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April 5, 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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,I F. A, f .lE .I e- tl-am D AILY IC T t-wesKY, AT CANKS" Ao C05a, eao!Ra or MAO tZ I , N.t51t* x ate. 'aeura BY JOHN GIESON Waithefsa and aold . - NEW-ORLEANS: VEDN DDA.y MIORNING..................April 5, 13i" We are indebted to IMr. Kidd for the follow information transmitued to the collector of h. pert by the Consul at Tampico: oF SECRETARY oF WAt "Ai NAVY. Ilis Excellency, the President ad interiml of the Mexiott R fblie, in virtuo of Jt.itpoefs P rtL. - IWst iý n thefirst and eeoand articles of . the d$roe bV tbhe eneral Congress on the T2d of to lesose thase peoee aeepie4 by Forethl~t do not pay obedience to the government, -orders: Firste,-. t th por.d of Matngordan La ,e ; 'an LsIt tb rnria, llrrishar~t l f3 ad, Atll h i~P seayand, all other porte iAlaiila the " 4q longitude 94 5+0 to 101 40' west are . . hereby fo.6ed tq Secn~dy:Thiaj ,epthall takol~ýct from anht i.crt r'l idlath' day of its publisaieon, in this city, r Ie essels sailieg fromn the foreign ports of i th··e Gu ! f `. p.idt ,;after the tingatieth day ohe sqre. S i'" yn J . .tder shall continueinue in foree l, 1 + tl*saqete peled by the g vernment. +. ' retauieoatttto you by his Excellency the r; o reý isp lats for promulgation in your dia. -, anId libertry. a Feb . ,+l rch. 1836-Tornel. a .. ot Meico, 7th March, 1837. 30 'NeIftAlRIA ORTIZ MONASTERO. "ba ne eenaeil have a wide field before them ts eaceisee of theirindustry and teal in pro. meeing publie improvements; Busily engaged, the Sot Ir of our erganisation, they now know t". w 4t m q .Lnslice. o seeure the health of the city ;;" th..i kseMamt and fall ts the grand essential. s intiaecsto centinoue this blessing to nus S. wrlitliielorate, ameliorate-improve, igd.htened lawgiver would at once e. e is a nazimum to the progress ent. Look at the workgof last sea won, and Io If we h4ie not outstripped our neigh asbo in our exetiolea. Th eeavious internmddling of oar sla. .eti dl igtein the improvements upon is 9 , " blltttrq .u back eansiderably, but thant 1+ s q ta Iildli been setledi.t-e sljdll present "a e '-tloiB f .lplhe nesrseaiko.a ihe', waill delight ao. IaMrdy oeaines and tickle tihe fancies of the up iIver folks. Mageifone steet is the first series of . e> d carriage ways that will be finished by the S'present gvernment. The style of the work is Shighly creditable to the undertaker. Once the streets are paved we shut out the sources of die 4ase more than three fourths. The grave yard is Sasubject of great concern to this city. We have S- ethoughts upon this topic that we shall lay ' §efore the public in aofew days. Inr this alluvial ,ceanery, too great-ttention cannot be paid to our 'cemeteries. Situated as they now are, they are a prolifo source of malady. We hope ere the next eleetfotodpine round to see the Municipal Hall displaying its marble fronts to the the gaze of ad miring beholders. ThLe ldeation is a wise one, - one that is in aeceordance with the true interests of the Municipality. In cenclusion, the late election Sisa proof how great was the confidelce of the c- ommunity in the first council. They were faith ful servants, and their conElitueuts have conferred utpon them the highest of all tributes. The peo 'ple have said to them "well donc!"-and bid dkne go on in their prosperous course. Our readers will see on reference to the foreign mews that the Trades Unions of Englnnd are on the wane. These masonic societies, formed for the avowed purposeof arresting the course of free rsade, and free labor, have at letgth found a point beyond which they cannot go. They are excre sences upon the body politic and the worst one aniesI liberty. Not that men have no right to - uoe:ate themselves together for the purpose of self-defene and other Inudable objects. On the contrary this right is guaranteed in England and America by the common law. But these associn ti*ns must not encrach the millionth part of an inch upon the rights of individunls and other so c.:ieties. The very moment they do so, they be "- Ime public evils, and should be put down by the etftag arm of the law. The contest hsa been go "ig'on in England for years past, and to that I height was it carried that even the law of the land could not reach the evil. In this free ecuntrytoo, hua the same system been rapidly taking root. And what is the object of Trades Unioes? To dictate to masteremployers in any one branch of Sproductive labor urt oaompeoattonr they shall fgire; and tbhleto without any argument why-witlhout C PftI. ienrea'to the rights of the master. The de - endi peremaptory. No alternative is left,--but S'tletop=yoel.r business or yield. But in England -thoau ed-of men have been found of sufficient snorel ouroage to resist such invnsion of their eas caed rights. Look at the Preston spinners, who liad a reason for increase of wages. But that in- J c-.areae could not be paid by the masters without IP btinging ruin on them. They refused to accede esthe demand. A turn-aou was the consequenee. hi The great tyranny of Trades Unions is, that every body pursuing any one branch of the arts is rorn. pelled iieartmi to act as the majority do. This is the a.ost odious of all despotism, and yet no man is found brave enough to reelsi. As the age T .aegresesu however, all these remnants of tyran. It ,y, new le each full for a it parts of this country, n mtust fall before the lights of reason and free labor. I -' e.. Oaeola refuses to come in at the last advices I r, i4-t.e seat of war. A family at FJrt Mills have fallen victitms to his savage oruelty, as the ieed is supposed to have been perpetrated by some of his t eaind. Report say he has been elected Chief of r""lb Mickasekies. If no, this modern Leonidas Will send before him to the next world many n ao-.rb-ite man, before he comne to sup with his ene tt es. Oseola is resolved upon.m nking himself a - .amge, and if Gen. Jessup is not upon the alert he - srnay hir ssome of his laurels shorn from his la row by theesavge brave, before he is aware of it. The Virginia Bank Bill paIned the Senate on pats h l .dt March. Where will the old dominiioin "I* terthe money? She is be:ind hand in the scheme - of flooding the country with paper money. We a.mlsehope that the present evils will efcetunially cure "l@h'emetaia for banking. But experience tells us .- 4 a~ t ethsng will sure tihe malady but a big en -ogiamhacked by the governmert, and eapable of ir6Illhngthe iasuesofthe State lirstitill ions. T'i ra must we come at Irst. As it was with Je.fTr. " a opposition to the navy and his subtitution boats, so it will be with Jackson's enmity ~"lasl. tioi Bank, and hiefostering a host of per -l --llp tioas cattered over tile States. Co n-I 5ssense asd suffering will teach ishe country a ilpiies the remedy to the systeIm of banking. e'-rem loest be a great balaneo wheel to overcome ' at4 id poists. 1 *-grand opera of Romeo and Juliet went off I |rlg ight to a large and brilliant assemblage with - ^a" h t that ha left an indrlelible imprecaiit oil Will isda of those present. Rossi Ine a deliei o and equal voice, reaching tihe feelings at I She is a correct and frinishled actress ed every one by her sucessful repre 4 BM. ablafJuliet. Pantanelli as Roimeo brouhlr Fanniiders of applause and carried captive AV " sitt 'r "by her qnhnosiostir, ti th, atrdi mt I8. o tmbb a thno voice. No one can know what a I .ttave in this lady, unless he hears her. As v S she is at the top of the ladder. p is, In every respect, equal tio the ad rreanr, but singing wirh Ices effert anl entqualiay of tone, won the good opinion I ih tie early part of the opera. Cindi wasn S wedl treaderin Ilia oblignato i the lamenl rip daughter. The chorus was truly ai -gxroted their musei in an ndmirable r. f the orsbestra-it scoaks for itself. We itjare.a predirtion-that hire grand t1e,.i aEnd an asilum iin New Or- E - til breanel of ith line arts i. di atined ,abuign and wonderful influe; e:r n i -a -n a praille. Yith reardr to the Sesepany,Mr. (:aliniw I ho9 n,,, ly r-!rr. in en tie Ip!' top mlr, sordnie : Sic r. ". " . -11 • S ?xtraet from the leg book of .ip Ilavre, Capt.' M'l'Kown. i