Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1838 Page 1
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' NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY 4MORNINQ, FEBRUJARY 7, 1938 1 WetapapcW Pre. af Mw O rkanc~ o . --_ _ * Ter'notef rtA Neeeonpcr Preossojivow Oencsna, wmo ademewo ajreed' to at an e. ewoarned meeting Inprtrea, kent n th lh'of Mteli 1837: d eto.--Twelve Dllaen for thre doily te. .trteta rlt ySbtbe gibtmiaanoei y in advdtcer ten Sýfor it t.i.weeltly ountert ye r, rpayable uhe r hdii e. no ¢a. f a.d.e Is greo. rNo orecriptiLn llbe dloeotinoerl tintlr arred agon are In cae of dNicoatinanol, one weel'o notice at,.n . s aiably gtn, previous to dhe JO HrN G N th e j teu hiriptioef that tpklo n Jorleh tohecqiemnt nhe te . pa igoanl madverttraeo y t o~ elioFreeieler,' seter iA.--Metah I and Tradei; Sa c ng lith ltAoie, 'altIity for both Idn gLm A IniEurane Old ,iaMrd o ther slmilar syodollendna aEi lish only, and ta b esiTe and'rtielcs call t utt t n4 º pemhlle to sane of property, ards rf ranesonnqri.]irlnmlt, &,. die. *iLlDeo ehergel nan dollar per nieh rdo t insertion in each Ian fot; tvttctooftdieter A.erateeoMnte,.of anyv perun. Atny e*rte admaenille, fhall be outrgad double, MnlaS geýb of tnreeerxrre poe masgle to AyctionoteUhbtitT tR etref of' iiMttdtals hA b Se t i a loellda r oltal ofices hidihe prioei f oher Iovert c'.t.' to the imn tisl losr .ustained by newspaper th ie haeoeomea c te 1on0clu on that th * 1'1 whe sh aochuntal.av within one t ' of enoidatn for poitical offies newn (lo far as pracicable) to each other-they obli atitg themmulre nbt to advtrtise or print for such alianusnte, unless ioasee oi ademtce paymets. J. C. Dc Sr. IROMlE, sg J. BAYON, P pP. REA J. C. PRENIDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSDEN. aeekin Prnk--We, the toderolgned, a1eria to toide by the nhoegtauiltieua, an l theoao m dpplieable to (tig pn.d) A. 1. LAWRENCE, (Aieed J. W. ENNIIS. 4 No eubsiriptlons are taken for lese.than 6 months. tetter mumt,in lI crea., he post paid. T 99T3lANIHK5CANOnCE. Is connoecion with tltie Ollice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PrIeTINO OF alipleta, Blank Checks, ata~l~gns Bills of Lading Lt; .ose Dray Roceipt', dNotices, Auction Bills, B aienr, Show Bills Stemm Boat Bills Circular', Ard every dmeane1tio of Jo. ao.k that may be.reYirtlt "Prhe eter repeptifullv caolls thr attantion I thtpublco in le atve Card, nd anc] dsree thet teit all work intrusted tt, his earp etIhll be .otne at tie ltortest notice, in a style dneurpassed it tils city and at the Louisian a.. New York lin of Packe. - . "ps i l sim thislinh will sail n Nw I aa r.. lew N Yaork in every other Monaly- ,omfnekoing oti te 20th tovoceher, and. to tit.nre the arieate ptostt aolity in the r timte of sailihg, tit line wil hernmaftei contiet of five Ships vie: ship arse, t:aptini lTrask to leave on the 21tfl nov.t Sthip Loa le, Capta:in '.lator, to leave tn the 41th ilecnber. hip 'ifr iille. Captaiti Eldritdger to leave on tile t81 h Dentb r. Shi1t Vtehebug, Captsai Woodhouse, to leavte on tl ttt ta.fnry. . v* tory !chiviit dhsiyp, Capltin Davis, to leave et the 15,th lirhe aborve Shit aretp tl netN. o ite firCtE clEa oeplttoed a. d opper-faftttnned, d tittd n or 501) rts bt thae , le6e "f light drn.uglt of water, beito bIuilt in k Nle YOrk sepressle for tlie tradt. The price of IP. orie ,l rtied at oaehttntlrcd dtllars tItheir ttbint arett ftted up n the wltt Nim rov'l lutin cottveoui'nt plan,aned Inind in n ilteat ald eletInt stylt. Atle st tteres f kb. fBrt q.alith, will be previded, ntd evcyrv regard had hi tile t o.nfoart'ad antire otliabfatinm tf poatentgre, wlhi will pl-tie take notice thTat no bertbcan be hecured tex - tilt pid for at the office nf tle toa siueea. Thee packetn are connandtd by Captaints well e pert'iaed i. the trud , who Wil .ve every attoettiteo san&.1e. tve.haelatn to aceohtoalte. They wiltl t Sal O t On N ,.' k1 h at, a Bkl dwnt the hMentailstli eitt atahkio.ont, the'. etictgl IHnceteality obetivd inon kia lime Of nailing. h Tmoowners of thtRn ohips will not be repoensibte for ay letter, parnd or pa kehgoe eint by or aut o bhoard ofa heam.uolers a r tlar hill od irding be tgned thtlre orem a at the encntitg hotse of tie ageant or owners. Fcr itrther pertlutarn, apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN; ine 13 e 90 Cbmmon at i SI) ELL'. 5.PAIN ReVSIT)a, &e., t P iN RRVISITED by tlhe autlorof "A year in :;pain," in 2 vole- Harrl Caleerl, a novel, by ne author of "Cecil Hyde," in 2 vols. The Aa reoo of Padua, ahd Other tales, by t the atth r of "The Forea k'en," in 2 vole. Nimrod's Hnatl g Tours; interspersed itvilh charateriote µsnaeedote, sayingo and deings of I Vbring Men ineliidtflg totces of tle prinecial crack tie of England ewih alytioal contents and gaenral lndexr of nanme, to which are Zdded, Nimnrod's Lettenrs on Idiiato iounds, in 2 vol. Ben Brace, the last of ellm' Agamemnt onn, by Capt. Chamier, a. N.,author oa the "L'f9 of Sailor," S&c. m 2 vols. Commentaries an Ebllt d Jourieprudenlc. no adatinistered in E--land i Amei ca, b JoIseph tory, L. L. D. Ovid, S ihaed by Deyden, Pope, Cangreve, Addison and othersa t 'Jei fr.-ining Noo and .. of "Haret'o Cloasicai Librhy.' infantry Tactics, or irules for tht exercise andi manbnvres of the United Stotesofnfaltry, by Major eoe in otto U. S. Armty, in 3 vole. Just received euly corner Camp & Common eta. D1WK'8 alS thBook, et, the Nervice I. A. atand ashere. With chnracteristi reltminseen f ogmentm an opiion.s, By the author of iio ea Ta i &eq second series, in 2 vole,. ad. $b.n .btnllitiolts of tim Bouse of Comootns, I llSlTyeHr 18t0 to the cloneol 18tb, inclodiung ersat adetebkan ofthe leading member--by one of no par y, jut received and for idao l WMeKEAN, PI ItIlY I LtEE to, Nr C tny a tni otroet, are . s ow reeivnag from ahips Nnaville, Louisville, inaa le, lea other late arrivals Iron :hr ollen cna a bIege and new lete assortment raltsteol 0Or0, Ihoesenbd Broganas, Wanda*l otialC t. fid calf anoti Mot, o hool 4ea i batl obu( attd carao t war peggted Ieots ire ,1 lt d men.s fine eaff seal tand l Morotoc auyp aid brogan, buekskito altes;brt'gana c e teppn ea fle ctf anti lleltllwg ell soeti n botla do toutti ki andI wx poge m dteen aI. ld at qlnttaeot bda l ality alf aew I aBoes, a S tr.ihls ton t lalk e d , o t e. or q alt d.t mtadt with tO Btfi'2aire btaa aI.q, a tdlotet in the e" r m d r t naa ttlhm t itn raoeta oanda . e al. hat tye o inde nrlqt i oat o c i lty oliaa fikle tafla Saolo dltno ant graintm wellf , arnd ..P, na"oe.t;n edo Bine Preneh Mornead kit run ' t.ia l tI tln'do rm e stloea with aero withonth--l iwPeIf Tasnln'd stout llaher boote. r did Pronellnchtofo Eaerydhl ant qoolitie; do ltylbtgy pboant;nt tin gaiter-. aned loneL bootna. . Mie.' aattngaaritg atoenant 1Ipa. (eahldreanaatobrad Mrceo aond lating bn Rocxw. it. i 1., bl; ineblt .ecrua drab eovd of a edittion qoalityn tin ho i ntat tnerae Si hreao and nn arow brim mentr sýe drab y tt dhlcak llnnaatrt upptnne bt a ew artin. YoWtho' ailieje sina hats of , fllhront qnalities; do children's, Maa'l al ea bua k atnel drab wool hats of voriou 0spea awilt ,aosnal noloteot of born' and aen'n i lla .auattnt willb breleninlltdbythe arrivasl of in peloketalnrom tla nonan named iaties, all of whieh will beesold an aaeonmnadating trms. aog 1-f. rIr HE Teapa' r ATERAM.STes and other Sketchof of t E fery day lf antll Every day Peple; By e Boe." Ckeoad edition. Itaonans oeinaa .ltrr or Sac WALTR SwCOTT; by (A torbkltee. Pact second. Rocneopt t arometoe by W tarrinon Ainswerth; ,root tht nerond London noitioi; two voltoten bound in ,ane. Aim. A nttw notpv oafahe Piekwitk Club edited byt'B~o;" a 1,2 oll . lJuslt recio ed anr tl g al by , , M. MoK EAN, jttle corner Camp &] Common rta. NEW ROOKS. 