Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1838 Page 4
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EWR bS- imntnooi Hoat & b0o so tt re c, L calingtntn on bcard ships Yazoo, an Sara togn *.,nd brig Ctmeprlin, from New York, a 'grenat ariety o .goods in fthoIllae, which together with theirtenaer e*tock en hMtl;,lhakea thei ausorinrentver, c eom to. The ollowying compose a part, visa: oil twist, eun ,kl. , luok and dremssoingcomha, hore tin ofall descriptiond, In .di ntrubber, ilk and worsted elastic garteras.cltrtmo & fine elastic. supenders, loo, foco and Lacilfr matehes, oeidlitz Owters,powder puff and boxes, tiletjpnwOer, pocket anoks nd wallets, needle books, sMiltleitl, ry a oroop card easelthead orcament ,a rel 'herd necklaores, aolnegligees, bead akains, hbll necklaces, cut glass and plainoeedilverand giltboads, lntis haas, e bel.,antd piaqe pinsti andlarn o a.w der Wnele, sort belts, nose, belt. poa et and Ilnalisl pistols; doublp and single barrelled gtna, Bowle k esn, td diriks secsemr, shears, posket knove, guard chins, antd ribbons, waist blekles, cloth;lhair toothnail,comth, crumh, shoe, plate, floor anal duoting hreohoCologoe, Florida, lavender, nsaead bay wate prt 5enes and erxracts, Maccasaor, beor aatiano, and Walnlsv. getalp. .roils, shaving na tolat soape of all de rtýctn, sldies' sod gentlemn'a deskesodrsdc cas, heir i lets, rinattes and blro plai, dney an musical woark bohae, plain and gilt redat andi silver peneil eases, toeothpicke an tweeep and giltlnokert, triianre dt, silver, brass ntistO thimbles, hooks end ereq, hair pins, imnittion fra;t, bil and redliok,shoe hlacking, violine and, gaittrs, ribid and plain peteunsioncaps, linen twine, sceoted cash ions, gold nndsilver lac and fringe, latter paper, goot bkgs, rtiing. w'itps, walking caus, ploytingoards, tno Sgold, platod and gitjilbwrllry &c. The above, taether with a great variety of other arti eles are ollared at wholesale or retail on accamunodating N i6 t hell combo repaired. EVIllItand A(;UE.--.l.t reeived IlnwandC's T1o .nir.Miaxtut.reooer fails to Ie thinsmostdistres. tmg of all disasea, latertmitant Fever or Fever and Agr.c. 'This madesine is antivetaally aodmittedt to hyv. ccliped thte pr:tensaons of every other mode o( treate me at, and tlhrcfore stpcrasedes the employment of any othler tremedy, wherever the Fever and Ague e'ists. The superior merits of the Tonic Mixture rests upot sever il important qnhtres. It is entlrely of a vegetable composaiion, prevents relapses of the disease, estab lishes a sound and ptertnaent appe'tite obviate eomive neta of thle iowels, and i nvigoratles and f'trifies the en tire stmot. For sale, whltesalo and retail, by the agontw,, SWAIN anld BIOTtHER, )lruggists, ntag S Noe 1, Canal st W HUI.FO>L.:ET 'i ý ETAIL C05llfT3 1iVD RIETY STORE--at he sign of the golden comb, Mn 711 Chartres o toern. The sabaeribers have re oeivrd, inl atlHtin to thalirprevious stock on hand,"a full and cotmplnt. +ao'-rt ent of articles in their line; viz: colmbth, plilronce, ...e llry, bruphel , laekiog glosses, leancy nu'tiole, Le. ,,etasting ii part as followts: t. )M il--totrtoise A ill, wnoaght aad plain itck,twist, qnilled back, lon rmad, dreosing, alde pt', curl and eckh Brszilin .l caolm Of every lnescriptioa amoangst whicl arc som, Mexileva patter, Ivorycomhb of every daseription, hore, drale l and packet[ tngether with a genel a =,er t "q', I t t a altand Amnrican. PEItFUAI:!- ' I--:aoitgne, Lavender, PFlodd, honey, hayi se. sn; I , flom'er wafers of every se and de criptian, , ,phoratend ologne, extract of Bar aaaat, lan:y sa,. nt nall kinles, slthainc n in cakes atp cre.tai sacp do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, .itu in. 'reaon'e smelling salt;, plain d todea owder, pearl powder, pow le pff matum in pots and roll,orns and e atd ptwdealto, witih genertlo a-tnrv JEW.LL.-RY-nete ofthe latest n.d a a ble setts, consisting of white md red r Sjet earldrope, it is flkgree, bract p ins of p ty of patterns, watch trimlmings, git al 'silver thimble., silver eaod gold pa tlel s ha ihLRSHtES--Cloth, hair, duls trcrumhIE aelloor ba ilent, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, ha h whitewash brushes. " LOOKING GLASeES-GO rman sta oilt gain, mapi i jI Frenh dressing l i, hms ddwith ta ufotherkinds notan dFAM .II VA.IETY ARTIl1 Frenc andAmnirnoaam(r e-s sud dresamia"br , some Fad pti an r I r nhd lerink s Cb ý .fld kavn. .h.- ther ey ., 1havM r t.errae ht w h utever hbad s et L Itpt u ldter tht h he hotr Pe oe thae ta te n om t bote f the ether feye w t vt a to wa ll OX te a 'Atee r tirdanghter d utah lenytreb whosetnameI tthild never tso do bs. menn wh:st she hd * cm tthe ight f t one Dye fr ~ s moo thsl , h srtos eoew blotoe la with the p met avdeoj nae te'at. . the v dotetr editoefeld hi " gentlam todbf bulin.e tha had coo de oId e d htoerthnd eo M oftheedicaledtorst that thed miaghte iniltod atdthe fit. l ta tl tben meotn " idolynty" 5oter, which 11, t tn aitiote deantn0e94 i Nashvlle but ce, dad me maer had paid I n i repeat hete fror thae inertn whateve mtrlttoaend, who dt. oier ad in that letter that he ha tta , e a.ýpt.ed of the sit i ofoneeye hfrom. , he Atl on t h, which. mothl r db etadindthl...s occtsioneod by the seasu lot rmal4Oitop that onto h cogld t not y n the .r t l ft.i f the o bfothei tnlts haltlse eidshel ut the ots eotehMN , a wd egpi.. etol diting tinny obirte; and did ,orehlet tht city, im. fooo, mey or ea"t p to hand er in t he tot ee t-w, k stlhept to be wlthtic other R l euly n ti e a idhed ha e noran a me ber to Rtei t r a h foe no.rlay forty T , h i dtt nle rorgh the b s si : Ie mrep.ot gg , mo p en hate i ty diflU, etdtt thea . o'Min Nashwalle too'.k he . rm et toforu theireo. dfortls oo.infln i hn te atoiteravftr henian Tans cityr-i the r oa t D tae moeadn to ay, thttt sabi ti i end of tit yer$ts.o ane, he slhald he converted frine. hit ijfidelifty as thoel irit uf IhewroBe whhIateaf thns tirnmfiil aiol boeihondthrines of the Chistian ne Snlrrhod to pleen his medicael friends, against the lna lhon liberty, nil14hne h mugh bood, andno in. n eit ner . Allon the hnbabitnts fllasthile spoke nn itr wresltl, to thg. etcll T e daict re. ore, Py aneae bledon findinedu~~riuo Younte of ý tno otcrs d pw tinU e hiSetoeth ad T the edoubtlia o that whninlntLhe .leriean otednidel retndIhad; and to a ti npthem t i t f aedti. IT gaii one in the nrth, I ight t ht aioed anoth Sintho south bnderl w ade d thll botpe to wear e er obin r ito inform thet meredie eel Gough ieditr f the R heNpublic nad Trans examied nal myn ip . ithnf . g res bntget ine 'lo n wt ite n l thv lle th if city, the great or S., that I shall bring octieto against them ml, for vituteration, slander or elumly,vimmredin ately aiormy arrivalin New York, ans wqllan againost their aiable behre hren ,thepedical iolnahd ifathe north. 