Newspaper of True American, July 6, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 6, 1838 Page 2
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Bo . ................. 1 to 71 4). S Trtaer note .............. i to 7 . oeitsdlea ud Cncinneti..... ..... 3 to 4 jYsuppimoney-river lanks ....10 to 25 die. Braodoo anAote Nrw Banks ......3I to I40 do Taees lt ................... .,to 7 do Alalbama So .................... t " do Te.x.Trury notes ............. 45 to S " do ' a.. .......................... 15 td 20 " do NOTICE. N EW ORLEANS & NASIIHVILLE RAIl RIOAD i COMPANY.-Sealed piuposals will no received It the offlic until O1th July, for laying superrtructtltre. on the aid readl. SThe materials for the Road will be Inil along tlhe sids ofthe track, and ltantcot will Ins built by the Company The contractor will state how much per mile lie will build the superottrtetore For,i--pa ymul to be maIde a0 the work progresses, dedltelleg 2l0 ler cent ou each paytosnt until the tontrctI is coml1letd, to tile stlos. faiction of the Clhiof Engineer. D HOARD, jy4-it ChiefEngineer & Gen. S.:periatendent -¶`OPARTNElSlIThP-T'lte undorsigned hhoi i.. taken his nephew, Mr. John Leeds, into artner. sflp1 the buoiness heretofore carried on by hilm, v.ill be eontmued from this date under the firm of LEEDS &CO. jy4 E JED EDIA LEEDS. SU- tU- bola fot sale by G DORSEY, L EAF LARD--l400 kho g oder, for sale by Li4 h 1 OIIlARSY, jy4 44 New Levee. J CHEN RANGES or CUOKING CA.t.lirE, h Boilers and Ovens complete, a neat add most convenient article, for ale & by IIOLMES & Il S,.9 jv4 I;nk Alley. L SLAErll & 'TRE, jy ,10 Pslednrs street. F LAG STONES-l'120 Yards Srotch l'lcggitc; Ifr ' sal low, to close a consigimentL, Lby IIOLiME & M4ILLS, j. I Bank AlIhy. SOLU'I'ION OF IARTNERSHI P.--The firm of Hill & Du lois, or OIu Bole & Co., Livery Stable, No. i8 St. Charles street, known by the name of Tattersall's, have been this day dissolved,tby mutual eonasnt. The Stable will in fuatre be conducted by O. Dno Bis, who has the settling of the buainses. jy 3 Will. HILL, SJOTICE-'l'le oetoparmralip heretlfiore exietin J between te sulserihert, andetlr the firtm of W. .o J. iRAN'r'l Irs hiwel dlseolvccd hy iuutol CsOnlatil. Wm. Graet is charged with tile liquidation if tie affairs oftle:late firm, and will continua the business on his own account. WVI. GRANT, jy3-3t JOHN GRANT, Jr. IVE DOLLARS REWARI)D--I etion Wednllesda I last, a veryold METAL'WA'l'CH, will a small gold t.ardehain. Name on the ite., " *)rllury-Loi don.' Tie watchll. is of nu intrinsic value, although pried by the owter. The above rewarl will he paid on dalivery of the ltst article et t his office. - LLOUtl--510 bble in atire, for sale by lv G DOIf.EY, jy3 . I44 Ne t.evee. B AGON lltl?"-4t cu--s superior r'iininati cured, in saple, for sale by 0 DORSEY, jy3 New L.evce. jR pltS< WES'rl1N HUT'ri'TEK-4l kegs, recivend SLATER & TRIER, Jy3 40 I'tydrasstreet. jaCON SYIES-.A l caea, of souplior quality, iD store, nod for sale by LAWIKEN. f: & 1.EGENDRE, jy3 28 & ,29 New Lever. C Ul l ANTTSO- kpas, sllperior article, in store, f AW rENCEJ & I.EGENDRiE, Jy7d 28 & 219 New Leveer. EWSPAPEIL ESTAIILISIIAIIENT FOR SAI.E. The undersignod utli:rs fir sale, (if tll thic likeR .a fair price call be oblslilid,) thle estabhlishment of the MOBILE MERCAN'i'ILE ADVEIt'tISEIt. It en. joey a good sihscriptioni and advertisitg pInlrmnge in the city and country, ied is lllt tcoclir l Ithsirlrale purehei s for any iereon who canll dvote his personlla .attention to it, wilch I cannot. Thbserlms will be made kntow t on applicntion to ly agret" Mobile, i arthe aubscriben r at StI. I.uis. SOL SAiITlI. Friendlly pulllisheors will ilcie .riil,' above ai few insertions. and the Invor - ill IIb relciltrnciledid. F l fRAi .- A iak lheckon thei Northern iHail, of Kentucky, Lltnilnill', at lilt dats date, Ireln June .2, for $84i,. Apply Yto H. I T. LVY & Cit., je3 10 (lravir i t'evt L EAF l.ARI--4211 hi ,ga hIal lit,1, landinig hciII steatmboat UClineltl I y'ne, fior tlle. by LAYET & AMl'.LUNC, jy2 17 C(nlmterce street. SICON illey's-1 hhdls bacone sides, Inndlicg iromt .) ateamblloat General Waivnl, fir 'ale by LAYIT' . lt)il. .NIG, jys 17 (Commllllerce streel. about 14(00 Ilol, hyill. ill (.crriltoh. fir s ale by T' HIt D i 6, HIIROItI ER, ji cur Colutr onl ,i I lntaziloe streets. Ssuperfine and 151 do fl,* loulr Ill ilblI c'niommon rod 48 Ilbl reiied whiskey; 7 ls Mil esas ul 15 bills prime pork; 2 hills prisi. btu'; lihe cargo of a lat boat for sale low, to osace, I I.AYET & AIliELUNiG,. jlyi 17 CIilumTcrccT street. HjttE undersigncld i.v· 0're irtU ll ccuuliielun ror tie: Sparpoet l' Itrn-anctiong f.:cciiiiuicu Itlsinri, in tlls city, under tie liria of Adaln . Whtlitall. C AILA\MS,Jr. jyl JO'. E WHIT'I'A.I.. p OKt-.l-l Milsit eta,, 78 it l hI Ol, 4) i-nnP-(, do bllouhlsd 17 do Nct'kcl,i tail pices, 8 d Luta of aualders,an p 2 do Julesit tIhe Iltpetion; fi isle Jy ( 1oitiiSEy, jell 14 New levee. WHOLEMSAIl TIN M1ANI;FAC'TORII. QAMUELI LOCKE & CO.Ld2Old levoee street, have 1. in store a large and well a.nereld of Tin ware, comprisinig every article usiiaIly tade, and of their own nmnufacturet which Ihey otlrr on aceomms, datinr terms. Dealers in the article would do well to xamine their stock,. ap 17 AVANA OUFI-'0CE.-5 lluge iin isre, for sale H by ALA'TEi & 'l'lttER, jell 41 Piydra sitrea S.anid lor sale by 'I' R tYllE & tRO, jell elt Conitintn aael Magazile st. r-lIF I.ARD--GO0 kegs I.secquality, in rtore, far Li sole by Gi I)OISEY, jel4 44 New Levee. *1i-'LY HAM--Pat oa inetacs, also rtneo e'1 Sdo, in bhils and lhhls. erprosly lor Ilalily use Ji'l hmdedi and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, jell 17 Clmin ercee street. C IiCINNATI BACON-I,7 hhds Itnse, Sihul. es and Sides, of superior quality, Inuadig fron steamer Chancellor, for stle hy ISAAb ,BRIDGE ,. CO. ij4 134 Mlaganine sitree. N1 F LARD--I.t kegs i s.tu., for srule Iyc _ _ DOiIJ SEY, 41 N.e ,Levee. i10 ET-A House o Cnal StreetrIletwen S MaNies. land Tr'eteL Strest', suitable fr a large f'amily. Apply to DOSYLE & MAY, je s • 3i Carndelet street. -ll.Ull b- h wrlfleri F la r, rea end will . i u orl eiefrall blu h y CG. DOISRE Y, jailt 44 New L.eve. Il r. C FE,0 R- b ea e Cif e, per Igl. Hlrot, mio ln Havna; for setel by S BSLIATER & TIRIEIIR, jeri4,' , 40 l'iydlac sin el. TiiIUfUEJ AMEII N. admit EBDlKa gD 8W Jon r ag flNt. Mr. . .I1UL. AND BO1.9 his a yNE W OR LEA Nl t: FRIDAY ................ JULY 6, 1838. fixed day GLORIOUS VIOTORY ! ! !term We haie met tle enemy an. they are ours. ache The election terminated on Wednesday will most triumphiantlyforthe Whigs. They necl fought the good fight, like men, like free. c men. Never did we witness more untir- hbee ing zeal, more unanimity, or more good teri feeling. The Whigs have immortalized Sir, themselves. In the city the Loco's bragged that tlrey arm would have a large majority; they made heavy bets on 500, and more. They bet for on 400 and 500 in the First Municipality. cor How they have been deceived! The votes bet of the First Municipality, their strong "o hold, have been counted, and their ma jority for Governor is but 176. Suppus- k ing the Third Municipality to increase an that majority to 300, yet the Whig majority ori in the Second Municipality will be 500, fi thus giving us a majority in the whole city of 200. at The majority against us in St. Bernard co was gained by sending over voters from cl the city to the opposite side of the river, An and by naturalizing some fifty foreigners. City of New Orleans-First Municipality. r For Governor, at Prieur 719 Roman 543 maj. for Prieur 176 For Coneress, White 686 Slidelll 557 mnj. for White I12 For Senator, lIon 790 ,nrthe 459 maj. for floa 331 For the L,.gislaturc, Whigs. Democrats. Claiborne 6it Cannon 720 ed Conrad 617 Marigny 692 "e' Piehot 586 Ilennedy 687 Ihe Debuys 570 Montaege 679 the Rogers 553 Augsltin 6411 till Galennie 538 Armitage 601 SI,Lockett 523 Tulane 562 is- In the Second Municipality there are 1262 votes cast, and in the Third there are 5j5. nt In the parlsl of Jefferson un Feore Governor. Ibe Roman 261 Prieur 106 rmaj. for Roman 155 Fon Congress. I. White 300 Slidell 25 maj for Whit e 275 Palmer 18 Taylor 12 vee. For Legislaltre. by Preston 196 Kenner 169 maj for Preston 27 ee. In the Florida porishes the votes for Governor ES, are, Prieur Roman St Tammany 108 113 Washington 87 166 e St lelatna 176 130 fr Livingston 200 30 570 439 firm Priotr's mnjnrity in the four parishes is 131. ery In St Tammany, thn vole for Congress, 2d die. nune triet is, T. W. Chinm, 163; T. Lawsnn, 50; maj. rO. forChinn, 113. For the Lezisllrure, A. Cousin, 128; J. McDo. nald 90; mnnj. forCousin31. it In St John Baptist, there it a majority for Rt. But. man for G,,vernor,30, and for Slidell to Congress aire 13 Carlls Carci is ielected roeresentt tive. In St Charles, Prietr has a m njority of 21. ay In St Bet nard. Prieur'a majority is 5.; Slidell ht. all a ntnjority of 10, and Arthur Frtier is elected represent live. paid In S8 Franncisville, on the 21 day, Roman was 77ahend. In Assumption, Roman's nmajority was 60 on the teri'. seonnd day, snd White's still greater. sinti In Avoyellea, Roman'es mIjllnrity was reported to be 100. wver. IEIEitVILI.E. ivesl Homan, 151 Estuvnn, 13 Priour 147 itlher. 1Il Chins, 18.1 Ilrir, 177 treet. Lawson, 177 I.abealtr, 1:41 Wi, WEST' BATON RiOUGE. Rotton, 147 l.renuve, 10 Prieur, 619 lliri t, 102 .c . Chin, 19.1 'tt , stor, Lawson, 15 Clurk, 9 ASSUMPTION. Pri-tir 221 White, 10.1 !eer. lun 99 Kenner, 37 Al.. Sli .' II, 191 Taylor, 17 Poor Sltdell! poor Slidell!-If ever there wos a u ted up gentleman, it in John Slidell. In the city of Lafayette, s few hours before the election, Mr. Palmer, a hoer Ihtcher of Itht place, made a bet often dolars, that he eonld then heat Slidell there, nndl ccordingly placed hirmselfl on the ticket aIid at tie close of the polls won both his bet and his hbens, the numhbers being for the Pear Butcher If! for the here democrat 13. Poor Slidell! theis is omen of his Ilte. kox uto dirsce ones. The Sub Treasury Bill is now iffr etally des troyed: firet by r mrljorlly of I1I lt the oriuinal motion to eengrtoss tihe bill, and now rarnl by the large majority of 184 against reconsidering the bill. iBut tlth schelmling, tw;stinu , filnessing ad mnllisotration party, are not to be drivent from tlheir rneflrilus purposes by even the mlotll signal deen ts, nor the clearest demonstralion of tile public will, for sinlthaitnerruly with their conplete overtlhrw in thee Hlouse o [:eresennatives,Senrator [citha . , in direct opposriti n to at least tihe ctirtl of I[tI t"in.truetion," introduces a t ill r sruprlemendenl r to the act establishing the Treasury Departnenlet," for the purpose of carrying into eflce the next new schemle tof L" lhe party," uttmnrely, a systemu ol "a;pecial depositcs." Thus they continue to try trick atter trick, sclcheme upon scerme--no matter how absurd or certain of ulrim rte defeat-rather then cower to the only rmeasure twhich can give stability to the fiecal concerns of" the govertnment, or a unliformt curtlency for trade, commerct e and the country. But tihere is yet balmn ill Gilend: the sa re spiirit which has defelaetd tlhe sub treasury scheme will also destroy thii new rrck of -rspecial depositee," and the sound patliOtistl which is awakening all around, in our own and every other state, wherever tila people have opportunity of speaking their wishes, will shortly comper l their fai:hlsee serveans to do their duty, or drive thetl from' the high places of trust they have so long abused. A somewhat sinular ecireumstanee attended the first decision against tile bohnoxoues U sub treasury bill." While all paetres were listening in breath leS silence, for the summing up of the vote, a roar of artillery echoed through tie quiet hall! Both parties felt its momentary influence as an oment,although it proer'ed'dd only from a masonic ceretmrny in tile city. On the 26th June, IMr. Foster, of New York, moved to re-consider the first vote of Il5 to II I, which gave rise to a variety of amendmnents and propusiiione, attended with amn e sensible remarks from Mtr. 'lTholas, that tie defunct bil l should be let to its quiet reer, w ith no attempt at resuscita tion until tie asseneiled representatives I id been blome, and learnt the opinions of their constieurentse At length, " the prevurr's lu:estion'" ilIont t i tr Il.C Omotion to re-ctott.o which vroir ,.et' rto a d0e efs95 to 2l1,--a manjority of 14 against this liitn sdministration pet plan. sea ed b Ir. Secretary Paulding was to enter on the duties of TI his office an the lt Jly. of a :j- The latest resolution of Congress to adjourn Cr5 fixed the 9th July for the event. Whether this and day will be adided by or not the next mail may de- cono termine, for eanc day brings some alteration. The dit late ole on the recenslderatton of the sub-treasury duo scheme may facilitate adjournment, as Van Buren elen will doubtless be anxious to get rid df such a ".tiff bil necked generationi aon Canada.--The recruiting for the blaek-guards has el bee, stopped, and those in arms ordered to the in- at terior. The militia hag also been disbanded, and 1'es Sir John Colbornse speaks is\terms of the higlhest Th commendation of the officers of the United States tl army stationed about the frontiers. o -res Mr. Barrett is making extensive engagements for the Camp Theatre. Two of the most populer pa comedians of the Tremont in Boston have already I been engnged, Mr. W. Johnson, the very popular ean t. old man" of the theatre, and Mr. Cline, the light le comedlan, of whom the editors of the literary emat periurn speak most highly. Mr. Milow, lorg pr known as an excellent loader in the Philadelphlina and New York theatres, is engaged to latd the at orchestrai which will be composed of some of the fo first musical talents ill the country. .r. Clay.