, &e. &c. O I CENES in Spiao, 13 the aullior aof"A year irs lise Itlone y Mloon, by the Countess of Bl assingtmll,s &e. in 2 role. od Tile Ts'gvs' at Romngetasly loia, together with oth era'aten sty dissinogsiished r ilsen. Also, a flrther suoppin of IBarr'a Marmoirs, vol.lht; anad hLioisrgostos's Criaainl Code. Jost rereivord ans Sfi,r soleIsy is 3 oEJ. I .EVY. 'MI il is9sia rerlIliErl-8t blsio retiiidwley,5.9" dio. ' l I ol:si llf orsale by 23 S1.00 & ItYRNE, 133 Tthoapitiiusal at. I AMILY IIAMS-34 bblo Reynolds & Co's.hoame, lauding front steamer Fancy, for sale by ml?3 81,O & BYRiNE, 153 Tchoalitoulns st. ACON--lO 0casks hog round Cincinnati b i figrnt rote orderjust received ad for sale b 3n &Y3 SLO) & BYRNE, 153 Tclhoupitolao st. I IOLASSES BARIEI.S.-548 Molasses barrels, e iLl landing frnom steamer lMeditlranore, nod for sale by SLO & BYRNE, n123 153 Tclonpitoulan s at. AIfl)-3-:0 kegs Lrlrd of uperiltr qalily, in tor , a1 d fLr sTale by (it VOT & P'AIE, tm16 12, Poydrnast. 1 OiN-l15r1i stks corun h tin . shi pping oder, just IJ tecceived lind liea stle by rtyL J III (lIll AIAl, 149 Tconpitoulas st. L Er I)NSh-3u 0 inoxesd real l.helot', itn to-re atnd thr L onse by tT l IIYDIE & II R. Fae lic S--9 utcks fien sale by t In tl A H \u\AI.tjACEi Bantk Alley. I) ACON SIl.)ES-l 0 hltds kbnonsaid.s, Inudin-. s'tt )D tFleaner Eicho and or tale bry J VAIILN, m9l 26 Ponydra st. T E:XAS. TOTICE is herehy givten to all those brave andil 1 ctivtalrus yta )nlg met who wilsh to g tot 'lexa, Ike tile ltohpose ol'tssltilng ill her glorioinscaue of lib ertyealnl iselldlendat li, a, to avilt thatelavesoea t the rich outlaties lad reward sre protlies to those thit serve er, that arrst.leeteints p h ave been made with tile schoonter Clhampion,t tttransport all lthaot areready to g t tby latnrday evening. the .t11h inst. at whicht limle the vessel will positinely railia fr Matagorda. lmedli ate I.ppeliati be taide ont toarder t at rIr. Ilcnt ties Ctone I louse, dlljttitit the St. Ctharles Theatre, to Garretr, or l'rile, or rte suberiwker. thi is probablly tihn last ,opportnity tany one will have to obtain Ir.,.lnporntatiu ll iee f c.pellse. m t4I 2 I)F WAYMI)ITH. OTICEI' --The Ino hasors of squares in the owl thi Shrewts bury, srld by I lewlet t & Cuennse al auction oa the 4t~ lanv tb'h Iastn. re requested te, call at the office of TVtn C Ahrlst, nitatry phblie, and eomply witht the terms of sale, witli tell days from this datr; or else the property will be sold at thelr cost and risk accord ng to law. m20 N OTI'ICi-MIIr E IDMUNII) )..iL N, twho purchased n at ant auctionsnl ntotle by Isaae I. McCoy, o tile 17thi l)Deet r lst, the ftlowniag described lots in Bloonintdale, a ere is rev tifited to c. mply with tile telrs and Cnlitions of tite stle, within ten days fromt tile date Ihereof, otl.ertaie tle snome will he sold for hii account and risk, viz: ten lots nlumlred from 81 to .r 0 itcltsi e, on ti sile adjoiling I) F I rthel, Esq'e. prn erty, tand teI other lots, also adjoining the property of I) F llurthe, n .n tumhered from 111 to 120 inclusive. Ters--l- pc.yatble it 6-ittonths, and the balance in 1,2 and S tears, not tihe 17th t)ecemcr lasnt. mO4-10rd SL CLharlcs 'irealre Arclde, aud .dreade aloha' Coaa'lrol/. GENB.iRD L meeting of theO Stockholders will Itke t1 place itn the onfice f thel St. Charles Thtarre, on Mniana nexrt, at 5 o'clock P SI, to take into eonstlderru tion the aemllbents to tile St. Ctharles, made iy ti Legisllatre, and fir tIhe traSctihttilll of other busitess. A pTiaetual at0tetndlne is reqalestrd. By ordu r of tile I'r silnt, m24 (OIERIGE W ENT, Cashier. 