Newspaper of True American, April 14, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 14, 1837 Page 1
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nO. ICE 12 CENTS. ' NEW ORLEANS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 14, 1837. Vo. II.-N ,-C~Ll·I ... ..PL ofe Nsewapaper Press ofNew Orleans ,ooni-. autOaree tor at an adjonrned eoeeliiof tf loe i oprielara, held on ute 131 uofnarcl , •8.7. riptlion.'-Twelve dollars for the Daily paPer nayahle semi-annually in advanoue. 'en Sfor the teri-weekly country papert pat able one nadleance, whlere no city referenct ts given. No pttonn will be discontinued until arrearowea are In cale n: discontinuaule, lone week's notice, ting, most be invariahly given, previous to the atiotn of sbription. erltinog.One dollar Ipe square for the first in , and half tt price for e nach sulsequent one;t; .terial alteration front thle origintl advertisementts oe clarged as a new ine.s arly Adverliser.lerre.ants and Traders rty re fr Englinsh alone, and sixty for both lanotugee; , Issuance Oflices, and other seoilnr pulic in iena, fifty dollnrs inl Englits onlo , ntd eighty for languagee. Ship and steamlloat factors or com on erechant,, sixty dollars iot oglish alone, and eey fIr both languages. errlages Obiltarye Notices, nnd artic les calin ttention of tlte public to ales of property, cards of enger, beneftan &c. AE. will tbe Celurd one dol rqoare, for tle firset ineertilo il erac langouagc. ,omnaesotsonS or Advertisoeutt of any personal re, wlhon nadisn able, shall be chtrged double, anl 'A deduction of twenty-five per cent. willbo made to .tioneer, Shoriff Register of Wills, sad Marshals eaten at oaatt. .ol Itth langbnaget; neld or cent. in Englilh alone, S0 per cettt.n on sale of 7 r pl e~rty. derNsementr outoer the direct line ef business of yearly eadvrtirer, such as legal, auctiot,aed pIhntt oales, runaway slaves, stray anitnals, &e. &c. will harged for separately and at tle ordinalry rates. deereertseattC not specified as, to tiu will be pub done moutl and elnrgeol oeordlttly. o andeetiisnant. .fbnnknruptcci will be pulished ,ioteto ..insertion, or pIty r a. - r npntnn In person in town. etr. d otler plnaes of namusemeoont, edvertislng for the seaosn, to be lcharged 100 dollars for Eto alone, and 150 dollars in both Inanguges. 11 unnnnouncementsof andidates flr political olffices I be ehoeged doublo the price of other advertin, wing to the immense loss sustoined by newspaper rietore, tllhey have come to the coocluston, tlhat tile esof persons wlhose aecetonts Ilave ntt Ibeeo aidol in one nenth after presentation, shall be ootole a, (so far as practicable) to each otter, they otli g themselves not to advertiee or pl0nit for SUCh quents, unless in rase of advlrance pa nfl' . (aligned) J C DE STr Iba b"d, J BAYON, SrI- P REA JCPENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, _ LUMSDEN, eeld Preo.-.-Wa, the underlgned, agree to abide the above conditiions, as far as they are applicallo to klv papers. (Signed) A 1B I.AWRENCE, J W ENNIS, No tlsubrilpotioos ale taken totless tlan six months..l It Letters mtot in all cases he poet aild. `COMMERICIAL DI.RECTOI1Y. d' READ & BARSTOW, COMdaISSON MERCHANTS, No..(7, Graier street. t3 P'OPE, DAVIS, & CO. . Commission and Focnur ding tcrchants,. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. Messrs. Lambetb &. Thlmpson, N Orleans. to lesar. A. H. Wailale, &.Co. mig J. M. & S. I RO A . V L I. I.. e Gr rs assld C.asim.lssk .Jirf.shasf. CIGINC'IrV.Id "7, OHIO. Advances on consignment to the above hoeuse by J M BIOADWEI.. &C(:i. j30 56 Magauzh street. DOYLE & MAY,. DEtAI.EKt IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS. N,. 3 CARONDTcr r SeTREET. i L . 3. ANHETT, UCTION & COMMISSION MEIRCIIANT, her F establiased himself inthe above busiiness in Natier which will be carried on in its various bruncles. i Conaignnnnte for auction orprivate sale eolirdited. 'Refer to Brander t M'Kenon &. Vright, New Orlena', fred Cochran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli Montlgomery, Notch 1")-lv A. L. PLOUGHO-.DENTIST. Sk.78Canal street, between Royal and lBorlon street.I Ilhnre ofattendaneo from 9 A I. M.ntil 5 I'. 1. DR. MCPARLANE'S INFIRMARY and lrivate Chnamber, eornerofPoy dres and Circus streets. eti It REM 0 V A L. iOUSE, SIGN AND OI.NAMN'I'AL. PAINTI'1it, 58 Camp st, nearly opposite the Amerlicot Thieatre. ESI'FC,7 U.L i.for is ens and the piublic in genteral, that lie executes all orders ill the tve branches, in the best style, and on mndlrdte rms. He will alan exeute in like manner, all kilnds f decoations in Oil nod Water Colors, fir balls, ca les, iparlors and lan-rooms, e. ke.; he Mill also imi te a great variety of Marbles nod Woods, Military tnndards, &ea. Ile hopes sixtec ) c of prcactice anl exertions so eceusively sustained, will inernt a coatinlicee of the atr chte ie hes Iereteforereceived frol his friends atnd he whole onemunity. Paint, Oil, Glass, Vanlish, Gfold leiaf, ce. -c. on ta for sale. Also, ready mixed colors Sor use. sitening, chalk ani dry colors. mav t23 MW BOOKS-Normaan Leslie, tale of thbe pros ct timet , in 2 volre, by 'IT S lay. Paulding on Slavery in the United States. Steries of the Sea. by the author of Pete. Simlne te. Memoir of George R T Ilewes, with traits of the tea Odart Gamey, by the author of Sayings and Do o s, &e. SAlo, a new supply ofOne in a Thonennd,or tihe eays Henri Qatre, by the authoer of Richlieu, &c.just rc iced by C H BANCROFT, als 14 camp nt. LIDELL'S NEW WORK,&ec.-The Amterican in England, by the authorof"A Year in Spain," in 2 nlunros. Ndble Deedsof Women, in 9 vols. The Young Wife's Book, a manual of moral, reli ions and domestie duties. Just received and forale by WM, M'KEAN, lan 27 cornmer of Camp and Common tas. 'N4EW FURNITURE WARE IIOUSE. No. 46 CHARTRES ST. A f orHE subseriber are now open gna comlleoe assort 1k ment ofelegatt and unefil furmittre. will it they have just'aceiced by tle arrival of shllS Saratoga, Ar kansas and Minaisslippi, irom New York, coof-itigt ie partoflide hoards of vnelne I attents, wit, Egypeltian tand Italian marbl.o tops, centre tables of every diesrip ntie and quality, wardrobes of varioue patterns, secre tary and hoak cases, ladies' French tolett tabl -, toti 'lett breanm.. reciun dining Petmebmkc , carli and la deis' work tables, pine do. also, a fewe lair sidcueo rds with Egyptian marble tops, a new and becutifnl acrti e A r.omplete asortment of sofas. T A large and compiet : a nsotmnento o mahogeany, i t pie, rosewtiod, fancy ond commonn cltairs, h 'loaniany t rocking do covered with plash, plain cnd ficured hair emth, together with a cnmpletesne. rtmient of sac h imei ean arensunally found ia rtt ean e ti, cc isiitincti, tie whale of wbih will ite sold oi reasonalie terms for up. Si eeved paper or cash. ll Tepublic are retpectfully invited to cull and eamn io the cstck, N B Goods packed at shrit notice in glod order for shipping, f 12 C II GRANT & co 1e Ro a!ult .s )Lws im eces finry teiarnrendilmestic L pprints" 10 hales Trenton in troved ticbkiing.; 10 IhleeOxfrafd 1-I tickingo; 2 caste I,ie Pittn burg cords; I case hesavy black carpeting, Inlling fromt barque Jo sephine and for sale by Tr C CASH & Co, sIl No 14 Camip t a i p natenlt east sel sl)ol'tel anitll wlmlersls dealer in r Subishcribor, cioer, er a S Foreigt and til cusleatic Hardwaren , ian on chand iln axtensive couok of Scltiecl, Iermilngham, ail Atiecri am gmood. embracitg a great variety, colsistiug ioll ptl as fllolws: Anvils, crmno imitatilon anel genclitne-mousehlce midlh vices, black null Iib'ht lface; trace clbaits, e .m noat, lued land bright; loea, C(oalina, Loaisina, grunI sad €otton; En list aiol Aumeniean soaddl irns; long anl nmet handle try ions; raised ihtte, bloo't at utml All other kinds of hinges; pit, milll,lhatc , panel, e, tco ealt eross out nsaw prim, oloset, ll1, clpboard anid Iarti.J looks American silver plated Irolt, insile and sliding dlour