Newspaper of True American, March 30, 1837, Page 3

March 30, 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ILLIAM A. DUCAY, of hi.-sii i rvices to sar Splanters, onl his new made l rctifying .goar, b.elieviný it toeurpass any improvemlent ever known be abe v. " te' r in li v other o i IeIaitng. it wiliter than any a tlrein rti if L ou gr:P Lle IO. la fe ore cooa thot nr'._ChtmiCal opneratioos, since hie has succeed din givijn g the ulntant natioafction to those ge ntlemec whichhaVe employeud him. N. & J. DICK, & Co. STI:VeN IIENDERSo., Esq. SMUEaLn M'CUT.rnioN, Esq. JonMS isM''TCciiEoN, Esq. .lonu D. WILKINS, & Co. P.F. For frther paretcularo, apply to E A Cohen & Co. No. hi't1 Mgazlin street. mil jUpFAC'rORY.-I'lhe subscriber keeps constantly onhand a general assortment of tin ware, which will he sold low foy cash or city acceptances. Also, covers roofs with copper, tinll r xin, on reasor. oableterns. OGuttersoutd endoetor illde lend put tp. PAMUEL E K it', ecrn of f 16-2n Pyitrus anod 'T'choupitmolan ets. FI 'tiE NEVW oItI.i,:NS AND O NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY, Feb. 13.1837. 13 solved, That the Preoident be a.thorized to makle a call no the Stockhelders for ah in.atllhoint of five d.ol lars per share, ptatble on tile 21ith day of April neat, in pursunee of thie 6th section of the charter. .Extnac from the minnAli of the bIlordl. A I M'NAtIt, Sce'y. In pnrsotnce of the foregoing resolution the stock holiders are herey roquested to make payment at the ofice of the catulany in the city of New orleuns, of $5 oa each share of stve reslwetively theld by them on theim tho day of April next, ando that dftit thereof, the tct.n swhilht otie um is de wil he foerfile. , felt 1 I W HOFFMANue , I'renideit. MAYORALTY 1W NOEW lLRAld. S I tr'e iltof Uie Second .Jlunicipnulict. Sitting of Tuesdayv t Morel, 1,37. I) ESOI.VED, 'That is the oplinion of this council, I. it iexpedlent, anid necessary for the poblic conl voaisnce and health, to continue Nutchez street fiom rchoutitoulas street, in astraight litne with, end lf tile name width as said Natchez street, to New Levee street; and the Mayor is hereby authorisad to give pu3lic Ia nie in thae True American nlld Conmercial Bulletin, in ireneh and English durilig ten daysv, that it is tlhe in aotion of tllis Counhil to open na eostitlne sti strert, in conformity withthe anet of the Legislatre, enlilledl, "an Act to regulate tie opening, laymg a 't, and im provingatlreet andl public plaees in the city of New Orleaone."' Approved 3d Aptn1 1:12.. Migilell, J IIAIAIWIN, f corder. Approved, Maorch 21, 13 7. ,igned, D) PRIEUR, Mayor. A true copy, C IIEARD, Sccretary. Agreeably to the torgaohlg" reiohtitiil, and ill con nfointty with the pnrviiioia of ani nat aplrove thle 3d April 132, enititled, "na Art to regulule tile opesilig, toting out and ilpirovuin ofstreets alnd lpublic pilces inthe city oa New Orleans, &e." Noiiec is hereby given that is tile inttotion of the Council of nllI ciptlitv N(i Two,. to have Natclhelz Itrel openeiid Slid eaontiuued fronm Thonuitouloes street to New Levee rt., in a straight line with, cod ofthne rotor widlth o saild Natchel street. 1) PRIEURL, Mllyor. March 2'2d, 1837. " sFO.I EMlENI'' a It resltliol ci drsii', ct in ) vertu des dislposiioans de I'cte applolve le 3 Avril 183'2, eantitoule "Act.l our regler I'ouvetore, lI distiri butioiet l'amelvrntipou des rues ct plaees pultiquest dos litville it li Nile Orleans, &c." Avis est pelie 9ue 'intention di Conailo de Io Secondte MeAluicipolite eoat de faire ouvriret eontinuer In roe des NatchCez dI purre I rue,'ehouplitoulnsjnsqu'a In rue de in Nile evee, en liqoe dronte at de/a enem luar"ur qu'it maito Senantla dite rue des Natlchez. ID PRIEUR, Mlire. L.alMoa 1837. .. .. . 1Od DOL6,AIIS lii WA{Il), ILL be givenfor apprehending and lodging in jail the negro JI.R Y. who absconded, it is nipiL ed, on hoard the Stenmar Cnlumhus, for Cieinnlmtn , abour ten duas sircc. Jerry iabout 45yearlu'clI, live Ifet tell or eleven inches in beight, round ntooped niltulderr, very talktivte and familar, fnlld of baterirg aml tradiang Itarll t ')l havingbeenn hack-drtertf'r ,on:' till pant i Vhiii city. Jerry hae no dnhleteolbtinedtlrged papcrr . Ilid wife, who Is free, acolmpalnid ilin. St w is lt nuge=s mfem: l staturen,and very t.alkative rl;o. It is supIli ed he has assumed tile n ie of \VILL.IA, ad Illt his wifecll I nnlh by thatnatne. 100 dollars will be paid for securing bhio in Uan jail in this State; and 500dullars for lodging hitn in any jail, if takeh out of tihe State, with ill rcesonabl|e ex le.'s, beidei, for brinlging bere. J.I.E li . New Orleans, Marell , , 11i37. m' MAYUKVOI.TY OFNE8W UILI L.EAA\'. Counleil of the Sronod .tepcqaliy. Sitting of Thrsadev, 141h Marnl, 1837. R RSOLVED, Thatin the qpinion of thlis Council, IRI it is expledient, and necessary flr the public co, venience, to continue Notre )iIe sIlit frolm l·tgInid altree to Catlllp treet, ina strait line witlhnd of equal width with seld street; and the Mtlvor is lherehby u thorised io give ltlll.c notice inll the I're Americn alnd Comnnaercial Rulletini, in F'en,.hl anti l'Engliih, dUing. ten dnays, that it is thie iiientihi o iiIis/' tol lijele said sreet, it tonftlmitv witlh all Rn t of the Le i.L'.ialtiri, entitled "an Act to re~uinte tIhe I'elj it, lal. i.g iI, alid iltpt.ving nf.ntreelt ani l plhlite plt , ih ii ct mifiew Orltens, &e." Aplrved i :hi Ariii 1i'32. Singned J IIlLDW\VIN, Recorder. Approved.,lnt lMarch, I:u:17. Signedc, 1). PRIEUit, Mayer. A tree copy. S C IIEAtRID,Secretary. Agreeably to tle firegoiln resolution, and il con formity witi the prtvisions of'ln nl'it piarived the :il April ,il32,, enilied, "inn Ai . IA i nt ellltl thl e opeiliig, laying oit, and itnrriig ofnteetcrndi lllblic Ilace in the ritiv o New (lrleean. At.." Nti. e is II rech given thai it is the lltention of the Coiiil of 31iii palitv'. itwo, to hiave Notlre-.l,rie toe,:icnd from di lalt .riline attleet, I l~ail ni .tre-tC , iii i -taiint mis- iei ith, nilI oft lic nine a il tl as enid Nvirt 1ie,'i ,"sll'te tI. _ alurh 2", 111:37. It I' IEi Lit, 'tli yl' , (ONFOR il 'M et:Vt n a c li. . r.rtu d' n ita te alllllp uv I :I Avril, I:I.2. llltuhe "A tcl Ionr reir ler I'n l vertll re, hIdist il t nlll e tt I l'mt io ratiit den Irllie tI Ilile( IIees illdeli , I Ih I ilk. Iv Ila Nile rirlenlle,&ei, Avisetde (ritttan Jir Iiltlllll, (Ill Conseil de la 'secndl Mueiciipalile elt d, flboe .i( larue Notre llntIedepins In rue iedes .a ins,tj+.a it In rue dtre('i a ;'n t li ",nli- i, droite i't d i iiitmcioe largetur -4Jn a $ailtllitiinlt I dii, rile Noltre I)llln. Le 22rMr, 111:17. 1) PII'IlLl, I'tie. t lilEliec I0121El V EI:li .i.. JO.VES' P l:TEVT' CO T7'7'O. I. By tihe Pntellte, No. 51 llalZin ll street, Nel, (i lelns. TOBE MANItFACTURED IN NE\W YORlK BY tU.lEIR l' IOE & CO. SCALF.I OF PRICES--Double (ins. For a double Gill of 80 swms or more onil each eylinder, mnlking Illsaws in thie stand, with reelirs, balds, &e. at $6 lerlaw, or $960 0l Far lbaiL en Giila of G60 an elIn a cyliitelr', or 120 saws in the stand, feeders, i&e. at $6 per rsw, or 720 16 aordo. of O sawando. or 80 saws ina ratn, at $6 25 per saw, or 500 It ordo. of 2u saws en do. or 40 saWS in a stand, at $t.50 per saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. or a singe i of 80 saws or more, with one et offeedcrs, hands, ke. at $6 per aw, s$480 00 For do. of 60 saws, with feeders, &ie. at $6 sletr. saw, 59000 or do. o "40 saws, with feeders, &ec. at $1 S5 per saw, 0000 Fordo. oflO saw, with feeders, &e. at $7 50 per mw, 150 00 . Extrateeth wlleredesired, for feeders, supplied i 40 cants ealh; the nllumber oafteetL beilg nbout equal to the number of saws. One set of feeders, it is con. $idered however, will wear out two or three asets of sows. Extra saws saupplied t 80 cents each. Tihe Gills lrered, will be delivered to the agents of planters in any of the sea port towns fa the eotton plin tilln States, at the abioe ItliCes, thle agents paiing tile freight on tie anme firam New York, and becoming ine alsosible for the amount of the (lin. A Giin wright will he ent with the Gills to pet them up wllere de iredt the charges lbr whose services will be exirtr, but moderate. Iran running gearan alolhe ordered where desited, on reasonable terms, but will be elhierg ex tra. Iorae ptower,olany del.ripltion, call