'f Jýl1F. tara AND SnERtICoo te ConnODOoE OAt. U ilRoanantnt tnittd States Navy, by Thotoa #Iarrie, M. D in I vol. MlaanenttAN'o Eaernar.'iTv,ho the authtr of eRot, the Reefer" ond etiwer Tnagiyv enbebrates writers, $ pia. Juns read nod for B Av corter Coonp ant1 Cu:itoto t a T rHIS ebtahivc men lhdsee bythe oubie p oa o -db aind to thie public the , oiojlts n ori, te build. i.b laoleen ftlsteda npeigr-tho s ee wy funited, lh tidl an). me-aand [ha, it pa aw in omnlmlen e oiler for the psll Lefboarders. o thecotizee to ha aist least one Ftrs. AT lrEtl.ath city, lh not thui fr, nor willthe be spareommo either lal or o expense ot brig aqlut time grel t - r s. Hie table sheul imarsbo y he spa plied nam. .v variety, witl tie oscine market off iid*rehis Bari udi.see with the rldi en n a tinsoa i .hir sa le*aping apartmentu kept et andto and rplemteof e hopes willat a timees ian oitingtoill give prompt attention to tone wants of hie custmers. Ile s particuley'ywellprovided for the ateommoda ai will lhave carriages atnd hosei atahll times in rea diese to convey hie boarders oreestomersoe their ar rival add dpartu riee f epese, to and from Steam He hopesa that Travellers and otherewill give him a cll; and judge ofi te emonodatioe r ownd themvy, ves, as the ma the only at which the merits of hi whose long establise reputationlfor the Ciof innatveri, Ap is s t teef. allof its superior LI) 1) cAR OF WHEAIRLD AND E1., cTea .ad toel urn, tea setts a,wsters, slitors, cnle istickt epu, toealbleandghletst table end des with forks; tables delet, Astil ten fsp ons; mlio sta ta tvy, en sts nd vegetae d to s; ogea, adish ne noap ladles; bratt, hit, p ding anE d knives; pickle atn desmbert knier labves alat dorks, tekins, rings, table beprilly frt, he megg and utory of Mr B. eggboardiner, of ew York, whose long established repttatein for the manuasettAre oi silver war'e is suflicient gtarrantee of its superior tieslity. PLATED "'ARE OF SHEFFIELD AND BIr. MINGHAM. Tle and eeret k l urn s, tea ors and sooas liquor and diae atiles; utiperb adle fish, aniv Epeg chees with , a Fine plateauxic, for centre of te diner or wsipper tablen aters oundigle tsado 8 to ng, frch; do of pier beef steak and vegetab.e dishes; rich dish eeven; eake nml b rel, cheskts; decanter stands; mantle aindt latmber ntadleelicks; wine strainers; coolerandi arphol; doesan. ter labele, cltrot eorks, tea stnliners, table bells, tea, tu ttle. egg and muatard spostl; egg boilers and astuids, toast ose shell, ic. SILVER ON STEEL WAItIA Tales all desert kttes, forknd sf rih oot sos manp tled paragus tongs, vegetoable fors, i. very ACHANI ANNE G LAMPY. Fine Gothic Sn tlwich atnd roandl coret waiters ofn 8, 10,d 1, gle, 0mnd 9 to 31 inche; do ofppeder and cil; breai, lheese, ,and kife irays ; large lrinhant lante ltel'r; spice, ugr and h boxesntre plam for drases;win Indiroom ts, ilm 1 to 6 eats, addle shades, glnd and of rich tiortoise shell, e. LAMPS. An extensive assorttetnt, amontg which ere Astral lampes, all bronzed ard gilt, and of rich eutglns; matit with np do, do,et each platin und with glas prik a very pledized cut gliass do; brinzed atid Japani d ahid or bers, aektl o, ais. C HANI)AELERS AND HANRGI2G LAMPS. E.aglish andi Fretmh ctn glss nert, tetira or lcoffee or , 10, 1, , 20and 4 lights old edge, and very r gilt Grecian leowe 3, 4 and 8 lights; hall lamps nk d l-et terns, ric rlmnolze bost or centre lamis for drawing moms, from I to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses at, wicks. MANTLE CLOCKS, CADILF.BRAS AND wining, deirt, tea, oeo, alralkfastan stypper setta, Btonet ad m; ihrb nzet'and gilt, and all gilt, with unters, erstc; launting house antd hock ite leks; Iers, card rasek, cae lesticks etc. CHINA WARE OlCUt PORCLAIN. Figle ivory bloe dinindg leser, teltip and coffee ler knives an plain whiof, gold edige, and very rich tnten voryle; spanlendid toilet eitter wailter anfori lk pitahers, mea anu va e s; f etts ant u th ks lith an d 9et. s, suiig, desefo r hotels od vte, beakfast oo nipper seilles; oilet warihe; pitch er Alto, CautO.itl l dlntier setdis CUT GLASS. covers, plate heaters; claoret and eglotel hock deeatreas with heateras, as, wie, I wls, icpnR i claret, corillls, lemonade aad j ty.tglasaes; inte mtlored houk glasses. Als, oandle sdeI TABILE CUTLIItY. FiBre ianvory bl wire handles, eanltip rond bck handsteel knivels and! loks cf 51 and 53 oeal, tsr and pt he dozet ivory handle knihearth brolv he f blr forks; guard aum bame carvers; ognd sleenfor ro beef, a ollyerction ovs, il ks utenalull picks; uigar ctultters.r erews, et. IiItITTANIA AND BtIOC5 TIN WAltb.. Tea ait coffee Setts aonl urnis, nlth 1 and 0 ftucts, itnbrie for hst evls ar ste;le wanted spns aadl eepers; son be Fdihes with eavers, eystesielfingdaes; dial In covers, elute heaters, eofibe greegs;tea kettles ca stnds with heaters, eitg boilors, etc. FANCY HARDWARE. Br ail wired plated wra repairens; d rpolisheand steel shew. Ladno tongs, eto; copperal hebro s and piich ke ties; bre spitt, o. y haino l ,ppaed, brass anid bronze hande OF Phearth ICbrhe. foaney betlows s ums. tForas, double footmen fsaws or w on plateu. KITLHE'\ FURNITURE-Consistingoffre, till, brans,, copper ndcwnerdenwares, beig a collection ol all tensifsnermally required fcun the nUrposes, and in briefalmat every article watte Ii by ause keepers can be flsaws in their estad, bliedere. x:':Silherusid plated ware relmired mid repolishedas nFor do. Laof 0 psepaonired and reboed de 31 ORDERS RECEIVED FOR JONES' P.3 TENT COTTON GIN Bthe Patentee, No. 3 Magazine street, New Orl00ns TO SIE MANUACTURED IN NEW YORK BY ROBERT HOE & CO. SC4LE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a double Gin of p0 raws or moeneaith cylinder, makiig 160 saws in the stand, with feelers, bands,wid. at 6 peed ersaw, . .o960 00 Fto s Double sawin of 60 s on a yli 00der, or 0o. of saws, withe st, feeders, &e. a $6 per saw, 00 00 Fordo. of 4l sawso, dith or 0 a. t stan50d, at $6 per , or 5 00 or do.r of 0saws ondo.or 40 ou~ s its a std, 0 eve r wear or two or 000ts SINGLE GINS. Fsowsa asng ti l of 80 saws or smore with The sein ofeeder, ile deiered. to $6 per aSw, $40 ate ior do. of 60 saws, with'feeders, &e at $6 For di. of 40 sws, with feederso, , e. l'5..i. saw, 30000 Fr do. tcll . saws, with fe edee r. at $ 50 per saw, 150 00 xtira teeth wheiedeslred, fut pdrs, sppilied a t0 ceits eash the number oftedthl]0e. abbot equal ifo the nitber of saws. Ot set of ,'eI ht is oa siered however, *111 wear out two or thta sete of sewsN Ext'a e9 waappied st 0 sets each. I poanters in tey of i pa porttowip Oa the ovtonO ptan rhtior g Sbtes, l la pres,e.Se le tmgnts .g thei fregh m the ses from Newc adietlb ieee h - wsil ialef blop thea t i i, +t'igl I th" sdealeable, wisa 0ieips [e .sir e a thirpeIdnctoemnst7 th i .o ee in --ie iu fond they difftbIncIerosi S~ke. desire saes el is-hor l10iebe; thalsaseetw it shiseha. S oe wish SIar brsrwsnf Iw heoc so i ,whlable u da/ rgteeth to the itsh, whil. othars Wantloth 1t.