0 PA VElre-Writeina int st 3 Ill be reroitr. until the L1t April,at tile office of tih Gas Light rod Bnauing Co. Ior the Iepttirillg of all the streets andl side walks tItkea tip by said elllp o, for-thei etorsaieg ,ear. All materinln to ie turnisihed by, tie conltraetotitle ,ork to le d(lole inlle ltrta flotner, and Ipaulet to lie liade, Olt enttifcnrte t tie sllrrveor, thitt the ot-blk hns'he.a, claltpleted hlit sa tisfaction. The contract ,r mst ine a bond lir $5ton0, with n proved secitrity, for tile fiithfllul pel.t7nllneaze of his thyt. Gas ILight O Hfi:e, Bunk Alley, Itareh.-l1 3t--co GRA.\ND) SAI.OON-NEW EXCIIANGE ItE)TLI., SESSctS 11S wOlt ant TRo UST rieslertfilly an Snoualce that their SOIIEE MIUSICAIE, will taks place oni Wednlesday evening, Marchl 29th. 1837, when they will be assisted by the following distin gttistetl artiste., who Ilase politely iraferrend their valu nlleuid. dnadttie GIRAlID, the ce'hrated Pinnitite; Signor (AMIIATT'I, (hv ptermissin otf R Russell, Esq.;) Siguor RAVA\IGLIA, Mont L.EIISIANN, Mons NIRt)I.L ntd a tlltateur of tlhis city. -I-Tickets. $1 00 ti be Itad at hMri Casev'a Muslrie store, nl at tihe New Exelhage Hotel. t 24 1OIt'TEll.-30 cnasks Lotdont traw stlout, ill ilts l and quarts, instarec al foIr sale at G3 Gravier st by m27 BOERT& h IAWTHORN. T1'O IENT. A V'trehoause in Jolia st. 30 feet front ran is niag ba Ik Io Notre Diane Street. For fulrthcr It1 particulars apply at 90 Conmman st. or to m2-7 J 1) BEIN & A COHEN. 13 7 .11N- SI-IEItI'-g101)-,--30 Backa ia store andi I ii,- sale at no. 9, Cotlllnota . bty 1J:7 J D BE.IN &A COHEN. 1"ýIItSK.i''-lt111 bih whiskey, landitg andt tr Srt sale at no,12,oydrias at. bIv n?7 G(RIVOT &PAIOE. iLOiIJRI-otii hhls superfteatie flour, landing and for Ssole at . 1u 2 Povdrtlns al. It. tm27 " RIVOT& PAIGE. " N.--300I1ngseora landaing ani tor sale at h it(' ?27 YORK BROTHERS. INKFE . o lantlitdig from ships Comitelslati Sand Nashville fionlt Marseillesl;ttboxes au. eat tine; 10 t ans roll Brimstone; 100 l Cork; 100 boes .allhiton, for sale at 7T Magazine st., by tal7 1K I.AFONTA. .\RT , WHOEL. BA1tRoWS, &re--I htIt, .aJcat; I.1 w.eeel bart.t...., 12 dilt I .totsW 7 palir wlee.lot,nw lantding and for sale al 71 Maazhine at. by ,a.7 E I.AFONTA. l t)I el- IIIHI$.--tUit Mollnea s Isla hhds oaird ithe baritn0 lerahl, in goIod orderantl for sale at 93 C. loIn tt St. btly n'i7 I. H GAIE. _ t' IRk:IS, &..-t-l t'aes t ctotppy silk IhhdkI e Id Id 11 tt:nlor Imngee do; 3 Ido grn s 'lath " pat just received llld l it sale tlt I5 Call p St. by m9.7 \ OIIKE IIRO'I'IIERS. i 1.\C()Ni-- 0h0 IlIr. Ihog rouanl, iastarI, tand for ti lll ' ,.ws, etc ohar a cynllHiglneltl Iby -,_1 ,; !ilVt;l'r & I'AItJE, 1_ /Pe.,iras or. T'l INDIAN'S PFAi&52A. UST recived a large supply of thb most valuable A.oeling o ordra Ietly ei.y.l, sa ,etitfar.ory l. diseout shallbe allowet to Drtgt lt' and all s rale Ito dealq, in applving to he o subO-lber, ngent for the for u"ralt'ir BONNAaEL, jtrs , corner che q 'h itoulas sta. Io 'int. bv tIe riglt satal, S1 Ward, 1d Manieipali. I , large i grey Iorse, with Irbob tail, with a sod. ie nd iridlo tn. ''Ieo owner of said Ihorse is request- c ed tocosn forward, prove proerty, pay clyarges anrd take oint away, on or bebore Satuslhay the iot day of April, on which day It will be sold at public auction, by. P. A. Guilliolt, anctioneur, at 12o'elaek. II B STRINGEer R, CommissNry, o153 31i Ward, 2d MIesociptlity. LiNS/EtD OIL, GI/A.. , &e.