be Ultnisheld oil like terms. Small steam enginels call also be orderied if de ireld. It is ldeirable, when planters give orders for Gills, they Ihould aooatpllany them with their views ini regatr tothearetwngemeatofsawi, brealts, brushe.s &e. It i feonud they dliffr it opinion. Sonme desils at as of larger diameler than otiler. Thle taost comlol size il or 10 inlchesi; iut some wish them 12 inches. Same wIsh 5 or G rows of brushes oai an axle, wlile olhrerl do not wallt more than 4 at malos. Sarae wish saws with 8 or 9teetle to tile inch, while others want l0 or II. With somulch lilcreti nrl, we plrefer thlley shld, tll the time of giving orl'tcls, lflcunish II littemnit of th'ir wishesa, anid thle mantlaetuarers en lillil them in ecry iParticular. Whlleet int ia to olar discretion, wt: ,hll ake tihemn on the imost idern and aipl'povull plaltn. An ordel.r Mao Ie: exerunte, from the timeit is roeivrll, in the saace ofeight or nine weeka, aed the t(it in that tnae placed ill the haldal of the iactor. Tio be in tinl or the irext erop, all orderl oughti to be in lthe hands of the manufaeturers iy tie lilrst or itddle of M .y; cxvpci frl' anltationls heare they ire late in commenmacillg to iek or ginll ottlo. N., 1l. The Patent litght, for atny one of the cettoln graoing Stater, will he sold on renasouambl terms. m25 6naos TEXAS. NOTICEi0 hereby given to all those brave and chivalrnous ounig men who wish to go to ''exae, for the purplose iaessa.ting in her gluiiouncauise ao lib erty and inlependtlc e, and also to avail thelnelves ia the riel bunaties and reward she promises to tlhose that serve her, that arrma.gementes have been made with thie schooner CllnalllmilI tn, toransport all Itat arnready to go by Saturday eveaint tile I5 inst. at wlhiei lime the vessell wi osilively rail fr .liatagorda. lnedi alt application ahrst ie made oni boardor alt Mlr. Beat ties Ilous.e, aljoirnillg the St. Charles 'l'heaur, to Capt Garrett, or I'rie, or the lub crilber. Thisi isrniatbly the lati olippirtulnity any line will lhave obtai traInasportaion Irc of' eV tenIe. mol I) ," WAYMOUTI1. NOTIC'l-Thl'lle plurchasers of sq.nares iule la Wn On' . Slhraeweby, scddiy Iiewloit .Cenns; at nuction onI the 4th dnay e. Inst, tare requested to cull at the the terms f sale, wit'hin tell dlly' fronm tills date; ;)r eJse tie property will be sold at their co.t and risk tcrrl. lt to law. 11120 NOTO.ICE-Mr EDIMUN DARIN, who punrchallsned t of an anetion sale Illade by Is.lie L 31cCoy, oil e 17thl Decembler las.t, the followilng drescribed lots iil Bloomigdtlale, i iienreby lotifidcll . clmpl y wiihb ilie lernm. and elonditionli of tilhe ale, withhin t, n dit v. front he date hlereof,utherwise h salllme will bI sidhl fo his account lnd risk, viz: ten iotsnndlllered from .1 to !90 inchlti, e. on thile side adjoining ) F" Finrthe, Elq'.. pre: perty,, an, ten uther lots, also adjoinini the property of 1) F' Burlo ,eslI. numbered fr.Tm.l111 to 121 inclniv'e. 1, 2 ll'tiid.1 ycarn., fr.omi th Ii 7th l T!][ ct",tl.. i 1^'.. nil- iI 'or the Interior. I'(ilt MOB 1E iT e 'le U. S. . o. au rl MOBILE, Slier. i.".kan :m.oster, will iltasie lake end o.. .ifl .hbli rail road tis day, 3lth inot. af Ir Ie u.lrrval oft h. 12 1I2i o'cloct ear lor iloilie. FOil_ M iiillIf.E. ,s/ The U.. l. mu steamear SOt'MTI . . -4;iALAllAl.i, Aldrich mnasor, wil! ,lheve he laka cald of t:e rail road [nI f ot . ab, afltr tie arrival of th ll .'1-o lock tar fair bl ilh. tll'll -Ol. LuUMVILot.,, Ut aGia.a.o an, ald all iterlnedialta landiog. . - . /.i h r/lle oilen lid sootoear NORTII .+...Ii~ sl.A I.AllA lA, T'Joler mOoaster, will de - .8 part f~or tile troiv o ports on Ticstlitv IItXt Ul U o IClclk, A ,h . Fr freiglit or pirage, Ilvo. ing aOlorior altio llotinouliolo, alpily oa board opposite Paodri a it.or atol" Poydroa -i. to ill30 (;IVOT' &PAIGE. I+ iL 1' LOUI Ati A.t 0L''o.t, lnd alll perta' eililtC laIclihRs. ' Selot firtclaros tand ilths rauxoat gup- - . -- pei bin stian'uer AL'I'ON, Littetoto '_... re, lavhi three ftoturtlbo of her ar"eilnag,'d, will haive imiediatle dloB lllatr. For relht or pialRSlage, Iav'ilolg httilldsOll e flt nihra led aecola - to latiin will s'parae staLe rCtt,,lst apply on board, oplltri lo t ienville o tiit a or I I l0.< k 'avier rt. to tto30 ItlJiAiLI' & IIAWIHORN. F(-i. I.)UISVIILE, oad Illtermoeldiatl orte. tig le c ommatrttoi g atohot'r ,UYitO"f'-. 74+i(,l. A The IlllrB-li" o1L tboatOr, TUwil .i' a0gi4.0.t fheig t ito. lor I lFIor Irt', Clo. will, Net" llaovooaln lel lther Ioddial.e lan t Ihe aloachll riverr, twilh irirvilege of re-s illiolo, it leceiTugI 'eilltl at Po'droa oretel wllorf, and a oll doplart otl aStlday.2d dty i'Al ril, at 4e'clook, P ly. For treiglit or pla etog', hliiilltt lite aoCeaOaUllltt-ldotliaIo. Ilolir. on bhaod, or It m:J C JNo) II (RAIly.M, -.. FIL SI''. tOIJI.&ALTI'ON. onoi all inlerlrd.''e lntrdijo d I ill. uTal he semlid firotr iee steamer h e ----~ , n T 0l L er lto mkater, is hlourl ,i P eIn IeO :ilrriE, ar.d will hae ir. in - 'li .llp 0 0or fre igh t or oaoa eat nW I ily atQ 3 mavierlt to I:LOGT:I0 ' & IIAW'IOT iN. 127 h leb r , owiers ' dd a oe lrd laodioo, e. atr r -s t rrh sl rlow illirt b tellad lalr "o:aI'ECI E, dalg Illli\h.a lIsltl i.h I'e IItt tO re . 2".. 1'a SeeriLitI "1 ae. ",tl h'oeroiiiit or t ,saige, uolttly.itn Ittiot-l, ipoiotoaillirio Tilll Jo. 1relF IO I.%IIAN.tI NEWv Uit.EAnS i i ,arderlE U..-- vii g AIen e down '1 T I E IclOiri! lilte It t'lllloelt Oc i tlie f7llowitial Steotiro, vl lhiCrh air tenor pro, led lir l" iaqh or etlrlllorl, viz: lhliooliao, t A llli, C. Su ittonh Oul h r riitia, S. i b il inh. A etn" C. raolker. Tile bo ore bllls ale ittll tit rXnaIrPI-ly tlier Iho trade nail rolotoiodt'i by oidihv sllelheoliiilrtieiilintstet'a. Pol ieeneer r can rel" U'hIoIi irtl.v m,.tllt thint I ho tprt Olor lf dniric, tor t ill l .i t ol. illhirTir TO1 fetoli ir an t.felV l'"1I tclt w l o lt all lillllg t hi e h llI at ' oI wilh Iti hoatoltat vil lIIaI'lki~l anqili'iIi, ovidl Ihll L~a rs ul.ked wiih cllloa wine tIll e, t ri n t olers. 'rlitle I'tt ietiaro ottlit iv their Iturnoitilg aertiaons, Io rel'll 7e fi EII ltll.+ Ot t le.pu lie: lIlltrI. lllgP+. -oer flroiglot or iotoo.eile. llolph/ to = TOUINi 'l .- IIECKWITI, o Isfl . JE~SSE I. II~il'l' 3G~ Pllrdcla. *t. ar. i. /11 ownerr of laoves alre hlreby oauiified to have thet ineieo'ed atol ithe(otlnt ltl I .Iie i'tle.-lIoitt lE ilortoura, oth.erwiroe tlrv will I' olrld liiale fit: allatever damttge hltall bioiostaoleoi Ilteict'v. iT e tlll! ,ithfi o...i...... IIANNEIE , _,_. l in...... , ,t il lco It............ II. . - - iih a thlll'l ofI lioe Slto k,i by the I.I I IA 1.".\S)IP '.ototoitiilul itll till I.n,.11otell. OittI'. Io7l . . -' I C.'+ ,, id ti! I fiis--h ,*ila ir ell l', +'"+.lUi -. ,< It... ri~lootii!<.. ,.i. ; t.o, .... Iv t 110 ,-000i I.Itt ' tltiliro if l ott. iltnia rL e ha., illR lalelv tl..rgollm r.'prirs .nd w'il lie sol a great Iiarteai ll iftill<.dille allientiOu iti rmite toattooiliiItiti.\TI,,rooiit~loltltllltiii.iii toolki IJI S I' iNS'I'I'l:.tll' II' i''i"Il'.l t=S~ h8 t'~l~l.lJ T1IIE nle~lilll!)olil I.I·:()NID.\5, All Scallert Ill lhulllill i i. I)II1( Itli 1.' ill lilt' lt~lwinl. hie that1 IhIIaIe lear(, ther o,·lder. i1 l~lilllilvl il+iti 11)III\thllld and1I }I s '.). ve i II ll clr tibll. lic, I i x' hulg o rr(.ive, fro n lflt( Norl a x;1 Px(,lli v add litionll to their stork I1"f nllne i ,, i I m I'ta i.g Inr(, iini (I I itho i:raphic I'Pre es of 'he t, l ll odernl stl( 'tllrle, tP... ). T . lrw h i'ill ll , ,1 .ize, f1i lih lle lt Ige II illlier Ines hihol aphs ; I,'', heIhlfiet Iilhllollly phie( I)'per, witln e'l y altlirel: nLa y i It a'i line. Th c hav m f is o encs. i l Iral rote joure - IIo l L~ihl)eCirallhv rs. Ilal\e )Lul ilill'll i' Nelllw.' lark. tice'l crtv iow li pr i oi Toi ;ll ,inet of work in lheirlill kt h ai an h of h ,s . i i . T i1h111 la , mil at Ihe rult ; .\ lil'· li - ,llt I.t ,hr- b! i ll lht· II I tills if lE(x. Hli'nL. lBanlk l('ho-k,, . .'. '.'ll Vll i In iX'b nitlingt' "1 h.II'4 r I lli' Stoat'h atii i( L. 1.