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April 3, 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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CoanotisJion and a Sf.coaodtr. .lrlrcEhants, LOUISVILE, KENTUCKY. In.sI'Sc · I.,albcth & Thab psotlt N 0 le, Befer to Mcssr'. A. II. 'allaer, & Cc. Oatle ant6 CITY thANK, NEW ORLEANS. ST the annual election for I)irector of this insjtitu tion, hod eot tile 6th instaut, tile following named gentlemen tere leactrd for tie osuig year, vl.: r nttelJPeters, H. Aver , j. Coldwell, Victor Daovid, Charles A. Jacobs, WV, E. Levericrh, p. O. Sorbe, J.N. Ltvilebeurre, ." G. Walton., L. Andraws, Samuel T. Coil, A. Quoertier. ad at a meeting ot the Board of Directors thlit day, anuel Ipters, sq. was uonulimously elected precident. M13 ROtB1'. J. tPD)FiIEY, Cashier. 1to e d Gr ~ce Corls ansd l sll.lltas . rllerclhants CI-GNCIJ TI , OHIO. Advances on Cont igt ttat to tlLe &oCO house by J hI BItOAI)WEI.I. &,CO. J1 56 Magozine street. P. C tIIEN & CO. INTELLIGENC. AND (GENERAL. AGENCY OFFICE. fetl .Nt3. 11 6 .Mlagaine street A CARD. ILLIAM A. DUCAY, offers Ili services to sugar 'Planters, not his onew mode of rectifyig sttgair, ievt.n it totsur taoo aiy imllrorveteCt ever kllownU he r in tis state, to tio ally other pi t, tttak.i:lg it whiter ha atvy rectificd t.of Sttgar:--lHe fel'ls more conrli t l his Cheloial oporttittst ittc Ite has sutccedl to iiving the nltto t satojaltctiuhtl tol tlhoe gr utrle len which have calplovyd Itilu. N. & 3. Dl t, & Co. STT3En HENDEItsoN, Esq. SomtrEt. M'CtrrllEotN, Esq JtoEsi M'CI'rcottION, Esq. JullN D. WILKINS, & Co. P. F. lor fuirther particulars, apply to E A Cohlen &Co. No,. Itit61 l:Mtazine street. il MAii LTbYtTR f NEW ORLEANS.i Coun.tilf l .he Second .ltniciltplitI. itlilng of Tuesday 1st March, 1837. IltSOLVED, That in the oiintion of this council, L it iselpedtent, and ilceasory for lthe public con enienee ant health, to cotitlulc Natchez street frotm 'ehoupitoulas street, in atstralight lille withl, and of the meo width as said Natchez strect,to New Levee street; -d the MIayor is hereby althtorised to give pulic no. ice in the Trite Aiteriettn anid Commnercial Bulletin, in 'reuchand Englihi d tring tet dove, that it is tihe in tion of thia Counbil to oplen aottl continue said street, coai onfritywithlthe actof the. Lepislautre, entitled, SAct to reettlto the opeehitg, luy)tng o , rit tut rovig strets and puoitic plnaes i the city of New -eans,&e.'" Aptproved 3d April 18112. Sitneti, J fBA.I)WIN, R corder. Approedt, rll t21, 13:7. .eigned, 1) PRIEUR, Mayor. A trueeopy, C IIEoARD, Secretary. Areebly to to the loragoing reeolution, and in con. ratty with tie plrovisionl of a act approved tihe 3d tpril 1832, entitled,"tan Act to regulate tilhe opcting, ytng out and itpronlr (tgtfstreets and public placec tite oily n Now Orlallet, &c." Noiiec is hIerreby yen that is tie inteution of thie Council of Mtllt-. tality No Two, to have Natclhez sotreel opelned tnd ntinuedfrom Tehouplitoullt treet to New Levce st., a straight line with, and of thlle .onIa width as salid _tehn street. ) I'RItEURt, Mayor. March 2d11, 1t37. ,ONFORKM lIENT a lla rteslutionl ci dessus, et en / vertu des dislpositionla de I'tacte approuve to 3 Avril 2, entitulet "Act,! por regicr I'otlvet tlre, la distri tionetl'alttelllrationu des rues et pIlces pulliques slavillte de la Nile I)irleaic., &c." Avri ct ptlune e l'intletion du ttConusil dh It Seconde Municlpllite t dc fairs ouvriret cOltinttr li rue des iNatchez de rs la rue, Tl'ch,nitoula jusqu'a aI rue do li Nile ro, en lique drte et det l utelle lanrger qou'a mllin neat ola dite ru des Natchez. I) PI'RIEURI, Maire. I.'22 Mars 10:17. MVAYOI :..'L'Y 01' NEWO UtI.I.tCANS. Couttncil of the S'croad .flluripclity. Sittiiug of 'Thnrlatl , 1ith lMnrcth, 1837. IRSOLVED, 'Ihattin the lltinion of this Council, it is expedieut, anI d t ecessret llr the puttblic cot ience, to continue Notre autllae trcet fromll ..atgazine ct to Camp street, il a strait tlice wilh,and of equal th with anld street; slid ithe MOior is herehc nau rised to give puhl.e notice i. the'True Atmericun asd i rcil Itlletin, in Fre IIch and IEnllglish, duTiinhi days, tihtat is the initention iof tti ('taitoucil to open I street, in conformityitlh a iactl of the I.egislaottlure, Sitled "ao Act itl reotlule the toprtshlg, lintIt olt, iltattving'i fslr reetr an lipublic plalc. ilt Ilitaciy 'ew Orisone, &c." Alill Itcrc t ti il 1032. Sillulctt J Il- ItJWI.,l Recorder. 4pproved,:ltt tMareh, 183P7. Signed, t. I'1{, Mayvr. A trse copy. C EIl iD,S crerStary. greeably tot ll revolutio n, and is con _ 18:32, rutlillt,' ".tl :be(t tt rIql'nlllilt, Ihc (Iopclllhl, fout, td imri t,let iind Ia cbtliC place[r Scity of New Iletcrhlll. &.." NoIti,.e is ItIreby a that it is the ijtourian of the C(oil ,iof 3 ttnici y No two, to htave Notire aiu st optenled from 7lad street, to Camp street, itl a -trait lill' with, ttd a bt width as said Noltre II)lltlll lCt t al 2, 1837. 1) I'RII it; ilt, icire -vertu d'uilnote a*.)routicle tIiAtrilt I0 t ru,.lle ies roes etl f,1 c.<, pollil eors do: .c Is viln to In rla t, c, ' Avis c- dorlltllr: l.' I'irtt'ntiha dti it de is ,/;odtc Wli, itmille it t dit ir I-ir uve = 'Notre l)tunt.', detins hi rue , e-, ,tlanaiito, jo.c o due Caoto, cm li tut dcn,rt ,ht/io rt,, erow ltrgctlr itaiatlailltlaolt t tit. rleNotrc e N )tl, . i22 Mare, 1837. it PiIlt. lie. JONES. t 11 iT T CO TTO. \' ( GIV, ePa|, tee, Nil. 1.; \ligazinc stl c, Notw irl ,ilni . BE l3ANi;'.\Ci'UIIlIoI IN SNEW YORIK lY IiuUIR 1' I110r & CO. SCA.LE 0 1' i'JlI.'ES-D,,ilIe Gins. a double Gin of 8it slws or more on elnch inde, making 160 a i s in the staicnd, ithfeeders, kbanls, &c. :it $60 ,ersaw, or $900 tK0 a liouabe Gill lf k i sl vsiit I( c0vlindrl, 120 saws in tile stad, liclltrs, &e. a pelt :ia, Oa 720 00 d. of 40 :.s concdo. cr 83 saws in a ad, at i el. el sw, 503 00 do. li) isaws on d. or 40 saws in a li, at$6.50 per saw, or '26000 SIN( IL GINS. a sin'lclin of 8:) e lsws m moct re, with, set olf lelers, thbals, &c. at $6 pCri n.ofO a0 sow idi, wit fcetrsic . at d$0 prsaw, 30300 . of 4il0 aws, itllh feeders, &e. at $6 er saw, 300 00 lo. ol 20 saws, with feedelcrs, c. at $7 per saw, 150 00 ta teetll where desired, fOe liclelrs, supplied a its elloh; the inu er oftteeth being lblout equall lnumber of s:ws. One set of feeders, it is (on ld however, will wea oat two or three sets of E(xta sIows suplplicd at 80 cttsa ceach. SGills ollrdered, will be delivered to the agellts of rs in oay of tihe sea Ip1rt owis of tie cottUn pl n 'atcs, at tlie o.tice llrecs, the lgentts It inlg the ot Ol tise sile i'ron Neo York, and beccoaitt Ire ble for the amount of tile Gin. A Giin wrighlt asenlt willth lie (is It pt them up wherle de tie clharges for slervice will be cxtr., but runnin.lllg gea 'call aclohe ortlerled where desiredl, soo.ble terms, but will be citilrgel extra. h orse ,ofany deocrilition, can be flarnishcd onr like Small steam engines can also be orderedi if de iesirable, when planters give orders for Gins, louldacconoliy themn with Ieir views in regllrd arrangc laentofaiws, blrealst bkuslest &c. It di thely lififer in olillion. Some licro tawa of dilameter than otlhers. The mlost co i;on size 10 inches; but solne wish theCI 1i icches. Some or 6 rows of brushels on an ixle, while thllelrs do at more thand4 it I1most. Soe wish saws with 8 tit to thie inch, while others wlat 10 or 11. muachliiscreieupov, wc Itoter they shiould, lit of fgiving orders, flirnish a tatement of their and the nlillilttulheri cos il t1lil lhem in evety i lr. \here it is left to ollr iscrelioe, w c sllall atn o the most modernt anti approevol ila"t. rl" can e ecutell, foll the time it is ieceived, tace of eight or nine weeks, oid the Gill in that cedil ithe Iliind of the factor. To be ini time t crolp, all orlertls ought to be il thie hnlls of fieatairs hy the lieht or niiddlle of loy; except tials whereilihey relatet in comnllelcilog to gi aottoii. o The Patelt Right, for any oec of the cetton States, will be sold oni reasonable tcrlls. imoas LIAM LONE, hacieg Ipurchaosed lr. Jotas allaway'sintareistofthe itck in trade--will the Cnepper, Tiilll id het Iroln i monut etr ss in hiis owin niln anto for is lown acoontllt athctnd, No. ld l' Tclnliioln as at., where lie la to eec old ccsteicrs, bl ling fronl pest to tccoanlnoodotd friends aill tie publie gefer She w.I. continue to merit patronage. CE Tii.ipaclksers of sqnrcca in tie towni of ewabuhr, tlod by eletlet & Cenitls; at auction dtday Feb aIst, arreqIuested to call at the \Vii C.rlieiai, notori Itlitlie, end comply with sof csla, witllhi tle days from tllis ilte; or else rty will be sold at their ot andll risk accord SEI)JUN.ll N, wo o an ahllction .... d lk by Isalle L'icCoy, oi I)ecember last, ,hi rh "l ,..,a' described lots int i us hore y nlyti icd to c-c.erlv with 'tic d ecollditios ot the oale, within tell ;aya..