do; roaunl al flat spring, strtglht, ali neckedl shutter and door bolt; flat, iit, millI, and cross cit saw files; shlip earpenter's and other atnus;n Itllack, bright andi pateat nmt steel socket aonl riomar cliers; gOtlgs, all sl"r knives anl forks in setts natl dtzels; ngreat v: ricies slhe, took, Intcher, carviing, aitel ilnir Wg kivecs; ecackt aid clirk millers, ie onzcots. tud" oi eards, larg and smlls ciaSl ' cor,taifors and sheel sh'eas; coion Sl filne razors; coneoa. jalpaicd, bright aid fie panlishedl steel nffers hiiglh, nld llnt bettomn brnas ccin tllent plated, britnltna, ieon, tet, acI table sitOtNe sfilnt and pe1esasion gau locks; tin.setrew alndipple wrctnhes, powdlcr obrns, flasks, elet belts, glntee baIs, le. osarpentera axesC, nadzes,hatchilets, hlimnrces, ret. unrtain bnads and plas, colnmmole tiobs, &a. night Not -ok, bra atnl squcmare laches, coeeltc's frees, axes, howell, adzes, etc. sntithes ibelleow, Ialnmers, tonats aml1 asklaroosEngllth ntId American spandes an slhoverls, htlad aort etldllea; comnimonl cast, let iroall anti pia Itst Asll tea kettles, elatent sert amil dtectiintOi cotton cgd wal arcls all ilmberscn, wleer ccaid wa'9e irnos, dios watl bake pa|.es jack screw%, weId screws, l enlle snws, plated airtlp and bstt , lls. alclc silver martin leon.e olks and rings, okains atnl buckles, iCee C(illins' " 'nta Carver's etc. cocle wrenches, stocks nld lies, sseesop. g platens, spinare, shoels snld tongs, allirotns, talt, eads, swpigs, plnghs anIItIt ptoncthm ldos, cent and tGectoan steel, ink, tltils, states, jijinteid thi ant womleon ware, sieves corn mills, lt. spaltis, tared hep, en rope, hed erdls, plooghs lines, 1tacking yawn, Eottonl Rnd ts Isl tle, ilnelawscls, i,aletitt blances t satlcc uits, sturels, rfles, wt t oaits, head, hc t , i tc s' aut u t t's ipower, with a great ,atrcty nf outhlr oodls blelcngt;g t(, bet tA, "V tB (A\'FORI), lmea No o. nO "ew Leve, (Louiiana and New York Lie of Packet0.) r 14 H El hips eoumpsuine tIlhs liae will sail rlo ew . Orlea and New l"rk on every other Monday, cotllllneling oil tile 25th April sad to instre tlhe atrietest punctuality ia their tine of sailing, the lise will hereafter cnsist o six shlipa viz.: Ship YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to weave nere 25th April. Shllip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on 9th May. Ship SIIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on 33d May. Sillp V'ICKSBURG, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on 6th June. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th June. Ship IIUNTSVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on i[ The above ships are all new, of the first class, coappered aold coiplr astlledr, and uapwards of 500 tons blrthea, are of lighllt draught of water, beiag built in New York expresasly far the trade. Tihe price of pa tage fixed at sae hundred dollars; thcir cabins are fitted upntt the most improved and convenientplan, &finished ina neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first qualitr, will be provided and avery regard had to the co'tfnrt and etire antisfilactioa of passengers, whlo will please take notice that no berth cal bte secured until paid for at ile office of the consignecs. These packets are comnloanded by Cltatnins well ex phriencedill the trade, who will give every attention sad exert thlemselves to acrconmadath;- They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by steam bunts, and the strictest punctuality observed in tltetilne of sailing. Tihe owners of these shllips will not be responsible Bfir anty lretter parcel or packang, senrt by or ptlt ol ard of tlheti, ninles a regitill .itf ladingbesiagned therefor, at the countitg rýt. 7jwr For further particulars, apply to J. 0. BEIN & A. COhEN, April I1 No.77 Canal street. FOR tEW YORK.-(New Line of Packets.) ' IfI -ARKANSAS, C. S. Dlenoi, commnnder, 2 tons, to sail Febrhla 22d. Shtip NiASHVII.LI,, J. Ilathbone, commander, 513 tos, to sail Marchl 7th. Sh.ip KENTUCKY, John Bunke dercomtmtander, 629 tollns, to sail Matrch Ist. Ship ORLEANS, S. S. Sears, cotonander, 599 tons to sail April 4th. Ship ALABAMA, C. C. Berry, commander, 474 tons,to sail Jalanry 2.. Sltip SARAT'OGA, W. Ilathaway, commander, 542 lone, to sail May 2d. The ships of this line will sail punrtnally.from New Orleans and New York, every second Monday through. stt tie season They are anl of the first clans, copper fastened and copperad, and were built in New York expressly for tals tralr. 'lI'hav ie commanded by expcerienced tan, draw - light draft of water, and will at all titles be towed up and down the Missssiippi by stenamboats. Their no. cotnmtodlations, fr tpassengers are very superior. The owneres of these slips will tot be responsible for nilVy Ivter, arcel or iackllge, sent Iby or palt et board ot tlel, anlces it rpgll ar hill if tading be signedl tlhere for, at the counting hlloll of the agents or owners. The rate of pasnnage is fixed at 070; no wine or liqtuo frniashed on board. For freilght or paaea g, aply Ito BOGEURI'' & IAW'IHOI)RN, (fi6 No. 61 Gravier street. NEW O)lI.EANeS xn.iMlllLE Alll. I.INE. Frc m and ilfter this dote, tle fillow. ing rata of freight ntld poesa.g will be , harged, viz: y tarr . tVcblarrcls pt. lBacotn cask $3I 00. ('asks Clare $2 60 RI9astred grtltds, at 15 'ents per foot t'astings, $1I per tin of 2000lb. lisa, tier le, 1$3 0, I:orn, ter b,.thl, 18 3-it. Oats, ier do t.e. lagging, SOe. per piiece of eG yards Rope, 50e. per IOlbs. Kegs of .Lard, per keg tc. Kegs of Butter, iper keg 25c. Keg Ilar llead, $1 ctt eah Pipes of Liquor, $3 75 each Cettfe per bag. fi. 1- IHIrsescr head $12 Cattle $t10 Sheep each $1. lloggs $ (lin I'assage $12'. S ervnt, $6. rDeck iasange iti It will be necessary foir shippers to give at the ttnet of gettintg their orhder, the tierks anttd consigees as neart as possible, st that goids ean prouperly be delivered, in ease bills lading do nol arrive at the none lime. T'OURNIH: ad IlI(KWIT'lIl, Aenlts, ti Poedas Stroi't New Orlelans, D)ec. 10. 181i. UNI1'EI) N 'TAT'"' 1.'ES V IL.1l' MA1. LINLV ltOn NEw OtLr.EaNS To lorilo.E. By Niham PI'frels, no Coarriarts. Theaove 'lleis tOlllOS~del lar slcntid lcalt'ra of the first cluriaao: Steamrer (OI ACIlI TA, Crtsse, lastoer LIAYE .PA Sot ullnr, IE:(tN IlOA N ('orotroo, " NOUTH A~IlABA3A, Ahldrihh 'rloe ublme hiants ilr loilrted n tCoxrreeSly' for t ole trolS, andl collnatnttld tty clole loid e'ljerienae'.l 0alnen. Ina oansequoerlt of tihe very light draught of tile allbove boats, tile' are eaoblted to taioe tlt itnner ,pae aesr. or eotllrlett- I ly fassengers escapea, tile anollllea lof sear sickoess, st- t teodaat on thite outoidC ronnt l rTe strictest otItEtiono j poid to ttte eorfirrt eofiooerogerS. Ao llron'tuorlett hoes Iern lle withl tile Florida Ine by , wotb'h otossenorgee, bouttnl to 'oTklLooooPRr, Nero l'trkh I phliladl ifiia or Nnr'firlk, who do rot'like t he delny Of stoplring ill Mltile , ll Ihe transferred to tire Watchomaa, anrl thoase retlreinrg fronl Penseola, bh thie W\tcltnan totto inail boat' aforat ng greataeeoff'l;ndations toper sorta tatieliog notdwiads gaend eartries of ptlrau who ma.y wisb to visit tle Iheahlbiy rlte ofIl'eprraoola+ 'ie troil boats leave tile lole end of tle rail road nmnetliately after the arrival of tile Illf past twelve olock oear, and Mobile at 11 A 31. Fer fircigltt orapass~e applyl to Forfrht aeR r BECKWlTII, Agents. 98 and 'i29 New Levee, N Orleans; aug 19 orJ G BURKE, Mobile. N. I. Passeners oy the above line hae the pre aren t in mil lines leaing Mottle. )inrer willt Ie give an hbordl tile hoots at three r'elock I. M. The above boats will receive and land passoegers at all tile ntermediare landings. Washingtoti lrving'S Nes' WorlS, -Src. 