Newspaper of True American, July 3, 1838, Page 3

July 3, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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tor the Zhterior. FOlt I.OUISVILLF & CINCINNATI. hour passengers will Ileas, he an boardr a ,:t ft I'ay dras street. draV C & It.rnt GEND' iSiE, jv3' nl =Ji'-N I.Ne, 'v. ioIt Ilt)i l'n:r1rI.E. G r cnat S I I- SI'EA Krm , %rrirtl, ,aster w Il lrave ofr ote IIaovl ;ph e, on" .vlssy .....n , [... .. ,,.t ,'aloak, i.. 31., for I,,fig,,t or pasa gi , havi e sutu rhri lr l: l nllllun o ed lI Is, apply oil buarda t thio folnt ,f Gr:tevlr n stairo or to boro hi Ioa ' LE:VY &. 0. P. S. Freight will he trke a ibr Natlhez, Itoa ney, Grand Gulf,.Viksbonrg, and all intermediate oladings. l'hmott la;at li IA Fl 4:" C:lptr". l Swilr, will hlr the atrsmet malke mlt two tri., per week, to PrI('u tgo o he rternrlintr IrrlianLs on the Cnuas: ler davs e fdepalrltire lnom the I oke ellal rf ll dRaillln u will hoe ar 'TIrandaatls an St irdlye, arftn r lh trrinvaln of tie six o'clock nan. OI the <'Pli of JaIl nieXt, si will eosuatl her tri weekly tripn, as por llae arllertina mml n y in)r " FOrl PASCAGlf,A Li d lars . lernite dte dingdi , Iwn liieso aT weThk. S l . he fine, low res re, copp ered ,rstenlam ho I AI+';I. ', Joseph Swiler, inastra, will Ir Ith praelat t ae o l y0 tw iutipa It Paw1 agnO n aE d rlte intraine dilno lallings oil the roa st, tier departurO fir ln tro lake end of the Roillooad, will Ire on . Thursdaysl and Saturdays, . i Oumediately afrlr Ma 1Iat i I Ir, l rthe six ,'cioek arn. Oin the 4tlh of July onex, nilo will treosno her tfi weekly tripls iO n r wlate rairtia enle llls , 2I<-1 -S-lAAT1UIItILY ISVNINI \NiL SUNDAY fEXCURSION TO MANIIISVt.IIi & ,1 Ii .II;:ONVILLE. R . I.ll l TP. tll ll otI IA .I'I'PA, Cupt. oUt Ir larroad ir tihe above rlut:es, terery uay arvenin on the a rrival of trhe l. o'lack cors, and retorn III, nlle lgoIht,-- nd Irtn Srlnoay morolie g o t ie alrioll of the 8 o'clack cari ; aetlUnint lsave Mudsolivilleo at I o'clolk, I'. ti . rlnl) Nitilw _ _11 IIAUI'SiINV.LI, , I0OIJIIII( . lr, ,iiANDUi VlI.I* IF' (&I VIN(ilrIN. T fla Itat rlllnn, nn:1 s;llh ndid teal A to,_ i n l,, l 'P A, I T lii It r atr, will aun as !I oalihr maiil toout for tlho albuoe prym , io Aldoralrts, ,'ImtrIeIl\ m Ia. I It (li" dya, afnor tlanuaiitl i of Ihe Io I'lorbk ln,r ,\ kAl. IRe turiilg, lInvoo' roovinto tnetday, fhorhdato and Slturdlys, at U ol'lck , .\ 1. N o. r A ll t itato lmralnr e r llretlr the rik ofa the on I II VlltW tL'IIAN, N w l til r i ,, Ili Mail [Iller, op '.1 i i,.a hiilt lultl dii. St ChnrI es rt. r r Cilti al l Ilrt.lli r ,lty r in o wne I rrll rll r l tt 7 _ -Frm ..llot 11 AR llllI ,.140 C`rraiaIt Iln. s t, r, w ill cail fit I, l... .. tl rirl lirle Irno : . lN....k, tltacie Ihe rIlIe r' lr, f Ih rail rlead nlthl mnrial ot the I a riclr, c'i. App:r to I t t \'Ii l IIAN, N orrmd tiile (l ail Olnt l e,t ld,,'flmig I telI A , 3l'e,.1s111iy a'i' at C ILt ed.' . huI liai nto o .r rao L It. lIonilt AUr.A o in co pr rir tur' arrn re-l Jl e i t , , " H tr new va nal l , I' i o ,ed uf iat~ rrr ' Ii i I raI l wI ,t r1oi Noth It I cnihlhl tow, Tch litoulua sloret, it few doors abu r It tloellIi st re c lre 'rat. t ' r nr r orr r I In Ip N oor 'ont ::ao: o til V F I.,\SUIr , l I nIdI:\ I l Mt t' K E Al 111l . .a m l' h t Ia e well m i ,, wo, lit'r lo no nlirt ,1hr I:, Inta Lnng , e arsl. inLtralion, L rae ih,, 7Ite,',,e rwi b t t h k hil y r C ar '1 ro s e :. IN , N O:h i , .l e L d . - lutl, i I t l' ,: o Irt'lr ht " - 1 o,, h ri tu oppoite to ,St terac street, or to: jtoaaag;, r.rr.) hr tel I ItASt , r it k ',' ilrtl . jelt , 111'o I t, I M ,!: e'o :, , ,i',;i !L.,.1 o ',!7 _t ...... .. ,or t ia e , a e lw , . , I at t o , jotl ) N ' li0 I+ , . 