Newspaper of True American, March 28, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 28, 1837 Page 2
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S1 W G p - , . ......tlAN h : ,181. *: Th-inrio hat conse at |lst. The Joseph's have i.$'" Elrsc since last Janusary ominous signs of aopo iehlng disturbance in the commercial world haot.froni time to time arrested the attentitedt Sthete6t careless baholdet. The 0th of Mitlich brtught with iti accumulttion of evils too heavy to be throat' ad d'many of our first houses basponded eaorittei in conoequsnce. Day after day, the E apreNo Malt as +notice of the di _< sald of the enornouas price demanded ,nd actually soeifed hor tie p eaofftods. Passing by th ashare ogonpynth cittfr th last efght years has d oddt lihiring diltress in the monetary world, Swe come at onaseto the consideration of our own affairs. 'For the last ten or twelve years, a mono opoly 4hhe cattol bhusiness has been stead ly g gwi sip ilaCanal dtreet, till it has engrossed ,n ea ..1. ,t .!- hbtlh h apital provided for the com e wisdom of the Legisla e thfrp doings confined to the sia +operatieinoaf commeto, with the article in '". e'tse.- t toey extended to purchasees of the . ea toplMe fIc read of taide as ot ylet p&mted. ' n t eanefitale cotton-growing country like ours, Sitlot diMp a ult to imagine the t imunt required for such translctions, econonusilly- considered, whttever the 4mount may have been its deo o ion ta $ .e r pes was tantamant to an absolute shlracstit' s.t much money from the nout toral ohse i of tored. In otbyt words, what t;iostnosopolistn advanced tan .the erops not yet }- ~ trp d the' amtunt was, was so a.mstcra t t he publie pocket. To procure tie al Cea o1xnissInag these advances it became neces tw thbbtatn a controlling influence in the De Banks chartered by the state government for the public g.od. That inflence was obtained, and exercisedtoo with a high hand. Hlow it was ob ained, ityigoanecessary to inquire, as the publice well knowb-te means resorted to on such. occa sions. But we have one fact starie. aits fn the face, and that fact alone is explanatory of the present difficuliees. For the last ten years, hbanks 'have grown gp amongst us with astonishirng rapid 4ty. In eertly eiery instance they were coneeiv ed, and their charters procured from the Legisla .ore by public spirited men, and for the 'aabntqof ome great public olbjrct. No sooner haod the irst board gone out of office than'the means to which we have just referred, put in power a clique, one half of whom did not in reality own a ddlar of Ctok. Now followed the system of resignatiolns and new and convenient appit-.. meuts, till a.direetion was had entirely suited to theaexigencies of the great cotton speculntion. JNest posae the sppointment of the ExcnAuoaE Con. .trrTe,, composed at most of two members of the eboard, and the Presidel of the Bank. Willt the :!t"! t) iggt intentions in the world, our commu, niry hoasbee t deptived from time to time by these Un trt.IFIaoBL EXCHANGE COMrMITTrCS, of nearly one-half the active capital of the hanks! And for what purpose? For the purpose of engrossing all the trade in Coaftton actually grown, and in Cotton the seed of which was not yet plonted. The pre tence under which millions and millions have been seized by the grasping hands of the Exchange Committees, has been, that a diridend namul be se cured. Were Banks created for making money without regard to the interests of the community? He who would hold such a 'Itsiane is an enemy to his couno': and devoid of the great impulses of -!'hnesty. In charteringa Bank there is a compact entered into between the delegates of the people mrpowered to watch over their interests, and the body of men to whom the immunities of Banking are granted. That compact has for its object the good of the public, and of the body eorpolrae so far as they are consitecnt with encih other. Shall any one say, that it is right to deprive the corm ty of the benefit of discounts and to devote to the power of an Exchange Coomunittre eod rf a fet interested dealers? No man orn sensea .i:l fr a momentt entertain so ' = opinmon. Ani yet it has been acted on t suspensions and derangements! ven! for the good of the community, go olTresive to real comm 'rteal pro= t broken up, n:d henceforth we may tr Banking operations t ill be carried rect principles. Accormmodations will to the industrious and entcrp isirg an give security in thrice the amount they * ,and a new, fresh impeurs will be given to all departments of productive Inor. No maor, will their notes be thr,wn out under pretence of scarcity of money, diflicullies in the monetary world, &c. &c., in order to gratify the inordinate desires of any monopoly whatever, who caon draw 'out of theraults nillions on millions, with ao oth er security than the mingliltg of endorsements -among the persons composing the clique, as has 6sen done In this city. But hbefore the storm that now obscures the commerciul horizrn shall blenk away, much suffering we fear will be fe , by the whole community. It would be fur In's it thereswere any regulator of the currency, if c'r Van Buren would go for a restoralion of the cir calating medium to a healthful condition. Coar sidering this subject to be of deep and vital im portance to the lublic Wae shall dtdert to il again. "GO o by all ieans, it' you w.a h to buy ul able property, to the new Exchlange this day at 11 p'clock A M. 'I he lots in il.sivill'ewill be sold. THEATRE ST. CHARLES. La DIEu ET LA BAYADRE,--MRa. IIcNT, MR. PAGE, TIlE ITALIAN DANCsEcS, .las. ItUNT, nIE CORPS DE BALIET, SCtNEtY, MiA CHINER.t M.R. 'I'lt.MAN, &c. dec. In the getting up of nn Opera, the grand essen tial is to have sutitcient mlatri Ia to carry our the idle of tile composer in a prolper manner. Of Ilae years first rate singers have bec.rne almost mrara area. The capiltals o Europe, where the greaelst encouragement is given1 to music, suffer traon want .of finilbed artists, and wilh the exclp:ion of thle Italian Opera, it is absolutely hil tossible to fill up theruale of tmusital dranas whll pers ns every •a/.q qualitied fir the task. The very sanme de ficiency prevails in this country, only to a st II greater exIt.nt. What Ltaen snag-,,t then to do? Meust they depri.e Itthe lite of t' e pie-atre of hearing the enpuositions ran Auher, a Bellini. a Rosseini, a Mozart and n hundred other maelers, because they cannot get Malibrans, and Rubilis, to assume the singing chariactcre? Is it prler to wSit till uchl genluse stilig upof their own al ac cord?- Or is it aIn-rn collalltllt with reason to be gin wilt tlhe best material they call proutrn, ind by culivating the iart tat ualt ser isa ei prolitieaIt lathe scielce? Whst eliciaetd Ite ci,ilts f (;itt, butconastnt practice and study?]l\id that tou in a heooalwhere the prize of etllll2lce Was stre to await hsrexertioas! Aad maiy nat this resoning so sin.ple and yet correct be applied in every in ~n el 1t:trgress of the att{, sciences attd lhi The aaterial aenggd in tihe Operatit Bailet of t , eireu sa la~ioeatyerr , it ill e Odmaitled by the wseegelled i-itt of the iaigh sta order, butt reltesd sia h a copiletPhlio preveet tie getting aup OEf-O elatlalt i apeiimen of itile mutsieal dresta? e do not begita smewrerse and somehoea, aie a ser lavae an apptrtunity oftintprovtng.- ·ererstlre ieasone peraon in the cumtn utjtay whoa n n tleiaipera hpiped iyr finished artistl , there "' ,toessal who have ititnessed soay i e tI atstio of the suit. It is tile aunager's istyif healoe the or ne latt, to rater in the best -wa he snnfor trhe}a ority, nut for a tp 'iel row. Though theiae ges and daoncers engaged in tile Maid Of Cashntee may nst be fitished artists:- the inimitable genite of the By adere, Miisatlloi. wcetslo lst hw.u ncluded in tltece obsclvations e a.l da ourtelves the hosor it" Cci ris ing to her excellepeia it another papel:--yet lay are sufe ltieflly qualified to contribtute to the eoute erema. 