The ship Hlavre napt. Meicwrr n, arrived here tora iln re, furnishaes te foll owinr g de secrptin of a etn serpent seen on thie 19th Fcbru ary, by the captain, crew and paseerers, of the II. (28 in number) ;-Lat. 8 32 N. long. 26 05 W. saw something very singular about 103 feet from the shipyand as it approached discovered that it Swa se ile d wlhchi wls shaped like '7 theatlf;y ingasll nd all thitse nf a barrel, ,ay . it.i ffycelf the 'a e, andl the end or ec a Itit ra it bjsdrad feet it a Ier iulart re, un fr.ithe ame-colour of its body greyish, and about the size ofta shi .'s mainmast. As this tmonstrr of the deep moved gradually from the ship near tihe surface of the re water, its motion tappeared like that created by a series of barrels rulljnrrnn water in a direct line. ti e t f a * rfe*4't it nw atell na h inseed Ind of a fair view of lis majesty for e sapace of half an We hou re ndhtlef te Cap. Willip. msoftheship it e a. n . fe br ore a t ete. r Cervner. On rte thkwuepoi so chef nert oxrer Ihn tile e THen J NA e risr Mnt ihlf etifpor. ~ FIyR D S.S LATER FROM LIVERPOOL. We are indebted to Cnprt. Williams, of the ship Ie Reparlic, for London papn re to Feb. 24It. ad *- Liverpotrrl and Monheirer to the, 231k, incltsive. The darns from to it ortinent are no later titan be fore received. On the twt points of chief interest to tIle mer hoanct, tie inttelligence is on thle whale sutisfacte r. Tie mstonty market was getting easier and tsalesofecotton were large, at all advauceof a I-8 a 1.4 upon tire prices of tie previous wethk, Sthough exhibiting a slight decline from the high est rates of the week just closed. IsIt will be aee that thre Irish Mulenicipl Reform w Bill passed the e d o Ces ofCuttsr on the 23J, by y a majoriy iof 89. It ws.expected tire n louse of Lords wruld veto it, i whlicr case a dissolution of Parlinment was anticipatetd. ShMr. St.ley hrasrbeen rrturned front Anlesey, , by, a majority of 790 to t586. e The number of lives lost by tire wreck of tire Glasgow, was 52; morwoltan doubke weirat wassta e ted iht the first account oathe disaster. L- L.vnreo, 'iThursday cevctnino , Feb. 23 -The di r. rectors of tle Bank of England had their r usa wg eekly merting this afternoon, but ntlring trans pired ralanive to their delibernatons. The reports rrelative to any fr air rllnentiun on their part to in crease the rrrte uldiscrrtnts were partially revived, SI ht ldiseditrd. It is mettiuned that sotie tian t is tander consrider ation by tile printipol irivate banskers too equalise tie comn rerial liseount upon them. Tirecrnterercial mtnery market haIs iot af shown much sign of improvement to dtiy,. nl though the accounts frot Liverpool and Manclcesr tar, received to day, are of a tore favorauble cihar acrer, as regards the state of business there. The settlement of the February account has ta ken place to day, and without much difficulty. The fluctuatione, sitte it comnnenced, in Conools has been rathcrabove 2 I-2 per cent. Tire differ. sites are not heavy, tnd ltlast be paid ti-morrow. yIt closed a 1ull nccouttr, and ile eoutiruation ad vaneed to 5tll- per cent. Tite eurtent price of tr Ccnsols for tie April acenunt in the morninge was 90 I-2; but it afterwards fell to 90 3.8. Fir mo ney, the price did not nlose higher trtan 90 I-A. . The 3 1.2 per cents left off at wihin a fraction of II par, and the Reduced tock bhearing tC e same rate of iTterest an 90W 3 n.-ExRhrqler ills are rot quite sI alrigon yesterday, closing at 30 32, and Indlia hondsnt26l20 pren. Bank Stock left onl fat L2071-2, and India Stock at 257. S Is the Foreign Stock Market very little nlera tion Ias taken plat o to day. Tie speculators fbr a rise arc still kept it a state of suspense, owing. to tire non-arrival of advincs of the moveelernt of Sof the Quecn's troops. angai s tie Canlists. Ar, Ihowevecr, it is reported tlrat all arrangements were complete for commrencing tile r ampignr on thire lbtr instant, Spoanish Active Botds imtroved a trifle this aftrnoon, leaving off at 26 3-4, after having teohed re2i7 for the nccornt. SThoie Chrea. Wetartn Railnway shares are rather Sbetter this afernoonr, elsinr at 7 1.2, and tihe r I,,don anti Birintginham SIares closed at 38 pm In tire prices of the~ o:ler sharoes no Iarked varia tiotn tool prace t'-day. Z.niacrttror:n , Febt. 25.--Airlhern, and Centrnl nBa.'r.--~lc habvedevoted a large sace to the re port fr the proceedings of tire trncli, of prtiprie trs of the Nrtherrn arll CctrIlllhanl on T'l'urs day. Nhsotinris furtcer from our wish th an to Sbear hardly udmn aity one connected with thao cs tnblishmeat; butncrmeust say that we cannot look at the career of tie larlln, nor contenrrlat theo cothstrople of its elose, wilhout a deep feel ing o shamne. We are rwillirg to believe liat many of ite errors of the directors, in the ren, ngement of tire conlcern, arose frolr ig..orance oad inexperience; but lhat rre we to nay of their ac eoents in thire rivatc I drer, and of the trallwcing In es ares ilth huian fntrds. Irepeal of lhe 7a ot Collon lbool.--Tie pe ition from this town as receivedr 5934 signatures, ald will be forwarded this tiny (soatrr a v) for Irest; atinon by the right honorible the President ol tle board of Trade. Lrxnot, Feb. 23.--Tho letter of our Consltanti nole correspondentl,'daten d Ja. 25, states that a Russian corvette had beten driven by stress o wvcaher upon ithe cratt of Circassia, where she was irrtctdiatc'ly captured by thie inhabitants Our carrcepsrrrdnl addlde, - It is a cotmmon o ser. valtin of tihe Circassians that they areas much masters of the land as RIu.sia is tI tie sea, whichr ilre latter takie gtoodt eare to confirnl by kecpintratg o rrl'pecnlale distance." Lomnon, Febl. 23.--The debate upon the Irist lMunicipal Rerirrm Bill ternrinated at all-past t Ihree o'clock tlhis norninrig, ill a Itanner tiat will fill the public mind of tie Ulnited Kingdomn wit e joy ntd txul atrin. Mlinristers have gained a con- - plte trinrmph; tihe lTories Iave sustaired tihe c most sinal dllfat that that t;lr arty rave enleorn- - tered since tie ipssing, of he IRefirrr Act, as will he seen Irot tire folloring division: For Lord F. Egtrtron's resolution, 2421 For Lord John irracussell's nrtrtiii', 3,22 Ieaving a miajority in favor of tire Ministers of to eighty.. o Thin must carry conviction to the minds of lhe e Tory party, in both Houses of Parliament, thas there is no use In offerinog furtheor flctious resist ance to a mensore of justice and sound policy. Last year, when a simiilr resolution wos.propoecd by Lord Francis Egertor, the toinisterial majority, now 80, was thent only 64. This, too, after nil tihe boasting of tie Tories of ttheir success at elec ltions since that iporid. PrvIATE BIt . -Tihe total nunmber of petitions for private bhlls presented to tlhe ouse of Com mons this session is 248; of which numlber there arec47 bills ftr railwnys,2 for rind,, II forcanals, 14 for harbors, and 1t2 Ibr inclosures. There are alon tihe railway bills four ftr railways to Brighi ton, i t addition to one to Croydon. Many o the railwny Inlls are, Ihwever, for altering the lines at railwvays, nd extleonling tIhe powerseconferred by acts previously obltaied. lotrR:ssnaoTv.-Government seem preparing fr tile abolitin of this iltnuman practice. Te l rda of the admtiraly have ordered tile flag shlips to en ter 30 first class boys, of the age of 17, for foreign service, at a pay of 14s. Gd. per month. They are not to continue in this class anmore than three years. Line of battle ship s.nre to enter ten; fonurth and lifth rates, eight; sixth roaes anld sloops, six; and all smaller vwssels four, in addiflin to their pr- i sent cotlplemcnts, T 'is na.measure cannot fail to prove bleneficial to orn navy. TI'nE E:soTN Teen Oulr 'nln'rn I.