-,,, hereof, otherwise tile sall will be sold for hi anil riskc, viat: ten lotsnnoetlcred folnt 8I to 1)0 e o othe oide ndjoiting I) F Ililllrhe, Esq'. prlo i en otilir lotut oale odjeilline the prp llertc of rio, eall. tnitnbered fr.oll 11 tlI 1.1 iliclusive. 1-- payable in 6 imonth, and the balance in Aeurs, fratnl the 17th l)eroltber llst. o2.l-tIid .tilt l)IILL \I Oitl IlOc\ A lil), Lbe givnf iir allprehcnding and lodging in ii the aegCo JERRY, Ceded, it io lipOsed, Oia oared the Steamer a. for Cinciu:tn chi, hott tedavra cince. iS about 45 years, five iet ten or eleven kIeiht, roilnlsetool.ed slhoders, very talkative ilearfond of btrering anti i tding 't In bsor. Ire a iaek-dicrfiler citoam time vast in 0,lr reery ad IDo douaitobtaiiednedPgei pi|:ers. I!. l is free, acceicluoied Iin. She i.t i negress iutlre, aod very tolklltiro eke. It is euppos inttasmed tik alote of \'IILIAMI, ad tilhat citicls tlly .hi ..illl . 11m,; will helid fia serlrio- hlim in ally jail In t,; and i0hoiJllerc for Inlglg,.i he in ally jail, 0oIt of tihe hrlle, withall rcesolld0lle el.eisri 1,toinEgiua ll"r- J i1,t:. Orlcau : , ltirclt '.0, 1i,37. ' .i--. For the Interior. IOL 1ANCHlEIS'EIl, AND ALL INT ERM1EDI ATE LANDINGS. .' l TILE well known steamboat CLAI 101,tNE, Captain Barrett will leave ona Thursdaly, tile 6th instant, at I0 o'ck, A . fr eight r tasag apply n boaurd, or to Sat KEILEY, I.IASON & CO. S 'I. Ther steamTbot 'UKINA, rilr Lan aicille, Iing at Gravier st wharf, will positively depart on '1'tusdany, 4th tat. ait [t o'lotkli, a Il. 1 or freight or passage, apply on board, r to a3 J 11 GRAIAll, " FORt I.ANi'-EvTi.i S. t VICKsCiltW- and all intm rndiate landings, 'I'lll stcamnr flAI . COLUIM IA, Pease, master, is receivinga anrgo op posite Comeni at whanlf, aud will de part un edges my the 5th inst. at 4 o'clock, I mt. For freight or passage, apply ou Ioard, or to 1 3 J. II. GIRATIAM. FOR LOUISVILLE.. 'The stramer MULT1'ANA, aeptain 1'ulta. wtllposiltvelr leave oa la'nu.s ,lay, 6lth inst. a 1l0 'clock, a rt. For frright or passauge apply on Ior'dl opposite NoIth Ane ricann ltel. or to J 11 Itll)At\V!V EI.L (?o a3 or LAYET & AMELUNG. FO1R S'I. OUIS AND AI.TON... lThe steamerrPENNSYLVANIAN, Temnpleton master, having part ofher cargo egagad will leave for tle a v ort wint ienapatcht. For bhaltce of freight or passage apply oni board or at 26 Poydras st. to 1131 J VAIRIN. - Oil.l LltU1ISVIllZ-r - CINCINNATI.- ,. 'The steatmer SPI.ENIID, Sli' tssg, haviag elegat accomnaodaltions, appllv on iurdll twnen lCraoitr and Pomvdrde st. to 1m31 ST1'1TES N, AVERY & Co. FlUl S'l' LOUIS, ALTI'ON, nad all intermedliate lmdings. a" a The A 1 far t rananing upc:, eabit . oiner 1101.N'l.ICK, Jne....n.i...I'r i. g i having IInCh of hlar nrgo engagedl, will meel witlh luuick diusiitht. For freigit or pltienlle, aplpoy on lard ppel:itc tile Citatmhouls, or ut a12 l'o lrans trecet, to _ _31 SAML. SLA'I'ER. FOIL. I.(UISVILLE, ICINCNNATI, and till iatrnediate lanudings. 'Thne ,lietiliI steaitner NOR!ll! AllA/3.\IA, 'Taoer [anster, will de a.. pat I the n'rove parts l Tuedally t oxr tat10 el'olcl, A 11. For freight or passat'., haIv ilgsaporior aeeomnlllaltiodi aata, apnly oil board oppasite. l'iyud't sat. or at I- Ptymlrat it. li tit0l GRI IVOT' & I'A lGE. FOl SI1' LOtJlN AND AI.T',N, and all iennediate lunditel . l'The tfirst l.s aond list ruaniag ami plel calilt steamier ALON, Little tiasler, havitg th eer fe urtbs sf Slr itaga engaged , will have itmtm'ediate despatchl. For fieight rpais atge, hav og haadsome IfnrinheI aeco n-o i ildttiioa ithteiltailcnstate ratoe ala i ply o bordil, olposite lbicnvillu street, er t 6(3 ir vier at. to Im3O IBOGA ' &R IIAVTII)RN. 1or .'talih .itl/i n. itiod all iatlr'i edtaie laadii on'. - he Theft st....ler TECII , S 11 ln tatiit maptor, ia ree-dt to ro eeiv argo, ad will ave ldspatcl . It' -e'ight or pisV'c, apply o Iunlrd, oIp sitri lBicn vile seret, or. to JNO. FIUIIAII.3. TnIE above h line ienruopasedofthle following Steamers which me usur n . "aan'i passed ldr safety or cotnforlt, viz: .1) oble, Capt. Sheridan. 31ae )lln W,, Cg . Sultton Sutu Alltbaton, S. Aldlrich. Ouachita, . Grllia. A rt," C2. \alker. IIThe above b s a i re fitd r tiil expressly for thie trade, n11l oenmrlllllaltd by able uad exlpericlnlell amaaters. ',is scelers eLan rely UIIII every .aOrtio nitn thle Iart of the apil'itirittns lied nlst ls lart tileit' oilfilrt atIt nifa t.v. llhe tabh's will o t a lll es he scrved with the hest'that fle tIlill.'et onlbrdsallid ihe I.ars stocked with rlioce w i n e la l l r m ego n to receive a share of the pl lor liiilght or passage, appily to 'Te!NI . IIECKWI'I'I, or, til JESSE Il Ii'I', 3f P'ta dilns st. N. . Tlihe oineri otf lavesa ore Iaieb, itttliled to Ih.e IIll (hemcleleld at tIe('UstOal e hluse plrris toa de p'tllrs h herwliq s they· will Ie held liable fo.u watcacr P111 -.11,, .E. ............- "v' s 1 ___ a . a. ll .. rgool ' li,, I.tre. t hewiil .tii' oel' lliliuli, aplyl it tb3, New Irtvee; to _1"01 , ii i: llii' J nl tiRii III OtI, I II'. III i 1",sutle 0'+ Rt1 T... I.... i ..... ltulio , lit', dip F, " t I'tl dl ill1 iL r sl1: I 1r1t'0rad' fnl.el e a p lyi to ill 6o1 .O) . BY , lN';6 , i15, ` ' aiti otdas stt t'Roi lott lEtIR , be 1,1 I teneat i aran it t.',,;,,.ir' n lratitio'n i t..;n Io t d o r I.r ' I' 'I {, 42 &r+ !I'- 'as et. I' . . S'I'I':1 tM T O I . S C-mr+tws toaster, hovinr LInen exlimssly rend'-totill rdeI s I lIlth i t Iw ll I C.l betwlee t' i at the "[agli.]~l'l lrn; also lt)w v .'essel, t i aed down Ihe clust to |llll uit ti eIvI [hitllr illin t dame ew ti ,t lmay IlilTr. Fur turlltlr ri e'nIation apttl' atia N ii6 Ilease ltn'e their ' ltlrrat al above or at i lirarittw d sjid ili tr. , tlI e il Ine j I r fro e.ew imrb l'il't'1 or.,' ItiI I P'l iII OFF Cl L1,1 (tiino n.n nIti111t I roli rietoin of this stalt)in nraUI; nlliti of vtl l infrm telan i Pl I.i. the,'l- tare just recnire frt n ih e rol Not a exl'lll r'tt adi. dii1o to their stoIkill of llae rihls ,'.n" a l cui ('lr, I , ,a &c 'wthe orapt, hi li'rteisl of Slteostjl moden sii tttret , to.taere withl as.olrt d sizey9 of.. a -t d i . lth ,hi St ; the i estle ,i thoii .. tnll i: l tlrl, wi t e ery al ti nl i Ie-e s t i nr their of lini. iThey have also e.twad first rate jitl r'it teis lit lh'ralerS. whol havel jlstl oarrived frotl New atti r1e inthe, wiaIk'dteo's. tllo "_ENRIETTA 'I'EPI.E a love story, by the nu tle~r of"Vivant Gr ay," : vols " Select Slpeels of the Right Ilo. William Wi,ndhamn nod tile Righlt lIon. Wi'lina Ilskieison, with Pre limiry UBiograph ical Sketches, Edited by Robert \ls sh. ahelker's M~ nl Exercise, wil nu merous Eogravlogs, Buldwin's Reports of eas fh deterri o ed in the Circuit Couor of the United Sotate, ill and for tile Third Circuit; comtprising ihe Eastcen District of Penn nylvaniu, nol the stote of New Jcereo, 1837. New edition of Souders on Pleauding nod Evidence; 3d Atrican,with contiderablu additions, it 2vols 1837 Just roerined tand for sale by roll IIENJAMIIN LEVY. SIMMIONS, IIART & CO.