Newspaper of True American, April 15, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 15, 1837 Page 4
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A CARD,). AY T Y St OlR.-.-lhe uhbscribers respetfully a.i.trra their frie.thl awl custa.orn - ltrulr. tlat they are new and will be rceiving from t No aon.httuir l .eppl:,ies; altn Irtt Imrance. The latter place will ti:vai!, eec.e alol c whei.tth witlhe bfouad I'trs (.l:teazi l ro;.d les, ofa snperior flavor. rTheir a o h,:c ' t Fr.:ncare every artielt of a very supe r:,r,;, I t1:lr orders invariably urge improve Ps .e,, ::Y --\Wiit cnlli;it of choi:cs elections from t:'t . el :' et l:try of -. a. Prentisst, from Paris, t.ondon (. na; :a--r.nt th hebast mannfactories--tso Isrench aa L.].f!lidh; am tx tlh, latter, llpsrior T'ooth Brnshes, an ,uttiete hectoluro cearee and lhlicuelt to obtain. Frer c Pzteyer Booes.--Under this head will be rfund at splendid variety of aIdies' aod gentlemen's Pocket Do eke, Note. Cord, Needle ntml Thread Cases. .ANsc StrcOs, Su.o.sesors, c..-Of the latest Pattern, :uede efsaperior quality, consisting of plain and (Ilyelad :ctin, bo alzinoc, velvetand cloth t. hllti Bose us, plait and fancy, with and without rtafles; Shitr;: Cllar, &c., E ospenders mado expressly for this moarn.t, cllct "Woehingtton Sttsptnuders;" also, Goin Rin vie, Woroted and L'otton-naett di with and wihllnat raller; ;Pantaloon Strops, with wire springs; and a great variety of gentlemen's woar, nade expressly forthe re tail trhde, by A. L. Vanhorn &SYon, of Philndelthin. C teas.--A general & complete assortment of Combs, fron etheir monuefatory. Alas, English and French Dr.s ing Combs, &e. PL.I.ovs CnnRs-Frmn the manufactory of Hum phroya, Bartlett and Ford; French and Gernan do.; lelan t Catrlt, &e. &e. 0r Tihe above are but a portion of t'l articles rs cel ed, which, in addition to their foncer stock, will be nd!dl low fur cash, or city acceptances. ad REES D)'1ANGE, 18 Camp st. e., S.ERM CANIE NDLES, &e.--200 Beot \ltite avHnneta Sugar, 150 ditto New Bedford Eaermn Cat.lies, 150 ditto Nantueketdlitto, ditto 14 Casks a'' uintn Zinc, 5 Pipes, 14 Half Pipes, and 20 Quarter Ceke Sicily Madeira Wine, for sale by r3 JO3EPH COCKAYNE, 25 Gravier-etreat, hOOKS. N OVELS-Cyril Thornton; The Yotng D)ke; Ana. tatiei; Caleb Wilriamo, De Vero; The Smuggler, Evelina: The Spy: Westward Ho; Henryv Baste. tean; Tales of he (flauba Spa; Valenij.; 'lhe Insur get,; Canvassi.ig; The norly Called; The Unfur tlte atoen: Nights at Mesat; Spec nation; Ilubert Sandalla; Watkins l'ottle;Sketehcs a.fa Port Town; a.'Rndom Shot:; Elkswattnwe; The Slan of Honor; Nuts to Crack; Shepphred Lee; Diary ofa l'sseu !r).a Tales of Otr Neiglshorheod; The Disinherit tetonoieeeooe and Crimes lofa London Clegyman; 'Ta!es of Fasioen ndl RLealitv; The Mlldens; Dan vntrc; 'rales of a Physiciant Scamperdown; The Naval Sketch Book; Creise ofthe Midge, 2d derics Anne iroey; Legends and Ste.ries of Irelaul, Tales of the Peerage ane Peeantet' Love end Pride; lTulney lla;l; Salmnagndi; loningsmork; John Bet and Brother Jonathan; The American in Engeland; Caenpe.lls settlers frot Algiers MIe teorials of Mrslicmanns; Tales orthe Wars nlMon trose; Geil !ias; Roderick Random; The Hih-. I tSmnlller ; Village Bellsc Allen Baek; The .ld.etr Ceymm ; Chtsnces end Changes; Winter in tho West; IaI nphrey Clilnker, Frank Harry and L.tet, by Alts Edgeworth' Thie Pick Wick Clubh; M.r.chants Clerk; Georgo inlcetbec; Home, or the Irtn fletc, Iltrty ORerdolnti East and West; Tle WVarlock; Scenes in Our Pariah' UDare; Tie Coun. tsas and Other Tales; Roxnabe; Gilbert Gurner; Tihe Lie.inoods; Allen Prescett; Twelve Mlontlts Cetoyviget inep pil; My Cousin Nicholas, Roas met4i; Paul Pry's Conmic Sketch BIook; Btelfnrd IRegis; Pauel Uric; Mirriamn Coffin, Ton Jones; Paul Cifford; Etcene Aram; Dovereux, The Stue dlea n'l' 'e lanlit's Bridl; Mystereies of UdolpLo, Sc.etitih Chief; Dos Qtuixote; Ti Hungarians lh'others. Also, a variety of Standard eand loassi cal WeToks fer sale by ietl I...TCHKISS& Co. 24 Chartres St. P.Ti'ft O LO0 JISIANh-'.'o all whon these pr.. orlte n {iiV eaicnerl: (;rcating. Know ye, that 'vhrries, Francais Melienurt Bienvent,a resident of the tesrio of St Bernard, has applied to me, Octave S Itoansacln, ex efici,, Clerk of tlh court of Probates, in and feur tha lrilsh of St Bernard, for a monition or ,der. tis;Anoet ir cofraitoy to the act of tile Legislat re of t to Star, ea t itld '"Au net for the further asloran. r of t..ln of porelhasers at judieial saloe." aplproved on the 40th March, 1811. Notice is hereby given to all wit ran it oty conccrn, that by virtin and purnsuant to anoromer r.a,.lrod bt the honorahie the Court ofPrbnatea, in at, for the al riht of S I Bernard, bearing date Ieeomhe. n4lo, 1315, inthe matter of the onaceasion of Antonio lii.ven.t fIn, gratnted ot ttheplotiou of Francois oMcli co trt tt ctvtrnh. I, thle outtlel,crn edi aceig a t ex officio aunetioneer, did on tile 27th any of Jatnary, 1836, at tlewlett' Fx. c'ne r,, mth city of New Orleans, expon for plublic .ie by antt'tion, theI prolerty Ihereinafter deacrinbed anil a Ijtrlic.nted tothe aforesaid Francois Melioe trt Iienve Ont, he b.iin the last andi highest bIidder, for the price of seveoty-socrn tltrso,ndl dollars, viz: Description of jptoperly aos given l the Judicial eon eyaacer. 1st. A Sicetrplatnttiott vith all the blildings ant im poremaultl therero, scitnteol it the parish of St Bier, l tle Iliavo Ietn litoetf, at about six miles from tlh rivter tietisippitt, lotitattlriz eighlteen arlents and t1 "ti . frToot o: hl.atl sidts of thtt Bayou atx Bloenfa, woith a depthc of farty arpcEtta on both sidesl of said tieavntl Itol odld ott thie uplter lin, and on bothl slide of taiN Bfloo by the Iroperty of the Roman Cathlnic Church onithe itrith oflr St Bernard, and oti tie luoer lin? atl-, o:t horh sides of said Bayou, by tile iplantation of M1r (. N Allattd 3d. Another tract of land soictoted in saild parish be tvean th'e property of tie Rtattt Catlholic Ckthtreh at t'he Parih of St Loleriarl, and the propert' of Mrs Jnta ttotz, Hlsainl o ; toicee and thtre feet frlt aot aoIth eidelof .eil lasrotul nanx Boa., wnith a depth of forty or Aents on, hi losihids of said Ba iott. 3.h. ttflir po'isn of latol iit'olted on the north part "of l i.Iare Barn, bCte:twe tihe T lu s ation of Mr Pierre o tndtl th ot of t-rottn .t1... . ..., tworne'c front e , "'s ou., with a deptct or tmrc ar 4th. Anlletllr potiot of lntl oit laterd on thle soatth niat of tlt. co:l it larr , It actra the plntlntiotn of tle sil Pcti::rr Jtlda, nilo thlt of sid Jcnan iolio, having one tlse fluct onl said Bayou, with a dtclht of forty ar All tihetllt a elortle, o anintlte, and all the morealle tprolerty nItiop'lt liln to said mannto i p nttiu. An al.ot theie ,8 htltlowioil slaves. M 1tso 43 yenar, Mtartion S vents, Big Bob 30 vreas, Billy Jack'on 30 vears; Iufotn t8 years, lnector,5 vrs, ttillim 3.5 yersBill iDpont 3n years, Big aldlnd 35 years, Ii'tle 8lop 5 years; lye 35 years, Toby 32 roi trs, Little Sncmedi 18 virs, Isaac 17 years; Will do io Ton t, tldo, llontptnpcrtt 15 years, Little Sam 12 years, icl aonu 16 crn, Bocv 60 yeors, Yazoo ke t yenro, Sol nt"t 9 yearn, Mary 2 years, Silti i Rieksot 35 vears, hiltia saik.Juion 30 do, withl her child 12 I eno old, Mlnrv 30 on, Abigail i13 l, Atmeliao 23 do, Jenny 50 do, Graec 3 I no, Maria 20 do, with her two children, one of 18 leo tthiand the otle'r oOf 6 tontlh,t Dolly 20 years,St za'me 35 years, ottd lieR two clildren, one of 3 years & thle otir of 8 motth, Rise 45 Ietrs, Jalie e8 years & her child Reia 5 years. Jodith Jt yearn, and her child Sye irts, Clarlotto nll0 years, Etty 20 yearn, Anna 60 do, Jun to 18 years, Nancy 61) years. Crease 60 veers, L.ere do do, Cloe 85 years, Marit 70 years; Maria 130 years, & hter child Marie Louise 4 years, Betty 60 years, Kettv i40 years, Littl Rose 19 years, Peggy J yearn. Coaitlans of ale.--TheJte aelltr shall ass oume tm r iiatluol to Iayv thloflllowltl sulns ta wit: To stun of $735,970 to the Bank of Louisiana, ontl. 8lath April, t'1at1. 'hho snu otf $1,350.10 Mlr lolton Jakothan, an the lest Marchl, 1036; and thia sum of $16,350, on tile lst March, SThe hum of $2,000 to 1r L. B Maalrty, en the 30th of January,,336. And the bnlanee at one, two, thtree and four years credit, in natts etort,tl to satitfaction, wih sptecial mortgage t u!le artl oirytlen-t. \iorefivre, ail p'rson whle can set tip any rlglh, title or slaii il and ttol t tlhe anid plintltio, tranets of land, anilt slitr.r tbovoe describedl, it con..qlaence oftaiy itl'nra lr e itni t'oe orer, dcree, or judgmeltr, before re. cited, and u.rtli whi:l ti.e sale was nade, or ant ire gtailrhy or illegalitv in the ippraisemcnts oradvelrtise. ments, it ti.t't oralnaon:er of sale, or for any otler calle or d-fe't whatsoeter, are heroby citel anid tonoloihed, to show canuse wiilti thirty dlays frot tie first publice tie of this mnnitic ill tih ublic papers, whly the sale S so )made n;ahrcj aid,,sholmhlt not bo onfirred and ho' I::o!'rl ed, ool'oably to ltlt prayer of tlia plttrehnsr.. VWitnas my tlion1 antl oseal of office, this- dlv of Junec, A. D. ..31,, tlhe 60lht year of the inddelentede ofm America. SOCrA.vE S. ROUSSE.Ai, J undge ac oficilo clerk. c PAIN RIS1'I-I'''El,) by the ntlthoro"f a* yei r in0 all itt," in _osli- Iirrhr Ciccray, anovet Il, y t(ac uaitlor of "teceil I1! de," ill 2 vole. 1he Actress of IPandur, ttIIlI otloeor tales, by tle autllor of "Tile Forea Lken," ill "! vcl. lNiitrolrl'o'fllttig' Tomtre; intersprerel itholl tllttrootooctie aittecdotes, sa'ings aind doings of0 opiortino sItto, itctllitog otiOes of tftle Priolipol erack riders of t'ouo ul willt it alyttlc,'oitle ntsand general hidex tof ,.estt, toloitht toe el dded, Nimtrod's Litters oi!tgo t loIooic, iln lieu Borne, thle nlt ol t;tcltioll't A tantotnnono, lo( Copt. Chonlier, R. N.,nttllor Itfth'.L "Lit otl iSanihor',"re. Into2v la. 