-On Tues day lasta thecir regular nayn-day, tine spinners and piecers nnho were out of workn , apliud o tihe coatan eil of the Unllin far their allowatnce, and were told very coolly thnt all the mnoney received wn,,ld I not do more than pay tile arrears, to whicll it was intended to apply it; that they tltherefore could re, ceive no moro monaey, anltnnigit go as snolt as they liked, and make the best termns tey could withI nlheir oasters. Consequently, tihere was i gene ral rush smonarst the ,nen wLho should apply first for work, and all the mills are now at full work, :he men having both signed the declaration re quircd, abandoned ihe Uition, and many of thlle engaged for termls of six, twelve and cigihteen uthontlns, at tile prices the nuas'ers olf.:rod tltema be fore they turned out on the 51th of November last -via., 10 per cent. advance on their previous wages; and all they have received froa. thle Union sitnce tiherr(a period of 13 or 14 weeks) hns been 5s weekly ftr rIte spinners, and from 2s. ld. to4s. for prieeers.-.lrriacheas; Guardian. [nTIhe amnnnnt of rwagos paid tn tihe ttre-onts was full 70001. a week; whicl nmultiplied by 13, tte numbnr of nenlts,gives a total ill 01,0001. 1t whichl tlesefoolish creature.s voluntarily d.prived them-nt selvis. After tile 'Turn-out hnad clontinued only airx weeks, thie nntmlner of lalplieanns fir relief at tire poor office was tound to Ilave increased from 63 per week to 291. n And tir thce moral evil which it has oecasioned," ndds the Pilont, the philanthropist and the christian till lonar have titter causes to lamenlt." .:o much for 'i'lades Uniton andtlhncir consequenc.te.r Lr.t:rono.., FeI. 24- nalt.tat or Gos.L--We i nhav l.catrd that as ntuch as 150,0.)il. in sovereigns was received in livuerpoli, on 3londay, fromnt the United States, iandependenlt of a large shipmlent of a "pLsei desJatcheal Ilar LoUnldon, on the sao ne tida, my the Londn onelcket. On Wednaestba', March 30, taner a lingering llness, u Elizan Anna Agales oamenmo, aeononnrtofJonln Inev. T'hoN ew bourl; citpy anern atnd flose of Anlgaosta (in. will tnlene pooblizl thde above. ittg2 tir/ n b =uie i!te ;[int. Cw:a ui-;ic.uc ,till ;,l, .r COMIMTERCIAL. STATEME.NT OF COTTON. Oct. lt. 1830-No. b.alooon hand.................... 8,702 tA1,il4, '3-No. bales rec'd Ihisday...... 184 S '1'oal No. dooo'ed proeviouly 410,124 478,'08 407,010 April 4. 13n-7- . this day to Liverpool........ 860 do Baltimore.,. 10 Total Exports previously..............38474--385,661 N,. ofbh0I6on hoand not cleared, 101,314 BTArTIEENT OF TOBACCO. O 876-. N..t 180.-. lhde. on hand.................... 7,277 April 4, 1827-No. do ;reo'd this day ...........07 Total proo i ooly 5816-62115 13,542 - Tlop~oo~o,,to., 7,281 No. othIodo. on hand not cleared . .. 6261 (By the Republic.) 1.IVERPOOI IIAIKT. CorOTO.-1 boo ooo,'k-lo npod with , mwl 1,00ette demanod, anod importerh.howed such omn,,,, th.,l.,. Toooodayoood. ran068ofd partlb 0a0 olbtainod; si00ce 1h0t day, American descripi,,ot Iol.le been more0foely offered, and price1., ve gr1uall01y receded , they close, Iowever, Id per lo higher than on bhi w nhy 1he trad1 a01 thisloop0000 0 ,l; " Brsil and E3pti.n baorely bppoot soto w,.k',6ri.,s. 520Amerioan has oon ,., bon0owlopoeulatio., and 311 American, 7080, ooand 31B,.en po or export. Solsl of theo wak, 21,520 hl1,, 81Blea Islaod t,1 0732d t 16 Stained at 13d 6130 Bowed. at 868,9) 14011 Mobil2 , &eoI., ; 6,2,00 Orleans at 8001504. Imporo 25, CxrrenlPrkur. loo..rgia 68,91 Last yoir 1bi 8 Mobile 686 do 8,118 In Cooopoo.hy L,,wood. (300, ton o h. ooodool 9 121 . In CmpnoI C~0 tos ave been sold at Sl. 15s. for fsh ppcls. Tull pports the olateoodvoo., and ter2oh5 bids. ao. r0or public .ole today, II,. 4d. toll,. dwoo obtlloid. No rdes in Amoricjn Too. The busineso in Mont at Plot enddPeaolAsIes hasbben on 0 very limiteod 60ale, at t6hoqpotj'poice,. No olteraionl in Quo-citron oark. Thoe oaket for }Owing Flaxscod hos not yet opened. A l8pre qouhtityofClov,,,ood woo oiFered at actiono. and 712 to1d for n0w Amlericon, but no b11in0ss oas done, 00 holders ,ok vouchl :iUghoo prio,. Hides, OOoolood MoitM Video at 4 1.2to 4.-5.8doo8000d 116dyld New Yorl at 3 5-8 to 3 3-4 106 lb. Tho .lso 01 Tobacco hae hoen about 180 hhd,. Tollow is no' ote2dy at 460,4d to 47-tfoo Petersolbrg yello. oondle. ond 46ts td fo Odesoo. Whoeot nodIFlour o, hood without at ts.anion, CHARLESTON MI{KIOET-M6o06lh ho. Coomw,-There ha, been rooy liltlo done In Upland Cot tons 1n0e o0r wooely report, aod the market is quite onset tied. Choico quolitiej. sooietiono, woo. sold on Mondoy last, for 141.2,lor whichb 18 lentsowere rofused ofow weekblinoe. ForEo Ebllaod Cotton. there is noinoqiry. The Ri., marboot is aIon an unsettled staol-the tb, nooc. Blooa havebkeeo lihoitd, ond, ffto fcttlo, holden would be Oompalltdto subhit to a reduction on our previously reported - 5ATlNZA8-'Ioloobr.Ln Rlco isveydoadpl plnty. Tho9Ooobkspe E:lwm ha.e been torood,ood the argo of othe Coodelia wos still unold. S.1VANNA06MAftKET301h Moroio. C NCovo'o-A..ivd nito thlo 244d ot. 6110 boOc. Upland, oond 133 holes Sea Island, nd-Icleared in the aoe Iioow'150 bob.s Upland, nd 2il2lotes Soa island, and leaving a stock on hand inclusive of all on shipboard, net cleared on the 30th ioOs.oof20673 blol pland., oed 0128 bole Soa Islanld. The past week line ben one of gret gloom Inthe cotton maroet, p60rtivuloly on Tuoclduy anoo yo.0.,o'doy 00orninog: caed by Ilernpool aoounts to tile 18th ul0imo. To, ma0l yesterday houooIoO lotesfrom tIha port to tilt '304, 1lto. vio Havre, rop. - 00nt000, 060 impovement in the value oldoton, ol themoo. t603y market i, Enygia,,d eor; the e0lt't whiLh thln intolli pellee mayv haveo, bas oooto be seen. Hlolders havebeen undrod the ,,cOooiov o hobmoltingotao ,ol o1ll0, ho, Uplaonds a par. coooooo woold ooso-the sales have bheen very irregular. oe quooe at 10,10 I 1.2 on,. 110U-Theore iooloir demand, n4d prices Oofaltld106iptioo. have advanloed l2 1.2t c. tOehooodrod. Tlhoooaes am limited in oonseoquence oftlho amall stoblin Fa-toro hands. The poin. olpol oolve of the weeo ho,, been 00083 1-6,oo qoote 831 -4o933.8 aod foooveoypprimo articlo hloldors er obking - 831-4. 1'OIR'L' OF' NEW OIRLEANS. 0lItCAII YOIO CIISAV. ir. Ship Irlyrrion, o 000, L rorpool. tlEyro, SASi 4. co-corgo Id Brig ltely, bil. I ltl ..nre. Ble5. 7 & Alokl-r.o o 10 of I~00Iottlo. 74 h11o4 bacon. 210 hhlds su0ar, 73 boxe S0 Shlo- tooelt, , l'insool, 010v.01,, J Pratte 4' co-c0-go 590 In- bills flier .5 Sole tltogoulnook, May,, 1N lork, S & J Whlltey-cargo of 748 bills flour, 18 casks baon. 115 stock corn.. Seh~r Yankee, Hnalllar. Mo"Ile, t;.lvni 4 Paige-cnrgo 200 le sckscorn. to Oh whky 9i, roon. 101 Solefl1Boni. GollSllcrry, Toolpco, J lotorl4 4' co-enrgo till nelf-I'd adzde. off ohllr Blolclorr, Martin,, Roloo, Blu by & Alllolo-cargo 1575 sucksrornl, 4 111,, fllor. 1 do 0000:0000.. Sloop Il.. ooooy, 1lulloo, Mobile, mlllco-coargo 200 Mlend ra- hugs. or AiRIV El) YO'.SFRIIAI'. 10 vhont FTol,.Vli el YESTER AY, Politica 17 W K; oo-o4 to ,., 01:111 Ihlioollrlb, la 1l.o , h g . oo Cb N- OS0 of 11l0~tic Ca1 I n. 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IV Onkoy & ro; 1iel 1- ly, SlotO 4d00; 1.7 Larol0,; J CLonllrll,. 'r; T It 11- & o 0ll :l: Mgolgnin 4' lllgolrorf; N G IInb,bolil' &.Jranllt;Car tier, D)1:0111 4 e0; Pook, 4. IlolI. IPassengers, Meslors I'll;. 00 sono, oofild, 0and lourooo. Id 01:11ip lIlvrr.oo S cloowln. Havre, P2l7. Jan. In Dolilo 4- Al-i c_ bolt--cnrg winesa nod dry goods-'1' l·Iof11. Colvin & Do g. ll0O) 01 00lrC(( U110 111111 dl~ry 0o01,'l 1.17, 1, 01,1010, I Jl,,l g mLtl 4 ruolooe;Mrmoa; l11l0lColl..Or 4.00c1; II 0oin, 4' co; Lohnlen; II l Mllloud n,, A I'ilyn & 0; C It'-d,, I; 'l. stal , co; I" : ~Lefebvre; 11 d. Geyer no~d [Jim , u; S S.IItence: l:lldereolo 4A Colro; .1 L Ilosnllol; Il)1llollI., Foro- 40: c id 1011104- I4lorol; Aloll 4-IlI llooio*; 1' liOloo1& Co. 11100.. tier 4- Wnollliof. SGllellogOO, F Vollor and11 0111st00. Pee I 0010rr0, If d. Coo,, and l4 in thle stl-ooo. 0 Slip 0110110, lolley, 111 110. 10t Slb.tLo motleor-in 101. I S- PI1 1Si11n10 COw.,LI, Go 010 11av1, 1 Fth 0 loxanglr-in ballasoo., llrioBlgl.- LlOder. , Slloridulo.4 d fln T lllllion, ItoA On. If IoI00z-.01lrg0 SOIl011,00, s01eci0. 1000 1,id1er, 17 1l3alo jolop. li u halter 0l011lrrll ol and 5 coarld word, to order and A GuIte." it r"In Bly0n04' Stif It do Illonrdi l& oo J A Merle IIO,;00 er. I m1111111-00: Cr1000 & O&il ly;J; 0 Chnloror; 200110010 1 4A r; A i ivoOO;J Iol rtIO 4' co, A JSAyo: F FIrey & ro; 8 It & J Illolotl,1on &0lo; CO Irllwtilldg;J J ICiIIll.lo; Fllon: II C & J 10rrell, claptllin, and owners oil hoord. Psllooeogers.l Levi,l ellaIllh o ll toIt 'l'llloro, lidy a1d 21 cllildrlll0 Erdman,,111 I.IJ tCr00 It C V 1u0,100, A Reber,, i Array, I 1 Illl"olr o,. J Below ,oll soln, MSl· llel~l. l1011111111111100ee. Lroooll. Ilnl oh 0.t01tol, C1. to CF IP t Il Ioeoels-nro p0,1te. s n olOi lilo lddor Blrig A TIyler. Callpulice, 20O days fil Boeoln, to masterl eaten ire, to J ']'urn. 111ri AleO:,lllI0e. Coonndoo, 7 do17 fo Ilorooo.000111010r -enrgo 1211:1 hlog colrc, 01a0, f·ruit. 4; to olltr110. 