Newspaper of True American, March 27, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 27, 1837 Page 4
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8Yadsotf t respeatfully o mpato t itade anzd-catuatnra eenenily, tIat thy era now end will hbe -ceiving frwre the NHeunb, tLeir " - ey1e-l ul o.le 1sln Franco. The latter place will .4etnwal eh alin with a epleeddlI vriy of plcrlhmery', e Rey actietae,&. amou which r iet floeuntd PeHn $e-%dnlitt couod hottlee, ofn sao1erior flavor. Their Hý ngjtpaa e.heax to precre overy tile of a very supe iocr qnality, and iheir orders inrvaripty aure inprovo 010a,11t both in kind and olettrn.. S it : , o P-rom tha blknatnlkectolriea--lso Pench + t" gl td among the latIer, supeerior Tooth llruehoe, aArnile. heretofhmore steree andilirflu:lt to ebmlit. ! FePn.xr Poier l Boots.--Under tia head will he baud a splendid variety of ladirs' end gentletneu'a {t*ekeat Boeks, Note, Cinl, Needle enad Thread Casao, ' orcr Sr.r'.at , doarustsaas, &e.-.Of the latest ° Patjone find of ouperior qnnalitv, eo0isting of plain and s.rtin, bo.nlanaine, velvetand cloth .tocks; linen I. plain and fancy, with and without rutlles; ,t tro, t a. uepnadres made expresslryIr thimi tleCt,.tll. Vahiagtn ausnder;" d lso, EPltic, \ortte ane CuttoIait don. with anti witleout e : rlt9t'tlaloon Stapsvitb wirespri!ngs; ard a great yarly, of . ,gntloaen'e' wear, ond e experasly ftortheo e tail tlo, b A. .e Vanhorn r Son, of Philadelpahi. Caoes.--A gfieral &co-Aplete aaeortantct of Coaells, afrne tutir mtanufactory. Aleo, Eaglilk and Frecch I )eeasing Combe, &e. ".+ PLCatnsO Cae ns--rim the m onnfaett ry oft 1Iakm ."eyes, nertlett and Ford; Freenh and German do.; r. clank Oardsn, &e. &. Lo Flte above are hot a portion of the articles rr cetlved, which, hn dditoae to their foromr-etock, will be y -d lOWv for cash, or oiny ece eesvates. - h'+ " kla,,+ BE: B' ES & Ii I.ANOF. 1 n m at'.1. 1 UAAB , SPPlI' tT CANlh..i, &-e2-1u 1 unxus S . V Whh HFIasheoe Sungar, 150 ditto New Bedford lp.eje Can:ea, 155 dlttt Neteutekketdito; ditto 14 Casks ' uenten Zinc, 5 Pipes, 14 Half Pipes, and 6 Quarte-r nltad Sicily Madeolra Wine, Ail said by ri JOSE PH COCKAYNE. TO fravirr-etreat. S1OVELS--Cyril Thornton; TheYot ng Duke; Annt. , tatiua; Caleb Wllriame, le Vote; 'The dumfglera r.elilt; The Spy- Westward ie; Henr.' I -la ton; oles of he GIlaub SIpa; Valeuiur'l he Itour gcts; CInraIning; The L.nrlv Called; itl U[for. lpate Manm NihtS at Meest; Specu'atiol l ubert Weandall; Wathekt Toltlefldketvhes eae Prt Town; RadJom bhot, Eltswartawv; The Men of Hone,; ]nuts to Crck; 'Shepphal! Leei Diary ofa D'eann. roe; Tales OlOur Neigklulrhood; The Disinherit d, , o-_oslso,s and Crimuas rife hon Ion Clegyman; Tales ofFanlo'ie i olI Rlc lity; The Mahlets; Dan. ventran; Tel. of a Phvsicin;t ScamnerdowwtTlo Naval Sketch Book; Cntise oftthoe lide2d-i Sersic| Anne 2roy; Legends and Steies of Ireland, Talcse -of the Pereage and Plasnetru; Love and Pride; Tulnev lialt; Salmungundli; oningesmrk; John Bull and Brother Joealhau; The American itn En;laond; Camphl!os ecttlirs from Algiers" Me momritld of MraHcntans; ''alcs of the Wars o Mlon tan;s; Gil Blae; loolerick Ianodnut; The Hil.h lad Smuoglern; Vjtlage Bolls; Allen Beck; The Mdderu CyyeSaj, Ctaneoa and Changes; Winter in the WVest HIleuplgey Clinker, Frank Harry and e.ucy by Mis Elgewoath; Thie Pick Wick .lhb; Merohants ale k; Geonge laluotihe; tome, or the 'Irmtn Rulote, IlHarry Olt'dote East and Woea; ''lhe '-Warlock; Scnen in Our Paieteh Dacr; The Coun teas and Other Tale; Roxebel; Gilbert Gurirey; Thle Linewoodr; Alen Presacat; Twelve Monltlhu Campaign il .,lin; My Canvin Nicholas, Rosa. .nnonl; Panl Pr-'e Comic Sketch Book; Belforo Regin; Paul Ulric; Mirriam Collffin, 'rToma Jonos; Paul Ciflrd; ptgeuec Ace-n; i)overenx, Tlho Stu den!; 'he Banlit's Bride; Mysteries of dolptlr, ,ieottish Chieei; Don Quixote; The Hungarian Brothers. Aldo, a variety of S.toodard and Clasni sal Works for sale by m3 . IOTCHKISS& Co. 24 Chertr.s St. °1Tr'A 0a LOF SIAN A--'o all whilot thoe lee. sats may concenl: roaeting. Know ye, that whereas, Franlcois Mlcliconurt ienveana resident of tlhe pjish of St Berardl, hlas applied to me, Octave S Ithtoncail, oex .fcio, Clerk of the court of Prohbates, in and fcr the parithl of'St Bernard. Ibra monition or dvcer t:ittteat in conformity to the act of the Legislat re of tie Stdte, eltitled "An act for the furatltrnasuran. n o titles of purchasers at jntdieial salces" approval on the 10th 3larch, 1231. Notice is hereby given to all wh .ol S'i ltv cncerli, that by virtue and ptrsuan t to aioreor rtoadrad by the honoratblo the Court ol'Prebateo, ill at. for the parish of St Bernardl, bearing date Denemhe, 14th, 1135, intl theo lattir of tiao suactesion of Attotic Iiecvean ill, granted ot thie pctition of Francois Mcli. co art Bienvrnu. t, thei undcrsigned, acting at ox officio auetioteer, did on tit1 27t1h dai of Janutarv, 1132, at Howllet'e Ex. chango, tn tile city of New Orleans, expose, for toblie rule i,v uttioo, lthe property hlereinafter described and odjudircated tate lbrienaid btatucoin Melicourt Irljiee t.n, Ite bitiltthe last and hilhtil bidder, for tlhe Irice of ne.ltvy-seven tlhousand dollars, vi: Dea.rivplioe oJ" proejrty at girca in Itle Judicial raon teyauce. lrt. . Situgr plantation .vit till the beildings ondl im provemednts theoau, situoted in the parish of St Ber nard, o the allot iux Beau(, at about six miles from tle river MIiasisippi, uiaeue"ring eighllteen arpents nll 4 theens f'oftt on hotli siles of tle llayou uox oetoil, wilil a.eltli of fortly rpeits in both sideo of said lBtyou bhoutled Otil Ile tlpper linc, ad on both sides itf said Ulclnv by thle Irolerty of ithe Itotalo Catltlic Ch Irolh of thil parilh of St BIeriloar, d adn tile lower lintl, ele ou bilth sides of said Bayou, by the plunuttion of Mir (G N Allard. 2d!. Atother tract of Iii Ic hitttittl in stlti ptarish lie t veon the prolertcty e tt ILt utIrs Cathlolic Clurch of tile PariIh of St Berntuld, aill te tproperly of IMr Juan Ponz hnliau: lciit ani tlrn e fret frnt ot botlh side d if adildli - ita tllo Ilafs, , itlh a deptlh of flot, or :ats on both tk.lea of said IBovoai. hi. Another portion of land situated on ti north p t of ail n tievou, Ittie.twe tlhi plaetation of Mlr lPierre Jordn, antIl that of lMrJ:ela Solis, hitt iI two tniseosand two fPeet t oint ontt id laU yoe, witit a depth of aort, or t1:. Atutht-r portill of land situutnd oil the sntll of t!lro raid Bayo:l, ti twee., the iltiauation o f the eaid Pierre Jord all l that of .ait Jleaa Sli o r havin eas tuiJJ fi'eat oil said Baou, with a depth of forty ur [,atlaS . ". . . . .. 1iI. ht cattle, h tr.a, auilusl*, andn fII the morouble lraoaerty np ,arttinll. t0sli f rc aotuuino. And al-d the 53 3,dlowilf Slaves*.: MIoson -I4 yvears, lMartin e5 y'ears, P Ilhob 30 ocers, ljily Jacksan 30 venrc; 0ur0o0 28 years, lieloer55 sr., oo'illiam 35 vents Ilolt IDapont .3 years, Big Seloedli 35 years, Little Bob 23 y' s 3r le Ic35 years, Tolby 32 yeoora, Litle Saledi I yepars, Int 1c 17 cears; Will do ole '0o:n Io ldo, Bounaparle 15 oears, Little Satn 12 years, Loicrh 113 yersr, leer 60 y,5 sroc, Va~oo 115 velr;, S-l. o on 9 yeMar, Mar '4 veerr., Silvio Ilickon' 35 yaer.. Silvia oJaekso 30 de, isith her child 12 tone nld, Mary "0 d, Abigail L8 do, Amelia 25 do, Jennv 50 do, Grnce 35do, Maria 20 do, with her two clildren, one of l18 noctho nand the othelr of I6 months, Dolly 20 year,sSo. uanne 35 year, and her two children, o ne of 3 years , the othsrof 8 months, Ra.o 45 e'ears, Julie 28 yeanrs & her child Regias 5 years. Jdith 10 voyear, and htr lchild years, Chainrlotte -30 years, Etty 2 years, Anna 60 do, Juno, 18 yoears, NancyG60 yeoars. Crssee 60 years, Loree do do, Clae 35 yearors. Marie 70 years Mariia 30 yers, & hIer child Mario Lo ie 4 years, BIetty 13 oears, Keltvy 40 yeMn, Little Rose 19 years, Peggy 15 .earn. Colatitiuns el atle.