`l Iof II1 13 ll ie . b llln li felrt iln elle ill". A is ih lihc has lieen n i il ait le' equal to l l t l i r.1, itr . th' p<,Imoo1:t , " I 1 tihis, ii- ii' l ltV j Jll I .1'il . ki Io iI' , i -I.p, iiv hoI. tai iei n Their nrn ai w ill ie l , o ,,, l: r ani, i ';, l nlshi l tire',.lrinr to the I1'1 il :1 NEW WORK,-'. Re. iEN IIIi ' l'l lo. lltory,l)b' tha -il soleII Spech ti fVhll. ight !iln. Willi" Winda m, Alt it I ,'h I iht IlI . I \ 'l, o InI i -, . son, wilt i Pre lIhnhio to' ria , Ii .:.,t,-l, , l i.d i St ltal obett Walk ' nl xt''ll, i ii It ntm:tll gai.s tlWi l', Repiorv ' ý"". o r ii c, i"i ithy ircisii ( riPitv; ,O mpr'i i ll' I - a eitln l ir rie, a of enu sagI F. Iellt illl. Tihe in.o rr ill- Jerselil, ih :17. New edition o1f'iatders on I'leadini kind I.vidence; 3(k Amuicni,with coanideahl: addlitioneuin hvol 1837, S A rkli Alt. ill lhld, Nii. l. Ia tie tlor can han, iamenI Zeno., aborn 3" yersh of ap , who sayt lie be law ant take him away. JOS. S. IHIARPER, ol n0 on plain of \,ntch. the cmine by applying at No. 14, Jelflrsun st. and pay inle harges. mi0 ULIK PORK. &c.-l02l Sides, 1024 Shoulders . 970 IIans, 3100 Sucks Corn, 40.1i larrels Whiskey, 3 l arrels Lard, 149 kegs ,litlo, 116 barrels Flour, land ing lirom Flat Boats, ailt for sale bI ia1i Si.O) & IIYIINIE, tI. Trlehllllt lllni st C ASTORI O1,-lI0 bll.- ilel, clltar oil, i s.ore alnl for sale by JULIUS VAIIRIN, nil ii2 (j ravier st. LK--300 bbls park luldiae, lit store aindi forsu hy JL;.IUS VAIRIN, tl 296 Psoydres st. RIIf I) BEEF-12csks drielld Beef illtore, and far ale bhy tel JUI.US VAIlIN,SO Pl'ydrasl.t. -B EF & LAR); in storie al r s bhr &7 L Sl SI-A'l'EII. 42 l'_ycdh'. sc F LOUR.-500 bils Flour landing froa steamer Co • lumbaaaslfaraleby (I Ill tSEY, mG 41 New lrevee. N4E\\ uutiltt. I.MMIONS, (ART & CO.--Are not iT eeiving /~l lel' shi Ilunitvilh', .agIle; MlerrI' A.ldlhew, Hiigh lanaler, French ans Girmlanl dh.a ,ae I;keai paclvig sards: hltr', belt and iocket li..tols; plhin, riliatl an;il sllit lir'usasia ilaps; lp htllttelbs; ccistaca, IlRazor, I'en. knlives; .(;illott's cotmllllttriall ald eer steer l ietIs; Via liill; Violin astrings; shell, ivory and honll rellbs; wafers. ailk, blead ni l lelather tI'ses; hair tbraids, ftont and laclk Imihe.lttg tti I'ttif; (lecr:uin ;iel, i ll Frenchter cologne Wttet'; Itowlattita' taalecitssev tijl, imaittioi io; antiqthre and balrs oil; portable desks andt dlreslllng Caes: past illckill.g; staltial:t l tailel glasses; OlVex illittrrors; op tieal glassels and views; I liallbl adll, hells lnllllmLes; aitdelcon; wshi- tswine; toilet ntld shaiing soaps; toilet powder, csmetic wtasth halls; saceneid alin cdishioe a spal standls; screw culhiolns; f.nly hbed c.hins an neckicies; billiard Nall-; lpocket hooks ai wallettsi (tirmtan haones; raizar straps; fill aall common ginl o'astic slpetllelrs, ga'rtrst d; lIcIls lucildr iattches; sil ver li'ci!s: (.lryons, &e. ec. Th'le aibotei il adlition to aiour fallrer stock of fancy articles, i esO.ll ,'u01 lent vee'l ' eilaCilele. For sale wholesale or ettail; as tIhe sign of lie (iidcle Coib,l 7"0. Clarlt, e streetes. tLd. S'I~OIIACCO. -'.0 Ices tobacco in store andll for sale at 63 Gtl'vicr st. hv it2? IOGEiitT & IT. f10WTIIORN. 1t eA -l0u boaes yali gp litaa rto, of 13 Ib. each in stere nd slr sale ut ti:I (ieca ier st. ht m?7 I(tR Illr' & II.WTIIORN. W AS i by lhe night watch of the 2d Wanti T you the 23d ill ust., a small buy unllic aild her foal the rn-r is in cilUstetl I)r. ove rlltperty, 1ali a ttrge, ;aili iake! tllei awaysaIs il r liefore tlhe ltlh ofaltpril, t.ii fe ise tlhey will he oldl itl ubtlic antltiin lby A Gail. I ltte, auctioneer. JI)llN I'lh I(l ,Ultllislary, m2ii-7 \I'.t W aIi , 2il'll Ala iiii ftitv. N'OTIC-l'e rl'- ion nlaýeiliig le l'o ir'saional ser . vices, "ill plea., cill lbetwrten thc' hours of nine andl ive oelocki, dtiing the dah, at 7l Cnunl( st. lil7 A i iO1eGII, Dentist. '7 enu lli'i Ol.tlolil, 20b'0 l aoxes Nilit, kt rtelerict vlindle,,; "211 do l)ostoni dto. D)owIIer, .Austin & i C . Ibranl , f sale at 131 T'I'chl pil las st ti' ani7 I IRll t;E&Co. d I.OT flHIN( & II A.l'-l.nid frolen brigOld ('oloan L/ unn fir rlellct 13i'T'ehlloelpitoulss t. ib tlhe sib celiblrs. 2.5 ct.,es senaonllable clotling; 15 do fas'liona hle silk hats; 5l do drab ifor hats, with in'lh brins. iI7 IIIlIDGE & CO. g l ENItY 11 tStl, , withdrawl front thefirml JL Thomas C. Cash & (o., the aecolnlts will be set tied, 1laI the octiei Plot ('nd ommihsion bIaiurss contin ucil at No 13 Camp street hby 'I h.i C Cash, iln(r the aId fit:. TtIOIS 49 ('A.451, IIENIIXY IOS1IN. Nee-O (eOrlnsi. \Ilre "7,111 '7 MIlS ldii-30d , h,,. Il r L cha , r l, t a lr sIatl by J VAIRIN. it'lr 26 Pov ra eit. Vi jF-l(tsliOio'3 bIrxts Richmond Chewing I uua,, SL a. W L CE &e soBalk low Ally. ti.'1 A tl WA[,,I CE &k Co. Bank Alley. 0,astwise. FOR PORILANID-)Maie. Thie sclhouorr !IEXICO. Slater utnrter, will halvelhru ui diite druttli. For or 74tSUge apply at 74utl dead striet, to .1 L1lA O'ER &C:u FOR Al~ltllR. Tha. s'rrmijrui a- .:p!ounmr lIIDIF.titCK AIlAR '1', Arurt iunstoru Itnviinf half hr hoe. go cogarl d, will p0,iiely sait oil Sntutudy lt ut~pull. Forfrr-igt ir paussage apply oil board olju FiteJulia st. or at 12 PI Ilt.U at to m`29 RI VI)T T& PA IC E. FOR Il'19Pi')N FRlr NTei bar'nit J ONE, Cq-t Plotert-t11t take~k 150 to L'a barrelsrl pock rr 4t tos )vd For i'uoin apply atiJ9 CuLtuiueu (tII to --- FOR PIIILADELI lIA. Thue ruppurid nd ulippru l fn-lp, l brig FRArNKLIN, Est buvtligiutter 4th F of her rnrrg, engaged, will b~e lrsp~ntclr~ rd without dllay. Folr itt bulk tf105-ulcs r,,rlr ttoi pIt at G67Grajierut. to to 1 IRlAD & Lt0 S'0' ) WI . FOR11 NEW OiIK -to aull 1711 Aptl. t 1ue tioe fust Failin roPS u No,,ri o.l ntd co P S r riride iMuseri, Will Fail oaiukiii Iifrni'iht or pasiiagr, httiig pltlrnid irriitutu-.duiioounipply In the L'Cpapin oft buoard ultluujilt Iloti iail ,Itrt, ir it 901 Couuuuutntrei', to a.B J1T) REI & A C FOR tilt tBIL. (: The acluoouur ELLEN, Smlith tractir, ay ittg purttifleercargo gob n t r bonrd, will ule upart oraul uistrsdty 0thi tt. Fur lieitl or psuruee upply ous bttrd at f'icuuliou tit-, orai 12 I'oy IraF- t"' o03 OIIIVOT & PAIGE. FORlt ST. NItRKO. The actriucur ATLANTIC, trcvena atas ter, wanti 5100 bIls und wilk depart oil uTlura dtt 301th last, apply un bitard iat lirulllui tier, oli ul 12 Poludroo sutrot tio tu20 GRIIVOT & PAIT7II. FOIR NEW YORiK-Paubr I ticrmil. The vrrv hRatiuxliig A I uickul a Itoter A 'EAJEIR, 1110 tuns, Ju ca toaser, will Fail in a f ew daysti, c u t The beingo I~ia ngaeuger, lr freiglt or p .aalt, or aileg tplu di furni-liud uceouutulnoditiu t fur llutitlt, Istat rlalue iiirshcd in itine style ii Iie Net inork IPuhkota. ' lie bitiurf urlrviiir, taible 119pp litd with he= of Irnliisiaora a exlrrienred enntmmllnllrr·,nlll will h~t er uflttuluiutt totit rtireui-itduiui tin o~irt r o IlihAlyili hoard ulppllsite 'l itiirue at. or i9il5 Cii.iitit ant. to 11197 IV 1-flu FORK'I'. IIiAKO. 'l'hc sulthoonir YANKEF, uuntu 100 bhi. rels atd will s ail oin e rdiiridi'v i h init~ut, lFr freighIt ulalply on bhood ait Pirulliuii titruol iit ln. 121'oydlrua t. to nt2'?7 GI0IVOT & PAIGIE FORNEW YOR1K. Tlbli A Ist iinlluling brig Rtlllll1-rlt i Rankit n mitrta tile bhulk if 201U blls to rill : intt-t Itucrrtguo. Furfueiahtofwblituf-l I pyS&JW112B Coi rt. r Fl i dO hut tiuiliiig brig ES'1'IIFI, tulli Neiriuil,t, till have imumedliate dlujyttl :Ii, fur fruight of 322 tell,, or outRang, attply to I 4, I (.AIE, 153 Couiot Ft. Otll, RtO''tuN. - 'h nw ti ud fuut siailig barije 112. I.I tPONI', ulpt Trortt, uill hour imtuediatt dapatch. Fur Ituuuge oIIIly, Iiuvi-hu d sullie ttactuiianodatiutui, upply tu 11 OAGLE, SThe fart u iilinig At brig Lt'ouiai, Capt.CrrigbI tuufirtll B Yliuitdutji 1i olrli. utIluuuber·lrirll ~R~U ton, will hats despt ch. F passage onlyol apply to L. 1l. GALE, u'L0 93 Cum1ntant. ! N'Ol loll<K. A Ti. fit t saililig A I, bIrig 11(tlt %1K, C'iii 1'ultuii, wuant tie bulk of 21h 0 bbl:, heavy y f (rciglt, andl will havel illlnedialt c des patt.h Far freight or oin-itge, upily tu 112 . 11 (111,1:,931 Caun t FUOR ,NEW 1. 1)1:11. OlKI NN'. , will soilill litrw dltsu, 1ut' taike A 50 tIle slluM , or ( 111! bhiiirei lath e on deck, ha 'Ppl tug uii bohrd, ullp lnuili St. Jucrptihleir, or to 111 , l''I(EI, 93 C·(mlll F . FOR 111)0 IN. - '111irppred iiid lulipur 6tt~urur, hbal: Oliver, Cuptaii Cotner,'r, anlti fily lob ,i heaIv lifrItI. Apiply iIt nil?1 S. &Jl. W1ILI'INI2V, u fitiiti. -OR I' t I.LF'IIORE-I-irat tutu-I. The fialtuailinig caperredl AI sIbarr t 1.1 ,1fIN, ca ift nrriitg will sioil iniit ii Ii--d" -'t lte most o f hier cargo hriu~il= Ignr~lerl, for r1·I· tntiiindrr til feighlt ur ipatutu 111ly 1111 boardl ul~l~tult tlh. pibhluc uullur tirur tlhit h or tlo 11117 %V31 1'( 111'1'1{13.95 Cor llllln sf. S IK Iu 11051N. 01 n lltiikihii, it reieiriu: begsl it tli ulsuti e purl, w11IHill have d(rPF catch. I··rr lilricbt or pea.