Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1838 Page 2
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J Pe lp AirBitb, itL l hL Bee Or .Il~aorosobrisee hl enoe o~etoeejorbseeo;n u ~IO lDo4tPUhTopui6d a0Ll K I TI ~NI 17oD .3E 1W Z DAILY ·~dý. - - ' Iotl -~ a', f k. ý a~yr Y 0011º xr5 : uitiN . 4 r %ý WEDN ..WEBRTARY 7, 138. lion aieng fited p tart Readilg Room at very Seppeaee e tei r.oeseeble as to espect sod lai h- . the e"pdb dalm ' •d.+ 0 lbed t 9ns be admitted, oal ,.nea.seyi tat iii ibe l a lttse, which privitlekOtteeds orb to I J estf whicho , if thei viotte e eeatn pn '.d; y ytol nea dopee kth. dill Thi Wig ee g, placeis the hfbl sr Who tats arena was tle wIt as I i esol.e lad eUterprilqgo eL Bt iil te ,cd the itb dd1 wt maryit, ehlettauI eI W tp, o, ~it' the .niporta a of pert, e O is - fo ydds of saeoed esm reasoy, aod+ ea healthy, pp Co do ,r--· IF. piot cab tl at epha Lovell, Pe y t ee Wh .1 soansuan, wes held at heF Ci u ao D te Cne aon Mndy, tirL fthi' n '',<,' O a At-he appoiloted hrhe Ametmgnwas ealled to f r order by F. Wilkipeo q4.,.i whtae nominaitia w the- following oiceis ware ai.haiell t I 4PR ESIDNl J ' Taleus Usquaau!. IVCE PRES IDENTS. Josepk Pilil, M W Hor man, . Flix DeArmis, r W Zchriero, ii d J WJoeanion Wmn Dbbeysa, LU Gaineie, L Bringler, Henry Looeketa A W t nchot, W CC Claibors, P Guenonin s James Colle, J Killehaw, Peter Rapp, D F Brithe, John H ul, Col. Cuvellier, D G Bordosat, B. Casey, ea Joseph Loeell, Paul Layet, 'F Cougot, D Gu enon, M t. J F Cannoige, P Mambiondel, S W Cantraelloe A Legendre, L. FL erorier. SECRETARIES. George Bedford, Louis A Nad nd, U. Bouliging, Jr. Wm H Avery, L R Gainoie, A K iVan Ranseller P Ballitt, After a few remarks from the chair, explanatory the objects of the meeting, on motion of 0. . Joclsn Esq., the following gentlemen were S appointeda committee to report suitable resolne ta tions, expressive of the sense of tihe smeeting. 0 P0 J aorkonn, James PFreret pio. P Soule, Wie L Hodge, Ltry Randall Hunt, Felix Grime, M ey,& a e A Quertier. During the absence of the Committee, the meet ae inig was addressed by J. B. Harrison, Esq., in his x. 0C. P. Jeck~on, Req., in hohalf ml the committee reportedtho tfollowing ptheamble and resoletione whiec be r t pported in a speech of great eloquence and power. eak Wherees,-The time is near at hand when the pro. peoplefthnia8tte will be called upon to make cheoie qotuitible persona to fill the office of Go erg vernor, atd isdeplmsent them in the State and tote, National Councilai and eps Whereas-It is our solemn conviction, often re poealed and copfirmed by every days experience e that the poliry of the past Administration of the Gd Federal lovernment has reduced our once pros perous and happy country to its present dis.s ottoa trous and gloomy condition, and that the same ge- policy carried out by our present rulers pledged nr AS to follow in the same footsteps, so for from re tueth nav trioviog injuries too palpahle to be dented, seeks only to multiply them, and by new and untied Fe experiments, against which the popular voice at ° every recent election has been heard to remon. 1>M strate, is endeavouring to fasten them upon the bil people, S By increasing the patronage of the Federal Government: By an odious Sub-Treasury System multi S plying among as Agents of the General Go e vernment whose sustenance depends upon their EE humble obedience to Exeeutive dietaeson without i regard to the feelings of patriotism or conscience; oah .Men, who from considerations purely selfish, and by the abuse of the cherished prineiple of Equal e RigAts, ezmrtiso an undne inflnende in our popu lar snaemblios and over our State and National Elestions; r odstroying their prity, and esnbverting the tndependence of our citinene by the exerrise or. ofo ial patronage ando by ithe arbitrary aend y. sei rannmical insinene of a little brief atthoity: o By rtetipeted ttempte to unite he sword and the purse: S By di,selaiming the coetitutinll power to protet the peoplle from ihe curse of preinated ourrnene y:-- '' - .'. . Byereetliming that th e as 4 rs Ge .aLeraolment caee ot embly coepnmd tits owe th t ga+ yWi) " tttl rr s tpeIIe~mttqt7ge end become fisher, f ure~iir grnted, and thie refutr *qrl dolegeted, ay our n º s, dt thu and other eanmse Wef nel1*tepon, eq evorr euitablo oe. viano, to ar te l e ves ih aning. And we sOw mst *?t o call upon dour hig hthrse thren gharz t fue #tsoto ra ll ii-glpy( of their prialwples .b Ilnone of wh.4s is eseag d f` mart, both Butt std ly!tMeioht eW peetaitii alone be a ~ nemoaeaot r7.,na estared wbaeierp if prosperityand hip.. it U .r:-l'he we eeioeotiy taath. Wigeo OFkeepsp n t4 ow pestoaa'n gen.i1. Wbo Jieeatite w "u,,oo eto the A.ep h t teot-9tote asiacreaeost.