Newspaper of True American, April 1, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 1, 1837 Page 3
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.iEur A. DUC-AY, dr t Iis arrvics to sugor Plauter., On hi nw moae of roetil lcu auunr, vita s.osuacu Ily ninppvenlnt ever known h .e. ,or n all uoter ta e n, making it whiter InoT Sp st- I, 13~. fels more conl A r r n e c o p y e t H- A De i e ea s u c c e e d - s t o t ioro tinr te thoe gn sian-c. ait emeployed him.o o , Ftr or fortier paitiatlaors, npply to E A Ctohen No. til Magat t DPt. str , et. ml ElttIN, ZINC, and SIiEiCT IRON MAN UFACTORIY. e'T la rnutcionr kepo ronatnutty a gen derl naortonlet of tin ware, wlich Arill low aor conh or city accep1ttancs. In, oneor roof withll copper, tin or zinc, on resor. Steion outters ua l conductors made nid pit lip. SAMiUEL E KIP, orner of i--la-n, PTovdris and Tehsoupitr l tlan ste. p ,CE OF TrHE NEW UILnE A.ur AN. NASHVILLE RAIL. ROAD COMPANY, Feb. so TlqlTt tlo Presidelt o put lhorired to makt. l on the Stoc.kholdn four ant intetalhtnett of five dcl. J perlnu're paIyable an the 24thi dny of April next, tittn n o f the 6hr seetion of thu charter. SEttuct from the nlinten of the Ronl. , SA e d Ma'NAII, h ee y. pnraue oC otltue foregoing rkeretltion the astnck .d rhehlay reqoesed to mt paymt t ttls me fthe comnpany in the city of New Orenins, of each shiarre of lntck respetively held cy them on tte day of April next, and than t ti defmlt thereof, toie i on wrldct the sum in dei will Ihe forfeited. feb Il M 'cV HOFFMAN, 'residert. WMAYORAI:TY of NEW ORLEANS. C ur tcilf the o eard .itonicipalig.Y r i itiig of Tuendav let Marhl, 1837. EStOLVEII, ''hat in the oliniton of this eoancil, it ieexlclelntc, and necessary for the public colu i-nete at health, to e ontinue Natulch street fiaom choepitoClas street, in a straight line with, end of the me width as-said Nalcltr street,to New Levee strect; id the Mayor is Ler. by uthoriued to give puhblc. .o tie in thbe True Americcan uld Commerecia l llletill, in iFroneltanl En;lish duringten dvay, thot It is the itn -n-tion of this Cou.chil to open ano eoucmuc stid street, conformnity with the act of the Leisltature, entitled, c Act to regulate the npenicg, laying o t, al iln -cvgastreetsnadpultlie places in the city of New leantl &e.' Approved 3d April 1812. $igccedl, J lIALDWIN, R corder. Approvel, Mlareh 21, 1337. Signed, D PRIEUR, Mayor. A true eopy; C HEARD, Secretar). Agrsenbly to tlIe torgoing reolctiaoll, and in con. ,aty with the proviions of on nt appnwcoed the 3d pril t 832,emittled,ac Act tq reguluti thl opecinug, ing out and icprovingo oftrete ald pubhlic placeo thedity of New Orleans, &ce." Nouiic is lherehby en that in tlhe intention of the Council of Mirm. cality No Two, to have Natchez street opened and -tiotted from Tchoutlitoulna street to New Levee as, a otraight line with, Sid of tlhce ant width lit said tehen street. I) PRIEUR, layor. March 22d, 1837. ONFOR IIE3 MN'I' at is rcuolutiol ci detus, elt el verten des dillositioacle I'ucte allrVC uvec 3 Avril 2, entitule "Act, pour reeler Il'ouvetcre, In diothi tion etl'nceli..atin deis rues et places publlique noIn ville de in Nile Orleans, &re." Avis ect pounn e I'intention du Coanlsoil de It Seconde Munlcipulite de fairse ouvriret contillur hi rue lies Nutcheza de. Sr.le rue, Tchoupdicoclas jauci'a In rue de to Nile yee, etn liqle druoteet de l eniseme Inrgeur qu'o mani ant Il dite rne des Nulethez. Al Mars D PRI U R, M el MAYORALTY OFNEW ORL.LEANS. Counc il of tlce s 4cic A-lfrnicipnlfly. Sitting of Tchurdyv, 14th Manrch, 18.37. RSOLVED, 'IlThtin tile cpilliloc of thins Conicil, it in ellpedinct, and necessary fir tile public: co.l -mlece, to cuntilllie Notre DIlllcc street frtnlt .,lagoeziu ret toCaip street, icn strnit ilice wilhi,cid ofeqcal idthwith said street; slid ihe Moior in Iherelby au aried to give ptaiclc nccticee in ihe'Trice I icericln aid mmerciol iutletin, in Frecchc naci Englishl, dcricci Sdays, that it is the inuntiiI of Icliii _lclncil tio elet hi street, ia conficrllitV wilttl n ac ct l the I.e;1lauicce, ntitled "an Act to regulalete lthe oleieig, Inyilg out, id iupravieg oftttreets and ll ubli places in ilic eity .ew Orlellns, lce.' AIprcvccl 3l Acril 18l32. Sicgned Jt IAI.DLWIN, Recorder. Approved, 31st March, 1837. Iligned, D. PIRIEUR, Mayor. A trie ucopy. C It EARl),Srertory. Agreeablv tu lce fLrenio resolution, i nd in c oli .nty with thsi rovisuui ofau ctc approvedl the 3d pril ,11321 enlitldic"an Act to re ,ilnte thie opeico, ying out, and itsoiulairsg ofsetreete lind iilic places tile city of New Oirleanli. Ic-." Notice is Ih rely seci thui it io the iltujicni of the Cciii.cil f 'lldlciii lity No twi, ti have Noilre Ilallle itc pcnedl fruo Mal ice street, tu Cuallip otreet, ill a trlli line eith, aul tile sauca, wiidth as auidl Notre Deeam, street. Mlarch "..'' l11:lT, It I'ltll .l; It. Mayer. Svertu d'uate a Iprave I :1.vril, 182, enltitala cs pour reeler I'aierture, In distllibution et I'amelio Itse tirlete,&an," Asia el a(laulllla !ilue Int'iautia stdat il de tla rlelastde Mulntilaile e t ,io faire uallsie rue .Nore DaInse, deplians In rule tsu iMagnusn, ja'gl u rue uede Cam-,r ll ii sne drhite et .la in Ilele la rg'ur ' asintalilniilt In dltc, rlelNoltre Dlnlte. Le I2 Marc, 1837. I) PRIUIR, Mtire. ?-- ORDE:RS lItE CEIvk. F'a. t .t JOES' PA TEN'T CO T'TY.YV GI.A the P.tealllree, No. 53 Ilaanlzie sltreetl, Nrew Orleans. IIlE M1ANI F.AtCUiEIE IN NEW YORK iY' iROIElR' 11)E &. & CO. SCG.ALE OF PRICE'S-- l.anhblc Gins. for a double Gin of all saws or mote a(o (,ch rltia)der, anaking Io6 naws it IIal lianld, withl f.Inelrst, basids, dai¢. at $f6 lrer sno, or $9; t (0 uar aD I toelta otl6af a tasct icylinder, : r IOt oa in tlhe stand, li'edra , &e. at $6*' i3er.w r , 720 0 Fordll. of4 lawls nnd.l. or 8i saws ilia tandl, at $I. Iper saw, or 100 10 .Fur do. of ti5 saws on dl. or 40 saLs ill a stanl, a)$6.3jU Lpr saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. For a siltic gin of 80 saws or more, with onle et ultfeeders, Laelb, &c. at $f leaI saw, $1i0 WO For do. of 60 saws, waidt feeders, &c. at $6 50 Ir saw, 690 00 ,for tio. ofl 4 saws, with feeders, d&a. st $6 < 7tar saw, 00 For do. o i0 laws, with feedelrs, &c. at 0000 50 per saw, 150 00 E.xtr teeth where desired, far feeders, supplied a 40 cents eashi die nuamber ol'teeth behing about l quI to the numberof saws. One set of iteliers, it iscon. sidered however, will wear oat two or three sets of ,ows. Extra saws sanpplied at 80 rnts eachll. The Gins ordeared, will be delivered to the agents of ntlers in smy of thfe sea port I townl o thlue cotn plan ,.rg it on Ille sale from Nl New York, anll beco;ming hr . ssible foe tIhe amountl of the 1;in. A (ill un rlht -illbe sent with the linsl to pIrt tIhan up whirre le .irel1 sthe clhages for whose services will be extrl, but ratrlerte. Iron iunning gearean also hlle orlered were deired, l I etasalasble lernns, Iat will be chairlaeJ extra. llahar coaetr, ofany detsecriptian, can be th lislhed oat like r.ens. lSmall staus eatgises can also be ohriereal aif tde It is desirable, when plantera give ordera for Gilns, Klttay housalu Itenaha with theilr virewls ia, .alt to the arragesentl f staws, lhraslsl bhlasllrt; &. I s Iaunlld they liffer il opinionl. Somine