'IIIE Conaoa MIrSCELAN.blY; NO 3, Contlaining .ll. Legends of tire Conqeat oC Spain. By tle author of tile 'Sketch Book.' Tao LFtr fGeoIge Washington; i Latin prose. By Francris Glass, A. 1. of Ohio. Edited by J N Rey- 1 nohls. JtCK DIOvnao's Song Book; cnoatining a selection el nbonnt two hundred sonags, .aany ofwhich ale new. By Jack Dolwning, M.D. M. EtrnlPHorcs. Tranolated by tile ,lev l. Potter, M. A. I'PrCbendary o'fNorwilh. Ia 3 vois 18mo . heing Nos 15, 16 and 7I of 'lor'pewr's Classical LibralT.' Jast reccived oand lor sale Iby VM M'Kl:AN, nov' 2 rcor ofernoi anl con ss •t i A.1- 'S NEW WORiK-Menooirs of celebrated i Collnalderre; by J P II James, Esq. author of irendeoy, Iictelieut, Mairsteltoo, T'Fe Gipseye,ko.; in 2 vols. Nats to Creck; or, Qurios Quirks, Anecldotes and Foa. ete Iof Ithe to)for iU oarll rt'r.a igesctohrs; byi tile aI Ilthor orf "'oaeetie Cantabrigionsi,, ke, ke. L'hillip, oin tlsirrancee, vl r2. Jusrt Ireeir eld:ant for solt by WV. I'KiFtA +N., ocel1 enteC ..anelr o .illll joooraeo S'.is N CI.V i'UIILItCA'i'BitNei. ALES or a Poralomer. By Williir. Il ocnr \\', cave exceedhll g pardaa it0 the oniaocitv of ther atlealllt. "--Sool Tourotlrs ltal'os. Ito dvols. Ntoturor' Ir .1aS. bIl o od. A I'tLtnu+rfioo to tile h1101 I:rold; comprisinr g rea- e lections, sketches lrol rt'lh'etious, Irodre Uhllng tourr io the Erolst, it 18 i-S3. Ily Altions Dte Lut - mtirorle, NeLmero i FIre lilt lI'rrclle Acadel . co olo . "'tlh Fersl in oonglaud; being n se+< l to tie **F ige Faroil io oPrl'io. lly TIors. lhiownr tloe yoorrb''r outhor of tire 'Twoptoy Post tlng,' etc. etc. "'Si mea ioate.lir r'CSpondo L usnla jacj)srO , *, vicianuas * Ovne. HIO'T'CI1KISS & co, oct 27 '24L Clhatres street LA''lI PUBLItICATIONS. TlIE PRINCIPLES OF IARE. TRADE, illas i ': a series of sItort oand fniliar Essay), j originalrly pInhlisheld io tle "BIUanner of thie CoIIsitu COBB.ITT'S IEt(;lACY TO PARSONS; or have I tIhe clergy of tile estaolti"redr chlrcrh au eqoo'able right t te ti'ithes, olr to on' other thing cal rled corch pro- or perty, greater thall tt tir irselitrs ' bare' to tit sarle I BIrPi ",rooht ieree, or ourhtoterr io er rtr, oe a a'orntisll ol trt o o nure t fi'o:un t he .ootIte r-oi io tottror, iloreoted I tof thely Nhrc labohrsl,m Kruel,~'l' iielulan7h, canthedrii and cFrolise elrernd aonstior I oliboit ,r, itlti a d Ticaliolr to Blyorufotld BMIrrrh 1 nti loooth 1 oy IBolor toarbett, .ol. P. iJi (,11 1 hIT \VOI.'S OF JIEItEMY Br\TII Ah. T'IlT Ml1RCII.\.NT'S AS-SoiST'NT, or 0.leroarlite Ilrstrllor, eonotraireog ia fll'anrt tftllo nlonoye, eoirt ioeinlts oea of tohe Uni roroilcipal tradit 1 natitlos aa othir ernei't hliirrit'i ilo h trheir vahles itl U. S. currelle, reri-bhts ano icoorer, r'lranslated f.olo tile 7tro ethirion orl' orel, wtaitbr olrionOsrt 'ontrrl thte warks by truiort J. GrTrt0dcatO ref "leretaobryT 'reatis on P.lllp andt tolid Geroetre," o. &. I 11I[1', o r Itorerof lai f);ti., .oand rl ftr the,3d doe rf Morrd 183, uotil tb .rlrSt of It)ol bOIIr, of nRid velu', hleln0ive, o0 all goods, e roroit el Inerehnodire, ottoorled iito ihe Ueited ot tlas of Arncroea, as es tbldldoltd bty iit' tloftaaoreso. Jlst recrteiecdoill trsaled he '.. tKo.-.A, nlov 7 Cornecr Connp and otinr.oe srieeot. it .\N " I ltIN Ta--tt oaoe 'oo rlc iot Ihirooy ribns 1" foi' int'sii laecl do 10 caeso blue prento, in or "ec aold to orn'lo Ic cC.lJsI & co 41m c REMOVAL. 71 FILLEY has removed from 76 Chartas steet to 76 Canal, near Royal and has received by late arrivals, additions to the original stock, which are now offered in quantities to suit purchasers. Rich Satins, plain and figured. do do lilkandcolored. do Gro de 'Pala, lain d d figd. do do jet aufiblue blk. do Rep Silk, plain and egd. do Gaues, P'aplias, l,rttniae, &c. Plain and knotted, Cliona Ubourgh & English Silk hose. Supriorembroidered,Lace and open work do do do Thread, toh ir, Worsted and Cotton Hose. Stewart'sParis made ls 8 Gloves, blk, white & aps'd Silk and Net Gloves, blk, white and assorted. do do and H S Gloves, long armed. Also-20l cases lonets. consisting of Freneh Silk aod Satit trimnned ad.unstrimmed,Orlen tal Grecian, Florence, Oval erown, and Tuscan Straws lTurlans, Heod Dresses, Wratls, Feathers Flowers &c. &e. d8 E. FILLEY, 76"Canal street. PHILADELPHIA MHRROR. T HE plendid patronage awarded to the Piladel phia 8Sturday Courier, induces the edimes to cola mence the publication, under the above title, o. a quar to edition oftheir popular joTr el,ea long known an the largest Family Newspaper in the United ltates,wich a list of near TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND SUB SCRIBERS. The new feuore recently ntroduced of ftnaieisng their readers with new books of the best A te rature of the day, heainc proved so eminently success ful, tie plan will be contlneed. Six volumneof the ce. lebrate wrtinga of faptain Marrvatt, and sixty-fisv of Mr. trook'e valuable Letters froantEurpe,htave already been published without interfering with its news end miscellaneous readling. Tim Courteris the largest and helapest fameily tres paier eve lssued in thie country, eontasinin articles in Literature, Seiene and Arta; in ternal Improvement; Agriculture, in short every v of topiebs uenally introduced into a publie joudth Giving full accounts oa sales, markets and new of the latest dates. Itis publishled at the low price of $2. Fortlis small aunt subscribers get valuable and entertuinig matter, eaonh week enough to fills common book of200 pages. and eikal to 52 volumes a year,and which is estimated to be read, weekly, by at leanst two hundred thousand people, scattered mn all parsolhe comttry from Maine to Florida, and from tile seaboard to the lakes. ets mamoneot leimensionsenable its enterpriin pro prietors, Messrs WooDwARD d LARERPl of PLilndcl phia, to re-publish in its eolutmd, in the course ofe year,several of the most interesting new works that is sue from the Britishe press: which cannotfail togise to it a permuanset interest, nd render it worthy ofpreter eration. To meet the winess therefore, of nueh of their subse ribers as desir to hlave their numhers boueel,tbey have deltermiand on irssing an edition of the Courier in the quarto form, whichl will render it nmteh mat. con vanint for reading wihen it is bound in a volnes, and thus greatly enhance its value. TIlE QUARTO EDITION. Under the title of tie IPHILADLeLHIA MIRaon, will commenc. with the publication of the Prize Tale to which was awarded the prize of $100. written by Misn Leslie, editor of tile eplendhi Annual the Tbke, and author of Petcil Sketches and other valuable roperiba tions to Anmerican Literature. A large numbler ofsonge, poems, tales, &c. offered in competition fortlee $50 premitis, will add value and ioterest to the isuceeding I nnmbers, which will also hie enriched by a story from Miss Sedgewick, author of Hope.Leslie, 'he Liawonds, ec. whose taleets hlave been sojgstly and extensively appreciated, both at home and ebroad. Thisapproved FAMILY NEWSPAPER in strictly neutral in religious and political matters, and tie un eomprontising opponont ofquasckery of every kind. MAPS. In addition to all ffwhich tile publiphers intend fur nislhing their patrons with a series of engraved Maps, oeibracing the twenty-five Slates of the Union, &rc.ex hibitin til te situation, &c. of rivers, towns, mountains, lakee, ite seaboard, internal improvements, as display cd in coalsnla. rail roads, &e, writhl other interesting and useful featuras, roads, distances, &c, feirnng a core. teta Atlas fier general use and information, thandsome ly executed, ead rch disetinct mapi ofe a large quarto sieet,at an expense wich nothing bt tile splendid patronage wlith fir six years past hIas been so geuer. ously extended o themi, could warrant. TERMS : Tlhe'Philadelphia Sattrdav Courier insatill continued it its large form, at tile saotnprice ao heretofore. The Pliladelptin Mirrner, being a quarto edition of tile So tnrday Courier, with its increased attractions, and Iprint ed on tile best whito fine paper, of the aeme sirze as thle New Y rk Albion, will be put at precisely one half the price ol that valuable journal. vez: Three Dollarsper annumt, payable