*t ir oitth#e l~e 13on of .40 4 Of tLip ote~i~(~ opndoeof ths a eat an tsad a nfi u Ior tIhegit -cha ep. we pledge oemsal diurhefit. gens of~the e l Itidlee of the it .esp- nnee pt ho the offf of Guaeeatngfet ir , p paid .opinode with theeLof 4theWhig Par*f - ný 4 - Rod, d~rtihe.~ Efrden of ; tre me thq R t on stte, to spport (h pdie ti-ee 10or My- to , tional and State C8o1ua lol ono but thoei ui well' Ia known and determined aett in the uopport of the I {p4 MedineaLpta j u It ettrt, are teiebed,-lhai ` he an eod inP i- pdt knlnnse of our a.hd 'i Coi o timtof poI wa thr W~Ieisndton ,t t~it etii " h e it wCairataa*. e inpoiated bithe Choir, who shett me t(.Olbiptwd tol ieetro tiej L e odividt ipr teto kilo mmteeetlv g .By~ t Hadopt s.tie other it. lrs itt e i iem bt ep angd O4m iend mtost. t ie lerasuebf-T o *.Loolt e0 o Ni dig l thel gbeod o m of htatr bFo Crat; histoong and aiful ~b re it o SWibll edi t ld !gpoer1 il di.aits. hi Jul Sknowledge ofithe extril r oti dteidtC vyuntry I in his seal ito promote a t jed get 'iete of a the U wio .n to evlei i l to restore thed , orenreey, and retl.e will rtee of the pdo't di t rgieserve thed nio Ibt teiti re oh our violet Ie Contitution wit. oporll a nd ft to keep uebcntivs ' p klo p eaop ei te uied r 4t hi, at d er ra at shall t me p and gerels lta oints 3 ist t t do h sreby r o o br thigs oit S Repon te h i t o elthee Whigers ofl Yt the UnitednSteal to i anl Cotareatona, unitedly to nohinsteoda One Candidate to for the Presideney or tih tes and that not- to p withsanding the pretb ooezpreed by t at Meeting for BieNY ~ 1 LAYthey willae hi nomeination ofthe National odnvention. The reseoltionl were ably and eloquently ad- P vecated by R. Hunt, .eq., and the Hon. J F Can h aLnge who, in tie soure teir reanatrk, paid as honorable and well mactedr tribute tothe die tnguished nominee of thyeeting, for the oce eO President of Ithe Uit. States. h On motion of MajorwT. Hutr, the following h gentlemen were appoin a committee to drift and publish anaddresito be people of the DUnted Stote, in support of the natioonn by this meet ing, of HENRY CLAY,e acandidate for the Pee ci sidency: T. ut. Hunt, J. F Cann ge, O. P. Jackson, T. W. Chinn, U. Bonligay, 3. In peruance of the 4th e-olution, the President appointed the following gentlemen membera of the Central Committee. Carrasor Thomas Uorquhart,, Coggot, Samuel 3 Peters, S Woodruff, William L Hodge, Parker, Edward Yorke, I .raiin Revoile, P Boale, /William M Carer,i M Robetnille, 3A Beard, Joseph Ceckayne, L R Gainnie, ory P Rapp, E Hyde, Jun. O. H Lockett, 3 W Zacharie, re L U Gainnie, ,h Louis Brinrier, dln- George Bedford, J Killehaw, Jun. A K Van Ranseellaer, J B Walton, J W Jutamond, A Guirot U Bouligney, Jun. John Calbertson, C C Williams, N C Hyde, Robert Layton, 3 U Lavillebeuvre, set- John Hewlett, JamesColles, his J Champomier, J BerInude, teeiorgenfrW~ .i- i thr ons William Dubeya, William HI Avery, nee Do Frederio, George Pollock, Joseph Pilie, Colonel Vignie, the George Y Bright, Victor Burthe, he 3J PFreret, A Ducro., Go- C Boodonquioe., A Legendre, and A Masureau, Charles Cuvllier, Felix Forestall, o - Santon, re- M Crosaln - Feriet, nee D F Burthe, V Willdna Henderson, the Charles Contai, roa- On metion, the th kes of the meeting were re asn- turped to the Pryidit for the able manner, in ame which he presideif w ged On motion,the k rere returned to the proprie. re- tor of the Exchange for the handsome manner in ieks which he had acgeanodated the meeting. ied On motion, adfu d. e at ton- . GEO rro n n,4. the L R GAutte, Loisn A NsaeAt Seeretares. legal C. BouLLtr, I Wil. H Atalea A K Val L Ir ,n j ulti Go- r Slreseipe.