Newspaper of True American, July 6, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 6, 1838 Page 1
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PRICE 12; C ENTS. -. .. . .. . .... - - . .. . -. ...- _ RIC... . ...NEWE N ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 6, 183.Vo3._~-.I d154 Ternme of Le Newspaper Press of New Orleauc B. Brower A_ OI Terms of sthe Newspaper Press of Nes Orekaas nanimeo.sly agreed to at an aetjoturedrl meeting of tLe Proprietors, held an the 13th of Mareh, 183 : usotsaalrrlo .--l'welve IDalarn for tie daily pg per per unnam, payable semi-annually in advancea: ten dollars for the triweekly country paper, payable one year in advance, where no city reference is given. No subscription will be dibsontinued until arrsarages are sattled. In case of di continuance, one week's notlee a woriting must be invariably given, previous to the expiration af subscription. ADoveR I5luba.-L)e dollar per souare for the first nsertiln, and half that price for eaeh salaequent one: ,ayo material alteation from the original advertisement will be a new one. YtAuaL ADVoRTisauas.-Merhants and Tredthires, arty dtlars fIa I English alone, and sixty for both Ion guages Basnks, Insurano e Olfices, and other similar public nstutintions, fifty dltlars in Engliseh only, and sighty for both languages; Ship and Steambost Fac rs, or Commissiaon merchants sixty dnlltsarin English as, andeighty for bothl lingtages. JlRRIloESn, OBIrnAR a NOTieI and articlesell site attention of the public to sales ai penperty, erda of passengers, benefits, &c. &L. will be esar aul as dallar per square fr the first insertion in eaen (tut;:a. CdeMMUNICATosn s, or Advertisements, of any pnrem Il nature, when admissible, elsall be lcharged dounle, end in advance A dedutioan of twenty-five percent. will be maml to Auntioteers, Sherilf, Ilegisomre of Wills, antd tlar|als on sales rc real estate, neelisited in both langsnles, nslid ,50 per cent. isE soih alone: I0 por cent. on sties t' other prepirty. ADvIaRTISEMErNTs ant of the direct line of buaires of the advertiser, such as legal, sactson, and lt ion sales, runaway slavei, slray nilonl ,&. &c. ill be harged for se .atce ly, and at he ordinary srate ADVaaRTIeEM.NTS nat specified as to tile., ielie u-lished one monati, antd charged aecordilsely.[ No adlvertlsements of bankruptcisa will le pajhiinsd D. ny case, alness )aid ior previas ts inaoertis. or aymnoot guaranteet by a restonstcibe sprsltn i tow bheaters and other pl.eo at nolsemalt , t lvertit, aail"r tlhe aaoe,. to Ite charged $111):l fitor tgli a sas, ind 1541 in bola langa.ces. All announ.e ent ts ,f caeliilatie for polst sl ..i:re be ehairged doble ttile price if Clether Ud.n.. .r:r ', to tl e ilmnsec eoancotiinrd ba nsewaplr op.tettlo, thes have cttnom tice t,.ncalunaic th.l.le n-ans of personts htvhoe Cco tt Iaov ha n o (ltts ll eep a wtin e one cont atter pre.,tntntitn i stal h e 4dIe t-novt (si far s' crac , abilt ttt -.tI' Otthri -tihety t -Il. ,raasie theisolvyes tnt to a Inertnae or cr;sit lor es lh hnling cents, lnliessan ease oi adtnaatwe patlnaltS.' - . sgne di ..C . .).. o r. Ic. d.dlc J. IIAYI'. P. P. MI.ta. J. (C. P:tlI:I)Flfl(;AS'l JOHN GIBSON LUMIISI)EN. /ee/si Press.-We, tsis sladersisnad, agCree it10 nid -ors the above eta.litions, as far is they are nppliciisl to -atsklv papers. gdigned) A. B. LAWRENCE, ss§ Nn sllbecrptidns are taken for ley than 0 momtlb. Iettlera iaunt, i ol s cateb, be post pahl. PAIN ILtEVISITEl by the authrnf "A.1 vea in .s 'pain," in avnls- Harrq leorl, a ,tit oel Ib ew utlhr to"Cecil llyde," in"2 vwat. 7've .rtrels J Ida es, a iltiher tales, Iby tbe anttiltr il "'TI' e Ftrea kboo," i.t volti. Nialtrd'salltatterl'onln; inttraspelsredl is , ls t trs.ter tit e cstic iti, o ;nlto l ticiLesis o 0atorting let, irluditng nations alttha vrinacsipali crck Ie.s of liuI lltd wtith a Ia'l ieiNti n c sontsstln d e.lll d *lottss, to which er idtlc N t site ittint I tag ,hullo ds, it., tl-s lBea' i B aicrnt, nti lilt iiI iitacc,l, t .\leI: . tetnont, c lV t t. (.I s r s lIit. N.,aiu or uI1 the "" ol's Sailo'," zc. ILI' voiis. (C+'I 11m, teri es i i, its i t t c J ctri i trd t itc tee, sits ad e l'e c i o :. -,,li .std A eilllell i hy s. h(:lh Story .. 1, . . I). t)vidl, tlnil ic.lbr." f-tsrral l ti ac hib, or rlhls tilr tei, 0 Ia,.1 '- '+ t S(.olt, U. S. Armzy, a :t 3 to cs. Jostt re,:rivc d :,, c aill s le 1lY \V3ll.. ,h'...tIt 7 i r r c t ;ro itmct " s ito stellnll . T ii ttsc -ts ifr ; I ah,', n t a iii ir, (/tli is hl. InI'v,, t ).:ll in t:'l,.I 'aI-l fll; . \Vall }ee Iin , '1,te e ; t'ci, t .ll tll. ;5 .tic tlt'tt na , -l ily S ,tttdlind incc it of 1, l is t tioir ;l i t tsni i: I ; i ('tetisl : Iltill ,+; "I'It, I cavl cit I ti-is,, oily lis'-- t ll'i .,t ' tine; tih, do i ot I .a-el.'.ti-'all . .5,m mc,-; li'- ith ',, til Son'. ',SI +tll .v+ .'+ r Ill ' IIa ¢III ; 1Vh+, '0,"ý II I ' l ,' 11, nr,' t;< · I:I i .i ~'I. ,1 , i" I h cc .I ' I",t1":i \'+iIi it . lt lIl . i'h " ,";" I l ro' " V' "" c'a bi ltt ,ii't "iic s,1 it r. f ' h chrtt.c' . - ,.,- ~1.r. l , ', . " " ,' ; ,i i1.,,t f) ~ t,- ,,ih , il l,. I 1,i-i,,, r Is i it i i, c, ., hIa ' l tie ,'i I 1' tI, ct.- i cit ', ii, ht Icc 1 .,..l"a: t , o "t~t 14"',,:tI to'.V -hs, '" cr.ttt - t1,is : ',..,Il]o tt'I , re, lio.1 'it il-i- lw ; I i ., I ,, . .t ,.... ~ ~ t all \I' ',"a .+ ""," Cu, . ction Iof tlloI m IT l.rub., Tn Tq.Tr tT Tc ."I" ce.,.ort t, lraintain conversation, rr T,*-ld nleh'J i 'rnnt hoilda, vitlh uunurous relarkls oi th, l eulia ii tl'OlotT'i:Ttlon tanmd Ilt of vlrioun wovlrd. 'I'I wh1le so I , /e d i atls co tsdltlIral t,,l I illitta I lt It.e lll'l, iotllln of II cornlr t p.t TTnT'ilTn of the F.reTchT. ly A Ioll har, a Inew tldio , rlvilsed nl currrrtectd. A siolnt, I (olle Ihllndred of l'rrin' T1 'jll ot.,eTicoT palted with a key, contailing the text, i literT l di lrl IIee tl'nlllation, arruae in such a Ismannaer a Itoplit out the, dilerellco Ibetween the Prench and IEnglishT idimT also a Iinrdm pronn ciat itin of the Frenchr, eaccrinug tou Ithe best IFrenh works eratnton tihe suIbjct. Tih whole preeedeli by a short treatise on the SeuTlis of the French olaguage, eonpnred with these of thle English. A Prunoanclt ing French P'rier or tllr ! er lltlar's nttoid ,to Its accurate pronuncintion and (,thography of the French langu age, containing it alements aUt ccrding to' best usage, by Bernard 'l'ronehii, '.lt crtTivetd ald ,r sale ty W\M OI1e(EAN, e, (:'or Coamp h& CeI ate. BLI.UE ULPillRI SPKRIN s. ItREENBRIIERI COUNTY, VIRGINIA. 1 4I11, falvorite watering place in the mluntiine \'Virgnlin, 1! mileswcs of Lewi;hburg,and I 1rlo the White Sullphur, will be open in due sCa ton tr the recelttion of rolopany. ,llny ielportaTt filnrove.nelpta ehave bhele ndei since tile ttl eansoun. A spalumous hdll room, al t nlnber of single-hsdded rlnllt hnv Ileonl addd and no v fnihins : all rding ace ,mmodation.. by tit' Isntf Jlly, for 250lvisiter.. An ext.TTllcnt turn. puke road has bot n constructed passing by the tpringT , snd iutersectineg the Kanawha turnptike nat 1 wis burg . Over thils, by drteri ,l of tlhe Irt nllica deparetTent, Mdoenrs. Beldin, Walker & c,'nT.·len of il adcoaenhes will run. A o post c llic linn ell tablisrh, tthe speriaged, visitors may rtcive ItWS.ihn l V iiors.n pond daily,ieastalndl nest. )f th, Tediinal qtlitir; of th .e wauter, tbeil t rorietrs. nnued n ot T pen',I . i'l, .hane been analyslrd iy able a rtiTllI Tloeel chiT miirt, nel oanld t Ileol ll sl latt.n all tlte nlulttb;i inTgtlei tOl l the mosntcelelrated s prir!a i l Vireilia. 'hteeOlell itmtetiou T cTItliins TatuIe StnltIJTrttTT 'eei droene, SnltP ete of e1agallia, Sulplh It oft o Ilm, C:ar banatu of dlie, Snlphaou of afiea, Murlnto of tolo t, rnd .!.ll'ilten Of. tUltgre In,' t!lo salutary et"te" ,r:liwill are exhibited ian hincident tt o t lTaT ; T d TT hrTu ic a.ftcliltlt of the ontotCh, litnt r, T ni ure ivei; in ,aft neoias dfietiuns or disnaser oa Iti in at, no rein dy sthOe potent tr e'lfieacious uletnnie fl n md. txtelsive ltldhing entnblislnmTTeT ftur both ar xes have been erected conTaiguule tn th" estrings Visittre eai at all tines enujoy the nculils a Ivautages of thlilr be nign and whohlesome ellentes. Majnr William Vasa will cootinue thie superionttel, ance of the spring. Evesr exertiou on bhis nrl. ntl an thle part of the roprietors, shall be rendered to iTsnTre for tie Blue dulplhur a libtoral sltre of the IpTObiT IiT aton:ge. 