Newspaper of True American, July 3, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 3, 1838 Page 2
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fltUR A lOAN. grearpe bkt Te d0825M Ei 6 `T1S!DAY.............. JULY 3. IsS. : gwarsl!!-.Let the, Whig hbe constontly on ZeSt ;esd, for the Pricer and Slidell party are il sl tricks. They have printed tickets of all tIers, They havC tickets with the nmen of T. ,ib4#ese instead of our candidate'S name A. B. MI, for the purpose of deceiving our friends. eour tickets oarofnlly, and sue that the name rI emSe is correct., COMMERCIAL. Latseri Datn. R ........... a I Wioaicto. Junoe ........ . ...........5 ieiaoua, ne .... 1 - e...........2.5 tnLouivlle, 21 " . lo ... 2 ........ 6 St. touis.......o . ......2 do . .... .. verpool, June Is........ ta.) do ....! Pari May ......... 31 a. ..... . .... 3 tI.ndos. ia ...... S ri......... . n Hvre Ma........... 31 o .ly bo POTS k AY V ..Perihip tavre..cargo: 1314tbalms cotton, 40 do mares .aoses adse. , Petr shp Rohmtrssr..enrgn: 705 hhda tobaeco. t . rlg Maeeaet..carOt: 8lSbales eottoou. OA.Peto brig L.ra..cargo: 101 hal and 330 boxes S p rper. SSOhILE.. Par schr Wm Willatl...o .gh 10o0 saCks salt. ECEIPTS PRODBCh. eCslmith..Porstoeauer mIeoern..eargo: 40 balts cotton, s.h te .. C.e • a LLnts..Pr sotaner, Madison..9-27 pigs lead J Major; 4e0daC Dosanet; A It Waltse; 14Udo Parka 40Oter; S1"4o WT nLlorsnser 3lt8do, 52 bods latd, Is bla orr 478 bap caat 4 hds toacco einces a d g15 do J ii Btaa s- i ,ntc 7do C A Jacobs; 1 dol* W Dwyer; 3doW - J Juugmeyit * baeo or am Ibe.rd &, §orgnr-eyt 190 bb pryo W h g e aawhormrt o Plea n edeoBMadsr, MTKeolna .~ rht; ~ I doit' Amour, Wallk "o* Sdo Lokha;t1 area 7o;S4doM White & e o W B M bd; 41 do oa, sther &re; t do Wood & n Li foron d caouner &t rdlny;t 155 coils t'p4~if mt:Ih ,balo and 3 hhdt tobaco, 2t0 hble w ihpyk!le il k eS A Merle & to; O0 Abls brandO hseo s t . twu..t haelaeqti I boa J A Barrenli. 41 PASSENGERS. S .".«.e. Pe hser Msdison.. Marre J W Nelson, Capt ea Fraser, 0aI l,Butler, Rogers, at Quik, ttcaoden, Mo'MORANDA. o York, b Jne.--Arr. brig Charles, Henld, from N O. aliatot ri.01s Juos-Arr. brig Monoegau, ltuckpolefrom 0. €t nW Orlenns Money Market, Coegcdd dally y Robinsot & Co., Exchange Brokers, * / No. 45, Cuotp-street. S oe n oeolsod..............2l to 13 pcrc. prcom IC. do Paris............. 5 to 05 fruca. de Now York, ategeht.... 6 to 7 peroet. S do 60i dayr.... 5 to 5 S Phbiladelphia, sight... 5 to 6 " l ........................... 5 to It. i. Trunry notes .............. 6 to 7? -Iastalsle and Cinoinnato.......... 3 to 4 Itsteppi money.-riv Boahk....20 to 05 ' die. esdon and the New Batiks ......30 to 40 d kt...k................. to 7 " do t Ahlabms Banks....... ......... 10 II do Texs Trenusotur otsa........0... 45 to il *' do AskaBs .................... .. ..15 to 20 do S PORT OF NEW ORLEANS. SCLEARANCES. . hip Havre, MtKowen, Hare. L H Gals BlpRtoheater, Owon, Coawes nd n nmrket, A Loaeear btglagaaest, Somith, Triese, l. H Gale urg Lau. Niola. Gienoa. J W Zo7harie h & c Seh 'ea Walltes, tcSlitchell, lobile, lat., AIIIVAtL. B t' .mor Renown, Tempieton, from Fort Smith. -- - 8tmerMadisoo, Scott, from it Louis. lP NOTICE-The sphlendid passenger steamboat AMBASSAI)OR, J. J. James, master, iH positively leave for Louisville, Ihl .nmoling, at 11 o'clock pre .el.ely. Passegers are requested to Ie on Loard, at that hour. LAWREINCE & LEGENDRE, jy3 _ 3 & 2 9 New Levee. jT1 SR .UTION OF PA" TNi RIHIIV.-Te firm .f of Hill & Du Bois, or I)u oois & Co., Livery Stable, No. 6i St. Charles street, kuono by tih name of Tat'eresll's, have ieen this day dissolved, by mutual onsennt. The Stable will in future be condutoe.d by O. Du L.ois, who has the settling of the business. t). DU BOIS, jy 3 WM. HIlIl., N 'IOTICE-- e coparttnership heretofore existing Sbetween the sulscribers, under the firml of W.V, & J..GRANT, has bhen disrolved by mutn, l consent. Wm. Grant is charged with the liquidation of the aftairs ofthe late firem, and will onatinue the tusiness on his own account. WM. GRANT, jy3-3t JOlHIN GRIANT, Jr. F IVE DOLLARS REWAJDt)-Loston Wednesday last, a very old METAL WVA'CHl, with a small gold guard ehain. Name on the ther, ' Drury-ton don." The watch is of no intrinsic value, although prized by tha owner. The above reward will be paid on delivery of the lost artiole et Iltiaoffice. LOURt--500 bbls in store, lor sale hy B ACON SIDES-40 casks superior Cinoinnati B cured, in store, for sale by 0 DORSEY, j 44 New Levee. D.84 H WESTERN BUTTER-41 kegs, recived 5, per steamer Madison, for sole by SLATER & TRIER, jy3 40 Poydras street. ,U Sl S--A few eaek isofpriorquality, D in tor~n and for als by LAWRENCE & LEGENDRE, jy3 28 & 29 New Levee. R TS-50 kegs, a superior article, in store, for salebo w ECE LAWRENCE & LEGENDIRE. jy7d 28 & 2J New Leveee. SEWSPAPER ESTABLISHMII IENT FOR SAIE. The undersigned offers for sale, (if aty thinglike a fair priee can be obtloied,) the esthlibshtcert of the MOBILE MERCANTILE-ADVERTISER. It en joys a good subscription ar d advertising lptronage in the city sand couneatry, and is altooetlher a desirable purohea for anyh )wrson who can devote his personal attention to it, which 1 eatnot. The terns will be made known en o).plieation to my gents at nMobile, orthe sabseriber at St. Loouis. S SOL SMIITI. Friendly publihlers will vlrnec eive tit above a Iew Insertions, and the Ihvor will be reciprocated. jy2 ij7oAL.E.-A Bank Check on l the Northern l ank ofKl(ntucky, Louisville, at ht doas dule, from June 21, for $414.. Apply tr HI. 1'. LEVYIT& CO., je3 10 Gravier Street. LEAF LARD-42l kebg leaf lard, landing from steamboat Gutl al Wnvy,,e, f: sale, by LAYETl' & A311.LUNG, jiy 17 Commerce street. itr ACON SIDES-- t hhds bacon sides, landieg from Ssteamioat GiEre W'ayoCn, .er s sole by LAYC'F & ..MELtNG, iy 17 Co.n,merec street. y' IeS l1lBEIR-T'wo btoil, ecoasisoing of ~ al,ut 1410 logs, lying at Cirrllhon. fir sale by 't R HIYDE & BROT'l'HER, jy2 oar Conmmon & Muaeazine streets. 