1 nor bind myself by promir , neverto quh this happy land of liberty, until hove hrought the noam of all my nedical (loluho of the north, as well as the south nod the west, to the grlndstone! The afflicted, there. fore, may calculate on fiending me during the wenoo fre lext year in New York, w here letters, poat paid, nnd no others, will he nure to reach te, i5. To infonr the public that the puff, n called, whith the Rev. lericatly converted infidel pretend wasn written for him. wan written mone that n week prior, and intended for the Rev. D. Howell, who rad It in my presence without manifestaing ny disapprobaotion; oan the ontrary, took it to his study and eutdensd it in the way be did, which he said he thought would an et my pumerose beter, b delivered them both to me, without prtenrling that I wanted to hribe him foni h e duty, aan never cauld pretsume to onfer that f ,rtlenian or any other, any money for stating facto. rha Rev Doctor's own statemeot in before the pubtic hnrd he not erxamined al t my diplomao, &c. te. wiih a gentleman, an intimate friend of his, an well an the whole of my tatients, in compony with another clergyman, odd Found tliem al to be autheatie, and all toy patients ti he mretor lens benefitted, e never could hane been induced Iby a total stranger to draw op ouch an article a she wethe himielftiir publication, and addressed it to Mr Stringlild, editor oflhr S W C Advocate. 6. No wonder tte dear qightet medical Goliasis of Nohvtlle toob the alarm; and therefore used their el i forts to Join with them the all-powerful, athletie, ptiys. ical and intellettual forte of lhe said tn-beeonvertei clerical infidel. We read io the Bible that 'e tren in bknown by ito fruits." I dare aay the converted infidel -, h*pepobd tefrem thtttpange. -. a, 7. #a evidently wanted oesitablish his moral, p aman, byl yote flngthat.le wasa h t carnation of his irvine Master, absolutely sold hit7for that number of ale of silver. lly answerrti, ts it Swan never inedeu a bribe, noreould itbb eonfihr. Goehroe .colmns of bt o to he reputed theret tau i itdhqe. . nion ind Moin ,t or ad I leater$uetd nitall Sito ayto ave nu n l cesnc' 8, Had the lRev. Doctor been really fonverted the l'eliefof the doectrines of the Saviour, he would n have promised to come and examine my patients wit out keeping his word, as I have always found eve ministe. of the gospel zealous to do. * 9. Had be been really converted, he would not pu livly have spoken against the American institutieo which, it is well known, are more numerous, and whit are .pperior to many in some parts of Europe. H conduct so much disgusted some young literary chs oters, as to be scarcely restrained from hi on the npot,by laying violent tando on him. The 11ev. gentleman, though a Scotehmann, is witlho excase, (unless he is calumniated), althlouh he tn: thiok heto as a right to abuse the American institution because e he is a converted ilnfiel. I say he has not-. all ought to speak well of the bridea e i goes safe over. I fancy tie gallant Captain Grundy, ail sevec other amiable youtg gentlemen'of Nashville, recolle well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Ho Scriptures! 10. I necer saw nash a demon in human shape the Rev. Doctor was the day I eel ed to reason wi hilt, when Ie mienaced mIy grey IOhairs with al upliflt gcta,!.t arm, as if he would have felled me to It tround, for dlarin to draw a pious minister sway fro hi dty, biy a bilabe of SO piieeesofsilver! I real trembltd'more than if the "Uld Gentleman" had al pecrecI in his own shapel II. I olemnnl ndeclare before God, ant am not ofro to call Hlilo to witness that I never, in the whole coua of 4. years practice as an ocolist, in Great Britai France, ievlita and America, in a single instance a fared as a bribe aun amount to the editor of anyjourn but as a .otpea stion for the space I occupied and tl trouble thich l ohecsioned them; and that I was alwah mote incliaed to reduce, rather than add any money the printer's hill; whelic is a sufficient proof that I noitnteation to brhile. 12. Lastvy.-Tibe Memphis Enquirer for two r the weeks cootilas a tissue of flagrant flsehoods, wbhk thie medical Goliah editors learned frot their brethre of the M. Goliaha of the North, and I shall tent the with silett contempt until the proper tims arrives:. Unless it is true what I have been infarmeda--Sue beggar, and you will eatch a L-!' Though I pa him for my advertisments Oar two or three weeks, I only inserted them once. You will pleue to iqasert this letter in your neat pi per, ad oblige yours, &u. S lIn liute, JOHN WILLIAMS the Eaglish Ocu]et. vipivtle, Jly fir1837.. rwisrolo' r s.M. C. eatit thestd he, l it "the rWe ' WB s ti cityy, 'to euxa h, aumeras t l laSdacisntU sdiso r a hisolamato rinhis pratsioa"o I have ha eoatxsyiteh a Meead,dne o wnh plesum Aea~r ktnuie d ,twme b Paeos, at pee Amotf CogKe d h r at e iaof the Freoch, a Wauligtrarsi d to Dr. Wllan tostifyiog ths aseliuq ~ anwBus thoms4s' the ical Stci. tie oFruae. He has nmeous vouchers from mss eato be of high repatastiosa in thls eouotrj receives hice i arrival hti Usnitd Stqs, detailig ilas .' smt aioese in the roer tida of mg. V. the sand. wit sn lea Iarly all his pootr patients