2- . ,. , a,, t IA S a- i ' .rI1' , 'I.I ',ll1 \' 1, , d.' 1,C r il, )i lln' atett8rl11 I6r'r 1 i-o ra oi':atr br ,1i o!; olr"is ikr a dia ali"n i vry l C i o, r . rL. l oo' li,01, o.'tt I at,l, pytl :el. l d 1 _ ii, il, c . ut Soil t aetre . JM ton af 'l'a A lr , willr liartsa of tll, :. lll: " + llls hy mF Au tii, arllt. t A l ap nt t e' s, by ll," pi'l'vli l Ilt I, ILlI,!,, iirtqi).5 ' JIntl ~l r t r ilod o ar! It1 a 09t il5 lrll ll lllll a 1 roads; i rvi.eHl i l t i ilFE irLon nla rthe ti a ondtal NitrI r,,, res o-. Jernr Fltni : l , rit .lint aulCaoitt, . L , i $11 t ell, t o nic, rho O onia, i rolitetid andtirrl Irnla Itrtglh Ithe .len d tootio, Ite le 'rre Eits. , ir t aols. Mthe Yuong DTa, wit h r tsc, by the a luttli, ol yiat Grey, saneor1I'i. i 'IeI . o The H olal sta", Erlird by 'l'r,:,ll on llr,h A r,, Wilbe.,I'. Ar. a t Jut receioeda llIn n'le thri'rp o r r nir tra )ror On fltmap fromithe uLroe in lior o, 0t 0 l o a 0an 1 aiht sarnned I'S, willh e beriaalilly onrri e,thd J U lil:l h& A C toll':s, NEW PUBlICUATION'. Tales of my Veighborhood, by the Iui thor tof ':'w Collegiana," i 2 Vols. Aries ,Serle, bt hl authorf "'l he HIhire-s," ill two voluutes, ' Eleauils of llatorluttond Lao', with a Sketn: of the History of tilt Sctencn, by Ielreiy W\haton, L. L. 1). A Practical Treatise on Locomotitve Enaia,'s pon Rail lt-ay~ ; a twork intetnded to show the Colta trulatio, tie moude of acting, anll the etffet of tllO;a eni'ioe* ill conveying heavv loud; to ie tche i lleans oIf ' a ertaui ing, on au mispection atiethe lidand the resialt it will produce unlderarious circuaiistalce.and iltdilhre't l calities; to deteraniutue lth o aIllity of fuel alld water it will require; to fix the propo,:tion \which ought to be adopted in the conllstt tionl of al engine, to allke an weraty intentledpurse, , ete.: with inactical tabh,, givhng at icve the rcsolta of, the formul:e, founded u pmt a great aIlny ilew axpeltrimenlts, mtadtl on Ia le s':lle, in a daily practice on the liverpo ol land hl::nchester Railway, with many dillerent enlea sad consalideratle trains ofearriauas, to Which is added lana ]))eadx, shut, - wing the expe1sat e of at Otisileg eads by ltlltaotivt .oagines oil railrods, by Chiev. IF 31 G de Puollntl our. Justreeeiaoedand .r sale by WII Al'itlA.\N, al3 Corll-tr (f CtiaittttllI t natadlllltl Ostrt,'ts. L ATE PUtICAi'IONS-I'AL PnRY' JatI.tL o a residence at Little l'edlingtotn. CeRINNEt or a aly; Ity l idatt deI Stael; Ilolstiltt, translated fir the librarsy of Sttalasrd Novels; 'lThe Po etieal Passages, by 1, I L. Atle:tcain edition, with nu mrous torlet':till,: ill b vtls. DRAKE'S ANrt) J'-....L.l ' POEIMS-n-Iw editiOln: els bound i gLoan. TiE wo, W S OF' JOHN RYDIE-N-in verse and prose-, ilt a life, by Rev I dlituir',l: ew eitiun, complete in mo J lst ratt ved ntol fir s t'Ie y I12'W l c:i'ttEAtN,c i'a s ,np - &. ( mU' c a 1 hi' !"'. have lust A ret.o1'd Ir: o London a Ieo\ cu;l.+ prcierved ,;vtot in ca listers, it r:., tine article, paIlltitlrllt t Lt laIllted f'll r the ce untry, or for tratvellinl, ,lIi '! tule alt; r tenl -a!o low. Lpl'I'Ie',c .. C. 24mr' Ii, ill r C HFI .hA t i-Ctks o the , lnl'OTHEa1, "T HIS Institution ill bh l led n \Vedmsl.t v Ne.xt, S thIS 4th July. Notcs and Bills fill ig tide un or discount nlust be t.f;rr e,l (t Mondiay the 42d. j) 28 , ROI '. t PA.IiEY, Cash er. A A H I.IEY-'J. bbl Whiskey, for sale by S 'ITETSON & AVERY, je28 88 Cravi-ýr sro,-t. U-. IET.--A very ph'a.".vt awl genteel Stunner Residtence,nt the crner of Anlllunciatioll :. Market streets, a bealtit'l paterre, - st,!:.i ad earriage house, cisterl and otlhr tconvtani.'tc,' It: o. be entered upollimmediately sld will be let on VerY n demte terms to n aso teangot till lt Novelble, a-lr whiyh it can b leasetl sat b tir rent Apply to ' Sebon 'L aTbOiIs''l N oa Cao. je21 71 namp street. '.IOi_)UL -60 " blls i iltore, for sale by 1 je ill G I)ORSIY, t4 Now lv INSEa't OIL-1 oi'nstat sua.aay o ooa IJ ad Western Linseed Oil, in tierces ani hls- Ibr tie ly JAIKVIS d ANDREWS, Ii cor· CollllnOn and T'rllapitoullltn st. Isliito--at ho tiste fhA la jus tat e at y tore jel2 17 Commeret street. r I I;T AT.-U k; landiug from steim- Sboaat t.oaieillu, i ir sale r tby 0h t 40 SLATER R TRI t 17ieC ni40 Pe a trtset - - -- ------"R~;~·-LUY ~II SrnPPIri. Por " o The A 1 adfs -li;) (3.3\j3 TUIK, - 'I "! l 11 pntclt For l .