'onmlerttnries d ilon ot:qitv Jurilntrdenrte. ns admnliiteretd in ngllond and Ameorira, lv Jonctlp Story, 1..PiO. Onid, traote. lnteo Ity Drydl"'t, Pop, Co.rave, Aldioot andoottere. inovole. fortnhg No-2) slidl t Of "Hrper's Classical e l.itnrar." lufantrv 'i'lttics, or rlle fdor thlle exercise tod ltllollto lltres tolll e Uuitred States Infantrv, bv Mlajor (lcrtstl coltt, U. S., i 3 vole. Joist ireceived d atd for nate tiy Wst. MrKLa N, o 37 eorlier Canp & ioottone sl. Ilclha *r"as Phrluae,. AI CollerO'tit oft'ollotttl PhrtioCeon every topic ne iJi eecoary ttoi toiltali etouvdrettiont, nrratnged Ionder tditl'erellot linens t tilt ItUotiirous retmlirkn at the pecoliar ] llron'atiatiooi util lla.e of variout woortol. The whole en disloosed as toto i Ireebly to flcilitate thle acqoisitiou oaa correet prouaic'a:iint of thIe Fretlncho. By A BIlohar, a iitv ediion, rtticed and correetld. A selectiou llatt.Io Ihoinored of Perin'i Tnbloes, ac'om patio1 vwithl a ]Loy, vtltaittitill lhre text, t literal atd free tramittfo:, ! rt:lllotld itll rt'hl a rothoiner ilt to point out tac, dilt-nrears hv.;ci n t lt renho nI v l l tglieh idion, alon a fgu;:',, Ipronltncitlooln of thte k'reoclh {iecortlig r0 the heat Freach works cextattton Il sunbject. T1hewltlle Srecedc.l Ito ito :ro;t ttreatise on thle sollnds ofthe French la .'loguge, eotoullpr d wit'o thlse of the Englislh. A I'Prtonocing lrenoelh Prieri, or the Scholar's Guide to oe arrtttrate lotiooteoitiatn and ,-tlhgrelphy of lhe Preeh la ingt . age, cootainion its elelll'oLt acnorlihg to -lb.r bl.t usage, by Bernlard l'nmtocloito. iat receivedl and for rale by 8M 51 MeKEAN, I, ll (:or CrCamp & Caol t,. 3h P11R'S Ci. t'o IC~tIt 1.EIIRAiiY. -,FORACF.E, ranalotdl lt i'lPillip Francis, D DI), itlh raE a'rontl at.x, eottilttitiie trenlotinas oaf verioolo i .o.leIt- v llrn Jaoot,n, Cnowlev. Oilr-n, tradoto, Pope ,]l hqd ,. Swilft Clt.ttertoa, G Wakeoelde, Porton, Jlryap; 'c. some of the mare emllinlrt poets of the ed daw.5ol PHf1EI)RUo, with thle appendix of i;udius tranla - letad blv Clioltnloloer Smart, in 2 voul forming volumes 18 1 ant 19 of"lt,,r.rr's Cl..heral lihrary." TiThe F.oditinhtl of tIl;MPREY CI.[NKER, by T. A "J or., t, l- tD, ",, ihh a memoir oof tle A tlhor, bi' Th'l'n - a Ron:ee, Eat., iew r eitiol, with illostrationsa; by Gee. It Crooiksholtn TiE fsl P.oy': a Tell,hy Oileoulcotor of "Riheltliet," May oft' lir'iodv,"' &cr., I ew edition, 2 vol. eooplele n one. PAII. 'I I1'FORD; by the : u'ocr of "Polheamt' TI'he !i ar . 1." &c, brinm rtlumoe IV oftle new edi aofl":t v. ..' (i'spete isr).l. Joat rteearo,,b r:,' r5 tll', i. ENItY it LE~ con, Ne l i asbu stretrle :-w riag from ships , .a Alt L rntile, hiaatuso , lo ! other late oarri is nros :nh NorlSthe oitk a3 itrge and new selected as.lsrtm.not o I!:o.o ROOats, shoes and Brogaus, eollsistlil of geitlelthe's tinfe calf onl adMroeo Imnts ,o 'l qu:lidy; do blff'd, andl stout was Ipegged boots t oarious quailitiest men's fine enlf sonl nml Monod*t l'. pumps lmtl birgis;, butckskhl shoes, brogans aul lllpelrs; imen's tli calf anld Iippedll pegged shloesn browains; do boots; do stout kip lld wa pegge slloes lld broga.s-; enotletens's best qlity ilf sewetl shoes, brogalsi ll 3ask t)owoit"s; do hir" and Moreoos buckle shoes and browans; ?o calf, aseI sod Moiur"N Indian shoes anid liplpers, do calf, buff ions iat walgs, a new article; do fine calft, seil sad morocco quaterl boots; boys',l melsses'and childtn's peged and sloedt brogals, and slloes of every qualiti aml kind. Also a general assortment of mesn's a.tut wax sati . At krognns aod shoes, together with 10,000 pairs neogro host qanlity, rosset brogans, naited il the slinliks, node nxpessly for plantation luse a good as stl tmlelt of mes filne and stout kip russett brgaons, a ow articll, slu a .el quantity of n inferior qunallt irusset and wasx blogoans. Llaies' lint ealf, seal, moroeen and graill welts, an ipump sole shoes; do filne Frellnllh uroco and kid runo romnd slippers; do lons sidos, with and withollt Ileels do calf, seal and stout leatlher bootWl; do Pr'unlla shoes of all kinds sid qnalitiest do lasting brognlls; do .litelr ell anl Ie'ed bootees. Misses' latingspllnlg slatoees,:l b ogans. Chillre's colored Mlococo o1t lasting bro nsanld boots, ke. Gen(l temen'afine fashlionable lack silk hats; do black and linb beaver lo of a superior qallity; do imtilation IRtrnm do; broad and narrow brim men,'s fine sllhtb old black RIssin short napped hats, a new article. Youthso I.rge size hats of dilfernt quaidlities; do cliilrell's. Men' anld bIy's black and dtlb wool hIts of varimon shsIaps, wit ui ttgeollen eslsonllt of boyls' ant letn's eal ellrs. Tits assoltment will bhe replnelltdl blhy the arrival of each packets from the Ioose unlmed cities, all of whlich will be sold on sccommodattig terms. ss g I--tf TENNER'S MAP OF LOUISIANA,&c. &e A New SMAP or LoosstAsn, with its canals, roads and distances, from place to place, along the stage and steamboat routes, by II. S. Tenser. lITrcHsELL'S MAP or THE UNITsD STATES, showing the principal Turnpike and common roads, on whsch are givel thie distsnces in miles from one place to olotlher, also the courses of tis csnals and rail roads through ast the eoontrv, carefally compiled from tile beot au tlorihies-puhlioihed by S. Aognstos Mitellell. MllTCHELL'S TRAVEnLER's GUIDE THROUGH TIHE UtrITEo STATES; a smap of the roads, distanes, steam boot and eanal routes, &o. jtst received nti for sole by WM M'KEAN, a23 Corner of Camp i& Common .ra NEW PFUBLICATIONS. 7ales of my Neighltborhood, by tho author of "The Collcgians," in 2 vols. A-nes Serle, br he author f "o I e Ikiress," in two volibncs, Elements of Iternatonal late, with a Sketen of the History of the Scletc, by lleurv Wlheaton, L. L. D. A Practical Treatioe on L oroteolire Engines uoas Rnil Iliys; a work intended to show the Conotrrnetlo, the mode of acting, and the effect of those ngitnes it; conveyiog Ieavy loads; to Gto the means of ancertaii ing, an an Ilsps'tioa of the land, and the reolts it will produce under various circumstalnce s, and in diferent lo calities; to Cdotuernio the qoanltity of flel and water it will rOn lire' to fix the pro,,ortions which ought to be ldopted in tlhe construction of an engine, to ake swer nv intended ptrmose, etc.: with practical tablles, giving it once the results of tie formuhte, ountled upon o great maoy now axperients, mnde on ait large ceale, in a daily praetice on 1ti Liverpool and Mlorioslter Railwav, with nmany dilfferent engieso antd eonslderatl trainos ocarrioges, to which i adtded an appendix, allow wing the expense of eonveylnlg gools by l-leomtotive ngiles on il roailoads, by Cher. FM l de Panlbour. Jistmreceived osd for sali by WM t IM'KEAN, sl3 Corner of Clllnp and Co,nln oo trts. L : I'TE Rs, co\ ve-sa'1o- ,& RECOLL S'rONS, orS T Coleridge. Knningnlarke, or Old Titoes is the Now World; he ing Nos 7 and 8 of tile Unifont Edition of Paulding' o'nrks. Colton, on the Religious State ofthe Countyv. Wmiale Fishery; beiilg Nos 26 nnd 2 of Bthe Iovo and Girls Library. Just received by J12 C iI BANCROFT 14 Camp it. CAPTrAIN MAIKRYATT'S NEW NOVEl., &dae. SRaotin the Reefer, by the author of Peter Siple in 2 vols. Skintnliot, or a Winter at Scllloe Ilisafield in ilower Stvria, by Cspttlin Basil Iloli, Royal Navy, F. R. S., in I vol. Lord Roldan; s romance, lbs Allan Clnningham, l vol. ,heppard Lee. writtleli bY lilnelf, in t vole. A Compendious lliutoryofeftnay, traInslated from tihe original Italian, ty Naotoniel Greene, in I vol. for rillg No.79 of llarper'o Ealniy iiltrvr. Vole. 3 & 4 of the new completo and uniform edition ef lI'nesitignleso y' Ii'o Works. Roger's French atd Eoylish Dictionary. in 1 rol, 3vo. Noymt'tr French and English Dictioaary. Boiom r's 7elmtoqtte Rolelar's Key to Telemorque. ilolnsor's French Closquiol Phrases. Dltolmr' Frenei Frble oand Key. American First Clas Book. Colbutr's First Lessons on Arthnmetie Dtbettflut andt Jonas'o Complete Treatise on the ohale art of Distillation andl Rerti cotian. tew edition, translanted tid revied hv JobL Shcrida. AL-s-A few copies of Bllwer'sa Btien: the Last of the Tribunes. For sale iy nit WV. MciKEAN, Common o l. T II.t IIItN'S PARAI)ISE LOST wilh illustiationi Fioi'eon's bhemtIles of Ryoli, orplmtroits of th aplin iart ill fimal enaractere ia Lord BIron'o Poems. En re raved from oriiial paintinga by emilnent artists. with r- Finder's hlmdtsc, t ilust' 'a o tr a thibl-. ene." i orvl new ti tualrest renharkis ples nantinnde i in th:e Old oad New Tesatimclte, from fioishec drawingl, he made from original sk. eltes taken on the spot. ig HIalmth's Gallery of British FRngravnih,. r IThe Gallery iof Modern British Artit.s. The String'of Pearls, a collectimi of first rate entrm e tings. Ilhlstratidls ftl:e Pvases of tle Alps,hy whicnh Italy colnaltnicnatc ivith Frane , r w itzerlan aotid (cr n:any. By William iBrckehnm , F. R. S. menlor of ro, iLt Academy of Fine Artsat Florerce and Rome. The Anglers Soevnir, with illaistrtionls. li A Garland of Love, wreatlet of pleasant flowtere 32g tlhered is the fieldr of English Poces. o Fiisher's Juvenile Scrap-Brook. by Bernard Bar 'a, on. l Te Economv of llnman Life. By Robert Dodhley, , ilutrtecd by rnvrmvines on steel. ry "lie Sitletl i hlis cell repiniig, andI the good that e halencth to aiother, is to hitl an etil." n8 Iirtto's Annattly of Melancholy. 