Newspaper of True American, March 28, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 28, 1837 Page 4
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. o. Pt oeiing from Pa ril,, Lomdr ·t!· ·- Wi| cdariot. r selfrtials from 'Ra~oroesmtlthastmnanfnrtorihs--".sonnissch and English, "amtgthe latter, su'pRoior 'ltoth Brusnhes, e ar"l io haretofuemasees end difficult to obtain. and wi PoIo loo a.-.-lindr this head will e a aplendid variety oft lndies' and goutlomen's hiret Bo No-te Cadlbtdle eMd Tlread Co.ns. ta'iot StAro L san*P S, hiRal,&.. -OF the lnteat e s and fS aio qnolity, ositig ef oirnpn and w i+ C e'n fro6e nd clh .thSftords; haum r ,hvs lle and foaoy, with nud withoutrulflos; t upodte, made expressly for this xareh'rnedl n*ablsnatos Supemadoro;" a50o .Gsln [leWorted anod COtoa-nnetud. with and without rollers; Pantaloen StPie, with wire springs; snd a grat rr ityofgstlemehit wear, made exbpryesl+ for thi re ta trade, y A. L. V snhsrn & Sotn, of el'hiLdolphi s.-- a goenf at&ompetto nte rtfrom t of Combo, fron their manusletory. Also, EngsAlh and Fronch Dressing Conube, &e. PLandno Calst--Frm the mnntfas torv of Huom-, il anlenOtt a lnd ord; Frens' and Germnt do.; e'd, &cN. &e. t The aboveaosbut a portion of the licltes r e ttr. tich, in ddittotn to their forter sthek, aill be 3 rWhite Hllassn a Snriet, 10 ditto Ndew aelsiford t l p 150 dittoI N-tttcketitto. ditto 14 Coasks rer Pan t Zinc, 5 Pipes, wltllhwrPipe ;, and 20Quarter acllh Sicily MAdeiro Wineo, foi sale by r3 JOSEPH COCKA'YNs'A , E .g irshkr-.Frene, 1''OVEiS--Cyril Thorntnir; TllheYoun tuke; Atna l tatlius; Catch Wiritocm ltn Vcre;.'rhe Somtgler; S Evolinoa The Spin n eorward Hep; tncory ilaster tone; 'wiles of ho6nlanho Spa; Voleni·.t a ld e tn-o. 4 gannt Cannasi&g; & The atly Caold; The Uttfrr stheMss Naights 01 b itSi Saep'atioon ; Itihert • .l.allfVeti _'_ttte;l5ketehtrofa PortTown; S ilssdqmn add nton to The f Man of Hunot ; SNets sto Cil-a.I L D Prinr rFa l )'s-eqt mvee Tales ' or Neghorood The Disinterit edt Confesaions and Crioer of a Itoldon Clegnmtno; Jats of aleshion tndo Realit; The lattole1 tIass entreZe; Tales of a Phvician esnanperdown; 'hre Nasal Sleeleb Book; Cruise ofthe Midge, Id Serics Anne @rety Logendo anti Stt.rien of Irelhmd, T''tes of the Poesage snd Praonotr'; Lnro anod Pride; e Tnlnoy i ai ; Salrtagutni; Kf niugsoark; Jolhl Bull and Brother Juuattnn; The A etricats in England; Canapbells soetlers fromt Alger ; Me morials of Mrsilomanss; T.les ofthe ;'Irshe oL Mon tane; Gil Bain; Rodoriek Ianndout"' T'he Ils'h land Smugglers; Village Bells; Allet Beck; The Modern Cymen; Cihances and CaSqgoe; Winter in the Wet; Hutiprey Clinker, Frantle , tOirrv tnn Ly by Mius Ederworth; The Pick Wik 'CInob; Mereisanto Ple k; George lcniombe; Hntoe, or the Iresan Rule, ltar.y ORnrdun; ast ntd Veot; 'DIhe Warlok; Sceons iut Our Parih-o; harte; The Coun' teas and Other Tnlesr; Reoxlr'; Gititort f;lttra; The Linswoods; Allts Presattt; Twelve M lonttl'e Cmpttnitin SpTi; M y CPh ,scit Nicaolas, Roarn mend; Pasul Pr'a Coair Sketoh Book; id elurd Regis; Paul Ulric; Mirrcia Coffiln, 'o Jt,n.a; Panul Cilord; Euence Arm; Ioaereoux, Ir e ,tlt deet; rtle Baendit's Dride; h, teterier of Utdlolpio, eattisnt Chiefa; Doun, siste; TKn tlItgartia'o Bro'sers. Also, J variety of Ntandard and Clinui cal Worksr for sale ie Mod HOTCI'KIStC&e Co. 2a 1 Chrti',ti St. .TATE O' LOUILSL--ANA.-To all whom tese r/ s onta may onooton: alrtting. Kntow v, tht where"s, Frncois ,lcliiotrt Bioonoo,a riilct of th parish of St irnordl, hos aPtplihd to me, Octave S inusoolt, ex Ifilio, Clerk of the eou/t of Proobtel, i crd for the porishf ofSt Bern/rd. IbrOloi t iiot or -/Ivcr. tiaeftnt in eoaforility to to otat of tile Logitatti re of t'ie Sto, eotitled "Ao atil fi lrt fihrItr tsrallort E of tIles of purolasers at jdieial t e n" approed oa t/he nrth ma.nthe 81. Notice , i itrobv giveot to il w 1rm itu may eoarcrI//lltht aY tirtae opdtpurstuant to norfe/ rendered Ly tile hooorfiblao the Cotrt of orahate, in ot lr the parish of St toranl, ftarintg itte D oeCibeM 14th, 185, in tioe mottor oaf tihe rtncusiorf a ofetoent oienvaen tie, grfnfted oi th it jtotion of lrancoi elkli eonrt Bientnltl. ll the atldtt rsia , an lor anodx o alletiolecr, bli1 on tie f7th itt om .lallto tv, 1:16 at Ifewl tt'n Ft. change, n the /itv of Ncw Oileons, el/po fir pulie ahle y seofction,/ tho ro nltd e-iftr/ dSoni•, n t l illrt (At· t, eated tothe It tresu t] Fra,3eoii oelil r1t filnvr elln he bhi, 0 the st an-ir t h/iddlr; In- the 30'iee oft Wvonrv-evln thplsondwcanltr.% vin: berer~litR a tml'ro,-'. 3,. ,.;,:ru ia the Jurdicil catr- j 1st..h S//fl/rp -antatff/nt f//i/ ~th f I/o fidinitf'Od f//- I prraemnttor tlot/ t1t hI ef1 tl tifaish/ o"/ ,1t flrr nard, on the -OllvOll 0tl/T Ilt2if aot t i/nl blS fqlll'C shle rirer Mifoissil//fii .....'osuri/tf Cf/i/hteon "ar//iCif d el toise fhoat otn fht/l 'ide.s of thie l Nvou autr Ihl wit n fprtl ot forty apintS fon h/ e idt od slild nofd bhourn of tlBlr /f' / lilill r o/ / ) Ilii il Cay"Inh an ITa onl i/i//it/ nd for2 r A thl e qy r lrv i Alc the R.Nl f/ hii I/lorn/ri//f Cii/oljo (iioin A-ureh ef"thl"u.i. h off t ' I5;, n av r toih Illnc. [ iltia on l hotf ni.ih. of sarrid ' Bil.,O hv tiles Inecmlltiol ill MrI C N Atal "r Ihl. Another a ke tr fin th text s itted l Ia s id pree I ae. en tilue prop rtl r It .qnlln Catholine ochl h oG tuPn Pt, 13vill. "8 raie+ and Ihrltlo 1/et trolt ifn loth aidero,, .0,.; of.. +.d,,,,,o," ....... 'J' u: Aad som e of he raebi nntatd io ats " o//i rf tr I /fhD /t,fmh //litit/t 0/ffii s. wiohn meImo of 00 lltejo I/i///i, bioittm / -e ttnn B i/ i/i / /ith / ;lalt/ation/ of 31r I'ipri "and th.!eral/./oan n Slid, havling lwo trois~rs amt t Tliulttaa-,by~ l ythe ·ol wi/th i dpt of fi/l/u"c - "----". '.- - .'/.A ·oti. " p-;r , d' hadsl fIt:l oil t/i/ ioiftl i ,=id ierreJorth, a'a ith t+f si/id Jib/f i/I/i/Il, I/xl//i eae toise frallt 011 salid B~1youl, w~it!t a1 dlej i~th i;l~l" I;1"3 Fents. pro/lerty ap/tC/illrt i/in/ t/f /f/ild pl///tf tini/. Andi also thie 58 fidllowinz /lives: Moesas il yCear, Mllt/tiino5 , io f ,l /3 ,·nr-. I~illy Jaeksoa 30 \·cears; 1ttI'.A .28 ve ;rs, Il11· r. T.wI~, /Oilliamn 35 year, BIl//I liipiit ii iioiiio 13/" S,."s/if 35 yenrC, Li//ttle ln.hi 3 itul y veos o col/'l/ C I LEaLioftle :edi 18 o'er, iln1 vt'' ill do TmoWa dKo do, Ollnapart,?..'iear Iriflte ,jam l. venrs, Lrtichan 16i years, Ilacv 6j0 ),ear., Y zneo g3 vvar;, SaI moll f yet's,, . .i f/lC, fivin 1ll;.·n : e ", inilvi Jackso0/ .0 dli/,/fitl ihr hCi/l 1. sos iohl,' 3nr dn Ablsoil Ilds AIfeiif t ffh f h dee 5f/llI Id f. ulfilse/ doa0 Mll'l;il ·20 dl wt "t ovi e, n fI< sent t. slid tb ola tlt:r ef (j lnollth.a, Do~lly f20 rrIe.rsu. Ar/Onf/ 35 iarf, i//iI hl- o hil/lCO c l, rie of. / ieers tile oth/rof nlouthi f//i/ 45/ if1ir f//iie 10 fi,/r her chilI Ipeis 5 vifi/s JI/fli/i 30 feu'/rs, ani h/r chil/ Syears, Ch/rllotte .1/f yesI Etty ilt / yCrli l /f11l /dO/ Jtoof/l1yearos, Ntncy60,tCors. L'n!6R tC// i/itt Icrre no do, Cloe 35 yairs, .lartis 70 years; SI/fri/f f/0 f l: ',/ & hsr clsild M1/rio Louise /f aiC//s, BtCt//Cfyf /i//i KIo/i, 40 years, Little Rooe 19 .1 ar*, /0/00 , 15 :. V ditO/lions of salo.--Tlh ho If ittoir t ha r',ll 0ssui///e thie ihtikaton to pay th.followiat/ ft/s to /it: - Tbshamo$35,9i0 to-t he Bflnil of Lfouisia/f, f/n ifle clohr onel f 51,13/I)o Mlr" nhl/fIf ,X.