Newspaper of True American, April 20, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 20, 1837 Page 4
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... . CARL a aire';T a137 Oilsr. hnto bn. cho.a rso lfliy .al apl lio'i ; via . r. 4 o !' (t hh:n nit w it aagit.:ui' vat i . 1 ~ t',: ,u~"r ,, . t- round boutles, uof a su.. rwr Ila,,r. TL'irt ls is to pronur every aurtil-I u, a x ery supli e i ty, a I toaotr orders in.anortuv urge iatoprov'e SIut in kinlmd sIad pattern. V l"Sayt --+%ill cetisit of choiel selectious frolu dlto aati liet ,ry of N. o , Prentiss, fr oln Paris, I.uudo d and China. LUsetas--Prom the a. tmanufactorisc--lsn Ic'l' at.! English; anont the latter, sunprior Toottt Brusher, aa ertstle heretofore oearoe nod difficult to obluin. I* ? ?lt Poczwri Boosit-tUndor this bead will be Sltll a Ispleadid variety of' anid gentleniu's hat Bo tll, Note, Card, Needle Tlhreadl Coe.s. iwcr ; SToc o, Sooralllnsa, &c.-Of the latest ,and of seoprior qaality, eloeisting of plain and tiiild atti, bonbalioie, velvet and cloth Stocks; linen as. plain and fancy, with and without rutle.; &e., s olhpendere made expressly for this . led" Washtngton nSunsitteeiori also' Gunu oiW led and Cotton-nett nh with and without tPantaoona ips, with vimrepringsln a sgreilt ty ofgaletlaeme's ar, msorde expresfle for til ret taia.da, by A. . Vanhorn & Son, of Philadelphie. e -A gesoeal &complete asnortment of Combs, noo' their m.nufactory. Also, English and French le. slgd CoTihe, dc. s tn. o C ts---Frtes the manufactory of Hum drh Bartlett and Ford; Flroonh and German do.; * ardn. &c. &c. h ne above are but a portiio of t'e nrticles rT eieel -which, in additiot to thtir frarer stock, will he e, Il.ow for csh, or citv ee,'eetance. *4 I EEg & D'L.A, N(E. I " ( mi st. itOVEL'-Cyril ThBonlt'o; The Rount Duke; Altn ltatin; Caleb Wilrioam, l)e Vere;; 'he S tonglo; S Evelin: The Svy; Westward Ila;I Hrrv Msntt tam; "'also ofhe (ilauha Spa l; Valih. e lla Iou. gots Canovasi-,0; 'The tnlol Callcdl;tihe Unfor. tritate Mast Night. at Mirse; Specu tiotn; Ilobert Wandall; Watkins 'Tottl'Sketchesn f a Port Town; Randomh Shotes; Elkswautawo,; The Man of [onol; Nuta to rack; Sihepplthrd Lee; Diary ofa I) ssne. -ay, Tales of Olr Neighborhaood; Tihe Iisinlterit. rd Cofsoona ad Crimes ofa Itandon Clsrgimnl; Talon of Faslion nh:l Reality; The Maidleno; Isn. .lesors; Tales of a Phsiciaen; Scamoperdonin; The wth al Sketch Book; Cruise of the ,l ide. 2d Series An .te Grey; Legendo and $,t, ies of Irolani, 'l'ales S' tha Peerage and Peasiuter; Love and Pride; Tularsv Hal; Solmtngnnli; Koingmelark; John Ball and Grother Jonathani; The Amlrican in Eaglaont, Camneholls settlers from Algiers; Mte Anorinls of Mralaonooos; Tales of the Wars aef Aono teo; Gil Blaa; Rodetick Rando: Tile Hitih land t:nt.rlere; Village Bellr; Allen Beck; The Modern Cymoe; Chanoces nld Chll .s; WiVnter in th. West"; ill neehrry (liiier troilk, Htlrrv nad Lucy, by Mies Ed,'n."ortlh; The Pick iick g'lub; Meechante Ole k; Go irgo lanlconllhc; Ion', or the lrm RuKle, Hacry OReardnoo; ,art nod \Wesl The Warlock; in Oar Parilir; Iore; 'The Coon. toss antl Other Talon; Rox:tbd; Gilbert Gurnny; The Litn:voond, Alen 1'racat; Twvelve Moonth Cumpoigt in opain; My Connido Nilholae, ilon cnlas; Pmul Prv' Conic Skhteh Book; Belfo;d Ren.; PnIl IUlric; Miirrhun Collin, T'oet Jones; Paitl Cifrnrd; Eroenae Aran; Dtoererx, Ihen Sit cldon; The Itnlit's Brid.'; lhn terirs of t'Uolpll',, oeittish Chies; lion (Qboixot; 'Thll Illt:larini Brothers. Alo, a variety of lntldard and cil Works fhr aale nv ,3l I' iTCH KISS, ('o. t24 r0ltr, qr. rA Ti OF LOWt dAN -- I'o nitllv,, tas pr' Sent may conertn: Gree.tinc. Know ye, thlat •herea, F lrancois lMelieoirt Bieooonu,a resident of tlhe parish of St Bernard, has applied to one, Octanve S Otonaaueu, ex etlicie, Clerk of the court of Prolhator, in and for the pnrilt of dt Bernard. Iora monition or odver. tisneeat in conformity to the neact of the Legihlnt re of tie State, entitlod "A.o act for tha onorllli e n o' titles of purchasers at jlldicinl anles," approved on tile t4th Mareh, 1811. Notice il horehy given It nal w I iIn iit m y eontere, that by virtue and puh'unait to ie or(ner n.endertd b, tie honoraolotle f Court of Pr.bnt's, i a,. i for the parilh of St Bernard, behrine dte liecetnhe. 14th, 1813, in the matter of the eltocns.ion of Aontmii Rienvens its, granted on the plelition of Fruancois Meli. i) rt Biellvenll. I, the ondrsigned,. arting a' ex officio anutionetr, did on the 27th day of January, 18:3i, at Hewnett's In. chansge, In the city of New Orlean, Olpose for public sale by auotion, thle property heroinofter d scriheed alnd a-idjdi-cated tothe aforesaid Franecos telicourlt Bienve ott, Ite bhein the last and hiyhest bidder, for the price of 'event'-seren thonanld dollars, viz: Oescriplio of prproerly as gies in to he Judicial con seyance. 1at. A Sugarplentation .vithall the hildinye and im provements theraon, situatedl in the parilhl of" St Ber erttr, on the oavenu ax Beiauf, ant hbout ix oiles fron ohe river iiisinipli, meanauring, ei.hteen arpets antid sI toloec front on both nides of tie Baion nn o elinotlf, with a depth of filtv arpeltn on both tide's of said Bacyon bnounld on teie ulper line, and onlloth sides .of sanil Bayou by thie property of thie [tonon Catholic Chorh ulthe pnrili of St Ilernari, and on the lwer l ine alan on bitee idna of soid BIl ol, by thle plantation of Mr G1 N Allard 24. Another tract of land ituanted in snaid prieh he - een the proimrty of the Rtonan Cathlic Chnurch ol :.ta Pari-h of' St Brnsa.d, and tie propnlert of tMrs Juan P,.tz, hlnvoint2l inise annd tere, t feet frot on hoIth -idl,' "if said Bayou anix Ilo-"ufa, with a delltl of lorty or Bnts on both sides of said BIllvo.. 31. Another portion of land sitlnuated on til neorth port of aahil Mavni, between tihe phltnation of MIr Pieirre Jorda, and that of MrJean Snli, havine tw oises and two feet frsat on said Baynu, with a deth1 of fnorty ar pests' 4th. Another portion of land situnted net the sooth 'p-t of the sald Bayou, between the plntaetint of tilhe :said Pierre Jnrda, ll tohat of sail Jena Si, . llvi, . .sn teile frott on said Bnyou, with a doiptl Iof forty al omp ! ? . , A. t e Cattle, hortse, animnsl., and all the mroeable Ierolerty aptlertaninio to said pla lltsteria. Alnd also the 58 fidlowiaS slaves: Moeas 4 years, Martion .2 yeLars, Blr tih 30 oear, Ul|y Jackson 30 Yearn; Buoni 28 vr, tiet -i5 r Wllinm 35 years BIill ,) Dplont 35 earsl, Big notedili 5 yoears, Little Bob 25 years; le 35 years, Tohv 32 Le ar, Little Satmedi 1i years, laae 17 yeari; Will at dm Tore do, Bounapart 15 years, Little Soam I2 yoerto , nilla 16 years, aBoe 60O year, Yazoom I5 years, Sul m:a 9 years, Mary 2 yearsr, Silvie Riekkon 3. years, Illeia Jacksn 30 ode, eith her child 12n nlos old, Iory 30 fIn, Abigail 18 foe, Amelia 25 do. JeoL 50 do, tironc I5 In, Maria 20 do, with her two children, one of Il an tthl aud the other of 6 months, Dolly 20 venro,Ou. iatne 35 years, andt her two ehildren, ons of 3 eelrs & •the othsrof 8 months, Rose 45, lie l8 oveare & Ihr child teyis -5 year, Jttdith 30 yea, anlte l ot r eild .ayeors, Charlotte 30 years, Etty 20 vtear' , f.Annt ttil d, Juan, 18 years, Naney tn years. Cresn 60 vell ar, ere dolIn, Cleo 35 yeee r SMrie 711 yeals; \llria 9i 'earlt -, & he child Marie Lottisa - lyves, Iett lvil to;ts, Kettv 40 sears, I.ittle Rtose 19 yeCars, I'-,' It3 v.c". " Coa litiun. of sale.--'l'llTe Iorhaershale ssuoll n th abti-atito to poy the followin, cuttot to wit: The sum osof35,970 to theo lank of Lotiolnnn, fl the ihe suts of $1,350 to Mr tltlton JteC:I,w,, as tite let aarlh, l83O; and tho auln of $l2,351, on toe Ist lltrchl, J:*. The sum of $2,008 to Mr ie B Macartv, ol tie 30thr of Janoeary,ld36l . end thet balance at oneo,tone, lher and fhrl tvere redt, r in nottes etnloare I a ileton, with sI;ecial mlrtgage uettl utal patmeat. Wherefore, all p..roe wtho nea set tip n, eright, ASi or i on, in an to tthe mril pliontntiol, traet, it laoad,and slavsi above detcroihed, in , thseq A ch e aftiTh nofa"ta:tlite i t'm erel 'r, d'oerte, or jlu.ligt re, r pgilt'd, t osid tdrr t'iiiol the oal wtel., ll.Ist, rt I io,, r. lcity r P or illegality in the apptraisero ts ore .lvertiae marts, il titme or sna.ner of sal e, or fir n nve ntmtlete da dotlwt wkat.