Newspaper of True American, July 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 7, 1838 Page 3
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For the Lnterior. FOl I.OIJISVIILE & IN'rERIfEDIA'E LAND INtGS. Thie oint draught and liest running . . d ln ot l IAKdPEAR E, \k rhlg, toster will leave aie r tile aiee te e lna, en ridyan..r....', fit loo'eIok, A. M I.. l'asr,', are renqdeted toaheiln board. wlr frelet or pan rage , allpl on bonad, at tile forl of t(irnier n tlkee' , ur t m 11 (ieavir street P. S. Freight will le taken ier Natrer, locclePey, Graunl (llf, Viihalulg, ad all intermediaet lati io, F B Swiler, will f hr tile present make E two trine, per wee, te Prnsen n-and tli. tenericditer lIa ildigs on the d ovternllr: r lvs el ndeparture fion the Lake e ind u e thle eliled will be ' bil'h ertdavs and O ltua rdcey, ntter thl trerivtel of the six o'elk tertn. On Ihe 'th of JIul next, she will resume her tri weekly tript, l per lte advert ise ,a1ot. .____._-_'__ F..-tP.-SC-A-O A, (In.) end Aes Intermediate I.Indil eg, two times e week. h lie lier, low p.ensure, eopcplr etenlt lout I~t.AFItR , lJoeph Swller enaster, will for the present task..e at tee rpe enasnSola and the lternel.e eiate laidineol n the noelet. ier departure frOltl the IJake end of the Rall Road, will ihe on Thur'sdryis and Satundayi,,l Itmmedtiately etter'tat of taIel sin t 'lnek carn. Itt the 4th of Jnly next, she will reeumne ler tri weekly tripe an per late ndvertieeanenlt. jd8 S MATURI)AY EVENINII AND SUNDAY TO IIANI)EDVII' t MAIiONVIILLE. ' k The eteanllnot IAZEI 'PA, Cnpt. .l L. T. Knighlt, will leave the lake end oftherail-road for thle above planes, eery -Stalt ay .eeniegt, on tl.e arrieal of theen o'cloek care, and return t et' ltne niglt,--ont leave Sunnefl •moruing on the arrival of tthe n o'ele k carnl returninlg leave Madenotvilleat 1 uo'clock, P.M. nte2 3tnw'en FOR JlADtidtiNVtLLhe 'OUIAIIL Ill, NIAŽiDK. VIiLLE & C OVINOTUN. The fest rimtiaue and eplntdid steam. boat MAZEPPA; L T1' ni tit ints. ter, will reun ase a rgutlar mail bet for he abo.e putet on Menldae., Weduesdae e a fnd Fri daye, after thekarrival of thIe e oeelock cnrn, A It. ite 'turning. leaves Covuingtun Tl'uesdays, l'lteeredaya and atturdays, hit 8 o'clock, A AI. N It. All bageage and pareels at tle risk oftl,, own ere unless a bill of idlieg is aigne,g'. * lIEU VO WIll'llA N, New Orleteiee nedl Mlbile Mail fliiie, ateD Eae' .le e Iluildilene, St hIeleeI st. Eanst ePnaegonla. 'the eplendee lew presnere steame ftARI)lINI1, \\' C ulhe iller a ter, will rall 1lt the albioee wnrteril p ia.ett e k, leavin r tile Ilnke end of tile rail road on thn anrival of the 12 o'ýlrck eetea'. A1ply Ito elEct \WIIITI'hAlU, N O andl Moblle Mail Office, ueder Exchanlge HOtel et Charles et. e r"EAMIItt.'I' Fe)R SI.Xli. 'IThe fine tew ,tenllt terry blent LAIJAILA,in cenplete eorder, and tre edyto coellten.ucer reunniag tIe shel ndw ;l. itn tihe I ,ri ur ef tit new enauil; will ten disporsed oft .on reasonable terms. Appllly o "AI.BRT SI'l'IN, Nio 8 Row, Tlenapitoultes setet. a few eleors abven Ieleort. . jell ft ror Texas. FORl MAT(iAGORI)A. COX'S POINT AND Alt1NS.S BtY. The well known SchooIer LOUISI I.1, I. Captain Athli evinc it lirge portiin of ler i'nreo eerigeii, will iniii wi itl espatech For alancee off}right ic l pange, apply 'on ellnd oplite Jerl arson street, or I 1V rLYA t jyi e - -Cte(,,tnii cret. ' FOIlt ViL.