~r/i, 0/f the/ i/0 Iirh, 1836i offll ti /l: i of .lii,/l , on lte lot iltirif jThecnsof */000 to 1r 1. I1 Blciiurti, /in te 30t1h /i Jasnuoy,133l1. And tile halanee I/ t ct, Of/ o, ti/Of / n/ d otti lr f/ r-' "retlitf, in n:ltos ottlortetl to soao ifnctitll, wifh Io/c/il mragg ottil fifal Ipayen/f-t. Wherofore, all pfrC/on/ who f an /O t CO/ n0fp soy •iii/, title or cluf/f, i/f aOl/ to tiie saiti plf/i//i ttIi/O, tCiff I. I lons, and elaves above dolerihed, i/ /o/scq/eulf/e of fa/i/ informality in thle or/Ir, dItcroe, i/r jullini/t, eflorC /0E cited, and I udCer whifh tfl. sole waC / s, e, or auv il.oi..t gnlorily ol" illeoglity i/f the apIl/ac el anti orff lvbrtiri. soant, fl titte OCillaltnei of 0/fi/f, or for ally othrty llse rdefect wlfotsoover aloreby citetl ttitliiiliof/fifhff, ,iatnwcalso'ulmlihl/a thirftydays fCO/ft feof 1tohlto puh]a .f i-ofh iu/ the sil/,0 e pf/t rI , fily the sole ('siua ethreI ahl a houhl not ImefClllrnefd finfditi hol agreosli l to tile Ir/Cr of/tC o C ifItpnre Or teljy htty d anti s// I " oice, thsis tt dUe ofh p I1 I A bcp,-. 1830, the llth year of tile isdreo/lftoiio of dl OCTAVE S. ROUd3EA\l. jOB J/fll/'o eooffiioh lk. QPAIN REI'-SITEDf bh t L . 0///Or/if A . C ' U pein," i p vats- i lrtrtt y / altcrlq tly , / lltlt, hii lIt anthor of t"Ceil Ilvde," i/'f tub . dlh' lOChessol It Paodut, a//d other tales, by thie aithllii/t" "T'he It ·.a- I with eharacteriolti illlt;, $avill i/s f/f d gofll. " Strlnrfg Men, inoluding notices fi 'tlt o /lilpalllack ridera of Entglantd wi/f flll /I Cfi/ei/ t c inde ofotote, tnfr/tICi-fIe /lluil Nif'fafiol/ftlrd /fie or / ridiug to lfo/fdff it, 2 v lY nt li/. Cim lae ht[if lif Nelson's Agaaolttilo/iff, hy flt I. f-ihftitiJ. N Ithir oftht "l.ife oft S/ilor,"or. f// ivols. .olmeatllr.s on EquityJurispndenee, as a in stcred in .EaorIIdt d i udnoAmriea, Ihy Jqpllhf StofrC L.I . 1/. Ovid, f/oltrfal ls lated by Drydteo, Io, Co 'tur,nuit, Aisotadf/t iu0vols. formingo f/iO/flid .1 lif "llurpe+' s If//iCtt s i itberry." lnfntry 'tatties, 1 r rnto si tbr tltt eClO/il/fn cud tmanoeurrea of'the Lofl v h5/if 'ris otii Geaeral eolt, -iS.S At'iit it :i tols. Jf/. I 2.fiued jif anndtforcle Qy. '.c.K'N, e jC " f/crner CO'llln ttffoa/fL o p /il feIoeIuo'fe I~c'coaec A Golleetion of tolhl//uf t hrates, otatrry topic OCr £ Coory to//lataoln totl/vealio/ , a r/tCtlt tolol/ r dafrojjno/,with nfuf/rI u refi marks C li o he ti eeih li/rll flitIonud 00 oforioult Ti.Th wltO .i4I m cuc on000//ttelf y to f/ilt/ll/t ththe/qnftlofat//f ofii t revised and corrrteet,/. .. _tlion of toe hfl/tnroOf PerCCiO' "'i.Aec, neetm- It ptite key, eatttingl[ toe toxt, a literrl nd froee I atcntott inf tllIl a nillnor as to poilit ont coIcle twern tile Irencl, oil h aaidsl E llith iai Ekta le mdot-Oosueiflt/nof tfeo 1rencht, aetettrdifl tot +.t[I"lbwork+ axtaaton, the sIIWP't· TI •JI I I) • oot otI/ ettju. Tftt toho s -byalihort tatirio onthle a/Ouf/ls if fhe F/enc// I .='cop, oomLpre/wits tItso of the Eitlollit. 1h ---lrocaofgFrenrlt PrneifrorttcfheIl h lar/s Cu/le/ to la tacnrata pronn iotio ao d etothogral-lhyt f the If Fo'aCIn L.n n ege, Cotaininti its elemCCntl eC/l/.rdinisto Cl tif·slaut ge,tey Bernard Tronehin, jt reeiveol td .u : Ar--t- IeIhl fV1 MCI/fl/AN, _ ____ CorCoa/p & ConlO . - AP.r'S CL-A~s/,l L 1BR3II t Yn-..... r'IJOkACEtrutslated y PhIll/f Cf/nei, ) 0, /If , i. aucappendtin, cortatnino ttilaflhi//i/a Of/v/riout Ai adod .lby Ben Joansoc, Ct/lev, lliltin. IDrtloiii Pe. AtI/icon, Swillt Chatterton, GWakhfleel~, Prite Iry ,&c. ond sooto oftlt .....rrftfi rIt of 1)/f Jo DRUS, with thwloppCndii/ of 0:ad/0/It/f trosfl st Chriatopher&oart, in5 'o l /f r oing vlaate rT and ofoHarers ClI oiltl Ifibrary." ecEo ditn of.HUMPREY CIINKER, b-.T. Ar D, wioho nemoir tftlt Aottor, t o S Ei., new edition, wiat- illootCioua/ Ly Gro. Ilrpi .SY ,a Talehbv thecauthor of "Ric hrlteCe OI n ," new ediUon, 2 volsropleto !Li CLIFO;D.Iby- th1 altthor of "Plenat,' '_ " Lc~~i vollme V orhcnerilEji. /niptrte 'ot-kt. Jttrt reeetroe /flve I'JWM Mt-KEAN, I jallRmLIbh i f analse n-reet . ., a-e iemowre.melistrossfips lnanhille. I.oisedtli0, iYtCky .glend d . hIte ariontla Iroau ii1e Northe m citie, a i nre and nuw selected assoarist a ftlais, Boote, Shoes aud Brogesos, eonsing ofTgentlemnPens fine caf ad Moroe boots do Bd rlity; do banid, and stout wan pegged boots n wiaosquaoldities; men's fine calf sealt and llorocca ,a. ruanps and btogatins, Ibuckakin shoesq brognas an Ltnnei menf's fle edl and kipeped peaggol Losannnt gTa rdo boo t do stott kip and wta pggel! ahoes aboitn.ngand; gentlemen's best quality ealfsnwedlshoes, brogmns and Jack Downgs;" Ido calf and Moroccoi Iblukile doines nla brogans; To nlf, nsel and lmoroe,-. nldlian shoes adl sli ppers, do elf, bluff nat seast wings, , uew artiie; do line cnail, t s Iniod maorooon q/ntnl boots bohys, mises' ande cildirena plegged and a.aed brogans, and snhsesofe qusarlq ' tityn t hind. Also a general ossorttnent oi mlen's Sitolt wX nnd 'at broaans and shoes, to.dtiee with 10,010 pairs egti'o oat qiatlilv, elmssott blrol.eis, unaind hd thle slokhs, maleexpeasly s ot Dloletatiul Isei a g4ood ns sortmelt nof mle's fine nod stout kip ruspet hlagans, a oew arltile, and a narge quantity of an iilrinrt qinalitl rtlsset anol wax brlogn1s. Laios' fine caalf, senti, moroeol snd w.l]s, and Spump sole shoesi do line FrnIIh Morono anId kild runI sound slippers; do roan sloes, with and without heels; do calf, seal aid slour leahler bootees; dio Iluoaelalihe o if all kinds ndl qualities; do lasting bilogas; lo gtilel aledandl foed bootes . Misses' Ilastingas eriig shoes:+m i b ogans. Uhildren's colored .ooMoco unal lastilg bro isnsnilid boots, &re. GcentleonIn's oine ifasionsle hlack silk Ihats; do blart ,nd dral beavur n o ol a sluperior clil uit do imlitatirn lliionm do;"berod andi narrow biinlou's fine diimb and laek Itssin t olort iiolleni ats, a new artiile. Yiluthli' large size Ihaits of iiitivoeriit oualities; do childrrlls. Men'snnl ,i:1'o Ibcklh a drsnbwool hats of rilous shapes, tmith general IassOrtint oft Ioys' and men's teat caps. This nassotment will be replcmishid iythe orilval of each pa:kets fholm the more ronmed ii cs, all of which will Ie sold on acommoiioltiog tnerms. nl, I--tf TENNElr'S MAP OF LOUISIANA,&o. &e A NEew RIAP OF LOUISLLNAe, with its canals, roads ani distances, from place to place, along thie staoge andtsteamboat rotten, by II . S. ene.r, MITCHEIm'S lm'Ar OF TIHE UNITED STATES, showhing the principal Turnlike and cnmmon roads, en which are given tie distonoe.e in oiles Form one iilace to Ulnotel, also thii coalrse ol the cnals oind rail roads thlrough rat the onaelrn' carcflli ciompiledifiom the best au thioritiis-.-iluhbllhod Iy S. Aau-itatu Mitchell. MlTncnti:Ll's l'TRAVEULEi'S GUIDE TIIROUIGH THe LTIerroll Sr.TrEs; a niip of time rneit, distances, steam boot noan!nal routes, &i..jost rjecived and for sale bhy WMl 31'KEAN, . . Ctrmer of Cfamp &i jo....on sts NF \V PUB LICAT''IONS. TCles nf op Veighborihood, byi tle anthor of "The Colilenoi," in e vels. Agnes Serle, br he author of "TIhiaIikiress," in Itwo vohlnmes, Elemrato ofll Tnotlo vo/nl Lon, whith n Skct:n of the liirorv of the ,eiinve, liv licriiv V~hltonoL.o I.. F. A Pi'tclical l'reeoli.noa f.oconolire niiginenspot Rail Ianiso; awonrk iinteadedt mshow tbe Construction, tii mnode of acting, and the lerect of those ergines in 'iiiy)iaig hcavv loadsl to give tlie iniaios o anoermtit. ing, on on itmspettiino the loail, ani tie rcshlma it till irlll ic elirdet apioloe ircomsntaces, alld in diofereplt lo. eaflties to dethernieo tiiii qllqntqiity of feiel aood weter ti will reqire; to fix tlih Iropllrtins whiel ought to Ie Raivila, will many dilbrint engines and eousleranile traia elcarringes, to whicll in addeld an appendii, hllow wing the ea ornso of eone.i ing ood n -Ie Inreemliov angmes on Cnl-roado, hy CIev. F i& i dcPoCoLE - Justrcreceiv ed ani ibrsnle by WM M'I(AN, o.l COlIIof (ofCIII and I Colnlon re etes. TIONS, ofy aTa Colelridge. loningmrke, or Old l'iN'oie in tile Nesr tt'tlnd' Ire iv Non 7 nil 8if ti io Uiirm Ediftion of l'niiding's Colto on tine Reliei iou S Ce orf ti Civo ry . Jico t rcelvd by J12 ~C II ili NCuiOlT CI Camp st. C=\·~. l nnl.