-ever, are herehy i;ttel andt ,ldtlt rhied, 1sshs'weanse wiihis thirty dAlvs fromt the liet Iplicn tianof thin monitios is tilt Itu!lie patyros, wly thle sale 4,o tURle ste ofreaid, hntld to, he oirtnoled d llhu *,ssotlsd, agreeably theo l praer of the tlolocer. WVit-,ot my hboal and seal of olfice tllin - dlly of J'et, A. D. 1836, the 60th year of th. illdolpe.nete of America. OCfAVE S. ROUSLr E.I:, Jurle o n'o, itti, elCrk. #lI0PDELL0 Ss \ REViSr. Eltl &e. SPAIN RgVISPITED by thie aithlnrof. "1 ear in -Strain," in 2 vuls- I;tre. ColCerr . a nt.el, Iv the athtr of "Cecil Ilyde," is2 vals,. "Ie Atreses of Patio, and other tales, by thle author ecf "'"hc Flrt rktIs," in 2 vole. Nimrod'sl Htlntlg'l'Tour; ittpetrted with eharncteristie anecdtlotes, sayings and doilttns of Sportin Men including naotices ;ftlh pritltipal crack riers Esngland with antlytical eooltentt andelet ral indre of name, to whichl are added, Niotrod'e (.otters en ridiug to H.snds, in 2 ele. Bet Br.ce, lthe Ilt ,f Nelson'a Agametnnos, Iby Caet. Chlmitr, It. N., Ii tIho afthe "l.ife ofa Sailor," &c. n 2 vls. Commentariesc an equity Jnrtiprndeace, an admit isteredl it IEngland mand America, Iby Joseph Story, I.. 1.. ID. Ovid, train- . laed by Dryden, Pope, Ctreve.,ddison t n oot the:r. in vols. forming No 2I) and 21 of "lIarper'- Ct.~l-te l Lbary." Iofattry ''netie., or mIfos fler the xe1.ise iand manoeurres of the United Otalte hfuoatr,, lb Mljor General Scott, U. S. Army, in 3 tvol. JuIst received and for uale qy I. MtK.AN, 7 corner Ctm t&I ttmoan -t. lslawr'o Phra,,,. A Collectiodn of Conllhltal Phrasese , on eery toepic trip. ,eeoary to nmaintain conversatioe, arroeged underr dimeonthteads, with numerous renalrks on the petclllir Sae.iotgion ansd use of vrriett words. The wlle to aIts eans"ielrably to faeilitatr tile arqisitioi t, af e-ieeet pronaciaion of the Frenchl. 1ly A loielr, a mew edition, reied anti coriretI:d. A eels:tion af. tle hndredl of Perrit'i Tables, ,rr, m-l .nd with t krv, cutaitniti tile text, a litral aId fefiee Sbiu tisa, .awrraked in est:lt a tciumer as tt ptiltt out .the dfoatrence between thle I"rrncrh .nl Ingli-h idi, , , also a fi.lre.) prontnnoitium of tlte Frencth, ..ic l.itl to Iho beat Frenct work, exmton tte sultiat. T . I . tle precede I by a short tetlotise aste eounutd of the Ftearch tntanagre, omoomnred wit's thoese of the Rolish, A Proasotneing Frencll Primer, or tihe t.tlar's Gide .ti the e.tltate pronuneintion and ,.thoeratlhv ef tile Prrtah Iang age, eontsinine its eleolnts aocorlin to the beat uagea, by Bernard lTronchin, lvit rocrivrd and .'fr sa by WM IcKEAN, t (Car Cacap & Cm sais. ?ARPF.R.'S CI. SISCl L ITtBR IIY. ftRACE.translated hv Phillip Francis, D D, withl t tappendix, eontaininl tntrnlatit l of various n,,At. Rleao Jnesone, Cowles, Miltan, Drydno,, Swil Chatterton, 13 Wakefield, Pars.on, *q. and same of the mwre etmitent poets of the S, with tile appenia d f ;uudits trentla t her Omart. in o vls forming volumet 18'a C.lassiesl I.ihrary." " seditina of HUIMPRFP CLINKER, hv T. 91oe di D,. with a memoir ofhe Autthor, hby Tlom or,1 Eq. new editioa, with itlustrations, by Geo. T" 6 "SIPSY; a Tle, by thle althor of "Riehhlilt," lhyadi, "drgedy,'" &E.,t aw editbio, 2 vole complete PR. L [IFOR.n ;ly the ru.hor of "Patlhno, 't~a 'M '' r d '·(e, +lei celtoi IV of she tow e ii #4 1 I o nCosplete ire's. Ju r,'e.uivred asl -l " WN VM ti.KEAN. ffrIth , P Letw CIANILFS, &c.-2-10 B,,e,, IW. hi.u lteea',a Ssaer, 159 ditto New Bedfltd sl a fe, 15I lditto NOantteketilitto; litto 14 Caske eeus ee, 5 Pite. 11 nlf Pileih and 21G Quarter SlMadse Wine. f,r sale bi uS JO pt1 CO.pK-flNE,2 35 ericer-street, IaNR! lIY It ...K & co, Ns a iine r :et, ai 1 : cl lureeivii., firo tt Ihatin ille t lia-, ,M la... sn'! olo.u1I lnhl , f I, g 14 "' ell- one tai l sao "lolocco no is Ito sal slan1lt; io l1ryl-d, alo nil st al aaas elgtInuns o and abrogans; n ea'lemtten best :alitv c:da serll' d shoe., brogans and lack I)owaings; do ealf and Morocco Iackle (-hoes amt braos; do calf, seal a,, iJnvoce". Illtianl sbos and tilamrs, do cal ull, n a d seat Wnl s, t new article; do fine cal, seld u:fl morocco qI:Oter bhots; boys', misnes'amul chilhhe 's (Ig-ed nad seawed b iogni, ulll shoes of exterv quality :u .I .ild. Also a 6elrlt aistllellt oun llwn's slt war aod -.t brogans l ud sloes, tlo~tIger, P ith l+Oiil pai( Ienero qullality, tlusstt bnLn(-pll, nailod intrlIh Sshrink^. ioad eCXpl.sly- forplanataion 'use; a good us lutrlaeatf is, tfua ll ilot ki i russen Iigalllasll, ew w a ic ,:lllll I ll,, l r qaguS u tiu y Of .4l hfr, l'n r Iri quality bLadies' fine .ult seal, maon.,n Mill grain wnelts, and ipump sole shoes; do fline French Ml r i, o all kid run ro'mmd slippers; du roan slhoes, with and without heels; Sscallf., slel and ltOut leather boateesn o Pearunltla saoe. ,,f all k nets ad qualities; In lastil-g !r4algnit an gwiler, ed wel I.xed buoatees. Mises' I..sltfig spring sleshsa brogans. Childre's colored Mnrcocn an dIsting bra. Geutlemcn's finar Ish.nnble black silk hats; do black ::nd dral beaver do of a superior quality; do imitation Itot-nm o; t hbroad and narrow aimn I tllln's ille llrab anld black R .ssin shlort n:led hats, a ne,, article. YoVlte I r:e size ltis of ditl-ln qualities; o idren's. \h4n' asld b:y's black and drab woll hats 1of asinrl sl.lpes, with gelneral assrtmlent of bo.s' anld lmen's sea! caps. Tias asasntment will be replenlishd lll tile arrival of each packes tranm, the sonse asnaed ctics, all of whienl wall be soul oa acoeolmml atlbag termsn. no I--If TENNEIK'S MAlP OF LOUISIANA,&n. &e 4 e NEW MAP oE LoeISIAAN , wita its eanuls, roadsI C ansi dlaisanees, fiom place to ailne, along the stage oad steam boat routes, by lI. S. le aner. MaITCHEL.L'S MIAP OF fHn Un.seD SrATu- s, ntaaiaag the Prinacial T'l'rupike oand eomlaon aaona i,i .ehichn ara giv tile distance ill nilrc froma onle line to alntl er alisote tm course of te canlos anld ril roads ltrough nut tae coalra, cnrcfillv et llelte froln ate lbesl au tleritzis-lpullilld by 135. Augustus la littletl. aIITCla a:.LL a annHAEIoLER'a GUIDE TIIROUGIa TIEe aNITED STATS-a it nlat Of Illte roade, itisances, stennl boat andicanel aroutn, &, jast reei veil an for sale by WV.l M'KEAN, n23 Corner of Camp &n . Con'naon sats NE V PUBLI(tATIONS. Tonles of nay Riii'hblorhood, by the onathor of "T Lhe Colleginlan," in 2 vois. Agnes Ser e, b oe authur of "Ilm e Iaireae," in two S Pohlmees0 Elemenfs if latarrnattoula LAe, wiith a Skacte of tihe listorv ofl the Sagana, ba Ienl'v Wiheatona, L,. . T1i. A Pracliral Tl'reaiseon Locmotir e E,'uiaes upon Ranil l'ays; a work imnde l alao w tban Ctn'lsUtructona, tle moIde X on" tihr, ull tIe efect of' thiin e encillns in eoiavlle e I lo aa &; to Irie P e'alls of n.eiltalin prdtnllee illnlder u v.idtlS e rCIllqlll¢. $ in d eto It Int l cnlities; to delterllllne the qunntilt of filel andt watel it wil al 'lit'e to itx th proIort teona wall• 1antiat lto e nlnlpted itll all- nillrlltioai of ala ngiinie, to ike all ivilln at once tile resllltn of tle fior!nlle, fitllnled plloan a ereat inlly inlew 'i eri u' e,llu a d: uallt , ire Scalp~ in a laily pnractie n the I.verlpol and i slnh vr Rnlilr'av,1 with onioln di+?'rrltt en inelsl mell d c dera' P train, ofearl'ingrs, t, which is sn i t iI at llitenllx, nllow wing- Ibe exprene of eonvP .et.-i aon s by .al,'ot ivb aagiaes oil rlroadi , tllbv Cien vF.ll (G da Pabnlr. Just receivead uit rIr sant by WNi M'KFIAN, a1t Coillrl Of Cauia nail C'lamn I t'ets, lT:'1' re ' l , CI )\ V EltS·IO. ' , ,,.-FC .L,.g I TION tu, of S '1' Coh &tridUge Knninansmarbe, nr Old Timei. in lhe-Ne- Waorld; rbe ing Nas 7 and 8 of tile Uniforla Editum of aualding's W brks. Cloltl, on the Religiosll Stnte of tle CoIllntrv. Whbnlte Fishery; bcilg Nos 26 and 27 of the Bolys and Girls Librarv. JustI received by J12 C H iBANCtoPr 14 Calap as. ' APT tiN 1A1 Y ItlYAT S NE N1OVEgEL, e. J RatlL/in the Rleefer, by the autbllr of Peter Simple in 2 vos. Slimsnigsa, or a Winter at Schloss lln Hi"fliel in Inwer Stvrlia, by Capt:aan Basil IHat, Rlyal Navy, F. R' S., in I no,. Lord Radbb,s, a roennca , unl, Alltn Canninghal,I vol. Sheppard Lee. nwrittiui b)y inluelf, in 2 voIs. SComtapeadiions lisalory af lItaly, t'nnslnated fnon tle original Italan, by Nalthnnie (;reene, ill vol. ftr rada No. 7 otf lltnrper's Fanlii Iibrurv. Vols. l :1 - oa sl a new reanplete auld uniei;ra editina s,'f ll'tashinton Irriut'a Wolrk,. Rogr's ra'reah and ERaish Dir/innars!. in t vol, 3vou. NVuoat's F erach and AS.n/ins/ Dieionulary. Bo.r''s Ielemannq.e l/olrnar'a Key ito ?'la'eh'naqe. tolntaar's Fra'cbh ('n/loqaiil I'Phraes. Iolmnar's F'renbh I.ablras nid Key. n4m'riean irs Clasnns nok. C/hburna'a, Firsl Lesoaunaus on tlrtietct Dlhbenutf'l nanl Jnas's Compile/te Treataisr o Ithe mhonle art of D)iali/lation nad Reelifiaelian, ncw edition, tTrala]tLed and revisedl by Jelin SIeridai. ALsn--.