1 superfine andl 151 do flt' flour; 10 blds common ant 46 bbls rectified whiskey; 7 lhls mess anrl 15 bils prime pork; 2 tbls prime beit; the cargo of a flat boat for sale iow, to cloe, ITv LAYET & AMELUNG, jytr 17 Conmmrce street. 7IHE undersigned formed a connexion, for the purpome fTtraonsacting Cinimicion Iusiness, in this city, uader tho firm of Adam & Wlhieahl. C AI)AtS,Jr. jy2 JO-. E WIIlI'ALL. - El9VAInT WANTI'DL-A g nerucl velnio sevunt, (colored) either Iley or girl, apply it iths lvice. jy2 OK-3 bhls e, 78 do M O, 43 do Prime, I do Shoulders,17 do Ne,k, 4 do tail pi:cest, 8 d3 buts of shoulders, awl 2i do Jules; it trho l ,iceelion; for niobe b G(I I)Ot EY, je3 2 44 New Levee. WHVOLESAI0.: TIN MANUI*ACTORIY. SAMUEL LOCKE & CO,220ld levee street,hav in store a large and well assorted sato k of Tit wore, comprising every article usually made, anl o tbheir own anmtfieature; wbich they oaler on acmcommo dating terms. IDealers i the ailrticle would do well t xe mine their stock. ap 17 H AVAN~A COLbb Le.-: hat a sit, ii storeo, foe l eby SLATER & T'RIaER, sm 40 PFydrais atrec r3 and for ealeby T R III DE & It10), jel4 col Cioat;icO aod Mlagazitne st. -LEA t 00kegs'best Iuality, ii stare, fu mle by UIltLSEY, jel4 44 New Ievee. X TMILY Hi 1t uu i brgs alsoo caovllsse Sdo, iný bbl and hhbds. express!y for tamily use tlandes and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, jelL 17 t('mmaere treeit. 1 CIIN ATI IIACON-67 hads 1talls, Shoul dps sad SideSl, of eaperior quality, laoding froe sta mer Chancellor, for sA b CO. s e IAAC BRtIDGE . CO. J4 131 istgazile sareet. L E l.AiD.-l.W,, kegiu smti , fior idle by I L G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. L6T-A Honer on Canal itreet, hetweer SMarie and ''remL S.taeets, suitable fir u large . Apply to DOLE & MAY, 3 Carondelet street. YhA S.-74 bblts cavasetdFamily . -l-a-s ,tf speror qadll tl.dia. lrws. staimbOat S tdl5b ls b houlders, "Ic dLs NG, WHIG TICKET. For Governor, A. B. ROMAN. For Congress, EDWARD D. WHITE. For State Senator, D. F. BURTHE. For Legislature, W. C. C. CLAIBORNE, C. M. CONRAD, A. W. PICHOT, W. DEBUYS, H. LOCKETT, L. U. GAIENNIE, G. K. ROGERS. CENTRAL WHIG COMIMITTEE. 0 The fallowing named ctizrns have been ap- l pointed to attend at the respective polls during the days of the election: FIRST MUaNICIPAITY. Randall lHunt, C. Bnrdousque, , Edward Rawle, Felix D'Armas, re Wm. Debuys, F. Furst, J. W. Zacharic, Ed. Trinou, a A. Mazarena, Coulrn Jarmnville, r IThos. Curry, A. Fernandez, F. B. Conrad. SEc.ONa M.i U.ICI'aruITY. L. L. Ferrier, A. EBgarett, at Wm. Frcrt, H. Renshaw, y J. P. Freret, A. Vienne, at J. W.Smith, R. I. S'kee, J. Gibson, John Brandt, P. Landrena, M. Rohatnille, i C. Bullitt, L. A. Nadnud, ry J. I. Caldwell, I. tivoit, 1 J. A. A t.meln:. 0. Tutur.t l.r.rrr.a.t ,T. B. Beaureanrd, J. Kdsaim, Jr. F. L. Morrie, 1 . Virnne, Tg W.V. Turner, A.ltri Pie'rnars, t. W in. Salzi an, l'e r .i I, ira Francois Vari n, oseen.i.tdxhnayder. li Carlos Moro, A. .iefiM, Louis LoBllan, B. N'tre, John Culbrlsron. WHIGS ATTENTION!!! The Whi voters will mreet at the Polls at an early hour this morrnin g. The Whig Committee appointed by the morting last night to attend the Polls, will meet at Whig Head Quarters, this morning, at 9 o'elock.-Lou isiana Hlose Company. VourEs.--In the First Municipality, 481 votes were taken, a majority Whig. Slidell, we under stand, was dropped likea hat potato. In the Second Municipality, owing to the put. Pe. posely slow made of the judges in receiving the votes, hbut 51 were polled, but they were pretty much all Whies. en. The Democratic Judge Buchnnan, knowing that .E. nearly all the votes ahove Canal street where ike Whigs, thought the heat way to defeat us was to an- work against time. But well try them to-day! in - b Our most respectable citizens, our oldest resi dents and richest men, were yesterday challenged, my and that too hy a man who never had prudence enough to save a cent, and has voted on a pedlar's ow license. nk NOTICE. at Those persons who have signed the application for Unired States Land, and who have not received t their Cerrificat s, will please call at the Whiz an Central Committee Room, Merchants' Exchange, Exchange Place, front 3d story, and aotain the et. same. om D'f Whies! be prompt in your attendance at et. the polls this morning, and take your tax receipts of with you. Give the pettifiggers no opportunity of depriving you of your votes; for be assured no its. tricks will le left untried to disfranchise you if ide , o i possible. oat PUBLIC MEETING LAST NIGHT. Public indignation was raised to such a pitch of net, excritement yesterday, by the iriquitrtse course of tie conduct pursued at the polls durion the day, that a meeting took place spontaneously, at Bank's Arcade, which was more numerously attended than any public assemblage known in our city for r. years. SUB-TREASURY BILL LOST. It The glorious news of the loss of the Sub.Tras sury Bill reached us yesterday morning. Trhe e. Pittsburgh Intelligences of the 26th June aseerte that lthey have it from a source that can be relied Tr on, that tihe vote was taken on tIhe sub-treasury d of bill on the night of the 25th June, when the nurn ho- bers eond,-yaas II l--nays 125, mrajority against the humbug 14. sale fr-' The sub-treasury at:hel e has been dlefeat tree ed in Congress, by tie ra vvio: p.'rra rierrf the ttng, people! Cit;zenr ! will you end Shr ll to hrelp 6t. the "party" to revive it againrt Vi il )u be ac for csseories to a long contilnualc of the depressio: e. under which trade is lanl rli.r hinia? Jse' The I'rt.ur pus sti cr~u . they had a vast majority )eteO.rd.y! Notillng can be mote et. false,although their as:,al duily Irlger t is abh ut l- on a par with it. I. th- l. a i..!,rm iuon we are From led to believe that Ith. Ft'st and Third unicipah ties made about an r e on vot,., wule there was a 't. decided Whig ttajtnte in the Second, notwith standing the bullyarg, ianeldling elflrts of lawyer . Grymes, and the undignfried pruccecmngs ofJudge eep Buclhanan. erRe _ Citizensof Loaiatanas if you do not wish to see set ervants usurping the places of their masters: ns yourndomestic circle demoraihzed by tile influence of bad examples in high places, and those social institutions which you have ever held most sacred, laughed at and derided, beware how you help, :cirhur by active nu.istanue or by want ol energetic opposiinon, to raise those to power and distinction di1 whose course of conduct, and habits of thinking, se would desecrate all those feelings which you hold in highest respect.