-Are now receriing !pler ship Il atsville, Eagle, Merry Ansdrew. ,lil. landor, French onid German doule hiead playint cards: holter, belt and pocket Ipistols; plain, rilbbed olal split Iporllossion cps; eot Idlters; si sstrs, Razolrs, Ien. kives; (illott 's comuuneroli ad otl ler steel tens; Vio lis; Violin stilogns shell, ivory ad htou carostl wafers; silk, bead nodl eather nrses; Itair btsilds, front and back rioglelts; negro pu s- Glerman and French Eolonlo water; nloularl Imae ss cr oil, imitation do; antique ld lbears oil; porntable desks nod dretlong eases: past blacking; stati r od toilet; convex miroEors; o0. tieal glaOssNes ul vierws; h.oito blaods, bells and 1Ilumes aeeorneoo; whit-. twie; toilet and shaving soaps; toile powder, ,'sumcti wlash Ills; seelred ratin ushidon spool standls; totrc, o.tshions; fitney head clhdts :o necklaces; biili;sd hall; )olkCt hooks and walletts Gerlloan holnes; razorl sp; tilue adll enoonnt gUatt olast suspenderuls, g'tertslo; BUlls luciifur matlches; sil ver pencils; Creyomts, &o. &o. Thie tabove in addltiolt to our fornmer stoek of fircy artieles, nlakeso;tl 'rssrttment vrerv c ;,plert. For sale wnolesnte or Itltail; ts the sin of t hleGotlde Comb, 70, Clhnts, e street. 111'd. AS ttsoggbt to thie bolise orison of th, O l Muni T • e1)splity, n11 the 7th of lo.rlh, n Ne'ro mantt, nuaned Zeono, thott 3i evairs of aee who ays hey be longs to F. I)orrille. Tho owner ,.ill comloly with the low ntd take hinm away. JOS. S. HAIIPER, m10 Captain of \ntch. ItooE h -o#i-sol 'L' . d cc ott torked p tinthe river, Sotarkdl iV. .Monslicld, No. "0. toe ownlrrcan lave ti h snoe by applying at No. 11, Jefferson st. anil pny ing chalgeo. to10 1 9701 mstn, 31801 Sacks Corn, 40: larrels Wliseyev 38 barrels Lard, 149 kegs dlitlo, 1 0 barrels Flour land ing firom Flat Bonots, and for sale Iby roo7 SiOOt & IIYRNE, 153 Tchloopitoulas st WA S rouolght to tile Poll ne prisun of tle 2od Oto-. o i irim lil y ou tileR 4th inst.. a negro 010an who calls himself E) UND. nI). says hn e le to Mod so; Slolbo. Ito is aboout 38 yroos of age, 5 feet 10 inch us high. 'lile owner wil co:lplvy with the law nod take hint awyll S IIARPEIR, ttof Capsof Itie Wottch. l. - V1I. AILIEN & CO. No. 41 C.sAiN. STItot:T. hfILL touy anl '.1- ons commission tihe to.ksl in tle SV vartious Iioonkso re I lnsIrnoce Ctoltllri; s in lb it,'. Also tihe stlck n tleIl oallk o the Unlitled aters. 'lleeks nt sisiht or short silot, n lrg or on nulol Iltlos eonstalltlv for sole nlo Iletston, Blltimore, New YVorl, Favetteville, Plbiladolpiiao, Clhrleston, Mlobile Mississippi and otl:cr Uncrrrrent Bank Noltes lootth tsie, American ando Foreign Gohl. n0v 21 TEXAS I.AND FOR SAIE. f "';t IoaOIe nodstol one-tlirrd of, Isoello of land, .itll . . "to tbe ('loann BIa., near San Palt'tio--lhe soil S'on"':2 ti best to be fiound inl Texas; fine wloeod l olalnld xellunt water--lho river navsglalbe forrcosels olrowinsg 6 and 8 feete water--title Imdioptlale; o z.hnstatinl ,gnr ant .I tltst eoffrret. Als., several town lot., a0d several solldiers' 3 nsds I0 monlhs' claims, oii norronlnolnotilog terus,forsanle by nllii E. A C)IIE:N ,' CO. B ACON-29 hhda lshnotllerr 08 ddo - ,.in d- o 889 1pieces sides, landingt fbom steamer Ronlev Mooun. loiu nad for sale Ioy J VAIRIN, Irtl.l ohi P,,l .00 )., Coastwise. FO111 NEW YORK. SThe brig BIILI ANT, Gill, c nn er will sail ill a rw days fir tlhe aborve port, mad will tarka what fcight o iay aflcr. Ap pl. to ,al 1. I.. (ALE, 91 Craol,tran st. FORtI MBIlE. '1'I115 ,rw aul fast slriliuAg schaar PERU, Cupli t Pha'e, wid lrfeet tah ,ds rptchl. Fur ~frevht, aqnpy atn bawod, lower crd afP t'ayl iua tr, or rto RIV()T' & I'AIGE, l3 12 '.ydyra sitret. FOIR MOBILE. SThe sclrho br i A TLANTIC, StaIet.T muaster, Swill sil wrvith despatch Far fieight or pa: g- sage apply oa board, prollion iterr at 12 Poytdas 't, lai GIIVOTI' & PA[IGE. .ORIiOIf. -.. - The schooner YINKEE, t. ill takel d tk l.ord far the aboes prt, apply tr oard, itor callRoa tier, or at la Pltrd rain krfre, t al (;tilVOT & PAIGE. IFOIL NII\V BOtILE. The flbea A I brig; SAiOGAIRIET", (aptahl Swua, will have ~esmrtch. ar fraigt o po asst.e apply at 93 Cumlllloll mreel, io 1l~ 1,1 II ibALE. - 3N7 tie hA fast sailing barIltqa COSSACK, will soil for the above hIrt oar the 3,1 Aprril; nai wullts sote deck i' ~rjlt, aad a rew pas sengersa, hlaviaggaod neeot.r.,dlai.aou. Aply tr thl Coptain oa board, at Part no 96 or to utaL S & 3' P WIITNEY. FOI' PtlVt.'.S.tI;Tt. . The A I Ibrig Mcl.I.EI.AN, Capt Parler, will rave dlsp1atch. For paRssage aon apply rt 9i3 Cstreet, tou)a tlCI tU ...... i Pt)LI'LA7N I)-laiur.' . Thlre ryslotrr I.EXICO, Slfer ahttera a, will hve irnlratrdi e d rIapt. For freigit ior passage applyln at 74 tynl' as ste 0t, to ttrIl JrTIIAYER &Cr. FOR 1I'fIILE. t ' The Isrt a lird ew schtblmrr FREIIERICK 'AIv NTyI, Arrrttrnastcrl o c rfrrr a .half her cor go enrgaedl, will pro itrively sil or Saturday Ist .parit. FAr flreight or t.agr arpprr ly olt board rrlr rite Julia t. Co a.t rti Iovdras st. tr o tootr _ G11IVO1'T & PAIGE. I")OR BOSTON. '_. ThIr lhlm: bar 1rue JIANE, Caopt Irryer, cllt l talke 1 S11 tor 0 il barrels Ipark or 20i) trlr Inrd. Foro tearrs oaprly at 93 Coltmerce str to ,,r'ri1 1, (II A l' F'O(I PI31I.,-I)EL.PIIi-. The lctred sand c ller fWastened rig - " n R.ANI< I IN, lytelt aster, havi g three 4LthIil of ler cytrargo tgattld will re despaltchedl without dtelay. Fr the Ibulk orr 150 balesa cottlnr a rtly at f67 Graiyiar st. to 8 RL EAID& iI. AI'l'OtV. FOR NEW YORIK-to sail 17th April. - I.ouisiartu al New York Lie. Thir fine rrr t sailing rlppertr and cotlper firstened Pa'aket Sitip HIUNTI'SII.I.E, EI dridge In er, will sail arsaret. Forlreighrt r rparssage, harvitg plrlrid accuoradations, alply to thle Cp tnitat oa board llposit Iosplrital stsert, or at 90 Comartt street, to 111n8 J D IloN &A C(hOEN. FOR NEW YORK--PTcket vessel. 'r~ very fast Rt:ling A I prackets hlronr TIIREAZER, 111 t,,rr Jo es master, aill sail iu a few dvs, the r most of lr r r argor bring egttrge,Rr fr temaidrrrer f frnigh' rr passage, Ilravi:g spltld fursd frlld neculomodatiots for assagers, slate rorr,,, finished ir samre style as the New rr trk Prcalt. ' lr bertlof aelyants, tablre supplied witlh e flrr, afirtol-1` rra ae:elrericrrtrerrd crmaader, wIo will ta. very att rtliola' tit- ratf rt and clrverienre of Ris paseugers. All pply totabt arpoite t'Pl rase sat. or at 95 Caott st. to t 1t27 Wo o. ' It, FOIL NiiEW YORK. " Tit A 1 last sailing lrig, RUPlEUI, rrpt. . tRanttilr watrts tile bullk tof .10 nbis to call) pletro herargo. lorfrrigtrhtofwlrhIr orpas sage aplply to S & J p WIII'It'NIyt , 1u",1 U Cram|i at. The first saililg schooner 'TY.ION, Cotl. P, SIKNNA, will otil in tfew Clays, tl tsrke 50 hIllrhrs ,lh or alllt barrel l',lPk tin deck, br. oppl) itlg oa board, pptlopite St. Jorph street, or to I _tll \\l'31. PKtItU'EIR, 95 Caromra st. 1Fel tAL'I'tIOIIE-Firstarat es. '.rte. The firSt sailing capered A I srhooner 11A. RION, r .pt Rlntruh, will-sail in a etiy d:tvas tlir rlotrt of hlrearrgo leir ngargel, f.'r rr, itder t frl lfreight or pa t rItII. yr I.oi btId opposI1te the public sarar, atr tIh 'elrlv, or1 to . . . . C) l I t _ . . . . . , "he fitis sclhoaner WII.r)0WS, Ca ptsill l lopkll s, i-- i tirrcllt o 'r l'gr lion tile .}" o , prIroa S - saIII. ltd will ha ve d tral t lr . I"t rfreighlr or r s. sa re rppl' to m17 1,. It. :Il, , 93.1 (Cr a l+ St. Th. e fast .ilirr lria, (IbNlt "I'I K,11J , r lt. I'r1at li, ,anti trae bulk ol' bll hnns to I:r,mplate herr cargo. For frcinln t oa ticl or pLaiss'te ulapld to 00l7 " S A.," J 1' VW1,lTI'NEY,8(.,t' st. For Sale, Freight or Charter. 1T111' st -Mai"ci o i ,,.-da copper fast. l arriel u Ial'I. u rl l t n sti s Ihst. 'o fur tilerpartiealhtrs apply tit, boaMd, oppoitl· Del r wtrtp , or to u3 W. POI{'°ElI 9,5 (gmmtm street. 