in Ii, rty. I b.w noeb of them preorius to their Cominq aniser his nare bt all I se ybey aen tusetionsI, IloIcw I hd. ROB'T. B. C HOWELL, Pasomt Baptist Chur.b. Nuhvils, Js a, 1,W. P. a. aewriti the asoe oenef Dr. Williams' etients, b lle d pun o.e and sys ie had actually nod W(ll, lost the sight of one eye for neqty yea tot now dea shim sl b .te teat lust night, fur the i .n ntie j lifesthat he an reofilot, he oul di. ay, ,sme of the prmmineatotars. rI eathat this eld geotleman ias lied many year athis e l ali4 d says ha has been a Mlethndist lnriag Yours truly, ag10 R. B. C. H. D iSOLU, Quo e Trenier isolt, at set per l pe ,ealse, aUthlnae a poursUivar doraul touts Coar sspetstpourlo snolmeant due pour san flar ppetiee asrg n eu alaa ost pour In pavyg Powots doas sae m aul.,, dm. i -.s a m liotn sal pre osi assgý paas qa den ieen aonma ro a ss m co" qa s tiuto. p tl, apgss ama t rsem a a Muml piur pan re at prpit saselavnu. teaticaith cum, La p lant d ,d7 I - roatng otoours r t itn fan t ofte rlr uhibkiesoat, sawswere mosta and anater h m ,eoo! .,[ _._ I~4 d n daa.a maaa.aoe, tilheir sdft eine in .saoe to seawetr ce pilesh. . le s. bi e at q In-, that i 1,i ome hnedr 'ý- u b o w o woud m aiosbteant of i ii.e ite ad t itoul e fluue,'hean.Ieot .m lA heosuot to"s to s bM p cosi tua, of Ilitavhenie atoismon and P. t~eto laire tha |r nzatie enf n ,nmd si itan lne hi i e propereot. to mto gene ie debssednit wonge ar lte. t_" he ertat1os ad the and wholeasnateiomlaecwnq.ited oe isgph. Sucldri, tac i wil e o . ote llbs o rnat ahasPantsof tatkeninga sma. ld e aeo tiol RRAWnt ad s. alhose wm mhtte omle.dsme as eean remy, tn the socoarorpe atreehaoerunne thnlo withe eomman other ink . The, fbalut "eilcted, a u of hro feds iinr. n wchaemihtal'rea ec*dar ofe ton sho the aet t eianet eates 1inll thevuu riou come wlitailt itrh I mentone rpeldt and thi in the r oe t atioituaor tawntdhother its ilovs e heao n tiaommaon a reed .-aal io. tl tot orwiegts. whe alatino otter i thes vortioa a broae l ofth b avery oat i andiostt .no l reumbe a dtim asied meany i and e to rem aes the end rmecofdes i viond heir a ere*itgis co lowantie isdpaaemrar to uea ad thea ate Tatue ootnhrei asae tost eonpl emesdy thaote ohion. tagy p aned yephitintod et ofa his cowldren wid elose, tlaa e wehit a sc edplte a d irngtife ior"y drm h udoerep.cdetet ot a isthe restatieocng iae r tinhabitants ofthitas ken intiredtoed. n earttesstio the etwtofo snd them ould wsotesaty detaei the atis thiey h iet ttoetto thretttiae ite Putapyefl.'aetuisued f nmant, gi themostm aieoh it cpdro, mostes andianroprsyd teand aftoery variu alterimnd toent a (iphrtreticdl'rengthc, he had peoaabinethe tooCh remedipeseivantind, s ther m ieritirbemlcl. it ahepropriestor t ntot.ue e with the l seesdt i e plo, t ertaithesane in thomedy seaebls wfrel a bt bs tavistlyed feld lon beings tc hoos datt e r{' p ala the oso et, ehronic tredobrtin atecodmplaeshitoeot ot is aptpineale. Teo ptes Itn maneee ton moy ee oano-reied.thei f. oh vteaings ted otit oln , d e noemorte to ihealt ans d hIn e- pleu. ths hises not inotre'raet common remedy, that i aip uer, byntaone whoat otbs itr of taving life mostma is wTao to pep'lll doeo r thetiaareiaebtes oipl this ea. hohdone retoatioed; dletheit is the roeruttion irelo ce, r papinedroren ar an taItb een introduoanged. t. Tr, I Ioloos .,rt eoutee altic the sdsreol atos n wast n treiseted to te prblicr: but i e that short space of tsne, troe hundreds to pcrs, ign hiond heioly who would ema en solemnly declateit t ettheyptiincl l a,1 theit lia twere nrer by it bteiornIt movsac ate aSry iad tried many i., and wrhose allthicommioese mdire s in vain. ".er J;evr hit eknown iteiraptdynd mal g, into use, and wills eo cswlthemost subdaot taadooarthoin oteof of it Sea. standinver and dhilitis and hemailous aotiedes t t which Pave dtaieni all other rem ediii , ant d w Isrtaull its ill inhoseoases iheremerhtcurm has been eso o, san l ased e as to cre distre tl h painer Ine the .mnet, nodes, merin Te rid ugtheat debiementea ofthe digestive organes, tee os i votes the conit lution, and liventolte pretient efed and tl- well. Indarhe umalslltte. in ulerated sore tlroat, ia is- appt y elthole are not les Uapparnt, giving almost im51 . ed triaterbli w pi is Tcken inaaroer dosesa ttlnlit notict otacoperates let snpexaileratihed w ethrent;r a iaphwegtic, deuretic, h od t axti ives, at bati-ho smofiendls and tnodyne; ueed ine ii patoperket e taes, csad hic and emmetnyue. rm endt if alt iex preass itted. e wll thsesecrnatoo n and ex JON rFERlUSON, King at. Catunorsaa t, March 27.183289. I was seized atoutthree years stOee, whb adintressinl r rheumatism, eaused by takings severe cold, hbileuntm. the influence of mercury, and which has dtsabhed r' from business nearly ever since. During this mnio' have been a patient in the Marine Hospital, in t1ti cit; upwards ol four months, and nearly thie same lengtl ' time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever remedy, with little beneait. On thel18th of february last, at that time searcely able to move ahout upon oerteh es, I commenced the use of Indian's Panacea. In orn month I found myself entirely freedtfrom pain, and a now happy to spiate that conotdermyyaelf perfectty well oWhM. TUCKER, 13 Market st. CAPES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS.* Now YOK:, Sept. 10,18530. This eay certify that i thet faTll 1 82, I was seize Swith a swelingit my Inek and faee, which afterwate Sulicerated and became large ghastly uloers in my necl. After ryin sveralph)aeiainstono advantage, 1 went to Philatelnphts, and phled myself under the earo, De, Phyoeand Beach, whe, after repetetd dlivattoma to no effetI was prne ned utterly insurable. After. wards lion twelnty atl~eIeflSwaim'aPaeace and eight hottlen of Potter's Caldthollon, with no material benefit SDesl alringoflite, %whlJ M. now become a burthen me, 1 retureed to Nmysata in New York, in 1829, oan gsvemys.eIlunpto a iogeing death. lerlng. of tdo great succ of The la dan loaea, however, in sot iaimilpr toyowIwse.o y own ildtotry it, as lastt. sort. To nmyi great . rl sIe, as well as satisfsctionn. soon fmond myselfn apidr Am.v.g, and upon takiln evenn bottles, the atu.seaeatndi became perietlc well in the course ftto months, and have remained so ever aine. I makethissialtmen ant wish itpublashed forl benelfitof'thl whb are suffetlls under snlilar sor ifulauspor Ipdl fbsioaa that they may know wlt h ured one fered every thing but death, iad whao oIo lf aved fte above sy. I WM IAN. -. Ieu.TEI ,druggisti , NOW ORBIJASi BNLL RAIL bAD HE st h o f t om ptoy are hereby no T e of thbnard o .er don the call nmde.on them on the 3t lams t of five dollars shrew o L t al. Istofkholders are he t R , hisboard psoed on diLeh lon however, onthstsckholdere of the New Orles aldi Rood Company Smello g p then held rs esy byuthnmviz:-.two d|llara per payable on ahlths e et da p twhe da O pert stare atres ae. in ay of Maoch t ow th t esed, that the aecretary with dr eh·Po oi, hpermetted toatpa oanyPa l d a c d nthe stok of lsid moany og a d aitr ilhe day .whi w~. ele Ibu.p ea con. t on however, that oegulryv peaad within thu eaid dysol, Ibioe ý P omoe ad after the dor 0 h ir sl a sa oee p Widthatthen t.he siat, so which saIidayments.oasd hare been made, is and ramasiso fiaotasd to alh..espkalay, the charter as that psi Ill y t e. In aesidirsty Iharefore, to said al, aaeikof thecl ddoes is said company, as thinkhproe, oeastage parmeofa on their stook to the ado oadthe d Jaaal tyitydays, which the charter allows thaeman that lbs playent of two dol. lsespprar aaw laddae si lhe first of Sep. termbesetac sy under the sloth sertion of said ae atdayofOctoterteat, that ahelapaput shasltr. pr ar esaleSir, nod ___p d sent, may be past mates ttwodsollasep17bov torand due c the of Al h out, mays pootpoaed ustil the 30th of ils sfPawaa ofl dboard. jaufi AlR RIOAIR, Sec'rv. F ± cmrfe fourm 106402103W asd 79 i 3 S S ,lwlL .Yo. leeineaeaet quo, par u. e sotttwpl d. .i ion n do 1 d le s ide miaI.qamaode qui leur aete flaine ct feovleea.deriu d ig -,aod de atq pigsn ar ,.biypq, aetion, eta3 nppo14e at e= aot,' I rte, auhel.. rI ,conk ar t on e t i o n e au8r aft d dt Ic tide. rw nrol g.a .:reet . o 4]top- i tiaIs i1d usee ico t, ap umaea au oticuaiwo u iggn * odhemina 'cuntiumsu de Is d Nmmvei O r- it M e d&Nashvillone demonde desa penl.ant suivanos I, ur ee amand qul' s .ppmedet, ovsair: deux pilastree par ogqtl pya Is ler. eambre prchaim etdeuyto noes - a~c thethen ill hbelel r. mar. e s Enid Sttm uee, t et eblaiolu qua l em seretaire de t a adcb lid.oti a aotioas spar Ja voie d Atony Key, A. mton, Mu Dc nmeot a smr lenime secti au ia ieta mit lioure i e est lbuled ins t hlhs ehoeur d o oaien.le l .xigeas oers foadseoapital a Aeodile o ISena a ent to te trme do .astejouro d OrNt dot date t.our lqulsle Ie dit ptiemat eat e...t. gleusonbaah i dition eupree, toutefoin quo a ledit t leeout bo po regutiertment faitr oa r ipttion du ~t pruonn ftde .teouau, donp fal us 'acuna I ..dwitioOnqvrlpi |9 e~ n AAe lt, p slaJ.nt auroit du siret ..S ofet aae. r.1pr 1-oa u bd,. feveur d]e Is comp jieOeeloS fh t ornielle. et pei e . nif. . po s o ii an onformlte a i dimt delaonde, ase eua des antiltutlet. d` Isdite eaIsagiue quijaogemot eotenabnle d'ouinter itndpe meom sotten artions apendant eat expoae desulkoite joue quo eleharte Ioir aeenrde, sent notidia qhoa t palment de denuapiestres per chaque sction demalndi pour le ter. septeibre plochin6, pent, on vertu doe I aeltion stxieme de ladlitM chrt, 0t a udjouroee josqu'ou llje.TOad Catobre pocehain; quo te paienmnt de de 1 a pttrae par cheque d·0trn bqemnde pour ol tar decem bde pofban ,atetrn .oae jus au f30 onvier, t iun ttnt de deux d pltot o par cheque anourdemands ounr loer mrt promhan, poeut eee ,opptie e sa qu'ru 3 o u r s t r e e h a i w. b st op A R w N A I o SS e c t . -go Al QAll *r? cana, Lomnud.a eot f` la tT . Medai tei n h ie ien Apoth o t I' vs r , eru o ttplaotymr Surraoe A of º usO too tm"oh 0 ol d I f h nu S the'ua of the userous o anad' d ou I ma aloated upoythe publie bylthe a fidf fabite Ia i mraotvi ilouu r or en and otier fra. by set of ueemiTol ., atnpitoaln'piredtemler. tnallty ijm nt ot tmodleal aoienee, that it impouible the imtl(fouu Solaatm ldo at longer g l doiwn .tls the .in,.lligent peoplie ot'thi 7u j Those ills, mild and ngtwPh~le his t kelt Ion every fmily t oures of~liehfib itneaw, for, by theor pyfonpt udminiotiotn, eihoa,, amo apuoa, fevers, and other alrming eompantut, which too often prove iatl, may he speedi ly cureduor evented. In fat, all thoe who value good, should never be without them. They are oalt' i paikgto at 5no ento, $I and $2 each, by every respee Itable d tiut, hobkler, and vendorof medicine iu the United Sloteast d be Cnada,, with copious directionu, together witht etuontmias.of professional ability from the followig emlnnent gentlemen: Sir Aotley Cooper, J Ahernethy, Jaaes Blundrell, M. D., W. IBck, M. D., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous othern. The onriginals may he seen n pouessioti ofthe General Agent, bywhon the medicine Is isnjoted into this ementry, and to wlom[ all applications torugenoos must he made. JNO. Ht)LBEIN, 19 Worerly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, ae. For sale by, appointment of the origimatl prolietor. bT SwAIoN BnoTrun, Druggists, No It cianal treet, :0neer. Agelts ir Stetthee otf Louisiana. jul v8 SITUATION WANTEID. A YOUNG womsn wishes a {lae in a respetjables Sfamily hither as chamber.maid or notre. She I has always oen employed in respectble famnilies, and I none other Will suit her. Apply to S EA COHEN&Co, t .m20 166 Tchoupitoleae st. OTICE-The pmlie are herebv ceautioned not t trde for a notedrawn by William Finch to the ar a deref, uand eored by St John "& Best, for one hun dred and fort,-seven dollars, dated on the 22nd layv, 187 and payablt in thirty days aoer date; which note tell ad e on th 24th inst., and was lost on that day. june 27.