| die tice of gining ord ers," fm.he s 4teet of thceir mre 6tine L IRSCONVERWATIOR CELLER &CO TIONS, of T Coleridge. r KoningsmarkO , or Old Times in tin New World; be ing Ne 7 and 8 of the Uniform 'Edion of Pauldings Works. Colton on the Religious State of ue Country. Whaln Fishery; being Nos 26 and B of the Boys an Girls Library. Jnet meeirved by Jl2 C H BANCRO?T 14 Camp IRVING'S NEW WOIK &e. ºrPHE ROCKY MOUNTAIN--COr ocones, iocidents S and adventureo in "the Par West," digested from he joural of Captain B L E Blonnevile, of the Army of the United Statene, and illusntrated from various otote saourceb.hy VWashingtona Irving, in 2 ols. ' 'I'HI. VICTIMS OF SOCIETY-By the Cante of Blessintifon, mn 2 vols. Jnstrorivedl and for tale by WM Me.KtN euraerof THE P'hMUDA srTA(tI ClLAH TdIEOsjIT IN FIV5 AND A iALi DAYS, Irom MQbile (Alabama) to Augusta (Gte5 j E AVES MobileeverMy other day, lmmelatety altar - the arrival of the mail from NeW Orleans, per th boat Eafs iNr , to Blakely, 0aohes to Pmtrasol, ste-mboats (per Pensaoola Bina, t tea sound and Chop tihaehie Ri',er and liav) to Cedar touf, ooaeole then., via Marianns, Chatt:aoochee, (formaerly Mouon Ver. non,) Tahlildge, Pindelrton; Hawkiusvlle and Loots. vite, to Augusta. A Ipassengoer tkin; Iis a at Mo bile is ito so dnoge of being thrown outor Posing his preisrence by other conflicting iaterests, as thel FLiOitl. DA LINE is but onle conceron, and undoer one control lhroughout, and omay rely wl'rn CERTAwrr Olposnllh arrival at Augusta it tisme speciled, through all weath raudat any season, unlesassome mnostunforseen eatas trophe shoulhl oecur. The Great New Orleans Mail i carried by this route. The Agents for aeonmmoda. lion, Teams, Caschesand Drivers are not surppssed the sothern conntry. The smooth, hard, natural roads, the safe and later catinn water navlgation, the time and aaomnmelaltion, .afo .r trhleo er spend, certainty, aomfort ansil jles ingei sety; connected si If dre wre idbnl< Ai r l inO doni. td he airt d $ t ,t, tdelto , a sh New ork fro r Nto bII eles ta in$, It :< A lg.. le, m' n . .., , . AssnewA, 90th Jan.iI85. Officeat Mansiol Ioabs, Mobile, wDistane, newOleasa te obile.o 150 mile Mobile to Augtsta, ,i Auguta tO Charleston, 136 Charleston to NewYdrk, 980 180 Time, Nave Orlean to Mobilte, 28 hurs Mobile to Augusa, 132 " Augusta to Cherleston, 1 Charleston to NbV York, 86- 358 Making 168 miles per day. or rnilesn per hour, incla sive of all stoplpages. nov 10 N. B. I beg leave to inform the publictlat tha brldees overthe Chstashooekeswamp sad Hard Labor rosik havejst been omnpletel lly the general governw inept, (die inly obstaole` oplreting aganst this safe ose speedy roete) are thushappilly remaoved; anti I have tlhe pleasure oflearn og from travellers the the coacheslhor. sea, drivers and eMds are ol the fltt ordelr and as to the water route from l'ensacola toCedar Blaff, it is admit. ted by all who have passed th.rmgh it to be unsurpassee iun ovelties. beauty ad safety. Tim bridles thlrougl Georgia have aimo benreltaiied. J M C BAKER [RDWARE. 29 leAAa i.a 8Ta RT, NEW-ORLEANS. JOSEPH KNETTLE, & Cp.-Impporters of Foreign Sand Domestie Hardware, are reneivLng fram Lu ropea sd the Atlantic Cities, direct from the Manufuc. ourers, n extensive assortment of Faney and Heuvy Ilatr.ware comprising overjl article in the line which tlle offer low. Country Merchants and others are invited to tall and examine their stock which consists, in part, of table hutcher's, pocket, esaddler's and straw knives, plated and Britanit tea spoonsneadles, pins, hooks itd, eyes, sho vels and spades, tongs, shovels, fenders, andirons, Brit. tania and japaned ware, brushes, blank books and pa per, looking glssese, anvils, vices, screw plates, hlud, sledge and nail hmmers, asmiths bellows, Ameriean and Esnglish blister, east, shear, Geromn and eroeley steel, plough moulds traee, ox and log ehain, wsedisg Louis. ann and grnbblng hoes, Mattocks, pick axes,eorn and grass acythes, Collins, Kings and timtnoon ehopping oxes, wrought, horse and eut nails, cotton and wool cards, coffee and corn mills,planes and plain irons, rhis e A, gauges, locks, and, irons, hooks aOLd hisses, noots pistols, shot, powder and liqsor flanks,percuseion raps, owader. ta,els, brass and bell Mets l kettles, gnal, :nob chest, trunk and pad locks, bridle bits, atirrups, io 30. - JO-hN 1OEY,- naddle, Ifnrlroe and Trunk lueaaf ornsaer, andl /er leisher of Milet.ry Euoipendnse r o feery dsrripliai. No 1119 TcHfu PITOULAs sTaRETr. *HAVING in emllloy severol Mlitarv Workmoo, l ie is ready to execrte work in the above lile at hes hortat ootilce, iad oil the most reasotnhle terms. llMchants' and Pedlirs' PL'nektlg'frulksa ef every dei, acription, conestntlyv hadl. _ a . BriieAl oInI ID.O t tTRot1sE la L 1 M UNeCIPALtrT. Naovelle Irlealls, rle 15 Joie, 1837. A CX PROPRIETAIIl. lts TERRtAINS SCUR V.1.A Ill R ANNONrCITION-TLe, is ssprietsirga o'lTerrlus .itue, snllr lia rile do I',-lill'l:ll' n o il, s.lno, d'r ler piesenllte Ilolifirte q t' uI tusi s ita 'ils I505". nr.+.t see bie retu nsssssliea. sto ;rt5 i ite t t sjloj panyer les m.teas assesse or leers oaprits prseooa-p Srier lenlrail el depenses iounlilnts a l'ouvertuird de In rtie I us I'. s uucjaiioa, tIt Mnticsl)llit sersse last tinour Ies Premiolr tietrist Jdtlieioire, Ipour un oirdre do Saite ent de vruto des, ti res stp nrpte smeses leln. ci des sus er inlIt lea proprletiirt r 'eurot lne t'ei o l.s suainloe dues tar eux. n WV N E, jsi 17i Coe tr leur. SersOut lo 'nEotclie L.t'c. A s letstircs es 'oerrains assesses pour pe payer les dep poor l'aovertore ct I'amelio lstiles den lues tdaii celte Muonieipolite soent infortes cs .So e. Vll. Dt,'sljl, r. 0m e noslllle cnlleetesr its Itevrent ,,rer inn ln iltli.ltii 4111 Tlrtiltationll d letar op ill . a ) I.I's ''reosnrer. T, I O 'IC- t'nrlols ihlorsooh -I io tll: lute soln$'ltA!t, l ,S s Eiilt, llss.srr,wrcckl on Gsrand (,a)lruoa's, il leu l r gc frlllis I 'II ipsol to tew Otrless, in April i;.7, Inrl: ifslosos-ltd thautall the ocouants have been ad ll;;llted, Iat I, eonnsro eees or owners of iroperty saved frsso saidshoip wilifiud the proaetds by present in; properly nuthentiuatod doeatents to JIIES BERGEN, In uranae broker and Notary, 80 Wall street, New York. jsly 11 STATIONERY, bar H UDSONtS fine White & Blue Wove Letter paper. D iitto Blue Laid Navy ditto. Ditto Blue & White Ruled ditto. Ditto Cap Paper ditto. Ditto Cap Paper Ruled ditto. Ditto Blue \ove ditto, lish Wafers, lare and small sizesr R Is of various qualitiea- WiiJea'a Perfeotem; Clevel nd'e, Giltut's, and Lades' Steel Peni For le by HOTCHI(ISSta CO., m9 24, Chlrtree street. NEW OULEANO SADDLE & HARNESS WAR OUSE, No. 30, conAin CUSTOMnoUSE AND C hlTRES STS TrHE Subseribers are now receeivng e packet . and other late atritant from New Ya, in addition to their former stock, a large and hands e aseonltmnt of Saddlery, making their supply for the son ample and aomplete--eomprising every kind d quality ol rtiole in their line, among which are Ladies' and Misses' nd les, plain and qlted, Gentleman's do plain, Spanish I reole Boy's do do do. B itles, bridle fillingane martingalen Saddle bags, double and single, Valices and medical bags, russelsand Valeincia arpet do. ed githa and sarsingles, ( ndl o do. a Woratedand straining webs. Saddle tces and stirrup leatherse, Helster and pistol.belts, Best iron framed leather trunks, olasaort te , Br~naitn t top do du leo Co N[tt and Drop whips, LdWieuand Gentleadm'lttwig tO, oetG ahm rag, hnneasd bad' lnathee ad tle aand e do, r.o, do °, trd alhog skins, Hot.e-brhdlt. and curry scos,. Togetherlth a lVss assortment if pltied, .sen