Newspaper of True American, April 4, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 4, 1837 Page 3
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PV0'E, DAVI$, & L 0. Commirrsion and Forwading . iercharins LOisyILLEtt, iENTUOKS . Mers. Lambteth &'llavbmpwa.N Orletns.. to Meows. A. It Wallsee, .t.ct. . said CITY .N.K, NEW ORI.EANN. rT tie annUal election for DirMetsre of this inntitu iesheld oU the 6ti ingoatl the tilowhig nanmed -tle mn were elcted for the ensuing year, vit.: Samunel J. Peter1, W. if. Avety, J. Caldwel, Victor David Charles A. Jacobhe W, ,E. l.eCtich, P. O. Sorbte, . N. LvaiHeeurre, J. OG Waltas i Adw, Samuel T. Col, A. Quertier. ad at meeting of the Board of Directors this day, atraet Peters, Elq, was un infously elected presideut. 013 ,ROIV'. J. PADFItEY, t.ashlier. --- T-. .M . 4k'.L W. 1, I,. ". CICN'V.A2'I, OHIO. Advances on conA meDt Lo tie Clme .house by J t BIU3ADWI.|,L &CO. p3 26 Moglaine street. . A.CU HEN &, CO. IN1'gLLIGENCEI AND IENERAL AGENCY OFFICE. feble0 .N. I18 .Mdeg sine stlret. A CARD. ILLtAM A. DUCAY, offers hi services to suger Splaateru on his new mndde of rectifying ltgur, lieriag iltoeurpoes any improvemoent ever huwtt he atshin sttet ateor in an other place, making it whiter Sanoy retilod Loaf S"ugr:-He Its. Is more conai. t in bi Chemical opperations, since he has nsuce d in giving the utmnes satisfaction to those ge ntlcemn kichave employed hinm. S Hrfer bo: N. & J. Dtrr, & Co. STEVEN Hl..eDERSuN, Esq. SAMUP.L M'CLUTCIIFON, Esq Jasacr M'Ccuctcosn, Esq. JOaN D. Wu.eINs, & Co. P. F. For further particulars, apply to E A Cohesn d, Co. No. t16 Magazine street. ml jIAYORALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. l'olmsuileoa f tLheond &eusdstloides.ll y -itWIt ofTuomlay lllsrols,1137. DESOLtVD, Toitjn the oplnion of this council, [1, it lesai dltent.nd neersasry for tha public con ene and heath, to continue Nttelhe street fomo eoupitoulas street, in atraight line with, and of to aea width as said Netche street, to New Levee street; ad the Mayor is hereby nutlhciaed to give public no e int the True American and Commercial Illletin, in renenil Eaglieh da iiagtl days, tItt it in the in anin till Cotultl to open a e ontinu said street, conforttity withbthe anet of the Legislatre, entitled, an Act to regule the topening, laytg ou t, ndl ism ratigstreataadpnhlichpllals in the city of New leans, &.' Approved 3d Aprl 1832. igtne d, J BALDlWIN, I corder. Approved, Mrth 21,,1337. lgned, t D PRIEUIR, Mayor. A true copy, C HEARDI), Secretnry. Agreeably to tile oregoing resolution, and in con. _ ty with the provisions of an net approves tile 3d pril la1., entitled, "An, Act to regulate the opening, yisg ot anditmprovig of streets ald puilic pt cot thaeeity of New Orlato, &." Notice is hereby ens that in the intentio, of tle Council of Mnami -ilite No Two, to have Natchez atreet upeN cd aead atanrdfronl Tchoulpitonlat street to New Levee st., a straight fine with, alnd of lthe sne width as said atches street. I) PRIEUR, Mayor. Mareh 22d, 1837. ONFORMEMiEN'lT a Il re.latlioa ci deems,ctsn Svertu des dilonsitiats de i'acts approuve i s 3 Avril 3, tittie "Ac, pour reg:ar i'tuvertare, is distri tie st 'lnVeliDratin ties rues at places puhliqlue s vrille de Ia Nile (rleant, &c." Avis eat u lane o I'intention do Consil de o In econdo Munivpoulite t de fai ouvriret continuer In rue dae Nlathez dle rs Is ruc, Tchoupitolas jaalsqu'a In rue de Il Nile realitque drote et de la euem largeur qu'a main n.atIadite rue des Natchez. D PRIEUR, Maire. I.a' Mars 1837. MAYORALTY OFNEVW ORLEANS. CotM ci sof the SrCe d .Slnrripalilty. Sitting 9f Thirndev, 14th Marmnt, 1337. -SOLVED, Ttatimt thes oinioonof tilm s Council, it is expedient, and lieeasurv for tile pullic cos atNe, t contminue Notre IlDame street frotm dAgazine et to C p street, i a strait line wilh, n id ofeqatl itth with sssd str8et; and tle. Mayor in hereby au rined to give ,ultl e notice utle'rue Americaun and m.-- ertial ttuletin, it Frentth andl English, during days, that it is the intentioa aflthis Canteil to u,an id ntret, in cotforaitvy withl at :t of thle L.egslature, titled "an Act to reguilate the opening, laying oaut, improviog of streets and public places in the cily New Orlenms,& e." Appnrveal 3d April 1832. Nineanted 3 ItAIDVIN, Recorder. SApproved, 31st Marchl, 1837. Signed, I). PRIEUR, Mayor. A tres colpy. C IIF:A RD, trctary. tgreeably tothe faregoing resolutiom, anL,, coan mty with th, pnvvisions of an at aplroved the 3d -l,183"2, entitlni,"soa Act to regtlate tihe openting, ing out, and imsrori,,g of lstreets andal tblie placeO ho city of New Itrlealsa. &.." Notice is Ithroby that itis the iatentian of the Co"aril of M.ati;c ity'No two, to have Notre I)lame st oplunedl fromt Ma ate street, to Camp tret, ill a strait line witlh, al It same width as said.Notre I)lre street. eit 22,1837. 1) ltlI11t; R, Moter, S ONFOti':M~.'IT a lo resoltiomn ri desalus, ct ,l vertu d'un atte alpraneuve Ic:I Avril, 1842, eatita'e a tpour regler I'ouvrtaure, in distrilutioa et I'aoelin n den rues At places palliquate mits la vills de In U rle2ans,&cl Avisrrat dlltlc Sue l'intaitlrln dtll il de a econde Mnnaiaipolite eat de faie onaive Notre Dame, dejpinou la rue ldes Maga' , a a due nCamp, cn hlue Nlsriteet de la i'enttC largeur a moitain ant Ia diatl rue Naotre Dante. 22*Mare, r 3837. I) ItitUi. Moire. ORDERIS lRECEVlkED l ti JONES' I P T'ENT' COTTOVN GIN, the Patentee, No. 53 Magazine sltreet. New Orleans. OBE MANIFACTUREDI IN NEW YORK BY ROBERT IIOE & CO. SC.4LE OF PRICES-Dodle Gins. adouble Gin of 2o saws ore more oa each cylinder, making 160 saws in the stand, w ith reeders, hamtl, &c. at $6 per baw, or $960 00 a Itbuble G;i of 60 so s on a cylinder, or 120 saws in the stand, feeders, &e. a 6 per saw, or 7 00 do. of 40sawsondo.or 80 saws ins stand, at $6.'25 per saw, or 500 00 r do. of 20 saws on do. or 40 saws in a stond, at $6.50 per saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. a in;e gin of 80 Sr ws or more, with .nl. t offeeders, badts, ede. at $6 per w, $ io0 o0 do. of 60 aws, with feeders, &e, at$6 0 dler saw, 390 00 tin. of 40 saws, with feeders, &n. at $6 75 pee aw, 30000 do. of 20 saws, with feeders, &e. at $7 0 per aw, 1000 ltrateetlh where desired, for feeders, spplied a eants eash; the number of teeth being about equal the number of aews. One set of feeders, it is con. however, will wear oat two or three Sets of v. Extra taws npplied tt 80 cents each. The Gins ordered, will be delivered to tie agents of ers in any of the sea port townls o the cotton plan _ States at die aboo Iriees, thle agents plyn!g the -ght on the aic from New York, anl becoming ie abhle for the amount of the Gin. A Gin wright llbe sent with the Gins to pit them up whore de-. t the charges for whome services will be extra, but rate. Iron mnning gearctan alshe ordered where debired, reasonable terms; but will he eharged extra. Horsme werefany desoription, can be furnished en like s. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de It is desirable, whetn planter give onlen for Gins, y should accompany them with their views inl regard thearrangementof aws, hreasts, brushesr &e. It focnd they dlf'er in opinion. Some desire aws of dimneter than others. The msost common size 1r 10 linhes; but some wisl then 12 inchel. Some 5 or 6 rows of brushes oil an axle, while others do iwit more than 4 at- moa. Some winl saws with S O9 teth to the incl, while others want O or II. Somclidiscrepan.y), we prefer they dlould, at limear of giving ortlers, furnilt n statement of their a, atnd the mtmfatourer can fulfil them in ev-ery o.elar. Where it is left to our dicreotien, we shtl e them on the most modern and approved plan. order can hbe eeeuted, from the time it is .ncetved, the qseeofeight ornitteweeks, ntd thle (Sin in that placed in the hands of the factor. To he in t me the next crop; all orders ought to be in the hands of manufacturers hy the first or middle of May; exelpt plantidots where they arclate in ommencinet g to k or gin cantst. N. l. "The Patent Right, for any one of the eetton wing States, will be samid on reasonable terns. mi3 anes lLIAM LONG, having iirchased Mr. James Callaway's interest ofthe ttlek in trade-will tioue the Copper, Tintand Sheet Iron msnnfactur husiness in hin own name and for his own acconnr, the old tand, No,. 46 'rehnpitoula s0t., whlere he I he glad to ee nold custotlters, hoping from past serios to acatsmdalnto friends wntl the Ipblie gener y, that lie will continuo to merit their patronag*. Ma2 Smoo. OT[CF-ThI, purcharers of squares in e the own of Shrewslurv, e.tld by Ilewlett &. Cenne; at auetion the 4th day Peh last, are requested to call at tihe e of We Chrlitv, notarv puhblie, and ncomply with tenrms of ae, witin, ten days from this date; or else pmperty will be sold at their cost and risk accord tolaw. nntSO OTIC -Mr EDMUND D)ARIN, who parchased at an atction sale made by Isaac L McCoy, on 17th December last, the fllnwing described Itt in rOnmiangdale is hereby otifsed to uotply will, Ile s and eondlitions of ile t ale, withlin ten da s feron date hereofn otherwise te t annte will he sold for his cot cand risk, viz: len Iotsa ntnmlncred from t81 o 90 lusive. on the side adjoining 1D F onrtlls, Esq's. prs. rty, and ten other Ito, also ndjointig Ilte property of SBeth,, esq. ntmbered from Il, t 120 inclutive. Terms-t4 payable in 6 months, and the balance in and reas, front the 17th I)eenaber last. m24-1t1t 6500 DOLLARS REWARI), tII.t.l giveofor apprehending and lodging in jail the negro JERRY, ;ho aheonded, it is supposad , qn hoard the Steamer ntumiuc, for Cineinnatol, about tet dayn .iae. Jtrry is shoot 45yeorsonfge, See fiet ton or elevenI l nen heigt, round stoned shoulder, verry talkative ntfamilaandof brtering ano trdiog im horde, -vigbeen ahaek.driverfor .snte time past ho this i-'. Jenr hosntdouitobtnainedforgedt papers. His fs, whoa is free, arsenmpie him. Shte In a negress tf0notl stature,and very talkative olso. It is suppos he. esausstmnd the name of W'ILLIAM, eatd that wifecslla hn by thltnaOme. I0) dollars will be pnid for sernrinl him in any jail ts sStste; and 500dollars ftr Inodgint h Im in asny jail, f taken out of the State, withoall rerennuble exr c nrer, neidre, ,orbringing here. J. Lt.E S. .few ()runso, !!lolh '_it, 1837. to2 'or the Znterior. FOl ST. I.OUIS AND ALTON. The steamboat PENN vYL.VANIA, Templeton. Moeetr, having mnoast - Ier cargo on board, will loavt for the oe pre this y, at 4o'clock P'M. Furmalancee of freight or' ps.age, apply unlboia, or to ul JUJA' S VAIKIN, 2.. PoUVk'as st. ie'i Untlled States Mail etoaner 0MOBILE, Sheridan, inuter. will leave the Lake end of the rail road thloilue er it a rrival of the 121-2 o'clock ca for Mobile. a I L>Rl MNCUIEIER, AND ALL INTERMIED ATE lLANDINGS. THE well Known steamboat CLAI BOIINE, Captain Barrett, will leave on ThErsday, tle 61L instanit, at 10 o. , : eAlh. or reiht I age applia board, ,r to an K ELLEY, MASON & C). flti1l 1ThAlEi4'rlT LR VICKSBUKGO anid all ihlermediate landing*, S 1THEateamer HAIL COLU.UMBIA, *J ..-J --. - Pe(ame, m(, is receiving cargo p. posite Cotilon sat wlhf, and will de artr W ieneniay the 5t1 ioinstiat 4 o'elock, p m. or reiht or rassage, apply on loard, or to I 3 J. Hi GRAlIAM. .R. - ll---.R- O dVI EV : -. SThe steamer SULTANA, rnptomA Tullts. willpositively leave t 'l'hnr. day, 6tl-inst. at 10 o'clock I m. For Sg r pas apply on hoard oppoaite North Ane.o dean Hetel.-or to J M BI OADWI.LL & (o. 3 er LAYflT & AMELUi'1G. -FOR SNT. LOUlI ANDI ALTON. The steamelr PENNSYLVANIAN, Templetion master, having pMrt o lier cargo engage Iwill leavc for the a bove parts wit espoitch. JFir balcome of froigln or pamage apply on board or at 26 I'ocdras ,ri. to m l31 JIALIIRN. FO LL8UISVIE A CINCINNATO I. pe iThe steamer SPLENDID, Shit lott master, having eolreilervble ear. re qe enguced, will leave lii the above iornl on i W ndv net the 5th proru . For freight or oaRFge, bhaying eleganet acommaeodatis, apdyjr on oa rd between vraoier and Povdrms at. to SSTETSON, AVERY & Co. F Fl-S' ILOUIS, ALTON; antil all lnertelmdiee landings. 'lim e A lfao" rnniai g upper rabin tqamer IIOONI.ICCI(, Jonce fnaser a-lvin ig uooch of her crgo ernggedl, I acetwihihqbuc diopoliF. r fre ight orar possagei aeplvyn aln cOaroipposite lthe Casttonhonse, or at 1i I ovydrams atret, to ol31 SAMiL. SI.ATER. liull I' LOUIS AND A1LTON, nid all iitertedliate laadlizsa. Sri s·i `//ie Irclt clas 8 o l fast ratlmeg ulo. per cabin steamer AI.'TON, Lilletn emusier, having ilthrcee fotrtbs of hier .arg.eangge, , will have imlnedlate deiplatcl. For orpsesage, haein, liandsome furelshed neccme moalionv wilth seplarateistae rnals apply on board, oplpOsite ilicoville alreet, or at 63 irovier st. to m3) IIOGAI'T d IAWTIIORN. --ar .Ne/tiloiic. and all inlermred,atc lundiriet. h.'e firt r.nning ecomerTECIIE, S I! Ionvist lmuster. is re.tly to re i.e cargo, and will have deslatlch. or fregh or p-l-etoge, apply on hoard, opposite Ilicn ville street, or to JNO. H.(I.lA -hA Ml. Tie ataib:)llitTUSK INA, frLut a ivillr, lying at UrMaeier st hcrf, will positivelvy dpnrt on 'l'uesday, i4thi inet. at t acoek,am. For frcight or ravg',aipply on board, or to a3 J i GILAIlAM. NEW RILEANS - 5101'11: U.S. MAIL STEAI I'ACKET LINE--DIaily. 