-.1t ST JOHN & BEST. SoTICtl n order to comply with an order served 11 by Mr. jttringer, eommiasary of 3d ward, on t -e lessees of thrleCarrollton N O& Rail Road Co, tomver an mfund ofetrth from offtbe Levee oppnsite i.a Coure stree: notice is given thnt the horse ear runming on I.e Course seet will be stopped for a few days. pHARPEK & NERRI r, A GEN.TLEMAN fh,,siness hbitss.nd oveen;. - Stiotmhle moral ebsarcter, who writ-es a vetn and expeditions hand, has a tlhorough knowlredle of bohk skeaping, r., anod swih n, o residell it ttis cite le -soveral y'eore, is desiros to Obtiti em tloyV nt: I inl sme d reslmecetln mercantile holter--w- ldt I".,vo m n ehj. c ti tion to theesituotion of out door clerk for a few lamOlllh or to ta e arge of the basites of tany pson whie, natyleveltecitv this setner. lhving a fionilv to a provide fq,.hnd I;eing disposedr to render erre ca, a good Sealmr will he a prlmary cmsidveýhien. m A line addressed boxh P6, t'nt Office, will emeet pro.plt Et'At' DI i . LOUI.SINA-t'efin o de Ouelhiv . ot. Esepoor ilt pr'mo'dooma butt 1 ,av rotnnr. f oo,. non resoident, tliecidement a lonennl W. Coxe, HInrey ny Turner,on a tout nIe perso.nne on preoonnos que nine en pent Conseener lolr pelitellr EXecuteurs Admiui - tratuers, no nvoun eot, rsuivnlt 5 diveresR ordoouonnces it tdu Jutri deSolli de Inditte Ptroisore, pasoe et nuppcve Ir. le15d Jtilet 13 le 15 de pteptehre 135 le 8 Juillet o. 1836 le 5 de l)eembuhr, 1886 a le I ivrier 1887, et de tlus euivant lhs divotoes sectiou d'un ante pose lo t ome session de In Ine Legislature du territoue d'Or e leaIes, tutilule note rcoalif aux chemins et leves, et la k. Police den anianoux nprove le 6 Avrel 1807. Et pele t" , Ire *d t 3me. Section d'un note pars e ale rose. at sitondeln um Legislature de Letatde laLoisinna lutitlle Sacte sup lementaire dux divers actes relatifs aux chl o mine et levees opprouve le 8 Fevrier 18"25 A moine 7 quo lea cheminst ot aotres Iruveu x qui sent ordonue par le dit Jiure de Police eu aint la Loi; que lea dito trauvaux soirnt executes pt fait solon l'ordounaue,, or us ordonnandes du dito J de olue en conformite atve th ls Loi avent on le Ime de Juillet 1837, que lee dits by travanx seront exeenteesa la charge et aux frnix den in dite non residento propesttaires, et quo des proprletre ed suetosets erondeaisiee nt endus pourpayer lee sfri to oeeansinnoe pour lee ditheminu et travaux. SLe 10 Fevrier, 1837. m7 LEWIS F. LAMY, Juge de Parsisse. B RAZIERS COP~wT iTll heets braziers coppet ng weighing ten poundoleaoh,in store and for sale by or -SAMUEL LOCKE & CO., No8Front Levee, betwoen Custom House and Bien ville streets. june 24 TIM TABLE. rIHE Circalar Time able, for showing at one 1 view. the number ofdays from any given date, to ill other dntes, either pri or subsequent to it, within 12 I"onth, constructed hb Thomne Dunn, Accountant Bank e f Sncotand, Gi o', for salo by a28 l ),. TCHEI &, C )., 24 Cltrtree et. "3TA''l - LA: OUSANE P'reetorcouu Hout i5 triet-Meree."di le tide Mi,1837-Prefecture o0 Charles WattsJugar. l'agnire de John des buoy stein, centrens re et. ra. -4ur motion d Mr H Lock ett,voctdo T 'hy,, a 't deo creaucoersdel'sou hdute ettl uire, ,et r0 e ' ..ntnentd unetnlhleau do repartition des fends dens rcet, unar.. II estdoeerete Spar a cour qn les cretuciersde ] el'inlvble,e+ tonu persooeas y interreesis luvoir a dedott ue doans dix jotore Apres le poblicetion do ette ordre pour 3,''o le dits tao blesau de distribution nO seruot pus houoin 'ue, et lo Sfends distribus et pay y eonformement. Pot".eop.' enuforn.e jel THEO lEWIS, dpy grt. r STATEOF LOUI IANA-Parish of Oucita. "~JTICE is lhereby gipn to on resident owners and 1 propprietotrofllad selaly to Daniel W Con, Henry' Turner, orto any person or persons, whom it mayordoth concern, e hrs, executors, admin istraters and assigns, n pursuance of five several or dinances of the PoliceJsryof sad parish, passed and pl vend on the 15t of July, 1335; the 14th Septembey, 183 the 8th Jul 3 and th5th of Dec. 16 an d of the 7rt Feh.l7;an frther, in pursuance qt Sdiffrent sections ofa aetpaaeed at the .ad seia of the Iet Legislature ofte Territory of Orleans, ensitled ean act wreatine ts Road and Levees, and the Polle of Cattle," approved 6th'of April, 1807; and oltbs let, 2d. an. d, sencuts of n atrposoeed at the 1st eusslon of the 7t e att of the state of Louisiana, entitled act I lmel tota e sveral at relative to odts tos and thJu6m ade Hadet V br les of a small familv. Good wagen oillba

given. Appyantheooorner of Ctroadelen and Girod streets. No white onesneed apply withoute good me momendaions. junW ANT'S a ituationn as hnmheimaid or Children's Nurse, and will do needlework if required. No bjecetion to town or country. Inquire at the cornerof Sasin and Caso Oalvo sta. . 87 sept26 it 1 OMbMI'ITED to the jailof Paducah, August 16th. ea 1837, by Capt. L. Choat, oftle steamer Wn' Wnl laee, a nsere man calling himself by the same of WM. IRD, who says he is free; the said nan was commit ted to the saidjall by George mtdly, a Justice of the Peace, of Mcdnraokn co. State of Kentucky. repelO6t G. DUNN, jailer, MeC. co. riýEN DOLLARS REW AR-.Ran away from the I subshenhberabout l5thJune,the negro girl Miner. vs Blu.. She is about 27years old, rastor sleagder maned is very black, and hais lost or .--tth from the underj.a I ROB'T A WRIGHT, ang I2-tlm Gravier street. COPARTNERS IP. HE underaigned have formed o Copartneship ia Sthe importing, and whnlesale Hardware business, thin city under the fom of Riohadoon, Waterman, Woad, at No 2 Magazine street. JOHIN RICHARDSON. JEDEDIAH WATERMAN. PHOENIX N. WOOl). W ANTEDA aitunation, bva.acclinted Clerk.A ynoug man a native of this city and who lres for several years an out door clerk Sto highly respect table and large Commairial House of toto city and wishes a sitation. He isaequainted with the rseoch and Engliohlnsgungeaand is wishing to render Ihim. alf useful in thle eonnltng rnom, He winte a splendid hand. Address box No 83 Post Office. 