-We putblish to day from tle Nation at Intelligencer the correspondence between a d committee of New York citizens, invitineg 1r Cn lay to visit the principal cities of the empire state dAnd the reply of that distingu ished oerutor, with his reasons for declining the invitation. Thfse reasone, urged with the natural an! hatituanl frank'ohes of Hlenry Clay, will convince all re;Rtsrnn able men that hie is superior to tire trickrs e tre- n ding politicinas: that not even to pleasure hiinseell t greatly, nor to advance his political interestr sElli more, will lie do nouirt tat can be constirued into an attempt to influence public opinion in his favor, I or interfere in thll rlihtetrr degree t;ith llre Ipr. t feet Ireedoln of the ritizens' choice which should ie 2everlmark the seletion of a candldlate for the hihrert office in their eift. We common dl itel pe. rusal of these two letters to our renders, coevinced that they will ileld in them mrtters of both Iplea 4 suore antr pril e'. i01 rat' i t of lhe . rt eti. t . l at .ltzso ie It!t, e'..l e Mork, to .,1r Clt' , rrt hs ,a,,trerr. te LE'TER OF TH t'O\IlMII"I'EtE. NEW Yong, lMay 31, 1113t. To the lion. HEInY CL.v: Sir: A meeting of our citizens was held nor t',e evening ol the 29eth inst., when the address and resolutions, of which copies are enclosed, were 153 rnnnimously adopted. By one of those resorlu tlins tha vt vst d animated nssenlbinge 'omlit tell to irs thetdul of inviting you to pug s tlihroe rL 75 the snate oe New Ynrk, by way of this city, Al[bany and lBufflo, on your return to Lexingten, after your labors at the present session of Congress shall Ihave terminated. 27 The meeting lmenited lilt th In ra tifyin' sil 'e, - tacle is not now presented by this siteiRe, cwhi(ch, bor but for recent events, it wouhl hlave exIi ltel oel yo.ur listr journey throulglh its widelst ne ntr . 'The fan desolation brought eulon o.r beloved c'oetl t, eby had administration r f G vernument, a'thoul h not 3 confined to any particlarylinterre., telr lilntel d by i6 state boundaries, has, in its fulle .t, n be ll \lsied upon us: the infliction was, pterhaps, the dejecting, beenusne it was dealt by those from t0 whom a majority of our citizens haed loekerd for benefits and gratitude. Theotrdignatint or a great people has at lcugth checked the uudlacitt, atn foreshadowed the doornm ol thie l- atrt, thereforre, wi:h expectation, we canl at tIeat die. have the pleasure of showing you the monnnen rl of former success andi wiser counsels, aund l aJ f pointing out to you the sources of our Iftt 're hope.: our common schools, our canals and railrorad, oiur D t spacious harblrs, our lnoble rivers, our lertllt', lt' :e, nurshippinLr, workshops atndl warehousro', and tare nuinerous and intelligent p eopulatiteon, ilteld w'itI t ingenuityr industry lnd enterprise, an d iin t vetI dje' prived of all their energies bh the itre d/r o tieh t "ltse resr incumbent upon them. Amid the ruins whl'h surround Ies, it is enllseolatory to set that somlltetllit.g has b ell e1s tlched frortn dlestrluction by thle ill re pidity of yoursell and youri con'patroh ; tMtilli l,-, is e e i that t el was le i 'lustr'etibl.; and lit elt-ree 1.1 o rereaine, witeh which , tinder fit tn l Idatrler ,"I r .,' ted trintia skill, we iay Ihereafter Ie arbl to reptir tac ablrie of ur prosperrity. Governed by these feeling, the met"ting;edirect was ed ts to urge ynour accepetane lt tie ir ltt:l i,'n ,wahieh wphavenbovee omn nicated. It tirllatlerd tthe us the highlest hsai.action te be tuabled to state en thens that their r'.queet will be eompthei with. And you will, wo trust, permit us to ddl, that tes d to of our citizens in seeing you will be heightened by the opportunity of thanking you in person for the many and eminent serviceas ol the lias; of rrejie.tme with yo ill the tproalrees of tlhe 13 present; and ecnnfirlting their hopes of thie in. 141 tore by a communlio with one, whit, lunrisnated 177 by the perils that have fromr time t timte e iret. t't ened our country, still pursued the uoward path, and. taught u, by Ihis precept and ex.anple, never 104 to despair of the Republic. 102 We are, sir, with tihe highest esteet n aned con side'ratioun, your faithful friends and uaedrent ser vants. GU1L. \N C. V'li'PLANCK, 102 V1 LIS HAI.L, 37 .oliN I,. LAW'RENCE, 17 '1'1ITMAS WELL , I)DUDLEY SC:LDEN, as a ROlSIR' SWAIl'I'rhtU'7. Mir. CLAY'S, REPLY. \nasalllaToN, June ;, I318 GI:NTrt:.eNX: I hlive to neklwlocdge the receipt of a letter which, as ai ( ilnllllte appointed at a Pet tintg of t ily political frlrinds, rtc-ntly conveneda t in tha city of New York, you addrl aald il ni, lIrnsmittl ll~a copy (if their cel dlnt! s, alld 1n pur iual i ice of neall .flt ' inao anrutio is, i nvim a lin to vi all that h\, and to panIt thraough a the stat a Now York in lt l· loin, up I)n mt ' iltso rll h rlltl l tl the tre.rminatio I pit tlte p rrsn ,t ailSe l il lC . , SI have peri s, d the proe c ,h lls of thl e l ei l lC, with the h',*ehest let.i.olg rltnlndte: anod I re quest yie, genltlemen, to convey to tho,.e wh cnm atos, ii may c' a :al thanks, andn r neotnl ain acakuu'wh leeat'lt' a s i a' r 1their Ineniaaa v aI tin 'lerattiun of me. [:hi'sl I feel hiaii n gratiiell by the seni Ltmlille o .f a ati thm tent.c nlidacnL and preilreia ieo wilt an expression of which the .rot g ha, ho- I ,red lmlte, I think teat it has wisrly rtl'er(od thede gnltttion ofi" a suitable enda i ati lor Oil" , I llice a ler ideaa of thet Iaa ea ,d n tat to' the nsideralaion and Impartial da cisa on iif it N tional l Cani venlini. ,Sath an aeseti la a., repirsenl in l anll r an l tlie iatitedl States, and Inirly constituted, nill eiI m de I , i ons alllll nd heat exp.esea the sels, of tilt whh.'· t): i is'il an to Jthe r .ll t tIn ,ilih irliiI o I a, , ranal G(overtao nti,' . it ral iracone In ditl'' rt:,i, lt naole harmllli ny, nilld S(l'ure hearly co apelr atliol lltnt tll s who t re eIn·hI. l 'I II tilt ptatlr l tc caue. of .truna li~g to iitnge bJuac the (;iovrnl tunt ,o its lforair purity, to heal the wolllls Il til tColistiit tion u, d au italoru thie prlos perily ai the collunr . I tshould be st haiIppy to finid ytyeilf nder air iainait11tinace which viwould admit ot my ucceplnnce -If trhi riendly invitation to visit your tiate. I [ in sure that overy where, on n tour an agreea',l, I should ntut wilih the greatet kindness and ths pitlity,n atJ behold in the virtue, toell iagetce, and enotr'irise of the Pro: lu tof New Yakt, in the tnobla w- rks oI ihterlnt iniprovernw t which adolrn its lr ri iitory, and in the fruitful -i il w tlh which l Prive - idence has hlleased it, abundant elenitl til for ra lyir tl. temiporary inijria tinaflaae d by ite erraor an experiments ot the Federal oxteuniv,'. la I ie -! lllstrarlnld to deny mysei l the s::lis'a r'itll tof co" tretplatiinl thorse pleasing ePcaiie A t.