01117 4 l0 o;J A Iolert, o&o; IluoloO. NiveooO-ol,; Main;l-o.Crnllrl SlrltlIo:l io, Lrpeyre 4- ro; II 1711110 4. cc; U Iloosl y loher Eliro Aln, BIlulollol.1am 11 fm Golerolton, to 1 0ter - I, e Iloll o 1 0 0 r Sehr C(::lnlls, Davisr file illvreton, to ,,astr-Iin ballast. 11 Ser ol ,, y swyr AttilCLIaP-,t, to toaster . e, 0e1hr 011111 Luldwig, 010ow, 'itlldlaooooll , iII b0:1la:; 10 - f roaster, 00enmh111t 11Il-ic, Dloot. Iortrclltllllll, Oio,.00o0100000 rargo l50 kenll l. A It IW'llooo4 00e . 4 l- o.llln oor Iloorlolor., il- tlick. lnio, IllllOf, rIe. 1 fl 1 i1:k, MitchellI, Mloore. SloAllis., Cult', IIlorireon, C01n1r;10 ItOo, Ie 20ti10. A orleo, Yeagoer k Ill. OI,0l're0lo0S, McCoy. Stenmlmat Cl Dmprunti~ir, Cochrana D.,rdinelle., to Itnsta f -torso 35 pelf fee,. I keorekin" J Nnirln & en; 10 bale cat. ,/ ton, J H Gralllm. 5 do nall 5 packs peltrkr s 7 sacks sup. M it d la, J Fergason, 7 lw Ioncotton, 3 boxes fun, Hyde 4" Bas. tot 01here0; 2 boler bea. I dooon, 3 .do oter skt,690 parlkpol. oh rier. I holeo rotton aod 011011010. L11vi011111re 4. W1lto1; 00 5110s 00o10111on. Wlilin 4. St0.rk; :11 p00k Ilrlellpr, 4611W 1114 ", balIs cotton, ownr00 o hoallrd; 123 hjidej altdlslundries, J Lervy; 2t palrks pellalc, and sundlries, J Thayer &: co; I bbl Ierm woor:, 'oloI,,. WValkror co, 40 pack11s 1lo-llnlo,. 122 hides el1d ,II00lOir,. F FlnlOrenIr 4" :,o;11 5ic,, 08 packs e rllobm 0sal undries, 't'1UrOr & Vood:f Pulr. PoOOlllorOBker, tO R aon1,1 , t.ploy, Slitn,,, j M llyrd, IHarrisoo, CIIOlll:0 of 010111l01,t OloiKoll,. IlalolI, llel Ilork, to moo.',r-roogo' 4 IoI::rl oto.'J10hoo.llln.ll, 5 dIo Bucknr. S0 nton & co; 008110 oree 4- lIlarll; 4102 110 boder ski0 , Sl.lglhlloer 4. P.ket;l: C t;7lOI00s o0lonl0 pocLrkspltlies, I1110a4 Ilobr rkinj, 3Iltlde Lk 11hal0 dl IFllr~llil.I Iavclrll,0rue & tl'loo. 7 bees snlloak e 1 lo I. 9lpalckage, deer lO illls.EIectIOon IbOoen t. Parur 001 Sbr Cu00111:1, Johnson,, F1,a",J AI 000ter, 1Mrs 01011er, to 010n. 5 1at b0110 fnI flaor co K01ntu11k0y, 00d Sith1 00 Tenolrs see,111t:11:1 I1 lllilball, to Alt 1WVolluoe 4. c0; I1110,n1 , Wooud 4"co, ond order, MlEMlORl.INDA. 00 Ring LeaIde;t iho tof l;nl.0or ofio'f,0llTlIi, Ailbrig RIo r. ry, for Vein C, itz, French l ll a AuFlllo llol r hrdn Ito. go: d11 01010,11t & .1u11i: for lhllopcloll1; 110 lbrig )ll,loooo, fir Jo' hllmoo; IIeooll ('orlle·o. for dI,:; l'll1lll0l, hr Colllll.0:lyll1-; 0ll, POO:lfor N Or'o . At nncl:nr on' th0 e helrl rII.11,110*l h1e1 , far rp Adolp1111. filel, Clo1Io'. o l: , rig Oarl, f~l ~ive 0011111 10110 n f.aslt to olyhll fo 0V0 C00.ý Thbe 0leSIlln ogqlllrlnll to 1.,11 fill 010r TexL0, OIl 1110he10111t n it. Olllcosisting of t1 rio Llloortol. ter .41:11 0 a Co 0Gn lea 010,10n, 0,ml1,1 00 lIlllllul. One11110,0 111 oil 0IlI00ll~t'lll~o0llg., llil000llol lll~llnlltl~olp Cj~lnlgl110 4o the 0ime of deputIsllr; n 10 1011 forco lt.tle Ilftlyhlre se00t rtoa fI ýemli00 to quell soul, outll Ulr00l of afow troopls attoPu. WE - he Nautical Intelligence. IIOME PORTS. At Cbarleston. 2"th Mar. arr, achr Lucy, Chandler, N. Orb, 12d tn fmilzhe . Wtt to ea thi day, .hilp KRoe, Flander-, N Orl., At Ilaltimore March 71th, cl'd, barque Col. lHoward. Gateh lnil, N Otli. At New fork 25th M l, sal'd, Vicksburg, NOrls; brig New REnglaldCrooker, N Orls. At BIlosn ton al March, arer, hr Charl Appleton, Shannon, N Orlb. Sailed from II.Hapton loads, 0th March, Adelaide, Aiugg, N. Orls. SPOKENN. sI0tl inst., lat. 2 1-t, long. 69 55, ship Robt Fulton, N Orls fiar Lit't. 16th ianst, Lat 37 15, long 72 40, seUr Emily, Knoght, 3 dt fin Catldot for N OrPl. FOREIGN PORTS At LiverIool, 224I Feb, are, Cn.ltt, MorCy, hence; DI)di C. it|, BroUadfoot, tence. Cl'd 2h1, Margttt Fortes, Kint N Orta. At Mu ford, th Febh . S r, Gonvtr, and :lihbeth, Airey, bothbouudtl for.N ( ls, wit', Ionsofsailn, bultarhk, etc. SO4T--.\ Plocket bokCeontti:ld g one Ril of Ex. L ehott for 1001. mdraw to t it order of BIutLk-ot fi60days alor sight, otn Knowles and Richards, Liver tnil. Ali,, othelr papers ofno use to oily person butt the owner. Itl Ithanl , of thie tdersigned will he giv en, or a reward if reluired by applyi Itg to WV. T. Lew. i. ttary Iputblic, or 5 JOHN S RICHARD.S. B1IILS ON E Ni.INI), fTr sole by it IOLM'~IES & M11l.S, Ronk Alley. rI ap tI) 11 Fft bttconotlcye beetel; ftr sole hy i i (1.00 & IIYINE', 153 T'chooitoules st. F A hI.Y Hlliti-llll tierrnos and 30 bb Irevynolds F -'u's. Ir tlti up int agt,extressly for'faotile use, fitl sul at 153'1 hloulitoulns t t. by u5 .SLOO & IBYRINE. R 1(1IllIEi '.0llI-IcKY. Iol hb.'.bilied.lti Io ti$ll Ik ,\ Ill' Nl( t Id l'lopttr 1ll l c. 4ttih '.i (1(R11>iI Not Ie'e St. Charles Theatre. THIS EVENING April, 5th, Will be presented thle favorite Farce of MISCHIEF MAKING. Madame Alanette, Mrs. Pritchard. After which the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Sophia, . . . Miss Mellon. Mary, - . Mrs. Hunt. To onclude with the drama of the WHIlTE EAGLE. Elector, .... Mr. Bannister. Countess, - .. . Mrs. Pritchard. I'ARASOLS. T HE sobscriher has just received from New York 2 cares of figured Satin 'Parasols, of French mcnc fcture, fashionable colours, which are offered at the low pricof $3 75 cents each, at 76 Cnral street near Royal, by a5 G E FILLEY. SILK AND SATIN GOODS AT COST. T HE bnlance of the stock of sa kand satins of the subscriber, will be disposed of at aetual cost in New York. There are remaining, a few pieces of rich figured osat. ins; plain and figured Rep. silks, ni superior quality; do yros do black andl olours; jet and hioue blk gN do Swis and Italian silks also, a very few French and Irinch Poaplins. Those desirous of pnrchasin', will find it advantage Ots to call at 76 Canal street near Royal. o5 E I.LLEY. rI0OBACC o.7- 0 boxes, [pound lumps, Maorcu S- miths Branl cod landicg i nd for ale by ap5 1 BRIDGE & Co. 134 Magazioe at. AII.BRFLLAS, &c.--31t ases umbrellas & Por. )eels, varioos qualities, landing from bark Ellen, and for sale at 134Magazine st. by at IBRIDGE& Co. -5 UNNY BAGS--20 bales,small size; landing from - ship Liverpool, forsale at 134 Malogazine et. by a5 I BRIDGE &Co." .AY- lnOaos prime quality Hay landing front I. I..ohr. Orbit, for sale at 8 Conti street by ,5 S &J P WHITNEY. IORK-300 bbls imes and prime pork in swore and Sfor sale at 63 Grar:i st. by n5 BOGERT' & HAWTHORN, PJO K--i 0 Ibox. : lear pork of, ritti ble for tlle West India market, in store, and four sale at 3 Gravierat. by a. BOOER r & HAWTHORN. 1~LOUR- bl00 llit e ieur lan , lbt eme and efori'e at I2 Poydru it. by .-5 J VAIRIN. 130 . G Prime perk; b0 di do . b , bee 150 half do mess do. orialse at 74P7y. ras. by a5 J THAYER & Co. t O N casks yellow orn i m ine -sr ppig ~order . for sale at 74 Poydras st. by :a S - 'TH TYER & Co. 'SOTTON SEED OI(.-U casks in store and fer sale C at 74 Poydme st. by n5 J THAYER & Co. STARCH.-10 bihl and 100 kegs real Poland starch, -. for sale ot 74 Poi drao t byt n5 " THAYER & Co. UOAK-76 tierecs good quality sugar, in store for I aleby a5 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. ACON-eWsters smoked a, a ,rted, lbr selo-- m5 ( I)ORSEY, 41 New I.e;ee. READ & BARSTOW, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, a No. 67, Grarier street. c3 n~ --- iV PRING GOOD)S. riIEI subserier is now opening a supply of new T goods, reeived per ships Kentueky and Ilarkn way, frtn New York, cunsistingin part of te falluow ing: Rich French printed jackonete, plait and satin fceil, en new patetrs; British lawns; silver striped do, A Splen did article; light colored English chltintz; smaIl fgured to0 Frenc camtnbrics; silk Scoti.t thread, and cotton hiosie r-es ry, plain. ribbed, open worked, and eanb'd; linen cant brick and lawt hhdfke, plaii hem-stichedlaete border 590 ed and stnb'd; fancy sitk hhdkfs, shat, Is and scarfs. suat in and brocha silk don Also net eheneille hlhkfs. an en go t;re new article; sntitn, gauze, and gro die Pnris gam-r tu lre Ribbons. Also Richardson's superior soft finish Irish liners. rgo The above with many other goods, have been select ed expressly for the city rrade, and are offrsI oIa rna rgo ranable ternls at 78 Canal street, near Rnoal, by od alprill E___ II.LEY. No.. 9-"0 ý nýio,,o 4cnch vs. her llastoabd. TATE OF IOUISIANArParrishl Court for tihe SS Parish attd City of New Orlenns.