114I(TE above line is compneed of the. following Stleamers, whiih are ualur passed ur safely or eomfirt, viz: - cilee,- Uapt. Slieridal. Mceppe, Wnm. C. Sutilton, `oulll Alabama, " S. Aldrich. (O.lhita, " . Grilfin. Alert, k C. Walker. The above hont are filled tip exprcesslv for ithe trade, and codepanerdd by oable aod etcriacea ilasters. Pes eIegers can rely uponi every axcrtlo oin thie panr of the -ropnetrirao a in asteto fir ilheir eolnfort ai safely. line tables will at all limes ie served with the best ilat hie iarket aflfirlrd, ald tie bars lstocked with liohce .ine ail liqlors. Thle proprieors tIuLt iy th ir unreilittiag eaertins, In receiveo a .tire of tiie poblic: iatronage. For freight or.pi.ienge, oplv to I'OUNE BECKWIT|I, or, m aF JESE IAR'T, 31i Poyins t. N.B. The owners of elaves are lhereby ltlifiedl to have them cleorced at tlft Csteom IInive pIavliIe to de iirtcri, clhrwise they will lie lhell liable fo: wlhatever damage shell re siot;eidl thllereby. FOIL SAI.E OR cHARTER. The tsihalist i.i upplerolaiu slenm bhit, CIIIF J(UST'I'ICE MAR A IIAIl,,,, i ofereil for satle ir chur ter, at a great )argo. i nllplied Ior srcoon-i-s 'e O tion horthen, t .il c lrrie116001 bales cot o . The Ioat isoin gend riioaii order, and I Io u.e oflhe bestl engines on re rivcr. -o'ur terms&i . 4 •N to i. NFP/'tRN & (,e:>l21& Q tlew rlevee. ~.l r .. .....I FOIc I. he hullf fthIe steamer BANNER; l fie.etder,e Iving been towed down Iwith a liull crg of live entock, by the _ }" Jl rlolymi tplit 3 Now L.eve, to S " " J F RANDOI.PII. k't Sni"ALi 'Tlhe sutabtontil Steam noat Con. stituttoc, will be dislosrcd of on ac " ocomloodating terms-sha is welt too!t io olr,-.,(t seaols rteulv rt.ot lf. i, onst en fob SLO.O atSlYlIv %, 15t l'ehonltolams l t e r A i)rn SA I mE, The sleamoer t AWKEYIZ, with all her furniture, die. Tle betm is i gEnod ninhg o Tier, aviUi ltl talv uoclergose repairs, and will b saolt a great borgon if inntedinte applieatinu is made to. . . S SLA'ER,_, 42 .ly'eras t. fI2 STEAM TOW BOAT. 'rilE steamboat LEONIDAS, An L drew mastoer, havig been exrapressly k fltn for tie ttowilg bosiness, is now ready to fillo s inc that way, will ply be weae.tLit sod tic English 'Turn; also'oow vessels tp and down tihe oeast to loatatiots, or any thing in the towing line that may oflir. For further oformloation ap[|ly at No 21i Potdrla street. TOURNE &-BECKWITIL N.1S. I 'ereaon wantilg the aIove boot to tow will please leave their olders as above or at Rowland and. an; t', Old Levee. OIRLEANS I.ITrtiOGiCtAPH L OFFICE, - HE proprietrs of this eStaohiisli;mrnt ber leave to _ infi.mi the publie, they hlae Iant receive fro ti'Nortl an extescive acdition to thelir stork of on-e. aitst, reclacineg large and new Iithogrnplir Presnse of 'be rnost tolern ntretoum, together with assertsdsizes of bhe lalest and finest Lithlogrmplthi Stone; the filest ILithographic Poaper, wite every Usticel nesesary in tlmir lin. lThey have also engaged inrst rate journey.i lsen Lithograph'ers, Ihlo have just arrived frost New Yrk. They are now prelaro d to do allhisd of work in their line of btsilness in a *atsrior manner, awt a the 4lhortest cotiee: soctl as Mops of Town; Maps of 'it loaes; Mops of cily Losa; rlw mof Real Estates rnas rally; Merchants' Cinralaso, oill Hetics; Iallsw.o et change; Bank Cheeks, dog. &d. They can, be sbuniting 4 Lithgrsaphic Stoues, asnke -Maps of 13 fete long by fesa 4 incles widt. As this office lces an ;otf tp ri c style eoql to in theountr, thle tpatrohage oeftlcose who may wosk of tie ki.a to do, is respectollly selocitel. PTheir terms will be mnoderate, Nod gradeted arodrding to tile otvle sf work ordered. mit D'Il$RAEL -'SNEW OaRI, &0. t l. II TENRI Fa'TA TEMPLEa lore story, by the sa L thor orf"iviin Grey," .e vols. Selet Speeelhes of tlhe i ollhi lio. William iVjtlheam, and the Right lhon. a itlInm Isasklieon, with Pre liminary BiogtapyhienlSketches, Edited by Robert Walsh. SWlker's-Manly Exercmses, with namemrou Engravings, Baldwin's Reports of brea s deterindted in lito iruit Court o. tsle United States, in acmd- lr the Third Circuit; eomprisingtle FRootern D)ietrit of Peoss aylvania, aeu the state of New Jerseyv 1837. New edition of St.csrdera on Pleodisg sa.d Evidence; 3d' Amriean,with onsidhlerable odditlons, io nvols 1S7, Jest received and Tor asle bv roll BENJAMIN LEVY. NEWI GOODS. Q aIMMONS, IIART & CO.-Are nwm receiving h -per shlip Hu0tcvile, Eagle, Meory Andrew, ligI' lastter, French oals.German doulle lhead ilavoisgoa d: iholter, belt and Ickert pistols; plain, ribbed and split mrete.saos eaps; cap. hlcers scissors, Ilazora, pLot. -cnires; Gillott's dtmrris and othtere steel tes; VioT lics; Violin strlilgs; shell, ivory lad htoa ocome s; waferst silk, bead sacd leather/ torsoa; Isir braids, front acd tuck ringlets; nsreo ilaa; German atd French eologne water; Roclaocls maneasser oil, initatiolt do; antique santd bearsoil; portable desks and dressing eases: ipast blocking; statiaAcol toilet gl5"055; convex itirros; op-. tial glasses and views; Indlian halads, bells andcl plumes; aeeordemt; wldt- twilne toilet sandl shaving soaps; toilet Itowder, atsmetie wash balls; seet ed sotin cushions; slpol stad.; tscrew etihioos; faney head elains and sneklsces; billitlrd hall.; pocket books mni walletta; Cerman iones; razor trlap,; fioe till common gum olastie suspeslers, sgartrado; Bells lucifer matehes dsil ver parencils; Ceryoost, ,tc. 4De. Tihe above i adclition to our former stoak of fancy. articles, clskesocr asccrtlnett very esotlets. Por sale wlholesale sr retail; as thshesig otilts Golden Com, 70, 'Chartrte stretet. tas. W AS broghlt o o the pollee prison of sthe 2dMunai cipality, n thIe 7th of Mtlsh, a Negro man; named Zettn, obout 3i vears of age, who says he hbe longs to F. Dorsille. "l'he owner will eaoplv with the law cnd take him saway. JO. S. HA iPER, mino aptain of Wntch. NE hogohead 'lobhoco, Itiked up in the river, tanarks . loansfield, No. 0. thie wnorecan have the same by applying at No. 14, Jefferson sI. and pay ing charge. g a l0 UICK PRIOK. &c.--102l Sides, 104 SOosuldsrs S970 Hams, :011 Sacks Corn, 401 barrels Whitsker, 38 barrels Lard, 149 kegs ditt, 116 barrels Flour, land ling from Flat Bet,, ad forj .tle hi nm7 SLO( & B YIENE, 15i Tchtotpitnulcs st 'AS brmloght to thle Poli "e prison of the 2ed" Mo r o nieipalitv on the .4th inst.. a rneros man who calls himself EDMUND, ond say he be loegs to Mad eu Shllbol. He is aboet 38 years of ge, 5 feet 10 inch es high. The owner will comply withi the law and take him awav. I S IIARPER, utu.h0 Copt of the Watch. ao. a 5". A5.ln a ce. No.41 CA.iat. SmEaT.. l lJI, buy atnd sell on emttitieion the stocks in tle Svarious Buksac d Insurance Cosmpanis in th a'its. Also the stock of thle Bank of the UiteldStates, Ctisrhks at sight or short eight, I) largo or est!alll sums eostanotly Tfor sale on New York, Fyetteville, Philadelphia, Charlastam, Misissrippi nnc otlher I cmlcrrrnt Batik Notes bougtlh also Atoerican and Foreign Gold. too 21 OoastwlsW. . . FOR NEW TYORK-Pa , t0&bat ppiate oiose str; or to" . '(lI oR, a 1 -1. 