~i p'-w-rre, applyl lu IKSE J' 0111 otK t For Sale, Freight or Charter. v -ot IREIGIT, I O' ( 11.tI i liti . ,. -.ýy&ýý' rrlrn. n.ter-f - urlhl: r, i " I:;,: Ir:, nul" I,.: lir": lo 4, alld ill (i1, 1 or ..1r, 1 T: i " 11n i '.,I t, :u:v I',t. - bel ,' .,u.I i .'l h.t n r, , r, . : to' r 1. 1ile,, t ,nci w u r,I I - - lo "lit I I'o :ll l'l tRlt1 \I 0I'I'R. - ' fa'l saili v n'ooer I;. "'( ' , CAl trI ', ntI-tr, i i e, l r d" , !, , .t .,.L . \Applyh to J.1). Mt.IN ,- .\ . ('itl oN, R TI I : O. -a- .FIL Ell <l Iit! tilt ('II.1 i: l'l:t. L Shi sheooner LA II.IC, IJ tots, 'ears lltier, sailsast drama 7= I water w uhn loadedl a, handsome cabin, 'to ill toEllail nII i readiness for any voyage. Apl eon ard I l nsite post 33, ot to 1`t811 S, J I' \\ 1Il NI 0Y. FIO(l FREIGI['lt' -It CIIA Rit'1ER. iThe fit-.tailing 13riti- l h ilttharqt G RE:N. f O1(t ,"',91 t'S register, i+ now di,0har io't , and will soot, Ie readvto tIk,. in t a, got, apply to Copt, Morisnn, on board, totllpie tie te netble nlar at, or to p0 IIERMAN"N BI(tI.G; & CO. NO 111E B II. SIMMIONS & CO. Iove this dotl taken into Se -partner-hip Iliran lIlntt, the I'sine.s n vill herrliter Ie toudletad ullnder tie lit l" . inlln lait & Co. B. II. SliltlaNS, IRAltA II AItilT, P. G. IAYLOR. N. It. . B1. Simmonst, is authorized to use Itlh unio e of tile late firm, ill the ettlement of it L, nlSitess. II. II. 8.l.\I NONS, P. G. TAYLOR. New Orleans, March I. 1337. I111 NOTICE. TlE uldersigned astanlues the lotinss of the late ftert) of llertneln & Co. and contitu , the state under his name. J. I,. SCHIIDTT. tall UA.'L, tar, and IrighttnVirnis, il- lani, g - li mii9 _ Iienville trert. -0 Nell,., mF;l.-fli f-oxcy 13i -f hav,7i ks, ant J1 13 nests of tubs, marked J S P ' Co. St. Loutis, per barque Oliver, Connerl, mnster, fron New York, i please call at No. 8, Collti st. Ita! tei l. and ttittiake thelil away. tit) For S. &. J. P. \VII I'N\ Y. BEEISVAX--9oI0 IbI Ihceswnx iU sotore. ntiI for sole by 1,t7 S SLATl'EI, 4d l'nydras tt. C ORN--00 hgs Ifirspt quality, landing f olt I tnlacr rcvintble, for sal -e IItIEY, ina h I1 44 New levee. It 0 OV A I. D R. DAVIIDSON has removed his oItice to No.91 tCustllom house streetr. tmll dihem W INES-132 Ioxe. red tt,'l,;o7 bIa,'t mkit-l.t, pniigl,lI00 nllsketst oil, nnd i hlh T wine, dlhrcct Iflom Bordeaaux, lundling front htip Ilnfis, land Ir rsle by JL .ILS V. 1liN, all 2 Plorias st. l-ACON- 0 .,000ll Ibi.. hog ,round, i.n tore, a.lI for L salee low, tloelse n tollSImenlllt hI t rnl6 GIIIVOTl & PAIGE, 12 Pctdias R. -- Pi-rst rate ianu Cook i ls wantld. Also, a t waNelici A tlnat,l good egets will le givcn. AI ' N. 73, " if-1Mf1tWfllIIdI'aY--ti barrels, landing fI-. lenamer Muskogee, for sale hy C. DOIISI'. nil8 -1 l-4 Net L lee'. S'ARl)-t-ll0 keh s lard, landi.t-li tn.stti'it r t l it d 1 nalt oreale Ilt .,ULIO'" VAIIIN." In 9 Ui Plov'a. "t. ' INCINA'l I. LAD.--ln kegs, l.luding fiom Steamer 1eul ad ilt t 1i 7 Ce I m 23 1.A11ET &tt AtEI,,t NG, 17 I Ott r lele .i t iEti : L..- 1 i~n.. lIstoremlut d Ibr rule tt 7I ontnm 7al LA YET & A31:1.UN(G. SArD, 0 I~Loegs le, f ,r t th il, ding t1. rlE b' lJ mi? ( Gl l I , I -I)II Nev 1. n ee, I A' O I I .- 1 0 it0 h ls ~ a t th ,' la ui l ig l l fl " r . ,lt a t i n o II N e i L tiLe , ym o'tt G l(D O )lt"! - 0 . L XSED.--117 Lbl god :' ir ln I l no. LEAR POILK--li hm, es, hreit Il , (- ml hhd . l t )t, Si' , 41 ,. . ,.ICON-. '-i httl. tthtlrt .,Oo ' t u tnt,. I ic rs sides, landing floul ot, llor RoH:v !frull. tLtinttttd fur hal'by \-1 l V i N, 17 t -l '2li; i' 1l lia c 'i.t stelamler Co tnclle tll. e d i - :ltc !\ n'l J t V \0. 110.' I I. ' o. d,.t- .lii . 1 ..('11) --+11:1 -t l IIk s ine ip i nr n, t,,r ale I V i iU2 .1 11 W\".11.1.\t t: \ 'o B sC.\illv. __ 'or Europe. - LOR LIVERPOOL. The fI.e Irit IlAVRE, Cept Carpe.ntr, ca.- n naconnmodata e n few iaspseogere, I o. 110,' L II GAILE.. FiOR I VEHIt tiL. Tor. rplendit ftot ilier ship II E.Z':. , r C: t..:' orto n r ui ; r i ,a.1 l.s cottou to coti - / - plete her cargo. Ful toriht of t.lcit or pla'soge : o aiilg oe did l ccor odt.aine Ioo olo t I, Ctoti st, to 1mO S & J 1' WIIITIAE'. L FOR GLASGOW. IThr inte Iharque AU(; S I'A, Chpt Bloto Sdal.l, ill ve Im iedi:lre dcp.t , i nt Tcl °r: f lltl u lll)l ] ucvlC0o0! llnO:!te a few pa+.eltf'e, a, apply at 3 Cout sti , ioto o7 1t to , lItti 1.A lho A I in I fast sai lureship TIGEx'7, !.': A l. lt, requires ir car. .r to cmtis tor a-lgo n liad.l ,,_ . intolr, t.r_ o , AoLt F tr _ on ot. ! 1 _7 - " I0 II ieA +tE, FIOR1 I VCtIlPOOL. 'The lfr ..ilo s A Iiig t1 lhipl JOIIN BAR i RINp,(i'n t IlBle, rcq irre 300 bales citton. tto eomplete lihter l'giO, Itr ttrlni oir i iiago Applyl t to i012 LI. 1,AfI.E,3 Co4 mlnlton st. FOR LIVtI(Ii'oOL The fille A I ailt MILtO captaiin 'hitnltt seTl, reqirce 2t1i1 lbles to complete Ir r iond g,for terilea or pasrarge apply to tilt2 t L 1. GALE, 93S Conll non st. FOR LIVERI'POOL. The siupoerior and fost sailing Al ship LO T.iS, Capt. Watts wants 150 bales cotton to I Tly tO i0 ri to 1 ALE, e3 ilnSon tri illnr FOR (OIIRK. Th superir A , ship NEW OCTi,:ANS, For liasSagei fhtvillg hlond.olct ucotlilnlolon tlotr, tiplty to LEVI' II (.ALE, IItnI)l Comotl i t. FOR H .IV RIP. Shill IHBIREW, cuall tk.e00 lltlor' rittol. FOR IAVILE. Thr ,A I o fio t i ailoin: slT:p EIIZJA . BETII, Caitain Tlwaytr, wontils 110 hatoln o i.cttotl to oumletp Ier o Fcargo. For poissoic oupr ii lto t l I.. It. GAL', 91, IoilitiitOn I,t. i OR LIVttI'OI.. TH ship IrAti).l WILtLIAM, Toylor, i"llaste.,j o luadito. For lii'rtlt lpply to A- . ti6 tit II. C. CAlf .AtC If & CO. FOR I.IVEIl 'PO01.. , The brir IIRKIEY, Joli00son, master, will t uo o li leltt lllilg this dlv. For lig icht tip a.ply to 1--I. II. t C otI 1C nl. & CO. FOR IIAVIIE. ..0. The A I uhilt, ANtlit OV SC I'Ti T, flarut l. eyr I, ..a...t r, i having her cargo . glftagi, ill h.iLLeib ioullll!diotrli detoplc.. ito.' sae (iiI0, Ipiy toi tnil I.. II. GALE. _ I Ti I sthi, CIARI.Et, Catt. Thiioms. will Itve ittn editto destlo clt fot r the L ottovc 'ort. For pilasaoge onl. ulill." to into I.. tI. ALE. 93, Commlloil st, . . OR ILIVERPOO I,. , The fine A 1 shitGIIARDcupt.f.amiert. s . will rcccive de'itofc. For fisetite oily aill lly to " . I. H. AI.E. I_____ f·t Coltlltlln t rilrtt FOL IIVE:1LI'OOL. foite A 1 fast aililn slii ST. LEON, J. WeOt ortitt totro, wants 3li i) ittlet cottlO, to .- lrlitifte Iher cr'o. For freilrht of which, or lLss:i'ge Uiply to y s & J 1' WItIITNEY, F('tl-l/-,I.IVI;Itl'.j t I+.., - i. Til lritisli ship Cr'IIAItINE, Cilpt , . in- otlgnir wans froit '2ii0 to .l00 Iales colttn ..oto ir,. pie to I hr air'ot. it frI-eig'ht of which apply to nlI2 I. IBRIGGS & Ci, 77 Cantal af. FOR (IL.ASiJO\V. TIt suOlperior nnd tl sitiling Alt barqir 1)1801111t; orpt. Ilig.i., ill .t.. i.t...diu... o . f le.plllen. r Igriht of lE0 bnle Cof cot.on or ltmSage, oing hanlldsomlle accumollnallltions, appl% to (25 L. H. GALE, 93 Colmlmon Nt. For Texas & the W est Indies. Ob O'!L II.'VANA--opacket brig, 1st rvessel. " The irstsailing Al I aket brig (OLL.A, 0i. Cap t l'itaino, will osritively sail oa the ts \%pril. For freight of3110 Iorrerls or pas.age, apply on board, oppolite St Joseph 't. or at Coa luau street, to 11,30 Wen POITER. lFOILVE. 1 SCO& BRl.ZeIILIA. ' rhe choouer Col. KNIGHT, Stewart ims

