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April 28, 1837 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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I'ATAUlAN OPERA NIGHT. fITImS EVFNING April, 28th, le g*l r' pAientcreflitdi'a GraneOpea of .gnra n Pans l;ll Adnlgsin, lrarzzi; P'l SOercesini. Qjoreto iiI Ie pte'nirel (thlird time) a Co: mi Ilealet. ecitlred Y-W|Bi.U AIiK SCHOOILMAST R. I elt. i 8e" ruand Ghrerdli. will appear. S oltedlly lhe Corpa de Ilnllrlt. _. lfeJt1A'WBIL*-II T. CHnARLEM. s' CHAItROTTE BAlNF.S respecrtfllvr infor,,rm Ils fnl the libdlie, thlnt Her FAIIEWVEI.I. , ill take place on Monday e vening next, , A CARID. W ll.rlta,-.oU.iST.--We nre delsired vy the amred Oculiot, to inform oar friendts nd the peh ib consequencer ofthb distress revinedrb by thope tc pornmoahe hnas p rtiallv restored to siclht r-otaihlnd gnesince his arrival, and one who Ihud nearly blind'25 years, and the nmbeor of onor Shco now hblin to con every de at two o' Slh.e ha resolvedl nre -nmin i .hi prneent lodgiingr, (annal treet, unt til the mornine (if lfe Iltit of w.ln.' He Pars he has been induced to alter hin is tb o give oan occasion to planters and others al t a distance, to tomer thettselver , or tiring lutheir wvee, hildlrn, or slaves, who are Sltwoaf, r affliited witte weakc short ordin siglht, iloutont himtforchis departure br Natclhe, .lhich witrrevnablv fixel on the I It1 dav of cecxt meonth. tes Natchez on tle 23d of Man lor 'Vickshirg; l pinle on the 4th of June for erteplhis; and thnat il elh,14dtifor l.ouiwille; endl that city on the f Ciaciincnm-, wlhre lie prpoooes to renlin fill. . t. ofn Idas trn o tile Falio of Niagarn, bly Ili nrpping a few dlas in each oftlhe large tao ns in ?I. Phe edlitors of all the papers in Natchez are PNd"to ptlelish the above article oneit a week, tn nn l g*enie'va of Dr Willitamand direct him a paIier oinr the stame. rlean, Ari2 1937. n i'~: -~ ll'OtlY OF T'XA,. i 0. IIOI.EV'S HISTORIY OF TEXAS, con tineg a deneription of tle G(;rorraph, face of eloniry niher, Cliltoel', 'ie,Trae Prl ct, Conrsti tI &tb c) witbeea nte of Troan, a furtlher supply re l ipltror sale ble 80'TWHKISS & CO., '4 Clintrtre rt. S TIME ITABLE-. FIE Ciruelar Time 'Table, for alsowing at one view, te t numbder of days fro.l any givenl ate, to onfhr datem, eilher prio r or eubsc qlt to it, hilin eontIlrot onMruoted hy Thonmal)une, Arcountanta k o eotlclnd, Gilagnw, for rale by 8 O'I'OTCHKI, S& C )., 24 Chlarlres st. kVgl'E weno g -Vemnelm, nct tnloraw n er Seilght feet when loaded, to procied to the At raps t1o ld for northern port, dispoatc given, a ierall freight paid; a ply to n W . PORMTER. 15 Common rt. Survenor'a Otlice, Second Aiul nicipolite, April 27th 1317. T'ICE.--Scanlcl peroposals will be received at this olfiee, ulntil the 2d Jlv of Nlnv oxt, fer tIvion nat bot Cunionelei, Ne'e' .e. lret from l-i ret to Market streets; ned Loutisa, froell New Ie. to Frdht street. TIe gnnels atre o le Inid traneversrelh across tile eon New lrvee street, mest lie cut in lelgtlhi feeit; and those on I.onian treet, rill Ibe itlr ill gils it 123 feet two ineirles. Tlhere mat be t piece himtier filled tile gunnels lo gitllliell]lv, on ench of themr, ned trermnled down into every seeond fnel, similaro t the work tdonw upon IFront sttreet. Ite tron pIrop: sing, must say how e nich perfoeit eal for eich rtrel-t. ). HOA 1 RD, Actin S urv1eoor S g of tile Scoeld 1 unireipality. TO RE'.NTI AT' PASS CIRISTIA'.hN, HREE e.nall T'eemnents, at the above ewaterinlg raw, beint situatedl oni the sea enore; they cone an extensive vi0w, and abolt 100 vnrds firom tihe hotel. For terms, apply to 116 'Irehaupitonrla a2S W 1OOKS .. - Thie Ynoethful Impostor." n No rel, by George W. Re.:ldt, in two evols.;" lTraits IMl Triali f Early Life," Iy L. E.I,., autlor of" lThe revisatrice," &e., just received and for sale by W ILLIA M MeKEAN, 11" Corner of Camp and Common streets. .AP AND) CIIOCOI.A'l'E.L-anding frotm brig Messinger and Aquilla, and for sale by the sub. emera.---500 boxes No. 1, tndl Imitation No. 1 nonp, of Jackson anld Trowbridgce and James Gould; .raes sweet Slpanish ChocolRte. 4,2 IMAAC BRIIDGE & CO. lITAV,.-W-ua taken oip by tle niglt watchi, Tri WmaL. ~ecnd 9lnieipolitv, on the 19th instant, a I od.N hit BAilhl Cow, the laurger portionll ried olni, Sofonen of br orlls an ed f. . ThRDGE owe of A ow is rel resatd to e, e f.ward, prve property, y hrnges, and take hber awrt, on orheli re blt.nOrdey, t ii3th aIR, oil which dat stir will 1, told at twelve | , l. A. ult( t it. lAuctil iieer. li "l'."TRINGER, Cotamireary:ld Wartd, dt Mttdcipa'ity. lu e NBh EONY IIAGS.--5 hale*, assoretl sizes, tIait ftr 3i breg A rquuilla, far sale v L'3 O ISAAt H IRIDGPE & O. l..iS--HI kbLeA., t(ai1ed sizes Irand of onrton Sro'Co., laoding fraont hrig AqillBt, ftr sile by .13 ISAAC BRIDI(;lE & CO. I . )U -Ibr eVr, lun-if g fro ed ; dithlr Genoeral WattV,, aid for role ha T'flt ";S VAIIIN, ,ii Ptydtrt rt. - hLU1ir- r a0 Faelo n llaIr ding vttd finr .ole Ity 2:l3t A. GUE NFY, ,S9 Ctttinkltlle t. "lI$.-Ttott httndred Iartels, I:ltd tea htutt 1iin store itcl forrile hv IOGAEIR' & II T AIWTHORN. AiNS & lITT.EII--bill titls red nad ttile l.tltta -0O1 kega butter, I kr sale Ity lOU 't n, lAIIi, & tVI It.-- 1tblRNl. atperfle fll:-ll 1bln lets, htrinle alltclenr porlk; h-ge lard; 25 Itblt rccti1red hL:aoey, fitr aotle hy SIN 11A0 1 --I.1 jIackni..o etor ett, just receivedt n uad far sale ly I.D. IlIEN &. A. COIIt-tN, • 90 ('tlltlnlt ttt . .jJ 1t3l'clttlttlaulao et. Ity i L OO)& BIYRNE. , tLR& 9IIJLA:sJi-lOi"-Illhs Ititille siynr; 6O. t attlalona ttltll.os.r, tttt ltlttltninatt., ftr etle t,y .. iilhOWN, !ICtltti Clt. S stolrs, fotl rtr sale at 7Il 'tvdriske r. b TeVAllIs, Ill-li alllCl atr tale ot Bt.l.EF--o) l Itil ttld tess Ioef latding attd $rirtmlp Ity J IHA EIL & CO,. 74 Pydrs, l. 4L--ltOttuokt Irehlt lite, Ibr sale hv "41 fIIAtI_'R , to. 74 Itd ....t. C ,y A II' WAI.l.ACE ACa. tICHlIT 6.. HAIti1l'tGRN. S ilwttttl lglielt lialahte, iutst tr .le a"lt7 cIsarier et Ity . . ilEA D & hiA I.SI'OW. Lipopret e tl~tvr Ills Iltvtna nmarita, in Sirlilrttt T eerer el. ltyt S....... BO 1i & I1 AWTIIOI tN. 1litid 11i itl e lit I at- tttiar att. by " hlhf.l li'.