--Tho pu~oIhaoer shall nssue tihe *btiragian to pay the fuollawiny m nt, to wt: Title rum ott35,97a to the Saeek of Laouiiano, on thc lanh April, b083 n ''it, ai no $t1,350r i to Sar tulto Jowasad, .e the ret gal ril.' u ill~altv i thappais nu s or adherltie nMac', 136; sad the naot of s16e3o0, on thre at Mlueh, 1087. Th sho onfs l,000 to re L B Macarty, en the 30t oi Janotary 1336. And Lu balatnce il onhe, Ice, titre' nod fooryoeae credit, ion n0as ertloraed ton a'istbctiro , ith pacihol mrtglae until 0 final paymentl. Whoeeorre, niate poeron who cral oet op nyriglhr title or elaion, in ooo to se nail "olllottion, troct aof lced, anld ,lavea abuieO denreibrd, in conoeqenice af oot in , the order,h ,cra,, or judgmpeno, before ro. citd, an.l o'oler wrhicho thle ooa smaonideo, orony. irC· glirity or illegality ini the slpl rainetneuator advrtic. neaer, ua tm.or mroatoC. for o Iseorfor any otlercacse or dafurt wvhatot,cer, ate hler,,by citedl ati ndonithtd, - I, atltoweauae wojitin thirty dlaoo frouit the rat Itablica. P ioon of thin molnitiiaic itl Ihe pIiloie p opers, hoy tilte sole so imadea oafoeorctla aloo,tl toot bhe luienredandh.- s1 atoloeatnci, agroaehoho to the pra'or of the tooreloaucr. e: 1Vill:ar m haitl mood aOl ooffilc, Hiua - daOr tof Jane, :1. D. lD. ha, the 60th ycoar of Olin iudatocoodroic of Id Americia. no OC'TAVE S. ROU"SEA, oil js Joder, ex ofleit o lerk d. - -00 1'h..'0etU' i~,t o ct - A '·· (IICIII I:IPra. . AIN Il. II'IS Ii'E te o ethuro "A. ear ion S. ,pain," i '2 vol.- Ierr' .srrerry, a novee, by tho autlr of "Cecil Ilyde," in 2 vole. t/e Acmes of Pandau, anl other tales, b! Ics Iauthr ,f "Thel Forsa kee," in 2 vols. Nimrod'eliutitmg 'ours; interspersed with charaeteristie atnetd,,tes, sayings and doings of Sportiog Men, inecludidog ntie', oftl.h lriltipol crEck riders of Englanld witl unallical coltenl. and generoal index of unle, to whilh are added, Niemeed', Letters on riding te l looued, in vol2c . Ilea ileot, the lot tof Nelson's Aoe:emneooe, by Cept. Clhnjier, tR. N., Uther osfhe "l.ife of a Sailo,"..c e. tneeols. uCommooentaries on Equit' Jurisprudono.e, ns administered is Etegland oand Ameeica, bly Joseph Story', L. L. I). Ovid, trns Ilaid lby )rydln, Popeo, CoCsgrevt, Addisono ad otherse int2vulo.f lorning Nol1 otod h of "liarteer's Claseical LibLarv." oIuentry Tactice, or rules our-thi C• rcrie and umtnocoreso of tlie Unit:,d Statttsllfoeetir•, iv Mojor Gooerol Scott, Wi. S. 1e1ee, in 1 tlns. J01 recoeive anol for sale qy W3I. MccKC N, 17 corler Cnotp & CUnmnon ct. . -- lsf-uie.are; P -a-re.._. lfof~wariý Pkmvran, A olletion of Collo*anl Phrascsb on every topic no; . L. saar" to Irllntait eoivcrvalion, oareiiged tuder tlll'eeut heodl, w till nUlllorous relorkl ent the peculiar pronunciation t[oll use o"f varonu words. The whole so tlieslped an eonsiderablyto facilitate tle aequisition sfn correct prolnntmeiatie of the Frenh. lBy A laheer, a uew edition, revised ntl eornet.ld. A selec:tion of ne hbldred of Perris's Talhle, uee.m p|ienld with a key, cotaniotog he text, a literal and free translation, in'anted in csuhb meanur its to point oet the difnrenct. betwocn the Frech and Eniglish ilion, ahe a figured proitunciatio of the Frerah, ereordlitg to the besat French worksIaLR eti on the subjelt. The whole ]recedeJ by a short treatise o, the eouitdl ofthe Fratnc ;nguage, tomparcrd nwith tlose of tmhe English. A Pronouncing French Primer, ur the S.llar' Guide to the accurnate prouncintion and 'hogrtaplhv of the Frooch lmng age, containi'a its to thie beet r age, by lBernard TrnehLit, 't Move Iand !trr de by atrcKEicKFlAN, t1Ca Cur Cap d&Cam set . SIARl'PiR'bl.Afljca1; tlIBRliy. - ^T-ORACE,.tranealeted ,by Phiilip Fnocir, D I), with iii nn appendix, rcoutaini r tlrtiollt,in of varioe Sieles, &.e. hV len Jecsoa, Cowley, liltom, lDrstdo, Pops A.disnn, Swift Chatturto,, ( Wakefiel, Porson, Brrall, &e. and soue of 'the lmare eleict poota of the da--and PIlI:DRLUS, witlr the oplpndix of Godius temlnsl tt by Cltrijntopher Satart, inh i vnte firmig volutesl 1L uadl f9 til a rpr's CI; sio I l.inrv ." The xped ition of HIUMIP'IFI Y ClIN KER, by T. Stollelt, I , I), with a mrmoir of tic Anther, by Thot p jnmmcoe, Es1., new editio., with illustnation; b Ivaco. Vrniltkolok S-TITUE tIP.Y: nt Tae,Iv tltheatthlor of URicbellet,," `-Mary of tUrg.dy," &c., "new edition, 2 t·ols eutompet. oatte. P'API. CLIFFORD; Iv hle atthor of "J'elhatc.' 1; wuuf uFU :ra (`inl le !':.i . Jost reorivcd ca."1 T x ii % E It Mi d , o 9.11 gaise ausart, ate . iow eeirinW (esu sll aa.hille, Losuisille, Nentucky, tigle, an. oahds. late se arrivals nhom tie N hsthi l citio.a a.rge sisaw nouw teal alssoaltuelt o M.Cca, N ,Boolb jos auR I lrogans, omlo.atsl. am uo'cr.aOl c ge dc call ul Mo rocco Ioot, do 91 qualis.; alp bsti l*aai gtout was Ipe ai t ioots o sllpprle; slrtis I l ."i'n l al kitppead pegged attosolt broos;, osibom d. o stWuit lt kl1 ail ws p eggead shue andia arlst; ot'cluoaa'o best jt'ality cilf"o-,;t ldoes, isroa l oald Jack 'howuiiiis; ,1 a.f tf atie l Soloooses smliin shoes sulslilikcras, tu cltl; buiit alt stI new tilollat; in litte clf, sall aul a 'oaaiao ql;l'U·"a. bhuts;u bobLa Ilaicmssai coilc lellst'a Ipg·et e uaint scul I Itogans, anl tl sesof eet'v quajlity noi kiiln. i a go lalgeil .astaotelot t of elln's stout wax oitl [.l t-aoLi I anil shoes, togethller with 10,10) Lpaii. negro nos;t a.ality, ratodsttt tllrigeou, aaihlJ i lit saakc, as elot scesoly fur tpiaaou uoo; a ga-tl ato t t tatentlf oaoAi tilte utdl stout kip l'rusoll bltgaitlS, : ew aoti'cleainl a .ge qaaustlhyof a ilau td'rirituattl russet ca illwx Ladies' fine aln, scatl, maenoco anl gtnahi n ts, lan t llntp.asle shoes; tIo lille tFrlsnch M tuucE aial kid ril "Oultl slipplerslt; o autl slhoes, with land withlout Icelus; ll elf, seanal stout ttleather baootees; do laraclht st.w of all kinds atal quaoiotlces do losting btogaLIoUs; Ia iter asl utl f.oeld bouters. Mlisnes' lastitagspriag shotls t: b. og-ns. C.llllitla's colored lcrIco toll d latsting brl. gnsaldl boots, ku. GenltleOent'sliasishionable black silk halt; do black ad drabll beatvr o of a superior qualil) o id ilitatiiic iKoro all; IaOll mill narw brluo Ilmellis ttell dltnb aI d black itossi.s ahort ulplltpel hats, a itew article. Youths' Iarge situ hats of dciltlreat lualities; do clilhldres. M[n's asid b:y's black laid dr;b wool hlts olf llriou silmes, with general assttsltnaut of L.oy' ald lit ent Tills assol tment will be itepleilshlst lh% thle autival of eaclh pscketatiosm tlheauose isasued ciies, all of wlit l will Ie sold on a ceaomtuollatin lell.s. ail I-tif TENNER'S MAP OF LOUlSIANA, &c. &e Now MAP O0 LOUISINA, With its uanol., roads -J and dialooees, foui place to plac.e, along the staage and steatom boat rdutes, by Ii. 8. '1 cllier. MITCHLs.'S IMAp O THE UNIITED SrATFES, sboWilg. the pripcipal Turtpike and c osmmlo roads, .n whicht are ginos tile diatonce hc i tuales froln one plact e to alothlllr; -lso lhu