-Bewarei Vote for Roman and mi White, and carefully avoid every taint of aboli. tionism, or amalgamation. THE ELECTION. Pr The polling commenced in the Second Munici- wt polity at 10o',lock yesterday, and, continued n- all der circumstances of so nefarious and disgraceful on a nature as roused the just indignation of the citi zens. Every petty contrivance,-every paltry sub- ) terfuge,--every vextlious, irritating and unaceus tonmed inlpedulent was tllrwn in the way, to ex hust ias much timet ad deposit as few votes as ci possible. The most .hsarfaced and outrageolc im- a pesiions were practised and connived at by all G parties conceraned. Does Judge Boohanan know so little of our citizens that be requires a full half m hotur to be assured that tshe iMesss. Freret have the rithst of votila,! \vhen a vote can be takent from a dI:oscrast's hand whose person is three rows b[lck oi thle Iront, and deposited wistourl three , can aoy but the worst of Ilostivsnl cause a jtdge to waste lrolm I5 to 30 minutesr, with each of such men as Judge Uulllard, Mr. T. E L:0III,, lIr. irasnd, Mr. J. 'Freret, andt such well A knownit and loItsn s ailished citizens? We Lave a tIo Iesitation in Isster!ig that oafectetl scrutiny re and such possitoe delay were quite unnecessary for justice, and were evidently intended to vex and pt an thwart the honest voters detained id the crushs for t many hours unheeded, and then brow beaten iand d subjected to every personal indignity, by a art if w g persons permitted by the Judges to interfere with >u- out any right, and for the sole, palpable purpose bi of depriving freemen of their just right. What, but the known fact that the Second Municipality th ter votes where principally Whigs, caused such delay th er- that only one half of the votes were with difficulty el got in the Second Municipality that were quietly th ur. taken in the First? The whole amount of votes the taken in Lafayette Square was 251, while in the tty First 31unicipality there were polled about 550, L and in the Third within a fraction of the amount tat thrown in the Second,-and yet there were fully E ere nine hundred voters there ready to give their bal-i to lots. We lenrn that Judge Buchanan is relation of G John Slhdell: is this another of that worthy's tricks, and does Judge Buchanan lead himself to S t- such an outrageous course? ed, oe ('Will Judge Buchanan condescend to inform J ar's the citizens why he suffered Mr. John R. Grymes so grossly to insult, brow beat, and lord it over the voters ts they presented their ballots yester- 1 on dlay? It is known to the citizens generally, and C ced it has been proclaimed bhy Mr. Grymes himself, hig that ihe has some six or seven thousand dollars at ge, issu on this election, and it is no doubt a very de the sirable thing to him to teprive one half of our ci- ii tizens of their franchise,--but does this man dare b to think no lightly of his countrymen as to csuol at psen they will suffer him thus to snwindle them out i ipts of their most valuable right, in order that he may lity pocket more ill gotten wealth? Let Mr. Grymesa no beware! the indignation of our citizens has been I i athoroughly aroused, and they will not suffer him t to trample on their rights and liberties again this day. What. right had Mr. Grymes to be in our Sof mnunseipal halt, and what right had the judges to r eof sufftr his interference? His impertinent dicta hot lion was equally an insult to the citizens at large rk's and to the judges in their office. But let Mr. dld Grymes be cautious how he meddles thus again r for ias secolnd interference will meet a rebuke will disconcert een his effrontery. Ma. BaUKEnUVs.--Some person, with the rea' tea- or assumed signature of L. A. Bayon, pretends to 'he deny our assertion, that Mr. Breedlove threatened rts t tt sr ouIt of oficee any one of the persons em rlied pl,)ed int the Customl House, if they presumed to sury vote ie the lig ticket. 'e again assert fearlessly uoils- tt ovur chtrge iv trite. Wte asseret moreover that inst ;r. lrecdlove himself aekunowledged yesterday thii treth of the st'telnunt And who is this Mr. fesa- iton who has the impnetinence to thrust himself b.t ,otteenr Mlr. Breedlove and public indignation? el I, e o!te. of the officers of the establishment? Ills n des not appear on the list,-and if ets lie not, show has hIe the assurance to deny a positive is, ;lacl, ad of which too he knows nothing. ail i.. S h.i!el:'s slaunters Ioave not availed him, nor note ci:n they. Not dturitlg himself to advocate a hut I National IlBunk, from the party shackles in which Sare ' he is hound; lie tries to villify those whose true iahi- patriotism enables them to expose the bugbear as a whici looes focoiatl has set up to frighten men i olh- with. Mr. Shidell charges the Iriends of a Ntional. )' er Bank with being abolitionists. But see how the edge case stands. Hlenry Clay is the warm advocate of a sound and well regulated National Bank, and see Martin Van Buren is its decided enemy as far as ers: his tismid nature and non-eommital politics will taee sutflr him to avow it. How stands the charge