1 TILE gar I sc:hrrarer 211E.tICENtE, Its tnusll btr--burt, n sit 131 ton, and r arriert - 1100 bls,or about rr 0 Ihbd--is coplrer Its tell , d, idJ illinre onlrdl, rnde flr it rar, to Iany1rllce, lut ILi, hlllond would lie I 'Ir.a llrr-rl. Aprplv to thle r at. at trrt 37, or to 00ORGK JOiNSON, 117 9:2 IoulittOr r rest. 1."c T hefr t stil -g sertooarrr Bt{t'lUS, Col t rel, rrrr.t ts' ... ...., ta, it rt r dowa tIe roast.t Apply to J.1B. EIN &A. C t011,N, Am3 " Noil. 90 CuUrtlmrt straet. -FOIT S " ALE. T. H . ,hil, PLATO, a first rat eopp,-red, and coaner iastene.el oSSi ald i t]sjtst ar d v ed with a cargo ofcoffee from Ri, applv to 14 J TIIAYE &, o.I Fellt lR(:SL;ITT [ L-'r- I~ 4fC)- .ih lt f. r IIE tfirt, tili schoooer RAPIIt,90 toln 1 burtheut, oppll to JOIIN 3A FOSTER, _ _3_ 14 Gravler st. FORE AIE, FIlGilTIT' OR CIIAIUIER. Th'e sclhooner iL BRUIi CE, 96 tons, 2 ,cars old, op r foetiteen d nitld elppertrd, built in Itli 61ore1t, sails fot, idraws 7 1-. Ilrt water whet loaded, I ts a handsone ti abij well found Ian in readiness for oany vowge. Apply oil bo, d opNoito post 53f, or to - 8 it S & J PIV IIITNIA.Y. - ORt FPrtII'I' (iR CTAYLI'ER. 'Ile tfi-t tsiltint Ilritli Ihtiilt barg e TO REEN 11t)W, i91 t is register, i. now disehargog, and will soon, be readto take in ciargo, appl to Calt. Alrisono, on board, oplposite tile veiohle mar ket, or to 23 ILIERIANN BItlGTS & CO. B I. SIMMSONS &CO. havedthis datlc kent into B c -partnersb p IIloao n lhtrl, the in siuess will Uhereafter nductd under t, firm of Simmots, liarit & Co. B. If. SIMMONS, IIIRAM IIARTT, P. ( 'I'AYLi)R. N. It. B.. IT Simolas, is omtthorized to ose I,: alne of tihe late firmt, in Ith settleteit of its blsintss. If. I. SIt ,\IONS, I. U. TAYLOR. New Orleoan, toarchl I, 1337. im4 NOTICE. T IEE underosigned oitetmIr thle bsiness of tilhe late first of ellcrmian & Co. and continu tl atle sthe Lunder biis name. J. W. SCII IIBT. ofrtoi olld -.J f ir saltby DAVID 3IAILS1'ON, 1119 B enville ctleet. &oUN.-I4I4E oFTtooro 3 tlozi )flay fin i, A 13 nests of tubs, maried J P & Cot. St. Louis, ipe bar que Oliver, Cann r, nastere, front New York, will pleoae iall at No. 8, Coati et. paIt chiros andr tiahe them awoy. mt3 For Sj. & .1. 1WIIIPNY. C OIRN--6O0 bags first quality, landing l 'om stanuter vincible, for sale by G DORItSEY manrt 11 44 New Levee. RT E 1 0 V A I, . ".I. .DVI5I)SON hs roer oved bis office to No. 91 (:Uoitolt louse stocet. roll dimn W` INES-132 Ibooes ted ofc,37 bltskets eltait pra it,t 100 baskets oil, and 2 hhds l L.viae, direct from Bordloauxto, Inndling tom ship Inllus, aold for sale by JULIUS V.\ [ItIN, mtl r26 Pfovdras ct B C.ON-2010,f00fo Ibe. hog roundl , i store A, anid fbr rsale low, to close 1a lonsigilent i Iby o16 IO. I1'O'T & tP.A(IGE, 12 Posdras t . tire to raenitetirit Co rf ioooietf. Aloa ittIonhee ot oman, good wages will le Rivce. Apply No. i73, l street. i.17 Pt.fl)E.FOLLl) & t)lPEWV. LIFEIN I.ONl)ON, &c.. SlIEf i Lotildnon. oil thile I)ay a:d Nig hlit ites, il L rtmblesd itd spte lieitgoh the tietropio!ist biy Perece Ega, in :2 vols. Tfe tliiiorist,edittaed by T'lieio oire tIiok, 1837, 'ThIe Youagt l.ady' to(sif, n e tomnt tilace book, of proe alni poetre. A coloetlion of Pleadings and iractieol. Precedenets, wFifht otas theretn, iaIl applfroved litirms of bills of eo iti; con'aitinog ooa, Iieliret'iioet, &e. to Itetra hami's latI'rie, 3tl editioi, by Johin 1'. N. Yaotes, b'sq. Elhcmeuts oflnteraatiotal I.ii, witlh a histrory of tie soienoe, bft'Ituriy Wheatoi, Esi. .hi+ treeeived and for sale by ItENJ LEVY. Y O U 'I ' THF U L 1 M P ' tS T I 'E I? , & ,e & c . . . TlllE Youthful Imposter, a Novel fby Gorge W. 1. 'ITraits taItI t'riuelofEarl yLifc, by I. E. L. itthior of "the Ihtrovisatric, i&e.." Female loboinoon Cruoeo, a tale of tle Amlericoan wil Fourth experiment oflivtg witchout teos lthe Elelteot oftPolitieal Eeonm, t, Franci h av-i limd, l.).L)D. Presidet, of Birohn It'nitcrsilv, til It'ofessor of Morol l'iiloeoullpy. Jit reeit:ei d and for stile by 11110 BENJ. IVY. tI TiE oieubcrilru graiitiilfi i 'tbe liberal erncoure 1 1tiofi hicretfore bestowed up h elon ili etathliat ,enti respectfilly tltiioanees to the tltbiic, that he still ell tintts to anlfiteitre (Coplutr, 'l'ill, nld Slhoeet Iron; and also co'teos tile Blaeiksetithb Itiineot in geoeral, at No. 1ff New Levee street, wlere till orders for telrt, boat al otheir work in Iris liner. will ie attended to, and executed with depatelt lie Iopes by panctualitv and due sttention to bsincsse, to nerit a Ctotinoane ll public pntrrtrtre, J.T. O),BOIN. 'lctt Ollc~u, "a th . 'tr,-h, 1l 7 '; 22ul, For Europe. FOR LIVERPlool., , The A I latt saling ship NIWO'Ii.EANS, oapt WEhel, Iwr salt 2el0 b~l c, to, cntu i to con, t toltchrer ugo. l Ourh-l br .t ht t It r toiLL s saaoaouoy too S & J 1 WIII'I".\EO, iiu (:Cot . F' L t . IV, itfoot. SThe taok J;.\NE,tCj taio,,o BL: k, tt meet . i h th.oS patch; lants 130 to 2 ot bales to till t. For h r ig htt i , u FOR LIV'ERPOOL. 'hio supen f'last saili.,g copper frt; incd (Ol Hlltl er, havJinl at'll tler cat-, {en r J I nPll FORe tttLt Irt 'to oloto' t p C t ni gun aard, will m,,e d ilt ICesIp tc h. " r ' paissauc C r oi , ply h ' at 93 ('om lo motlO e, t april I 1, 1 G ti'l'E. FOlt LIVEIr -'UiL. . . o The g Iet aini I ,hip ttTIo.rIo oNol 4 CPJt Lskt , rcui,t 250 l'ole ctt, , to, c,0 at baIe3 o n l .tl t ll It t ,he he r passage apply totO rpao' ool ot'J ttto'ol ooottottoo tl to 31 "l I (AIl iL.E., SIIIThe barque 01,C IAOD, Cpt Iow,, will have despltch. For terms or pau-o Thage snple l id v a ttt t ili shi ll only, apply at 93O ota mn street to t t3 1. t GAtI,.E. FOR LIVERPOOL.. 'LThe i tne and tlat ollit ln ship IERACOTI) Cotlea . ckto, rtoqire eo1pdt ble; lelto, t Fo r ,o - pgl eloha u .e rply a Frl t t 3 Cor orlnlosor apl, .xt3 ,_ 1,1 . GLE, LlOR LIVER PIOlL. - The f.le b tiIg IAVRE, Ch p t Car nter, 2 -_ terms apply at 93 Ctmmerce .-t. to jFO) IIVEIOI'Ol~.. to;A 'hthe stlendid tat itlingt ship rIENZ, CRINIGu Cpt. Nr lit , rt b9irJ b1,,s ctotton0l o ctnll a l0lto che ar ctrgo, for teir, olf wita og Conti st, to t3 S & J ' o 'IIIn'n tEY. FOR GLASIOOW. SThle Ioe T in rllqueO AUGUTliA, Cot I lOi dale, will have nnmnedill te dcic. ell ,tl an cail hal o ntroll oto accommodtt 1O oia, tl ass es, apply to o 1, Ftt. itro n7 I. il GALE. tti a heAp A I olUtl fastilga i ship'TI EiL, tod ker m ter requirt. 3l0 l t coiton toc t - ploteip her cr Egc. nFor traks o30r I lagl ctton. at .3 (Can st.y too m27 L 1H- t. Y,. FOR LIVEtP'OH,-. The inew Atund Elh'got A I sthip SCOT. EAND, Capt Il acstall r, will ts kO 00l or 300 . o. l tal .. .......o.. ... .... . ep I I... .. . lFor troight or passage apply at 93 Comnton ot. to it 5 o7 Icl 1, a.I. FOR ItVEIt'OOL. The AIstli, Ail.EA 1 tl, JOTTIN BAH1 RINl, Capt Ilhto, retuire-300 balto t toa to conlltle tcher cargo, fot tcrl llS or lja'o'g' apphy to n_ :_ 1t.1. tG.\ I,1,E, 1ii ('ootonoL et. '1 The tie A I sip ,ILO eCait Thuon i. Ise, reqav e i 211tdi bales o cnp.I ctc t helt lul i gor. For utei S l .g aLor .p 3 upl y t t m'1;. I 1 GAI , OSt93(.' nntonst. FOI 1.1I VEIR FPOOL. tt1 ottreA s tsehit r uld fit. itinA, l,rA .otip 1.0 ,u O O ' 3 CS, t. ts s 150 als oo n to . ¢. 1111oo o tt h,_er cargo. lor teo'ts ot passa0 e applyue to 2 1.11 GALE, i3t itN. The Bperitir o , ip NEW ORlA, C, lot n0u0r0t'ti tttrot 0 tottoo 300 baleis lotton tiots, aptlt v to LEVI-I tII ,AL):, l oo'.0 ple h I oo lll to f ITlcI -- -- g t FoR II AV R E. I . -- -. SThe fisup o and fast sailing Itl i EbIqZA l io cott o to ng o t et hl f c ll r o , For Intna a pli 1O 11 I Ptpoilt. OThe tip ROYAL 0ILIIA.3 , T3ylor, t, aster, is luadinwt. For frn ielht aptIy i t, , ' The brit; 1 lit.E1 , Johnso n, to+trtr, o Oill ,t. o....... ott I ding tis i.+d v. ,O")t. tor'li<h u p t lyt . , 1n1l0 . I C. C.: , 9A31..IA 1K.& CO. Thet 0 1 ship, ANDtRE\V SO't"'T, Ilthu't l t r ley, 00as0 oi', havling her cargo e cd, will FOR Ioa VIopto tt I. - 'I toe A I shii IA, S l ntI Lot (Cto . Thooio,,