-i "1;tt i 1; fi ou ·s uolion 1-3033, Isaply ll .ii F- The \ I vopi 4 c .i "m I '~ir IX'IIJN , I n;'3 I J ( 13 331 1131 t".i 3(1N I LI' ulun Iiih ,~ n in 'il'(Iargkl'1p3 d13'r3 I'l3I- (3i1'11ort u 131me1 Ilal l t ul . 1 ull.313 3 3 3t11111 13001, + "je`..S 13 & J I' XVlItIINEY1. -}11' 131iS(i1313 333\I. XIN The, first claV3 s s1 iph ' l :Ig 1 W. (3. pt3in For looght IInd 31me rc30(33 31333,iunlooI apply t g 3tI I.~:~')L j ll2l, '16~l~;) a~nl :13 II'·I1Li a Thellr 1 3ured and3 r33pl3 r fastene p13ssa 3e1p3 ly 31 the 33'3303031,3 (11 3II' (Ih poie U1.1 In (illlIUI 'reH, or to je27 S &i J P WH'IITNEY. 1'01133 L.,INIIIII.I. 1 1' 5, A r fast sailng 1 p 4 11113 3 IA,13NI3111, ! Capini' Tyson, having the o alrcuttr putrt of her~ I ;EE gcrl. ug afeig l,,·wil IIIVn illllll(cdi lutorlelllllll t Folr fiulaglt 1,I' :fu ~ll nd ru sepaI, olr puuuage, ha~vingl 11 VI II (;AL ja26 lOi3 Common meet. 33,3331 I ship Ff. 1, 333 Jh113n11 i Jonson, uill sail l" witivell is 1 ove. IVIII passue ~y - but fg h ounds oie uI ;1··llloillilni i'lot* for 4 rrbilit uilll Ii Nl~rerag· unssengerosi~al] Iy u LEVI 11 II i~l1. 1, I' je" ~ ! 3 ,lnlmon street. Captain Stuel v, but lug Iltr rratct part ,fill + ýy.ý, jlrlljr Lagl wed, wi ll l* (IiCc )Loillrdial des tatr. 1u reiht o 411) ade or punds; ge, lutvingF 33311' 1 If.11 ''.33 ( 11 C('1W mmn tt .33 il 1. II t ij) - r S33133d3' 33 now.33,3,133l(\ '('ill , X Itiv(II I c 'il 'it (bve h i 1131 'nvI 11313,llt 11131113 ciell l, a1333 '1' to 'l'l' ','uIu nhor,11' 1 Leve 31333 .,'l'1 It, , .&.1.'1 (II '1'Le A I and fn-t sa I ;ilis li ti-h ,hip I I! il r I,'.1 33 shi (1 'E', IIL III.Il !3trtt, hi,,:II) al lulilup ' m, ('Il C01 3''3V 3,3 (333 'ý +.+1.1 1 11111. ilL11(1!- .,I Ill l i, . ! ! . , ` . , j '!o II~ t: t Im 'f o:'II( II. \%I~~ iio+ 2;,.a .u I t·i 1 s l I: . I-, ., w i! ln o Ti 1 IIi: latc for h, ,.rr. F r hr.;;ht or~ 1 t I 1.: 1 II. II. . ' t - - 11 X'·!, V Ie l l 4.1"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ V1V'VV' I, III V,-liio 1,rt C ·- · t ,. , In,.' I I " l H l ________ l .j I 'o' 'VV, IVIV 1 1 111 111 or Io -- ' , Ii 1 'IX', AVLIIX t II ·11: . S!III w e ll k n o w s, ll/ - ll ilt: I .I I 1 1 E I V apllo VII, l , :VI II VIIIpn II of I h ile l ,m r ý Sý lo ,so~o' 1u 11ornl, wil br drsutncld ilhl i ~ ~ (~I'': " ':"."'.I V'lI.'V*'" ''Il Ill It i 11 ,talc I',.!,,I, I V V I'*I Is I :111,11.10 -' V I; ll I' XIIJ' I.I IX · I InerC t,11( i'lll!: I11 II)1) f( (il Ir""l' o II.III1· :1ge \ ,ill 11:\11 111t ;',old a IZ2Vo Vnll tIo ite a "ppl rtor1:1 -4, or I, LII 11 IIS , (lii A="II '_ ------IOUIII IVI~tN - - - , K 110floe col Ie tIIO" Vi GEN' ERlLl r 111-IACp ;l F1,mso~t ',l-., VI\II AVI VIII XI ¼ ''II tYT>- Ii' V IVIVIVI VVI.'Vi .VIiol ·. iIII.VX V 1~·l IlL jciII XIli II XV <I, I'-I Ih:, t.IIIlVI \~lIll If IAD 1'I.XXX', ', t' 1· !ll~~lirlii 1!l11.: 1 1 Iii. Poll c I r· ii :Ic gageii~ 1, _a111 I';: III.,,, IVId tI s t ,VVVVV>Iybtt y HAl c', ·i iiiIIV' I' LEE Iloý'11111ll', 15 ,) urpt++ r eulý by is !)Ili, O Il950 illd j.III VI Na y::"' - I l') b1 I lYIu & 1. 11 I ilXlII,.U 3, 'r.L ,E: IIEI. e(; "a a',. wllt ' : ...; ht o ý1 ( X I In I'Ii II 1'IV 1 11,1 I.at11." II at.IVIIIIIIVIII XLIIVVVIVVIIII Ill IIIV-iVrpIVIVIIIV'I naVpud FLANKl III\Nki'IJ VII IIAXKOII Vntd i? yýalt, V 110 n1 I Itab .+ had1 0 n Vt-boa IVI t M't. th.-n ;I , VtlI nI VVII ItVli F i t r- VII, IV taalalVIVt, wllreor ~l.· ,.ntlllou hit'b aFlratV.V~tarV wiIIII~a ~pa_ Ia atV' rraVI't InIV '"nnVV x,5,15 115tIV V :tllnt lltt A~ll jcg-?i JOTT. .ACOn SIV lame . t l ,: , lo on I.oardll r t B i I' ",ON &; 11I)LY . o~th, ll callr"'s o rno 6to Mte j'11 (. ---I,(iII N\ .li A 1 i:1 IS U_ BUSINESS CARDS. TAYIA & lliL. DIEN, ft ';r 1 , , ,I I o.;; . w,,.: a ho use il thi c.iy. C. P. LEVY & CO. G( VE ,bIt IL .) , i 'U".'t'" LVAI:SS. .No 0 ,(r uvb, r tier, t, up staers. 