1.eThe Book of GCet. The Poet'saond Artists ofGreet S Britain. Elited by S. C. Hall. T 'the Ilistory of Riie. By G. B. Wveihbah. Trans. d lated by J. C. Hare, A.. 2 vols. J, tIt rec'd and forsale by aT 7 ISOTCIIKIS1, & Co. NEW PUBI.ICAýtWONg. Y .Y AUNT PONTYPOOL, a novel, in 2 val 1. umes. * The Devoted, hv the anthoreas of "The Disinlerited," "Flirttnion," &c. in o voas. SThe oAdentures of a Gento/ean in sea h of a Ilorse, with nuneerotls wood cuts. itCaioperdoxn; or News Irmn. Or Neiglorhonod: ie ing sketclhes by the author atl "Outr Neighborlhood," &r in I vol. SRussia nd the Rusians; or a journey to St rPetere. htirg and Moscow, throntu Coalted anlld .itn ini, with calmaiteristic sketchen of thie pople, by Leight Ritchle, fq. utlhor of Turner's Annnal Tour," "Schetlerhlandoe'r," ec. n.arrnieo e of the .4reie Land Expedition to tihe mnotll otifhe great F thl ri ert, aid te iug the shores of tile Arctic Ocean, ind thle yearsn tNi, 1834, anl 18.35, by Captia Baclk. St. N. comitnmadler of the erxpedition, illustrated witlh a iai. lout reid and fo r gaS frale ly iWiM f'KEAN, na corner Cainmp and Common sts. IiE I sucibs lin rrrerivl pet retit ti aruinl, Sand offer for sale IIoeton iron ttootp.av nailo, wintee etrained Stcrnl Oil, Fall ,trained dorfidrlld wtale oal do rseantinail a of cedar anod wormltuiOd, roll Blrimtonet,l Sntaiitll.icteiled ''ohliceo ofrvrinist qualilietlttcrm enia dile, Tallow dlo Sweet ChlI:ollte, Spanishl in srmill hox es, soft shell Alnmo.d, Cruile Salt Piter, etiprier arti. tile, Ponger silk lidkf't, rich pattersl, 7-1, nlt .4 blaock doe ohetingt, 7-8 a.d 4-4 I.owell cottons ,Lanwrence anil Appleton 4-4 brown olteetilgs sitabhtle fir the Menitan market, superior Ruessli brown sheetinge, Raven'se dtck, Bell's celebrated pe Ste olacking, Norntoso's do Streven' patent balances, nall size, Iplaying canrds if varial sqiali ties, a good alsirtliilcit of seanisnabihle clllming, hats and lshoes--20 cseso puarasols and ulnbrellas, rich patterns ant latest fashionll. m'S 5II111D. F, VOSE & Co 184 Magnzinaie At Sh'AFONT'A 7 ('amnp Sitret, lins on hand nitd dnofferiorsole 1001 Ittlian bhhl dry Sali,_ta wine. 200 qr casks do ioIn 30 qr casks Gonari do, 50 do Liisbonr tio, 6 if pipas Madeiria. do Si I qr asks do,6 olre eighth do de ' t dozen do do, 30 tdo Gotcin wine,301 do port .Io 40 do old Htnrguuldy, 30 hfitpipes Iondon dock hronidv, 10 pip.s Catholnia red wine, 10 qoreask do, '0 tf pipel.ia. deira wine, 5i do Medimterranan red wine, 30 qr casks Sicily Madeira wine, 2 'aiko, 29 tloz Llondon porter pints; 50 sacks sofl halllei oltolod, 50 bIones shelled alnondsl, easces liqaiorl'e aste, 8 cerollta Caraceas ini dige, 4 eases gum Arabid, 30 cases aetirted picikledfitlh, 20 cases Poilchmli" tet, 50 6tb boxes do, 30 bbhls picle tei odlishi 150 do Potolmc herring, 30 kga Goshen PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPILOVED ESIlTI(LN OF DR. Goldsnmithl's Abridgment of thle llistory of Rotne tI which is prefixed an Intrndurtien to the Stutdy of Roman Ilstory, and a great variety of valuble itler. Imlation oddled througlout the work, on thie Moitlero, Instittions and Atilliitiits of the Ront.atit; with tin ameroa biigrtlthicol anid historicnl Notes; uod qlir. tino fti exntlonilhiuln at tile ittd of each ot'ti'ttm. II lolrtrnted witlh thirtyi engravitng, ot woo], Ity Atherton. PI'ioooc''s Ihpriove Edlition of Sir Gildlsithl's Ilistory oflEingllnd, fnilt the Invasion of Juliha Cietar ti the toeatl of tieorge 2d1i, liih a cc. tinittion to the year 1232. W'itlh qitcrsitiio for exalminotion at the etai of itch rsetioll. leshiis a variety of rvalahle informia tiollin illl rtllhrliou t the work. Coniotilng of tables of i'outt',j|rc. Snte-t'c'igl is til cuineniot prsons. Ctllioii Cxlthltiihryir aoltte. Rt.mliark s on tihe peli ties, maonmrs ind litritnire ritf thie le. An oitlile ot .ile Cuaoitltiuioa, &c. i&c. illucraltcd by uniy engrir GUYs' EIEmeotrrr of ARTtosroti, antd n Anrilneiteiit of Kelitih's New Trentise in ti the UIse of (;llobes. New Americal edition, with alditionos amid impravemeitt, and tn explatili of the astraionicalnl part of the AMe rican Almanac. Just reoeived and for sale iv WM il'KEAN, nov 24 coerter ot Cnip and Comliamn iet HE NEW YORK BOOK OF POETRY, in T one volume, A 'reatise on the Law of Evilene in tihe Cnourt of Equity. lB Ictihard Newcombe Groesxl, E='i. lteports oleae, adjudged in thie Distriet Cocirt f he liUnited State for ilio Easters District of tenills I. vanria. lit Htlanry DI. Gilpin. Jumt received mid t for rate hi WM. ISIKEAN, tilT Coner of Clamtp anti Conmmitnrte. +I.OIl--135 3I.l laidin om tig lteamer Alft lnquia, Sfir -leby G liiRSY. .1 'I RlCltARtU, 'tubacco pnd Saniti teanufmc turer, No. 77, Canm " :rect, New-Orlansas, Swishes to itform Ia s trieeis n ml the publinin general, dinthile i t.(10N preia:aed !o !iaaidt any thli., in thlec shove boliness, ntol bt eonlstntly for ale tle tCollownt, octielcs: SNUFFS. Rose, GCrtman Rgs're, MaolHoy, l"tglish Pri :' lteKgent, I 'amarieon Itppee; Nmelijto ates, lm Iltated, Americlsn gentlemn's, Iloe4rgamn, I!tlmkeat, S lakguard, St. Onma', Curnicon, Paris, FPue iSepmisk, ltalf ourse Rappee, Scotch, antd genuine tooth powder. ' (IOBACCO. Fine cut chcwimg, sweet scented or plain. td Fine cut smotkiag, of various qunlities. re Itib-lrfoot Viriia, Slpanish, k. Te I he almverticles are sil warranted as g d, Ifnet su letoitr to aItythitg of thce kliod insportnnd, end will he laruitabel to dealers ott the most libetltiters. a,nv 4 IHARiDWARE. S2 MAoAZINE STREET, NEW-ORLEANS. OSEPH KNET'PLE, & Co.-lmpprters ofForeign ss nd Dnmeste Hardiware, are receiving from l.a e0 rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct from the nanufac tarers, on extensive assortment of Fatncy and lHeary Ilardware comprising every article in the line which 0 thet offer low. etnntrv Merchants and others are invited to call and k exa.ine their stock which consist, in patu, of table, no h ithser'e, pocket, saddler's and straw knives, plated and it Britania tea osptons, needles, piss, books and eves, aIo Svels and sjades, tongs, shovel, fenders, andirons, Brit Stalia and japaned ware, brtses, blank books and pa t~ er, looking glasses, anils, virces, screw pltes, hands t sledge and nail lanters, stoitbs bellowsv, American and Enrglish hlister,cast, shear, Gertan adl rowlee steel, of plaugh maouis tra ce, ox ad log chain, wonditng, L'tis lt tns and grubb ing boes, Mattoche, pick axes, eorand gascsythltes, Collins, Kings and Simmoas chopping axes, wronglh, horse and cnt nails, cotton and wool d cardo, coffee and corn mills,pllas and plain irmns,olsis e ls, ga n ges, lock, sad, irons, hooks and hinges, gnteus e pistol,,shot, powder and liteor flaskO,plression caps, powdclr.tee,lfsh, brass and bell Metal kettles, gntt, "uob cltent, trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrnps, o m30. r, EW OOD-t0 I I i immons & con are now re s coivig from on tcard ships Yazoo, analt Sadtogs, andbrih Concordia, front New York, a great variety of Sgoods in their line, which together with their formel stock on het.nd, Imkeo tlsir assortment very complete. y Io lolowing compose a part, vie: shell twist, courl,ide, ttak and dressing eontmb, hora do of oial deriptimns, In dia rbbter, silk and worsted elastic garters, oomtnon & - fine elastic suspenders, loco foco and Ltcifer matehes, Seidlit ptowders, powder pullo and boxes, toilet powder, lSe pocket books and wollets, needle books, shell, pearl, i kory and troeco card cases, head ornaments, plan aco e ral heads, necklaces ant negligees, bead ehains, behd necklaccs, cut glass and plain,seed,silver and gilt beads, Bie Ildii lbends, bells and plumeso pistol and large pow der flasks, sllot Ibelts, horme, belt. pocket and diuesling 'a pistols; double and single barrelled gnns. Bowie knives, a, ad dirks. s.eiasrs, soenr, pocketknives, guard chainss in sad ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hiair, tooth, nail,comb, et ,runmb, shoe, Ipate, foor an dtlsting brushes, Cologne, il Florida, lavender, rose aonl haS water, asorted essences, - and extiaoets, Mlocrassr, stea, aOntiqe, and WVard's e it getahle hair oils, seoving nnd toilet soaps ofall dties e criptioos, ladies' and gentlemtes'a desks and dressing easee, hair rieglets, frizetten and braids, plain, fancy and is, sical work boxts, pklin aotd gilt, gurred,coat and n vest buttoas, pearl snd ivory shirt do, shtint sudds, gold e and silver pncil cases, toohpotaks and tweezers,plated .o and gilt lockets, tritiasttre tm,- silver, -broes and steel Is thimbles, hooks and evyes, Ihair pinse, imitation fruit, blk - and irtlink, shc Ilackig, violins anti guitars,ribbed to and plain percussion caps, linen twilne, scentd east lens, gold and sitlver loe and fringe, latter paper, gamne bags, riding whips, walking eanes,playg cards, fine gold, plated anad gilt jtwellry &e. TllIe above, togeter with a great varietvyof oter orti cles are offered at wholesale or retnil on aocumnodatiang tN i. Shell combs repaired. nOYLE io MAY, ttouse, Si ,, asd Ornimeotal t Painters, No 3 Cam tdel street, two doors from Id aaltreet. Imitatiols of tihe following woods and marbles, ex eeutcd iso a rsasterl manner. woons. et5A ,L0. - Mahogany, i Eglyptinn sack and ghld, Ic Oliak, (;slln anti Antic, Pollarn do, Orieotal or verd antlqte, P0 Ctrleld d, Jasper, Curled Maple. Bllood Stone, Birds Eye do, Iorby Granite, S Satin Wood, Potomac, Hair WVood, i)Dov, or Burdello, SYew T'ree,. Itlian White, r CUmonandle or Black Sionat and Blretella, lose Wood, o American Grey, S Asi Wlite Oak, Ae. tc. Gr. Cturled Elm, SSpcimens to ie seen at tie slotp. I'aints, oils, glass, eopal vronids, lte. on hatld and for sale. o 1 NEW DOLEANS SADDLE & IARNESS WAREIIOU&E, No. 30, CORNER CI'STOMO:SE AND CIIARTRES STS S llE Subseribers are now receiving by thle packets J and otheor late arivtlst from New York, in addition to their former stock, a large and hao'some assortment of of Saddlery, making their supply for the season ample and complete-copqrising every kindl and quality of article in their line, among which are - adies' asd Misses' slddles, plain and quilted, ms Gentleman's do plain, Spanish and Creole, Boy's do do do. n Bridles, bridle fillingsane martingales, :n. Saddle bags, double and single, th Valises and nlr~ti.d.riaga, ....... ..... tni..t....:n .r.let I00. Worsted girtlls lad nUs-ilolcs, ed Cotton do do. g, Worsted atll straining webb. Saddle-trees and stirup. lentlhers, Ilolsters amn pistol belts, Best iron traned leather trunks, of assorted sizes, - Bess nail Ibot top do do do Is Cotch, gig snd crop whalpis, Ladalies'and Gentlesen'stwig do, of Plated, brass and Jalpaed coach harness, I)o do do gig do, Do do do barouche do, S Cart beelching, collars, bridles and lines. took H sld Lchai heromes, S Ca harness complete, Skirting, Iarness