'Flhu propriettrs of the Blue Sulphur Springs wit bea iherl in the reeiT t of notes otal .Ii T thel antd \Was n Banks wrhict anre rons dered olr t,ateLpr. MARIA 31.tNK. &c. w UVI. dieclmenlres of Maria Mou of the lintel Dilen Nnnaery of lMontre.,T , Is, li 1 wth an ap petTlit, cnlniniTT pert 1, ItecepttiTtt. firstledition; part hd, Seqel on her narrative; pr.ld, PIrview of the case. Also, ia sul leulet, giving more tn articolars o the Nuery end groud, illustrated b a pla a laon It the N Il nery, &cc. Maria Monle and the Nunnerv a f the lintel Dien--e ing aut aeront of a visit to the Convents otf aMntreSl and refutalioa of the 'Aw1el Ditslosures;" by Wie. L. .Stone. Fotrth experiment of Living. Livineg withot means. IThe Stttdnlt's Instructor in IDrawing and working 'The Five ordlers of Archlitectre," fully rexpltiinig tile tlethnles fin striking regutlar anIt qtlrkehd lthleTr; ftr ditutinbtng anId glieing nfo luulnnas nd clitals; ir fitding Ite trute ditTnleter ofatn Trdlr to any giver hIightil; hr tslrking the, Iotic VOlItt', eireuhlr orIeliTticTT l: itl finilntd examnles, on a large scale, of the ordeIs, their Iplanchers, nc.; end sonic designs for dor casTs, ole geItly engravstl ot fortv-one Iltlus, with explate--Ihy 'Peter Nicrtltioa, architeot, author of thte ".dlchnaie's Coespnntitvt;t- "tarlsuter'.e New Gtlide," "Cerirpeatur't Ttid Juieer's Aeais aut,' de. "A Practical Treatise on thl Culture ofSilk," edullt ed tot thir soil and climate of the United States-hy .I. I;. Casttaukb, secretary ofthen llartl'nl coutly Silo So t'rit V, and'dlitr of the "Silk Culturist.'" "Th'l Silk Rilisr's Manual, or the art of and faeding silk worms, and of cultivating the M rlhbrry ere--lby Mi. Morin. 'he Clerk's Guide. or Commereial Corretponeener; comprising lietters of bsaiatsu, lortes of hills, invoices, nccoult-salee, tad shupkeeper.,equation of paymenta, eonnteneial termlus, &e.--by B. F. Foster. "'llistory of the War in the Pesineula and the Soutli .of Franee, from the year 11107 to tiheyear 1814" by \T. F'.P.Nllier, C. B., vol V.;to which t perlxer an swers to nse ettabks in Robinson,'s Life ofPiettu, ned itn the (erterledy RLeview; with counter rseatrks to lMr. IDudley tllene'gn Pereival's resmarks h pen sme e msa. ges i Colnnel NnlTier's fturth volume oettho Peninsulav War. re ve.o nI efur aadby P neso.einn otte 1it el next mulnth, tihe two r eators dwell:er It nlse sedioiding she new .Me IvJIL tnodst Ciete ha cen Peoydrus street; oecouptid p'renat Iy Dr Rogers Also., 3 sntail tenlulluts on Gir-d street, a few door" esm laronlle-t. Applytu I)t YLE IA. MAY, ut4-7 3 UCetdrl r streert. B. Elrower & Ce. -AYE just I.seivetlpot their Ponrlihing Vore-hbous I5[ No. if Caop ,treet. by reelltoertoes liomt i.,n rope, and the North, targe addition, to their asoek oi use.lil codoreamenctl lsosotekeeeinog artieleo, witiolt eel leeltvily (they believe) fo~rm at assort'toent motle geter al and complete thni i*to blie feunol ill coy athiller etab. hlshment kntown; onsirstingof SILVEit WARE. Coles od tea aeta; pitche w te, mooers, cstoner, esnlote stiks, Inaels, tumblers cod gobleta; table all desert lBrks; toble, deser ntt utea spoons; marrolewran gany, or ra geat snloon su tgLse to ngas; etgase ico cn d s soup ladtes; hatter,f leit, tildtidig ond islh khivest piekle t! tci sert ksives ant forks, tttkio, rio, e. .principally fiool the snulottolt, of Mnr Ii. iouelirtle, of o..Yo.r, whose long est.idsbe, reltutton for the ne aelfotnre of silver wre. is sulheiclt goarroitee oUf its lUltotior IATgIII tcRI Or StIItIA.FI.LD AND ilE. ,MINnHAM. Ten ond oftpee ura, tea a iets tores, liquor siod eor !ial steaiito; aoperb eantllebrha, asit Ettgue s witll mir or plteaotx, for centre of tcIte diloer or ller tahle; tootes roolllll clod oblong, frot 8 to tl Rllles; beef sleuk citd vegetib.e dibhes; rich ~slk covers; cske atd tlrod h:tskets deitentre stoods; unoItlet ateI chAMlher cotedIestieaks; wmls stirnmars; eooler not I lony l t e tr oolnes, etttetk, ter ettnhilers. tatle belts, tea, to blie. egg ano lltrdnt stinoono; egg boilern adcolstoenoIt' toant iasces, e. SItVII ON STEEL WAItE . 'bile en desert klnve, f, irlks acod sltoes; el sout! Ita;e lales itier toi gob kanlVe, chiIee set000 s, 0s toers.Les ugs, vegetable fosbks, etu. tAPANNEIIY. rlte lothtE Sa.ite :tu' , to ulsd e l orutel waPlter in sottas inn! nIinl, !'roi gi Ro 31 ientn; doft ol opin.o o tL,; aoeat, 'ctroesr , anil kenfe Itays ll Igee rsrig tli clbre -ul~rIll!l+si ujli .l., 141 a s' inl ca.h ,foxes; itreSs ll. cuell S : nllaia tunc lalolel inii in, salles l.topanlll;oIiclkI Ofail ea'twin' thel1, teo. lAMPS. · rl citab e lorhotls ntmral 1II;) U(ouns mad· lasltles; Ion.ioi Ci'eno iEilb io , aoii i trsIe h e dlIei llnstgln litillt ln i1t1 I, dol e t tr ll, cl o h hil oaolllllb gl.; stltio l on i . 'Is ,Isrdid c 2t ih s do; rozd (1)WlE.hpne i.r .cleeieoittglie laes rsstloe'ioeiid~tceiion;rasee l teln holibeu l tooaips. J I\s lit';I fIttonP ANI!) ttskt; Jix.. rr;DA I. . cilenteorti lorecote ee glon oloelloti isoni ls, iai 1r:, e. e ltii "2o , .Cnn looteeclic ,, T , ., • , . IT lt., o . , , ic 1., gt !way,, oppe:Isl( 0odeiars bIng a CR A th 00 o I :,hlltlol llyl ec , ' .liel ti lesl hcliitd o ee Rle '.rep o ll . . .. it I Jl" i', 'll l'l ' i mlto f I hcliocij i1 CI', F'. It1.1Iii,' i'-ldtll~ilitllb.S AliI ]l 'leI i lt l Iotit l nt ,i loi''' ntllo ntot ll , g ic oIli ll tgil telel ; i ' COtlll tlng iil' .oil ki elll ;oi c,'lokst eooocll Ioolceelceeio ca!.loioletoI lni O'idtitilli htnolllelelto. el's, c Iie rbll l S, toll Irt·ti i c C Le. lI l ClilA lb AttIC toia IttIi 'LAIN. I,llesInlish o ll' el+olli o l ingtlecitsicicto, t e loinlllll:tio ele - b. eolll il e, toollll ..·ll, O l ille r lcllcoln' cll. leill od eertoboI uiieo lulcmiokntttie~ lihl,lll. l.l l.;c IAlm ~lal ilik A All h s . F.\I'AI(E U'I.IFNWAIII. I)inoig, rlserrl leo, :enltee, Ill bfotui' n ll s llolp solld lllet llltlolrcnlr t, e oli tell ec L ntonellcee nleloet.iec ,tIn, II-i )l:C Ill'S lwirtclwrl .la. et IPllll i(l·Oll ell tliP.t!l.t. ,l i· J .IIP Ibfl' ,%' ;lai d ish sl , l el 'v C lV;is.++,,, Il L +tai ·'l jllil % l.1:, 1- h w licle'or icil llslle r leicoos, tnilti ll s c llallpldloe ieo niIoei1o..ig , 8(hlllr·t e1:r a;;dial%1 hu.,.ulV: I~l jeily Ilila.+e; ileco5r· tltieii,iiiin I la ieceti t teed jol y' gself i ce l ion husk cit.e! € v(sa, I c'(rrklr |IfII +.|1~ i'-ll| ..,.)+~it.S. .1" i(ll" ICl. li~flllI. I , llll·CI ' si jvC i IllsI .4, l',l :AiIt 'oeio. g' l eehltiecoio'lle ttiii s ell.ll i ell . 1 . crll eteo let l -,,· ec.. t tIc te cenen clc..Ll i t II+.I ,'i. ; 'ct·. gietel cll iiLi· cc~teccoi'coootlk'e'f, oooco'.'biinco on |.e'AoNoo ee'ktccItvn.'loot cob' 1 ootcoiic, IhtlitliAl I wie b.,dl.t i' lit + tE ", 'I ll',~ WA ll!i.~ ice v e cqlecdticll1co ne-loc;c~ le lco tl htu i l. <lt cocillli l iln th n iehi; i e li b/s litt , ifm noon' ine ,,,:,' !i 1~ltm tlil~i! . e :it'o1' io illll cti, Iii 0 th imi+ l+h'|, .k le en n l cll i ecoecs, ciy leioet'll'U Io, ccnck~I 'lo~l%, i +.lce lecI , ;l i-lii+ te ltt llIi\ he'URN t tIlh IFI1 oeo et c ' cl., .i ,,itt'cco i't .eIi'e .t ' +'.tio :t' cll rh ', z t 'l .,I m l il, 0.: l I * ill " I) t.' n , .tF r ,loolll, a t '~a o,5 n ot N '11 'n ,! Folr ldo. of4 lsoasn do. or 4 saws in a uSIN l, at. l 0.ii per I . C ', or 360 0i SIN(ill l fil S. Florn nioil/ will iIfl l0 stwl r more', with onln set of feders, b:n.dsl, e. at $6 pier h:la"w, $i18 00 FI dll l. of 15 liws, witll, eeders,r & t $. Sper so 300 00 or' idon. 'a0 a</ws, witl fý'eehrs, $o. - 75 pr vw, ,00 00 For dol f (?0saws, with n i'edaes, &i . at $7 50 picr ,aw 1l0 00 Extirt-tih wherledesirell, ie lrfeders, spplied a i0 cv.i , eqaet Ihn ta 1.,be'r III nee , being about equal I, iti~r lner of a ts I )helset of feeders, it is .in sihltre f however, will wear out Io or thlree sets pl Siosit. Exte: 61o 1 ,saw /i/id t'e 81 C'l9 - c$h. "rhI', Gin,. rlhleed, will be delivered to the agents of pl eltrs/ in an0 0f thlleea pornltawl of the cotton plau Iik Sft.t4C, li the5Ole h lil lcel the irlens piy ing the Iiclght tin tllhe Wl tilll'nm New Yorik, Sod u IegOglll I r spona.ile f0r lie aounmt of the Gii. A hin w.ight wililbe sent with the ains 0 p,t themt'i ul l.whre de~ siretl; the ellarges fnor wse services will be extra, but h:alerate. ai'en eoiingnln,.'ewiia'li'll)i' o0rda'r where desired, lh l r leasoualell s tt s b t.