1. r LAIst ree.A. The bulk of ol ilet i wanting to coin I'h,-t thim carga of btig Pranklin. For freiglh oaf who i, or day partt apply to . a 4 I lE'JAi &; BAR STOW , 67 Grnvirr et . -F-O'r NF-W YORK. rThe brl R il MIAN'; Gillt, manter, oil tail in no liw dany for the altve port, sland will ltake .a iat freight mlA ofer. A\d aa tr. a0 ' LF I tt. GALE, -03-.ummn ci. TIIE ntw T nd'fnst saling clonooerP.ptrU, C. ploin Place, will met with dL..tLi. "or freight, pnl lid o beard, Idner et E of lion tier or to GRIVOT'& P;IE, FOR MOBTILE. - - The schooner YANKEE, will Utahea dtrk atload fIr the above poet, apply an board, pi callies tier, or at L1 Povdl'n tarpot, to at OkttyoT & PAIGE. 1?O'tEh N Yi I. - -O . . The fine A I b hrig M1ARGAR E'TlC aptti Swan, will have ieratcrb. For "mirntht -or passa.e anply at 3 (kmmonatreenato m31- I. H.UAL.E. S 1'le A I faslt aeiling airqlt CpOSSACK, witl sei fllr Ithe i uof port nd Ithe- 3d Ap ril nnot wants some .oek freight, and-a few pat rengef ,-ining fond aeconmaidalions. Apply to uat Captain on board, at Poo no 96 or to mil - 2&J PWIIITNEY. " FOR l'tAOtTlSMOUTII. The A I'rlg McnlEII.AN, Capt Parker, will ihavedaepartch.. Pr'paralag only apply -- - at 93 Conuimnitneet, -Ir- - "o 1 _ 1"-I!GAI,. " FiOR JIit'L'I./n.N --MamIn - - S The echooner MEXICO, iaster master, will have iohirndiatc deopatch. For freight m or passage lY a 74 PoydrTEisnt} to 1.i " J 'tAER &Un. ST .aliJdid iew a.t ..oier FREDIERICK AINE'l', Anriatmlaer having hilf her cpr S..- Cgga..d, lwdilnl oio vely sai on Salaitoiiy t April. For frelglL.rpasge apply on kbotd opu-: shite SJulia st. or at-!2 Piydrat st. to mi. - - (lVOT & PAIGE. FORt IOSTON. 'hl fine-barque JANE, 6opt- Boyers, nan. take 15t to 12(11 barrels pork or 20 tons lodd. . For ternn applyatt 93 Commerue st. to __8 -- L II ALE. - - FOt-NEW YOjiK-,t ail7th Aprl;---t - l.ouisinlana and New York Line. Tiu fine faot sailing aoppered and roptier Sfastened Pncket Ship IIUN:FSVLI.LE, EI idridge masnter, will rail asabove. tor'reight or pannage, having spleadid accooknlodalion, apply to the Captain on toard opposite Ilospitloitri.oeor at 90 Common street, to ,2118 J ID II A COII'& RCO N. FOIL NEW YORK-Packet vessel. SThi verye fast oiliug A picket+m'1notiner 'TEAZEI, 180 toun;'Jo'ea mtaster, will sail in a few dave the most of her cairgo being-' lngaene, fi remainder of freight- or passage, having spler.lid furnilshed accommodatonamn, for -pasengera, late roims finishedl in samine snyle as dtie N¶ew York l'ncket. 'I ie bertof aetvants, table supplied witllh be' of provisione,bn experiencedromnimader, who will ,a0 very attentiolon r the colmfort nodconvnenience of hi paaieugers. Apply ont blurd opposite Tiauluse ,at. or at 95 Conmnon t. to a27 - W FOSTER, )L tNEW YOltK ThIe fnast sailing schloner Y'ISONX. Capt. r- Iia McKENNA, will eairin afew days, can take .t0 boles Maor, or 10bltarrels Park on deck, by pptyng o on-oatdapiiotte St. Joseph street, or to nt8t -, Wil. POlEER, 95 Cunoaon at. L "t't1A LT-'-MtRE-Firat l eLnel; r the fast sniling clpered A I schoorner MA- . RION, eoptlBirnhmn, wtlleait inn few days, t'tbe mott-of herearo hbelg enogoged, for-re nnitider of freiplghl or I ,naCeipply on huardolposiu e the public squaie, near eln ferry, r to m17 WI'M P(illTR,l5il Ciommon ct. I IFrt iOJ1TN. - - - The foIne ' iminer WIt.l.OWS, Cnaptain Ho pkins, is ree;Ping eaorgo, fotlhe abovn p,,:t, " si-. aed w ill heave d ele r'eh. F r e g ltor e' t o r s.l neillply. to,,, n17 1.. H. GALE, 93 ('nn ... .n . FOIL NEW YQRK. , The fsi sailing, Brig GRAND TURK, capit. Franklin,onnts the bulk o:.00 bhls to colmnplet hier cnrgo. Fog freigllht of which, or pionsit, applyi to m) " S & Vl ] I!It NEY,lCouti t. For Sale, Freight or Charter. FOR SALE, F1IIII9T, (OR CHAIITER. iea TIlE fast sillg opipoed and eopier faot. coed brig DELTACoptain Frencis',27 tons, carrrieoa large cargo, and sails fast. For far tIerpor. nltrs applyor bard, opposite Delor stree, or to 3 WV. 1'O4('I'ER, 95 Common irect. Oi-t-S'1'uup-OR CHAItTF. " - The faut sli ,aner MEoLTENeUUS, Coa -- ieop0pm foartlorlleln s i Ioins, and carriesc W~Il4 blsor aJt 200 hlls-I.js copper fits. tcq "d, sld in floe order, racnd fir a cargo to an) placet but Richolond wouhl '1,6 Irefi'ried. Apnply to th Capt. t post 37, or to GFROGG OIJNSON. St9Codmnon srret. FOR A PRERI:sII'T O Rt C HARTER.. "Ile flos enilii sclho iler toRUTUSV, Cl-.' trele, mster, a.ill fo tp or dowh t1ie coast. dio fr anpply to J. . Apply.A. tOHlN, nt0: eNo. 90Co mmH st reet. FOR HA RTE .. . TH f sohi PLA O ih hfirst lrge REppE~e d, edw wot e acargdo of cofle fromn Rio a to -- J-IHAYEIL .'d(t • IlIIE fost saliing rehooacrRIonrR ,90 tons - ~ " " JOIlN .1 FOSTER, FUMoR AIn, on boariT oIN CHARTER. The.schlooner LA 2RUCR, 96 to9Is; 2 years 1 oldo: r fatened. and copperd, bu'ilt in Baltiluoreesails Iat, draws 771-2 -lft water len loaded, has a hladsole cabin, well fote di and ill beadhlleo f-r any vovtltae. Apply pn.b oard opnposite pot 5, ore I88t , MJPMWHITNF.Y.S FO1R FREIGHIT OR CHARTER; N. HOW, 291 tons register, is now diR. gi, a ndwiH eon bea rtadito rtae in.rth namepp o tto apt Motson, on .oer, opposite t the etemblbre mar ket, or o P28 IER)LANN BRPIG.'A CO. --o--- La--i, " -+ New c:-iarllip flimo.liyt, the Or ,siuea, will n k.I'i . M(9 ONIS, IIRAY IIARTT, P.- PG. TA-YLOR. N. I. . SiTar, mon , irs tt orizne to A lon the name of tile ats rm , in the iettllonlt oiraia esi et. S.. tH. SIMN MONS. - h .. . T LA LOR.- New Orlean, Mrc 44 N,w 133. L .4 - NOTALC - HE undersignd ON sme hremo binis ofi to No.ate m f In i ode x, Clanu .n Co. and eitianu a tihe sam andrr his tame. J. w W.Al.a, ,mil T IF , in Londo.on tia i aynhd Ni l I unes, it Ti . Htit, E-of8 di xs 13 doz. r f y f olorkk, 1 a87 13 nests of tuba, hmrked d S.P & CO. St,' i,oi, Thper barque Olyr Conner mople fromk, of proseY A OnN--o bag first qualiy, landing froml Patenter win noble, tfor ale by rve DO bills of march oi 44 New Lever. It E 10V A 1. . . l dimdition, .Elm SN-13 o Itonxl ed, wine-3 a baisory of te fro it nd Teaux, landing frot L ip Indu. aL, ntor )ofs by .Jugl USVAfRlil i"te I 6proi Payrid, s [ACON--20-,lU) 0 Iblehoig rolnds, ikbtoro,'and tfar. F sale low, to clse, a ctane of b Amrin wi ne.ma16 . WOT & PGE,.I2 Pesdea a. .i.i rate hma Cook is wattlnd. Also, -w .e~sher wouman, good wgel witholl. ten. Atply Nso. 73 lathetI. mI 7 P .iDELFOR Li & InEverl It HE in London. on gratif for te liral eNi a, in Sprnmlea and sprees therough thate htopolis, by Peirce Egan, in:2'vols - The Hmorist, ediled b T'heodore lnok, 1087; tinueYong Lady's Giftu a common place b sko of prose andpoetrv. Acolltetion o t Pleadings and prlctioali Precedents, with nots te Lereon, ade approvell fmardof bills or eoate; eontainiog lrk o, iRes lin es, w &e. to , ngrad hani's l'ragtico,-. edition, by Jelmn V. N. Yates, Elements ofl-ntcmntionai-Law, witll a bisary of the cenec, hvlienry Wheatml:; Just received end for sale by - wENJ LEVY. YOUTHIFUL 111P' STER, &e. &e. ,fHE Youthful Impostsr, a Novel by (iorge W. M. T Reynohls, illn- vloe. Traits and Trialeo tofrly Life, to Lt a. L. cnttlor of public mproatiearc, . . O RN.. eemale Robinton Crusoe, a tale of the Am trican wil derness. Faurth exlperlment of llvig without means. The Element of PolHical Economy, .by Franeis WaVv laud. I). 