and band leather, Bridle and top do, t Morocco, leer, sheep andl og skins, Horse blrtsles anld curre co)as, Together with a large assortment of plated, brass and at steel bridle bits, cuarl chains, sttiresps,, spurs, \e of tteir own importation. Also, 8R) Ipdoughs. of King's bluaod, ol assorted sleam, just received finom the nannfal.e orev at Efeleld, Cono. il of whlicl thsey oflrat whotesale n.a retail at tIe lowest prices, and on terms to stilt customers. They will also eoltilne to receive thragsh the yeear, I- by the packets from New York, finesh sallpphles of goels of every- description in their line of business. m4 SMITII, IIBIBBARD & Co. C. II. BANCROFT. c, ITllOLESALE AND IRETAIL DEALER in )'l.ooks, Stationary, Musioal Instruments, Funcy g Articles, Ie. No. 14Camp street, keeps constantly oil hand a large asUortment of Blank hooks, Mops on Istlless, Letter Paper Pscket Maps, Casp do Mantifald writers, Iuled do Pen knives, Folio Post, Desk do I hsnk dio Pocket Book., Commereialodo Wallets, Packet do Note books, Printing Paper, lort lolios, 's pajang do do do w illt Iks, aI)rn. isg d o do do fortravellilg Mharile oa Poitlle wrtiipg desks, Colored do DreI)ssig eases, Cobp insg do Writing ink, black sad red, Morseo do Copyvig do Tissue do Indlelible do hMusic do Ink Powder, black and red P'ks~ isg COrds Colpyig do Visiting do Seolhg Wax Prinins do Wa.ers, Porcelain do Wa'fer stamps, Buank Checks, Card Racks, Check Books, Paper Files, Notes, Card Cases, - Dieais, Porcelain Slates, I Bills of Ecxsange, Paper do 1)o Lsading, Stone do Quills sfevery quality, CIsess men slid boards l'ersvisa Peas, Backgtmmao n do Fmnttalin d" Dsseiaoes, Patenlt .ndhl '. aobber - Cice, Sinika :o IHlssected mop; sillitt's (.ngressdo Globes, Jmoes' Acadenmical do Saudl bexes, Patent l uatused lieserve l'ounee. (;ahlEver Pointed Peacil Piettorea, eases. Pielenrer ..mes, Silver do do I.itlsogralhie Prints, B.aonze Ink atends, Woater Colors, (;:lss do Paint lisexs, Pewter do do brushes kn. e. I Wedgewood do Bronze paper weights, Alao an extensive assortment of standard and st ilsalls neous, law and medieal books. .gent for the folloning Periodicals. Irlsblianm of the Lolndon, Edinburgh, Foreign and F Quarterly Rev'iews. Blackwoodl's Mg, zine; Littell's .ussneum of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. JOHINSON'S Mediral Clhirurirel Review, the Amer isnn Jurist, the New York Slirror, Waldie's select circulating Library, Waldie's Plor Folio, the Penny Magazine, the ltRelublie of Letters, Parley's Magazino. A bindery and blank book mnunfactorv is connected ACKEREl., LIME, &c. 274 bbls. mackeral, no. 1, 2 an .50 halfharrels mnackerl, nos I and 11'29 casks oflime, i0 battles bay, 501100 fIt lno;ber, Landing from brig Ilinablss and fodr nl,hyb JI7 S'FTET.';ON, AVEItY&.lO. I.)O(IBEAIL'S Science of l'enImoanip received,nudd for sale at their permanoent W rits.a Academies No. 8 Cbntrea streer, tNew Orleans, 138 Broadway, Neow York, Dauphine st., Mobil.. It is particularly designed flsr private learner,, and schools, and is calgulsted for persons of all anes. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine I tile Rvstem for themselves. Iessons are given at ach shonnee as may suit the canveninee of all, ndl t celaesss formed in any part of the rite. Ladies wlio prefer it eon receive lessons at their own re. silenees. Per*,ns pavins for one ruro e of lesons are desired b to attend until thley write s snell as tihey wiah. ml DOI.BEAR & BROTFERS. B ROGANS.-Landiog fro barque Drona, 36 eases a men's and boys kip pegged brognas; 10 do Ruretl ti i,, fur n'grossr fr ;a! by I |RltlriC &dls. f-523 ~i- itssaasescss.. B II. SIMMONS & CO are now 5icefn " an hoard ship Orleans. Eaigle, Wsgltlfiider, Poker, Merry Andrew t'rench and Giilan rpa edits; Maok. uansnou Bllar CbcasI i 1-4 and 3- Ianch Bil hiard Balls; 89, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Kaiver, Leather and other travelling Dressing Canes; Bel oPnckt, lloraeian's, and Duelling Pistolkrii nl and singleobarrelled Guns; Game Bsag; Sot Belts; Powder and Pitol Flanks; Dlram BNotdes and Drinking Cups; Perousaion Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Half, Tooth; and Nail Brushes; Orris cad Chlorirao Tooth WVash: 'ooth 'owderTsoilct and Shaving Soaps, in great vn nriet, long leair Braids, Ringlets and rmerittes; Pearl and Cailed Powdeg Emery Bags; Ivory Tub Cushians: Patent Slides or Garters; Gumi Elastic Ssispenders; Powder I'ufon and Boxes; n Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Ear-drops; Waist Iltkles; Braeletsi Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt asd Sliv'red Beads' Indian Beads, Ietlls and Plolms' Shall Twinst Side and Dresiwia Combs; whlichin addition to their former stock ou hand, makes their assortment very complete, and will he sold u. low and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden Combl. jo5-tf 70 Chartres street. li( IO AI S4 l,, ANDtLt iI ' Al. LtOaI1 ANi rr VARIIFTY STORIE, Peo. 1n Camp streetn der Bishopi's Hotel-The mnbasrisers i e: nonw ea'g at tIlheir new stand, an extensive assortsmeit as ertsles ,'i their tine, comprising every variety of Combs, lrs'oen, T Pefilmry, ioking Glasses, P'laying Cards anel a i- laroge number of Fancy articls. lThe followice sa c- pitt a deseilption: S COiM S---Tortoise lnd Brazilian ligh to ptcsk, im anid carved; do. do. twist, .ong, neca, isf; aide, pIas.e ed and dressing, ivory and i orn; fine tos , dresina g and l moeket combs; hots, teddi.' ani hiss s9mbln; woolen, Sdrsing, fine tooth and peketeon.os. ad APEIl'UMaEY-A genserl assrasl of French l and American Perfonseyn , eonsistins .. s .nrts e seater ain bottles, of all shapes soil sizes; last teer, Florid,, id r tse, orange, lemoi, jessamne, eregamot illerfle ate. ifancy sou s of every desrilptioi; macanl r, antique, sad veretable hair i aind cuit li fluild; chblorine tooth wash, crhooic and cllorite denssciee; seested atplAlin od toilet lmwlder; jimatuo ; prestoM salts, etc. llOBRUSHES-Comprising a great variety of cloth, har, hat, flesh, toos th, il, arniob, shaving, plate, hearth, is- fine sal plain dosting, sweeping, crumb furnature, Aso seruinig and white wash, r horse, shoe aid tanner's po, teooring, pfnt and varilsh brusses, and mast and gruin , l.OKING GLASSFS-Compringuli t it frme o various sizes, 5, o, 0 and I draw toilets; German stti, e- toilet harl oket glsal, nmagnif iog minr o, eta, Ia, YING C Ds-ssglo , Ilutry 8th, Broom, of Highllniter, Spitel Cart., French and white bask Play Iliag Crdos. to FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES--A w e,ri asrtmment of porthie dadk ladies' and gentrlc men's dressiing eses and ladies' work boxes; fanrey bo es of various deseritioms, suitable for the new year sad Christmas' gilts; locket books oi all seri.s sto I - ders, musin-boes, lead peneils, opteryon violinos, tead e, ags and pusrses, it assortment of famncy beads, ompernr a quality bilirud balls, pastean blaekin; bone, hirt, vest all d msspenoder buttons; pearl btttons antI dsrt sthns, m razor stropls; gas aellihes forcreating iglit; Spanish and melee segar sa;lmacon, Paris, rplee and Seotch Ssniffs; an assnrtment of plain si sword sanes; bak s atmon boards; dice, fIhncyreas. optie, Jerbaill cI bhrmonluas, Iciter matches, plan, nseiless pereo.mi e; napl, dtrlking cups, hunting flasks ant game bhggs , steel, silver snd plated spreeles; tlmhblls, twine, eat s* a handsome assrtmrent of engravinga, sml a iage rvarie s. ty .of other articleas, all of which will be solid for low i prsce, bfor sash or nity aeepltanes. Id may 4 REISS D'LANGE. i d SWALN'B CONCENTRATED Id COMPOU'D BSY'RUP OF SARSAPARILLA, sFOR THE CURE OF rI Sf'rfuila,or King's Evil, Chronie Rheunmatim, lb Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bone, Iy free S eases, use of Merury, Spaly Eruptiones, Mereurial and Syplhiliod Af. ie Pimples or Pustules on the fecelon, "i fae, Biles, by an impreM habit of Tetter, body, i-And all disorderis arising from the contaminated state of g the blood, the injudialans use of mercury, dec. F BOM the success that has heretofore attended this eonvenient and active Syrup, it is with the fullest f colnfidence offered to the Medicalo Faculty and saffering Sconmunity, as the most powerful curative agent in the above named diseases, and fir the purification of the blood anid eradicatton of snch complaints as arise from the blood being in a vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared wi the greatest phar.ace.uticl c .re and .accu.rac., ad contains the aetive principle of Sarsaparilla in the most cancsa tinted degree, comibined with other regetabl substlancesr of known efficacy. Thu great des.laretram withl plhyvsieians in being able to exilit a large quantity of Sarsaparilla in a small dosse, has been obtained in this preparation-theby, beitg filly convinced of its mcerits, cofidrently administer it iI the courseof therir practice. Price $1 50 per bottle. Sold only at SWAIN & BROTIIEIR'S drug store, No. II Canal street, where may he had, fresh and genuine, direct from the prur.rie tore, Swaimt's Panacea osid Vermiifuge Potter's Ci.tsoli con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a largs aind general assortment of freshl drugs, emllicals, dc. m4 a A sir Mixtoure, never tails to cnme this molt distres, r aof all dlisa-se, Fever or Feven aid gpe,. This medeeiar is aiive ally admittedl to hav clipstd the t'erletltots of every other mode of tsere tinent, and therefore snupersedes the employment of any I othlerremedly, wherever thie eerRand Ague exists. 'Thei ' tlsperior merits of the ToI'eil Mixtue rreits upon sever t i imlomrtoant qahtles. It is eitirely of a vegetablle Seomlmsitinon, irevcolts relapses of he disease, estab D lislhes a soiiid and Immima)leuit nappliite, Olvlatesostive. aes of thle bowels, land ilvigoldies ld fortifieslile ell tile systen. For sale, wliolesle ansi retail, by tihe agentsi, SWAIN anid UBItO'tFllEtII, lrggists, igi4 No I lI Calel st R.oya College of Plhysicaut, London. r.llE original Vegetable iipeisn 'Utiversl Mledi i. l, p . el.