\ iew copis lif Iilavcr' Rienuz the Last of the T'ibuhen. Fiir sale b sal IV. \I1fr51 N\. Cnmmnn -t. bI.lohu Martin. ' , Fil, em's laleiesi o.f "von, or T tanltitn of tia palo aalal femaleeanaanctaeaninLrndl Blanin's Polm. En :'a'led fml a ri'ran lal Iainana a eallinent jltiatn, with •xtraits illataraling ealah "uili.t. Findler's laulslaine illustrnti,,nsof the Bible, consist I1 ov Iiew s of l the noet reorltlr e p]laCes nn aItined i.t Ilae Ctl andl New' l'eanliillet, froan finished l rawingsi, o:'le faluolln c ile sketches l.Uoan tllhe sapot. llath's r allervof B r"itiyh I y:n, rarviue. The Gallery of Moe lran h'iish Artists. The riao Pelsanollection lf lint rate enGrt firil Illustti e I'Paaaes oif he Alps,liv a liich Illyv caeolll, ientl j wilh Frlnnt , Switzerlanlld aid (;Ger anv. By William 1ra.ce Ian F.. It. S. ebatr of i c Acreen of 'ine Artsatt Florerce and ome. The Anler So Tveni., with ilnlustratio. A Gaurladi of love wr!atheda of pleasant flowers eat lered in the liehl of Eg lis l 'oesvr. ishellr's Jiiuvenile Scrap-Brookl. lly Bernaird Bar. o: Ther Eaolnlny of lIoman Life. By 'obert Dodslev, illuatriated Iv l elravo . n s1 t II "lie saiieth in hi, cll repining, oan the gool that lappenet l to anothert is In illh anl e1il." I|airlla's Aiiiaintia ila'i a'lanvnlv. 'I'll Bonk nof(I als. ' le fact'v. and AvtiltsofGrcut Britain. Edited i SC. u. ll. Th'I Ilistory of Raim-. By GC. Bl. Weibnlit. Trans Inled by J. '. linare, A. 1. 2 vols. Just recei and li or sale by a-7 lIO'FC(IlKISS,& Co. NEW 'tI'IiICATII NH. l' AIIN'l 1'ON'riYPOOL, a nfoel, in vol 'inthal)eaoedl, Iv the natlanress if "e'Ia liiilnherited," Ti e ldaintureis ofn (ea nle. ena in tse b rl~f a Iforse wilh n eallll n r a n, ln a iad llts. sklt:e s l tl arae lth lI "(ti (f igbeilloai d," &e Russia arrn' the R.sihns: or a niallrn tl. it PeI'rs m irg It,) i St l Enw, Vha l (ll.h 1 ll;nld n, LVo:i, With rlimm ey (kF ·ri tae ln. )f l ntlive pl'a fle, by l~'ih itolhi, Is.r llh n nr of 'Tun' ll'llers lIl lu l "To lr' aurratian .f ," Itahic Land Etpedito on tthe monuie of the eria I ih river, enad of.'i, tie slines of the1 Arctie Oa ' an, in tii'. ernr 8 I'i8 |, 1:31, i no 1 t;"5, hy Cafplain Ihk. It. NI. cimvaladi r of hl I eea e di tl e , illqrnati d w rith a hap. Just riceiied u'l filivrcnlh .lv V 'aI'i . .N n12 etnrer .' am nCnmia Stsilna. allnl rs l1' tin.'f' eral , l -n IIra ri ofl np val a il ,e i titm ti tl'ai" d il'rllea Ila Fa ll traiied in stil eilal l it ll e eisntailials f ceda r ald Orll lwn , roll erslls io i. dle' Taleav tr Swe ,lnlate, tepanish in talaa bolx aa, ftl shell .Alinuda, ('rde Sailt Pete, n mpnra'r arnti ieii, c'"n-ilk ii f' rich pat'rfia ,7in ia n d ia .r- balat, Appleton --4 r lnaon s lheetisnog saitahla li the Aiimein niraet, SiPerior ' aln. broa n hliectin s, iae'rit, nk, lell's eel'lnted , "lll n n'i 'Rlha kiuie' iac ilkli i s l o teve 's poteno Ialaneos, nao l ,iziii la'i- ii ardi ti variofs qli ics i a goic ontherntw of inden en el tlhiur ts an ultra.--2 t| nar i parasols slid uotue llar, richl att.'rn+ an ill ntent fa hi iol,. m 5 IIRI); E, VOSE & C,, 1R.I Vnlashirlr -t PINt+O:li'-: 11"T\1111, &... I or tat'tl niAbrldanaee of tile Ilaitir- of Itihe lito hile is preflxend lnaintdihter i, to riih dl1y of ROlllll Ia llstnr, and n l.t aariet of .nlruahe lifona oIliiton adlllded i'hlrOllllolt ih weinllk, on tle Mallliersa Institutionas and intiriitira of thy h:ons;; will 1 nlmorolsl bioera hirn l all(]d hii ori'lnl N,,tec; n :l q m.:; tins for exmiratin theon Cd e and o e mli;naeii. It h iitr aitad aith l 'hir 'alln'iravinc i a)f w ire ' b i l' Alherto;. ooielia'a Improved a 'idiii,, ofari Ir ( ih's nttiiir' ofi [iiF alitil frlala tlta' lllvn-iotll f J olilm ('esar t. i th JI 'nthll of tir-l.Ol-e 1d, with a co:nnlliti nlat to the ,ear IO::,2. With IIK stioh fi)r e amilnibn at itu ealenda each sectionh B-idaa n varlety, of" vanluble ilfin'm'a tlroll added throl.hllt thle wrllk. (nitillfg of tables alf l.olllt l) ,ivpral i Sl rc ir,, s elllillh ll /eiti rs nis. lits, aIIILIIaIi nll tr t n liteaiiat'r i if tieagvei. nAlltlial' of the Cioastituikoei,&. &e c.illiaustrited by inmany nug.n C;uiS' EI.Eatltan or Ar.r[aloxnoal atll a Avarilmr.act of Kehllans Neaw 'Treltine a, tihe Use af (;Ibesi. New Aneriia u a dition, with ndditiot n l mt iaproemnts, an a1ts 'l plalion of the at.anaolllial part f' thle Am1e-' ric.a A l Taa Ie,,t. Juat received and for sale ,v W11M M'KEtAN, nao vi cilver of Cnaip a,l4 (iunllalln tt1 Onl v OTlllTle. A "l'renliae ol the l.nw nf Evi.necc il tlhe ('rvirt of P:qairt. t Richard Nlael eweol (, F:-g. Ifeports ife naaadljialdel iln tIhe Din la ('y.urt of the Lnitd Sitntea Inr the Eastern District of I'eanivl. ralia. fly Henry It. Gilpin. Just received aild fr salte by \V.Il. iKl:AN, ian7 Cner ntf Canlp nol Coalnn u : tI. -l..i U LIt-I8b hiIlls landilag rain steamer Algonquin, 1 fiorsale v by IG) RS.Y, 12 14 New l.evne.m 1j-.LO;R--10o iii laaldiag f,.n Ste ,,,R' Selma -I and for aal by JUl.IUL VAIRIN, a1: i23 Pnvdraaa t. pT lOlI K--iult illla iaera, masa po i,,e. . to.vo rihe by t a l3 I.AYt:T & A EI.r,'Nfi, 17f Cmmerea st. CI(iUN-lI'i' nIlt.iE ('.AI, fa.- IR'C - ()TGIIKISe &a Ca,'s (C'oiaini Haoune Caled.raa, - eoarreecld nnd rtvised to le present date fur aile at 24 Chnartres satca Iv a15 IlOTt llli9I? li Ca. -I )fiS F'lg'r-:il li h'lrr-el. pickled k ,i e fil, jist I a received tald for sale tit 79. raviar straet ly ,15 tIliGERT & II. 'r'll'i)RN. -ARI-400 kegs leaf aird, in fao asipcin-nralr,iri ir L sle by B.IGERT & IIAW'rltoN, ' .17' C :raier "t. I h RICIIARDS, Tobacco and Snutf mnnufac i-) tnrer, No. 277, Cin, ,.." et New-Orleane, t ishes t.o cl'n.. ; his I'tlllsn snd thle t ,,blic in general, I't . . .; r pritpna:e'l to ,wi th .l y , 'Iing, in thI. talve business, tllll laso eotnttily for ale tiHt loilowllltg SNUFFS. RBast, German Rappce, M.1acubn.y, English Pii .,*ltegent, Amtriman RaL'ppee; Natc.hito tes, Ilaltated, Anericaan gentltem:an's, Ilertuot, Ihltn llt :appee, Ih'ish tdtlatkgserd, St. nOmar, Clu.caO , Paris, tPutre Srlpishb, Ialf coarse Rapper, Scothel, ald genline tooth powder. TI'OIACCO. line cut chewnlllg, s'tet scented tr pl.din. Fine cut smoking, of various .iullities. Iltib-fpm Virginia, Spanish, kc. 1 Thealbovenrticlsare al warran'ted asg d, fnet sal iapertio any to t g of tlhe kind impttaltcl, aid will be fi'rnished to dealers Oil thle Ieat literal telrllts. In 4 IhAIRDIVARE. 29 M0AGAZINE STREET, NEW-ORlEANS. JTOEPII KNET'PI.E, & Co.-omporters ef Foreig and lDomestic Hardware, are receiving from tt ropemi and the Atlantic Cities, direct from the Aannufac turers, on extensive assonrtment of Fancy and lleavv Htardware comprising every article in the line whliehl, h tly olter low. Countrv Merchants anti others are invited to call pand exaline their stock which consirs, in Ipart, of table, in btcher's, pocket, saddler's and straw knives, plated and Britania tea spoons,needles, pios, hooks and eyes, oln C vels and pades, tonags, shovels, fendlers, andirons, Brit . tanin aedjapaned ware brnshes, blahk baooks and pa iter, looking glasses, anvilo, vices, screw elates, hotd, 'slel d andtnail hannmers, smiths bellows, American and English blister,cast, shear, German and crowley steel, Splagle:h moulda trace, ox and log chain, waeding, Louis tana and grubbing hoes, Mattoeks, pick axes,corn and grass scythes, Collins, Kings and Simoons chopping axes, wrought, horse and cut nnile, cotton and wool cards, coffee and corn mills,plates and plin irons,chis Is els, goges, loeks, aad, irons, tooks and I inages, gons. Spistols, shot, powder andl litltor flask,poreussion caps, powder. ten, fis, brans and bell Metal kettles, gun, g knob chest, trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrups, 'e m30. i EW G.i O S-l3 H Simmons & no tre now r. soeiving from an beard ships Yazoo, and Saratoga, aadb hrii; Concordlia, from New York, a great variety of gtoods I their line, which together with their former stock on l.nd, makes their ansortmeont very complete. SThe tollowing compose a part, viz: ahel ttihte rlot,side, P tork and dressingercombso hrn do otal desreiptioms, In dia rubber, silk andt worsted elastic arters, common &. ine elastic oaspenders, loco ftco nod Lneilbr matches, Seidlitz powdere, owler pffs and boxes, toilet powder, pocket Iooks anod nallets, needle books, shell, pearl, oerv and iioroecn card eases, lead ornaments, plain co cal bdca, ncockltnrs anl necligees, bend cheins,btad