eooures- of lthe 'c.als alld rlal roads tihroolgh .oti the Country, arefullvo eolmpiled from tite best uu thoritiea-puablslied by 9. Au~ustus Mitclcll. MITCHEL.'oS 'Ti'RAEIILER'I GUIDE THROUGH T11E UNITED STATESC; ta aai of tiho roads, oditsallaCe, ste Iat bout aud atanal routes, &r. joust receivd ndl for saue by W'M 31'KEAN, a O3 C. crner.of Ca,,p o . &Cma- ou, u !a NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tales of myVrit'lhborhood, by the author of "The Collegians," in fi vols. Agoes Serle, by hl author of "'I he Ikiresc," in two voleteo Elemntso of Inlernational In, witllh a Skcihl of the Ilistorv of the Seanoc, by lirenrv Wheaoton, L. L. D. A Praclical Treatise on Laeoumotiee Engrines upon Rail WIr s; a work i.tttded to show tthe Co ltrction, the mtole F acting, and the effect of those engines in tonveying heavy Ioads; to gie the neanse of ascertali. Ilg, on an onspetioul ofthe toad and the results it wilt produce unter various e:rcumoetnces,aml in different lo. calities; to d etermine thte quantity of flel od watet it will require' to x-tite proportions wlich oolght to Ie ado ,ted in the colstructioa of an cengin, to naoke an swcrlany ilteolod prpose, et.: willth prcticl tables, giving at oica the roetho of the foromula', founded upon a greet IOlley .w experitnonts made oo a arge scNlr', in a daily praticeo on the Liverpool and tom ln errlot:r tIilowa., with tmany diffleret cngr e and crhidrohtale trains oi'carriagt., to which is added Ol appendixj, show willn tie erpoensc of conveyilog goods by Ite.omotive angtots on roilroods, by Clhrcv.' ."1 Ill G de'Pomboor. Justrecoivod ood forsoel by VI 31'KI.iE N, s13 Coroer of Camp and Common o rrtsts. _ m "I Y UUII n illU Y111101 lllTIP L ''tl'Et3S, UOhVb:IISAI'O'[,W3 ICiLjEC L 'L'IONS, of S '1' Colridge. Koniongotarke, or Old 'L'imes in the News World3; e ing Nes 7and 8 of the Uniforn Edition of Pnldslin's W~orks. Colton, on the RCligious SWets of the Coutsstrv. Whale Fishers; being Non 213 aod 7 of the Jion and Girls Librory. Just J12 C HIIANCROOFT Il Camp et. CAL `PlAIN INArLRYAT'"d NE~WNOVL &. Ra Retin the Reefer, by the oothor of Peter Simopl in 2 sols. Skimsiorgo, or o Winter ot Srltlee tloi'ftield in Loserr Stodo, hy Capstain Basil Haoll, Royal Nosy, F. R S.; b 1 vosl. lord Roldan, o romosoce, br Allen Cunninghoto, I vol. Sheepnrd Lee. written by bioeeelf, is Ž vols. 1 Ceompendious ]Historoy nh'/'31, trasslltet l fro th ingnl Itolltlt.lby Notlhanel Greene, in I vol. tur f Ling No. 79 of llurtser'o Esools l1ibrsrv. VOlo. :t & 4 of the news rcomplrte aod o sifiso, editiss of Il'nohitttreslreinsg Iie'sW. Roeer's French ad osngjih I)irjioney. in I %,(l; 3se. Aiseo,( lt'rernh and Boy/joist Dictioemnry. Botarnt's 'I'etnsgor.tq. Belriru"'s Kry to Iltoleer's Frencsrh sllo e IttPhraseo. iiiie'o French Fablke ndt Kery. Americds Fires ('bo fleuhk. Colburts Ij'ol I.irsoenos ot Arrtthdtrr Debroof,ntt, atd Jstso's (Cosplrete T'reoljo on the rintnle rt of I)jelil/ntjon aped Rr)e/ifirsoino, ne edition, tousolsote nd lrevi*erdl, Jo'Jls itSeidi ALSO--A les copiet of lttler'a Riett theo Loost tf the l'ribunts. rot sine ty ntl 1Y. i11otL'AN Common pt. 1i~vl by John 11nrtin. 'in's beauties of vyrnn. m' pa' troils or' th- iv ril ciuI1 femal(narOnucters in lor ).rro;'1 forms. 1-:Ir grns-nl li'nm original pnuiminig by emoiient ultjst*, with extiemioilliitraiino et irln' Findir'u I mmlsenpe illutrmtions of tnle Imihlc, consist. ii i of vierws of Iloe most rnomee klm platos Itntioned ill le Oldl nad Newm T'emioiinesf,fRoIinished deanags I utndc fr orieintl skethlesi mlieron fii lie slpt. IDeth's (inllem of ltrijisl Elyjo,,,inp. 't he (:alioy iii Modern Iyitish A ruti' 'I be.Sring of Pearls, it llz,1tion if lirs ro aroe s. vinyn. Illuitrntionmo ofib I'atSoe P Ilit lll) byi Ii, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t 1s ly \n\y ninnjltI'unmil'jrlnl hd(i, I)i' coo matt icntcn l with Fr an( ,' witwrrlnnd and;1,~ (:er oruae. Ily W1illimnt lIronkenmlniu .F". IL. vi. onhm'r of te Aemilrleny of line Arts it Flarete 'rnil lione. A Grlinud of loie, wreaihemd of palsont dlowe goiberl in lhe field+ of Englili PFoes. Fidiohra J ni-ile Si-on-Boolk. Iii BernIloemrd ni r. ou. 'liii' Eononimy of IlHnumn Lifre. lBy Robert Iiodelev illol~truted hrI rnvrmviugs on stre'. "He eitttth in nit ti~ll repining, to ldll the gioodl that~ Ito !tpru ettt to anothtller, is to himte tii mil.i It llri ml's Anntell-v of Melancholy.. The Book ofu Gms. The Piei'sa ud Au-t0't ol'Grtii Brnitinm. Editledb\l'v S.C. Ilnl. TIme Ilitori-y of R'oiie. im hi. Ii. Weihlilot. T'ina u lomeil by J. C'. Ilium-, A. A1. 2vos Jiost reil and femaolo by n27 lO'rClKI SS, & li,,. NEW PIlB .IcttATI) N ". M Y AUNT PON1'Yl' OOL, i t nool, il 2 vol. Thu Deoaotc, bot tile nootttorocs of "Tic ltisitnhcrited," "Fiirtnritol, ' . is 2 vnl The .4decalnre· f C.ldooofor iof seG e o u a flor0, with Illllerou u woo~d cuts.6 SCoopeodatr; or N' * Iro00. OurNebirlt.,rhoo rheh.~ ukeroret by lie author ul "Our Ncitghborloont," &o Ruooin and Ote Ruoairooo; or a journey to St Peteroo. bur and Mnostcow thrrouoghI Ctoloroot arid Livonio, vritlI chatnciti sketcio' of trho ptorplc, by Leoiela 3loricio, Esq. oothor of 'Turoor's .Annual Tour," "Srtontierronlloo'o," &r. f i ttgrlir oflthe Arctic Larndr, E xpediion tlo e ra:Ill of the rent Fish river, and ill . n~ theu sharecs ofI thee Artic t ornno, in ithe 0e0r0 18 f1, 1014, otrl 1835, by Coaptain roL:k.iIt N. cootrtrt r ofl the rh peloitiono illuslrruurl will) a laun. ai oorner :amto a11d CoIon tts. rItlivtd attlottloorn to c eivodto'r rcentrtorrivlrc n ordoferfoor saleosoott roral ow,010o,,,,,,, , o inter atrtiaoto'ot Spcro, Oit Foitl :tr tio d doi rtinrd wle otil do esstontioil r ofr cedlar and worwaood, roil Itrijnxtotot rotorocturt d Tootltbc of atriourrooo ntiots,on Spero atl dlio, Tallto tot S, It Ctiocilnta, Spouoail io omoll booo es, soit shell oitAoot , Crotdo Ltoot PoO r, n ottjori'o arli olttttPonroetilk IIdkios, rr pattertoso 0-(10m00 5.4 blackt do sllcl·II~lsr 740 n:;ll 4-1 Lovelll cortrllll. l llnwl·ClIr i and .'itltilcton 4-1 torotwt ooli 'II.I ttooto o t fileotoo 11tre i "nu raortkrt, ourroro'io iotoojo b1.000ow oot 'rttoo , ta o'sduk Belur oelebtrate o ri 1000tlooot~iotrt, .\ootjo porlonolt' I.o al llool, toiset, t1Iyiott(o ronooft various oooItrooi ties, ngoto,:l a: oortot of oo tti ottioioo to l shrooe-ltt cores pttoroolo tno ttorotooito richt . anti latost fashionstooo. nl'5 BRIDL" F, VOSF, d o Co 18 lns,ltzi11c pt i.AFON'l'A 67 Coottp Ntoort, has1 i atih ad % aroo oI .oit3oojoor otle 1011Ittotn ttI blob ic d Ir}' 9 ttg tottor 203 qr cakoe do do 30 tqr ooskskCuticle o, 50 do; aloehot do~t If ipe Mdeiado 11qr casks d,, 10 our iibltll ds du 310 dozen do do,, 311 do(oti .,,0d atJ 40 do otldt B lrtooooi, 3011 Wtlrfiojlrro4 narro o "k brndsl , o in pipra Ctttooooru rrdaovino, 10 qr catston, 50 of pipo'soooo la ttin, 51to it'dolet,'rooollo'oot wint , tot1 qr roon Sicily tlaoo'iot awitoe, 2 roroks, 2ii0,o ItottLonoto 00rr1 jatns; 0 soo ftn slottotlnltoaroooie, hoes sbcllr~ l tai g, 4I cu't's Foull T:l rabid 30 rn rs~ lltn1o1te1 Iiilkhlcl dczil 20 otn,-, f'ootoeo to, 0tli, dol o, to30' itt iolootoo cootflto, 150 do Pooloatoooo lu rriog', 310 tkg- la1-pi o PINNOCK'y R 11311: Ac. DlNNOCK's I1.1 ROV'EO D l'l 1. ndith' Abridrnwutr of the Ilirtorr of Rlult to which ia prefixed an e lroddt tutio the h el v oft Rutnau History, and it Finat t~triety of ynhul~hle ililbl Intittitte tuta Atu1itic of the iwt urerous