and eel bidle bithlnana wuh n, gtisups ion, te. of tteeir own impotatlon. Ala, 'S0l pla. a , of King'a lbhIad, of anortd ia, imsit rclived from the amnuRse ra Rt Enfield, ConM. alfof ewhletheyn ferst wholemale l etail at the lowest prices an on terms to snttt customesn. They will aidn eoitina to resoeve dtroagh the year, by the packets from New York, fresh snpphles of goods of every deasription in their line of business. m4 SMITH, HUBBARD & Co. Uj URNITURE-The sukscribers have received per 'ship Shakspear,thefollowing aplendidcew maho. /ny furniture, whicth they offar for sale on liberal f arms. 30Maaognny Rockingchair, plain and carved with Ilrcloth, blue, ecarlet and purle plushr scarlet velvet dd worsted damask seats 12Mahogany french parlour ~aina with damask hair seat, 24 do do dodo plai 12do tb do do crimsuon worsted damask, 13 do Grecian de de lair cloth,2 do French Burger chains Maroon Morocco do num. ehalu, 1 pair coaebee, I everet stand-All oe lew Yorka make and perfietly new. S115 D1UNBAR& Co.59Tehn*nitoulon et i Y AUNT PONTYPOOL , a novel, in A .Ykumes. Fhe Deroted, by the authoress of "The Disinrllked, "Flirtntio," J&c. in o vols. rhe MAeeture ef a Geaalean in i. a~h a Horse with numeroaus wood cuts. Camperdorn; or News trot. Otr Neiglt.borhmtd: being sketehea by the author ol "Our Net borhood," &o in 1 vol. Rsaie. aodee Rusaioa; or a jounery to St Peters uburg and Moscow, through Cualuaed and LivuOulia, with checrearistie sketches of the people, y l.ighi "n Ritchie, IEsaq. ntttnor of Turner's Annual Tour," , "Scheadershaue's;,&' . .e Narrative of fbe Alrcti Load Eapeditin lhe mouth of the great Fish river,ndl aloun th c of Ith Arctic, in va a18 t , 1834,1 15, by Captaiu Rd.. R. eomanJa r of tl titi iluatrated wits a utV W ktl'.E HALL, EAST PASCA OOLA. TrHIIS pleasantly situated retreat nas been leased by S the subscriber with a view, if seficiently encur aged, to his making it his permeanent residence, It is now ready for the reeyetion of company, andthe tndaer sigaea lderso himself, from the unwearied pains he has -ken in arsangsal its means of aconnnodation, that it 'ill bear compa son with any othar smtlrone in this seetion ofcountry. In the advantages of locatiorn tem perature of climate, purity of atmosphere esd beauty of scenery, the place may justly be ranked among the first of the kind n ay country. The house willaceon - ddate upwardso o one hundred persons in dingle rooms, forty of which were constructe particutarl y tot the sse of families, each pair of them, one in front and one in the rear, having cpmmt ierations between, and are of sultdlent size to contain oeanvensently a doublets bed and all other requisite astclete of furniture. Thesle have spaciouspiazzas in front of them thateommunicate with c ixty few e by thicrty, watch will he used as the adi on during the day, and at night, as often as deasled, t. acncommodate datciag porties in, fil' whose use tnunsAano willA lways'he ill atteOdrIeN. T'e IOr, billid; and gentfltemesll's aisihg roomt, ore in separate lllng,, placd sne bondre yards fro lt tran sa. lthment. Stea i p btween New Orleans acd Moblle pass a hbliry, fWhich visiteors defrk on a "sland conveuiiautrwhrwhich extends to the -holiet The hay, on thie forth ide of wbieblkomething rlvr un mllesrm et Olens d about eventy fromMobiler, thetlhltl stands,tilotls fih f ev tpy Valo and oystel and sArd an h cd bs of a r ors wsliey.e oms a t a' e u t.neasing paronal attbndance in its management, and the rervices of obligitg and attentive agonts, ofexperi etned and faithful errants aed competent cooks, can entitle the proprietor to a lsare of thi patronage of the public, it will most certainly he merited by thar hmble servant. R. W. ELLIKTVT. East Pareagoula,Jone ndlt,18r7. jel--Tm PACKAGE HARDWARE &e. FOREIGN & leo. MESTIC, LEVERETT d THOMAS. C osasilesaonm leeh ntna * 13 BRona D Tr r Rs, n caw-YoRts. H AVE on hand atd are constantly receiving from L England end Germany, a f.lT supply of Hard ware goois which are offered by tihe packageat monu acturero prices, Tiheirpresent stock consists of 116 casks Carolina Hoes, Ts'da 220 do bright traoet do 37 do log chlain do ll2 cases English fowling aguns 76 do Gernman do do 12 do Cross out saws 25 casks edge tools, ass id makers di do mill files do do do pt, pocket, and dirk knives 11 do table cutlery 17 do brlaoss kettles 88 do braos ehamber oandlestoiks 0l do hooks and iingea 8 dao wood screws 6 casestpistols, ass'd t 511 totan English boiler plates 70 casks sheet zinc 4500 boxes tin plate, assorted sizes, with also a gond supply of American hardware. Orders will receive proatti attettiton and executed at lowest prices. Jan 30--3m2w blOOKS. NOVEttS-Cyril Thornton; The Young Duke; Anan i tarius; Caleb Wilriams, De Ver; The Smuggler Evelina: The Spy; Westward Ho; Henry Haster ton; "ales of ie GClauba Spa; Valeniae; The Iasur gents; Canvassning; TheEbarly Called; The Unftr ntnate Man: Nights at Mess; Speaulation; Hubert Watddll; WVatkins TotdelSketehes ofa Port Towtl Random Shots; Elkswuttawsl The Man of Honor; Nuts to Crack; Sbepphard Lee; Diary tfa Dosseua myce; Tales of Outr Neighhborhood; The I)isinherit ed, Cunfessiots and Crienos afa Lontdon Clegyman; 'Tales oflnFashion nond Reality; Tie Maidtens; I)n ventrs; 'ITales nf a Phvsieian; Scamperdown;The Naval Sketlch Book; Cruisc oftite Mlidte, 2d Series Anne Gres; Legelsl end Stl.aiea of Irelutd, Tates of' the 'Peetrae and Pcaenelt' Iovec and Pride; "Pulnev Hai; Salmagaudi; i Keningsmark; John hull d tl rother Jotttthn , 'iThe American in England; Canmpblls settlers fromt Algiers; M morials of Dlsllcmans;t 'ales of the Warsn of Men troet; Gil Ilias; IRodlerick Random,; 'The lighb ltad SmtglCersl; Village Belle; Allea teck; The Modern Cvttot; C(ohaces and Chainges; Winter in tihe \Vest; Ilu1tkrevy Clitnker; Ftrank, Ilnrrv aad lacy, ,v Miss 2dgateerthl; 'The Pichk Witk Clttb; Mler.,hltrs t'le k; Gt erge lt ta t It'd ; Tll , or the Iroa Ituic, Iltrv Ollterdtn; le;t ad Westa; The Waurlock; riSente in (ar I'aridl; Dauer, Tito Conu .... tia randrear ltu- Ro,.,thsi; Gilbert Gurneyi The Linswooudr; A l Ie ':{tntt; 'Itwelve Mlonths Ctinrtigat it tttin; My Ctt i,, Nicholas. Itta tattml; 'Paul Prv'e' Cotttie S(.ech Itlmok; Ilelhord iegisac;\l', I ltic; Slitrritilltt' tltit, 'tato Jones; Paul CilTtlll; Eloueece train; ,tDoverex, 'l'llte Stu dttit; 'le Btadit't Bride; .it c iarreai f lUdolthe, 'cottsllt Cliiefe; Don tllttie, 'fite llntthe ilgiu,a Alto, a trtiety of0h'Stutdarl aud Clasei cal Wohks fitl sale bI Itl'I'CIIKISS& Co. 24 Charltresoa St. Iaiohear' Phras.e. A olectiot ofColltqttl Phrases, on every topic no .ceo.anrv t ttonintaia contersatina arronged utnder .lithr . t Ieads, with ntumeroat remarks on the peculiar plaloila.intiott and use ofvaritms word. The wlhle mo tlt-iva d as considerably to faclitate the acqtisitian of a corret pronunciation of the French. By A Bolnlar, a ncw editiot, revised and eorree,:d. A selection of ne hundred ofPerrin's Tablles, accom panied with a key, coattaining tie text, a literal and free translation, arranged ill nuch alatnner as to oitlt net the diflerence between tie lF'retch and Englielh ifl,,:,, aluo a fgurcd proautmiation of tie French, to aording rt' the best F'rectc works extantonthe subject. TI't ewtle h