61 onl'ba or ahout the month of fOcther Iat. a ot. Sdrawn for $48O hy Edward C. Johnson, in favor of Jaoob Aderson;,on the back of which was indoraned $54 received in a note uga ",st Janme Jones, and $36 in an neoeenn. If the pers,. who hus found said note will leave it st the o0leeof the' 'ue American he will be ron un:o, ovoade ,ln, JsICOB ANDEIRtSON, I TTE Oe, LoJh the f io the ' p mr %lh andcityo New Qrleap*--Prestet the Iltm Chaires Maurian, Judge.--L M Fluter vs His Credit ors. The coasienuof pronp tyby4he insolvent is ac coppel by thecourt foe the benefit of his creditors. It. sodhred thatan meeting of said creditors he heldoa n Uttud.dythe 5t% day of August 1887, before A Msr- hea, not. pubt.- th and thereto deliberate uspon the sIt~ftliddieeolvent. It is further ordered that al - pseedinsLaegninsthisg prsoand poperty be.#pyelt i and that hielen, sq., attoMsyad oun r a sa Iew he appointe d to rc rs sent '0seglrsi A his ruse. .I BE UEZ Acting rig Judge in tohe , ulo 'f the i Chrleh Maurinni Extractr frml the. nsoties-Glerk' New (M leans, July :d 1L37 A lGUY I, am july 8 Ot d i'TAT DE ,A LOUiS4N o de Pil l vet . poor Is partoee et la villa dela Nsouysli Orl - ql Pleqg lfgoo, Chut Mauriau, Ju d`4M Fitr co1 ad ire acreancier. Laeeatonpro t parl'iu lvcb te efat acrepts par lna.opr pour l aZl rce de fe t criq , nv icer; it et rstodonne qu. es seyri.tner'aielt a O'uee the blole Samedi5 neut 1837, P de A Mqaureo ev afnddellbner.arler lit M Fo . ite. II estde plus ordonne pl aultes c t's a personae et see propristerio °adsl est quos J L Tliefetf atocat, soil tomttte 't, st ntv lssceancierq absento, drnSacelte'a t . t Sign ' SlBERMUDEZ1 r. Ia dejuree e1 absence de l'hontrgblC riun. Extrit dpa minutes bureau du le et 18r. P July 8' Slppe, AMOUOL; stiler. CTATE OF LOUItSIAr First Dlj is Court. Friday, 14th of Jli, 1 c37 d Court. Bne ill rr & onid. s their itn Ioish ours, presidingin thne bsc aoft4t 'tonraho Obarlo tts. Wr On motion of LC lDaeun, Eq. counsal forW W Montgomery, syndic of the ereditors of the inaolvenet and o litung bio soeend and filn tableau f'dissibu tPp it to orderedby the Court that thasrditorse of -alin.oteoa show eaue thn 1$afler the publioeationof hbis ot sioe,,w id tableau ushuld nol ° he oologted the bnhds ditributed in aecordansc to theirewith, and thp said asyndic 'fully and linally die- , Shargen. Etratct frsom the minutes. / July 18 LWLWISDeliCI'k. I " T'' AT )E LA LOUIB1 ' ' i 'District Judiciare-Veudredi, 'Ifllet 1587.E P s, l a. Clulr Mnurian, jugs de l Caurde Pt d 'hu te ent e l'abseue de Iou,ý lot. Watts, b em~o' fle(ssits issoleatslsdeandulaot,,roar ous a lpuhiatliesn le ret ois, lea rais Spourlsgt letlt tacu oe nerait pas homologue, I le fencs dlstribue en consequence, et o syndic totals- i ,f me0 deahuyge, Ialit sip tminutes. July IS - J W LEWJS; Dep.Gref. OTf( o nerofseveralpackages merchan Sdine A&rked Madame V. Artiquencuve. per ship a groton, from New York, is hereby not fled that they ahve boen stored by STETSON, AVERY &CO. Ilm31. Consignees "Groton,' 8ISTORY OF TEXAS. - RS. HOLLEY'S HISTORY OF TEXAS, con S taining adeseription of the Geography, face of the country Rivers, Climate, Trade, Preldset, Consti tution, &e., with a map of Tenas, a further supply re caved and for snle by • ae8 HOTCHKISS & CO., 24 Clhartres at. S FURNLI'URG POR SALE. d ' T HE lease and furniture of a furnished ouse in a central situation, suited for a small genteel family u will he disposedof on reasonablo t ms, ho a gentle e man deolinighous keeping. Ap y at 3.6 Old Le a ee St, a 17 -TENNR.1RS MAP OP'L.[i '-A,&c. C&, A NEw Mia or LoutsteA 'with Ito canals, roads and distances, from place o lane, along the stage and steamtboat routes, by IL . Tenner. MITCHELL'S MAO OF THE UNITED STATES showing the principal Turnpike and common roads, on which are giveo the distances in miles frosm oe place to another; also the courses of the canals end rad roads throughl oat the country, carefully compiled from the best au thorities-published by S. Augustus Mitchell. SMITCHELLS TRAVEnLER's GUIDE THROUGH THE UtRITEcDStTES; a map of the roads, distances steua boeat andcaal routes, &e.just received anl forsale WM M'KEA±', W HOLbVSALb AND lItfITAIL, :Uo. AND VAISIETY S''OlRE, No. 18 Camp stree .cr slr Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers Oa 0now open' .g as their swr stand, an extensive assortment o. artiles their line, comprising every variety of Combs,,.lraetes, Perfimeryv, Iooking Glasses, Playing Ctards dJ a large number of Fancy articles. The followint 00 pirt a deescription: ,COMBIIM-T'ortoisesand Brazilian high top tuckh, i.ol oild carved; de. do. twist, long, nesk, ipul, side, pease and dressing, ivory an. lornl; fisne ltoth, dlressingusaa I p.okercomnls; horn, reddling t nJara e'n1nbs; worostk, drnssilg, fine tooth a pl pocket con.u. PEIIFUMERY-A general asunt,,ns t of French - all American Perfllnery, consisting ri , I tgne w:lter in hottles, ofa all shaleand sizes; lans...ter, Florida,. rose, or-ange, lemon, jessmnine, herg-mrrn, .,llelr'rtess, te.; t'nuv soaps of evesv descriptionr, lttiqln. o etýan r''s-rls hair oil sturlrsnting fluid; 'hhorsr's toth e wash, cartbeonic and chlorine dnHtfice; ce nted and plaini toilel powder; ponmatum; pieston salts, etc. ItltJSIIES-Complrising a great variety of cloth, I hair, liat, flesh, tooth, Inil, comb, ssving, plate; heartih, fise nurl plarin idustling, sweeping, enromb ft h ulsrs', ts'ellsbills:lgad white wrath, Ilorse, slhoe rsodl svnt.' sr o'inllg, paint anld varllish blrlshes, and s. lshalo grtill ing tonls of all sizes. I.OOKINIG GLASSES-Comprising gillt lemnets of various sizes, 5, :, and 1 toilets; l.ceralnll satoisl, toilet as1 c b t .innig r n.radei . t ,rtn. oo . IA ING CAHI)S--Fsgtu, Ihrllrv lIt, lienom,, ; Highlauler, Spiel CLaute, French antid white back I'le~ ing CUrds. - FANCY AN) VARIETY ARTTICLES-A supe 1 rior nasossn ent of prrtuble desks, nllies' andll gcrntli Smnen's c dressing ecass anld ladies' work hoxes; .rlC) box l es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year I and Christmas' gll'tsl pocket hooks n o all sorts; sustrien - tes, music-boxes, lead