5b"lit auch a manel that ano fl Inn be raound. 'j'he part of the tBaitdere, twhieh turms theprenci -pal feature l hfs.e piece is fitled to perrfeteun. All S flthe uboltditte characters are susataited by artists who are able at st as to preserve their identity int eucb a deagre,s that tile et alad ear are sn .tairis • 'la moat taatidi.a.. ohserver uslat admitt tht ta.; kna as a whole, there is igreat merl is thb repre. sidtation of the p:ece. When secta is Europe, tlta.,.pes are etrattened for vwanet f material ato ehibiitt operas in perfection, is it nat a memorable e .lbvtemear that one the banks uf thei Mrssiraippi, the y r,one o thie chef dl ~ggcs of Au. e a.Isould .afe rppteeentt.d tO laýg alegree of per '4 t si n as to enheiau the eltteti anad i cit the S itikA'tof dtsgerait.egasnembly nutnber:nj Atllro thousand personaon thitpurth night of repnesentatient Does it not prove that the piece is ably done, when it is an ascertained fact, that whae to Ioe the dress ircle have i sen engaged for every evening ep to the eighth night in antici patibtf7 Mr Hunt who fills the part of the Unknown ap pears to be in ill health. lisa voice is evidently enfeebled. But what he lacks in occasional ener gy, he makes up in correatness of tone and prompt execution.of the music.belonging to thfl part. We notice among-his happiest effirts tre move mentsa "Conld she but jealous prove," and 'rBeats therea hI art." Ha looks the lluknot with fgeat rutl, and is faultless on hin performatiac of the A'critieAj exa.hriatioa ef .i.. Page's voice eerr' 1tle s to sty it is unasitbd to the part of Oliphour. But in the absence of a Barytone :hat the charac ter requires, we are willing to receive his ceertions for the best he can give us. Hie does not appear to be at home in the music, and the feeling of the auditor, when directed solely to him, is, that he wjijil,, Nothing mars our pleasare 'so much as tieseapecion of a possibility of such an event. The attention required for executing the music preventaltim fronm throwing as much forceiinto his noting as could be wished for. Whrile we condemnn his voice as being so unmanageble and powerless, we are ready to accord to him every credit for his attempts to please. Lot him be less difmlient and he will succeed better. Mrs. Hunt enters into the part of Zulinma wir esuch zeal, that site wilts the good will of the spectator rle voo rle. 'There is a lour rare abeut all her actions and manner of ex press'oaQthot is sure to elicit admiration and ex. ate interest. Wit no pretensions to the art of dancing she does her bost, and the universal ap plause that follows her exertions must satisfy Ih that the audience are ever ready to accors the meed of praise where true merit exists. With practice flcrs. Hunt might make a fine dancer, and the lightness and airiness of her person qual ify her in an eminent deRree to please in that art. The simplicity with which she appears to enter upon the contest with Celeste adds greatly to the .charm of the cottage scene. To say, we were disanppetrted in Eliza and Ma rietta, tle Italian dancers, would by no means convey an expression of our feelings. Ilere are two dancers that have been the admtiration of the HIavane;ians ftr several seasons, and yet they do not poseessteither of them the essential nttributes that those who would excel in the art, should have by nature. Tihere is no accountintp for tihe tastes of . people, for the sirmple reason that our likes and dislikes are not founded upon principle. In what school these two dancers were educated Swe cannot divine. They lanck grace, artion,pedal movement, & te appearance tile knowledge of the positions. flowoyer we must not lharshly jrudge. They should beillowed an oppurtunityrin a dance of their own selection, and we shall tllhn be more capable of estimating their powers. A Fandango, a Bolero, or probably some one of the Ialian dan ecs nmaa suit them better thanr tile shawl move meat. Yet their presence helps to complelite the picture, and in the scarcity of this sort of material, they are invaluable. The ladies composing tile Corps de Ballet fufil theirduty greally to their credit. 11hey look well, they dress well, pnd thiey move correctlv. Several of then cor nnose the chtrns of sinning Bayadt res, and they rxecute the miusic in a clears sonnrous manner, with full satisfaction to. tlhe tile auditor If there were a full complement of male chorus, the car could not wish for more. The principal sin.ging Bayadrre, Madame Thiel Snman, merits at the hanrds of the unbiassed critic a deserved encomium for her arduous exertins to do justice to her part. A German y hbiith, and im perfectly speaking our laIngnga she does wonders. She possesses a clear rich voice and in her native languane can singa song with tile est of ilhr ri vils. In the song of "OilhaIapy bans of G:agecs,rr she seems to forget ibresclf and gives tile words, meanin.g, and music with complete el6-ct. She displays a judicious taste in the style of her singing and if sier perseveres in EnglislrOpera, a wide field is open for success. Courtesy derrirands that we should not exact too much oi this.lady, in this h-r new element, yet in her knowledge of the mu 1 sie she challenge a criticism. Lant thrttcl not least, the scenery and machine ry come in for its due meed of rnaise. Lee, as we have said before is a poetical painter. In secnCr of naturra-in the landscape enlivened by the l bers of mla,-int spots-where thq a'ild thy:le hlows' nd 'sweet eglantine flwcers' he is at horrre. 'rite delirane yet rich perspective of the square at Cashmere, with tile litianre ti in the distaince car ries the beholder in iimagination at once to Itha delightful country soollen sighed after by tre ia der of romance but never reoched. Schinorti scemsi to have burst the bands that hnve hitherto bound loiwn his energies to tllhe picturing of rearity, and Prtomotheueslike dared to ascend at once to he iv en, where he dipt his brush in the clouds nnd glories of Paradise. is lia dian lHeaveri is a cli max well worthy of the labors of an Auber. "'l.e m Ichinist drtplaycd perat skill in tIhi- constructi ii and remiovsl of ItIecortage. In a piece where sno much depen is upon tilte machinery, the labors of Mr Duerstn areldeserving of the highest creli. We hope this is thie beginning of good thinsa bo hind tihe veil,and that no pains will iernceforthl be spared iby him, to ensure the rapid nod pJrolmt cihango of scenery in tverot iijec, that will be la)' cd fo e remainder of ithe season. Auther day we shall n tw tile Orchest-r: nuJ its effenctlve r 2forlanl e of Aulbrn ,,,-, ;,. s nr aund acting of thai at'co e ipltsled att:ste, .IlADE:rotmt.t.e CELtEiE,. Bi the Government Extpress. LATIN i'tur.l CALCtI' 'A. There was a tremendous Iunrictne on Ithe coast of lMadras, during the end ol Nuvember last. The Americ.on ship Star lost her fr,'eancst is the rnle, and twasotherwise damiag-d, Sate had let Cal titla with a valuabl cargo oft the 17 lth N9vel he-, ani was stai'in. flari[ Maderas when thie storm ao on. 'Thie Rev. A. C. :.all was on oar '. 'lThe passengers by thl Star hI'd gone to Calcutt to sail for his connettlre, in ih Atietica. Ti' e items eere brunght by the brig Cortelia at B.ltti morl he IlStl inst. L "l.E FROM SYRIA. Dat s fron Smryrna htel , been receive: itn .lston up to the '6th Januaery. 'The runtor of the e plyne in tlhat city hId created sotne alarm. The Ist of January was signalized by na terrible enrllhtnake t otlln", te ltie or ..I u a eo tows ýlt ;r , : ,atd Japhst rave been entirely overlrthrwn. Nine tenths of ith inlhabitants wcer destrtoyed. Nuthltgit had been heard ifrom Jerusalem and Jaf't. All thie new Ilhouses in Acre ilhav beetl throw.. down. Col. Cihesney and his steatlboat were at ralgdad astonishing the natives. I10.110. The Jsephtal Bank in New York Ilumbled di, It tn tihe 13th inst. It appears that the arclith ret was endeavoring to ittrlkett series of arches rltithout a'lmrnents. Oh! these tuedleti wtistacrrs! 