l ter, will Sil for the above places oo Satur d next, she can take the bulolk ofu few more barrel , for b'eight of whiclh aply ut 36 Ca'll st. to nli T1' TtOIY & BRO'I'ICRh. FIOR 1 ( .' I(LV 1Ei L-& e1. SThe s;lendid new oared brig SAMUEEl - ','US"ON, lirckl-l r ar or, littrod up Fr elegant (I ConInndationlsl ifor Irasjseligers tw.ill run u- n regtleer packet to lilt abo.rsporta. For fr, ight or ploute a pplr tiro bIoIrda olpposi rot ther rretler Inur' hr t l, Io ol I \IB , Iloa ll"!'I :{; Olid Lr vee. SI".r C.'t'IA { ;; 1 1111 0l , naý t+,r. , ,, ill hat,. quick d, ,put h tier the n. burr porrt, lor rolt r pa::ge apply tn S1110 ! A\. - l"t.ll+ ......-t, , 'l'h .1 1 brig It IV 'l , S I I ady n ster, /1.+-ý hat a poet of at'a,:o cotd will ,tad uon -;ýl o. I,,+,. lFor f il eLht lr IIt i l, le o' to ,.. ). ttdc.)ln i.., s , I. (10,11 +l e ' I(IOUN.. 1FOP IAV. .A.-Pi'aiket Irl'I . . The 1i1t sailirg. 1I l' akrt Irie I) 11.O' ' ('pt. Of'r Itiino, o il I ert oirirr ilt qui lrok o rb. ,. r,. lborieht or rroige, it Il o b,oard op riirt- the l ief3hr, Crt, or rt 03.M. P)rri I'EIl lul:; !45 (Coar lmanl T')O RENT'. The oualring room and story, No. 159 Tohr r upitoular sortreet, allnd for ing the corner • .. ol'Ntlre Dame street. I os eosion vea iunwe rlirteol. Aplqry to WVllITE & FOLEY, In'i 8t c'lorner ('a'rodll etlnd (:ravier rr t.i TO LET. A comfortable rorre story fi'rame OUSE, suitrable for r osllroli frrilly, in Caral street, no 1op eIl blr'etween Bourbron ald Daulphie sltreets, possessiorn givren I to ipril. For terluas r lIrvy at ar 114 next door, or no 3 Bfank bAlley. orl7 I o ARDEN IiOAT.-The subosrribl r has tl r sale, at lehis BOAT, now h insg at the Flht Boat Landing, a .neral assortmlet ofl Garden Shrurbbery, reen-house Plants, Mulibous adri Tuberous Roots, Herbaceouso Plaints, &e. Also-Fruit Tree, such Its .preir l., Pea'rs, Plrma, Prclhesr, Apricots, Cheries, (uines,, Straw birriei, Gorlsherries, Crrrrits, Rl lerries, together r rrrrilrriost every variety of Gorden Seeds. rll JOIIN 1. SLACIK. P 1 ) DOlILARS REVAR1. - .tirose ondel on the Also-a vt'llow bly, about 1S or Ill years old,about 4 fIet 10, or 5 feet rhigh-good Irr.loing tld slart-had on when h olei, a darkgr r sattinrt roud jacket nd prin taloos. HIls wool is laong hirId; rrlen spok rn to his nllnks re qrite sori. The labie reword will be paid to anlyPersn for tile detti n of silI orll. N.1. Arry rer.onharr 'ig thboyr rit rro r i o e. tell'd uctr dlný to lnw.a 1 jl 1 Lit of 'Thos.J'l eff ýirsl ir t ld rosident irof the United States, w ith pourts of his i'orlenn deice Intller brlilre lllplishl; and aolices of'his onih UIu o qestiolS o livil governllment, utolor l polef,. and constitutionul aw. By George Tucker, Esr. of Virgioia, i or r volL. Three perit of Livie within the Mehns, Living rip rio rr li' nd rr, anl.iriog beyondl tie r ains.a Just received and foreale+ Iy' mill IENJ:1MIN LEV Y. - - T. O. & J.-` TII lA CER, - .l11oirus and Counsellors ol Late, 5ATCHEo , MISoSSIoPPI, W0il r l rertrte in the dil'renr courts of the stater of 3lis sisippi, ad in the Ipa rish ol Cnncordia, Louisiarn. lrjrenc's.-'-.. Krrirkrnr & Coi Ilohbolmoo, faer &f Cu. Nagio , !iven & Co. lVin. Ire,.+o& 'r. Now tllal` ll. 1 l It • tINl 1PE CIGA RS.--0,1100 Principe cis fr - eal, by JN ) .1 .O ,'rlr , 14 (fravieeer tr.'t xN-2ii chks Sir', 7 d" IMoro; 3 do Jules, .B) "-do asso't.; aondrai Ifror steamo r PIrSian, fobr nil hi ri7 S E'PSON, AEI! & Co OI I .. hi. rn.r.o_ brard-lll') r's tori A just r, oivcd and lorriino foor stranrei 1.r aul arl tor sale ry I..1IET & .A 1IF.LING,i 11e?17 Crorr. rolr er d., C INCiNNATI BACON-74 hhds. sides. 2 do hbaor. landigfro r Steamlter Alahrlrt, rnrri fr rule iby 1:3 IA 'ET & A31EI.UNG, 17IColierce st. I ~l' ,It i I roi,!.- c. Ii01"t' 0 o nr rh, horbii r ,. sigonoent by L'OGART & IIAW\VT'II ORliN, 1t1e1 63 Giraier rit. I LS V lhe, andl fr sarle ait the store o Ier slb bsri O , oer,. .:)) kegs Croore irroro ro ,oo' qroalitj', of l5 seed b il; r i!; g flbos Japan Varailh; I10 barrels ' pirts Turpe tinc; 2.; cln lons 0 ir'opo !' I . " PHRM1 tlI.--16 cnak 1 v1er. whit' New lidroljrd P ei rr oiil, .il t laldedr l -Irlt r wllehy .1 COCK 00YN:, ,Ci irarlserseet. OP'rO11IC TII:RRINGt--100 nrier!- inter hest uondit lun, bri;ht uhd -lanl. For v:le by m17 (i. J) )I1 \: OnN, 2'1en: -t. P.r t cr 1 or 15 Vea of ux . tel -. I , H ( '.\ +N +I ) 'INI S - f l0 o xe0 l' t' , I c id l , , S in 'rnIi tir,; Grnn:l [' rk, lior ni by l S. & . . %%' 11 ITNEY, i ,Ctit st. tJ l[1.\-,I1'.\ GN 1 I'-711 I, takuts Ci. uipague, 'Hlledset l) brah c ,' iwr i.lrlrin:. ut I t r'ir - ro lt gll :i , - 11. I- . Id , t. I W o', tu d ,j t to n ;. te'. 1i1 fi '1\t arl r it l . mI W Ah brolvIt ..l . polte lwiao I nI the'd unl ll ity,ou nthe Itlh dy of Mnr .,,, ... n..t, , .an .. .. aedI n n, shoulrl6 b vetr / f a., -, 5 ft 1 or i it .es li eji. n- itorgs to Ca mil Zolit. t elli o tlslr n ill" tove g iot rt , p,: elal'ge, hid takhlhi, , o, II StAIIEltl, Illtih ii ('lp of the Wtall M t AN Ibrought to the I wh1 I p lee pfr L u" Ie 20 norunei S iallit,. o ti ielrth in -tllit '• eho :i.nn iltlrtid i AIt x'r. .?cCUo, !he i lnhott L: nais Oiugt.' 5 i.ct I ni 7 inhes high, of o rin' color, nod arls I ,e Is fre,l that hIl was born in y.lumbuoh, anid rni-ed in Chiicothe Ohiio. Should tlr Ih e a s'vee howner i requited to prove properny, pay chargo , and take hilm a. a I"P "I I I.:. IIARPER. , . lo b. fu t uint o~ inir 1.1 1 :"d nicip ity, h . -i. th15 h a::t, / , eis _ o )aIrsIt';t 5lt I Or Irall s high, P.nod .I. s he fti, fe. Should hie '! Ia sine, the owr ll i I'equ.'std o illy l iiit the II w avil tke Iotn a . i. I,,-i IIf S IlARPER:1, ("-pt of Ihe 'Watch. S dAS brol-hit t the 1onlir lrilcn ti thei 211 mUinipality, In itte 1,.s int. a gliffll o. b l the iam of POPE, w.h i lllnout ii ult 17 ueilrl o l,.5 fet 2 or 3 i inch s hig, anid lays e be lunLsto Mr.I t'I e oiasner will prove property, i S lir '. and tahe hiinu ay. 1n1 .I\AIL Plli, 2 S _Ci·o.t. of Ithe atl:. nlst, I. brnithtnlulatiio biy ib? t t' ilnlllO - of SYi, lT.'i'EI., and Sats he beluhng to Air. Bourn egard. lie is 11 or 1i years of age 'I )i" owner will prove property, trHy eharce, and take him i won . H S H\ AlIt F tt, Ca, tain of tihe Wntcrrl. 'V A. S brought to the ptoe p liion of Id i. lulli V cpillit on tihe 18th instant, a blnlk girl by the i!ne ol',. MIIA, aboutl 25 seats ofar, 5 ft higliht, slas I-ie lbelongs to Georg-e \' thferwi:er wi!l provepituopcrt? y payI eh,." inod tInke o AS boaht to e ic prison of 1 IlIAPd it, ____t___n oi it ho Woith otr titipalit n tile 19th ilst a ritirl who a lls h erstel'i.l~.n t lAEt, nht,sni site bi.luigs to llMadnal l oore. ilte is aboutt 1 ol ,var o IIf nace r brisk. lierIl nlr is lequ-iiiid to cuilt- ntr iih lhe law noud talen h.r awaty. i t S JoIIARP, ., diaIit Cpi t nlo lthe \otillh. $:lU0 1ih.\\'AIIIL ! SIhIS CONDFI:U liltl night, trile black lr o SAM, agred r il tit 2) yeaisr ; 5 fleel int lles j li o , . r teon rto l ii; l it. h Iong fiaee, and looks very rlmai t In niit . I ive; Ok iii ti ch cat, new, tl-O oair in blackplatel oo lI*, 6I011he gray lllil! Ilelltlloolll ;illtl roillilho ult jackera, wens lately bru ght l ll ll,,,l Vir iN, , by +\r. o llrdoek. Fifty hlolars ieward will I e Nil airt ti- I lf rllt fio:,ll niIilt nli lllllrel dollarn tui+ In otlllh t hill lead to h ine a ot tile )erotil o rn lirtilitnile ha r n t I or a ,tlo i-imi. Also tht il a -tilt, Iler.,lf.o ,io time in ,l q ua 'c last she i s p Lposed to irl n-i l ileii- inund ig liwre at t il t 1t. Jllil, or B ; , o u lied. Fifty dolhu,, will hw given I'ur he ailre hr zn-ivr, ld Houe" i m rdred dollaers tolprof that wi lead Io Sleiolltn i, linollofti O ler, ont or t eI.l S ll Ila h hl . c te, mci3il ,lil,oli atll l ortl e ulr n il. . I 10t51th tn5I':t Wa ,lk in o Uniond u; ality 1t',, Orlo',n-, .acl:h 71it, 11'37. '..,o ' r i U H- ribre, - i n a rhi- - e n n ready -tin , .fo e..( e I or. fo ,rs ul. kind eLorCylress uiwei, their stow nil ihei ilnlh operaio Ind in i..ttiet order. 'ftb 'he will tIlse tleitr best exutilou. to uihpple denlottnti with Illllnineto ,, nd letill i. Onlersi t I leli at ill, Si ntl l or at the ounintln rtlll of Junil It. Baif ,, NIo. 59 1 ih g tzilil Wtreel. d gTli,nir isliio n it tin l all lth im lehif ll ud Itc ltio the nlill, \.hlch will enllaho the bs ttLBrilber to s"ll that attni cle which i, oft!le hitt tuait , on t Ilt Inti t inomerat Ihlo-. Illi, D. Ii. i 1\Vi O cIOo aol·Cll pontC timnlcttI , pot- l. a tt, olllll higo, ileI owlelr o's:oild hophllead is requestced to c:all it the Com.11i nitll itv-s f oire, ol h ,itiilvl I l ti, p tlive I1opih e.y ani t y IoPnxules, "I it hiill Ih iodt ll' bio itot.itlllno by loper F llt,,h i ght lt it-tCh.3d \\'it d, ltd jlu ,ici. auilh, anfd commliittedl in the :lllllSd Ufthe tiualt Ilou. e i~3:l'\\'ard, a black horse Molt,, anl a sorre Ionr.e Mlle, Also, was takenl I lulone nighlt of thia 27t1 Thre owwler; of'said l anihmalsZ r eqe Inorreqestd t0o COII forwLrd, protse llrouert, pa chnrzes, and take thenl ylwn oil mlo Iiifore s:tudlol''1 It,r" lth March. ou wh!isth hlay'ihl-v will be ohld at plllic nItien, at UI2 o'clock 11 B STltINGitl, C..mllmlis1arv .%I,3 Walrd, '"2d. 7."t i"" yi'": ®0 9-i--.tak-l - 1,+ i-' thuby le ,i 11 II a (t t le t id ins t. IV . aorrel lhorxe, with an'white foue. 