'rh, firm, 4 t r l ul .Ali-s. will he coe tinued, tlt'er the of II i ' 1 J 2 L .V It , 1 P LEVY, J L LEVY. S Ref erenes. (infrey, LaritC & bSmall, New Oitleaos, La. 1I 1 Ifil & Co Louisvii ille, Kv. [lllrl e r, (C irtl p ter >z Ce. 1,1hn 31 (lII oichkeur, li1). S r ilrier& ae } Cti ) Grand Gulf, Miss. 31uir, loiole t Co. ) ilas oLillurd, Nutiicz, Mi.s. New tlhltllan, I[e' t1, 1i:18. a i10 STLICl1OUS1 M3 IlTA IT1 TEETII. PEl'fCrIENS, of there bullliful teeth,and the man ner of setting thln, mia he emn at the oflice of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Cnnimstl reet. T'lhe- e teelth iver :change collor, t1e11" hr y IItoll and ill Illmanllly ,lles, preferable tol tile 1 rlt. It. will wait Upll i ladies atl their reside e, rtg '. . .... - - ,- - if MIIRCHANT TAILOR, .1 IGS to inform t1I- b lli l that having purhelned .I fr'om Mesers Itttiill, .K.tiGS .'COt. part of their stock, hl will centinl thel buoiness at their old ttOtl, opl/msite ittlhop') Illot, t, where lie hoplles to merit a lhore oftheir p)trlellreli. He lii, Illhmde arrangeumnts ett ltP t Olttl l t t)o be,,t)1lied Illollltly wtith thle eltsl toet molstt fitelstleh t pe ts lltr 14 CLAY & CLARK, ROUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 10 Il'o-tb'eis st01et New itOrlealos, Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps WAItI , ( OLD,COLD, AN D SHO1 I'ER BATII Fixed il tlhe isi t.t ai',provcd prini'iples. I3111 'I 1.1 t1), I'll'tS, &c 'Ordlers execulted inll ty plarlt of the Southeltn States. 111' 4 2),. coberlt F. I.inldoe. Plumbers =aI Lead Pipe llanufacturers, No. 1) li ,ydri sre K l I ', '.Tl o n I l h dl .i I 'r ! .r nt Xs u p p l y o f L e aR P ilp e , To. s 1,1 in. Jimumtr ,Iowa to :3-8 in. diameter, Jill OXLEANS LITHIOGIAPIIIC PRINTING No. : ", ' z'::iz e Street, U.)pp;:".I))II:. k.' Anr ada. 1ILLL .!. ; (:1 'J..'l7:, PIROI. H"I' T'OR S rrl C Iii'. titit as .' ..,1 s g lerchalnt, I , I ' VI , ,, I. ' " L 1 1S,, " I'I.!. i 'l ',' N, . . , OILS, DtI'. 7 'Y,: ' . I \'0 : ! ",',')OTH.; " .I4 , StS, S'' i IN .I N KLVIS. .nail /.la , ,. . ,p j , ." Ii . lei :, . '!r l [' tI'lil t ir h g Pit t ... . I.. i '-1-,. , i' etl~ri t IIIi-wt l ttor In lIC r . 1 . ., i . (. Ia " `E '2 it 'lib l° ...l' ;Ii S NeTI ork I'lil. ! . ,,) IilN !iton to the i ale l 11i~ilgi t' 1it O ' TO ES t; :ll.lluýIi; lll'm t ol i't t11 Sil ' L New OTleans. N I's ( i l"i. l uaron & Co. I) 111i l riio' i o '.", M &l" , C,. Boston, Ai . .' ro CiI' tii . iNew Yo rk . lagow, ShAw & T a'1tum. SI.l"A'ltld Ri d (u . " ll lll n t I 31' , & . ihiDunla. i Alton. t,1 I Sk ir.&e i. trii. E i iG s i Xt l & . -Lui ille ,l EL S1i i E. iii. T. S TONru. (SH ' : iii' ei, Wih . t curoto lE& ISl AGIN ST PINlE. Nfn'd i, i,, i o .i.i:, SCLouisoIle,. Wl ILLIu-s aw T lfl. 1 I. 1 11NN TI, OHIO rk '. TI NE, I r, An " &ii' . iri i i. N ii, ssii lleiH. , r, . N. AfCll &. li ndll I Coll..ll uisill CR W rl ASul, Th Vi I i C py1 arB le n, (ls. p ard tot ii NoI.j'i'i i w on's IIa s'1l ii ii ii, 'ii,? i e . c. rrr'e l. N ir I illr', li. & C. iNew York. hl rle , Oir Ne irin', w tliUso. s r R I Mr hAt i.e it, Glt. lA l I i. I', is ot'i i er in lt ted ei SI . aVr \, l ushvile, g7 ull r. - if b . i [ilE & AYOll S a., J 1. V '1ITNEY: , \'e. i'.i()1 belt tIeI.d 7?b Sech O i o tr, l i t l tW nchre, n wil h ... ti t.o.a o nen i m :t w',o .inr- rchnhy, A T r LTIaCY, .h l, . ;1uds ()i n a u. li ' Bru sh. , Ta ,1. V. t Oh L'cestL e d l lATTORNEY A Y CO UNSELLOR AT LAW, I`Q \ pl ii. ia l, 1h, (,Ir, 1nul Cue mt unrt. Irt ICl -91·~ra or-~ TR'F'Ul ASIUErICAN OIFFICE. Ill CFFe'.tF ioF Fili It li (t1 i IllilFF iF SPLENDID AND EXTEISIVE A&SOPRTMEPT OF TYPE, Pamphlets Blan;: Cheeks Catalogues Bi!ls of L.ding Labels, Dray leceipts, Legal Notices, AUnction lills, Dill Forms, Sior bills Starn O3oat Jilts iCircrlars, And every d.lscriptio of SJo tYsork lthat .Ilnl b( rerquirl'.I ll? The prolrietFF r respetfhdIily aFlls 11th11 ttII F FnIF Fr thiF public Il the aFFIve (Ft]FI, FF1' I itsellFure thlelF thaF all wolk inltlru sted tto ]li+r n shall le ,hlllne sttile short Fat notice, in a sityli, unIlltlirlasFdi ill tlls cit , tld s thello lnesl +a . PIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY O1 NEW F1.i.:ll \NS, Office No. 24 Musson's Building, Jet CANAL / i'TI"REET''. Comptrollesr's Olfice, Feconl MIIu.r iFuty New tOritcan-, he~r VI,18t30. Su'E1'ri letoltFtnicF