desire sawi s of talers diameter lthn others. The llst cosl olt sizeI il 9 or 10 inches; but isome wish them 19 inches. Some wish 5 or 6 rows of llbrushes oil an xle, while other ldo a=t want more Itn alnt most. Somte wish saws with 8 r9 9 teeth to the inch, while others want ll or I. With rsmuch dlisrearanIcy, we prefer tihey stouldi, at e time of o lf a tag atlnersl, fanllislh a tatemrut of tihair wistas, idl tle Inallllateislllrr el, lillltl tlIena iln ever) arltlaular. W rlllre iit i 1 to ou, dinar sliwllwe i ualls mnake isas sat alashe asosot asnalarat san all apprvasI l pUt. An odelr can be eaecuteld, from the time it is ieecreeI, in the slne ol'eight or ,ille weeks. sad tile ilt ini tt time llaeti Ila he lalsl of iltae lsctor. To he i tlie for the next crol, all orders oughll to le in tile tIasids of the alllltul lnTarrs Iy tile finrt or middle of M itar resxept Ir Ilantationsi aSre they nre late in comaenllcilg to -irk or gi citl(tlll. N. U. The Pt.teant Riglit, for any one of thae ettoll growilg BStates, will be aold an reasouable terms. -amnt Snlos Tl-XAS. "NOTICE is hereby given to all those brave and 11 chivalnrus.s )ong men who wish to go -lt Texna, pflir the purpose ofassetins inl her gloioe l cause of lib larty all iallependence, sad llao to avail themselves of alherinh bounties and reward she promises to tllhose that serve her, that arrma.gemenas have been made with tihe Iloosner Champion, t all that are ready to go byy Strday evesing the 'anth inst. at which. time. t vessel wil willositively sail tlr Alatngorda; luhIrli ate applicatiel must he ae ade on board or at Mr. lieut ties Coffee IHouse, djeiniAgthe St.lCharles Theatre, to Cat Guarrett, or Price, or the subhariber. 'iaLis pslablty thse list opltrtl;nity any one will lave to olbtaiu trsaspmaiu n i free of essense. itl D F WAYMOUTII. (TlCF-The purliasaera of squares in the towo of 'lsrewoblry, mld by Hewlselt &LCene; at auctionl an the 4th day Pebh lat, urs reqlstled ion eall at the flee of WidtChrlsty nontary pubhlic, and comlllt witl the tenos of sale, wiaailt tes days from this dtre; Ir else thae palerty will he sold at their cost and risk accord Sto0 law. 111i N ICE-.-itr RDMUND DARIN, who pSorhased 1 at an auction sale made by Isaae L McCoy, onu lIet 17th Doeember last, the ftllowing described lots in lliulonldale, is hereh notiiled to eoolply with ine amr awl etsolitimos of the sale, within ten daols fron the dat hereof, otherwise s dte snae will he Sold for hini alOnas and riik, vcia: ten Iolanumlered from 8I to 90 thlsi e. on the aide a4djoiing DF inrthta, Ellq'. pro aeflj¶,sal ten other lots, also adjoining the prmoerty of 3 Ianluhe, esq. msnnered CFra Ill to 120 inclusive. Tamals-l-4 payable in 6 asonths, and the balannc in 1.and earwn, Imm the 17th Decembher last. nt4-l0l1 tU0O nLLt) n I"\ 'W AlL), L'L lsiventfor nppreheldistg and Iodgiag is JERRY, -.who bcnaded, it is suppoled, oa boarId the Stea.uar -'nlhlphuy fr Cineinnaty aboIut ten davs sice. ,Teesq ia about 45yearsomage, five feet ten or eleven isches in heiglht, lonlllaa taed ahoulders, very tolkative at familar, f.ud of barttertng ant t.adiag in horses, hrilbg heen a hank.drioer tor Qsome time past in this te-ry _ anuuuodoubi l otainedforgeedpapers. His r, lu ree, aeompanied Ilim. SJhe it a new-eas s.lall statars,s and ary tulkatise also. It is atppos ed Iha ba asumas the Mnao of WILLIM, a..d lthaut his wifatal hk , by that uatme. ,-dl larsewill h ;sld Ibt seArllin him in aty jail in s.ssBqts and 510dalhjls fr lodging bim isaty jail, tt tktgaste the lMttsaoll relen'bl D exen.e, l .r l Irbrlinn i hu e ta. " J 8.I',.: .ew Orlcolnr , Sltreht" '.r. I17, il " owr the l:tee.ora FOR VICKSBURG, GJ$IhND GU.lF, ROII.EY, NATCI1E7, and all internaidiate landings, The well known steamboat CLAI. BORNE, Barrettll maostr, is now ri de ea ki, R freighl t it ill hve ime-ll or to al KELLEYt ON & Co. 'liThe U. S mail stcamnr MAZEP PA, Sutton .astor, will leave the lake ind of ihe roil rad ont Sunday, the diu t.e alier the arrival ofthe 1. 1-2 o'clock arfer Mobil.. al "0R Mt1BIl.E. The U S mail P:cmer ALERT, Walker masiter, will leave tim Iake erlnd ofl the rail road this tday, after the a o . 2 o'clock carrfor Mobile. at FUR LOUISVVIl.LE-PpIasaga boat. ThersteamerSULTANA, is hourly expected. and will meet with des patclh. For freiht orpamago apply Sroar ar c J jM BRtOA WEIlI. & Co. " at or LAYE'IT & AMELUNG. N. B. Passengers wilhintg to setore slate raonom Ibe. tiltr the boat arrives, will call atthe Cou.nting room if thle lubcriler, and earotert ir natres on the register. at J lRIOAI)WE.L &Col66J Magazine at. - o-i'F~ . ;OtlyI ANDL ALTON. The stanler PENNSYLVANIAN, Templeton nmater, laving part of her cargo engaed will leave fer tlt a. e ports it ate. or bal e of freight or passage apply oil Imard or at 26 Povydra st. to m:31L J VAIRIN. FOIt LOUISVILLE & CINCINNATI. The stet,,mer SPLENDID, Shi'. lort muster, having considernble ear. go elgaged, will leave bfr the above prs a next, the 5th pro, For freight or Sosage. bvillog elegait arcr nlottic od tiolas, apply oI boanrd betweea Uravicr ald Pod-dres st. to m31 STETS. )N, AVERY & Co. IFOG ST' I.OUI., ALTON, and all intermediate Inldings. 'kThe A i fait runninig Uller cabin 'steamer UNN(',SICK, Joes maste, r .leaving anh ale otlrr cargo engaged, witl witlllak lbdop:atill. Far freight or pacsaac, npplv on oard itlposite the Custotnhouse, or at 42 I dvhlr st reet, to m3I SA MI,. S..ATER. FOlOR I.LUI SVlI..P:, CINCINN.tTI, annd all intermediate landings. Thle Sleaidl steiamer NORTII AI.AhANMA,hTahl r nmaler, will de S prt fotr hie above ports on Tueolay icot at 10 o clock, A i. For freight or passa.nce, harv. ttg llapOrior aom nOlultion, aipply on board ipposito I'ovdn s at.or at1 I 'oydroas t. Io m30 GRIVOT & PAIGE. FOR SP L.OUIS AND ALTON, nad all intermediate landins. a l Tle first clars and fai t rucnlin.g up per cain steamer AI.TON, Litt ton master, having .hrire fiurtbs of her cargeo , will Ihve immic ediate dsoljatch. For freight orlisanme. leving handlso e furnished acom tlohatint with oelolrae stat e re:tisa opply on board, oll)poile Bienvillo street, or it (i3 (ravier st. to m31h 111()1dAll b IIAWTIIORN. --F- I.oJla. S ItI., and toterrtliate portr. ' Th filit runireg steamboat TUS * KINA, Al Ra Iwliaig ptaster, will take frcigllt alte for Il rmonar, Cor win, New .avt, and thelr landiogs ipnt tile Wahbooh river, with privilege of re-shipping, is reeriviug freight at Iod"rasslreet whalerf, cad ill dpnrt on Sunaday. 2d daylof Aril, at 4 e'clo:k, IPM. For freighlt or as sage, havrig line ttccoiaiillodtliola, oapplv i btehrd, or to_ aI.9 JNu II KIRAHA, , OR S Ti. 1. rUI i&A l. TON..... ond all intermird;a'e landintc ,Thie tplrnilid first class steamer ILTON, I.illletoa master, is lomurl extwvtcd to arrive, and will bltve in'. tL,.linltedespatc ,. For Ireighlt or tsinoge apply at f3 Gravier t to 'OGIL:RT &o I.AWTHOIRN. 11127 P.r .M .trihitoais. and all intermrd, atlandiot s. hee fet niiagotooaier TECIIE, S iH Bonvrist mIuster. is re.idy to re . eivc cargon , an I will have destlalth o eyr pssa, toly t aro I,, llrd oosite Ikien ville street, or to JNO. H.GtAid HAI. 