-I Ihereby certi oy, f, that on January 31st, 1"37,judgment wa enctered in 1I os Conurt in tie suit of ladlmne Louis Sanchcz vs Iher in illatsbnd, in the words and figures tollowniatg, o-wit: e na This cause wa t de taken p Ilefre the Csurt. 'ro The Court being satisfnlied f;om ie evidence tlin slefendan Irrs abanobdoned tIlr matritnonial doancil, and a lives in olpen eoncubinage witn another wmuant t(fla his is wife, It is ordered, adjudged and drtreod, lat brt judg mlent of divorce be cnter;dl in fisvor of tie taittifl tl tt ren ithe bonds of matrimony hIitherto r ninstig lewcncr the atieson, planitiff and dfcnrdrnt, be dissrolved andl.atiml lar ed, and that tihe defendant Lay the costs. outIt CIBIIMES MAI.RIAN, Il, February 4t, 1837. J.dge. C. page 146. (n testionyV wheraof, I havelhereunto r.set my lta.d nd aftlxec thell' seal of the said court, at S0 sthe city of Noew Orleans, on this 2.thtll doef Mre:rh, r in t l: te ycEr of oar lord ne llonstntd ieri t hudrel ani t'ty--oevttud the six; y-firA-t year of tihe ldepoedence -of the United States.

c a 4 II. . GUYOL, Deputy Clerk. n: No- 9Stl .--lntas.c Lruio Snoolez-eatlrc son ruei. . AT DE IA LOUISl ANE---Cour de Paroisne ide to Nouvelle.Orlatns.-.Je ccrtiie, que ie 3ier "t. Jsanvier, 1837, jugcmtet tlat donn dntrs cc Ct ur d In de mands de Madamo Louis Stnchsez centre son rtair,dans ib len terme asuivanstes savoir: O ('ltle nflhire fnlt cejon r plidbii par devant la Cor. I otioCour etant eatisfnit i'apres c teroi nget qelie did-. fetntlcnrtts h ubutldonnt Inthmicilc i ootjgtleet vj ent' e'eollehinnge osocPrtr naeo line antrtt ti'llllltotoe que Sn spmuse. I1 cSt decreti" ofudjudgeu nue torej gcme t le dslevreoe sit eorEgistrct en fvetir de tic mdtctrtec, qntetI see liens matrinmoninattx existnt jasqu'n n pre(osn i entre le partis ddssnndreso, ot defcndeur roicnt issonrt t i et annullfet quae I sdefeodenr poinht les freis. Sign CIIARLES MAURIAN 4 FL-vrier, 1837. Jtge. --'. poge 141. En fri ice qroi, i'si post. In sooox diu l Cosr ci.dessus dons It ville de In Ntveslle-)liea l.e, me :r- 21 jour rie ltrs, 1837, et lto ilr de l'iudiadtedecc dcs v' Ettts-Uuis. S 4 It . . GUYOIrO,, Dep. Gcrerffis. 11 Rl~so:notc'o OFFICE, 1. SECOND .Uo'.IcPAI.ITY. SI' ( ICE-'e owners of pr~operty sosessed to pay e e. Oh enses of openine a51 imroiilnrg street- in P this Iisicipality, urenf ed, t r. i lian Den con, jr. is appointed colltctor. Protmpt lipment will be reqnirel. t14 J. DOANE,'l'resurer. ir isas.tti tMv 'lt'tnontoM. tes -o 1 7ECoMi": D,;.luxIIPAtLTE. A YIS.-.eS roprotnctaires re T'erraiasn assesses pour 1 payer len depensrs pour I'ouverture es I'lnelir Jotion des rues dana cate Municipolite sotr ilsfRnnrsct r oe Mr. Wm. Deacon, jr. eat nomme coliecteur ils ievrcoot pnyer imnlediatement our presentation de fcurn compte, al J. DOANE, Tresorier. CITY BANK, N.e ORLEAN-S, APRIL. 1, 18317. At a tn eting of tire Board of Directors this day, tile fIolowing resrolution was adnpted, diz: Resolved onaniroaamul, That 4l persons suw indebted P to this Batuk ot Notes or Bills of Exchages, under dims. s cousn shell have the priviloge of the same n with the sene pawns ev*ry 60 davye las 10 per cent. until the hlh day of Novaebr nest the Directors of the Dans reserving the right to require additional se- - curity, whenever they may deem it proer.i n3 ROBT. J. PAIFRgY, Cashier. I T s RAYED from my stable, comner of Poydras andi to Camp streets, n pair afblnck Poners. Any percson t taking utp said Ponces and returning tlhem to thie stable at of the subseiiber, will be liberally rewarded. 03 WM. IHILL. WVASHINGTON GUARI)DS-ATTENDI!!! QS ATEr monthl mreetilg this evening, (MoInday, htApril 3d,) t 7 o clnock, at tie Arlnory. Punor ral o nttetdonce is desired, as business of iaportance will be truansacted. By order of Copt t Hozer, a3 J. 11. WAL'tON, Scretary. by A CARD. "h R. WILI.IAMS. the En-li ) Oculist, inltorms tile - III psbli that lie is arrive c t Mrs. l Vr eonster's pri veto Ioturting lhouse, No 9, Conial street. where lieC may be conslto d s cn rt 10 to 1 o'clock, biy aon lttisa rail pst geotlcnen ailitesd in trer eves and erats slid will also te gladly attond to te coaseos sf tie poor, crais, till rIe 11 cnd dfAp il, its soon as thIe vestry o nrn churclh is of fered to hits for their rerepless. te will lso ,consent to visit any aged or infirm persaos whno reside witlii ths limnits of tilte citr. on rceilving ote dan's notice bIy let ter, contahmu, .ddress, ard a fire dorllnrill, wen ie will atteln oa the same, or thle following day between 4 and I o'clock, and give his candid opinion oil the case. It is his intenti at leave thiieity on tihe Irslt of luv, whence Ire will go sn tihe 13h ornx. fir Vicksbur'g, there again foir feMemphis ns tle ric5ts, tllcnce fur I.onns. villa ot tihe Sti of Jtluo, and thiee for Cilcinnati on tile 17ti New Oflcanr, April 3d, 1327. RK,-3Ess att price, fire r a by (; DORSEY, 41 'aw [¶/llISKEY--Rectifidnand commr,l, for oichy F Sa4 G DORSEY, 41 New levee. 31.OUR.-1409 bll at usia latdire , lir tir e a y Iltat .8a4 l DIOIRSEY, 44 New l evee. b, tIMBISER-A curer, or Wilmingtun Boarda,. S --nt lie, and Shingles, on board schooner Morning L Srnr, for sale low, by G }W PORTER, m al 095 Calulrton street. UGA 8.-214 birdo primste .trgur, iauding ftromr esof. C SLebanon, and far sale b, 'T R YIDE & BIIROTIIER, n4l Corner Common and Magazine sis. (t IIANNI N-1 N , 5t.'e r itcby l SROBERT ltcCt;I.I.0OGI, a a4 3t 514 Jslia street. R I.AX -fflY).--t7 -bils-elh..r Finx 1-.d,-just lend- L ' ing and for sale by T I IIYDE & BOTIIER, Sa4_ Corer Cormmon & laogazire tesi. V IIOtIACCO, & Ibxcs Stoar l.oaf, 5(--O egs7,f l alrd; 6100 suoks efCorn. For sale by i a o A. II. \VWALIACE & Co. Bank Alley. 1 O)RN-- 70 saocks orron in grood order, IrNdin, fro, t lJ int boat, ali for sale ty J VAIRIN, a 4 20 P1:oBras st. I OOFIK G I.f C.-2S0 ask ow.- ng Zinc, froom the I- TPaurton llaunufrlctrrin Co. now landing frm the bark Cuba, for sale by JOSEPH COCK-AYNE, 2 11 5 G-avier street. SIVIEILPOOI. SAL'r--1.F cks, jltst received tand IA r rsanle it BaInk Alley yhv at I In't.i Ht).rl:S ,: L-IlL..S, " Ink Ales. m f tRN-IBIS brshel cr.. e r, in gras hnosr, for sat, tri J 4t Neow l.e vee april I GI . l) ORS:y . C L]LUUR.-I.tut0ir bils Flor, lirg Irons lttitt t.nt Suad for sale by (RIVOTi & PAIGE, 3 1"J Por i drtr s treet. ` (*INK 1.17 17.isr in. goodt oPrrr lrndingfrt om I ut / ha'Im, , .po1tz.l ll r-: ýnr-·t, ^?i P'o:-drlnst. hv :,,a1 ". V.1blty. I B UI.K PORK.--152O0 lieces Iulk l'ork, au board flatboat, foraalby GRIVOT & PA.l(E, a3 IO 12. Poydrls strert, UEANS-50 Lobl White, And 2 bbls Rel] Beaus U for sale by IGRIVOT & PAIGIE, a3 12 Poydrns street. S tTIIISKEY.--00 bils enlerie " old Slouotugh lle Whiskey in store and fitr sale by a3 OIIVOT & l'AI;E,'2 Poydr'ns st. A PPI..E.--600 bualhlls dried AIlIes, fuid ar ticle Sin store aud fro sale by Gl IVOT & l'AIG E, a3 I I'P.lydrsa street. tR-[.-300 bbls notes and prhni Prk, fir al.n by Sa3 GRIVOT & I'AIGE, 12 Podmns st. B I Fl.--62 bbls prime bee;i 21 cbls jowlsa 9 bhl, o whits b r a y . IIAINLEY, 113 42 Poydr~u street. 3 19MI receivaed, 'l'nt barrels ot rvcr L fresh Lime Juice. H. BONNAIIEL, a3 Comer of Natchoa & Tculupitoau l St. U1ATER,-19 kegs, part poriut for tabhie trse. Fao 3 salen by a3 G. JOHNSON, 92 Ct1nuli st. F" 9ll.- 60 bbldls Potomac lHeringsr 30 illl and hull .i' hils Shad.inpriea conlitlon. For sale by n3 G. JOIINSON, I2B Colnilon at. ENI'UCKY BAGGINt.--90 piecesr-very good f or sale-by I. JOIINSON; al 9o 2 Colalnomn t. C A ItG oft brig Cherib, froint llt"nilat i it boxes o Roll Brimstone; 131 po xes shellced Almndlts;d 40 crcks Whie Beans; 50 suacks 'illcrta, 50 Iltlfnreks FilbertsY; 69 baN \Valnutr ; IOl soft shrlltd Alanmod. 3 eases Liqtorsh P aste; enycsn pickled Canliflu)wors 60 slabs Mlarhle for tabtes. For saole Iv a3 READ & JIARSTO\VG7 fGrayver at. STRIAY.