vilF:3. ]Ati l nul n ii. on the 1FFr1 ll siF e oI C1 a rFF , t I'F ailFI oiN lt, il hre l i Ell t t tIFIlllrlFII t'el Illvlt I f F I IFi niF tlhe Fhct 1r11 tof F F1 it ill k it i lle f abllut lifF itFt te Ilh d n a nltd belo clall, 'd. s Ti en t Intk l ana h l frlvom a adoint marke A on seidllr till iFIh Ioill i at z ll'llr live F, nd reI vl rIds blt.lw WillIFw F tFelFF Fll tile prnllFIg tidn of .eulia C F treet; li fr. l tllm ill l lCiF i brlt billan a d Itwl 6o hun leIn n inety-lt igh ole t e low hnlon .treet ..l thFF tlli ilF a FitiF inare F tlFF F tiFe i iolhF i Flr cl iF t 5IiFFtIHiF C FOF IIro ffF FFFFFFFF IFFth e r t ur eo r tbr srtld l t hr bed wa lito olllj fr i et. si' u dit. tenee r cF sist to it lle prolored YiFFtrd Mhla CllF tom th lIle af mor e lli latera l e ual li. Ild. 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St. Paul aN -it caiia latdral IIFIjCtd. 10 ' PIFrlFIgIr la rue dlC Cyptes ie la rue1 St. attl Fau 10tt Ouest du cimetif ye protestantlett ouvrir ltn 11s15 d'FtFunt sur Ic Seti Otest du dit eimtsItitre jusqt're1 Ia rut H-vie. JOHN CALHOUN, 21 juin Controleurr Comtrolhr's ( i/e, I I'c d ,F .dipli, t lt CA Il ti i' rI sohlF tin of thF I 5h insFt the Fd Ji i iext, for a y'll the wood work e o11 t , h iwh r ed+ i aIrnt ofthis o 1theie it. mto~ngt jesl Jell N C.hlF1N, lomptroller. Btl reau dI ClolFtro/e1i r-- .otAde llui cipFtlF lF I N1 1 vFllF le Orl6'm1, 121 .FuiF F)'1 1.1 . CONFOR31MENI'T it una. fsohlui{,ud &du 5 n t. rFtF , avis publi( elt ar 1, l t ent d41a F, ql des ofi - d Jmi~llet'a Flol CehiFFlFFla utrloue -I aIF l F 'hr alFl/'Fs l lli-F a thire eon I'aNe Fie lette Muneci alitF , Forthl beiI t F un oItl1 et t es sll ifiit iit FI e ate du -.9 lai 183lF dhie ll IIyt FiifFe d ull tuIl coareulhIFI ThiF.ll11f theosiernwl te lirqu["te IA bRIDGAC & RO.G,. 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Feni t11ur l'o~IrolV II N I It r id . a ' A \ I. 11 A r 1 N))-ten, I I ittý L1 ~ (--uli, .`,lt. (:,,,r, t' ui r rul j~. LALAINL,---AA.L ALALLI LALILA. L Ind of 1, ciirhnlby ;.IUKY~r ThJ I.l'A;, r a~ AL iLAnIA' 1, Pardo A A NA L lie ,'uv ,.f the ult I O .Uld~l rIIIi,[,1 'l i de t aekv o1"; dIe (:-t of as f;ell, aran ,,1111 IbdYEI' &LL AMl~Lik (AL IL- LA ALA A o lreu le j; ;o ror 1', AA AI cc' FAA1 seuo At > lt, A . ;.I En ~ I RU IA, Pyy O1lAF-.i Jk A 1ee nlI ! ) n (A,,AeL AAlAI cand 1'( JALAAALAAI TALk A AFAI byl A'n II)R) 44113 : (" I.',INe)II jot FA Il nail AFIF V. l-e 2 A tl t - Ir~c" fpo; 1-1 i.AAALLFti Sh eAFIW ~lrPN ilSYRilUP II) AND IIPI CLE leCi hi Il:kSl, I1K, Cciia, ,,ec i IC li hug C4C) jl Ckle,, it int, icco in n Ile., bolo Ill., ic)unl erory of 1, i I li~tr d n 1.,-i, & 1.t~koll, : i 11 rater i inn Bali c c CC..1: br Ig 1! 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DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, OJ 1 I" ,IL hi-s 'ervice to i Ithe lc th h rt m n. ils l Surle' ilg and C'ill 'niierainllI It i1u twn anl Uountry. Ft rOLi a sidlernb; r xperieuce to isa p fsl'u* ionn, 1 lby )p rnlluesa ctrl fidejlit ill Ihe xectioill f hIness entruste d to hint, he0 hopes to 'ne at[ ,n .o tite ( a shlreu lpilluli n t.irul.u., d 1le will uas Illlso sIr li d ci cltcu lat the uotltits of walls IFl( oiva ; ln eS. Oilice Nt ('lh ,rtiel s(reel , setol' d ..ItOl 1edi'hino, ? aIlc . & ( Ical,r-, 0 a ,)tlW-, S W:1:i'l. l S it-,;k ( I vi I I-1i t ', n II Sheelins, lillbuLg lil ship ( hellroklie, suiltaL: e )r the h1, x i c: l £ trkel t o(r (:ity t lluor al, e . j I +Tl IO.1li ,& A\'ER.\, j ell C lGrl\vior wIarent. . l cs ; a.u.1N lie.(ie- Zin , - all il I,·fi II , ,I iUran Sugar;I I. 111,1 ctoaila s alhi, id al i, 3' piecI'l s "V_. n; S'i ia a ;lackl d te.Lead C( r.cill II' P Oi ' ba-trkcs and ipct.O \k, ile rid, sale by' JU t.Ild . ).. NE lle 1. -i irvier s etret. SAla,' i N i: cia K Inineak -!;y '~i lei , Jctiia. ed per , steal .r Vliyl, fr'w Sp l ' lihel, Illinoi., a S i Ni TR- Tini Nl u r, nrta Oil; U r blae Iii da Sp" Candla j]) , ". c. p+,t. (100 al+ela B3 iern' C7ot-". III clt , nt .' . ! : l, H1O;. ' 11 J , n- LPu h ' K, ,,,, ' ir , , cfl , o !: +: ,, ,ll ,: I I ,. , .' ( t, ; C •;. II g lS IAiO A I il;l l l eI. gIInIA. I lV na,,I' ge idl ll t hJll'liile (l hra, a lna. Lie II:+e l ye + f tinal "e I. placed til the wayi, bill. TIhmale wi o nave a leuvy bnlgay. e cl lIlt, itl ait d rlh'tIto el d ollolb anly husts duriug tiewl or' (k,i .id, ill the abte uirted tday',s. G1:U 1Yl+;t W IITl ,, iOlKi -Prima min d less Poark, full branded, P 0 Also, 90 liece, Kentucky Herein;, dhte colls Rope; for s .lelby tt l' 1.i+VY . Co. ai. 7 10 ravi.,rst. al tair. IPE',M OIl, CANI)LES,&c.