I;1olmylll l udh-o+i lNo" nd(ie [lutti fore etiteetteetl atith elN of etlch eett-)n. I Illzttutcll with hig ur~l n~ o ioIb . tertn ofxvorojs Itlomcf EIditi o ot 1)r ldlitiz lil tt ti oe Enetcud, i 'rum tine luteiolr of Jullius C ;r~ar to the1 dieithtil' itrge ,Id, itot n rioti I toiti he i,, th 1832. With quaetutttt ICur extttitftiitjtttin llett' i+t tacit rie Hall. Ienlee ty i yofdertl nfnn titti added thnmltltttttt the tenr. C(,itititlt , of tnbhhs oF rmttcnlplem.r y Sayelrc t ad eimtt)mle C'piojo eatxldnttitiriiawl. Lt.n.itrhts It ltil Ili tke, tuautfer nUJ liltnltulrt of the a leI. An Illlllill 0 thu CuuetittLtk, &c. &ic. iihe,,iie ti toga. Guot' lt. tt:tI t oe Aanoit(Ioata, utItIlt A:thele lll of Keith': New 'Y'retItiulIt to ^ ii lo,'tf l;JII!ICe. Anewieti w ditit it, h :ldi !hitieoa il iln1·1I(PII1C11I and nn eojdetiot it ftlut itii; oival t ul'tile .true. rittu Ahiettitee. Just reidvedtdfeetr clele Ir l II uov tj_ turner u1('ecut anl ('ui1 (n1n1111 1 t. T1 oe Iu)O lf I(I I P4e. A'lIlritice oil the Low of E Ividrrrcr inl the Coullt of Eqoutn. *SoRieliatnl \oeutlh Uil llentrtt a tfiiet odijade in t!e (hiatrt ('art 01"1Iw uit.·d tilll·tre tfr the t fh1 ante o111 1 taoin. Irv11^nry 1) Ci!1+ia . Just ( c)I1 ic1I( I1; I Wctl iVK1?.1N a+7 C r r f(a1p P d C u n u:tm S ICiHAI.), To'ubacco and sinul 'meaufac turer, No. 5177, Caw, a:sut, New -Oteans, wishesl to inforum his irealds and the public i gelnnral, tlul he is now pel.renl to furdish auy thi7, in the shone business, and l onstantly for she t qilewmg artiulen: SNUFFS. Rose, German I.ipee Mas.Uboy, )t glisli n'1 .etegent, Alricn It : appec; Naltellitnl ties, Lsltvedl, A4urican gentlkeman's, liergamet, IhlssnKen ttasppl.t idi lhla.ckgsast, St. Omr', Curs1coe, Pa~nl, Pure spL:ish, linl nusrse Rappee, Scotch, :l.d gemnule tooth powder. t t)IACCO. lite eut elcwl.n, sweet slcented or plain. Iine tast sklttg, of varisa squalities. llts-l'out \ir, SlanisI, he. a'l tse aluvetielesane nlo warnltelltU as g4I, fll.t. so pes4or to es) tlinsg of the kind inllpostcd, mad will be tunlashed to denters onl thl re mstliist lil/rsetel'rss. sllty 4 .HARDIVAR E. 2J MAG.ZINE STnERgT, NEW-ORL.,.tANN. JOSEPII KNE'TTLE , Cu.-Ilmrters EfForign ind )Domestic IHardware, are nreceiving fram lnu rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct frtsm the Mlsnufac tursrs,"an extensive nssortsment of Fancy and lHeavy I tlrdware comprising every article in the line which tlhtey offer low. tuutarv Merclhants and others are invited to call aml eamine ilheir stok which conasist, its Ret, of table buthelr's, pactr, saddler's alnd straw kaves, plated tand Britusia tea slposs,neearled, 5pins, Ihoks end reve, rho vein nud sradeos; songt, shovels, fender., atdirons, Brit tasi aundljajlsed ware, brunlses, blank beks andl pa per, looking glasses, atlvils, vices, screw plates, hand, sl,.dg and hail hammere, sitlhs hellows, Ameerican and English blister,cast, shear, (erimn and crowley steel, r pleal moulds trace, e and lug chain, weeding, Louia sna and grtubbin oes Mattocks, pick axes,oeern ond grass scythes, Collin, kings and SinullOt choplping axes, wrought, horse and cutnailb, cotton and wool nards, cose and cern millsdslacss uad ptlai ironms, hio cis, gougesa, locks, anld, imruss,, books td linges, gurs. pistols, shot, powder nsl lisperfloaks, prcusscion caps, iwdler, tea, bi., brass andi bell Metal kettles, gssn, knob chest, trunk and pad lucks, bridle bits, stimyls, ... ... .. . . . . . .a. 3 0. good ih their line, whilh together with their former toaok on u.nd, makes their assourlrtet very complete. the following compose a part, vin: shell twist, cttrl,side, t:k nl dlres esing el,es, blr do ofall densriptiolrt, In dia robcr, silk tanI worsted eldtlic garters, eotmunI & line elastic snspendlers, Inoo fito and Lucifer matches, Scidllitz pow'ders, owderpoufl and boxes, toilet powder, pcket hooks arnd nallets, needle bnoks,-hell, pearl, torv anod moroceo e.rd eases, head oomnmnenlts,laincok ral eads, iooklacsa anil negligeee, bead echnns, bead recklncec, cat class and plain ,ned,nilverand gilt beads, Indic, bcads, bells and plumesn pistol antd large Lonw dcr flask, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and dn.rinpa phistols; double and tingle barrelled ouns. Bowie knlve,, and dirks, scissort, athor, plockelt knivd, guard lchainse, aal riblmns, waist bockles, cloth, halr, tooth, nail,onb, arumb, shoe, late, floor and dusting b usltee. Cologne, Floridal, lbveder, rose and bay wnaterursortnod essences, andl extracts, Maeceassor, bear, antique, at d Warcl's ve getable haIoir oils, slhaing and toilet soaps orall oles rriptions, laodie' osdl geutlemn's' dclskq and dcssinag cases, hair rie.glets, frizcttes and Ibrids, plain, fancy and musical work boxs, ilain and' gilt, figared, coat and vist btttoae, pearl and ivory shirt do, snhit studdo, ghol atd silver pencil oaes, toethltasks and tweezerrs, lated adl gilt lockets, tlotiuture dro, silver, bkrass and steel tbimbles, hoolks and eyes, Ihaoir pine, initation fruit, blk and rcditok,elho blaceking, violins anid guintrs, ribbed and platl pereossiou caps, litn t oine, wercted cash ions,gaold and ihier lace and fintge, latter paper, gameo hoas, ridlitg whips, walking canes, pls) .g earda, flis gold, Ilatod and gilt jiwellry &e. 1'Le above, togetlher with a great varietyf oother narti cles are offeredl at wholeale or retail on aecuclotodating ter Sl.. N 11 Shell combs repaired. (OYL- k MAY, Lluuse, Sigo, al:.I OUriIanwtol 9J Painters, No 3 Corondele street, two doors from co.4al street. lnitoatione of the following woods .and marbleas, e ecuted ir. a masterly manner. WOODS. tnanLES. Mahegowiy, Egvltinln hhbk and gdhl, Ok, • (;idlla all Aetico, Pollard do, Origtal or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled .lple, lood tone, Satin W\ood, " Potene,. flair Wood, I)ovs or lurdello, Yen Tree, Italian While, Colronulile or IBlack I Silcoo and lrectella, Iose Vaood, trAmeietl (trey, Ash l hite Oak, k.. c. kc. Speciolnns to he seen at the shotl. Paints, oils, glss, colpal v.rlish, kc. oil hoad ndlclor sul SADDLE & HARNESS WAREHOUSE, ir Subscrilberisa are ow receiving by the panckett J atd other late aTivatlsliom New Yo'ai, ie alditiot to their faimer stock, a large and Ilalllte'soa. ssorltnll of of S:odlelro, snaklig their supply lot tic se sa.ota mple and compCLteC--comnliig every kit li tad qad ulity ol aticle in their lille, aaong wsill: a re - elies' Iet Miscs' aatltes, plain aol quilted, l'lemtana's iio pliain, Spanish oand Creole, ]lton's do do do. l \lices and medical bags, Worsted and stlraining webb. Saddle-tsles anil stirrup leathers, Ilolsters anld pistol belts, lest iron I'luted leather trunks, ofl ssorted sizes, Illss atiti boot top do do do Coaca, gi atl,! solri wll p s, I adlirs'am l;l (:eIthen'e t igd ,O Il:ated, intms and JapmUed cech harness (:art Ihnceci n, collars, bridles :'m litnes C'a htllliales soimplltete, Skilii llt re, hnesta id band leother, 'ctothes with i Ile assollment of plated, Itass and t'e I1 Ir'hlle bits, a urb cletills, stirulaa, o Sllolto , S. ol ticl i. ownl iNupotaiou. Also, 8tht1 plag ,I of Kilgrs hi nll+l, nt of sortedI siles, iist reaines!.i,,+ m tile Ih+ e.. . orr!" at EKufid, C .IIIIII. alo'of whill they oflirat wholesale lls reail at the Iowut t pries, alll On telllS to sdlt They w all at al oontinloeto tee-ie Ihereglh the year, o thie acke:s troiay New Yorik, l frslh niillea t of goils, oi every descrlitii n