-i wIIIIt | e iholl.e ,I m e t . Iors, plower, orn S dcilti'o, can be fnlihi ed l like 'rl, . Sluall seam elnginles can also Le ordelred ifl de It H,+'.isiratlv, when paniter, give orders for (.ins. :i)t itniad ce, a,,n) tllhe withl heir*iwae inl i gegtlla S*,"' rll'giElnl tfllT saws, bil'asts, bfushes, &tc. It , lll"i , th dii.1l1r in opiioU . Son"n desire saws ofl : ,,r1 1 I mei:lli er than othters. T'ile ilest cl Ol~oi0 size 'J ur Il illn .e; a t rlIso e ' tilh ( 018 inches. Soll ie wi.Ii 5 r Iti rows of brushes oi an anl', while others do . At mut t IIt , l i:-.t ioti . l' ull .· Wislt with 8 i1t v . u. t, i, (tilt illmh, whille othersL antgill o tl. Se Ii h enll, IisCreputl, we pieler they sbhoild, lt lic I, 'l hg i s finnish uo, st.taein1t of tlfi T e itheirl v.- t d ithe "u :.1 u e ,uholtcti b n l a f fili/i them in ele/b rtuila. WhereC it is It ftla ouir dlitiaet'n, we shiill ,make thetn trtt timlI ern and uppr lll llav.ll l, it, ll'i can hlt e x~e itentd fnlano the tio it is e l/elvell n, the siueetf.eight nr nine. weeks, anut the (1it in that time pl'eiin alah hand of thSfa/tor. To lae in time tie tile ne l''/p, all ordlrs oughlt ito be in tihe iands of i ik n, sil' eIntin. N. II. The Iateul Right, for nvy lle of the cetton g."own. t:les, will be sold oil reusoualrlena. 8I'bATI /a OF' I. I U /IAN t.--First JutlicIal Distrie'If Co ,'t II' STiVIT - OF IaIulSIAN., To all whom Stlhose Presents shull cmlle, Graclingi--Wherea. ailliam .)ltarke~Ilao l pullarcbae.l ait a d idSe mnlle by the Sheriff of the t a lilth of Orlecans, thI property hbl-,ilalier d ,clrihed, has alpplied in the, clerk of" t ,i; court, in whot e o'li/ e l he ti ed laof stle was recorded oll the bth day Iof Mali, A. D. 13:. for ita lmonitilon or ad veltise/alent in conformity to an net of the Legislature of the State of Lou-i/inna, eutitled "A a Iact for the further Nsstlllce of titles to p rehlatrs Il judicial sales;" anl proved tite lilth day at ,llnrch,1I34. NOW, therrelr know ye, andtall persons interested herein, lre Ihoreby cilted ad adllonllislleled in the name of tlh Stato ill ILouisiana ill of theia irst Judicial District Cotart, who can set ut' ane y ri/ht, tite or claiml in and to thopio lpertyv hlercinftliurdlscried, ta.eun equence of lly inlrhilttvy in the order,decreo or juldgentl of thenou.rt under which th salle was muilie, or any irregularpty or ill bnlity in the il se, meslrie and . aldvrtiAsements, in tamle, or Intller of sale, or for anl other dlefect whatso eveal to show CalseP, within thiflivday fn)rom the day thoe sale soi made lhuald nUt bh COrll., , n!o,) nnonhi. gatledl. iThe aid Itlaoerty wais old by tile Shel ,'; :, i'r iWh nbresaini n the 23d day tf Apr:,. DAU. tAl., ,,y virlte of ilecrae i f tlild co/n ba relndered l t tlhe 31i diay of 01arh, A. t. 18//, in I s/Iit Elti/ e Williatm Milke v. namuIel BIhell, No. 15,535 of tlhe duaket of this courr, at whicli ale sand Wilitlnl sMally becaune tile pur eh/snr li r the plie/ of I3,;100, ncash. Description of Property as given it me Judicial Con. vevan/e, vlz: A certain lot of grolnd, atogetlh with all I.he bid-. inbg anl ilproveln ntea hedeon, situated in the ttllriah of ( rleans, in .itIe qaalit IouIl/d by New Leeee Luuisa, Paut antd Delord streets, dlaignated by the No t on a plan drawn by n y. F. Zinpeal sepsta Surveys ar General, on the /t6th IDecnllumber, 15-1". and deplosited as plain No 11), ill the Ilok of pans olf elix Grime, notary puli. Said lot mIeaisuresIC '21) f~et )1 inches front on New levee itlreet, 7.5 fPt ill depth of Ihe sile eldjohdllz lot No S, .r8it 80 feet 7 inehos and S lhaes in deptlh o I'the aide adj/iniag the pre/pa ty naw, or Ilna/t V betlngiI to N Landalea and 19 feet II iele, qidinh in the rear, a herl it frontst on aln alley fa three fiat nine inches in coNllllol to tfel Not 1. %'6a'a. 8 and I Slerk's Oliclr, Ith M Iv,138.. 11116 G W LE.U'IF, iDe,. Clerk. tile reoer r..e .vetel on ''ur'rdo lost, trip to Cincinnati, for one day ronly; I roturred oagai Ins night. I begfin to fclthoar i n anery iurrpoctrrnt indi SVritol, as thii tnstst tirn Jottiar+ili city netw vas put Ainto "y wnnd, stating, anrongt a greant amnly othe things, tant I Iad actually run o aay fron I.oeusvillh to rscapethe esiects of tite ornderful sragetic nea te of dctor Sntrip, the knight of Ilte tlhinitle, alis, A s St cly returnhuowvert poeus taot the ible If theu r n wolfe i us a ppliue to the Journal. Tho fnile is "A boy was eaplorVes nR etseI and esse thie ulnr, when she woilf aip4pearedr" lie ir eig either a 'liostsnte,'a tailor'snn p. or a liar, ftrequret:ly cried out 'the wolfin oning,'t t, thle ret tu dialy tec the itiensn Thy lit last found out Id rel taiarecter: thit ire was n liar, and not tnohe blse eolve ena lenlo spoke te trut." 'hle I'ct is, titat Ocaues most prouco thlleir effects. So it will prove of the ii-wire writers, Dr. Sni& Co., ie the Jonsral. I wollsid udvcie them to prcyide theor selves with l tasastrt1neuitse press, in trader hit Iteet'thi wonderfuldemtnd one'increase ofl'sithatirapero a, well knowns ta rao nU mar y who seek for eoshing ilt, lnlsehood,ortt of s tleoe •ne o the etrr ere ofn tIl a ori le. i ut nfIertnnts ele fir (ol In Snilt, tf needh, l' tlimble erlehrits, tile .rct m as of ite illin usof A ,reicun peolt e "ll, l foote.ialnll fr lll a ne Ia h ern i L truthi. 'lherforr sihey will, (nseelicts irotucod iry tile arnannars rttleo rniiytoali rattrstroiutpe ' t hthatsl Intur: adly sdr I wlallt In read a mllro lht I imane reley on tielre' I ill seek out Srlshnli eil' oern a o erbthriiesr irt til e htlr jtlrej ntltr t n llt e rta uiell will tort Iota.nfinI c. Th'iitri s ini sstatirtneeeC e a r u ttp pl I shle to etqulr r.t.filtntittU; vet I till tt: I sre nite ae r e ulenetI. . ' git :Hp. S I. wr i' , 1 th Ingm -a ll r ,+Fld t.t'il.,i oen i i t r ftor t rr ltl ingesi thr al riI t ' r .rtIt , r L ' .t t itlror t l trI I hi ght hI ll' ;t n elll . v r 1h. ''r:sli 'IIrr, e lll lli n tt'rr llt )- r, o It dtint t nll t str/,i v l ol t 'tt, 't1l ot t th Il , 1 tl s' e oftit h, uPir t tin e r ii ' tlrsIr h I '/'lof nh rl n l'hili-nis lt<i [. '. i' I eel (trIt at ht ill''rts rrl' )rti'''i rrl'lnt. h lt' II t tsto .t ot, al rrtt' , huv llet' t i tlr \ I el , l l 'rth h olle i tie to n'r ( g e d1. u r . w rd I i k'l] I tr, ,c. ri OITPil: rith- 1II1k. Ijlall tw at i tll . e. I ' 8 la1 h rth +y,( tie tlr mor '- ' '1 wich 1h" t'rrhei Ier d ttyw rk it'tt Ji 'trrItLLIAJIstr i+ 11.) I hI ve julllile t rcivll d, a :i] ) le ar ( d ted t Je r tc lle t l ll. Iri , I gIl ' rti . l r Jet r' n H'e t -iltte Svlot , 2't' it Jil ''I l 7' IJs-t'~raasorngtttcitt, LOlitrcrLE't To the Editor otttqtr Gatettl klal , FmlI ttttiit.- h lrtit. 't ,tt eeort, hrI liil t s t I 1.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 0ryt11 Ctmmoegod rtrttco o ,rt't t itt Ot 5tt itt I ttsetrlnt , i Illt't ttotrr Ira. itt1 grleat er nuin illol. trilt , w k ne h r di m it r ntirnt hn corI~llllI1I ('nh ir the I l~ll ll tld dl'l-' rrcl, :,ppe . ~inll ~vtl e du~rnigit'nt ,hort,, visit th ,,' <Yell, l re r, t i •' <'allo o lw is culumniator to ll n t)doi l as I lie tls he tt r (tn(e l11 (.h111l\ Uleit ,l,, n rtl .(,i8ll~l~r l I~III ll to Illt M lrl. IlII -( llthtl n f~r o IIL1 I~i)III .9 f ' l~l tll~l. .i I)I' ye day, i ton ehnn s ; ri ili' ht e ll t st.i rnll Jaosdctrw os .n WIso I t to be h:tudehdo Jeffr.++ lhmII e, I '·( I l.olt i/iqe, Jl y 211 ,I.- Ii: ;37 LIill. I a P p e ler -- I nut ,.W r itIe h l.l I ae t e " ul' r 'l r ...t -,'Ie t he a I rll tI' ht 'tlttr1'rt t o illt tl. , il illl'lllUill, anllilll illfrn le(llln i1l1i( llft illol rL I+"1 Vli+il pss fitt tt eanthy ho uss rior +IiHitt, n i t ottr t .e vlsihli l klle,l ba ck, " hi s of n Il 2(?), wIvllr er t o r ,. th ey.r r(· .r I'lPr lull llll illlllltIll r IIl, .ltl il+, 1r l'r+:illi ,e .