-30 cask: New, Je .1 Ibn V Winter Oil; 2110 boxes do do Spale. Candls '0 c'asks roofiae Zmoll bolxes lPrnti, Moht liuld Pndlee 300 sheets lrazierS' Copper. I un store, for sale bv JOSEPAll Caa T:KAa'Ninl, ap!0 '5 Gravier .»rI'I t. L ATE PU l 11ICA I:\1' C 1 gamet By George lall keti1'echr, 11 \l ew ss. .ntaa.......... .. . . .... ......l ..l' ,C iI'It lii ' .; E1111 M D EA1 ; li'i a inow itdu, tiii I i ._../ il I'el ; l~llht.`! rud ~in l f l uih 't"l l lii, llltr SUncle l Horace, u novel, by drs SC li(lhall, llunhlr of Skel chesof Irish Ch:racter,The Buccaneer, c:. o 2 Ti e S pirit of the Vo(s, ilhlutrated by coio ,red eu gravings, Iby the atltor ofTi iloral of ' -lowers. 1"'lorn's Gems, or the Treasures of the Parterre; If bolquetsddrtw nono coltired Irom mature, by Janws. Sllrhews: with petical illustrutLon, Iby Lou'li Anl T', mliey, author ofI 'he I nlcmte, of Nftu'e. tA Glos ry 'of Terii used in lrlciaui. IGnii Iti,,i iln, u ll Arhitetur tha telii d iu itiou, ei. iaricd; exe -i illi y.llh- i a o(d tl . Adlck's LEngineers' Pcket Hook, for the y ar 13S ; will on Alhiaiae; Ly Henry Ah:.k, u ivil Etineer. WVorks of Lord Haeon,, whih a intrduntuory esslv eid it lu tr t; nllw edilk jl i r h une i rvoll \\'31 11e KhA\N, 1,,t II D ll: i't'( tia '. . ol f 0 IO- lveI ) N Il 90, whoIt : hiln -l .ll Irlr m y t od ,)it 'i ýl'h t.. ! u I i id.ililr' thn: ( 11,il1l-h . Jo, i a out t I ll el 5 , i; i ,,h ",T I)i h, 13 )r 14 j ,"ts of ale; vi II. 1., ti.i.k .l ,llll hls . rltlhe, ht - wl I wt l.i n. aidig a on i liL ii ngilish i Iiit ,11., l it i hi i.' , f t,' I, ; 1,, aI ioi l1i look. iIi d oi l ite l lt , hu k shirt and , utl ao , Wiii ho a i i t- ,i n , 1 t c hill,, r broll (IIt b i i N .. ri I ltrut, ,". .(0 per- 0 1 at r il li Ilurinz tr e nlp oyi hi.h , jL r I-:e t J. II (lilA i n'. L 9 1 , 1( r a. k, I n d a d lo b r h "11 1 1 ml :. . 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CINCINNATI. +'i'Ierv .Jll'llll llrlnl +.].lil extensive l wlll t vl++. knOW ll ,+btIlrlil m,.lrl io .[ (eorner of Pearl and Wa\lnutt ithuct i+ irnlll -,beeni ensedl by tilu ssll cr~ie l'lll+r lie h lette: Il +ustrea in tlitlmlllt - ring to the public that the whole lnterior of the huilhl my has been reTltt', d and repaireld--rteLL rumlpsl n Iv'+t filsnelllt, patinted rl d t'leunn..· d-- an, that it is now :' it t 1lllnye.r urder lir thet receptii+ ion ofl oarders, I u T'Ile isnoscriber beiln, felly :awore of fhi' erert d- ire ofthecitizen i loha vti ill oast one 'FIbieT tATEI'I I T1 L i n t iy, has t thus fr, ot nil ll iil liellptm.o rither labor or exoxtse to hriun rab!ttt the grne'i dcde- t eralu,. tils lah r lhall invariablv be ,a lt d i ray variotvtwithitiehe ithe market aflfurd-hiris j- r f;rn; lid with the choicest wius and iiq.r.-hi ieelin; i parillltl els klept nIt and cle I--lll iit p llVt f l.rvallts will i ll utimes i waiting to fiv irompt Ateoti~l tit~ the llto t, ofhi. r u to:m t,"r,. ll partih'ulorlv w,.vll rovided for hbo acme m I 1f n a,,ili £,; n,h. I'l ) tlli in , L Tiari l lnlo lhe hopes thint 'T'ravellers iid olher'. w ill iv, him stablishuenlt ctn h~ -ntislt:torily tresit.,. €; !']Ol.RGii ,EldItI,.i.i.GER. Ciucinnati,Aplril lsr. 1337-tf. alt ielX ("HANGE on Philadelphidai New fork , J Checks, &-. for ruhl by LAWRENCE & I Gt;E~tI 1:E lul IN- l s i to tor t s G. Iti{"l, 1 Nw Leer'. I;1 \ .I. l IM )-Mi. t )D kegsi it, in di 1 i, .. . <Ii fuI - A it'K iER I.:i, I.I E i & . = 9 I hbli ma. uketral, n . 