\r~~ 1i 'IX';if YY NoNr~ innili Ri l male/i/he rcter, iy tr I uthor f Poetr ,.mlnle in '2 vols. " " Skiuinois, nr a ,inlter at Snllots ifieh i r I, owr Stiabv iatriol Basil o lall, Ioynal Navv, 1. RC Lord u ohlan, a lroan iih Iii oll m CveIrinill. I oni h/m'heptird lie, writili li. ]iiiiiielf.ji,/ cub.. O Condlioes l/lnlorip fll /tly, t"viislntl.d fi'oi i ie oriein;o v liahn, yiii Nlblaniiil G-eeni , icv i 1n e e l - sing No 79 of Iltrper' Iteiiilh 1 tilt rotr. iole. :l · l1 ofnfil new cviiiplete anoI uaim;.r; e+tie fIf llryota o Iau i r ril ois. Fis'ra s ~reu ld. eI" tr.aish Dion. ry Iern wd, 3 . 1ollr'i/ 7llelr,,ober D-i i toa/.o I/to Tqelanci. Iio.lterii i .Iiro·a' ('lilon iol I hrg ses. iiou/i irea liire/ie l'itble, oval [eo. B ilo/brns ,Firm 'ulens I d teitofra InDllvtulu!iul oiiil fon s', ('onpc/ft TJrualine on ihe P i lirl Iwllltory in an By . 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I·' llllq nl vu .m llll ,inn 1 / li- u.n lihi ankvn of Gelinnv The P Yet'nt l.nluecltluol GattIc 'lh. lin tiri 10 miii w.i Iii li.i Bi ,Vii u rni i'Cle uny J. t+n. I ui n ri, \. 1. t oolf. ]c 51 I.C[ mIli l. hI~l Il itoh lit'eull 'd nd lriale Iy |ii a27 Nx\ p]+ " lti'rffllnno. & -S-. 03 w \lobtwn, & ''otle t' of Ilrninli,' it-do I t'Ftetitoo t 7'it, Itr~lt,·J d~ (3 totoIt,,N~n-~ 3133 834 t~o,! 313 II Clnp··er~ o toll i(Ittt'ttt .,oItoitoII~~r IIe otootiCtotlt tltittollav IS C(I 11 lotte 1k IlIF(lom~Ittolt;~ 3ttttoe11ot nI' J33 Ij·li, Ot'' ;,,, tittot ohb.,ri na lrl~or otl ol I!.olojt tn e (1211 to U,, 33 ,3, iclnln;l clt ~1(33 3~~,, '('I tlt ron~~lrIriault· 3 l, 3,t R tonnl tHll,,, tot I,'l r~i ld IoIrl lld w ld i l (bonisa tt l crliolttt'tl w~to l~ot,-ot i ttttt 30 qt , tok OfIlln11·ttt0' ~lld~f (I·YllllRIttllrPSIotl,Ift3 3al 3,33dlr,'lla I)S~~ Iootoolol~l.~ l,,.-o,,,3,, t111l 3,3,3 3 i,,to,, tot".- o,,tI ', ooo ott'o Ir.3 3.'( .13,,,, . 1 ilc I1I i ott tciv lttlttlo~ il,t otrlkr ', o lld l Itlooetoo pt',oed to,3l,,,,. 3(3) dolotttolltt,,,3 ot·i~ ~l Z(otttl,'o3, ti'ttlr .to~ottt3otottJ,,00t coo:;l, netttot, ''tla'll]lll o I.n 1, 11 tl \illr r tllaoi,,,,,tol 0I1I oOliotlit33. oftt ootl e too· lr lllttoottv ttOllotti~n tttItttttIO3 ..e.o (·1.3,,0,,1,031,2,,,.ll itli· dows, olloototoot.1Yn titt ttel; t olol ooit F too-to, Ito,,, 3)18K 3308013, (I 101 ittlttity. lIe Riello~r,3 Neo~tl,tn,orI. iittt,3t·· 3 Iit liprlon lfetoroitoljloIoetl it, fep lIi-cit,'n,.ti,,l,,23 i Uttitet(Stotooto~lo too ri3,tlo-tt, Iti-itioet I,, 3kt,,,l.j voaia. itiB lyDGlit Jlloot ootttetlltd I I iirotlole j IVII.y I.(iDy lt-KEAY roOF CotollrttIf ot~pad~o,,,,,,, t~ fl~hi3U(88-Fl~il.Ior Itot.ittg frottt stootototo~,rlull A 30I i338'I I, 3-2 lNo,, Ltooo~l to, t 1 RICHARDS, Tobacco and Snuff manufatc turer, No. 277, Ceasn eareet, New-Orleans, wishes to inform his itremtas ,ad tls public in gene p l, tht li now ptraretd to ltro any die, abbve busineas, cad has cblstantl" for athe clollowig rticles: -NUF SNUFFS. Rose, ternsn Rapee, Mnealty, English lP'i clegent, Amtarican Raoppee; Natahito 'hat, ItnltaHsed, 'Amerisan gentleman's, Iergaamet, iDnKent ltappee, lrit: Blackgturd, St. Oma', Curaoes, Paris, Pure Sanutish, Half course Rappee, Scotch, and peai ne toeth powder. I'OUACCO. -Fie cut chellng, sweet scented or plain. Pine cut smoking, of various utalities. Rib-foot Vitriinia, Spanishl, &c. Thet almvearticles areill wnarrnted as g d, iuet al paror to any thing of the kind imported, lnd will be iuasishi le a e to dalers ci the most lilet:.d ternis. tuay 4 -UARIUIWKVAI E. E 9 MAGAOzNE tiTREET, NEW-OILEANS. TOSEPIH KNETTLE, & Co.-Importers ofForeign and Domestic aIlrcdware, a receiving lifrom Eu rope and tle Atlantic Cities, direct frst ti e Matufec turers, an extensive asaortment of Fl'ncy and Hteav Hardwnare comprising every article in the line which thei. ofler low. tountrv Merchants and others are invited to call and exanine iheir stock which consists, i part, of table, Sbutchee's, piekht, saddler's an:: straw knives, tinted and llritniin tea epeoeentiniec, pins, hooks nod etes, sho vels antd spadess,tits, shovelas eltderC, nndiiri:ims, Brit ltain and japsned ware, hrushesblank bhiks and pa per, looking lasse, anriils, vices, screw plntes, hand, sledge antd nail hanmmers, smiths hllows, Americah oald Eangllishblistercast,shear, German tnd crowleY steel, i plouglh moulds trac1 , ox od log chain, wtedinl, Louii laina ulnd grthbing hoes, Mattocks, tick axes, orn and grass scythes, Collins, Kings and SimOtns chopping axes, wrought, horse t stie cut naile, cotton nud wool cards, coffe and corn mills,planes and lain irons,ehis tis, goIges, locks, sad, irons, heoks and hinges, guns. isatils shot, towder and fliaeks,pnrcussioa caps, puwderten,tiss, brass adl bell Mletal kettles, gol, inob lteet, trukli and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrups, -N - O- ODS-i 11 Simmonts & cl arse nwi rce. eeininug from an beard ships 'ezon, andl aratoga, andihrigt Cncnrdin, fmnt New 'York, a great variety of goods in their line, which together lth their formte istock on I.ds, makes their ansurtetntvrryr comtlete. 'lrhteheclvitg compose a part, vie: shelltwist, cuhsirlde, tlnck ae drsrinlli s , ihorn do ofall iscrniptiosi, In dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, cotnmon & fine elastic snspcnderi, looin fco and I.cifer matches, Seilitez pnewcrs, pawdertpuaisand boxes, toilet powder, pocket books not wallets, needdle hbooks, shell, pearl, trory nild looeeo ecard eases, head ornaments, plain co Ial hcnds, necklaces antll negligees bead cld:;o, head neicklaces, cut glass and plaiinseedierrrand gilt beads, Indiatn bends, bells and plumes- pistol antd lare paw tier flasks, shot helts, hoare, belt. pocket and dteilip pistols; double andsingle barrelled gnts, Bowie knives, ani dirks scissors, shears, pocket knives, guarn chains, and rblhons, waist heckles, cloth, hair, tooth, nail,eotb, arunh, shoe, pllte, foor and dusting brushet, Cologne, Florida, lavender rose and bay water,assorted essences, atd exrcutts, Mlneassl', ieanr, antique, atnd Wardsrl' - v getnbll hair itl, siasinog and toilet soaps o-all des criptions, eladine' ani gctlmeniens' deass anl dressinge eases, hair ricglcts, frizetics and braids, plain, fircy and mnsisl work boxesr, plain and gilt, ligatred, eoat and vest bitltoas, pearl and ivorv shirt do, shi t studds, gold and siiter pencil cases toeihollks and twesorseeer ls e anid ilt lockets, n'iiutore do, shiler, hrtss and steel thinbles, Iookis end eyes, lhair pins, ilmitation fruit, btk and rdilak, shoe blacking, violins and guitars, ribbet ntd piain tercttsirn caps, tn tewine, sclted Cush iCnstgold nd silver ln e anlid fringe, latterintper, .nme bag, ruiing whips, walking eanesr, pltaytgcards, fitt, goil, ilat:td and giltjhwellry &c. The nbove, together with a great variety- ofotser arti cle, arc onbredl at wholesale orretnil en aceomtodating terms. N B Shell eombs pirepiedl. -OYl '. i; .eM 'AY, liHosr, Sign, and Ornamentcal Paintr-ris, No 3 C:earndele street; two dersi fiom Co:ral stret. imitations cf the following woodls andl marbles, ex eeuted i. a masterly maier. ,.vooln. I MARLgS. \l Cianys.: F ptisl blstck and gold, Oak, iGiiag snd Antico, Pollard do, - Oriccntalor seed aliyluei Cuntld 'iSple I lliloid Sone, t rtis i'eil PetiyGranite, I )lair Wtno d, " lo.e eo lnrdello, Cotoinniile or IBlack Stitt:n and Iiroetella, l "osc-\'ood Amcrican Grey, Ash \V\Wite Ou , &kc. hc. e. t Cu tedhi E:l .. c S cinlens to oIe seen at the shop. P:aints, (ils glass, ci , l'..rn ih e. on Lha ul Il for SIde. np NM1Yt IL OHLE ANN - SADDLE & IIARNESS WAREIIOUSE, No. 30, cor. 