'Hile owner of taid Ilorse, i rrqaettlc.dto pro'mvep'p - ) 'rftay ch i.,, tInd tInke hlim awnv on or jaeltoe Sotordey thle lhI ilst , otherwiso e will -ie oldd at puhtli0 tlctiol. oil the 1 1th ilntichv I' A (leillottr tnutitneer. JOHN PRICE,Commi-tart let Wred, 7 n'o I 3hluicoipelity. S(JO I 1 AtC lilERl'IN S-145 -blit. of -titie - II it l, lately t ills tcted, pat Ith-t t totot' torigtht totl nice; itiljo old oo l to e Ir the 1 .i fi 52 O. (JOH>iO\O :I.' (tuoo nu st. SEIR\ANTS FOR SA.LE. O E li;ke llyl" , 25 ,ari orfage, i- a ati_ oid nlllgrr (ofh "lre, lurtl ad l gnot l iin.g r'Dora ; .rou lt.m .11 i, hi, \Wllb, I1t cuod t ook, wU ller and iro11Or,-land 'itlo ;ib l i ll m l l l, o |lil t tI e rO tlo " -l y le a rs olf u g e . .i - ,on les " uJIQ tie b'l h-t lw u ta l~ior thel, all. I toral :lhbv I1 ("1 ,(ITI' 'T, 01 1 Icspcpsin or iul i.nticn, e n ,' u. ,Me ility, cid A diineiu ,ai i itst ofthe .tII l actat I llitll ll ct lit nr, ltlaleus lllo i i-'e:l+,.: oollt, g. a1'\ , & i.!;li'-hlv valorn d Als In cosite cootlog e purguti o , t r uitai le i:l this tw o A tit, oI the oile t le- d e lo ',':, d m,'dllt i tet just receie c ito n iigland, lnd fo r o l Idvo II BON." .I'.1I, t1Dro< i-e . iil +) iltx ilr' p :t. ri E 111 .t.s '"riber havio, bee ..1n ,'t oii.d lonhgo in this J L et th 1 h e pcteId. . 1 w b, I.d i sil hto Texil on the li..ol of lllxt wee; ,IIi I1nd lthInilt he hasIli tl t ardodl thet full nutinber ien that h" intelhd to dtt ,yet, being illllollled thot there arIIe IIII now herel tct ar desirous of llemigrating to that beantifl lalll ad lightfull country, Per the llpurpose ofll nidlng le enue ofl civil andl religious liberty; ntttic is hereltby given to all thoar, thUt plrovisions tn trn It ,piortTllion will e lfltr nislhed thelll, free of expnsl, providelcd they malke it - to Adjtll ntl \ahleniC it[ t r. I ltlit tt (t ,fr. Ilt- ll d ;l S-li l Col,. 'ent Arhli 10(U5NTIN',I H1U,0E, DIECT'1O.(Y FOR 1'3:7 t tulitt tluitltedl, tcontttal ts a i t' l-t tkhe I k, Di'. tors, discot- t days &r, intsurnce and oltherotaltet foreign consuls, tlc mmbel of coniltlicre, rates ol'char:ges arlival a td delprturet ol'theo onatil, a.elotldri , Ioeti-os, etl &c. & e. for .&alo by i 10 I'CIFlKI... & Co. TO P.'RCIIASEIIS O1F l(T:S- FiRl- I Tl f S . CO.NI MIUNI:CI .il.ITY. ttil itro el" it'to ttttt' i i u rlp l.] pt Lrchitsers of let.. sold by tlii Munic ipality oni 11 the Ist day of Fel.lrrlll at, lareit l hlr . notiftil to lotpla :u fita le N ctr l t l f t i itt iptliit nd e tit t ply tilllt tihe c ditiot s of ile stalt o ,i or Itt 'te I Lts. ,hla nxi t, o ithh lust., when tht tmts of lsuch pur halse il t l ot lli so eth l r will hle I ltt ot e d tt to the I1!) ýE'I'II \'l . NV' I, 'ol trlloller. - CA.RI)-1 I2 pa;-+eneron . bo d !; S-ri-J u^ .i ti l an ril in e- a1:'l~ I c. ld;in. ; 1. ti l ('lapt tnied crewl, the i riml Ii'ciilrn t ther, ree~ived tull th ir thudt , ci hil ol heir Il ay Ion ti e,-t ln to Ni ,w Orleans: to, the ,li l lilsei for tlt vet to , we e t oe ll rIIot Irlclll th 14 5ll .lanu us t It lioit I'lin!h lLa tl tIa iriihest wrncul , aorII thms, and tno.t inuOl i thl.l cabhiu It hr trade. Th' ('inpl i an hn a m dl, nrr i liem ni.s hith the I-Ollll trat 1,11 ni; t, lt'Ol eV haihd hi ,lls . erl. and 1111 1 ': ghit tip the llholi1 I'o]1+,, a, flr 1I u Hluttoil,, city, to c ltinghlt ; ntit h r IIurl'rihtirg, nod other places on the lhiu'inh We guold re:onilend hi, ial, a.i the, loos, ctx heditiios ctuvl, O11 to I\ll t llltn. Stit ita IHll, nl'l..-n o :tlith, Juhin I). 1 \illttie, C. Il. Adamt s Ihltt. .t. Pe i,.n , " J. K. Hurd, J Wllt.. ti0 51 XN U ti l -oil I n litto Baltimore t t - GO:E). JOHN.,SON, neil ie. t otnonll till.Iret. \::\-tN3 l tutk-; t'ttt0 hhttt. of lottir; ; i-i.a tit )Sucar. For telie b .A.. I1.-lo VItI:t & o. rml I" n. .111,.. \.1NN:ts' 11.-.,) bb l<.T r 'i es' oil, 1 landi"g ,nd for sale by S. & .I.P '.\VII/IT\\', Ei RR I ,a 1 \{i, .-1 I Iis ,lb . i.. .e , I. il'()-, wouldi 1.1 e old very low, to chl 'les itt o n di tiol7. tiE|). JOIIN.\: ," a l , no tret 1 - - IdO' "ir h. l - toie tin.--l ll tiiiii Iiti ri e di:ll t , i l d r.: ell wr -II m"ilTll. o I" .n' le by nI l l l Co, 1:3| 3lla n2nhxil. ! I+ý-ll : '!l ,:"- 20 bbi s la din l fi'Prom .+:,e-uI n rAPl U inn 19 ti, tnd for sale by J TIl1 \'l'I; & (+CO. iii;I 74 Pol. drp. t, ý \AISIN .--. ii) b, .e - " asin -, .fuscatn ll ma d jI1 tillt itr rsI t by -" mG m .1r). IV FOS'Pt-l , 11 IGrnaetr t. ) 1 .1. \N\. - 140 I d s. 1l lhite and Hel.( ; l i I ei.t re i - - i Y-? fled \Vhinke); I| l Ibhli Flour; la.olhi,.fiun `t still| h aot L h 'int itoo, i' lih by -J. ii. I.i) \I&)W'-:I , & 'O. nti l0 t1 , 1 ac,.in: s:r' t. . Ili .1 i t It - l iEl; 0 ,.oils 91a ill t . .. m -3 " '1 (o -onlr srt. S ý t" 1 r I .: ; '. - : i ,J o n, , 1 ': I I l fi e . . r, .l l b u l i ,' h a il i n g ºf T : - -- .I e n ,'s c:h, 1 1 : '- ' I l. c a in i . rt ( ; n p o w - e .n .r ~n"l Inpci', t.n, 1+:liq^_ from barque ,.lunto, ll .ur,.Ah by j. TIIA nt%\'1:1( Co, to I 7 | {1 ,Ir'em? 1a . '.D ).-: ',;I New Levee. RUyt Na sT'h L it.%s Yl 4AfU)*-t.ti , sqater I and btadle in, aell asorted. Hloop, aroll aod rod irol, aitl rtdo and plough moulds C;st, German, shear, blistetd, spring, lheet sad Crowley steel Hollow nare, cut and carought nilb s ad 5pikes Zinc, block tin, mill and pid a,.saya.soh katlb' Clain ceohlesc, o thor', Ihso Os, Iu; t L tre.r trainsea, a.s wills Anvils, s ices, Halmers an. d be.lla. a Wire, sheet,pi slid bar leadi shot (Cal, and cooking staoes Ames, ltowmnnd's oud other ecndet and Phovrls linok and |plate hines, sdor atd wa indkw hooks Collihes, Slntts, Sharps, Ind esher fx's 5'.mr'd and .1Muilla cotreE, line. ainctdl tie (i : ' t.d "l:c:' Il''g rci;prl ; lNaYjl;'l , t es Paints, linsctd a.d stperm 'il A Iflitotntesmeot t thardnae rml "aip t thd!cry, :lia: s n. ho n, iane whlich are .,Pi r d fi r e 'c at i hols - sr.' .r m etail, ofII th1 sp,,t kvcnle t. r Lc, by t 1'ftIE::-tSubocribeis to 1'a buildinmg of tiea new .lt t, .diet cultr , aIt ette ertner of I ydraele ait d e C:roudelet tr-:e, wio have e ls p i' tl.sir snt .: icilnll i e: re eertl'efty intfirtul that funds ale aLt l i t ittile mriuch w:,ntoed. A conesiderahle atu it in add;tion to that alreatdy stuhescribad will be req uired to tett all the en,'ge cinats entered into for ithe. ereetion of thii ediice, a ."'' 'eta prropcrti'te of wlirh it i;e coofidentlt Ielicvl will hbeop. n'tly euutribnted lb the iriends ofreligion n:e thist eotmaunity. tciell lcllwhen ro'"eceted, will stand forti. cit, other edifiee. reurently ercted a noble e.smetnnuet of the to nte tnd lierlibrality f the it of N. Orleans. I'er-nnsdialpo~ccl te oentributa ttoardla Itid osieject wilt please to do so tluoagh thels aget, tlhea Rv. Wtt. M1. Lurtic. ar2 TiI'T M'TU'I'IItl'S ItthLEl'. 'T111l' p'repsr'tann extensively used throughmut all Sthe Notllhtrct Sdtate, commciees to it iln great re putt hero', a:nd deserves the attention of all mothler's in a statll: tlof prigtantr. By enmmencing the tise of it two or Itree s wees, befores olnfinement, the suilsrings oill le Ireseiedi., acl tile time ef their dtltution slholttenld. Ap4plyv lthe ublsecriher. atget for the pllprilctre, for Sa cope of tie Iternllmnels eertifeattcs given to tile ierentll's by enleltlent ipl ysicians, with direecltlns for t'he use of this . importatltct e-ltfie I BO)NNABEL, '2 cor Natehez k 'I'lc alpito'll:l st.' Car DA.ra, New Orleans. March I t, 1837. rIY11E bonrd of Directors have this day declared a di Svidend of 4 per cent, on the capirsci sts.k, for the th t idth Marrh isa. rUIotl . P',l.FtREY, 2( Cahi saicer. OFFICE Eip leo I..SutoaVE r CO.s ,YI , New Orleana, Marchll 6, 1837. At the nlllnl al I cticcla fler Directors of this Jlstitu tion, ftr the ensning year- the fullowing saelrd gentlo aiei anr electetl, c itz Janmes GCie 'shw, Joserih A. Blrelli, tahlnmas ailrlct, Utnrv 1t. ISt elllcr-ds, Utree Be hellv, Jcc Stte \' leitchcet. Joln E. Ih-de, A ll at n Ittilof It'to boeard thie day, Juoi White iend wa.e hc d PIesidtictc J.tlle r.ocktl, l, Insopctoer. I:Jlr i'd l'ri<.