'liThe loss is about I),O00iO0. WIIheat contlnues to poor into tlhe ports of New York, Piiladelptta, nrd hullnore rom aroa lnd as it iatural conseuetllnce s-ecie will pour out of those cities. Whinevy is no v in p isn t ounds. ). the prub lic know this faae i Jaulgancntt ihs been obta;ined aea -t hi in thlie i ., ir .ct CIu t ''flCltm bhia for anlr $60,000 ol debts. Yet tilis is the pure T'rea sury bank agent! Os.eori's real natme is Osso leohol, or thie Black Drink Call. Chevalier Loriith, charge d',flldres of the Kint of Swden trand Nrwau, died at Warshing'on on Ihe IIth ,Marclh. The G:rand Jury of alltiore have presented tlhe pratelice ot' enrryint l conltllreld alllnd denialy aeiapons ~s a nuisanee! This is widom itself. VatI tUren has proil oted 1t oliteers in tilhe Nav to ti reak of r a in-19 to inisr COntllllaeid nlts--nrd 43 to lieuctenant:. A iine coup d'rlal io catch supporters! Another mail-rober by name Andirews has heen caught in Cincinnati. lie was emplloid in the past ralice of that ilace as a porter and assitant. What canl be expected when Ien are employed by the governmene t because thiva are partizta.t? The fifth instalment of the F"rench indemntry was received at NtLw Yolrk by the Plai'rd ul thli 13tlh ;larcit. Tenl mtllions of dlollars tins been aplpropri:tt.d by Illinois to rail roads, cannls, &c. The whole of the stock of three insrtlrtlrlc Corll panies in Pt. Llonis was taken tlie lame day Ibt bookes were opelnedl. General Jtckson was 70 years old on the lith Meart, t137. ''u while of an regg has been lately diser.etled to mrako a perfectly safe seal, as t aell ltrt ba opened by steam lof boilurwater. The weaggen tranesprtatll oll between lltlti n tre hld the Ohio at the last dates was in a flourishang slile. S IRN--1247 sacks corn on board flat boat, tar sate -at 26 Puydras at. tII J VAIILIN. T[-tk hb- dh rmes ad 5 idlo ;riie iork, i;, L sale at l2 Poydra t. by m.itt GRIVOT & PIA I U Poydras st. by it8 GRIVOilt & tI',t.tIE. tea 100ole Moogahela whistkey lanling ani d fer; sale at,12 Poydras asuet by mnt V GRIVOT & PyAIGE. ('11IN I3KAN'C, &eA+0 behslela cern; bltttitr wJ hit and red baa afEOU suaed ried applt.. IUI bbla fresh do, for sole at 2lPulydlas st. by w_, ____ GRIVO'rO&a PAIGE. rJEIKEI. LIEEP.-7 bCaP E rk i Per~fr t nte "by v t j7 VFIVOT& PRICE, 13 Peydaet. Ith. Glasox will please say that I am not a cab didate for Alderman of the 3d ward. 28th March, 1837. S. FIELD. Me. GIaow:-'Will you pleads publish thefol 1dwing'ticket in the T'rue American-uhree times, for.wkich I send you the cash iln acordance with your new Lerms. I Iave net inserted the name ol ir. Breedlooe, as I have been told that he has re moved ltie the firs- ward, and has lnt yet ac quired a reeieldeo in the ecoeend. 'f'lits is a tas hlrtune, for it tIs mey opinion that a better alderman could not bepelrected. For the Firnt Ward. J. II. CALDWELL, J. P. FE RET, EPENCER GLOYD, 11. J. PALFREY. For Lte Second Ward. S. J. PETERS, II. LOCKE'I'T, E. YORKE. For the Toird Ward R. It. McNAIR, C. W. SIIAMIURCH,. F. WILKINSON IWeV aore reque-ted to otel as cenalidateu for Aldermen for tha Third Vt ard of the Seotud hlunici pality, the followitag getntlemlen, awho ovll be supported by am ajority al thie vterot of that wardn , vi CIAS. W. SIlAM.1URG, W. P. J ONES, FRED. \ ILKI N SON.-3-any voters. m22 (d1l'he schooner HOPE & SUSAN, front ihaiil deldhi, is now disc nri Msi ,i,,o. iifr.ttL press. Consignees will plCao attend to the rec-lpt of tiheir goods. -. i24 [TThe Packet ship iUNTSVII.I.E, fromNe-w York is liow discharging two tiers below the Vegetable Market. Coreignees ao requested to aetend to tie re Sceipt of their goods. 27 COM..II E rOCIAL. OFFICE OF TttE T Gre Amesrca, ( Monday, Mlarch 27th, 11137.# The Express S1all failed yesterday, beyond Mobile, thus leaving us in a state ofsuspen3e for twenty four hours longer. Such a delay at this moment is any thing but agreable. We v have endeavored in another column to trace totheir true sour Scestyho ausei that have broug't upon the trade of tlhicommu nity such dispstrous consequences, It was hoped at one time r that the aceeptaeese for tile future crop of Cotton were not very large, so that the suspensions ofrthe Cotto! Houses would not materially affect the general trade. niut there is now Scause to apprehend that the amount is largo enough to in flict severe evil upowtlre middle clae of dealer. As to any direct ill effectq3hese sesp.aeiona may have upon the New York marlk et tl.e ye. e ti.restrtively trifling in comparison with the lomes exp.'9lr b4 b yihhiarehants of that city from the failre of the.deeevt in eisisppi and Alabama to cat ply with their r egmntmeItjs true that the disorganization of tle great estaihnment.l here will operate very disanstras ly to the New o;etrs-e ttomiglrt the indirect channels of trade, but they voitd lta're beeh'abl" to bear up aguinrt every dif. iultu lVfTJoy bluattot eoa elgaged in the saeno game our great doealers e heeplyed at so extensively for some years past;-the moaapotp -ypflthb great staples and consequent over trading. - Every article oftAde lins filt the influence of the crisis- Flouris refusedatt8m itn large quantities. A general de preeion prevails throuhout the market. STATEtMENT OF COTTON. Oct. lst, 1836h-No.,btle on Ihnd ..................... 8,712 Itar 2h, '37-No. hherlre reed this day.......... .426 lTotal No. do re'd p eiousoly 47:,173 435,149 401,201 Ilar. 27, 1837--Trhalis day to tLiveropool .......... 3318 - , d h " Ihi lrer........ ,35 Total Expoy ys p eviously .............. 363:,04--367,437 No. hales reoaininy, not cleaoled...... 6,704 STATEIIENT OF TOIIACCO. Oct. lt, 18?1--No. Ilhhds. on hal ....................7,277 Mar.n27, 1837--No. do rec'd to date ................. 47U Iar..27, 187-Total Expo a teo date .................. 7,07 No. ILhhda. remaining, not cleared ........ 4949 St. Charles Theatre. On this Evelaning. Ilarcil 28th, twill be performed, (7th ltile int the south) the grad Lcgemndwy Operatic IBallta called LE DIEtU ET .LA BAYAI)EIRI', Or, 1're .laid of Carshmere. With all tile moigmal msic; entirely new secunry, dlsses decoratiols, &c. ZELICA, - iM'LLE CEI-E'Is'E, I ,ttillll - . igt ora . 1 .' ilti c, Ilaider, - - .liza. l.olia, - - - Mad. Thiahut, Mrs. Hurnt, T'o conclude with thek II.PPIES'l' DAY OF MY LIFE. Si ;ianan, .N.. a. 3 I.tham. Sophi, . . Miss Melton. NIAV GOODS. I l\IOIONS, HIAIT' & CO.-Are now ircelilng .7.per ship Iluntwille, Engir, tMerry Anltirw, 1lith holatehel at atdl pocket pistols; phlai, ribtdi atl split taes; ait s t ntt ercitltt al other steelpens; a t io llts; Vinlin ,trings; she'l, ivory al horn c:mllbs; w\Taft rs silk, bead anl leather puirses;'hairr braids, ['ront and blck ringlets; negi o pull ; Germ:ae anld Frenlch cologne water; Itoaln naltlerasaer all, itllltatioll d; nltique illtl bears oil; plt table desks :and dres;ln caases: lst blikilg; statia:anl toilet gltases; tollex iirlrors; op tinl glasses tald l iews; tlitian lht d,, bells awl plumes; aartteontl; it-wie; taot;ilet and stlning so.pis; taoilet o\elr, e ·"tie ouah halls; s~e.Inl li cllshions; spo1ol stallld,; slcrew cllshllions; Ilfancy beIad chlills anil necklaces; lillitd ballt; pocket books and uaalletts; tranm l.onas; azcar sltap's; inaet al comaon gua olah tic t susptittd , garters dtit; Bells tilciter matches; ail ver pencils; Creyouls, Oke. &e. lthe altoa inuldliti... to our former stock r fatncy rl'icles, inallkusoulr assorttmntlt vertr complllete. F .r sle wholesale or retail; is tlh siga a thle Colteu nComIb, 70, Clhart ae stt.rrt. Ilc. NO'I'ICC. Treatnsurers' Qf/ierr. Strnd A.tunt.rie;ility. ERSONS who are indebted to t' is ilunicipal.ty f;r avinur tlrn in i'rut bf their properly, are ia "titedll tlhat Mrl. L. II tniennir, is apaointred (ollector. Sllit 1 ill .e commencede in tell Iny after notice, aganist all dtlinquntsnwithou xct eptian. ml0_ _ J I()ANE, 'rrenanrer. AVIS, lBureau du Trsorie;r de la .'eant'le .ila.rJitittlile. F1 S persunnes qni dolvent a nate latt icipalite potir J Ic panae thit en Ial deta lear propariete, Iont in lmtts qai t r lt 1t (I;aniennie, a ete inonatn Collecteutr. t.eaux i ltcaverot plnt lr presuttalion lt t resceiv. .eront nolifs et anans lcdixjlors Apros In natitica tict ti lerott pourta ives l'ils n'oat ias ptayer. 