in their line of business. mo 4 SMITH, HUBBARD i& Co. c. II. IANCItIOf'. " 1 OL ES.kL AND IRIE'I'AIL HEALE 1 ill Articles, Ine. No. 14Cump stlret, ke.ep colnstalntly oin llllo u lilgle tssoorlltcti of loll.ik Books, AM. ps oi tollkss, Lettcr 1'lper Pocket MapIsj Ca1 do Mla1ifoId writers, Rult ito Pen kitivcs, Ftlio 'Post, Dek do litlk do Pocket thoks, Cutn.oere.a! do Wldlets, PI'.ket do Note books, Pi'riicngPaler, Port lolios, \11rutniig ilo do do i.l, Iocks, I)Lt ig do do do in tiraelliig N le lit, olrlllilte ritiilcbdks, Cloe do I)lsessiltign tlases, Colll ig do Writing ilk, black tid rell, 3A1r tl o io Colliulc 0do T1issoe do Indelible do lusic tg o Iek tPo idr, block and red Sote ig Coa 's C"pi) ilg do %ieiating do Seiing Wax Prhiinl Io I , Ilaik lttilekso Cotd Ittock. Clhlck Ro.,ks, Pir Fies, Notes . nrd (Co11 i 1 )lits Porcel:ii Slides, IlilIs i' I:ti .lo ig. , Illepor do I)o loutttuilu ito Perri ian IPeu", ){dakpti... ' do SSI' i'o iscted :lnps, S il liit t'l oa 1 0(lob ts, .hUes' ti .lct iU.oig do S(d blocs te iesrlle Load.oi I l.. tzege tll ell:eC. g old ~i. r r Pufintd 'ericnl Pittco s cit.c Iittr i t.enur , l:ll i lu . osile . h ll do I.ithll I 1!:ic lliint. Waessrk e Ilici IT -sii ito Ll ;ll ii il c c. o. \I e!tgeste cio tntoisze tilr it eih-itis, AIe o tns ctedvc ausarltleut of stailudtad ni. a|clla ne"us, Isls sd o mledic I boks. * q rot , ir ttfllo i, i, Pi'reitirnhs. Liitc llutlune l of 'Letig, Literlltulre, ScFience nill JItSNON'S Itrdiell Cllirurgi nl levirewis the A.llcto ctoel Juriti she Nisw York llrueor, \'alloe'. oselect "ilcnhtill ihrnrv.u \lohli't e ro Fu l iu the Pct ic' V}In:.iu.i, tl; lij''ulllh" oft lricers Pirlent' .iuguzloo., I bindery d lll blank cook leilnufllcltrv i olnneih(d fi .1 blotter} and Ihal bl bok I m, n fontorv ih f ennneaa, ýI tCER bl' i lE est - - - 271 11 !'. m Illkl ral n.u . 1, ° and A. i0a .aaka~lrel nutIkera, ano 1 aua12 2109 cnxks a flimf, hahnlrs6y, I ahntofrauaha,' Itioail'I.a,,iflrsae,lahv J17 s 'rglrdrs.Y. SVElty1. /'n.O o h lain , w I Ori.', , CJ(:rod t5la' r. nl him t 'I" Mil.oanaa,.,i It laimla' ala?!y deiti Ial arI l Il ipriaile ain* da jln It nI,'ad gen', paalemIen aiae inannaed ta ll andana" I.rn als nm pinto at x -It hou r x In 11 r sit a l a eatrimcul'u!1, anld to cl::;i lo edil a pr IrlOIlFf r &o Ilt~sola or desiredl to attend nubs they w· \rite ns we-ll oa)le tllr ai hl. 1tt ' IR) a ii , Ia .' ri,.n.'aiia S. 77RG1(i;\`t.-l·ndinlfromarrytie.nrumo..1cales i f 1:1d the .,.Jllli t. it. SIMMIONS d& C ey e now roccivis from B ean board ship Orleans, kegle, ligblasinder; oker, .Mery Andrew, French and German play cotdo; Bauk. gaumon Boards; Cheiamen1 2-4 and 2 3-8 inch til liard Balls; 8,9,10 and !4 inch blade Bowie Knius; Leatler and other travelling Dressing Cases; Ielt, Pocket, loroenoa's, and Duelling Pistols; double and single barrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot Uelt.; Powder nod Pistol Plasks; Dram Bottles and Drinkipg Carps; Prreussion Caps and Cap Holders; Clolth, aithr, 'l'ootll; and Nail Broshes Ortis and Chlorine Tooth Wast: Tooth Powder T'uilet and Shaving Lonigs, in grest ra. rirtv Ioag Hair Baids, Ringlets and F rizette P'earn nsi l'oilet Powder, Enmecry UBags; Ivory Tob Cshions: Paitcant lhdes or Goarters; Gutm E!aitic Sospeitdeeu; Powder Pulti and Boxaes Gilt Chains, Senls andKloyr; Ear-drope; Waist Buuklea; Braceletsa Bead Necklaces and Chaise; Git and iilvered Beads; Inlian Beads, Bells atol Plumes; Shell Twist Side and. 1)recssie Combs; which, in addition to their o.nner stock on hand, makes their nasortment very complete, and will be sold low and on liberal terus, at the signs of the Gold.n Comb. j2i-tf 70 Chartres street. iTlltei.. SAl.lI AND lt1 , ' Ii :U.o.LU AlND V. VAIIt'i'Y S'TORIE, No. 18 Cat sta reet .l lcsn lisholi's Hotel-lThe subscrila-rsa. nirer , eox s1'g at their new stalnd, n, extensive asoIrtment t;, +artminls " their line, tomirisieg ivgery variety of Comihs, Itdtrales, Perfitmeli. , ocoking (loses, lPlaying Cardas nja a Iglarge anmlier of Facy articles. t'lhe fllowihn as prt a dleseriptioi: COM.hIS-Totoiseul Ilrazilian high toptck, ~wl ait earvaml; do. do. twist, long, nest, piuf, stide, jaI.. oiild dhresiog, horn; fine tol., dd"essiltoagi Iuoket colltnt; hoan, ketlting and ha-eot n-auhsi woodee, i dtrmisng, tine touth ln l imeketon.e,. PEIRFUMI ElY--A general asnio..ssil, of Frenob tianl America Pcrftnmary, eons-ls t , e ,ta..s o me watler _ in bottles, of all shapes aid lazes; f.s, cusr, FlCcrida, rose, orange, leict n, Jessamine, bergmoa,,. j itc.; hlte o aoe) olf eve.r ltnseil'itiml; ms.hurr anttrl;a' tall veelhtlle halt oil tol h eirla Infulid; simins tloothll wasi, e.alboic sild chlorin'o Ilentlilicebscee l sd lSd pili ite.t owder; pomatum; preston salts, etc. S BiJlldHES...C.omprisnt g a great varice' of cloth, lair, lhat, leshl, tooth, t'il, cenb, slaving, platt, heanth, nfile sain pilain dUlting, setillg, crustob farnlitu:m, selutlling and white wals , iore, shoe and ltaillr's lseenlt'~a, pailit anild varuisl brushesl, anl sash atal gailn ing tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Comprising gll f names ol various sizes, 5, 1, n andll dtrw toilets; Germanm statia, toilet iall wmket gals, Imgotli.ying mInrieri, etc. i'LAYING C.A DS-lagble, Ilirty- 8th, .lIfrnem, SHglahllnde., Spiel Cat.-te, Frnlth anid lwhit back '4ih FANCY AND VARIIETY AIRTICLES-A supe rior assiotment of laitti le Iesk , dlies' asod ,*getle imenl's slrasiig clS.s anal ladies' wIorkliSxes; lita li bx es of various dlesriptiins, muitable fi.ti thIe seIw year aid Christlams' gilfs; iockel kooks el all snlts; osusiei. deco, itlosic-boxes, led Ipencils, soyon, viiilins, sl bags astl lIUI-oStin allaUrtulient of Iloec bensl, boliei)ur quality billiaed Inle, pIaste hlaekige; hoise, shrit, vest, fall andl sucpender buttons; lerl Itoits aund llile i stlldu, nrzor strolps; gas achelines for creating light; Spanlish said melee segars; ntaeeeo ia, Pari, raippee onli Scotch sufl's; an assortmlnt of plain atndl sword canes; balek gammont boards; dice, fancy setIen;s oltias, Jews h:I rps, Irmouiease, lutcier mnatldle, Ilan, uleidlces, liemt saaIS l clips, i'tIltkitg -:ills, hlutaitig flasks lal igane b;gs; steel, silver tll pilted sa.pitaeles; tld;ihbles, twilne, eta. a laindsaoae assortmtt of eigavle, IIgs, an oalarge v'auie ty of other at tiCile, all of which will be holi foir low prices, for cash or city acceptasnes. any 4 IIEES | D'LANGE HurAIN'S CON(`n 1·FMIVTHi ! 1i:n SlAIN'S CONCENTIRATIEDf COM.POUAt'D SY'RUP OF SARAIPARILLA, FORt THE CURB OF Scrofula, or King's Evil, Chronic lt.haoatism,R Chronic Cutaneous Dia- Puins in the Bones, by free eares, ue of Mercury, enaly Eruptions, Mereorial anad.iypiliod Af. 'impilesor Pustules on the fections, thce, Biles, by an imlpure habit of Teiter, body, And all disorder aorisin from the contiaminated state of the blood, the iajuticuts use ofmerncury, B.c. F ROl the success tihat lis heretofore attendý"d this conveoient and active Strup, it ins ith the fullest confidence offered to the fledicaEl Faculty andl sunioitg cotmmunity, as the mnot pqweertil curative agent in the above ula|ed diseases; and for tihe ntrifictione of tile blood and erodication of snch eony1lints s anerio, from the blood being is a vitiated state. -This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with tihe greatest ihurmaceuticl care aotnd aceurhcy, aundtteotllais thie active trilceitle of Sarsanparilla in the mort concen trated degree, COmlbined nith other vegetable substauces of knowt eflicacy. The great destderatout with physicians in being able to exhibit a laree qoantitv of Salsaparilla in a .t nll dose, tae been obtained in thtis prepration--tley, being fully cotvicedl of its merits, confalentlv administer it is the ounre of ftllir praetice. 