-r in till seotrce iln my hoaLe, waIch halt uliealdy xtenrd to niilh cig~ht alonlhs, I allU a urnllv mustl anoaious to rtaiin my family 'without any avoidable dtl ,y. I mnight ontent mvarlf witlh he aagllllleut ot ilha silple rea.son, blut I have other and blig'l r tll a tives, which candor reqaires I should Culllnolli cate, for declining to yolur oblig' a illvita tion. Although, I alt not, in flci, a cnulddate for any office, Ilam aware that ily Ilale is fre ly usIed int connexailn with the highest in the gift of ahell Amelricanl Peoplae. Wllilet it Is ithlls a u juet ou taionidert.atnon, I hve thoughlt that it beat beacomes 1es to reltaia in oft attitude perfectly passive. douing nothing with the intention iiI uitactlng tile current of pubilic to ate, nothlng to diturb or af toct thile exrcltU is f he tre Lad uaiuaIsseadjudgb munt of tile Pueopl I have accordingly acted in strict conformlity with thlisaonvietlnn of tly duty. I have visited no place, and shall visit no place, woah the view ai promoting Illy IIwI peaCllln aIl: vlancement. CunAideranltolu boh! of patr lltl ttdlld cunvenierice have ilduced te i adoptlll this rraalu mon. I know btat enttnst iUots of pttreonal estermPl ald regardl for alm, apan it ull ll pulItti l tusiaIaVas, have I roipted ite al itar i oia with whiit h)o u h oI. lavtred tah.; but I I ,ere to at ci l [a nt, it-a at, 1 t blUer whtat ,rotistians rt proluiraaa n, it tIaait. i e blihe Ld, wahetitrjustly or Iini, tlhat II hal aii le r ajects ialtnue sociali illerctItSe, and a iila xii am. nation of the un. h tx auatr.,le r, ulslrc.sf youlyr t11 ;. at laal.a, The IaaI acoL i reeariasoaN wihlll L wt' ,lght tbe idouctmJ l o %.' t 1 N Y h," ' Ya.l ,i !dhl , .11 I n. 'I i aaai'lot iaiai limtios s.tnold I ptencritrl e! iher e .imlle Ir pa Iv sicml iatrnteticoblity tI go to evtry imatprtont poatt of the Union, which In illht he presed, or promipt ed by the impulse olf ci" own lehrlinotn to visit ThS office of presideniof the United States is ofa nature so exalted and its functions are no it' mentoues, that it ouglh not to he, and hnppily, etver ean be, reached by individual elTnrts to acquire it. Itahtuld only te bestowed by the free, sponlt neous and deliberate jndgment of Ite People. When so conferred it in nI re honorable to them and to the distinguished object of their ehoice. Itab tre ceiving it, he will enter upon the career of its ar duous dutis, eonscious that he h attained t he re elevated station by no low or nuwortlty arte, and overlowing with gratilude, will dedicate all ili - abilities, and hie undivided energier to the hontr t and tbe prosperity ad ghltry of his couutry Sauch, gcntlenet, aro ite views which I should a eotertaiif I wtere a formnel cndtidatne, nd thl sole andidnteof the caser to which In ac ttanttel. d Fra from being weaketnel, they acpp'e'r tIo aln t oasess additional stre-tt ty whetn we nurtvev tre It cieit stai e of te to eeotn to which they rtl ireit . v'loe W hlito have not yet deturiined on their candli late. T'hey ate now dhlibioruting nbrut it, iai- It psorl namong theietolelve in their prim nrytal other anoemblieso as they have a riaht to tdo, and resalvod to htld a great Ifnniluy consulttion in De mar .1ter, I183. other entlcsi tell, of eminent nbil ties, distinouished services and f acknorvletldged r Ictrtioism, are jtstly and properly and tro eint i-n l ly in their view, and tinder their cotinidenirtinn I Wlhilst this prelintinry question is in propress of u r an aminable adjuntlmen, I fetrl that it wnold nit t en right Ifor me to ltik any personal r0ertaons, or v:en it hoe vu:untanily placedl in situations ill Swhich it might he supponed that I w.e makitg pcrsnal Cxrtlie,le to .itidraw from tahem ilte a o lldeitln c, stjn it'ly dre to tlt nt, of our t nlnlllu friendi, a:ld l0 it etxclusie ly up( InisnVlt. IIn anntnilniu iitlltt rtle i atof c ltndiet for ilysitlt, it is uforeign flot ilteinantion Itoi mrk not tlly corse i llr thier to tor iliti tttot , atiy diltsn tiantettt with whaever Ill tilt)i Illil)a Citotidet it proper to pUr I Il rv yo,- reuiln·tl, individlh lyv o accept -slnrt as ,,I t,,e hlht t poers :c;a t r,-glnrd ti d entto nti wil whlich I Iati Ic Faithtluly, y.odr friend and obedlinlt searv:nt, II. CLAY. ' PORTi' OF N . 14VIaT OR 1Nl ,NS. StipAtrtiess, The, Iaiv trpnol,t i- St i1'rueais, Johlltnn . Liverpootl, ' I ti it ic Brlg t'acrziovl, Cioruy, y lila r, Kidder t llC Ilr:l tol Wi0 Virgil, llra tcIletut e,o i 'ntnei a r iiit' Gtrl.ll AIVAL\ALS. t he rliuer CtllO hi e, i, doy intn n l rhi e sten , r :to 31 i tt ttllv c, ri s Lt p s d St ,, I sylr tell- tioi Vatc ir d With shi) Orleans, btlriiuic, tarillh, c arr ` bh tt'cilllli, Chcaa n llhie lvaortaooi h oltlt'Stc .OtW acktt lln Oireans, Sats, i7 days frot i Nw ll ort , to .t atVchitritty. M ' ISSIll' ,ii"1ll': it, Nx 2, Ii2 hixci tore-I I'Lt rl i tixilici citixei'c ttIh .'z.tO ilcj hol P/I'~, plroritlor of thtle Cxlixe llxiei, CIIrt oii f CIhi: rtieS andI St Lbwi+i trcet, teuir his extraordin 'y twioderetion iiu iial'gill Its fiity cxnis for we nl Fix t' ilx t IcrackIers n i eo itlv 12I-" iitxi Cr grubstiter ie- I W itier, x i fortullix ue'liisx .ig brs. - vy xl;, r, jdy_; NV... . w A xit.i lirINx, sci,.'. I 00 O I AIINA llt.-i,. C{)--,.w o eu m,l o t Jull 8. iI.I;l;j--'l'l~is imrlllpt!,y to.l- 1'ii' lilt irt tO;l'i c 311,.ssrs C+rlel.Til % I~l·I',m ,t( .'b ll( 1II ;(;audl &. Ilrtlierl foCr rclxiehi ti'litih ltt isi d iI he cI tl ii piilxiv it tth l' tii t I' lnor o tf 1 Liuts mxid' Il T' -i'eis, i hli- urning. Ji l l I I tl I ll 'II '\ S c v. Il~~i-- l~lll~r ll-{-- C ig. "-{[{ I T--;I hl.j -:· I1III(·(,, lll li .... iI S111 515ll, i l ir th i .'llllil, .. xo ill'lxlx' i : olprhor of tlhhlie jtiii i iii, S rne r i t Ti l lir ihl'l' l lI Ctve 10 I,f C--tl r ill f, t ar then Sia~y lxx y lrv r, Ii T cit Gi l',TII . ..., c 1iiix-iixttyI. ll Itv,'lr t -.> - ,-. .r ITIL thuinks to Ales~is (ar, i,'re I nlrill & Io, ill the libea; l Inall, r in w\ lch tlheV tllrlli- hel lhtllhe \)ll i{, IreuCnlenlts (hrhi g l h t i r.' ir n rilel Tieaning of te 3l ii. Iy ~dir', W ii I jv.110lii ul" I i" '.1 ,1 1, x; ti&11 .10'y sighthl~,r ss leairl the (ill , , nil'lll i- (if I lll ll , lli/l l/t, I yI - Ni' ilil( I I N j~iii lix N 1'''1'`·-'''" '' ;'"`''t l it'''"'\~'''' 7r( ilo;I ' ;i .--1 i i -. ,'l h<,-. iiiiif , ii ,, ,, itI stetslL JAMES1 1 (ill ilLI: 1I ~ 1) Wj1! il i dent.~l~ lll ! ut teq~ nd t,, all of isv' I -h ..>,lrl¢ yir, c - I v, slw t ll n , i.,hi r e 'Ii uies that aylt e{vohe on use uts Tlo l~n t )Wl. vi T yil Ii l Ti C r) .l''llx iliii - \ I1 ,r;'I'1;; ; ]il~ ( "ll id.lL.\i( T ' Vi,' t n~ ~ 1. , '" I IIIIY + jyd-1w ;,l l, lah>.; ad II. lP. L EV & It., .lew r br . i4 thij day disolhed by t ilhl| r nelnlti. 11 . 1 . ly I n tl iz d to t '.e t, iah , of h th l tht iii i ofitilli' u i,, willid I Ix I l ttl llt hi I l li li . "11 II I,'l l, j y l l J + 1 i. E Y , The Gr(id Gulf Advertiser will usert th i.kive urntil forther ndletd' j~ the h~l·l(iter.t of J. I .. il' I.EV, wili niiu l xilii iiitt liushiixi'ei at i'cxiiil Gul, Mis . and New (Nri' s Ol his iwii aciuitx i nd xixii ii i i t le' iif liatrouitt , Ciliici, No. l 0 travier stheet. 