-h iBoll, though somewhat ofthe their elow coach ord4 rally, seeme likely to get the houot start of usin ees din steam nhipencross the Allan nee; tic. Aletterft n atol,in England,states that and the greet stes i gilding there will most likely gran he ready in 0 ry. She carries four maste, op aed spreadae antevo os a frigate. In going onal round to her machinery, she outaniled icing every thig. e in hopes ooueeing a veosel reae arrive ehnE this neamn, propellrd or aa 1 ty. aleted itythe (ilits engine latel aceated - byoer aICO H Oti hat port,.nd which can and be carriede ep - plt, in bet little more space than a lerje erto iated Richapi ,Oor moat respectablec'fa teeth tpidaee on tle Washieg Ge* ten ostlgger peformanee. Ge The ethe iger atlorer, hove Oare boith fipin the tege to the and over done hich W. camsort f a mil, but oa telisUrt is still very imper feest. Neir. d ,41 Jailusry bring d oaeora i d TII Philadelphia, l Ri t, WjbrImiegig papers to t *npg*eor Ite Cnada ino * grteaI ~ S ifM,r~ 4thnoyh; 1 ' 11 put to oas our or Ova .ytra Canada 'Iyrbotid alp~ge 4Oher, er Oepeosir. sad troub - .tee o hardly kno E is stat.r iipet for auch dig tined in the ae tay 'ofsand nodicidone nsd'k' The rMCli:of Lowur adq pi oj tba illb nov to me ea abet.. of the A ,ian4. ORrt btitndu otbr. CI, w.a )IIraabeeiqetonm bo 'rda nat hae pvevailad in the s* o itaa wQprever and ao ona atlilf pa Ithe ptivy. were t S4 y soes ly luded in aery fe, fioh state en the neatest price for the tlnt /J9blf n·r~C t ittkl04; lxuhw~1er Rt]sCI I-it! ., 4le Frd.4, ldInd iot udc t 16 to s I jj sln in foreign el ties followed, i idid nM 1 quie eqal, that 1 to The usw of Common rned eohe 24t ce Selc·am for the holidays. as to 4rt agai., rt' on;t Atd1h January,and th na a ire were ha to reedene f all othr business until the er i1'iFebr.ary. fir The aecounts of the cotton market in Liverpool Tr areutteetlytrttrables there hs been a rise in r pdeit the tmeek on handdisenaitul to theidptand: ..,i purchasers are numerou , b holders arac hitg th to a reftiuetrise. ehie state ofnthe siet.atia the t.I market willbe found tmong.onr commercial iplt- to tars. A very ewere gale was experienced at Liverpool on the tilth December, anli considerable anxiety ea wa~ mi nilested on tChange for theesafety of the or New York packe'rof the hta December, (the Cam- i bridge;) but great sonidance is placed in the skill Vi and experienes of oer captain, Ire Baaley, *ho is ta Justly considered tone of the ablest packet uoup.o mandern who visit that port. The ship arrived jj afely oq the .td. at j,.Pari papere confirm the election of M.Jacques tafevr in'oppoetion toM.l tftte. Tihe niglish national anthem was oom.poe on at tsheocanilon of the found powder plot in 1600.. The in BostPoinelaere that it wascompsed bhybr.John k Rn sJi~tal..a organist at the Chapel Royal; ittt b oopaqit t 4 the qmposneral has log r i by m slae l orthoriWtie. Kirby, a ft b0iio atf thbet hyland with whose style it stp p Ip te n as detaep d a enoat musiulanes ob td b ia tyre orlb taii D. John totdig$ ,and if the claims of a niversal favorite, y an excellet actor, a worthy mug, and ,4 capital I billea attract, he tnust have a bumper. It is his e. f lren appeal, and last appearance: he offers a new so plyzand a broad farce,in both of which he plays Shtmself, together with the whole strength of the company. Hlii tragedy is Uthe Avenger," and his farce part,"Looney MacTwolter." The play is one of the very best modern produntinonsand hies a Irish bogerotter is irresistably Iaughable. Give him a full house, for he truly deuervds it,an send Shim away a happy, honored guest--Scot free. O1 rconservative evening friend is nright funny fellows! HIt seriousnesa is more laughable thans the broadest jest, end his figuren of speech are modelafor future Ciceroc. Last night he was in imitable :-he, ttroilt cheers and belloeingh like a e. eodit, "they think to carry the election."- There's a touch of the sublime! Capital joke 'I whiy a funny chap that Courier is. OI-Some disappointed dramatiet enquires if the "prize" of $300, for a new play fr MiosRuasell is still open." Does he not know that the lady isali ready provided? The farce iscalled b M.atrumony,' with two prominent parts exactly suited to Mr. & Mrs. Farren. Yankee Hill takee his benelit at the Camp to. nisht. We do not knyow what the pieces are at this moment, but we are sure therewill be lots of fun. Hetsabout to leave nus: let hint say 'good bye" over a bumnpe.. .i Rsrea" D.e-The tw.,vNew York packets, England anil Garrick left Liverpol togetlher n tthe 17th December, and after a strm rvtyag, reach ed their hopme within two ilours of each other. Cases of abset-inde-idsn ard getting to be truly melanoeltly. Thie Iliowmng, Iruot the New York Sun, for inetaneo: Ab.enee of ttind.