1m2 J .DOANIi, resorler. NOTICE. 'ItttstreCrs' Ojfi.e, &etond .ltnairipalily. C-iOILEC'I'ONS fortlte t tax oun Real Istate and Sluaves lor the reara 183i, will cotlltrlte on the Ai t il, 1837. 1. L Gaircnic is apllintcd Collector ts 1 tiae btoatht after tettlaas nttite ttgnittt all cI i, w alt.. no -1 J DO A N I-, 'l' ear a a na r AVIS. Iuaneat du Trit:oie ter de lu Sconrde 31,utirctplile. LA oallecte des Izes, lur les proprictes foreeires el lea cnclaves, ipoulr lttllllr(,183. (i Eonlll1t enelttrra le 15 Avril, 1837. 1.. It. (-alernie cat nmune CIllectear. Ccllx l n ay t I pits it lat prelltlation du recu lerot otiities adt diix jours aprCe des ollursuives judi atica loroutrnlmina.iec contre reux r11 ll'llacront pa a t isdan: ee de'ltti. nt8 J DOANE, Tarasnrer. tI I N T NY DUOLLARsiti il AtRi. INI.\ nAla o F arily lust the tegrcss LUCY, or I L I.U CI\)V , I atrleilv belonging to Coalt Irllay, then to Mrs. T' agottl, atnd afterwards to airs. Clark, i I'un rla, street. ahe is about t25 trma agnge, llaovo 5 feet'allg, .-out und well made, Yerv hteldhb.,', orall ye ,aInucl dit 0"ad to langh. Shl hald on when she went, a red (lerrer, calico frock. Shlle was ell on Suturday veting on the Levee, at the foot of Girod street, neatly C(atatHtn ofitenltboants, are warned receiving 1thi ru~lnlllaV.'v iin Ibotlrd. The alhovareward will hepaid bly tihe lhseaiher for helr delivery either in hlis halls, at tlhe corner ol 'rch1p toll alllnd Natclz st;. or ill atny Jnil ill the ti le. n2I It BONNAIlEL. ' IIERRY lVWINE.-30 iasem and t tIr caaks tret I nry wine i tore and fat r ale nr t : ('ier 1 t by tI28 liOt;ERi HI IA\VlIIIOIrN. LEA .\ It PO)R{K.--1t1 boxs clone Ilork.-, Cineinlt-ti ii ured, i r ox.lllf 1It bSeah in ntore and for sale at tl3 tatmeir ct by 3nlu, BOGERT & II\AWTIIORN. I. R l)ilO LII N.-s ei r e n pork in stre half f1 r al at N , d, atat a:3 n inr st. by 1 OG1T T&it I&AWTIIORN. . tjIA.\IO PA ( ; .-N00 It ket t Chamlugne iand fstore ttd Iar site at 6J Grnvit r st. Iy U1 . aI-, I- SIt-ll hitn. i t-t.n bt s attnl half sI aa(' aid for -alc atta 3 rt ir et. ly 28 1) IOiERIrT & IIAWTIORN. 1A T)N-i t NA l ', f lattatta l t*a-tnrn aitt ACON--7l a<:as,; IAN .on c3n iAting of sides,'l n lll stoul)lcrt ('il:iCilllati Cared O ill altore and for sal! at t;:1 (;rTi tvit st, I" al "Bt)GER'I' & IIWTOJRlll N. o ul-, f: r Sale at (i3 reetvier ist . by anti t ad GEIltT IIA&rTIIORN. 11 O%5 dIOrange,,, ilt sulpriorr €'onditio n, reelcied nil for saltIle by 128 STI'ET SON, AVI.I1Y O Ce. "S'l'o -1I()11-,- -I blobs Castr Oil inl-btro - lld- for G ..le alt t lI'oJdr~as st. by m.8 . J VAIRIN. lItS-0 .E- 2 t1atIs reetititd wlisk-et ia stori S tlld i tf r tle tayd't1i l'ovdras a ta. bc _ _ - " J VAIRI.I j. CUON--:1 cosks best Ir iuinattni d curtdant b a n stor,. and lin" altt 2Gataoydt'as street It y I _J VAIRIX tL El) cl'FEI'-I4 casks dtri<ed beef in st-or and t- r a situation. Address S. Peet, carn of E II Kelly, Dr st, aorner of Poydras and Magazine streets. dilE - g rg of Iar, 'cantlintg and ahid i't, gto for so t rS Cm on\i ait.,l E r' 16 ýý \tn PORT FIr FORT OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARED S:ATURDAY. 1 IhbpStILenn. Woentt, Liverpool, B AJ P Whitney 2112 Itle. t~tton. l.hip L.yeytt, Top'entt, lvre, T Niceult " 0.-c¢ago b 1033 tmhni notton?. Phij lplirrd. Lam erte, Lieerpol. L II ntde-enro 1200 Irlg Enernld. beKe.Ie.. Net, Hvene, C.itt & ceo-tcn 11 t isilid Eni hl:' s il-tIn ilg. tri 'Ace rta, I.ytnen, t'mpn t nt b y P 8*jp hitney- earP - 8 610 oCes Srhli Citnlclet,, Si'etwenf.... o i agordn, iV Ilryit...e... 2o nail'.i 0cr.cevhi pceei-I c. he. Sleuep Eincr.y. Lheley, Key Wet. t Gttsmiill--it ihnl I. Sloop Dec W cihtontn Burt,- It, "Moile, maet er • . ro ne 414 eorn. 5 b','s f ,.r.fl di te n,,tah AllRIVtYOD YISI'ERDAV. 'lnnwlwet 'liner. liheIn:. feroet Di I'csees--tncwed teene s i e A'rltlldtl' l'uuiih. Jitmcd n I~eiec, wnnlIirlt Otr;itetlr. nlll to the cr, stiii P.Itiitlea.. Left ihelsl lt th I1 nt itrP M. tiree!lI.II t p nLhil Cleole,elteneiy.Ilgr Onltrie'hnlr iteenhi elli el eti--roiilce nohing jll |he Ilht llhelst.III htee hIp'r, ltectad in. Inrque UilzelLe, n chipe Ild brie e enk.owll n;t1e tc1 tio Nl Inrt r ine ,hr tliat ilenly, Lir'' tc IletSilT, to inlier-- Srto ns-t'. HllzP, t. 1 t%) RIhllll¢ L. P t.nnlonll )(h..lDers,11 4 e:;,illS I, IJtl hnrehell. .V VrO.1 100 ,11t Sl.tcr. 0'Iletied eijll & ¢o, tj I. (tlal|Cllar, J ll:,el; iril %V i';lfrcy. W1' I .l~llle~r he n; AI it inge. J II ,llcahn.: cnn T Ilyth %' ten Ii t.'h. I lilr. .cl s I , Averg" e. o: L M Oslkcy , I eo:J tl G.;Hllaill IV V nlO nlcllne..l J Vrletit Cle&, &. Pllniy . It'en : ll :l'y tiocomI,'o liielmrcnl ,- en. BreaiiIi.nll, el.R & ren Cock:-yIII e & Inui.'tii. I Utrene, F S etorelil. J 1, I'l;hnl, ti n ,slt .- ro. J o: ..t~caleno, Kee~l . Mnyl~lrllln. l.i:d,,lli! L\- c,,. J (I D:ei. tlli clllc n.e cn,, Perry, telloeg & o. he (SI.I:"t & rc, trnile .n (I. S " J ineni, ney. S li ineyS.I S. It tieray, ItSh inw. . eihl. Cre-,hle, I ,-V. Lirpect nlc, Jalc I.e llaSlte l.-r:. eteact'd idTn.lte| \V \callco. J A elee.crle he Eo; l.rey e c,,. stetsin, Avery )' V . eCt-,ltc et Snlo.nllli. Itiiniiladn ' ce, Decai, clc nc.Ityn . in d .f~e ne. Aimedl~ &en,% hit ney .t.t,Atlk,,Ieicanh\,A 111cM, V Daidh. I'eValnht ., Ichlncnet 4-" cc, II . IV A...1erdc & re, CI.:lerl;d. ·\" S.c , Kil(l ee i & co,(: Vccnlelhnn .t to I V I \V 1h1ik'., J Lahndll i-· I· T I ClIII . J 1.1 \Vhtli;ill, 9 JIlcthl .. Co IIullililllll . Itiget 4- re. KOneely. Dtrc el en dt tei ah' t ~icie & n. it, R Lrlytlol, It lk'l'ltlllll L(· eit+ I\k l J DeltlliStOll .. t·o. YDir)llllllld ' lrioen. ,V Ll.newn, icll Ito,.cc. Ii -tOil'cieC -De --I~l.i.'leltii.........tne..dieystfrett (,i'eyA& Aihutt--e.ryo d7heahkn reee,t ceo:elci nintI. A A Inireelli 4e re tIhiIl & Cnii|nEnld torde ,nltld'Lt Icnen. Iti.i0C(tecrieeii~' iinhclr~Il~tteetne.2S let, IenoFll& tihie - Dergn ecenllite, fi selled id se t 4 l ellclvcy " IIIIS. . pet llee. N tLnef.tet It ceine ,t eno. J Veirii c. cc, IV F Olier, I I),idgP. \Y IluhIL 4 Co. J lkVbivllvIr, tl R Irtee ,% c., IIlydo & Ittor. Vlhing " Tee-elt', ,lt&A . 'er ell& c.nlnrlclllei, eleK~lllae .Vel ond oed cr. ,clll O-l:eh. Nieterrn ii. ilt!li'c. to Inltei.ll , Scllitlil- caron 400 hltr teeo Plntytllq. I(elldeloec . cc. Ltcllr gin..,, lheel , --lih! tu Il4h-Itcr-c;Ir+O 494 bhle tol - tee1 to Ai~lmtlrt'c& ~the. ithr A IV Uliahll!binir \.i. Itr, ilel-ei. t1iih II ,yn, toIcliwl nd B' Ilart illruo Iml·luln.t '.;S. 1( le+++. J Jrw, IV J l W~~ll, i 4tinnt (titi helen. 1 VI~il|h~i~ iIl~l Snt~em--niJo 5(11 hImxneenl cr.inhdei eat-l VaI.,'lelew:.,t le;,n.e.. Vr.tet1lJ J Alihe,, J 2 Seolly.A ( n+ llu. lchreit2lr I e, welltniilt-l.,iie-ii- a nst'd ' lltnieto Ie veriec h: r.e, illllori Slhr 1 aeeei, I e.-ll.: 0.;tl.y . ollmlonet l I le.lteer-ntarlo Sit'dl rindict,, nlIa:t1ll & (:ioIt F J F'+rsl llll 6·'.co l|+inltler. etc K(ellle;n. en, IPer).II. (lll~tl in4 ehto. Slelaeniihtr+ ,IV II Saltllcr .. ro, 81 .Mereilhtllcl, relk. lJ,tl)t $1 col( \i .t.Lu satel~d J P 5ti1111hln11 llllll +l+.. Smale ck.tiu c hllkaer. V tantl), l 0i.nii:t ,Ient-tn -ni. gitl llOt. he, m cll'. Itehnrie., Lhtliillia I- ne; an) Itlilclkeir' .tr. Nellllce & oe: 24 de I' J thiek: 59 dSe FIrrehllle aiilh I . co; Si du ieu.. he, 151" c¶ Ien; dl \\' iotinge. I; t knie tllt IDrtke A' Rli,.err: l t, ullc ..;lrquet. , irl,l i6h co); I cll,,+( imrlll II I ( t'lnl, :a i'l:alnAiihJ Gii.e, V h' t'hiell, Alillilr,3'hii lnw.J tinlly hlelllller ...onenletll. tlitlle. St ,Martlll.ill.eio Iiinllee- nine analhl :etllrl, S huh lllla et '1' Ieul, i h:oete ellllil J mic; i1: hidesl Ueisei;l ii7Ilheie eotlaol A\ h'.llthll.l, 15 do · V lIIIItne "I~il 4 B(;I~iI ., I 1.13t lnlJ(.l. I rnl'i F' I'tlsChlie; I~i IIlh ilile nh lliS'i. iiee;jiir" lbneuleh'll. 