'E CIrSTOMiOTSEo AND C'oACITReIS STS' th i1111: Subscribers ore no we, receiving by tile packets .he~ ý. andl n dlher Itla e'. s mii n New York, in ahdition l to their former stock, : i arlge and itlir'some ntsso ct .tn t of ' of Saddler, lnalkig their supply for the season ample : and crumn i - ettll gtrisin, every kind and I ulity of it. "'licle in their line, atnonugwhl,.h are Ladlies', i a l liSte' l tadies, plain and qlilted ions (;ctllelmal's to plain, Spanish adI Creole, Ill;dls, bidle filinlgsne . m.alilngtlcs, ý Sa1,11l. btgs, dolshe l ind single, t Valices aitnd medical baigs, Brussels and Valenciia i petl o. r- \ W'orsted girtlehs antd sursingles, Im ' Cotton do do. S \Vorsted aLl straining wehh, Saddle-trees adl stirrup leathers, Ilolsters tid pistol tielis, liest illl fraimd leather trunks, of assorted sizes, hn. litiss Aill boot top do do Ie l high Coach, ig:igroi crop whips, r- I*eiers'.,d ;elntlemelnstwig d0o, r of Ilateel, brass ail JIpaled coach h(irtess, I)o do do gig do, Dlo o (tdo bar nohe lo,' Cart tr'eehitg, call:rs, bridles and linei , r' Ca rnIless eiomplete, S Skir tilnga, hrnessmd band lenalet, lI'hidle ltld lop tdo, hnl \lOlo eo, dceclr sheep ndl hcIg shiills, ]loat ll' sllles lalo d 1e 1l. I olmlbsi, I'oggtolh i with Ii lot t e issortllllt of dlated, I 'ass an l clt 'I u t-i rid tits, e t-ll, chainsi, slirilups, spels, k . Ot tL i i own importation. Also, 8i0 pllolughs; of tKing's O IT tIo lt]ellt, inii. all otf which tie wholesale InI retail at the lowest plices, and on terms to suit iTthey will allo eotilule to receitve -tltotgh tihe year, I thihe pjlkets from New Yorkt , fireslt sutppltos of goods of ery descrlpti ou in their line of Iusiness. min4 SMITIhI, IliBIiAARD& Co. C. II. IANCiitI I -T s, I OTIOI.ESAIFR AND I.I"T'MIl DliALEIR in ii Iooks, Statioee ry, I Musict l , istrumleots, Fancy iI hN A'ticl-s, c. No. 14Camp street, keeeps collstntily oi 1 bandlnteaego assortllmlen of t B!nak liooks, A:bp. on Iiollcss, SLtter Paper Pocket Mlps, lall do Mal-hi witers, eFolio Port, IDesk tdo 1 Illank ido PIcket t ll oks, Ie Cmmnerc;aldo W"allts, Paicket do Note b:dooks, Printi. g Paplr Port fou11e, WVrtipig Iii do ie o iwhh locks, 1 Ditste ti ledo do -t for iaselilg i Marble t olal e wi Prttlb itiltig tol ks Coltred i, Drts )lSi igl e.., i. SCop ing ir Witiing iuk, bhlek and red, \ I ir'uo ,l Col-lit to 'issue do Imt'lible do t . llsic do Ink |ow lile, black and red Noto (ct Cil Cuises, tI i n)rais Po rceain Slt"s, r1 l sil .f iEI0 nge, r naper do ) htoi alit g, S ltone d o pi t quality, ( tss le n ind n oards Sc'nkt Indit ' h abr r Cick, S I 'o s staill C es, d ( sillilt t'f ieLnesl do Globes,i I ii [ i I ' i 'i l ý ,mi t cn % " :t i ln o l, d o I tiies itt i Iliittog tic Prints, Iipttul, diii ittieLti i I tlthol it, G.,hlEei rT I riiin ittr wiis li hitl ill i Iiieiiitleidi i t t thooko tu. J in J .OtOli ,,. Ittt- rllIiu- , Itodirtls. kt sIlver o lo thi ,it l lite- t-tee-'uh Pli'h t ell's 1 lucutso lori. Literature, Science ahondos JUHSASS\' Irdi(":t- Clioilrgi tl Reooot e Amerit s it cOly Iiie. ill Fo , lt , i th ltlck itu iu R Ittu linc 'cel tIe OI 1 , ic r ti r- e totl ' th n . h tin e i hlril tei N bo- k .ntie. ro d hies , t c lre , fr3 il hnndlld tny, 51(c1i tfer l cnber, rho. J17 ei'TETrsoN, AVElt Y & (O. u n l . y I t.' ilII o": ,' , 1r Ihe y, o.t i '.. nt Is l~lh e Ftk I wllk (iltleans, 1! co no NIon kt-e t .tlil t.,-il IMoI.I c... i. t ,i a ll , mll t n..ile n are ilited totlu all nd examine I 11it r iven t liii k hour fliliui th A cutavr llicnec of al, nll to ; "teoeesif~nnrd iambeny r,1 l:et goprefer ittono rt Cive lt estlt o at their ow t rfe- h I r elero lo t theirr l -li itE .c ot : t Ine itofor~. t irr t olr one s I'rIt, nlIwFi(re e: I1r1d br o n;trwd until dl hwriter ns, wll us lhev h. SA iI~J - l m u ; ii H. SIMMONS & CO are now receiviec from Son boardaip Orleans, Eagle, Highlander, tqher, Meary Andrew, French and German play eards; Back gammon Boards; CBessarmn 21-4 and 2 3-8 inch Bi narnd Balls; 8, 9,10 and 1"2 crh blade Bowi Konives; Leather and other travelling Dressing Cases; Belt, Pocket, horgan'rs, and IDuelling Pistols; double nld siagle barrelledoGuns; (aioe Bags; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Perctmaion Clps and Cap Holdersa Cloth, hair, Tooth; and Nail Brushes; Oreri end Chlorine Tooth Wasnli Toont Powder, Toilet and Shaving Sonas, in great cat rie}l'; loeg Hair Braids, Rirglets end Frizettes; Pearl and Toilet Poder Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cllshions Patent Slides or Gaters; Gum Elastic Suapnderre; Powder Puffs anoi Bole; Gilt Chaiits, Seals o ln Keys; Ear-droap; Waist Buckles; Bracelets' Bead Nccklacec and Chien; oilt aod Slivored Beats; Indian Ble dse Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side and Dressina Combs; wrbic,in arddition to their frmaler stoc oi hand, makes their aoortmernt very eomplcle, nrd will bie cld low and on liberal terms, at tie sig n of the Godled Comb. j5-1 fl l 70 Chmtreseo. reert. 'P VAIl lI' S fi'!'Ollm., Ioe..l Ca.n, siHeret.l . rier litrsrpe s liaocl--'lhe subscriiers .' or. rlle 1u'' i trictr rereW star, Ratcnsetitcrassrnlrrcrt ., rirrr tHles their lile, toma r ising every variet ofl'uCo hls r. t. P[rfomelrv' rlrhre': ( rlassesr i'aqirg Cards -1 latge r mlbnler of Ilallcy r ' rtrlces. Tu ll.'oint a li pnrt a idel'rilrptioln: COI ll--T irtois s c a:n Brazilian e hi top tri k, rci.d rolike aonlm hrI, rle diler aoll n 'Ii :'n bsI ; [ioLrec rhressingr, rinr toiri alndl rlI ruet coll...n PI:.IL'UMI'I:tJM1Y--A gnteel asv>.n,ti af IofFc:lcwh rand Alerirlr Pre'rtln'rireral t .,J~kcroe, ,.:aill , OliaFe' in ntollis, of all sihaes. sizes, ,.., l Lrose, Oiang, lt , SSES-Comiai s, beigR ll tt nir1s ol wvalios sizLrboies, 5,nk llorln dl tilet ; senullte ll ain toilet , ,d r o -; l ]1S rtlrll cil s miltsI, terr. IR. ciSroritvriS-- trg t greet variety o ietllh, hair, ibatle, Soiod tote,r, ninl,crnd, shavig, patei bck hrti, rio.teals of ll s, l l i LOOKs siNg IASSE a li-Comrires' w rk ho Ihune? o dios, l sizes- e 5s, ec 1 tircils, cI ilr t eer lllein lln stia, toslet and res, an lasso, .atgeit i n'veg nrrr s, c, P illiN D ballsr, iaste blckinrg; b S t, hiBrm, Highland Si)edr bl ronteL Frencl te alo d sihitd back Ply-, FANCY AmND VAIRsers; AITi C T.:E--A Scae rious a nsso[rtment of llp lrt, daitks, nlld ' nalles; Inlhk mtmtocn tboards;rrite, rt by rbleenks, optis, Jews eretis, anrrd Christei ' airl's; intckelr books oe :dl stirt.; lecipe. tiers, silve -bacs, tcd slpectales; tillrll, twinil, et.,d bls awll pillSe s, aia e l'tlor elllt of Ih llE8 V bead,, su lloir itprtce"r rrice c retrr enr Ciry n leertrnce'. nuality billiarr balls, pate blakihr; ,or, shirt', vest, Alln lnid sospeoder barions; pearl I cnams alld sbt't slbo tr1oea strops; gas t roahtites for ceeretig lightr Sparisr ant mele segbrs otlcoe oaril Pan'is, ppccrllil Solrtb illi's;an assortment of d-ain reance d roan;s T~ k g.clnnor aerds; dice, i ley saoeclrS, optcr , Jetws hat tit haretnitra, luieer matches, ins, nreedls, tercussire r capa, drinking crpre, lutint g flasks aind gae br . s; t.irel, silver nr te sa ie rholesalc; tlti sn, twire, c th., aonlllollsoe assorlntn of enttlcravblgaool o Iyt ll c lrie. ty al other areticles, all of "Irirch will he asohl for low prie s, lfor casi or city tated tatecs. mani4 IEES tk DLANG it CO.IMPOUNYD S'YRUP OF rOARS.4PAIULLA, Scrofulo, or King's Evil, Chronic Rhorcoatism, Crtrotic Coorueollas Dis- Pai insi tire Bones, by free eases, urse of Mercrtv, Scaly Eruptions, ]Mercurial acd Syi iiliod Al Pimples or l'rsturles on ithe factioos, foce Bilca, hy an impure habit of 'etteer, r hoty, And all dicoderic s ncieirrg fcon i in t contamnatcd atedr of tleo blood, tire itjudicrons use of mercr , &. I.r0 tie successr that hs hetetoo l re ate idel t ns Sevenientmdn activer S.grelt, irt in ine tie IltrIler confideare otlrede to rthe edlcal Faclt lty and e lleyt ring crtomtlnril-ty, rite rirs te os o etvreu craice aeert it tre, above onamed dcliseases, and t rr til e ]tr"ifteaitrr of tihe brlood accniieralcattl of srtrh conoploints as arise. the blood heirg irat vitiated soate. This "ery concentrated Syrup is pyepared with the reatest rpharmaceuticul careood necll e midcr ce nll :llli ice active principle of Sarsapar illa in tile mtot' t le etoted degree, ccrmiined writh olther vegetabl lb.t ealtrot. f known efle iiec , Thle reat dceosideratrm with pIylecin iCtn ielg aile to exhibit a blu're rirrcrtr of