-Waas tokeI tp on tila nigit i tib, 27th landl S81th March, a hay poany nure, hothli Iia feet wllite to the fetlocks, arnd left fore foot twile to the fet lockl. Also, brown a colored her e. wlhite stripe dlown his forehead, and a cream caolarl tudle. l'lTe owners of said atimala are nrequested to come forwrard, Iprovea property, pay chtarges, and lake them away an or bafore tohe 15th instait, o' whichl day they will lie sold at plibie auotion, at 12 o'clock, MI. ly P. A. OGuillioll. Auctionaer.- " H.B. STRINGEi, 03 Comtmissary 3d Vurd. NEhandred Itwo casks pickled hauts and shnul. s for sale by J. M. BROIADWEI;L, & Co. 0366 Magazine sln ree. QACKED Coan, Oat, Hay, and Butter l toe sold at Sauetiona. at half-past 10 o'cloek, this day. at tle flat boat wharf, opposite Julia street: 200 sacks large white corn; 5l sacks prilme oats; 30 Iales sheaf oats, (first rate.) 1200h bs fraell table hutter, it kegs; 150 Ibs Iresh table batter in lumps; barrels apples; danmaged cornl, &e. &e. Alan A Good Flat Boat, Jer.; all ithe Furniture and Tnols, &r. &e. , u3pd STATE or LOtIaStNa, - FIRST JUDICIAln . DISTRICT COURT. In the matter of EDWARDI BROOKS os IllS CREDITORS. T is ordered by the court, that a mentiog of the ere ditorn of the insolvent, and all others interested, do to a place before H. B. Cenas, Esq. Notuary Pioblie, on Monduy, tle 8th day of May next, at 10 o'clock A. 51. for the purpose odcliberloting generollv n tih nllrrs ef the estate ofithe insolvent,-to aplpint (if they deem it necessary) other syndica in the lieu of tilte syndiea deceasned since their appointment by . foarlnel' eeting, or to eonfirl tmhepowers ofthe survivig synadli, aud to confer upon him such powers, and give Imls stach instruce aions as the iiterest af tihe creditors of said estate miay rquire, or us mtay le deemed expedient, And itis fir. tiertordered, thllat Henry R Denis, Esq. tie attorney heretofore alpponited to represent thle abent credlitors, Ie re-appointed,ttnd notified to attendr said aceting. By order of the lion. Chalrles Vatto, judge of said court, thlis la1st day afadorclh, A. D. 1837. a3 o2ew JOHN L. I.EWIS. ANAI.YSIS OF BEFAUTY Y. BEAUTY; illustrated lchiefly by nan Analysisand Clan. ifienrtion of Beauty in Womenn, preceded bIy nacriticnl view of tih general hvpethoais of lBeutyl, by littnne, i1ogarth, Burke, Knighlt, Allison, &c. iand fallowed by a Riillilr view of ihe hIpothIesil of bIentv in Scelpture & Painting byl.eoenardlo de V'inei,Win:kel. nlati,-lengs, oassi, &c. Icv Alexander Valker, t.l ilor of"Phliiognony fountded ot lliaystotat.," the "Nervons .iote e, &c. The Situn- of'thle Timne; as deioted Iby tile filfitnent ofAietorical Predietions, traeed dlown'fi onil lime lnlbv lonih Captivity to the I resnt time. By Alexndlcr Keith. ALSO, and additionanl spply of Davis's Memoirs ol Anron Birr. alitte, the Pirate of fbi. Gulf. SoAtlh-W,st, bIy it Yankee. Jl.t received tlla fir al by , WILL.+IA M Me.KEAN, n3 Corner Campl nmd (ontan t street.. a3 Corner Campn Comm nt t'cm . d ' 1 RAYi.-~,,Taken ip ; alb . Stliiail iit~ln Itld li facc, the right hind rnt white. Thle owner is re. I qested omm aforward, lrove c.l l and take Maid tinhal awnata i-ire the it i', ant. If I f ftatr that time, it will e t , P. A. Guilliotte, A ctrilnccr \V. I l)tSi)N i ), ,t h 'ritAst.Zrah ,ilinip , tunch Mit " tanr 'pm, i, je tenrtand a one an tihe iihl land an' nn tlie left thig, n anal sinae wite miarks in, Ih bIlck. iThe uw r is . a et -stcd to in me fiarwardf , o ' vn.o iwi rty tiy ,anr. , and tke Ra id a rniml n aiy, e a 'tie t . ill a In! II I- left anfter tihat t e it will I a sold t uhli, action, ty P. A. Guilliotte, Auctioneer. U . ttIciNAlIt), C(nnai a tra n d \\ arld m m.. . . '2 M unW, '1 , i' , st i ..h l it the al ni ,ht w b in he I .t a 3 ward 2d m m illilar o sa r l lEl Mur, n marlt.. It ' ri, ht fA o re ashoulj r ai l oi rile t rilai t icf a ,,'a ;i ind tIh ai tln as hdfiootll it. I. fl, T aie lotr ll re, e .o ti,, o W.Ar t., Utrf v", ie nnr t Ij" 41., 1 , l nes d n Illlrr g % i rfl. - ,. aS,. at,;', ia,, ,, p, i i, Iflne 1 fter .llut ti it .lla ol t ile h li t t a ill L .t se "LRh .--T ken 1, iyfn lth e rl e r. - to i ollrqe fste tod orwr nrrd , prove pr-o re I py. ill' ho' .t , s id o llanl take ay niefire th ea 1. ,. I feh lnfi ne . that titen it will ,a tld it be ha nti d inb, ba ur A ailltiot, . A utiliotter , ti ," I)n N I, nia Ctn lisa art d, \Vt r.t,3 t . fiillil.f t a (n itld ate,\ AnI tin erec ihe o i , iittn , so wtl h rat c l'd pro ve b nac y N'D i a 1 t u i e ,i" a I';tg ' ti d t n l iea amfor llIl, , Ie e I 1t1tt 111,ln ' t.In ''i Iflet t after llltl i t ll Ib ldn a t i, Ifp r la nI lll ill a , \ a3 tommissalre d Wardi n1 i iipaliti . b E h. A. Gruie s V a r l H o rs e th e r g I I E f1 wRA it.- T an I tp, aon, lTin y r lo.eri Th]ile l h i a to come a rt nrd in n i prperlya p laaiiao ,y iayi tale h-i s ,i mul[aka sway hl y ere the i , ll1]11i af t. t illlat i ne, i lt w ail " e soitill it,,tl l auctio,, t iit. Ay . .Guii otte, Au, tion eer . \I, ittDONpArdf a3 Colmlianrv d anl. L1 iilpality. rinaht fiore sl hlr n o tile rilt hair , a nd nt e right lnd foot white. Thie oaner is eq acted tt came forwarrd, prove pmrtye pay ciargs, and take said al n Eiaway befiwtn re the 1 tinttaut. If le fat f rt attime thait wlel at 4 ilpul b L le ati, by P. A. Uuiolitre. Wi . McDONALD, CommissrW y d Ward, - a3s d aad r uniiiti v. SL'A1 ioraet 15hI-e hih. omed roughahod. The nwrrs relanqeoted te come forward. pmrvne property, oprnwardr ove, rnd etae said animal away he rae tide 1n Imoant If left anter ht time, it ill h at ld faer putime 1 iauction, b typP . A. nilliotte, Auctioneer. W. MlDONAa.D, Commissiary 2d \W'rd a3 10t r2d lInicipalik, U' S RAY.--Taken np lthe night watch, one by E blind Hor,1519 hands hie., and roungnhehd.T The owner is reqaated to conme forwanrd, prove pro-a pery, cayharges, and take sai d animall wy efore thore tile rSt! tnt if left after tiat ttet, it will be asot l at pblin a tiona by P. A. Guilliott tte, AAti nee. 3WM. McDaONALD, Coatnmnisstary dl Ward. in3 lt t niciplitty. STRAY.-Taken up, obye srngel timane, wnith a whit strip dawte n is noathilt. Thq owalner isn reaonated to ome fonrward. pra ove protpcrtc tiny lar e as, and ttke aaid iimnal away, vbefore tie 151h inslnt. If left after that titne, it will ha soad at p bllie auctiona by P. A. uilloatte, AntionnAr. W. MllcltONtAL.D, i3 CoNtissaCy d CW\ard, S2d nicipatyr. FSTRAY.-Taken tip, ne large gray flnen,. Tih ore er is rtcia eqncftrtd omrie farti pant r paty, a d t ake said anim e a ayl nnrhatl \ a, . l are till t1if nsitant lfltt after thlt tlti e, it wilwl e od ol ati piblic seciticlt h e. A, uiltioatte Attalin Leer . 13 _ C om missary l Edt n Wani ra d, 2i a cit at lity. -11 antd for sale at 33 Ncw LtevCaeby iii3 . SFRANDOLIPtI A Ce. AVANA COtI.'E-T .---5i bne , lta n illdinn Ti at H in st re, for sale at'33 (ravier at y o CIINyNroy thaCg NViiTtae;sit anmancta, i, na store and for alet at t7 Colntln tw r ee, bt r nuli LAYET & P i EIe tiNer.G hA a-300 boxer oap, Jana i inm tees" n. ived nipGrandee, for sale at t3t Mwltagzineay st. Sy IF IIRIDGEI & Co. t'ItNITURE, & e.--'lh snbacrikeran tine it-r a Jslandinag fron hip Henry, a invoie of anrnittig, c &e., eonsltinr of solantl, a nuic stools, Ottmalnan iattrnsses and silk pillows at 454 Mhazciae st. by n311 I BItDIIE &Ca. "FARIS-Si"_D ga lard, landiagliar....e..... Ct'de 12I and farsale by JULIUS VACRINe ma9 t) P,'drada At CIINCINNATI LARp.--1350 kegs, lanaing frand Satpaner Splen d;,d anil finer sale i3y P23 LAYET E AMEIUNG, 17 Ctaanmereet ¶J er at. r t. by an57 LAYET & A.SIIRUyNG. " ACON--I ltats sides nndc atboulders, lam lia rnl NE hundgredhtn fresh Corn imeal, for sale lit F6 rit Mattlineai street by IIIn. J M BROAVEI.L&C &. C -. ARD29 Ilf hiskev- 90d bbls of din h r . laalint C forsle at 44 New Lee, by I m3l G I)OISEY.t' CtT2Zl.INNA. ahatDe atitit srill in tl,' fr oI t.elmer y atle J It COI.IQUI2r 1 I'a 13 LAYE &...-i.. . .. 