in advance. (including tihe Mnps. WOOl)WARD & CL.ARKE, i 14 Philta,telnhin. H ARROL & Q(UARLES No 24 Customhouse at., - offer for sale o0 pipes and 60 half pipes Bordeaux brandv,entitled to debenture; 10 qr casks old brandy; 20 eighth casks chamomigne brandy; 8 pipes girl 120 r casks lMrseilles Madeira wine; 30 qr casks icily Madicro; 6If, lf Iipes Port Wine;; 2O baskets cIhaopaigne do; 100 bxs frown avin suor; 11 bagos lrHavana eoffe; 80 bugs St Dominigo dr; 50 croons Cuba Tobacco; I)t eeroots float indigo; 51 sacks tft shelled almonds; 200 bxs ilt peril and guncCwder tea, 13 lbs each; 2d00 odo do 6 Iba cachb, 20 eearst poucholg ten, [00 bx. No 1 chocolate, 100 kegs black paint; 25 dito cloves; 202 bxs 2 doz each old brown cmt pale sherry wine; 30 bbls pale ale; 200 coils bule rcpe; 95 boxes esperior (avendish tobac co; 250 bbls No 3 mackerel; 20i barrels No 1 Potemac herrings (new;) 90 bl, alwive.i , &c. &e. &c. J30 MACOMIt'S TACTICS FOR TIHE MILITIA. C ONCISE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTIONS AND 1 REGULATIONS for the Militia and Volunteers of the United Statoe, Cconprelhending the exercises and movements of the Infuntry,,Light Infantry, and Rifle men, Ouvalrv, and Artillery; togetber with the manner of doing duty in Garrison and in Camp, and the forms of pnmrdes, reviews, and inspections. as e tsoblishled by au thoritv, for the govemment of the Regulnr Army. Pre parednuld lrroaged by Blrevet Captain S Cooper, old de Caomp,and Assistant Adjutant General; under the sper vision of Major OGeneral Alex. Macob, eonmmanding the Anny of the United Sta.eRs. ORNITHOI.OGICAL BIOGRAPHY-Or, an rc count ofthe habits of the Birds of the United States of America, accompanied by descriptions of the objects reprosetted in the Work .otitled" The Birds of Amcri ca," and interspersed with delioeaations of American seenery and manners; by John James Audubon, FR SS L . E.--Vol 3. Just received and for sale IM KEN, VM teKEAN, JON_ Corner ofCam and Conmmonnn sts. NEW BOOKS-The Laws of Etiquelte, in one vo I1 mne. Sketees of Swiltzerland, by the author of the Spy, &c, &e, in two volumes. Life and ei asof John A Morel, and an account ol his detection, Ity Virgil A Stewart. Roeceived.aud for sale by _ J6 HOTCHK ISS & Co. 24 Chartres st. S NEW WORKS. W ILL VVorcnt . From the autotiographyof a Bri wV tish officer. Iy the author of Cavenidi , et. etc. 'Ahi! nlsl'altro ihe platito at mondo dura!' In three volumes. Also, T'oo DIs'rnT tSennoa; or National EItluosioh. By J. Orville Taylor, Professor of Poular Eslsaostis in the New York University. Ileeeived by l IO'I'CHKIS$ FU ao, act 13 '24 C rtesst ANNUALS FOR 1836. ý IE Token and Atlantic Souvelir; a ahristmrs and New Years Persent. lis Garr; a Christmas and New Year's Present. Edited by Miss Leslie. iReceived ad for sale by HOTCHKISS and Co, oct 7 24 Chartres street -OAL TAIl.-P-lanters, Builders, ship and steam, Imat mastetr, cin now suppily themselves witht this tieful article at 121-2 cents per gallon, by tapplication at the Gas Office, Banlk Alley. T'l-tmalny snucessfuil expiriments of the sol tar ta ls enderetdl it to those oejnaimnttl with its valuable pro parties, all indispensable artcfticle for preseottio of latice timber, wooden roofs, &c; mixed with sharp sand and lime, it makes a most excellent cement for the roofs, a.sering them liemon leIak;. The e. tremely low Irice it wbichr it is now fmuulsed, shouhl ilituty every planter, shlipmaster andti builderto iaveis cottmant hsppll. oe 2 I` RAPE CHIAMPAGNE-A further supply of tlis I' highly l rcolbtatcd wine, with leaden caps, warrult e~d iin quality, at least ciual tou y champagne imrnotml in the Uitedl Stales, just reeeivetl' y sept 11 A 1t INSKEEP, 53 craal at L IVES OF THE NECROMANCERS, or, an ae Scount of the most eminent )arsons in successiv. ages, who have claimed for themsenlves or to whom has meen imputed Iby others the exerciseaff magical power: y Vitiiam Goodwin, author of Caleb o\illians, &e. LETTERS FROM TIlE SOUTH, by n Northern man, new edition, in 2 volumes. Just received iatd for sle by W WM M'KEAN, nov 27 Corner of Camtp and Commod sts. 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ROGANS, CLOTIIINt. &c.-Landing from the Seshii Maria: 50 cases rceselt Ierognns, onmmo, xtra nl.d bovo' sizes; 4 rases oon's kip pegcdl lIr, nns.; 8caorseiens ntndanciag Pottlap; 17 caes nlolie' k i, nmorro toand laing Slippor.; 1n rauses Clithing, esracicg a good .le by v sl g1l-DIift, USEL & CO. TIANKLIN INFItMAltY.-Tbhe publie are re speotfully informed that this iastitiutou, erected on re mrost approved plan, and in an airy and moat admi ramle situaston, in the falmnrg Fmnkli, upon the rall oad, one mile from the Missisnipld. The building ia large and most commodiously divided into apartmenta, for keeping separate different classes and different diseases. The institution is supplied with the most skilflt and attentive male and female nurses, speaking the various r modern languages.' Privat roos may be latl by gentlemen at from two tofive dollars erdao, ioludileg attendanor, etc. Terms in the ordinary waras, one dollar per dlay. laves almone dollar. Small Pa in the orlinary wards three dollars. All capital surgical operatilnexlnra. The resldeut tileaison is tI. H. Lewis, to whom applica ion for adnission must he made, oria D-. ). A. Liuzemberg, No. 17, Itamplrt at. jy 29 .ATE PUiLICATIONS-'The tfthcts, a taloef t the Fronde, in 2 vols. -ihe Wife and Woman's Rluward, by Mrs Norton, in 2 vols. - M.iriam Cooli, or the Whale Fisherman. The Bashful Irishman, or the Exile of Erin, in vols. A Narrative of a Visit to the AmieMan Chlrches, by a Deputation from the Congregational Union of Eng land and Wales, by Andrew Iteed, D. D. satI James MAtlaeson, D l), in 9 vols. Novels and Tales by Maria Klgewortlh, 20 vo ve nestly bound in lu. The Works of M.r Shirwood, betin the only uni form elition evsr1epulislahe in the United States. Just received and for saleby W M M'KEAN, oct i "srner Camp and Common sts. Cl tCIt LARt -tfsaion, aln of the friends off eience in gerýael, to tIe eomli ion and poqspectu of the natitutlon und, their charge. The college asrgaied the autumn of 18.4; a full course of lectures was given during the last winter, asd at the last session oft he Legislature, a chsatter was conferred on it with the usual powers and Irivileges of similar instittiins. Since the termination of the course of Lectures, the Faculty have given unremitted attention to the interests of the College, and lave considerably antmenlted its means of tlefulness. Bunt onwre that whatever may be their own zeal and industry, the sI cesse of their entr prie is mainly deqladet otn the countenance it may receive firom the enlightened snil pIatritie Importion ' their fellow citizens, psrticnlarly frto, those of the Ma dlical irofelssio-the iFaculty are desirous to ohtain the attention-of the communlit to the atdvantages offere by their institution to the Medical Students in this section ofotr country. Theeollege will he in possession, at the cemmence ment of the next sesiion, of. aledate alpparatus for the illustration of chemistry and the collater:d scienee. Ample mentlforthestldy of Anatomt , will he furlish ell without trouble to the sttluent, ind without violation f the sacred feelings, or evei Inrejndices of l'society. When it is reeollretel that one thlit of the oltils tion of New Orleons, duing the winter season, is onm Insed of stran.ers, many of whotm, from choie'or lne esity, rort in sickness to the several well ronduetced hospitnls is this city, it must ib applarct that the PIa .nlty are in posseassio of tinslrpased mseans for render Sig theircoerar of instruetion tthoroigity demonistrativve. To avail themselves of these privilege, it Ias been ai raneged that a lbrge protnrtion of the lectures from the tractical chairs, shall be clinical, and disease and treat a httta, til at at the ehesideof the patient. The i.nimter of surgied castes in this city is