--liaeed Oil inbbl-; ' I, Castor Oil, in dt Latmp oil in do; Chrni green in ful il ald Idry; walim's Panneso; Swoius's Vertifitge; pr Grdon tseOds in boxes; Widr (Glas; Seidlitz pow-r. leru, C clp dl letter Ploper, for sale by, liy3 SWAIN & BRI). Dlruggsimts, 1t Cnsal et, lis S TAjRC H.t& c.-Latdling froil ship Rienzi and brig Margaret Ann, l o 5'1 boxes L Stlalmeoli l 200 Iloxes Nos. 1 alldn 2 Soap, i 97000 S eu rs in quarter nod eighth boxes, l r tm23 .n AC BRIDG & Co, 131 Magzi tst. re $10 REWAR. I N). A BSCONDED on the 17th lnst. a black woman c aimedlll IOLLEY, i ged about 3531 years, , feet. 2 or 3 inches high, or Inerhaboultsl; a the most of nier tcetlt out ian froml wore wlcvnsle t ivweit stry an old stri, peo ginihant diess-Dotleyv frinlly Ilonugedl toh nlbe Ito Wla . WViller \rielh, ideceased. Site is well nowtin by trsv persols reidhis ill tile city tid fu,- I lnurg St Mlary'., ,rtirsicnlarly in te tdiglsiorshood ofe uelord street aind t ag o rue siroect. 'rhe n mitc eward, asd nil rteasLonisl to enxpooes willI be paid, oi delivcrv to tile ubseriber, or lodged in jail, so that he call get her. el t2tf IIW B STRINGER. lr OAroe i .'1rir.TY NEW, PRL. ANS. I S ouncaen of the Seronl' .rAlu/i,ipa/nli. son Sittiisn of ThiirodLs, 1ailt March, 1837. Li D RSOIVEI), Tlhntl th le l;titicin of this Council, un R i is expedient, nldl ecessrarv fir the public Cell venieace, to oonltioue Notroe ates street from .dasazln r wih wnit said strct; ele it ille ao th ris hereby au tborioid to give ti bl. r notice in tlo True Amerian isd - Cinneireiil Itssletin in Freuch liedl English, during ten ilys, t it is tie iontention if thlia Ciouicil to oipen Ssid street, i conllirtilty twithnl o int thre I.eLisliature, entitlei "ni Act to regsulate the ipeillg, lUyiitg liot, t oil implrin vg,i'stwro i nilli piblie pltles in the rcity Oif Ntw Oclea.s, &e." Approved 3d1 April 183.. Sigaied J IA\PDW\VIiN, Recorder. Approved, 3st MaIrch, 1837. Signrd, . P'RIEUR, Mayor. A true copy. C IIE.IID,Stcreanry. Agreeablv toithe fi reg.iiu resolution, oid licon fssrnity with the pvrovisiis if ieat appltlroial the 3d April , 183 ", e otithdl ,i"a a A c toi regitlste l ie openin g, Ilayitg oilt, lnd iltllri'lg of Ictrets tld ilslie Iplaces in tihe eity of New ( rlens. &v," Notice is hereby given Ithst it is hitv itentrion of tile Colllceil of 31u a:ii ptlityNo two, ti hive Notre I)loe atuoosned from Alo- 'I aziel street, to Camil street, ii a striit lien with, aud I I of the sale willh ils said Notre Dante street. IuMarch 23.18037. 1) L'btIEUIt, Mayor, ' "ONpO tII' M 0 ,' a ain cos/lutiuot ii deosss, et nu it vi'rtu id'll i cte a plriivc 3le Avril, li,. Ciititaile " ictl prtn rsreler ' iuuvrture, distiai/ition et li'atmlio ra eionslcorieo d r s Ilnes pe liliqaes daie Is villei de li It. Nile tlrlvnso,&,e,' Avi s dlss dlllta tue 'iatiltlaiol dlt I, Cooetiil deIn Seciidelt tMunicilslirte c-t de faire otire at Ia rue Notra late, diepiths I rue des Magosino,jasga it la Is rue due Cais'., en li:ste Idriteet de lai lteile largsur of 9uI' .i taioiltiusl ais ditc rIeNotre )Date. pt I.e 22 Mars, 1837. D PIEUR, Mtire. 