17 . f vic'ect. IOBACCO--Il8 boaes Virginia plollt tttiiip in a hneeo, a gona artinle, ist ren aived aad will he o t at 1t entn alt (ravier street hab m"t J.ilCOI.Qt;ITT. A COic iNm- -- . Id o s ildnei nii bt utic ,, I a'ing n " n . B Ilr salme at59 molnl ndn o s t l b tv Sat33 eA tit"tNI.yY. _ ( Vxlsl~ \VIIISKIL&-hi- h prtc'lliii t Pn nale l.y . IORNl WHISKEY&POK t)tittt'i -ic Ni-n' I " K -,9d llic pa of 9 I uf a k f i n jfb e ? k "' G tihi'l h& In,'AIl, lE. I1 RINCIPE CIGARS.-20,00 Principe cigarsa or b Ialy Ily JNO d FOSTI'.R, mf 14 Gravier streat. I, ACON-28 casks ides, 7 do Hlams; 3 do Joles, 2 do anssortid; landing from steNamer Pcrsian, for sale Ily 117 EI'ST ON, AVERY & Co T EAF LARD, Amelung brand--1000 kegs Lard L just recelived n a lnding frola m amer Mogul and fir sale by LAYET & A MLLUNG, 1117 17 Comlno street. CINCINNATI BACON-74 hhds. sides. 2 do hams, laulling frtom steamer Atalanta, and for sale by m3 IAYET & AAIELUNG, 17 Commlerc st. (C ASTOR OIL-211 bbls fresh castor oil, in store and s far sale by JULIUS VAIRIIN, nill l2 Gravierst. OIK-300U bids pork laudiU, i d store aid for sale toll 26 2 'oydras et. S PERII UANI)LES--il60 boxes sporm candles, land ing frontl brig Grand Turk, for sale by f22 S. & J. . WVIJ'NEY, 8 Conti st. TEA.-i10tl boxes yot1g hysan tia, of 13 lbs each ill store and for sale at 63 (Irnnier St. by n127 IIOOGERT & IAWTHORN. SLLEAIt( 1'ttK.--9 boxes clear pork, Cinainnati CJ cred, in boxes of 100 lbs each in store aind for sale at f3 Gravicr et by 1118 BOGERT & IIAWTIIORN. orK-4o bile mess and prime li k, intstore andn Sbir sale at L i Gravier nt. lby nim28 BO)(GERIT & HIAWTIHORN. ' EIIAMPA(;N.-00 baIskels Chamlllnlgne inistore nCJ ,nrl for sale at (3 (;Graier st. by 11m28 IBOGEI"IRT & IHAWTIIORN. EMIAKCEION & ffANGllENlS.-876 Ibs aid ladf - . do comilprisnlg Ngs I.' , a1. d 3, of ltest brands, in stlor iand forn ole at (i Granier ast.l by ms20 BOG lElf' & hIAWTHORN1 B ACON--70 cask bacro can Frsting of sides, hfn.s S and slinouldere, Cileilnlti acured, i satore and fo sale at 63 Gravisr st. by m128 IOGERT & HAWTHORN. 1 ASTILE SOAtP-S0 boes small . h ize, Castile Jsoa np, for sale at fl Gratviesr t. by m28 BOGEIT & HAWTHORN. AEMONS & O'6ANGES.--37 bozes Lemons, nd E 225 do Oranges, in sperieor condition received and for sale by mOS STETSON, AVERY & Ca. ASTA R-Of iL-O bitle Usteno Oil in store amn thb l l sde at 26 Poydru st. by m28 J VAIRIN. A HII"KEY-Sit50bbs a tirld .whiskey. In store and forn mae at 26 oydras lt. by m28 J VAIRIN B AION-2-10 casks bens t n ineinnad icored bclln in store and for sae at 26 Poydres street by m?8 J VAIRIN af El) BIEEF-- I 4 eskn dried beef in store, ands r 1sale Iit26 'ovdras street Ity nJ82 JVAIRIN ACOMPETENT nasistant DIr.gist, is in wati of a situatioo. Address S. Peet, casre of E II Kelly, 1Draggist, corner of PAydrs and fMagazine streets. 128 41 t1 CE~-5i tilerese, asl 81 ifdo nlier, now Itatding .o from n c ler lirmn from Cflarleston ndi for sale at 90 Cormmoni t. ila9 JDBEIN &ACOHEN. MORLAfEf I.-- II cask. L Aolsadnrown stoat, in pits tn qnartr, illstore anlnd for sale st 63 GraiCr st. by el7 I10ffiEfItT & HAWTHORN. i3 USitiAN N:'' lfTN. i' flacks isto ttVe tattd I.1 fir sale at no. 90 Common as; by u1,7 J I) ffEIN & A COIIEN. EACIf II ANI)Y--rh billst for sale by m20O REA)D & BARSTOW 67 Gravier t. IIESf I'EAS- 0IlO boxoesn Ytlng Ilvfstn Te, in '13f li boxes, a late importatio attt1 of ftLe flavor, itn store nand fbrsale by IlOGERT & IIAWTIIOIIN, iLL, 2.1 (;ravir st SflOI.ASSES ffiIIfS.-=00O -lola-leso llrtfisfon fItadrd il tite fiarqce Ilerall, in good order and for sale at 93. Coanmm st. Iy mf17 , ff GALE. li ANfI)KEfCI!lEF S, &t:.-2 eIgases nchipf silk Ifmflibls; I do Iigll mcolr lfliiitet do; 3 ilo grass mlotltjackls, just Irccivci ani forsle i 65 (tssnlmp st., by isi?7 "'OfLK(E BfROT'lHERS. 1 'EFAR I'()tflti-31J BIsI sir sale at 17 ('aonllOre J St. iy nl27 I.AYFIT A AMEIl.NG. )ACOIN--liIcbasks hl,, ramitl (illcinnaati -Bin 13 in firot rmle orlder,juist received l d f)fr ale bLs 11f23f SLOt) & IfIfINE, 153 'feloumpitoulas st. AIIl)-2(0if kegs lard of superiilqli ,, i laor Jand fir s:llc by (KIV()T & PA(iE, . .I . . 12, Pioydriast. SOIefN--I)00 sietks cora in risle fsiipping orer, jut I rceiced ani fir sale bv nf J II (AIIAfl. If11i TillotpilolNs st. SI' huNS--:, i boxes ftcelueii l- , in S,,re I e _I sle hy T I IfIYf1," & Bi(). ii1. eorer C.,lnllunnon ad Maazilne st. H tIml cr I':ho aid fur sale by J VAIRIN, Villi 2f l'ovdruls St. -f. l i -f !Iii i ile nliik', ladin-- -a it YV atile at II). I'iPrvtlras at. by ill'iT " (;iflfVOT & 1'.11:E. I+ 1 l; u I ilms1 bi ai,, r io, fu, l iour, finI I i,. Tr ) sll tit nll, If3 fli I'a 5u I, tI ' (f ftil N.-:i a se rirn hIls lin mui l Ior n1t, tit (:5 VT(llli l . lbV 111 1 fi )f(' IIt B II)'I'IIsI'I . i(lI AI..:iA lVIN:l'--:tll ll ('i ...... "','t M u nrll till af l fie -ilhL l ,r cl sa I t u;'. (rinl:li r tr. by iiO s l :fu ci I I - ]Lf A \ T I Ij N. uiiFfw 1i)v lislirlor .s i r ii-n h ii arcnliu uihstle uit 'iii il 7:3, ( nail' tar 1. I \ A.l'-l 5, ,I' I Ia' S,, -loo t I awl f r C I y J. 1. 11 It IN', 2G Poyrlms street. s 1tt IllN.1: ('rere wn tItrfIr by U' I Illai .55 I \1A.1('1" & ('n R, Ink :ltey. nail A II%,I1: ('n. Paol. AllIM. :1 ` U( A1( lt lgboo'lo; tube I , yt. Fw Itlty /7_ nlli N. &. J. 1)1K & (CO. r; ý 1\1.:11 .-1111 bel ibl .it the lottlitns and r le tit i.I XSEE().117 bbl. Itar I i lnlitiI fur PSc ;it o. 0'111?.11 1' Il''''-\-- lI I n.'.,h by-rr~l--ý- JA I .1 1-6(1bale l & 1i o n in FlIre, n 1"_J 1) ISIEN Y A CO)IIF:N. : IW IIII 1OI' S~IIu hu at 111611 2ll.·r · Ft. Ny tr _ 1II J 11 II ROAI) 'EI. .&'Co. i ý i0'1' 1( I KIoSoS-oprime oartjtcl, for maleI 1ia; O 13 nAM'l. SIATEIR 4 Poydranni. 'C(IlI.1NGE an LEnglnoo, tar tnle by al HCC %MMAACK & Co. SLTM1-56 t K gsod qualth i sale by y mil G DOREY, 4 NewLevu t ICE-100 canks lanrliog and frr eals by J Tt1AYEft&CCO. 4p7,fdnaat c Lý XCHANioEnn England, toreale in Bank Alley by I n149 HOLM ES & TILLS. lii M aSIORK, far sale b LVI. (4 t)ORSFA, 44 New Levee. v ~I.\1.001(-lU bills llllerfine, fir stile byv 0 __29 ____. IDOIISEY, 44 New n e.tcc. l.Or llolBl F-31 halfk L6I ttled22lt, dIrimne pork 1.J _i(r sale Iby t1a¶7 ,O IGORSEY, 44 New I.eee. d U -Oa~w njttst Ilndednad fo s I Sm63 8,0)O&BYR NE, 153 Teltpiltolattl at L IC--51 licyeco in store ftult fr sole by - le o3l A GdURNEY, 54 C34 mnn at. (V .=(:(.-Ono11 IbbIICIn, land, in' ao9l Br sale at 1'! Poydroo no. by t31 (GIU VOl & PA II E. IIfbA&I'llNt3 Ctqpper tbo, 122 to 3-2 once, for ly by I_ mt)2 H1C CASIM1ACK & Ca, 65 lanvier at JoWl.Es.--3o bbln o~r sole at 66gaglzino ot. by I 0,30 J Al tBOAI)SVI-.l. & Co. ARI )&l ItUT1TER.-2(1Ob kegs nuperior quality Orlard; 't,.to Wesnterntltltr,jusl, received antI for sale at 12 Poy dens street by npril 1 (irtdo t OT d. PAIGE, /'ýO r-lIIU gatos olck; ofcun," 150 groe. 131 s d. 0 lolling fromalCotro trrSletdill, be ttle Ito 'l t'l'1foION, AV'EIRY& Co. 0 RaII(I.A SSISS 1 IARRELS-19j nlo'u blarrels 11 ilI largeoteze in tore.allS for sale by ol l(II.C'l & HAWTHORNe, If at 113 G tttntyryt. i o p o11 bilk leadnlgl front stIamer floury C lttt , ore sale at, by Nw eee 03pril 1 A l & SIIoRatlEc. j IllS I.CS.-4 Ikleglo ndl t irero otttobcd JtoWle' ott- - Jdittg frant, atdler splelnldl, and for sale ot tt. 17 Cannoteee etrert, by iPt nm31 I.AYET&A3IELUNG. ol (1 ORN-1100 sack; lindlinjfrom steamers tacyaltn k 01 C attd Alto,,, anod or nnlle a 47 Contamere Pt. b otlI I.SYE'T' & AMEI.UNIO. A 74E1.UNO t"III.Y IIA5IS.-A snotali ltrest le £3 dlttttin" aondfor senlttll 17 Commcrne st.tlty t01L I.AYE'R' &A3I G. :?G N In I'OI1ACCO.-lo llhblo lanoling frott Flat boat, and i0 J for sale at lI7 Cottnere yt. by th 0531 I.AYEr & AIEI.IJNG. 1 ACON.-l7 ,,abn WInIr s ternttobedcttonistling of 1)11 11, of ltou,,y; 2 of nbolttblero; 3 of salte ; 2asurt- 2 t ed, for sale atut 44 New Levee by C mil G I)OReSFY. EI.IJuI.-7 -i77 bI' l;Fluor a rtin teun tt boe t I Splendid, andl forosnlo at o4Cootonlnt, at. o131 A - tIn `lA( nlGt- fat ti rce inc Sugar, it ntore and Or ya ule 01t44 Neow Levee. oll mo3l Cl DOlSEY. It 4SS1A 111.:11' I'lON,- '0 to'S, 'a Il tti't't hebet ittnti.o intstore,r eand fnr stlr at 911 (nom loon s fl by to1L:. 