0. Prosident,-of Drown Ilniereity,' mild prrfessor of Moral Philosoph y. Just received and for s: 1 ` by m30 BENJ. LEVY. No-ICE'E. ;1HE snhscribcrgratified for the liberal encourage menlelll heretofore bestowed uponilis establishmcnt, rlrp'elfnlly amonnnesu o the. publc, thlat he still con tinucs to mnanufaclre Cofpi'r, Tin, and Sheet Iroa; and lso erlntracts tkeBlacksnmitk hliness iq general, at No.120 New Levee stree. whbtee allt orders for steam boat and other work in his line, will be attended It n exraut.,d with despatch.' He holes b- pncltlality, and due sltrenton to bn.ineev, to merit a continuapce of politic pal'lmnge, J.T1'.OSg ORN. New Olleans, .9li McIth 131:17. Zoo. .] ._;" r., ZEurope. - C FO. I LIVERP,- t !, OOL., -Lm p-lptt hherl egoarg. i lirtglt 5ho iWO.rprp. o'getlqiiy to 0 o J.1 ' WlIIIT '- rYY 8 Cirl tr. SThe Ibk JANE ,CoFpt(.I Itlak, will Hue, . .i s de ;ptrc; warns 150 ut 200 boalo to lil up. For flei1ght i r passage, apply to t`+ L.I. . GALgS, 93+ Common At, FOR .IVIlRPlOOL. STinelor crir ost sailing copper fgsternt, mind Alhppered Britiso skip O IAT;I.L, i:tt cnltllrdelo havig; all hercar-l. esnogedl ane gsla lw bea, ,ill meet w ilht de'pan+'I .o'or f+ausagt litly, llnvll. hnd lollle nelnlOdllodoijll, o)ply to toll -latnder rlbonard or lit 93 (UCoii treo t i. FOR LIVElRP- L3, . ........... open I I. II IJI.1.I SThe fAot soililn A I ship KATIIARINE rJ ..CIa Nr, Crpg . Irer3a0.+l, re-iit n i. Y5m balen cotton to roplite ier cargo. l' torrs ur passage apply at 13 Clommono strelett to I "I. II lAI.IE. F The arqnlu 3TI:'A FODIt CuOpN BAVin tow, w1ll hve dereptch. For terms or puoa saoge p,rnlr at r3 1nmto m . t.i -n31 . " I i GALE. The A I ship CONTEI.IATlION, Capt. Sarpnonm , will Int de epateh. For Ipasnsa only, lapply at 90 Commont strert to n:3l I. U-GA I.E. F(R LIVERIOOL. T fne aildfaRst iling ,hiop IIp ERALD Utiept lkr , reqirclalr 52.0 bale.i ation, to tc-l " lrtle her crgo. For terms or poassage ppll, oilE Colmmon t treet,ei o3I "7.11 GtI.E, T. e fe blig IllAVRE, Capt. Carpenter an 1. o rln:eaohdote a few pooroelgc", Fot :tr onlapply ot 3 (Connlererc rt. to nmI8 1 1 GAI,. FUR.L'EIlIt'UOOL. it · . r plie lonnid foat oaiing shift IUENZI, S * Capt, Nortbn wV.ts 290 bhase cotton to i(lOn -.o'lte r r cargo. For. freigit of0 which or pRssage hleving splenldid aceoommodatijns, ojijv at o lotntl st, 0t i28 t & J P WVIII'I'I1'y. FOR GIASGMIW. . 1k. flioe barqoe A'UGUJ.TA, Cnpt Blair. d.i. 'de.will h'ive nioondiote d.}ltch, nd can • u- seIn fynlv actominodale a few n +eoer ge~a .1l -,-01.3 Cormono tr. to og I. AI.E. Th. ''le A I aito foostoui'hog rhipTIGEA, Bn e'kr matel, reguirra 300balolo eottinn t6 om. iplel. her cargo. dr tcenos or t.ooogo opoly at .PJ-Ioor ei., to m.7 L GALE. FOi t.II'ERPOOI.. +. Tle pew aoo .d Eilregt A' I Slnii SCOT RAI..D Copt Iliakstaflfwill take 2l00 or 300 bidloe clttoo to completl er LenrSo. Folb freighlt or iooge apply at 9l3 t otmon St. to o n.7 " . II GAl.E, FORI' 1IVEILPOOI.. . the lil.a, soiling A I hrir JOIIN BAR-. RIN0 ,Copt Yule, require. 3101 bales celtos to cositjteg hler cargo, for terms or psitage apldy "it S-In " j,. IT..AI, 93 Common at. -.a Tue ie1a 't-ph MILeL captuio Thomp epSl.reqoireo 221t bales to ciiphoie her load - og,:.r- tanos or poaoge opplv to _l2. . , it.GAIAE, E .onmon ot. S - FOR IIVE1RPOOL;. • Thenoperiorandl astitnilingA tlShip I.0 -trLo, CaIeoi. Woattin wotI 150 holes cotton to o:otlrlete her cargo. For termrl or pissage apply to .'22 11 H GALE, 83 Comiosn st. FOR lAVRE. Ship-IEIlREW,',n a tike 300 bale eotton. Apply to 8 & J P WvIIITNEY, FOR HAViEb.. STile flne A I-and fast sailing rhl ELIZA BETH. Captain Thanyer, walnt it O hales of oaply oter, to comrplete lr ea eo. Fpr passage ap dy to tolO 4l.. tl.Od t.., 9S, Comronr st. FOIl ILIVERPOOI.. Tihu hip IOYAI WILLIAM, Taylor, mnster, i loading. For freight aply tor lr 6 r i. e . CA-oIhMACI Jl. CO. -- FOR LR'EIVERPiOL'. The brig IlRKLEYi Johulsra mater, will cltrnnenci. ilding this drv. For freihto ap , -. .l -to WI ,i It. ... ..... . . . C oA . Thia A I ship, ANDI)REWV SCpTT, Ilart illy,' mlnater, atini riahr cargo tengad, will r, . immedratelv despntched. For. pass ge onl__, a__t_( .eir .1r1.. GALr. - k('(R LIVERPOOL. - _ Tlie A ' shir CtIIAILRI.ES Cn pt. T'iroase, will have immulediate deslateh for the sosve 1'ort. lrFor.rparage anlvy. tarll" into L. II. G iAt,. 13, noa Ft. RFOR IVERPOII.. SThe fie Ati ship CAIIRAR cap. I , Capt will ricive despatch . or passage la e n p ~rp I y tt o . I GAE, I Rll i , otIg r bi ll|llroo e rerit FORIIAVANA-FirOt VePOo el. .an neIott master, wal nt 300 ha bsllo, i to S:oplne her eirol. For frcirltt rf wvicr, -or,{,. sa -..,.v to S '. J I' W · l:. '..J.v, lor G)Altl VEIL1TONI. TIE Bri tilsh silip CATIrIARINEl Capt to enophe ei her cargo. e lor freiAht of wichl hipply'to n12 H. BRIGGS & Co, 77 Canal At. . -, . FOR (I.AAbO\V. .- E T41Esuperior.and first sailing Al barque ,4 1 DJaO a; capt. Iliggins, wvill Ihve immediate - =dcspatch. , or freight ofel00" hales ofcottnl or lsagelhaving handsome actioninrmdatioe, qrply to f25 ,. II. G.AIE, 93 Comsmon st. boor .T exas &- the In'test lndies. O FOR.I AVlANA--Firn t Veeel. T.fet fArtt artieilig aoppcerd britg OMAR, a Howesr, mastr,' will have quik despIatch.- SFbr r Figh( t or p eassage aply oaolrd , or to n W. I'OR'IER, Y95 Cal3tiln Leeot. FO4L GALVST:I'ON i, IAII.RRSUUG IN The feert oili.g pNIket serlr B iRON, Be'rsell, maister, will anleet wiBh earl) tde iiapah for the above lmrte. For ffltglht or pasage ha Waing sperinr N e3landdoln, napptly on or FOR IA A-t M IIRYTAN,36i TOR leJrit'A( IRaDt ANt Il COX'. PONIT. eA fnat srare oire ailug slmororTr coppedll engau d, andoe will meet withl imrdialnt des partchi Fob-olaplce oFioreiht or pasanoe,I ty to a 4 W iM lRYAN,360Ohl Levee sr. For GAI.WESTON. e hllvner W & FRANCIS, WilL tis ter, nwaill sail this day, finr t saove port. r a s neWm BRiYAN, 36Ogll E vote street. er -FOt re IAho RAVEl --'TPeeas. ac Therpladendid new creted brig SAMcUELI. Am IIOUw'ON, tincklov master, flttel up willth oselegant ael nottal roati, l for antnger wilt rus as n regular pauoket to tile above iortea, will pe ifoeely tAily'ashyovo oil Tuesday ril hnst. For freight or o ,ia ofge ppell. on h ard or t r l WfeI of o r i 3oi-l i oves te Paisasge ole. oThe A lhrig, iROWus', S ii ('aQu iaster. Shevifcgrit cargeo enriaged will eMsiairely aiel oare ttrlv tat Aplril. 