+ yIq'l Ilt f tlynill rI'tl, ihles 'l y (nd 1 tm ter it sill on ltn Ii it iht . r l n i trt torlsr g'le ItItt , ''"~ ''''ts' i' t'i;'' tisr' Ittt .r ,:' b aft~ ~ allti hit iu Iin wtit Iivit h: l I nt na e in. r li tllr t o t h llr'tt lt er' tosth.l l , u t ii ne whi'raus~e n, A+r r~lacedtbrlh, oti, r lp s'bevtia ,r ways o ri 1 tt t'te Sr< i uldt u byl irsl-,o thrt r i t. o' ~ l i. - e it v n , t tsr 0i,1d rI ts.'r h t5 JO tt ilt liller. Itn Itti .tII nl)' ki~,2h l i. ctlllll ill llV llli 1,, 11.1 lib c Stfr (i pri hsi w'th'st t o't oint hi.' hr >thr itst o fal teh , hignellhlc lii h Il ililltinerthe <ll'n hi lt my n .ilrlnt nI sl'rot Ii , t It ' ollr v bu e t si t 1 ' w ill •h o - osl','ianl n hl i mall tr oi f +,: t eil, ' w th 't', 'e: i, sir Iirt hul if wimhy udh e rm thra t Ir. e.llet pr, r k i,th ofd Ie rtilell , tDr'c. w il e r m attrlill n i ct .'i't(oell t Stit, c sitsn 'e'itehl 'c'd i hsti' st r't r fIra iorin:1'h.tnf itetllti.rrt ctsirvsI lot lltlt . t.itll r lier Irs i S o r'kll nit,tti ' t.tta otin she ai a store I erttern. Iso u tne a ra tiner o tt s'i ,r Trtrl i·ti ikatll l r lairth'y scu ir lu sr, theri-' ...i. ter tiitallst no rttbi e m rrro 'ttr t thn o iri t tih tril esief f lh a1 sirela marell , olent1 7'1nt art l leltl lc t nis ht trsirtrc. Fort.rt ly' hr sirartlls, riar,. , is m "gilloetr " N.ylll ( ht,-ttoant) itwlrtrl l lte c l t i. diery wrhl.i nC' tIb I Ils c ll,, 'ta r'raho. 'tla tIrarrr, e rln'es "iresu Ilo~-(f t is I I~it v 7',, wile ·tv,+ tll clll l v r, la i1,, i ,.. ru e Rn.rri+l,11eas,''1 ptrratde irg llttl olotiveti, tll, item tt myt lS.'tI Ot n I, ''llc'' Ioaee.solottedr' Irliit Iltlrsnllts ' or eaes su'lleltoll i sitn t1ooor, xl tgshe deogoissnin La iihr stilll el ll' i 11colt s is t t yll , filesr s I r rrrtrat a holl.~ce ++r uit, thilugls tros ialeaded Iry Iore. mle, iru. Illltr llne, tnl'ltti d y 2 1 Jttr ie 1 87. Jelrltall i O, I. Lta lainnon l r eo Jul 1. iH:a85rue. a I'Fe EdlieE'le aflhie C hl (ilTsebI'e S tlRllacio lite.nill to sile arrsetieu slot',' prttt alsietlo, 1 Illnresttlecl, i lrt lit tlto'S tls-i ' n.z· totdRe +I+. ;mi llil ;Id II,! pa i, ill.~ tt it . Il i \iI '< - sIrriilr n l l ti . i "ia .itt' , hnil till ert 1'iJi. ni W hvn11 t i llked Ifhea1\ llW .,ltlil,'r~i .:.' eswllIII ,ll~l IT. Iij i+., sin le drllillll, .1 I \F.I...... . i (adso' .i]{ls ; I~ll l Ul ii~ t I +' l t 'lc l ,lle i a*, of th woris < _+ s tll ~lt l ....1 il 11:. 1 2le Iil-iUllf n ulr r t+,vni or e . 'wia Iss tisl-rrsir hid ie v ,liJ ll iicdellht re LsrleBI: fjii" In 8iiit lhs dU\ sirs J letile cf lheir t r I t itititu d .' tr in!. F ortnt v tr I l, I i're to sit siel. wotrkf. s Jii'' t We n"tt ooosit nIo \3n Siset N, Ite r.-- aejs evvda e . tl2s l ',risiti'll te l ga le r rtn 'lll p ie Irr it'tn i t ht IItlt'to sItFtntrll rtr'' euoilst t hnlt l e ' t't Irrd''i ,n e ll m larllls r. ti sltluvro, ni e a.t'll, s 'lltrl't ni k n al geo.e nob le 'cfuy" Golil' e hsner neob adg 'Itrre,, in I ilrtcuttllot t l'st tt he r c'tlos r I sogellll'' l etltl eIur' w ri'ttii cilloIu h ttl nat 'tenre'tt," by lint rLr nIsl.:~l 2; ' tml l ~ll~use, Satin'day II)d Jnt l,, 1.37. llltl cooll'""ii~lln. 00 ''iel I~nr it illilbe ti il oh· tiarsoso be in'c1inpot",t lrOr'rro, loin. sac JuI 11 llC~ l yPI 13,inL illlT 'l JC(i) ol l ea(t tire Siore-stor tf hit nttyib rnltta, e lri/r: luo--Ildvng s lenwed to thnone si nreis or d "dot a taten irutniltim e restled Ifo snis ts tl" S tol re 4.ltttatbell·citttieartdecotttttdtiltosnb. I il itIHI oiiner thid nltlhes en, till' jollIer 'hoil itttnlots nh n lrea '. to il ln'll lnt u{t ll Cr. o'ltn arl'lrnltIheo 'dlr atllrtl ite r'ilt ilt tIrIs r ue ur Iha kl ts o 1118 s \ it I' e ] I* I , £~ r r· Il,cl e Ioe }eln i,y ie ,o lia is .. <-c lllltt c ill I +{2 ~ lt. +,%i lnel n. t eel, a. l air llw tlr sill.r lltt $ rt lire 'stri.t't I aretruirn needy n itt Ilri itt.'.rsr r lit'i r iItr ' frl orb,' Uio ,b is i' trt "21 wt rte'r' Ir iry' islle rs ' ri t it... ii t i t i tm lll" y lli) tire lle 1"ainc e ilre \r1.lhlrllc I .. &,'tl i , !i\ li ci'.+ tinl and .hlihl lrv., in. w,... ; · ul~ l rlh o" l 'r i ttoiud tsni os t thet rht0o a rsarteli ll i ''llurrdtlliah , cI ils Ireah tr nulbue fshort, wc~ag ~lke hi.r dwlcl -+. J ,. 'r ur'itt eivlhrirrt aeisht thl g ihoiso 'nl . tl g" ;t tls t', tic. 1 is. n lhnllein' ttri t an uel i"to terite lo llnlltlet t iirrc ilobe'rvli . rolruttsfeslr irscast,'nrt rtin .ot~tr' ns g''rt foe al " l"lie't ' ina fl na "it Ih rv iowtti t lrr,' hair.tsesso lors i etso hi ut t itttettsi.ait. ' p ti e ''it' uldteit l sawuyl lhsrrrtr' rs irs nrrlrr trhio irisnl (OlIN WIiLAAISI, Utulies. 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BAGGING &R'P N 11)3 pa 13I) e 211?rol B Rp, lua ingtronm tinubout Co(.tnelcr a hill by LAYE'I' &C AMEII.t1\t;, mll0 17 Coannlrrm stret [)OLIK-310 bhbi prom Pork, lanka' froamnlc thout Emperor, for sale b _ 1uý0 ~~i &vytr .t.Alr!V UGACAI:-150 hhdsd o p IIIIIIatl~u. for r, ,r ,.y Ul0 SLATERl L 1'RIE R, 411 I'm dran ts. i R" a l]J L 'kv ER&t ). NOTJ.IC TO C()N'I'RACTOIIS. SEALE.D jrerpatics will im rereived at Ite nmc of tile New Orlr.'+an, rrndl NtiVa·ilh~: Katil-rold Il~r t le delivery o t3i,00l feert o' ine olr I.illrcress tii- e r, co be claltie y ,e atw l sidee; tele oflar ,trfee r u bec nt laeat itf incteh, and tile iriller blrolrcl lt t Or ilndireh in thit k ness, to be cut iillectlrhs orlrrt less Ithan 2 rtlb t. IThe tillber is wanted eldeny the sthore of Lake lrolRitchlr '-ilh, and will be received rli the Ilrrd Iiayou ar tovethe new ceatrl, or on the binrk rr ter tew callnlll,at thle lirtil. road Bridge, at hite optioc, of thie Corpaney. Also, Proposuls will be received rei runveci re the enlranrik CerItentlor marllte alrntte ershre: rf ,ct' lrke with she Is antrli srnnll, to auleirllrt f i br t 18i illtrets. e 'lihe rll strerirSa flr tilre prrorer are ersily or llircn . i ir il a i. ,rt li tanee of thrie ellbankmrnt rtIrlre (irr t rainy will fIr Ifish calrs nlll :satcrhri s lblr laring a oit.plllrry tlalnck, wl.ere tile disrtrlrce is toll great alr railg wlecelbar rows. Also. Perpnsatri r itl be rreaiveer tir heiil)ini eecv-erl leera tieer tllerr trile trrr erf tire rrerl; tire deriei lttip t> rril b.c .irk lltt~rralIi<+tir trrru ttrtthrtillitt lt.,rri-. ritu eJr Ott )Orteale ad tahilo ltaili-roatl flice, Juai e +:;h, 1838. I) lOAI{ I, je lhief Eeireer and ieneranl Sitperintendrint. L1. i t,(---1) Ir d ,crey piri e, a.r lLrrntatilrrr erlil. ). miles |'cornI 1I1 th i~le {'r rde0 hIV '[' Il.YIFI & lltlTilllmt, ar niri tCrernrn t eteorere of e a-,zille iet. JTiiiRtLttr Pt a 'lrIASL fiS-f u-e.r. irarmlsl r Ielh, II rr isylrrc iaic algrrtt ille Iareitrll ri P, ci ' Cr . ttcifltrid.{'et Ci). 1ii ! ",,reacree+ et '-' lukld ' , etot ermna female ills Dluth.e'e i111' I'%e I··"+ t 't.iR" lt'Pid lutthll uT Col,£11,|enil .'.t:. JLU· ind ,c n,.i f r +,.'o hv II ~l{,l\NA ll llry lifl. undes p li ., 'l of'l IS. l. 'ilI| ruher rier proprrieti put litr h, in the be. Lintnttg of the r!I-rt inf ritller, t CordensatioL r f n,, Iwntly voIlUlmlt+. of the Old and N+-w Rortie of .l a rte'+ |L ourisana . Iprts, It be coeprised nt tLr ,lou',(-,,s, 8 , l, .r'cordieg to the model of Peters' Tornei Ter Rri eporte. 'liis work ie not ir preprratinn by . Bturtion glrrlrn, Ir-q., i fit teei city, assisted by Willia:rr f'. rlel:agi' d retirer-ad JLidge orf the Surehei Cafurt, il y r el lrttl tle slitltn J iruesr, rtri expect firor n hear {,e r+,.,,,:I supervlsion all the idvanatalge which ac-y aturally br rerped liron their exp.rh+enilce. iuch a work is bec:ominig evertry dby sIore nre Ieisry, ar the origtia ci te lulietenoir, expensive, tIFd s qcare. An increasino curiorsity too is manI rst, ig the other Statesl of the Union, ill reerronce to the p,~errtlrrjurisprnd gtnc n of Lousiana; arnd the tircrlllestallnce of tle rilmeroia principles t lere rde. clred ie tihe illjllustlrlent of eOlnflictso eilas, illakel h.le knoItWkdtv gI of ou" r c dl.iiudlged casells Of' prime uti try to rthriaristso of the whoile eliotn. 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Ilr·t•~ Flllrill $11| .I ('}+:I,.o 1{, ' , lllt' ,tlll(P+ al,{· proji ,,.+. r,'I v bl. ri,._s on the re ani n rr.,y , ti o'.t1 r4 . Inhll l t itl acti-c tec lee iy yrbheiwuesad oeiw 1:era1(1 ,I,,), (Illl!n r+.'ril :.! lh'il jll,.'+,;r+'ll. llil (| .+iittl 11€,m vre lr[ et.r<cictr r tere oird thir / st, nd snetrs o, lb ir n lerlalnt. .t'ell·" t lhe re 1 illd y or" I I t + e qu1'ntlly ap +,t inrti e l' t, ',P {. t r hi rte , d tl r eeve n c I r~r+.