t oert. For tooooogot ontly. iT "I-to IThe ine A il 1 I1.1R Dl rtpA . tubtot', FO l LItVERPOOL , c T .l A1lutot soilint sitI ST. LEON, J. `esc,,tt na~er, maltsro0oto200t 3) ottro to -- t otoolpl t te her car to. For f oic t of which or tltssoge apply to S & J C W I7I'ITN EY FOR GLA.oSOW. T HE. '.rpIl..E rilorand fistsailonr Ai barque , D DRO tit coet. tliggin, will it ve hinitt ate despatch. For freiglht tot lhtoo les oft o tton or passage, tavntg handsome t ucconooinldn nioo, apply, to '25 L. 11. (tOl t, 93 Commot st. ror Texas & the West Indies. FOR IBRASO)S IVER-Texas. h ''hesplendid new armed brig SA.M(EiT. HOUSTON, Ilinc.klav master, titlted up w:lI elegant aacommadatil as for lssengers will run its a regular packet tIo thtioe aieorilats,slid will Uos itivtly satil io alve on 'l'uc-lday ,ltiiiinst. lor fircigh or passage applyl oiu board or t at aWm BRYAN, 3 Old lever. FOR IIAVANA--Ist lesel Paesaga oil. The Al brig ROXVS', S II Cad v master, , havi:g her cargo AcTataed will piiiively sail oil Saturdav 1st April. Tht aabove osi fels a llne opia rtnitij tiso palsentiers, hutott sIlndid flalishled nabia with statersn le s, a file a .thic rt deck. Far trins apply to Cuapt Cady on board opposite post no. 49, or at no. 79 Common st., to 3t (EO BU('KL IN. FOI. VEIASCO- HB iAZRtIA..\. -Fl Thisalonaer(ol. KNI (I' Stewart alas ter, w-ill sail for tile labove pites oil Satar day ilt, ahe coo taike t(hhebul. o o|'a fItv iuorl bairrls, lr freight of'wlhic aipylyi at 36 (tnat s. tci 142.l 9(1Y1 & I'lttt)I . For 3MATAGiOIlL..D A The schooner WMI &. FIANCINS, Wil master, will have quick despilt- for Ith a h borv art. Fii/rr fhat or passage apply I board or at36 old Levee street, ta t--t- tar Fo r OatWm B iR 'tYAN. FOR IIAVANi-Thn-ket Brig. - 'The fast sailing A I Plcket Iri RO I. L1, Capt. Pitman, will tneet with quickdes patch. Foit r freight orassage, aplyl a o p posite ts Becflnrket or to \a i . I littIlR. n1i8 95 Common selll t. Q ,aLT-Coarse uad lin., for at.le .y . k.-m2 IIC CAi\tAt t('K,t3 1,'arlier a strt. .1 I ADEN ItOAT.--flt ots rilo r bla itt- throle, t h his BOAT', notw I iit at the Flat ioat i.utIudig, ait generoal asortmtellt of .ardenll Sihrubllbelry, (;,t-hoase Pl'att, Utlbous and Thuberouas Roots, lelcb:tceotus Piants, &C. Also-Fruit Trees, suhll as ApIples, Pears, Phluns, PeaCcle, Apricots, C(lerics, lic, t(;nres. t-lw berries, tosbhrierslca, Cairttut, t olo ics ether with almost every variety of (iuoahr nSetis.. ot21 JOil. I. SACIK. r ,E\ DOLLARS RIEW"I',Vll.--lbsconeled on the 13th inst. .ta negro mao s ahol 5tict high,; ,3 he"s old; fniterly belonged to at Itbov's Coattfon I'ienI Also--a yellow boy, abol,t 15 or Ili y'ea'ls old,alhotf 4 tnt 10, or 5 feet hig aanll - uk illo Ill asl id i o-t-hd whll he iftc, Ilrk rly sattial.t ro, atlkd Ioioalll hpati da onst, itit wool is long tIhoi! ;ihen spa-kti t his looks are quite sttr. 'lite iabove ,to- ri a il be Tioid to apersieot for thie deIptin It isaid boys. IARTI'N IIMla\'I,:Lot; YX - tT hin s apittll.l a t' tit, I'III Life of Thos.Jaeflrsnlat,l tlahird I -slit e of i I United Statsc, writll ports of Ilis ConrDI e lovIlea n.c cr b-r e .,:-Ala ani d aties ofl, aitinitna & (al Husnitativea0", I& y ' aru,, ''ecke:", l . a. of Virg ini, in 2 vo.l,. T'hraol -xirimcts of Lit iot ni ithin the Mean, Livia oF to thembe;as, and lioit g lhneand lc lon ie Jost rece ved all( fble sale ht T. 0. & J. 4. TIIFt|Il:It, .dlllotai-'s a, woo liasat lai, NATCI(EZ, I.I1snl Pt1·1l \W ill prae:tc il tih dltclrolli ttlll'tstn ilthe slate ofi ii issnipli, and in the arih C nal Concordia. IRli-i:um. rItllo subscriber is now oploiolait a pl 1 new g ods, raceitrcd per l.hi . lt aIo('oky taid llnrka isy, tr .1 New Ittlr, tiot i-aitg itt partof I ti s l0llu ./ Rtitth Fretch :ltinletiiek....s. ltii.titio . t .atia [ ti netr paterns; to itish tih nr.a ,hii r sita i , ,'t , to.ole: -' lid artk clt ; iliht ou loni d Ito'lttititt ,,.sit'th t, ti i tt 'rs Frea,;h eItcambrie; silk Scotch thread, ad cu ten I," .s e ry, pihin. ribbed, o tllu orkerl, and e . ibd p ' ' e •orrl r at tndl broeha silk d, Also a -t eatn klait . a c [lre' tnwartitle;tsati Rinae , etload ti a ac stlit tilt-,l Irish linens. TAhe alto toe i it.l t ot hertuti- t,, h:ln Iltt e ll b ta c I odil caressl folr the city"rrarh, uu .l t.I j +ql: ICIl. j ltt il, C U I .t. t WAS brought to Ule poli ab pris.e 0, o I ohtd ..hielmlitoe, oin . thL,: 13(1 tof i- arill, a negro an i ,nitad Ut I N 7, ahout.6 years ofage 5 ft I ort itli hcs hill. uys he e tlongs to Camili IiZ ri t I e ol o t titll role Io e l- , ,, chnrges, anI take him uoav. II S ' IIt.'j:i, " t " Ca|p oft thld u '0 ctb `da .tunicipality, r." th" I5t1 ;1l ra ' 1111 smt mat malt(!d liENtit T ..\ll, - he is .o tears old; 5 t oo ol t It.s " / hi,1h1, Ia . t Ia c i t t. lou'.tld he b' a slave, thie oweT is rcqugvted o conUlyv lill the I W anlt take him i1v1ay. nl I S I\RI', Ct of the \Vath. \\'.1 brought tt the police prisutn of tile id l tnu icip l lty, oin tie lth iat. a grill Boyt. by ithto ni me tof POl' E, we ho it about r. or 17 t eats od. tei t I or l3 isul ai. high, and ,ay: he b ,n.1 06 to 31 r. Fulle o The oa.eur c ill prove propcrty, pnivre, and take bimt aot . t-I S1.m IIA EIt, Ct4 Ctpt. of the W.otith. - WAS broubt to the Polic Prisn f II teo JoedittroEtnijiluitv, dtn tie bl. itt st. i, otri- htol, hitt, beot by toi t.tlke "/ of SYL\'IS"TER, 0m1 .aashcbelonlgs _tou t1r. EeVaur gard. fer is II or 12 years of age T ie owler wtll prove property, lay charges, aFnd take hiot away. 1ert S 1-t I otttl.ll, m'24 Ct I uin of the Watch. TO iEfT L .' A Lot in Julia ttruct situated near the Pa ' i, of the new aall, with good stab ing rit. atL carriage h ila's Iwell adapted fur u wold or TO RENT, A Warehouse int Julia st. 30 feet frottr " oto toonit buk to Notre Dit e Sto reet. For ilrlhei itett.particulars apply att 1 o.CInIutnot st. or ito 2ir!2 1....... )h D BEIN & A COHIEN. TO REX.T. rb Th::t aew Rill ele all t GI,. e e lira: story brick Ilutt :e oe tu tuineltlt t st . t c.tttt- eu ttee .ittlo titt autd oeeoo d stoiiiets ottao two suio s ofot tl"t toti piees, patent grates &e. The Ilck l!ildings o re e - tensive anld t lllltdooinots, havint tll tile t tt te clnn tod utiun,. I')! a lil'3(e fanily. To it g o d tuult it will bit ettrr o1e'otntble terms. Apply at no. 3 Ct. ionldeet 'tl're, It n'-9 DOVIE & M-\Y. U-SIU N Tl l¢.l:l'.E I'N L'IlP iureau du Cotntrolleriott. lt Suo ,,dt lit15ici e lite, N iutl le-tileanos, le Ili Mars, 13:7. Des oll'rs: caehcs:s ruuc-'llt rerlus par I. c01t'il de tet el b sruiei' a plut mlsvtbu ad reuer aldi d'airil 111tin (ie +) p t" hlit o.ortato tie to tuon Ics ro li tioe ttoi quo tl o otnteoitl itootel thlo i . , It Pet O'tglturi odeslitts t ('haitt; iatu, Leo pri ts it tit de l' t o'r" liti o t lltro t elt~tvt I Ihatu p pi r t lt kin m17 Si-ill t'. 71'E, Cuttrotlleii . A , hoeghatto tthe olie rison of the .2 uti faityt, oi thJe. ttti ttro itt t et O wahe . NOlTx'r. \Ci'CO, lie is about 4' 'ar; o" 1red 5 toet r; l" 7 ilanches hih, of iteris olorr, n ll sat s t lt it rrft et thati Ie was torlt int C'uhui t us, o and r:l ed in hiiieuthe w d tllur rtd the bI ale heott olototeto prose i property, pity charge.t , aid take loll leta lv. ii .t. II t i.l 't; , 2git Cnptait of the lr \'oF urh. cipovi e it u the 18th lista l Rt t bltack tirl b tlle Iltloe if tti3At abolt 25 stttlllits tofe, t ft hi-,, says sle bthiougs to Gveo.rT t tlttv t ot m ir uwuer ill prverperty ilyars tnod ank he ntr fwoCo,. "l l III' l a ltli, or, " Cito allt of the V'amtrh. N 1 1ý11 ttto rtepolicet pr000 oo rileoob o 31u to ii litciia- r on the 9t tutt ittg fio rti wto c llst hersetll f1+.\l{G.l tto'ivi st. s ,hoe I-O0 0 i to o to.ada Mtoorei She its about 13 yetars ofge, vetr rv brisik. olter Oller ics etuitited to cOlllly with te lail aotlld !oke It Wr aRhot. 1c ) Ita i P vEIol Itll Ct lt t of the oWaotcht. T. ' -e'z so sIa,.e-id. n.rdnl re', ready to rec:ci,.' II ordrt Ibranv khid ofCt t ot a Irebtr, o lto , to rsawe t luill e. ll tllt tdl op eration 0au. in t erto t et ordett 'ihei will ,ue trwse ihbest exertiou t to ulpp"i demannd.s wit )pl)sit e ttt etti0t i li:e of Jot hltltrcr , I.:sq r t otoo uri t fiorooldis, er nt the couuntit g roost of Jotua I. lacho No. S!1 :lagaziae street. ti ereo it aler a ionotent htth tltl iOrhie ttac.ted to tile till, hich i' eAle lhe subacribr to sill that rti cle, vhic:h i3ftbe lil-t (quality on lhe mluosit modrali t terms, 111t .lI.TWO ;t OD. 0 1t',t ' tolf l'. il elolt sttre t, learly t o ltii l tgo It Sx OtTeof s:od loho 'liea is ireiue tetd to call at the t '0tol. mi10 1 ,+S office, AllliC al Hal, 1p'ove property4 alt elll 1 expeuse. atr it will be sold nt publie :at, liliu b- I4rlcl' (CeaS, pit lie:Uicliamultt,,el. tohie 1Sfc 3 T11oreh. tol .'1'I' ,'5 --\wals takeu uap oil he niglt of lthe 2;i oo Feb,t bt the torloi: Wltt'h, 3d WVt d, d t ri 3.uuitti otli t, nd coltll-toed ill Ih ellll od of te tiGtl:d I l t u e i3ld' \\eldll, aI black lorse Moule, taiid a sori'il 11(n.