'rice $1 50 per bottle. Soni only at SWAIN & BROT'HElR'S drlg store, No. II Ctntal trstl, twhtere nlav be had, fresh sud getuine, direct coosn the prf rie tors, Swaiul's Panacea autd Vermifuge, Potter's Ci.t ioli con, Carlpenter's Pre tltpiraos, nd elrg and geoil g 'I asst,rtttent of fecsh dtrugs, ehemnicale, C.. a st Ic elioxltre, neverts ielt to ctsse ltis ruenss. st'S, itg of :I ldist.ancs, ltetntaitant IPew or otlFet esnt A-se. 'This recdecins is utivlltc lhlly ad littdi to hal-t ectipsscd tle lstclettusios of creve otlher todle of hlca meet, saltetheifcrtel stpclrsedes stle emltplovmnelt of :ty otlerlentsedy, tsblrerve the Feverall Ague gxistsh.'ctn suttlerio lrclits of thle T'nie tMixture tress IlOll seCtel rtt inso|taett tllhtttles. It is cllicely of 5a o.cge(tlieC comlposition, Irvellts relallECs of eti dtsteeso.esti:l lihcs s :ml aldll tl p|lel'naltB al ppetite, obitietesc Oslite hess of the bowels, :nld islsigo-Sttastld ls'rtilict tae ret litre sylclte. FOr sale, whule.:: and retail by the agell, SWAIN toland BLItOI'IIElt, lh'uggists, ltlt h II sllst .1 011,tfltt11ttt Royal College of I'lmy'.iclto,. London. t llE olrigineal Vegetltale hI 'olai illlivcr.N ledi _ .ite, prl'epaed Lby WV liakin, Vioa. 3lettrbrl of toe Rvetl C.lolegg of Surgeots, l.i.letroae of" Apothet cars t1 Lonottta, dellow of lt .oll rt C oeitwitt, S,..tcot to thle lRoyal JUnion- lesion, AssoEiatinl, I ',attaal.( Place, Wati rloo t lt rile, o .to d Po pete of Pupil ot "(tiy , ti St.Tt itonas'i. lhpial, to.tmtttot. "lhis y lahluu e InL'licita-, the resl~ l ftet y cJ" clll%"% .' L'ltl'1''l'll'ei and Unprllelel;lt d suLcces P in Ihe. t:Xl ..sitc and lihitsd Iespectab.lthe pntll,:ile oft"hIe I ropri.y,. I, | o nised b) i'he lllyl.. ilculaidl nobility-, an o is noil rudI: d totlite otiee of IIth A fmen itam Iblic. al the eOtest so liitatiot .1' a itmber olgell tiett of 4h ke lei-hlt otanodieg it, the it'otit~siot. It to hojtett to. alac i trny step., tto cheCk the et ils ttd lidal cous.fuel €eu ttisintg triOall lthe use of the numlrotus ate! delCtlie'us il1llll1lts loistedl ulploln Ipulllic by Ildilhl Ibtlealll . liroofs oo Iniltotlosotltrs, nttld Ieto, ms, i a sa t etf Iluelvellouy, unlrhietp!ed Ipretenders so ml~la| i" nol:n ol mtdicol slllctte, thllt it inpoiblhtt e tle tlte llotl Oltt tdelusial, alle a loly lonr t go dow nit tllt Ilte itiilliglmta ,epcottico uttl r , These p. 11L·~~lills , milt)ad agar a ltCilll Itotii their liature, ilhoull Ie kept in every thanit o ilt Ciias ol'sudllt illlless, for, by Iheir tronti ittuhtiisthationt holeloa, elotwItI, SpaslsI,fYerl., cill other aIhrtllillr g comlllalniits, lhiel touo oten Iprove laitttI, ltl. be stllcldi lv curd or ti,.tletedl. lt.tct, it ll Iotst.l whlol vtlue g" oi I;ealtli, shouldol toter be witlllto thenl. 'IThe) ai sole i Iackets att soenst, $1 d $Lea, by ever) .resic. tatle ihtllygist, bookseller cod ctet.dotofoedtioint i.. Ihe United tcllates als telle Ctics, wihclll t Oltiot tsti oitlt ttogltehr with lestionloltals of Ili'ofksthlal ltilitht hfii 1 thit follootth rnatemitll geilelllent Sir Astley Cotlpec, J A.arttedli,,.lanmets Itlotintil, M. 1)., W. Back, 31. t., J. Astoio Key, A. F.1an toto, nI. i) , and nIIIiLeOus others. Sell origitcls mlay Ih setrel iti )oosseitottOf thelt GelleI Agent, by whLom tle nellicil is nlltortelt into thlis c rcliy, alld to whom idl atplitationtlt lorago.ties iistt be at ntole. JNO. HOI.IIEIN, 1129 Woelrly Plane, N. Yoirk Sole Gellerll Agett f'ur tiLe Utite States, Eo. . Forl stie A)-lllll toltmt t O tht e oligilll roipr.itlrl. is, SWAIN & UuotTtHim,, No it (ailltl aitet, Ille. Agenllts Ihlr SIlatllther? Ibwtis;,: t.il1 on DipLlomatc Colie, o lnbracing n collettioe iof treative anlI convl.intitto tltlltwren toe llltte Sltattlllteadll Foreign toowero, frolit177' to 1831, wilt no ubohpart of illunrullntJudh'ha Ieihtciuu on ploints co ilteced wilh oour foeigle rolttiltllt. Aso, iIt colloie lltoditotic nliltll ll co.ltUillilln at tttteary of Ihe Ilw of of io tlIme Itle works of Virttleforft, Voilel, l.tloeslot, W"ol, tlient, ttetle, the. nnd otier I)tlllhntliL tv.ilittlnls ot Iqlettutl)l. of intenunicihual law-- I l for iallte itiinti..hrsallnl •l-o sct Illlad for tllt otierS itviog nlli tollltII tt or ttrclC ith ireollr.ree wilth t'eiit Iliistih s. Bl Ivo EIlliot, in h' I i jolt r.cerited tlud ior .llle thy .'Ki IeN8 Co]ner C o f Ciamp&)ttf t,&pq llln..l 4- .4rf5 rn11 tt,t'tenv--,x ta;:... j. -. . - i AE: r 'UeI LIreA'o (OSiw*rri I'oiwrr Jia\..,t a L aresidence-at l Iittle I'Ce~lli Stun.11 Csozoa or tail}; by i r de tiool; Ilhroicrr, IrrrortrorJ t rr the I.irurv of SOicnlrd 1'rrrob;'1hre ho. rt:e I It'rrSnrrrs, I . 1 . F 1., r.lurrieu n rrlirioo, with n Ilslt l in k vats.ll' I)ORKE' AND Lrr tLErK'a I'oEn1S-new editio: I-' Lboun i 1_11ei 'Ira o o our Jot"" I)ftoRrII m-icro rsrad Jror., with u life, lv Ilev I Alhfrrrb: riew £dijrioa, crurirle is cirrhr. Jusrrrrcrmrjvedou for onto, b tol1". %V 1IKilLh,roor ~p ,iComruoo Nto IiifV: .%o I-' . b ordemo rlicf 'I'cxo in rhristr 'riroe, arrr. thlorirell to dilapr at' Ile I'hlir lorbo ir 'Ironyr, soul feril' is a.%%, lrey in rrerrfirorr-rof 61r1 1 vrr Aoin aill ne t ur ii do ItIn' l( i, b Ithe Republic, dal uditred, rr u bue sttlrd obr in ocrip, prloridcd thoe rnoruo rorlur rrgist of Wiudle's Ic1nierlah, NO jr/rr, /rh",t Prrrurno, extrr flue, Cror piio w irr}o food'sl' reatdl~tia::, diootomol~el,ellggatpdto d gill Ci : a;.( " lfor lrech obaioureexrorrii/reredan rlrtkrliearrhrr roVraioru'rrr rir orbo;ir, rId taper, Ilut;;er's pen, poo ore url ri andk d, rros crocre, let er roirrpr, Iener. awl Iorqyrrrd iulrrrb landsi p.aperrreightrs, folleiri rnondl nild blot rolero, ortheartical if roorroeots, bIcrk nl horrds, draw ir rorrils,, Bristol Ioardsr, f. d r o Irroker, carnr' c lrirrr fotios, iockert buoks, ti r,jer Jo. Jrrrrrrct~rivedorrlfnrwroobc frt IIO rrCHr, GrIP orIrouri or'to lrorr' inOO riot 11 rotr'rbo Gif 135 bulr! 0rrlrrul 1 orurrlr !rt irib l r irrrtir rlri rlr r tr l 7/rorrrm Rr ubelirrr i f Irre orrtbre rof G'monibit soun~l Nkctclla" f h lmin e besut ll)aris utholll ;lt!~ r tu Jilillllli e u f ll~llnnd, Iligl1S ;1\ ;ll1I 1 Ilt o evs, e, u. l vols.I; oIrrrirrrr~·o~ ~lrfr Illn oerrliu ofl tnffO',fir, j recIibruI nod furO Iroro I - b101115 IIOTCIII{13i rIS 'ors 101 '1I1L~ 1 P. I1iEE:.1ErrN & Co. NO. 3 M .t ull i \ '' r irin,! lir sItinllr, M ni hllill an d t tj FT C clllilinI( roil will Col)(ill(: to I I.P rii\ .idpmnrit by Icrr pocket Ihnllgluinnt the scalm . They hve an lthandthunllvi nore Fruiw tntine a u'i uf'l tl ,n.i. Ilmat~ of fine anld a ,armor 011Flolrlr, Fnitalble citlCI li)T tln" city or country trade.e AsteraHttttwilI ~niu,,; mrhants.nuc ifr the rinutr, trllnd iti. to I it en.. 