\' ai, ittiAZI ti., A 1. 1i itIlN " 'll,- regiu lar laeketc hlr 'SO l:'i'lIEIN1[I, Capt in ll l uia , :Ii i Iic "i rtlo ifl her ieargo. ,nt ,ie will inert eate, de.peh.-h For ihalunce of fret or ipssag , apply on hoard .oplosite Jelbrsutl treet, or to etc V III:AN, I jy _:Ili . . . . . . , i, at . <tr jr Galurkerto, llur rshu lilrunahaucan I liulou i. ITheI well known liight draIuglt r 1, 111. LY, A Ih ~w , -i -1, horte nearly the heard, will sail nn 'T'o.'ecii i -t For uliince o[ reight or lasnclll , apply oin lh,,,rI. ,pl'll It ( tlli t 'lt, or o IV,. tIll ,1A N, jyl; :I l t C lo it .treet. , , I. K l LI, t'upt ,Ihle . rt ha, ing the lar, ". t ' pal l of I~U tr i, eii a n..lei d. will ine.l1 h l plintOl h, For hal' i 'e so itll"lt ht Ir pa sle ., h ll -11 prir llnol d tionsllllll a pply t t ie t.Itti Illl till ion oppie I? S ,ler r terea,"t, \, f RVAN 11 11 I iif ci A A 1 I r.-. l:l 11 I t,, it Ia Il . s to neJ l t uilt ulp elh, pen a I,, l " , aI I: ,[ bl ,olf et beckx. 1 r I b I bI , t . , A , ,i '.ec c ti; iprIl li l. l l I urii \, c- i'izle 1, aI d tI,-r , l;l .I -; l ,II. I l I '., A pr ally e nr ll, I by tllhe t lor m:-l e -a e1 , fill lat j11 NY t i li Vh.',. j, L i. I ic IiI iirI I II' eU i. jeli8 ' ,l:, i . S S]tmi-s, s .howing th twincIpal;,,,ling turnike )Rhe ca -riise, Prims inUd hot ti e corney h r Nlly e.omilely letter iape t itr vey Citiei. ll Aulllte easen feiic, withrl piars. oi thee a'loiniig sts fr ale vr l uw by thu r in. lr iie u LV E DIo 1 I E:1,1' a CdO. Tjell _N Y '4v r i)rv itnd ill H uth s& L CANALS nid RAIl. ILeAliS p fli tihle U ticn Stods, showing the prait tcl trnertli.. turnpike ndn common it oadris; co lld i ire gien t lii-it.ltccct in miles renu cutne dlarte tic li.their; tlrso tih cictl',e oIIII hl mni lc ndl rnl aI lrltL Inh the ot lltlln c lll.t al flaully compiled froic riteeaiccii ihie' S 'i s, bi.c.i'iLi Mitchell, 1 , "35, CmtS FAustin, ii. 1835. A Mapia' "Its, hp'iaetl Hc ier, edi. 1535. rlust rhe tihcl and for le yi W iV Mt'"11ICAN, on M N" Inlteraion ll/law, al ll ewll \It, I FE noldctdon,on the tiny find Nighset envines e uJerry Hawtho rn, EcmsI,anl Corriersahin "ollfro, nb eomptutiet lc hnrub Logic, the txoenian, in lthei j'lt Youn lgnke ei noovl, by the Autlhr.r f vtii, al ilreur complee in I wIl. The i titarist, Edited by itild:enre Hitok Aulhor o Gilbert Gur eC. Just received rd fint snle at te ~i corner rfCanp inll Common streets, by l-ISSI? tI 15 XEIS.