1.. - AI.bYdAI IT l 0l " -NEb W OI.LEANS. Cioutici/f lhie .S'eiondilustcripohi.u. Siltit, ofT'I'iesdav let Merril, 1837. DIR SOI.VEI), 'i'lat ia tlieopisioa of this counlcil, li it icrxpedliet, aiid neccssaryfior lthe pulblic con venience and health, it rolltilne Niilic eitreet fiill 14, 'I'choapilutoua s lerct,ill e struuight l lie witll, id of the i esame witlh/ as said Ntchel z se irei,to New Levee street; nnd the Mayor is her, by allvtho.i sdl to giiO public II lice int tlle ''rlue Amelicaliull uilC(mameurciail lBulletin, it ft'reoehaad Engllishs dariugtssn days, that i1 is the in tention of this olutshil to u ni/ nod cuofiu ¢o Held street, , in coeformityi withlthc nt il lhe l.egi/luturr, rentitled, ,a"aat Act to regulalte filhsup o iug loylsug io ", aind iti ale piroviag slreels andl puhlie dlucos in il/e city of New Orleans. &c.". Approived 3d A rIo 11/32. Signel, J. IIAI.)WIIN, R corder. Approvedi, March 21i, 1:27. Iciinul, D) PRIEUR, Mayor. C IIEARD, Secretory. A Agreeablyu to tlhe Iriegoing reseluliol, and ill iuii0 fariii with tile privi-ioi s of aut isit approved thei 3.1 rh- April 1l8, etitled,"lu Act ti rllt torg ile opening, lyillg usat and iltrovllag ofiftrleeits an dil publi a plt ./ l Idi isthle city Il New ()rle/mi, &c." Notice is ierebv soil ivee iliot ls the int'ntiion of tsie Cisocil of Muui vip/litv Nii Two, to hiliii Nathei street oell e I sid do Li, coiui rlefrmI lvluTcoapitllolis street to New Levee et., iai straight liue witlI, adl of tho caille width" as sai Nilshli- street. 1) RI2IEUIR, layor. tis Mrcih r22d, 1537. it)SI'% I b \ it·:II tIe reosil hioiivi decoties, es , ,,,verru deos diuititucln de i'sele Ifa iprolive le 3 Avril 1032, c.ititi ".\ct, pour rea-er rl'overtire, lx dili i Illtilllo Ir l 'c/llui ual IIl IT dea rues Ct plae sc pibli/ itu's lnii II ville dr h/ Nile Ocrle/ans, &c." Avis ert pouie 9 vlue I'iteotivn da ('nsvir l de Il Secrndle lMueicl ,lite u, et dC u./lin ll/riret chiintlair iI riue t re Natcher I c 'trsla riel', 'rcthoupitoll i/.- vll l nraIa rue de il NIii " ý.ev.cI.ll liq ae droile ct do lIt (,'allf lerzeurqu'u uioia lenll la site rue Ies Natc/iez. S 1) PI'IIEUIt, Meitre. L2:" MStars IF,37. t ilb,, he girn for apprehendieg and lodging in lh J Ij lL . Rg V hIlo nhlacml ,hd, it is i.lo.edl, nll homrd the SNelCelll Columhus, fin, Cicivini .i,hout ten days sine. Jerv is,- bIt .' IIIS lfuilfo, five fi lei tn or rIlev'I incsi" inl hciht, iindi stoopeiLi, very talkaltiv land Iluinilur, Bd of battering alln trading in Ihr. , hllvingl ell ben lo hk-drioer fir illd . time past in this ilty. Jerry hlasinadoualohtineodforged papers. Ili u ire, who is fllee, necomniptied ]luim. .he is a negrtest ifsin I1 ttllll ure,n very talktive also. It ins suppos ed he hai aIIled the nI e of W iILLIAM, ad tillhat li wiafe calls Il bi y that ailne. 100 dolllrs will h paid f.r seenirini hiln in any jail in tllisState; nnd 100dollre abr Inodgig hhi ii aty jail, if ltakn out of tie State, with all reesonnIhl expensis, beS fde r brinh i hrng J. LIEler. ein'w (Jrlini, nlrll '1i, 12:37. i7 S I A L T - i t t ir.+' e Ulld tinit e if r s llu l .!2 11 t (:.M CA1 i, A G cravier strect. 11 IOIASSES CASK.