&. itA W'I OlNoB. hhhtl'at oiltl jel tr.iret n" d hl,,ls8aeanhoutrlalhdtltriotede. y fl e . -,jl J I.I11'O. .... .. htltl .t. t f...ete S1DITED IT ~0HR $ GI1SON. FAITHiFUL AND DOLD. brings gloomicraccounts than ever. We have let ers from sources ihat every reliance -nay be placed on, and they are full of nlpprehensions for the future. Nor are they vague and uncertain i apprehensions, but they come to us cltihed with all the probability that experience and facts can authorize is to aassnum(,. The f.ilures continue in that cilty. Bullock, ,Lyman &, Co, exto;nsively enganeed in exctange ,perations between Canaaln and England, went by ile board oni tile 19th. Their stoppage will be felt very severely I y hundrel's who had oesenaed tip to that moment. Mir Bullock placed in the concern a few years ago, actual capital to the nmount of of $500,000, and lo, at one dash are all his earn ings swept fimtn his grasp. When isuch men fall, no one is consideredl safe. Extendive failures are taking place among the manufacturers. New England will, in this way, feel the blow more sensibly perhaps than any other portion of the Unian. Thousands of people will tie thrown out of employ, and cut off from the usual supplies of ithe necessaries of life. Their frugality will avail them nothing, for they will be deprived of the first utcans of subsistence. The committree that went to Alliany on tilhe 20th, will have to return without doing any thing. The Legislature is opposed to interfering in the matter. Theycannot eellhow a greater expansion of the paper currency will remedy the evils of tile present delage that strikes terror into tie minds of the refIceting. :For once they art and think like statesmen. A general spirit of indignation pr6vaiil in New York at some rcflectinns of our contemporary, tihe Pee, ngainrt the merchants of that city. We tbought, at the titie, that they were based upon wrong premisirs and from the facts now in our possession .e are confirmed in our opinion. The Josephs' declare that the extensions of the New Orlearns hIounss broke tilhem. They were on thle paper of the lot or fur three millions, and htidonly on hand $150,000 of their fulllns. A Inrge house here, among the first that satspndedt wished tile Josephs to refund its cash advances and suffer tile paperiio which diry were, to conic back and be provided for in tlhe best way pssibile. By the statements made in thlie Bee and he Advertiser, we were led to suppose that thle vcry reverse if thist statement was taie ease. flohiever unmerean tile was tile conldict of the Jticrephs in suffering their names to go out to such an extent,we should not attach all thie blaime to tleimi when they were doing what they could to keep lpi the cotton mno Ilopoly here. If the whole truth were known, there could not be found ttany guild, ss enough to cast the first stone. W- e have in our possession facts exhibit a corruplion in the trade of this city and New York, unequalled in tlie annals of com. merce. They shall be given iln ttdu tifee, and at a proper time. The New Yolk I alnks are stalcm, though hard run. They look with great anxiety to the next packets. Their shares are awfully down, and with every prospect of going lower. The action of the government, tlie tons of its prints, and a thousand other circunistance, conspire to make them fear for tile future. There are now seven teen anslid a half tnillions of deposites in their vaults, and yet the governmellnt intends to call for tile secondi nstallhont of Ithe surplus in specie. The end of Ilie imtter will soon be fund, if tilhe depositors and the governmeut should be brought into conflict. Tile strongest armi will sweep away the mnetals. Nothing is doing but furnitire s:les. The i -n. nololists that have been ousted are disposing of their chrysalis iat great sacrifices. P 11 Selcenck's splendid furniture was sold onl the 19th. 1To give some idea of the eastern grandeur in whiclh our American nabolbs lived,--if they could afford it, 'twas all riaht--a single bedstead was put tiup that cost in London .jh00! Who shall say that our ipeoplI are not kingly in their Iheartsa The western bank paper is selling in Wall street at almost hatlf its value. Indeed, it is dificult to get it off at all. iSome uneasiness is beginning to e felt by thile west New Yoikers. The fall of flour is paving a serious effect upon their banks. Ont all sides, in all quarters, twe see nothing but general bankruptcy anid rain. The whole systenl of our contmmerce is precisely in the condition that tihe pyramid of Chcops would be if inverted. How many subscribers has the Picayune in re ality? Hlow alany advertising custromers has sh ill truth? Our subtscription increases so fast that we fear we shall not be able to get paper enough in the city for one edition in a few days,--and as to our advertising custonmers, they press upon us so rapidly that we shall have to throw away our present type and get pearl. Will her ladyship an"l swier the above questionsi? In those tinles o distress when produce ca. scarcely be sold for any price, we refer our readers with great satisfaction to tile ofilcial informatir, in another columran relntive to the ports of Laguira and Porro Cabello. Indiancorn, great quantities of which are daily and hourly received in this city from tile West, may now be sent to the above prrtafreeofduty,and eargoes ofrspecie brought back ill return. W ill none of our enterprising dealers, who have hitherto conled thelltir business to le gitimiate channellsrrI , aize upon this opportunity to relieve the market of the surplus of Illdian Corn ? Nething is so advantargeousr i to a people, rlfi'fritln undar comet rcial dihtress, as anr outlet for their comrn lodities. .A crld for or IbanksL to cliewt. Vhn Iiro r ,l !)I llar hlvt le lte lnnks in tilth, dniats rf tMieiip1ipi rndo Louiiana hren dis rouillinllrg doriln ltirlý riS Iix olllltl ! Allllllr Ix clusrvely Plonitrs' diralzs oer New Orlcara Com misnision Itousrs. What proportion of Iieounllets Irhave the Mer chnns ill Ithose S ratlnes had froii 11t tl inkllll , I.col tpred with tihe amiontll of ,peter aboveo spokela:r lfr Not 5 cents on the dolltr. In wh llsit.a is Cotton ,rl,l by the plantue's in Sates! ' the ngens, and in many cares p)arln'rs, of SNew (.rleans commiieion houliest -one if which ios found in vtry prircipal town in tie States of Miississiplli anld I.,Jisianon. Th'Ir agtett buys the eoti ln, accepti tilthe pl' airr's dral On Ihis principal, tie banks takeh tle paper and give Ilis planter the cash. Now, ahlat class of paper doi tihe Banlks il thoea States hold? The hplanters drafts is tihe eprtainl reply. I haver been rold It y undoubted an...rity, thlli t no peri,,d inl four monthst cou [d a murchnlir er s Ilote discounted, even if edollrsd by rvery good inas ill his town-the bailks girilg 'in .x clusive Ipreference to planters' drafts oil Ne:w Or ealls Coll)niiionll hoeuses. Dolna Calrill. lDonna Caritea porressaess tire sua:l dramatice ill, IereLt incident Io mors operna. Singinig and act ing are not sisters. Thei attentiilln ca:nnllt Ire divided to ucli ont extent as to do justice to both, and hence operas are ieosll defcielelt inl pitil o dramantic interest. The lover 'of music, howevier, nevlr loLks for acting. It is the instrumeltation and Ithe voice that absorh his mlillnd. Allerenialite exercises a wnderfulll illuence verrr the fleelirras by his extraordinary yet anpnreitly simile i naove nients. The orchentra is ihe foundation whence lihe draws his richest ilnlaerye. ie mainkr tihe voie in Psone ntieaeure sublirervilnt to tile ilntrt - tietial part. Comparing him with ailtlellii, w, srould say tlint Mereadante l s less rnie tlhnn the Inatler. You lirenr every variety rI st)-eI in annr Carirte, fromll tile liarlial down to lth ill l ballad stovelselnf-t. Of