-, .tllollerey adI l:l7 31 C ll(II.ILE x Il'rCIIE, Setrrlr. H UDlO' thl White & Bittoe Wove Letter paper Sli i :ti Mis e Lsid INovyr ditt. Ditt. lilac & Wihite sultd ditto. Ditto Clt Paper ditto. Ditto Ceis Paip'er Raled ditto. slit:a , lhe \ eits ditio, Gtilnzed er a'l.iy fir steel iens; David's Writing Filuid; IEglish dlilpan Ink; Kitdder's Black & Iled Inik; FreeLrlb ItRoller; \sulkdli'o British Black and Red Ilck Panwlrre; rextra sullrtfine Red Seaiisg WVax; elllresoaed nod etfeco coloreO dihto, plfuilied dithS Frenlrtk d& P&a. lit+ll \5'ir Iorgle and cmdcl site; tQllill. of var'iou qcetli:i"', \Wicdle't Perfcctrptl Ctevrlelli'e, Gillut's, Anld Ladies' Steel Pen. For sale bly IIO'CII'fS & CO., 1ell 21, Chartres street. tAl RT1H'I' l A)'1:\ EItiiX otl'erl tsale at his tlnl, J 'l'ch .iauiltonlia streert, store olfu El erior llI ditllrct patterlls to anlly that hIas vet been sold in thlli cis; r.'oking f'all a zesu rounld, lsquare and oval; prlor and hall do of a Irw patsctr, standing on six columns, not eqellled by any vyet malde.. Alo, batlhing tulte, shower hCiths, tin anlit cooper ware of every deseription. ' St ree--hlierinl,gn Iotadeeao nl llveaon tuna; rai I lla, son, 'helled ittlalondoan d .avtet and dry sines direct frtom; Chanmpn ligue and sparkling Bur unl, wuiles. superior brandies io halfcpilfera; old pasch irandy in hbls.: 50 bales gunny bags; Ilortrux Claret ie Iltlid. for osal by READ) & B\RSTOW, 1119 67 (i'ovicr street. I -IIE nlub,:tiberit have tnow i toue and offen r for sale I olnt ac nmodatngill lerls: - 15 cnakn Setch Ale; (Ilitts and quarts. :10 Casks best Lonulln Brown Stout. 10(10 Piecesnu ucriar Scotch Bagging. SPiarnes Brun antd White lia Drills. 80 Gross P'atlut 0Wine luttls. lun7 II)OIMES & M111.1., Bank Alley. AkLE INSURIINCEt C)iOMPANY incnrporuted El ted April`d, 1325. CR lital $500,00. DIRECT1ORS. CH oRLES BUnIGl , lresident. Tlhn. Barrett, Edhtund J. Forstalt, John I. 11 vde, hlenry DU. Richasnlon, Jos. A. Itarrelli, Jami.n s Grinmshtaw, Joihn Whiteheld, Secretary. i1 T'his companyli.- will insuire fire, marilne and rive risks and glnramlll' bills of exchange and pronmlissorv otes ait their olih:e, in the Eichalnge un Royal n lttu ndjitinilg thl Uniu Bank me nl3 J. WlIITEIIEAI' . 11 e v. /lElltE :usribiirs, rgon t-nr the extensie Louse of I Bl. cI& iul. lir i Shefihl, E glaulld, ln e just !r.c(hit'ed a te, rt tW, lih, e act of )paitle. , t'lpiut lllig iof ' sald ies't rt in i,&t of ev'r& deu ripti , Vn, ° l5 llh. i tli n I s1 n I t-in't:,-n-ntie . - i,- - I:It- I FitCL Peel' l:'l-:-u T ::ilu; p -u(llllt ni ; Razo tr Scis-. . r= . ý ,l T'l'tlls,&c. . (\r. & l'. L h- Ihr.\ tire irtpre , exhibit to t . t l ide uort 1 "s. ' iermll Ill if Anliti ns tiii J. I). lIN & '. .'OlEN,!)u Colin t. I. :l 'I' u ; t :,t.1 EX TIt iN d. .I u lnd, ii th. ., n oer of I 3t i . I ei U.S.h t ler1e Ih d :i n lul :d ar' Tl t it O on WItem'. BK A. i,. J. Sie .ia ll . i D.i l rn, ' liti fi om 1. it niith edin tin f rlht iFrn nchl. I A.lii a O iln ei Dlonn'i , i .. It., . 1. 1D. Li, l traLlatelby George Blaker, A. M. in 3 v.bime, teill Nol . I, t a lJ of pl:tupr'i Clup :i<al Family l~ihrarv, A'so, .u additiu, ll sui p.lly of I Ivi,'s M mohi, o' (f AaltnIi tl'urr. 3Jast reativid noId tiir -nne ml t4 \I'1. na lt t.\N,r olrl rolt nlm n s'n o tiu IuI lli.T'.T ; IIXPO lil t iENt'n-t _ Juie't- , I tlh Phl;.iolog IPof D)lI- tlil. IV 1V tuIau l nit, itI. i., Sull li in" the U.IS. Ai.! '.. Jut Irecillt It aini for s ide. ol WtnI ttM. u ir.IKI .N inll4 ('ormrf Canmp & Commen streets. il li t ud mlinaii.nnln r, w! l hb e j utsaarn d (I i t 1 i4 rth r, l ' b o l'ln '. llill in the I)rto of" T im '. .Swain n i i be ) sitlhd I 'e nI IfiI ; aiN th uld,'rsi__ed will give, his ,urir1 r Bint '-icih - a ,b 'i i tniiii Iui a. nil J 0 1 \VNW. SW ilN. il.utlcK-(IG,- &.-d ases Ororn an Dlir.lll denb ) ' e l n Stt (Ih se;t I e foEr € r a bi ill| SIit11)NS. i LI'&l Co.70 I 'hartres st. nt u ai thi we; k till \It'edei t!dnv n ietU ilno it No.i to 5 P. 11., )s the weather la t week presen'd mianu fr im nlse uing it. it nt "I T E " h. . .- it u i- ..r. l. l g Madeir atnd On lealllitv Ichl, in . , liiid foar ml . F storG;ralr ihr nnl b' --+ IC -(00 cf Inu dir O and f ir tal ul I inl J T .!Ii.1Yi i & t'. .i 71 l' ldrna ast :EiattINt--ia 0 u L/, a.:d 1I& 1i1lf hiis Ni.-I IlEasp:t I ra it i or r ni f(le in atv IJGEILI'T & NAOI\\ ITittiN, ni;t!a nd ter stle at 17 n_'o ur. stru.l. t It M i L 1V ItI l 1 i.--.'a7 i ri e s ti l )n o hlta ana d utr i . btilna iilan .I i filita di.nt."r Gin c \n'ahfin hnnn, and for h ale iy S ! tU () m 111. 1 !m, Inni ?"n .3n't'tnh l:,s n. l. ii I I. Ni.. t'i Ot!. ' 101 9 TiAi. .- 0hdan ir. i lt., J crJ h lh0 dohside; 30 ku e bined, tll up )," It;u-hld L Ci)., lundihg I'om 'euntnr (Geo W\ s)hi ,Iti. nh1l Fir ah by 's1l.t0 ) Il 11C 021'E . ilfil 131 Tch.)npita ains +t. i lN ' -. - ii. I:- .-l, i i stt it li - I't ut , I , t dlli It ta &I il l ta0.'t tti.i 01Ut1-2 I undreI ni rl ilti bblk fine tiour nt tikers _ ii l, iillh fIin .rt o, 'r a t 'i t. Pill 1 1'1 Gra, ter t. Ilill fit . , t'n er i t 0tLOUl--6tie bitl ls ) i tline, tni ftr ail, by JULIU'S Y AlIN, nil I f, i ,'vdraa st. n1116 (OG \ T& I.i\VTHIORE/It,3 Gn~vier rt. -.1. 011A. I. LLAC] & I O. Ib.. 41, ,ank Alle'. Ih. ['c)h. S+en nrv andrml 'i k 1. litm 2 l tacla uriq; hlnalne<_, nt the sae plas, No I I__'artnp IL_ . L TL -ll lli hiIe il rlilni inur, fornlt hiv f_1 t<: I)IGI 'EYo44 ew Iserce. Io'-" hip ,i rrs ) 7 slh . ;,' t C V(' O Y'Oj, fir t-hl -r'1tin, me re, re-t-il to Fleai their foods at the h ('s. rmnihon-c, lw., this inorning, Murrh Cth. T TOIY, & 12to. I ULS 11.0 09( PE1 .alt sint ' tn .S ehw,, ti. ' ci a , of l lEAD a IIARSTUO , l'i "7 Grvier ,treet. 4 b' i. a Ln 7-= n i (<nat. 7"tr cl b ( 1l N, A" J..'DI('K & (0'(1 7 t,,t..o¢y LAYE'T & .1\ELU\G' th br ,:,eb Iy G Dr) It.';; ', S 1 \1..1 1 t\ l'i,\r:.- ,.1 q+ r c l ' el .l I+" t. , 1'1' .. . . ' + '.+ ! ".. .t -. ll r .: I h )'1 BYB.RC. Is Pctb iJT bCE N.1 X ND LWC L.AIl9DY, 0, Wodsoowf. 5tb t. K g t~ksk, SR i lr l 1s"b~iw. M'1 wit.Ao" , ' E'lric'l it 1, 2in snd Pull' to iytas, SI raiOWI 5or11, aell I prolbt 512, 1,1111310 nd f'oaw L 311, asrer1 141500alMd * hlt ads. I.nille'ed ,'a ro0 to 31. a pr Ills" how twilollljl at Lot No I, Iooloda the toOIr of F10t lid " J sS .3141 nrl t011111 feet font by 16 fert is sh1. tr16 tent inll, ih. dl3 1106 7011118l~~ .o l~p~onI0005l00000O0000*ia s J' lnn 5 in IIererdng IIIPQa 111 .H ea1, .1 it t.130151 40 1$11 ee1 0 li oot I m aln il l g i 2 w I do o 10, o 10ol13joinro :o i eesslodI0I 01111515, cosh 11 f'ootll ,r4 u.l Front olta dma fbUyo do li e y C1051 fo rs n t. b dot i t 15, small i 0d a obsn *n o otlDerin 00eo00015 sAd are oil'0 01011 tV in fe fo'o r ,0os 1e9 10,aose it aind I3, n sosu,4,.g 223,h 2, fo5lt fra. 1 oslODisiro 1led11 Is 1111 ;)A O1ud 115 Sl'g0I Now deowts mad) Sozoot 5(0011 mll ll t do to 1' rotors at- corner of Newr Levee and B..'3 Atilt ale, anld mea~ures ,14 feet front il th e f rQuu rby 105 (215 ro d l ldlton k1' mer. do notl,31,S20 aa a P l · aYljain no 1.9 id neapion. said ntesure each f14 fey: frautoa New Laves at i o 105 @a 2 1 SotI de0t do not _r9, 24, and 25 adjoin So 9'i M rlltbsionnrr meaatlre each 26 f cot iud aslitq t ow Now h.. lee No, Le 1 so 1,'rssl, in bj 1kw 3fda1Oi do not hG, = o, 2o, o9 and t0 aIl oIe soff ike o., tald d uto bMI ithlude the awot N NwL 'Alow and Suzette strets, slid 0260% e90 ken tirolo tI by 105 flte i odr toh. tt0 has 31, 32, 33 and 34 adjoin wool M etCiii *uns s 1te , ato jool .11 eac h24 fet t will tl a@Ur loos ae Ia betweenI New Leaves and F~ront, b l~ ItP)YIi(' Th'tis v*rkwble 1 a~ s sib]- le iron; i n the rptR andl uý:c square below the Orleans Cotton I /en- '/"Lu Iatge and s rltiia %11, cu ill front are nea· oonm plclel-NSrw Letre streetis obeadv aorta, antI Suz ette, Ile. jlllin at rnt }'0041 trets ill be as Bonn as als ,ecessaallwtelrislll Oall he obtained TIl whoros in 11104t 111 211101d0 oocutplmd by the DM5651 shlppiln, Sod 11101r num10ber woil be greatly isomwaod o5a53on10ll0e a oemplolol p5long iscompteies4,wia h, with sevttr 0d10r sire telO0eo ws..hooso., osnt so 10.011151 7lrgosaiad vt. 100,1r 001100 p13 M1, Alrea1I'llO hWit llmitt t p11150, m at wetll as the pavinlls Id li otltlptll s staet, 11d 11011 0ro00 0110010 bolleadlg ltlI"tol to t0ne river, witl, til other, IlnluoIs iaproleml tsll ti2 11n prouges 'll ough 0ut t11 is 103lios of tlie lty, sll sri I tounder this trno ICrly 1t10 mllot comltl l 50entrlatltl, l a n ordlalO 20000 vaIrouluable eoofiird for sale. '1,1111 (211 010111 Ioystlo ill 6 m0t w0. hout i, t,.rrr, 01011 the hl~otoo ill 2 Z1, 3,4 dSao45aersowith 6lO00111va per r,,ttoo Ino.rlt. all] foro ,oolus olawl. lnti nlorsd to s1 .:1.i-lihlionl lof thae 5011211, Ilisidos. 