-8 |iile, Also, 1.tte talen }p on tle nighlt of the '7 tit tloo, by tilre tioht Wutct nnd o mllntittced es oli tor ito bulh fail boyv horse, 1avitg t wCte stor i is fIvortt., Thle twler· ofsid natotillals 1 ar reqtieslcd to coals forward, pre y/rtplt)erty, piy ellal.oes, alnd take theill nwayv. oueeb' reb' returdavitel~t1811 lfrch. nn wbll.ill dlav'lb,, t t(il be soid tit poblic ulction, tot l o'clock 31. by i° .t. voilote ontittier o m7 2nd t lunricilt r llt y. " Stk/- enoyu I \, Ile tlight \Vetch bli lhol 3d i-sIt. ' n asiorrtel lhle witlha wllht fare. Thli owlner of said oIho',., is reuetatd tolprove Peltrperty, 5l" e'har e e, anld teil, hinl away ((aor before Saturday tile 11th inst , t.thcrwisee he will be soli! at politic Ruction, oil the 9111 marell,by I' A tille tte JOIIHN PRICE, Coillisnirti ]st Vt\llld, 117 21t1.,1 nleni cip lit ;. . candle..; duI; dB 1]oston dul. Downer, Austiu & Co's. bran ., for ta!e at 13.1 'rhehupitmulat9 ,it by ,SIttRVANT1'S FOIL SAI.E. (' NE lilkrrary tam, '23' yars of r g igi e', l manager of hmlr'ri , and igoid dining moaa eOrvant. Alio. hi, \Vitfi, goctod cook, ishcr and iruaaar,-raod two chllildreI , onetworand thre othrr4 vCUrarofoage. Altm, a likely Girl 14 yrars hid. The iaove slavce cull be taid lw Ir tl- he all. Fioraleh ha Ill C&)xt.J'I"'T, maorl 14(iravim rticct. Bait/lra's Effervoeccnt]Irirercoac Ape;riient, F Olt I'yspepsi ur iudiyicimt, ervous , liliti, g id diloessla o ait alt'tle Stoai cli, habarioill ojstivcucsLs culioa'orauaa hnaaoiagouts , gravl, &c;lajoly rratacd aaor crenaaiir cootling prrgaative, very suitable it this tiom of the }ye,. A siialalyof the aiibote nioral taluable mcdiocrt, just reecive mainIatgtaaIat, d for sale by 11 BIONNAJILOII,, tlrrraai t. nra0 'I' . -a- hapito as St. -~~~~--- -~ '1i":\.h S. H'jiit sratia'riicr Ilaoiaiaicco ben kaialod aoIner ina this T city tlme heII eslpe(. led. w 11 he ready to sa0 il l ent tirrwurdl the full noolrar o tacil that tar' ioi.aaad tii dli, yet, Irbiang ielefriadi thara thre eal'r wncv now re tenlt arcl desiraous of emigratinag to thit bocuttiftl and dr. ligltlitl (roIIiirc-, fore thIe pIarpIose of cling tlr e cau civail tanrtacligioaa ohilacai)lort'ce iolahloreby aivo to all ihoie, thaI plraisionr : nail at tIiai-''poitaaioi illr ti flar. ita-f i'a expns, provided thn rirrak ha , tadaJastoiailhreltisteahir Ott ltiniuoni tI 'rae hun' App to aaanna- 11'ia'r L t-e, Iiat S r. Ifuti: F' Ohi Ilnr a't d'-1l 3 II, ISllll ai? - aiaaaa iiP i l*III.I e iallael II1,-,(:llllll joiaiagthe dtniul- h rieo'nnl cl tr co D. le. \\ ':\ 1·* o Orll"lr :, urn, riC, Col.r aii at iti a rlinJ J O\ Ia al hhl-. air-a aid. F 'It n1 A""'1-` t I"""t) "" iaaiala aua lrll 'aI' billa Al hulst)loraa-ail, eiotrcrina h a'lila'ha'; jokDrer iiill liii nro, disoin' dy i-kr--unc Iaono'r althereopir-aa tlai' an l ite artures of the mails Ii ii1d0 itla ilia ets, &c. lc, litr.<nle be (:· I:II I55 & ('o. 1..ra10rirl ii r-oas 'a ld il ClaaaI n. to II na S i l JIri air1111 1 iii prii iidClai3ai . rumpslia a nrdi3l0itliurl hleirr iio landin trod Ifiir sale a iiol aiaai'c lii tu itJ. TubSpll&.ilti 7utP l d· s t. I' l \ I I-i'.t- lteetmnrrc .,it It ar il :i J n, grw h kn r .natiholfn' reevda lror'd whlel on ther a n oti-ilten I II a thu' Noi illl thoae rin kiig lidasrao Ga-vet0,0 v ec wedtie iii. un eth ot N oaUN 4taiii~rac r'ii bat. orail ''ti,-', 'pr -hrinco''a'as ad rl~ n e ut witith I.ihaill; i IIlln ;t s Fu 1 s (i Prilllot hov~ai r toa'a s onlieu i'll 'alj l- In lt n a m th ,lob Ital It lihtrsr til 14, ilr lar al, Ch'as lAb aP , i 1ii k i J i- lnaraai tatK l iii i, lli"" I~~ira I~el (tiki It 'i'l -I lna-14Wil. rt iririral a it' ltl iup r~tt ail hi viia- hrl i a: tico iiahi-andlli oc il n oldtat coa -lget ta, lora a'-aaaa gaao '. Ii 'lSt'- uttcira rlca-'rat-oiai-nr'l uta raa ii li ddruLosliIedos d l; thIN iatooaacaaie tie "'n.;u~ LI I e, lal air, a=othau--a mante rsl arr'-aa'- hno5 ldLvit.'a O~lt\,-07. itila,' orlat int 'rate ''r.-r,1mia'ti C kottuuc \oirN, n I'ur siltlal I aratar.aala. Nlia' 11 bli) ii'r; 10 al Men lii (tl'tl -, -rau paraaiaan" ha trn'ia'a at'i r et a ILt. IN Ca~ Iria, r Il1RE Iei) ni ttI dii,'_te np aalt,ra to w i--aTl Ii llrrl h rntcutu . f ill 'Pr Oar i- .1a' ' \ i (T)N, 01TEElIl IlEAVl Y (IOUDS--llt, squaqr S flllt hluidle irlon, well unsortedl. !lolp, .c'roll and rod irolt, ltil rods ald plotalli nllnulds C:lst, (Giatmt, shealr, bliastcr.l, spring, lhot and Croiwley st..l Ilollow lare, cut ald ai flil, httlllls ad sitikl. Zine, block in, mill anl grald Elite, hilt a kethI (.ain allesr, actho rs, lho, a Ox, Ilog at d Itrace t hals, corn till A:l, I.tlh ices, aimlleltrs a nd ballows Vire. stiI, p.p lad biar lead; allot CI"t, and cel akg states Amos, slowland's and other spades and ahlrcls Ilonk anld pate hingeo, door and window hooks tollins, Iantt, SI.ipt, ned othre axes l'ta'doan t tA lltcordiage, lin and hito ic 111h aand dliailli elaper; lmal atures A ill assollotnt of haodware and slipl chlantlni ull.l s on htld, and which are ofred fr sale Iat wholse sale o ar retail, oI the most totlable terlns. Iy in I. \Y'()VTO k Co. 53 Olda I.cee. (t'jllIll - Subcribes to the building of the new 1 Ietiodist chlurh, at the coarnr of Ptydraas antd C':,rolerln at street, ohoa thave llt paid their abec iplitnn iltar -eSllecfuly il tntba;.1 that ftnds areat th li lilnt A considerale amount in addition to that already slulribed Hill be reqluired l toi imc all the eligagr uent et'ered into for thel er^ction of tlli edifice, a gel ernut p)roportion of whichit t in onfidently believed will i pr.omtly co.tributtrd by the friends of religiuo in this Thischulrchwhen co'lptletell wnllstand fIort. with othelr ediicen receutl erected a noble tmonument ofthl ta.c and liberality 't.fthe city of N. Orlansa. I'era<o' dispInocd to cntribute towards thlis uhject will llease to d o through the agenlt, the Rev. \2'to. 1. l'aortia. tanr 2 T- E MOI'IIt'tIs I.ELIIF. llll p)reparai nll . xtcl.sitely u.atal hlrouholt all tIhe Nol'rthu Btats, cnatmtsuces to be in great re I ptle here,, and desCrvesl thie ttention of all lalthelr'. itl a stlltl: f lrtginlas. Bi colmmencing the lus of it two or three wraieks bhicore . o,, elllllent, the suel'rings will he ItCll.ned, and the tle oltl'heir duatioln sIhotllted. Apply to tihe subhseibhr', teilt for the propritors, for a; top of thle ulltro cerites n the iia to inventor .t hy eIinent plll h sici:lls, with directlons fir thie Iuse of lhis i tllnorllt IpIcific H BONNABEL, | _ _ _ _ Scr N atchezt & T tnho ipi toulaus st. Newt Orlrean, Mnarch tat, 1i37 il IIE latnrd of Directors hae this tIlay decIlared a dii " 12 , C lshier. OFFInE Elate lota tNIna- COttt',Ians i,'e Oloalte, March i6,1837. At the annual llection for Directors of this Instita tiln, far thle erahint year- the following noiled gentle. theU ailre elected, , iz James Grimmnawm, Joseph A. Darelli, Ihllomas Barrtl, Henry I,. Riehardson, tlretv Kll t, Johtn Whtitehead. E. ItItk and at a inoriit, al'l bheard thisday, John W'lhit heai ~In+ eleated i'reidel:t Jllnes Stollktl, Iluspeetor. tEdwnrd lrlec'. ,htiorliev And a, :It iI"IIIllE IIlI'CIIEE, Secretary. S lITNE.'tY &ea IUSON'S fine \hite & Iltte Wove Letter paper Dittuo lile L:id Navy ditto. Ditto Blue & White Ruled ditto. Ditto C.I. Paper ditto. D~itto C:p Pollpler Ruled ditto Dittot, t Olu, V ave ditto, (bolzed eXprtssl fir rte'l areo.; Davidt WVritinl F giid; F'gli1¾ J tlpa b Ik; Kidder', BIlak & Red Itnk; IF'nth RlotI;e; \\ nlkdel'a Belirti Blank anod led rltn oowdcrs; exttn t stlerfioe lted Srealilt Wax; emtlltbsed irnd olnv colors dilt, Iperailfnl dittl ; Fretth &t Eng. lihll, ltrtte l tnd stll nine' Quills tf arietns tIualili; \\'indle's PI'afeeteat; Cl1evelatd's, (dilout't, it Ladlltes' Steel Pull. Ftor atle by tO'I'CLIIIISS & CO., 1A, .l9, Chlrtres tr rert, t ltti'tN, It It' E OI i N lrs X alople t at r liastore, l 1' Te oli alal t, trealt i.tsofa lleio'irttl lill'tlte Ipatterns to allv Itat at Ie tbee'n stold iu Itis wtiy; cThnis Iuofall zes ro al,.:,l aore anld oval; parlor a,,d Itall do or a lew twttru, Hatlnding o six ecolu lat, uot e uall . bry tny ivet n deo Alnso hathing tuts :,uower baths, ti etad ct opl waure of cerry descriptionn 1N St re-m lerial, gotpllettder,liid lytson tnas; mi sils, .O al llelcd hlttoldsallnd rwel atid dryt i es dilrect htllU tAe l.on; Cloail and nsparli rlg ur budr e inej sll wln. Inandie InI hIt haf pieI; Ic I enea IL Ihran,lI ill Ihbl.: lt bale. gUilty bnag..; BorA a i Claret illn hi. Ijur ale by RiE.AD &B.t\ Rt''OW, 1 67 Gr v(ilier mtreet. Nl II , utclribrs Ihuve ntw ilt storte atd iloffr f',rsal. sol ct ncllt t tliltlt, g tltl,',l 15(10 risky S'otcih Al '; ( iinls and quarts. :.l0 (.Cusks lie-t I.olinhlli Blrown lulat. 