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PitlNAY T R.G 4 tr5 b lar e i. g paper, in store and lir saia by BOGARtT & HAW' 1IllAllAMPAGNE-70 ba.keto Clnamo n11brand,' now Inaditg, and fiOr snle biy S im3 J D IIEN & A CO)I1EN,9g(cm rIN WARE-15-bl d Inhd titn ware, ed, and for sale hy 1t3 J 1) IEN& A COIIEN, 90 Cteea iu oLAssES--no w gillttns for ian .i. atove tile city, by REAI) & 1IAI ml6 67 G, ( AStILE m OA 1hi-Fitly Itoxsre ttf totie f t each, Castile Soap, rr-ivell an for m3 BOIGERT'i' IIAWTHIIORN, ir , m30i I Dil0ll h u TrILau-50 rsn Ilaetsea Ironco ntife, or sizes, lIn ng i rmin t I ri~ Pico, r an . m23 .SAAC; IIRII)(;O& Co, 131{ nasg br boat and fOr saul by lad0o m28 N ,53 ( m 9 4 - 1- l o $e G s e tl and tor sale by iO u y t stoppRI'e dL 6 Tefinder wllpor be rewor at 90 Commoa at. by u ap low price to rilo a eonsirmnt, IrOLE 42 Peydranatt. by noal SAMRI. RATF4 L 3EAK J I.erd, Western btt1ter octirb, at. etweet RIolaera end enwccy ett mat9 42 Pcytree et. ty lD , Nl L A I.ATELi lef, Inlt, 'O.-n toxes toeaero mt lto l at 63 Gravnlier aet. by r A T, II BOGERT & HAWTHORS, m ICE-l rper so. hving cdsme , oei l to order per ship Unted Statea, Tune a iter, PromIPhiladclpl.ia, are reqtrsted t attel tb receipt of the srei, atherwise they will be t heirrnl ,nsc. 30 S &J P WHIITN h NI t)T I CE TA Trmeatrers' l/lire, Second mfriddp.olt "ITERSONS who are indebtedl to thiS fuiiekjl Sfr paving dn ine front of their prolerty, a s' foraed tilet Mr. I. R Gniennie, is alpointed Colle Suit will be comntenced in ten dnys after notice, a n w all dellq uets,twtte tltoatt toreptite. n'8 II DOANE, _rem., Treasurer,' Ohlire, Second ,iltmicip.'ll. IfOLI.ECTIONS for lte tax on Real Esti el* SSlaves for the yrnr 11136, will .mm-orner o e ia 15th April, 113:. 1.1t ('niennie ism opointed CAlltceA Sait, will be btroIghtl after tealdavs notice slaas d, lreiqllratent. itt2l J DUANE, Treseasr e •I.A tttEX CA . i(..-. j' see meV ' 11 four fillineg, alid for sale by . IIUCKLI,, m22 79 Commonmtc.jt T lSTF-A note dtreon nor favor by Mne bt4 LI & Stevrr, for $riO, rnclorredli tt- dated Mall thle Ilth, at ixty laye tItte, inno I:sth dy eay, the Iso me.,t gl, irs]pe.l, 'rie T l,,lr ill oe re.ard ed applI.itg .to t.t It WlIiE & FOI.i.E°, i Sl'\Its kt)l&l _:iParrrEsoo N N-w om- SA .he T u ... t worrksn.r ac urfneartrd Le:t.uN4 lgices, Rail rod crn hlit s rn al , ril road Ircesl l. ]et, rtioci, &r.,tatd iaso, all dlesriptllln ef mill 1 ic Wctl Iwll t nlx achiaery, iron and bre ritslltn Tiie inttdrmiyoedl, agrnt ti,r tlhe abovlr workl, sil otllllract to derliver altt of tif e lbove articles. INttlAIR'1' & HlAWTIIOIR, l.265 iGraviler ptrstl. rn dicc',al.l ir.craia vlati ttg utsettled I.ct., aenitnstilln will tilane rl..esnt tllem I to MIr. C dloll li'lfrthlit, lNo. 3,1 t p .tenrt, tot I tma y mobs, tra eenlenlltt lor tlherir iltlllcdi ilr prtv llet. april I :1 Y N OIIVER, '1i") ill. t'1i1[.lc-T _' U OII-EI-.' SN handlllllr fo l'(kili"s PTalent I'nrtible Fu whh binllwn atthild, " differeni smiea, anik sl t redielrhp.iers, tilhe comrer iof ydruil T llil tit it 1." S E, KIP. INE,& ......... I:ln fril it sol", e. Coa(ecllsii c lt w ine; t1 tcns rI rilllria lt; I1H11 M C'ark; 10isL S.lhi i-lll, in~i slie IIIt 7, Alagclnllr at., by _ t E l l .;IAF FO NT A,. (Itt l (ai·iiljchl'l iiltcnali.I tt t of ei e Varetl - -# ll inreiord oi"r tI1 iri c lntr i trade. Also, Ihle Ilart, tilid I-r , lcllhe 1, illa, IVillow Bao kets, fe dlhsnat t l'llgac sc 6'r.1 .c alt iclt eiti It ae l..d, low t i the ri,.n r of lIo lcac and I r elou pitot loat hv .ipril l."w " _S EKP ha. lý.I i.-,el.\,; li c t. i ý.....:; bel l lal,. le ak1 - ,- I Li1 F. 5 , lllir s I!ii, l !:t , -i : 1 ' 10 laeided fl o shailt I fre t h a ln ti illtc t ia t lc er last, r e ito i-o ' nialttn rtit lpiecting thiltt itll be tha lkfully reecirad 01 (:r t l'i er slcr .t iv tll 1".'E'TyON, AVERY& C, '1 I, ,; h ctc., r. a mil- 1inn.let e ~S'ticl'cic IIIIcti c to In v il m tvete it %I'll*" hv IIhi sntne h'llV Iihmud iaC h .u ike, marked ES J It. Anm i nl.inni m ei ll s recite will be thokflil r .c'.i; dl at !i:i (;ore iii slreet, by 11(:111. II GAI.E. I \lIIIIl II)9\ At ici Sl. ,I· PA!IcjNi2T. %/ I,.l' 1.. !lit' llr. ml ho Int and Wciceo, preiyous ts t ni' c9.I lictic rC, itll ic, thi tlllPc lillrti il I te ltadil Irt: fl ctleln tcr ilciacicttti m It ir present collectiom d i llliile llts I" l jli'n f ar t e l W exhibtliliting a In a I.i (.hIll smnrtree et (near r'mtu ("I I where they will t _ tin-i nll plivnil, sailo Ic cl l cicn , the 3d of A p tl II hl irh day i i . i o' ih .kI the ]cnltll ie w ill be i ip ud, s .I NcU.lI.. & ISllS:. t N's siitECiIES ho. 1- t.,l. I CIcaliec,, of hie right lilctaratle WlMioi t \ Intacith , cid hc ccith R lIhtccnranle Willim lis edicccicccriy ite dccl \Vi ] Ic" Wklich T cc ' io c i cc Iy .lcir. , i. 6 viols 'A l e Y o u nl lg ,l l l ll ' . Li l ar r i l l n r n l si Julst rrceried nall for c.lae t tile corner of Camp d i. Comman stlrets, by ni3l WVe MeEAN. MKA COOWPE l'd Ni1:\V \VO S &o. ( IEANINGSini Europeby the Autbeor ef a*T SSpy, &e."' il 2 v*l Sketches by Bls, illustrative of every day life ad 1' Sday people being continuation of oWatIoC otIe, aid other tkihes." Minor Morals, for y ng perple, illustrated in Talh and Travels. By Jo owring. Just received and fr ale at the cO hler of Camp d Common streets, by ml30 WVm McKEAN, AVIS. Bureau du Tresorier de la Seconde Jlaunicipaikte. L ES peron.,,s qui lo vent a at Mm le i Sav-ag fIlit en fice det lettr Iropriete, lot is te forIne quil 9r. I. Il (;nienrie, n etc nomme Colleteur .leanx qn tise payeroat put Inr presctlation du re5ir, lreolst .lotities .i noolna le dixj ..ur Almas Ia aod*tik tic ia leront pour sivic I'ilv s 'ont jpa payes. nLt28 J i)OANE.,Trewneer. Baaean du iwsorier de la S eondeJlunesipapl . A (Collect dtes tares, lur lea eraprietes forreei, L nle etclaves, Inar I' nnee, 1i , conmeneer Ile I Avrit, 1 (37. l,. t. Gaieh uie et uomme Celleletln Ce u o ne paywrant pl fur In prsentation du lerolt aotifie and di j.,ir aproc des poutraive, Jll. eitries leronteonneneies rceontre eeuqutll n'auroal itl. puyiadan•s e de'lai. maP J DOA NE,Treasnri. W AS hron ht to the jricon itl the Munacipailfi on athe d inst. a Grill man, whoe alld .hru self Charles Lewis, n'as he belongs to Mr Walaey7.. ew, lie its hoa t le rears old 5 feet 6 inches high. Ilie owacr willut einly withl tile law and takek away. F. S. HARPERs so30 Capt. of tihe Wateh W AS1 taten 1at by the night watch or the 2t Wed a tile 3r llt., moall hay tare and her fd the wo tr is re lUrated tiprove property, pay elt'bI. and lake thet away o I or before tile 8th of April, al erwise thry will be sol it itbilic auction by P AGO [ Iotte, atetConeir. JtlIN PRICE,Coemmsi ryst nt27 let \Ward, tnd Muncipatlity. a.r lying for ProfeUaia I . it . n vices, will pIlease cil between the heurf dlai and five o.clock, drtiig the d at 7i Canal u . 1127 Al, PIOEGH, It1h? ntlersigned, teIceeafor a term ofyeaur. ott .New Orleaa nanl Carrolton Railronad, infortm public that they are resplonible for all contaets t obligasions, aoncoallt ofheaid Railroad, entered al inLo stire failt afJa ltllar laot. All aeooutts t gaiastttle railroad lFom tihe I.idl,` bore atated, must be presented at the office efk WI' scribers at Carrollton, or at the cEr-itouer, in Nel Or leans. They fartlher ituforti le pulie, that they will Wa haold tlihoeselvers reiponeible, for tiny debts em. s in their nateo,rexcept it he t llton a written onarfila themt. It129 .lAlI'EIL" &'IIEI-IQLI C LOTIHING &IATS-.-Land frm bro i Old .lW tand for saleat i34 'TIltaiitonl~asast.byL tylh .erihers, 25 cases sea.onable. elotltina 15 do I [L It6le rlk hate; 15 do drab fur hlts, wilth broad brit.' ita2 I tBIDiE& (f0m. I1-ENRY ItOSKit, iaving withdra wn sfmdPl Thomas C. Cash & Co., tti accalto will h, 1t tied, and tile anetion and Cotnission busin hasicait lidi at Nio 13 Coatp street by ln has. C Cash, ulwd d old firy. t'IIOMAS C CASII, NIIENRY IIOSKIN. N_ r Orlens, Morel 27th 1t37_. U)OTOMAC I1ERI INGS-100 hIorrwlsinverys Srottdliiotu, brightt al Oalnd. F.r sale by . IJIFANTELl) tttili., at lie Orleans Lilhe~ve' ýý Ollice, Ni. 5:1, nlcnzine ltreet, an sethiea nt uretr 14 or 15 years ofne. m. J li't l' ottiin,,anittl ferrtle at tin atore oftbhe ilsz Sier, 2.0 kegs Crnle creou plinit, filne qUanqlyty It. each; 500 ae W\Vhitei Lend, per.'; 200 gralt. ceed Oil; 150a gtit'hltt Japtat Varntih; 10 Il irot'S Turpentine; .°76 callnus Cfap.l Vrtnrh. . - J glen, on hnatr, I vhomnrr r M nltllng fore, Ai V il:nminten, f r ^,;led.t 95 /",:'::'r',n stt hvi 59 . . . \, poR1.l