necklaces, cut glass and illo inshed,silvrrennd giltbcate, ndilar, eadsc bells antl Iplaens pisto! alt large paw dcr flsks, lshot belts, lhrse, belt. pocket ant duelia pistols; doable and single barrelled eons. Bowie knives, and dints, cissor, shearroclket knives, ceard cois, and ribbons, waist buchkles, loth, hair, tootb, naileol, rllr , ole, Idate, torl aled dtrting brusher, Cologne, Fte ride, lanveder, rose anti bay watcr,ssorted essences, anLd extracts, Maiecensr, heare, antti,lll at Ward's vle etble hnir oils, shaving andel toilet soaps ot ll des criptions, tladies' aot geotletens' rlehts and dressine enatc, hair rieglets lfizeltts antl beiols, plain, fance oand musical work boxes, plain and Ailt,figured,coat and vt-ct bttotos, pearl nod ivory shirt do, shirt studde, gold and silver pct'il eases, toitbpuntoks and tweezers, platoted and tilt lockets, Oiinillture do, silver, rass anidsteel thimles, hooks ani rees, hair pin, initation frait, lk and redink,ehoe blaking, violins ndt goitrno,ribbed nnd plain percoussion caps, lint twine, scented coash. iens, gol and silver lace and fr.nge, Itter paper, gaone bags, riding whips, walking canes,p'loyogeards, rfins gold, laotad nt gilt jbwelluy &e. The above, together with a great variety of other arti cles are offered at wholesale or retail on ancommodnting N Il Shell combs repaired. )lO .E ) .r I MAY, tittier, Sigtn, iett Otrat-l p'aintens, No S Cnatdcele street, two doors from Claeal steret. Imitations of tihe following woods and marbles, x enuted ic a rasterly ma-nler., woNls .EconLEa. A E, Egyptitan htek nalt gohld, W(o)k, CGillt and Antico, t Ctlllel udott Js slel,, Curled Maple, Bilood Stone, it lirts Eye dlo, I Darby tgnite, Satin Wome , Potomae , m Sair Woodl, Iovr e or Bulrdello, Yew Tree, Italiao White, CoLaonandle or Black Siett, l ati Irectelld, flose Wood, Amrittaa Grey, Astl WVlile Oak, I kc, Ik . n t Curld Elme M Sl'ecimers to be seen at the shot,. Paints. oils, glass, atopnl vralesh, t. on oartetll dor sade. SADDLE & HAIRNESS WAREHIIOUSE, No. 3S, CORNER CIo'rTonOISE AND OtoARTRES STS' r IlE Snbserihers tre now rceivinhg by trhe packets 1 all otter late arrivals firom New York, in addition to their former stock, a large b ud haa'some ss! tnmvgt t of Saddlery, making ptheir snpply for tlh season ample atdl eomplete--ootprisng every kinl and qnality ol ar'tile in thei line, amontg thieho are Lties' and, Misses' saddles, plai toa d qnilted, I;eltleman's do laitn, Spanish and Creole, IlBos to do do. Britdlee, brille lillingsanc mritittngales, - Satddle btgs, tdotbleilntd single, V,.lioll .antI iedal Imegs, Ilharssels oand Valencia etpet to. Vrt'osted gir'ths and suasngSles, i Cotton do do. d" Torsted and storaining webb. t Sadeldle-trees atld stir-up leathers, It I Iolsters and pistol )tt lhs, t Best iron fllannel leatlher tnunks, ot assorted sizne c lrass nail boot totp do do dol Coach, gig andl ell,'o whips, ILalics'.ed G(c ttlelcttn'asatwig Io, Platcd, brass aned Japaned coach harnss, IDo do ito gig do, D)o do do blt;ooocne do, Cart Ireeching, collars, brilcs and liners, Ilk andb chain homnes, CL'a ihar''ess ompltlete, I Skittiog, harneas noll bakd leather, It Bridle still top do, Morocco, deer, sheep and hllg skinlls,i mIo4sa brnshes li d clarTy ol l)s, Ttgettlher with a lar'g assortmeltet of platedl, trass atd steel bridle bits, cureltetains, stirr,,ps. altttr, Sr e O o ttt it' own imltortation. Also, 800o Iplolghs of Kitng's cl bhaecd, of assorted slzes, just received from the aont'ac rre at tnfictd, Conn. all of which they ofli'rait wholesale It nsd retail at the lowest tlriees, lid on1 terls to SaI 1c trhey will aoli conttitn to receive thrtte.It tlhe yett, t., b, the tackets 'frmt New York, ifreshal sutples of go.lso oef every dscoripltion in tlheir lile l' Irnsiness. tn m4M 'I'll, IfL'ltlAllt & Ce. t C. 1II.AN;CIROFT. , I I(T I".ESA I -I' A N I IE A II, D E A LX E R in B Hooks, Stationlry, musical lostrlmlnerase, lnac% Arlicles, ke. No. 14Clumllstreet, kiees constantly on ianaul a large assortmelnl of Ilhank Iloike, , lps ono IHollc , I .ltiler Paper oI'lket Mapls, Clp do hAlllaitil writ ers, IhIald do iPen knives, iolio Post, Delk do Ilnk o lllPickei li cks I l ercialdo 'illc. s, PIokl: do Noob, isink.s I'l iiin Paper, Iotn tolo% \'0 rapling nio idos s i ih, locks, Iriai, doi do I do ilo. rvellig 1liirh lic , Portllewrili'gdteks, ICsslors do 1re inc s Cop iig do W'iting ik, lack anlid red, \lrin d d0 Coliy; do l'istne do Indelible do Music do Ink owderi, black indl red Pk' iog Cards Coils Ps iii ig odo bS-(iog Wax Piiinll do WsOirs, lirls l iosllt|,..i,'I Prcelain do Wafelr stamps, Ilnik Checks, Card aIlcks, (ieck Iooks, Pper llllo il ies, osioes, (iosnmrod Cooll's , s 1 :l'ts, ('orctloin Sliaes, Iill+s of II:.-ngel, Papero' do 1)o lasdinlg, SJtone do Quills of ever) qoudity, Chess men foll boards lPeryiicPen'l Hackgemimon do Fountain l" " )ow inoes, allent Ilndia abbs Cice, SIll i,ýks 'o 1)iss ited malis, I;illlnlt e olgrles do (:llets, I de, ,, Itlniiv K,+ l\'riti g cool, IPaI'nt I.mwlted Iteerve Pounce, (i:ld E'r lPinted Pecil lPicture-, cases Picture lilame, silsor do do lithl ogr pic Prints, !.'1 i e I lk tanilds, ll I a lltelr Color , isss de Paclsl-t i oliti s, er do brIushes . Ne. \ iedgeworsol oIn 13rouze palll r weiglits, Al o an extensi ve assortment of standard and loiscelld seoss, laIsw anid medicin hloks. .Rent for the foliloeing Perodicnle. IRepublin sif the Losdon, Edinburgh, Foreign and tisnarterl. Is iewss., Illackwoosdis Slog nine; I.ittell's iueum of Foreign Literatoure, Science and Art,. JOIINSON'S Medical Clirurgicnal Review, the Amer ioan Jurist, the New York Mirror, W\ahlie's selec cisculating library, Waldie's Port Folio the Pensy l neosine, the eub o fh ett o ers, ParIcy' Magazoine. A hindary and blank boootk moanfactory iv rnmo led -I ACKER:CI., L11ME, &re. 1 271 bos kr,1 b r, no'. l.o an il50 tlfasrrelo makeral, nons l and 2 1129 cooks of lime, 00 hitosllco hay, 5000 fli t simber, Loading from brig Riinldo and for sale,y d " T - I ,14 FA R'S s ieonce sif Pen anshIlsis received, and Sfor sale at thleir permanent WVriting Acadenmies No. 8 Chatre slrel, New tl'leanos, 189 Blroadway, Nse Ynork, Dnsphine at., Mobile. It is partiularlI designed for private learners, and schools, aslid is caiculanted for persois ofall ares. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and eanmine the system for themseives. Ie.sons are given at a ch hnuoes as may suit the convenince of all, and to inclasses formed in any pars of the city. .Ladio wsio prefer it can receive lessons at their own re sidences. Pors, ns pavins for one course of lessons are desired to attend until tiley write a0. oell as they wish. ml 1OIlB. A It & Hits 'IIlERS. il R-OiANYS.--1anding from barque flrosn, 36 enses so nleu's and hoys ki0 pegged brssgoan; Ifido Ruo.sett il fir oegroca, fsr sle hb I BRIDGE &tCo. feb72 }-I' Mo1aoezir ot. 11. SI.MMONS &, CO, are nrow rerciveti feo:ar • or board lhil 0elena,. Eagle, liighlender, t'okrr, rJelrv Andheare, l"lro oad Gearanaa hlao card; Back ganllo lairdsn; Cheslmen, 2 1-4 nird 2 3-8f inch ilt ailrtl ias; , , !0 and 12 inch bllade Bowio Knives; I a oltller 'nd rleno nrave'ling rllesing" Caere; ireit. PIclr.e, llorsenla'si, a lad Doulling Pistols; doable andl sinoale barrellhd Guns; G(ame lBaog; Shot Ielirs; 'owder roild I'istol Finlsk; l)rania Bottles anld Drinking (up'.i Perconeion Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, 'Tlootll; ard Nail BruniSa Orra s and CLilorine Tooth WVarte Tooth Powder; 'L'oiler and Sharing donea, in great ven rrir lang Heir iraids, Ringlets tnd Frizettra; Pear; and Toilet Pondai crl arry Snaga; Ivory Tub CUolsion,: Patent lrdes or G(arters; Gumt E!iarie Snspellders; Powder I'l nilnd lBoxes; Gilt Chain,, Seial anrd kevr; Ear-drops; \laiet lBuckles; lTraceletR; Ilead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; ildin BIleards, licrils and I'nlesr Shell Twist; Side and Dression Combs; which,in additi on to their forner stock on hand, nmakes tlleir iassortmenrt very complete, anld will be soli loiw End on liberal terms, at tis alga of the Gollen Conmb. j23-tf 70 Clhartrea street. W ]IIllIIi~l~SALl., AX\Ij |nt: I Atl.. tOtM-]IA-Ž.1 "VAlIrlI'f S'lIOI, .Po. IS Calmp atreer.,ia der Pisholi's lIntel--The auili'ribersa:ot io.n ia."g at their new stand, rail extensive assortment Irtiltes 1 their liae, omprrising erery variety af Coldhs, re l'rfiAmerr, L.ookin. lHnsesr, Playing Cordt snl a large nolibecr of Fiancy articles. The followirnl s. piret a dsceiltion: COMliS-Torlltoisenlnd naf ililn lightopttcek, Irt rald enrdrl'; ll. dlo. twist, long, nilck, Iuft, sine, IporeO nrld dressing, ivory anld hroln fine lIoth, dresresinlg nl rarekel ronlok; holl, relh inlg anti t.retl 'morbs; woodene iireclrsig, flioe toatl aullotpleone on.0. 