tile an:geres concerned, imuch lany be said. Pantentel li went Ilroahit hit r part with all thlie s curiiy , dtll ardl r of ia old aritit; lwhile t'apanti, though pleaniln and julst, .eitreiCd at lillls nIIer Init. ''This fe:ling will be disnipratd with the next relisn.cntainon , lIer fainting in tle finiale was Il illst ufortulnlate as it deprived us 1 illthe grand clinaux which lesa immnortalized the caomo tsr. a 'lre part of the I)on is ardlous, rnd we proureu, Irot unlldue ts rtion, her pow.ers failed FIelj was'i, unusual.tiitle voice, and in the duetn with Ceresini, did wouders. We calnout, highly of tllt cha'rus. T'lthre is one eye-ear*, aud wie besrieerl Air Brichitn to alter is t ite an.t, It is Air C.rri'li dressing dillereunirly from thie other gen. tlenien. Canil't Ie ciln inll lthls, that Ihe liansl scar velltnw boo:sa! Why lshould he invea reltiled colllr ont! We do holpe ilae snidience wil li bs hillr from thir stagn if lie Idoe not r.eiform. Mer Trowlpe r ;!rd r.ry5 Ill " tLiile Irom rn MUIer. Thronmh thle( politeneuul MItr. Kidd of the Mer hlatsa I.:xelhaii.n, we were yesterday put in pis srseitn of a revular L le of tleDiairio del Gobierno, utllished at Mexieo, ip to the 5th April. It eon rnins little more thitn tihleproeedings of Congress, and n xtracts from oltl 'rench papers. 'I'e de enee ol Sinta Annl oeccipies one whole numher. I is a laie opoligy for his deleat on tlhe field of lan Jarcintoi, while hworks up his succlsles as deeds worthy of an Alexander. The editor of the (-obiern0f nfow and then indulges his readers with an rssay on the art of government, and a tirade against foreigners. SPIRIT OF THE EXPRESS. A proposition is all it for the Merlhants of NeIcw York, to refuse payments of Custom Houllse honrls. till tVan linren riscindl the specie circular. lThe srPrvey of the coast is going ahlud rapidly indlr Profisser HInssler. Morgan & Jaques' majority over Clark, is 911. A silk Ciompaniy wasorganized on the 15th inst. in Wilminrgton, Delaware. Dixon, the singer, accused of tforgery, has been acquitled. The private ldeposites in New York, on the 20th instanl, naounted to $17,500,000. The Westchester got into Portsmouth linrlor, and will be scuttled. She was on fire in the low cr hold. (;v. Cans has sent tl the Globe a lonig defenee ofliinmelf aoaiist the aspersions ofeerlain officers in this country. A COMsiECIrit. Co~nvNTlo., is proposed in the N. York Advocate, to assemble in that city on the Ist of July next! LATE FROM FRANCE. The packet ship Burgundy, Rockett, arrived at N. York the 20th instant, from lavre, whence site sailed on the 19th ultitmo. Moirey market tight at Paris, 16th March, tlhoulth it had improved since last dates. Fives liad looked nip 25e. Threesc 5c. cash. The nltmber of failures in Paris since thie beLain ning of 1837, inve been four times greater than the orres onding period in 1836, The markets for provisions were glutted. The Itarvest Ias I een abundant. A want of confidence and public seeurity, pre vailed throughout the kingdom, more tire result of political inflliences than any indulgence in spec. uliitill . lThe W1estern districts give the cniline etreet uneasinesa, fir every where symptomts of opposi. ticn are discovered. The sill; ninilofacturers of Ieons, in conse. quence of the deplorable stagnation in their trade are sniffrino for brend. Edward S Lurd, a Pliladelphian, gave a con cert in Paris (,it the 14th ultimo. The company was of the haiul Ifor, and the performers Grisi, La. blache, Rubini, Tianhurini, &c. A rail rand is about to be established between Naples antd Castellamare. The company has just .ecn liormed at Paris, capital 12 and a hIalf till iin franc-. The ieiicen of ,ipain could noet persuade Ofalia to letr a new ministry. They were trying to re concile E pIartero. The Cortez are debat7ng a .l.t l nit t1'Ihe hrlists have left Bostan, and drawn tll their tIrues Ibetween Iruizun and Leecunlberri, whitlher Suarsfied was marching on the 10th ol March. The Arabs vcre quiet. Claulel's dismissal had prloiiced i feeling of uncertainty in the uarmy. 'IThe l(ing of Prus-ia is in bud health, from a liver c"mI pliint. A firin of Bankers at Bordeaux has been dictet ed illn using the Telegraph as a means ol specula lion. They sent gloves or ose of diffllrent colors to the ngent of the Telegraph at 'lors, indics ting the'rise or fall of stocks. eo introduced a word into the telegraph, having no connection with the reirlar news-tlhis wcid communicated to lie firm at iaordeaux. The gentlemen were tried .nld acIquitred on the ground of their ltot being )luhlic innehonaris. 'IThe Blnk of France ihad lent on business notes 6,000,000 francs, to the mnerchants and traders. The Burgundy brought our live hundred thou sand Iranes in gold, a part of thil indemnity. 'Thie l)iukes ol Orleans and Ne Mours, with their brothers, are going to visit the Kiing of England, on a spccial invitation. MONEY MARKET-CIT'Y.W FRIDaPt 24th April, 1837. Al dind y ot tile Exptress Mail arrived at oiearly an hour veter- . dAly, theret-ws a dispositin oai the part take at ilothen rninous nrate, for tile holders of cotton were wii lilla Ioa parititt, at any rateso. Int tile neaw.from France ald alNew Yk drove ttllel fro the field, and tilrew tle ar It le downl foll two ceats. The stock on hand is nwn over It , 0tlt hales, The supplsy front the interior is fahliSg oi.; whi e aeipulcat by fira st hands are rgoin mne with seome pirit, if it be nlv to rleal .a h in Io iarptel and litcre. Beter it & rshould tie it market, than lying piled tt ai i oar steds. Nofi cal, to-data ato s ily prien. A few barter operations may hbae tlkes ilpace, bat nt to any exateant. & 'The p, rjerc is 4lill entertainead by rome of our ranks, thoughl t w, ilt I t e. ,fiflsuing post notes. payai le. 1 nlntlths ilelle, I lea,"ijag r; Ip"e cclat interet- Wde doubnt the widom o4 tIlt po lii,3. ItiaallIyVa plting tlhe 'ltday ranutrof, aslldu rini g tllet '.I di, .l-tol,"alt grleaterastlo l'of tleaboltfy c ,aoo rcial. Tl'rre c at rler v ill be a coptlet rloltieo, to be foll-wes taa new order Il'tlafingx. Iaost notes ilwl b olly protrectinr ahe ldeathof ati, lnutner, bill crrdit. Tha atmosphere hs T h.a llaing e llllh darkened withthe lRisig kifte oa spreulatorsn T taiid itnerllr i 'tolll . ehattl. It mUlt ;ne cleared, and then we uay extpet asuncliotilr cheer the people on in thepath of life, and its mlult iplex bulinesl n' Monley is no vairce as ever. The ne, paper is done, whiloe lle red in ora iare ibeomlg morel and reorhe orhlss. len-t. time the mony-lenderms, tile Shylocks of Nhew Orleai are ilt telailg on the iaet , ithla try and earnings of tile hoest man,, lb.e to keep ip his credit Is paying ducat on ducat foaror ty. Solo facts are anlegining to trantpireo, that lead la to doubt abhttherlhe poliey ntheL Governmellt be not correcte, l a strans e onoly tile present dyucsty hin blundaered otya meal. sure thatby tile lst of October next, ifpc riested ill, will ,bril Irangllld iad , IFrtance it orfeet. We hIve the peiend rlll i awe l te I aido, i lokrep it, as a bsis for our Ilanking syalse. If .llarclad i it htnt specia from America, sihe will hie baulujt, 0 end Irnfa.tion aatilensaue. */e rhbll enlarge on this topic to- i nrowar. Mrltime, thile resolution to refuse paying the Cate tota Iloalse bonds, till the specie Cirulr b repealed,o will on ly banofit tlliseoantlr. riin ttie nlerchants theoslv es, natd ral e, rovernea the hetter toearrvot its pbans. If tr. 