'eThinllip n & to:ilide en nt h D eiie 1-c; 1: , Ihh~nllOlilTeii i'hlti ll, U".ie :er i' o: 54 cInds 1u4ach 58-le, ' otton Ie I)l.nlleil, PI ¢oi in. hlhiene enill' teyroue, 0.4.-uel Do; S blatei lnitllt A 3itla-ill & co; 3 Ieiienn cotile. alle n IhIIl llA & ihl. 0 In4& Inhi.src h riee ne. OII.neii, I4:), lni.lln, lintel, N-,ii, llii, Plnl tl' t , reown, lllle,11.1y I. l+-ie e. Iltlee. dlJrenle. "'.:el inl Panel,., Jt·hll+Oll ::ve ~ll t:,Ele"'isIn ~l~ll lqolll l~. + +Iu ll~nle S en.iielllire, Il a li eli, t1 e: iir., I-lll ilili, tul-.rl nnn.eincdLe~n~ttetielnl S0eeIr~lall.:eiie~l .~~lle x ni et ee .hei '1n hi ll.. i'11'-iI. eo;2 i .f .te' I ei A tll.-.l.. iOJ i Pl lleloI .irt hll ie llgelll-eAl li.. i-.tellllnllllitiie IhrIllI&ea(eil S,- tV ai lhllr llliallen), lni hiI9 Iiade ,nOncll .Sl.lIJ. tluue:In-'n. ee',i~lll_.e.i .l Uiinn: J lineal, td l',' a Ul hre'-'et llsllt lard.(lt Ill~lh Ill]8. b4lllflbJ roil., 0(1o11 [..'atlhlx ,... Il" I Dl-r k Gi aleltlld \ , i ,,rtin Iuer J \'lnils B t. ell. Il~ CO;t4 ol I~ihrhn· la.l, l~luler &.l~ co O.4~ do ?lrl~l 11i" c lo. l nllll lnrio a. id. uwllilJ uy, 5 hullll hllsll O,,deii ,Mtlion;r 10.8 ul..s it l nd t :1 ,11) 101. 1 hcin. neitee Ic I.i-.llt. il ilill ; Iio hlird JAui elln i .I1 te hlih iollrJ'.h hii ,i".lll.lle hh 'atic. lli reiielellnhnetll(t h ilet y ni l niiy. 1lls tll.. innete ilnte fntilei, tiS -t ii.'in oityelle, tl'i ci.iitll. lTle\tlr.In tl i tll t-:le tlnlldSlady Illl *ll· i tlltl &o , I Sll lllSll l llll • kI.ey t bl iss Ga., 'I1i. Ilhlllh, 10 i :eitls . ii 14 . l -I.;asw.lelllll:IJld lll:lyllil· 1?iI1ler Clind·,· .11,1 1\ lflily1ii'Sllcilil.dith llll.i tlui.icscllllcll l Jin nIIeitll ecrle cheltllu,, hI Shelen yacCEIli- ( AUell,( tlllil i).tltSll, elllll ten eilln)- .et e eInell. 'J'ax lot I'IhIn h'lehrl'enieT nIL( II irmF, ~ll. hplr llll Ur ll, v ll ll/ .ii rI., III Iic lilo Pele( I:)ll III AniJeexlVIe~il~ , 0~ an'n eicide31r i ttenane hit-i cy te0in 1c cl ..1 1ien (SegIne.\l. Io~lltur OI II\Y ll C ilWD Itiillllll tl~lr ,o s h,3 ii' h ..ill.iil~l iItted enS illl(.:lS Clllylil, lteinclll ncily .familyl llllSllll enS1.--11' I t i ll h i~te 0 lie l'nl .1i e, I hllhil, t lnnece Jlii Iiii he iiii ei etlll'll, I lllln: ,ci- I i'e ii llhl l le.,l, cee-..'LLhr ll tlll Yll'ei,i,i; l'ulllll utII dilrlllullh IIIit \\Cl I+UII(II ie'l 11Iivllll ."( Ce: llieacir. :inl - li-.i' l I'I h -h IIt t Clees;IJil'e d iiri) tmn h -dwIehi, .lni,itie i i,..zi l-;ar~v tIle,i he!II: , , c i Glun i -'h-l; -' ca r 5l' inr, l. ll'eee~.7 1i hllic Tnhlleh V~ii i~ll~e-in'-iy5 ii:ii e::Illil l lkhi~l.ih Salel I: uml :n11 i cif'. cii.Ic,..l 5.)1 i te-n Nautical Intelligence. 11051 I' PURlTS. Ohio, aroker, tar. 1rth iat. at Porton, hence. Slo!.t :sd1 int. oil Cape Fh y 'iI,, tlurw'e ha c e for istou.ttn ,lrlry Clay, t'hieln, ihd. r ro. at boottol for h'. SOrg. Ill Kilda 0 .,5550,',lI'..|| to.P.o oston arr: at lloth'Itlotr, itc ool ' oiet, l e , ri tr. heI I a r rt. 71 lh .ta 01 'hilfd trll e iLtxrhlog, Atkino,,- . NI. York 1tth inst. far N.0-. Sh.ipRouc oati brig. Ar.liul, oid. Charlrolon too" N.t r' 25, 1G, 32, 3, 2, 45, 61, 10, 1, 58, 37. , , .2rc the drawn nr/,ters oof the 15lh (ilal' FREE SCHIOOL LOTTlEY. 1 U'I'IIOII EI+ by Act of the I.regi0latre 1 i the .Stan of I isi an a, f 0or the enef isotf ho " 4h 0l0 Sc:hol Society," leased slid adap ruovel lte ':1- :rc h.,I 1 i20. CLASS No. 16, FOR 1837. To, be drawn r, NRwrOrlcans, on ,5lStrdoatq 1. ll'prl. 75 Number I.ottl'r--l10 0lrawn lnllh.t,. SCISEM1E. Prizhs lollars I r.r 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,200 is 1,2000 5 of 1,uo0 is 5,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 10 of 400 is 4,000 10 of 300 is 3,000 80 of 200 is 160,000 65 of 100 is 6,500 130 of 50 is 6,500 130 of 25 is 3,250 2,600 of 10 is 26,000 20,800 of 5 is 104,000 23,845 amounting to 1900,450 'Iekets--whole tickets., $500; halves, $2 50; quarters I'acknaes of 25 Tickets $100, warranted to draw at t art $351, anod nay draw thie four Capitols. 'Packages If shares il proportion. For Tickets appl, at the Manager's olle, 37 Graorir street, adjoining the entrunce ilnto thie oand'., and 106)O Cl mt trees,hetwee n Conti and St.Lo lo O. 1128 J KN MA1),ll Maner. COOPER'S NEW VWORIKS, &c. &c. 4'4 LEANINGS in F'urope, by an Amnerican (Cooper,) Sbltchoe by Boy, illustrative of every day life, and tvery) da 'eople, ein i a emiaoimbiaoio ý of 1a',ki,:o' 'lottler, slt other sketrchea. 1Minor 'Morals fotr young people, illustrated in talrs and travecls, by Johln llvowrin. Just received and l ale by 6128 BENJ. LEVY. NOTICE. O1Eco-psltecrship heretofirreexisthig ia thin city unnder tle firm of CALLAWAY & LONG, waso disoolvoed otl the 2,th inst.lhv nmuttml conlsent. The af. flirsofthe late firl, will Ie' attended to by rither of htio partners. As the)y re to mnake a settlement, they par icrularlvrretque 1 all persons having claims agaanst the 0, to present them inmtmdiately for payment; and lise who e·re indeted to tih cons-ere, 0 nomake iay. neat 0, t .rtt delyr. JAMIES CAI.LAWAY, WILLIAM LONG. NcYe Orleans, SIth 1837. t,/ILI.xAMooONG, hlotin Ipulhased Sir. Jomos "' Cullwanv's interestof thO at ek in trade--will continllle the Copper, Tin tnld Sheet Iroln mannti,'ttu hloo blusilless ill IOis owrn ollto otld for his own t Ico'IIt, Oit tler ld standt, No. 46 Thoeloopitoulas 0t., lwhere I will be glad to see old customers, hoping froim post exertions to ato nllloate friends and tile publirc gener all, trlht he will continue to merit their patronag,.. u1,28 inloe. JbiFFI,:S N VOItKS-I'rTTronsos, Now Jersey. AT the above works ore aoonulilctored Loconlotiver ,? Engines, Rail read car o heels, rail mrod Iron, nx Ies, springs, ke., and 1olo, all descripllion of mill gear in0, wool and flax machinery, iron and brass castings, &c. &c. The undersioned, agents for thle Iaove work, will contract to deliver any of tlhe naboe rticlesr 00OGA1'1' & llA5VTI1ORN, m8ing GS ('avior stre't. 1) YACOON--lfn, ots nail r:i, ,, cr, W te a s ,,ltuo,., ito -. rosks for salre at 4l Nerw Lrevee, y m28 G DORSEY. 1LOUR& 1. L 0ltli-70 hblosuporloieo tir,a nd '81 .' kegs lard received per flat boat and for sale at 44 New Laovee, by . m21t G DORSEY. ,IIEET STEEL.-5 rcas.o lherctast steel nos. ,0 nnti 21 gutge, sritable for Giin sows, and fior sale at .1 Old Lervee st. by KAY'TON & Co. m28 nto. An lU --25 bols of Alht., i store oand ier ale at 33 .Old l.evee Ct. oy t128 LAYTON &Co. LT ( "-550 kog.F lod, uof suprior qualityin store slld for soloe oit 63 (oravler nlo by m27 IIOGERT & HAWTHORN. I AI.AGA WINE-3-tI quarrtereasks sweet MaIlag wl rine, in store and for sale at i63 Grniar st. byl om37 BOfGERT& tlAVWTIIOIIN. Si TllA OC.-- 0 toes tobrcco i st-oro a rd il sil 1 at 63 Gravicr st. Ii m,27 OHOGERT & HAWTHIORN. `lI 0.10 P5OR-'105 bblo for sale nat 17Cn.o,,,'Nr., '"FIT& AMEXI'Nri TRANSPORTS WANTED. A NUMBEI ufvesels of liglht draught ofwater oand Swoanoted as Government T'ransports. They re to me at Fort Brooke, Hillsboroopl bay, by ti le thl of Asispril noah, vdd wllpreed floors o.r luherfour the anlQewith woodand U ater, und all other nes.a'oery pr1ep rationufortroansporation ofrrasop or tdians I rnl, charaerteroft.l veseol, dle pr ties l, theod f'um Fort Breoke to thid plaein stritg leal onus the lioi otlppi, will bee received by Mojor J. Clonrk, onsit ant utert Measter U. s. A iry, untl the venin g ol toe 2lth Also, for a nouber of tnstports as o ovr, for trnler porting troops rons Fort lnoke to Apehl hlietlt , to at Fort Brooke 0s oln tltto of Alsril nrxt. o .UAITfEliL MAToTEr's OFFICE, Now Ots nnt neurcl '23, 1o37. JO S' PIN TEXT COT'.TONJ (V, liv thle 1tattee, No. 53 Mpstoolto so'lee, Ntew Illeono. 