--0 1lolasses casks realy . i .rlling, and fir sale by G IBJCKIIN, iiw22i 79 Cliilon nstreet. 'UCK..&c.--usti received ln nilnorlillelt of nie rLior Ic, o dolrsa, d.eak, lrawers, chests ane irliuks; also a gencal assortlellt illlurdtlanre, for sale wbolhahte or retail hy l.AY'TiN & Co. mli'2 2no 53 Old Lavec st. O IL, &c.--10 cuna.olive oil;25 casks best paire Swintierstrainied oil; I'2 miaks liineed oil; 05 banrel, spirits TI rplntiie, in store anra for nul by id'J lren n L YTON & Co.. 53 .jld levee st. r'a iN.--873 sacks cora ill irst crat ordelr, lnding lroan ateaner Allolulin, and for sale lb bl.O) & tYI'N12:, 153 l'cakoupiiltnas at. \LUU1L -1NI RK.-140 hi Ile:ur; 78tI do near I pnitik; 1G6 do leins pork, la:lillg from flat hbat,and for sale iy SI.OO & RYRNE, l2 153 'I'cvheupitouins ntrnet. SILEI'iN PAINT.--The stTiel, rilnr has reit ceive a .l1 quantity fgreen p .iut, to whicl be would call the nttanti of ithl 'Ilde. WnVm A IIYAN, nn?2 25 Magazine st. ' PPADiEl & S,10.I tLS.-The subscriber has re ceived 150 dozen isnlld n s aulndshovels, to which Ihe would call the attlctioni of Ithe Irale. ? i\\'in A RYAN,5 ngazinzhe st. B-ULK Ii-AC0dO -l2 pice-slides, n a spelriir l,i in atore anld fur sale by J VAIILIN, i11.2 O6f Poydan street. U Ut. K I I .¢ T'I PiNTi'RiU 5 blocks best ali.. ea Till 35l0 plates of spllter or Zine,tfr sale by i122 Ollio I, AYTOI i & Co. 53 Old I.evee st. ALlT KiE'I l'llIE-13vLlt kettlenn ihand and for S sale in lots to suit lurchasers ly ml2 mJlno IA Y'I'ON & Co. j3 Old Levec st. AN AºLO.-SlI-3l bkegn s ofiiilh well s'ni rtnl i1i slti' and Ir sal ' by" LA YION & Co., I'?I itlo .52 OiJ Levee. SlTRI.11IInit.,CnppIeAnn ' 1a.t 3i oance, fnr smle 13 1:2. II (: (C AI:IAt(I A. i Cn, 65 Gravier at I . (--2j hills ldangi. lron stlnl.r lncy Ibr anile bty " DOIasI Y, ut`2 ·It Few levee. B ACON SI)DES-21 eaks,a .al rinr artiel', Cin Sillati cretl for tale by i DILlE.Y, 2'2 44 New Levee. J-EACII IIRANDY-- e bhis t;r sale by m.)L10 I1EAD & BARSTOW 67 iriver st. R A4ISINV--\Wined ml ft shtelled Almonds; direct I ilnportitien lnhroi Malaga, ti r sale iv uII'2 IL1AI1) & llAIIS'1.TOV,i 7 GIravier st It'l lS TfA--li le'xes r o itng Ihyisan Tea, in S1Itli boxes, a lat, iniiprnitolldlj lI oflitle lavor, in etore alldlbIrsle by 11ou 'IrT ' IIAWrVTlIOIRN, ,2L 6ii3 Graltr ier st [)-ORE ANt I LRD-i-3.- blueIie ý.rk. 2113 .t, .L BIriie doi; i:i do runumls, niod i383 kegs ltad, latldihi unlt for sale by .s : L J. TI'IIAYER & Co. 74 Povdras at. l II i -EY-i100 bls. rectified hihokey,-ur iti, Vi froint stanenr IOTullll e, amd flor sal by 1nii3 I. V tlll,, I'n6 oydrnl street. \L.OfiJIt-Jilbbls. Fl'ltir iu staroe, anil tfiirali Iy h· 1i lJ. V 'AI dIN i an1 ' rs street. ASTILE SA P-F ifty hboxes of wen-nfive poulnd - each, Ca- tile -inap, received aIld inr sale by m2:n3 llGtdtTl' &. II A5''IIORlN, 63 Gravier at. ILS-5110 hegs idantum lan on co itai, tamaneird ±siese, Inndiig fron brig PLico, for sale by _1ai23 I8_._AU BRIDtE. & LCoi, 134 MIagaiee at. SXC1IANGE oN BOSTON-fl e.ire Iy - m23 ISAAC IIIII)GEb& Co. 134 hMueneain .t. ( Ol"Al. Ash) JAI hAy V bRAtluv lu nn nu. t. lal Vareish, J1 di Juapal i. FIor isale by pt3 ,WVAIN A& lIt)). rteaeit. i Cannl sr. RAND]- prrtur to ll tiJipe , flr i lil0 1 ILEIA Ut BA!I,'I )W. fi7 tI ~vie:r =e. fI . •tIAU iAlRRILu,, - 1,1,, .Cmiv i td SL or saleu by SIDO0 & BYIRNE, m"2 15_ '_'_'hit itoilas J.] ooienis:nrv, jluit liiI ulls for salie hy mnLh J. IiD.RIIEIN & A. COIII'NQ0 Cniiimiin et. UULodFlINU C;il' -1 onin l li 13, : nm 12 Ib,. shit, nliow hilldinbu allnlr ii an. le by m2_ J. 1. t 1111l &.. )('1I F i:i, 911 Clonuaonu st. 11 ll . ldifr s uialh 1Iy .1 l fi 5)VOT')'& ItAtI.IG 1'2 Pelnd 1 "e(iti) : liuVlir;,c I1 1II 1'-r ? olI(' til,0 l.