'a an uPte lattould isue ordelrs that notlhing but gold or silvert ' te received in payment orlaces to the govers mntl, he will ie cnre his paint, kep tile speeie here,. and prevent excessive im-t portationa--th behlr of our true prosperity. There doctrines tny be considered aes hteraodox by tayin, but we are aniou toarrive ot tile trutl iu inuuialmattmr l withouatrefrene tona political felings. T'le srbject shoaltd be ealllnassd, studied, seigeacd, nd . llt rouidered,in evtry counting hoalse every palace, every ha tlet in the Union. for ourdeepest interesti are AoerrnIed. It should be remem.dred we havea no tionan dblt ib the orn der. OrsFFI CF THE GtLn071, Washington, Feriynv, April 21,. P 2 . OFFICIAL. DEPART.OENT OF STATE, 2 .4peitl 200,3 837. As a war is now atetgi on thie Gulf of exic, t betweena exico and Texas, and a war lhas also a o tkctti out er o the coast of the Pacific, between Chili antl Peru, it is recommendcd to the eitioeos tof lIe United States, trading with those or lhe nerillbariln euolntriet, or whose pro)arty is likely to ceate a iahina reach of the colltbolants, to sa·e that tIae vessels in whtchl, lr inll a.ese e c,.,, Icheys ore ianleresiel, are aprovided wiab tile ipalot, perifited iln the tinth v-llird article af the tlrely clacatvn lihe litnied taltes and Ihleisat, wlhich is consillered by this GOvei'rnrtei t as oaligatory upon o oinl Mxiir cn i nid Texals ; and it the nineteenth article tit tlie tic aly bltweci the United Si:tes and Chili. .irliels -f %rc ly beiuteen ale thilerd Solats tmnd ArTIr.AC Xsrta. To nvaid all kinasl of volexaioa alid abse in thae eXaninat ion it otsnpcr. relrlig to il t- t aine tiil of v a.sels belonging te tohe cim its IsI Stheala Io coaircaeing tihey have ared, and do s2rte, thait il ease one if thicntl hoold bIct i n, i n oar, tbe lit vesn loe hi 'loagint to aceiti. z ans f bthe raist e furaanalied widl sea lt t tr iti1"- innss ,eorls expr issing tile tlalev, propnert, and boul of the vessnel, aad a lso to e namae n. place ' i hlalotallion a if tile mutister or commiander ol saiwcnael, inardur that it iaty hereby appear a'c lt Ile said vessel remolly and truly bulotags to tile ciai iz,'ns of eue of the contractrrng panrties; they' ltv-e liluwis a agreed that suhe vessels being lalen be sides the .aiosea eurs ort O passports, i alalln ils, I- providita d oilth certilficales contaiing tile seve ral paiculats of lile sargn, and tile phr ce whence le vesseIl sailed, s [itht it elac be keown wheth etr avt forbidden or eontraband gntlcis bi on board lite snlne, whlicIh erlifieate slhall he Madle out lby tile ofaivers of tile ipauee whence the vessel sailed, il thnoa a fnhnt ornl ; wittout which r(quisites thle sniil vc'ascl nlaoy lie dctallned to be adjoulgcd i, tile lomplletetfl l Iribunal, and inny lie declared icUal I~lzet II flesa tle said defect shlall he satisfied orsualalllied ly It ilinionl equivalent the Il salisla ol o aa th taoampetent tribuoal. .etirles nf iht tcaty beitreen th I Te trUitLd Stalrs aid Ch ili. Awrjota.c xix. 'To avoid all kind of vexatolion and ;alouse ii file xlaainai oni of tile papers relating to the townership tofthe vessels belonging to Itie ciii s cn' of tille vio coaltrcating partic, thely have a Ircerl, andl dlo agre , tlhat ii oase one oft rtci shall be enogagcd in war,the ships sid vescsels belonging to Ille cliizclas of the oilier, must lie Inrnialshled witi sta attcrs oar lassporltes, expressing the nalne, pr, eri, Pald talllk til the hilt),n as ltal :llhe nae and ala-e ol lhabialiiat I the las !ce or comtlaloidC r of said vc.estl, in order that it imay thlersby nappnar that the ship rvally anit truly Wtlongs to Ili viii zcnltat ott llt: I e ie firlies; Ithely havne liktaise a grcudl Ihlt such shilst beilg Itaden, brsidts Ithe s2a5 Icters or latsplrlora, allall also be pirolvidod isiihl cLrtilificat e olUiloiaina lthe several alirticlalis ol flte tartouaauclt lie .pllace: when (cLt lla e shilt sailelt'aa Illaltrtilen)a be lillown wllrdher any orbidte .n Iir ectificatn shanoll bae iaitale oat by Ite offiecrs if ile plase t it, aice itc ashila sailed, in alto, atclotisoned lornla; aailliatt ahlichl reqitisitcs, snaid vessel niaty bt, itlaint-dt Io be adjudtgedll ) Ilhe citomittilc Irl Iunalt, nad Illay be doesilLred legal priza, unless tle said dlf, f1t ,htall bie io be ohtvitg to nocl d aet, and be satislied or saluplied by tesliniony cn OFI"ICIAL. laIs'ART.MENT OaF STTI:. a fiaiaI iatrntoatlion hal been received froal alla Cilai otl tile Uiilod rSltles at La (uaoyr, flintllU I cut saquoIICe of Iate scarcity prevaiingaI iIn llolzu Ili, ia dt'cre hlad lblun is.sud hI e the uvtrnnluntt l lishat rteaull,1h: s autholriillg hle imporltatitat of I Inadini corae, rice, nlnd pllase of all ktinds, frc. ol dui)l, ilo Ia otlll s of L;i (Iuayra unet PoErto osCll la,lfaifil i th ; i. natillba Fho ccrdita't Iltl I Lilla 7-art' la-t. Port oft New Orleans. CLEARED YESIT'DAI'-- 7tb. larqnoe Dazli, Elhro rgo, Philtdelptlia, J D Dngre, willh 1U0. bbll pollk, o Illid pickled Wlan, and sutdrý lldze and skills. Brque Euphrates, Enerson, Boston. Bnily & Ablbott. wit 1l2 sacks tcorn, 612 bilds flur,. 91 bills wleatl, 1393 bbll pork, 3; half bills and 19 billt la I, I1( halr ,hbls 51 hhd, bacon, 195 bloes collint , aM0 do tobahco, and 33:1 hides. Brig Criterioa, Farwell, lHaa.a, R Grooiung 4 co, with 1376 bills flour, 71 bales tobaco, 549 kegs lard. Brig Maras et, Popper, Ba4llmorm, G Bedlord, with 597 bbls pork, 488 do beef, 50 bales cotton, nnl sundries. Brig Spy, Doane, New York, Mailey and Abbott, with 7147 bbll flour, 920 sacks corn, 40 bhds. xtm. Brig T lbune, Bouoh. New York, J WV Zaclato and co. witl 1000 hides, and 43 0U9 ls do, 1700 bulidel corn, 15 hhds ams, 4 bbls and 9 teo.o molasses. ARRIV\ED YIS'TERIDAY-.7t1h. Towboat Pilot, Motripon, fml the Passes; blonght up 4 brigs and I hltr-proneelded o the wood yard, left no rporlt. Towhoat Porpois, Davis, fin the Passes. Towed to scaship Colstllllatict, 1l igs Chlernlb, Ajax, Dtlaowa e, RIi.glaldor, and (ieorga Jonte; brought up shlip A koatts, sld brig Carolina. ot, the Pass on the 2tlllll, at a l-otlnttll ill sight--all tlhe outward bound vessels had gone to sea except tile Coustella lion and Scotland. Partet ship Arkansas, Dennlli, New Vo k 10 days, to Frank lin & Alcs, with asstl cargo dze. o RoIesono, Wood & co, J i.andi, V co.. A C & WV Sqire, Braider, Ml'itnona co, Now I B Marsll, J Mageo,N J Jl Dick & co. W itello',l n Turner l Woodruff, T Hamei, Colt & ro, Blnce eI brs, WVoolbey & Aloonttyoe. T Barraett & co, Gral &o, Carthllers, Hlarris k co, O DUhligg & co, IV VanCo co, J 'li'Ktoea., l Sulte-, R Ituddck, J Itcid 4 on, Frallklin .l Aums, Forsvth, (ioodwill & co, Kelly, Mason 41 oil, o4mble X1 loorrill, J (i Slteveson, J II Gralam. A E Crae, C (iozan, Dulbbin & Clark, Laytonll eo, J P Labolsseo, Perry, Kellogg ,1 co, II English, Godfrey, B'osslnan co. Savaget .