'Erlb'UMIFIIY--A gencral rassa,.,lnt of French andi Amcricrna Perfaomery, consistin. .. .ltgne watr in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; irndt, ot Florila, rose, onrage, lerm n, jessamine, beegnamo, .dlllerfienri, etc.ifairry sonar of er'CetVr deaaeriitirtarohrenneI i onrd rretanble lair tiil rlll eairlin lltiinl; ehlorine tooth wash, enrhbonie iand ehllorinll denIrllCe; seented lind plain toilet onlwderl; piomnatun; plreston salts, etc. URlTSHES--Compiriling a great variety of elotlh. hair, hlat, flesh, to t, nail, noinb, shaving, Iatel Iearoh, fine and plain dlustinig, sweeIling, crumnb furrlitre, serbbing laid whlite wash, hIorse, shoe and tailler's seolring, paint andr vatnilsh brushers, andl sash ani groin ingl tools of all sizes. LOOKIN(; GLASSES-Comprising gilt frames ol varlios sizes5, ;5, , anlti dcliw toilets: German statia, toilet an pooket gl.las, mnlagifylng mrnior, etra. PI.AYING CAlIDS--Eagle, Ierit.n hib, Ihrocm, tlighlarnder, Spiel Gartenr, French alond ~hrit back Play ing Ciards. SFANCY ANDT VAlIETY AllTICLE.S-A supe roh asstolrtmnrt of ilclrtdlI dersks, laldits' and gentle mnelan's dressi, ers s and ladlires' work Ilxe,.i; fneat box. es nor virrioo llrnolriio, nleiiioallr for rie lie vcar nnr Cllrsimasrrio'gl itlake tlrrks oet all sol'ts; asile . dtrs, mnsic-boxts, ea lelcilsi mayolls, viarlilns, bHed harsrrr Irillnla I t trrrllrraSoi'olirairr o r fa in e , Solillr, rot, tel ld sispeii lr r britrc ; h eail'e r itni s and sirrlririih, egl s riri os nathihnl oritroneathilighto Stih and nmelee segars; inlecnollbul, PariS rap ee and Seotcl sillRs;an aassrtnilrntof plrdir alul antrdl canes; back gllllnrri boards; dice, Illey aretrns, onioes, Jews '1,: s, harmonicas, hIuterl nmathBes, .ills needles, percuss.ion ripes, rinkig ubieg mire, lasaig -flhoks anrl grele bhgS; stkel, silver al laildlte er ester; thinlihls, twille, et., a lindaileni assiortmnt ot'enoler tiillr, anig a ltire van•e ty of otller artiClee, all of 'rllieh willbe sold anIh low priees, fr sor e r a city aneeeptanees. omay 4 iEE S fi l'LANGE. .9W'AhN'S CONCENTRA TED] COMIPOUND SIYRUP OF RARSAPARILLA, Fen TNtE CORlE OP Sirofula or King' Evi, Chironi Rhenuratism, Chronic Cutaaeoua Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, une of aercarey, Sealy Erptions, MererCirial and Sypllilod Af I'iillee or Puotuale, on tire factionis, Tettface, Biles, by a impire halbit of Tatter, body, And oall dirdete arising from the contaminated state of the blood, trinjojdicroun ore of mercuroy, &c. f .Ol tihl succesr that ala hnertfore tternled this "-nonvenienti nnl aetiane Syrp, it io Wilir the fill eet enfideare offered to tile Medeal Fnhrly anih uei rilig oma nity, as the moret powerfil curative agoent n the above nanld diseaseo, anrd for tire pnriridratior of tie biolrl and eradieatton of sec erooiilairnts as arise fror the blood being in a vitiated state. This very corcentrated Syrap is irepareil with tIe greatest rrllacrniacrritil riire rrid arcnrnrrrirv and ortaiis tie ctrive lrriiniple if Sairsaprilla in tin; nost crncan trateo degree, combined iidh other vegetabln substanhres of khnow effiocac. I'ha greot r deindcratt wroirid plrynicioar iia being omle to exhilrit a rnlaee1e iirnit of Sarsnarrilla in a 0 0I1001 dose, ine herri e ltaiined intirirs lirerlrliarii--ther,, being fillly convinced of its mierits, counid ently adiniister it in the couse of thelir iractiicC. Prier ft 50 prr bottle. Soll only at SWAIN & IROTIIEL'iS drua store, No. It Canal atrct, owiralr nray he iharl,rel,e irid gcnirine, direct frIr trhe pr,.ryr tor, S iln's PIaotillr i nr ail Vir uitir., Potter's Cit.iloli co, Car lenrer's Porlririiona uad o lbrg.aid gor ler al osnornnloor of faresr i rlhl, rlieln , &e. rid JaLw . i'ii .l~t ,ri .ioi,irr' hu t--,toi c:1i.i I t;-lls' i-i rorf dlI riur·asese, lllli'lrhiitri it tvero rI. Felelr llrr grre. 'ITlis nr.alerilre is Ila irer rlrv nrdlilitiel to hav tclip"llsed Ite prhini nlS of every oiier mInle of l l.cllt Inen1lt, alnd therletlfllreei I supelrs des thllt elnldoy ent of " n olielr'rnrCrldy, ii litrerrcr thle l revrraIri Agne ex sis. 'Tbhc solielrior mlelils (ioif thie Teicn .ixitre r tii toi l surpo r, Irl irnlaiiant ,Irlatines. It is o ircly of a vigrtile eomiirnrsioll, nirvtllr s irel:lpses of ille ilisease. earll lisbers a soundl~ slid 11ern1lallent a . i~' its, obviates osl i\e. ixess of thle bowFels, alltll illrilor~alts illl ftlllifes tile tL-l) ihre s)stelll. Frl sale, wirlld.elr riire Iocnlril, I;y tile agen.imr, S\VAIN and i 'ltfIlEl, i)iruggiats, ee 24 ,No II, Calliial st io)atl (Colliege of PIlysicalns, London. TI vl a orlal Ve\igetable. Ittgeit iJ'lioersa..t tli t e. s 'tc tllarloced I tV ,hlskin, FuI . M or. 1 ofl the Inral Collaee m tit" turgcns, I.icTrateo of Att the tittl t s t'totlltaV, I'oelhtt of t llolt Court Society, S"tgot Place, uVntrh ipo lBhge, :Ortd Perpetual IPupil of i(;I) s This vahuiale io dic, hle e resul of twenlal y e-it, rs' exle'ience and ulonp glleler sueess ith the extllesi\t itd hitghl i'e lol-ile proo tieo of og thetti pe olif , I ratrn - niscl by tih li.nelt\ wllll nolbfility, nIo is now ilnitro eIIC tolathe uolice tf' ile uibilll illl ]ic, bat te ariC esI So Iieait hrtix t noIlelllrlbol' o encieI n ofO f ndIogll h =l stollingit the llfrolossio. It is ho1led, ana It n.elii tlay stel, to choek the evilst a ndll fita consl r entces arlshtgl rm tile use of tile lillneroloISa elltl Clerios Iosollu llls hoiste l aluon t t h tt t ite li . ill atiebl, ictae I oofs of milaeuloul cureul,tt id etihlritas, l a, set of ilut reciel, , unloril eal iytellles So lll- IWa oi-an oan Sm tllill scillce, it i it inllo osile thi e t lloaiot lonls icl ' s s a y 't llot er !o o ll li l h i h the iti , llogelnl t le oi t hin nty. 'llitl These pill.% mild ,oilotaleg ig eu iothei titspe, hout l be kept -it every la mly' n caes ofluditle ll nesta ti fb theirt, proilt t aldmi stlatioi eliolera, mhs, e pra n slaslr fvllrs, and other r s, I n i complhants, irhlt o Otelat 0un ,el.e Iatli, lntt t'i e spel Iv crlUld Ill'r prlecited. it finct, all tllose whl vlue g oil I.llt, ho d pe pr b, 5r$2ll ell' le h, by h el " ry illCe- sh ruile ih'uggi ltllbonkst lh, lllll Vellhlrd l o f mlitl ieilie iu Ihe h Il Ih, ( aiiis n nih e bai ckll Ihl m'tiois, together t ith t ttintotitt s ofl a 't ess ol i lilif n the ltdtli itg. comtint getltemetn: t Sir Attic Cito at Ahernti hy,hus ii t IIt, .. 1)., po . f kt o i 1 )., .I. Ast.tllon i, A. F'ai ttt ti, 1. I) ae l iIIICd l tllllels. 't' origitattls tmay hel i ' snn toos.tssi lll otflhe (Genraln'L Agcnt, v Jhoml tihe nolldicihd is imhwOled int this (eLlllnl.l, nl 'l to wltzo all1 appldiciOc cto s Ire g eici s iv is he c. in n vo ,INO. llll.lF.ISN, 119 \'ovae, h Place, Na Ytik Stle (;cilla;ll A.allg t ft.r IhII Ltiiltoi Sta sI Ec Falt sivale h o ht t of .Ihe rtiui i prtoa ita lty .twot'As" & iltitt-ati, Ilho.g'i is, Nnt, Ciat si'tue ~il IAi. ll l: I (lll ngll I' e hCO lNt f i -l) Ji tan liilOtouatai Codoe, tnalo'ei' ia" oohy'loin of treante., ind conve.cns betwteei the Unhed Stites ali I". at.n fott 1' 711 to 1831, twitlih io Ihioa't at itittt r ta n ilt ieiaelll eionc on a monls ertlle t n with fur fareitl reiliitlts. Also, a -titoioe l)ilomtatia lttll i11 l oli ini it St ttlllllllalry of a IiO the , lw atioll-, rIon lhe nwori s of'. it i lrl t irl t, ttti lalrititt, \oatrt Ita rten, tlonr , an. d other tilotmat ir wria bing it ll a) .stil ei Jof' iinrt'tocima lalitw--oell n l" publlic liniser illld COl tel'course wilt lirr iall latiM! . MBe JIhnl Ellit, in ' vols. jus.t received and olr sale ly W3. 31'If'+N, i at8 Cotmer otf Clllp i 'Gaollln toinv. T A't'? Pfi'tiit'>f' h'ýtit-rt,' otet-'tsJ totont at' i1 a rentidence nt I.tPeilt flillotin 7 ColTeNNE, ur Itally; bh h adam le S"teel; ~Isi tin, rarilutedo for the L n S illtaondard Novelfs; Tile Pio elical L'assngrs,y Ite I. ,. Amcrican 'ditiol with nll-, inertl s corroc ti1m.i: n o vols. D)R.oKE's AND f'-oLECKo'S POtIsts.-IIPw editio: o vuls hound i T'Itllo'l s oF JOtll.' )itYEt--inl twi and1 prose, rinh a lift-, by Rev I itfiCd: iew edioon, cullllloo in . vol'. Just rceived I tilIh "r at e ' t' le a Repullli of Teons in the Initedl Stitl, are a thnrizdct io distose of cite Public LI.tandl in "'exons aoll Scrilp is now retatd ill certilicns n of i1O oarts eatl At lilt ll aenoulllo o oll ht t dile hy tl it Rliublitt dil nudihed, Cl1 ho settled far in ocrill, praov dd the aillcun a not less than .fil acres. J!11 TIIOMI.