of caitl abltditnist between the two! Clay has brought red, in the strongest resolutions ea.r presented to Con elP, gress against the claims of the abolitionists, and etie has used all the power of his great eloquence to liut them dooWn. Even his harahest opponents the, have been compelled to do justice to his princi- at a ples, for it is but a few weeks since the Bee, the Briti staunch advocate of Mr. Slidell, and the unceasing ther and noisy echo of all.his opinions, acknowledges and that the charge of abolittonism could not be made colt against Mr. Clay. While the Emtancipator, the Am loading aslolition print of the north. advocates Mr. not Van Buren warmly, andti clls on all its friends to aga support him as their assured friend, from the fact frei that he strongly advocated .Negro suffrage," in 300 the New York convention!! Thus then are the yea real abolitionists to be found among the foes of a sil National Bank, with Martin Van Buren at the head bhe of both, and if the citizens of Louisiana do not do the their duty, and prevent Mr. Slidell from being sneaked into Congress, they will find themselves, through their mis-representative, opposing a the National Bank, and upholding abolition, ha Ten EL.cTIto-The polls it tihe First and Third Municipalities, we understand, were conducted leo with the greatest decorum and fairness. In the th Second we, and hundreds can testify, it was quite - the reverse. Judge A. Buchanan, in our opinion, [ and in the opinion of the people pretty generally of the Second Municipality, forfeited all title to respect or eonsideration. His conduct wasee marked r with the most scandalous and barefaced partiality. 21 He not only allowed the Judge's stand to be filled by a parcel of felloas who belong no wheres, but he a lowed Lawyer Grymes, who does not reside in the Municipality, to keep himself in front of the Judges, to question impertinently and brow beat j voters; men, born on ;le soil, owners of Inrge pro perties, honoraelle and respectable men; who never demeaned themselves so low as to vote on a Pedlar's licence. . -The Cuurier, with it usual veracity, pro. claims tile report of the loss of the sub.treasury bill by a majorily,--a glorious majority of 14,-a Whig falsehood! The denial of such a menda- d cious set as the gtvernment press, from end to end, can have little effect with reflecting people. But this denial of the Courier, like three fourths n of its assertions, proves utterly false. TIhe slips direct from Washianton of the f5ttt eo firm the glornous new, that gives anllt ilt r ki,,k t,, I. le. rate the aleady riapid dteowtnwrd .n:trees of the present ntoalUadmtlnstration. The Courier sapiently assures us that the peo. pie intend to make Dents Prieur governor: atd that there can be no doubt of it sittce they have it from "'a gentlemant" who knows the fact. Pro. in digious! a. A .ontmton rn. ses titt tRl.m.n nndl Vietor A contenporary s.ys that Roman and Victory . will be wide as the peles asunder. Hle makes i 11t mistake: they will be seen at the polls togelher. t th LIES OF THE PARTY.-.The Courier states that Prieur had a majority of 500 yesterday. As there Ipt were only 1070 \otes polled, the veracious Courier ae allows the whigs 285. You had your spectacles en wrong side upwards Mr. Courier. .Meeting of the WIieigs of the Second llunirelpality. About 8o'clock yesterday evening, the Mleeting weeas called to order by appointing S. J. Peters, es*l 1 chairman, Messrs. W. L. Hldge, Jas. P. Freret I and Tlhomas lBanks, vice-presidents, and L. P. aliennie, secretary. The chairman explained in a brief and exphcit wanner the obejects of thie tnIltilg. Mr. Currnd on bI.ins call ,d on spoke at lenith o.4 the businests of rlte ,iteeine . Mr. Iliieu!so eddressedt tite asemtblale, when 'dr. II lPeyton was Called and addressed thel MLe iting at ile :th. IMr. I!t tall lhunt thet tl s loe, aitl teW ie d ore oltel ittc l, oi draught resu!utton', wib n el ,u th n,O (he te,,bwire ge nlme. n' erete ;o- nt. : n st. 1 E. Yorke, ndll i l ti t, l 31. l i itaiO:l W. 1 Fr, ee, i A. K. Vni Rtet, er, ue i . IL. Avry. After a shlrt l ree, s t he Coi lnllliltct,. br t h io eported iha f o llowing reso!mti otls Ist. Resolved, thatt the ceture pursaed at the polls el this monicipt lity this day, by vlhich a great nutmber of our tellow citizens have been dentedl the inestimoable rieht of sull'rase, meets with thle uquatlhfibed condetnation of this meet- t 2d. RIesolved, That a Conttittee be eappointed hy the President of this meeting to attend at the polls of the Second Munieipality to-morrow eand the ensuing day, and see that no obstacles are thrown ip the way of the free exercise of the electtve franchise, and to adopt such measures as they may think proper and advioeable to remove any such obstacles as may exist. POLL COMMITTEE. L L Ferrieru, R B Sykes, I Gibson, M1 Turner, J P Freret, L R Garnier, E F Garnier, Wat A Chamc plin, M Robitaille, J KIettles, Geo DUane, Capt Dakin, SJohnston, D ladden, Seml Newdigate, John Hoey, Wm C Newdigate, F Wilkinson, J N Cardoss, J C Parker, Capt Janles Forsyth II Lawrence, N Duperu, John S Jones, Isaac ogart, C C Williams, J A Biard, Alfred Vienne, Capt Iltozey, John Freret. J l Hawlthorn. [cotMet.vICATnE] Mr. Gibson--Will you have the totodnses to inform me if thl Judes oe f otr etler t,.C 0 art sw. rn before they enter on tlet dullose of their oelt'e ? It they are, what is the oiffenct e or crimel :olUelilred by the Judge, who throws unnecessary ,.litat lee in the way of the t., and independent xtrrere that inestmtable ernvileg"e ot fr-e. t n. the rigeht is'