+m1 1- ar it. V-9 l "eq Oltoa|.ir of ea7ry'snmltany, FellUow o niot C(ourt Society, Surgeon to the loyal Union Pension Associatlio, La.utaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and IPelpetual Pupil of GCy's anlt St. Tlthomas's llospitals, Lolnon. This valuable medicinl, tie reSalt of twenty )yeas' experience anld unolmrleled success in the extensive and higihly 1e see.table practice of tlie roplriety, ptr,. nised by the lacilty andl nobility, lnd is now introdhice t, the notice of die American pulhlic, at the earaest so lieitatio itf a lnmber ofgentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelhini nsay step, to check the evils and ,;!e1 cEonsequences arisng from the use of the numerous and dcllterious nostrums toisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated proofs of miaculous eatrs., :nd other frauds, by a set of mieeerenat, upittiledlnt lpretenlers. so totDlytigmorant l tntclical science, tlit it iompossilde the Inoslnitiou delusionn anly longer go down wtitlh the intelligent Speople ol'thliscoatry. 'Ihse pills, nmild a.i ageteatdle itt theit natlue, slhuld he khept in every foomiv in cases of sadden illness, for, by their prompt administotion, Scholera, erlan, , fevers, an other alnrtni complaints, wlhich too often prove thtal, may be speedi Iv cured or prevented. In fact, all those who value good t.eldth, should never he without them. They are sold il pnckcts at 50 cent,, $1 and $'2 eacl by every table druggist, bookseller, and vendnrof nedicte in tlhe United States and the Canadas, witl copious directions, together with testimonials of professional ability from tilhe following emitient lgetlemen: Sit Astley Cooter, J Ahernethy, .Iames Illuidcell, M. I)., WV. Baok, 14. L., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, 14. D., and numerous others. The originals iay be seen ltosession of the General Agent, by wlonm the medlicine is itaported into this rcuntry, and to whomt all applieatioens torgeniels must be made. JNO. IIOLBEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, (fe. For sale by apptintmentc of tihe erigitnal pro rletor. It Swotar L BnOllaTttt, hlttggi.ts, No t11 Canal street, i.eneas Agents far Staluthee at Lotiinan. jtul v J-LLIOT' DIPLOMLALTIC CODE.--The Atueri eu a il plomatic Code, embracing a collection of treaties antd conventions between tihe tUnited States and Foreign Powers, from 1778 to 1831, with ah abstract of importantljtdicinaldecisions, on points connectod with our foreign relations. Also, a cotuise Dlstlomatie Man. al,econtainitg a summary of the law aof ations, from the works of Vicqnefort, Vattel, noartes, WVard, Kent, Story, &c. and otlier Dliplomtic writings on questioes ofinternatinal law--uoefl lor pnlidc tinlstiers and eon suts, and for all others Ihaving official or ecomltercial in-. tercnurse witt foreign nations. By John Elliot, in 2 vols. just received and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, mai Corner of Camp & Comnmon sae. 1ATE PBUIiUI.CA I IO1NSj-iiitiiijin JOtitAL of a residernce at Little Pedlingtnn., or Italy; by Mladnam de Stael; Holstien, translatedl for the Library of Standard Novels; The Po etienal Porsage, by I. EL. American edition, with nu ineros cornrections: in 2 vols. D.iar.t' A.D Yt ..LlEC a' POE.s-new edition: 2 tale Ion od i THn WOkit or JOHiV Dnvurs.-in verse and prose, with a life, by Rev I Mlford: oew edition, complete in 2 ole. Just reeeivel d a for sale by m 12 WV MeKEAN, cor Camp & Commom n sit rI BA : I-.ANIMS.--'Tle subesrihers, agents of the . Republic of Texas in thle United Staten, ae ar e tmrcized to dispose of the Public Lands in Texas, and mScrip is now ready in certilicates of 6i0 acres each. And all acconnts or dehts due by the Reublie, duly audited, can he settled for in scrip, provided the onmounat s not less tlin 640 acrers. JI1 TIHIOMAS TOBY & BROTIIERS. STATIONAICY-Stel Iotas, a complete ansortoent, . onusisnting of Vitndle's perfeetumI, Are plusvdrallrn, Peeryans, extra file, Crow quills, ladies' rubes, Choe-. land's regnla tinc, diamond, elongated, and Fillets, cnpe. I nor French wafers, extra fine red and black sealng wax, patent Egm eloatic, red taper, Rodlger's pen, poc ke.t, and desk knives, erasers, letter stamps, ironze and lacquered itboItatde, paer, weighlts, Iarallel, round and flat rulers, mathematical instruments, back gaunton hoerds, drawing pentils, Bristol boards, and dr.twinog paper, banker'r eases, port folios, pocket baoks, wallets, &e. Just received ntid for sale bt ti IIOTClIKlSS&eo, 24 Clhartnresat N EW BOOKS--A Lody's Gift: or woman as site seeht to he. By Jane K Stanford. Racdaoin Rrecollreclios of the Ilhose of Commnist frin the year 1830 to tie close of 1835. Including per tonal skotclhes of tire Icndiiga mlenadbrs of all parties. Agnes de ,anlofeltd, ant historical tale, by Thomas C Grattan, author of Jamunline of Illland, ll'ighwoys and ew-ayew, &e. in t vol. The Inrnats, biy Rolbert Mndie, aatlhr ofa glide to the eervatiou of tnattr,, & just received anld for sale bhn115 IIOT'CllISS & o, n 4 Charire st / C IA T=I Yf'-I. FREEMAN & CO. NO.3 MA. GAZINE iT., are now reeeiving their sutpplies of fall and wintier clothing, and will coatinue to receive shiptients by rvery placket lthrmughlo t the aenson. T]hey Ihnve on hland, and are now olpning n general assort-. tiieni of file iaid canimon golda, suitable either for the city or conntry trade. As tlheir assortnnent will be large, merchlantns from tile coutnry will find it to their dvauiae to caall ran examina tie goods, oh TRACT R .-. 1 N-i3 U L' 1 -V N at tv. r A montill o tlhe Bavu Frmit, it the head ofS chonno Navigation, State of tliesisslppi; rontaiiingi 400 Acres, emhracing both silde of tlhe river, and on which is a ntldl house. This land is well wooded with live oak, bitrh, pine, etc. The sitiation lo an eligibla m0e for a SAW MILL,. The timber for wlich and for the damn in alreadly cut, and miavy ie erected at a mioderate expese. Its proximity to the citv of New Orleans, the icrtear. ed and ineraaing demand for tianber, is worthy the aitn tinit of any peron ldesirons of embarking in that busi- l e,,tr. Fcr trrm- onikh i ii It1 \ I't.I.tAN, IMethanto ' Exclaing. B lrower & Co H[AYE just ..eiveldat their ForlnisohingWnre-hoese 1 No. i7 canup treet, by recent nrrivals froic Eu rope, and the North, halle additions to their stock of aoful andornamentul hou.ekeeping orticles, which eol leetively (they believe) form au assortmenut more gener al sad complete than is to he found uit any sndilar estau Itshlmct known; consistig.of SILVEI. WAIRE. Colfee lnd tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, candle liks., carp, tumblers and goblets; table and desert forks; I table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and g.avy, or ra goat poonoa sugar tongs; soitr, antce and soup lndes; hatter, fruit, putdding and fit knives; pickle antd desert knives and forks, natkins, ripgs, .e. prinecinlly from Stime moulastoty of tIr B. Gardiner, of mew York, whose long established reputation for the manufactura of silver rare is sulficient guerrantee of its superior PL TED CARE OF SHEFFIELD AND DIR MINGHAM. Tea and colffe urn, tea setts; castors, liquor and cor dial stands; supelrb candlebras, and Epergues with lir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinner or supper table; waters round and oblong, from 8 to 12 inches; beef steak and vegetabse dishes; rich dish covers; cake and bread baskets; decanter stands; mantle and chamber candlesticks; wine stralners; coolers and syphans; decam ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, ta ble, egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and stands, toast races, &e. SILVER ON STEEL WARE. d Table and desert knives, forks and spoons; soup and lsauce ladles; butter and fish knives, cheese seoops, as mlragus tongs, vegetable forks, lte. h JAPANNERY. Fine Gothic Sandwich anI rounld eorne waiters, in Ssetts and single, from 8 to 3t inches; do of papier mache; Sbread, cheese, and knith trays; large upright plate iwarmers; spice, sugar amn cash boxes; pressi.g cases; h Indlia tea tables in nets, coddlies, Japp.tnnud and of rich a tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortment, among which are Astral , Inmps, all bronzed and gilt, and of rich cut glass; mantle lamps do, cI, each plain and with gla peritms; very splentdid cut glass do; breonzed and Japanned side or - bracekt tamps. CHANDELIERS AND HANGING LAMPS. 1 English and French cut glass chandeliers or lustres of $ l0 15 1i, 20iand S4 lights; French broanzed and gilt reeta laulsm 1a , 4 anl 8 lights; hall lamps and Ian lterns, rich bronze host or centr lamps for drawing - rooms, from 1 to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses and wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CANI)LEIBRAS AND VASES. - . Bronzed and marble; bronze and gilt, and all gilt, r with fixtures, etc; eounting house and kitchen clocks; bronzed inkstands, car do; paper weights, thermome Sera, card racrs, eandlesticks etc. SCHlrNA WAREH Ot PORCELAIN. English and French dining desert, ten and coffee ser virs et plain white, gold edge, and very rich lancy styles; splendid toilet setts; water and milk pitchers, Smantle vases; fancy card racks anl baskets. EARTHENWARE. Dining, desert, tea, cowfee,.breakfast and supper setts; a toilet ware; pitchers. Also, Cnaton china dinner setts, etc. CUT GLASS. Decanters, pitchers; claret and colored hock decantres; h bowls, dishes, celery vases, salt standls, sugar bowls, butter tubs, inger basous, tumblers, wine, champaigue, alaret, cordials, lemotade and jelly glasses; fine colored Shosk glases. Also, candle shades. TABLE CUTLERY. Fine Ivory balance handlles, self tip and busk handle knives anmd orks of 51 antd 53 pieces, or by the dozen; ivory lhandle knives only for silver forks; guard and game carvers long slices forroulnd beef, oyster knives, rnt stlcks and picksl sugar catttrs, cork screws, etc. BIIRTTANIA AND BLOCK TIN WARE. f Tea an, coffe settsand urns, with I and 2 faucets, suitable