% Leoo, E SluOleo. S & J P Whitney. Whittenlore Blair, J A Turnell- TP Minor, J Vairin, Iiawe. -& Iladdent, J H Ltvorich, C Mlillt, J Slidoll, Ferguson gAllll, Byrne, c, lH K imbleo t , Punlroy, Smith & Hubbard, J C Wagner, Beard, Petts . co, J ,v L Brewster, J latt, J & A Park, U A Pollard, Quarles & co, Kirklman, Rosser t co. J Clark, l.allv ,4 M'CraThck, I, Hss, J IBell. Morris .V Snefen, N Jarvis, N & E Ford lkt co, Peters & Mlillard. Poyrou, At ouil k. co. Callowvy & Levy, 0 (I Jcnkina & ct,. I, Wilco. * Tooker, II HaInes, St JOlnt . Bclt, T' D Hall. Lock hart L Arrott, A G CocBran, Prescott v Jonoes, Ailing, D S Woodruff, Koesa & Davidion, Dan)aiiao & ro, W\ilcox, An dersol v co, J Bellow, Dolbcar \ lbrr, AlI'llDoald l Bicoe, W W I.yon & co, E HAti, T 1F r \V Stringer, T lIt Sotllhnayde, P.'llannc. I.csrl r v Selton. J \V Stanton, \V Noll & co, S A BFldno. N C FPoltr II Iteacl, Opdykhe Ilarrico. J Nowland, .MW I.ofloan, I.amn L o Steves, Yttlntao AV ro, S Keggs & Hough, Morgan , co, LuhberlI a Tioonpoll, Kolh & Daron, Bier & Steveo, J Armiltlo. ttLoto. Avr, - tco, Sihklest bco, O Palmnr. J I. Moore. Waltoon Wanlk-.,, P DolIerty. Bogert SIlHawtlorn, M k II Mllllen, A1 nBllco. Poet .1 Nortll, J B Field, Taylor & Medlyv, E Ros, Tl'ole & Iarrier, I. Smith,. (lick, Fondi & co, Z Taylor, F F. Vore co, Frost & Johllnon, Blarkwell v Tlorn, J [I Dakin, Snlith. litblbard o tn, Van Pelt .( Orerleich, II V Palfrey At eo, Carrol,'., Darail co,. Darand & Izarat-,V \Valdron, S ;: 1'ipn. lhdltn . Ghood ricl, J Bailey, TLimerick, J - E-KInoIIes ,A co, D[ I' Ouack., E l Trocy, Lavillebeuvo .o Wallton. Trotaon v Dunham, Eu zelo .v Pepin,. Nntus %. co, Fogg A- lock, I1I Ioonill. L, ullrno SBurnsidc, S Slaltr. N Enrk,i Hall A S;ay-,, E S Dolui., Passengers, Frede ick and lady, C Whitney, J Ilarni, F Tracv all. lady, Garthlwaitt, and 6 sttorage. Brig Vi ginia, King, Philadelpllia 7 davs, to master, with ast nldze, ;Oillolleano. and Ilagan, N V Calmpbell N Iloty, Gillinghamn and co, J A Pa k. Rolecon. Wood and co, Ho. kil.s amdl Wilcock, Seoners nlo l Alexatder, F and J Dick and co, Yorke and lbriVWlto antsd Walier. S Thompson, W Mlas 'y, J V Buyolyo, A (irnnl E Johno, J Vairin and o, Forsylh,. ioodwyn and co, J D Denger. Passengers, Wallace aud Gretprv. Brig' New EnRgland. Crocker, Now York 29 dayo, to master, with mst indze, to Sltetsaon, Ary stlln o, l Ladis. , J II Field annl co, J Bell. C Clapp. J Blilcy, Nowland,l EII Kelly, J Rete and co, Beino llld Cohec. A E Crane, A C and W Squire, A Knight. A Grant,Walkcr anld Walton, P l.aillao, .e gcison, Parke, anit co. L.cevrlday, ClhrbLouot and co, .ico Un o utl Milaynrold, Slotot. Btrig Cotol. Clase, t.ataolrd Baly. to lnaslr, witll 13 dtles ,ottonr and ballast, to Brnnlder, Ml)'Ketltland c.. P:O. -oPasners, J V 11 riggt, F A Cro-ker, (i L tLtton, J II Sim,( G CPro Brig Carolina, Illghlltes, Iavnn 7 days, o J Pral.s & son, witllh:57 b.ts eotlto, 1001 ho sgrr. wtlomtnluset, f ,it, sOt.tor, . e, to J P,'ats It.& ss,J Fhltorer, J W Zaelhari. & ro,Cueluhi, Iaplvyot' Ao CoiCipooio .o Girolld and order. I'PoaOscgers, (i Rufil, J Berdetol , 3lmattra, deck Ia0oo0gtero. rig,, Silbc., lollibrook, `8 d.lay, with asst. td.l., to Sclr Fred', Alrict, Arlict, Mobile, to Grirot alud Paise,with lumber, to order. Stclw1"'hat Goen Wiln), CaslliltUlll Cillr, linai, to liaster, with 5-113 lls flotr., 3J V.rill , . c; 11 l do, J Gilaimtr; 35 2hllds aIon.t I qr cask wiln, J .ndis & co: '51 build boxes, to order; 10l bbls whishkey, owners Oall boardl; sundries, to Forotall & bras. Pasengelg, J I Bass ind lady, lee Castlo,uan, Dr Sol livrs, T 0 lawkinsl, t D W\Vood,, It Ried, J II Inlle t, V E Vodr,lift ald soil.o, Mol,l T E I, iT Itollsol, Nicll. J I'Oieanr, G V Hllill, DIS ioodlow, l1iller, IV lWhlthlcad, ' Ilonoon, \r E FIlorence, Dr Stot., J Friglltland. Stalboo:lt Bayou I Srt, t, I.urolt, Ilon) Sarat, to J iG ,l., with ItS bales cotton, A L.e Box & -I ; 10.o0 It Plnucle9t l ro; (it Burke.lVatt %,. co; 21 ''ll ylor A Gat diucer; 9 Lese &· Hardy),; 8 I W\lito . co--tolal 110 halr--lnd sadre. ti otwnte on, _

boalrd, nltl orde~r. Parllaters, laynan.o 11 lha-sane RvY St Auli. Islltop. J 3Car, J Dohlerlty. J F lailnd, "I'Pt'Glce, R II Moir, I'. HowIell. J ,4 Gio l)imt, J N Cllholrs, J R T''holoae. A BlriIsc, \ C WVade, T' 4; Morttl.. 1 Titrno,,ll, , 11' 1i Frazeo, F ItIhordsoo. I t V CTi,,,,V It Snoith,IV tloieIs Pit tloo bi,00 Al. IBlanc, 1.1 penert IVS Lyinon,I It B., her, J Yet mail. 3 M1'aloo, IV P M'Sceil, Mors ;ildart antil dtnelhto. Itor' Rlicllhadson and two bildrnei, Mrs Hlarboar. Airs \edestrunl, Misst Itologille, Goudra and Iladly, \V M'c.od, ilrs S 1 Rich ardson. Slellno!tl Mazetppa. Satton, MIobilo, to omtster. StjtIttilont Butllkr Iilli, 'Pallonor, fo ManleOLnter, to master, with 072 I olles coluton, loUItI, Shipp and eo; 1109 WI BIogant; 99 IBurke, "ato anl co;ll: 50 Byrne, ernllo & co; o0 Prescott. Joneo * co; 15 J Reel , co; 1.tIVW Flower; 5 Petroox, Ar ounil A. co; 2 Bllebanll uEa· Hakim N .; 2 nlllhoubeth k Tbolnp S; I. tt order; 1 Buickne r, Stallton & co; 5 tlts nlld, h, Hyde & (olnstn.ti, .,ld J 3ethtiller eoo. P1lugers, lold, \Vil r heats froll r oetlll ttee, o ith ,2 d Ibdd tlobaco, to lambethl & TFhololpon. Slobaots fati Ketllotlky wltth (7, hhls tolbeeo, to A If \ul hIot ant c I, laolobet hit 1hs, ....... lod J Thayer rond oh Mbtloatsnt Tuot onChiatANoitn , 54 o airs h Wto,,,,, oigt, oad tllni Iod C.o Gtrnln llld t MLoIt. l'oikni:ll-, o oslo t. d co; N and J Dick, lMartin, Plallllls aid ell, ant d order. IB i Coltl re orts sb," UhIll l,, disbolh; ttny Bsttl do. The M1-xinn hlck.htllt o " ' t.. e I'r oaf loflteaordla 14th intt. Thb : catte out at s lioptlIthill.tlowing as .otbo .-'ter. Tle Arknilts, paosed, 11 llt,tI o the 1silk,8 ohsail. shipo and brigs. mollg them ship JIIlleslo t, brig shpeed, ald Loltors not known. Nautical Intelligence. IIOmIE PrORTI . At Philadolphik-Arr'd r' th Airl, V illinam c ay, 15 days At Charl ton--lC'd ilt Apr ils, l lrriort I tllnerd, ll e le. Lte . 2i , front N Olc a3 l s Ct+t t i I ato Litv, es rpool arkts -d, At N k- FOREr' IN 1ORTS. ,e; u d lnvcek; M h .elntilook, N Orl& e.c At Alexl ndria-Arr'd 1t, l Alil, C Ed, nrd, hIlle'O Ilth, -O0 NT RCltttoo, N tOrl». AAt lBoton--ll17 April, l'd T Go llge, hither; ltll,rr'd A i, Ar.t Ti. tto llImth Arilo No. 1 Conoster, o.thianlfter, oaot oria; tho'l Gcorges, ak. ll hence. Lw. Or, on. 2Chrle, 137. ro kfield FOREAINS,O GLASS. IUSIS &.