Sarsapa .ril asr dose, hac been obtaed io tio preleroato- , c ' fully convinced of its merits, oocflteatly odminicaer it io thoecocrse of their practice. Irice $1 50 per bottle. Sold only or SWAIN & BROTHER'S drag store, No. 11 Cnd rr trect, wt ere any be had, freoh nad genine, direct r'o he t r,T •e tore, Swric's Ptullea ee id cc ernihrooe, rPoirtere C ,]li coo, Carpenter's Peepnratone, aond d large crrd gr,'orm. assortenrt of fl'rese irleoc, ll ei-teaot rc I] e ing of all di s,, cI es, ] tl . r- titaltt F v itT r' e - 'clipsul the iretensinS of t vr' ry ael.i ma)e o " [X'c i nern , a cii t h it ror, tll r 'tei t'trtis lc C l' nl'' ' - of' aii otlerletledyr ,ir'terr'nr irc l"'ecer'tr -oeex ststr T ttcperioretectrs cf ti, "rrr,.c .li.r' ,eeents ,r ,eeet,. Tirl impoFr'tant rtrlll-irs. It is e'ntirely of r tct'erd tI .ompositionl, )lreveIntS i'reblapses of rili disc t'tr lis tes r strr ldr rr lant i rranlet eltietite, ciarlr e, r,, 'rc. ross of itce bow'els, arrri irictgo.rlteos crr fl' tili r' _ t itr tire systert. F'cr sale, Wrilestlc red retail. I,ve the; rgcntre, SWAIN trd lllitI'I'lllii, IbErtr',i to:, "ag. , t N l,t' ,,a, r ,, slig 04 __ _ I I, '..nail q 1,,.i (ho.le-te of rIhysiCeSo, L ss,-. h cfrioc, Isul u1 lls W lbh isucs, iqM .ss · t < she tlA Coll ge oel hsurgeons, Licoertloas, Api" \msl r'ary's Con1oysst Fellow o'f Ioli Courts Sotes v ,scs.lss" to the Royal Unhis l'ssissOn Assocsatiosss, :,lcr L' c:lc , i'itt srlo Iri d . l'apctl ols P p I ,'.. aNd St. 'l'huto s' Is Hln lpitals, L.rndon. This V Glllll e nlA t iclne r the resulllt , tLesl,l\ r, ;: s' experiA nce aI itIIlll. l .d'lslcea ssis rile. tf ,s,,s e m rold h ig h h re t ..on : ) ll l r i c (I th e . . Il i v't he[ flr c lls is . noilitv am s ow '', . tothe nolie, of the American Imh lie, atCthe o,. s1 - I lici(etii , .fL a nim iber i e olgsi lsr f e, , F lltanoi g in die iol'ossfion. It is hoped, s I ,, - onar st- , to check tie coils and litos l e .s.. . es :TlAsioh l, "nr tile use of tile n merous anll ,,"I , , it s nost iis [li sle,] Ipon thie Ipulic Ihy ti I he i, " . . is'oos's olf tilactlloots ellrs, aod othI _,ll' lrlh s , I,\ " c i o l I of m-.dicni hcicnce is'li s . L.s ossible the h, as ':ss iso iehlsn ds n alan l" ]os s longs g oy n,s sos lilt, . ! i "o.. and peolle ol'this etulti. 'Illese pills, ml hld n::,", - ofsmts l silolns, s for, iyth'Is, t i lop It a lmiostr :i, ~ cholero, ram sisos, lfverss, ml ohe ;li f olsais ts, s hsibsoh iso. of'teon pro l:its!, nss be oso'sc 'ii le I O . Ict, al v,, lut I onkshh, sliomyll e, lbe withot theo . hc. :ar, .oldhl in packets at 56 cen1ts+, $l to1 $"l each, by e-e.el'V Ie p '"c lsssls'shsle slonggist, booksellcr, ald it s sof m edicine is , tile ode Unitell Stefes and the (:aodnt:ts, with coI f s 'tlcctin s tigestih wS th test Mis onials of pro'ision ility m thie follosins erllsnenls gentlesrlsn:s Sir Asle Cleospsc J Aberneshill, as lBhiodsll, M. I)., ,V. Dlosck, .s. II. inJ. Ason K'y, A. IFraspos, . I)f, :'o , s el-al eny sollls. 'he origill:sl mHoy Ioscen s-n Ilosessioll ofthle oil mGeneralh Asgst, by whom-the mediciee is imllortedl iito this 5O1ttl0y1, andi t0 s.nosm oil appllicalitos lotbrsgenoies muost e Insirle. JN(). IIOI.I.EIN, 1O9 Vcerl Placer N. Yo'si, Sole General Agent fli,,r thle United Sl tas,,. Ec. For slle k". lllllOintll enl(nt o to e oligif lll ptolleitr, iy SwAls i'-los'tssso, lfrlbgi-ts, N I1 wll rccl 'Issro Agenis l.' So, tlsh, ei o s Lolisio. jol s R eaI)i Dilomatio Code, Ienracing a cllciol of treatis anrd conve lltiolo betwoel te, Uln liteid S.ttes a ld ks, Foreoign Powers, fisost 17711 to 1831, with anthsts'"ct f sg isnpolrtatJudieialdscdisionss o0 poilts osssosteod wit our foreigs relations. Also, a sonciso Dllllllotii c is3t a oo-. ual, cosstsining a ssossmarv of tlie lt w os f olstioss liels ;i, te orks of Viertile·rt, Vatite, .larttos, Vo'al o, . n t " s in Slory, &e. and other Diprmnnat ewrirtintps on qgnestior s of inlterntsliooal l aw--uefiol for sbise olllmstels all can stl 5nls and fon " t11] other; hoalllttg official or eOlrllrl iul in tfen:urse with l fimigltations, lly Joint EIllit, in vorls. d just received and sfor srte by \V31. 'KIEAN, \ s25 Coissisr of Csssssis & Common st. rl T~aT I~clul~c a~r~ousrliesir fsii isIsIIIIsfss L n residence iat ILittle I'edligl.lnl. C osrntE, allc Ithis; h , aMsias sl ' Stel" lilflstlen, Irnlsatedlbreithe .ili1. rysof Stualnsdad Novesl;'oT' I'-s l s sssnl l 'lss.-sss by s s Is Ani e dii.s e to'wi nu moorsl crc e ftio ns ill ' ois. I)n.ososs .oD I!..,ss-CKs'S Poo.s--new edisso: s s oees bound i r:,ne' I' cas \l' S no n" JOlss DfRY)ssR--ill veo.e ndl pros, :-, witil a lifi, by .r'v I Mitlsrd: i sew edtons, compl te Ill n as v sols. fust rcelved amt for side by m 1 9 "11%," ,l ol Is \ sssN , ei rCs lnss s o' 1 to .LRepulblie of Texas in the Uniled Stuns , a'e n thorized il di.pose f th Pubic L ml in Texas and ASlcip is now reass dy- iin eerlisat a sis tfi) esis s ,\nd all atOUlit o r hh lls tdue by thle Rlel blie, dulys nudited, cuan ble settledl for in sc"ir Ipprovided the lnotuli Sn1ol loss l liti, 6+0 acre.TI 1 Js1 TIIO31. S TOl1Y &. 1RO'r1IITRS, c o n si sti n~g o f \'in rdl e's Iersi' etlul, 1 %,e p iis tllsss, I P'erso-n s, extra sflri. C-osil uillo inrlirs' 10 ., sI/'sos sior Frran s ss fi , r s, e .5tr finle rend bnl a hh k s oi wax, atnI t coal el ti , red tasl, per; Rodlger'sa per , |s o .,n ket, and Ilesl kniverss e , l etter st lP p 5ll5( nI l lue tirered ikl;·atuldsI paper veight t parallel, "Irounil d Ire flat rlers snatheultllrsh-!ents, back gu iiI l boards, drains s nsils, ]ristol s nard, ansss dr has wss ls I I'll r, btulnkr'e cnaes, Mort folios, pocket books,, \ a lrt-d .ll lst IlOTC(ssissS .ss.o, °-Is Cl'lrss ls s s o 1 r::_.l t foi+.,, l . yJa, e,. [ Stnlll itrd. lit), nk ,s ro!h' io`s kf" Iskhs 0o-s f lnlloioss okr "ronrl the ernr I!311 to hpt'."lr se of 1 .35 i nlod e pcu dnl1o ; Ivs eira tall, author ot J iiq ,line of I olland, Il , , \t t s and il IIlWsisV, &.c ill 1', vlr. ss" T e harc I he a Is, bI si ss ob Ir ' I edis, ass ll lor < ,nir n t I s i .s . l. . s. s •sisi of , ; j1 r.,f ,. lfs(f-s .s.,.o _ bom5 T I.SS ... & ,'e~.1 C'rno. '.r .\ ('11011111 'O-s-I. 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Conffte nd tea sets; pitchers, waiters, cslanrs, canndl stleks, ecup, tumblersan gobl lits;r abalitod desertl d forks; tabml, desert ald ten slpoons; malnowT a:tnd tlna', or n-| goat spoonl;g suant tongs; saIgnLu, none tro nap lota roatlr, faritnp,'l;dino ant liota ktaison; ieklo :otd dlesert aknives and forks, nlplnsin, ri'ugs, (C. alwiarpIilty fron tilo toasoolotoav of .lr Il. (iannterr, of No' 'oni'k, Shose long estlbtlished oe utat;o fo r ttihe mansntcturn' of silver wa.e is suftclelnt gonrrantee of its supcrior qIuality, SLATED "-RtE'I OF S0IEFl'IELD AND DIR MLNGIHAMi. 'Teanud coafeltern, tea s:ltts; c(starS, liqlllr and rnor dianl tanlIs; su0 rb canl'eo:i s, antd EI a g.utL S \aitl li - roa ptlatea:x, tpr centre of he di ollner ora s .,,lt r ' :a be; nlic.;'ll1'o;' Il r au: l i oblonig, irano 8tol inieiSi ; ceL - stenik :,nd veetal:b e dishes; rich dioh cover's; cake andl Ib'vad Ibskets; desCmter st:alds; m uiWII le nod ch:lmnber a'ndhl tiaks; a; ilre s oaI n r;; cla;lS Ianld sy analliSl ; I<ika llar Ir i , allsn R'e ait corki, wIIa ' .;:ini ll; ;i'il ,i l ie blls, in, a ble, g. g and nIstIIrd splllon ; gg .Iles Ills andtl It'q:dl, tlniia s.lles, to. t Vho Iu t .IE ON S''ttEL WA!IE. : i tlhi'tr del.el kRilV't k i b' s :', 11 sI s;. lr ill r,,I . ladlis; n;I;tte.