- The latest ease hi.s occurred in our ulie-e. OIne et tile CotpDSIto.s ter Cilllah ing nt article, left the mant:ecrapt on Isn anse, and hkulg bims.:lf , Ihetclpy hoek. Thte osttoke won proofvr copy. SBoston prerossltes that an elditor lately worn out a new paior of tatst in Itrying .O oollect I ill! sad a neighboering wag,ln repeating the itgm ,dde --"these a tte t woe le t try tUCen's roknl. A new dial is about - o be piaced on thoe clulkof theCathedral. Wear!uglad of it. Itecommeon dable thus to see folkeput agood lace on the dull times. U. S. Bank stock as ant I1Spt on the 27th alt. rc- inNew York. Tr urg y notes nt par. EnaRLY MaDnos.-- r. Adams describes Mexi ri- oan infant, tod din a cled republio. Y THE. EXPR SS MAIL. Fr Florida. We learn from Ca ain Houston, of the schoon er Agnes, arrived at ts port yesterday from Muse quito, that informati i had been received at th latter from Quarter aster Brpwn, that. Lieuted ant Powell in coemmatd of the marine forces (a bout 200) had an en agement with the Indians a bout a fortnight sin , at Jupiter Creek, South of indian River, in whijh he lost one surgeon & four privates killed, and one lieutenant and several pri vates wounded. 'Iey were compelled to take to a their boats. The ddian torce was said to be 300. We learn, in ad Lion to the above, that a letter has obeen received in this city from Savannah, I which states that fee steamer borreeter had arri ved at that port frn Florida, bringing the melon gholy intelligence hat Lieun. Powell a comamnd had been uomplet y cut up, and that Lr. Leitner, of this city, was apmbered amonges the victims. The writer of thehbove letter had not time to communicate parlculars, and we would willingly I entertain the hope that this melancholy affair tI exaggerated, hut the victories of the l7dianain Florida, so fully coafirmel n their ut most sangruiary tails, that we tear lth repot n which ,has ealh us will 'prove substebtiall ecorrect. Thies d 's Southert mail will eithbl confirm or diasia the rumorfrg-lra ° Jfor-e e d e An eupren aar in thisn picee ednesdyplnvrnira lass (eay the Tallahad ateechman of the th in t,) witaJt tpeintlli l he tat he bosueei ofi M ker and aoth eatlemn at lll e strhaea y t I diasepa the ngit pr nd e cenent d. T anspiid thPae abei On tes, t t r .eil the Irtwr a r iset Pe r the purpose of rantinqmt to pr tect ileW a a d1e t b s e e bLut we er askr in the oahe of trom heawk and soalplgopkaivs, what GOinenral Jeap,i bset, and whether heis alteep or awake? Why In the name of prudee nce ha left;ur frohtiers eqtirely. unprotected) Oea would uppose, that ijstlad of disobrebnsl t eauaof bhe would have etanbltted a line of parts q' p'µr frogit rs, before be amClse ed fro thi glegt.'erth and east,lpop the emy, that the ihi tnits mioight have had .eat e g .dj rlt!ast of a retreat, yet Ge.s-wisth, We hes.ave or good eitiseb, to tlke c a.r. e,,wcOi l, i the t way they ea ba . lfioweM. i hel. f ip ir tie India 'I uoa,'J m ad ;l with therleeolid reg!gfi~tg of t! camp.irom tndieo river depot e)ed y lei.pi ty wtell aeamrtainoed that ihe isdt I e.a.,luna is dolleeted on the islantd d the awlmps surrounding O0kie-chowe to whiehl thebrmy will prbbably malt fpr m th p enmr. d day or su wo. Fort ardner se t e one itardu west, and pt Fowler, bwh rned ePd'ruý avin been art Qt foqr the rpqrse, l. ht e garound w a.l it of a g ioa e d, a pt r . l4/~g suioa we will or sepplite from - em Fort 'l'ay t! thtls camp it is al d Nt/ir ttmr dated January I, 1313i stya: "-e..t ell t booa deleated by the yiideatn 4lly) 810 Lucia. All.big uhal ere were wound edi cehair efftrts to brifi the 4Jellts up tl tole I ess but it was unavailiqg, andt it is adliited by Gaemi that ist toy the Eotpanjr of artillery, ogr pended by Lieutenant Fowler i they would have. asuered hetume tlh o s they haOe lioen.'" o RKETb-Foreion. L O ITTON MARIKET,18lthDee.. TherI.oan tindln 0o0ton this day amount to T b~fiOGSllesrAmunti eof fair qualititae cp t a Ihnf lb. on last Fridny¶t*'

;,i 6t and~ er deo pt o fully maintatrinl to rotep. qoa o g wras not ct ient ltp aopply the dppten ; beeon Joss we sah~ljr have had ilfotiderebly I~fae sales to report. Hold ers are very. confid.e.f"nd the bu henss closed firmly. 100 Bua , 8*44l 60 MarYtnnhm, 91; 1t0 ev Trinidad,7 i7; 0840 A eieanf679;t400Bureat 5s6. RI Iec. 5O,-A sIapswe troer. nP atted, and Iit u llsed on American cot tin yeplt deiig oupported,3,500 bags are th tree jdantityari ' wbicl erq Amelprioatl en taken on epeo ;j The miarket ciffted taody. ea -Dec.:l. Th.e i of cotton this da ionnont f to ao , at rather bilsIerf.p~es, The .t tok t iheanltloturer!q* 0moafezib aively eb [lentbA ,--Dnrih.ljho post week, we have lo,.aldy demand 0b t botton ofamote des orption the sales hate bee een chiefly, to the Sr reIn, Bed an advanee of 1-.8to j pd Ib, tikeh'been n sltnyeobtained upon the priees of-this day 'week. th Wethinll htad yogi next Saturday the ncta.l lasder eg tanaetl sitck ih the port, and if it does not exceedd nut estimate, It will be, the smallest 4aken here fot several years. The dales of the week are P 13,250 hage, ef which 4000 Amriean, 1000 Surat, and 150 Perna-no have bt a taken by specltators. Dec.S3. There has been a steady demand at p thesameratea as before. The sales amount to at 2,000 bags Hivre, Dec. 20.