--ti ttld f'rm ship .cXSt-cichei 1 frei New YVric, endtilutpipseli to havct been Inuhen fro the v i stnake two titcbiiicalrlenCisnruiid l" S, rontaininlg Cigner. Any infornem ion re specting rtu . umill bethaakfully ree rived by J D BEIN & A COHEy, mil 90 tointotn streeti Tnle cf my NVeiguhborcioud by the ~uthi of "Thle. Collnegians," i 2 voi, Ag'iies ee he i rl e titlieu i re lie lirsc" in two. I Elemenits of Irnlesiionm Lair, with a Ikell, of the icetory oftehetcclenei ,tby l .enry W iheltlon, h,. L. I1. A Prieiicl 7'reehise on AIneornomlie d!',rasims upnt Red I irynys; a wol intenled to Show the Contuctilltcliin, ih f nod ce ile igg anld the elu'et enf thoe in cneying llea evy lidd; io give th itenllll te oif ll it;elt'iil ing, on an .teticuel ttu e itelend, nd lthe r.suli it eiill priduncetllnteri, rios ircitilllllc.t ancllnd l dilt ill cnlitlee in titeretiti e .the utitutityi f fitel tid "'lN t i will reqnire; to fix the pro trtiits which oCliIt ghiti ohe ndopteCd in the nn onlrulin o tillc engineli, to itii i t t-i - swernny ihtenled purpose, etc,t with priethtat tabill, giving at onctye hresulti of the form'e, feunded upon a great iany 1eiwl, ex innes t madllt. e eitibulge Oll n l~ scale, i ll a ithily prlctice i1 the Livetrlci l i ilt.ut iie- " Raiwhwy, with maumny deiliic't entiices andleiinsiilcrtie lrnins .,icarrigee, ito which is addled an appiendix, shyoy wing the expten.e of conveninebgwoeas by liellttive nignieo nu railroads, by Cher.F it I- deri'nabuert Junn receivedn nd foremnh ,by WV3h Ii K 1..A , ni3 (Corler of Cntlnp nnit (sotlllon l strlt. i-ATE .r nUi iCATlONS-iie. eat'n J uo.t.AL . Lj a reidin'e tit Little Pcdliietin. C:entns:, tr Itiy; by Maldnat do tnel, l['tidsi, , twrntellted is r tcel I.ilbrt r ofi Stlandard Niiici;' 'l e Pit elicl Panragey li Ib , I. Anmelrican editiuin, witih II Ilnaern corrections: ln 2 vlru. i)RAKEl' ANi E1.tLLtteiK'S PeMS-Ii-ew eiltio: 2 air !,,rand i TIuE wooecs Or JOH DnRYeI)N-in Verne and prnr,. itII a life, by lne I fitlitlrd: new nditllnt, i- npii ,lte in ceo Jiits rnceivodaeind Ier sale by 121W V ccEAN, ieor Cusemi & C onutite P ilEti:LV tVh) H EAt'S1-- I',et++it llsribece'liI ti,'pt Sreceivnd imr t Iluasnsticl a cIIaks preserved dentst I1 canistnrs, s very litt-i trielh, teltictul li i blpted I'ii IIte neountry, or fee travic lini , wlci'l t}1o nll ir ltlm low. , I ts. ' 2llnr ! i, i .r --11.11.O( N CtY c IIN,.N,\'l-Cheeks t the C C Frapldlin ,lank, Cietlnnali; lifr selle by I YOtKhE, BRO'I'IIERu' , nitl I.i Com...I l +troet, A'ht Ir Sh , ttainiasiti tid Aebtirkeealllsiiey, tie rolebv I.AA\'IEiNCE & .LEcE.NI)Iit. jetl " i & !I New I.eve e ' H lajIfEY--92 IhbI.I Whtibse, ffr sale lit s I'EITSON & AVEIti, jes28 (8 Gr.ei 'r etrceet. IO LE.r--A verv pleasaint andi genteel -lllSlue r Ilieside.ncit thi corner of AnillllntiLlin anid nMarket treets, witb t Ilileltiltiiitierre1,i1 t il lld anrrigeiots httli.eiiatr u'iti ogtieer tcllnvel lleei, i11et-l hi eintetrpd ipn intctiiliui 'l't ttin willlie .ct ell ii+ ' - sleret r trei , t i gn lld ltclllt till Is i Nitvenhr aIlt Pr whihl it caln be letied ait h eir reni. Apply tor S.\\Al1 ''lIibl'I0tiN & C'. je -I CaLnnc er:eet. bHIPPING. _ -_ For lurope. F'OIL LONDON. 'lTha A I copplerePd ndl 'oIlper tfulrlCtie c hip StJA\I1iP, luving ['l hra engaged, illl havn inraa ltfi . .l' n wl f -i I.'l' tialt lal, hia l, ' lI ol+ a, ti l'a b d, at lriens ilti'sa, il to ý J P \VIIIl'.'N'', jy ,i 8t Cantit striict. FORlt Lt)Nl)i ,. 