100) titene otll eritlr bntlth Baggitig. i0 Giras te'ltl.ut \\Wil, IBottlres. tnl7 IIOL\ES & MILLS, iBlob Allat. li t A( it'E NLSURal ,ll E CI)IIPANY itcerprattdcl :i ted Alpril.d, 1=!.5. Capihal $SO,,0l000 s)1ItEL'I'ORS. CtlaLEtS I IGtGa, 1'reidrlt. 'I'os. Blarr-tt, Etdlunud J. Foretall, Jol.a E. Hyde, Henrv U. Richarndon, Jsa.A. Bhrrerll, Jotale irimahuwc, Johun \Vhiehead, Secretary. Il[' This COll alny wvill ilnure tire, miiineu an ri risk., 1111nd gllntntuIC P bills of exchanglle aad e llro)ln issOry antes nt thei ollic, i lhte Exhllanlge on Royal stree urnl . . m.. WHITF.IIEAD. ase v. ttli-lub.crib- ts t hte t ee rxtensive bh. e of \V.l&. aB}tcher, Shcflieti, Englandl, havre just received very exltrlive seat of pttnles, cuaosistii.g of It'lale atd 1Dsretrt Kntivea c evera descriptie., Itee, Pocket, D)irk, aid Spear point Knives; Razors, Seis sorl's, I.,dg,. 'rolll &e. Vo . &c. which they ore prepared to) exhibit to the tradle lor ordher's. Terms and I on uitio llt J. I. IIEIN & A C'OIIEN,90 Comnmlt .t. rt IOUR rltltt th tlhe Maliltulteitlring Ditiricts of Eltg I laed, in thi suinuhlerof 1335. By Sir George Ilead "llulor o rf " t'urett Seeios," atd "Incideant itt Amnerica." Ah Elttienltary Tttatisa on Alnltoma. By A. LI J. Boale, A. it. Tra'tlatetd ftiom the4tlh edititn of the I"rat lih. Bv A. Sidtey Donne, A. 5I., l1. D. Lit v; trotaltet',tb (George Baker, A. li. ili 5 wlatlnet, beitg No. 4, to 28 of tIlartper's Clasiciatl Family Library. Also, A lltlhhlttul sIiiupply of Davl'a liletotira of Aeroa Buriir. Just reeved atld ftr sole bry mid \VMA, AII(EAN, catter of Coaltton t. ItEAL'AIC'T EXC tIORIIENV'IS f XPERIfIEO'I'S nod Olbsorvations on the GO v Tr _I Jute,, ani t Phe I'iloyg of Digestion. By W II oooo~nt, Of. D., Soergeoo is tIhe U. S. Aroey. Ju receor0e and for osle by W31. OJOKEAN, n11l Corncr *fCo np & Cnaoltion streets. rý\iE ndeeige'dlios his dotes wiwill 1w wtsorItod N id'his brother, ; 'hontan C. Swain, in the Drag and Apoth~lecary l-teen,, N o Il, Cosal ttrct, under tlh brat of Sotalin Ao lrotlhe, thre liquidation of the, affairs of,'I']teoo C. Sooinl t ill 0" s.'tlfed by the lew' fint; ad thle und,"rsigne will oioe hlis pardotilaruttention to hu ate "c, saud o'olicits aelutle oI'potruooge. JO1hN V. SWAIN. j 1, ICKIN;, Ac.- 't caooe Otloen anld D)rvdetn ' l ecibrated pants Il:Imkin^ llR ( cute, Germa., Toi. rt:oodStorlin Gaiooo. loat' lell by 1o1 513M9I0\,o0 11011.1 lo. 70 I lortrten it. J' ONE'S l'A'ENT ((IF CO t'ON (.IN, .ill eiu hopoer Silllo tlhis week till \ldIoe- dy afternoon, at No. *t,0.1 lia Sreet'rfroot Ii) l1o I 1111111otk A. M. od fretom I to, 51'. 91., us thle tat ether rln a week p~relroni:d uenuy j~.ill'..Stiilllstoilillc lo rkhrtn Ill~it fo 'oI o .slt,-ll it. 1116, 0. 't' S I. -Laoodlt frotiip llienz tJ Nuill brig N3rgtoefnn, 50I,,oxes otndon tch "D(( boot's Nos. I and 2soap, 9(7001 Segrs ino' 01 n1101uni-r ( l'nd : i s, oiI"2 ISAAC fI;IllIItOll ( e,t34 tngezioe r t. 0(21'L CtIl.i i aý: n artmnont of hs 11"26 N`ETS ON, AV EI.Y, & IAi. I A n-5 . llbll-',lld \Voltrof'n fmily honmell;n o 0 chutelders; 10 du nee*ua~egrr, lirr oath " ltj il Camp stabi, t'o1 Vrttlial DROlI'ltS. j 1 0N Sbol F--Om" In Slu:]m. (elot, big L.,ooroio 9. Co; elulr l Olplsite he Hinilt fit sal. at 93 Conl~looel stet by n"Z7 .f-Ll2. I anise. in iI" \ot, Lieaoe Iorn, r'of MI gtOootllnd La. I:t}o"tt ' aIrects. Ellojo iiat 7 ; 3logooiooastrot. /1\'I'11-57o0 buso' 13 H1s r(hoeooltg rkcer tem." I i~ I.r tlw Ioitoil 100 do 0:6,s In da 99 '0 :3Ibs d'll odat'llIg Itt'ow, doe ill of ('lale ilpolrttoLo noldt oy rilr tot,' oet Grot' oItier hi Ifoilto,',(l,lco .r'lorN York aidl Gtr nolb at °ic t;,ier streei Ibv 10'27 - J COIKAYNE. j' 1' (I)--l( (0O'Ooii. lolir)laeted tothe ceaneI of R. Ye' IElliott, oith, '1t. ((,,,,feo Arced,,Io Itcotnt'ra*, Ieodill,,'l N'rovclo,'ti, Srodii', or thec lon Office, St. (Ilolco Iooto'tlo1 b11:A'II. ']]'flSt-i boxes just received nI 01110 at :1J -or at., jteio .10 I) IIN . A COITEN. 1 A \'lt'. coor ,'ae of thl neow Potet Whlolebotne E hats, lust receivedIo ;ilo,,oroae atj 91 Cotnnaott at., .1 It IIEIN & ACOHEN. ItIl 'll"'I:, 'IN) bit 0 p(10111 grern lnt aa tolatk in sto and for sale at6l3l i tOsvi r ht., by 111'10 RU i7O(iI' & II hW'rflORlN. i11V (.Obj 'tA. LOU bo's I11ti01(1'o'c, 'iI ,10n and is e liorddcatC3 ol loo) ,b10t, b. F dol fO7 ItO? ',l I O, rotoeot, Ike' as\W ic ,ii Ol(dI 1,-LSt. ber m' O'1Y'ON &('n. Iiod for oal,,it 63 1,1% [t'at- It' ____ ll(i~lF(''' do IIAOVFHOIIN. ft' Ill1L 1 o\x-lo fly Ryod,& oe~a i laudiue from cicala^.r Pan-,, fear sa1~11 le by en · O(~-nr ".1t1(( O· ,. f:·IFSh.1. Il1i~nlllltilttInnnr.U rP 1l0'N SllI,U l ''11 t i hoIns 31'I IEI, , 1111 h Ld, and Il ee sloeI, Jeo' V.1 a tIIN, 111'x4 0G PatIIr o t. l I A 11 N,'XI.I.CE .4 Co. Bnk OIle. LI. n I':: eat L.--'-5 co-le New If' .1 ftl tlter Yý o , ofee. t ettlm tr uaiFlty, : o~t rox'ciei' per -(ý( II',t.,'ll(fr o iNewll..l Yorknot l tir sale at ,. 1.5, Heaie~.r( boo. Ity CO(1KAYNE, 011 '· andsoulder, VO~srou not hted, in 1) ca.sks lirr 'ole at 4l "Now Lae' h,'y I"' l(ita&C U'Ili A71hi hs opjerfmeInt', uann It IL begs lard r'ceivo', pen Ib.t b'ilnt sld for sale nt 44 "0t"L~vtby u. ( O1 )ISE:'. j,' s~l Ifgar -olI tll'tl (.. l.teo andf nlr. 0al 1.1 (Nlfti l,,',ry'"t. h! KA00lt\& C,,. A.YtRALT'Y OF NEW tW' NM. (.mnraeil tf f.'Ul ACtl.eil .'o. K. . " (Sitting of Tuesday. 14th a11 ereh, 1 .] I. Reecil'ed, that the falyor tb, and is ha bn.y jotth.oaa to give publ e n tiee, according to law, ofmt, lsalil for Aiderman of tlhia lnlicipalitv, to taos pleek k fts Monday in April next, at tinr hlluor' 1i . p tite, tinder thle anpcrintedctce ofthieiMpel Jerks rerafter nonB od. lrsl 4iiid at the Ai;:ade Exchan-e. Itilrlnenre, A. th lskecp, Oft. E! H. Sarton. Clerk, J W. Stillwell. Seconad Ward, at the Mlnicilt Ifl1gt Inspectors Robert Laytot Wili lFtetrt. Clara, C. Buitt. Third Ward, a t lHarry No tas,'a . Inspectors, Eoward TIr er, J. L': GOons Clerk,J. Becekh.aa os I:resu\cd that in case nny ol the alove omftel shall refus to act, the sflyr bher and he Is r tW4U fully authurized to slpoaint such others aa he may prope to re lace Itho Agreeably to tihe foregtlg i~oslu.ion, odloy sklte oflthe proisiouto of a oct, apprtovcd the 8th .Aid, 1836, entitled. 'An act to ianeorporsti . cij.P. Orleans, a pprwd the 17is fct ruary, 8ibl acts amt.tdh ig lie aum:,' notioe it bcmby gik Moenday. 3d April onet, between nine o'€clok Il6lr five P 1, theuuantl lectien of Aldermst oftlkoilb M MunicipIality, will be held .t the di£r ain 0ti under hoe super'rntadcure of the persntoa Il. tso a1 said resuoltio.n, The tionlberrof reprea.ufitHnrs o tLah cach ward of seid Munaiipalilt i. anaiedt lasA M First Ward, four Alde.rmo. Second Ward, three A ldnmeoa Third Ward, three Aldenorct: March, 020, 1837. D. PRIEURltJMi Confortement a la r.