-Ineotton we continue to have an extensivp hueinees doint, with gradual advene. ino prigee. The sales today amount to bo l M00 balks,at an advance of Ifr t0 2fr per 50 kilags, on the prices at the opening of the week. Pernam bueo, and therkCinds of Brail are also inquired for, nd they pre aellin'g at fully the name advance IndifI is flid in pryie, but the but the business hasenat been very eptenlirvb hipager Slheman.. L·ol. LJepalh D 0 Master. rcoeoai eqg tom ' a r. Bfrqe Royl Adeh Doaer. Heenek 6th Nov l Hole & Mtllto cargo nat &e. noe Csoedani Pelttr, Liverpool tad Dmo to aster: act'osalt, ..aoue e. Sehr Ajax, Slndem. Ildays fin Ttrieidt to Master: cargo 5 'lahrThn olathr PI.t.fraiomsout: sall old coppner. Toe Baet bhor., Thorrof thol Passel . Towed to bhiprtebe Maoris sad Eair sand m the hr IhtDp Oc ton. Hoeahbt ap barque Caltd:ael. Lea 5th Fnb. a soon. R -e o bBoatPopn, Meeorrto, far hom. pSer Towed at e e a saeun, Ga uept r, Lou eromme l ad N etoer aehr Wm elao Bughtt cplbe Sht..emt e.oyatAs-. aitde andschn Ajax aj rnrey Stnes, te es.t pa aront I tOP O tn h o sbodbt abrlo Nof. atig o ia the tariv. SUeamerVrtoerpeda, Stand ey, from St ttsrtahrip Itos-u portes os dd. tT e Bst eaa.DO, mhYo ote em ote sro HTowedtona patormtoa a wnad ha o. Nio nes n t A m eo: N a cTtot ter u. ntaomer Rorme Fpraon master from aen Asnpoe anod Nat aeso Reeaowod, aho tbe,feom Lafourbhei cargo mo tonse., suaar et. - FASHIONABLE CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT, TAYLOR & HADDEN, Ne. 14 .ll rtrres Street. lAVE aeontetnt supply of every article pertai-in+a tageitlelem .e dreu, of thb laost style, at New york i priaes dev 20 r Mto Jamee Jtge, Jooma n nD J O Wm, and - J Poodt. consignee. pes p Ifred,are lequected to call nt the 'oie of tism adtoesber, and1 take t eir food. SLEVI t GAAE, feb lot 3 Common street. NOTICE. 03 The eoneignee per ship Roger Sherman, Capt. ' Lowell, frot Liverpool, are requxested to take oat their t permits, and attand to the delivery of their goods. of LEVI H GALE, Agent, _ bb7 93 Common treet. NEW ORLEANS TROTTING CULUB. A Ta meeting of the New Orleans Trotting Club, Smet for the purpaose of forming an Asseociation for er ste encoursgement of good trottiug and pociE g horses, s irt wa SResolvred, That tmhe to meetings for the year shell take plae inaJatnry and April, and thalt the aubscerip tion toeach shall be. fifteen dollars Rcoolved, onaoimously, 'Thot ite followilg menbera so ,stitute the officers for heu ear 183I. 3 Jblut F. Miller, Prrsiielll. rl MetorKeoruw, ThIoo., mt. Doy,, letI Presidents. Ar. Millenberger, 'l'renstrer. C.,arleeJ. B. Fisher, Secretory. -eh 5 I,- THIRD MUNICIPALITY M.ETit'ING,--Vr tI d INIT)IN ASOCIAT'ION. A GREEAILFE to odlonoinrent, a omeeticg of lte Was. .rt Asnocia imn fri enlarging the right of U-a MO..' et, vt w ae a'hia are dly to its eI! a tdeyldnlLd Y whn eveainit, Feb. 7, at the Free Port Hotel. Levee .treee, ,re ne thl Cotton Press. fel, i foarked G W Morrtmon. Cotlancdd fret barqu dt Coeack,, tad suppore'l to he taken Ihrough lislake. Any person having such goode, will eonfer a f voor by alfonrmnia S & J P WHITNEY, feb 7 3 (nnti otrreet. of NOI'IUE. in- uHE pubhlic are hereby cnutioned not to trsade for a il A note of hand drawn by William L Hodge. in my favrour, for $1000, dated 10t, Apnl, 1834, payable one. veer alter date, said note having been lost, otld ,avmont :ibrbiddea. ANTItONY YASS. i. feb -t MAYOItALTY OF NEW OR.LEANS. T1ElOprtceoffrelh oor,'to-dny is$6 50 perbhl: iso ti- needing to the trl , the I ,kers shall give during attn sotiag week, (fron Monday, Fcb. 5.) 41 ouncrs of brikd fr a bit. re a of the second quality, is ren ea quired to weigh "5 percent more, ta : 51. 