00n 2111411 to .00At titir 0oeinr an1010101od 500111'l L7y lIl~g~itO w tll f0101 Imme0liately After t1,e lole of tho 1210011 proPery, ISAAC L. NICIJOY. Will o0111. for sale Ihthe followi.g oobaud'le ptot'1y, vi10. To'l lots of g lr.l. oold, 1 tu.d2,l joa l0ing each oth10, '111 silouoIlt in 1201j11lmiO, betserrl, Nrew Ilroe 11n11 f0Il,11111,iloloollla re,, tlolololiog sllobi2Obllt 0inIcl0 15,ntl by 1511 frol ill. dellh. 1r,0.s- 1-S iy mllUl8 allnd the lOb nce in 00e all two AL.SO, One oiler lot of1ground, no.1 sibitoatos,a Loinsay Lw 1111 F0ro1ollO ad Nrw LoweoslroeesIIaIsOOiIZg I1 fItI S Illrlllr and 4 Ihles font, by a detail t 64 fret 3 inche Anld 6 ki losf on tat i aie, mi rptlae6 intfes 0tt Sieotmer. :rd2 11 ale titrto p,050550? otllesin th ltrar, aid Is i 0 4110101 on the BIoFe immod iately in tuhe tear td1ii hean I mace 3 story brrW r hosemo, lstely c0.ted bay I, New OllIroIalildlialgConplfmy. Trans-1-3 ii, 6 sossths a,,d the balonce in one 506 lItrooe valublelo lots of gosad, noo. 1,!? ond 3, odjola. in121at1 o111her, anod itu00 in New Leveo, between Gal oo,,io and Suzetto street1, mleaosriog ach 23 rests h: s in fi.r, Atly l,1, feet 10 ioches it, dept1h. re On ouotlIe v ltlAIlo lot fy josod, mo 4, adjoining Ike 0r f 1no0.l 0011u '2,551 esluring 34220248 inches from1 011 'rclwloullitQu , hlweco Suzette and (itonie to.12 191 cfeet Ill lucbll is depth. 'I'clrms vat sale. Foooovaluabllo flatlow lots, so 2, 3, 4 Cud 5aljoi513m3 ooehl oth0rsond sitoaes on Foomat, betwoen Gastaa. ammd Suzetlt 0tree11, willhi aboot 40 fool of lbs oornae oftho 11. 011r. Not. 2,3, 0114 4 moasures lte, 21 fol 3inoltoa aq4C lines frolllt by 90 veat ideplt. N'o. 5 odjiins .o.I as gqwltres 21 fet; l1*0 ss rr odli idIsfront. 4s4 155 4ksit 5u· sfin th Me m Terms-$2 CO q 9, oa2h 'tut pi yt in 90 data. and the ,1ortllla-r 0o ossuto 0 pe-raot pofrion l oIe tl's a la10111 of 11110100, lino'5g ,p t StW', 0ue 02 tI Mairr, 113:1, and 110 bsoleoeto-.of lAO0. pgufrlleo.otoslOv payable ill 1t2,10lAld 24 Inlalt1 lko 8th bblt5Oy 1837. Aloo-Foor Istler slaouble Its 1120t lcls, OIne B 9,10 o,,d 11, odjoining eaco other, amitl sita1t am Frqot, ho. 111005 Suoette street sand Witares' Alley, q1950suri0 melt 21 frert 5 inches and 6 lines front. Sv L 13 feet to osctrsilldflothll1 @inm sdfrp 6IiOaf Iarin11tfaqua nextl bI llolwlIhiC do sidiolacosre fo'lllsl-*11101 n ooola 119, lasralel 1n 90 dayr, and the bolacre ill 1l., 180and 24. 1lpolllO 100a1,1 Fbihrsav 11101. In all inOalnceOs she oolo onost he tlrawn and c1." 11r00d II tIo t ootisfarotbn ad the sellerc, divided into mint111 oi uit tlarireo1001llO1en 0e and securd by murtogage until fiw1111 jpoyo,0o1, shoold sev of. Jte n0100 not Iho punrtuolly paid at l maltrity, to 'bear7. an interesrt of, to per1 cen0 Ilpl0 111111111 from t10e time tlflfOb'Ollol due o 110 Sthey 0re lillnlly paid. lý.lj.Vnoa slid Doavid L. M'16s1 1I q. noinrie. Aloo..--'.lfhc 11 ti10 squar00 IIr glroulnl, situat0 in Grleelneville 1a1nd1 numb511100dll fi,. lnlod 6i8 Aogreeble to tltc original plt i,; 110 lit 0111 112 llluIilj crpO 20lleot, I 1111 thelatt 11110011100 frontl t111 Uooooiviblla Ritl Rod. 11111000 Lt li1,onllIaill :12 lob 01n1 loln II.. Corrottlo rollolooI, '11101001g0tnl. t22121 -- Y IS.i.4C L.Vr.C('O i'. (tI)oIC Na.47, Arcaa deti Eakhnao.) O-N "Wo~h e y, '. inst., arta oalatak, ot tle Ar a.Fe~lul Cc [.'rnrllc . will ire F~l, w:Lhrmtllll rrs:rvo 4X vf l.IIA ,l.l I Al's OF ,(GIOUN D, ·. 1. , 3, nal h, as oiar e.n ndaieifcng at o eter, and ;-it IlitltI oH! F1. Johln i.1.BI Unll]. ta'. LinWPPII Ola,FlAr~ llld flalatrd al'eets, laaurill•o each 31 .fl in ad I.lel fraIa, y 1 r27 ft10 ill ao d 51ielitdepllth. Ttary will be tahllin hlack tagather with ltae hnildainio atlt iju Iprovelllmolllu! ItrI , CronISlatitg iorof taatihdntnouea dwell inl hoae., witht kitchttnt &e. Eat ll, Itorei n at p.' -llt uler a rent, ta the rAae ofn$3tt par'ln lnan. ''l'hp21 t..O! it, tint: inl.led~inte Vhi~ility oC)F~ the.\\ nte wrka . deslc'ous ofauaking a perml.lannt aud prelitable ine.t IltPllt. 'l'erns-T-hel lurhln er to'atlm i pAanterlt of $.3"1.73 due *2nd May,1137, rad tile sam lmeaml es the 1d 3:Lv 1:;58, and "lthe Ilanece in 6,ci taIa n and S mIe fr notea lra ran alti endor.led n tia st9lialu n of .. sellers, dihido rd aUto ana 1t anil tlaeir e niaPy aeud.L sc tred ,y morlgage unotil final pny:ntenl. II eIlAls notary ipublie. ama7 - lAY.-tt.Al.rr Y o N nl\v' ,l.E4,.%. C(ouncil of.nAlun,iopolihy .Mh. -. [ ittinof"o iTutaadoaY. 14th ilt reh,, 1837.] lIcslol'ed, Ilthat the \a or;rh, and is htrnla' althuoi.tnl to gitoe Iotlae natate,, nccordi.a, to latw, allthr tAerAtolla lIar alak rmaol or this Slo'oioipatlhc, Ia'taLe place on la first aAtoadonv in April next, at the fllaling 4aaed a.leet.o, otIt-i the tItI criillntndCet eh oflli ian ct ars anl al-hork iheroofer namted¢. ' tir'la W ld, ntite nArande E.rlhn;tc. Itr-totor' 'A.'Il. Inakrcp, I)r. E. ~tl.:lArton. 'lnatertora, ItartteLaytoa; -4n. 1cant. ( ler , ('. lullllit. Thinr W1ttd, at laarve .Nortata',. -inoti'aro, Edwatatard "r, r J, I!. attal. I C rel ,,J. f rtreklacaIt. that lalratc ranc at' then rhr rlac 'at.I likrti prre.ab aalaallaahn~,t'ct atat I,t llaoItaaetaenaatd taaralrrrh l'tulla uthtr zd to lalppolint uirh other as r Ie la.t detllam lPr Ire lace them. J ..WtNRetarder. I tttlit T otet.I) n tl 't . r tl. a I th c rd New. .\_frt -:tlalaloar tIe f.arrg.t g Iclrtantiall, a:r, ., rirtu. ! i: li;, eillltht!( l,· . l.. .ll 11 I" I: IIIl ; I li t'ilt" lht (-[Iv IOll ..t .! t),l,'un.,. 1 ro'ved thel il' aa ro m t , h Jo i I , nntot ar ntl'ls illll nglillZ tilt. s:IInItll rlllllere is h;.'cht ghi'ntll i nt at nI .1hnlrtat, at ,\ rrl next, be.,,c t i ll cI.,lalt rka A A ai. lis P l' ,tl, theanunt~t eloftia taf Allemnimrntoha e f ectat lMunit it o it, t all bh.hltl It tle dinlret Ihltres, nua Itlltar tlit" ta llttr'rltena&.!lat ef tlr e +eita tlit ill tha. n'lie ·:lah] Ireyoh t:Lill. Th tl n lur rP~o' rutl '.'Sl'itlll: le Ill mbih h, cut walld ooftaid tMn eirpalitt is enli hd, i t r htll a: I,'wI·t X\Yllrd., for Ahl-rt~e.'. .~.econd Waral, three Aldnna. a'tird att'nrl, tlhree Aldernen. Mareb;,, +:0, I: 17. 9. PHIfEr'R" Mhy-er-. / "'. C( a la ra*-luaioan eidrasllAa, et tn vertal d1r de11lsposilc.t d.l arte approve I t 3a!.a Ifatil, enati t.le '.\ rta pllr alll.ntdtr I'arle in.litale Acte ioalr eueo Irer hl vlh d la n.w-ollrtl aa, Apprtoe le 16 Flev'rrir 1.;3,' a. .I ne d' autre oatir aaaatia nt to dit acte,' avid i' d:nllt ei I.n.di, :3 avn i proc haitn, elltre aiohuretta ,hI i mad rt PL'ng rireurom3 d. I'.II. nklE il Rera nrlr+'etle a I'cle¢.tionl allmclle des Aldel il~lrl ri. In Serrolhde ?luluici pedite, all ta e tx itdeqael dalia Ita taalJite rtlhtion att r totls lil tirtll'tiOln dCen laernatec qlai'v atat Le ilaoatli s dce ropa'naataaa talltllt;rt rtha .%- diltaiao d fit erat f'luatafia~itnie a ttalt e.,t Catintatal ianita traLiLer aiatlriCt, qtatre Aldleraaesla Sbtra a diqtrito t iilct A~lt ert e l Tanaoaairte'.alantiact teaia Atderjaaal I nln lnn al i. PII IEIl . Mayor.i P'arish Curt arrar he Parind 4- City of Arc Orlema. I'rcte ea, tihi'Itaurablas Cr lvtila,.olutl ,Jmage. .No r5il: Ibi Thomas I~iry w. ~4 O~irrsers NaJifta 16,1·J 111L Iri m·l~llr i nleutr do meet in nte eaaurlot Fl.aidanv tlh tat 3 t1 nt I:larch.: tcredthars te atnd ttler t I tt deliberate ttl:te pP. I tinta.nia's afttirt, uulai tahe metanlinae all Irnoc'di.tliL aa ataatlataItil.4t latlilt inad'lja~lrfqte nec atatral. a'a1hi 'tarater tat ttat tre -ntttr ~ltrk'alItrie.llalrch 9, 18la II. I. Gia'YOlitN , tlaGi l' C- lerk. !]!lrll .\..b llirE W\Luf¢Jg;t.%i/d.,idq'.. ' IltioaloaatollaaE ,14 AI n. rale old Aulaatilltda aserrr; dn Ia .,laaa duIlh taardatn uad Co. All thc-e l nan Ma, ml aisiase aui tlla~~al; .-, ftialhenlclalll f4 tata IO itlhat ca 1.ii ll.F - J1Jt.,,ubr ,,,le " " .6 i G 1 pl,4~IPjl,' -- n aitil1ci. ...... -.7 -rbr .'l,:+'.ti R9-t .l-i.--` ... IttaiiE, \ a n at JANi E tPl S MA ta,llas rutow I wiah aIlotd thtief. and o aa!kattn Iap her alaod n s ita at oattn at, fea tBank ,-tlhi it n frbild sIy ! tersoa fatma itrtltaint', etanpiting, a r ter tia hrrait m t t. r ncttt, at 1 tillt Itata. p tt ,ti 'ttittr n -c traling. T "\VI '.I'IA.l T . 6 I'EARa . s ditait ttfltttaattIllttttc lItata lati ta I ta lO - il'til i......... taa tt t t *---- -· tat i f tif ftl " l it ait' . a.hf- r. ati +i 3T'I. OI, ! ( I . 36Cantpaste.npt _