'r'C T v, ,e line is r.opo le orth, - ---. Illi, xing Steamers, which air II siur Mlllaepli, Vill. C. Slttol, Soth Alabamn, " S. Aldrieh. Otathit, " ii. Grifrtn. Alort, " C. Witker. Tile laice b liu'Ato littlll'd t, exprerssy for the trade, not COlltlll ltti il t Ito till , i' ll eIn ) el ienccd nlcao telo I', - seiigero can rely lplt i ert vscrtiOlla thl, part oi the Ittltolltttras tlt'ldtltrios fi)rltlhir tOlllcfrt lod oatfelr. Slhe tlla ,II . iI tall tites Ia served with the bsittl at thle tllmaktt ntllr, tlltl tlie care stccked ailth el oce I Ti Itretlietors 191at1t byt their utitrei ting exertafsl,, ah ra yte'.v a shtre of be tllllih tictrollge. For I?,iglht tr Ios) 00(, t )ply to OIONF t. EIICCK{WlTIr, or, ipi JIESSE lAt'IA , 36 Povdrnat. N. B. 1"i,. owners of slaves ore hereby notifiei to iae tllll, clermd at tim i' tIItme hrvit to de. !,ritars,-otbirwie, they t sill he, lomd Iable fe.- whatei'er latmiae slall ib ott staind tIhereby. FI P ( ,11 .; lii . ... .. . . j~ 1 a.'l. ]lphe; ofilh sinenmr JIANNEi{ +:.tiln lh,e ++l'dcrl, ha~i..~ hleel tow .l ~lawn ".'' ithl a fullr eltrgo of live Z.llclk, by ther l alkly ha ilae i l.egre to III1P1' tFtA~l)Of.PB~. . _. J F I NDOLPil. FullS SALEG. Q,+ i Th le h'statial Sw'eam lena Co an. t-J aulcl a stitution, wltl be dispos+ed of on ne= __'-ii hei, ti c t.n.-- i ic ll I nrealr ii niice n1ic In , HE a tealot oKENSlD, aS, Anl ro I( Ilutr \' IN|;13l'.holl o'id xpralys+ Posdra l TOcl tNEc &nil TItlrter KWIT .11 us wantiT ngthe a ver l t \ tK tI.:\o' w ill i -la taph ~ he1 r itr ill i Tle r ct is i n ranod reuaniiiac orher I'c lla hla :heaaIcri.,daii kIn r rll( cvr ha sida greatl arl lin if i Me a poin pjl-atii on is are i i S o si'E.L N IW ORKV&'t. c.. .. E i Vit El nr l~~. n .. ...... r ovirl . . th ...i'y ofIlimi ~rys Boll lrn~ h~iel SkeOr~i chre; E thed b Robert porcussionca phtodr fip t ietow JENiDesS, Aen. kiaen Ia fillioitds i mllthi, will aly iisthe tweelies; a o the n E agll TIrna; ala slaesiln ac ir n and l wandh laity awar. "i e fsaricd ek cc rsig ae:ps ''aik etact '1 JN a E a& I tiEK I oI'I't. ieollt oi lleo. , 11 aiit wis thi n an thanale ing lou a , Itll *clknits r l eoi aar a f aell a oillnalil Ol aIlnc atIu h ida l; ermanH leonakes wratir fi Lra lhc iaiae la Ilenta inn odestic lseaver theirnt er so aBoell luifr matches shuld -n lilt enls, CahloLevee . e -- Baiaafltnithe itlhlic , thcyv hlaa jastraceine Peoas The Nort ao, ient anai diniio i to their stm-k af anme fe nlr iegalnieiinciplcecssa Ar this cl ffice Imk as o e s omenot v y in a mPlet. eorl to 'i rle ilie oaidr a tiln e dcna ii l i ofilltce i oildt acntv ..ak ifalhe kii d t'o dii, icirtiielacllcy lIicitaI. c Thieir vc hn work olretait elinl.l i Itiemii-iii apnfpi -iniat a o t , a &arine i tc. a c ana t t irENcs;Rapsf cite TEMaPLE, a ime stoel, by tia ga in . c hor ofm"Vivian Col'l V t, .I. ]eleel S lefech.s nrlheo Riphi Hllo. \\i~l a n Wilndhm, limia ry la.oa, rahieal iket C lr, Edited a SlS Robertn chalker;s lars, a 4 Exrci ssi, i. & n lnerorel c a irivill.a, Corl of ie Udllel Sltes, in acc fa r tt e Thc rd (:iruil; eolnl~l'irillg tile l.:sflltc D atrial lof I'eaa+ avnkait, anlia dI ilan dep cf NiW Janrie. 18Te. 'Caw 'diti oln of Slllaelmer oal l'leadllr nll al Evlidence; ,11 Am r icnalitn cnacicr lad add t 6an ill 2c d ig tat7, Jslt ArhieEiviad si r lr tln by itll . " I4NW NJAMiN Idc V . +IeIMOcS. e 'ART &g co.--re iloa .e l'cti .ilt. statc thil Ilaril r ugltthi O Rlnn~ Hashicca, ani~ll a I'natmic B al ciitcal Sklcr l iacI IEdiladl ay I l~in h actl vor; Ihne aln ',. eilacssec oil, ieiltaO do; a li ean B l 'Si ianaoil; Blta Ra ifeiis &ad ct ind ig eases IeI sti Ciiiktln; s thetia lloteielSlatess; coinvex t il f 'll 'li. d O s;al gl:tses and \iews; ]mlialt 1e 1% bells nPdai IJlicnea87 Neewe~i'd;witiiiia afStaidlet ant'adii atlaVaid, eaces; 3d c m"ler, Et'MICN a- lAR? I& C-A s e, t inc rusheiocia. laeol ltalldsnli anlrew elOcila caS; licalc beal alaings aala ileeklmstee, ad /i al halll; p locet I iolhs alnal walletti; hicimiae liolln'; n'.,il'ai strapia fille allc aonlelo ll la, tlinltc aVinttaeuitir. garshleroll, i y lls cinifcr alchia el; .'ni elk icllea'ils; Cl iyo.ll, ie. fe. The laae ina mhlmitiole ao oan formlearstagk of c liln haktiol g;, makSolll a ilhilnent vegla e nlet+. mot sall_ -inal ge nte oii etail; as the sigi ofitde Ghelda l Cai nd t 0. hl,al eae ti hit all. ci 1aan a. tt 'AS ktnaaghst til tia hail.; plcetion of tnie 2d allclnta ' e pan liti at.aacc .icaha'; f ia|lt'. n a Nil.t'ra Iaa aa c lamed Zins n a a lnit t :ia )ialri of naie wilae nah e sie ccngc to I ..ltr'ille. "'the ovner will &aly.with th& lw nnt take slim IswadSo .OS. 8. IIPeR. ,hi0 " n'plill ofT %ntch. iJN E llo.helld 'llD 'co,11 p~icked uI iut tId ritveri Smarkedl W. M.,:lnsli¢I, N.l. L0. till+ o.llur can Imv;. he same bvly ldin at No. 14, Jcl~ersoal sa . alnda pay iga char lci. a i I nlel nail lihahiOmana. & .-10134 5ies HA.iPEul, N 970 Haln', 30{ Sacks Corn, 4ic,) barpls .Vhiisev brmln Lard, k 49 kesa a ltdn, INi b.rrels 2 Flour,tnd ha from Flat Bapltyn andl Nar 14ale a i HlUL P.RKO. 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For fruitrlut oppli olr boerdl it .'iealln ti,:r: r at not. 1 1'ovdrasurt. to t1117 GRIVOT & P.AGE. FOIL, NSI'O YOiRK. Tlhe A I tat sailie " lrid RUPER0',• pl . phlll Ite.rrurg.i Forftritltof lwhih rtl te.. 1tie el y to t & l1 l' fIINI.M S 9 8 ('n·tlllli I. T e i, f rir.SIt snili, se nr '1A-ON CIip -.MKEN\ 1,, will rail in a loih days, lall ir,'e -5 iitles lip, eor Ilt, p.rlot I'.r'i oil deck Iby alIpl) tug ou Ioerd, op ,pnitsSi..loiee ,h bese, oit Io tlilt \t i 11. uit{' ll l, 9. . C.lllllllll I r. O(l1t l.10ll rI.tIOF-Ijie-etre oI.- . . t' il io fi her Cii rgoll ringllr il e d, fi r eI the public eqtae, lear isleal irrv, orl tI17 \V5.! Pl'lll'I,:Ipi " Colot)ll 1.. . Te fir e i ehooner \VIIllO\WS, Calthit Ilib ip'sk i it ir eetir.i` lt rirg, thu e i l u llrs oiý will tate die miliihi, tor ti' iht .r 0s. "'heI~a fot sailine lBrig (GRANT) ITI'IK, rapt Fianh klii, ooir Iil. hulk o '101) IhubI to ....l.iererargit. Foefrrizlhtof if t rp.i, er t t7 " S h., P \PVIIIT'NER. Cint" srt. For Sale. Freight or Charter. 1'I1E iFH 1 R:I'(II IPI C:11.(r·:S1rI: I1S 't0'IO: eau I ocful rrer .11 o:iIr tX'i'lE, II,,. III))I ItIIII.·r chanllt ;! ) Iillttle-ii rapper fn ;.·i Ifat Itll. 'nir, oi ol d Ie I,. .etreo. Apply toir (:aprr , fit ;rrsr 37, ,rrro UOIttiR( E .IOII NSON, f 1 9,21 foam,,, era r(t. lull 1'1(1;:1 l kt.hh Ul· I' HE - - '1h I ire I oroi r ,hoer r I 1(7,CJ.telm -u, i l 4o up or 11s, Ih r a, ( 1 rp l to J.1)II 14.IX 0. 1 A III. C sN. n13r No. 90 ii(,o m Stom till ,,rIII 'I, O o l I 1 . : ml___ lllul I- ns & i. I :1(1 1 1'1' I III II 111,:r1;12 -__- F[liii ;rr;,,li ri:irt;o U ;l( t '), to trt ~~~~JA Al P~r ~t 1 OSE, Ilrhrischlrrr eroLrtir , io , 91t Itlen,,r I)nt ls f*11151111111111 .·11 1 lklilC1a( 0)11 redas ioor r orrnrrr vrrr.A pl n rd tlot iiv ehorourrio ir2Rer r poet1 53, or tr '711 N1 5J 1' P1 ,II'Ilf"r . FOlR F ti i OOT IIItId Il IP'1 it he I ornllwrg errritrrh hail rr'u G.REEN 1101' "31 t. r ;. or' an ilm mb rl~ oth' n cargo, rrp'jri to Crps. Ilori, or hoa rdn rioiroto tie, 'erroable tear. to, a r f28 111101 .INN 11i1 ' ' & CO. 11. Sri 1iI11cONO l t ii i 11441 Ilarit t 4 C . I. It. IAIAIO S 4 IIIuAA7 IIA II' N. It. fl. 1. Si Otte, o ort Ire tone too hS- .[ o Ielae troit e sr tlIr roulrrf i. bu rr I t.11 5 11115 N'ew Orlcb n ou.leoryT I. 1::1. c NO Il Tsi' l:;rrrderoiguerlutoorrreo rho I lrrrow' of rhoe lt u Id r is triune. . . 