+ .: i .'.UOO .++!]'' ;N , I',; "1' ,+S,, l,#It ul t. IAYORAaI.TYOF NEW OItj~ I euooeil o/f .Mieiprah'ie8 ,o. . " [Sittitg of T aesday. Itlh M.ari 1.7.1 "-.oalve-ii,t vi a iy tyor tk,ood ii oherby lh.. to give public I ai:o, ,o cord ing to law, othel or oif tha S1a niai iality, to take Pe..e. firet Monday in Apiril next, at tIht fllalrctta plicee, uodor the ouiiristenl enc oftiaiu clerks he 0feronionel. First ward, at the Arcaea Exclhane. Iaps rs A. H op, Dr. E 11. [I Barton \lrk . t.. S llwell. ' • Second W r, at the Municipall fIoll Inloraeto ,uj, jhert Layton, m. Freret. Cler,.,C. Lt-lit. . e Third War, a Ilarvey Norton's. S Jopector, 'dwardl 'ur, J. B. Genola. ClerkJ. leektaoa. IReolved thlat it caSeOny ol the nbve na.e.. slioll r ifite i t e t c 1re the i y or be, on .d khe lm_ fulliyuthorihOl ed tt/nptmiit ll otlnolihot p r o lje r t o r e p l a c e t i e t o - -n d (dignoe) . .J. BAL.DWIN, R"d Agreoalnl l t he ftregato lg eaotolon, nBy Sithc Irolelont ofcon act.- pproald tit 8l 1831, cit tiedi'. 'An Oct to .meorlirotie tl, die e.ty tlgl nctr a...i..i, l.. ' ouier tenene Iof re Itv-rso , i.t. saidi oteslitiont. The nuttbetrof rapresett.kntltiv ro h ,rar s,lat Mtii$1ripality ii rtntjih' tled, ok ISee ald Ird, threx, bwe nine o'Ilcl.r m Third Ward, hrcio Aldertcn n March, 2, 187. ) PRIEU Conlorlacty, eallbh ln realoiatioe di ssr et els1 In setin nnle do n Nlewtrmrnta dpiae tn eonde~ noltdoerae Illteunldlele of tprn s in osritr. , acu t h r ddosni Ai ldeipdity is oi srenttnsd Piret Wiatrit, ter A eld*rlnte nr.n eco dr i \Vstrt, thra Alhirme e n. lTrlrairnr iteidti tcrti' Aldermei. Thom \ard ihron Jhorl¢. i Cdies Maerch aa.0,1 rc. 1 ,7 RI U, " Ser des |ateittllR dcl 0rte A tirove r e c itl. r 18, e. tale 1Artn Imls ur atoeder IPoete intitale 'Ante pear el w I'r~r lowvlled cla 1New Orietsanrta P"ve le. 16 an t805,' s i..'i p~t.; d' met trcs notes nnlulohant hc di l ey ,irh urt donlne qu1 I~unclir :) lavrtl prolam~i, el tee neulheo,c Sllati t r noe hore a dt I'tpret A ide n i . enr. e. I'electin 21)lle de5n & A e In eoRN,0 e mulm Ishlte x I'ALt W".O dcKEN, n IIt re0llur1o' lo sf lai Coircto fn dte peroinlo tllCtey fnt nen "rea L te namrs dn rep5ro Pt1seIs nttiXuls cattens ._ton UT es1 rt) l ro ticits aa whl e ofil i nt rttiios a d e s la et Mn iilil n in e, i tlerit eat thlmne urit a l'retl:er ditritcl, a trt rtereP A to trnouhtrnten .ieelltd ditrie, Italt iyh AlICren.AM CKtl trel sitned.isri-l trois Ahlrm oln. la 20 RI,) 1:8T8. l). PRIEt'r Gh o +S'I'ATK'E OF I.O)UlrlA ar., iish r CoarT toer fi the P tCi ofatl Lhats o Prerert, te)ll'otnrltolt; CIIARLE$ ucnosioii s Tate ccerl tisrmeoti Kitc aretlSrubery, Ge~reethn, &'l0. sttrtut351.tAoe Pts P' Thomtin Rim t·. )le (.,ei a tt PON ratArigon filing the lCtition end l hedu l r:ellri d oti r ,.c i t l) l ourrnt, tt triag is tti 31t dytls ' artth credttf'Frto1thenean "nd tltreo lbrtetonth ItiterI' ahi Treneill thedm feoti tlf ilt atitlli eio ogIlt reii ItC~" nllrA.idy ~ICotte A.r 31.,M.D tI2 tfIope' lsielsi agn his tithatstil an r-,er of tGarie tstoci. Ite trtH., ,trch9,tlK7, !!. arl UYt W 'i ttihncltcr ic eliltIN he i. received n very rt'xtt'nilye Sdl: o|' letted/to, eonsit .