sFiffrage? And enn it e,. pssible l. '. ep.e,liise erinte of the, bench is laid lslre, t iti 0', r il ti, inueutten t has descetllded ,t t .e uit atlt, r - trickery of the party politician? ARI'T'lIDEs. FIRE;! FIRE!! FIRE!!! FIREMEN TO TeIE PoeLs.--Your old f.iends la- rigny, Augustin, and Montugut are in the filhl. Th'llee ar- the same men when near the clts,- t, the Legtslature, in 1830, defeated the lh!l lor'l' exemption of Firemen after serving six cuar. , Irneml IMilitary and Jury duty, and who in th~ir several official situations have never failed to showe Itetr most bitter hostility to the whole Fire departmentrl of New Orleans; and who, if elected to the Legta. stoure, to which they have the impudence to ae pire, will use all their infllence to deprive you of the privileges whlich you now enjoy. The bells ring at 10 o'clock, A. M.--Be sure to be on thle ground. A FIREMAN. MELANCHOLY Loss.-Three young and beautiful girls, daughters of Mr. Cozzone, of the American Intel, Noew York, were swept away by the tide while bathing in'the HIudson, near West Point, and all drowned, on the 23d June. Cotton at New York on the 23d, was a shade f better. I Put.stt.-A part of the main hull, eand the hur ricane deck of this unfortunate boat, drifted a shore at Smithville, S. C , on the 25th ula. STEAh BOILEs.--An net to test by examinatieon r the strength ~tf steamn boilers, passed Cngressnia the 231. Of its provisions Ie hae no infLtirn lion. The dinner which will take place at Arm strong's Washington Hotel, at the Lake, to-ator row, will be a splendid affair. Every preparation has been made, every luxury has been procured to give effect to the occasion. The price of the tick. et is only five dollars, which nott only insures a sumptuous dinner, but a coploue supply of wine. Frmn the low price many thought the ticket was for dinner only, hbut we can assure them the liberal caterer adds to his good feed plenty of good wine to wash down his capons in a bumper. SImportant to trade.-By an order published by tile (British) President of the -ouncil of Judiet on h29thl Dec.1 137, all vessels belonging to natioos it amity with Britain may freely enter all the British ports in India, tarrying there the yoto-ls of their own eonltry, whether comttl direct or net' end ntakp away cargon either to their ct n or other tountries. In oteer word-, the oreor ,,rmits American vessels thle oe irt cnrry, Ir;l not cenatwire,--wth thie c s aeainst bringing away naval sttrt, c. Thti freight of Cotton from Colahintt is $4 per bale of 3001bs.,but more closely packed than ortt. Lett year the rate was $6. This is a valuoable aeqoi aition t te American trade, ns our veetels were heretolore only allowed to carry :" r; di hcct to the United States. ( "-There appears little doubt trhat r:omr: natrion of James K. Paulding to be Seer, :ar of the Navy, in place of Mahlon Diekerson, resigned, has been confirmed by the Senate. (ey Edwin Forrest, the traedialn, has been sa lected by the democrats of New York to deliver the fourth of July oration. R ECTIFIF.D WHIISKEY-)0 bbls reclirred whiskey landing from n teamhont Hemnn, foo sale by LAYET & AMELIJUNG jet29 17 Corntertre street. SOb-K-- it Mees, 250 do Priltle, I-i half bblae If Soft Merss, 75 tlittl Shoulders, 25 bills ltoutp, 21) hbls M O Pori, itn sttrt, fitr ale by 1,AYETr & AIIEIUNfOG, je9 17 (tommtrce street. AVANAC OFFEEI3SiI bhgs Ilaniott Cottre, L just ltded, and for sale by JOSEI'HCC3DKAYNE, jo9 2.'5 Grayvir street. I.OUt-5lRtl bbls Stleli, in tri for ole by G )tORSIEY, je29 44 New leven. IACON SIIl)E--60 cass., superior incannatii l Cured, for sale b) G DOISEY, je29S 44 New lovee. Oj K-MesM a I O, Prime lorite, fr i e sey P G DOR.Et, je0 44 New Levere. 'I'uE. AMERICAN, a Colored Buy, who can read and write a little. Onll accliumted, who can re ntain porlntletttll, oltl t'ud be trefittrred. T. IS hlIll --Cotunc itnto tile stablos of tile Rub scriber to FEriday evening lto, one llonge Bay MnIe about 13 hands high, aud a nlelll I.ilet Boy a Mule rabout I l hands hirih; botl timnles. If they are not claimed witlhin ten dalys firoum the dte Iereof, the s*aid mules will be suld by P. A. f;uillnte, auctioneer, Sneordint to law, otlonaturday, the 7th July text; at the uuolI tittleand ptlee. IJNt. . IIOLLANt), je1t.:ttlw-until7 t or Circus .t Certr!on ats. SVettlterlit anttgetll ttll d ltt bttyt dt 1oo mains de hunt, et an petit litlitbayo clair, Ilurt te 11 mains, Si il- no sent It, r.cle a te d'ici i dix jour.', its serenm Ve ldu i p tt ' , t t I;llll lt e, tn ullrtto r, ce lllni, lllt e t t d laloi, eotli 7 Juillet proclaiti, u tentps at lit uordi nairc. JOHN i. HOLL,,AN,, ,6 l juin onell ignre dos ruts Cirti a tli r oll-toIt U ,ti 'A',T" (I 1 ,Olild' l N1t - l'arish ottlL rt fil- the Plarish awu l fit l of Nel, w I H u.l! Prlnselnt, the, hon 'rable )uhirles surain, Juttge. 1' ll.'TON, J )ULLM.IeEo T vs. his l reditrr, and I, thet cr'edtitors of ullent an, Powers.-N . It)1,75.-n-t molion o t '. -td ynl, esa p. of counse- ill' thisiColul ,t i order'ed that a tInet ili, ,:t'the (Credi totrs of said l tdlv a l o tale lleditors of li ulllle mtent & IPowers, ha held belmr' J. It. fillks. llutary public, oll Stlllday, te11 30th day i Jonet, I,;:38. ito appoint a as ,di, ao d accept -t ltde " he - oulveull's proplerly. LExtriact. frotll h i ull lt lmes, Cirl.':\ ()frli, e, New 11"'o 'Ir ' :; 1, t! ll l. p IO rh h , . ut l e .~ ITAT Dil LA it011 s - 'llltot itooott tit(tt ,L p IILTON ; IULILht h t' T <n e s,. eria u ic:s et 11,765. ;l-no motion dA t ttti I t it t I : . - it l hla s, en fl it sIItv oirt at co lry € I I l it - ;:"I :'t'olle di Ilol, ljllot n tlo l I; I li,' it l's' .ill t li t',, t' _ _l _' il itI t dTrI,l 'ti n n lt'tItI o ta;i- Gllb-lt, ,ht cr'al tlir lHdl n insotvathle et des to'("tciers n oit" l nc,, t niwer, jitnt hlo p re-tvant J li Nlss t, .n, ' It Cl , ' s 'a 3 11 in lsdst,, p tll"n' u InIn . I an", nhl . I e, et lit', 't Io ilt'lr c '.l liEWa I .ii ir.l'A rioll st & e I ., v t!t. c n:xtat it',lo r.miilat, hllli:t i.,tir;i Iitiltll oi ltI Ot ut altti tt I I . ;, r.,,.i l lt nl ttl n tI o aoaoht. a I'. mII t T . v4 his ('r di, Ir-.--•T'1, J --_on <,f +,1. i l t I t le tLI i n1 i 1 1i I Al Il sl n o Idi I Sc . t u if N 1oi.ns ,'il It at l i t,: t i t 't t II t 1t. 