1 1 SL I AI . FL'r, nod Irrigirt Ic , only r ir rrrrr nd Sý torre l oy 10 VII UOIIN ION ___ trri li e tt V cuN8Il, iEi of It boxes 13 l: Bivr. n1 hay 1--110-. eti 13 Rels f tus, 'rkvd j 1 'S(o S.l 'l per hrrtc Oivr,'or, , rr nN ork, rrll lctlorcarllt .\ro ICorlnt rt.rrr' 'n '.r _r; and tyk thon lw-.m o Pr S. J, J. P' IIl'NI'N Y. j~~SW.IXr-Q1.t Ill: brentorr in , tore.n for M ___b m S_ S1r'l' hl,-l,2 lrr,lea: It. ((7 (JII-tilt hoyr lioot rjrrolrlr fol or''t faior, tiv lJ tiooible, har rlr bry to l))OlEI'C, laurl, II l~ l r't. ll. IAVIIISON hI rr'rd hi. office to No. fi trll ___ rltlr I V plNl"S-t l"re. oi o' 2 hi, o'1' wit- ,ireor[ lroro~tlnu,I tladurk(rootrshi orrdlrl(r trekrsa, CrrtrArrlUrrrur lorrnIrrg toul~r olrr loldilrr.rr tuirrooteI trlll _ ,1 l'ovrrioo 't 3A(ON.-201,1111 Irtht Ito. r inr Mrrorniod fr B[B sale lira, to elrroooirrrrorrorrrrrorr I' nli t~tivtevec & 111"7(il:, 2 P-den x l irtrrtalrmnorr trnklr oir-raottod. Alro, t rolr. fl A w gtRu rogod aprowithll o beire. Aptly No. 7.1, 1 te'. 1 I'. 11)O 1ISI 't) t l) \ I) EPE11' ( 1 111N II-'l :Y 61 one(, landing f ilmt·l~cloli oll Pui hlli.I'. Iu tl Or t C rrr'trtr~r 1rrobuogrer, loe slr' by tr. DORiSEY. 1111)- '! (Ibtg iodI oudn, ieiirutr CRt d L oand o, lfolrrr'l Iiroo J orre VV I.d L.A rrrrrllhro h,11 tryi I ol , It. t.I C 1INC ;INNA'I'l 1.410135 1 r it , lanrdirrg trrttr V toarrtor Sl~rlerrri,,lan fryrtrtrtrlorr fg:i IA Yltl' &- A3lull: , 17NC' nkiere L Al"ltr11l. Ist ror for 'ol 117 Cort IAIO 6011 kegsp let flord itlrtre hintrrrr far orlr Iry Ate.. (.i 0Itrtll'L ' 4-1 'too (.tvtre, F LOIII 11000 bl nm ri le I rrrdrng onrd for sl nt err d4 Nert1t'' Irveb rtr7 i IIORrOEN'. F 4 N.XewD-I irhlr pool qrtrrt rrrr orrir at o 44 New 1,-ore, Ir to07 Ir IttORSCY. CLE~AR PILK-lortrrr Irre 'trioal Iry IV m . I Oltol V 44 Newreel~re. ACON-2'Jf hhdo thourlt Ire' l,1i, limns mi 88 B pieces sidrerr hleditrg Iron tttrortrr Itochy !orrrr twrin uni for erale byJ ARN ACU~N-ii4lrlrrle stt es ntl 'I rrorleer, Irolanittkthot 1 teanrer Coirtoreere ad trrr al,' Ire min2 J VAIIIN.8 rroydrrtrlrtretrtt. [3.ANS= 3 f.'tsr'Itrn'rr fur trio bt 11tr21 Al I ALLC &l ('0 . Rao Alt.lleyv. otzl':1i--:ln hrF-n: I o tir, f e.r or l errr', b Otte .RIItt lo& 10. tor Eturope. FOR LIVERPOOL. Thc Ti :rr u- lirt sailin g copper faTlenel F!ic; ,ixy' l ,lri 4h shil)eOlCV,:LL, (Inn COtlnOlllNdc, having all her cargo engaged and gc cgcu buard, will iri'ct to iho.l pntch. For pa.oge olyl', l.viuf handlltlsl l A~'e c(·Cc'llncdlrtiolls apply to conl niccr o sc r rco or 9 at 91 Colmon trrtet 1 lil 1.11l E. icCt l1i-Vil rI'Gci. Th ie I'Est F:lil,~ A 1 chip IKATIARINE J.,CplSO, Uia;t. Peabdy,e reqi onta '50 blales collllc I to C I .Icii tC her cargo. For tl.m. cr lJascge' Aplly cl 91 c' -i3 u lonl strlelet : _,,1 I. Ii..AL.... 1 cr " 2 c, "qcc I'iAl'l'nlRD, Capt Wins l lU X , i c 11t. v. drpcith. For terms or pas -c g csngcccc ,I olfJ.; (:tc ,oc t. to m.3_1 I. H GALE. 1'011 (1;l);(. The 1I shi, r ICONI'I.,.ATION, Capt. Salll ol, vicc-illsl e dFpatchle iil. For pisage c-0o1l%, a cplY alt ccl C cO ccllllc slrI t toU ; _l I. I. fI GALE. F& l . I IVEli ll'()1O. F lt 11 V Ilt, Cpt Carpenter, cill' l n ccnt o It t c iI ficw ipmasenger, For °. " r-t c ter llsl, rcl ql i'll3 oi lrce r oet. to 111i1; 1. H GALE. ----- ---- The suplenidid I-it sniling slhili IlIENZI, r Clp, Nort: llt c.c tc ,c) halnts lotton to orn. plete heri enrao. 1',r friinht oRf hicEl or {iwn ' ut lcl c lv l irccclldd :nciCOlmncodaiiin apnldy t 8 Coati st, to i'_; S &: J P WVHIITNEY. Thl fin e AlT1 1A I :(- .st ccilTA Captp BE air I, ler Wil lrl r h qine orc ars ttehnc0 tonldor an 1 hm'l lll oll, u iO lmll e O I a few Taleoes, llh tl' 93 om o dn It n. st o lei'7 I, GALE.p I-- I ,I V1. I ) I S TheAI I l. I lh ctaii .hl rhTIGE, CP.n ker h n tier, r uir. s ii l00 k i hcl es: il ottl or w o . clot; her Iccll or IC.ccc1c11 or r atlage apply t -3 u ololoy st,, l l.o11 '7 1. 11 (Al ,E. FOP, IAIVERPOItL. -I Th7c. n, c nid c .li E A I Chip SCOT. wLAN!-). C. pt ll.ktetaf h ill take _'bH or 300 fr'ight m passage alr l at 913 (onmost. to 'T hec fa e Ailicz A 1 rlI:i, JOHN BAR. RI .. ' ' l:;n, t alt-, 1 a n llcc.jci Ihales retton , c to co cllltl.c r cl0 Ci c 'i', f rdriit or passage pply toJ H cIIn:d I.. II. ;. lI.E, 93 Common it. 1 The f, .4 1 -ip 11,) calltain Thconl ile, rc uc;re s .icu In esl to l co Iccte. her load at'. __ II (.4,10, 2 (:;Co imonat. F'lR I ix c; POOl.. ro l oe Ilc-, - hr a o .;'ir. F 'relllS or pasta ge or i .-r l 'r, It:l " i ll lanl le Il oul oln tlO-ll tlonu,,ll lyto I.EVI II E, li:'l) 9I Conl nnllll at. cc 8hip 1 . : 111;',,n d.C. 1o1 hc le cotton. c+. Tlc cccic . [ a ch ft ailinp sh' RIp E ZA c1c"1l' " cl cc, ('al n il T Ihv.ccr, wccc il 2 bales oftc cIIctti lcccct c a .F'.r passage tldlvl 0111 I.. 1.(1;\11':.,9:1, ci i o IC o i t. Sh. l ili 'itl Ri.OM c I c cil\ll l 'M, Taylor. %ici locl;c i tdiU'II c ' frci_'h l reFly ,l ilii 11 111 I ," The rA BIcip NIci.eclc TT , a rttw.iA 4 i l .c ., c I1 le: of -_ l i cll 'cl- 'c! ' ,Ic,- c ccnc-". i-or potaage .-I - - I: 1.1 1'I ', ! 1,, ,era. 1"., , :1 1 , ,: ' I: I )- oul ,I' - ld t,) _ll__ ..... . I .U II.c I \I ,1.c l i. 93, T- cci ' F ,St I" 1 ) 11- 1 , I VF I .. - ,icc ccc-ill'leccc, de clcch , 'or ci'ieria t 0p. l"O]1 ],I ()1 : 1 i l . cc , c T ON, J. {c . ceciic ii- ie cclcl, - l i, i ii le oo n A 1 ._ Icr' hX r :c r c . c l X ,r fIri 1 t of whichb - ccýi, i r cll c to 'c c J ' I 1'1c l ITN EY, a 1 'TIIF.: I;riloh -,bIti I'.I.I\R[ccocNE, inpt ,' c I. Ior w loc- fIro ,In c I t, ' : hl.Iiiesiclctn I. 7 c iO0 . e rI li;e ,1 I-ccill hc'ce hu1m1 diane 2 - sM2 c1......h. For ti, _, of i , l cl .,,.,,,)r tton llcc . 1, If. i.\I.1, "1 ( . EONluoa st. For Texas d. the West Indies. FOR) ll I l . II t- I a,;I. . , Tlht-Se l skdi l n n o.rI, n Id brig Nt.1M11fE L H') Il UT " N, I I l, i I" erI , flited up with t.rf punt i, c , ,ll )r pa,.Ongers will ) Il ,II ri n Im_,'e l Ib llprt-t I 111; nbIll tile Ilar~ilnind will Ipo-. \iively snil i.. Illl.4 P tll ua ·'l·'1:-,I v 1 i-t. For iretghl or iage apply 1 1 N, 36Old Levr. . I ittttt't --ll itw tiiitit :I ... re let. I Itt l I l \.1I I l/lle " iThe Al bhri,- It' VSI'S . I ndvI nlmaster, , " her,.:,o i e . nr. . ..a.... d w.ill positively mail -' + on Salurday It April. Thile Above vesel of I por t + l lltue lpOr nity 1 I, llo il :sener , hlaving Splendid furni hed t loll tll llltsllta )m IIs, a lall cabin o11 deck. Fllr t rlln apply I ('apt ll(:i ll, bl, d OppIIl i:e postl Ilo. 13,or l no. T C (.'llltOll lt , I mn31 i0) I;UCKLIN. FOIL II \V.11\ -l ,1 ,vt h le, Ist vessel. ' The Gast unihln" .1 1 cl,, t bi"g ROLLA, iCa ll .'it re ill o 1 i a s ail on the Irt apply i ll board, oppo-it- St Jselhb -1. or Ia 5 (;I C t" Il streeti t t m31 11V 1 1 PORTER. i,- lit i li.\: 11-O- , ll. i Z, l 1. '. hr s iou e ir '!. I' l ;1 Iil FiI A1IS 10l0 d . nilater, w ill nljl tI t r thela T e, tllix Ii l o1 11i i! uii p l , t I I I llll nOLt 1 _ 'I' 'I'Oi _l \ lll' llll strI t. - .- ' st«'llL' \1 ".FI ,. FIt:NCI, 159 In Hi llel, 1 ill l -i hli l t" l i l til, h r fotr t l le' a ,ý L r ;rt.T no h nFor th FlorIl our Landn.-I apipl ".l ll f AII .1101Y . . . . . 1")O ;'. 