-; ('1I' I't l~l'o''e a,,,(I. tKkIrratista thi Oar tea aton attfar te Kites revery cKdesriptn 'ocket, I)ilk, n1.Il oor rcaett Kn&ives; tu zontrest sor, 3141 Todelr, tet. tr&ct &lt. ilhtheoy sre prei.l Soehitlit to I!t, tIere Ioritts r,. Terai inds otdD1 will be t lit ttlt ka wl,,n at alt t t thne. r Itlti J.tI). ItlotlNer A COItENn nComoklit, t1 llt thtotgh Ihc anoar lufchtra I itrictlt ts huMrlr, iol tlhe sullltrof I 935. By Sir GIeorbelL All ,letglttttrllv gir atise on Anrtotteoti B A, Lo ,. larle, ai. "I,. Trnslatedl rol th~c'4tht ediltalttae Fl'~h. Ily A. Sidnely Inlla no A1 ., M.D. . Livv; translated 8 v (;eorp+; Baker, A. tii in s oir,.. I'eiS g Nio. NI, At-Th f tltlarpeIr' Chssltt Fmha Bur1tr. JIst rootc~tee nitd tlr Flale bo I ItI I llt VcI. hrMEANtii rer Itof et m I Iiotts i. & r .'i ,:~ii t- .Pl.ll l \Il'N's' , aid ()bservlt aeotinsl' tre r i 4 JUICE. and~ tho0 PIXh+.sio~y ,f l)igestitm, llyW IBe'alntet, Atrtt, t errire, Qt ill tlee U.I, Army i 11receivennd 1I1 frU sa11)le y WM.· McKEAN."I in lr I Corner of Camp, Canomon strwtI! Iterrirl, I tsuderrsinead rrott ilalste, will Im tveso~ .L with hi* hrotlter, 'attlhnas i . Swain, in the Dd i nllA potheearJoltv Iusiness, SLACostKl.streell soda) SL firml of Swauin k Brothler, thle liquidation of the tdi, of ''l'hoamsll C. Swauinl \, ill I." retiled by tile I.W fira;--+ thl Ie undrsiglcdl will give his particular attention *L seines+rb Ileal[ solic·its* aL hale ofIn mtron age. sltif JOilN W. WAIN,. 1 :Enghutd, ..d~ oliier filr ale, ilhe following mirlkr I +aqlilplgS MttlnoI nns.III\IP Veh'ertcent,,[Mole..klnaP. eI Fh Elutnels*, ('tmdlril:s, Ildkf's of various killht An~i Js Ir nt%· &C. f'ttr $o t by 11 C C~AIM ACK & .. gi enerral n~osslc~rtmt ofI ardca~· nlhruhblerv, Giree.= i'ltnllli IIIII.ulo aml1 TI\beruusI Root's, lrbler rn Also--Fruit Trerp, suchl as Apphs, Peas, !.l ·rl Ieacltes. Apri..oll.% Cherries, Uuamee,% (Irnap. 8... I-be"rris, GOoshe~rries, Currant,u Rasrphenie*, t(ag. , with ahlnost every v~riety ofGrde S;IkI eeds. ntlL JOilN I). .I&CYL 1:3h inst. a negna man, about 5feet high,35yaL old ; l',rnerly brlanged Io Mr. Blrby'e Cotion Prey : Alo--- vollow ,boyv, about 15 or 16 yearn olatal --i feetr 10, or 5 feet highb--goal lookiag and neasml-hl.: wllen he lftl, a dark gray natlinel nroad jacket andpi toloons. Ilis wonl is long behind; when aaalmeas lis looks are quite sour. The above rewarl ilkp paid to any Iersnln tor lia de tetion of Said hoyl. 1 31AILTlN II. 1)EVEROUX, ti TlchoupitoulaastrMt NL.R. . n perro lharboring those boy rwillbe pre eurted saclrlog to law. _ m2i l Iicid Stales, withl parts of his (onrrepondente;: ne,'r betire published; and notices ofkisu a iaia' o,11 questions of civil goverlnment, naionaaal jtliap: and constitutional aw. By George Tucker, E.,.. of Virginia, in 2 vole. Tl'Ice ExI rimerts oi L vinva within Ihe Means,Liviea ,p to the Mallsi, and Living beyon the melta J ust rcceived and fur sala byA .nti .Eu.... E~llNJAMIN LEVY. T. . & J. S. T'IIHACIHER, ..Oloinies an! Coaeueilors al Lota t NATC'HEZ, MISSISSIPPI, \ill practice in Ihe dlaircet colrlsa oftie state flMit, sanlippi, nod in tlhe l)aish ofaConcordia, Iouisiat. IldJrc'resa.