-J (Per Burgunvly.) Ilavre, March Imh--iTd Glouceste., Lane, N Orli. 1,h00-Sl'd Pfe flrs, st 'l ltt I t, fro t XOr2s. 14th--tGeoAr, Ch3it, N Orl s. iiltr. knctn; a4 lt rgo j tpo oltiio eo f i su.h«; toll. iliotert-; 1i2th-Arr'd PIulinto (nl lail n ior tist of.OOOm i leas. a l c rup e Ot--Clria.s Alr, 'I'hoIImpIIIoII, N Orls. \-'7___ 'AJNP8 L-Thie fiiends( of Mr. Victor Z. ,Luionnier, and thlse of his fiiends, i-er. Zactll rie'n aHi l otlersatI'si ire r tquested to atlend hii ft i aevrai frO lll tile resilleltt e ofr Itru titetittitoot. ttin ftttleion li \ ill iaml IlcadisilSo. 1N; ni sCtlin alftrlcuoa _ t ilo ndintg fo thip (onstituto, :till tier s, l-viz : Ieen0 fi'ot ofetlasso best 'lulitvl, fr li8XI0 to tiom:2' 310 kes nwhit lead ptlir 3- l o greFen paint, i E .I i dloz .f-Illdid 01t00l ground brfle , ro v, o0000 e nd 000 .ý iases crroln e greeI in eollwer; sope ior t atiite tlo do i calls a Iliri g assOltlenit o f sash tools o ever size aher tlo lit ; a le le a , r t'l°ts lat arking pilrel,i Ibox,,s, fitled c p o itlt all Ine essor. britorco se art'-e's tools, &c. Flake and eArenmit whiit.-; it ptoiks gold Ietaf; white lad velln wax;St gil ttirtlltr il oanI t l e ar l coice ait - orlint. of paints, drti oltoi, oeilt, ITiOll tl , vu itl, tttI ir atlwa.-, act tiet retail tit ti e lo-est prices, a8 51| Caitl p St. No. t53 Magazione st.--Oplite Illok's Arcade. UrPt lo-pirtlershio il tbil establihiret eudtC the lirmllT OlA (GLoes & C(;. nas tiolved " Ity InIo tial ot it potur i-e 9e icn. uoi i ier ole.bloae beeo scio pr priettrg ortt ofoloeetiont it loir1t eolll o.lie ne. , l i its it tllt ro iotI nIt tllldut e ciiOl workmnen to Fsuplpi' yIlc ploo ot tot thl eio-lld itt plrepal'ed to carry ~le tre 'len tt o eitonlloratillt ill llits dilrret lur: cen, with prImptunes and rergv as heretollO, tl olt rcNsonille trls h A. il 1937. w17 A. JONES. Tohonpito r turf et. iy kill. . . i el Sat lien St. M tar)' ltl.,r ait t plane leoll ayti pptoint. a 27 ACO, C t ellEito d lIM:: itlmiaIwtte'i le2 f11l ceO lltanll III1 ld s l eotlleur Ilbar *e, eta ire age e t six nn et a7ntde It mainre, citers et "quelle . I1 s detx piYCos ot7, dlerivr blanc,et ferre d" i illt 11u pic{k. Doe rc c lll uslle ei d sus sersllt d orllllllne' it eli lram tlllelilra .nz leIOtsignc 1. 7avT itl It A alyette. E TA.T D` LA LOUISIANiE--Cour de Par6isse B oIr Ilt Paroi-sI et ville de In Nouvelle-Orltans. Present, I'llon. Charles urin, lJuge SoloRon An drewe, certie. hims Crettveimrs. Stir leture et earegis .Irenlejl;t det petition et tableau hls craeete eft'aires, ct est SdCerete i:ar Iat C Hor qa'lle s oemblee des oreaveiers e l'iasotlvable i 't li'eton n codr olavete,jundi le 1ade Mai 1937, pour f.ire se ohil: pour y moi le dit insolvable n sCrOut ,as do, harge eraubmtllmeat a le loi. 11 est uil de, ti ere i 3li. IV. O. Trilou avout est nottnlare poulr elv'pS,ý,j!.r Lis crcavciern ahselolls, et ia alteualtla tote l proedlLre centre t'ltsolhitble ct ses prprietc i est eUlendaes. Par order det la Citlr. Iluteu dlo 3rt flier, Noutvilt e Orleans 27th Avril 1937. II. 31. 1 Uti YOL, D'ep. Grelfier.ti -1 HA31PA I GNE WINE.--100doz first quality di C) rct importation in tases of 3doz. for sale at 1.3 Tehrltpitohl.-e kt. by 0,7 SI.OO& BYRNE. A IlD)--9,l2 kegs L.nrdI, laatinq fron steamer auull IL voy m for sale tlt 13:3 Tchulpitoolat; st. by this day fr'om steame+r SpReadid and fir sale bly a-17 I I)i~r & I IA\V'/'IIORN,Wi:3 Gravier t1. I -IIOV AL . 1I NV I.,COX,'AND.I).R)N -& Ca. have removpd fi.t'from Camnp. st. t,, Bank Alley. 027 I.ACON '.,DElS--3-5 Ids (·ills illllati cured, l]ad B in, front Steailer Sp far.did, liar sitle Iy a07 wrVI'TSON, AVERY & Co. l cloý - eT; i, t c"al by a'27 .'"I'I.'s*N; AVERy & Co. Chartres at. by [Id26] HARTT & Co. ,., .'I ~i : :I4 11 'ION , 11.1 ItTT,'& . Mr. Barton, PIROFESSIORt OF EI.UCGUTION, R ESPECTFUl.r llulaunrces to the public of New SOrlcans. tt t he hag resumed Ihs practice ill the above necasilrv branch of polite And Iprolkssional etdu cotien. S-oIet e t'visited at their residtece, or reeeicrd at 31r. Barton's orooteS, No 11 Circuos treelt, where particulars may b ascertained. n7 STA'rTE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial District Court. Francois Renaier vs. his Creditors. The cession of the Petitioner's property haoving beeo accept ed by tIle Court, for the benelit of'his creditorr; it is or dered that a meeting of said creditors, to take place at theeollice of).. L cCoy, Esq. notary public,on Sotur dav tile 29th instant, at ten o'clock, A. M., lor the pur poe of deliberating on the.afftirs of said petition, and In tile meantime Aill jueicial proceedings against his erson dal propel'rty Rre Stayed. Witiet., tllh Hon. Charles \\ tts, Judge ofthe Court aforeceid, this 13th day ol'April, A. 1). 1837. Sfi __ 1'. 1.LE BLANC, Dep. Clerk. 'WASHINGTON BALL ROOM. tNE Managrr of tire Washington Ball Roimi, rcs I eetrullt ib rnlms his i'iends ntd the tultlic, that next tlotatav everllilt the lrll inst. the will give a grndl Dr-ssand lMaisqerade Ihll, and that he will conetituc girieg said lealsl, every Monday, Wed:esday anld Seatindty .evening eofeach week during tie season. dl4 TATE. OF LIOUISIANA-Parish Court fir the .'ariishnlid CityorlNew Orleans. Presnt the Hon. Ctharles laetrin, Juldge. Solomon Andmws vs. his Creditors. UIpon reading and filing tils Ietition nrl schedule in this aser, it is ordered by thie Curtl ttat a meetin of the Itsoilvett's creditors be held ill ope Court, atl 'lntuirday Ilie 18th> day of Miny 181137, to allow cause why tile sait insolvent should noo be discharged Rceordingtolaw. Itis further ordered, that IV. O. Gieon, Esq. and Counsillcr at law, be appointed to retrepresent tle labset credilors ill this case; and i I tie eantmiene, allproceedings.agaiast the person and prop elttyv at the inolvent atre stayed. Ity order of Court, Clerk's Office, New Orleans, April 25, 1837 a26 FFM GliYO',, Clerk. TEN DOILARS REWARD. 1TtRA YEDaor from tilte stalel of the isubscriber, ., ontielt i, a brighlt bay Iltore, six veerA old, reedeleofte 1 hige h block moriti ndt tail, beth tilld I'e'tr WIhte,riAd shieel all riund. rheAbove r re ward will be gsven to wehostever will return himt to fle St liscribrr. JACO1 MAHLA, nl(3 3t City ofl.aloyettie. r ooir W\ASI--Ilo eross eacll Chlorine and Orris tonth wash, alo 71i iloz Carlbonic Deotifriee, fur sale tt 70 Chbirtres St. by 1r2e Sil MIONS, ItAR'iI'& Co. E EF--35hibls prime beef fIr sale at 44 New Lerce _B hy _ It_ _ G DORSEY. vee, iby ai G DORSEY. L.OUR-2000 ilas superllne Flourfor sale by ' a'27 I DORISEY, 44 New Levee. ORtN-I.00 1liees su rier rwhile uorn on bead Fhlt boets; for slle at 74 Po'vdrus st by »6W " J TIHAYER, &Co. SESS PORK--I10ii ill'Moess pork landing and litr Sstirlecnt 741 ovtdras st. by aOG J THAYER &Co. I ACON-li10 caeks Ciincirnnati ieoked bacon, Inn. dligog atld for srale at 71 tPoyrlae st. Iv SJg "4 TI'IlAYP'R & Co. ()llRK & BEI:F--iOo bilS ilaensanl primie pork unld leef lindig fretel steaner lSt Louis anti for saletat 2G Poeudruas t. b1iv 21i J:LIUS VAIRIN. ARI)--6l I krs Iclf lanI; lulaing from steamer St. leni., aned ftir sale at 21 P'oydras st, by at2i J VAIRIN. 