'l 11 .1\' 1-.':,, t Ilri o. s- ' 1'lhe fll il _. Il ,olr t I ti 110 r hi oLA, l .t t.:-I. '- itmls ill lwt I- II liltih; I d espo en . i lI. t. r t" ir feih tit " , apiltl o oe a rd, opl e p -leh ,Ihl [llcel.1:u-k, t, ,r lui ."I 1t" 1t " l 'l'El T( h h It 'uiAN'I., .11,1 9lu 1h 111r \ i mmi trI x .. .rl . . r .i rIII t llll tl i ( l . No. 159 "Il i'l'lh'Ilil of h , lll l l, rl f Peirel o tll e elalllre di .fell'.i Aptdy l0 "111TI': & II.IY , 11I ^I ro civi'lP eroln ,t ,,l U l t I ;: i or si e. .t ruut f o11nh:0 on e 1 ore e T uck , E q11 . n.- fi A c¢) aiflll"h, ll fili t lll'v Cnonl sitrelelt, T r. hil +li i-i it d.i ein Ii in dhitt o1 ,ia* , I ing l.lll 1 ll tl il, t r\ l i : i l Ilu I' il tlr E -ii p ; , giw .n 1-t.& . 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II Iy pro e- 11 ding UItIhioufn lt''iuril A, fl wt , in utl utit l "pul'ey' of .'irLg iill, i lrl e\ 1> * WAS bou/llt to tie rolle pe ic, al tile' 'hd .\Lieilh.lity, on Ibe islli 41-W i March, a negro iotunn tmed L- tYL oustlv6 years of age, 5 ft I or ihs t highl. t~on h helongs to Camilli Zarin. Tchn he e.,er sl prove prperto lay claYe% brn au l u take him away. H e iIAIIP -R ml-2t ulCapt ofthe lWali NýJ roug~fiht a, the Ipoitee priatu of the thd aoueito ait i oi ti lith tante, it Ilelo NIloan ne ld Alex'r. Me'COV, lhe is about 2t" ears ol'nge, 5 .t lEc 7 incbs hlgllt, ofa Igriteoior,o tid n.ia he is Ieee, that he was boren in C'olnmabu, ald raised in Chiiicothe Ohio. hoaldc the Ibe n ve n he it reqaun.ted to pear Prpemlylerl, c'harg ,l nd take him away.t iT. 5., IARIPERI ILS4 CaptCia of the Watch. , b ero t he h aspoc prison f' Ih gto ,d lueni ip: ity, r:, the ot1h i,tltunt. toIj lL~S1 A nll tlr CsI jt t lre. lt'on. Ž- \V.n brought to the Police Pri.motnf lhe 2 alno1. ilTlity, ol tie h lthellsil. a grisll Ito. h filte ante of POPE, who t hbttt flior I 7eattt ol, f..t 2 or"3 illl s 'ighl , .adat he hlhlungsto MSir. The olioer will prove property,. pavchorge and take h ,imt itt.a. Ii l IIAILPEii, tot Caupt. of the Wa:tcLh. . i, hroght to ihe Police Pi-iron of Ithe Setotn l uniciallity, oil the itlb ist, i. brilbtnlllltlio ho byh thle inltte ofS IV'I.VESTER, el +atatllclelge to ,1r. t'ur,_erd, lie" is ii or It sPcar of Tgl The owln-r nill prove property, lty cir-ee,, and taketitat raa. S l hAltPEl0, ..-11 Ct.tCatitt of the tII'atch. tl, brtt,_'tio ith nilt- pti-ott of t,,- 2T.i ulant S illNi)t on the Ith iatitt, a black ir byhti the laome aoft iItA, ntiot 25 tear ieogr, h ig hifh, ; to olle Itrluon to itlol'rg V'hintih .o Iear owletl ii il proremprllprv iyay.ehnrgel oil talke her away, II s IIAItPER, 21n4" Caploin of thte Wal it. i s'it l-,oi It i.l olicti p-rirson at' ttL'ud --tit V u ieil",liet,,O:l t'lr 1!lhlitt a ria i irl, who i aiUl herself \I LG.\IIET. l aI le Ote lit lunt to Miadial Moorl. .e.E i arlllit 1:-1 ea+ of age, ovrey brick. Her oTncle is reqnctead it eomlllv wrthL te lato and take It r owayt. o Ir s I I.\PEi,, m".i Capt of the W\Vtch. lit le.WA-tl.4 -) T r f ONItIo fa s it Inlt ti e bie ak olla S. Mo htel boot fi; h u I thl itt e, en: elooks veray T rt lifo nld a tive; trlok ofi I llnltl a blo.k . lth re rt, nearl new, one nair of bltnek Illlt lloll, s Ieftily tIo xll ant e Cnlon gia. I,n" M r..%hu'duk..: Fifty ,h,l!ars reward will le giveti fi lie r i- tlriont, col tlle hondredl dolars for piroo thant will lotld to the cctlnviotitn of the person or peraomins ,l he rbor or rttt,"itp It. Also, thlle mulatto girl DIL, u lciol, .tre nlt tabot II eaors; hobted Iterteil fo ltittle illos anui let s o "ite itsned t be Ilnuor,,l H.on, , ha,. whtrr te ilar.a'Ol St. Jlln, or Bla nnt (oad. l:ifty daOlshs will lIe Civeo fir heera epre Ien=lon ,i one" I Ittodrd donllarsi'Po' fr lll'ltat woill lead in the coyaa ilnn ,.i the li: ratn or peo'sOtint ht oabor lher, ar io:Igill. eiltrto ftrthemi tji se-; of thie Secotll .di taIir lilt or "I llca i ion.ilt. 1,, I GT.\I:'.NIE, Onice 3rd it M al:rtjy. New O tle it, Mitrbh oill, 537. r i .O'l'e--Ttlte elbderibe .. illl reldv to receive 1 olrd 1"r tir oelt kind of Citreos hlumber, their t ilwc wil l tte tlher betl exerlioni it sillpplv dei'lmlldo wilthl prOmIpitnets olnid deiPEitttoh. Orders to t IS le at lhl mill, )llpOsil.ill. rtltlltote of Jiohl(trrerene. Iq FoIIoerg L.i"alitoo o tttit te r i itllting room of Johbn 5i. Buoh, No. 59 All ai m`lll' slreet. T here i tlto a pliatelt Otiti lttllilliie nttlln ahedo to ihe o till, lhi . , 'ilt ena't ble , t- le t t -ri t to s-11ll. tat arti ele, wlitith ioftltl' ..ei qiuaity, on the Illati nioderIalet terms. TWIt I.W ta. elt nre of i +ailOltlirt t'et'l, i .y itte no 'll g , Ilt- he ho".llt1l'r f lll llnglltel is o ti tllllhtel to eill it irle (Co1t. iniss'rv s l iil .", lllilt-it I t ll lallt , prove lro pert ad ptt my fipellacrt,i it "ill be solhril po it,,eie :tutinoth I Petr a'llot, i h otl l liltl a tl tittttio ahI tia1ill altll. Mt 8t 'I P IIt."'W--\',s tatkenl u oI tne of tilh 2lhdll aclitl, iIod a'lJumllll P inh I Ipdo hle Ga'd HIhuse alh tail buy lorsc, hLuvin; n white atlr in hllisfrel endl. T'he nowilerai ot'snil allillltt .t nre" reg tlPrstd to elllno :htv Iboe will be sohl ttt pllb lliC auctlio , at It o'clock 1", b) I .\ Ii lilo t ll ntltlionher. S2n.. ... i..paill 2 lll alit. .1\.i . taill e 1o II tb l 'iot Il st h'h o litl s l in tl. Sn sorrel Irsc, witha hllte thee. T'h. otwlerllt of taid tI t.or , i r 'o tcsti tlud Illoilvrr t proltertl,tlv t tchai ellt ,nd take Iell anvav o rll hr fIeC S:auntlnv tlhe 11lhh inst., olthr.wi t h l w'illhr 'old atr pbli' anctiol.on the till tnorohh Pi A GIriloltte lnetiot er. JOll. PI'tlICE, Contoni'sru lst Weard, ma7 :nd li onieipnlity. P ( e ( 11 C A i I . llE i h. S-1t 5 bblos. ( f Ioine ( qull - il, I.tyl, ei t(ed, rl havinz britne, bright and nice; w-ill Ire cul ;i ..oul hl'tI aiN. t l ho o to Salo,t. f' G. JOl' . .. 9.. CaunoT st. .S I\'.NT'S I'.)R SAI.:E. N r. lil.rli oe oetlloll s 25rar e, ioo a tml manaaer Aof il.or.h n gOt d di o ing room srrvant. Alto., hi. \\'flit, I otltl 'cook, woloherTeanl irnnter;--and two ctilohhit Or olo o to aollt tlt' other 4years of(age. Aiso, a lii,.h" Girl l1 Yo'noe o i. The atove ".-I s catl o be had low by taking them all. Flro sle by J II ('OLt.ITiT, marl 11 (raier e treet Butlletr's E.j.e,'rescent]'aesnesiean Aperoent, Ol)i Iy ,spepsin or indiestion, norvous debility, gid-o dincs+,a:sidit\ of the stomach, Inbitncl osti,;ven.s, otttni' ous dit istes, oool, goolvti, &c; lioit' vMiloed as a gteluillo co!ing purgativet, very suitable in lin time of the to.r. :t, 3 reoly of the abov'e namood vnlanble medi'ine, just receive f.l t lnglland, ad fitP. t ealt b 1! IIONNAIIIiI., Dtloggi-t. n00 Tcllnpitnras et. illE stuhsoriboer havil beeltn letain:d r mloer in this I city than Ise expected. w II Ie renile to gail for l'exals.lll she lir-t of roict wee,, and athlslrlr he lliaa foirwarded ilt flll Ooollllter Tt' lten that hle interaded toi do, yet, beiin inliirlmelld that there atre olla Mnw her.e tent are oI emligratin to that beautilul and de lightl'ul coutry, tI r the purpose of aidng t-e eause of civil and religioiu liberty; not ce is hereby given to all iosoe, IIIhat provision' adot trlnlpo rtltionl will be lilr naisold them, l'roe of extpense, provided they make ar. pliention a ld rater tfeir m oeS douring this w'ek.. lppl. to Adjutaut \\'tiWlen, at Mr. Iloattie's Cotile Ilotse, art joini I Stl t atr. t'lo'.oo It's i'it I). FI . WA I'tOTTIH, 1110 fol. Tl'n'et Army. (IUC'\I'I'i I lCSE DIIiCSLTO C'().:Y FOI 181i;7 O Jat sl ololihlled, coto.liols a li-t tofh llla anks, Diret tors, iliscoolnt dayos &o, insurance andl otlher collopal-e. treignll ctl .floP, ootolsolt e t ollr(lf co cL' ele, rates ol'haroges' Ct', &t. &c, lior s.lo byt lItt'(C'IKl & Co. TO PIRltt'll.