+ .l l Cll,+,}+t ll tv t lt+ he [(llr lltS l1+{i+ V 'lllw t h-ts nllllvy sintkin,. c hain, d,.,.. the tl, s f hi< h ir. CI n rt. ,, all th,.e unp,'l ,'. en 'rim ,,tore,O,''. h'ir l,2'e' l r Cll' l ml 1 stsl~ll . ll +` h,,ir fromlll ti llhig n()I T oL t'nl pr- flllicat ic ,a, ad G v- htil.e r,+t,.o s it un _in. It ik,. i'n ,l'rIhe ,'n eLe hbrows an, w11kers; p'vo'urll s the .' I a~l l rl 11 t ra~v. 11ak+m i ealr heautilfully a% nsi~ . I i t r o liit . l r N ai r cll r e rcille lt rf cell c cc-i- I' " tret of thee vtler r Oe rirr icc lee, - crtrc I~il at Jtlea f hlSv~ hx lh+.,~~ 1+r lcl lf'ietor+ t -cr Rc d cht 'Htilr whi- I :-c Rohert \hrtn, E,. In| +Mayor of Phbihlelpli i cr-icr et' ,s c rI. , be!.,t t, lhehir h chara .,rn +i ,he tilow el|o..e e n.i Th. undhr+iged dh hterthe eertcf/a tlht wqclr ve ter he 11A o! f ( ollt ia dbeie.,redl by ,I, Othl ridge. and ic-re frerrta eritcrhi.hv .or rraniy r apreI.llre a t insl the fi lling r ITof heair, a ut e at l erlt'till rerI turf WVI,|IA .11I TII ATCHI'R, Senior, it-ri ccc~l, lll ccci ctrr n1.cteer tlec icccIertcc tcrll~i intcgrriicrcrtII·icr i - i I ethort lcist -rMinister irln . (er-e ze 'nti , nrc .c I III~rill~r \·I ··(·Ir Ilvl ierPII il'l North I,'il~h ·t JOHlN P INGLIS,:t21 ,trch ·lre ,t. JOHN D [TH 1AS, M ), 1,33 Riest J teHrN eit F ect,1 pr Irestr. llUG[ MclTU{NDV+.21:.m bSvhd st, Jet leN crARIe,Jr, I3 Ar'ch sret. it it keow |{hat three of tht rice e sienen s cc e tt orc iirti 5c yeuars i f at- e, ietic he others -o ss than 30. [(-roml the Mo~lor.] iCommoitetr tiredra I, Robert t'icharcrc , er.nor oif Maic ci- f iPicia iyi, .. l ro eie cntsarc inerte te tee boirel e er li tetti { ii tle~s Whl .rio e - I r-e ti i tae t tet11 r , t the ir ct r rc. - oi tht c rtca r tr i be . lii el, ILis irate |rei . i hii e.{airee I l;ie .tacrie S. hu lwl t'l ullstd wra{p|ler, toe whlich! 1: as lytltl e { l i rn d ryLr il by r he sole ac e' rr nec i l, "ot Fl 'he' Pt'eet, i n e . t Nrdee i L , , ,.w, 'eaJrl OtHeNt, l bv lItLSt drcgitseitd alte .1f)1IN 1)eirlltiiteN H, li lires a J-I RSIt t & ANI)R:ter , eeeiitolesui Aenlt, cell era TL:.I I). 1 I.2 . LL.llSIA.1: --It'..ul du iPre'nr Dis triit J ldieure. ':t.\T D'. A I.OI:l.\'t E, .1 tolls ceur n qu I .l-,1s1 pIr eenut 'llr I lceretl, Salult:--A , t h r l l.t qu VW illiam lMacke, nvalonst Iche( ti urS Ilts lleno tae IlrI it She.ll if de :l . nl is .s .nt ' eLI In ropr Ie Ii C ua r ur ll' - r a tInr' sI.ieat r nh. n1 tIu lib ie u rie (o i de, venI l(ut enlreg: l te II, Sile jour tie lai. e I'anCI n O 18:1.8, our tun uti- ont~Irl a l e lt ii lintl LAti' l, 'i ltuire de. P l'ett dIl hie l tllu II8ulll ll " cl te paI r nf .lllnl u lp ntlel 's i.ei; qu utire rs ux e tl ll .ndiel I aiR. '," epp. o 't(` I. 0 i l, 183 1.'. o'di .nit con ilu , r t jentea personrpiuj.a'lsloet, pares pre-e.ute po1- e mIes tit| l ll d r l asi+'I tt d l ona lid c te etlll a e i l u (+ll"r e.vllier I - h ri .tdilt.cinre,q i po rln ie t l la ll-doit a la pro p lit t )i '.x dt'oe. ta1, Ill T| trole d'tn do laut de [brure dtdlq )'ofl~ h rei juellu le Ai tljarc dOe j't eonr, e . ltl timidl lj ' ni , e i e C ite, oil d t.ole ir negulu ij.h. u tu i Iitec l llitd e t i-tmatiun 'n. is ,on I,a tlis et l', de ] .ote, .l )pour r itt e nut e a cinur o (ia. t.,ioiitn, de alup voir, d prns re joure later d dii el'tt eereli jitlr in ler r1 e iuiuhl-I~e.n.. j.'uiein ~l p elic,, l. .i ette, n ispout n inoila unusi thite n ierit uuscouitune l.eor hrnuicin.ue. I.n du propri, ipri 't lj ee upar Ie Shrierif, sus-dit I nltnine lul, ld'Avil,de Il'r ume ln I8, ea vdir dnu de eull, No. 153,i du doi.ket do cerne Crlur, Iequelle vtlo lo dit filliatn Macnkey, s elt rendu a cqul.c'ur pour le prix de $1,u1u) couptanlt. lescription delu Prop rie ld'prres I transller Jleudici-p nire, Savuotr: in cerIurin u lot It e rie, y i opris toi t it h tises elCn .ruhratiol's, situi llen la paruoiere d't nIllln. jla I'det Ihumru pIr les ruaes de la .lnvelle Lpvic , olnis, I'laul l d , )dlordl. ..itgnll Ipur le Nop r . "tgles itn plnl l dnres t.enhar C uI" Ziu,.De)purntieijr niriennrnl, Ij n DP+lcel rt 1831, et lt.elplu: n I'll eHIt FdePix 14I e., der ui icu u ruhli mSnea plan No itlle dit lot de tInle tueIsrnnt vi Un pieds, o1. poucex ive a rII de 1tl8. Nuvelle Le ,soixnnIe qtin.e pied le profotldiur.d coTe Drui tlhe Ith tie No , et natre vf T iin rit pd, pt pouIle et qutarr li'nes in profndenir du 16tef gll Iouche la n prnrthe Itnprn.nt, nu dertieremut apparte tnlet e N GoodIll. onn eyanu rin e lln pier lnnud luolle! esP de trit p eied potieu ces n cnf tle tUreo rvec le lots Nes I, 5, h, 7, I1 ano 9. Unreau du Greilibr, 11 Mai, 1838. ililie, . f TEIr's Dep. Glrena ur. Y AUNT c ONTY'OOL, a novel, in 2 Th ie Oted, by the thoress lof "The Disinhierited, "Flirtation," &c. in 9 vols. The Adventures of a Gentleman in sea chofa Hlorce wir uta ind rith a p .ill. " ni.eilonden ,r None. 1... Or Nei'shbrh",,.: leio. rrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the mouth Captain Bark, R. N. conmmander ti the cxpedition untrathd with a manp. S N'IS .OILS, (,LASS, BIRUSH|ES, Sc.--oust, ilanding ran, ship C'on.dtntiln and ftbr sale--era: I.iI00theiar of· la . t qmds t ity, fro 8XI0 tI X `X28; 3(111 ken. n-hir' lend pmre'; 356 d. green pimnt, itn 25 libr. ker;F.'o,hz lredtitsa )r..igrs;bi l0Il. lithrtate; 26 doz sp1ledid 011000 ground brshe r , allso .f.0100 ead 110 do l; 2 cIses romle green in pIowder, superior artiele (to do nn ;m.; a lr', astortanpt of esah tools of every size nrd ,llalit; sle pelncils for artists; falt nmarking lrush'e rtr merchants; artist's colors in oil read pre parilin hlbxre, tliled ''.p aith all nocessary bra.shes; artist', Sc. a Fllake and rmnlit-rwhite; 60 ltacks gold leaf; white nod vel low wnax;.grrm rabic;' and a large and choice an -r rluulit of rinlts, dry cloar, oil, ttrpentine, varntish, &o., nr sale, whlesalnetand rartuil at the lo)wesrt priran, by AloaNINElI,I, a28 5Ol .amp It. .YINEW EDI/770.V OF' TIlE CIVIL' CODE OF LOULISIA.l.1. I' has been fr some time mad' known to the punlhe Itat tle albc.ribera are engargred in peeprraring fr the p)ess. a nw edititl .f the luininsiana Civd Coder. Thev waern. ir.,l tle first, aware of the great difliculty and resptpnrieliy attending tle plublicatitr of.' tlie work, itl it was n. t withI u great hesltationll that tIhey cn rsetl'd ta. the. BIut the present editinl. Iloutlltine to : r lou three thoeuPad copies, and which had cost the State more than thirty thlOueinad dtllars, wase lnir,!Y eout of print. For more than twio ''rrs past, the a.nll price of the work has been fromnnt irl to lihOy didrats. It is a ysetalm of written rules which so immedintely operates upon every inlividual of the stlate, tinterted either in ag'iutlltre or commierce and which E'terls Ithe dia,( ositiln of mo Iltllh prolrty reet ng ta ' 11n Irall othler stotis, [lllnt--nil lIe ahnos. aly othertreutise Iupo I.r--el i s rnlr(:I thei I .Xlt-blll and iia1null of tht Iittlhllll v Ihe l it is li t" I p lrivae gentle 'ho lavwyer- of tlenbliniig states. and in lrt' a t 1 ,el' states poi l. te , Oh)l i nlt! .lis ,isi sippi rivers 'h liId I martlfr lteir perodl,,'a in Ln'(eu'itl'. ha a r etb oleIIt nteaeiee lty r tt.rellrea tllthe codeend mern it nj odirp'tne (nb rit ir ie tet Ither ha ntaet a. ni II tte t l ia rlf Ne ti rleler, tile ook i an s t lic' thl e r td iti tillo in.elr hllanl' s ci.))!]tiltt ro inlom, a. upolll Iihe i esk of t ine Judeb, or the L ole t o rf e atltllt ,i i.V It is 11tI .l S i II i ·r Ihrlrefure thvt ite fir't edliti'. o Irhe Wtriir was ao nitk Iv di.sposed o.