uncom monly great, and tneary every operatin in the acieuoe will be perloroiedt hefole tihe class t tfhe livin{g nihtjeet. The course of Pathology and Phiaiology will, in like mannler, be accollpnllite by demonstration and experi cent. t'he Faculty woucl particulal ly urge the opinion (in liiech it is believed they will be sustaioed lnt the expe rience of Physicians,) that the diseases of tile South esteron section of the United States are, ill many in stalces, so modillid by climate, that they call neither he well taught by those who have not seen them, nor well soeliedl by those wIho lhave not all opportnity of wit. nessilg their peculiarities. Though it is, pelrhaps, unnecessary i this part ol tile Union to offer Iplcuiuary mnotives, yet, to do away an er roneous impression, it may not be supertluoos to state, Ithat upon a fair caleuntlan ot'all tite expenses of attend ilg remote institutions, a considelnale balanee will hie foundt in ftvor of the Collrgeill this City. To render the School accessible to those in ialigent sitremstances, it is ,rovided by tle hy-laws, that twenty stltleetas shall be admitted gratis, upon evidence of ,iecssitons cirenum stanees, and atdehlate liiter.ry and moral lqualifietions. I The Faculty have only farther to state, that their best exertions will be given, to render tile course of insttle lion il the Medical College of Louisiana, both ample and torlnolgh; anit elieving, as they do, that thelpocers of this institution will be minently serildl ait Imnora. bll to tlhi sectitn of nor country, t ne aplleal with coll fidence to the iptriotism ot their hillow-eitizens for colllltelloeceo ad1 suippott. CHAS. A. LUZENBEIG, iean. New OI4cans, Aiuglat, 1s35. The Cour.e. f Lectures will commence on the first .Mlonday of Decemhber next, antd termittiute tte last tee. i .i farch tr. CIIAtLe.S A. iUZENIERG, M. 1)D. Prolessor of the lPrinciplies anl Prectice of Sutre y. EllWAItD It. lARTON, .M. D. - Professorof the Theory andi Practice of Zleelieine sad Clinical Iractice. W. liYRD POWELL, M. I). Professor of Chelmistr altd l'hIniiaecy. J. lIAItiISON, M., D" Priofissor ef Phisiolo", and Pathology.. J. MONILOR MAC IE, M. D. Professor of Ma!teria Medica, Theripaticsaid Medical JulriSllplrtelrlce. " T'HrOMAS R. INGALLS, Mt. D. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of tWo.mec and Children. C. A. LUZENBERG, M. D. Professor otf Antomy (ad interim.) 7 Requisites and fees ol G.aduation the same nas i thl University of Piennsylvania, aug DOUGE ON BANKING--A short History of Pa - per Money nd Bankina g in thu United States in eludingn an ccount of Provlncial and Continenstal Paper Money to which is pmetixed no inquiry into the prici ples oI'the system, with consideratioas on its effaeta.on morals and thappeines.-l1ie whole :.tended as a plain exposition of tihe way in which Paper Money and Mo aney Corporations effect the interests of difforentportions of the eommunity. By Wit. M. Gouge.. Second editiou, Just received and for sale by HOTCHKISS & Co. j 12_ 24 Chartres-st. (COUOKING STOVES.-Stanley Co's Platent Rna .tars Cooking Stoves, for wood or anthracite coal. We have just received a ful I suopply of 'their ceelerated stoves of all sizes, suitable for Hotels, Boarding loouses and large and small families. For convenience and des patch in cooking, as well as thie great saving of el, fully one-half, they will be found to hos invalu loe. Cortilii cates from the principal Hotel Keupers at theNorth, as well as hundreds of others from private individuals atl eaptains of vessels and steamboats as to the utility ol these stoves, can be seen atour wareNouae. DUNBAR & Co, an 7 No. 50,'Tchou litolau st. Copper, tin and njtect iron stole up to order. Extract of a letter from Captaitin Wi. A. Howard, cent tanding U. S. Revenue Cutter McLane, to the lon. Levi Woodbury, Sec. of Navy: Int answer to your enquiries in rclation to Stanley'n Rotary Cooking Stove, I beg leave mosot relpeotfuilly to recommend to h tleportment, tile adrptioi of those Stetves for the Cutters generall; they are much lese heay, more eotncnieut and economical than talihe ge ncrally in use. Fuel is an article that take p tile nlcst Moom, is soorest eOxpndedC , id is mIore dlesrnetive to thle boats of tile vessel ill traosportation thlo any ether teed on board. I hand you below no estimate, of the comparuentive cosnt of fuel between the stoves. Amormt offuel consunmed by the old (Galley, frmn Fcet.24-th to Moreb-.lth,, l mothh , t$1240 Amount of fuel consumed by Stnnley's fromn Marchel 24th to May 4th, being I monith and 10 days, 6 50 Balance in favor of atanlter's, $59o W . A. IIOWAItRD, Capt. U. S. Rev. Cutter lcbnLer. Netw-leotfrd, Moy, tly, 193.5. Expeoses of Gallev I uthontt and 10 days at same ratio as the m onthl, $16 C4 Expense Stmnley's aurne thmoe, 6 50 Dilirenee in fevor of Sttnley're $10 1I Pocket boat, Sea Serpetnt, bIona' from iufitnlo to Ro ehester, Jufly 13th, 1085. hlaving been reqnetedbt a ir S oneoger to express my opitio of the utility atr onveoiee Tl of the RIotary Stove it Cortal Pcket.,t I a plrenvd to say that I haave made fill trial of one of tile No.: Intary Stoves on tills p'ket, and find it to answer a most vnluable pru pote. WVetro nble tobake ronat alt boil, and, in sbort, toerook tile uirl varieties of maots, vegetables, pid Thinge, &c. for 60 perseus. S SAMI' Mi.'otN, Captain. i OF. C.O-: . . tr.-I'T le', r.m--'the- lie Pof Will. Cobltit iediatrrl to iisr rone, fro the se cond London editinn, iim I vol. Memoirs of tile life of tile riyht tonorable Sir Jmesr Mvekintosh editetd blv hu ston, Robert James Manckio tosh, Esm1. m 2 col.. Thurlstnn Toletleote the author of Titles of n Voyager to tile Arctic Oeau. in 2 rolo. Jnot receivted lid or ltle by WMI. M'KEAN, tec" 7 corner of Camp andl Comlon tr. NE.V PUBLICATIONS. SLAVI tOY A'T TIlE SOIT1' , or tie rolltb vinili seated frarn tile treason and fanateicim uof tihe northern abolitionists. I vot. 12 oo. Tile book of Pleasures, by Thos Caompbell Samuel Rogers and o Mark AkenOide. d Ivl lt Mo. The Gentleman ral ldy Hv' took ifPoL'litiueesandpre priety ofdelotrtanot, do tiented to th-e oruth ofhotbhtxs os. 'B Madame Cclllo t, translated rou the sixth Pi'a ricedf ion. Infantry Tacticsr, or rules for tire exercire atd ma noeuvres of the UToitoed Stlesr infantrv. Byv Major Ge neral Scott, US Armyv. In vols. 12 mo, just received anr for sola Ire ,V McKEAN, eeenramp & coren st 1ý. IW BOOKS--Ririei.the lat of the Criluunes, by I the nth're of Pelem rt&e. ONE Iso A rttecAno ,or the days of llenry Ouotre, by Ithe nathor ofNielnlien &Su: ill 2 vrle. I4tAlouea, in `Lrvonrxes, C ua",ar t'owrr roe-Phrrrnnlnow--rit reectvel bry BAYCIOfT Ot "IRICi, 14ramp as. STATE OF LOUIsIATA, FIRtt JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT. in the matter of EDWARI BROOKS ls Il CREDITORS. tT isordered by the court, that a moeeidg of the cre ditorsof te insolvent, and oa others interested, do toe place before H. BI. Cona, Esq. Notary Public, on Monday, the 8thdaycs of May next, at 10 clock A. M. for the purpose of deliberating generally o tite affairs of fli estate of the ineolvent,-to appoint (if thiey ,.-cm it neceoary) other sndieis in the lieh of I.e syndics deceased aslle their aplpoinlnent by a fruiner meeting, or to confirm the powers ofthe sutrviving syndic, anl to cotfer upoln him iueh piowers, end give h1u1 sCeh inmet.r tions as the intereat of the creditors of said estate mlay require or as may be deemed exnedilot, And itis 1Ur therjord ered, that Henry i Danis, E.q.- the attorney heretofore appointed to represent the absent eredtors, be re-appointed, and notified to attend said Imeettig. By order ofthe lion. Charles Watts, judge of said court, this 11st day efMareh, A. D. 1837. a3 2ow JOHN 1 LEWIS. .TAT DE LA LOU3IlANF-G--.-r do District de E. Premiere District Judiciare.-Dans I'affnire d'Ed ward Brooks eontre sescreaneciers.