1, no, I ha~-~r ickerl, i n l i'h 0 ue ll.cst hut LtaliniE l roml brig tu.ln uid U f tor . tr . l C' iit al c,.dl r , tI hIrte .l.h ,ulllll , s u[ , f I . l~'!S.. Th l, r t , at l i tl \It !i!i-11, tluOlr l."\li i lar I-, 1 iit lu ll ,tll l'il.n t p i t nor!- : I 1 I. hh l l tn'llr t- ý,;' ll. 1 :" l l,,,"t! or \\ill Iat ,. "W l'111 :, Ioe I iii! ta, iltu, i t hI F Iei, Sl ulut Ih aIe t J tiiu.u ,!ihi k ;iit ': t u tiii i, N Viii u titu t rd ' . Itt~t , . P urll . , u :lldiull; 'll i ui u'i, tiL, I tiII i, . 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S l I .'tIUEL L OCKI 4 Ci )., zIihi FlXtlt Lever, between Custon lIou'o and a en. -ie1 T il streIet.;l n T . t b k lkjute 2.1 fl A 1A .A llg-Iod Iservut ,r. l at wnlinii an. • Airing G, it smull f ily, tGood w;,_,+ +, it I hit 1 U ii1 I a JIRO, ln e cer ~. ommi and stasltia ii e ie . \ 1 ootiutl- bi al he Iln9lt , flat for salet JijilN diiL erlLtvf`;(N. tAirum n- 's II < l 'ltL l .l+ I,,,, ;j3l 4.+ w L e tt-1.,.. ijt il i n titi. t,l iinne It at t n ni innt bii u wristca tnqalanu i .l "t th i ' trel tan ii it,. ,., . T.'.. ,4;, '4, iiTt \tl ": , ld t'a ,t ' ; r~Iii: l ' ' . hil· I II.1)', I1 .i i Oll~ l U2.:.I ll OI .ll xall iL.:=.7 c t'c u ili t !l /ii. - nti et lf tli .. 'i l t ,t, <i I i I .I , r o ,il l b . I bI' l l l It t ltt t e it il "t llll tilt l't Inti h o s I,h· l h /I l s ne.I , : J e d it as Cthllnll' ous, k' e. c h cll thcnl il ni il- I nn i lnnnaa: . tl mtlikonnti , tl l.tit imnlhenit mtll t i. nalrt-aa ,t *.tl.Jr ill iItntt potntlt.ttii " nnat nit t mhinllds binl i I1 n e lrs a. thut iti l , .tC in te lllan l n t t hl ll*thre ' , ind ent.rlhl bik tal+ e l ntiti hai :nil tl d iniiitiitisa Ii dttttti·t l tilt itti nuilillnmniitsslnlllnultsiined r ... tit. ti, . a d . in til. tn .. ,,.A ,,. timu nld n, a . .. . ttatttntath, restll tihlty e eX Lltln whi tIad e' tcillbd .1y tlu ignornlth C al ltleir mil y ithu Iiw sptnii'i niltuntitmn thtlnn nh)ity thnnashes, I lltll'tr he·l IItN l:t+s dIlelpl· li]IIthe sad evils ruwlig'e ,om lthilr mL ICUrl cit , t ' n d h o 4 ltiYm htilil nt e iLse beln nl.h t iflt d t tiht el lld ii, talI "e t hualll t timsr gtiti itthy ni tnot tlt nget seidiit * o* a ttgie ntttnnitn tle.Titiiitnatl nt. 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U s t't di teld .he autioni to wh l e , oaictu ll' wle'tltl A l h tt h t it t I iti/inns fesit sath 'l l l hn excl traclliE Uga subi lnre tile TN wo i llc orbit++ tII i lEII !11Id· )IIPI .ts1 of1 .li.. l nltl w io i i lu t la111 bich, i r u it h l el u, hl itr etf ctl j h pal liaryttttigtttitn tin. Sh ih:t a ui , min bzn .oth acte a}.nd chrot tij i mdwt i n j.nttl l teltt o n i·sll th I'aIho ic l l i itti I n tii t etit t a theh i sn L ei: u t,.lll 5h-l. +lh .t O++ C lli lle; Xl; ltl . ow lg Ilplk. a d i, i ateIts( o5 quic n hel+ of 5 theI·CC· 1( l i h ii e Irtici+ ov Oth | lum toin.l. i eitai itl i tiuli+..l' Ihl'e.c~ed ilhl bi' lt'~lon5 t~lIi~t!.m olii·t whhlli;1lO ~L I·I act ..i'+-.N.oh bl~rICll oil Ihe il(Ji· i, o~l-ga.+ :III . Ait, · li~llJI~ll· iCC·L 0lll, aIUillllvlrel. nlihla airl. Ii:ttli t ote.h tl i nrnc ateiit Itittntliet cicuratilhgs veil Iso t hee n urfac If01I.*LGOf i ther body, aCcoymiedUIII I t3, tl e iplts.h ith, ti'oi n i t ttlltl n e hI.c .llusa t li elr dn i tie tl blli,,i"," l,.lll il t +:OI eiS .+ tltqi ollielil.d iletl. HQJIUll i ilir inm 'ltltngl itt l tttti ittttatttlti1. iie a€ pras i. i l 1 t T'.hii c bec inu h e id ilsp e lnsl y n.lileca s inlll of lotn sountins m~Ar iiid.i or w nw emn ia. or arti seo S~.': Illth t iJII ll £ie th a s yi. fthe ntin ution: tilt, :liiliii Ii , t Iiitti tl ,,llt llutltIttl it t lt i iles et leLt h II :(IIh.( i,,. .t .e of 11w wh le art i tics ,,e erI· fo iie itr n l np t l'l ocvlell lhienlce, thi, med i ' frmed intoSe gt a lill, Il e i hlilt ilii t ie ntnhtartic, aitirtnive, ihn phlu~rrdc: 11 itt nI`h r llo w pillainrettic , seim fu:`e ilhill ii.g ot .rliii ant i t inton teh Cintiat hiteiatitantion It liintliieinin at tnitniiouqiitiatss hinhb h n tlt:le: ,li t l'ii ll. I tlttl i lilii k dit l i) . dol ' lii, s ,t n tl t li i iti t li" eid ln t o el11lll 1i iitl,. or t L i IIe i i i at Ites l ut h t it l i a h, Ii l cch·il) di. nl b c tmiltl Ii" i . intti h i I tnt I.e · h -In ', II, ? H i· I tl itui' tI i t t t IIi i t ta' g: tn r i . n~l ' Il, ilt,· I iil\ cl nwdhs, i s 1cai .loe Sl.t.