for hotels and steambuhott spoons and ladles; Fvenson dishes with covers, *ysteraor chafing dishes; dish covers, plte heaters, coffee greegs; tea kettles on stands with heaters, egg hoilors, etc. S ANCY IIAIRDWARE. Brass and wire fenders, brassandirons; brass and steel Sshovels andl tongs, ete; copper coal hods and mnutch ket etles; brass spittons, chimney hooks; Jalqinetl, boass and bronze handle hearth blrushes, itacy bellows anti ormob bruslhes; crimping and fluting machines ; umbrella standls, rate footmen for warmnnS plates. KITCHEN FUIINITURE-C-onsistingofiron,, tin, broass,,~ cjeeranud looaeonu areo, heing a collection oft all nterushlssallyrquired ulfornulinary purposes, and in brief almost every aticle wanted by w ouse keepers I can be found in their estalblilhment. :.?Silverasd plated wate rep.ired and repolished as a new. Lamps repairednd rebronuzed dec 31 & HIOLESALE AND RET'I'AILCOMB AND VA Tre RIETY STORE-at the sign of the golden ie- comb,Mo70 Chartres steePt. The subscribers have re li ceived, in addition to theirprevious stock on hand, a full al and complete assortnment of articles in their line; viz: combhs, perflumery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, fancy articles,&c. comnsisting in Iart as follows: COlIS--tortise shell, wronflit and plain tuck,twist, ai qailled back, long round, dressing, side puff, curl anl neck, Brazilian conbs of every description nmongst pl which are some Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every Sdascription, Item, dressing and packet, together with a ae general anoertment ofFrenn h slemt A rican. me PERFUMERY-Cologne, I.avender, Florido, honey, er bay, rose, and orange flower wafers of every size and dee. aenption, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bcrgaullot, It laney soaps ofall kinds, shnvilg do in cakes nnd pots, e- cream sounpdo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, hears nl n-n mm- tiquedo. Preston's selclling calll, pltin and perfumed he toiletpowder,pearl powder, pollerpnlls and bfxves p, matmm in pots and rolls,orrms and chlorine tooth wash and omwdemo with a general assortment of JEn WELLKY-one .ftrhe latest nnd most fashliona i- mle setts, consisting of white and red conlelian, topaor m of jet eardrops, set in fllagree, Ibreast i,ns ofa crep ..p or-.r. mmnm o. mntmmoUmmmal,.l git0 and sy.sihcaes silverthimbles, silver nd gold pt soils and gnard chains er BRUSIIES--Clnth, hair, dal t[, erunml,henrth,floor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and wlitewnlsh I,rushelcs. LOOKING GLASSES--German statia ond toilet S lases, magnifying and French dresan ilassrs, lo ilome e do, with a oarit'iv of other kinds not eonmnerated. S FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-Frenchl ml and American portnble deks mlld dressinr cases, come - very rich ntl finely finished ladies work bh.lens md dres sin g ealses, with and without music, mumsical bnoxes, Ae -eordians of various kinds, violitms and guitrs, silver md, plated pencils and lead,wmld pencils for narpenters old rs c yona,tmontle clocks,gns and pistols with and without olumases pal.- *mo, Feanpi peer.oiona cap chlrger, inipl e f ecruwm rivers, shot belts,igCme hags, paste hlamkimg, toy Sten setts, Idian beds of every kinda , bells and lmes a flne and eamnon knives, razorrs and oissors, thimbles, ut needles, is, silver plated, steel ld enncomon iet. e le, pocet ooks nd wallets of arion kinds, vitimg cardsTand card eases, playing carids of French, tierntan and Ameriecan mannmfiatre , dollet , imsitation fruit, snoff boxes, prints of various kinds SaUllders' I'oleroy's, En merson's, Ilillmnn's and Ilawkin's razor straps and Smetallie Iloneo, irks, rmey bhecd necklnoes, do with nor d dmps,toy watches, enrlr blttons, iowder flasks, eu and plami ll bheds, gilt and silver do, guns elastic suspRen dlers, and garters, pDlain and sword canes, barekgauonm Sboards, dlice, optical viennes, jeawsllnrps, locofoco matot e seand dirinkig cups, with a great vnrietv/ofetler arti " le", all ofwhm:h will he sold for cash or city aceeptan. Sees on 12 months credit. B II SIMIMONS, & co. d4 70 Cdlartraoet. NEW BOOKS--Coati, the I)iscanrdd, with ther S Tales and Fancies, by Hlenry F. Cherley, in 2 Svolumes. Sn Come! sweet music Ioat a smoart And a balm for every It-arC" The Last day of Pompeii, in one volame-nniformo edition ThIe Armlet, for 1838. Just received a dor sale by iJan 22 IIOTCHKISS & Co, 24 Chartres at. STATEOF LOUISIANA--Parilt of Oichmita. u TICE is hmereby given to omm, reislent orwners and proprietotrofladlole scianlly to Daniel \V Cox, IHenry I umner, or to any otter person or personn, wllat it mnrayordot concertn, thee leirha executors, mmlill istr a and assigns, in pursuance of fve several or dinanees of the Police Jury of said parish, passed and ap roved on the 15th of Jily, 1335; tie lkth September, 1835; tie 8th Julv,3i, iand thet 5111 of) Dec. 1836; and ofthe 7th Fell. 1137; and further, in pursuance of tihe different sections of an act tossed at the 2ml session ofm a the lt Leagislature of the '1 erritory of Orleans, entitled5 atm art "relative to Roads snd Levees, and tle Police of Cattle," approved Gth of April, 1807; and lof the slot, 'ld, f and lid, aeetmns of an act passed at tle lot session of the 7t11 Legislature of tle state of Lonisiaua, entitled an act I I "alpJtlementary to thle several acts relative to Roads and a.evee," approved Feb 18th, 18325.--'hot tmm'es tlie roade nmnd other works, ns ordained by the said Po lice Jury,and in pmursuance to laws, slmll lie worked and completed, as tile ordinance or ordimnatces of said polieeJury, inpursuance to lawsdireet, mn mer befnor the let ofjaly, A D 11137, tlhat the samen will be dom Sat theehargc andexpenea ofsnid non resident proprie tor, and that property snlffiiemnt will he seized and sold, to satisfy the expensesra thus occasioned. LEWISr F ILAr;Y, m7 Parish Jnidg. 4 : -- ETAT DE LA LOUISIANA-Paroissc du Ounchita. Avis. Eat par Ie prison' donne it lout proyrrietaoee f.mier f non resident, apecialcmeat a I)mnmel \V. Coxe, Ilenry Turner, on a tout antme personne ot pireonnes qtu alas peut Comeoeser leur: peritetrs Executeure Almiinis tratuers, ou nyunt eallst, suivnnt 5 diverses ordonmantces du Juri de Solui de In ditte I'aroisse, lasseet approutve I 15 de Juillet 1835 le 15 dle Septembre 1335 le 8 Juillett 1836 IS 5 dte Decembre 1886 le 7 Fierier 1887, et de Io suivamt lea diverses sectiou d'ut acte passe inr ne session de la hme legilaturo du terr'tuet d'Or leanes, Intitule acts relalif anx emenlins et loves, et ala Im Police dea animaux apprluve Ile 6 Avrel 180. Et deln Irne, ,t 3me. Section d'un actepasse ale re ses siondela7mm Lmgislature e I.etat do lo Ia.oisiana intitlle aete aupplementuiro dlx dlivers actes reletifs oux hie- i ainas t lemen approuve le 8 Fevrier 1825 A moinso qua lea chemins et aUtris truveux qui sennt ordonnesu par l dit Jure de Police suivant la LoLi; qle le ditout trauvnox soient exeentesmet fit seloul Iordmonnane, at lee ordonnandes dm dit Ju rn de solue em comfnrmlmite oyes5 la Loi avsent an Ile min de Juillet 1837, ;mtle leo dits L travaux seront exeeutees a Ia elargo et max frix dies dits non reaidents pruperntsirers, et qua mies proprietes suffirsents serond smisies et velldus pour paveto Is froix ecnasrionna pour leo dits hcmelims ct travaux,. Le 0I Faerier,11U37. m7 LEWIS F. LAMY, Juge de Paroisse. ------------ .._ it A DISCOURSE on the Life nd Character of the C Ilon. George Mathewe, late presidling judge oftihe Surpreme Court of the StaIte of Louisiana, bt the limt. Chlarhl Wutts,at thIe request of tile lmembers of rhe bor of NewOrleans. Just publis ied ond fiGroale by f25 BENJ'N LEVY. O RANGE FLO\VWEI1 ROSE WATER-Ihi cantis lers of flve galmons mciml, anld in boxes curtmin - ing eael otne doz. small bottle, ree'd from Mars lies. For aolemy H. IIONNIABEL, f12 Tlmouppitlns street. S0ST OR STOI.EN-A liberal reward will lihe giv en for th recovery ofn a Pocket Book with its c.n. tents, that was taken or dropped from my po ket on Sundayevenling last, whlile i the crowd asistlng to putp t out the fire in Camp street. 'The pocket hook isu :on-t mlon or large pila, unblaeked leather, withl the mamte of Wmn. B. Bridges writtet on i in two ar Umore places, contoining nmneruml papers of itportanee to tile own er. Apply ntthe True Amriean office. Ir .3 WM. B. BRIDGES, so . I( thee'nl' rn'rhentli f, crotillaorkilngsevil,gontt, setatiro or hill ,at, int lient cancers, suralt them , s iiollilit o d 0nrcl' a ilisearse, parhiculurly ulcers and Ipaililafluections elfthe bones, ulce.eledithroat a^'! nosn trils, ulcers of every disir's 1tion, l ver so:'es, and Internal ubsenssB. listluls, tiles, scaldl hlead, scurvy, biles, clano nie solseyes, eiselis.,hlothes, alnll every varity ol'cEu tnncona afnectiow, chronic Ciatar1rh, head aLehe proceed iog from n ay a ri ithumor, pain il the stomach aod dysr inepla p'oeeillng .ro m variation, afl'ctics of the liVer, chronic uitammotion of the kidneys, and generl decbili ty coausd hy a tolpidc:iloln of the vessels nfthe skill It is sineilinrly enficacious ins reovartiO. those eonstitutions which hinve htes blerori l down hy injudicious tceatmenet, juvenile ilrreguhrities. In general terms, it is recom mrnded ial n those dliseass wlieh arise froim imnmrities of (tl blood, or ittitatiol of the humors, of whatever nlame or killl. Some of tie above emplonitsmaym require some tri fliog sisntat applications, whlich theirnumstnnanes of tile ease will dictate;but for na enael reimdedy or lnrifieatosr tor emoce ieteioser, tahe INhDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be lfo.d suflicient. TO TtilE P'UBLIC. Hlow tre it is, that modern PhysicianS, hli their am bition to excel in their professio; explolre the vast fields of science by tle aid ofehemistry, and seek out siew rem medial cgents; in sllot, to arine at perfectiol in the praetice by mnseor of art alon, e eotiely overlook aont neglect, as beneath tlheir ntile, tihe rich and bounteons stores ofmedeiine, wnlich thle Almnighltly