-Il et deerete par Ia cony qne uno assemblee des ereanciern de 'insolvao ble, at tontics etresy intettensee, aiet lieu an bureau de H. B. Cenos, Notlire public, In 8 de Mei prochain a 10 heres du mafin, ofin do doliberersur lefalffires, de K'i solvahle, de noanon ei ii lejnge eonvorable d'au tres !syndics en plneae des syndics decodea depis I-our nonmiation par one assemblee anteriour,-ou pour con firmer lee pourvoirs du syndic onrvivanret pour lui re. vetir de tel poiuroire, ot lui donner de telies inetrac lions que I'ilternt des ere dudlt feillite peuvent eooger. Et it est doe plus deerete, qne iHenry It. Denis qoit nolme alacat ci-devant inlotne pear representer lea oreieri absents, et notifio d'otre present a cot sempanlee. Par ordre de I'hon. Charles Watts, juge dudit cour, A NNUALS FOR 18I36,-Heath's Picturesque Au nulls for 1836, with 2.splodid engervinges, by the beat artists, after drawings, by A. G. Vinkern, Esq. Fisher's Drawing Room Slcrp Botk Ifor iB3ti, with poetical Illustrations by L. E. L. The Token and Atlantic Souvenir, a Chrisltmas' and New Year's Present for 1836, edited by 8. G. Goodrich. 'rllc(iila Christmas' and New Years' Preoent,odi ted h Miss Leslie. Forget-hMe-Not, a Christmas, New Year's ald Birhd day Present for 1836, edited by Frederic Shobel. fThe grietmJlip, Osering, and Wllnel's Wreath, a CIristias and New Yeoor' 'rooeut for 1830. Tile Roligious Souvenir, a Christoa., Now Year'o nod Birthday Present for 1836, edited by Chauuncey Col tOll D. D. Tile Juvenile Forget-lMe-ot, a Christaps and New Year's Gift for 1836, edited by iMrs. S. C. Hall. The Pearl.or Affection's ift, a Christmas and New Years Present for 1236. The Poelical Annual for 1836, being solections from the English Poets fromn Chcer to Beattie. h'eie Infant's Anual, or nllher's Offeoring. TheYouth's Book ofthe Seasons. 'T'he Artist, or Young Ladies' Instructor is ornomn- tar Pointing, drawin, &e. by B. F. Gudeo. I Elements of Drawing Flower Painting in opaque and transparent watercolors. by E. E. Perkins. Flora and Tolmoia, or Gets ad uoetry, beLlg an al. pihabetienl arrongement of Ifowerse, wtib oppriate Woi.u trutions andcolord lol tes, by a lady. The Languaage of IFlowers,2d edition. Peter Prlrev's Almnanaco for 18:.4. The American Almanac aond repository of usleI knowledge, fir the year 1836. Tlhe Nautical Aulaoac and astromonoical Ephemeris for the year 1836. The Gecrman Almante for 1836. Just received and for sale by SWVL Ml'KF.AN, corner of Camp and Cotmmo sts. N EW BOOKS00 .-oFav on tie Rate iof Wages, with I a eall xlittalonl of tile causes of the difbircets in the condition of the laeorlng population tI roughout time world, by II. C. Carey. Clinton Bradshaw; or the Advontures of a Lawyer, in two vols. The Almeican Almanac and Expositor of Useful Knowledge, for tile year 1836. For sele by nov 24 lOT1CHKISS & Co.. 24 Chartes st. OBOK AND JOB PRINTING, Anod Blank Book Mafonufactry. TIE subscrtber respectflly informs his friendnd the public that no hoas, in connection with rhiio Bok and stoatilonary store, an sxtensive 'rinting Office and Book Bindery, and is ready t1 uldertake the prilntitlg of Pumotlets, Cards, Blalk Checks, Catalogues Legal Notices, Bills of ladintg, Labels, Bill Forms, Dr'av Receipts, Auction and Sllow Bills. Also the Binding of Boooks antd malnufacturing of Blank hooksoi any size or descrition. k AN Corneratf Camp and Common rts, opposite Riecherdosn's (late lihte's0 (lotel. j 3 ANNUALS FOR 1836. T HI E JUVENILEFORIET-ME-NOT, a Christmas and New Year's Gift, or Birth Day Present, for 1836. Edited by Mrs. S C Hall. IIEATH' PICTaro squE AIINUAL, forj836, embellisha ed witlh 25 aplendid.ngruvinge, by tihe firt artists" POLITICAL ANNVIL, being snlections from the Eng lish poets, from tpiences to Iteatti; enl Ilimhed with portrait and 24 illstletiuaM front dra ings bly 11 Cr baulId. THe RUctoLos Soruvese, a Christmnas, New Year, and Birth Day Praont fi,r 1833. Edited by Chauncey Culton, D I). Just received and for sale by WM DIKEAN, lrec 12 corter Camp and Caoamon st. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, East District of Loudsianu. In Admniralty sitting: IN obedience of an orderat this Court made on motion of Henry SockettEsq. on the hll Januarvy 186,re qsiring a statelett of the alnies reaining ldepositd mid molailted in thie Regietry of the Courti to be pubt. lislted; peoifyiag thle ea ee-ltes ofdepoa t and parties intbrested of Rorewd, tlh undersigned legistrar reports the sum oa f $122 45, rleaitnig ualaimed--in tile fol Iowiag caraes. Welfor d & Stevens aship Wnalalhigtnn 543 7 Deposited on the Registry A, g. 19, 1817. Benal the proceeds of Male of sit vessel of wol tihe owners appear to be Bowen & Rob bins, James Mason, Olien Wilcox Warret Bishop-residenca not on Record. Schooner l)ebile es certall Goods, .537 30 date ofdeposit Aug 19th 1817. J Snit vos 27 HogmI'a of wine, 79 80 date of deposit July 24th 1819, no elaihmant on Reerd. aMitohell et dias Schooner 8th January, 47 I dates ofdeposit Jan. 18th, 1832, Levis Bolzmn. Plvmoutlh N C claidmant ofvesael Winter et dis vs Stesm Bot Napmoleon O8 12 date of deposit Dec. 26182i, balance of ths proceeds of the sale of the Napoleon after pay sag clainmants. Boat claimod by Anderson flu ler, of Louisville. Victor David vs steam bot Florida, 383 date cf deposit Sept 14th, 1831, J T Baudnc's syndlic claimant. Hlayden Perry et ala es lBrib Sally Esther, 0 ildate of depnitt, cay 9th 1829w, owners of Sally Estlher, B U Clarki; Jolh Lillin. Richalrd IDona born and H Richards of Maesncilntuttc. And it obedience to the ftrther order of tile said Court tie owner or owners, and all and every other person or persons having or pretcnding to have any right, title, in terest or demand on or to the said monies ace hereby ci. ted and admonished to be and appear at a District Court ofth IU. S. for the district aforesaid to I holden oni the thir Mtonday If May 11136 at 10 'clck a. i. at tihe City of New Orleans to make their clinls tlhereto or show cause whty sodh dispoanitin thlreof sonluo ntol be mtde s to therC(:ourt may Slnr lace anid iproper. Bly drdar of Caourt, DUNCAN N IIENNEN, lRegistrar. Jan 80-Ao w 1'31 T E11 NATURAI.IST's OWN IbOOKr-CtomprioinFd dcsoriothmnas ndrl : ltttelnd c oecdottes af tualdrull edo; s cientialty n arrange aceordingkto tile syis tto of Cuael bym the ailnthor ouf she YoaI vtlan's ()wio look! I'IIt:lNATURAI. HISTl'OIY 'OF INSECTS-tI two ol atnes--to l 2,foatrming o. 741 of the "Ilamily Ii Iabr -". A digtelof the t. trw of EtID .srCE IN CRIMIN.L. CaStle lby Ilenrr lIesco, o1R. with tote and refterences to .loeri;N, decision, and to thle I:unglith co,nnonlaw olan ecclesiastical reports by George Spotswood. (. DIAO.QSIs OF" IsInEASES ofa the Ir HEr-Itrasell lip l tIle colnpart.on o f tlheir pllhtsieal and getmral signs, vby WV W (.erlrd, 31 1). PRINte PLe IS OF P'ATHOLOY, ANDlt PtIt.crtCE OF Peytc-- ivt Jlhnt Macklntosk, M I)., front te last dtlt, editiontvithl Inotes aUd additiont, by Saluttlt Gee. Morton, M I), tin 2 e's. I'.E AMtentIea IQUARTlt. r I1EVtr:aW--No 36 for cetmber 1835. Just received and for sale lvy f 12 ,IN McKEAN.torar ofCsats ml sd CRot. at. - .ir l-fii - f hl - uIraolcrilters have rercivcd per ship Shakspear, the following spIClendid unew m lnho gany firniture, whltt they oiler ,e fale ott liberal terms. 