( d f :h fll i ll as, heI \ t scopll l s plunts Itu s,. lrg'tablt r f ,imte. .A IAN N L"IlI'. Fhin Got'it l'andaich al I : .iralond ill):l'w walilel's, i sltt adiil singll'rii ,m e; to , l icies; do olflll pi;; l "na: h li;a Ibed, c ee ', n l kne i I Iys ; itr.: ui i plato wa ll in lllls; - sp, ie , u s ug1 eii , a n d llseh bo w u'.; p heslsli cl o wes; ndita cni l; s in arl s, ep i rut , ;n.l ir nd of ich; tlur'tik shell, tac. L.Il,%.31S. An extensive a~snsllnen, :Monll wshich are Ashita la C tI, a'll Ibro lzetd ,d ltt I, AI l ' frit t .4 h I? s; Il:II ll iis lob ;illt it-;;l;h Ii'ut'tin ' t l ;'aulw ; 'h .Iiran al'i nnl anIl' sIll, ii d ta1Oi ldl 18s d ; 'I :Irlzn t;;d t llaiaa d alidlgoir fsr;rrrale ia 51sstciittlc e li..'tits IIIInltthiillVSillil b1Ickat Inmt't CXiAN tLIEt S ADi I'IANITG I.M niS. Enlglish Ollll Fre1n2ch cutllaKIss chl nlioel, hrs or Instrles n 8, lo o 15, 1, '0 olid ''- lig s l l-renih;.lro'zed mil t ihl t;rciri hiun'i ,8, 3 ., 1 n;i' 8 lighlr i hll launl i si b lah olt alni t rich ol'ollZu ; l; or cllro la;i;s for1 dnilnl L VUI IASPS. TlOrlllS ls,o Ii~lrs cltO .l:hl~ulq .ltljrllel, .1831, (lRIICI C, I'Ittl r OC s, 99(' X :\IIIIIIII'DII t AC 1 bllr onze. u 1, le llal, bltnt ; brlnzell-ll t gill. l :l l ill, wlith tietlures, eti'.; couttinL g houtal n:ll h kitcehn.l clocks; l, ea ll inkson a; p s, i erls lo; laller w ighl s, t h; l i;ia - IcIn'A , A <110 OGL ASS.C!LAIN. English a.l; Frel;s h dhlg g desas , t i lean tal b l;;f, srrill' a liens' t phlin white, gold edge, an, . wrv rih h me' styles; splendMd toiler setts; water arod miIk pitlclhe maet; c vasesn falial c ll' i r 'i' k s j;11 I;'l'aaslet ' E.AR'TH EN WARE.. Dlining, dOek set, ten, c olibe, hlroeakfaist alnd siI i'r setlls; toilt ware; pitg lers. Also, o l toll, chini dinIn " sutsl CUT GIASS. iei;nll tel;sln itcrers; elaret'11 111 I c, l ;O i hock deea'ni es; howls, dislles, cei l, vases, s ult tilslodssngilr howls butttel, tulbs. llg2, ling r bsolps, ttml erIlls, wilne, chin ulignle, are, codialis, h w oit h an I jIh glasses; line colorcd h ll hwe.Alksoe;ritn.ic riraro,s TAILII C UTLEIRf. Fine ivory halanc e hatdles, sell' tip aunl hotk htn;dic klive's nllld forks of 51 no: 5Er l fie) es, or h¥ Ithe otlzel l; ivory ihandlle klivcs only fir si', forks; g rd :and game cll arrls; lollg sllices 'firn l nll bee;f oyste r kntar is, Ihlt crans. nle bllll PI p ~Icks Stl!21) , ll lqIs I'nrk CScle.. · a;.nornL'CIn. IUIN';r;llianr;gaarCosiur gniran oak, rera I~titTfANIA ANt)iI tlt1.ilt Tlix 9\AIii, To; ;i a;llol c 'lyl t a s ltsal i';s, wr ih I a l t 2 suit;l t e for ' rl s un ; sotramboilii ; . o s il l l .. islnson dishes vith nave '., a? st ,br eblufhndin,~t. s . dislh e tlv liaiols h iljl's a 'thlaC g lrregsr tn kttll on salllll s w'ithblioalars,r tlag ilora'cc FANCY ItAlIl)WAtlE. Iiasosa;l wair e ler's, hi'asaanlirun s; binrsso a d tieel Irrainl a;;;;iloli ar;;; I;nl b;rll·· ra. 1II ~ia;r~rlf tl;;'lla l'l i~r~ lshil(v sl r iliiu l lligs , ;l llc; o lll ia coall l aCLs a1 li Ilar;a h pialm o r il , nntr Iii1.1,. ,h! a e hae r a a ssing irtllsh;s;';I srhn nlt ;dring mrul hlg a alc ines r ' unl breilla stialids, g.1e, foo tihnel tt' f wa .rmhinhl phltes. " KlTC''Hll'; iUlNITLUll'i-Consaistingnfhiro,. tin, ;IllI r tlil ;;, i;;s laa ay ;'liail ii 'el o' l tlly I;-;lll;; hcbialll a;ri) ihl ;o l ly tl;Il'llltria. illil h lil il,, tl ,(.rs e, an bc foudl Jllhi theh, elil~lli hn ije cill, 1II ~~ljll' tSilviIr:' lhd ar re, :ui.' I i . b netlw. L111s ireplired mulld r,[i€lT o i .',, c .;1 ' ' ll I [O ,SI ,'] ANI) l ll'1iAIIC :. llt .(.i)\ comllb o70 (lar'tre . j tie. l. 'h, sb . I. • er's . (Ioi~l intl' dditi onU I o(.I·11 \... ;/! th hlr Io. lj i tlld l t I lll ] .i ful U blit c nlIt, d ins lo.hnh llcllld c ll"nll, h Ja ia h i o, i 1rIi ii;' ;ar;rt aloa, '. I'rll;i; l;;ir; I ; in ili'; ;;;"; . ;·lw. : i AlIl -t t oihlI, ta d illa l w xni le s, p r l lt, n. rll re1.i u . , l i + n , 'n r , I Ille,x Ili~lliit i 1 7o` \ iils hili" · evory~~l·* e:€ ' l)l~illl:l~lil .f wE all, h I .;"onnllle h .lt', i l0 y ji h ,II d, fIt " dr Is,uld t I, ihornl rinla "d solld ralln;, I l:r i',ira;;c, l ii;;, cr ill rltl rll~ llrliill C1i) \it .)'~'llh ILl.illd A.:liirl·:\' l.II( I i~i Pors hE , o"U lE i.'Y-ohn nes, jo iv ih e', lo1te n rh h lin er Iioil 1 l Ol, h C1 rdith ' Il llrIIu a11Ir;S';; I l" nd Ihl '';ll -o-rh't'I i iii.DO t . ' . ii ,[it .;; L;;'r t't 'll ll F ';r \"o la \' -- il l; ''r 'oi;;;;l h ir "t!t I. i' e als', 1111ird ro t;'an ~l 'lii ';l:,hO n[,a,,, r';; b]1. ~ ';I 1 ':' , , tv ,f .:li,.l,, ,1iv ll,,lllJ~ ..,I;;; an i, '1 11 vri ill ,';;,;, Ion 001 alinnl:- l; H'r; <. r;I ',o II ii,'l S .:ilt l 9 ,1 ,: dl Oi1I1 I , ; ;; rm ,.1. In W 1 L\V--()(OK -I -Conti, the Dica.deitd uith oter o ranles npld Filcies, by iHenry F. Chelley, in 2 Adolumes o es "Colllr vtSwer t tnnsic iahl a sllat A n d a I am hn fh r c u ery I ,na"t! " Tihe Last day of Ponpelii, in one vol htne--nni flo edlilion T'le I nrlll't, for 1938 , Just received iin1 ,lior sall by ian 'P IIOT1'CCIIKISS & fo, , C' harltrc st. o t-'-t1 f'i('l', b i i hcrby wiell to IN I I'oesi f : t wn llersan It prOt-|rhirt oftl estllo eolteiullh to llitie \V i It x lie 'l he, or to any otheler oi p llor persons, whla it t rili doth I e nlel , lti , xc tors, idnin o iitri r it'tad L stituie uttif dt ls Ilo s L se tl o li rt s ' .. T A i5tl(, I I t lt ol i s 'lit ,Jury of stI l Par i t c l t ued ti illprut o d Col e Ihe 5lth ol ti", 133; ties I Itth Stlheiei , , 1i83:; thla hh1 Julh. 13i(6; ur d eIn t ) ie .1 1)C li fli1 ' oftlb e 7it 11Feb. 1637; nnd fuirtlher il l purcilice ]' tlt) l tdil eirellet scti is tla acttio ste t 'i ' ti teiotl lsis lh et lIetLislu tltro Ofti 1Teritt r oft hItitt elt I ilt tll '' relait : . nd te ld tte siii's ostt Cattle," pro l l, t ie , 71 i.'l isht lre oIlchtls tl ate or I .oais i :l'lt tilll t ,ll s o 't, ssellllll ctlih'ty o the atotasteen i a .- i1s e-t Ond Levr,,' OLap r td Fe ob 8lt, IrIe 2 .. .t .ll I , i-te aIdio Illll other w lu , ns orJii IOnld blllc s.Id c o-d ice t tiry l It i nll t'l e to (. llt n oiked aud cm l.niellwt, as tle orlh mec 0t- rr di nacs o thi 'olist orvoill l's lace o It b t X r ,Xc l (u r boiir, Ihe It tfeiy, A 1t t 837, tstti I t su e wi In let tilte eslsse nlls d 'txl clt3 l.iii i nsn Iresid t it - Itrs 1 nd tste llst tl t ist clItt 'tI oil' beeions sit le l isP ]i wtt Sist "i tlie explls ti:s oec t , i iet" Ill trA I Er 1..tii s it It .i lin.'t r .iss iu : ilet, ', . Est i pl r ls e Ipris ,llt Ili e a til Ip's's' i i" ll Pf i l' - h n()n llm oben t, Sll Ciilhmin t nt I 'n \V-. (Cox" In ', lIst eis illsi i I'l e I'#. l c isisi ll I ilil i cl' ,,ll ,l e s IC it slsssit nr o1oss . i lt eltl sso'il 1'xicl ltllts A inis dl .nri I'le Sa shi e isllrcit p t lI X ol " el 15 del . illnnet , I23.') h! 5 de tih' St, i Lu l re 5 1 I rl let t 13il:;a i'"5 do I ' l elFtr I1)f Toe 7 I ricr 7, d l . .'itiv,' Iln Ildire 'l' Ii's sil 'Cla es tt so It 1 ',e l e nI ce It o i lt' .i II l " et t' c " oit ' is - to eo , Il it e soe ic-ll llo lio n t li fllS t iovei , ei ala l'lit ed s IIIto l0 ITii'l lX l v II eIi i,' l 1it X tc III7 - l1 7 , ss-is t oti i t Ilo i tis tilrt l'I ,'t n lT isar le d tltire 'lios c s vit' a i o'itt l l is ' n I,, t i o IrIIII VII X t XiII ,h I " ltltl " I lus o t` l I'd llltide s du ditri " o op it.. t t ev,, S I Lo e| ave t n i l :me Ilnt e Ju el 1:lll7, quo h-l a Bl ts ll" llI. (a seror It i ce.E it lic llo_1t a t , illX fi'aix de.+l tit. lI ll tsr oldents lut'o ) ' t lr okt ine ld s pIt ill. rs lse 0 t-1 'c crier, 12'2I;. 1i ' 1 nu the life .... ! n C r I, r of t-e (it Sopicmcll ('niul't of the I lcr o1fO len!-, au, ib the tlIfn st. ItONNAI11EL ,dec TIl' IN. IAN'" PANACEA. l O l the eur e. 