65, 23, 50 59 52, 18, 12 34, 32, 69, 23, 67, ./re the dlran numbers of the 19th Class of the FREE SCHOOL LOTTERY. AUTIHOI ISED ,yv Act of the LePgilaitre of the Staete of .Loeisiean', lthr tile benefit ifthe "l)nlachila Sulool Society," passed and approved the 21st Mlarch, CIASS No. 20, FOR 1837. To be lrarwn in .A\le rOrleans, on nlhurda.yi29th .prld. 75 Nmber L.ottery-12 Drawn Ballets. SCIEMlE. Prizes I)ollrs Dollars 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,500 is 1,500 1 of 1,200 is 1,200 5 of 1,000 is 5,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 10 of 400 is 4,000 20 of 300 is 6,000 170 of 100 is 17,000 126 of 60 is 7,560 126 of 30 is 3,780 126 eof 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 8 is 30,240 23,436 of 4 is 93,744 27,814 .amonltiing to 192,544 T Iickets--whol tickets, $i]0); Ilives, $2 00;1quarter, $1 00. tleaekaps orl'. T'ie'ivt, $100, warranted Irt draw at leat $-1:I. atenl ety rtawI itte tber fl pit.lis. Ipackagee :it' sllllr ini l ,oi orii ll. For T rike, i ppily eAi ti e Malnager's office, 37 (Gravirr street, adji61ini, t entrane i io the Otrade, tat lnu 101 1(1it I)--10i I ibli.s wri.f ie Flout in Stere and fir sale nit 6i3 Grtalir ti, l v :,£5 l Ii I II kI I. 1A1N 1'I 1 f l- . 1.1 !al e whisl,it, in -toriree an fi)r sale Irv t"5 It'5 (A ll' ' &' I A\W I'lORN, 6:i3 Gracer st. . COT'ClltFrLAG.I|Gili S''UME.SEJ-rusi i.rr;:, ;i hl arqu .a_ , fro " aIO IhSt o'sul erircath-. ness 'hlagging s Ata¢s, f ,r sae inl lul'k Alle, ,111 a.5 " II()I.1-ESI & M 'I'.. 713011 O-VW bodes tor sule :it :bQi (io i , i o St. IKv I 1Viiii e oixv11o5b 7~~~~~'. ~ BEJ IIEND bl(b roii-~ki~'tiroLx o F NE, IbIOTTIx:s-x200gross, 'I lio battr6 "r i lird t r,1 ce00 b ii w fo r sdl e ii11ainIk Alley, I1 I & (I Ifp s i &All II.s. K, 'a li tF ' ll e tki Ililily ixxdiiig i~vi. O iHP- lnurdand % hiskev.-1500W Idols of; FIPork; 600 kegb lard; 100 bblsl comm on Whi skov, Fo 6r salt- hv D;U ft-SEY. 44 N6- Levee.r c lo s · Consigl nment7 li 1 2I & (ii kG IPt its St. b '04 uldvo'l, PhlAIGE. 11' J NI 1311,0A. diEL hCo,. 66 1agizintSt. I J liian )X )rIs V FI1 te OeveeIl U23 J 31 It ROADWE14, & Co. 6101agimine s(.l C(,ioeiix,,1 PAVING S ,iriillioe jo ýýarquo, JanelPfirom Glasgow, ul ot1I (it Caithness p av.\· onies, 1or Fale by HOIIMES &lML.L, Book A HeY. N 011,1 IX O1 NiW OR10LEANS 'I'lIc prii _1fii vIre, Itfloor,, to-day,, b~eing six dlollars 25 per bbl. ticoordioie to tlhe tail, tie brkerrs Shull lier 41 wolnce oll broladfor iiit, daritn next to ee, froit .londavy tie llth iiv t IIi,,il of tlhe soetiod quii li', or of three buaven for it xit, is rquirqx toweg , 1 1-4 OUnees.51 a 'ý. 1) PIRIEUR, Mveor. UI p Lvi '_ iiljI edxxlIi-Ifairoiiilivoojil 10thl Louisiana, Oý,iiiriiii (,uniltReports u,24 [I1 NJ. LEVY. (ItIM. -I, 1111 l,iilslr niro ixng o, od or oole by Ia24 3III ll R&Co. i7 IPdlyns ll. owll :,t iiidi xexioer Clhun cellor anid Ra- salnie at' Ii.) 'oiiniit it.i a24 f,11V11 & PAIGE. (4 OLN--,I0X 0 IlbslhlixlCo l, sucik i i boil odoir in C nixi ii d for koii ntli Pl'oirx st. Iby (.IIIVI)r & I'AIGE. 0* \ I;,"E·ilrlr Fol ) 1( 11( i r ii lNI No. i'' clllat Solid drav e t i oIr Gieorge Wi.ilxiniigiouorbptl iyn. IN *11.nsioerSix·Iw sale liy at.1- IISA AC ItRID G E & Co. OFF'EE.-1003 bag litii Cof,, ie itie, and forsale BOGERIT & IIA&V'IAIIORN, a2i2lWdraxier ot. P1045 1FEEI.-Sii bb i lpgs foci ix pickile, just re: moived and ir stile bIv a BIi T & l lAWTIlORN,633 Caiojrr. -fEAR SIDES-!- O boxes c tor sirole, xui i3xcle forb C) thoI nmantia, olr West Inldia marke~lll i store and( for Sale at 63 (1 ravier - I " iB IOOEW Il' & 1bWIIONI'l ON. i (11.AR10 ii)ilib-i00 bblo ilear pork landing ord f;r Sele ati 2 Gexvier sl. hi aixl lrOolElI ' & IIAw'rlIOlN. T~LOUR.-6'! bbls T jT,_jjjiZ ftnmn atwmer Mtoditerra. F ortiiiiid ior isal by JULIUS VAIIRIN, R12 26 Povdri Srt. ~~7lEIlEASiiy Irife CATIHIF3IINE lias lift "I bYlirdxidiivlxoI)I( aon OIiIIoy ivith at mlaI biy fficin leoX JOHN CASEY,thlii is to orbid Sinyr preon fromol trustingiihr srI y account as o will pIRY r dliebti of her contracting. i1*i JAMES CAROLI.. 1)01iK.- l bbli orbess irinie aol clrar, for rxie by S adI G , )IGORSEY, 44 New Lervc, J)P A 1, E lItop-I3-li o nui little rop, in sltre aind for x 0ale 0at'i I-'(; lrir street by 2 iJl 3 VAIRIN. I RLK-lO blllo iers sork; l00 do primeo do. for P saile. 7f4l'o3 ros st. Iy oSO 3 THAYER & Co. PIRIT'I'S OF TURIPENTINE-25 foldsii istore S ,id fomiloe bv S lHM1PSON & Co. 1ii 71 Camp Sl. B131H lORK-lb---7 piecex hulk pork, Zslodjio rfeioi eamer Pawneelr di fi r SoalarIbl oil J VA IMiN, 46 l'odris lt. ~,ro~comEO~~iii~ex port~eriofuoiidiv, xin t JJI imiiifxr sale tit 33 Nnlv Ir.iot,hy Si F RANDOiLPH o ".11M )N5 WHllSKEYy-hip,,It proof, for rule loy C 11131( G DOIRSEY, 41 New Levee. Fil T) i i oer-fiFI-PIo ra l e i 1ix v-i -_ all (i Dolt EY, 44 Net' Lexco. ( If 1l'A M PA .-2001 blaskets Clonlllgo fVilli, i C most iilb rIloed iil Hplieovei briliiooIIrEiiii I'm Saile to HWHON a zi M G ra:nvior rt. Frud ior sale i y 110i1131 A IIW lAIIES u4 _ - 12 Poyul 0 tri, I F 110ilACCO&c.-iioxxs Icior I.iux540ikeg,1 I oid 611S lK - iCrii. Forsali ,! A .. 11. 00.I.1 ACK & Co. Ho1l Alo TRITE AMERICAN OFFICE. III conneetionl with Mise Offiee is n SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR -rite PRINTING oF Pamphlets, Blank Checks, Catalogues, Bills of Lading, Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills, Steam Boat Bills, Circulars, And every descriptionl of Job 1Work ilist Slly be rreqirl'd. ITilFIThe 'lri i tdlr cr-s-e ctlhillh les lls ihe utllention of Ihe ,obill sl, cave Card, c I'ii asslree tIhl thai all w.ork i his Care shlia;l be doe at tlhe shorl est notiee, in na syl. OlnsIrilassed ill this city land at the owlOst rates, FALKNI'1, &c. &c. A i.KNER, novel., by the Auithor of Frainkensein, 2 TheLast 1an1, &ie. Paill Pr'sR I lelicn Attentions, nlld utlher Icles, icy tie AilineoI ofillle Pel lingtoin. Iife in Pris , tl lie chnlmillcladellieires ofPshee wl- I inllt cil ih, int %.idi . Geolo gy Ialinl %I irn llelecreled %w it rllc rence to Kn au l al' hl'lc l oL.v lri~l gCe w iih-r 'a T re tiscs ) i eY th e Rev. W\Vi. ck d, wi ul.r lCkel w , il engiraivings, in vols. Just roccivedaud lrr salehv - n'2(; . _ III EN.I. I.l Y. NIF I'UIII.ICATIONS. F-WAI.KNER, a Novel y the aulthllor of Franklenstein, She l.ast o nl , &cn.--i'n le in one volullme. Tlh Ecoi.....y ol ilesllib, nr fIIe Slelii of Hlamooin Life, frlc ilie crotll h eii Ice grave, with iredCecliions.t . moral. plhyshicl liud philoslohicall, oil th Ile fcpen nial haslllio:s f human existe-c-bye James John. 1 son, M. 1). Tile Napoleon Gallery, or Illlstrinsions of the Iife and T'ilceis ofthe Emlpieror of Er llce-engravedl Iv .o veil, sa dotl er eille it artiii t.i , i ic ell llists "frolnr all tile icol celebilaed i:cetllrces, elc. lrollucedl ill, Francel duriilg tile last fcrfiy ' cars. Memoir-. of Nlilloel'ol his eri raIil Flamily, by the Duchess I) Ahraltces, (Malidame Junol,) in 2vols, C with lI G lllles. I lalirdrlig's Porl Folio, for 1837, with 24 la lirtle. Findel's Jaileaiux, n series of thirlteens selec ofNation- L a c r te ifil (Cosillile, fieoill paintin s By Ilr Ile lcc ll cfs o, dicer le krctct , Ic V . IPcrlice eaiod bylMrs.C. Il..Hall. Just re'iciv ed ni ehor osle Itsy ,Vin. McKI.AN. 12i6i -corner cofClni llp Crnl (loei1o n si-. Olt'rTABlit 1)ILSKS andl dresi.