€llrl, l: but .1 1t iii,.. thli~ e ..tmll .al tl'st oniiulo 11\ 'iii'\ .h:mlg..m. ·ri~llct l,n t ihl~ br .tl~l , lti i lit. ''lr li~li,. Lt. lit~e it.l~j Iii lltl III; 1tiillt t Nl l i iitili I ii ll V .'l hii e II I % t l ti \\'I·iil(hl. tbtcd\ o.U 1i 1 .llt t t in Iii JIti .i- i lltii e llo r ii lii iith i ti tl. tat t o h IIeniut~i ht me.inittitihl lcihtt- tiiiiitittt~ln intgataa l tl t. T h i lldi t iltitdi i thiiiL ttiIt I eiittn sn t as t+%:'le ki: l e i, ittllei rn nt ltitlW ltilltilattiim I eiiias +. .hit :I ,i e,'t.n.+,av 'ee. SI).Uiit.tnnitnnknitg I; l nist, nf iseirl ttn tntesasr ai 1'~"1' "<'" "'+ .....~ll "<','1.r.7 u II.I...,.<5.,, - I,;;o,,,d ll th. . . - ne tle i btl lt' " ,Iu T y t. iant attn . s ris, w 1 h·JS t It i - h pll e, tttill t ht Ilgt nitito t ti ttale iae s ·rIIii··!·: hate Inken uolla l r inl~s ulo enq~ive among me~dica 111, an1,t1d1 w wIiiU wIIII , till a tt'ld hia[ cilha tntiot. Ittg t h te, gnu u he t lttltti i, nit ltnea nt trgt ti n l i t i , t h I ptHS o uc illtn i l atlliotla i. tht t ltsit I i ninii ihiill . o I t liti nc thuaie m tlltineaf r n: whe rchargenl, t v lt-n t1.i i , aua nO I l .e llb terDt' e wll.'. ou tl ydl i gill e | o t huc(u i - d ist i lg . nd , : rlit+ l 't e e Is l o : c l ,lilio w l \ nt h tn v tp o i sadbl•h atin, u , ,i l b is le r etC ly t , t a h n .. t C·il lirsa i n. ,+ l le , The above medicine can be obtained rnly f the Gm . rc.mrl r ma " agents Lavii i i m ml w i.ision siIncd Ily "\. 1lihc, PIres't E. At. C." anti cunhtrigned hby "s' & II T Stoner,iGeneral Agents for SLutisan.ll' an d bearigr. the IlComlpy se.l. LiL .f 'i.acsas. E & IT ' tor,' herl .Agents fur Louisina, 114 S. Co. 133 hl Lc.vee slreet, opposite Vegets Ia':ul \.ti nh c or('1 I( 1 vet sol Hospital streeL .Ini, ts e s. J ' Iallt & Cu, corlnier Tchoul:itoulas and I.ied r 11' w l h l 1. l ] r th. ' nIch s. I. ,- t;,-Tnob (ii~ lA.e 'lneane. i tin a ean Launip ste. '" ,,. \, . 4 ~E.n ing Co. Row. pr.1)'I o lorueit. O ni t nll.l s di.' ie b wholer nalr mit lt ltun ti: (i '"r An .it sl at Ne. Otleau: 1 a n ~,l |:.0.0 int.i ~L [e pi lumptly avended to. i . CoI ', . tal r t ,E:" Parish ild (itv of Ne; 3 ' rs.-- t I le, h and filing the petitio a-, ih is ordered hly the Court St;,t 1'u ' . ,,tllra n tU'n"- iei.,P o , l:lt pothow t ite in p ed t eIl: (· ntrdns Il1 w 7!, lill " 7 of July, 1638, why he h.,ii ,h| u. t La dl-rlln . Tcr.l ucou g to ho.w" and I n Ih , ulnl inne nill pollc adb . l .gaist his pbronu and pion C i .kt untic, hn OrIlns, June 11,1838. j, , a taAIANi EtTO'r, Clerk.. ,'it . I.A h ii 1N,..--Cur deParoeee S pun la Iar iase ,it hl ville de la Nouvell Or ir. "1.--n Ir t !'lnro .nn. il't Ii nrii an.juge, 11 jltin I.~:cr~l:~~ g l. i~ 1,--bt . 1· II.- Iit ter conthe eel "Xn n i ,l'.-- I r ' hrllet 'r n i el ient de .petitionet Slat sniednh, duns eetlie nliure, II est decrt6 er la coor line le, i "ciurier S de I'l nsul abl e faire sarb"k leara rbai ou l; "rout rouve:l, rSa: anti 7 de juillert, .IJtpourquol ii ne . nit p1uint dech ri coEnformoehnct i la loi,nat et t , lll Ie lllos onllllltes conte sa pb'sonnl on sla hurau i 'jeti, r, NttI lle Orleanis. 1 juin,1&A8. '"It li, 1S M.$ 1n Nt P'OT', Gre' thler. .T'II t--ian-h of Jefereon-.en S'ru, t-- : I'.roe~e, daemed. OS " "r l: t, tat I l-nc ta'.l IF. at t(n ts h tcltck mn . I dn.ayse h ul '+, .ec ef eth- :aa unrablu tire Caltttofetp n , t (' l .,..,.t I.In , 1t I .-ti i ,.t , J i .nn asra; 1 will eztnoe at UN \:". ,u. of^.,Uýý rCI ' .1of hera heri ,1 'h . by Undivided halftO tiel , NI. , u t t . \l .nttac. r 1 I lltl ilnt e.n Nt.) . h 'l. a it ' , un ,,t ,,d' n3 . SIT, a griP, ' attn "I;narn . - I'tit-I , to t w y" at II.tIt M, n irrn r , 7,w II, t r t in t he rs ttr .. Cui; . u. . $o:; d lh h).-c, Ukega I prLA-LB - , G h Io4n, but , ,ed oly who tkhe soGes , " uihebrl. J urA E-,lR I F i sale by . " R -- "

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