prreceded by a lshort treatise on tie aonlds t lnl'c 'lrcich languaoge, compared with those d' thte EllaliK . A Pronouncing French Primeror the S:hltlar's Guide to the accurate protuuniatitin ad o"thnogtnph' of the Frenclh langl age, containing it. elmentts acartditng to the best usage, by Bertard Trotchin just received and for sale ty W0M MeKEAN, m2 (ur Camp & Coem sts. S RICHARDS, Tobacco and Snuff manufac turer, No. 577, Cal-, :aet, New-Orleans, wishes to inform his irtends and the public in general, it tht he i *sow prepared to funish any thing, i the it above business, and haseonstantlb for ale tie followimg articles: SNUFFS. Rose, Gucrus Repee. F Maeahoy, Englsh Pir Regent, Amerietan Rappee; Natalito.'hea, Bergamdt, DunkimtRappee, Ihish Blaockguavd, St. Onar, P Curacor, Paris, Fure Spanish, Half earse Rappee, Snotch, and genuine toot powder. TOBACCO. Fine out chewimg, sweet seental or pint. Fine cut smoking, of various ta tqies. Rilb-foot Virginia, Splnish, hoe Theaboveartiles are al warsaned as g d, If not so perr to any thng of the kind inportedl, and will be 1 '(urnishedto deslet to the most lileralterus. may 4 I OYLE & MAY, House, Sgn, and Ornamnntal i Painters, No 3 Carondele steet, two doors tfrom street. raltations of the following wools nal marbles, ex coated hi an mIsrly matiser. woolm. .won5ltL. ahogens E. reatim hblnak and gold, e ak , f fGhla ild Antics, Pollardldo, Orientot oved antique, tiati tdq, Jasper, C aple, lo1t Ston, ltpeaimens o be seen at the shot. Paints. oiels gls eopal aiktash, ke. on hand ndtor slae. ml MARIA MONK, &c. A WPUL diselosuAre of Maria Mauk of tle Hotel Diecu Nunnery of ooatrml,r.l,. . , with an rup pendix, eataining, part 1, Reeeptiouo. t first edition; part :I, raeqtel of her narrative; paooid, Review of the cae. Also, a osnpplemont, giving more particulars fl the Nunoery and grounds, illustrated by a plen of the Nounery, &c. Maria Muonk andthe Nunoery aflthe Hotel Diau-bhe in an aomunt ot a visit to the Convents of Montreal and refutation of ti "Awftul Diocesnres;" by Wa. L. Stote. Fourth experiment of Living. Living without means. The Student's Instructor in Drawing and working "The Five orders of Architecture," fully explaising the methods for striking regular and quirked onrlderat for dimidsiog and glueing of olumns and apitols; for fiding thetrao dilmeteroaf order to any gives height; for sitning the oniec Valuteo circalar or pepticaht with finished eSasples, oaa •large soale, of the orders, their planehera, I d and soise desigm for door cases, le atly eoggaaetl on forty-one plates, with explates-hi SPater Nieoinlon, tarchitect, atthor of the "Mehanoic Companio'l- '-" Careater's New Gulide," "Carpenter's and Joilar's Assistant," S&. Aa Prctirol Treatise on th Culture of Silk," adapt edno the stil and climtate of the United States-by J. G. omstock, secretary of thle Hartford county Silk So ciety and editor of tlhe"Silk Culturiet.'" ,thie Silk Raiser's Manual, or the art of raising and foeding silk worms, and of ciltivuting ithe M Ilberry tree--by M. Morin. The Clerk's Guide. or Cnommeroitl Correopondeace; comprising letters of hbaipess, orrls of bills, iovotces, account-sales, and slutpkeepersequation of payLeagte, comunercia a terms, &ce-by B. F. Foster. ,Ilistorv of the War in the Peninsula and the South f Frnacefrom tthe yr 1807 to the yar 186" hy W. F. P. Napier, C. ., vol V.; to wtlich ore perfixed an. I wers to sone ettarks ill Rotinsoa's Ilfo of l'it.tnl and in the tboutreterly Keview; with counter retarks to Mr. i)tlleY Mcontana ti'ereival'rs emnrks upoln some psa . -esa in C"ohmel Nstier's fotrtb volume of the PeninsPla' War. Jaust ro eiet and for sale hby e WV W bVM."rlt5 SIM ONr, IRTT & C). h v eceieed r sahip , Arkensara handsome assortemeat of Gold, plated nd rtCJwe Colog -relds and PFlorida Wes ter, C.omtise Cold 8re*m. Rephalin, Wards Hair Oil, real and imitaTE Masetr Oil Seidltz Powdlhes, E- tract of Musk Chis e . o .op,Sap Cnlceta own. puned for hh.Ti, lO li erd, Posekt Biekse and Wallets, Silver Pencil a Portable Dks eand Dreeaing Cass, Iia l edas, Bells and Pluthes, Knives, Razors0 Scia.e s Hemmsinl's drilled Eye and otter NPdle, o5 . and on Siver, Steel, ad Piated spgetaclesat sa enat Paresb.a Cap, Pow der Flkh aRd tHrms Pearl and Bean Butttonarltell Ioery and Horn Orhmbs, Hair raid+, Ringlein and Puf.s, Writiag PllliBel'sa LucifeK Manhose, Ptn yiny Cards, in great vaieor Cloth, Hair, Teeth, y ail, Sah and Horse Benrheso, .m Elastic Suspenders and Gacr thes, Spool Stands a Sorew CsrCd . The above, ta'lber with a.grpt valltr oaf fnny and staple anri elae for sals, wholesale oi istail, at reduced pricb, at 70Cbhrtrea Street"r mfi 1 and bndle iell e Rtted. ioop, sroll II rodI iron, nail rods and lough Emoulds Ge n, rµ.blistered, spring; sea aRni Hollow wre, at t Sea and r kes Zin, blok tin, r.. Tt kettle or an 8 ines Chal neales, Eaei i T hasotmoen `"d ship Chndley, ~w ayalit hand, and whieh a ,ereld tr sale at wher ale or retail, on tbs.most favorable terms, by r4 Mr AYTO N Co. 58 Ds Levee. IMPORANT OTO OANAGERS. ANlGERopriarletor of the American Theatre, Camp . street, New Orleans, olers this valuable eetab. TUhment for lease, from and after the 31st day of May, 1838, the present eoe 'thaeh expiring, for a term of, from on0 to ive ye rs. To prevent uselees applia-r tions, the sum of 15,000 dollars to be meposited in the Gas Lineht and Bankin Company annually, to the credit Juth preprictorill be reqeired as a collateral security for the putctual peyment of the rent. Eight per cent per anum wIll.e alowedon eaid security.- Applicatdons to be made to H. Cltdwell, Pro prietor of the Saint Chales add American Theatres, New Orleans. 'mS litHE nodreigned, les.see fora term of vears, of the New Orleans and Caeolton Railroad, inform the publicthat they are re.anasbile for all contracts or obligations, on pceount 1i egid Railroad, entered into sines the first of Jraaary stu . All aeeountaagaionst theralroad from the poeriod a bovesstated, must be preedted at the office of the sub seribrs at Carrollton, or at the car-hose, to New Or leans. They further inform the public, that they will not hold themselves responsibe, for aay ',debts contracted in theirnamevexcept it t l pon a Westten'rder from them. m5n9 H4RPER & MERRICK. A VIS-Lea soueaignoe Avorate asisirent aa: . Cours de Seeonde etQuatrieme Dlistriuts Judiei aires, savoir t lea Paroissa de Terrm Boone, Lafourche Interieur, Assomption, Ascension et St. James, Oua, Baton Rouge, et Point Cotpee. Us no enegligeront point lea alfairee, qei peuvent lmr etrd conflees. ILSLEY lb NICHOLS. Donaldsonville, 25 Sept 1837. REcRZnccs--lsaac ". Prestpn, Esq. C Rosilinsa. Iteynolds. Byrne l Co.; A. L,. M. Dtmarin 14 ted Apr:l.2d,1885. Cpital $500,000. CHARLOS BIarca, President. Thea. Barrtt, Edmund J. Forstatl, John E. Hyde, Henry D. Richardson, Jos. A. Bflerelli, James Grinshaw, John Whiteheal, Secretary. llý This coumpany will inure rire, .nrine and rive risks and guarantee bills of exchange and prommissory notes at their office, in tile Exchsnge on Royal stren adjoining ths Union Bank or ol J. WHITEHEAD. net v. (O0Rl SALtE, t close econ.gmenls, S 550 sacks, best brand, petty Gulf Cotton Seed, 114 pieces Nortlhern aggle, ZJt pieces Scotch Bo;ging, 564 pricos Kentucky Ituggig, 518 coils luelm, 60 bales Baleing Toie, 2 Islas EneliRh Scie, Telie, 2 puoeheons of BStbh Mille W*hiskevy, 4 punchelos ,tiI[', y vlil Whiikey, by mt mo . . .S 9 Canal meret. -- e\AllbE IDE 1,A N'LI E. ORtLEANS. (IONFORMEMEINT oruna vetaltoiou du Conseil de -/ larscrmde 1uniotipaelity, oia eat drrene rtl jeodi 24 dru croanot;dlan te treisioeloe oi.troit de I dite teu onicipal erit, il o rarorole a I('election d'un olderman lr rceltreentrtot, endit distraitcett e leCtions du a liot dclez AIr D) lcCadwley, rue de la Levee,, let oue Iiunter et leuffigaoc, depuios neou heares do attetiu, iusoou a cinq hlresr de l'uprep midi. .ont Itrrnles ar. spteurs, Mt M Jamco Armorr et .J 1 Boldwin, at eGrf ger, Mr F S Layet. D PRIKEUR, D'ISRAEL'S NOVELS, le. TIIIE WORKS OF DISKSRAEL 'IE YOI;NGER, tin one 'volune, cortaoining "Vivian Grey," "Tihe Young Duke," "COatarini Flemting." "The VWondrous Tale of Alroy," "'floe Rise of tse lnskoudcr," "ldturi eta Tenlple, and"Ve.letlu." An Jdistmeical Accountdof the CIRCUMNAVIGATION ofthe CLOBE, and of ite progress of disecovery ill tile Puelfic O ert, fromtlthe veyogeofMagcllh to the deatil oiCook, illustrated by numerous engroviige, i 1 vol. being no 2,of'ltarper's Family Library." ' PaTEn PARL$Y's Beog OF THE UNiTED STATE, geographieul, political, and historioal; withcomlprati,. 