\$EIIS OF 1,I"ITH -- it.1-T-- S. ('t()It iUCNIC'II' ALITY. Neot Osleoso's, 1nlrc 7' l1iI7. tll E r pure bhrrs+ ,f hflot l sohl by this lu ici ltity on jthe I' lot o't io Febrnry ate boare ht to.,,,v oolrld to atipear elr e lrr l: N.llr;ll of Ih, .hlonniii llt i11ty an rol ply witih the eIn ,'litionll of the sale, On -0or irl'te T:es hialv no , [ lbth inst., when the noso iof st, h pour eltscrs a Ily nit tlveP setItl ill be retpotted ito the Cowtt t i I lilts cotio)n tt " tohat b d.. ln9 .1:'I'I1 \\'. l'YE, ('onmptrl ller. A ;.\l l --' If ' 0 pa ot.s ver -,i t h dto-s hl e brl o J iole e aket, Ilrott:i i' t n' ckllowlot il,_, n tohe Caopt and crew, tilhe khind tratlnlnll th," I val',qivv at their hands, while oil on h ir hh f' 1'1, t. ti ' toor ''t Newt Orieans: to IIhoseltalill n- p~t~C flr (;al'ec.tolll, we oli romlll mend the 1: rio Jnoil lte iooot cooltio'tahle i r to'lotessel,biest net'oillldatlilo , lai nol t 'numedioluS s'L in in I khe trade. T'it ,C0t hio htos ni ol re ii.raIIngellntlts willt the tl o hnt sL o 0; too convey too his p.,.eoa.oers and freight up lihr Itidl Ritio, f- li0 as Iloustomu tity, toochitg.t It nlitht iurt, Ilit i har, and othllr placese tin lite It otti. We woutld f o'nc'dl io. allso i the most expeditious inir tc. lil, Itto1 J.acksnl Smitnh, .Jhlil 1). Il'il;lali%, C. ,I. Adaml! ('hlas... 'oP.ierson, J. K. Hlrd, .J 'tsl1;'. ot,20 ,\I ALT-'-Cor-o''td Iooooi liodiofor tioct ni ' mY 11t t' (' .131111(K, 1.3 tl.r er str_ et. Lt..S, I\s+.--1,0 llnIt tol.s hasks rtady Sfuor f l ill i , tol Iot rll O sale llb (t I ItI t I Nt ' "! 79 Commollo street. OCKS&'t re'ivtedonoo sltsotlnt of to" Srio I.oo.ks to' loen, desk, dorawers, chests otold trok-htll onoa o o io ab l I, -eOrtolt iio ollllllore, fr stile whole(tsahe . Irt,.1l by I Al\I'TN & Co. oti Yt5:1 (Old Lcvee st. ( "il-o;t -'itolt. toon ll h6ist rtte older. tlooling tt fro tli1 i.imto 11t ltl' l, illll fto1 al by lilt12 St) & ' ItIi{N-1,, 15; lo ' tto, tilth ar . or li'k';ltidoI uss I lpork,landing tron fiat thonlt,allt d for salo' toe 1.00 &, ILR'NE, i 15i 't'clllthopi itotn treet. ltIIII.N iP.11.T.-T'll I sllt hrihr hiBa received ai 1l q" vih (l.-'a. iiot Io it olh he woqld call th attellitoot ollh lo ' .llih \\'i A IIKlAN, mt' 00 3ingazine st. S i". l\ l & 110\'1 1.. -- Tl. ' le s stTib bay r ceived 1] l)I dozen rittdes anld sllhovels, to which he wold call the otttiihlin IIof o(o! orao te.o StiK t' I t111 E -.s -.ii,,*t l i, "ot in 00l 0 t itO Ptll drt t reel. LOCtot ' I s. l \ ro'I bI.L O'tt-Oi, )i ci btat d 't-i 'cu 1in; :+1 pItes ofSpeble or 'iletbr ssae by m2..l ? 1il I.11 TO11 1 (& C. ,3l Old I evec at. SAT.= ' KE't"l'..I.S.-I-3,sall ketlesou hain and for ooale Io lot to,'ice &(s lrbhy Leooe ooot tso l .ho '1'tiN&( o. sOhl Lvoe0Ic . andlufri l If]s' by L.\ Y'li )\ s: Co., tot1 nutt 50 011 I vevc. AIaI`l II C CAII.lACK &, Co, 65 hravier at S1011- .0'ho2 bids laoding fteolro'ooo iloy for mt2r3 II Foow Lvee. BC' " 1 o . -2.C--:I csso., at sperior -tosnuokC flcitlhti c .r o h tfr etso sloe el D)Is.ol ooY, ado 44I New I. vee. AISIN.;--\\ in'.,iandl uit >lie wiiti .\hiatuudat l Simlorlftatioon Iroot ollllog lihr a oll bh onli.. ' itl) &) BAo.\ '1', ,W,67 Graiter et ptgY(ANDJ oAtU)- .l h ls s ss k;llt3'Ti tl d,; 53 do rupet, and 383 kegs ard, laoi ,, 0ll , . T i :&.tjC byi r m'_3 " '1'1l'l \'1:11& 1, 7tl.O:dli .. f "X Sglgg & HrAv¥ (;uo. t- at, 14m ihneop, med ro d rlyk , nal rods and l maouldsa Coa. o esrm sheur. lUiapr'd, spring, dseet and Hollow wM. cut mald ns'iht isit Bld oytc a Zinc, bloek lin, mill il riud alotaq rod hoiNtle Chlin Cebles, iuthors, hiao Oa, lag as d tre s is, l asirss mills Audisd, vies, HImmen ad elow s .Xs, lesortp ent ad he lead; aMl o r'd st il Matml cdag, h linen ow th ine rous pgropartio o hchet Navdal stoem haird.o liltseld nltd Ip.rpn oil A rmlll usortmenrt o b .uaa a lr p d -hip cloiarr, etlwa" as .c~li, mnd whirl are' ofri.d sfr ast at .Lhl"w woe os retll, Ia ther tly rocaalle tror., by .m4 1.A'YT')N k Ck . 5,01.h t.4rr. N eOThi--stbusnribter to the iltldia . thnn bow sditmasto hrch , thr the isen-e of RPoydea and Cermondtlot treets lho have nlt poll tlhir sualt iptitlO. Ire rcpe.rfidly itftlr.ud thau Ild~s ali r a dil time A considerabhle mamoslat it addition to that already hseriltld wnil be required to mart all dth aogl i late entered ait for d erection of this di.lit., as crofs prlporhtin of whr it in coalidenol believed wil be prom.l tly ontribused by dthe iendl oreligian his rn lnlllullilr. 'Ibi snuhich onlben aeostnletrd, will uas4 Ihb. with oilier edifies recenutly erected a nbllelo nsoosatlt of the taste and lilerality i-f lthe C eof N. OleanI. Pcrreon dispnuaele to cll.ltrillte Iotwr, tshi ltobet wnill -.Iae to do so throughI ite lgens, tlh Rc. Win. TilE Mt'iI'MltC . lhOLI'. r ' I.llI .ptnl. l ...Uxtrsairt i sal tilral t'hiltt alt " tse Northllr tnater. ceselllenl to1he in gLra res s.hte rel., antl dierrei the atelotials of ill masoer'i to SMstu of permsnt.. t Boenommsneing dihe use of it to or tthre cas "brmnl iieisrlrt, the aufrls. will be Iesse.l. ll tis te lime cliftlei dllntion aliolrnll. Aldy ly l se m ihril trr, .get fBr the p aprsie, for a eup} of lihlle sollouus eerflllcllr.t give In 1 re inientsra hlls-, wlLh dirllnnl forthale ile of tiis iholsstasalstsnp.ifie H I14ONNAtaIL, fli ear Natrhez ikn l I ntltiton i. C('sl"o ISiA . New Orleuno, Mrcsh lt, 1r37. Trl E. I hnrd of Directors have thi. tina dierlred a di 1 hiletnd of 4 ier cent, ul the onpilt sltuak, ia the ls it m n.ntib.. tnyblen to 5tte .torbkhnldes-r,,, or aftr the 13th1 .March inst. nOB'I' J PAl.FPRY, it2 Coiolier. OFFItti EI ALIn Lst'fANCe C.roispAy, news Orleadn, MSrch 6,18l37. At the nnnual Electlia foe Dislpres of tsis lisstlitls iaon, for the enuins yeae-- the follwiang Inosed gentle. anll ire elcmyed, r iz Jlnr s Gri Ikhin, IJoneph A. oarelli. Ti'hannns larrrltl, lnrv I It, .lt-erduln, eary' Kelle., J ohn'Wlithellsd. Julon E. lvde. Antid at s meuinl of lhe Ibourd this day. Jolln Whhl-. Ienl win elecrte Preaideltl Jnlll St.bkohi, Inspector. Edward Britcr. Atorncs Andl isi731 CIIA lI.E'4 IIIT'HEc , lecretrre. S'fA'rtI NE'RY, te I UD.ON'S fine Whille Illu tor Woe .letler patpr il lisso Blue lid Nonti d.tth. Ditl, Blue & Wlite Iluled litso. Ditto ('Cap Paper siltn. Ditto Cap Paper Ruled ditto. Ditto BIlule \1 oe ditto, tri:.?d cxljrastly for lte'l pons; Dvrid's WVritiis Fllid; ELng.h .tpsitl Ink; Kidder's Blaek & Red aInk French ateSuar; \ 1"nn,!6:s's 2'5iil Black and led Ink LPouwler; extra utlperf.e Red ieal;lng s Wani nlh.aned ond fimncy hculrn ditto, perfisled ditto: Freilh - & a liseiuVfetre, ltrge and sinall eize-; Qisll.s of variosss qnallluiipi; Wiille' Perfeetrm; Clevelandl'r , lilltot's, oud I.ndir' Steel Ps-t, 1ter eale ilOTCIIKliSS & CO., nm9 21, (hnartre .trert. AR'iL'lNlli I'E" (ll;X olfers tIrsale at bis sisr V i. T2C'rltoupiutlah etr et, stoves afe osperiorMani diffrenlt jlatllerii to any shat has yet been sild in thio city; r.ukinkg ofall s lee, round, sqlare anid oval; parlor and hall ido of a new patterns, itsnding on nit solulans, not equall-d by any yvet made, Alto, Ibthiilg" t0ll, linwrr boths tint andl iOtlier ware of every deserption. iN St ,re--lssierial,guspllsdcr, nniil tia.; mi. s rille, ouasll .iled ihnoldsiand aw.t sild dry n ines direcl frou Malagn; (hampaignse anl eparkllngl Hur gutidS wines- anptrior lecnodico its holifpilse; old peacl ibranid i hbila.: 50 bales gulsy oags; Boricix Claret ihi Ilsn., for ule by REAl) & B.AROTOW, nt9 67 Grnsier street. rl llE oststtiriiereive tid in tore end oil .rfor aBie J. osn aconmos ailtiig termu: 150 askse Soeuth Ale; (hit and t.nnrt. :i) Casks Ile.t Losloln m.w tslsl. 