+ anpd +tIatllOyll:;h a mre re, nul i, it w(on ld Ilt -a ne uli~~ire e euly ll th e eIli ners .. vt it wou)llld[ It+ illllr i llr l n II1I·( l si.ahl(,tthw l, v nIib[:y n'n, i id ;ilth oien t ' t o III-; tori l prt m n l II' t a rel:t , io n t in, r to lienloeslr th Ilt theNnerw ilrlln n t I. Tihe h uile ite nIr tllciioll which hn le beein g ie ,uepo. its ait il:sb hV lilteb y H lmenl u r h Coat b. I'.ha l blllitstIh enr'.te ,l~,I tie ' eaterrll slper- I intllerdeil, n'd editore.ial derp)erf.elrt m '. the work, tle I hreeaStha hel ererilet ' of \Lh itelok S U r tonr Esq. imllmer of I be theNv ( temnlsa nll'. Te lf thn Jpth Il.nlhr. , Jed' Br.auvdt's nand lion (;erge Eustis have eaih Itilh , ints ted Mr Up)kon ,ith the valuale lotes wlich theye hitlve eble"it i the oublis o: their utloni . d tl poaptee; and i.IMr Nl ar Jtlt; w port enrr ioI'r Ucown, who isalo alke nasel ill tile wiorl., eo .trlwh r, Ier.rnr hat 1resented the ailet ar mas of erlte rts ,r'o i tniai: ll in hi.r orfie copy,, f til a r dlr , and Ta icil nlla er n lblllde IV hilll durih, tilt he tolr priol orl firs di:iea.nie rollr e-i:ie ,ie l ls·3're The P lublishe . erua It t lel.' t 'fi 'Um I h aru t tih ne arf., ,t0los tile It ork will I i all rhrt ie du'trv ae'd labour, atsifeitd by rern rth' i erlit r , ei l itl m lp rt irann. re r i putting irl. h this pt r,' Tr u, lt. ed so r lie'itiu th n. - a tl s. lar:arilt. l n t t Ilo work, rile r i-trs tar k prile ill the f thar t a I I I I, ngislatt re Qt" l,utia+ia rlvl h ia athori'etl tlie (ii)oP'llr'e m() or:;.' Ollr v one thons ld co0)pes of If fillh ite "littr,, 1 ct o tlle :tt. The rlies,' e s til ilt a ch thi s I tlarr wb ti(e t ,l , the Assemrll v evireed alt ar jast et o t'he s~oar 'retale work;tnd rheyp thlerebv ottea'. ell thl 't lnfi'del 'e ill tri,! a' ilitv if to hle ip n, 'a l at. 'lhn wreek wr" l l Im riitdr in i 'reut.h and Ing;lch, upoI goll o(~ paper anld w~It. clear tvIr; an will any exI pn.e r reie, sp a ired rte 'nw.f ale w trtl, l, cnle exeeufliull fl it, miirr.=hlJ with its ,ire!t iumportane ', It wrill p l aly tIh, renady f, ad li very tn thelo [rb ftn Sep ta nJ r w t;" end lhaerr i s ill Ire tillra u'rra teeftr' tine', .ll.l, --I.Teo aret to be aild ert tIhe ie bof euli Tlehe l atl!, i r lt on"e . cloe , Tlhe T tore price illh be l,·ey oneu d d der, ptr Tel)r., pa e u cu J)llIrdN 3n CO. 'Publihteran. "( 1- N i1',\b - t K1 . [I'.oir.eiiana 111 nw Yuri nlile of P:Cklcrs,] Y () i::.tLi. )!l:IB. + ';e r '. II.o i m : , L 1 tiree 1th~,r Oh tl lst t' ollllll,. " .m re1 ': i h r lrrai ,no d ) I I nt 111 to ill:t ti hll r.rtt p )t k, utlict il trr .: ir r ti a ie Sc nilii line i il I,reu:'.,' ,:,)u-i:t of i11- shins riz ; r1'('a"tel.,,i.rir, toa ''h W .nlhrree, ' lInane oan thle 4 It Slip 1rittlrt:rilre. C, 'tiu :11.. liedr tr m ar e t:tl the ThCe alic . ntsb rg , tr tataptain ohon, to lear rn the [' ''t rheabolve shi . ,it all nmae. I. iofl tihel (n t iia oflineed lhl ' Ino,)rPer filpenitd, and tpwltll hi o1500 tOlar [ ateil, ml,al f ligt tl git f wanalt beig built di 'he tir ) te p r hll trade. 'FL-- a rice fi IaS 'ttre i ax tit one n edel tire grt er ' ,' i' a ore lilte'.l I!l. tn the l rlu rl e'irrro ''i a ind c ll r.allie l hlll)' ande , ii, hePi ilet l letit ' II1r' ' lt t'eit vr.Ir l. llll )ei: r aotl a l! till In'-t r fbt will Ib" pr It )d, nll every rcgtrd hadn nill hr.a.Ie lrae ,istart teht a rrL berth can be sc;nrtd 11 prricuerdl in the trade, who will give ev'ery optelltio"li alln exert lhrt:lhisee toi airet rletllidale. r heyttill at I e ti rns b. e t bl. ,I u I erailln d aIh tilh) drlbelsip) i by the fillie of suniilln. The one,,lrs ofll" these hips will not be" re.pur.·ilhlo for aEt rlet r, parol ' Sr paka i e cenl Iie or Iput n Iboertd o lth lll, rrtrle'.s ' rea..ular bill ,I Inlir . e nsgitedl thlirrf'' re it file eol)lllit g l'e tlr ,f tl:' t Pgeutt Tr u)a: ei'8 E'cr It;lEIS &-COIt 'N; nas 13 J1 Conllmloll e t. 'V I td citaltf t tmlie.! n iathe iliac, ithie tmniei tartnal·, andi hats been coppeere,l, she is i Iat t klg, alut mc'tb aPt helru t; and haI L! shaloopt rWIged, ea therealre irln straps (frward forrisgian. WVlhovr re i cslits sai lauutach, will tlstia call atant 7. t ttld I , I,.. ) 1 ' I. NN ION IOUS FLI1- subscariber hling puruhim;el the louise 1adI lir I. lilureod thin well Iknown as.tatidi.netnl, lfat Mr T elor, tr: ltl. prpr' 'ii'o, till he itady at i. itI t, 3lheiait Ise tlo .\.il neat A.tI" aln alli cos; 1ll rov enllils will be tttllnd in lt u:Tl Owll n llblallo thin hli nes will ie luil,.llnd airl'll tih- wal le prtliedli at a l l llts. A stable Iwill be ultaed to li:e hlle, witl good . omm lllllla rtitus flt t towes tlOt carries. ihtt rate l liqr.s ad v.lrrcel. wl ill uls be kept v lt' hire at iattileratl prices Ia all i lltd ow bouIlr -, i, Itn lay tt i ma lnlg tt eI Ie th, nI~e of viet, . Bil' t liar t alld tut l mltlllle il rs ,ally roa , eI at a i al erit pn t.ces, will nlta al lo tnrnihe, all nt o nhl lllreted ao o ilt ll Ia 'erfer with the conI ort| nlld ulietol the blloarders. T;I,. winesll l mi l liq ors willI be Ito the best qulity, amld to ensure a t ll supply oIi il, , -ar o h a lahudy l , orardered, whick will hutie lilnlst the I-t oil ',laly. 1h" IrP,,riek Ituronrl, who fhnrerly ke pt so popullr n hotelt l .lt iaiotlnl citac,twill tcu inet this Ior l el for rI t et IrI Itor, w ell t , witah su aah t tidl,tollid tly assures te llllsie o llast yeapr, i and hi . fremll l s n ll tllr lllyI Ihat llt,t will eltivle veri pItla t le t llente o; and theIreby ex prels to rice sanl ifaci ml. The local m ihallvant ges .- tli a boost are too 1 Ofl known to need a hlngl, oeea de-criplih in h*re. 'ilTe aIts tti at Pensacolala ptc i n he get aval ttitn of the tavrnaniim; Ihe general rendi ztvu. l t the tilf tlad rue; the .lh.l its eiltc , it.elre shled ctn.lta tly tdi ti the bailltuar laontl t h t the icaolet I reee traa liUo rho Gull tbe beautll lhe bay adi the neighbur+tug ihllnd- and rivers; the a c delieny of the ti-h with ewhch the wtters ttotnd; and ia proximit.y to lll best Nttlterllln .lrket, ge tie tacula tql pi+ r i -rencl over nal other piele it Ihee latitudes, an at healthy and deli'ghtful sulieriltrealt. Sirst ralte hots w illrl , Ibetween Pentneola snnd Mo bile, and willrt all a IteIa, aile to take the ptaseitng'rs frlom te Nelw Ottrleans bh ate. N P ARNOLD. Iensleo!tl, Peb. 1 O5h. N 18:18. tElI 'ieuthaltaan lhinrt to engage rooms for theirt a ftilalieta, lanlt are tthe r'e ll pria lor, at t entScacltl l ltr M r I tew ll T i l yla r,Itt tl l ll r il 'at int tll at t ew Otr tea n tsat.tIatttI~ I Utla teatiea 5. l ar Ptc T .oaford, FIeq, Mlrl; Ctullot, t MeAlpin, Esq., It. ill ia lMb I ca; Si' Tl'yln lbr, PP iRe,ld lE. s in Nub . O 1,1 ii t+,. P S-c.l letter bas, ItI receive lcoirnlanicntions for persior at the bove lintel, i placed. at lGeo Whitmanip o ice,.i t iat Charles e ge. FLIORIDi, ROUT'E FOR NEW YORK. it ''ravellers desirou ot ' tatking tle Florida route, via tPen thtu the tatNortth, re intra nled that te iarate boate will nstl anflll tr' Pre ro. :lile t,, I'enurvuin, levinjt tMt ubtdt it Psal l evety lhtr ennty aater the Ist of l.l'y. Good tanes will always be provided uy the ,nbscriber to be in teadilear to take passengers from .\lobile, in cate of the failure of tile boents. The steamnbot Champion leases Mobile for Pensa cola twice a week feb ,8 lv inr hi Ir .asksanud Indian bhl, rntitled to debmture, gadMle, harness and Trunk lanrufaclurer, sand fur iabl er of d1il ery Equipments ofevery descriptlin. No:: i:'l "Ii enT t T " U.Ae "P n T. er.4,.rltn. onstantly u1 bon,{, han iltK W. r;,ANS.' CAMytAILE PILLS. T lHIStM highll valnable medicine may he had whole' I ale and lretail at New York prices, of hEES & I)'LANGE.Il Camp street. It is nonfidenti Iemrnmmended for the following din eeaes: Dyspepsia in all its fr mts; bilious and liver af flictions, in every slrge rind degree; female sickness, lore particulnrly the nausea iaecident to mothero ; finro lbans, fever nod ilge, innioient eltnwltoultl-Os or lle rliarn, nwhther of the ierror lubos, aeratIhoe or ghldt itel. Inos of appettie, nervous tremore, inehriation or delinun tremean.e nPaa nodic a.fection ofallkinds; then mtlism, whethier chroiic or inflammatory: nervous or filirls levers, of every varhiety; crofula, salt rlheuam. olllt all bltchal bai htumors, :nd intl.ureecmaplexiien of itoe skin; retlesluesa or night, end daily ;rritability and alaelaneho'y; the summer complaint, and cholena nalrbua or diorrhwo in romwn aers nat; aonne atil flatu lency, widt bad Irantl; ehlonatn nod palpiiations of he heort ond hennd7 changesof feTnle eonstintion; an!d for inapaired and disorganized constitutions in either nex; whceh ha, ve not teen pee mllonal relievrd! by roe other aerlieihen 'A single trial of ltr ~' Evatn' medicinis in any of tlher cases, will produceP lsueh effects as will in dirnte their intompatrable superiority, and indle stuch a one of them as will insure a speeay and unouestiona hbl aare. Dirctilons for use accompanvirng theli,. Naamerouecertifieat .ofeurre.wiil hehe shown, as fromnt the length of the catalogue it is Impespnihle ton gtoe them puillicity throua the n-,dium of a newmtaler. O~ )a e Evmans' atalogue her tla:ee uLpwards of 25,000! cses, and in this city we lan refr'rto manvy persos who have I eon relieved, and in srom inltancen entirlnrv ured of lrng standang diseses, by D)r Evans' Camut ile Pills. STArTE OF LOUISIANA-First Jolicisl. * Coural IfIllE STATE OF IOUISIANA, To sil whom Pie'euto hadl come, Grcrtil:--Wha.reas, J.amnes tiro lliggs nt' ing parclhled at i sale Imade by the .tI rIifl*.,l' the parish of Od'l..s tile propen'tt helee. iallf. r Hlar ribe' , air applied o to he clerkl of this erallt. inl ns office t:ire dlerl of sale wias rerrdedll (I the od day of April, A. i). 