'I'O BE SIANUFACTURIiI'I IN NEW YORi BY RIOBIER'L' II101 & CO. S('I.'LE OF' PjICES-a--Dobe G'ira. Forl a ouble Gill of a80 slws or mote Oil Ottrel e.litdler, ,llokatlgtb to0 .atanSitl the staxied, toittfehlos, ollldes, . oit Sl2 l.rvn, to 13. 0 (10 F~or a ]lolt:e (;ill of" 00 " t .ot1 it c'liotirllo, or I10 nul's i he tholatl, Ifocders, &c. at $i peri saw, o, 790 20 For lo. of 4t0 saws OtO . ofl 8) sn &tWS i :l steol, at s.'23 pIr sawer, oe 303 10 For do. of .. tlwans Otl do.tie. Oo'b t ts iln a antl:datI, euti.50 per , or 20 00 SIN(;GLE GINS. Fora sinleghintOsaore ts ored, 1110, will, ote set orfe edersi, beaetsh, & e. gat $t uc t e' $ iso t.) tor do. of ew0 ne,,rql w elh t o feeders, e. sit • n 0 S et' 1S:'IW ~ )o bIFor do. ot40 sawswh, Wil WCH Ou tWO O. thrt e Ses8 75 per r,11 For dao. e'`20sews, twithl feedelrs, &e. at $7 o10 IeP sawr, 10 (HIt Ectre tr ll, otderediral, filat ~'lrtedrt sulpllirel at 4lterlts inavly tile lsntllbel aatl'teth bhiln g 01outt o pilatl t tile ltllbeehr o Lws1e . ()La sot of G inloe:' A iis coo Iillheret Iwit elter, wills tllo o 'at 5wo o Lhree sts Of sowRs. tXle01 atwsI plaliatIIli t 80 01010S eal,. 'Ie Gls mitnlrol, weill br seolis'redl tohe der girlf al]anoterlo iay 11111 Lite sc Ilort towan, o 11he. elotlla llkle i itg r lts , 11h le taboie illrta tarillesao lab'tht tih dt t'reigllt on llthe o iltoolaOnlaNew Yor'h, 11i,1 bhornll " Ire I o in esir 1 he n altlt ol atleo lit. A or it, sortt lahl yillie solt aith Ihlom thoia ith, theL rla I, elre e=l si'elar ;tl e lanl.oresa-ir aetac belavaer waill be 0u1er, bl I i h1 1 lsun lllt ltg ge;rtef ll, i ltolsl oln. ml d raloe l ' er tra rol, oit otaM•olIl,aaaalaltaill ltrrlht,tg-eIex tr lh' ItaItt Isowerroefanll leril iiu all, aIn bo aTishlerl otil liie ilt.s. Sor nctel stetsmesgie ea also bhe oldcrell if do Iti itesiraw, wI, aultllrteso ghie aodeIrs blas Gitats riley snlolul aeeoe.aluty shem, witI, tle' visa ws jat I't.l'ar totlaereetllaleotlltlatFosi , hileats, blatlhers, oe. It is fnlalaal Ilcy diflr in o atilli.alh Sovatrelri, . oawc of hualer dlitaelter tltllt othelas. 'ITle Ilort eIotltallll siate -is 9 or I0 incites; hult somle wish therln 11. lushesr. Somle wish 5 or t riowsaaa o nI,'nvles a n sxoa, whllile ohllers alo aot avttet motr Ihaa 4_at a lusa. So ae wish s:nlwa with 8 orl .|etll to thl inacha, while othenas wer 10aona II. VWitl so mnauch dici'eptutayc, ace Iefter they sheulld, .t the ti11e ofgirvilg otlders, tllt'tibh l s tatslement of theirl at ilshes, ed tile llltlllllLuCtIetur'eals Sn illflil tahem ill evelat Ilaticutla. W"ahere it is It-i to our dlisclretion, wae shalli ,lalk, e them o tlale tllOst mtlolerln nalll ttllllrovral 1lIhll. At, ordler canl Ie exetltetl, from the time it is iencCived in the spaeeofeight ornineweteks, n tohe Gin in that time Ilatcedlill Ite klatds of thIe .atol. lTo be it iente la, thle ext clrol, all orldersl ougl to e ill tlse hIalls ol' ilthe Imtanuteturersle lay tIe first or middle of May; exorept flapilutatiOlls where Ithey are l1t1 illn commllellnhia to pick or gil, eotto. N. U. 'lThe 'Patelt RIighlt, faar nay one of tll,: cetto1 grlowii2 8t1ates, will be sold ol reas0ounble 1ter00s. 1,23 Sanos LATIE: PUBIACATIO)NS. Tl.HE book of Saint Nicholsl I vol. bein vl I.I, aof Ih new colpleote and tiforai edit io ol Pal cding's works. h'llu l)utchmaat's Firosi.lde.--. 'TIule i vols. heii aols. 2anlld 13,f l' Itv complete and a unjio l editiunl oaf itaulading'a wvooks. tea,, "'ll., ing Nos.. 3' ,ll l la. '34, of. llal, ttat I I' - siCtl an, Iahlibrar'. Jtust reeivet tI a h ' bv W.u M3Vaal, 1 . I ] use3 coraer Camlp andr * 0ollt~l< Sar i. ate thc author oa "A 'at I'he hllaeat1 t , bya tlhe Ctultlttest O of IlIt's-ilh:t , &r·. iin rols. The n1.ill |ik w\l] Iyt l 1 r](tZ, gogether w.llth othil lAr o, I hrtht a r st >p l v of It urr' a 31 tia, irs,t vola tt i na i l.i',illrugtll' Cri~ninal ('lide. .~hIs rece~ivedl aadlI foIr sale I on3 ]tlottt IEJ. Va I . / 11sKEY-18 his reii.-t,{ified, whiske ." dl; hia. Sat O 0 & olalIaaat a Itt, 1 'Ittaaalrl'iatal tt .. t-tII ll 0i[ rA ,taa I l0ai r I taltl s tatat, hatl a f tlantiny ftoall Stlamr 'alIcy, for Iale hv m?3 SLOO.&i HYlNE, 133 Tehoatpito'uhla . "i.ACON--l(0casks haz roll , Crinens 0 il rate o11er all- rea'ked a'ul Ir I al 012: ,1,131)0 .''t'.'. 1 .2 ta_'latatt alai~hl ~'Il~l I)I,.I" hAtl'o~.4ll i,, tattaI a'hlai~e a'r,'. b it lat dlll ifra atl +trainl 'r ! t, , l, ill I 0a SO(O IIIIN lo bo lalalata L " "lMl I"" "' "'<a' ta- .I J 31, ll1aiNI Calpon ill ' I't l' I.,''' '.i I 1 1a '- 0-t '' eI i. t, o at a', , alt tt ata... tat atia [ . il I(i\- - -l'tl " Itll II l~i llll "111 tllj111 Il 117,1tBr J ' ' " + I' i ' I a"tal .. .. alt tat / l at- I 'lll::( Iy lata. t1,1, ( 11132- tat' 04 "f -- 'II <-- 0 Ihbals b n i d, h dit' I' .l af x IiT It ' I' Jill l ·lt e tIll ''ai r it'' L ! 811. . OTI i t .arthl ';.\t 1,t tat a t ilht'o. ..t\lh 'itr.\ tth , p .!rpioi.-- iling ihhn ha: gm,, l s cain, i eo lill,_ d',,m i i i n .li n 'ep " den ,llbi- .+, ,. m .i lb m eVAII I ' 111?1" 21I ,d H . ()fl'lt'i';ir h+l', h.\·1 ,ivlr l hi1 it11 Ibliai, Iirll',P ;iltll S·iihhah1 115 %tIll,;.: iIltIi l,,,il) \\ L[fhl CII ffl ) iii ~ 1'|'x i slfrr Ihe~r )lll'lll .ln·11'·II-.l-l I S Iu ,ll ,_"il l I)' 'I 11 I .I . o\jt l III ecl a~lrt an :h l~l il'il' llll,) l, l.: LI~ t.liljl II; hel.(ll'lve< III the rlt'h IbOttuiies alia l.ward shet prolisites hi'thon+ thai serve h'r, tlat Ilrrah ntenis havt teen n h, witll tht, arch itt tatr hall m onh i, taa tiat l rt a ll a hat ireready Ii goi bv . iriy eveninh. the .0thi int~, t t whha li tet the ses+-,l sill positively siil tlr Mutal rdlla. Inintedi rite apilrittt alt lit tiat le ma.' e o ii hoairaa ll'a at |'ir. lieta ul rios ('l/i Inkhouse,aidjoiningthe St. Chairles Ttieutre, ho Ca/lt aIarrel, or Priea , ori tle stl' -criber. T'lli't is itrl'llabl•y ibe last ll lortltit ilttly i o tte will h Ive to olltain tralnsplortalion Ile of erll:allr l"1 DF 'AYMOUTII. N- 'OTIC-l-The purchs.eers of squares in the town of i Shrewsbury, sold by Ilelelett c('enos; at auction on the 4th tday Feb lust, are requested to cull at the oflice of W\mn Christy, notary public, and comply with the terms of sale, within ten itlas from this date; or else lhtoproperty will be sold ua tlthir cost and risk accord N OTICE-MIrEfl.MUNI l1)Rt) IN, whol ,el ... at an tuction salle made by Isanet I. l c.oy, oill the 17th I)cemnlr last, the fillowing doscribed lots in Bloomindule, is hercb,-y tieied to comply with tt e terms and conditions of thie nle, within ten dt d v from the dllte hereof, otherwise tihe mete will be sold lfr his account anit risk, vii: ten lotnumlbered from 81 to )90 ituclattei . Ot the, side adjotiig )F Itfltrthe' Fsq's. pro Iecrty, and ten other lote, also adjoioing tht e itrotertt oft I) F Burlttt esq. netmered f'eot 111 to 1.211 inctl.iete Terms--l-I pvable in tI months, acd the balance in 1, 2 and S3 ents, fnome the 17t I)Detmber last. t ll-10dL S1. (,arlcns !Teetr,'e Arcad, and .Ireade Baths' AG ENEIRAI, m.eetin" of the Stockhohhlcrs will take iL lce iu the olice of the St. Chllarles 'Th atre, o Mo nlay Ilest, t 5 o'cltock 1P At, to take into coostiderst.i tion thle mll.senutlents to tile St. Charlsc, made by tlhe Legislature.,td trhilelh tranls:ctioll of other btl;i( es.. A punytalrtt endane is requested. lBy order of the Irsidrhnt, m1 GEOOlit(:E W.ENT, Cashier. P1'0 1'.A1'EliS-\O'itttt pttopialtecill be r-_eied Ittt il the ist Alntilatheteiotlict C of the Gas l.itht rnd Blnking Co. for the replilrilln of all thie streets tnd side wanlkstlkea e Ity said compnll.)t, fli the en. stino, year. All lnterinlsi tt be ttrnisnhed bi,' tle cnttractt r, tleele work to lie done il the best mannler, lted pat) mceat to be inde, ol the certificate of the surveevet r, that he orl hits beoen completed to his satisfrction. The contract or Illtnt eije bond for $5000, with ie lrovedt security, for tle flithftl teefientnce of his duty. ttGas Liight Onice, Bank Alley, uart,.hil 3R--Pod G.RANI) SAI.OON-NEV EXC IANt(E IIttL.. 