'Ilr r tot.all luuxine the crud: . fer $AWl 'Our m lute fir~ nnoh o hnu3 =1' rntho.,nhe inn m. I i)rartn, te d IVER, ni.t I Nlaigaeiao, p. .iuim f I iaFii.. *u i; o u Olenttue,,,,1 Fltlrnlll boh n· ifnenrher f lu / tuoll lfinIlntnnul r eitn. of eiohnnrkiigiblb ai y fir n . It. r' i ti Cri i te n ruile fII It .11 ý'.1'L'1.AN, 3krcn~tu... J~xli.., B Brower. & Co - fIAYE just sioeitvedt their .loi ieogg Warnlho.1e Ii No. I. (Casp dstret bh" recent trrivals ifrom In otope, and the North, hlge additions to their stock of ouseil and ornamentul /os.reekerjdig ;ttieles, whidEch, cl Icctivly (they believe) frnto a amstuotntent spolre gtler r at s codmplete than is to lte iound inme) stmklrib tleb itslhment known; consisting of 8L1iV t WAItE. COoffee od tea sets; pitchers, waiterls, rcstors, otndllh. sticks, cups, tmblerlalot gobleots; tablte sld desiCt forks; tLale, des.t anll tea sploons; alrrow andll grvy, or ro goot oltotos; sltgr tongs; slgar, o1lcoc nd soupt ladles; Iatter, fruit, pldding and fitsh kices; pckle nilO deseLrt kn; ives antd forks, mqkits, rihgs, Oe. l.sinlmlmll, from the laoutaetotry of rle 11. ienjltter, of New York, whose long establishced t eptato, for the manufacture of silver waI os is suicie:lt gnanlontee of its superior iq uality. PLA'PEJD 'ARIE OF SIIIFFII'IELD AND 1B111 SMINC;HA3M. 'ena atnd coffe urn, tee sorcs; ctostttls, liluor and cor dial stands; sutehrb candlebtl a, olod Epe.gues with tnir eror ptlteoull, for celtlre of tIle tinnerlt or ,tpper table; 6 watercs lonml and oblong, from 8 to 1t iinches; e Let - steak tInd vegetaleh dishes; trich disdk evers; coke altl Ir'e.Itl baskets; kealntetr stols; mtnlllS tle i ld chambe r Scandlesticks;: n ie stain.ers; coolers amt s Ilphs; dte.m. ert labels, ctret corks, tea rt::i.-er., t:i beli., t, ll ble. egg and musioe.d spoots; egg boilers anlld statls, toast races, kte. SILVElR ON STEEL WARE. Table atl4 desert k.iuve, ifrks al sepoonis; soup and ladles; butterland fisht knices, cheese scolos, 5s parigus tonlgs, vegetable forks, ter. .JA IANN EI.ItY. r Fine Gbthie Sandlwich an I :round coner wliters, in sitts and single, troIm to 31 inhlies; do of pupier I.wrhe; brand, cheese, and knife Itays; large upright pllte w dauners; spice, sugor and lash Iboxes; pecssing cases; seulit te. tables ill ests, eIddles, Jappl:,Iud and of rich Stortoise shcll, etc. lAMPS. An extensive assortmellt, Iongtll whlich re Astral lllP s, all bronzed atnl ilt, and oft rich cut glass; uititl lttps dot doeahiti,otlli na1 wilth glass prismsr ; tory splendid lit gtlrs do; brotozed and Japanm.ed side or slelakct nllo ts. CIIANI)ELUEIS ANI) HlANlGING LAMPS. English nll Frechl cet glasE4 c:ll.eliIers or lustres of 8, t10, 15, t1, 2 0anld l lights; Frenclh boneetd and gilt Grecian lamps, 3, 4 ea. 8 lights; h:ll lantps and lan terIs, tieh bl nrlze boat or centre Ihlalntsl for drlliltg rooms, li-om 1 to G lights, ltuna1 altades, glaslsessd wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLEIII AS AND v.\SES. llrenzed and lmall,lc; bronzed and gilt. and all gilt, with filxtust., etc; counting loolse alnd kitchetl cloeksI blronzel inkstands, cet-gtt-ln; ltlpaper weigilts, thelrrmone elr, catsl I s c ltlllsleol ii a tetc. CHIINA WAItE ORt POItICEIAIN. Etglislh tndl Fl'rel tininieg desert, tet tandll coee serl - ciles el plain white, gold edge, and very ricitltecy si.lcs; splendlid toilet setlts; wl.ter and lmilk itchlters, nlluctle vases; lilley rlld eracks ndll baskets. IIALR'II EN WAItE. Dining, desert, tea, coefe, brentkftst and sulpper sells; toilet ware; pltchers. Also, Ctalton china dinller selts, CUT GLASS. D)ecanters, pitchers; cldoet e:uo colorer.: hock decanIres; howls, dishes, celery tses, salt stadts, sgaIt' btowls, butter tubs, Sioger b:lsuos, tumbl,rs, wine, chmup:.igne, clalet, coldialI, leloill Ill jelly glasses; file Itokglatuscs. Also, eratile slhes,. TI'ALEi CU'I'LR:I,7Y. Fie ivomy baltance I ndlles, slf tip ai i hustdbk hldle knives: alld lolks of 51 and 53 pieces, or by thte .ozen; ivory hlandle knives onll for silver forks; gua,l4 u111rd glne carvers; lo slices for rould beet;f -yster knives, nI~t elkl d Ipicis; sugol rttIrs, colrk so ,es cet. ISIlT'IANIA ANiD II.OCK T'IN W AItE. Tel lnu eoflloe settsuand urns, with 1 allll ' fsucets, sutiltslle for hotels allld ste;l:bo'ls; sploonllsad hllles velson dishes it ith cover's, si stler or clhfilgI disles; dlilsh corela, pllit htele's, coltie greegs; Ito ketles oil stalds wilh Iheltters, e boOilors, etc. 1FA.XCV IIAItDWIVALI.. ltttssstd Wit ir llnders, blaSsalloilrns; d steel shovels;ld tongs, etc; co e per cold Iinds at IptooC kt. tLet; b[ass stttoms, llioftt tooLs .Iattk p uer t, IoItss out! bruonze h tllloo : Ihl+iith bItIsht s. I follC). bellows l t 1 :rut t brustls; clriiilti« anail Iltttng ttttehilltes ; umbretlla stttnds, gittte':,:llr u a~om plates. KII''CHENII . I"UNITUltle--Cionsitit o ofiron, tin, (ltrtss ,ropptl' "+otousdreltt..a, beitg atcollecttio 1,t :lt ltttioistisiutlly st tittt Iutcttl y o tt u tosest ttt in l fllhnosl eve alticlew ean by house k eepersi albe foituttlllllli Itheir esltlbli Sih'eslol m intodtd lale til and relullishtts ilnw. llrtlps 1e.irdl alnd i'e!cl~r+zed (lee 31 THOI.ESALE ANI) RTItAIIOtL 111 AND VA V V IETY S'l'O1LI".-n1 tile silt of ter golldeln coltb,ltto70 Clltttres Sltee.t. lt'i stbsuribis IlrL Ire eived,t inl dditiot tto Ihtlr tpre'ius stu tk l l itt lU a ftll ant ttettjtslbt i teSutntrt of tieles i, tie, w thi otllbs, perrti.urr, .lewellrv, Iru hse t le king glsses, Itl1311,-t-eitoi.r etshell, wo. t IIa nd lut illtlokBttti-t, tqlillld ck, g r d, dert stot' p cts' ta hich are Suome irlxiu't patter, Isor +coms " ei t r dgl isttl'i ,o.,toei hor ,l' i an'e-.<ili k t it i 'IdR ltUM.I'It -Culobne, Itutetdr tr, lorido, thoey, lty, r.ta',land olenr Illo e ,r Nwls Ifl' , r.eizt randlld d criptiuou, ctt:;tntplhtt 'd ttiourtlle r til t t" t (it rger. t, talltv scruaps ott ll ,ile', Fls,,ie d indo cakes ant rdoto, orenin sollpdo, \trd'.i, i v 1.t"W~' 0o0,f ni c tlioeM nlo tiqlledlo. l'ee~tl'S Serll,.in iel', ili' toI I'ill, ' Im litnttot in puttoiottd rtoglt-ltr 'l'ired ttrchlorie ttlooh "e'2L !aid Ilwr.aI ltli a g ri l t l' i rl lll l o of of .I .I\|.[.ilA--solit tifllaltes(it iIIIn tllost f ·nllion. Ile settls, onslstilg ofttllite e iltl ntd rtetdOtrtlin, tre' . tet tardropte, set ill tilgree, Inast I)ins otf ' geet," c .v of molttrns wntch Iriouni :,.+., etlt ad eilV'r ankles, IIILUSIIE --Coth, haiil', Ihoti 1_,crntohI'ii rthllll rltor, hlal, lceh, tooth, f'laic- c'ur, N ail l, N - IxI n, she i, .+ hitu'wnh Ibruih,'". LOOKINIG (IA..ata. S -- aant asttin asol tilet ;:lass, Inagnifviu- mini I-tl. it-li ilratctac glaie It.a htlt du, with li aa ri-aiv f ot hr I, hnl ol t a i llal lraaad. l.'ANCY ANDI Vx -'cx' AIII-r / TIuJs--l.'re,-h lld Am\lltelricl an plttIle d-ak' ciaal a"rgr .c cae., scac 1- very rich lold filhllI lillu..ti<l Il: ,,", tvn burrs\ nll l -l -. i-in-ri case.d tiit .jjd Wijjtt ataa, u asiedl boxsaca i- r itat t ja of a rinai kiilcs, I e iil ta nit ra , silvIer iad eIe lated rencils ald Prtwn.,ttcd ie-tcil fic. b . •ent r.' and a CttritaOli-llln t b'" , cil: att i tail bwithi undl ithol t clases, tllercus,.ion call s, percn:ul l all c. ner( ". pII tirew drivers, shi t hlitt . in lnc hilal , jasja' kckai:t tt v ltrtteitctifcatiaear?'4 pnlattarll'" 'cll-a, tacit-ic It ton set , hldi:dll h;'ads of "ivr% khi, bll, uold plI u u( -, fileand ci t nt i n11111i e, rzd Ii s a. tki . s r.c , tihrith-l a , A needlhs, lins, silver pa elated . el all e(,on la spcct; Iles poc rel books nulld w llets of •ati-A ki- s visitill carrdsa l card rst playing card.,i s ita.'cl,r (eerkiiul eclll Aeiidlleii tll I-elliltlr dilca iclt-atio of ilr snui holxesl, ]lrlllt lf a iir111s kinds~l,".iiiii s I1.41 lue i. i,i, |]llllllerr suOl'a , ]Iilhll' mll' I I I wkhill' ro slr str s null cietle tlllNluesirk, fail l(.' alid ittlOC e Inwt ',r rllaeqnlo v tjcll trhes, i trur ll itN'd sl., C. n-ll NlhuW seeOd hleld, atill cd silver it , c lasti stter tiers, and grllrlter, hplill llnd sw(,'r l fllelne nl-k.Ullllll boards,+Ol dice, Olltill\ ienl oe. jews 'I I r)ps, )InIwcI.)ll mlll ltel, es ad drilking Cup", t ll a t . • ,, ff I orur i clue, fill ,fl'++hic hf will be sohld lr eosh or "it v . 