18.i8, for a molitin:r or aderrise. IIent illn confrlity to an act of the Ire.isalntre of the State of Inoaaiean.a , entiataled L An set for tire tIaallmer moIu ranee of titles ,o pmt chasers at judlicial salcs;" apprl ed tll Ilth day of l31amEh, 1831. NOW, therelnfore, know ye, nad all prastns interersed hereinll, are hrelby cited allnd ahmonishtd in the aHa1e oft the State of Loii.i maa , andl of the Fia;st Judjaidil ])isriet Collrl nwho c.i sta 1It up a ll rilht, title or Clail in and t, the proplerty hererianfal descrr ibed, in corusetrinele f any inf al*lhllil in tie" orlr, dereee or tjudgment nf t.he rcut ander \which tile s:J re s made, or iall irregularity ar illegality it, the al utrisemaclat antd ad dasltimrlellrni, ill ih, or manner of r'salr , or fa aoy other detect whater. laer' to lrhoav cause, witllhl thirty da as from the lil thli motion is first inswrted in the public ippers, AtIhy the sale O nl made shoullld iot be ~ollfirmled pa l honnalogaterd. Ther o id proiplrt was sold ha the Sheriff of the ,arish hr··es.lid on the S1irh day of March, A. D 1833, by vir. lae of a lecree of this court, reald redl on the 20ath ,aOa of uantrr, A. A . 1)·38, in a suit entitled Jalint. Barnes liggs vs. alhfns taGreee, No 15,191 of the docket of this .'ourt at which sale sab i James Bornes D)iggis bcamme ahe purcharer for to e price of twenty-five thousanl dol. tea-eriptian of property as given in the Judicial Cona. ,veyance. yel Arertnii piece of ;proparty or pa.rel of grond t.ethear itia :I11 tlhe blaildigs and improrvments hereom. ihts .ivlene, &s. tllherenutolbelonginag, or in any a irea p )ertuainir., situate in fandbollg Annlllllli tion, anre this aitt a:nd 'leasuriing ialEnglish melsure, Irlre Iallla 'd nai filay-six feet adll four-eighths o0o n inch ffrt oin the rloliieroand o New evee st. three huadrred mlt sixty oai; feet six inchesand lour-eighrths olf : inch fronlt Celeste s, two buindled andl ifty-five lfeet inaieilrhas :arrI I we.-eighths ofan inch lo a line fronting on Old Lever trc--et, luoil it strikes the ioandarv line at laouent a lil olar's p -oapearty, at the corner of Old Lever and N:u.S trneel; there folraidlg a right lagle, and extendin SigRl.y-five feet anl three inches deeprlnoyg the bounlda lire of said o liillaudon's properL) i;aralel to Caleste tract; there forarng a r'iiht angle, anld extetaling sity t. hree feet el.ten inrches and three eiglrths of ana inlcl ou lie baounrylll litne of lolouis L)edt's o lnraerty, pnaall!e lsa, t11l Levee .eerlthere r lfrminlg eull. r iglln, t aend oxtenllingl fort twe liet es en inches and fie eighthils of au inch on the I oulalry line af aoil Der;e's propert,, panrallel to Celelte strwet; there fo.ilt anothller right olagle, animlxtemlina one hundred ad twenty sevenll eet oe.r inches and four eiglhtals of ala inch on nle lboundary line of said 1Derie's Iprperty pI lla l to the public Mral alnd NvSv Lovre ltre-,t, and sevenlty si feet four ilnhes :lad foureighhllls of an lilcl finllt on Noun's street, nacorrl ng toa plainan J. l'ilii, City Saurveyor, made r.aid Jan narry, 183Ii2 olanexrd to I. act Imssed before Louis T Crtre, Nniarya Pl itlrlir, the 6t' ai.)tll r arr:ori, 1 liSii. Witass tae Hara. A. .I I.BrnlaanIr,, ,lade of Ihe Courlt,tlhi Ilth Aplrl, 18 3. apo3,mi&13 P. LE BliANC;. Dep. Clerk. SANU.TlUNri, i to t. i;' ,.ULf'x rl1' .al-~ D CI iNE. V .IIORNl'd Compound Extract of Ctopiba and Sarsa I prilla -A e.rrin, sneie, arll most Cefictual reItr. ly ever discovered for thre ur of Gonorrl.l.hea, (;le.s, Strictures, Whites, Pains in the back anldltins, seminal we.tkness, afleetiutn of the kidnide, gravel, scorbutio e Illhe itroduetion lof a melieine possessrin the urnfilt anlt active virtue of the one now offered to tile publie, the piroprietolr has but to refer to the u 'rous recolll noleldlons receited frol the mnost eminent of thle el-r dleal ihculty in Eut'ope, believing that it wIll be duly t applreciated whenr i's int rtl are neore filly knlownl, T''he, tlls:eln of :top ibae , Eo etensiverly used. has lrst muea eI Its credit frlm tbe dslike ehrcl r adllet ltr orlerrlrelve rexplress d reaedlingle its disagreeable taste, dilturballe I, plrroduced ill ilre torcrels and stomaelah, and itrs heretofore inemfirie when usell d ill tlre inllotaollatoly stage. The iroprietor:.a tl'dr oeananalysisol he Ialsant, concei ig tehat th.emore aetite llitics wolll thelr rrbe lmrrch mn.e Ileotenlvtrd tand more uselly admlllinitelred Ihan in the pIeserotllt sate. ThIre iaboe metd cine ombines, itl reredienta which are in tie highest repute anmro the I mlus se; ntific an1 learnlled in the pndti'ssion. l'.ach d drullg ill tle comlpositionll of this preparntion increases the I eliic:ley of the other, produeing an operation tiruly e astt- t nishi ;, :land surpassing the mlot sangtuginr expecltaiols;i possessingat trhelreltime tile adviest:ge or its Ireing alninisterled witl perfect success in the differen stages of thle love dliseaer. Thile most eminent physieias al t :i surgLena:i of tIhe present tliy express theilr leci, ed . l Ipro!'eation in I'vor of Sars.p)ilhn, whilst its use i. the principal Ihospitals ad publicE medical institutlion" bIe he n, and still continnles, ervy ext-rnaive. It was a flVr ovlte rme,!v with tile celebraeted hr Aberneth i.t at , venereal tferi~atip, and ill obstinateutateous -ere;titns, arising from alisordered state of thedigestirveloations. . Ilaving been submitted to thle test antd experierr e of the mnost celebrated amog the ltecltv, they o ave cxpress-ed their satistuteion tf its extraoredinary efficacy ill every case undlller their charge, byl adoplting it both in their trublie and cprivate pracetice. 'ITheir lb ervations will he mr'red hereafter. I'trepred by J B Thorn, Chemist, r Lulnoe. Prioe $1 51 per pot. 'TEiTI.'I NIA\LS I Frrom A 11 SAcimo, EulF, Y It S, S.r'eon to the St 'I'hecnas tospital, amet Lete rer ron Anatlllr. The trial Iwcrh I have malde of tour prepmta.[ on in a varievty o cases, both irale aln liemale, in its rIeslts have pro'vet so highly liorlllable, that I de not hesilate inl pronunoeing it o rof the est valuable anterl.iaious eedies ever oirel to the ,ubliec, al one ., which, iem nll reperiewte, I ca pla;e,- evoro elianee, ahilt iI does not tpllr tie thie llle lnplertasnt efleetstasltally ex periencedt frolmu copaiha. Ferom G II Iltiward, i Rt C S, Physieian to tIh St Mir lehote r titpensary. I teke great Ileasurel in a.ldlin my testimony to ,hr v tlllble prrILettieeb of Yntlr epr-parationl, wihlllg n the suese's coo so fully dle.rve, il ao Wmple reWarl'd "f i hel laborale;l eaxp1llae ilcurred In brilning It to Lsuch Ceom plete perfuctiol. Frmro WO Cooper, P R 5, Surgeon to GuOy's I* plil: 'Tl'he ntifiorm sreress twhich has aermlel tihe admiis-i tering your medicine aml o. ntV i pties aeileled with thlr aleae diseasesre',ha feblly suiisled rice lr that it hali' lY to be known to be truly apprtlreeetrtted. Mlta the surllcre yeu .o we.ll deserve, anmply aend apeedil. repay you tor youlr oluhble preparationl. From Sir A Cooper, F IIS P R US i Ae. ke. Ilasing been iluinced to u3 your KFtrlet inl seIarme casesof violenlt (onorrham, which had hlhterto battled every prescription administered by rne, htving foundi ure anld speedy curles ffeoted by it, i n a fw tavI -[i leel moself in duly houed to stare tha:l I now in mt irao tie bothl publie alld private reionlmmendl and use noe other. Frtom GW Blair, MI D, Physielar to Guy's flins pital. The strict test which I have given your mrediine i amreog eny patients, a