'avte t is.ll oa I,'l dittl oo nO -nliden o -t it I hcen on t he apn.: it ls itoe.,i, ill e i s a, +oi i l p etoc, o lillS, or h ioro heor . r , , ii ,,iaiv , ii'i ' i Aia, lica titu l turit i in o; i 0 'ot IA ::I._ll: ift t c u o v tat , ~n l' r. iot " a i, 7 , t-o. tilitn i Ill+"d y h ttt I i i tl r Col il ! 1 . Ir'or oild, t l" t),d+ ,, ,o i i f-r . it t , '. a In . c , I , Ep'.T I)F: L.A l.0i'i" t ,!. S prfr m ier ;o.d-tlie i , P Tls'. Ine1 iT r s '.'. - r..1 - , 1: i b ,,u .I ll l c nt'co A'qu ln t t : it . . grl pe dlI . I ]I 1i:tll : sn intil,' il:+' tlh , I' ill ',ii.' :'. i, -ehiuch ltn, h tII hem'es ,ln I.n tin, alin d: d:clul ni,.", alir ]r ,s atsll;lrea de l'lP hll oh abl, ' , n itn au a lo, nllos to I.ot S Pitesi ll tr tait elor :it propit i mat t i at ita olo il d o t su i tit c tl e it n it t l i t irtltt i aT nlin, b lidor A A, ounrau, tua dt a d iti otr i t A the capital stck, whictl will Ira tytl th o th a tooltloldersa, er heir tiiogal irore.entaive t, Oitll d after C lnldat thoitot day i lot iuy. T hio a it'tntt r Iook wil i te tltstd ,il t that iate. tiv ortoor, l W Oi RLe ANSton I t VII int 1, llol n il u,ii SL Aeppicationl hc lll',, lt esl Ilmadn Lo tie 4 roJlt , ctlenlell w i ih o wis ke 1 ,li ll i sl. e I iON w if t e ca ud not lave the iot rl i l ti e r EOir pO u tdat i l N ih blic is i 1t.; c,1d, Ihl to llllF ti,/e with a tramll ( if ll l s rt t11 n11 -11 th e fi ot of Canal r tl eet, oo t tlldndti 1t JIli-, i 4,I and 8 o"t-ot I. A e , o nl ott a, t ll liit ii ,lit 'cl, n l., ti t it. i Ctl ll il fronin llAth at 5171ata ln 11 1i o l . ,an at i ldO' It s lote nLO .. . ill t 1. .s supp;ll u t e... ri;v . .ih ickets, at l uh ontttie, ca itr o Itiandto I ein I oIlel I je26-5t .AMES II. CAIIIW +IIt PrewitLni. a lar ge asoolatteont, rectived o y ottao iTa di rect font, the ituitta , ito es in Si le.ii r ion.n l ii nheetin , shirtli , eto illoto , creii s, i i l ' a tile; ati 0 . twhal a'to e W lant ed to b.t f l a but. e lien. i5 loll, Polish Lineolleon b n l it o 'ro and aaia lta lll , n. di nll:t I to .tm iiloo, m.i a llue ipt i . : ,in-a f a ,rn. '(o rein o . r tor 27-Iby N ll 11o iITIiS tEIN, J- i.1- N ST ndicvl s're '. for or virkue ln an itoictfoitto -. ·· t to copy ' t 'a d e.tiselnti' tfr Il i s ,lar-tl-d is end 75 r bl: acu - o tbordin i o the trueAlu'e i n h,t'.er. o ual t g e dr Ia othn er. lil -, I 6 . uI'ttitlo i y,2d .io t l v, r le na Ii ctntninl in t-i Hlt r, Il a ,, IN t ('u sc t i ty . tl l. nra! s nt lt i t Jltou a L. Witr.y, 11 ito1 1 i . -ins Ctone29-C, l.3t - I AVt-I rAo FItILa-is i I tuga ,rtnCulte, p. Al aoo -rlolt, ftor laho o, io tio i'la ' bySLAJER I ITeRIlR, b jeI4 40 il'uydrist leet. SLA VERY. pI'll i,i u 'riTlS DAY. - SAnd for salle ,at tit t,"uvtiing funo of tit' 'rtle d seril Scal, .,.x hang:e Hotel, t t t hurhks smeet, SLAVE 3RY 3 S A S Im r ,;oli, e l ri d ia l'ae ['ithe t t 'oh grtrntiti rnl ('ih1 Iii Newr (rlea s, April 15, r;?1. .I3 li. 'herdl t GIBSOL LS, GUlIS AN'D DISCTOOIY 1i . .)l. the ii i f Louisin, and ll('ieis of New Or 1 lne anuld L:d'tlvelt,; for iale bv n- in'; · |" Ct 11 na t (-Id Co mon sl. t . ret N DDIRECTRla Y. to UBLI EtD this day, (ibson's fiide and l)iree p o tory of isew I rleulnsd all e D ] vll t ; fr &a ` y t)AVti 1-t'I' & (GO. en22 N Y Statimrerl+r tll,21 Clhartres st. - LOUISIANA of PURlNITURE WAA.'ROOIS, No. 53, rsenville street. NN Flint & arlmes,) would rncpimetful~v inlfim n IllS friends and the public that he is constatlly receiving from Noiw York anid Boston a ood assortment of Fur- e nitur, sauch as mahogany chairsr, soiifs, bedrteads, la rer ple.alnd painted chairs, triple eed eherry bedsteads, mabogan and cherry tables of all descriptionf, bu reaus, toilots, sectetrys, writiag desks, wardrobes of Smatogany and cherry, wash stinds, looking glasses, feathieris, beddinlg, &c: &e. cy NB. Furaituroe paked for transportation with great tt. ORLEAIS LITHOGRAPHIC OITPICE, 18 No. 53 M1aunzine street, opposite Batiks' Arcade, Ip, . .TAIBISED Ifir the execution of maps, plans j and drawinlle, lelrchinitas' cheinlars, business and address cards ofl ever description, funeral circulars on Ie. eel mourningr paper, apothecary iiid ltdruggists'labels; ibttk checks, drae receipts, &ie. rinted ald oxecutt d in acheraI itd explditious style, br the proprietor. W!_I.I\1 O;tEENE. NB. Tank Notes aeatly executed. tm24 by PO-T"R AIT PAINTING. 7Tp I. AI-tiFIt reectltlll} iore.rtil tlhttlie that err. Iý lot will remaln i s ttlintte ii iNew Orleanus for the purpose of painting prtrliits. rti Roomrs corner of Canal tilld t CIIItrles, in the hIotse oeaeptIed by Iareily &, Dentists, whre specimens c. o his paiBtiig canL be seeU. En:rance in.iSt Chlaries ENe Pssesion gives in n the t of next month, tits di the twio stry dw,,llihor IoLuse adjoining tbe can Be 1 new t cthodist c( rsehe on ortdros ntreet;doc Sr- ied at lpresent by iDr tilrogers. Also, 3 s.lldl tllr r lcnlts ron t iror d t treitr. few doers ob- fi omtaronno at. Apply to I)OYL,t & MAY, L jel4 3 Caronrlelet st. forty CAPTAIN CHtAMIEIL'S NEiW NOVEL. are ALSIN(;ItIA t,The Gamrnester. BIv Capt. Fre the ietric Chmrier, I. N. aulthor of Lift of a Sdilor, ieer, B o BralceSi &. in Jer ls. ; at hiary of tire Times of ieoirge tlrhe Fou rth, intersperned wiit o"igiiolhctters from the lnte (tleen Caroline, and tt. frorl vnalio s other dlb iti ishleldrl ptr-oCi , in 2 vols. SEthel Chuchil, olr the Two i:rithrs. By Miss Lotn win 'I 1 ", niiiricrri e li thle iroiiii lsaie, 'ri tni i CeC rrEA i, tin. 