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Lligllil y useful in "lade;I used "ws ill, "model hd f1 1 lll1"t"`"S as It 1)lill:: illld x Fu·ill 1'It Irilil r, Ill tie .t" lot nt subject to IllEunllplnilll of ii. chest,-l( slots t\ 111 Ile -111k~· in. . -" ur I((( IS b; ltlI in s1 . 11 I, su-. \1'ILCII u"\ 1" a Ill, l I. illk(,H il~S Cun )Cll hl·r i llee ill : this 1 women, inky., io 11 , :!` doe; t\ ll onswc nil itsll· pl'ue, nI .cl It's, lime, It lens otip.,ose, 1" II! in 11 ";llie owl'. nl IcI l,k" "1:1"1.". ll- a the to t lb ink.11 lhc I.UiJl.&nIro, Nov. 15, 1832. ;I\ ( 0) 0 I 11110.1 II rh ui, d iso oI·:) ,"xllillp, I in I ai 0.)11 ,1"1. Ill l Illli(l( I0 lll lC'.,l 1.(·a:.1 1 it JOR N IEI:(L'SO() king bI. Ctlanl1en'ros March '27, 1831. ,'c~:ts, asd akitLng, s,N, Cold, "7 il 1832. theiolluooc of m'I'Lum, xbicb lots 11%,blll m ti om Cosiness 1111. 111;;1"I1, ,:ItI" ince.I. lb n t lls~l I~erio/l Ii Inol. l'Lil o n 'll i :Ollie tit \:,rio ll \Cl pitalll llu Il( e· city, es, 1 1" , l:lllrllcl· ,earl). r c lr Il(Iil lb 14~1 lt gth .1 ltle lll [1lie lllll ti) L.ol' ospitaly (i C(I f trie d H11 11,o llll 01s ;11,0,1), Dll: litte b1,:II e oil the ~~alf IFif~ll, of n"l'bYou 3.TUK"I,1 Itr tct Nst.j C.8VI S OI SCIC(1Ur :L')US I CEIlS' Nll. 1.00, Sept 1t), 18,30. Thlis malr eel li\ II1 ll d. fal ofl 18.35, 1 1 00s se~izedl Iorc~lclilllel ;aid became tarn, 55liS1) II ill t locik. .8101)3I ingsetllitotiypal tp o mlls to tNm titi,' L t 00 In I'llilillltplll o,, :, (1 11 -1 m) self ,lode, ' it" cIII 1C OI f to 0o 1 ll:·ct, 1 000 Ill ommnoe,1 11tllnlrl·, inleol~mlll. AllCin loltles n 1'otoSr' 1:a11oli o, a itsno materl bem"1"it ileupaic iogi of lile, o litlll :rtd Dow brLonnle a bot' helcl to, me1~, I relnl ll":I to n,' 100.011)5I1 ill h.P\ Yorki in 1855, nailI( ;toe m) selcl Op In i t ' iogol~iing d1·111 1 IeeUIllC f thel 5.00( SIwcoss oI1I'"1"he Illoiliao'ls Il'ane:a I, boleler inl casts 4,011,0 total' 0,III1 1, 01 uns l~nlsnaded Io II: iI nsa Iasi v 10u nm 1%,! Sllli11y 6~c Hc Vg, ~1111 11110~ takin 'etell bnltll s, the of cots b c.tlrdl amt 1 Ietra lle ported l)l nc"Il ill 160 eulllse 1.l',.o nonulls, lasid have reluulilled ~ C~er sins. I m:!" this tatcu e "uol 01)1,1 po lil3l· ) do tlllll, ic11;1ofthw %Iar sfiirngumet bmia ,11:6,wil Oo ;thlis life· soled 6)I lleublulV s). Cnlllsnt.,rov... 1 ,11 13, 1831. 1 osc ,.1!1;".....1 f ..,.............. ..... IP eee tlitdhce C ,Ide1 1", lieu. I t, as :,Ill i.\nI filar llI'S "ie the log, le .t xCesie ,teietiIll:lga" Idt join~jt. 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Etntgcad tilh :ilt kcal cowent-, wl-n o gel rnl index of homes, !II Lit It. et l~ee tefe tei ee jt t1I ereee)il il E I.)k 't~l~iete~:etell~:; ('oxtractttrtrir" c at Pgxt y ~risprudenre, a s ldliiu. tEvi.3l ee l'. (lee/e eeee/ Pnee-ijc. Ifl. 1.116, 11 cuirl·ll's Hlerp,·la .1t/he , ainul o' //lowerees, ih1 oone l Lonone di.treeei p /'oere tteli ulttejjlt te : lete mlre et ir,; cetcef Ceettt, r'eIpreeete.e Icit Ci Ce I t el l tette tof tll4 ceetIld - tel Ce (I elotici p eec eteeteIttICe'1:,Je~laeteepaetlC0lecigttt,, Sc. \e. &* & Jet treciCled, aidt.dE f le by lost 1lIEN?. LI s'\' Je I.II tIe( tI~ e-e 'tee CI0 jeie\icetlleee Net, tee1 t "ige en o ptiejet. lbv I xthe " ll'et tel Lt Skeed. It ed lltsinlll ;oISS & Co, .cdl- / rr+, lil'rrunrk anar.·ry 8rerr and fur nisl\rr r f ill r+lEquipents f trrt J dslripiatl n 109'3 cuu'uoo.AS SREE f futet,, 11 01 I .(l : in eat fl" str li tary llFOI oII IC neIIIR the°h tlct otieno eitethe moltreeeeeeeeerl eedterm . - eetlereeeint,' nu-l I/e, JIeI'ieeirunks oftCteJerv de-· J,..i , I\(ee *nttv etIIeIeeteee~eet c; toil lt e I i t., C -C e.,. et T ite h 31 1 , ; i 14 ern:dI'liter'. II CCC-h °il~ies i4 ,. l(( .~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~C e.. tee' .'II\&I.1:sLtc,:' THE FIIAMIIIIA STAG iE Vqj S . 1713.A T 1 A L i TJIIEOIUUUR UN PVE ANDA AL DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Aug L 11.AVRS 7ýJoble etei other dot , idol, lTh(s .o*h.ue ofrul dofe mxic fronU New orb:0;;; ; sqi sttulbontla I:RttLlNE, to lislkely, culottes to l..." I t ch1t ioohts (per Priisuolu ~'.ll'lslml( 11 s tlllUc.l(biO rr1i INl Boy) to cedar 111o ? e/glld -·ll lie 13iliIoi·, Cl 11(i0ll)0, (fcrcie.y Mme , non1,) Bail It"tlge,1 iti e1'loo;I'lawkll st Mdni 1 n title, lto august. 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Iacrh of lthle alove medicines .t used for the mladites of lthe teeth and htlums, ad oi ith itclardti ab icctiols Iho thter oec to be tledl. crX Alanso r oo t altahrr artileas to thie toilet of mouth. act T IANt) FORTII'E$S-The subelrrir lj s jurtiststhed a al hudid assoartment of Enghlish, Germat and Almeriala l o 'iuan Fortes, viz. rone wool, picol,lpl cawlalet, pieilos, aod grand artio (l qJuarlnie 1n00 rtes, fron It \'tnnurtm I Collardul, (lute Cleanolti & eo) .o5 doni, Ilrholgouy: ald zerahna w.ol quarne piano f(rsti, from A YStine, Vierao; do froam thes erlrlOrted eres ries of J ChliTckriue & a,,-loUstat; Duboi t & Bac.n, N York; WV Swift, ti'hiltdalthilt. Alt-o-Flula., of every decri.oiol; viaoiins, violnaiel ao, onilars, clllrionrt.s tageutolel, banoen,le homre, train Iets, lglelCs, drumsll fil,, Friag. rneeds, and every ioi elit ta" uIt.sical merIrtaalruldizr wholautasle sat rtail, o. Irtrasutlblc terms. II CASEY, tiatt l19 Camp slreet '3-O tOCEtloc Sf T UCj Ru !-'-The slisotit A ere w01Iditlbrlt the Girucers oflNaw Orleanstlh. thry keep natltsllltly on land, a large oUplty of tIn betr loughtotllrr' ittrre, mantaufactured by tlrae'elveol huieh will r asold t New York prie.o KtETCII'UM & LUBBUOCK, Drugirto, . _ov 23 37 Campet. P'At.EoaonoRKIraono~ IiC'o. No. 11, Hogmlaki "rt. Iotpnrtoto nod wrholoottleic dntros in Foteigola I~tlttttotto Itolsrdore ot rotociinlog frotoLootpoal ai AtlotA~ito tulrn, liorrt Rlt ftlacata1tttfoottataI ~'lnttoo srtrfnrtlt ttftono.r otd Itoa, o hAlt! WANE, clc itt nod~ ottitt~ C~lOodotIogI tortttt., CI uoyaar~ t~lottloto otholtlr- ott itititd to toll ond cna~inetbait ntlitoonoLI1ligttdlillinghoalilab . opodocll boot ttrllh~t*, tmroloti wotttat at ttl~lltlit,hooohlljl ltotlnclooIullld broatlnonnahingtiag houtohcto oodl Ittotoholn ho,~ hyoot- ttttnktltiija Pndod a holndbo koliton nodrf titoht, ioootll~ffCt toto aa5DIY! t'z~p ilotlinootIfd donort( ktltoe unod forho, ionor,Itnl!, t~il Ith, nod doltll g(Ittok rotr( icntl~lu, binno u. cllc;tittnotvodondhodr~ oott inoa lotdda ltaitt¶ jal flint otol tooonolsittn lintl gtttz,oln,ottlt ontlui oat bat toillCP \OtOl holt otot 'icCtl, dlotoot Itlt, ItitOt a ltt;~ohttjtbiinlt wgutlto 00oF~r oe , jo01301 pd gagll hiotltlll ltk Joth rotowo, Ettglirh tod AatnCu u otntoo *tftlttlooonn ttttd nooIPlord, nantltlath tog,01 toit otiti hont tioe fColt-no o"ritlillrhoto osC, Ita Otloool IlolpCtorotootII tllitodtoli~lto-tIo-o ttotl,lroa· oltoo1(, bootPI ottd~ioo(no,~ Ilt-itunani nord Japt wntw,. ton hotthor, Pottoo no.1 roto potat, froiagUq ttI~ttthon of oll itto! donoollrr tttotor.ttr'o toot Pat otol~r:l~ stotltho t 0 atntnorvc, (lernon gnatdipP' I:)61 ttlllt h\D hiiU lj'01uhI t1 C.lllP t. 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