'he -un m ti at elo fullsq r k ngsevil,g 'nlt, Sa©cinatica orblp gout, inclpient ewers, salt btheum,i sili'ilitiL atld maeturttal diseases, particularly ulcers andI pi LTtfulatlR ieions of the hoto s, tllec'ited ehrphl v'. nos. trils, ulcersof etesy desctliption, fever sores, and internal bhsesses, fisttdas, Itiles, scltd bead, seourvy, biles, bth'o ic soee eveCs crs,1,lisbtlothes, all e~ery ctr'ieit ofcu taneous L flection, ,chroeic C:ttrerh, heald eche pioeced ii. eonel lly acrid humLur, Bain ia the stomacl o lled dy L.Lesi praeediteg frI Lmvartelion, eileetinL ofthe lfleer, eLLLole iLLlamll ltiL oL LLthe kiLdneys, and genctad detbili ty ce us.'l Iy a torpLil e tilon of tiL ,vlcsels iLhe skint. It is si ig': ye nfic^ulh lshi l Iewllu\lning those constitutions ti ilL ie been Icklletl l dlowl hy injLudicious treatment, j 'lanitlh irregulrities. In general ttrelL , it is 'ea om ;nlded iall tcl lwsu diseases wlial, arise li'om impuriies of the blod, or ienitiation of tie humors, of Ia itever n:ute or kind. So C ul'the llorve comp laints man rLeciLCre some ftri Ililtn sisiant - .applicaliole s, L ielicll thl e l Cl'ectltl tttltP ofithe ":Iah gill dic;te; but I'or :n ;L; t'Le:mI irlemedy or l'twifiC:oter to l'emovr te t lnsr, titie 1iN IIAN'S IPANACI EA still ,ncerald l Ibe founld s tlltieicl. I'1l() t1'1t I tLItIC. How trice it is, that nLudern l'hisiciL, in their am Ihmino hu excel inrt I er, irofcesh'll n l(" the Icit Fieldls Sr.(.i< co iy tl aid ofvhel'e i +,trv ndl s':k obnt lets trl n iwchcl :cl iiLheL rt to i rit e eL t perll e tion in the ,rauteuc t,' I tm t ,|" a " alnet,-e-ti'ely oterl.ok and ,let as b nett h 1 tIl heir 11 hIt rich lanl bouIti lllliS i .tres nomedlicintm , hivh the Almightly has caused to i my t he , - . ,in ,ver c litw! And how mueh - inore'tiuei sit that li hil' theAnlnimriout Plhysihan looks to l'rei-n amitles itr i.nhy of' his o cimost common ll:d i il. iý aLt t, pe rpetul..L c :liiLLi s L th y are :It u+hv .it:;tats ofl' hio , n orlbl ly, he isIsurrnilt detl in his na~ c i nllu . it t ith++,,x+~ f l'·r\ n el ,itot i of medical plat1(s, sntlici't ut o n s m c im tic ction it disyase or itLLr any 'Ctsir l, (il tli ,!, I.; itlilt i et 1 iis t.E i e llt olf I "iL ,,ii, Ifus ln t ie)r' ate- ul ll"ii, o + '°t( u, the( it hb:odlng on ithe d t I ai,. l m.Themfalut+,s( of tue1,hlt enw1dihie)su pon thc sN ,tet :llla tempr vLL-those of iinrnis stilg. T ll lro .r"t theth ic'. l' I:ud pm'.s Itie l l tl iite ( . ceLt el y ill, pt: lic lit , r w it t htitl t st ) o )+tl th lu :,it ,lidsh, i cn A' Ihe b);is n ,o l 1! 1 o r n.iu Io g he'Illll a Ltu titn u b)'" slat iollm] d:l . testl liL, tl. i i LL li uILL hll lt ot,(.i L o iU e tll A 'l rl te modelrl TIT , l tlill l 1int tl m ttill Litr.LL' ' til r .'' 1 t. a ll.n i tLLLL L LL itim hr, t ilt : lt pr1ltit with t hdI ofth t m (hht's. II i' ) ai ho r\l llt meia, hasntat hlfoue lthi'htri of vwliched ith eelii Wheltrhim )il .(' 1de 'pill, mniittLLLttiiLL glLtli alcL L hLLiLL L I,% ili t il) lll buli frL it s! t il' ml t ill lllli: .,etlb('tt Ihifor illlt l I'l'r il loi rnl lieL h iht nLL ii l :L ' tIL rlh j li.tLtilll .IiW i ia I" theI o Cl.u ri a tic li LLr LLLLL e k illn ti ell olli.sL LLL ,ti C ILLn iltl'ILLeLd ALI d m oL II L ts It,,l; ! t'li L I m ' isX(I lihat I c Ie - mi tin ' t ie s ail'itlt m \ hi L il hLt L Ci', tChi s'llel'l ' )l ln ill ista111 :t.n, lliid t.;t I·(·lll l .':o t ll lo hd l t h;'l .t oi hl'onirL istL i i iLLL i LLLL h i WlC LL i ato ier ieLi lsatih me pitlh i etJii thithc bilokn im nonih ht ill i LLntitc in AsL5L cl 'L mi i L lr Xt ' : t IL il hL LL - t'nnpii onof t he Slll' l s age ll n It I s fI l' ht+e ills tlhNiel lt( ilcsh ol'nilil, bs e. n l o'h , is chitbli C h rIrio imll g hti IIaI sI fe: lirr+ v i'( l(,lhes ' e hhh t vil:,t o! .fil~ll. ir 'I Li: o l i-lllii ,lLi -LL (LLLLtL i Cir smal i fLitiL il Ih ' LL t llLtI lLlliii eLL tIlllhl'l, oVer ashole i L hiehL the pride tld the art of nn have in ' lrollht it tlng rotl i ldenc nn :1u1g 1 ]tporiol ofth bo rl iilg - \al ithh(:dilantsuti l iiicuL Lt i,. H lu liioiiL tL 111 4u - ulaix l thte m\ ll d t h , ov l l" r " i't. solo of . t, " he ir l mol Sesitt ill p IrIt IIhol t lrs, Ihtlep pri.hti, ol l'hc illill' ill 'lilll ird : lll dg of some oll( i l I p iLI i r'LL oldtL ofi l e L I dies. ilo LL l Ih t hL, shlv led li achnel, mt lu' l et] i lOM l 'lsienc ih s ild np: roltril;,1 , :tl. :fil'r c+i'i)los.xpel riln tt, uI I+test . t i,. ir cipI( t tuh l sil re , th, he h isoLlLIbiltlL them i I LLLtL he prslntled, s ll, mlost pi t' tl 1 antd . fti. he plllo trpose Ill" I clhl it "'ho e ii t'"l olits lis Jprrptetie n to tl pL aliec, wit i LLL LC ,L Iht L e i c .l ,ill w Lhhiih ll L..L , I w i' ly.t tc pati " mhh , rh t hil ma., of hi" i alliu .l 1+ .l. I iigs, li i L , rtt'L :'LL . , :id htil te.ratuo pl!ion: "hithith t h s ap li : b l. . '1'0 ' smeh it will pi'r t, of ii h l aeolubl, \ ot-.', :t Ilhe ll'an', m a i i cast's, t o ' - lit' n liot( lm, i tilh, itl. .l lriln!s :tI l ,] t i .rinih themn it o te te hI,. th v :t t hno - pinlm ,. . Thisis tol l sit nd i c- nunl lia i',ioitl that it u, on but as um' ,t hic is cUlahlt 1" o I ht , i l t I ii i;lnvl ' extremei V:- hich ll tl I le ill-i1A (ti lithIill. 'hi bit solen h s drH,,elh (lw es It o Iii. L L L, ,utLv ,,+ lit, s, o s tiLed T it, :,d ll in ol ..t ltr ihe, had •rie to allurt th, ne st tuboistta und couiiltlittg prd of it s Th'ieCii e fh a iitiLni le iL ltPi LLPI tl i 1 tt 'il'L' tL Lti ' hLL h aLt il " iLt I it - L;It 'L l LL. L'.' " -i Lt !i L.L, o et -o 'iLt al ii, :i il ,tolpt mei 11nIl1Ad t;i i at ir, :i1 i t 0Il I C, , r , s:l i . Ih1' u h ,'l tll si 11o It I ll. l l .l i' I !'a' .l"lr in I ::i1 \·r.1II1hI' 1 I'I' iiklr" \ I II1:1th 4 r ill t I.u t l.T , esl\ rf ll ul's :"lt si lllwI lstmh l·P : i on,it'ds I. ' ; ','1_ 1 1 t lo I~ t tI h III I 1 "l'i . 10.11l * il !:.h l' . ,ly l0 I + tl II o h110l footl s h C I a d) wo ,Iill S i SI ohfl Ii :l I Iih ti 4 le y ,11 , lton l m o otll tl t, : to l'l I' 11o l :I-i I ctool, oooootoo c 1 o1 e " o rr1~ i '1, dIlittle hilCfli On Ill,! lolls ol* 1" 'r , io -h0-p-o ri 0 tl T ohou l tito ml oo-o--l. . t .to3 o-l nsI " nI' ( :I ln y,., i'l,+ tt d el , ;' fra l byTclii :I, om lew holt p 0 1 ". sl'hios o 0o eu l ' tol ttheo 0l tIoo oo I tInoot-o, 1 . os I dlul, 1 00l i01gi sll t i enr it, l' l Peensk lt I,,., t, h ,, n lll ao Sihl<:lllot-to tool ito;ofo 0000 olnooool o toolee f. I I U to % ho lh.ll .to EI tuP l I1 ents. tl i to oor i : t.s riio l. oflo. It i .l aBehn :1I, iof lo t to-ptol I -itll.t I s el O-t.t'i Xll t IIloIotllIo.ttIIo l N - o ot 1 ' i l wishll ll i covii 1 \ ill ii neck a. st oI ll' s ',. I!l, ofll ei i I 0l0rc: o f0l w ill \qdu h I:";," toito- mfet'so h O iftoono I to f l'(tll o-oft Ill lli yo-o-o-t-oo-ll ooo 0t0.X y . itoloooio tool o0 i i A rilt'lv uL, ii, lt 0(1 1 11,' 11pC t i l i l alll \ :I1 z . ,r ..;+ hen to |. O l ii etr t was pl(. h 00 ' II h ly t tl\( ooe o-o-r l. o 'on .i il i, / we ll of th e sllh'i .;'t li, o n n i:t 6id Its. LO l'tu ti lIml.l , .\ lt lHert rioolio twho 1 ncl hi t i o te ho 1 1 to i 000 0l0r-th l- ei to my ooof Vhl, i t, loouluu.o ol ti ' lo o , rl l /,t ;;a ll'f lit t o a' s phill t :""'ri11 (i.; l Ji.. kleariI , x ti d /uhal 1: '0111.1"1 he I Inlt llh t It. l SN ill I `,f ! 010110-1 m St 1 :t.,5 tot of ! rf sr(n1 bn llt-I , ' l ro":',ret' : t ,, ll beawa i.ate e - s I ohollve i ln t'on mIkl tl \N1· 1 1 I wl,1Ai I o th u"s I \\ nlhlato'llt ih le whoi fins- sute th.:il' ';' "v thI ngt fill. o11p. d il ll .lil IIitlil\ . ill t IIN IIA + ti -+ Ils' SI ll ll it A 1 \ '110 1 lly Isoo , & , ft f i; lliN t - SIllr l if II. Z. AIn ' lo n100 otliflthe e Ilo t eo1i 01 0 Ioottll, o 0. 0 0 it l 00l 1 with0 0S to ll .i: 1 . .tloo Slo -- \ io il Iof too l !soIT o, . j os , - --q io P/ll ot otoootio -il thi s c a, Blo I tllorom of hl e ,n lm ,' in A \\ i 0~l 00.0, 1100tk00 0 -,o-do o lot tool otol/:o21'oo rl ,lo .eneaii llyt oEooo ots , Oo I j o lll-l l ll rlllt . Ir,]ts 'tii l s y t. Jf L' 10 o.O1i-li,, ton o11o V l oo.'tll 1. oloi -o i- .