--.\. Kirkmanac &Co. lnclhaaaam.llt !a & C,. lungna, Nicae & Co. \Vu. lawer &Ca. Pt Orleen. nad8 I R ICII AND IARE WINES-Oblmrosae Madeirua Ilrluniu"; Murdock, do. Scott, do. Malmet , b, Also, pale old AAmontillada sherrv; dle Loab; d Gordn onand Co. All these are splendid ain, ea d , nad some of tbnm superior to any fur sa'e ina 1EE U1 Stats,for saule by A Ii INSKEEP, ml`O5 5C last-, `EA ISLAND Cotton coud fl" sule bye º SAM,. CHAPMS, _~l 59fGravirsrtat. OAKLAND. T llE sale ofOaklund will take place , Mas k , nexrt, Marcl 27th, at the Arneade Exchange, by l ISAAC I.. McCOY & T. C. CASII &CO. Sale positive. tI 4. A. COJII E N &- C O. - INTELLIGENCE AND GENERAL AGENC OFFICE. FeilO .o. Iti6 J.llgaaine aft. L I Hlanichtt, A UCTION & COMMISSION MERCHIANT, L 4!' -established himself in the above business in Nare a. .r, which will be carried on in its various branche'. Conijiinirents ftr nuction or rivnate sale alicitled. Ilter ,o lIra.der, 51'Kenna & Wrighlt, New Orlt, b Alfied Cochran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli MtlgamCry. Nat a . ez. d2-rT ., AUX ENTREI'IENEURS Bureau du Controlletr do lat Secoade Muiipalite, Nouvelle-Oalealo, le 16 Martt .037. Des frtos cnchestes seroentrqua par le casetil doal lunieilanlire, jusvu ni premier maidi d'avril ne (Ie 4) poor In foa.r.itiire de toals Ir analeliax la constructionId'an lotel Municilpal, a l" o tie lde|Rues St Charlesr anid Heia, Lea proapoetirtai vlont sere. iroas colforenlllente an pla tant pa lr B. I and Dukia, qui rlent itre ver n I'oltee daa roya.' ml7 SE'I'I W. NYE, Cintrollur. I U.'ý=i0aasck.c crun jle[ Italdednaqd fittialtI I. maIi:l SLO) BYRNE, 153 Tchoupioallart: ' [.)UI.U -Il hia clls s1ixt'h a ifour,lu _a l' loat adforuarale by SLO e BYIF Sm2 153 TcNo itoaiua . rilT ITI-sK-SEi2--cticdc laaiigfante.a.mtEttr anV al fur sule by G DORSET rat24 _ 44 Newa jia S(.IACCi--53 Iboxe Ric.lmon Chewing Tel'' co, will be sold low by ; u24 A II WALLACE & Co. k an l NEW ORIIEANS JOCKEY CLUB. 2 A MELTING ofthe Club will he hrld on SaIti'" A evaing, the 23th inst, at the Exchangc e Hi1l 7 o'clock. By order J K STERRIETT, SeOt' N B-A punctual attendancea is reqn ted, as , ncs of ilmportance a ill be acted oil. at.' I.O1111-800 bhls landing from stoanmer u sale by G DORSE,: 1Ja m` 1 G DORSEY, 441 New Lvtt" A SMAll. crraaigntairnat otfprime old al eni' Sfor sala by A Hl `VALLACE &. Cs. aI24 B4 AN k `lIEl-1l F'OiTisIla mFLUR-1 0 jai 0 1 eeived fromt Baltimore, for sle by m 14 A H WAI.LACE & C Bask Alle-. l E:ANd--.3 b'r Beausncf, for sle by n i SN21 A IA WAI.LACE & Ca. BanktAl S\ r superior BaEon, ft 1   m24 A ]l WVALLACE & CO.BIla Ji [CORK.-Aij0 bbl' mel and tritclin pr 1 for ale by BOGAP.T l' HAW7 .A TH $' maJ Graueret a S ALAGA WINE.-50 quarter " II. eatc Malara wine, a very sta.tior .ti1 ore ra for sale by BOGERT & lAwayW . -ii A -3-30hhd a dh ' I tter Eehn, al fora sale by 1) A0N -.a) hibl a ulldersrili6 dobat - pieau.e sides, landing fro,, Mc tain nld for sale by J VAlh'Y 1lACot-t-il hlhds sidlsn ler" aa t Sealmecr Conmme re nd for ile srby nt.! __ J V s I Ii I N.26i Pt ý:ICtil.b.I.-:tin ao b ,a , L anrid A t .Ia L * huin ; from sct nunar Ellen, mnd for c fronm thi l.evy, apply ona board, hd vesaeclbo Ct arket or- to " G -SI'Rl lr. l '3i t 3 llstal al .e l.

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