tpetils, rayons, violins, bend la bags c rl turses, c asnsorsells t of fars ibees, su llpnr - I utlity billiard blls,,. paste hlackissr; bone, shirt, vest, f- hall and suspender buttons; pearl tI:utons and shirt studs, I razor strops; gas machines for' creating light; Slanish and melee segars; nuccouba, Paris, .ppee nad Scotch tsnusRs; an assortment of pIslan and sword eanes; back gammonooi hoards; dlie, ioensy scrunoa, optics, Jews harps, harmonioas, lucifer matches, pins, needles, ipertsolon ti ,ss, drinking coal, hluting flasks astid game hage; , steel, silver asdl platedl apeoteteas tlhibles, twiae,.etc . s handsome assortment of egravlngs,Rsrn a large anies r ty of other articesh all of lich will be sold for low e psrices, for cash or nity aeertasnces. may 4 IEES kn 1'LANGCE STATIONA RY--Ste ell, a copiplete asrltneot, Sconsisting of Windle's perfectumn, Ne pain. ltra,. Peeryans, extra fine, Crow qtills, ladies' rubes, Choo. land s regulating, diamond, elongated, and gillets,supe iur French warere, extra fine red and black sealing wax, patent gmaint elotic, red taper; Rodgor's pen, poc. ket, and desk knives, erasers, letter stamps, bronze and lacquered iukatands, paper weights, parallel, round and flat rulers, mathematical instrumentst, back gammon boards, drawing pencils, Bristol boards, and drawing paper, banker's cases, ort folios, pocket books, wallets, &c Jastreceived andfir sale by anl HOTCIIKISS & co, 24 Clhartres at J Just pblished, containsa list ofle Banks, Diree tore, discount days&c, insurance and tter cnmnpanie foreign consuls, chambet of oomeaaere, rates ofcharges f arrival and departures of the nails, coalnder, auties, eta, &c. &c, for sa'e by IOTCHKISS & Co. -IIiTON-'S Pi~AitRA ISE LtSlT, with tlaustrauot LI by John Maetin. Finr em's beutihs of Byron, or poleraits of th, prin cipal female cnaracters in Lord Byron's Poems. En graved fromoriginal paintings by eminent artists, with extracts illustrating eac:s e: . Finder'slandseapell i ta'rt'r , a. Bible, consist ing of views of the most remarkable places mentioned in the Old and Neo Testaments,from finished drawings, made fi.m original sketches taken on the spot. 'eath's Galleryof British Engravingsa. hj+ Galln v of Modern British Artiste. The .5 -tgne Panels, a collection of first rate engro - rvi t -t1 a i s ofthe Passes of the Alps, by wideh It nome.mou c ",ates oith Franm e, Switeprland and Ger. By Wi.litn 't. nre'kendo F. R.S. member of It.. yy m P ne eo n t Florence and Rome tleAnger Sraerit . i 'with illustratione. A O'land rof Love . 'atathea of pleasant flowers' gathlred in the fislda o Englk'h PoOa. Fleher's Juveile Scrap-Brook- y Bernard oar . T~eEconomyotfHumna Life. By Ro crt Doday. dloat..ed;ty eteravinge on steel. g at ie itteh is hi cell repining, and the gaod thit th to another, is to hm an evil."' tet rno'il and ur sale by STATE OF I.OUISIANA-Parish Caet--br the SPariah andl ity of New Orleans--pedat the hben Charles Mnurian judge-June 1t ItW-...W Denny vs !in Creditnr--no943. Ti cession of property by the insolvent is accepted by the nourt for the bealt of hisnreditors. It Is ordered that a seetiag of hin said creditors be held on Monday the 2nth day ofJuae 1837, in the office of H B Cenas notary public,. there and then to deliberate on his affairs and that in the mean time, all proceedings against his person and property be stayed. Signed CHAIRLES MAURIAN, Judge. Extract from the minutes-Clerk's Oelce, New Or lsans, Jine 12th,1837. j15--3t ARMAND PITOT,Clerk. LOST-A white ball 'arrier glut, wit., brindle marks. (Croped rars andlone taoil, anuwering to the name of WASP whoever will bring her to the Uni on Coffee House will be rewarded for their trouble, and any one detaining lir shall be presseceued to the utmoat atentn of law. e14I S LIDING DOOR FURNITURE-8 sets very san. '- erior plat d, and 2 sets brass sliding door furni ore oniplete: just received per ship Gen lodgemts and or axle by LAYTON &. CO., aug 24 53 Old Levee. SOAP AND CHOCOLATE.-Landitng frnn, brig Meaninger anid Aquilla, and for sale by the sul. serihers--500 boxes No. I, and Imitation No. I Soap, brands of Jackson and Trowbridge and James Gould. 24 eases sweet Slpagish h Chocolate. a28 ISAAC BRIDGlE & CO. t SIX AND A QUrARTER CENTS REi- RDI. N. CHARGES PAID. THE alove reward will be Iaid lor thbe aiprehenion I and delivery of John MoD,,ald aO indlentedp- p preatie l years old 5 feet 6 inchbr high, Wit left his master on or shout the 2lith of nlay last, dud took a with him 2 hats I pair ofbo-ts, l do brogan%, 2 dress a cost, 4 shirts, 4 pair of pantaloones,; jackets 2 wain- 6 ceats. All emrson are herebycautionted against har eoring truslnag or se ing the above apprentice un der the penalty of tlt . - I ae19 JO.E'PII BI NTON. t LOUR ,P-1R Kw D,&WNISKEY t 0kbbla ilsape flr flata:. 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Jusoeesnivedotl' for salemby c .; 12 Wo McKEANieoenee ofComo saooCm. a 'LTAT DE LA LOUIS iANE-Coar do Psreiaco low 1 poor in Pornime St rillu is Nouvelle Orlensn Preeent i'hon Clisriain, juge-oo 9743-O W Drnny Comttosea Cresoniers-juin 12,1837' La Ishbindo n des eii, iriotes de I'iaaolvuhie, at de pcepte parioeei; pomr tam asaemblie demont meatoiers, siest lieo Lundi to 2lie - jour de Jui, 1837, a grmtbe do H B Ceoma not. pub., lag poor dlihereo sooll affuires, ot quee n attendant, touts mr- proaeeodres, eontrela peonoue em sao poopeiei saooent astd etlo. non Eaimietdosmiautao,9heres de grethire, Nouveife Or ing eaa~12Joia, 1837 e, e j15--3t ARMAND PITOT Greater. Ji3t-1- ARMIA IJ PIITUT Urefier. SLIDEL 'S NEW WORK,&c.