- 0000' toftftq I t"ot o o ' - e'oo 'ioohf I oio s applto o b- t I ) 1i: i l , T e P o l 't.i c G o tt l lG i l lLt o Iof Ith 1 jo o o o 0 I 1. r Ol.l ioot ltoo oof 00il 0 I I.rv oo1 o-tole - . ott ,oditloo n t » 1 e7,, th eio l of 0ate I, 1 ... te i "I;ie i,"' In -. ,n s , \ s u "s f d o ud ulotoootol out + ito skno!il ooktiru ot e c ut10 Cl'i! e I " ostott..o . i l toted . .fl , tI/ o Iyoo oro l t 1 1I I I 'llh plotla ittostoofl . n he : its' - Shloot , on 0,k 0 01, ('Gill too t toot IIo t'rIs'0iI 0 0 to.too, 3ln otlo, itiot . ottolur, d oo t m;, i" l tAi.sher 0 0i/" lii rc 001000l" f001 ' Pe#o so ' " -1: I.0 IN if N. ZINIhv 00 " tI .ollii. I 5,' . Iio-; 1ts' with rh Zi'olo- Milli,. of \.llrk I -f! 2 r -2 ie +ii 11oo, oohol ltmc lot--, I,, nd- fo l b THE FLORHIDA LtAE S'I EA M1 BOAT TIIROUGH IN FItE AND A IALo From Mobile (Alnba-na) to A EAVES Mobile inve t o l Ahel om ' Lilte mriva of the lolil t fromt nKw - tt notlm stwl E",.1o:oF, to Illlkcly, coatint,( stnambonllt (petr IPens:lcola litr, ot tIo l tahachie Hi0 ri r and Iay) to CUedi.r ]ilu t tvia lillrian;, Clo tt:loohee, (blomerl. nos,) Bainblrdge, Pinidertoni htawkin s tilte, toAugusta. A tlrosoturterrttakingl' bile is inll no danger ot beiatj tttoon'ao, s ~elclren:ce by other confltirig interests ao l A. ILNI': is but olne concrn, and nul e llet thr.lghoutl andrmny rely wi.T ou'tr aIr0ival l t Augusta in timnle peciled, Iot el.' anl [l t nt eslusllt, Ull1lhS 1On.1 o IlluB l tl lle should n uttll. 't'It o (;Goet Koo (k is em'erild y this Iotlll. 'I he Agetots Ino it'ioll , 'toms, Cooaches ald l1rhi s uar not tile soptlleryll cot tr . The msltoth, hlnd, naltral roads, theo otlitld thL to lslt h ou'jol , tlo(oillo , potdiHO 0 s 'tety;ot co unctt.ed s it were l iit o the t il Clhlotestonl, S. C. antld the trse n packets to t tcrvelers ill t renalh New York tRom nKew LfS L IrusS II naYH'--'*V- singIht ityin1 rmnl Coilnoahooehtt , F IlOlNHo, we 1ac t L tin\ l Quilit and T'I'n!:hnwee, I St oAr Iost coc:hr, altso two Itoo ih lchs l ota one to \lillkt t!gctille, and ote to Mltot o n Ar w;ts'ras , 0(11 ,II , I: .1 % - , AOtvio t Ottti on t ost, Mobile, * jistluc, 1 itt jr O oalts to lobhile h nto A uigsltl, . i: . Augulta t o Chltlote 211 (' hI lestlo to Aoewo ' Y kt Time, N ow ole'ls to Mtlkile, Mohile to At gttl,,1 U, Aiyst t o Chh'nen rh 14 to Now YVel o ,t:dirt Il ottmil:, per t.o, or 7 nile t.. ho site of al l ttoo ges.o N. II I og iense to i tlorm the llt i0I br h l le tert Ih I clltltooheO swanOH lt i0tll li tl rout') : te tttt hitllltllt y rtItoot'ltlt olty0 Iýc"astl.we tfl'h'o rllillg ftlr n 'uvellel s thm the macdt s is, ~ cs aIth oa itre o t-liotH oett itl;tottl .:o, r, I.tot 1 11 I' o m l c ol IC t t C d ill, B it is h, l : h.II ln u hntb e hI -sl ihed t ough it to be sll, Ot to uit s t :olht t olo t olttty. 7 he bri c I No. II Careys o ttd on.steet At' O r .llyws .;, Chemsicas,annd Patind,aunaug 1Le.,,' t JIlt' I' . DYES Soli, 'tot o t"o', Argotls, red, t < i t " I lulh AInItiou, Spln h,l ido " i l'led Il 'zillelte oted, I,, .;uA ctotnO tt, Coa hoiotol, IIltornx, a' o "'l'llll'', , A mtel'iean, d.. ltlioo d, C t1 e' o. It.t in.lulttto l .Id , l0stio,0 "'.allltleot io roll, la h n lc, lo , olou r, in It1e to Illil umll,, 'l,,,t'lleh I.c rie, (: toroil, Ithdigo, I hlogal, I Jivinl t l:ul i du htl ill:,, ' ItIe i o Hot II·, do ".in nze1iý', 111 wood, Jaw en, do, ro h, 3 , ler, onI,lein dho dso a sti pdl I l Il Alln ,i . !o ' n allll hlir, 4'111 I l nI , , ,I.. .. ~i ..n 1 1 ( ll t tridl l tine, o .hog., pl A ,ll , l, .!0 1 o' |e c o un d , otosh i s 1, S ll lll ilt< lol ll0tiot,,1] i ll,0 elt I t do~oot t g11'i . Io lol 1 ,,r lolt.o , t.ttlt, 1 1[ _], ili:1, lolt 'lllot o o ,o t I o tt, 1 t dloo t i, , 1 to t t l' ptoo d tI1, 0 Ottoe o oil, o l" 1111 e1:, I l o , t til t thlo ot il t, - . a i : is, gen~: , d 1,,te n ns s do rol i".I Ih +ih ;, I':ll!s t" I "!i.1, ' i m l , " ' . . h l Ph o lo .n ir;e; i to ; 'd hI g r o, d es,,t i'i . ,% ort he. s l. d eh' ci h,:u " Ap, otiw itif', r t il. h, 1', c ifI e X (I,.t a ed w ith p!iar.hle , .i .,fi ,'., '`'"1 , ,11, 1,, 1.41 i I oa" ýtý"'llil 11 . . , \.ý I, I' l 'j0 1::0, lllll)t . iij. . ` ,o,, A,'l l". i. , .!u f rrr 'h " : ;. ·· ·,i I iB;, ot, tum, h I, n.. .. .. u ,,,I,,,, ,,,;:., , I ,,t" Ji,, .',.-;..rtsn l0 n, , tli mod tl l t11, nnt| 4co, 0l0i t r, 1 1 . 1 1 n, l'", S ,, p :o 11 , : 10 I Il- tol I" g lo, ilo llst. eSlie1 F] 1iiolii i. "or 3iI 1. l lTf-Th br eld ' s- f t l llll i td l {al estIoo; I " ] s & ( aNi;EllllU t l it splendid t i e me, ! of Engitisnh, violonnald SAnlwrlcn i'ialno tlortes, va . reole wotl .,oo ,ieornlgrJ • c1i lt, ai Ilnd granllld nlti onl surlo1 niogo.rlee, 1. . It , fr} w'orult i& Collhir, (oce CoiN ' ri . no,) lan S hdon, , ,p llogu : nnly zebron s,, . "r e p)iu o rte b se ifou h Otin-~, wli oo r do mlim th r. elloted olct orils oJ Chickhori- & it, Iositl; Dubois & lacan,Y I York; \ u\' l++ il, l j'hih;iii. S IoAlsn-Iplutes of neorv description; vro ins, vrioold k. los, gutilrr, .elvl alro e fh, ,t'in , ile s, l ne All , l rnsC trhi o s1 bet les. rn fo i in .,n in esi dses. devc r merl I" e olf aniii t" s fe ct u d izec al, uoan d reamilnr ms litl sllblr tet.,. 0It1 CASEY, S iio '-2I l. CtI up sloeet h it ~( (;If 1 ;1 :les To (;lRcI:l r ti s --h iel ;e b il e. i rs wouirIll tin e ;ni toes oer oI Nr Orlepns Ila t Inlel ksc Op t oI llll t on on I a It hon 'n so I Np y orafhl bLe i .d lolFto', Biller0.,; onu ho- oli.n-! rd br t ipti. e e nwif o S ill e sold o it N l. ook prlires. KETK I:CiM & l.Uiltioci; rieggistt, n yv 2o3 :17 Ctmlp at. 14ttll+:IdN-A ,I) -IIot)A1'"I:C IIAI.DWARE A ion ' o.\ lll, tlnllri: o & ('o No. 11, logonzin 'il., Imporftrs ud 1 t rloiloes e dr tdrns in Foreign a nd ,o l ·tOnll do [hll( t roa'a , lire 1 -o +" r "'Ong f IIte [ i w l und t ile A Imle rlls,- di. 'r't lifrou h l le l llllllilltre, all t risi ll. ev t e te ne. A l o f, 1ith ohey i r l o w lld 'liw a o l llllln Ini- Iooiig lotin ioh r, l M.rnr :. h ni n or .cil] lllt'l d o an e tll Xilllle lltei .- ; I l lios , l i te lln s Ill" . A ls, ec ,; l.w pIa'ts, lilr,, ntl nl ndh, haniiii iiid ;lid I n1 ii llollo,+s, ft' e an, t, g, and hII chI h r clod,", ooohlinl) t crd ils nd B II husI i 0lill "es nul, +itdo;a ii, o inii, benh, l uh ", ii b xo s hiii ling httchcts anl 'toonhan\l-s, r ir o ib ucki s"lo it an Pone h ntdlle klinr , il li ir i i irks orel etso 51 nd 53 p )i,; s ds llear ll iian dd'e tI kryiV s ,ndIII1 fo Vks, iT(ay, buck, isei fti u antutiu i liitt' r I jo in i tn It 'oris,. n, el bocke snoid Iirlk uivr:u; 'ii.=o:-' ... .. h.-lis, iro ii and lrnass ti I iknob hoi l ir [ t ich srIito ,c'ls . t, tlroie t ol , ripbonllrd I i'het, till, ail desk Io .i. "oi n, d1 Ibtrarsh ll , strap l+ ..., '%,,,,,l be,,, ws, si..... ngle and,, do le barrel Jiiin a it linol r leu, riot n n s ii sllgo th l sil cut borori t Iies, full and Ill haf fu t, i o trl hlbelt, hobsotr and rocket pistol,, wngeE'l on boxs, I .A iricirll ad English i1 tlitnrc steefnl sl i:hii, r iinnd Cirwl i y stir en , angeo , lt rIellsl an 'h Illll, > ok Il.,cra .'s, E ill.((s I an A FIP ican i'll[, h 'in It s, h it's O .ri ves, .tidi ons'il iots hans "'it i.. elill .,to I i.i. i t /it ill nnl si w s , hnnd, evai t a oi iiti siarn s ulitil r, nhnl; i l "ii s i nli dero tolng ni sl.ovtin , raoli:i ii ii tron r m Ilrniti an d i Jl pilllanne bruhes of rll plnurs, eS ' 1e "'s tools, pim Si aili41ps an111 stolt'h ct'tl'tati leii,(' lu'l a Il groodiry unr I lliiit, lii i,0. A i r) I , itIii ( diiof ti iu f'ir'lE s1c"i11ii-i s ill iadd litio to t ni i • tual nlae I t litt ihav' c iitto, td nm vtir i lt I0 i la rticl..r I eenlh' n nudel • h en. Th firt,, in ism .. sariptia on, I I~idirs nutiu. l nl, ,- o. i .1n \ '. t'piInp ay iug thle mn st1t ftshhnio hhlr a.rls .a plhin work loxeS, t l, r n. 'r,'ty; t i . .li.s 'l',,rtiP ,I tll , p r ui, a ni 'il . roe`" ( nel. e t II( s ' ll . fll ' 1 ,1 ,nh,- tinniobl ( Ivory aini i ot,, oris, shlt ..o.l . urlt i .tii- n ;iiu t u r a..... n otf,4 its o", sio ts i tiil+ I p * ] " ,oI , rich r fitnn d o 'shio +, o eh"..,,it liiii ii "I ", A viie t t of hihheii I lN x a, n tt i" I 11+rn 0 t e', t niln h'essd, anll assof~rtment olllI g. ] it p l Ii lot IN k Ls die, el. nl; lll I t "it f,. ii i llt doressi g ,t l* cll':ES &.I)'ltAN(GIE. 1 7 \r. Itc , . hy J ·, - Aol"ri St. Jbnllls, aIuhor a

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