1.4 ounces. Febrary 5,18908. PIIEUR, Mayor. Febntr 5, 1838. FASHIONaBLE CLOTHIN"G. TAYLOR & HADDEN, 14, Chartoe street, LT AVEjust received a fresh supply of superfine oloth .I. cloaks, ovocoats, frock coats and drea coats, of black and fancy colours. A loo, pentaloans of ribbed, striped and plain eassi mere. together with a large assortmenst of cloth, valve, 0llkand satit vsst,,all made in theim best manner, and mout ftphionaho style; offcred whbelesale and retail, at the lowest pries. feb 7 LEADY MADE LINEN. TIT7lEsuboaibers havejust received from New York L a fresh stpply of hfine linen shirts, got up pn the noatett style. TAYLOR & HADDEN, feb 7 14 Chartres street. urLNG AT OOST ! W. C. & T. NORRIS, E EING dbirous ro dispoe of their present stock of faeshionltte Clothing, will from this day continue to sell at odevery article, until the whole shall have been sold. "he stook ttmbraces every article apper taini i toth wardrebe of a gentleman, and well worth the dtts tontlf those who are disposed to make the beat't. of deir cash. feb7.w 38 Chartres street. NOTICE. [HE dislf-ry coparmnership heretofore existing b Itweeane, subsrehers, Is this day dissolved I. mutual eoqent. All pis aving demands against the concern, are rlqUeted torward them inmediately; and all peros indebted rtil please make early pymetl to either of a uba rs. ]AAEI PRIESTLY. c MAL. MaNAB. .HE oLecLC THe ha entered into eoparterehlp, pnrpole of earrying on a general bosmneds Ssoe Camms.ton Meroehams. Every thing en t l n will be promptly atteddtoad. they lelm0 allsfavn.r inr their line. nesl• aInea _ , chepit l e.seeL. ¶r HE niubsbei bl.rlnag setp amanuslctny neho-s. So.t..le,.ba leave to lilness t geseral, thit he will eep otany a of ste bt quality either fore1t0e s ule. s..e p44ta whole. lae or retail. 0M NA vi ON feb 6 Ceaer Nateben ani Tr hapitouioe. 'LOUR.-OO0 bblas speorfe flour, for sale by o 7 STETSTBON, AVERY & CO. ANII.LA OR A N il HaNilln Rope and Haleers,assoted naenfor sale b b. LOCNKE & CO. feb 6 '2 Old Levee. hR-'4I bbl.4. Indina fromn toeamr Coat. Sreoders; for sale by G DORSEI', feb 6 44 INewLevee. U4AR.--.70 hhd, for sale by ND(ORSEY, ib 6 44 New Levee. j T-' .KEY5-14 bhlh in store, for sale by YVt b@ Q DORKEY, 44 New Levee. . . N.---- 0 lib oty stakped Ham., Shoulders] Ssod Sides, in stor for by ihb 6 0 l.ORSRYt, 44 New Levee. HIKT.+-50 hlils,Jaadinlg 'rom rehr Esmperee, W for ale by G I):)R°EY, " fhb 6 44 New Iveve. OIh Oi r.10 bs 1 bin stesa, for s'le by Sf.h G DORSEY,44 new L.revse. A 11or & GOUNNOUZrffON BUSINESiS. T HE subscribers having recently qtshihed a hoase SinN4 Ihn, Miss. underthe sirnof N WYCK, LAIDLAW 4CeJo., and is this rsty under the firm on LANE, V4AN WYCh~ & Co., and isq New Yt k under the firm of.L.DLAW, LANE c(s. frthe pgrpose of transaepcting d ceqerol eget m eo a raonlresmt ,.tnei-. ses, .osrsmi erice. to theirfrilhds and als lsblijc. JOHN LAIDtjAW, ANDREW I ANE, PETER 8, i.N WYCK, . 'HOIAS t~ 'AI N WhIlK. Liberal advances maode on eonaignmanto ot cotton atnd thor ProdeI maadte to their house in New York.jby leb v LANE, VAN \VUYCK &tlu. Thi Tist n att tothe absence of a - tl~te lt Ie mlu amoseire h "to population at wa httl= a A' city, has ,hel d pride t tihers was no | ghit oeilaga heret, beyond the dif tp i of B but the fat S roe of idea at t f t flower of R tic could be i ant o suptor to tihe el peSflaom'hM***iIf raaItuma. 'Well,we are sot o oneaarit ble, and 'bhae too good an opinion of our fbllow citleenete'setup Mush a charge agai ste them. If w" do not suee we will 6t actOe 1.f case, begin to thinka. o4 a. tt ittyf W iaod tute fuaanlsnwe haretwootoh lIeolvre. We willj In , l tttd talment teri U te, appnt we thitkI l' one dnnale t. io . r mol,. At anyrae, een lthee' ro andtt - fne arts not tothave le oaltyi, . - must be admitted thl as aken pln e an, na that athirsnt for the wptpei the Pisa.t S ' gpi i Ipreadieg itself, and goibfj eohntantly uPo e o nena. The Lample enc tgeantfitrde itailtint of kin daily palts hars iateiimony of the dispoeltiofi of the' public o New Orleans to patronias in a noble and enerous msat , thanetlgini of news and learning. entitled t Th THE GROTTO) d Original and selected Tnles,Easays an Poetry.' -Rteriews of New Works. CriStalnotlcee of the Tantree hi other places of publ anmusement; and of novel and aemarkbable pro Ioette in thetie mtse. A trenlogica record of events, foreign and do Mlrt i. E9 *. Amusing aneetidotsNe, ia h rape. The atte ntoatiloi th fotkn; on, if din Dm dolat '. per r nnnam. " + bt Wei t eepeetungeoleit it prlaee o of th the public. latest Rouon aOd Pariofs d en wile bkl from ed withe ofk c of ta reAlhhrike eor of Maatnzne n nd b t - there jota i o MPre. Edilr . I i [ul A sad thc gr. eos of Nea Orleans o deely inters eI oc in the per oteney and beulr of tolr bpic.r s Io lss than the enrl improvement of In tha city d ti - d tothe rink this