11 P E j~lIP xiiti1iiiii'Iiiiiiu'. __ . untllil furthwr notice. I ' Il N i-.)i' litliL hAIC S ili ll' lll i t hItlx J rm privatel holut ~in IIlall )lnr t eli t l~ l'al r ul" 1(1 x Ix.te" Mone icix t Ix l)e n le ll.xiil , IrrI.i icc(,eiiiiiii xiii' i iiiiiiicxxI xleilxixxx'iiI;l kc o 5ilt' ~ · i. rewardtlf one hndred dolla'r+. will be lpfid on con victIIiil f iI thief Apii ply to this otlie. pvl-1I____t_ '1 J TII IU.l A YI. J k iK)1` tlI, " jvtl 71 Po(* dras. s reet. SANVA\SSl,3 1 I.1 31 --2t ca..ks 7 .winiant' , La canlvalssd hamls, for P. brlyit &C) Sll I74 Ixrlnu is wix el . UII Al lI Il S Nl I (I I 'l)l l'llA tvill hut7tt1t ldrs sri't,. I ll r 1' i 1 I ill I i -ibi) Ii this I-il ii jjli' l & .lN ,w l \I c rI i 'I I hlii i r illir rb I ,SO i l ii i iiiwl I exl, N ' f 11\''iiiN ' e 2q .%,'1'-.;' {.I+,,sI·CIII t6i rle, tRitlll ·I·hll·T .all,'l l(+ sIIIh l'. I'.".'l lvr 1..!';1.11 ) 101 .11 1' n ll. \\lls'rtl\\,rri I'xD itibIxiN'Hi' liExcic1 .111 l t l tI rlm I xi , m hlie OII ie ix Imxi li'iiii, lxiir~t. lao s a rilaot RI)UIP years ofeT ani Cli0, 5 U 1901 4 !P o Inche llllr iwill e 'ai x te Ii. ini t I'YA· T ii on o the e r ia Il\ i)n . B.%Rcs'Is o , "tr l re e nu IU + 7 l il Ithl,',. lhuJ Ij'lht tt r'. I I N bX.\;i; IJ-Ol 01"1.-1.7\nltant ir i-i'ln N.\u llI ~l(l V (~( TI (jl.'T l m, ' lt(\ N I'CI"N l 1 ., i _' xxxi,i' i iii 'xl hixil l1iai Itt ,i'l raii r i trv if tti i~l' liti xliii CxiAl"Tx.-x t ith,"x x|,esl +.~lvn S lean tl e r ll Lie 1 .sirl n C b l ti lll Ia le for nC, jill r i nw dlxxi T Law " SLOUIL.- -lln ~ ith l Shis fr k Flou jsta Ilawlpr n ld S; an · r ]i ' rll allfhy ti, xi'ciiv.ll xiiI. 1 ,,Il:IcIIt 'N 1vt i ii'a li hie.iiiist nliti'l h I f in i icx r, iu el It 'i x', idesdaltero ulk/i fromll I',icIgldo'he t,in lThxua.di a ln 4; th]b ah,.t "2.1 years i ' , iir 5l ii ll, hi hor abuve alue, toltics helr wlha ather whill, Fitly rg tiltrh willith I ni g wi'teibll I ll l I Fi 11. ft ii tr I e never o ha ,llt, pro lated;l an 1" futhe, - bal e f1"-ouinbdil. rit llliosix'i ilqu irii ( xx rtiili' l fx J xlie t , i Io E l sicit o 1ii i ti IA "ly i w h• h jyi -t T "rba o mnrt to make nyt Lespo stre Jane .ininl·etel t i tee bu i N xi tilic· i line s, l Sliit ti ei ri 'r li xllixsiu ll' and ' l'hal lat sot r- edl o I:u) I m-ei surlhh s aJi' nmyh I aru a jus l of ed n , u' tiiiarlox lc'; c l ril" eciy x 'l i H ccl il'xlxx'Nr(ct x rNix, xlT x t 17 of T lx ci'wpuprtx ln Ior lx lln l 1 rtxlxl' ixtu d I eSeiIcI E GI VENx r ' exittiI1lx' liqeiltctxeil eIi ilxi.x, t]ic , i s liw, II hll (( ii " ir '(ihir lillii x iitxii cp'['gtdeI i I{.lrl 'Niti'xlixicc Iiec ili xulihxl"MireliyItciiiallxkixVh,iiiixui~ie I~ daeoin of .\u~it;l fthe ,.ueAmercan yor, t a o I It T ,hed r Idlicse ii lete xi o ixulxi ci irntek xacg o~ei let l'iii il ixeiic xdecxiI hieIx+ilci-xcr xix.ixcy117siix d cihiixc.uin ixi ilx , lil ed atic lxiii itea l , lx iit t l.tte tli hI l tihc t hl .It x lil. lc iec ifittin ll weri t ixil xii, lo l~'i I.i'r -I~ lxxi illt, thi'lxx h, thdihctipitell ch d y t'ii i t 41r 0 0 1 -3l n o w h uan li l w h he t nh I h w s rl @ll rw . -I 't h ii io ' lll itii' 'uqire ille olto s trth lst wl I 5 r. C ki llit i( nt toot1' n ly " iE l+.l IhA rlir' ei t tieytlil lOllta h tsCTtIO FO WVIIIK1;EY-5O ld~e rcatifled ahliahey lanodirglraliol et nlllaatI ttaaaia, tat rate by L.AYET1 & AMELUNOi, _1 17 Un aa'ltrr priret. Sh1Mea r I a1 ildrr',~lP 25 hla1 tampa,.DZ 'II 111 blrl 201'~rrb i (IaI(~rPllabrteb"1 LI'hl~'r & A\IELVNO, j~~Do1 _. .!Cainia~~PCe atee. JON CEY S t~OIIUICKAYNE -l~lnC~le 311 itNt Oryabtel, ll ama.l Il j,··s 4· rw Lperac I2 A ItI-ta'I atalnd tie. l Iiandily aemii fth.1 '2 tanll Attiatyar, a Caolarad Bay, whla ran a~;l 1II 'j~ little. O;'an cliilltrd,iahl, :iaiii pll· ''l~l Itt elnd lItil lula arefeltll ~ plti~ at~t enilarl ith~iataadte nvafrria thle date haret, thle taalllllli (·llalal'fill'y IV A·(ailhota,aarltiarner, ilacc~rdt;;gf a~la"', ~tl naturtlr, ha' 7th1 Jalr cart; at it aar a~u la am(:lll llaiC~~ IV); K· ttOtILtAhi, 11 li' t,aatt' a;I P'i~tlt tltlnlf I,:ya atiir,tiaiit dcttImaiii. ve~l.I"" A i~aillalla, aaaaiitaaa,caieciahriaaant '-';tncalll~i7 Jnillai prartial, al taeipaa t liriiardi JOtIN F:. tIOLIANDL) Pcitj aa aaigtilll'a'. ha· eara Ciq·(Ueat (:I~Iata aye. haaet. 1' ilt~lr Ilut y~lr1 utIda Ccadttaar.-'t'ireia iaaafcls t hti 11 llctit F o' Ii~ ~nlr'Cae~tilaaaIitataha ptaae at thle a tI-(I 0 tlill ttintoal..allpir'yt~ioah. Atio Ii,,h th' Yatr a-Il~lr~, (I1 lallt I'trael trataal( nt jllaahiai rn~claali 'ia-I Ii;' i ;nl;;lil I, ;l;ai a- t·11lr'Cc.';litrrlac a' d;;'.rlr a'''':ll fliIII ·Ii a Ill. ::1: iry-n,. a1.711 e~laa; ,1;' io '~(oitlit ~: I estaaa taIga rt 2teli'i 1)1 IA tli~r tIltal.r I';'lll· hlllliatIr h)l~i~ ; j, ll~i ll; ii' 'il~ll\llllr r ll Ut'ilt i' aeeptt'. par(I. pie itl;. (dlIll? I-Ihii ;liirll rat1.1it-, ·1u· d at1 lhtlcv Olay,''~l1;1 Ill iaaltali ada2L1 dI'11 PIIII(~ittidre arc· I1 ii ;'i~ iil Ill miXh "'it t "'iirt"iliii ,.;;alatltl~u ci'.t la'; I : titirer)J ;I;; llrlytaia Jarl 32~( I~- I 2~~l; 1~~~Il'I.ll \Illrta itayair ie a Y-lllllh l(II SLN.I? ir~~lO ·I· taywlrvo IIAUEMOtlRl.[OIDS. [ IAY'S IINIMENT.-No Fictlion.-This er. p 0Ul tr.ordinary chetlical composition, the reselt of science, and tile invention ofa celobratsd madi. cal manI, the intronducetion of whiet to the publin was ive.isted with tlo soloentity of a deathhbod bequest, lnhas ince Iitloe' a reputation unparalleled, filly suntahning litr corocetntoss of tie lanontced D)r GCridley's la.t confbosion, that " ho dared not die without gvining to posterity the beuofit of his knaowledge Ott this subject," anil ho tharefiro bhrquealthedl to hi fiietnd anetld attendant, Solomon Itlys, toe secret of his discovery. It is now used in tihe principal Ihoapitals, and thle privato practice in our contry, first and most - eertanly flr the cure of the Ples, and so extein- P sivelynd etlf fietmlnlly as to bafffle reelchiit, unless lcwhere its effels are witenessed Extrerallcly in tIhe followiing conplaintit : sf orl)cropsy-Crceatieg extraordinairy absorption All Swellinge-Reducing themi in a few hours. R!heumctist-Acute or Chronlec, giving quick coa e Thro't-By (anerrs, UPinrr or Cold., Croup and IWhoopen1tg Cough-El:xt:ernally, and over tin All Urtioes, Sprains, and Burns--Curlng in a few huurs. Sores and U' erc--Wlchethler fresh or lng standieir and iecvr rores. Irts opertions upon adlnit ancd chilrens in reduc ing riheumatic swnling, antd looscnin.r cnigh alnd ti:ltnees cfl the ieho t e tiy lelaxatiosn of the parts, hln btlire n esurplrising beyolld onleniLtionr, 'I'lhe .omllmllon reOnmrk of thoLe whil have Used it in tile rril r, i e h It a tis like a er riain." TIlE Il L'l S-The price, r 1 is rcanreld to any ti-renn who c111 ute a hbottie of lay"s Lenienrnt Ibc the Pl'I, ald rtucrll the pty bottle lelwi'totIt eicy 'creld Titeeso eere the piosiivt ordthr-s