1ESSRS BISIIOI' ad T'RUSTc' rteectfellly n 1't1 noence that their SOIREE MUS1CAel will take place on WVedlesdav evening, Marc 2, it. 1ti 17 whei thiey will be asststed by tile foll,,,ing dilti guisied urtistes, who iave ltolitely proefercd their v;tlu aleuid. llMadme ( IRAUI D, tile 'cecbratted I'ilalstr Sigieor GAM11BA'TII, (by lermisstet of eI Rusecelt, Icq .;) Signor RAVAIGLIA, Mlons LEItMANN, Ahceee NIllO)LL, attd an amateeurof this city. [EjTickets, $1 00 to be had at Mr Casev's Mulsic store, ncol r etiete New Exchalge HotetI. et 5i s)tFill I.--30 eskb IondoLrow i tote in pints Sand luarts, inst.rt nd fll saleu tt tii3 Girvier st. by o7 BOGllu It' & H.q\\"I°|I()t . 'r) REN'I'. A Warehouse in Julia st. 30 feet front iun s o ning ha k ito Notre o)nsme Street. For filrltir I petticulars apply tit 90 CmIIeIOeI St. o r to IO?ý J I) BEIN & A COIIIN. 1[ T 1ssI N IsHEe I' 1 ,.--311 lacks i st;ore t sui d I. lb, stale at no. 90 Comrn,on t . lby "7 J1 ) BEIN & A COIIEN. csile at no. 121'olvdras st. Iv n27 GRIVOT & PAIGE. F t pII-300 iis eeierlitane flour, landiug eand ibr sale at no. 12 Poydras st. by. cait cine; Ii tns roll Bricitone; 1)0 iiM Cork; 100 boxes S:lalieotet, Ir sale at 7+ Meganziue et., Ily E LAFONTA. (,2'7 bGe, -IEEL B RROWS, & P.-I liGhEt .arnti. c 2-1 weel bacOns, 1i tiet barrtt., net6 wh ntls) ow landing anti Ir eelecat 7c ltaetzinte st ity tee I IIAIFONTl\. SIILASSI1S IIHDS.-~200 Moltisses IlItls on le;ttlrd the b ilarque erald, it g lood odr tnd for sill at i93 tttut o st. by mt7 L II GAIlE. 'WINE I)K .,l m Clow t ,ý .Ta-s -'-fushi Co;n/tellati d Ns do high cIlor lunegea do; 3 ido gjs. os cloth jackets, just rceived lcd fsor slle et 63 Cam. st., by mt7 YORKE IALOTHINI L S. I ACON --2l u00I b. t h, roun t t in nrc , al a~r Sesit: Iloai, t adls fo a act o l nm 7et btin . ýýý 1.SES IHS.5l Mlase Ildsu , THE INDIAN'S PANAECA. UJ 'ST received a large supply of this most valuable Mnedicine. Aeecoiidg to orders lately roceivrd, a satisfactory disagottl shold b allowed to Druggist' Slld all Fale draleroc inapplvingto the sutlb.crber, agent for the proepietor. H 10BN,iA BEI,, tt.: roeor Nrltchez and 'I'choupitoalns sta. .ilust. hv the night watc, 3d \War, ,32d Maunicipali ty, a farce iroe grtI hare, rwith a bob tsil, with a sid dile ad Iridle on. IThe owner of' sid hlorle is reqluetI eal to elnO Ibfrwrd, prove prolerty, pay charges and take hilln iway, oar bheofe utlurdy tile let day of April, of which day lin will he sold at pablic auction, by N". CA. uilliott, ellcer, at e o'cluk. I1 Ii 'IrlINtIt;olt Comnnissaary, nO23 34 Weerd, ld Iascipoality. R INoS1:UD OIL, I.\Sr',' &c.-.i)caoOl itn io bbl; L Ciae to o, ino Iat ap oll in dst; Chrone graeuine i ad dIryV; StwsaiI'll euu et; o a oil'la Vcer ifugc; GnIrde l.c c;s ill box)h ; aei'dmvtlou (ao; Sdlitz po1i n 3f V SW AIN & 2& . ItrlOt) a. It) r fi t I l st, r tAXI' ,SPAI aIr. &c.-ht.ading RI ra ship M ienzr i atl brigo \hlagnret Anr, 5Ot boxes london . rtrclr; 210 t oyxes No, s. 1 mLIv d t ) .Oalp 97000 ee '8a ill at ll, t r tlsud igllth boxet s, m'n3 l.\t.1I' llIftu l & .o,r 13:4 t englizith e t. $10 1llVWAlID A ltSCONt Ef)'m ut tile 17111 i a. alk wmall mnecd l)OlI.I:Y, akod nhottt t13 years,.5 fc et. 2 orec il),es tligh, or tlhecalboolo; a ite iral most of her (tetll out il fi'olt; wore r en s tir vente a tsny anl oldi otI'i Ie c oto tohato I, tco'-sr---ttl ley Jrotaailly I eleonged to tile' tole Wli. Waller \\'iciolt, leeeased. lSte s well knowor iv ocilyo 1)e.S to sccsdoog to the city end ftln I cuI'g t M ,hr)', t))rtienlarlt Ji the neglh.borhouod S" la nerd street Utm<liagain re sittet, ., 't'le oo Ilooe ewalr d :od all te e lltraIl, l ertoeulesl wuill la paiu , of deliverv to tile robctciber or lodged injail, I fIt B STRINGERolt. Sn M at f la t u t .itg , Nh P "ro. I 1, . . .iN R . soucstilof the 'eronol .olleocipaliltyq. Siting of'lt oTesdv, 14111 Matreh, 1837. O SOI.VI I)t , That ill the i pil, tnl of this ComOtl, i lit ias culpedi llt, rand ineecssorv fahr tile li coo veoielne, tao nU nliblle Notre Dflll m en tll'e t h'orlll e ultll street to lt llu street, in astraii t lille wih, nld of relttll Wi dth winth or strc ; an ,Ithre ; O) r is Jtereeby lno l risll to give hol clootilel n t ll l'ran Ale riltll tlllld Crl, nerc lill tt l it ir l laoth i ,i (Ia gllliht i daring tello ayst thit it is tie intoentiou o'this (o lut oil to Olpell said st'"et, in c alotim' 17'ittlI ot at of the Isegislottire, Soantle "t ,oi t) o rt to rt eal te It en g lotvinga, ntte , to it l olll ina glft tcl'l ) lr t ot tU)I l )lc Itloltee in. the city (foew lOrle s r,&c." Approved' 3d :AI lilt 1 "-. Sinn,, ,dl J II I.f\' IN, It 'ordeec r. .Opprove o :ll arct ht', 1137. ined, 1). IIIEUI, IMtsor. A true eopy C 11EAtRI), Secructa: Agreehltbl to thde flre, L ihi reso.a 11tion, a ll ill s I tf1ority ,with thc 1 o oviii. nol t apptttvcreud thle 3d .. ril 1113t2, crlitlcld,"nn .I ct to re, lart e tlie oth illn Ia i g a t, at( 1 rnill n)) in f t l'Of i, 11 11o I llt l h u mc(' In tll( l eilhe o ily o f N e w trl n & r ." N ot (e s ,t !vh u'ive l hl Iin tis t.tcitlle ion o'l theCllo a O c o l l 1 0 III ri prtlit,1 N o t". w t W t ave N ltre I)t lel it N oto t e5 o It llllat a i'tie si tel to t'trpill street,l l Iit -rut l wl'. , , no( o "he oruie widlth its Said Nofre Doine street. tl nteh 22:. 11137. 1 'll IU Itl , l ayoer, ( 3N0 atilt3W\1T hl o.olotooo roi dogma, et rilt S veriu d ele nli- pilrlii ve le 1r Avril lL;1 1r2, ntitulh " . ti poor rele" 1li ernle, hi ditrt Iiultlion t 't nelli 01')in s to 1110 e llt' tll n llolhlug b t lt s vill' rl0It NIle Ot 1ooe ,A & 1 0,00:1,, 11o0)r!ot o. 1 1 )11111 ll do (critt to I ,'e rono o li .tIllo li ve toe f.ttl tu ti, toilI il l e o N Ill . le t ln tIo o r ile eot ti lteoi, t , tot. i .it ll ( rell 'L u l e ]il e l bn o la rue tlc s .lagtt s . 1aw olil I I a ll rcil e C~uing llltli ' lh rie .c e l arduI ir : itrler 9I' oiol li m i la dll dot. l not iltNotro D ml e. ll e :22 Altrs, 11:17. tI1) P i llE IR, a hlire, M*\O littt'Y ttt NEW atLEANS. Lotoerilof) tho' ,o'roooo tleo oit'otoa /.. Sitttiltg tfo Tousdy 1, arh, 1r 7. 1,;SOIV| fD, Tha t i the dpi hhn of this clm l, lR it O litoll t, 1111llld '0:em' il h i lll' 1,th 111' uh l vh ilttoeo d t 3ila, tto c n o tlte o shi t Il n Ts' evoo pitolll'o h sihooot i'eo' h i a ti'tho t' i't t i#li id c or ' t;, siam ta i i i i , tt ai ,.te ierlz eelto New even e itrl land tit \llsi. i 1( ht '.b- oill t itll.e o g t i re tld 1t. Ito. lice ith E .'i'rn eri n to Cm om t ot t lnl olhl, ia hrenlchoanoi llo o iennii to ' i lo dayo , ho l 1 t i Lt inl leOi Cn o .tlhis Co abltiot io o t omol o tnthn oi s teti iollto ii l nill to t it' ll 't nrtioell. th o l toi' taio', r0 il ti h'0, A1,ct i t Ioot I ho .00 o to 00' to to o o 'toninol I i , o i piroviill'heetsnn. l pli ll'l' p ih i li a rl te of .N-,. OtlleIooui . o- . l ) uhltoo il :tio 1 ,p iltlo I I i, S. kignedi, Jd 3 I\IA. \ rI, It co.rd r Irima 1t al , ]) ltt' tiortt; , 3hto. . .1 true c. ) l, C tt I l 911!)), $ to r,. , toog "co I to (I o lre oi og re,'olntttioo nio i ito r..I foor iito witho the ploi i-tol s I oltill i )t niploitov l 1 rt h :1, ol'tl il tt I ', n t t ild," n i llt theto oig'lle io tecitooto l NoN w (tr0-al e l,, . NI oiic i t Il tiotli o t:ll ti Is t tohe ttoii otioIl th' 'oottli n'o o ti l it m0 i i) mhtoo t- ', ) Two, tot hIoL' Nlt ht z soll'o'ts l ell .,1 ul olol ui oo e from- 't ' houolt o tlltn, reel o t to- ..ew 1,c -tI ' inttiriiotl 'o t Illl \ilh l, i ti of Ilie o , I.t h I lll.,s i . lhh ell 'el't. D PRtI'HUII{, 1.h, ,,r. .... t F) 1) 11: t11\,1VI' :a I. . '-.hli n ' I hi 'll de--u-. l.'u htit, ll Oi t1 .11 001 00 0i10r0ll (. i ' ll 0ot (,, Il :, ( Itoo nlIl e t o t 00-m ol mnh' o Itoot t toto de- . - l. ie ll,. lo i ot I' lot o, too.lill . ,lla t il,,r o I t;oor l orod, olo. e d 1ir0 L tto 0.l.l, torolooojo 01i0n 00 I lo o'. ol , - I) I'I lf'. 1 I. At ". . 