'PhRe above vrl of. Alers fina.pportltity for paisseter; Ilaing splebdid farninslod aedin Witlih ntte rooms, a nlee lfbin oI itdek. 'oar rnus apply toe Cal t Cadrr oun boad pprsrite piet let, willa silfe r fthe abovee plaese n ce ater day neatrahe c an take -the hulk nf e'few more, freigt ofrwhi napply ati 36 CanL at. to t12 T OPOllY h& BROTI'II hel - 1 FO .- V Ar NAiPrekeh t rig. - '-The fast ee iy, A r Pake1t drig RE)' Lt, Capt. r f as, wilt let with quic deporrrtrh. rr For flirht' or piassage, lapply on iheart, op Ine 7o BeefMcirke nto e to W aa. PORaIlER. pma 8 f 95r Coallfon stret. IT- m tIf ttlIN II.IOIeVE flIX, S mad -t CCAIMAhif,0 'oenvler etrect. 11..ARDErN BOAT.--aThe sub.rriber lnhas tr ni le, t r h ,lis Lie.T1', now 1r c ag ait the Flat iot rIr.lading, a geera-aMsertment of (anheo Slrahbery, areei-ce, oue Plants, Btd'hos and Thberous Roots, U rbacona TAl peeFrlit Tree., sluch ar Aptiles, Pears, Puions, Pc:rhes, Apricnte, Cherries, Qunges, Geirlr , t trawo berries, Gootaerrieu Chrrfnti Ion spterrieo , tatlyr with almost every vtitety of Garden Seeds. SmI Jo- .OHN. u. SLACK. FIjEN DOALIR.3 RAE\'.VARD.--?hbcondr.', oil the l 13th inahda te'gm man, alont .lKtt high,:,5"vears old; .wnnerly hleoiglo to Mr. Buetiec Cotro, rros:. Also-, ywllow boy, shout IB or 16 vearwold,,blmot a feat 10, or 5 feet lhigh---gi Iooking alt d smart--lad on When ilofpt It dark grltil.y attle roInd jiacket antt pal taloolli. Ilia wooll iriilohig iendr; wrlles l llrlckn to bin lookl are-qlite .nllr. The allove. rewar will be paid to alln. Ieriai fNriece &detction of saicd hiY. "a r.t.R'i'IN' II. I)EVF'ROUX, " 26 Te·houplitornla sire t. N.11. y person harhoring thos, Isa ill lbe prost led-a reed Ig o lm law. " ' ul JI IaE oil nr T rip r.Jr lurr e n e, t aird -re n ri -t h e tC hil 'United Startes, wit s pori s ,of" Isia r- orrrapie ridlioe, never boiUPe pubhlished; atld notices ofIlia opilollns "on lyuiStiers of civi governarlelt, atinrne l polerc' and ecutitltutional nw. BIy George Tucker, Egq. of Virginia, in 2 vols. Throe Experite.Rtii of Livin'Ceihi w it n MI .o'n Livingl rrp to tile Menlclr, nd I.ilg beyrolld tile aOses. Just received and fir sale by • mtti . B'ENJAMIN LEVY. • t'. 0. & J. s. "'l.T . ..... .4lloiniCs and Cntoardlars ot Lawr, I.TCHvT Z, ]lssistrel Vill'prneire in Ike diff,.rea courts of the stale Talof i Rbe)rcrnte.:.-- . Kirkama & Co. Bnhanlan, |lgagr Sr-Co. Hagan, Niven &, Co. Win. llewes & ('o. New O)rl.,ans. ml8 11t .. '1IAa I.AND FOil SAM. - -'LNE leg:gflc and ou -third eta hPague of I:and, sitlu m ][ate on the CoDllit I|ai', near Fanl Pantrt,-io---hre oil .tiiýo. i,1: hem to be li)tclil ill 'r",Xll.; fes w(N l jdIand alnd excelleat water--the rive.r tit irablc thr veserla drawing 6 an 8 f e,'t water--tihle taldiiptahle; -ulraiantial goaa altrb I-, that cifect. At:., scyeral miwa lot., and 'evrral soldiers' 3 and f, ,iamnh-" eleimn-, rn rCrnmn,.,lating, terrp, for sale ly n1 G I:. A ' t11:l.N & CO. WAS bulll llit th i pull A.--. file d .iuidilhipnly, onth dw Sl l1 Wdo lMarcli, Io ngro man ,minmed .It L N alruti ears i aof ager, 5 ft I ord iaslna iighl, uyas h tou (illmi Zrin hle wloer will irov wol r pa clha rie, wuI takelhimnawa. I us AI I 4. I nll ('apt of the 1' iogh 1VAS brogle t lise police 1eiwneod hik hnil -liniciltl yi, Il tie l.1h inttalt a mulnt manli Inled flENIRI T .All hIe is "0 years old; S l t o0 2 LL.I I. lligh, and ayseie ii fre. llonuld he ie.a slaie, the owner i. riqigtlet4 o comily with tlbh I w nnd lttle hilll awiy. tll,2 11 H IIJII.PI'21, Calh ift'1(, i,. WAS to the police prfron 'l tile d itunillpallity, ion *tll l1h illml al grll' lfty, b\ the name, of rf'PE, a hl is about 16 ur 17 ye ars old,5 1tc' 2 or inch.s l igh, and svly hle b,longcsto lr. Fuller. 'lIe owner will prove propert., pl.nvhirgec and ltae airt awey. d. 1l s IfAIlPl l, WAS brouight 1i l h0 Police p'riivl t~l ike Sewlehtld lui:Cilality, nn tihe'l il inst. i. briglletiiilo bi y byl t elil taroe S of YLVI22e'oEIl, and esit lrebelorna to nIr.'reauegard. 'Me is II or o - ymm i ear wO l age Ile owner will prove preoperly, pnv ehargete, Shdi! '1t0 IIENT. A Lot in Jrllan aIreel iitualed near tie BD. Sh li of thie Ineo Ca nal, with good r aibl ing and S cnirriage hnlr tia well rMoI for ta wptd or ai l rrd, at No 3 Jank Alley. TO RENI'. A Whrehousel i Julia et. 30 feet front rua ell. lnig ba.k it Nolre Ilone Street. For further tr laliclr apply atSO Conlmun at. or to __' J Ii BREIN & A COtlEN. TORIINT1 lussesoein given no lt of April. ' ' anid elegntll filishell three storyv N brick HIatie on Rlampiare n lteweei Hnopjeil anod ltrracks streelts It hal Jst keeln onipleled in the tost rilderncll ve, by 1). ii. Twr gooni, Esq. The first ad second salreiae cntlin iwo ro ius of parlor andl dining rooms wilih slidiag doori,black end lold niatnil pieces, pnteIt grates &l. Tihe boakb illtings arrex lensive aid eoimlnodioue, ioving all the neeereare o. cmnonlo.lnion ier a larg fanmily. To a goad tinant it will pu lalet o ll nera olag rles, Apply it no. 3 C.. rondflet trel'v, to c • nei2J O i r I;EL & MAY. AUI X I:rIGPRFU, sPImI r UR -. - "BuIln dii. Cbttrollelr de l lSecdnloJnd eipalite, Nloirrelle-O.ileanl, he 1i Mars, ,1n7. Desidfrie caelcaei serolnt requl part. rearil decctte Mtloicipheilte, jlae all pre wier'iardi d'.vril Ilronal.i (le 4) pinir In- folroitlre de toils le o itieriaust ian i quc bi con.truetionl n ll l:el Minnilipal, t l'e origllir dneilRueo St Catarleo lild ielin, Ida pIropi.itiuna do vr0nt ir-e Illesn ciitilheineelnt'u!lii plait fall par l)nkin Ic:l and tlkin, qui pnl eolre ver.a I'olpee do vtver aml7 S.1TA 11'. NYE, Cnntrolleir. .,A Ihrio iie.hote, dinllie prisooi.of t11e 2d munii. r V polity, OnI Ii o itlli inmaltl' a aegro niea neamed Alcx'r. Ic(;IJY, lie is 0bout 22 years ofage, 5 feel 6 io 7 ilclils igill, of a riifloloe,.niad ay lie ia liren) tlltt Ie wias bunte in uoliombu, sand raised In Cikihoih.I Ohio. -. ibhoald ti be a slavo e lownee is rcquoastedlto prove property, pay clorge, ald ltake hiln awaiy. Ii. -. f..IARPER, n,54 Caplain of the Watlch. /AS broutgit to the"iole. pliifs' of lhnidtj l Mu"l. PI cieli yail tile 18111 inlit, a blck girl by the lIniameOfE:MSlsA. abt 5 2etra ofge, 511 hIgi, saya aie llelonge i George Vhlliro. liar ownor will provelproporty py. clharge and take her awotv. I HARPIER, 11124 Cnptain oftlie WVlait. briewS ibeiioll to. ls polite priiu oii Nli tel Ma-" V nieiility,on tllle tli itl it grifGirl, wjol ella "eroelfl AlRGA.'(ET, save sae belonga to Madaui Moore, Shei is about.