s R r1atter to take, m of seare to callheir attention will the aper kind of ild from the J ot npearer t ario kind ofr leoreoit atone, dltAs to lr neti ou r st reets both comfortable nd hered Hal in theamined secimens of bnildin stone uiingl ' oh. a few rnleged: to our rrhteted, hutders aend oth r ls concehan he general improvement of a city dei d to the r necethi is iternfer to juica selection of ate to l thirt watteion to maeneropery with indty of olourding man teria chrter. Tile vnrious ki nd ond in free stonem the other xcbme wood ere. I oy mo dire objctly ionabrtle boat ad fsrent kinds whose hvstInes and bontleinis retlder dapt d to reader our stroe.stinblr the Sofenit whiable conta ind hd sr- a and tofr e grmnites that contain too small ah Itn tIe omurienital obet rthons color id briilancy I re ofo that import of gran e lih ran itrti keation beautols SHaving enra ined speci t s f buildinge ao few rears, evaribly harry o a vei o and Europewn, wI pro pw a ia few roc0 1s to our arritiect, builders and oth ers coberhand, in the general ii ra oensttte of the Micy, Srillt neyuwsty of eoura such tones must haeion f adonel tha will uite permnency with hestoye in Molor Ner -nd S let stne yal d be well autpplieadlin thiat f an miied r de proportnn, t i th firm chhrn h-er. A very hard etMtitet pis eof pensive , thammt renr lo brit-e itonbe dslfre to rieak, theoeer, or to har a sharp coal aler, which isr the eaty of n aitnler, or .r. A know Aras. Sthe chvarelos ird of asid inr frestrono from the sotne wko trokrn, n aope yet morlite o.jtrio bnale. Of the dif thmi and em ano i otial,ar the Sh;e it r which conaidt o ni ofs tioty granites that caini A smallil .\ portionr senil off arhi al sei. i i il:lvn or amental sin ithe color ald b rilliancy lre ofll grreat importance s 'h sllightlg rr iite in ask. beLoriul ato pearce whtin efe a 6utr llllI batti;.r afe.w yrI , hs eyiavnr b ia. cllychte :oa, ell owalr r iles brn, ii ht ror o1te wdailektlt a. i r ie detite n of ti sn twbichcoeetuert port .raniet is indebl fal r iti ir bril linyf n:io mirrors, tso gatoera mot os a dallint Ithere te , (tmno, qoori.'o ooan atais iry, tlhro ,,r t boel.rly of calolr. I refrto ilir stonr i Mr New tones: a ny l ,t el nl aLvf vrei n fOor; brl|iof..ry anrtry tof t ltifintrade' oreth mrker, it is, deCoo tlor alplre;. afor Thequen'l, il obl r ae ,tiar anihii.obloe arreatea, eand O.the'nn It iltleolE olertuf erani, that wr not frhe l infire Anf from hoTO ica it niOViai. As I ko IP T isthe choar;ocarof nrot pasrig fbir i Och this iso wn trlihn,; Ihaope ar ar.rit T uotoiilbldror Vllow. lofre cito dall uin tie ba o a" More; COIt O Cv or l Gasiiness, am g tily uunding; Anaor!nirtnn DarriteY i,' sloasing 9 nih er the billor is; lr*oefi'srra Wif Reap se my love a . o orrr Eve; sooirlwe ever meet ash in a c 'n oc hrll aor aC l ming; is0inghf ! faor t:he-tottlrl0 cmlo. In Rie chir rogM Nlriollildytnla (rebo lr ira rovem whtilt s1 tIe wee ityo' .nd by ito, rjrrandrr frl;r Cmaruy;, Flvke ofrite r f fim opera La Zairoo , ,t rge it roilrt;:blian oties of the eeliebrtdopera La Nodaf, by V eltliny Thofrne favorite aiur for. te oer it Pna driteat , nougelt; Sitor he ldut end Pibno; Vie Ti from Antni Bolecnrs, arngd fsn tbe FsintA'in, Piano Lr'invitatir not fr eez by M Vi n Wwhir A FE Tare ll WT IOO by i. g on, T i thehOper oa ; e she o Forsig fai Ohle i iat pianore I loreore and MsiC l; e ret an o j More; 19n p stondicg; S NOTICE. WISH to yoll my Woodtord" plantationt saonaed I at the mouth of Thompsoo's creek, conainimg up wards of two dtousand acres, about tlree hundred ot which are in aloe state for cultivatior..and under good face; threeart on thepremiseos a well built dwelling house, gin house and gin, negro cahi i , an also two cisterns one of them capable of supplying water of iret qualit7 for one hundred hands. Alsoq40 rocs all acclimuted, and first rate field hands. Lewie a ine tock of horses, mules, Oxen, Hoes, and a good supply of farri ng utensils, Oet. An it is importantthat I shouo realie a large a tesunt s ready money previous to mi departure for Teno a, ahout thlQth Aarch. ext, I propose selling the 'negroes and 1 Sdelratel ; the former for cash, or pa per equivalen t ero ad tthe latter o [tifue; pron s disposed to ptlrehar willple ndlres me at Notch ea, asd Mr. Jact Nichols, my overseer, is anthorised to sell the tto l, c ar outeosils etc. on the plantation to'whom sppIiat lctianbe made. Thelald ia this gf is of the very best quality, and sine I have built cisterns d diteird it