-The American i .3 England, by the authorof"A Year in Spain," in Noble Deedsof Women, inS vols. The Young Wi8e's Book, a manual o moral reli out and domestic duties. Just reeeivel and for aale by WM. M'KEAN, ISSING BOXlS-Landed from ship Natcher i from New Yor., and supposed to have been taken from the Levee in mistake, two large eases marked F B containing Cigara Any information respecting them will be thaaklilly received by J D BEIN &A COHEIO, l5 90 Common street T CHARILE ARCAU -Fumiab romoms ot gentlemen, without boarding, clo hebad at the ale airy establishmeat. t These rooms are well adapted for oflie being in centre of business. Apply at the pramles o0 Mrs Soissons & Mrs Jones, Etranee in th r Ar eade. fANALS and RAILm R --Map of he 8oStaes, ahowing the aupl trlavelling trnpike aSloeommon roastsi on whia mte glean the dit neet inbnils from ose lae iano.lnert also, theen s ed he canals and tall o trhrou t the soutry, paiy filly eompiled flne the best avtherities, by S Augutud Mitrhell, 1835. mePolti T Constititon of the free slate f eshail and Texas fMap of T S with parts of the alsg states A Map of on, ad. 185. eD as d e Stael liflstaen, traelated r el a t NTovel; Tj Po leal les by 4tha r dn, ith aln derou o a teetem a o t Da ta t.a N l ic 'l PosM t- -.l , sldlto·: _ via bound iiemr. Tam woau n or Joi no~s lbt-in verse oed prose, ith o a life, by Rev I Mitford: new elttio, complete in so Jsat reeiveed and for asle by 12W MoKEAN, cot Camp &a CmmKa nt. .. NEW PUIJ ICA'f IONS. r L IFE ioLondoe,or the Day and Night scenes et A Jerry Hawthorn, Eq. and Corrithlan Tora, snub complnied by Bob Login, the Oxonian, in theru ramblea and sprees throigh the Msetopolis, by Pieree Ega,O i loS vo. Vivian CGrey,a Novel, byD'Imrael, complete In I vol. TheYotngDuke, a navel, by Ihe Auther of Viviau Grey, complete j 1 vol. The Huoorisetedited by Theodlq e Hook Author no GOlbert Gu rney. Jtat receired and fa sale at tlp cenner of Camp and Comtion etreete, by NEW PUBLICATIONS. Cnle of ,y Nire od, by the author of m'The Collegians," hQin y2i. Alo.. Sere, b he auatherof lhe ci.a ,"e in two volaiaes, Elemenas oflnl.or n Lea, wýith a Skaeto of the Histrv of the Scoenes, by Henry Wheaton, .L1, D. A Pracicml Treeae oa smeosfiee .eseseloeml Rail IVayt; a work intondeil to show the Consolttion, the ,mode of acting, nnd the effect of these engines it rmlve'ing hueav loads; to give the neans of anertnln in o, ol an mspeurtion of the loot,and ihe results it will pnrduce under vnarious cireumitaete.s, nd in dilareat lo. entlities; to determine the qaontiy of fe.el and water it will requeiee to 8x the proportions which ought to be dopted in tile construction of an engine, to imsi.n wer any intended purpose, etc.: with prctlcal tahies, givinc at nase the resulta of the feorulw, foutnded upon ersnr mony new experimnttt, mmld lo a large .eals, in a daily prmetie oan the ULverpool nd Macaliester ailw wi, th many dilfetaeteesnes andconsaelera3le sise ofreurroagir, to whLich is addedl an appendix, show wing the exlpene of nsaeveiyg goods hv Iewmonire ,.gitne .a rsi{e rdst Eb v.P M O de Pnmheur.'.edabendfelebv WMI M'KEAN, 1 . irter of C.uo.p tlrl eere C .w.Ol .[vrel. 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Cortrosleve i.fimatell it do tr ant, Chloride of Iinse, e" Gamboge , pom as, Juilpen Berrien, AieiilrwLmoor castih, e do do Foreign, iede tispitnte, ire Mognesi, onglib , lRtel. 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Vols. , & l of the .ow .complete and oal nfo.ditia e f' H'uitnnA im Irengr'o.ola lrldCrz. our Rogera' Fre~ n and EngA Dllionaeny, in I vbl, lhor o Ne lsgeoFa Fresch and Eacflfh Dictioe. xie Aci--A few more' €copa at Cmnbe'i biksology it b Rienai" Large Surveyor'sompasses oflu peLsr qus te , wldiebio , Bllicb Bard Belnoft24n Wl 21-2 incliha a..: R.oim t provedme tlrlPe jspsnediapoNliatigb- . Jllseveeelved, and forsle'5b N pr- mOS' BENJ. LE'VY ma.r' SEIE . oLEVY. SPAIN REVISITEIWA: dt: S l AMt R VII TED dc,by the author oefAyJear' KndPeiimn the ml 2rl el edig eoe rtme podr,aei. geneaotm aoeyl . iu 1 withe Aboigca of rt Amerirca, by p trai wIThe .qt Svoles. TA*Puild orra. aele of the Uitedn 'Ste, or a' complete view of the thory and erctice of theaory a h onidte geanrourte, with the relaties Ir hcb -dedcated and adapted to the eong men of th ur a State, by E DosMtfld, ,Eq. ' NinreeFn Hweang Toarcinterepereed with chavaeal antic anecdots., 'e doiags ofasanrin Aim.enn eluding noties oetarintaal rack erb rs U e oeglan irth analytial contents, and ~gemiinitmd oipro er , volumes. On n THE Con l 0" ircfula or King' Evil Cbtreic Rhe-netb Chronio Cutaneous Dee Pales lnthe Bosnet'y hAe, tsIes, th he Mdlury e-c., eor exam of act ee the blood being in a vitiated late. This ve ony w Onue .i akeild, or he' .aneti d priomipe of unahpaiir.Yin the I..kse, bay tratal degre, combint d wei olther vegetble, bwlpls Smletd.d.lem.i , with plyesiia oan y Geo toE s PleY; a r ualety theSatla of " hlaie a deMaryo' rgnudy," db ,e., w edithis , d v bls comple the e F'OR;y tthtsAor at 'Wha oei Di><s and valngreaVt of t new e tionsor lr a hle end % PINROCYleera phce n and be q ofEeglnRo ni& the lIsione of Julius .t eeetittlve deathofeege w26,id a wih ontinuation to the ye. i8RI. With question for exemination at theede, each section , Besitlee a c/iety of valuably nna lion edited demrougiee.tles worb. Coteels tablo of ryetrteeprasy Soverigeec end emisclt peesene (iepioea enplaustocy notes Remarks on the pelt GntB' SL~hp n4 or Anvsweoee cmld mn Aeridgeer of Keltli'sNhw Treatlise m thetbfse of Glnbes. Neap American editionwit additions ad improoemen Jsst rsceived end for sale by W M NK3AN teat 24 corner of Camp ani Cemmoob HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. XORACEtmolatad Iby Phillipe Francls, I) 9, with L on appIeedix, coietteestee tineeleteteei of vareeeet odes, dc, by lef Joetson, Cewley, Milton, Dcydoa Pope Addiso Swift Ohecertoo, G Wekefield, PursMe Bryan, &o, mnd some of tite mecemetct pence at it P ItUS, with the oppentdixei ed tw tla snd iJ of"R49pet Olseol Lihbra Tlee Rtpeitaoo of HUMIPREY CI.I4KER, by Smollette, & ti with a menoir of the Actos, by' Tleoe at lteescKnq, oeoealitjon, with illstraneiasaby Ge THE ýIP5Y; a Tale,by the aseltac of "Ricbnliee Mary of1.rgsdy,"e Jta., tow elitoe, '2 eels conepict PAUL I FIFrORD by the author of "Phsllm. Tian fi'e , ii," &c, h tiee reobin I V eltbe new eul of"CE arts Conpdete Vanke. Jeep rselvoed aa4 sale * Wi SkKRAN B !i -1en' Ire., te+ee-ti'.ts'e'ee teItn l~esI e'eeu*e eyj