has teo.led t spiring out of the earth in every clinme! Andtiow muhl more it that e isitat lie the Amerioan Plhyicin looks to fnreign eountries for mail)y of his most common and necessaruy articlres, iperietolly chonging as they ore at the dictates fl'fashaio o folly, lie is smeiltid med in his own Euntiry with an enllless profusiotn f medieal plants, solficint to answlerany indliation i dlisease or to cure any curable disnlltr hslilr vet ie is ignleillit ofthelir vilr tuoes, slni they arse asuofedn to haste thei o hcalBg on the dleset air.' Thre flets of vegetahle mndicines upon the system are temtionry--those of iae.rnlst losting. l'he former ex ert their eflects antd ass off-the bltter, mercury in lar tieuler, oet chemiceally pon thile solids, decomposing tle bones and ondermiiing the eolostitution by a slow and solre diestriuction. T'he coogeniollity, ethiciney and SAFETY ofvegeta hile remedlies over aital, may be estimated b colntmst ingthe ancielt praetice withthee modern; or, is brin g ii moreimmediately so:ler ollr oRni otsiornvtion, thleIrni an practice with thlit of the whites. Who, in Amh eicm, has not known o hearld of repeated iastances wherein some deerepidl, unpretending femole Italian, by means of her simple remedies alone, has afnieted lthe most rapid and astonishinx etlres, atoer thie pMateira Mnedis of tile common ittactice. rilrected in tile most ikilfiul mansner, has foiled c And whino has not een strprised at the eom parativeease and elcility with whlich t tile Indian fr'ee him sell from any tlisrse; snd at the almost total abstilence ofelroniedi isease ammng themn Who has cever heardl oi an ndian willh a coinstittiln broken oal Istltled by illtlesatint! o A:d can a dmbti exist tiia this haply ex emn tion of the savage from most of tie ills which tihe flesh ofman irs oirto, is chiefly owin to malrte genla ned s.fe remedies whichl he emplolys? his asrImholl it gdifferene in success, is a fdir exemitllfcatios of the fiflite superiority of the simple nod sile means of cure which Gaod bs created for thie benefit of his hildren, over those which the plnide and the art of atn live its vented. From a long residenee amontg a inr tion oftheaborigin al isnabitintsof th iseonnllry, iun n t intimate amlumin tanse with the methlds of eire of sone of their monst successful plly etitioners, the prlolietor of 'The Ind(li's t'nonaed ,'smedaired it knowleitge of somne of the most iowerfilond favoriter medies. From thes e hea elected semh as were most efiaPiols tlld oppropr'inates, oan anfter various experiments to test their principles and strengtlh, lie has eombined them in thie fani here ipreseited, is tihe most perlt et suit beneficial for the poipose for which it is reolnnlmendedo The roprlietor ofLersthlis preparation to the public, with the conseinaslns s thlat ie is pheing witliintlleir' sea, Sremedy ea able ofrelievintg mreny of Idis nfllilet fel low beiags, who are sflerur iigthader the various hronic atotd ostilnae coieaints to which it is olpleable. mJo euch it will prove of icaleoulale valie, as tle rgmeans, lted in ioalliy ases, tihe l oily f n elievLiug tiein sf liriaigs atal iestoriiIg them onle mae e to hlrolm d Iiai piness. 'f'hiss notiolhs dil s tl lcemaelion remedy, t itt may per chanrece tes ,idty gold writh alny others Ilow in use, buti as onle whichie is mable of aaiing life in mnnny extreme eases iici ll ti iliiie iInll.itii r iesfaul . fllhisit has dolne relpatrdly; als this is the reltailtin ithos ob tained wheresc" ittins been introdlueed. It is oiilv about three years since iis preparattiln was preseuted to the/ii Jilic: kilt ill llt short space of tile, soatmetihtlntictf iilersoni s tnilii'blie l'ioiiiiii, wlho woeldi solemnly delclre thati they believed that thehr lives were saved It it, calt ininosi.iti ses tiIcr they Ihd triled many and perhaps ell tIle cortiiiiin iieiitrudies in vain. Whirr ever it is knllowiti israitdli iomitig into tmn', ant this laff'ordlstlhenost subsltlitali el eotil ilting proof of its merits. Thle valie if thie I't:tles i monst conspiconts ill those lolng stllling allitl sylliilitie llol scrofulous afl c'tions which have dcfied all oher r.nredis ald p)arliUticularly ill those eoasta . hers e ilr-ryelv Ihits bhlrn sat h1:n isa Iy used as to ciise U istIlrssilg 'ao illisll Il'I)Ies nodeitt s, merEt rial ulceles,$ delraliullltlil onfthllc ligistiie rialai, Cte. ''These it endletel .loeir atlrs, odl i ill asete it entire ly eli'dientes lir tilecscs itdi cih.ets of erllTeclilu, repi votes tlhe eoitsilttioll, antl leua'sl the lntieit siiitl and well. li .iilrt latism ond illslecieteli soe tlhroat, it Ihp)y ef l iets tre not lens o.L)Illcnlt, giving E3floi inine dilte relief. t 'ltaken in p.oper doses, theldlin:'s Panacea operates as aa alternative ll dletergent; a Il dilphoretie, diutrtie, - ad laxatives, all nnlt-spa:smolic llad anodlne; alnd inl Sl'aoper elses, sastlomalchic and eInenagogale. (ener ally rexp ssed, it illtrese all tile selrelatIons and ex cretionls, giestoe tI the stollnech, and excitLesaclion ill the glands in a itltttiulatr Ianer. From these princi ples itsoplrtitols anly e unerslll ood. Tllisnedicine has breen totnd hita lvlt a'eftl in many atamlgglloa.s alsei . laa. Ilelt0 tr sltellt'1, alld it las Itetl lsedll witlll woIerfll success its a Sl llg'atml a Fall )Pu rifler, by those w hottre solJect to cotlitlints of the chest, a andi whoe otlloitulliltrt tl irete new igor. i hl a lltr stnlls will do well luse t vo or thlllree l.ths i small do-bt tse. W'llle,,tTr a dlit litaink is oensid.lerd necesslary, e this PIutIers, taIke in a small dose; Cill answer all its purpose, ill much less time, at less expense, anl in a tla ar nmoe agrfL le lnailtter thlan thIe comlln, dlet diink. 'eThe fallamwing clrtificates, out of Ittudrecs similar, - Mhidh might he plrocured are given to show ih,. effect of tllhe lho' ' t i tleiaa laaraa lalarllu Cltttlltahtat ltreh;t iMnt hIed;and a tlso to exhibit it, tihe tlmst satiofatory unatner itSSa'al'"'iittily o\el the 'syrlp itl eOnunon use. CASES iOF' IIIIEU2A'I'ISM. tCIanLtoSTO.'r, Nov. 15, 1832. Dur'ing the last witler and spl'itg, I wtas ailicted with a very severe and distressni g . I ullntlism, occasioned by expu nl Stll ibad weabther. 1 lul takt,.l'gtat plleaslre inI statittg, latt six bllottls ofllthe llllilallt' l)atat"t'a, rLstared i. to lel at.ct llah, anld I conllidently rrco.Olllend it to Sall sionilarly alitiateta. JOHN FEI(GUSON, Kitngst. CIIAnaLSTrro, March 27,1832. r I was seized about three vears since, with a dlislressing rheulmatism, caused b ttknllga stCrle col llile Iunder the inluenecof a rtrclltry, aml which Ihas dlsabled me liotm business nearly et ae since. Dltring this period I have bena it patient in the MIa'ine t lt sittal, in lthis city, upwardsla ot Iur nlolttls, and nearly the saueo length of time in the BIaltimore Hospital, nial tried almost evea, remedy, with little benetr. Ott the 16lh of February last. at that time searcely able to move alout pllon erateh r es, I eolleneed the use of' Indian's I'Panacea. lo one smonth I found Ityselfrettitelt fi'eed from pain, and am now happy to state that I eont.dlCr myselft perfl.ctly well. WVA. 'I'UI..IELt, 1l Markat at. CASES OF SCIROFUILOUS ULCERS NEW YonKt, Sept. 10,1830. This may Eertify that in the fall oft 1825, 1 was seized with a swellitlgi n my ne.k andlhfaee, which afterwnards ulcertate atd d became large ghastly ulcers is my neck. Alier tIyillg seratl physiCians tot no dtanttge, 1 went to Philadelphta, ttd plattced ty sell' nder the care of Dirs. P'h))sic sad Ileac, , Ihellm, after r'epeated sadivatuons to no eaaeet, I was pronounced utterly incurable. After wards ]leektwenty bottlesofSwailn's Pannacea ndeight bottles of Potter's Catholieon, it iltt o material benefit. Despairingof lile, whicth had now become a blurlhet to te, I returned to nty ipretas in New York, in 1829, andt gave mtyselfup to a lStttering death. Ilearing of the great success of The Itlisan's Panaceaa, hlowever, it eases similar to imy own, I was pIersuaded to try it, as a Istt re. sort. To my great surprase, as well as satisfactiont, I soonfiaount myselfrapidly recover,.g, and upon taking seven bottles, the llcershealtz ll att I became perflectly well in the course ofltwo months, uml have remainle so ever since. I nmake tlhis statemen al wIsh it published fr thlte Itet fol'tt ost are aIotsuIfferting under similar ascrtrllos or alphililic afSetions, that they may know what has eartltone who has tsutlredt every thlling hut death,, and who otboidcrs lia life artodll by the above sy W.M. IIINHAN. Cntsatt.a'ro...luly 12, 1131. I was atflicted, fouryears with lm ulcer in the leg, no. casionally accomnpanied aitll crt.IilelCtotLs inlasmation aold excessive atin in the leg and nmele joint. Several eminent physiciant s exerled thciirkill upon it, but with eut permlnent ttbenefit. In this ease lite bottles of tihe Indian's 'Panaeea mnale a Ierfect clre. IIAItIGAltETl' A WEST, 121 Market st. For sale by IIENItY IIONNAEBIE, druggist, agent for tte tprolrietors, T'ehoupitoulas street. j 1G SPlAIN ILEEVISI'TEI,& &c. - QPAIN REVI 'I'IEI), &c, by thie author of 'Ayear in Spain,' in 2 vols. Trails oftlt.ton halorarler, its genreraly appliceable to the Aburigiuiea of Northl America Iby G Turner, Est, vols. Tlhe Political Grammar, of the United States, or a complete view of the theory tnd prIntttie of the geavral ntd state goverom1nts, with tihe relatins between teml --dedicated atnd dttpttedtI the youag mOen ofth United States, by E 1) Manslaeld, L:sqg. Nisrod Ilauatiay Tours interspersed with eharacter istic alecdotts, stytlgs and doings ofsporlt ieg tco, in cluding notices of tihe principal crack radera olEnglaud, with aualytical contents, and general index of names, 2 Oulntes. Commelatties on IEqzlyt Jorisoerdtence, ts adltill istered in England atl Atl.riaro, bt Jseplt Story, LI. D Ihme, trofeoocr of ainw itst Itatr t Uniersaity, v.ll 1st. Vol. 3 G, Chialy's G rreral Prtlire. Vol. 13Di, Il'ealde/l's Reports. 