\S TOBY & 1R'OTIIr:f. S. T cnnsistinn of Viltdl 'o I.atAnl eps l 'tta Pnervins, iaom ftin. Cottqoi, ldis ,'h- h :j r Fortilch wo',tt. .tr fine d noad Itnolak setin wax, patencum eCaclc, refit opll er; Rodlger's pen, po j ket, ald dltk kttivto, r anirl, let!tr stamps, i hro ze gcr ii lacqueredo iukroatdl, paper wet~, its, arallel, routnd andt I lit rtloer, iatllmalirtal insitrutlllene, hack gnlto u IO oards, tdraw'ilg penrilo , Bristol btat rds t ltl dl-rsu . F ,a-t er, Ibnker's, plrt liditt pokert boohea, witoio, at it.. Juct receix,.dl and fier stle bya II I IO't' . 1K1is ken, dnt r4 C.llroreat o "VLWT BOOKS-A Lady's Gi$ : t 3 wu0iial t aS the - eneht to he. Ily .itle ft Siantfrd.t do'ado ] Raein/lclianit of ithe IIoute of Cnlttttoon frlmi tihe year :1113 to the illtot of t;135t. Ifcludind po I tonal skttehS lit it ll eadlin It elo eroc iI of all pttutie.s. t Atesa doe lntooi'tlt, lin historiln tiale, in v Thahoioas Graittan, autlhor of Jaqatlioo of Ilolland, Ilihhoo- and Fv'aos, &le. in - voIls. si The Im/errnshy Rlohert Ilodin, autholr ofta g udle to Ihi o ervntion oflnatlr', &c jlet reeai.d and hfor sale .hnn,5 I!OTCItf'fISi& r"& O4 Chanrtre at -LiLt Til 110-I. P. FREEMAN & CtO. NO. 3 IMA. - tGi,o tNE ST., ;ire oow receivingtheir osupplies iof falloo and wter clothing, and will conillllne o receivei "hipments by evern packet thrnghout the seaoni. The, C have all band, and are now apening a neraanl nsnsm-i h ment of fine as d c mmnn gonrl, suitable either tir th, city or coUnltrv trade. As their asortretnt will he ione, mercnhants fom Ih( eointry will find it to their dAn tntC' to ll"l ntd P-nmilntilt ' ehttrl.. it . s month of tth Iltvou Frit, tit te hd aftaf thonnro N.nvigation. Sste ofMtlissisaippi; aontaining 400 Acres, emhrainsr both sidea of tlheo river, nd on whih i s 1 tinhll house. l'thihnd itda wetll wooded will live oank, itoch, nin, retc. The iitualtisn is an eliniilh tone for on MAW ILL, lThe ih tilller filla whiuh andi for the d'isi SI alreado lcut, iold oit he eao'ted at a loon.trate txptt nsa to Ils nrotislitv ti lrilt' rit oi New Oiileasn, the nreIeaseln si amlinera inrr delnldlld for ti-nber, is worthy the ilteoo- X tion of any person tinirous of emtbarking in that hori-. co ness.. For termos aplV to It 31 WBLMA.IN, iMerhanss' Exrchange It flrover,, & k o g AYF. jn i ;-eike, t Ill ih ar.lishbil W':n-hant[" rope, : ,Itl se Notly, rt''" : tuld tons to theirh' sok of useliti s ttt t i.u .nn ' ,, sr." e,'reerng artlos, hh h col hectivel) (thie) bloe,.) formll I ushaortent mor'e gener al anl ! .onpell than is to lie tnl itn any siniltalretbo hislcitlt knotIl ; eonlsitin tl of SILVER WVARE. Coflie lnd tea tasts; pitchers, waiters, astolrs, candle stil.s, cupas, tlllirs and gnblcts; table lanll Iest'l forks; tabnkle, nead it ind te soons; marlrow t d ai lvs, or rl altrer, litimi, ln'lInhi io'l d fisl klnives; piekle andl Isert kilrives tnr Ifirks, kl ,tlloI, ti: Ks, & p. lllicipaill froll te aiatlltllatot'vl of 1la It. (f lars, olf New 'r'York, whose long establishedl Ilepinationt for the manullltirull of silver wate Is suliclient gtnarantee of its superior Ilquality. PL'A'l'ED 'AItl: OFli SHEFFIEILD AND 1Il MINCHAM. Tel' and eolfe urtn, ta setts; castors, lilquol and cot dial stands; sutlerb eauillehras, mu El.e;gnos witlit - ror platreax, for centre of the diter ort' s; :lpor tale; walte'is ilround lnud oblontg, from 8 to 12 icltels; eef steak antId vengettl.e lislhes; rich diih covers; eake and lbread baskets; leeouter stands; muantle Intl ch:amber candtlesticks; wine straillert's; coolet's andlllt sphlians; decan ter labels, lorret corks, lea stlainers, taible bulls, ton, t ble. egg aill nustualrd sploons; egg boilers antli stutds, toast tactes, kc. SILVER ON STEEL WAIlE. Table and desertt kllltrs, forks andi spoons; Snop and nnce iadlesl; lltter and fish knives, chieese scoops, as lpaagus tongs, vegoetaitIr forks,, t. .IAI'ANNEIY. Fine Cothlic Sandwich ti 1 rottlnd cornet waiters, in setts and single, liot' 8 to 31 irlt!oes; ilo of patpier nache; breld, cheese, Ian knife tays;i large upright plate w:artlelrs; splice, sugar anlld lash btoxes; pltssing cases; India tea tables in nlets, eaddlles, Japiu.nnud and of rich tortoise shell, eto. LAMPS. An extensive assorttnent, amongl whlieh ore Astral ll'utps, all bronzedtl and gilt, anti of rich ollt glass; mintle a lie , ad ttioi c h plaio iti itlh glaos iriets very sllenlill cot gilss do; bronletd i ltl Jiollnllr.l shie or breckt looops. CHANDELIEIIS AND IIAN(;ICG LAMPS. English andul French t gliass chnideli'e ort In'lhstt'es el 8, 1iI., 15, 18, 2munll 21lights; French bronzed inll gill Grtecin lanlts, 3, 4 aIl 8 ligts: haill Iunpsll and alii Iells, rich bronlze heat (t centre hlnps for driwilng nooms, floln 1 to 8 liglts, l nitln shades, glas.s amll wicks. .MANTIILE CLOCKS, CANIDLEBIIlAS AND \'ASfS. Bronzed and marble; l'rolerd Ian gilt. intd all gilt, wilh tilt'es, rt; ca. I:.llg hoitOIer and kitchlen clocks; llronlzed inks otli, co't.ttti: Ilat' ppr weigits, th'elutionnt ers, e. rd rat:s, ciallesticks eti . Lill.A WAIlt Olt ICitlELAIN F.ntglish iit Fitrelh dining desetI, i i IIndi cotRie ser ices t iplain ,lwhite, golll eldge, illl ' l rich l alt stlels; splendid tolilet setts; onhr' Illn milk pitchers, mutle'll rns s; l cev elld iiracks l l Itbasket. 'AtE II IIN tWA I M. )ilning, desehrt, toe, ar, :elak r. tllStl slpper stttls; toilet watre; pitchers. Also, C(antont chi nd tilineIr satts, CUT GLASS. tDecanters, iitcherls; cia'et ai colored Ilhock deeantres; hoals, dishes, celery vases, slt stillns, sIugar bowls, bnllet' mils. filger lbinel, tlinlllhris., wiiie, clrllr.lglmne hlatet, corllioal, leolttIadtI alild jells gltsses; fitte colored louk glasses. Also, callle shlllies. T'AIILE CUTLE'IIIY. Fine ivory balance halndles, sellf' tip and lIunk hanalle :nivestne l loks of 51 aid 53 pIieces, or Ibv the dozin; ivory handle knlivs only tfr sitlr firks; gIari oaIll Same envert's; Ilgt slices f'or rotndl belef oystle knlives, ist eraeks hiul iiks; sutgalr eotllerrs, cork srelse,r etc. I1{1rIlANIA AN I) BlOtL TIN WARE. Tea ant collee sttls and rns, with I and '2 fatets, litale lot' hotls and steambunl s; spoons au.a Iadles: .ensio ln dishes w ihli cove "5s, w* btelts l" elhillgdishlies; dish coversl, iplate t atters, coffee gleegs; ten kettles li o stIotal with healers, e.g Itilaos, etc. FANCY IIAII!VAIE.1 Brass atdil wire fenders. bhtassnironslls. .tsant .steel thovels land tongs etc; copper coa:l hotds and pInch ket tles; itansa sitttotns, clietltt Itlaotks .hiall' ille(l, llras lll b'rolhze ianallrlea''Ia b'sIth rites 1my hCllows ' aIn t ll:h 'l.lushes; criilpingi iaul Ihtillng mcllhines ; mu'o rella stati.s, grate foottien for wil'lrming plats. KIt'ClIE\ IUltNIT'i:--Cunsistinuagoa ro., tint b'rass,, copper t'atl woooden warv, eig a eolhclion of all utensi ssutally required fo eulillnarl plmoses, and in briefaulmost every article atuled 1.) house keepers aaln be titnul iht their eistalishlellt. y'!Siterinl pllaihd waure I're, nlt and I' reolashllslls new. Lamps relird aIii 2lll ozed lvec 3; tc IIOL E'ALE.ND IIElAll, Cl (I11 AN!) \1 coe d, I IEi 'l' IOR --ul the sign o be goldeo eoelh, l07o II 110 h llirt ts swit. The 0loe'ri1 er 11shav r-1 ci eived, i0 dd)itio to ' th ir r 0l si l still ck oil hnill, a tll tll lt, I rrfmnlui ry, Je....lil}ry, Irl hl'sI , . kill .. (imes articleo Wt.o'o,ooiooi 1001< ('Oil l-i-tortoroioo she ll, wr oo _ t ai lld plainl ttlctwit Sqnilled bark, l oo loo aolld, Illo',sioe, sillot , loi; rttl a i noell:, Blazilian co(mbll1 ,1f ev\er"V -e(lilrptiO)l ll ,'+st which are some i lexial n prittrl, Ivory conmbs of ,every dnscrilptillon, )on, h I tlnP iln'o Iiiio, Ino l te'l, to(g thetr w tlh rI oe lnerli o o liu-mt llilli 'l,'rc na ti r cao l l : r nl.0 l'ERFI 'IllYIt'-Cooloo e, Laveolder, Florid- , o ry lllv,rosel, l dorl an ll owe' r w fierl ofevcrysizeru d ,l - 'l0l)ti0'l clpiO ated Colmolr i, l tolinogf he11 ll an0l flane nEInilaJs ( I·anl Ids, h.ll I1.i n n lo 'ot f lits a rid , croCo n g, o t olliil lokrd' u veI'no.o 0.talh+ Eitl , bI ans It ti lu do. I~nres n's tor , ii lls, iniii -d o, l rlhtt 1 n 1 mel O1IIt.i ll£c l oloroo n o eO' Io nl-1c- on) doc hoolon Ioi of lllwd10l'0 rl, pe0l o , lar i lo hr tl glit. 11 h1-1111 tlat ,1 loolh t, Ialllc, ol, Nil ir , 'ilsl d lo e ton h 1on hr rlud ilawle sl, wait!d Fu i, f Hleral rmtnriy t of. rly i JEI 'EI' L y-- o olIl' i'llh ll,' o nll- illnmo-t