ct.nrecommend it as a healthy locatiih FELIX HUSTON. Natchez, 27th Ja tn.'18. The 'ConimerciaBulletin" ofNew Orleans,"Felici ana Republican," a aceksou La. "Louasianian," at Clinton La, And rfntlsiana Journal," at St Fracis ville, will please cey the above advertisement, and eor.mtse its iurerlio.ror two montks, and forward their accounts to the ofdar ot th.l True Amidricar'" fot am. h an'iCb'l F. pr.oiept ,xSa i t Dietorety. Telp e So ing a ctyaaN. Uleas w ftor which claijora. r doll ient per soea a.e mployp d to tbllest freom eveiy individ uahis oandpb o eilendnhaddmnl but hany additional formaein saant tothe t ue Am!rica, office, will meat with prompt attentoo. JOIlN G!IBSON, True Americua Offic under te Eaxhange Hotel. Advertisermnts nsoioiouly disoplayed and showily arranged, will be anuital into the work and placed in moot prominent pent if view, at the rate often dollars Newspaper sequate jan 12 PATENT tIArFFORM BALANCES. 20 patent Platforýs Blances, weighling 3000 Ibe. 10 dt do' du to 20110 8 do do do do 1100 ALSO, Patenot alc Beams, with frames complete, weighing fromt 408 b i2LO Ibei for wole by S. LWCO E A CO. feb 6 22 Old Lave PHILADElPHIA FIRE COMPANY. A T a meeting id the members of the Philauelphia ire ompan, held pursuant to adjournment; at bhe Gas Oihiet,on t sa th Jauuary, 1838, the foltooing named persons wart duly elected otfnr, of said -Cm'o Poy,- WM L HODGE. President, S tILLINOGAM, Vice President, 1) J ROGERS, Chief Director, ALE. BAGGETT, lIt Assistant, ]JtNO cPHERSON,2d Asistmat, ti EtALIEN Treastwees I'ETP R CENAS, tatewaid, 4ASCROCKET 't, Seeretary Resolve, d l rt . Ales. BaggetI 208 Ilaronue st, iieo, AllUen, Gas Offica, Bank Alley, and O J i6re,l159 Puvdras Ltreet, a standing domtsitteo ofeeractio r tl e lumnission ao Seemiber, to either of whom application may he ihdealu writlo . leolved, ThsIt the priceedin.s of this meetir g Pliohc in [lu ulletiuad True Aomericau. a 12w JAS CROCI(ETT, Secretnry. ,OTCH MA.jT WIIISIEY-2 piunhoonso in tore and fqr eole by J D BIN & A COII teN, an 27 511 Common street. ST._ AR SLE E ATRE. MI6KJR Benectt and lait apssmneo . Fist night of th new Ttdy, aled di •AVE R.t1I · Wednanday, Fotisr, ?, Febr heprbarus WM4*Btt THE AV t"S To onolude with THE REVD.1 Looney MeTwelter, Mr J IR tO i TPoorl open alb o'elook plerforme tptiSmWau Ticket' and to bwhad at the BLe o$ea. from III o'olok A teo .P. M. CAF T sat rTHEATRE. A CARD.. MR G HIULL hao the .ati tioa to agiui n 1 hlafiends aid the puJils that Mr R.swol' at khindly appointed Wednelte, 7th February, h his M r. Hill having b NT by mvt t tiop from taki.g bi..eet previ y rupts that he ay not nbe forlte on ts .e share fith aloe, which wilI be the fast might of his aetlw it l-.m Orleans shisne.7 . oASQU fD d atAli THE Manager of te MeRtio Hptl talpai nafro thir frinds and, the It00 tI Bait roomtIs boo open for the somn,, tlý ' BloHiRl elmlh till Ti.It h 0, C bh1rd N 3.te if t n The the -I fo op0a" e. rand lrd o aI .ed: rodead. rery MONDA, WEDiSDAT and thea0t oltia d w 00 the Co3anift0 Fin.t Muilit ar nar the aea. cootaoinng pefict order. eiO l SF4 43 1 033 0 01 455 1 . Are the drawn aerwaers of the 36th leimc l the' a- fteb T4HE Rlti' LOTTERY TO B.DMAWN." O N E P R I Z O AND to 10 Prizes of 1,000 dotlars. S FREE SCHOOk LOTTERY, ULA.t O. 37. ad To be drawn on . ni- SATURDAY EVENING, PEBRUARY 10I,1U.. ate !mf natn 5 $3 boI . AT THE DMiT HANT'" EXHeANbt. or-' Adjoining the Post Otlt n . it.J. K. MEAD, Manlge. ,5 number Lottery--. drawn ballott. if- - heBu ,All MS I. prize of 0,000 ful I '1440' a, I or1- 10' l d 10tO O00 tO 400 21) 300' 1,d64 tI h 23,436 8 `17,8i4 pri om nonmetlion t $253,91) is K Whole tickets osly $5;:halvws t9 $ ,.,quarmtrel 86, ""- I'nackoKe o ( 'il'ketls $12, warroantmd to draw at 4 Laot $601, and may draw the four hlihati Capitalt,. amvantin to $5130,000. e Slhaeos-,n proportion, u('ertifitnoe of packagens .74. (er Crtifi6,ten 6 olere, inprop(otion,,n.y be had i a t ereclt variety ofrbiotiun at tie Managers offe, ir e t'.e 61er tanl t I.xeha gel ndj it ltg IIle, enilra ne Iat( i 1ii o 'oia;u". aLkaat .eA 4, Arndelt, d 11t2 ttallqMS't.' Aoin A o,cuai, paldtr prtool N eoie],dretrui .f " ar,'1Y ) .ro i,, be io l ' SCo .t orI 0 't' er LOUISIANA LQTTEIY ,.! 1.16 n .., Ili !.7 ")a '.S" 61 % 1 ' a~r " 'Ili. 1DAY. 10,000, DOLLARS I 1: 10 prizes of 1000 dollars. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. tLAJY oo.7 FUtK I888. be draws ON WEDNESDAY, Feksery. 3.. At5 olaleek r: M. 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