'iew o otloer counries; illustrated by moape ador o. graviogs. DIRECTIONS o OR COOKERY;being a system ofthe oct i irts vroous brronches, by tdliss Lesie, author of "Seventv-five Receipts." Just receivcd ard for sale by Whil McKEAN, oorer of sept 23 Camp anod Comt1uet 1 at& GOUGW ON BANKING. SSHORT History of Paler Mosey and Banking in A the United States, to which is prefixed tn inquiry iota tie princilles of the avnstom,witli considerctions of' its effects on morals and happiness. The wlrole ilen tied ans a plait expositiot of tihe way in whih loper ioo ey and Inoney corocrutious affect tile irterer;s Uf d . terent portions of the comnnrnity. By W\N. M. Gougi For sale by Hl 1.CHIiSS & Co, tril 24 lhartres street. INDIAN BIOGRAPHY. -I 'STORY of the Indian tribes of North America 1. witlh biographical sketoltes and anecdotes of the pritcipal otret, eobellLished witlh one hundred n.d twenlty portraitsfrom the Indian'Gellely in the IDe partmeut of War at shltiugtoa, by Ihomas L Mbo Kinney-of the l)e4prtmcmet oI War at Washlington,ar d Jaotes Iall Esq., of Cincinuati. No 4 of this aplen did work is just received and ready for delivery to sub w.rihers by WIt I MeKEAN, Agent fr a-let 2 the, Caerp st. B ANK PAPER-For all d~s owing to us in Mo . bile, Alabama. we will reeqive at lar tuo aoteasa the State IBank, payable at Mobile, and for all daeta due s in Dlissassippi, the Notes of nay of the Bank in she State. 11118 J. F. RANDOLPH & CO, 54 Julia st. ACADEMY. .IlSS1 OWEN eespectfutll ihitorms her friends aad 1 the pubaic geaerally, that her select Schoel will aontinue open durat'i ike sumamie mouath, in the long aoma, beloagiag to' M. Brrad, St OCay1es street, near 'anal. This has lang been hkaown ,.a Academical I ottion, at oreC eentralr,e airy. Mia Owea has employed capet her in Freae thept rated aý ibr gle by ttis 11161 far tale at their Aelera No. 8 Oharea stareet, Nl way Now York, Daaphine at, sarar, t It is lparticulaurlydesigna for ate`a r I chools, and teatemen lare nieis.a Ladies ad gentleren are iivitd alt.. d aaee the syaystem for themae ese e. Lsseons are given at steeh hlae i i ay anat the tconveuielna.e of all, ani to elateaRl O rr l ay part of the citv. Ladies wlio prefer itcan recolve la.da tetheir ownref sidences. Persone payng fur onre a fete nalssop are desired to attend und they write ak wolltthey .a h, not )OLBEAF& B o RWRL R,. I TII,Lbe giver tar tte appaherheaaior - cotneition `Y eofhe theifwho oa''ued.l)aiglºt .mt the 2t., April, stle from my premise ,oer Utravir and trond ate. asmall handsome a iaPo aithak ane or both hind feet white, Ih tail, andoach a i, cgal a large bay Ilrae much marel wltai A i it lle reward will alo he giren for tlb I.. th n nesnsabctvee I HARDIN I MN. NICK of th Woods, or theib a tale.r I KentucKy, by the author of ,TI Infidel &c. in 2 vole. Geology and Mineralogy, consaladerd with 'ce ere a natural Theology, by the IRa W tl.cta O.caaanad 1. . in vols. SGodolphin a Novel second elitionitua Sor. a? a ceived ead for tale by e 'r lM N 2 crner ofCap pd u ts. COOPER'S N'iW a I NGLASND--By an Aartrieyaetatr a. Pi-. :J loat,""The Read Rover,"'t " .t e ' chi ,.2 . a. JtI:T II11Metros, ald ather s..aI .laquplg oe 'Slighlt Reiuinisoeneas," in '2 vgqls. Mawoats of ritx Lgc oir W[4i SpnQTT, Bart. by J. U. oikhisrt, Paer liurth. d ALSO, r. Ac .itioal supply al the lst,l and 3d vols. of , thePicWlCacawic Cosn? Just received ad for steab WM 0McEAN, cornar ot Sept 30 C d~ Coera uuae c lt. - ýJ NAILS, WINE, &.-1ihe subecrihers for bt landing from shi~e Uiverpool and Hamery.Clay s sis· Boston a ron Co a snaorted wines, 21 pa, 30 halfipea, 80 qtuarto ebr ns; 130 octaves Hi'h.llm's ,.icil Motlkkt Wha, entitled to debonture, Bed oa sweet Spanish ohoekolate; 200 bores James Goll's No. 1 saap, for sale at 134 Magazine st. by a10 IBRIDE & 0o. TifoMA.T (C ASH & CO. (Coner of Camp and Grvier streets ) IrTAVE frale t I sowng ;ertice--100 14 eoks I law pri.eond Maider ll wine;0 bbls4th proof Amer inanhrandy; 75 14 .aake Itm priced Paet wia IQ0 lontg p1pes lt proof bheay 20 half pipes Fmreah brdvy b1sbl American tjqe 15 half pipes Holland gl,~lO hbls Amerlean oltrdane. june PICKWICiKCLUB, 'VOL. , . ) oS'rHUMOUS Papras of the Pikieck luhb: Ienntaining afaithful retord of the p.eatmtalahlns, perils, advettres al a portingng erdneina of the sor raerending metbers. Edited by " osI4tart third. THIE American Journal of the Medical Seaaee, Noo, 13-May, 180. Jest reedlied ahdfe raole by' WM McKEAN I .joee 1. , eorna atupnond Cqmrons p '.TOLEN nai Frbllny* ina g iTtafronbbll RMmai. oa it i rtau lf oila be a d tE d goot p rattd ea l aooe 1 nf TOKr-~a~l REa f lnn ataa ppe atthe ALSO, the spaciotos 1tas imroeadlately in the near f the nbove, fronting on Natohez street,and at preent ot eopiedas the PrlntingOlficeoftheTrnu American. F or particulars; ape ply at this ofieo~. -5-tf TEN DOLLAR~ REWARD. " T ILL be given for the black boy SYLVESTER Wv he it about'6 feet 1 or 2 inhe hVigh, nd has been in the habit of selling wood about the streets. He speaks French and Enghlih, and il is tossible he toay try to pass hi.self offi'ro lt' re The above reward will be given if Ith is lodged a ni. n nti9 E L.AFON','',73 Magazitne st. F01It ILEN'r-TO the first November ntext, the o splendid andt commodriou dwelisll baneaituated on Carondeletsttret, third dm,r froomt I heeprupr of Hevia street, lately the roesidene of Ir J I' C M Mafion, dec., posseaodon of which can be had on the firslt Jun. For terms, upply to the subsuriber. Nat:heon ast., nearly oppenite to Batik alloy. o~ol--lw W1fLIAM FLOWER. lT ACK3ILEL, 11ME, ttc. 1 274 hbln. manbkeral, not. 1, 2 un 50 halfbarrels mnackeralt es had 0 119 casks oflime, 20 bundles ha, 5000 fret lumbeor, I.aeditng from brig itinlIi ando far elae, by C S 7'71' HU htON, t ' n rAS. July 04, 1837., T ,IHE undetrigned firm take this method of Ihform Si.lg thecitiaents of the United States in general, .it. w h e h etablished ourselves in this place, and are a warehotuse on the bank of the baeyo, .nd are pared to do an extensive storage and com.sission u ness; and all husineseconmgned to ourcare, will le promptly attended to; and we rltrfher state to persona emigretmng t this place, thlat we Iavoa wagons and teams at command, to move families to\he upper parts of this province, wherever they may want to got on ns reekn able termns s our country may affold. All bushless consig;ed o oureare, that is delivered opposite our warehouse, will be fiee of drayager as we dnly have to move them about 60 feet. a 10 MORREI, CRAWFORD&CO. N. B. Some of the editors of the New Orleans pa derrs will please publish this once a week, for three months, und+ftrward their account to this place. and it will be paid. MORREL, CRAWFORD, &'.