-lution cidesas, et eoneoi4 der ilesporitions dol aroe approve loli Mtas 116, sii tale Aria pour stneqttr l'acte intitale Aete poit eir. purer la vdlle de la New Orleans, approve I 16 Fcresir 1805,' ainsitlue d' autres aes anmeddant le dit acts,' it. oat donne qtue Landi, 3 avril procthal, entre atnultis u mald rt ceg leuream de l'apres nade it aern sred* s 1'electiou annuelle des AIdes trterde .In ~seoltd Mounia: palite, aux lienx indeques dans In la dite resolution or sous Io direction des personnoa qui.y oot tnmtis.atee. Le ItuIbrs t d reprselntans auxqUato rchqee disattit de Ia eite lttunfcialite ti dealct et cummet suiti Premier district, quarter Aldermen. Second district,t Ita Alderena. Troisaice d.istrit trail Alde RIEhr. Le 20 Mare 1838 tt . PRIEL'U1t 7ilorti'. rTATE OF LOUIIlANA Parish Court fr the Pariah Ar City of New Orleasa-. Presert, the Houorable ClHARLES A IA~tt i' , Jltdge NO 9;1t. I8 Thomes Bhe. ce. IWh Creditors. U PON reaslig andl llin the petition and ehedule itn this .raue, it is ordered that the ereditors orf h Inl solvent do meelt in opes court, on ftitldy tlhe 31t day of March: creditors tihn and there to delilbera basthe pe titioner's afair, tand in the meantime all I rtcedaligs agaiast his person and ptrolehy anre sna)ed. - By order of the ounl, Clerk's office, March t, 1837, II. M. GUYot mi6 3t Clerk. PACKAGE HAILRDWARE &c. FOKEIGdN ,d D3 Il EaTJC. LEVERETT Sr .JH(1A L. at o (n i ie irms tt cent in , o Caomloojish n wl Fhnias 13 BIloAI ST EF.Tt, Nrlw-h'D .AVE on handad arilore otslnattlly receiving fkin i EnglandE a and (ietrany, a fu I sapply ofHsrd nwae goods which ore offered by the tacl;age at mane. ecturern prices. Tlteirpresent stock consists of 160 casks Cnrotitau lues, nsn'd 120 do bright trares tf 37 do log chasetios do 1« rueas E cnglis fowling lenu s 76 do Gemrno it do 12 do Cross cut saws 25 casks edge tools, ass d p latkerd 10 do still files do do 17 do t'n, pockhet, and dlrk kniaefs 11 do table cutlery 17 do brass kettles t8 do brass cltnumbhr oadlestislks I) bdo hooks ostd hinges C d a.o sercrews 6 caros pistis, oss'd 50 tns Englisth boiler platea 70 casks sheet zince 4300 boxes tin plate, assnrted sizes. with also a good supply of American hardslite. Orders will receive prompt attentionu and eixectuts at lowest prices . jan 30.nt"* Doyle & May, 1DEALERP IN AMERICAN & ENGLIS3I CROWN OlkSA,. N . 3 CanEtDELoTr Sasg.P. of SNFIRMARY and Private Clthmbers,reisreofPey. J dars ant Circus srretsa, nIl A. L. Ploughl--Dentlst. No. 78 Canal street, b twren Royal and BoMtrbn streeie Ilours of attendansc from J A. M. until 54P. M. L Bllanchetty A UCTION & COMMISSION MEtlCHtAN1I i, establishel d hiuf'leeln the above latl~id3 iii lli az, which will be tartied on in its ditlit taifsstewh Consignmentas for alliioo or printate sale seii.lied' Itefer to Brander, :S'Kernat & Wright, New UOt.eas, Alfred Cochran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli lontigomuery, Nateh. ez. "dp-l Mr. Barton, PROFESSOR OF ELOCUTION, [ ESPECTFULI.Y announces to the public of len JLI Orleans, that he has resumed hIs practice ia the above necessary branch of prlite end professional edit. cation8 l tdents visited at their residence, or roeeswed at Mr. Bartun's romsu , No 14 Circus street, o.hoa particulrs ma b gained. sl A NUMBER ofvessls of liN-ht d...t. "-wtal wauted as Gvoeioe s'"I rnspoprti -ea.i nn be at Fort Brooke, Hillhorih t v, by the 11th to April next, wcll provided itl our ors or lumberfor the same,with wod and water, and nal other n:eessarc pre taratons, o rtranlsprtatioua f Troops or lndiuan V ritte lprolFaalst rating the tonnage, drouglt, gen eral, characterr fetlh veesel, and lb, peire per head from Fort Brooke to this placer lakming ream up the Nlieeissippi, will he received by ilnjAr J. Clark, tisil. act Quater Master U, S. Army, uttntl the evening of tea L24th iast. Also, or a number r , tnlrnsrpts a aorve, fo r trnrs. porting troopsl rotl Fort tleooke to A paluahictla, s be It Fort Blrooke oni the 101 of April next. QUARtTERI MASER;'I OFFICEr New Orleansm Mlars °23, 1537, LATE P'UlttClCAT'IO m. HE book of Saint Nicholas, lit I rot. being tVal 14. t f the nrew complete attd uniform cditton of reua. itrg'e work', The Dtautinea's I.resiits'.-A atse In 2 vs rote. bi colt. 12 andl 13, of tie sew ca.plele anld nifa.rm edition of I'Paldiutg's works. Iftner.-'transltcated b Alexandler Pope Esq. laB volt. being Nots. 3h,33,¶nd'31, of It aer Clan. ticar Funily Library. Jubst rcerlred and lire salo bty Wm MeKEAN, tiMl corner Comtt nd Common osi. StIENES I PAL1t, ýr4. CE ES i Spain, by the auth of ".A year is '1he ian ev Moon, lby the Countess 'f Bltetnoggi.t &r. inaa vols, The T'l'o ata Itansgnte, I Bo, ,mlg6taet with aoth or Taaes by distiaeuisbrll o it rs. Ad ,a farlther sup ltv of lUerr'a Menloirs. vnl. lii ani .ivingston's CrlinaCl Code. Jtiat renoered aol for anle by m113 BENJ. LEVY. JUST received a large aapaply of tisl matalalntba Aeurdiog to ordLer lately r eeived,a n sotilfeu.f a!iarountshall be allowed to lruopist'n and alI sal dealers, in applving to the sukb-riber , geN : fma tI proprietor. H B AON NAIEL, a2J earner Natchez arnd l l'houpitoltlla aIle. SICll AND RIARE \IAINIES-O lal ore iloai'f rra.l I laladin; la urdoaek, tdi. Scott do. Albal.'tya' A"', aile old aumontillade sherry; din l.obn, do lit Gordon and Co. All thele are slenddid wines; equal, anl staa of ther sunperior to any for r 4 ias 4ae United Stante,for sole by A it SFPs.ELP n128 5: Canlat ITIIEREA. S y wife J\Ia E SPEARhI, rtnltanrv S' witha vioted dthief, and lha',{.pka ol lce ablad in a camp on the Oster Banko.-Tlaa i io Ibibad ant person froml Isrbolring , aploinlaa or truatitig her ni mny. nacnunt, as I will paI- no debts of hr.copn.. r.Rtiag. WIIAM E. OPEA6R. Pnarish of Plaequninn, Malnh 9, 1137:7 ina SISSEEI) OIL, InASS, &e.-l iua edOlreb Castor Oil, in do; Lamp oil ini do; Caroi greean i il and dAfrv Saeri n's Potacre; Swcainl!aca* . ey t (arlden secns in boxes; Window Glns, iit ll pw derr, Cop ad Lettcer Poaper fur pale by haa2 SWAIN & BRO. mDru. r~hisf n c ltha ta VIO1 l'AVEfslT aoair p tenp po i 1dsecIit Sainil the lot April, at ttalieay e. Mo gLbo rm BanDlkla g Co. laOre rae npiring of ci tA . it l aL yea. All Ti ater 0ls to be hrrniasd h Iy t! i. 'et st 5l 1 sork to be donl e in t re betpl mn er, and lr n tanatL abde, on the certificate of lth surveyor, ilm i rin wien'k hns bneen rompleted to hin antifaeatirm. The cnmnNt* nor ral eive boni fr e.o)00, illth apperovd nedcuaty. for tahe faailrl m i performnana e of his deat. lGas I.ightl Office, Blank Abley a ".. 3Iiead GRAND SAL.OON--NEW EXCHAN E H.rlL. IIF ESSRS IBSIIOP amd 'ItU t tfy ate t. AOunce (hat their SOlkIREE E MUstl IF,' will tako place on e\Vecaloy everoning. MLir.i 59h. 138?, wher they l will b uassited to by the feltloaa k.deltia. guialcal artin(es, al have paa olitely anforlIrm fllu tl'al. ablealid. Mianln GIR.tUD, the aelebalaJ Poiadw Signor GAMBATTI, (.y prennis nFiU . It. Ratall, E.q.0 Signor RAVAM;IAA, Nolt LEHIttNIR ; ' Un NanOlI.t.hI m d ur in, amatear of Ei a 1 l6 lJ"'pickets, $1 0O0 fi b hlad atollt C"asf ' Mvie stoec, and hat the Nw ierlila Ill ld tdle COt PEIS' 8 NVEW WORKS, &cs0rE.. I.EANING: in Fdfropa Iby ail Alhi..i{C_ Iteo G' in 2 volt. ki tcllace y BDo'; iefllratiie of eroe' dcay iife; cod every alnv ceolelr; Laein a coitliliuailou inio Wallhlue' Tetfle, W'nd otheJr ekbticles. Minor Mornll for naaia: lInople, illutrlated in tlOa oide travels, hvloln Bowring. Just readaira titd.bii IJ' tale by aai2 BENJ. .F.VYt NOTICE. riid c6:bart..crshipi helof, tedilg it fn i titOi I under the firm of CALLAWAY & I.Ol. i t dilsolvedal on ilea lth jist. lby lauatual eoilmaet.. 9rir faire of t'i late firaa willL It alttended o by eithber of h partlers. As talae are to inuake a settlermnrat, tey pa aieulnrlv requetl all prcenta halog erinmamhm alhianl, ta preclct Tinhe imnl tdilntaaly S pm.a iiaal tlao nolm aon ioenhledv to ttd c onc ULiliitkd rly. aIllaa wilhout delaa. 5AM. lAI.LA WIT, WILLIAM3i LONG. Newa Orleans, 2tl, 11.17. T-lFUIIICHA.uNIs OF LOTs F[iOM T .o.JAI CO)NII M UlNICIPALITY. Cunomtrvdler'' O,'ce, 24I Muuie'nllit, . .. r Orlnu.a .lareh a, I5,1." ilVJIE purilhaar. hflto tula t lY.rtiri taile its on Si le Ist a of FnlruarA laa; are aa. .,y iihtd an almper ICefore the Nutaryio(.tlta Munk'iiit a!it be, ay . ..c. ply .itall ctha aonlitihe oftlian Wean nor L, i ae Tere. da.I ala, le llh iaat;. -.enhe liahleialbec of eaalcpw. Chaecrc a. ny nat hliIve serttled will be reiCO teld WLd "I teCil fvr th.l fiilla a iahf atcl o - u19 Sll 'it Nt, etlatrlmur.

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