30M ihogany Rockingchaira, plain and carved with Ilaircloltk,blale, scarlettt n pIurple pltll scatrlet velvtt antl worsted damas k o eats 2 Mall Rgarny trch parlour r chains withls dalask lair seat, *4 do dlo itdo plalin 12 do do do do erinlsoa worstedl danl k, 13 ito lGroeial Id do hatir cloth,2do French Burgcr chains Maroon Morocco SI do tno. chains, 1 pair cornls, Ieest ert ataud-..l of New York naLke and perfectlyv h. f i1 I)lUN IAR & C.o. 51 Tehoupitoulas at (;AS \W(OIRKS. I.lAVING on hand a ltrge quantity IfCekeand Coal 'rfor, ol'e scP,.toR QUAI.TrIT.Y,r.ePrs ill be reeriv el at the i(;us oflce fsr tile ldeliveryf o'the saue, either in large or ettall quantiities. JAS II CALI)DWELI.. UT ISTOIICAI. ltcleoira of Mly Owt 'limtt, from J1 1772,to 171, hby Sir N. Willitm \ oaxnll, Iart. Thil Posthumous Patpers (if the Pickwic-k Clnh, ceu tainitt a foithfitl reeeltr oI the eranttbtllatitntto pter. ils, adveatred allld sporting trutnseaios ofthe cor respondiag mmorme, atlitedl Iby Bag. A Malnuel of the diteaaoos ao tlo'Eve, by Littcell, jr. I fIt. Just received, and fur sale by LE A ,R I .A N-F-r ...le, i fatrsta femalecolto td Sgeneral house servant. For tale low flr cnash. For falrther particulars apply at Mrs. SMITII8, 68 Royal st. is-I .. Atlt~S--3008 bonag (;n. Ltitutgt brhh l, i"eelt II importattioln, p brig (leanp)M, Rl(bt Anlalot, for fblt 8 q J 'I' IAVER & Co. 74 Pay drtst at S44 Nea.c.'et arill CG. "eOI2E1. 1blhc .'croemlunts rul e ndertl gearner je. I AMI.'rTON HALl. having openes. att be t at No. -L 14 Exchngeo Place, for thc. smasnetion of busi ness rclative to .Accounts -ohllect Ite Des, l'rsula tion; etc.; will eCgnq :Ou write op r kjob trdes meo hooker, eitlherbv ;ee mouth, yeaour or jb,anl is conident from titse c.parence hlie Ihas hd for so many years pest in e.,oe of ite m6strepetaelnb holuses, tlt Is. can give enoral satisfaction to those who auy pllme t emsploy him. Be pledges lhimsalf that all debto entsted to his care, will receive Ihis best attentiuo and fromhis know lodge of nod lone residence in this city, he oUt. his sMr with the fullest coulidence, at the same time he will givo socurity for the faitlhful abeouutisg o" all i ceipls. Translotions to end from the Eeuclt and Spa nish languag he will likewise+ unlertake to sweeute witLt despatch snd corretnoesa. yhear rNew Orleans. October 1.1886. IUBLW C AUCOUNI'ANTS, 4 .7E. IKA AgikNCY AND)IIROK ERS OFFICE, [14 Enchaoe Pnloee.] TIAMII.TON H ALL, ewse tho folowing Lands end Lols for sale, viz: IN TEXAS, 11 leagues, on the river Naoasto, II do on theSabine, near Caddo lilage 6 do on the Trinidad, 5 do on the Navasoto, S to n Red rriver, I do on BigAlhaemn crueek I do and 177 acres, n Charles oerk, nar the I do herween Villain creek and Pine Island Bayou, I do on time head waters of CoQ Bay, 1 tlo on the Augelin., II do it Milam'nColuny, I do aned177 norso Red river, a little tray Buis 'Par,., Ido i n fled rivoer I do on the Sabts,. 40 meUie h1r1w GAM' iosre, I do neor Sulphr Fork, six miles from Red rivcr, I do on Mill's Creek, .1-ldo 3 omikefrom Linu's laudlng, MatLagoda Bay l.-2do ot the Bay of Corpus Cristy, Soveral scrip, of 640 acrms uldoont4d. I)o ofos leao.ute do, I'MO0 Acres, soliers' flwunte L.aed. l i the aslove lands are well situated, eithe for spee uat.;r.or si.ttlers. The titlesrat indisputable, and foll AI.SO. --00 Acres, situated neanr now river. and a bout tres miles from the Miisesiippi, to which ther, is o good road. There are about 40 ui:rs at pre sent, under cotton cultivation. 170 Acres near Ibervllle, l.h., geodeotton land, hear ily timubered, with a cane underrrowth. 172 Acres, l sile from Almons Prairie, and about 5 from thie hlssissil)pi rivet. 4 Lots, in tnasholrg \ul(inToton, frontion lItu do port,32.feet 9 is. byl131 f. dr. . in depth. 3 Lots, i Faouxbourg Marigny, (I fact front olth, on Union street. by Pl20betdod p, betwleon Ia Ite Liberals and Force. I L.t in Phillippa st. 84 fl. front, '.v 96 dep. Togtther, with several other aity;uos, whicll are of freed ol accooonodotin ternm..__ ian21l 17F:V MtUSIC 1RO01K-1N PAIIF:;'.' NU'II.S. SASON'S Stcnusn, a newcollcctiontfofnarrd l msice, (stetre ltped in Itlir rot ntes,):arrasged by lowerll Mtaom, Ssll;or of Boston H"niel atl IlayIdn Society Collstion Churich Masic-the Choir or CaUon Collection--I .ye SSacsu--Spiritual Sotgs, &e.--ald by Timothy L. Mason, Potrofssorin the Eclerrtie Academy of Music, Cincinnati. Published by lTrlmnuL..ia dth, Booksellers, Ciscinnati. 'lMasom' Sacred IHarp' is adatmtedto the wantsof all de.omlltiatioln. 'iThe variety of mletres is much hleater thao inll ay other collection of music. LIl verey lew hymns are contained in the hyvnu books of the different delnominaltioos of Christilans for wsicrh si tote ansy not he fioomd it the SRncsred llsrp. It cootaiusa great vttriety of ver) beantitl'l pllnm and hytn tusn'e, a collection of interesting anthems, set pieces, sacred snigs, sentences ld chants, which are short, easy of apefeormanee with. omt jsstrtmnestal aid, asppro reiaste to tihe variots oee sions ofChrlistian woalspt, Ile wsnst ofingiag schools, mutsical societies, astl lph1lrisng a-td usnftl to singerla f their own prsivate ISltctcermssl improvement. Th'le Ilarpl. c soitsn . mutch new atd valuable musie, whirll has beent drawn from Itie highest soures of nl sisal taste and science ins Eurolle, ealpetially in Gesuma. ny. It has abeen the consllat anill of the althos to give a collrction of tines, that hotuld be easily learnel aml ef silv uang. 'Tichelra of singing, clergymen and others who are desilas of nlu-ovtiss lmedel imsuslc, cann employ sae nnt ois so no fectral ss tire cirusatsios of thidsa ndrable llclion, whichll has beenl preplud expressly fur the tSolts :nsd West. Ilecuicemdand FJ r ade by IIO.'TCIIKISS t on. A INSWORTIi'i4 .letin sad English Dctonasry n Virgil iDelpiio, V'alpy'n htmier, Sehrevelli Leoit tn con, Bnttimnnn's Creek iGrntoaInr ltaoore' do,,Jtvenal Deltphhini, Ovid Delt(lini, Salluetii Delphini, Ailthon's b Sal ula, Smart's Cicero, (Greek ''ostnments, Jaccn*' i Greek Itador, VirFilius, Ovidii, Liber Primos, Adams' it Leatin Grammar, \\ ilson' Solluet, Walshington's Vila, lolhnar' F'rench Graummar, Cbji'os paniell Glrammar, Nauman and Bttrreti's Spanish and English Diktionary, al G;ri ihaw's History of England South America, France, f Blako's Natural Philosophly, i l" Natural Iistory, t Geldamitit's do WVoodbridgo,s Geography, ,Malta lru,,a' S..ta. o,, t Blake's do DBali's do aurray's Englitsh OGrsn mar ymithsproductive do Comrly's do longerspll's do Aritthetic, ( Larol! a do Pike's , do Cobb's do I'ko'n *: do Murs Liibhln'.tno Blake's do Scett's Leosens, Tol.c'a Pantheon, Pnrlce's Geogra dh., iigh Schoo' Re nder, Amerien SpTer , Clum di Orator, Whepley'le Compeud of History, Wor ee 's Ilistnry. 'i obaicr'a onot.rioilanw's Diction- Ii anen, and We sbtr's lelling Boak. Meintyre on Is Globes, t'aley'm lot. and 3d uBok of Hstory-for fi5 h IIQTCHKlgI & Co, 24 Cliartres t, .... i-A-WO ------- i, . UNGLNSONI*.. lluman Physialogy,2vole. It S do iGeneral T hrrapentic' t do Elcaleotsa of tlygiro sI Dewees an Crildren dto Syler n of Midwiferyu do Essaoys loxrnr's PathelricellA natomy Aistlan.?m of the Tit.tes Bioatok' a Phsiology Hoisseiu r on Fever ,onch on Fremales BIrousKar' ' PhlrgOasie Jahnson ' l Climatesio Paris' ltriutoielogia i i'avIrneir' YSurgery i'ecka's Murrav Clnirk's "'l-';ti ont'i Pullniniar Consumpti on I Cooper no Dislaniona i Horver's Special AnLatamy iloo eir'n le Airctuires I hil 41 the bh od mhckaenlen's I.rlttdlen ('ollkna'o Tron 't Cox(.'s Amuorrir lnl l. ilonetet.u'y Riehtal'a i'l.hyiolegy ticl,hard'c Prinritleih ;f Medeiiie 'I'hatclhr's Dispesatery Forsale ly • l IO)TCIIKISS tCO. fetl 10 24 Chartres st. i I.IK INSI I EP, 53 Cnai street, who bia corat.tntly iin hand, oil Co-iue, Armiini' and C'hoaipoigne Bron' die,; IlolatOd (;in, \VWea, Fishl , nail oither bIands; Ja 1bita , St. Croix llni Graillal ran; surier L. 1'. Ma tdiro; ttia a ld Ptle 74h1rra,'; (lrape Juice nan tihler aine, lhrgundI , C'laoret, &c., wiara of ih best de ' " ' fell I2 scrhoy \IIF(:chinese tr. a geeral triltinn of the t]opim of Chiti end o its iholbitanta. Ity John FIrancisr Dn vi, Iasq. F It S, dc, In 2 uolr, being Nol. 0 null tti of urpers' Family l.ihirrar. lI.ei er n Yo mg la.dies, BIy sl'ra II Ligomurey. New editiou, 11117. 'tie I'ilgtisM's Progrea,. with a life of John Buyen Iobert Southev, Esq. I,.11). Paet lataogtin &c. &e Illtstriteld witl,50 aiti, by Adaisi, after desigis hby Chapans. tIaarve and others. New edliitio, 137. Jist rcceied id if'ir sale byv V MeKEAN, 0 Corner of Calilp & Collion ita . rlN F,'A, Il.\' I N S, &c.