(C. John Egerton and James L Wibray vs. their'retuatrs atdt the Creditors of Egerton & Wibray. TATE OF O NA--First District Court- The cessionm of the property of the petitioners hav inobeen captedl by the Couirt for thIe benefit of their erdeitors, it is ordered that a meeting take place before B Marks, notary tnblic, on Monday tie 4th day of Septembortnext, at 10o'clock, A M, fior the purpose of deliberating on the affairs of the petiioner and in the meantime all judicial Iatceedingga against their persons and property are stayed. ia.dall Hutnt, Esq. is ap pointel to relaeseant tle obant ereditbra. By order of the Hon Charles Watts, Jrdge of a Court. this 3lat July, 1037. agS 3 _ lfoeL t.EltmA' Ptor. IiLUE SULPHUR SPRINGS. GREENBRIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA. r Hld favorite watering place intbe mmohttains of 9 Virgiiao, 12 mileaswe' aof Lewiahurg.,and 21 from the White Sulphur, will be open it due season or the reelttiop of otmpoany. Manv important iomrovemetst haee heetmtlesionce the nsastoeason. A apaciout ball room, and a nmtboer of single-bedded rooms have been added tmd mtw finihing; afnording anoromedations, by the litof July, lir 250visitore.. An ecelleut turt etke roed has been constructed passitg by the springs, and intersectaig the Kanawha turnpike sear Lewoa burg. Over this road, by directia s of the post offie dipartment, 1Messrs. iBeldin, Walker & co's. line of mail coaches W ill run. A post office being established t thle s rings, visitors may r.ceive news, and coters pond daily, eastand Of the medicinal qualities of tiese weters, the proprietors need lot speak. They Iave been anttl'yoed b able and professed chemistsn and otnd to holld t eillntn ill the valuable ingredients al the mostcelebroted sprilots in Virginia. Tie combination ' contins muceh Sulphuretted Hy drogen, aolpoate of Mttgtteia, Sulphate of Lima, Coor natre oe of Lime, Sttihnte of S,,cla Muritte of Smol, and Mtutiateef Magnesia," tie sahltary Jfectt oftvtwh Ich ore eahiltiteli ito diseases incident tofemales;and eltrn ic affeclicon- of ite stomnach, liver, and bowels; int oin aeons aft ctions or diseases tfthfe skin t. reetttdy mare iott't or flicCaeious att e liteould. E]xlensivr bathing ectabliahittelts ftr bot!h sexes lve been erected contigttouts to the springs. Visitora cal at all timetee tjov the ttecaliar advantages of their be tig antd whidlso'aer effects. Majtr William Vaso will, continue tie sttpeintrntd one of the spring. Ever) eertion en Ilia iart ad on te paen oft the proprietor, shall l trendered to iesure ur the Blue Saulpur a liberal share of the pabla, pat Tie tproprietors of the Blune Sulphur Springs will be iherulah thie receipt of uotes of all southtem and Wcs trn Bank which are eonsriderd solvett, atpar. titr e t"Ct0tr Npritga, Alwil 28.1837 Itus I7.--3tt ýTATE OF LOUISIANA--.l-riat Court for rthe Parish attd City of New O. lean.---Present the Haut. 3has Mtaorian, judgc- -No 9852. -Bernhutn GaOilrrieh vs. iacrretitors and tim creditors of Van Pele.Oelreieh &n mn.--Juilv 28, 1837.--'The eesaian tf proterty by the wtitionesa is hereby accepted by tihe Cott ftr'the bet fit of their oroeditrs; autldit is orderecd that a meeting f said creditors take iplace at thn office of F Grimnt, s'q not pnb, ou Tntsday tihe '9th day ofAttgust next, hen and there to deliberate on their t f.t''e : and in the tatn timne all pnIraeed age ttaint thlek persons and taperty are stayed. It is titt.tor ordlerrd that J W Smith, . hee appoiated to represent tl. absent rd tors. -(Sigtcd,) CHS MAUILIANt Judge. Extract rct the Miautes--Clerk's t.0ice, New Or eaus. Jely 28, 1828. A M OUYOL, Clerk. aut i L TAT f)E LA LOUlSIANA- -tUat de Parnisse 4pour la pIroisse at vill de lia N'lle. Orleans--Pre sent .\nn. Ch's M aurian, Juge--No 98,52--lBernhmiu Oelreidi vs. sea creaneier. at le ereanciers, .e Van Pelt, Oelreiht, & Co.---La cession des propritesdes pe titionnatres uyant eta acepte par lan cort pour Is bene ice de leura creancier, elar ,ronse qu'une asaemblee du Sits creanciers sit lieu en I'etude de Mr Felix Gri sna, nut pnb, le Mardi 2enie jete du untces s'avait nou rapt, afia e delihtrer nur laurafaioes, eltan odanat, tetes poarutitee Encltre loer persotteu et iqurs pro.] 'n i antenat do daeou detdtn li sa ordoa Ia A OIL lIRL. o attft 11.h noiilikty No2.notuo1j1sesoby sodtupcan Thursday the 24thi inust., at the hosot oft tR }et- v .a in Lever street,betweenofunter aoal .,nhi tft, there shall be held an election of t. laoa rep resent the third ward of sonu oipiy, ebd slec lion to take place between tiae o'elS.kt, . ns.anid fiAt p. in. underthe sntpeiaedepoonnl Maase Jamoeo A.. noner nd Josephb D Baldwin, Insieetors, and F S Lav et, cler, , ,PRteUR, - a 15 Mayor T ARPAULNS, a supiorie ont f Tarpaulin. for sale by EIAD )& BUARHTOW,i oct 11 67 Gravier satee THROMIpsON' MINF.tALOY, GEOLGY, &c. UTLINESef Minecoaogy, Geology, 'apd Mi.eral Ianalysis, by Thr mao Thompson, MIt. . Cotwersntions on aolugy, noomprisiug a famnilior .plo; nation of the Htttoniaan ansi Wernejian systems, sie Mesaic Geology, as. explainel bys M. mrou ille Pcnon; and tlae late diuooverrio of Pr.fssor Buek!Sand 0 Humbol Dt, Ar eoculloeh, sad other. The li~tstr anddescriptioun s tsnsil Fuel. th Collio tns, and Coal trade of (t~e~n Britain, by the autloh ofR t 'l'reatie on Moqlaetur isu metal. Justre aerved, and for sal p at the epoer of (s a ntda Comono streets by allo W cKEAN. oct 3 ~74 Poydros on. ] "UTF.GS-400 pounds fresh nutmeg., for sale p00.h I THAY7sR& C ao. ound fifty milttasro tine B rltse,in tn nonm' & lagt4 e Ipunselt (English itril0t topper fastened, and Ito en pppereo, ahe is22 rect log, and night Abet iben. d brea Lena nloop" tigge4 ano theret aa At. n tflyd for rigging. Witoever n eognisen std lauaa, ill pirsoe nall at No 70 Old Lever. a b - . T EA, .--Tr be. ave far sae. r a lipon.. ag Teon 10 mae. Youstg Hy omt'Ts aut, eab.canloib, ISAAC BR1t ig &C0. f .P in. 134Magazne cGro .pLO terlin e floaur laoilig trmrn a. v a ihsale by ·( . .OKiE ItRtITHNRtS , anJ i " ti.sasp street. " R41 To TO. T E imat Oot't C VdiiGz t:+ , 8in--lIt will be. renmmberwl, that I h '.i legobd p:robakbility of goin5,int s, dii t for the Pf h .ts N iiagara- eº re, m aoietolv n 'Tl"vry last, to Cinciaeati, fbr one dhyelty; I reotura l a In 1 iht. Pigin to frel thati amea very wvmpitoretetl i Mad as thiatl tonet the Jaournlet thin eiy tVy a t yi hand, estating, ilmogst !a great mtýý othe l t hsgsat 1. Icad ictsally rVn away lleeo'IeinaLpetll to 5 mpsbepe he- ete of tte n efn tl t eg.e l d ot of dpctroa4lip, the knight of the thimile+, lg,.A 13 9 SMyetumevrwser ,--rva thatl the fable of tb .boy and wolG is appll]ibl to ra ueVW J T Ailbletis. "A boy wae.t employend to wate" me Ine tw el. v, w h e n th g w t4lf ne l ltg e e d " h e b ei` j e / . er a 'f o tJ . ' Itf tailor'nf.Uni41k ,ot+ . r1 t ,neW t onlltlbe,+ ia a tin n gn,' n th e gre utd ism a yl o f , . ditiz e ml. T hey a t last iound out li real allarouNI . that he was a liar, and not to be believed even when Ir spoke the treth." TheM iehattcaneae maust tlsrsran. rto +lwill pro.geof tihe al-wifs writers, Dr..6pi &t 04. 