of itr I prp'lio'.r to the .r Nr-itt; and out of many th!ou. mllll sul , ties ot e hInltas bI e l n tllllneasfil . \We mi ,'l t iu.rt nc Etre l lEtieet to atl) leFete , Ift. prele. tient tirore who le.ll the artiie, shoui ex-l bhic t the rrriceillnl to pCIrhresii rsa . (t'ATION( -Nonie caII ice genuinen withut ca I .liti ed erave.. l I wrie:Icr, oai whichl is any esinel ued alsoetclc of ihee Agnita. SO)LIMI( N IIAYf. ,LLI wolnsl,'do nal reItail, by CiO\ISTL't)CI &,. ('o., Niew York•. ccIl ly ono Druggist icn Ovrry teweein thoe [thit-n. For sanh by tibe \VIhonlealo Agents, corner of (onlron & 'irlehoupiteulras stroct, andl by Iheo Alithecriiels generally. jo30 i Lockhart'i s Lile it Walter Scott, &e. SA)RT 7f Pil lii iniof I.relshaln Ir Ilife of e ir tii•n rr. Iov e, lv the ehu' of F:lirl tianiThe ivorin ede r c. i in 2volr . thee horkf Washington I risg,new edition, le'le Atnecrriinn Jo3erna ofl tofie Medileal Scieneces, Nio 13. for ,May, I B33. Just received anl for .al Iby WV\I ,hleKEAN, cc e (re;i :'a h CI ll llln n sreh . i Also, a ftlrther s tppltn of Aliee, or le ,er wteri'.; a icel tO neicnt. l ,t ra s j,,1i SAR(BLE CIlMANTEY lPlFICEI WenrHOtee, , Custonlhouse street, opposite the post.ofilen. STih e sehscricers are now receiving from their fire. toriFs in New York, and will Jetop constantly on hand a groneral Marble Mantle Paces ofruperionr workmanlship, and of the learnt patterns, madelo of the blest Eyptioran, Italian, Irish and Amernrican imairble. Alsr, Monllnanls, Tolba and Gravo Stonres, iruledl and plain sills and lintels, n:rhli fihcings, heartlihs andil boeuicdary tone, plutorier of l'arin, Itaine a& Itydrculie Cement and Plarter in . |lir, togeth.r witll a snolodid asnrtrentl of brass mouted aml pllatin (;raten end Russia Iron (r:ttcs oflhe ilnrwet aiid rost apiproved patterns. Ltterihtr dotnr ien the netetioct mitaetiner and at tie shrtst noict. i' lhey halve lirst rate workmen to set th, aboi e work. j JAMFSN KAIN & STROUID. SOTIl' iT TO r Tle lrITHlLIC.--U fnnfoined A nrumon Ie thil IndersiZned having sold out, or disent etlud hie ol anrd louig established (:ARIDEN SEED STORI E, .Ah. U5{:,s, rmout hauser ,Stre et Ilaving Iern most iedusariously cilrcul.tted by self interested arties, tile snIshcriber b hgR to assure his frind genIerIally, and the llublic at large, tIlit he still cntinuesc within two doors of his late, or iorner Lstand, to bI fnrniched with a foull and ex. tenrivc suppocly of all tie stanndrd kinds of kitchen or vegetanbl , darel,. SNId,, of thie growth and iii pcrt of the present easonn, 1837. ,t rMec thie early ptert oe Sptelber, Ile has re. ceivcod amplee sUi lee:.-s, iy the panlast seips Vicks burg, Kentucky, anid Arkaneas, all arr;ve-I i sheort pnrpa.saen, direct frm Noew York. BIly the Missis. I sippi and an;oler ip elet, el is in daily expecta tiont of a nupply of Frit Treens and Asparagus Ronls, having already resivedo invoices thereof by Illill. The siubscriber begs fierter tos asasnr the pehlia at larpe, tIhat he it at iresient as well enabled to met t and execute orders for all the kinds of Gardsen Sonds, eithLr who!erole or retail, as heI ever was since his first establishmel nt in Janoary, 1822. Coientry Dealers anid .lMarket Gardeners' orders Sfilea thle lonwest und nloe t reasonabl rates. by thteii pound weght, and gallon or bashel inoaasure. Catalogues, eithor in French or Eaglish, ma:yg al'Iry beo obinted on personal appliaation as a usual, to WM. SMITH, Srdern Sreed Store, 85 Caustntmhnuse stret. iNOT .-- A constant ruipply of Bird Seed, either mixedr or piliin; iilverized soulp; hlrbs, and Sltkers' Sdsried hIerbs,-with a srupply of peas and beans. I tinto i r ovlt th e ceerner lin CritlOetr loatl Gir eda *r.L LIvbwlite:orneancedapply writhloute gond rce ('IP,\R(TNER( S IP'. · ci e drrw Ii 8 fliily Ilivi ' tnirii (. Johrttnieeii f ie'o e tJrei eri cthee l ouof i a-il lrt Iuichoarsot Witled $54n nortrcd s t 'ie ice ' amesde onesdean-ral $Stin .no l n td tu1 i i- t. ah htiteenutdaiiOnfote ill l, aw'ity allll the O] l't i nl" u |[ I ''n!A mi etswllnro a he rea-nn Jcc l IcraartiCallIIO ANT ERSON. 141t -AN'rH hoire.Id snronit so adethe wanhingand tri une eit er ei a s l i nity oeod wagse w ill be i tithe rorner fCarndeslt owl itrod ni'reeti. Nitcoo eairn loreed applly wittoatoe grood era PlttPIfNEltS IP. - tueicy irone a l eeecth ll ret t..iitich -n iis , Nt~atertittnr tIe - I dI a JIN IiiNiA litttlhtt i-ON. JfttI,;))I Ilt WTt-ER(MAN. lI~~ie lil Io ioiiinril~ tifotircenl alfii-~1nr 1111 itrl - tee itulh-cec- Ane-il, Ia ,i3. jt 'i l iii UL- tee:i renrtcitie if thee' tilt ini-tautu, " , i eIw. h ,111 1 iiel iII tialer rit e , ,,i,. .,,l habit1,, 1 ,,v .d hv; f~ir'ni q i.'l· l.lail"·lt -' I n r. t c iii at t , • '. '1 ll dl.I ... in cri, rfI 'h 2IliINI 5'etV cl3:,.i hh SLAVEI.Y. PUBLISIIEID TIUs DAY. And for alen at tie Continllg linoem of le Trie A neril. V can, Exclhange H tel, St. teharlco etrc'01, SLAVNRY: he A rtrm n i el v ed in the Firer ('onerfre1 titrnel t.h in NeW rlieansice, April I:t, 1 l3?, liea. 'rlehe.ed bet 'r 5 i ccnts., je9S _ I GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY p -. OR thlre 8ture f e Louisian a, and Cilies ol New Or _. leans and Luthlyelte; for sar le V \N.ll IIeKEAN, - m Sr Clr Canlp nd Coennnnt ns. NJV DHIECTORIY. PUBLISIIEDI this day, GilROean's Gide and Dire. tory of New Orleeans and Lelhyctle; fetr sleO by DAVID IF2LT & CO.- s n2 N Y Stnrtioner -; Hall, ( Chnrtrens rt. LOU lollA N A FURNITURE WAREROOMS, No. 53, Ileenville strero. W IlLLIAtM 1 CAINESR, (fermerlv of the inrm of Flint & t nruese ) wneet re speetrtully infrem Ine friends and the ptblie thant he is coastantly roeevintg fromnt Now York ad leostona good asnortment of Fur nitture, such 00 enhaaeo ltety chteiors, efec, lad-leat sl mt - ple nal tpaintod chaire, maple atol cherry hedotetde, m nleoganv t l t ch rry taletse Of tell detncripetie ne e u B renem stetelet, secrelerys, writitng delks, wnrelreel e of mahogan y elid etttrry, wash steands, looking glasses, tifetlher, bedelineg, &C. &e. NBl. kelt'oruottro ote lir transportition with great tare. c? "-ORLEAINS LITHOGRAIPHIC OFFICE, Ne,. 