100 Piceeeolseriar icotlsl Bagging. 2 ('seo Brwn anld Whlite liiea Drills. 80 Groas Poltint \'ille liottles. ml7 IIOI.MESl & MILI.., Bank Alley. InAGIl.i INSURA:N-CEi COMPANY s rlA rali 1I ted Aprilld, 111115. CanppII $.5011,l010. DIIIRFCTORS.. CHanriri BItoGGns, Presldent. Thos. Barloet, Edsisnd J. Fur.siall, Jol,. E. H vde, Ilelsrv I). Iislnlouna, Joe. A. flirrelll, aJoint Grioslsaw, John Whlitehead, Secretary. 11' Tlisk eomipasly will silnsre fire, marine amt rive risks ansi guaranrtee bils of exchange and pIrromimnory ites at tlheir clltie, ill thle Exchalge on Royal sirte isjoinisng tsl Union Bssn or sit J. WIIITEIIEADt. se v. 115 I Subscribers, Agent ilt fr tihle etensive Ioure of W t. & r. Butchr, Shelield, England, tave just reeive| n very ettetnivo set of patterro, cunoistiatn of TAde and D)esert Knives ot every desecrip on, en, Psiket, Dlkh, nnd Spear point Knivea Rae oai Sonetr sors,. Edge Toolsn, &e. e. &Ike. wiltb they are prepared ta exhlibit to the trade tlr onrdecs, 'rerls and conditions aill! h made knewn at tir title. tillt J. I). EIN &A COIIEN,tt Common at. LATE "iL;lKtcATIONsý. TOU'R through the M Canmfnetritg Districts lf, l and, in thea emnmer of tS.. o ByS.rGeorge I lead author of "Foreaw t ceonle,' and " Incidents il Aninerira." An ':lumenmry Treatie on Anatomy. By A. L.. J. Baoyles I. D. Translated frmn 1he'4th editlin of the French. By A. Sidlnev Dlonn. A. it., H. D. Live; tronhieotet"lie George lInker, A. i. in 5 voltnmen, being No. 2, to 28 o Harper's Cloasiral Family i.i Arer n. A lso, - An additihetl atsuppl, of Davis's Maenir- or Aaron Bturr. Jost received and firt sale by m14i WM. MeKEAN, cerner of Comtnnlt. BEAUsAIINT'S EXPERfMEN'pT - E .PERI tIENTS and Obaervations on the (ass Ti JuAce. oand the Phyeiology of Digestion. IMy W t.oTaumatnt, M. D., Surteon in the U.S. Army,. u received and for sale by WVM. McKEAN, hu14 CornerofCnmp & Cenommon streets. yHE undersigned from teis dale, will tated ofTtinnIoe C. Swain isfll It reairtd by the nIlw firm; nid theIi undreigd wiTl give his partlictlr attention to hub. tsine-, and solicits n ahare urf ntrotnage. t16 tJOHN W. SWAITN. E .LACKING, &c.-2 csaes Orbirn nm adUnden s rclthrnteid paner blackina" I0 cases Gernmlla Toi el and Statia Glass.s; far wIple (. ani SIMMlON., LIARI' &Cn. 70 f'hnrlrel at. JONmE'S lATl N 1'TCOTTrN (IN, ill- in oA ion this week till Wednerday anfernomn, at Na. 1)ll Jillin trrel., from in to It uIo'nhk A. M. and from I to 5 P. li., n thie wrnthear lat week Iprevenled ntny frlim ieeitg it. mti S(AP, STARCH. &c.E-Landing from ship Ieirnzi Gt anrd erig Mnarfgret Antn, .e bolxes l.oadila Sliral:h; 2410 Ioxel Non. I entd 2 onl. 97n11u1 Segnr in a ulnrter und. iehth b xei., mta3 ISAAC BIttllE & (', t:14 MapenZl sa. _1 IANILLA CURItD.tiE--A, sn.sorttant of sine, JL fron 2 to ilnchl, f.,r nsl at i; ratvirr t. by nt2 STE'TSON, AVERY, C '.o. I- A.'S &-54l Ilidds i'hrelor'n faiily hatna; l0de ishoulders; 1 do nl:sagre, for atle at t6.i Canmp st, by rn YOIRKE ltO'rHElR. IltiaN SIt.E.--OII Irtlen ul"' inrot lrig tawrecre 1 Cop.:und aopposite tire M.lit fr l. a1t 93 Common streety, In. 11 G.OI.E. ST. IAGE -2'L i hds Tolhucco will b. take on et iL rage ia tia oe'lrl ltone coria r ot I igoare andLa. fari.t street, Einqulaire at 7i M.gazlne astreet. r ITrEA--0t Ioxel 13 Ibs raci gunpowder I.r. S50 d d o Imiperial do. 100 dt G.hb dti do. 'll tio 13 IIs o oviltig tsonin, do. atll oflntte ituprtaiion, ond a sul.trior qalitly jut re ceivei per lship tfntiiaelle, frnm New York aad fir sale at 2, Grtvier strct by 11i' - J COCKAYNE. Ia t'tttFi Z n.111 ·raoi indebted tc tit_ ertate ad R. S . ETllull, of lthe St. Cbarles Arcade Reeioura , n.e r.qlsreid tIa make immerdiate pal tett to Jamens H. ('hllwell, 'rovioiautl Syntdic, at tre lbox (ie, St. CUiitulesIhar. ' ____r tal? MINI".AI'i'tLE CIIt ;SE--- bioxes just recuverd I and Ior ntlelit 9j Conon et. .l, tt'.DBn27 JD IN& A COHEN. H.\'S' -36 came ofth a neowteneePat i t htolla H halo, jsti receiveld nd ior tale at 90 Coonlnt eFt., by allr,.7 J I) EIN& A UC)IEN. i OFFEE.--.Qri lllte Irinti grotne.tlnu cr e in Sstore and for sale titl Graviur et., Iby rai27 Bi):iERtT & IIAWrtIORN. A forrunle at il Grnvior rireert, Iy m?7 IIOGE.tI' & t IItWTIORN. .U u--., olb oi Alrltl, itn slore nd Lor sle ato3 A Old Leevc it.lbv v l tAYTON At&a. Li and fior mule at 63 Gravl, r at. by Itad? IilOiEIRT & HAWTIHORN. IjAAlM.VY IIhAMIS--i btdls Reytilde & 'Co': tanlm, 1 liaditnlg frtm uteanler haoney, fte salne t m23 SI.O0 & L)III.E, 153 Tehuurliitoullllt, H - A S khvll qcnaniooedjlaaaanin yaiiai (tru signs ti. tncr Elvit, anld for sule Iby 2VAIRIN, m24 niC Ptvdraol i. T OIl'Clty -5J mot Rictimod Chaewing Toba en, will ee vold totl. bv int, A It WAIlI.ACE & Co. Rank Alte.v llTINTEfR ,u.--' cusks New lCdsurd Winter S ?. of very supottor quality, junst received Pu slip iHunavilla I'rot New Yaik, ulia for sale at no. , Gravair aa. by mto7 J COCKAYNE, 'aek for aualo at 44 New Levee, by !tr O DORMEY, ij.,tLO'f; -.I.'PTztt 1ib- otci b i iupe t tnenr, tand Il I ,kegs lard Irclceived p.r Bliboat and fttr ,le at 44 imta Iq a aItI CI V1OR 4EY, " t t I E(' oFlEIe.--s edor elteeitcast .teel itl. 10 Sntdll tilage, ltittallt for Gila omwse al .i tele tt 5.(1 lI t.oe` . hI. 140.N4Y..,l, . ui251 riutt. MAYORALTY OF J4W ORLEA.S* NOit .'s.ils. Apf t . eirsl WId, mat the Malde cl Isaqp.ll hrlarte pnth A flstke, ke ro s.w, Mtacb cbrAldeardmaltheM M olelpat e 1. alt firs Mondab sApe f at Rdloo ie as ma ish t hoeheraeri s aarnse PintWard, t the Ae. F.-IS he.. 6.pec, I. A. I1. ateXp, Dr. & N. eiLhle clrkJ W. $ilwell. eear Wiad, at sthe Ma epO! al l. I.e eta, R.bertn Layta, Wi. Feint. •. , C. BER ty. o Wardn , : a isrvey Slolmie'n. L .tmw .a . er reseTure, J..