-13.lyears f age, very briik. HerJlwner ia requestad t'complv-with die law anil talke liar away. ft 9 HARPEI, m-.4 Cajitofthe Watch. NOTlCF-The libaeriber era rw rdady re receive S1 orderq foeaov kind of Cypress loiber, thdrsaww oill beiot iltlill.opiratio and ii perrfect order. Thay .ill usethleir best eertions to supply depennde with Iromptneso and ilenaLtc. Orders to )la lei t ithe mill, oppolite thie reeidcoa of JolhnGrrene, Rlaq Foulteorg .ivandaol, or at tfleeouoting room ef Joho M. Bach, No. 59 M.igazine street. There ie also a patent lath mnechline attalhed to ilie oiill, which will eqil're the silicriber to sell that ari. CIn, which isuf tlre fiest lquality, on the loet moderate taels. . noa8 " . D . TWO 1;lOl). A IltlSJiIIAl) of Yellow Ocier wo omil inte. tlventre of Carotnelet atreet, neirly Ia monitl n.go, ilt. oWiner of olid hopltllad is reqltletr to call at the Cot. . eistarvs nffice, Mulnicipl Halll,ltove ptrllelty all lilay, el it will be told at pblillc uctison by It'ter gtea, pi' lie alleciioneer, on thle 181 8ilorlt. nli Q"'ltli I'V ioo takeno" ip oiiltle nighlt of tlhe 2ti-J T Feb.,ibylle eightclinh:2b e l ol i, 2nd luoit'i. Plild etillcoliltled in ltlhe iiidnofthei Guard Illoue i3dIVard, i lack horse Motol, ot a orrel lore Mile. Also, wai llkelt on tlhe tiilit' of ithe 2l7th Feh , by tlie night Wilh iland eomlnitted ias nabwev, a bob toil lav Hiiroe, loving aI white sitr in lia forelhead. T'lie owvlers ofolaid anilmals are rcelqelteld to emlli forword, prove proierty, poy charges, otid take tlhril awav. on nr icfore aitltrly tie 18Ih Mllarch. on wh .i davirthey will be sall iat pllic liction, 0t I o'clock M., iy 1' A Guilloiteacteioneer. 11 I S'I'RINGEIR, Conmi.sary 3b1 Wardl nim Sod 3tiiicialillv. VV .i;;irel I iii with wvlito face. The owner f sold Ilocce, is relestedtoprove proitertv,p"y ihbr sees and Itaki him awiiiiv oo iior lore Satureiloy tIe I1itI iast , olllerwie ie e lill lIo oidlil at ulic nactioni. n tile Ilili mrchl, by I' A (leillotle tililliieer. JOIIN PLRICE, Cotiniesro tot Werd, tmi7 2nd i llnieipaiiliv. S iE l .I CAN1)l-.ES---leccived Ier chr Tle-ci1e " eid llic Old Colonv, 200 bOxea Nntllllkeb aeriil cindles; 1l2I do lort.lli tdo. I)iwner, Auotili & 'o's. braI I, lbr sale ilt 114 T'cliiliiiitelle it0 by 1'.17 [ BlRl)iE&Co. N "." RVAN'rS FOl sAIE. FNE likely num, 25 years of age, in a gand manager o afl hnrses, and a gaot dining room servant. Alan, his WVile, a gooa cook, washer and ironer,-and two children, twoe a nd the ntlherA years of age. Also, a likely Girl 14 years old. The above el iasn can be had low by taking thlen all. Forale ha J Ii COIALUI TT, aiprl 14 Graier otleet. Beetles's Bferrescenthlagnseain Aperiens, '!OR D:ysplepsia or tluigestion, uervous debility, gid IJ dinen,naidity o the stoulaeh, hlalitlal coativeenes, eannutuadliseases, gout,gravel, &c;hlighly valrod as a genuine cooling purgative, very suitable in this tune of tl..yauur. A luppilA of tihe above narmed valuable medicine, just receive .from England, anld for snalbv . I IIONNABIlI., Druggist. m20 Trchapnuitane st. TE XAS. IraE asubscriber laitlg een dletnaiuad longer in thia Inlgy than ihe ecai nied. t II be roady to sail ior Texason tile first of next wee, anrd althoeghl he ars forwarded the full niuiier of men that lie intended to tht vet, Ioini infoidl tRhat there era mann now here teatnna'eresirots of emigratin to that beautifull aid de ligbtftl c.nlutty, for the purpose of aidng the enu~e of civil and religious lilbrty; notice is hereby given to all thioie, that proaviittls anil traimpo titiao will lie fllr niohed them, free of exprene, ruv:dled tlhey mike an plieation nail eniter their uames duritg tlitweek. Apldy to Adjutaunt Walden, at lir. Iloattic'a Coffee Iuns, ald joining tis nt. CIhaCrle Theatre. I1. F. WA Y 'IOrTI:, tlk 1 Col. Te'rxas Armnny. OUINTIING IhOUSEIn DIRIECTORY FOR tili 1 Just nublilbedi, cuntnine a list of'he Ialniko, Dir.ce tore, discouat days &c, insurance aud'olherenmpanie foreign contsul, chntnba ofneommerce, rates ofelarges arrival tca departuras of the natila, nolenador, anaios, err, &e. &r, foi Sala by IIOUIIKIiS & Ceo. IJ6RK ANI* f ARft--53 bthl me uS1Irk. h2 ja I rime dn; 53 do rne ps, and 383 kgeg land, landing andl Ir Bale by al23 J. T4-ATER &Co. 74'Pedatm st. SCAILD-a.'ne i paengersa on batann`thl brig Jean take pleAet in aktnowledging to thLe Cant and crew, the kind treatment they received at their hands, while on their wav front Galveston to New Orleans: to those takine passage for Galveston, we would recom mend the nrig June ns tile most eomlirtnlle re.s sel, heat acanlmondationa, and mtort econmidirnts e.bin in the trade. The as in ane arrangemtetnta wit thie steanil oat Iotnl a|nto convey his pa:ssngers and freight up luth Ilfilhl. ii t la, as ftr as liuaton city, oneehitnat Inl.tllmurg, Ilnrritbarg, and othelcr Ilaeat ot4he ieavelln. We woulld recnommend this also as the mlost exarelliioUa enOllVcltre t6 ilouantn. 'ion kuec llill, Jackson Smith, Jodmla f).Willlams, l:, U. Adams, Ultae. A. P. etars, J. K. nllunl )rti) AC flRiUilNGS -14:bblý e. of prinahqtual its, latel' inspeetetl, part having brine, bright and nice; will e sntld a enol bargain to aine the sale. 15 G.(.JOIIINSON. I Ctmnmn st. OUKS&.c.--Jost receiedl an aaoarltlet ofa rape L eri Lrmk fie donre, deskt, naower, chests ani trollk; also a get al as rortnmet al harwlere, for sale wholesale or retail by LAYTON & Co. mnl riadoi 3Old Levee st. ' fRN--I shat: arn in Irat rate order, lt aing Sfronm istra r tgo llaain. and -fe sale by it l SI.t) &. IIYRNE, 1.53 Tchnltauitlnst. " UlRnt&IPOlKn.-- l hl leaur 17t1 do clear Spork; 1t6 do niess pork, Ilaedng frtu flat bot, anld Icr sale by I..O & IVRNE, n"lsh 'le5nlTthoulitaolas.rneet. SlI-tN \iAl.v lt"rh ,aaeualnMbel haIs receied a Sqiuitti of grcitn psint, to which lie wotld -all the attentl i t . ihm 'ranle. Wm A RIAN, n~2 925 Msa aziue rt. SPAD & bSIIOVi'EL..-Tlie eubscril*r hina re. ceimedn 150 dozen spades and shovel,to which he wohld call the attention of the trsdle. I t.K - i ( i . - 1i 2 pieces aides,- a a. lnri -o -t in I) store anal for sale b J VAIRLIN, i0L K t . "6P i Poydrlon d rret. tp 11Ch I \;.' -1i0 blocks teanrotlanai 1 ea Tie; 350 platn nfsplrlaer or-Zina,fer sale hy n1.' Into I.AYT(iI & C. 53 01d leveest. Al.T K}rr"1-." E 5t . o. l settles ha ad r sale in lots to suniti urchasers by h" o :In l.AY'l'ON & Cer. 530hld Levce at, rXl1.S.- litkeg.s of nilun.rwell saorted, in store I and hr nul by nLAYTON & Co., inatloin 52 01.4 L.evee. ,OýIl--j- h bbilaulsiding lrini steam.r Fasa tfr sale by.