53 Magazine etr·et, apposite Banks' Arcade, Ei 'I'AII.IS1eD Ihr thle 'ecttion of maps, latns 'i ann drawingtes m, eoreltattee' cireatlrn Iueiaeeee elent! t aldres cards of evere elescription, foneraol eircular ont e leet te o ri g p nert , teep a the e ar y netd eloer . .g ist e'la hltee ; Sbaakhetenkes, drav receipetts, &leCPriatt t dLo teXOCUttit d i Snctleap antd expoeditinos style, v tie prorie r. idWIIAAAM~n Cifl, ENE~. NILNB. Bnk Notes neatly excntedl. tIl4 ..O. T RAIT- PAI[N TIN fG. - SI Rltc. etAtnttee I e .K oere r e ileth o torn othe ptenhliee tIha 1¥.1 he'IU" wr~ill reminl ashort litemNB wOlan h tle tpar rodetof leiathetg pertetteto. Rte ttonps e r eele rf lnal neSt Charles, in the house t oct a neled ' Parunlly e Lyouel) t ists, wlleresleroCion! ts if lit tai l tietg cul he nree. Eelraneee ie et (lharles atr Gor . p O I \, il . ,lOqeott)lgiontettttte lolt 1ttf text teotcttt Al the etwn tl'ay dellilS te etetV djuileit hen t IL new Methodiet (rtlreh let eIton 'tyra street; oc-e . cupred at preset Icv I)r releltItt. tto: ttlll en e Utel Olll' G r d totit ner, l\V Ii I from ll ronaet e at A tply to ItOYI.e ,ito. tAY, tot :itar et lttoe eeto ,t - ' 'e-l'tI'AIlN C;II,\,.IIEl'S, NtIeW NeltI't,, or~ ~ ~~tak Engghig:RnllCI1 f ALSIN; ll. t hI tT l e (;:tlll'le'l. lly Cete llll e Pne SV i I..ll Beret ee, tic. itee vttc. tene Ite netles I STie wi l nrinal I'tsl alntgh lille ( l olInv, nll v ld 'l Churcho Nillr the n'. . Ih ls n ll ut'eft t le lll 'lot ll r i nln l ·lllltllf 'l T lttt d rt a ,'fto rlyt Lift , 'c. endeetetitta, ntee eo e teloe:te e' eel ele enagoste thell oy Lit andcl. ne F ltiene in eIle v i. rte t C l. t'ite ee l'raeteooclltet eFrml'trly5ltl.editiottnttwithiaee, ilet el' Illl C111 o eeltn'e illlll Iettlh tolll letl'toltl IttI. itn 'tteteloce l · c Itll"l t-1e. ee {. tl: Fn l,.a oaitnt .lis t'r , : le" ne t I 1 elella11ilele, le1et1e teeeo'enoe I teeilec." e till b~hSlith 'ltn2{'t ,'AN' eli S eel h of It,· I eO N ee lill s Wheiskse , leer im h mS ." 14Cevl Mlls Wh1111( hV end ti \NI)IeI , Ito It InNtI C, Itt., Ph'.Ii hid Ilodihhh11 ;llF &c. FOILEIIN & li Iii RI..T Y .111)11 F • Comm iII'.;'Il. TIIO . -li n [ 1:1 litmnu,, cl tI. , i.\rnt-, i ,c tt, TI_ AVh on h ln. aid are conctcitl: re, it c -ci , 11 En|;lhd null ;erimiv, a i I supply o, Ictrd wave coolis whiohl ore Ifl;,redI by th,, lucka ,- , nt iulnl- I actuarer prices, 'rl.h" r prewts: .hrk coun isti of 2 11 dlo briicllt trace . l d io 37 do Ilgh chai d I 2 casus (11ngli i ,w'lini c l. l 7t) (nto C ill Genna ': ,.'ask, ,.:lcr tools, o l . ( md ifkers Ii l do m ill lill . . ,Ido Io Ic Ir , Illcl culry 17 do br is kltl ls 3ll do brns cIhmi,,r nou Ilesticks iii do honorks id hinges d, drlo(oodl crews ra ( es pis,,l ., ass' withl l ., n :s I c soipply of .!nl il :I i h a llr'nre (IV \III'TLi. il'l'-A , No.t I (%am stre .-in d.r fliAhyi. Ii, I-T)h " s(c bs., ilb.,. t notw ape I "" lth .r l l i, il pri lig i. l'ei,' :oi( i.] a m' i.f ll l e I ti Plri\l' lllla' d l.r 'l es. I :ll'ilt ill g ( ..Oi. ar:: nnl sla large nald liCr of Fcluwy.i' . cks. 'Th e (oilowi cis e ip:rt a de cericl. clll: CbIy t li l;--'l' nisc :mi l llrazilii hIigh top tlck, p .:iI 6alul dpolcl; it s:, IiStl , hlIt,tl;i daid, p. aid dreoie..,h inl sam! brn; line all, dr ressing. ator pllckec uco.ns; binll, red Chlng cllll iro lllllls c i..ln, rcu.iLsIIg, ine tooth anrd pol0cl t olclc.rc. PIERF.'U.MElR\-A gemrl'd assta.t.ta. of French.d acld Alll elic Pil in' cl lll rr , c incichll c ,, I 1.- I alIctc lll ri,0 in bttles, of +d:ishape nod sizes: lat.,.ler, Florida, rose, orange, len., 1 , :+su00, lll' lrý , ll(w, tIllcrilenis, etc. lan cy ao11 s o'etelt'fll ll :l'i ltlcll; lllll.". : lllli l ,h wash, caionic1i ctic a ,ihlorin denilici ; scentled ili phlln toilet powderlll ; plank t ltin ; 1esioI halts, (f. r hair, but, flesh, tooth, cil, colrh. .ihavillg, plne, hatlh, filne antlll plain dLstig c, sweeping, crclllb 1ru'l rt, lcrubing cc ld i hite cwashi , ;oI st, sioa e and tRll er' iscoli.g; paint nllcld varnishl brush l.. al l sash c aIjd graini inlOOKNl GLAr SSES--Citluising gsil frames ofl cvarious llsilzes lli, l aid ici draw toilets; uerilanc , cstai, :ld l l l k. t gcllls, l if c iiilc ci cl'rii, Illi. IucLAYIiu CA S.- - ic gce, H1iry llh, Iclhniir, llighla lder, Spi cl Itlei liFrec:h] al ll l ci bIck i 'la - iANCY ANID VARIIETY ATICi'I(ES--A sip ior assortment of portable desks, ladies' and geltle anl Christmas' gl"s; I icket hooks of ic l sot s; suspen durs, music-hoxes, lead penicicls .rcclls, violins, bead Squatlity billiard i ll, paslte bl Xeki,; hone, shirt, vest, (All and suspeler bI ttos; II p rlll l I ol iui - tnd shirct studs, Irazlr strops; gas machines hl'r creatoig light; Sa:nish lald i llcg seg:rll ; : cco.lhiil Parish r:llpeei and Scotch 1l"l'siru ; tn lll1ic ent of l cin and si u c ti cu nes; bacli k 1 lumlO bon.cs; dice, tflcy screens, piles, Jews haps, 2a ahoicis, luche matches, pigs, needles, percussIn caps, drinking nps, hunti g las ks and game bags; stehln silver and phred spict't''s ; thihhlules, twine, etc., p; ice, for cash Ir city nceu cets I S - i (nI';S k I)'I, !N(;E. 1 IIIIN(G c)Oicc FUNITUcr E-c l set.cs. A pelihr plat,:d,pnd sts bras liding door 1 0000 iipl , : jlls -recenied per slli )(eu 1 ,ll. d u er w,.0e) 0 sh LA I.\ 'lroN & C O., Al-lg f 4 453 O11 I.ever . e a s.ligoi r and Atolui ndflla l lr s e lLhe sIlh brand IoI : efJ susi and l'rowbridie dnu Ju1r.s (Goult .2.1 cit... s ....... :ipaish C al,,,?,., . I 1!1li--- ll':, kc .tus .l ,ld,, 1 l ,u uhl g: If .ltll' uulIllll t l\VIn. French, fore ale by ELN. ,\L GING(i & itt .l'l.-:et) l l la{{tL ghing,l u 1 oa1 I ope, in torle and for sale t A jell LbAIt'T & AMELUNG. JAME LIOIAX cc it .O'tlEl'i CI3.IE--Ily i ie llhcr of.llrautihlelye IcolRc" Itcubciinapley, &c., in c2 tls. (Cleauings in Europe, Italy--Iy al American, ill The Life and .ldrcctures of nilholas A'irchlby Edilted b3 "lio," with Illust r iins.b y "'lltz." ic'y s ie cotlinutld Oiiuhly, clld cui leti i c ' IIn 0 uull ers. Just reccived, and for siae Iby \. 1 'I II" .N, jstW Corolr of Cu C Cmlrl mllll en ( Clllln .ll~l it. rki7-TN -lccl i h:t 1, B1t ff; i, laI ldini g Iro-lll i lln boat T i' ll liill, f(ir sttle by je22 17 cC mclnerce street. {EC'IFFIED 'II1.SKE1'--10 libarrels ietlcicd W l hiskey, landing litrou otnamblbt '>'urquin, for 4 dej by LAE'i' & AMi;UI.UNGi, 1 " i( Comn. acr ce lrnect. P . "-+IN'-i- &.;.--: ".cs"c, -ccliaiihg l nic irllnaetl.n of Fcrech, Etlgliscc in Flurcniuirl PrUillt;i printed mti' I d printed jacoulctl sutla strilpe and dark chintiz, 1uii i storie for salt, b ) So l AC It IIGE & CO, d je21 134 Mlagazine strel DOItTER-40 casklceldon l)rowiic StOui, in store .1 aid fr sale by j07 . . T K IlllE & 11110. n ORK FOIR .SAlltless and Prime, 'cic brnuldl( , P 0 niO al M O also a few barrlc s cssortill. NEW OI EANSA v NASIIVII LE 0R.II. O111). A fev' cirelhs NciDcr Pitch }'il:e \\ol' d waillll. i.od Frhider, Al,\ o, it ftow C lpet, ls, ad ilerd who err nclitainted lo wil c aciln cac(likcollistiint i.Iicinc) l rlad l and - t00 ". Appy :11. rll ollier of cthe lc'oiim ly, a l s'c Sc Alli.t r of ' ,.d li o i ine. Iree . . i .c , .ui' 'ui -lc l,,crll,'1,' SECOND MUNICIPALIP'. W ERlt brought to tle Police Prison of the Second Municiplltly, the tollowing named Slaves, viz: 'RIIMUS ItARTi', aged about .3 or J4 years, says he belongs to Mr. Wiltho,, ItoeR. bUUC ttrl'IA, of about 05 years of age, says she oetongs to Mr. Joha Crrofll. CEiELIA, aged about '.5 years, says she belongsto Mr. Dcloahousa. The owners of sold slaves ore requoested to prove properly, pay charges, and take 1hel rway. il SfARPER, jy6 Captain of the Night Watch. OF EVERY pESCRIPTION, SPEEDILY, ILANDSOIIELY AND CtHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE O,P THE True .llmerican, sT. CIIHAILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. ms23 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF 7anw Orleans and Lafayette WITAS published on Mouday, 21st May, and VT for sale at thle cumiug ,room of thepubliohe Exotinogs! Ilotel, St Cthsrlcsstreet,--and ot the oookh stor of E. Johns & Co.corner St Charles and Comlnoll streets m23 ) iAIS--;odinlts of rent kinds, tot sale by (J JARVIS & ANDRIEWS, o10 gocr Commonl and Tehoapitoulas sta I tEfII A 1 S & PARASO)LS--20 cases, oompris t l i i 0u anoolo rtnt t ol'tllantun , linoy silk, sandgiog t ha l tnbrll snoa a tI rItrloao R , oor ale i by ISiAACt: llltl)+E & CO. Stt12 13 Magaette street. s `.ESIl I~tIt'l" I't'lt-o fkegoood i bbtl, i storo and sile by IT L'ElTEl & TRIER, 1l I 40 Poydras street. Iýi, It ) I Lt--..