( I'e olvd atlt aelit erCr aet ith aoave amtsdt prrV - P idmed r in d ich oihers a hae nday dm N paddie Jls LWINAl dedee. uy- tshe I ih Iewlutin,, ier by vi. VOreels d earmt, appeed ltle BlU Marchin l tri chd.An are is "n . rtohe eit, of Nrs Orllae , s 17th F l 1, Sand Bet iSte * hWs meiae is iaho'e eltebalem Mmed d pdaitZ between arere to IM tee rei s eal elafctin Aldeeron fartche eattin Muniniaalk wll be bud it illsditereot plare. amt ths cthe itnourderede ortt Ne 4 edittrs ios the I each ward of said iuiieelpsilr is eul rled, itn ndu Biu VseM Ward, bur A .idetnue. Mrcah, rwdtl7 . b.P11C, Mlayor. Ceotinmatint a In sselse a idasnt Cen .dent der deaprlatiu. soi aa p rae s l, etli tale -Aet r anms h. ie ileo1 .i e ea e1~ rrdrea sos Wl ! l ý s i a ull I2i5,N ,a pin si Maw4 O1e0 tit A8i.O , Ma. e sdoaa i qus Laedii lacedl einan w auFti LW r maletO. ESDlLqr A e I en i ato Precede a taelerite eouise el r t de Iseaeat col e pLtr, Sout lihe uas daeoe d I hueadui reesluison or .rSuced distrit, trai Aldmerens Tresieies d.iwirt tied Alder' On. La so Mals IIS )i. PRIEtUIi, Mayer. . TA.. . ewl I.tlUIA iANA- ParsdA Cosurlrtr At Pareish . Clpy f New Orlears- Prseat, the lloeorabll Csenai.s Mer, l,Judgle. NO. 9351. . IlJ PON a a.f ln g 1 0 a t Ie et n a 1nd ,h0du 0 In U this rap, it is Iiere dtli the reldisl m of the In0 aelrrnt do meet ia ope coari i, Friday thlie 3st day of Math: creditors then and thre It dtlibermte ouhe'pe litiaei' sidlrs, mad iL the meati al r pomeredinge against his person sad prm'wrtv are rl edl i0e order of the rOurt Clerk's ofi0e, March i 1093, II M. OU ,5N m1 31t 0ler.0 25, 16, 32, 3, 2, 45, 61, 10, 1, 58, 33, 23, .lce Art drawn mbtsers of the Ilth Clora FIREE CEOOL LOTTERY. A UTHORIISD v Art of ter .gilsatnre olf de tate e of Iouiriana, for the. brnlft o l'the ".)urcltita SrhFol TelSetr, paosed end approved the lit ar.l., CI.ASS No. 16, FOR 18337. T1 be drawn in oroOrleans, , to &surdo I le .4prd. 75 Number l.otter--ln Drawn Beallets. SCIIFME. Pelt. Dallert Doliars 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,200 is 1,200 . of 1,000 is ,000o 10 of 500 is 6,000 10 of 400 is 4,000 10 of 300 is 3,000 o80 of 200 is 16,000 65 of 100 is 6,500 130 of 50 is 0,500 130 of 23 is 3,250 2,600 of 10 is 26,000 20,500 of 5 is 104,000o 23,845 atiouhlting to 199,450 Tikets--wholle tlrklrt,, 8,5W hlver, $12 Oquinrtere $1 2w. Package. of 25 TiekctsitOi ,mlsteted Io .tlw at leras $50, 0nd may draw the four Capitall. Pa.eage. tf shares in pnoportion,. For Tihkets spply at ite AMtiatrre'.orrl, 3 Oraclvei street, adjlinins tie elmnsr{ Inli the (read,, mid Ib0i Chatre,hetl*t eeal Cbiti el it. l.ottie itt. ttl J K MFAD.Manner. 'I'KAN$t'.I'T WANI'I.ED. SUMBER a fvessels of rls Il draught ofwater andl wantlied anI Gbgrnnaeni llihsopart. Tlhey are to |al Fcrt Bfnake; Hlftletltaugh bLa, hy the It'tl of Aptil eztx, Well tiiidIcd with doora or oather fur the SarsWilth wlod and water, aend all o;her necessary preparatoue, to r traniportatioo of Tnops or Indiana Writleh lrolosal s stltingther tonnnlagel. raclyli, en elr, eharacter oelenc a vessel, and the price per bead fIea Fot Brooke to this place, taking sItelat s the Miuiaiippi, will be received by Major J. Clark, psi.t ant Quater Master U. :. Army, until the ersening of the 24th inst. 'AiLo, for a ollmoer a. taeaporto as artvefar trans. portng trmpa Iromn Fort Rooeals Apslachicola, o he at Fort Broke on the 10th of April neat. QA.rell MAlA F.MTER'S OFFICE, New Otleans, March 'l, t&l7. lATIE PUillaATO'l-rta. . • of Saint Nihtetle, in vol. heint vl 14, 1 of the new eomplte and uniform edition of Paul. dstx'. works. The IDutehman's Firm.ide.-A Tale in 2 vale. heing vol,. 12 and 13,dofther ew eomplete and unifirns edition uf I'stlding's worki. Illamte.-Teaslalted b, Aleonder Papope, Fsq. in 3 vola. being Na. :33,and 34, tof laner'' Crlan. iceal Famaly Library. Just received and fiar sale by Wm McKEAN, m23 ansrere Camp and Commonn at. SCENE8 IN SPALN, Ac. &,7. S CENS in Spain, by the author of A year in 1 .alh," &e. &e. 'her lloney Moon, by the Conuteaa of Bleaoington, Ar. in s vlel. The Taulgs' at Itmsgale, 7y BaRn, together with oth. r Tle bys yditiaulsuhed writen. Abe,a farthr sepplo of BUrr'ilt.mnla, val, it; and l.ivingslon'l Cri.inaIl Code. Jso reeeitrv. and for sal by m23 BENJ. I.EVY. TIlE INDIAN'S PANAECA. JUST reeeived a lasge supply of this moat valuable e- medicine. aeeording to dra o lately r eelve,.l vati faetorr discount shall be allowed lI Drtrgiat's and all sale dalers, Is applying tohe : or the proaip tot. II BONNABEL, ,, enrher Nathes and lTerhatpilulns ass. ) ICI ANi BARAE WINEt w.erose Madeira; do BLUltrlhmini Murdock, do; stett, do. Mlahmsy, do. Al.o, pale old Amsbttlslada ahll.ti don I.obnl do Lut (Gorda and Co, All Iheti arti perindW l Wltlpj equal; and loml of them auperilt to any for a'e in the Unitad States,for sale by A It I NSIL EP, milt . :I Coital at WITIEIA EAS i eii'. JA E SPEAR, a rrunwa W with a noted thief, and llas taken up hern in a canmp on the Oyeler Iltunk,-This is to forbid any persont frotm hnroring, employing, or trltailng her ni y acecou.t, as I will p ,ay no dets oft hlr ctraciting. WIL.LIAM B. PI'EAIR. Parih of Plerqtlilmin, hiMdl" 9, 1W. mn9 lINIEI) OIL, GLASS, A&c.-L.ineed Oil in bbils; i ator Oil, in do; I.ap oil in do; Chrome green in i land dte; Swaint's P'naicea; Snaiin'at Veratifugr; Garden seeds in boene; Window Glass; Seidlitz powa ders, Cap and I.Cetter I'npeo fog sale bv o'23 SWAIN & BIlt): tiruggisaa, II Camal et, -S. Chanral Theatre A -ue, and .rrade Balls' j J .otrany. A GENERAI, o.lthtg of the StockhLoldrs will take i plce in the oltli a tiHe St. Charlas T'heatre, onl Iboday asst, at S5 o'elok P M, ta take into e a iderni tion she amendments to the St. Charlee, made by the .egislature, anld forthe troanracion of olther bunaness. A punctual ilendan-e is requeated. By order of the President, iti " OEOIRO WENT, Caslhier. T10o PAVELRS--Written pIomlala will be receivedl until the Ist April, at the office of tlhe Gas Light rnd Bankinog Co. for the remisring of all thIltreefs and aide walks taken up by said rcnllanav for the enheaitn year. All aiteriai to be lurnidlhed by the eontraeelr, the work o be dose in the beet anaeri al a ylltyten to Is, anode, on the eesiflcale oa the rreavori Heait the work ha been completed tolI Ins oti.faettm. TIt eaotract ar muet goe ie hmd for $5001b l(lh lppreveda seeority, tor the aithftl ancMe' t hi due,.s (;as Light O emk Alley, ma·cr 24 31- GItANl , SALOON-NEW F{CHANhIE HO'EL. tMESSR BiISHOP aol Te UFI rej etrlll'y ase si aolte Iltat their SORIKwS EIUS, IAI.E, will takl place n Wdnt e sla e eeni. Nara 2Nt, 1133, when they will he asaieterd the r llowmirg diiati " goilhed artietee, who hene tioitely arafmied tirtl talt. ale aid. Madtme GIKAU.Dthe aelebasted Piailaleta Signor GAMBATII, (by petslialit of it IKtIaall, E aJ~)3Bignuo RAVAGLIA Mesa L.EHMAN . mtsla IlRtOIL and an moateur ' Ibis citty, g.7I'ieaae, SI O0 to be bed at C.lsev' Musice atlrea and at dte New Eehgeo ilttel: Mo tt. PFsLt't NEW WOiRKSl &ct&. -tLEANIOI h. Furopc 1y an Anaerta (Caeeper G __lr i 2es. SkettLheal a }l , lluetrlate of every ,an lIfe, ahd eiat'y ty -ollle, tbeiut eotnldnatian of Watkns' Tlttle, anl other .aetehse. Minor Morals for young people. Illultrated it tale and tavel, by Joltu la llowritgl iut received and t i vale by sn.a ENI, I.EVY. UiHIEeo.purtuerlIlarOretfie exitlng i thils e& 1 nar toifir Doff CALLAW\VAY i LUNG was diulvr.a tel soe 9Lthist.h mtual eohreaht. 7he at. fairaoattta ate Irat will to ultteodet Ito by eithe ofthe parlleee; A. thely er to tsakeo s rgtletald, Il.ey par, sicularly slqa t all l tls. laahIh etaime •agitat tlom, at peeest them Ilmeedialely tar paymetM, 0an those who re isrsbia .i lib t enoeerh, li mante oay. aent withaut delay. ME . CAILA W A, Nei O*Iae tSet a1 _ l$ . _ trkEilt .WE l iaolftd Me. Jos YVCsttsomp eas abacaa ita tatie- f cettinan hhhthTeraissr Ce r. TJinod Htiha en ssuutslhW inr rbisato ta od yyir s ninees t Otll be I W e t li a .euW Sav,. n . o tIe mertics' to aet a aml:td as earl l.the p'it e p r aIv, thathe 4i0,t11 aei~e In k thelb l -k.h- l .--il e -',,alneo il;' lb.,i bean pt -1 • inter roma iw d o l; 11- c aP. , l w rJ ,d a b a nioeL lpi l , T i - 'aatiae .laar eore al .s.r ruo hr u:2I Ino I.AI ti\ A te.,3 ( Id atres sc