'I'ruts uId'l'rits ly ,ife, . Secomn et in Itso IC.anart.r's Irlsilgrileg to thIe Ioly ltund, new nrdi- lition, in 1 v. Eilis' iedircrl irmuularv, .51 editliri, witih additoee. tiihson's Suirier y, Ilerr ciiitint, , entlrarged oad irl. titeproved. Just reieilld ndrIlhnr eaic bIy VII ltle d EA N, ('o.r (:nln nsd Cool(. ll UOII(IIts. p-'Oi. 51.. ': t i;saae it . n. ataaeta., - 50 s hacks laeilthr atn, tIetTi Galf Lotton Sced,l it t p ti e 's N olrt h er lla g g algta , .7 L':,? ;lieca~i P~t:ottahl hIFfingF , • 564ics Kentucky l)nggit g , I 51S l oilt I'd[olae L ai {lt l 'tll ei n Twilne, i la u[lit lttllasT~hitnleaa( m l 2 Imh l i-h S l'aaaril Tw e tt. punv"il,,onl l.. of Hush Mills WhligkeV, / O 4r~l mlhts+! st ills X hil iuev, by \P3tit 1 Fll a 5 . t & 1 at lilt t 0 I f -t I& lt 11^,?, q ,Tt ', g a', e. ls ai ah tw , re b; the pn ka at lan u act its ir , ' n ab -rr .t stock cttstl of Iil laalaala on li i tan tnt J lta~tt~l, ' ttr r gaT't', n ''. ' i tl c' u EtnatI aitt n'tia.i'nl' ann eaitti .L, tat naitaitr a al ''i lt trit' I nh tiatl ta IP i' l R - nan at ; ti et'i' a tatin tAcnwit aigs *h r wtr 1.1 ttttle ltaF i ttt'a ttt'n'iz ; tttt tr foia ro 5e rae,'+- tem d -, tet.+w wa t tletiourrs I 111l n natl t ANI'r - it'~u (nining giid;clm t r e o1 ' , itnt in s . tat t ,is i ,,i , a [[' '' t t intl~Ž2atn tin latin, s oi n I tD a mtittb llnttt It a n t ti tn ata ti-h ite ala 'a' lit' Ier-' i in ttlitl lnntI titl a, i8 bSSES- piatn:kttn I ltt itiiram tt , n t t - -zs, 't , :t , , aI 1 t..d ti llr (; eat : em tatiit att isgaing -'aa eelrom , , Higl! un le, ,. i<: . "..t;n;ll rnci l white 'ack P : la - ) -, ', n . i'a1,, A aI T nnL ti A I' t IC : i'S-- i st , ,e t>ro wrmn fpar,J lttt6 ilaka tuin- ' aaa bgen k m,," n's Ilds si nIhg a ,s· h , I ,, I"ok, :: s;l ,, ,e, box. . Ib ct ~if~:i~ ll ,: I. x, .t~ ld, ll.i 't I +]tii:II ,' . · I)I · It(+, \ll' ll·,+' it'dso vrth nwy ta and Chl i stlasiin ' gui pock he ks ll sorts; sustaena i. derp , ml.usic- nI.xs , l .;, p \ cil s, ic ,; ri ( o,.L in thI1,+head; I: Real plsell , [,, ,,s', ot, o""" f-, '' anct hel supe' ] "I:,,:~ ,.,., ,, r ,, F'.uw) :,ltlicll '. l~i 't'hu l tk llnwh,+, .l sutc s blliard hidl s, pasteI( bC: CII lilllacin i o shYiirt, vest !? i t)., I. otl~ l,; alut : c, 1 l Ii: \ l L s d lt e ]0, :" i (a JI tl " t-ii n! na l s it.t', satu ., r n a linrean;I, itt n it ; ;" la, nr'i s ip.n' `r i,\ k t c hur, is ilUrl,, sd:r :,:= ,,1,,;~~;~;;;i, , ,;u c, t at i ..ll(,tSlll I I.tANar tE ., I t S -otc tatt;tti'A'Ujtl iatil:_'+-. tan. a:la i a lt",.i., ntttttit"nietto : soul!tA 'u"s back-it •i i LI.i~ld (s . rl~ltt i~tt r i', l'tll(/1II).Iill'., et lh',iht ll[ ,) +l'e \.:tt(' on i,,t q : d i ,'; I ,,les, t uhle ioie t ,i , Iba : ,ht ' li ttt l laa it ti:tllte it iln ,ln·taaatttldtila ttltll c . s o, dri "en l u el, ntia skt , t'lt ,It t latr :s' an t4,iAC, [ tll. tliE &rl Ctl s toh ,q s.odernud plt sp r lllel .£iT'm tt ilsa blts, etc. I I In aa dn by.,m , S r lh E, rh l ia i jj Uttn t Cll ,tail'. 'A-tcit in.Z 1a"gtitg tau n nails i (t z ilt i z uatte nail f ota a l n it' t e pri.c . , rcah or cita cpt~ nT-h I,, l CSm mes D'ANG. .i 6 4LIDNG 901!( L A1P111l'h- &et AMerCu ai rTiA t ltIIA a t ii dw tiUh'tl( or ('[lIf E- NI *Jiht': itnittara ltaitttat it titan' l mbttuldae il h din lllo anClln T'iani u, ni e nlll niro! m b ril. a q t~.; tita I ll--i' n liii- iv Itita, 'lhailn scri b .i?'t~t~tthmers-0 S boxes (_ 0 ar In l'.ttl il vtio No. 1e lMha - 4o -' r J oainllt'n; I el d rint hi- \le s' and eiAN tl a dI > -It s k-It a l a antr t lln s a lnns, l leada t -a Z [matan enth norslllby "1 III T & AMELUNGf! a; jt?· Ill l :Uck - i ala irrt : i , h uithor l i bleti t it l tata " nat t niit I tinbfatte e unltI. [ illn n h;rpls, Ii:t liu an AmIrcll at, vint avt Ibetintet tI- e 'q laitaaae nat l -'taaan ntt nh itniag nmbr , ' i . 2N -I mtt ittirl Ititani 'itit il an s tds, , rl'l ' cll itedl I pittbh'. tanittr r',tei.ia ,' ttldhtka'ltiiiah M: I l din. f i r ; <>.tl e,t li p . t .l i, r s U k ta- ACE Il t1ItEL& C . Ethi'i i'Eli~qehu1 I~iltl 10l0~ I Iii iis ew tel is an jeat [r1.1 i ls tgaeine ateset a 7 I ' r l ;aado Loaia, bt n itttidtt an ,ain tiara o" hlt? "PC i[ II)E & CO, . nee jeS9 13 Athgazin e treet Irw jeT11HD &BO i ait'a; At n a tt i t I ll' l tL 'd AeijtlY iu- tIt t LEVY & CII Žo10 ti ranier alrent. ls, 0il piecard I(eltuank tluangiag; lJ nile . o air . rt NTEW O1 ERINS & NASHVI LCE tit tIR.t1). Ii, [lv n d lettrata offlyV P1tttt Pine Wanod n wnaetal, :I. tlnliternita tIn ltnenlkatltaIhe tSt· CnaatIU tlattln: il n-i, i ad irl'idae. AIll, a fnt aet llrt all. lC r tr, n" s i ,'n h arl(ltn ac lltd a7wtl ai nen tat rattnitdanitt att'eitanday t ntananilo I1 ,, t)Al's ANI)GIIItY lA t .'.--RC ((·IL(audi.llg) |l+O 3ilt bi -1e·ll , g rC tomltl n A u l 'h adthr Csa nt a cy ni tte 1). HOARHE, Sje Chi.t .e aiIDa ina a d .i t herintdatt . -ln+~ i..L5[l Iti; at],,: l iatih . friit taeitiubttt4 SECOND MUNICIPAl ,' I;YTAS brought to the Police Prison of the Second MV nniipnlotnoh ri following named Slaves, viz: JOSIHUA, says be Ibelongs to lir. Garcia, aged about 30 ye.:rs. T30e owners of said fslaves am rrequested to prove tproprty, Io' charges, aud take lllc awany. "I" . IIRPER, ,'29 Capftain of the Night Watch. l IL a (n inmucueo In prison do In la econdeo Munici 'y a (liti", ..e' clnveSsmvautL: Uea tipre naturoe JOHiN, sA rlit appmrtenir . Mr Am hroire,, 6gh d'rnvireno 18 ans. JOSI iLA, se dittppartenir h Mr Garria, 3h6 d'en viron 30 ali. Lea propriOtalroe dea fli cr eelnvcs, sorot prie d pronver leurs tropriiter, payer lea foris t lees retirere IH S HARP'R, 30 juin Capitaine de Watch. W AS brought toh o the Pnd ft 2d Iunicipality ituaied in Bioruroe between Hevia and Girod streets, the following strty Horses: A Buy Colt, with white forehead and left hiodfoot white.. Tie owners of sold stray horses are requested to prove property, poy charges and take them away, on or before Saturday, tihe 3011th of J uu, 1838, or Ihoy will be sold on that day; at 12 o'clock, by P A Guillotte, ouctioneer, H. SH.ARPER, jel8 Captain of the Watch. IL A et emnet6 oau depot doe l SecondseMnicipalit" dans la n Bnarrunne enter Hevia et Giorod lee 61WV et suoventet. Un pouharn baye, ayant le front et le pied gauche de derriere blanoe. Leo proprietaires des dits animaunx soot pied de pro. ver lens proprieths, payer lCs pais et lea reliver d'ici l Saomedi 31 J uin, 838, on ii sresnt vendues le dit Juin & Midipar P. A. Guillotte, enranteur. H HARPER, je 19 Cnpiftin do Watch. W AS brought to the Police Prison of the Secomsd Municipality, situated in Baronne between IHev and Girod streets. the followingnamied Slaves: JOE WHITE, aoys ie relongs to Mrs. Conners aged about 33 years. The owners of said slaven will prove property, pay charges, and take them away. SH. S. HARPER, jl18 Captain of the Night Waebe TL L eti estmoen6 loe son d dIne onne dMauieI e cipalith, une Banrronne entor Hevin et Girods les SEnclaves sutvant ,t JOE WHIlE, se dit appartenir & Mrs. Connor, ag, d'environ 33 ana. Le proprietaires des ditt eclaves voudront li'en prever leers propriet6, payer lee pair et lo retirer. 