- i se-, u lhge l assortlcoll1, soioe I n.c-lll.UcriorI. tilc sale by OS.ll3ONS, ItAIOTT & Co, 12i 70 Clirtrco slrcl'l. flROPOIISAI. S sre i.itedl to lie locod fir leegirog . file Docg Ihiv Ilcr.i tIe lists' l Mollile, sic ia to exhibit at least 1, rfeet of water lt tlie lowest tiles. The distance to bei excavatedli is aboit I 1-2 imiles. A Clint I indiealring ithc-widlth anld cveralge idepth of ex c hllion, liiii y he eeon i,- alii l ie tlci to ltlieserd, local ollillcel al lobiflc,, vilt, will Ill.. give itliv ill forinllill Ilu litraey required eils to tile lature of I le work to lI" lrlirlll, id. Ihle Iproosils lilleast eicie llce Iicsl tier elulic, yairdI en eoleu-vatio tl, cicir v c tnicui- flrnisihil, ie. dreedging inathlioery, vCsstei, scowso, &e. The impoirtancrieiceif l'leihie i p ijll ieimlpioemle of tile I)o" illis~r liar, Icfile- ilei's-e - II-I fHobilih, soidif Cocci Ilerce generally, mIakles it desirable I II th11e worki should Ie proscuted w itih f ri'ile virgr.-50I000I cubic yards cill le reliiir-ed libe I xllcavitedl lcy Iiihe lIt June, :1338, or -soo cre ilctc e arif' Le'leniI t i if rie ctlii tralctolr will pernmit. 'Thte eslillllllP e ol sI flor ilT e ro iOsed iii riricn'iilii ii Jl.50f,fl 4 ll, f 0il - ll $50 4101.U ris been alpiellrifille t lii. the iv-,il c i f 1831:17. li per. ceit ofth ilcclicnsr t ecirioll i II- he vlirI(trktor cording if I thi- tillloiR f Ie I on-lreluct IlIs Ibeen dCclaredl. Address(o, +ci. \I II :IIlAS.i:-, i l'- eu .J ii IIIlINAlf). Ait oile. Pienlaclh, A prfil I llth, 1837. w5 liio S IAI., ,.X EPA.V-' ..- .... 1, i.... gard. ,. luinit,da di x i rllllcall-l iin c. ie V l h v aulent Iun imanrqulo Ilitnche i. r i ' I icir, cc i rollllert ci ii iclliI iier-li e 1 I stcr les natrrils., II er e pris i l InIoie nP t i not Ioliv t -o le r create, i i lt tilne flloile bla cell r ice1 IN l t, Ct li iclle uIIIIIII, II 'l-I ux littll esi I l cier Illlllll llls ssi iun chevll Iblun ci. I .e ir, prietallire kII dslits uninIaui st pris de v ienir I (ls clainer i i.arei lii, le, pris iice un viri l .ic vri rt il Iuls scrotlll ei llild hiiii i .ll t ll srlu II A Iulhlloi lc:lfhlitn. JIIIIN I111 U 'I, 11 t9,lnis' re ler Di-t. 2d lMuliiciiiliii. N ' ,r," hI cht l hrdl I .l ,uli sir, l Ie10 d11,s hr ul 1d tsrt le i h l harli i ch cchii rrPIho. I ," - Ilh l ii ilcrr irihicri cci lu I I r l chel' tin cl l se. II lhit li,' I s, If t11 ctieids frrno i' ro c c-rice. cc-f ri-i-ref cii cc ufreer c.;:tin soy t trni cie le ce, Ic fri cI - inc mne i li t is sex haulte's elc-h's jircelics. l i ne c etitii rciii- hla h sur Ia fir rll' . ('c,- i In cii -1c wt' Ii llh I l i ic ite lt ric' i irl, rl'c cvrn c ille riln ollllclo e le slii I i illC 1 1.- Oil-' I it le If (; i ( 11IiSC(,Ol," t c'i,-31r-. I. lil ll, isi , l adjudi norerr J l d~llX I'~r hlil, . |.11ll ' lit. TI'II•I',·, (I Illllrc lli·H 19 i11, i Ti cihl s l Ic-I e ri c ill cc I.i 1.|1-cC , ii .iie- li ,c, C lrrohmllton, lin s I tihl , % ii s I' cl ' 'l, ce Ibllin s palr rcandl A.enl, lre s rt - -Ihrh. . Mill don)l ' l o S.eII' a e I i ici i .. l i i ali c nd liil s I i ni est i~Tif or of 1- dit bi- deso "rre ýnle r-eIllen j-ui li, ctc i niii n it c: li l di 'Air 3t llll 5till -n. c ll lilcllll c. t l illll-: ; lilri C Ifllllit lll ni t 1 1i 1.c le. i . , 2 t (l I r l I c . r11111 111 i l, 1 ,illls illllt I.. Ill/ li l.er1 , . I.c I e o.11 , i-r ier- Il-ii -n, Isjlt r Ilelll fi -I -e I ri reli . II l 1o 7 M rIIe: i l'l. , ,,,; ii - 1. l~t,,21 ,u .fice111 r- . . S n 'ds, sniii i licng i - nl f ningl, l frcc ni ie - l it l 'uIicrlc icu', Ir ell Viii I i'T l -IR, HIS 95, Il o ol.lllr a F I. tI'llW l V.:.-- i ,-I. i.:. Ii,,l, r,, It to,,,',l1a.,.', ,,lI , ;,; ;,;; tices s.hcii a1c d h1r e ie' 1.. fil l r l, i e- 191i- I h i - v i er, 1Ic:li i, , rcmlfrl it1t oiiir lriici o sll, NIiO 1)9 aiind c 1,I ihelln Cd il Calrrolllt-l, illn l I1te 4lu 1 - pl fhil l Ihw' HIItl, anId t. Ilhdedbl 1, (*:tirl \(1 li[k , I.. e , n lillati , a nd rollllld r ts, not .l " i) hll\ii ' ( ca ,1I:.' h ! }1. II tl in till - .I i lll s it, w ill h., 1 .'-s 1 hl 11 1 'l 'h Yrs ,v ,-'rl , Alp ril, II I i l.'t l. t lII Afireiher I- -:hncicc n ill n-c icir illne vl,· Ilin I.. :--.a and lisk. T'r..I : s ne-: hml ilenshl , i thric.lll n e hth l' ill I;, i , i: I 1 " 1 moU 1 fol th Ist\ (, ii4bir, 11:31;,fll- t l i oplprovd endoll rsed ilobe, secrl lf l ,b y iI I I u nell til wil na l e T ' u' r a ld t i l'h e e r eh o Slll c.cii ci er wcic'll le .rc ri,- rl e ef'l c ircic I cefcreiiiiciccidieeitcie li e s onc-rir crclie-r .. Itil~rllioll, naIIolI-Ihe llmIIt nn1)·()l d celc hruI·J1· .-d~ IIralllj ,ill pims ad 11q C!, ! Iwl' , II I 'I l Iltl a17 st. ACN-1) I'l'' 111, 1hrnnt NI. 011 I'I -ll order, a111 n Ilpei ior nrtP vlI I i-I .!e IYi n1711 111 lit amild alant&", tob-ce0IICC'L, (llll,~ 'l~ III wi mJ1"" l llpil"'a 1) Incall & A. 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V?· C'·l IlCI'iI'0 .1.- SINII.!s 1110.11e f0'i'I''NcAexel naCI..-e 'Pit IIHI I'l 1.1 by (1 1)' CI'[ tor ýAv I" I"t' s i C I II) .,l ,1.I,'' C, AND BACON.-'L Iill I KA10 - keg lim1X lilltt d IIl, I'Y ACI' WA'IIICE &' Illyl~l ,lldaev- r1 10'iCIICIIN )y a- U DORSEY, .14·I· New Il\.P Dt~fr,,A(,,hri mk, ill store alll l (" , S ig tl, ao' IL,2 & I A "I' I() t' ' C'1*2 T11OR N, Crsaul~ L1.1: ,\I~S 8 ill 63r(irmier tn ;rll , · al: l 1V -)"Unin wlikey, Imalng froa L '5 tial 1'j6, ll ill Ottr re %-i II ,fo al ~ - 11,2 _1 x __tc - I-EIN.J 31ed I , eoil- mpo, 1""11iYg frral Meam'er __a222t o~rs t 1120 11 1101731"R T& IIAW'ilF rII0RN,63Gravier.l~ ca'k, L!P I i ldI.I t brM, 11 Stll· il l itII ill vl nts IIOMR SE I.ot ('ll MAlim]y "ilit tile lOintl, I 01o It c o. l * tllarnesl onl. len i It ,tlw ian tjlirllce w liie tlli f e I nllljll ,. te plotl luI toll stOreakofowllitl e is Idwn th0ii a , Itl 1. n1f n idjlicJ i cl i o. h 1 CtnI liv , i lt l c i - i : Iln receive ct di r. llo 11 1 ou I<. 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Th'le ownerrs of paid Is~e ses are reelticeeted to call and prove property, vC-S;S' ges ,teI tll tol e leven wav, ohemise hey ýAill'"1 at publ~lic nation, on tte'oiiitt inst0. by 1' A'G6iIttle 8Ot JOHN PRICE., Cottmissay 1et IWOt I-IROFOSAi iniC 11171 %%ill iblcei vdd I i the 151h t inst.for iti. tit lite Proitestant L hvii croundi. at ttfe foot ofit tod i Fleec, an( foer pioldO t oe Side ald rear lines of tlht grootl, rli 'I e ha, eadle0 #end covering clvlt ,thllt, toe oottl thwoalk .hos t the gra% e , ar e m rR3 \ilinlrl.'S~j 1:jo'' he loft at R 31 Witlintos, Officee, maIP W if 1, be pnielitarte appreliensi nan dlivel~ti it C iiLAIBR E BA h7VA~' who oieombolo feom ply plantation Iiht'8 Lonio,,oa, it Olottecr Ia. lie is .,tplt51 feet ii 01f inlches thi't,. hbta srerllo,,ioh aippeaore , rattera lend 8 Irry inte~lligent countenane. 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