0ý .0 n I to ot oV 'ohelt u hl t1',h l, ii ,d -to .pe, t to.,oto'.ti ti o 000I.0.,r h -.olodon 0oli.0,-,tot gto o I' I:t-l to l -. Ih.; ,d'IsndI -t: o ,'oi , tt tolt, nll ,. It i; 11.0. r II ht ha- ,i-.? Xlu 5 " r --Itt \ . 1 , t (I'ot loto b'"-ids- l o" Ioh'in i e I olo"re. Jt o . l 'l;I".t 14IC "n!! joo(: 1ot 9o.ot'. tooo (;laoooo r -otOro t. t aora lillintoMto lcoo sfor le ty t o il'CKI+I., 1 t719 tommion tr t. rimt ltr't s fin' toool s, ,,'., dhaw e1 hest- tod Ili'.) "Lnio 53 Ohl Levee IV. sprt 11r 1v nine,~lu ilallnrlld for sl I by II 13li I .ON 1 , dl it. 4 ORN,-373 sack.; 1 NIl IIn Ifitte de r, landing roil ia m lil l 1XII , Iv lls a NI t3L.O() & lil.LtSN. , 153' .]1.1o1,11111n11ll -t. taciti; I31 d (u Illvz , puck, Il:lllilZ I.(II1 flat boot, and11 fur fns:~e by LG&R\", III'!!! 13'1 l'cltnupitlic ulal~ t .trv· t. -9 Ili t e wouIN I1 XIS I 1 lr!! -lii 5 iiiI,-iiil fit S cei ved 13)) looc l" * vnll s nlld rllocl,', to wlliicb Itc worldl l cull thle attoniolll f thle trade.· stare .t tonal)' Ii l .1 N II , J 1.O C K c1'1'I\ & 1.N P M:L: r l lllLle.- l sll black.. Last I),,,' Im I. YON & Co 53 Ol~d 1ee 'li uirilu'ii. Ill to i Otn b Ij I ..f! i ii]0i iiiTl~1) iliil iiiII11111 I 11 .S -3,) k-; o vi) w lnoured Ill st·rc nod far ooh: by L..1 Y'1' i l) "\ & C,,., o5 (111 ®®V II E.1'I'i IN) )Copper fom I '_I to :d onci~e, f or vale by~ _V O i DES Ad 2 .I calls-,Iiny a up, roar :arid.', ICiul-l ci wt credfu sl,, by l; II )3'1 2Yllilld1;,~ile bJ n2! . I\'wii Iec.i I 1)1 CH1 13111 \1)Y-It' blh for1, lick 1! RE Il& IIAILS1'OI of li0uie i. výAIi I.\:iI V. II , 1SlVl Isi' voiled A d) I e j~g~liivlI II Io Iliiliioi' bu n'llr Hf-lu I ii 1L uulil~niwtroill L\h,i RIgo 5, I by110 "rl1h. I 1) & li.\ S Vii 7 i y ,j1s lns3 J. " I. IllV laV 1f A' e,1115 il s Lta In i li I byliv I l & 1.11\''11011ii 171 P)iJI 01 (I, 11011 1(R) 'i', !111( 3, keg I hod, l undi f .l an lvi u tle byI rilI KEY 101 h4lo.rcvii), Ii~iiiiiii1I , -1diý ud J 0 J'l 157 I, 1N2 l'oas'.101 t 111 r I) 1111 & A I(701'`15'u!bavr ihily ASIi ll.lrunl lO P 1i fl oe fvenlvpn m23ll (1111 VO'I & '111V71' IOI\ I3'(;lm xx'v1111':11.111111 loru.ý :I -i liv 1al MAIL A RRANtG - Northern lail, e Evn y atil Vlose Every lay alrre nMail Due ver ,nay A Leolast, Clo ssa e ony na Tle alm Mdail( Due tvervev'uvoda vi l Sntousn a3, jY h, 1'.- l'l. TIMES OF ALIIIVA, EPA'U &Sl. of th Expretls ail, bemAtweno iht 3TL Yohrk-iloving Motbile diily at 3e Mob New lark daily at 5 P. M.'Southward, Arrives N , t....t'. Dt... l'i A *Mtlothlgolcr , Ar Il. t ar . 1D9t i's te11 Colutniia,e ll . 1i i a Milledgelt lle. Cu. 1 ' ý i. t Col,,,,,, 9. .. 7 ant. . 3i RtleizlttN C. 54 213 o 2 I2 Wa'rtinlont, V,., I n. 55 Ii Peltevlfrur Voa. 10 po. i13 .. I' i Richlinna, Vt. ',1. 21 3 Feelittckski:ug, 67 W st tihnll iia,, I t. 11 Illilt lldlliinr , - ii 1Ii Ner Yurk 2 oiI. 9 Nortiwarid. C aow.l o twardtd .t43 h ll ie t if n g A .a I a.W . , ' & iilo i lee; Ibnlfg5 di's anwl 17 hours SlTlhe illt e for stna rtic iu eil:h dreelt.i,,, l hlllf .... I o.r orthr t e iilef marri 't .i 11his toil), . all a O O]w.Thiti onlites nla whihrl ire Eti m.. E nc M.,l ire New Yorki, I1hild olphih 1' llot, Mlld.oillne, Maco, Colulabln , Mau.I0 (B ry, A " , " i' b ur k, - 'I-o. anT- at-rl ()Olrlell do do U iS t the, d ('iotizn ta (Io t lltil v n " to, Vli )iFli doi d LotIs ni State hdo du o Cow, olidn I ted do do Ilrlio d iidl totd o dot .a do I"-.-7. l do dock ! I'POE, DAVIS, & CU LOUIStVILLEt, vNTUCIve. ))col, t 11c'ss,'1, I.:inmlh 1, i f , Tho nt mLs A the-a11 a"lludl'"l forI'"." Directors o. this i itilli h dil 0 lt Ii o rlit 1 tt , ' ti n fullowint glolhlt llen wel ie.hc d lurn lia enilltl i g year, i.;l n `i1iJ111. Pr Ilcrs I . 1 Ava O w, I , S ,. be . ' . N. IW 1il e efi i " t |o llti'l, L. A o .rvite a aciio l To it t i t, ,1 ( erle. o nIll y.t)., tIi.,I. w, ui uI aln aclO y &i elet id pre I Nll in io tl i 'Ito ot atilootIi ' I'I lllli isol FOt L Sr LE oa l11 th Ittovl 0 -iii b I ofll lelli n o' f lnd, _ it t aar Si i'lrti...i lllto iio le b etlie ~ t Io e IIItd iltll hI ''l l,, ; fine woodt eIxt:¢.ll il w llter--ll u, river nllvilll llvess t esd .ll c hi h1 f,) rl. Also, -,vern tlawn ntst And %, ?,hl tiallloa ll iili i ii s llll - t.. dliv I ii f ueraln t,.tt tle hI it tot E. k lI)IIEN FClSi . . aioli- -11-.t .s ii -itIiT:31' l I;~r rl..L'st. I lain, . ,Ir.r, an s to o l111'1: illr ln lr o lta11 1111111' I .l'ria e r IC rspel t Shinfirm , hi , liiq sllid~ o Ihti I ho toblic it uo e tl oalnl olil lll hith pil. er *"lk, e It Ilaa n ihll0nd to II(· ll al - rt ;Ill+(i~i III I;I t If 1. 1 "c l i + t lh outing of ! :\.11 '111,!'1':+. " I ll.N' . C M s, I,,\I ii".1 iii I l' l:" + .Ii ,,l, C,\ li I) 1, .111'1 ad hI ll.),l , 1 i' t oi, i " III ll 1 I' ( 1'1'110 ' I' o .1l' 1 \ i t" li lll l il;i.ll'I 5 ttll i ii ,Q S I lt a t11 W.Is l t'll I ton, ilur hllLn ) l :l I-ti Ai'a iii 1. 1111 tiutoti oto Li;t ,.,1. l'0,, 1i1,. t I o 1o, 5 ',I toI tI'l. 1i lil-l0,ý c ot , It, - 7 ttIýd rlli, f hit l t" S d lo ,o t o ii . . I.h mllbt tlit.otS .11 , - II.1.10i i 1, III -,It , i iita- u t"I i (I+, ." , no .. . c " oot te, 110111, t ;I 1 l,. a( rnia, . . .... . ... tt= I IIer r lu i i c-- - W N,,..1 ( idoll ..Tlt r. i J. AI. & S;2. I It A 1) \Y.1. I,1.. 1Vhol7,rr eooooram,. and C ommission .VjrhiA (L1.\'( LEAIJ 'i7 (11110. Adv0ancl s (III ,nai,0 0o, tIo thle bolole hOuse by J A IS ltlll0)Al) :1. .&CO. j , l:IiMgazine stroet. No,,oCoooal otoetloo,ooeliov floraol adIouorbOa0ft0 .,, ootO f ,n ,olonoo'o o frl . !IA . i Intilh P.M OAKLANII. ýp lll ·u oflo' ,lfIoalooo l mill take pI ace on 0 1 next, March ool . ait to, ArearleExclhlaneoloao0c, ISAC 0. \I 0.0.0 &' '. C. CAS1I&,CO. A. C {Ii1:IN & CO. IS' EI.I.IU11 CI AND) (ENEIIAL AGENCY OF ICE. fe'.l O.3 n. 11 .'l .ltogoo sa tr olln. I9 III lancllett, X 0Ct0INO, & c04I0tSt(0N .4EItCHANTI ooI',Ialsood oo,.oI i0000 jl00000bor boufinessi.Na ('aasi;;ntucnisnt for. ,.... Bull or ,]iratlle side Solicited. 1,1r' Brandlo, 4I'K(rwooo 01'0Ž0h0, NOW (Irloea Alf4ed Coo hoa,, C s 0000 llorsob, Eli )IonOgoOOOry Nom nr, 129.1, $rzooI) 000 p~olt \ I 1' 1"0'I'I0000 'I: t ow or'000000d lio 0 tut Bueu u c n\'anllr l 'il· len Iculn le I0 lars L837.) 1 II,,cplt ,,jasru ,it premier ,,oath dsttvit DS ` (1, 0) pour rI llo,,,tio ede',Io 10.0 100 wueiUt0I l0'80 00" lit clatltrtielii alp00 11 ,1 I Srl o Ai ooloaloOO l'en e; B olosoullooo.t Ybuu'n and lllooo, l.eo pr nplosIl'WO v .ollooollloioeojool l.01010 a plan full par DoooO tl M AI a d lllf kilr,,al~i at l rifle Vern IIIIH·IFB dU vorer.$· m1117 ý W~:'l W. IYE, (CootollCOn ' 0Ž a o: = -lt ýc:,nnjs nddll m i~i 0)1n) & 114'YRNE, os5o loolo, ionl0000b I t1( )C It-l1U 1 I1I1 - u r l inr* loor, I) 1 Cf boot and~l tor; nlr by SI.OO & 0 & ut"`153 'l'boopitooinsIb 111 15 E - i(.iid .1aligfrm ta1 0,0Ž) 41 New l*"nL 1 cu, will be .cold oloolClo 111,Ž A II \"AiiL.C'i' 0 Co. t-olkAllŽ \I:\V 0)tIllkANS JOCKEY] CLO.U w 4 1111'lTI'F~ olNr I, oill he o.4d ooo.aoB0 the000 01oo' iluot, atth brchnl.OOOIOdlB 70 bo',ok III ,orol"r J K S'.)'3 IllEt' ', 0' Il- I-.k 01Ž00l oottool oodne is re0 cnooled, as ness of( importance wl~r ill be anted 1 oi. m' 00 1.00011-Go h0l;)0 dnt0000 ýýe iui ,I 0001000 fooooo~ o~ 1. 1,)101 41 NoloyI Alil)-LOO) Lags a tl the laudingC· lire rile by 4 n.4 II l: Ii)olSoo'ooo 44o New L _,5It 0000 001. CI03 ulct oIf p11 me 0 1 4l Mlo Aeira' l lilr sale by 04 11 \\I I.L 1AC00 k le J ooott 4 ~ u II Wu O t',o o 'I 0 - I \ % II. { 0 d IJ c'i'ed Prow llulrin'o* n nn-ante "y Al~fy r_ A 11 4L. & Co. 10 O~~:I-.: I1K,- 3 bills loess uad Iria a, 1)0.1,.for s ,0le l 00o . o 100 'f ,(:o- ~(llld rilr* nll roooies 10163 tare r sum wOr rEcoo,,,l ord fw lo byt. 11j'21 V(IK1N 2ti r":i "4 ! piec,00- 0s0des 0 lolo;rom 211awrI olo 000, o 1! uI · u slle by 6 l IIo ' 000000001 s sde and 00,1 on poders,1t, 1110 s teame C'ur ; 0 1 o for RuololoY y a nr! J V (, i ·I a _13 Pay · ,ood-" boo ls lc oodin Io lro1 0 000 F (rIadfo 0 T)ORlSIV 4 1O

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