'The gStaliments of'l'7oocrs, with 12 coloured plates, Loatdott edititoa. ALso-A fitw more copies of Cmtbr's Phrenology," "Rielzi:' III.n'L ,te llrPayar'Ia a i ataalaf oterjfqll0le .r qul ity, wit tltaino, Billiardl ltlstl'2l1-t att 2 1-2 inches, Gillott's improved mletulic Pens,Japaned papers, weights, &c. &c. &r. Just received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. IEVY. EWV l-1OOK-'l-The Ctrattt .\lirelltnay No 3, on taittLni legends of Sp1in. Iy the utlhor of the Sketel llook. 11O'I'CIIKISS & Co, ao 1. 2CChartres st. JOHN 11-OV.------- Saddle, HIarness and iTrunk Manufacturer, and fur nisher of M'titara Eqtuipments of eeery description. No 1I9 I'torlcr'ITOULAS STEE'r. JHAVING in rattploy several Military Workmlen, he1 is reollt to execute wor, illi tIhe abose lie at the shortest notice, tld on tile tmostt raontb tle Oterms. Mlerelntls' nud Pedlars' ackitllg l'runit of every de scription, onstantly on hand, -LOCI TIN, ZIN, &.- ' tmns IBlock ift; 10 Stolls 'lnteo Zinc; 5 tols I'ipe tonso Sheetr Irno; and lt k's Wrought Sti!., int toee atd for sale by o1 LAY'Il'tN & Ct. 33 Leveo at. THE FIAOIDA M TALE CO STIAMBOAT LINj~ -TIROUGHl IN FIVE AND A HAL DAYS. From Mobile (Alabama) to Augasts (p " EAVl S Mobile every5 odler ibhs, iinio n • tL E naiviil or the maill froo New rI nmsY4 steambost EcMiLiNE, to Ilhikoly, coacghes tol' steambots (per l'eonancola I laySt i w o me nciod tahaehie lHi cr andi llny) to Cedar Blus,"; coi,, via Mui Lim,, Chnitdhosseei (forei .y non,) Baihbrlldge, Pillderito. hlwkisville d l le, to Augusta. A pasisegeertaking hisj 5 l bile is in so danger of being thrown out or l ore erence by ottler confllicting itecrests, i .,the IA LINE is but one conllcer, alld Uorole ne thr'mlgllot, ani may rely wrist cOTAoryT ..L. asrivnl iat Augusta in time aspeifiedl, lhromogh lil er and at any sesonol, u.less some i ost unoslls 011 trophlle shloult occur. The Great New Or-eans 1i is lar'ied by this route. T'he Agents Ifr aclae , tion, Tea'nls, Conches ad l Drivers .er not sot tr the southern conotry. The slotlh, hardl, natural roads, the b fe ad uting mater navigation, the time and aceomos-= aflrd thle rveler speed, certainty, eomfo, atnd, ing variety; connected as it were with tile Mail Clhrlestoi, S C. .and the steam iucket, to New Y travelers can rea 1h New Yorik lis'ol New h Ltss Tnitl It .*s--WVasl einton city in I1. i IFroo Chattahoochce, Florlda, we Isve a Lie si Quisey anld Tahllhassee, to 8st Mearsi ,1 oalet colces, asim two Brlanches from Hawbiio one to Milledgeville, ad to Macon, Ili Lhtw0. coaches. STOCKTORS Auat'rTA, s0th Jan. 1835. Office t Maision Hloulse, Mlabile, eDistaneo, New Orleans to Mobile, 5I01nil obloile to Aogista, S4 , Augsta to Clhileslon, 136 6 Chuorlaston to New York, 98"--110 Time, New Orleans to Mobile, 4t hor Mobile to Augusla, 13 , Auguotia to ChaIlea.i.O I 1i Chaoleston to New York $_ oS Maknl g 168 miles .er day. or 7 miles per hour, . io,. sive of allstotilges. . ov0" N. l. I beg leave to inform tie lpusblitha dt brid es over the Clialaleovheswanus amld lar lL' creek lhve just bees omlpletedl 1 t he genetal gass. meot, (the only olistasles oerating iglaita this afe sl selredy roue) are tlia happily rmeovrid; an tlasetim pleasule oflearni g from t.i ellers that the socells,. se s, drivers and roads are of the first oiklr; nd ast It k water route from Pensacola to Ci-dail ll1iff, it bLaim tedl by all who have passed through it to he masun., ill novellies. beauty and safety. lThe nbrilges les (Georgia have also lwereirel.i'l. J M1 C iBAIfJi NArsnie l'uae re Alum. N Al a lwaiys on hand constantly li receiving boes, IBn, Dyes, C Collemal,and P ,ain , g Amerlia n Do rfinedUGS. DYES Antimony, crude, Argols, srd, do regulus, Anouto, Spanish, Ar psowdiered, lette wood, Blron, cruse, Coppecun, Amerisaa, Brimstone, crude, Fustic, Tamplco, do roll, do Cuba, do flower, ido Maine, Birmuth, French L.erries, Castoroil, Indigo, lengal, Cream larStal, do Manilla, { Cantharides, do CarTescas, Gum aloes, do Gay ,mala, doe Alrnlic, Lognood, Ctlonm hy, do noitetida,St Domia > do monaiac, do Jamair a, dao rseonine, Clainmwood, do co al, rough, Madder, ombio, it, do seroies, Nicasevsgi, lonasse, do llo SAsericasn, do Corn, o camphor, crulde, do Ablaronies do do rellned du Hadelr. i do gwitancom, CHEMICALS. dokis n, Acid, nitrous, do n.aastic, do mnavistic, do oauium, sto sulipaurie, dlo ihellsc, Blue vitriol, :,, snrsgol, Calomel, ipp do sants-ue. Corrosinesuimalig do tragacasth, Ctlorimde of lime, nsamboge, Epsom salts, Juniper Ianrris, Aotericazn,l. parcaustie, do ado loreigs , Itrad recipitote , talogneaiai, Englinth, lonuellite ailt, do Asmeican ; Red chromate poash Alanna fake, St carp m Soda, le sorts, Suol ptalsh, Liquorice ball, Sol'or lead, Oil closes, Sinip ziol, dscbssil, Sult quinine. ldob mianot, Turani tare emletic, do peperewait, tltoe, rltad entiaua, Cren, ic ellow, dry, do ipece, dto do is oil, tlo jatips stat grae. , dry, do liquorice, to do so oil, do r rb, E I, LUablOck, English, do senca, do (Germonitown do serpt Kirg, Littrioge, Engtish, do rtailiaitndwoles, dlo Anmerican the do 'Itanpico, Paris white niatgliah, , m nsi, ldo Americasn,, :o carni, Ited lead, Patters, do Cearloaonmia, do e lassityakers, ito coeiusstne, Paos patr i ndry, hadtl - to sae ie Stdn, sto do Amei.a do tficalsgruek, L a .___gla in sc l, Spont, noat-se, o. red ESuglsht a dry, dto fae, Miatt, to Asaaerirsrn Snatilthl, Spanish, do ground inodl, pNine, cende, Vesrauilliors, Chiaaes, , do do refined, rVerdigria, dry, Selsai leaves, Altr, ito gronna pnt, i ao tillo Iadaia, do do rneIaltr Snupl, Windsor, Esnglirsh, 11 Iite end, dery Amerirs a to do American, do English, do Castilf, o o grod iass eils, Quicksilver, Amn warranted pure. d20lo--fian ` J)E.TAL Mleicine, at iT'chtOpitocics a i -.1. Lt . PtLOUGH, Dentist, rerpectfuiyits forms the ublic that lie has preanred, anal will have constantly for sale, tihe following varios Dental Medi, cines, for the diseases and afilictions of the teeth andi egrettable tsad anti-scorbutic tooth powders, opiates, asresieat lotionls, gua,e paste and washes, oeiantalsi. elixer, gargles Ifor re n lmouth and throt, santi-scorhsti tintuaeen, sptirituos water for gangrenous ulcers, sads tihe tictares for tender teeth, aid gum syrup eapreu ly intendedl iorthe nse of Infants when teething. Each of the above medicies ate used for the different manlaies of the teeth and gums, andi with iparticular d rectios iow they are to be Iaseld. (C Also many other articles for thie toilest of th moutht. aclt P IANO FORTES-nThe subscriber hs jaut ree eil a splendid assortment of English German sal Anerican Piano Fortes, viz. rose woidn, pioeal, gnud enbinet, piecoloe, usa grand actihn squanre tianss, fmat R Wornaul & Conllardi (lat Cimenc ti t co,) Lo don, nalus gany: ad ebra roon d quare piano fortsa front A Sceine , lirenna; do from thse celebrated fcto _ ries efJ Chickorinl & en, tostan; Dubois & Barsoa,s Also-Flures, of every description; violins,riolieasel lo,, goitars, lad iUneFts, alhroticte, dnoneoats, hors., tria reasonable terms. II CASEY, nov 24 19 Camp street 1510 GROCERS! T'O (RUCERS!!-The subsril 1 laers wouldinfl s thle rocers of New Orleans the thry bsep conostitly en hand, n large itdpfy of the ben wil te sod at New York pricer. KETCHIUM & LUBBOOK, Deggists, [7IOREIGN ANDI ID)MESTIC HAIRDWARX. a. At.xresnur EsnKItAr & Co. No. 11, ttlsagani 0t., Imtporters aad wholesale dealers it Foreign snd I)onestli HaIrdware , are receiviug from iverpool ad thae Atlantic cities, rsirect from te iauaafetares , ans extensive asouseoareoffanc" nuad laevy IIARDWAARE, comaprising every article isa tihe line. All of whlich they uter low and on aecuaomoating eterms, Couaatry ore, chants ansd others are itvitcd t ciall and exarine their stock; coinsisting in part of Anvils, vices, screw plates, sledge, nail d laed hmom iand and smtith ellaows, trae, on, og aod ait ri r chaingnatabiuag; weeding, td hilling hoesst shit veto I d lpudes, hurse sIaao, toat, wroaght 0n0d cle nails, chppidng, trach, ti ndtt and broad axeon, dtirtag ldatchets and tmnahawks, ivory, aitauk, seftip and abo handle knives anti forks, in eaaplete sets of 51 lad53 pieces, dinating and desert ktnives and forks, ivui, bock, elftip uland bone carving knives osad foks, ipen, pckt attt dirk ksiallves, scissores and oshears, irosn a brnsadlis ktob toek,, Frenlc, stock, closet, ateai, pad, ctaor ad clacnt, till, mtd desk Iekn, iroa ana brautalls, rtchQ lhingos, wood and Ibti screws, single and duable barw farat ad perussion atuiot galon, etsfoh and cut bkre Oe lies, fulr aid half stocked, patent, lblt, holster sI pocket pistols, w"agin boser, Anerican tid gogtis blisterevd teel, cast,eRhear, ad Crawley steels, agnr Tright and black, jock h erenRa Eglihaat d Aec.ilc caatotgn, carn omill, cotton tatd wool crardse, pste blak i fg, iros antd ratr wir urirves, ridairosell, hoe had ani cow hello, ceaate-et, it and Ehill laws, hd, r antiwood sawsn tiware, iron an brassrn fenders,t o1 and sl.ovces, banes unadironsi, Britannia and Jopsiud wares, tea kettles, siauee sad stew ppaa, frvinttgp hrusciac of all kinda, Platner, carpenter's tools, patelt baslne tatd scelyacafe, stationeryGrrGeun goosita 5 emttaery,&c. d COMI AND FANC 1ORE i8 CAIII Ut. I HE cautbscribers in addition to their untcan sart 1 mect have raceireot a searot vriocetytftfaneVyticle uaitabie foe New 'ear and Chriostmasa Gflft, to Inattt' ea'tletn'na ocheilc t ren. h'lia talottting inncta~riptiota Loadis musiicai work boxeoaf vIariaou pntI1a.eatc.nnttt iiae the aaost fahiotauable airs; Ludies pIatin worke ave a large variety; Loitier Tortoise illes, petal,c aad ta' rucaao needite crom Iaandsoanseiv farishedu Ivory nsd 'l'ortouioe tiell souven ira , set with mainilaures aia otekt pualatings; Tortoaise shell, paper and woada tecotfer hatk' eto for eenrti taataes Sptcldid funcy basketo, ricil y, grmented with ctenllethis ia an etirely new Article' a great variety ofuetificial fiawurs for head dreoes sad honnete, boaties Faaaa, mbiaaroiadred money pacnesa Pee faimed caaotaionr, an etegsat toaietaarticle. A omit; e