1. t~ Jeurnll. I would advise tkhmortpottle them. tlvnee with a stoam engiie press, itt'' .)aii"to meet the woskikirfal deaoeeid affl inoareodo obttyw pho flse 's Ut I setnoethee ir ffl aoby wht eig 6sfL Fi~ aliil. bog afthl-Odeootif sheertae tliathnsentltr e 1esol* Sr.. fso os fc hliah aof t nolsib ity, the gret ina tl i +i sun am id, htmhotel. . p ý', ae epixan l ttrEýnattr f ty fifW CetitdaferA.', 1 wih. 8d. ' termie tI, hll proceed tsuo innat, foe fourteen day only, of whih ll wish Dr atsip' Co., to nforrn the" iftlioted, in their own oalllialnle tover fails to britng le paifuts. 4th. hllt from Citrncinnati t sihatl proceed t tihe Falls oP the Niagara, to be at Baffailo, (iflr Snilp & Co. do not take naway y tife,' on the lot of 'eptember, and atNew York on toe ?st of Norvether, mepend tihe whole Plthe nexltsammer, it order o laughat all the wholll Phis, tine the trlicn Go'iate of Boetaoe, Qhiedel phialMe, s, Ssh.ile alid Louinavln, who nie probbl yre i ',lim arries Go ib. t istt the nand thee d. Currier tdn. Golta maker for ass.mnles, &a. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter. Goli hSib, aIeotst rniug, and piokll-. ore: (Gliah 6th, S [ c t ofall, Di, Snip, anias Bell d. tore nd editors of the Journol. ldeetl*.l ýdth avn the noble Dr. Snijpd & Ca., ,ees)lg roithey were able to tlnhad a nee dls,o. o hlitd r Ibsrhal been hr years, in tihe anb. it of re.4ing sight lu the blind, n.d that too when I nas a collector of hii '.lsjeety's customs in (Great Bri ain. t.aeaevnn thuntuo employed. Did the thread nOnsel thee ourrier the hamne.a taker f~r rnmse; it. corn cutt, mthe Plnt and drug store keepel; and tile masgnifigtn octor Snip,erer, even more than dream of beingbale to do the like? T wish the Joural to elate, I ih areceivr ladies and sira germ fto Il0 to 1 A MI. al gentlemoen fom 3 to 5 o'clock P MI. very day,to obtain my opininn without lee, as usual. In great lha te, JOHN WILLIAMSO ulIst. Jeflfrnon House, Louisville, July 21,1837 . P. S.--Sines writinauny last, I have heen informed that oneof the causes, why the lnatr lacynev of the Jourmtl, aid his noble master,are so well ileaosed with me,i, for, not auociaslmig them together, it, o late re marke, a they so perfectly r aetable each otlier they fulfil thearlage, "lords of n fatbltr floIk together," 2. For not payipg tihe alts,, Mr. Prentice, alias, "knight Of the rail," of the county of Cantobury, 41as eaehusetti, the respect dut to suth a diglitfied Pere nI age. It tatrue, he mighthlavg been so elevated, and o .namenard with tar and the plulege of ..othler cock ulon his own dolng,4ill, ! with out oulV moral inerit, or ldeaervingon his part as w., find by aneient Iistory thetsomewere burnt alive, otllers hung by a later: whilst soime were rained to be elnpiror, orelevated to be knights of tnhe rail. 'Tlough somne say ihev Oltght to have rather beeon die klighllts of the oiltaer. Bet out worthy knight is yet not ohnl aliove, and ai e, ftm his prolific brain, to join la rilthcr, thie knight of the tllimblei6tillumintagig the world, but is also still in erfoet ltetlJlynd as bloomninsg aa ful blown roe, rspeotnllypo that projectile, we, the nit r allet, ou oll butof li, the greout lir. IBell, ali a, S. kiglht o' the thbihib , t& willexplain to mo, itn hisa dying speech the teMlhnial phlaseologv of that which ,qenetiaa re eslee.eulteaouff, nld at others e . 1it1 as delieius tor fumoe al neat, from oit use of gar:ie, leeokoronions, M mueh .appr redof by somre ldies. t e n o*. Ttle moInnet only, I tred thle ltnetaloenushagep of oftb 18tt nh, sayi g something about the medical onle . 1 ooe , knights of the drug and utatiolt ad pick. oe+ , mnf.,n.l, sta eet wnas o I roferto N. --m.'ortt weno ly .okes nf :1&00 I wad"- almos af • itwuna to prorae that he antd his ouble bo-tlul,o thre Go. liohof thecit, haod actually restored u eiPbt mwra Persons tlhain I ad, ioe my arrival. lo.n ,think I to tyael, Ipelhaps tlhe knighlt of thle Ilii hle, h:e. llnvegitoolnltoagate lu l ~ . . have gintle tl lot,as :I had only restoure to olght, one gentlemen all '" venoterdav, whose Case, thoilgh, is resthersioglar, an; will please the Giliahsi lie hod n arly ot his sight in 'leons. He let fo' Nw tir. eans, where tie honed to meet me 1 had loft .ief the west. HefolltiwoIttranteot strrdv 10 o'clock fing necme ty potient. WVithln 00e hour a could cleorly eobcta whicnh were ino visible to hitl lefhre. 'e day this gentlen ] is so much improved in sirbth as to otonith aIll who Ihear Idit. le says l Ie aitnudn nas no btundse tholugh be paid all the nuteyI deitin. detl; and tht hbiId lie piaii me ia tn .tu'ttty dollr hn sinl. . not le I ts g -tehul, both to ti;ol antd to ie. When aked if lioutt ]irovd the remerdioo with wllt:h i dreaed his eveno, thia hwiitIat oiler lint i, than omea sigle drop. Hle caii upiwards oif 0O110 Ille5 lThe steel Ionu of tltr w'"rtlty khilhti of the rail and the thiiitle, will es.rtly Iork legibly, uoler reaidig lise nb e hlasty letter. I lOwOvT y little iandyto e, il the forL of a lrihk ortwe, or thee, will set all right and they will t odubt pre are soomethiog to suitst en'tal lipetitig Fr thelr e raders, at Ireaktnhat onit Men. (n mornring. Fortolutclly for them, there is a wtlole Sbbatha day, (to.eorrow) i whlih they can do their din' or k. ha' n doJ ILLAMs .. ,.- o v st received a letter, dlted 21 t J v, insiatiap o ma kingn an apology to the druggists of thI city, 'P'iles wsirs style thlelulees "lGntuc ra etelding iht l alluded to themn in my 'ts ater They ma- ae mm e etlelr. ecltall rest assurel, li did not know, or ý.ieilleGyt.itefty .o rllf .ii..g the droggits io Loa. vile; yet, e c fit a'v gettletotan It must of nurse wear it, though notinitended by rle. -tefs 'en House, Sattrdin, a d Jt , 10 J7 W . ,ra,=1Jo0, 1837. JAFFKOsoa HoIOU, LIOULLX .tnIY 13, 1837. To At Edfior of dA Ceiy Genitle: S 1R-Having "Shoed to the entreaties ofilly poor ltap8*eutulain resolved, if my healtho perme , to rY . nlaju inI~his 0ity till tbe and of July , 1. To try todnthee, morn good. 8. To nonyln. tIho ilaots t hat the rile apt thto. t1)a ModieBl Goliajh S. &r, have aplied t Ira4S bolalt·~tohom, a. their Isavlirl right, 3" Ilh·it I am rra (ndeponito two hundrle dollea. in Ontoes of.t, U. S.0 Rnk, in tle audSdof hLs Hono, tlhe Mjto.of this eity, agoani asimilar sonl to be de. posited by all Ihe er ot ood on ghy loctor. S. . C.. that 1 enslore to sight tore aged, middei-aedg, young ppaursons ad children, whU were' totallyy or piruaily bliad, thanp they du; aid tlhat 1 am esirhled to cure a "enteer o4nfoorloeiweaok rdilul-litnd ~lP 1ura danly shonr visit, Lila" they d . Y. I.eg1Io ano myNae4al Utttaripr to~ call is to Ibairnid allth myr in y 2 8flin rate wbe sa&olbedern Dnorttia03 all the a! n olleso d well as all the dttoo and quack tocre t h etyme ndiu noro p Iractice (k, t. eýa fotfilnbne -1mtasafiKLa , Ohiso m ld sulss fart W0lMIa r uilircbrtr ar intleed soie ttw· ýy, 1t ains. w a mntit w.d thO th ~~~~r~. bn4 n' O(dl 000ltyw r lhtatn *, 'Onpent" nigned 2, w tj~ pgh t . too ,d to fulflthe6 ir due! of 1 1).. At-Uall lil .ouoortnoe' '3 idkie th wtuehlit(,~ iotratln n 4tew ttlto out] to,+Ip~u'uk it a pient,,> 41aohn~ly I 0111 PnAeo, of ltW Mogets tt i. " ' ti Oq4O·O*tlbie t h! oe ut io bb. w onttonjlo . 30d b kir ia Lt. ontor~ aelno tkh.n t) h I 1N018g. wha dljH tr 800500000. di l'1o to I il Ilol~llop, qtp oep uuu contl'' d hs pale o te lQýIa , to emdoy te W ht(Ill btaep lam irDliptioýCtl tvLm te " thiut b-ut ý ·lsr pngttai, w ýa t gis~i ahehe 1194,10 reat iu tail o mq, ill wt ii ut.!1 i. S. sler ty I uutg "UUldwe D, A. - I, It" will hoveto WO pa . '. not ist·yyi a yg' they n en It<, sattgat tm waw tautly. 1tiii otdyty t . osalt01 =A 9is al!1