11i S HARPER, jel Conuitnin de Watoli. OF EVERY DESCRIMTIONl SPEEDILY, IIANDSOIIELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE Tri.e samerican, STI'. CIIARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m223 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF .T -ew Orleans and Lafayette. AS published on Alandny, 2lt May, and for sale at the eounting mom of thepublisht¢, Exchange Hotel, St Charles street,-and st the Book-. store of Messrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and. Common streets. m23 1 iOIDIAl.S-Cordias of dificrent kinds, fur sale by, SJAIlVIS & ANDIREWS, je2l cor Common and Tchoupitoulas ats I M iRELLt & & PIlAR ASO I S-20ea casempris. I o ian asn0rmtmnt of allntn,t fancy silk, and ging hIBan ULlbrll e- end lal'tasola, for stale y ISAAC lRlllD(,E & CO. j"1 13I1 Macazme street. it'lE IBUTTEl-eI bl- ..-le atnll I bt.i astore and flr csale by ,LTE It & TRIIER, jl I 40 I'otrua stcreet. I ll', Til iT-lacasks 1Viniee Sptta oil, bleack ld.r sau by ISAAtC 1lRItlE & CO. jel l 131 Magnazine street. S' n1t ibe - is77 l W Vhi , lauding linom the ,ij ule LAk ET & AMEILUNG. i I,, - A 'I.A ' & A .EI tUNio. Slilil: l alnd irk sttc for sale by jui ) DOISIRY, 4. New Lever. I.1 TL I' I bi I ('AT IIONS. a . Mt r ;'.T '1a, llaiiiln 'eof v th iere Regency I, "", fart t.e lil l Il , ~ ith twevc illustratioig s., Jlt arrucivcd lanbr -nl. Itv 'I l1' lic.EAN, i IDrl ro~it n' tll, (1111 t e lal1 nes. IAWIi\LRNC & I.IGENDIY, jt,1 28 & 2.. New Lever.. Sll. ' ,I 1 5'1-.3 11 -lit o actto aced l- ta-rdojerl-ti Stm.des, a ta sorted sizes, noaw landing fa,t brig M rntac a, fbr sale Ily JOSEPII COJCAYNIL, d y 1 25 Graviet r street. NEW MUSIC. S o I s . . w go u saili lg-- lngt ao n the Mbattie Srow--llaik, thwe lost horn sounds--tl'hat trysting 't t-b-- ) tome, yolar dIoors e nbr-1Thi e dyingN Itfat- IThe lc y leatnlis over tile sea-Tthe Night-Here's to - I ae. Scottish lassie-Thel'l Cavalier rode ta Ihia coal black stcd--'l'he tarsaken one-Gernevieve--O'er thel ,ar Iitto ,tuttatain--Gin living worth could win nly hlntlt-Naptl.lot'c nmidlight revicew--Girl tf the laugh. i.r. ee, awake--Olt colony tittt s-Mald ,f the dark e, e, tare athee well--All is well--ltuke of Re.ichatadt'e w altz--l nvitatiton to waltz. GUITAR. Bird Tu seal-GeevievedO'es the far blue mountain --'lloud .ignest in this bosun--Oft in the stilly night --\Lber'alasnt waltz. For sale ot BIt. CASCY'S jeb Piatofort h and M ausi Store, 19 Camp t(t. n 1115- Id -,asks prilnm bacol atreds, received per steamer ttiel 'Wellster, lor sale by LAWRENCE & IEGENDRE, je 8 & 2l9 New Leves. SLI.INOIS &OHit) FUINDS, for sale ha SI CNATIII. TOWNSEND, js21 Exchange Hotel Graciesr s.. SO 5I'.- -`2150 boxes sotp, varits brands nsd disferent size btxes, ibr sale blv WIINSTON JY SHALL, jeo2 7 Front Levee. " Al-El-I.I..-l1i0 kits Il0l qr bils. & kegs, for le'tkv WVINSTONV & SHALL, je" a7 Front Levee. S'Eilt CANDI. ES.-Seveuty-fiv a boxes, various S lbrands, for sall ea I NTONy baINSTON & SHALL, je22 7 Fruont Levee. 0(1(Otih-- IaU bbl a Mesan, t5t1 do Prime, luI half .hk \ ,St iess, 51 hil-s1' (-, 40 bbls Rumps, 40 bbll d lhl hul h ,rs; in store Rod for sal by jell IA YE'T & AMELUNtG. U. S. MIlL '1O AND FI101M MOBILE DAILY I Comprisig l rle following boatsn, viz: Fil N.U. FOR Mobile.. . .aluay, Carolie, I A Jeffries, Swan. It htttl eU tazoltepa, .iltd Griffin, S Alabama 'I teastld, Isabella, F Mlurray, Ctauolie.. \V.ttl 'ailta Switlla, L ln, WV Wallaee it 'I'tta.ld , Caroline, RI Jeltrey, Mazeppa. I."iidty, S Aoltatat, J B CILarsons, Carolise. .Satumday, \V aWuliecea, J I Ktight, Isabellh. ls The ubve boats wtill leava tIe lake end of the Railh Road hail) u. the artlival of the 1-2 past 12 o'clock car, A.H. Stlavcas mustbe cleared at the Custom Ilouse prior I,. starting. All Atetra btat will always be t each port in eas y tacidollt FoIrfliieght or passage apply to G \\ tlc'f'.Mb:tN, t ,I St, Charles in Exchatan Iluildinlps,N. 0. r aSiYRE CONValI.S 4a CO. Mobils.. A. train ..f cars of the Naslhville Rail Road, at Co, will leave the tot cf caual street, for 'I:Uih, at 8 o'clocki A Al, till 4 P M, of each, day. nd retucrn frot Ilathl at 11 o'clock A M, and (i 1. . t when t...e cr. .. ill start hio. ta tt etld at 9 o'clock A lt 1, n1 niillaIndlt' , nald returnl lrol adlatl at Io'elk It Alt lnd ttli s.1 t . ,I9 JAMES IH CALI)\VEI.I.,,President. It Y . ItN I-A Lat in Julia sttt,,e, near the Basin; . vll r i uaited lIo a Wnood or LumLber Yard, fih,, at trrtla, &.. apply t ,jel9 "9 Bank Alley. Sorl' It Luxes ImnitattobNo. 1 soap brsnd of L Jucaso & Taowbridge, landing friomt sip Grand; t urk, fol sale bl ISAAtI BRIDGIE & Co jel9 134 Magazine streaot. re .a:l'Ou OIL-A fAw hls of white Caslor Oil. ha lditg atd fur salte H IItNNABEL, d n,5 cor NtateI... attd 'Tclhapitoulas ate. ly "u)I'ATOETE -2- 0 ktls eoster c t'uatlOe, in prhie . orler,jat recictve nd ad ursale by ZACLARIE & B.ROTI|IIR, jc7 76 Old Levee st. 300 taJt_ .ttctracks BotuaGut Ylaila; 5 d:t Ctt,tl1ttltallt, Naul; 50 ahmlas Breaziera' (to)naor; t50 xhaaktt a jlaglle; I3Ltas x Claret. laot cale Iy I • IAhILLEa INCHES,