---'l'lte onb, risora t arVe forte, .L llltadia fGiiatn riip Gihratar---5M bago peplper. 00 baxes Ntiurckat Spenl Candlesr; 700 Bnnxea Iluaeh Itatisis, Ioriag, birandi 230 Ctiots aid Baxes hlteos rial, ll na,n nid Sonchon'rT'eni 50 does Youun Hy amn Ta, in2i lb. caniatera. ISA.\C BIti(i... &C.. 1 No. 134 Magussne stret T F: \WORl.-- )ocitiec Itappiii niortaed ora j rpaositry fir those who arr; atid tro.e whitora at mnried. By tle most classic authort , anio,.on o lfd mao ihra. 'I) oiiinestlc- ltnire , . Ine i oulyn bliss Of nrndie, that hna nsurvived thie fall". IIOTCHKIel &co 2.Clhartres at " RVOOKhS--Naval Sketchlr Book, i, theSerrian 1' Aotaml ashote. With chanrecteristic remmninea roe, I ara tle niid opinions. By the author of the Ta.a.fn.T'r, e, aeoand aeriee, In2 role. RtIUoi* Raecollertiinis of thc IIolnunsnonnonoas, from tie year 1830 m the cioirot 103". Iartodiag I.ersn anl iketrchesnatf'th leondin membern--hy one of no pae ty, just received nd lor sale Iv W McKEAN, cer tnup and Comamon san. AlIo-A ow copies of BIrton's Anatomy of Molan chola. m 5 h7 bhlrn Mes Pek, j, I: -ladi;u7 from tam per-in., and for sale iby r17 L'AE'l ' & A,-IL1.L'NG, 17Con,i.L .t. t1 FIRE ENGINE SOG ERS' PATENT BALANCEFIRE 3 ,KI. . -T.The ubscrister are manufacturilg at W -l ford, Sanratrga o. N Y.,.o4 an htensive eseas, 3b ! Patent Bolance Fire Engfne and the eopa Tiý7º hesitate to recommend it to thie pplitic a deid I p rjr Uty fire engie nocw known. It haa beratesto eod tr killfl Kngiu.aea ot tir U. S. Arnalle at ( hensville and W\shi.sgton, and by tbhem ptonoaneqm d be superior to any other. Tlhe Governmant Arerl at Wnaoithgton is nor suppllied with one of said iaetine and the proprietors have just completed a cunneet.dth thbu overnmeo t for the supply of all their prsipi o T'his Engine combines the adantage of nmenwI. t lead.uet than any other in ore, end seed to b se niined and tried to ensure a prenerease to all The mtotfacturere, in all eases, warrant a gines,in a trial with othera under equal Ciretmlanose , to perfrt more than atty mcher ;ngoe, or no vae. Thea doeig.tld for 24i men, diamhrgag qlllS of aterpr maintato, at ooet, 16O gallots pt r minUte, It men, 110 gallons per tminte, The arbove pri.e inclue suctioin a ho wersa e Tihey alo keep euatc*atly oil hald, bat tle sueton hoee. whilch they will furnml to'.dilr ni tlte it na be bhoght ih this eualtrv. - The rangtneotnttfor manaseta ttring/e.deO5a. all eenile' It."aeut e wille pthwm, rewteat exenuted with the greatest pIcaibIle deop , les . ed-ut the subscribers at Waterford .Sratjogo 1.N.". eaLTtrlCATEI. New York, Oct. ISg 1i. I certify t ht I bave this day'senuridtandE d a Irlh Firn EniCne of iongers' Patent, tade by W . Pait ao. at Wnterford nraSoga co. Nnw York, with ann c. the boet gorincs eluanting to the corporation of the alty of New York. The trnal was made it the etoratim ,yard, and from thie oxperitmet, 1 am peruadedti thsar" engitt i lange.if' P'atnt will throw more water, and a greater di.ethuee, with the tpplieatiou of lnee powr, than oItt etrltorotion enginer. I frnlhr certify that no fi Fireim has er bootmt. hlibitd int thio oily whIicIh culd Eomti t with the iro York enginer, or which should onawerour purola es o wept toreo'n Patent aoere itcntiened. The b aoaetre rio of ogeras' r'nattt i exareedia ly sintplqr end ie. no eao wlhy it shalould tot go into general aa O siae, it has a.,other tdvantage; it can he furnishod at touchl les.cuet. JAIME GULICIK ihiofEtgineer of N Y Fire Dopetolk Utica, Jnly , 1O1 I most oaherfully comply with a rqluest froh m.. Plantt & on. to give ay opinioen in rolatic e to t Flgin.of Rogera' 'aetnt, cltiuaaaturod by d . Watorford, Saratoga co N. Y. T!he uorpmtilt, of Utica haws purhaaed o '" above e entianed angines, and front repair'd h' _o .tt hesitate to pronounc it decidedly csups aiai thtar fire atgigs now in use,uf which I hanve - ledge; and I doam0o.atily racr in the ee ateaua ;l Gulicek, thle ehlefaghtrter of dthe New Yurrk .ent,int rdlncn urtit merits. The pump iiU . is c.tnsructed in a ingle elialer, and is o en Iv simplce end so little liable to get out ofreipair, that do not hoeitn.a to say, thatn ill iy judgment,it wiill e supuruode to ue of n lthu commoton pitn On l i< Chief Etginenr of the Utica Fire DsMa N. it. Oiltto ulti above Patent Enginoee i, l l size, Nwas ordrod for Egle Fire Co. No. 7 ol NowPh rlea, which they heave received, tried and aiepte4.T. Engine ean he seen at any flute, byaplyitnt Agarnt ftr the Mannalctnrr.e Cornor of Pouydrnme & Thoupitoualan ate. N. O.. P. S. I will guarantee to here an engin deliv New IdrleaIus ithiin four montts fran ttmenhe gien. S RL L. }, ,autII: a.1 I1_ tctTt1tW te n AiA' DELIGHIITFUL SUMMER RETR t, T HE PASCAGOULA IIOUSE is nowoJp.n~s'hl Srception of company: This delightful tehrat situated on the west bank of the Pasenouln a Bay, at ila .ohfluotce witlh tih Gulf of Mexico. The lteautiln o. ilevated, and colrnwinl an extensive vlew of BqIb e Lake, and js only separated from the Gulf by a eh of trlnnde, whieloay fronting the whole ousnt fn t. tO inies off. 'The Proprietors feelm thankful to the community fee thel patromnage of the past season, and would be gratlF fora return of the same the present, lispry eradoea their part will he made to render visteon enemferted . Fish and oysters will he had in abundnaeo, smd article of fool and luxury, wich thie eountrypa.& will Oupplv the table. Conneeted with the *esbled. nmnt are aIll the necessaery aplrattm for J.etlngi; a two Itilliard 'l'bles, and two Nin Pin Alleys. Tlo lthose who are foid of sporting, mall ganme wil be found along the shore, and by going a short dirtiaio in the iaterior,deer ud odther largo animalena be feled i ollnllldalce; still, filr those fond of ithe bohna, P of the host of Hounsl uaro nalways otcommand. The drinkin water is from the purest Spring,and lea alwaysv at lhand. Auy of the Bonts plying between this City end lp e will land possengarentth Pier. Thod iffieltlt ettl l from the Pier to the house itn smll boats, p•s.l elar for ladies and children, has always been an objalioa i those viditing the estblislllOet, is nn w obvi~UI t .em steamer Alert plies twice a week between Ihie and PeL cagule, and" will land her pasdenger t hatL s o thir house. C. "& nd . Ih. mrIoa N, It. Thei Liquore are of ih e hoicesto khlIl deei i in osetly imported for te ep.saitshente. i Jr. IIAI''U si i Tkstici uu of - C IIECK lmbks on tie following beaks, via: totee ebl ent, Exch nge and inau iual Co., Orlea, Mechaoics and Tradee,s LtMisiio, lulaitea Stati Alchafalayn, Canal ooil Banking Co., .CoomerlIed Carroltnh luprovemeIt Co., G(.slllzens, Union atid City Batnks; for sato by o th I IhKISS &elt matn t0 4. Chlartres Itt't'ClIKI I& CO's. COUN'TING REUg Il tEGTORY,' FOR 1837, t UST publioshed, eonotninga liit of a ll thoBitanke, i Sretors. and t)ietnn, t days, IDntraeoe and adill Conlnlaoir , Toriffofthc ratl of charges adopted kg the Chaniber olfCl.a leroe, Aueltinnearra sl adeC parterr ofthe-mnlils, Fotin Cst Consat., d&e.. e.e.n lilited and forsole'by ILOTCHKISS .-at j34 2 Cailanz t. EIA' t'r Sl'EUr Pl'N.- fPatSt t fe t ustl .t a gtlloig Pe. Iltie iovel invenieon, bly menso t t t regltlating pring, utllnulotll tlle r.aseetlsd fradti of l1e !ewti-iiill, it iloy luo L le ltldetImtler or t0in. to anit tlhe ,r d t orn1 tl e wrliter, dy ainplm y mnitlg the soing hligher o lowe r, aei ordiltg to tuI degree t flnelbility. Pomitet Pe.Iin b,t Elasle Fionutall PTlr. Byn die p euliar ceneriittotil of tfsis eitiroly tite instrumente, le nh "ski is forend 'lUst rill conlt illn dielirot ink tonrita thlirty lins with oe dill. Theelomtieity of teFeer tain leparts nlosmt agrl srble mclmuninl f"loelom to i in, rwlkcx'ng it hlxsblb of fatilguitg thl hid Ta wll ien oi" slsi p or persls writing nrxpedlt sly. Ilis pen will be fotwld ati illuaonble equnlitin. Ptlitent, erryin tFlountilh Pe, wcnrmnUlto writesslnrI htn fifly 4i1ma witlolsi di t-ii. 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