- IOR*$EY, m^L ,4l Few Lenee. ) .CON cullES--:l rcnh-¾a enperinr artitle, Vin i. niiunati clredl ors a!. hby G Di)lSERY, atol 44 Nu I. ver R AISI d-Wine, iii eat alt ic lXuos;gace RI imp titlin tao , Maltga, f'r .sle by minl imltnlt & rt.mlt-ttV-r , t7 Iraticrr t p, .. Kro...ll and rod iron, .ail rols atrt poi.uh, ermnain, shear, tlisjtsrd, ~pring, slct anmd (rowhlelr SteI Iollow "It.eotaaslnrs a,.l t.4flwis·sad p.ilr*e L ie , hlita k li .,' mill hat grind slol ua, aitlc at Chilln emtble, a. chmrs, Ihas (xt, Ing su mi trace I Ihain, cnrn mills A.nill, rice, ti .cmnu.rsend Illlows Wire, rwct ,1(ig and bar le nl elhot (Cel, and eookikg stores Ames, Uo la.d's iud .iLer'pade's alu ;Iatde l .aek anl pl.te hinges, door and widllp" hiooks .lhlim,, S l hn . , ,apC. and aother xen l.'ir'd e.d :Manitla cordage, lines ani to'iae lrIt ,and eisatlhing capper; Naval staores Isiitt, li.nasco d ,,a per.m il A I'41 atoi"tma nt utI hardware and ship hrlndllei, al ways on Land, and whihare iofferd f r t sale st wholie. kale or retail, on tihe maot ftirtble treri, ,y nt l.."Il'ltN &i Co. SSOhlt l.a,.e. N4)rl': I 4bs cribere in to the huild toir Ile lnew, Ie lhmatlitl i'llp h, atlIhe carrier of Pord..a "'tiil Srmolelet..treet, ivh.ikaae lapaid l hair aiait' are rospectfully illllrs,.ld hIIl l'undar an l.t I. lil JIIuLh W:ailel. A e.nsiderblle amount in oddita Ion that alrenda auh.,riltd will be reqoired to .nee all lhe en-gal. earnt. entered into fn r lhe erecion of ,hisdaiice, hi gas ito1a proportion o l'whlkth-'ilt cotitidenlly beliiveI wail bn pronlptl eantributed li the IiietalaI oI'liegiunin Idhi ndttlUmanity. 'lhisehurdh when comnlejed, will stand fhit., with other edliieerecently erected a noble nlunurosl of the talen and lilEtlllv .l the city of N. Orahana. PeraI adispnrrdl n coontribu e towani thi uh oct *ill pleaeo o do a) through o thee aget, IliRay. oin. h.. Cu-rti. ian 2 Ttl p Vlrrataa.. rttrusiv oast throughot aer Athe anl.leru leais, n i ic lrln ant rl inte lire, annl deeIrve. tthe itteltion of nIl mantl-r' in a sllat ul' Ii"ergin .a. B ly calmcnennig the e of it two or three week, ra1'rm ctdeme f tlli, the nmffridgs g ill be letried, alpl the iinme ofthlir ilurda.on Jhntenied. Aiplty sits hea sbsariltr, h'etlt foie the kroAlettora, rn a eo1v (if tie nlluar,-inl, aeritcniitel lta t Ine inrenaora hrv enirnN ll) li nimih., a iitiractlim foar the sae of tl'. inlpmllmn t slpecifi OT If Bt.LNA EL, fda8 anor .trhez S& Taaem a allas arit. S m CArs, 'hi tls, I New Orieanl, March la,9tq.7. 1 nde nd Us4 ti r renCt, on tIle entpital eloek, for the last six nlinth., paoabln to the atoekhlder'ron,ar ater the 13i11 March in ;i. IUB'T J PAl.FREY, mn2 C6a hietr. Otllce EIaLi" iuninain:c Cou.n'art, New tlr.nnan,Mareh 6,18.3 . I At tIe nnmlal Electi, for Direlior aoftltt I.stitul tion, for the enaalng year- ithe fallowilg nal ed n grtle men aeeterk.ed, uiz Jam cGri.ollEw, JnLeph A. Darelli, Thoalln BIarrett, e.nrv It. harentun, Ilenry K Weheh, Joi's Whithe'ad. Jillan E. Ii vde, And at n mntinn af tlh board this da. John Whita head'wae elected President nae.s-Stockton, Inslapetor. Klwn il tr.{g. Attonv And m7.Ct tI11,1IEd i IfTCI*, taeratry. stTif.Vj'hilE , ke TnUDSON's i fine Whie & lile Wnas lIs.or papnr i Ililttp ilue laid ditto. Ditto Blue & White Isuted ditto. Dhittu C(ii, Paper ditlu. Bittlo Cap Pper Rluled ditto. Ditto it lue in ore ditto. llnzed eai preslv for steul pen.- Daiid'a Writing Fluid; Engllh J'pn1 n Itnk Kider's Black & Red Ink; Frenchl Inuuge; \V .lkden', British nlack and Red Ink Powders; extra saperfrile Red Sedicling Vanx;i al.llssJ anl fatney cuilors dittO, peciinild dit,: Firrnnh s F.&ng. lilit We1.r., lanrge n.lI undllll iznn. Quills of vanious ianlitie: Wiaidle'a Perfectem; Ciswelsnd'i., (tiltt', SantLaddlee' Stteel Pns. For aldehv " IIOTOIIKI r S & CO., m9 2-I,. harles strelt. Alt[AIrTINt I I ;'IkE X toters Anc sle a hii sturi, T nin Tehnaitintian rtreet, o., of a nt leraor end different pnttern in any thit lin yet Ihetn lad in thin itly; cooking of nall s ze round, rsqunre rod oval; parlor and hall do of a new patrne, ltanding on six eolums, li not eqaalled Lb ana vet made. Also, bathing tui'l, s:ho her bau , tin sil cooperrware of every description. 1N Store--lmperial,ginpowdert I ysLn esi s ins , , shelled lnnda weet and dry wins direct fromo Mlagn; Chtapaige and sparkling ialur gtunllv wine- d sa'riort ealdies in halfpipei. ol pesah brandi' in Ibls.: 50 bale gunany ing" Boinr.x Clarai in Ih.hd. forsale by REAl) &'BAR.ITOV, - nl 67 Gorailer street., r liE lulescrihers have nowum ii stors. d of.l 7 .n rlsate . otnl aeeiilnnladtigi terlor: 1.50 cask Scotlch Ale; (itints and quartsc. 7t Casks beat I.olod, Bcrown .tart. 100 Pierces uaperior eotchl Bagging. 2 ('aCa tlBwtn and White l.iaen Drills,.' i80 Gross I'etent WVinl Inittlel. m17 ll()IMMES &l 5 111.1, f lank Allay. E'AGlLE INSUIR4NCE COMPANY ilieorporltcd A tiedApril2d(, li85. Capital $50000000, I1RECTOl' ORO. CHAuLrS BIG.oe, PresideniICt. Tilme. Barrett, Editinnd J. uorsltat, John E. Iltdie, Ilenry U. Itirhanlaun, .Jo. A. Ilhrrelli, Janie'. (irinihaw, John Whiteheadn , Serelarv.. - 17 Thi coempany will inlre eire, i;nsarlneasnd rive VI rinkl and gnaramte hIille of exenange and pronmiinsu.ry a ntle ili tleir .oice, ih Inte Exclriange on Royalstae er orl . J. WIIiTEIIEAD. e V. . . W s. a.linn.-tnr, nuamic, . .lgaaili, so. n.- i m recrired a eCry extensive siet oi pttern'a, eonslailai 6af A "lthle adl I)esn.rt Knives of every desiriltioni Ien, ioi Pocket, i)irk, ntd Siear poinlt Knites; iuzorre, Sete- p r, Etllg'Le To'ol,d,. &c e. &e. Jbicli theyl a pre plrcel i. exhilit I thie trade m.lrorde,,. Terms ana.ndallniunstI nill bie iad( known ill the limic. ,ill; J.I).IIEIN&A COIIENt.0lnltnltln ti. -- -- tFl IUrd.IUAI-O.Nt.i T OUR throught the Mbtd'nfntatrieg Dliotricts of Eng lad nthe "utototoof li211. iN7 SirGeorge Heosd, aotlorrof ''Furest Scenc.,' and Itncideent hit Anterica.". An Elsteatrnrtt Treotise on Anotomy. By A. I.. t. Itnyle, 11.1). T1roneontod hotto the 4th volititon tAibto French*~. By A. 10ilney ionnte, A. It., MI. D). Livv; treaoslotod~ (ioGorge Btnkor, A. NI. itt 2i olumes, bitnig No. 24, to ¶22 of hlarper's Claaoiial Family Likrorv. Aioo, An oIditioitnl ottpply of Davin's Mcmotttp of Aaron hBnrr. Just rec4eive stiull ttorhv b ott4 Wi.N. NioKEAN, ..nter of Ctttomntt it. It~l tI.MN-u1"BEXPERIMIENTS' EN xrERli NTt¶N' and Olworvattintenon that'" ow .1dJown. ano the Phyioi~logy of tHigeetint. itt, 1V lieamnnttt, MI. IN., Stirgeo it t thte U. S. Aottty. io reciejoot anid fur sale ho WMN. MtKEAN, mh '4 CoriterofCtnmp& Ceantn sntreets. IH.Et undoosigttedtla totno dacdte, will on assciantetd ..with t his b ,tl'o , '1a doosC. Swionwi in the Drttg nod Apothecnry btiojooo, No It, CC'ntlatrret, order the finetof nowiin & Brother. the liqtuid:.tinn of the etfihie tf''h'ioono C. Swinitt wi NI, hstties; by the nen Rant; nodt the unlersigned willlgive lie etrtiuloarttrntion to hu senodam solicjos olhte to pljttronage. toll6 JOHtN Wt.. SW.AIN. i.At'KJNU. 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