lhionr doe seillls, cilo.rioi inl lw f l( ' ll red onnlit' o ll - H r ofli tt rns wAnth NIl : il t gI lli n .l n lFko ,, pilvpr thed hl 1, silr hai d gtol o 10 il0 nnd h e uard i hdn. Bo' .y'hIItho S-(lotho hitir, 1hi itl ioo( l ,hrt'. rIlo r hatIh,ll tooth phtt, comb Nail, ssa l h Ihh n o d LOOlIN; I.SI:tI'S-- cfal , )' tgriln oldntioh gla st , h nliaulifln ' and i'rPen "iress io <1:s-usn 11r p ri dplo, wil o ivarit ol o iv other kindlo not llolll iiPolllol . FANCY i oND VARiETon A I IC LES- Fr,,nvh idtl. lrle icani a p prol, 'de I lnd h re. I l+,. sl, o 11 very rich anld finhy fUiniid l tlhr ar rw k io ux h,< d .e . n Iin ell.s, lv ih Iai wtl h nh ut e tI c, fa r 111i0Ix Ibes, orLians t of v rll ii s ill d4, 1 1i l, oo i ll0 llt 1 h' i 1 l(,l-) rl plated r lpsenc il h dlie, ad ,wood 0r fliil rlr ix a, I'l crae yolli I0lno'lllO l,,Iok lndpslll:' whh l n , it aves,o eliSlooooh. o 'lll ills, llllloI Ion o (co'l ) r Io'h slll e i llnrewldllors, ho t hol tltllbloo,doik1l h o, Imtr 1hh.'kin-0 , to tena se otls, ndln te oti llos . evr n, he no i l . fi nd 1 omil0 kniveh , razf rs o oo sd'Boe', hi-, cI aOrdsand ar caieois phalvn I 0ral , ' er will, (I riv and A ferictan mao iflr tre dollsdck , h itooon it frit, s iI' oxe ll ldl of viriouo IiInds, -llglld ' Pol t Enllllm r .I . , llhl imin's iat ill iiw kiii's r o, " z t. ra iIts imetallrle aIones, I k . l Inv Ibe ne ,iol libo , do w 0it ol CIr o o..hV wath o rs, arl boh I a)lll: p de In n l . '. purl boards, dire, €optd cal sugals+ jowshill., Io oeoofin t .e'o ',and drin n cu s wilhll'h o, Idol.I '* ( ltother "rI 0 les, all ofwh i, h ill be sold fir o ohf' ioc oh, , . ~ - SO 1:1 tuoths rcili1t. ol h od1 131'1NS, & e,. ,l 7 o nr-Ilt0ltl -t',177ti.-tlhe IiCInrl:-,h;,l Ih" Tales andll Fancit,% by lhrl+v |: C lrly C ile l 2 volu 0e0, 1 1. 0Ii "Co ol otl ie owerol i n llohn l a ill lt 'it l ' A i i ll i clit Jlm fI lo eve ii h alirt! l I The Last day oif Pouipnl , lle n i onli voithlilme--lnifm.a ditonlidr lioo ocl ol 001 ZI. 'o.fP i oloioit (0 Ic0 li(to lll o s11 '01(ll0 o I' r a d Oltpenry Tu crnr,,nrt o all l 0iher 0. 0 ' o rI n 0 nodusi t lleee ' cirinocorl teir ( i h , il r hilio -', , r ditlrli e . oflrho Polli, r J r' of salilt i sh, ' ls+,e I alnd ithel ni o thr1d ool h,.5lo o 1oo 35; t- e 1 o t St00 c . h i , difrlireo t n',l'til, l ' i a Iri0,- a Ipls)'o .olt i ('1(d s ",$II "no hce lit l llr Sla1ur IofI ioT rtii lo- o al0 ; I 'li0- itll0d fin nct `"r ltiv,' t. llo l l , n llt 1.('\,.-(-1 nolldHi the Pl'l lieev ,1f Ii i€ ( ,:+err {)II:. onr tl (l i 'lil.-+< rt II011 oIo- m,4Ool-oiOl o'l.i 7tl Lo¢ iFinture of Ihe star, of+. I .llil i;r , r'nuidl ' an /1( "siuplpll(lllnt rrv Ito the sevvral met- I t)',,Nt Isr < Ro ds s ~an~Id LIve," t rl Frl 1 , -.-'' t I III, ,-4le. alllnd ln (tp' llletedI st. the (,r1' II . Ir o ,1 il i e4 Iu Fl( of ail uoli,' e w r l n lur. J ar h i i. 1 I",l d Ilnrl "t, 01 ,r I t' r,1 the l t l t .11 ah1,. I. ) 13:17, Itlht ,.i tii01m w I e , i nt h lee 1h-nr oe'nd oxl,-c ,.f.: i,0 o o 1'00, ,01 7r01101.'. tlolr ociol o0h l c ocp.0tfiit Il f'i aolld. , clto satisfyt oo t ict oI oho.l o00000oe . Tlirla'r Otl a tioutll l I-l ot e 0ll do,ol-, 1o 0 001 it o lla 11olio de c OOl Oi loo.oo r 1 .;311 ;, lo I i, ",." 1tT, eX o I. .¶ ,"e, 01 300. hi mte1i , O ico .n0 0010 re s-0 siondcla 7o L gislouioc dc Letc t do - 0 Ioi li oito Ile q700 los i he ilioos el .lo11 -ls f l ol l eo I lN y i t [) Jlt , 1r0001v00X s-(lent i xtno .lil'o0 ' fol oolooo) I 0. 0i0001 li ,l 0 l !Is ooldqi a ,ides d0 d0 i JIn r- c sol .Jo hoit 11 0on ni0 ave la Lo t a .v e it o n l 1 : lll l (d J u illr t 18 37 o, l i fe n b o d i l - flits loll re~idonts ,ropan( a , 1,e00 t 0 0 e 0 , ol pso otlo"o oeensff onne pl o ts lo s dirt)' d co ooitps et trovo t x Le Il Fellier, 1:37, m7 I.:X\VIS F. L.'IY, Jiooe, do Parae ) IJSI'Ol'ISI: ooootho If.- nod 010)1,'" . of tho S l I pr li e ( 'oo l r '7 f th S taho e Ifhico l-ou, h, th e IoH i m. 'O l 00 00S ('"0i000,0t the ibo t0 stof t el , I t, , ter, o1 th1 ho. of Newoo hlnan s. Jr.I t pllli' od end c rli-good hy fO l l5 I(F\1J'N 1.1.o"%'. bero of five p: Ito 0 ,0 010 h, 0 0 it boxo s cohtll h0. ea0ch one0 doz. small Iottlc., r-e'n from l'lo''o lies, Forecale by i1. lON ILIE' , 1 0''or te xi0-ll r 0o' f a ld ckelo-t c 1dnd with its eon trons, that was taknn ooodro1pld foloc oooV pockhe co Soundoy iveoiio l lto whil) im toe er011 i i to 1II1 n0ul the fire tlloeo, - 0 0ll l0t, T tl pio',1k0 t I,0,0' , , 01 ion or |argfe 0i I olhTarked oh I et 0'r itoh !he m l of Vnil. B. Illi oe h writtrn onu it in to onr iti re places, loltaining 00U000ro001 l1l0 r0 of tui,;ortanec to ohe owoo 0r. Apply at the. Tru0 .lnQriran office. JJ W\31, . B, ItRIDG'E.S. JJ' Hiilti~l ol Ii, RO", ill~l 0W111'rlrl·, 0~ltlllel00, oifllliilioailll~ nloeoo~iol lhionooll, P1011~i0l111lY loorIcs anil 1'RilfillHRI~ei~ll ol~tle Ir~lle, Ilrl~ io'l iI tlrlol·lerobl iogfi'oiooo ,iollls Iioiiio, poktlll.d iiihiltolooo, oil~J 11)o iynoiiai~ehly 1lO1l1ell~ollr ihclO10l,11Oh91l Hcl1011 Iiorel Si l' l".iogli" i.n ·llir n ;l'l nlo' b Ic, ol h hilooil,) otlicnio too, vi dllu o ll lll,s iiillbilllil~l'11 oiooll, etoIr,o~ lhoo,,,okoliEoloi.ihii l'u(lilihlullll~ijr oftuIIl~,o·ii~isi'i uTtl",IIA lln'l, I'AAC! wllser elon· Ii tiC 1% hllu oiolo l r~~i · I'), 111l~lSl 111 I'liti Slln 1,111 III 1111111 III 11111· lilh1illl l~l li5 ' 1111CI~ l ll l~aicly c 11111l01 tl11l'll 111 111,1·ll~c~ iglillll o· i ItoheI\I Ill· 11111911111 11111 11111~ otlflh l~llolh·lli 'i,,tothor rlouull~llg no Ike 11011110, ,,,, Il~·l~ltll l ~i l ,ti c I e'cl l h: l I l ltii Io 11)0ltlClt 111111'lRI orllllis i iolo 1~1111). 111· Ii I,' lt(Illllllil 1111 I li ii;es~ l11;~li~lll hlillgl\ l111l111111111,llllyd 1111.11111 slni I , fo o~l~(lal.illiii:lloooioglliic~e o·In(1II 11 itiphg ''I 'I~le (.~i.(ts f vlac~tllle Il~lll~illS lp011tht·SI.1C 111· ? II· hrjiitllO iii. 1iri01lvhIh Pliii I'll',T~ 01 e~t 11010l~~iC Il*liF1 Llo0Iy'110111i \f10111.b5I'\IigIo1o1I·( 011110 hIl1llli l itin ((lhiilolihll]llrililll Ilil( I1·I(1111111 111.0 i III~ lllS 1 1(1(·R~l: :,llcwli · ·(·n11~ 11·5 O lil: J Iii (.II III ·iiiliI 11,11,1'll il! lii`~l~~lhe l hIii R sI iil IlllliiCtO 1 it 111111 ( slrii,,,,,! ooitl(I 1110 ii IIIISliI1~l S(I IIl irll cl111 . lil Iiii irliiiiolials l lliii, Ill l ;ll1101 I'll.,,.t io~l·il .1111111 1101o~~lrlIlrl IIl il~ I.·'Ill:~l~d 1 11 '' I i" 'i Kr,,, o i~lu ill Il.l : ll II 1I~ llllr Iii, y 11,11 i, I i~oi llt, 1111 olii,· 11II Il l(·ii l :I 1 1(1 'llls 'I lliisis iroli i~i~l, iis iii iii, 1 111101 1·11110·11· 11 (t~l I",' IIIIIlll ·1,~111R~~~ 1 ill Oh~J hit l·· le illll· II1 iS II(· ( ohl. l lo o ¾,,III( I III L~~l! I S' lllll I a;l q.:'.I 1II11 III1(· 1·(1~ lll~l( ill -7 I(SPA. l 'iiii 11 1l· I~li~lllI~llll it i I i~~ Slil :I1I11I~(· In~~~~~~~~~~~~lI,, IIII1 I'1~dl (l 11:1 tll( 11111111 :~~rl c·. LOllll rl il~l 11 I ,., ., 11~1 Il 1: '1(·. 1 11 1,~" 111 1 1101ii Iu~lll ·· ll·II\ l ·I ~ll ·115II \' lllii ~~-ll ll~ illl\ 11·(h :l1 1 ): 15·1 \ Ii· :j(I. ll II ~lln CIII l :I )1(. · 1\ ' 1( l II 1( ·:.· ) 1)1-. I'II ·Ir lli~ II(.Il~lI \~I1I II :;/11. I·(lliil ~l~ll~ . ((i~llIl~l I.I~lll W XIllla~ .i; ll lts. l~C.(~ll (i·l XI XclIl ll·~ll.Ilr.X~ICIF I A XX)'-l ~c i , 1II. lllla·INCII IUINN X1II~, i~l I B '· , Illl(~ g~l ;1111 S11~: itINla IC Xll I)A-& I kINI, L Xi ~I-I· !lliii n·~i ll. 111 Il-lv Ar li-tA 11, I',P· ,,, t led~~~~~ ~ ~ I'IIfq&,r-t/ 'e, Ill'\I IEIJI~I -:l., -, ItI-,,'l) I illl TI1 L \P( ~'tk~l PoI-iAn hurrm,, a lle Inl~IsI' &lllY I~· Ir lell ' ell ld i~r Iit eI· hr,l·~ llkrl I~i eil·( I.I1'~·l·~l I iiilta I;ri2r IT 1;>lIQ' I 'rri i Irsii Iv-ll . 1 I,:illl I et'tt end~~i~ 11111 lt~ ~ll l keg' 'li~ XIlll shtIille, THE FLORIDA ST 'AMBOAT LIN1 TIPOUGH IN FIVE AND A HAL DdYS, From Mobile (Alanbama) to Augusta JE 1.A . IEN Mobile c\ety other da'i imrie*.i StIIe e'ri'al of the mail from Neow Orlenn tti' temieti, et Imn:E,: to lhlakehl. coachees Ito'P stam s(pet I'en turo leit ,St Inl e tlllll atndio tallolhie Iitcrr .iltt Iay) to LCode, IIttuff cola.t' . tia .ý11orion:, Ch(:1tihllrll er, ('ormI rlt .ouut Vn mm,) 'l itholdge, letion-h,; I "k.l s,.illea ll e 1ilte, t Ateuclin. A cassc gege'trlkiingtlisseati toi hile is ino di gre of tItog throoin oout or lO s. Ire crl Ce by otilr co glitle ilerelIPsts IItIs'e "L I)A otNI, is bluity.ecuncrnand IInadeone rotll. thrl.ugLhout, slld rlOay rely wrrI CEnTAINTr.