its its invariable sitecess thus ftr, well indulce me to ilersevere in its user, antd deem it but an eat ofjustice nod of duty to adid my feeble testi- I mnellial inlcomteoelldllton of ilrvirtttes. From L ( 'Thomnpson, At D F R L. I return you my sincere thanks for t e valable pre senet of yonr Extrat for the eure of Itonorrhua., eer. I ftrt g'attful tihal you have at last brought a niedicital i to Ube whieh will prove a deshleratum long sought for in the medical worl--a surea, speedy and efneMn8I eure in rear-s ef the stove elats. It atifrds Ine gr-rat Iletaure in pubrlirsting to tilt: worldl tie valuable qualitiea of lMtr E\rrrrrv Were it necessary, trice proprietor could here firnish imany more testilnoniotls equallyas cmentlendatetlry ts the tabre; but to Ults that its great success hitherto--t|e ware %e texpense at which it has beentll rerpared, w ill prove its 'reatest recommendatlllion mlong a Ilisernoilrg Ipublio. One reconlnendalllrrl this eire arairn e lljarys above all olhers is its aert, lotana e tlornm-put up in Its,-trle mede inl which it may he taken,lTemg both easy and leaent--ita trastely nature, with no reslrictiln in dile, or otnfifnement from business. i 'ir.trellers especi.lls woutld ind this merliiine highly setril., and touht never to be unpenvided with i prepleatiorn rusessing the ad vantages wioch the presetr one oelebires. Acomlranying thie Medlicim is a pamlhlet aeplane tory of the dlirent :stges of th. e hst.: eaIse, wthoullt alny extfI charge, elotainitg full ao.d :v111111 diretions. For sale hby SICKLES k CO. me 14 Sa3m 4J0 Calud sltet. 1 1-- .1.'-. bi ,i. ýiGos.t,5 Jo i s,and Ii tl hl IL Shloulders. te 1 Iloe lued, l Iotl g stlll rtelllll - er Backeye. aud tur ',sle ,e TI Tf'I'"tN & AVI:W Y, THE Fh.9JRIDA STAG12 COAtii AND R"'I- AM AT LIM THOOCGH IN FIVE AN AN A IA A Vront Mobil. (Alabama) to AUg1SSIt.S11 (0 T EAV S Mobile ever)y other day, ammeil .lyldyl tli4irrivsl of tile mail from New u prleon ipes steamboat. Eixars., to Blakely, oasohes toP (peor Pcfiuoln Bay, St ltoreotd l iod ., t.hnohie sIo a -) to e iCl sudda , Ile iim via Mariran, Chattel . ohee (formerly M emat, s...,) lilbrti ge, enderton; ,ilje m d v ille, to Ag lun. A paeebertaskino hisseat I bile is h no ltor eof hrein thrown out Or ilosiltý Iwo Orelrce byojbheocimgltetitinetmoe e, astle ePL ' DA LINE is hutonc lcer*,yann Woderoae aoited: throughout, o rlsteav rely wrne eunsatr14r apeolni tarrivanlt Augusta in time r pcisfied, through all weath or and at sYa so, so, unsless some oofenfoonem OsWe t.opoe shololdo otcur. The Great l2w Orleans Al is narrioi by this .ouse. The Agagents for aenoep de to, 'l'e-sls, Coseheeand Drioe aore not aitp id the solthern cnnntry. IThe snood,, hard, natural roads, the safe di Iedl-r" oe. "'g, wtter avia"li.i, thmei and esomna-tlesisi ion the traveler sp.ed oerini t;omort, td ple ing vriety; eonlneted "si t were with the RBil Rod 1 Charleston, S.C. aod the steso I.ekets to Novi IYe1*e t cralers e an Nes -i o New York from New O er,. tLiss THlN I sl ra--Washist.on o ty in 1t. Fi'roe Cenctohooouhe, Florodo, we have a BRand Lin tie Qti.yl anld l"llahoasiee to St t rhs, hboere la o. clcs, also two IlOnohes f tom wklosqill one to Milledgevile, and one to Macon, ligLht two harI nmooies, S1'OCKTO1IS f ate Ato'soTA, 00th Jan. 18.5. (itceao l Mtansion H-ollse M itolle nl)istanee , New )rleans to Mobile, ISOa ri. tobilo. to . usuts, 540) us Altgota to ChrIclcston, 1i, hlarrloton to New York, 980- 19l Time, New Otrloan to Mobile, t8seord Mobile to Atgusta, s12 '5 A mr staU toChartletoit, 12 t i(ha'lenton to New York, l.- 9 Moking tirt8 tiiers pec dlay. orL7 eilt ies er hor, inel siva ol -I .toppages. not lO N. II. I beg leave to inform the poblietnat h.e . bIridlge over the Ch'tahoothe swamp scd Hard L mun lt, (the, nly ostacler op erat agait thille fe ead syeeod) routete el ds hp, l11 reroved; anld have ileasure ouflei: tlng F;'oam telve letath lte eos ae.lhae iss, dIiverstsnd orltdsreol thefiest orler tandast tl water route firom t'ensoc,,h, to Cedar liluff, it is admil ted by att who haver isaei: tlrooglh it to he enswlproa s it omvelties Ibeauty snd safety. The brldgethrbogs h Georgia hbve slo, ewenreatired. J M C BAKER 19 MoAote , STtZTI NE\V-OIRLEANS. -OSEPH5 KNETTLE, & Co.-Lnpor ers onfFre ed c and o tl onestic Hrrdwre r i , rope nod the Alotih e Cities, direct from the Mahufue tuoors, en extrine aseortmenut of Fntcy and Hliev7 h:ardwnre cmprising evtry article is the lih whisit they ottior tow. Country lterhaorts and othlers ao Invited to toll snd xamine bher stetak which cotsists, in port, of table utclher's, poc:et, slddler'n aod straw knives, plated sfal iritnllia tea spoonseedle, e ine , hIooks acd eyes, aho "olao mad .pades. tongo, thovoer, enders, andirons, Brit toIil and japllno d ware, brushes, blaink book and pa oer, lookintg tlssces, navil, virce, screw lates, halnd lleit 01 n1nail hammersi, stllths bellowc. A morican ie Etnglilsh hlister,cnst, shear, Gcrcoon and eroley stooll, )loaugh nmou ls troe tox and log choi, wierdil. Louli. antand t lullbig bees Mattocks, pick gxescorn andL groco scyticr , Collint Kings otit Simmoon chopping t nxes, rooght, Iloo anod cut nailt, rattoli and woo urrds, coltee tnd ornoimills,ptlones and plsi i rle, gouires, lohks, sd, ironis, hiok and h istols, shot, powdetr old lyi nor iak, ,ptr powler, .len, fih, brass tid bell cetial knob chest, trunk and aid l ocks, bridle EU UISAIA N E-Cour du Premiere Die Diot Judtirialor. 'ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE--A tots eeux qun L- eel pOecenten conoernent, Salut.-Atteodu qoe James Bilteos Diggs, yaut octe it i u toe tenht Iits pae te SlhariF de la il'otsse d'.hleans I ploprittd ei-apt-h decrilte s'est alretss as Greflt de ettr Cour no I duit veilte lut euregisrtoe le S cite jolr d'Avri; he I'e.eiO 8I '1, pioiir n .is eoeiformenlel i tin sole lo lin Legis laitouc de I'etat ile a Luisioile, iltitule "AA to pour o(,lltirliue los Litlres: e.actlo.. remsnik teati,lij oc ares;" pl'prouu le I Moor 18t'4. Qu'il suit hbltu, ct touten ll it'ios i t.Iit.os mIllot lr Oee pes fete telt imnlk, 00 eon dct'Etat Ie laLo isilteet de laltor du Preier Dlslrict Juolliuiire, qli ioouraieo t lovni deo t it& Is ipo tliete ti-apris tlecrite, tol eonselouemee d'uo ldefaut dte fotrme Jas l'ordre, le dsieret UU lejugemett ds In cour, .io virtu doitlao vetolle a tt it, e e toie oute ictroguo hIrit ou il..d:tlite dtil l'esitinltiIi, I'.,via on le temnsot I!e ilolee d Ito vente, 0ou pourtieoutre aUste queJdtque dole lh oili, diss trrete jotrs i diter di I publieatitn dle eetreavioIuosluoi Io velto sintri [sts ce Ieonit pe lia te laopi.,iOi. lot coldite sarel bherif, sues dil 1 1 eisoe jor ide 6bl, s de i'ne I 11t8, eli hersu ctli detan e '. Ile ertre Co'r reods Itt oto iniu t Jtnvierde aence 1899S la s I'flv:ioe Ide Jai~nts tiarnes I)iles vs. itfus Goereee, No. t5,L191, du )loket die cote0 Coul', laquelle enIlt w'est Ieotu aequerer pour l4 prix devioesitianilelo Ducltlitioo de to PrnpritO de apr61te I ttnler Jhei. i iroe, .lsoir. Un eeetnihn tiorteen do terne a00 ttlotes eII ee.iie et nsoolioltioinrlyii oi 't tiliavrtlt, oilosi qullee droin, e irivleges eta. y ppslrteatnt ld'ilo masiore qaeleleque .ious all falloixbrg AnollOhlietim. metiranl (metsoi liiglaise) toiLs celiiliiUnIliit it six ttsi qetl*a b hencieoma d'ul intoitl'e fore Clienoin pttoliqoe "e' ar 'i rue do i ouvelleI LevLet, lrit sent Joisctote uall ieds dx poides ltiq'atrohiliomriti olfres rlin o te CleSle, demx setan es llatlPe Eiam pieds neutr Itouii.t deox buitrra s .urtwe gue lire >t la rue de la seille. Levhee Jasqu k ltappei i" hue lihni ltrledte io prorieth llde Lenrelt Mtils.ssdon, i .'ellriloiigIr iea rtocsi leio Le e et t dJastttNoenl de I;i forul ll, aU l llle droit el s'etctocndt iL egt trevnrlb ioq pihdo et trols ilioues ea irofisider J ri nlng deli i ie liiiiitolpli, d i., pIrootriete du dit Mlilhasdon, pr l it l a i i t.o .lrsltrile li fo1nioult t "algle drett at o I lte..lit de Solixallte traispileds o0e pool e M teoin O Oc u hoti tliie liitri"ophe le sllopridtl do de Lous lietle, tparhall l it m viell0 Levn : de i. tliiiaiit iulli asirsnigle irul it 0e 'eltlt de loltlulsle 1it.x ied ... poos Iert cieq huittiosl .. r . 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