} casks \Vioter S ornt Oit, bleach eI, ed, or sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. ie 11 14 Mttagazine street. y fIKit :Y-.07 .blas Whiakev, loadilng frotm the rs ot.uoliuot lMerrimorck, or sAle Irv lA L 'AYET & AMELUNG. g--10I0 keg. prime I ard. i stl re, for sale by tt i log IAYE'IT & AMtEL.UNO. ti tttIti. ,0 ,tto.o --1,ootrk, gqtrefuroteby SaL" " , fig IOltS Y, fIt New Levee. d . I li ltlI; A'T'IONS. "I r~I t oI, 1se I rio: o gro. Tale 0o the French Regency n t ltv Mary Ilioi liovtle, i, 2 vols. I' ijlttott r I.luli0 s, w0 l lul f on the preservation h n i lrllp l lll, n i oto1 g i i v of f rlni o r beauty. n )iver'l'is, tor Ill toh Itoy' 1 'rnogrest. By thoil o Diokeo, (oolz) auttor of thie Pirckwiek Ps ~por'o" Co IPar t h first with twelve illuotrations, oo '.orddeo o a nlo llGeo geo Cruikshelo Gln. 'tle t.clklolookeor or toho Soyings ano I)oings of So', Jtvt l0eccVl00 ll iford sale o.oy \Vg McKEA.I, A301ll ('or Capl inl Cinemon sta.. +iiý i(;-."_~tl1t= of fori.go Kroentucky ltggiog, is* o store ,oo Ioro saPe I t.\\VIU.NU k I.l'(;1Nl)ilE. j,1 21l & 0)9 New Levee. 1 ' Illinot s, at d 0 0 di0001 bootey, for Ju000 to AW\EIONNtO &o IiGENIt)RE, ~"ý[ "U & 29 New Leve. itl tot3 tANtt t-17 ,loxeoNsewRedfordtts ttt I : , ., aliillrlo, l o io lio. fo, i g [ogl lldn llgotg briltgM. i ooroe by J)EP'It C(ICftAYNR,. J'll '!5 (ravoer strott. NEW musiC. -I l., we go a rln---Igot onyy the Oatlisg oI )(-- LIq. ill' t I;+, It't e rZ lihnir-- 'le- tryesting t,,,t-- t )hl ne, )'l ti lc-ll d r-The ) ille Inc f int ] h.I lv bru.ll I t v' ' I h . -'lit l It-It<re s to1 Ihpv. ' . St '.i-l t h i..!-.'I'eic ( ;avUlirvr aide on his coal hliek t ,rd--'l'hn lo , h Ir. eneme l l-'iell'. vve-O'er the SInc lone tllllll -(; ll inetis. worth could win yil y ]iir, I lt , " I- (I; ,' Iv;",a- ' )"r · Il., r i- 0 cll(lllenlliln r-ei uI r i , i I r i reid- Iho-Iil-IIl i l h' (lil liq night - i\tt"' o .-t iasll . Forl s. lls olt. 012K ' jýi,; I ni.l looflrt and ,lnusic Storn,.,Ii I c t. l l ) -- l i b r lN t rll t O l d perIl .I 1,::,l.Net. -le b.x,, v io, , it N \* T iII" 'l' \ 'I'NI), j,"'2 I'xtl. 'c i l t 'tl r, t . 111.1 -"25 I e, . ill,,, , t I im . riari ll'r I e liihi rent r c l , .e "inn ' , I .ri Ii. .' . 6r .1 1 1 1 ,; , l e a r L I a t i t o m H u e p r o r t i1hi r e7 I irtIrl I.evrrc . 4I i hh:tt,; mI t.\ '1.. 'I,, I firhrth lt jel lrlIeb l~ r l '. l\1 &N 5A1Et,l n .ci I N. lll 1 ' i· t 111 (I ' ), l llhllls lll , In II, ble Sh" tl rrlrrr;rr' .to ii" 'i ier c ia i -ill.olcfrie Inrch ing tulriescvi:i. F' il\l .t). Fre. Mobile. Silool ny, Caroiane, i A JeNlliXie. Swan. .i ollalll , l|lni llp: a i Sinl r(; rillnh S Alt baO la I'l- dll v I helhil , I' .lhrrav (, C Oli le. T IN P[LA 4I 'rPIR , o) I WaIace. S I V 'il iill r'o l rAri c I, bella. '11,; i',., bI eI will III thiglen keel d of thi Rail Y I 5ll 0 Ail, o. tit.' rrival of tIh l-'-1 past I_ o'clock nl.r .ethnl urc o tAhele etO llusane priorto Sl'uorilr_' ih r UI . e t C liI v to ic WIe IiMAN, Al St, Cnarlcs s ehdiuce Bhaildi eps,r, N. o -ircipre t X b.el iI: CO NVIoI oei CO. arhelb. riO'1'I(C L l. A ii ain . i re .ien i the Nashville Rail Road '.r u1 .. wir1 I.. llle Ibot or C1ntl for . Itnl'l, lit i ri vllliik A AI iltl 41 II i.t, Of ealih ;cv;, II renin fromn Bath at 11 o'lehk EXCEPT SUNDAYSI Shcor tn Cars twlei ,iri allonl torNrelrl vnet o'ailek A f, no( I'.a cud . 1'1v ilnd returo froe Baoth t I L o'elk p.c1 ef, :IIet 2 and c II' fac. ake( bt \ c p ini tit ionr Ng. 1 nso , brand of:. TIor'l, tlul sale by llisolswE 1o Co. teI'1 1:11 r t o agazne m treot. - 'BI\:l lrIeIII. -.I tiw bls llf white Castor Oil, / higno .init ic nale by ny thIIONNABEL,-j tlo21 eon Nclotlhuiz ond Tchapitorlas sta. Pi i.lcTOESn--vnleid os eastern Potatoets, in prime'. order,jut ri t icve d (in ior sale by on rhA ZACIIARLI & IrROTHER, .ie 76 Old Levee at. cIr IN 1i'IA'lei'S, COPPIERe NAILS. S1111 ('aeah,, ostoin NmIIIs; 5 l 'O' I sttlOn NallT; 5:U eher.t,,s Iltrirahr' Cop per; .- h a poery Inda hebagginbg; 5lrac il u . Jyle Roe.tile l je ll s .ket 1 gtl plrlllIwP ; 1U.1, I.oel i X lares. Lrirr sile by CIARl.ES INCHES, Uelr In,' 59 Gravier street. RUsCII'ON & IASPIINALL' e O ePOUNI TONIC MIXTUR.--A speedy alnd certain curs for the FPever and Ape, remnittont and intermittent feere ; prepared frm tih original recipe. Used with eminent and uii. versa! success in 1832, by persons of the highnit respectability in this city, as stated in the annexrib certificates• This medicine is highly recommended, and hae been extensively used in the above diseases with snlch distinguished success, that the proprietor of thu recipe irs been induced to offer it to th pub. lic in its present form. in the hope that it maty be ti meanis of reheving many of thosa whr ore suffuring undr the sourg of our M ountry. Its i a im'dicine Ipolssesing groat virtue, and when usel according to tha dirctioels has never failed of en.iclllg ad lre, cvtel it the most obstinate sags of thIe diisorder. It is. not at all disagreesblae, and persons of the weakest stoeah, and ehildren may larke it ith inmpnity. It strengtheens the digetite organs, creates nn appetite, rnd ecldom n oquima more than one, or in obstinate aseos, two bottles to effect a ctre. There ias neither mrcury nor arsonic in the medicine, nor any thingl injuorious to tie pman constitutrion. Th propriatorit are so well convinced of its effieany, that they agrc to refund the price of every bottle whieh ha been taken in accordance with the diroctionr aid ho not cffeIted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at Itis whrlreale cnd retail drug ald medicine sthre. cornr of IBicnvllle and Csartrea streets. For eDitriit Agenotles apply to jrel5 T.W. SMITII, 48 Comti at, e'cee o a ne all, qcien t ainnily, a dwelllo house areoerri in t Joeph streetd , noar a CItrei art. Aps So.te I. ply to J. OTT.' ý.I. tl, ouces fut uItXt" or other ctalhCe relative of n tcc l cnirnd, l o llfits acibecer,sithated il the Fal. to r,. ef, lbs ri Ici: parish ottl wlLrshn, hay be lefn et effecte a pr.\VIfect corn loftirellt, fwhere & heg. ,:!h I.n.ed to. JOHN S. li.\VIlD." A i. O -LIVER, , oge f Ne Olw;ewa

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