+°t u toll rrival it Atg lt int i ciltte S h.peird it ll l 1·1· I n1: :lhrn m(· 00 , UtVeSS Ole I mnhtOaltstblF e H Iop'lle sliouli occur. lTe (rredat New rlemlls n is entri.d by this stoae. t'lhe Age.its t ort SI.0' c lios, emhitr, Coic e ittnO r aers iore 11e ses a .. , Othe s Mth sir n tnllre. oil, The onetth, 1itt0d, attl oos, the sale o nodo '*l)istnlcr, Nv Or~lculs to Molo itt 150 milr ]lohiie l tohAegl i lma, 5('m Illt l l l ftr r s p ut d , tO a hll l 'J, c o f o ] -19 is Cs a rlstn to New ork tai New Ba- as 01i0 1 rw Or*-ll s hirg city lo ile, 128 . f olrom Cit:eatiocee, oAtloril, we have a iost iottiec, otto too Is hertirs frocm lehkisi, oe to Miltledg ilte, and to tooh in listho twolf coaches. STUCKlioguk et A roosTA, finth ten. 1835. 0 Ofliceliet Mansion House, Mobile, ~istance, New Oirleans to hitilile, 1S mile Motile to Aogosta, 590 o (llllcshetoln to New York, 90.-18 Titme, Now Orleans Ii Mobile, 28 'loin Ch 00leston to New York, 86- 258 Making 168 mtiles per day. ort 7 iles lier hour, inelu sire o1 i tl s onrlluges. nov I N. ft li Iton Ire to ilform the pIbliC, ll thr troidgens n e hr.('lttT ihe h Oswaiilm1 lil herd Lobor creek tivl just been compnleted ) the general gvoern, mliet, (ile t nlt ottlhes o rtatingt ganlslt this, ct lee speedy l out. )'to Ihars hi:llI Ily remlov'd; and llhave i le:asllr of le. ni tI iem iita illersh Ihl, thIe etolhe s,hot Ss, drir ,i s il lI:nd lt itn iti Ill f th fist iert nd al A lldt ainte moirll lion Peetae oilt toi l ttro tlf, it is admit, hl h :,IJI \ o :ltl:alle .t Ihiloughit t o he i tlolrlgl I i0 nt\ ties I sll t la nd sdl:h' . Il her idges Ihrtoou (' r .eriv k e ,o ni rel,lihied .1I M (1C lARllI --1.(0.1 S v •%WAIN No. 11 CLaod toreet Aeto ti.oeii !A ,a lwnys unihand cndnsinustly t receiving Drug, alloz C'hs chlemicdil c od y'am:,aoliog ilel ote,. tIlow ni e:A" 114U(;.. "YES Ati o rlll , clole, Alrgils, rcd, do regolus, Annutto, Spanilsh, Ar.ntic, crmle, Alim, ic powderedt , ilrzillette wood, Italsln cot avia, Ct~lc il otll, It(nx, i rude, C pll , (( l Is, Americaln, 1IO Ire·lilnedt, Liheianstole, crude, austic, 'lTampico, do roll, do (Cli, lto fl.oier, io M1 ile, Ilh nuthl A, F'th Lcl riis, Iit ( i, .1 o, lilengal, l imanillo , am alis, to C( ituman Io L owod. Cii!)ioloete r a , Jo:ld o erli l, ido 0sit~ rli'Z , (lo, Slnlu ioll, do copall, roug1, 1 IIItlT, otbllin, 1o d~o ft'i'il|u(1, ' ailll'lln llu Iltnm a do tle SA ic, do CIm ri t.,, ito i . mi , eode te I iriieoih, do dolrl retilcd d 1Ae 101til it iet h, It itt, in;-nt ,isd g:o , 1'1,1011, Ip P. Idoi tlr:Intillth, ('hluril ll limlie, pred11 1 ies, AresicnI al oe ustlc, ih 1o h 1t,1 htd I nt I[Ial.i, b pinýlll+ilI m t:igh-h, It',l l ltu , h I, I:liti t nl l I i clt i ol lr I lai, " b,..a f:1k, SLip bin p Sorlas, 1'0 ~ Illc, Sti1 It t l ih, l Y bln ' hl, ,gt, italIc, i s1< 111 tti, i tl;tllte sIi, ll. 11 ,11 iSullill t. t .oi 11t i 1 . d0h I 'go iel'l,' ;1,1 I r I' licl, 1,I, I'spi t nihtlt Bl]1ed, d Iied hii n,i A oIaic c lry. 1,h1 I;l>c.i c, do lo n nil, m i 1 1 1 : 1 0,i i , 10 " dJo il oil, 110 11... I n, I , Irt'ili 111 ul ll, 10 ab1:0i, 1. t +tl .,1, .Io :% li i ill 110 c1o 'kl whhl Ilin'ih 110 h i. i1.h -itln IIi t il. , ll l lnl illlt. l, 1o ( s ,il l r 11.1 ,,rh11 h1r, h i( ' I '1 0 .'nave, t1, ' l lt. i nit , dio iio " r. sli h1.( n1 1d"1 h' a, t'o do,0d. r l.. l l. : . . ,. fot u n ,; , - t l o o onoou.p loone a , - .1" .. I' l ';11, Deni r',, respectfully in linnls the I ubhlic tht he I ha pl'r.Od, and woill have a'c ll l ho ,no. the I, nflow i.n s.rioos I) S1odi Snaos, Iln the dislases Iand :litiols of the teetlh and gaols. \ In 'he ile l 1, o no.i-n.oorllotie toolh powders, opianle :o irgel t blliolus, g o llll n ll, t oole oo kn~ e ls,allenotlzi , liour, g oglel . r lre 'o lh nd thl.ronl ltli-seOlat lic :o"It t.." vpiril u is 1 ,te I -I mpunpr s ulcers, sedad ti . ti ilre llt. . telIl ul ll t -t' , aihd g uII ll I Y'Ulp expr'af h1 inelehd al tori e te ofi I lo nIs wlo.u 4 ' le lhilng. lFath of lh. thoale medicics :are used ft. the diffemn ml l:tdies of ihe tl't'lh auti u.Ule, and witl pll articular dl rectlios hb hlco lare to oIh . St A11so nut mollyhr r'ticlesfto, tihe oilot of the cII- -"11 "-"cl IVNO FORTEI-The sonnbsriker los just received .1 It splenIld .stOltlolllll of EnlgIsh, German and lAmrin4il I'ilouoo Ioortesls"in. ose wood,picolo, rand .h' lla t, /.icolo, anrld go1l action suare n apno tortes, oi'o III Won, ,m & Collonrd, lute C(1.eo, i k&oi ) L.on donII), llIodo;'l\: noldll , z 0hl' oo0d sqona"e pino fortes, I'ilr '. l ,',l (.'hi,:koi lJko & o'o, t oat<.lo Dubois & Lucan, t Al-o-,inhs, of t1e3 description; viholiis, violin(el lons, g lll., ,l i eto , fligeolIos, bassoonl., horns, Iruo oct-, hool;le, drloool il.o ..., olrinllgo , reedsl, .nd every arti ' e of musical nechmldiz,, ".holeslole ano l Lreonil, on rrasonablle terms. 11 CASEY, no,1 '19 Camp atreet 13 O (1- 100I,0.! 'I'() I Hlo IClM!.J!-'t'the osubecoi SIers womllnfirm the, G(;rocers ol New Orleanstha the.\ keep Cnollly oln oo1 d lll, I lre suplpl of the ibe tontglhton's It liltIrs, aoolllotlllo(tluredl Iby tlhm sclces, which will be soh: o ,t New look piere0's. KtI'lCII. 11 & .LUIIOCK, Druggists, nv 93; 3 o7 C'amp aI. oI N It aNTl liiiOM ' IC TiCtII1 T AlOTE. Al..r.\lnol:nn lRlIAN & Co. No. 11, Alugozin st., Iporls nnd wholesale dehaler's in Foreign andl D niet t Ilurd ttur, a'e recil I' i n e tfonl Iiverpool and lile A.tlllllic cities, dirlct from t11he Iolonllfacturesn, ann eatenil.i. a"-Sol ' olllofa ll 03ld Ilheon IIAIIDJIARE cool risitve eel vy mticle in ihe l'" -111 of which they olcr low Iland ,oi In conllldtio , ... CouoIryv noi I 0l O ano oIlh l'l n 0or ill, itodl too, ' *d exalni,,e thel . stlck; oon -till_2 inll purt ,f Aonoils-i 0 i0 0i0 l lotIs O·OI o lno, na0!Oil rnd hond haml 0l!mti l and '-I llowlsn, trace, ox log, and I ;h I chaih"elll]oil.^ h t; 'lling, oand hilling hoes, sho l\rel- a (d - tlh , Im h se b-il e, clout, wroulght and cut ils, chp llol, bl,c! hanl nd broad noIs, shilingn hrlci-. umd Iomah oolloonln, ino,,l'o Il ed Onluoioo ndbonne hand!,l: I l, rs a l ooIro 0 n o,;oo otplete sets of 51 in 531 pi, c , dioline andi t dsIert kloios and foirks, ivo y,hIuck, l0elti ,olld )),iton . 1 rlnl knios lland forksl , I en,pocket nob looks, 1" nh, 1h ,st ' l, -nt, dot , 0i0, c uphoort hI tr , till, an d dlsk Ilol ck o , i nogi ,s anddooolbl , lrtran Shlings, olld il.y w ,l sd , s, sg l, e w ld do te larre SIllot tolld luntll·ils, i ~ - o lars, miootfl lld frult hore ri !o1r s, ttlll I rl:! haln' . ..i rned, p rltent, Ilt, holn .r in I1 r:' lot poiot'l o, k atle on Iboxes, Al 1 loCion', tod Englia aI n'lo00 , le, elo I alt ,hs r, 0ti0n0, (,"on n o . 'n o'seelo,oo gti l 0. 0 ilia 'blra ic, a'k so tone onnl ,lis r l Anarocan Ili rn, 'orn Iils, cton d T ooII lo ' IIs,,a IP In black 0I00n1 lnod all s wio, seol esl girnoind;o, b vorU hand ilhl rotw l hls , I lo- llroot, iol ant i ll n ow s, in id, Ivalp Snint wotled fllol: din.l Illiho and tri feniders, oncd + tld s~els bons a ndirons, ritalinna oud Jepaned w arerr, ten kott!"',0 sau0 e sld OteW on000, Inning Fns, 0Ihn' es of all hindn lue, cplo t i enter's touols, ftenl t lvrncts ad stehlyards stuatione, German g& sAer' I O.Iflo in Iditillo thlet IIsta a19 rt0 0llo loon' o'' c iMt l a 00hntn onreto otololoey arti.clna ,ouiohlle hot An'e lo'(rrod (hlon "hoiol s (iJos, n l ludils, eo'ooollodoonooolool dIoololo I. o I lloo Ihn towio.lo ,,n oIodoe i10n, lado es nusical w0 0 rl lhoo s o'vo I i is 00 ter 0ll.nd0loot" giuff hIe Aiosn lthinuoidle airs; Idies lo I Work n ootoo , a uI ole v ooboty o ooodi. oooo.oiso. herl, pono ,olo d 11110 r' Ioell nedle oeolls( hill oll ,nl fturnoisol 'll Iorny' nnd ] iil'tll00 shell s0u 0,uir00 soot wilth mhinaures unnd other Imh"tiings; T ori, I,-, h l s heII li [) • o.l \and Ioo tl0llonsfor hiBli" cis llr cnl,"',, 1i ,] .; h plolrol o nll von y hts! cts, ricl, or 0 n 1E0t00d wall h0'0' ille; i his is on' lon lirely'I new artnld Ii rocooloo v l oioy of it i ''iollooo ] I o'rooo r 'Ipn I nress0 l0 0d foullll c- 'l(ilo0 allgb pol ot I toilet n o 11oi I o1le. A olol'iy of' dies "led |t rl es. , forll. ¢ is-t0'ulioi and nlnlseilxal I1o i'Il en. F'tlo x inod K' 0d doo lls, donl . dooionIrof aO , ii ilssortlnlll(,il l fif gill, pc:\ I, Ilid let walil bllekles. die' end _-clllncrns wriltiug rlcs.s and dloissilng clrr,' 9'0io voariety olf tle lonc' o0nlic0I.t '7 I't I'ES & I)'1l.ASGE 1® I'.\\ \i ) tl t!".-J iuli "llvenectof I to.l eIr o. l I"1 I.o Mo, vh oInto ' : bi oo toos St. 00hn, autlor " Iotle n f Ihioooodlmuni" &c. &c. Oll'tlP 11ool oo.oooo Iooot 6il< II h lal noo re'o:'' "\Nloioore i l rhildll --nn LBcho aooro . r wl.U n .loot t','o'iondoald !',r ani l. Ihv -0 fir :do, by b" Y-51 lo'tN, " i tof CInFI N, ('r .

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