'rThe A I and tast adilfng ship GRLAND T1'TlRI :plain Thna-lini, wnill receive lcdLs _ path,ll. For f're'ight l IIIII 1itA coltllu, fr pursaae, having halindsaos' a''con, adt ilost l J ei r I Ipu..Slt trs, apply to LE I tALE, T 'hte A I +:uppeted anlld copllpe fastened2 hvin g "full cargo engaged lire to ninave. port, will meat with depatch. Fur passagp, hauvig land somne uIl.conullnodatians, apply t&J I FOIR ;ILASiOW. The first class ship 1EIIE.IW. Captain SCarr, havina full cargl, et It,_'telt fir the a hoyI a ." part, will hanve quick deslltplll. For pansagn having hoandsomte accommodations, appl toa N. je"29 S & J I' WlITNrEY. FO. L.IVERPOOl.. SThe A I and fast sailing lhip FORIMOlSA Coatai ''ule, havig the greoter pertof e It - crgo engoged. will rchei;e ienarrliatls is patch. Vor feright of i) llbales cotton, apply to LEVI II GALE, jy3 3 Comlllon Strerl FOR.t II Vc:RlPOOI.. The A 1 eopl 'red and I apper fastenaed ship TA1INEI), Captain Illtland, tain, ' full cargo eng age, will have despaltch. Far Ieatsage aplply to the Captailyn hoard oppAoLte Orlceafl Coltoln fress, or to jei. S& J P WIIITNEY FOR L.IVI.IIPCOL The A I fast sailing ship NORMANIoIE, l Capnlal'l'y'sen, havieg the grecdtir palt oflher calrgo Pis ll clll ill hpave inicJdiltllt u delIl: l lib : FoIr freilght of 3h ellr ottont, or pavLge, ihaving Illaandulle ecaauallnodations, apply toI LEVI Ft GATE, jat2 i 9 Cooill nell strta et: FOR LIVERPI( OL 'TI ea A I Rhil .\PE N l:S, Captfia Jillllnol, will anil litivel a nlls above. I-oa r ISssil,' bt i an handsomy oe rcho hiva s Ihr 'I Il.i and Ii Irlollirulll' anol ic ers.appllly ,o I.l+VL II (;AIE, jal : Ca9lll llllle a trect. T'h A I andl tiat sliling ship liEN \TiR, I aptalin tpcy, hlvilagla he racltel palrl (if hlt cargo el nligcl, wil l rcti ve iIO eI' diat. - faltlt. IForfreellt. of l i. hales or itassflee, lal'i(g at :0mn; lin e Uclll lnicdaatioldi l apph l) l.V'I IIt GALE, 5 Cl , lllnr. strlt, FOIL IlIVEIltPOOI.--t Plclln Iol nxt. e '.h ship DENl R KAik, latln I curet, m 1 a lll ) ltivY sail ns alv. ahe at In six hirgal.afuaihed stalte r flaln- a acailld, anai "all laidnl elyl l n ac onalnflfla e lsi Ie a p tllaalgrae ip.dly Ito t1 Captia ll, Ii Lev·i I're<s or to .iIS.& . I\ VIII'rN'\ Y. I 'll e A I ald fit nilig Iiti 0:i il & Capt Jolshlln, ill r ceive illClllatI les ratleh r freiht a r l is i h in I tail t tll t u acaltmodat l t.. llyi tfo jt1 I I (dAAll, 91 Co.alllln s lr P 1t11 IVIbRlIPi . 1'r, \ I Fh N AI) DLAIDP.. capt .+ Clari, llla, 1wants :01 11 fi' l ifi . Ft r fr't pf whic la r , aldir lll ' ist, . "\"J. ,' II IIlTI\t F .1. I Lt (lfi\a ' . f e + .. ' ' ir firl ,',ld an I fast il l sh I i)N'I' i a a ltl' . ",'ll ' 'il l wi ll rc, t'i+ dr 1fr SII a a pil hllllipl Il nly Illo l I II. 11. \1n -.1 ills II I Ii,\ I . r hrIlt A I ffftfn fl iu l lf, t 'ai lil" II rig I ' 1111:i I I , I' I C lt.1 ltch, l tilh fall aor'? t ,n: I hI avIII LI ; ·Jljl( h I II i I itt. \: .a·a1 l1 , i it, CIAlot~lil+ U ltla rd -l" p oi1, p I I',1 '!.I .\I 7 ,1 \ l rl, aliil', Tle '' '.ri,' A wI II II l11, I If. r ) tin . ,,., .t1i,,,p,,l 1'1 ,., +. h.1 " i.e r l.-...t." '¢ . IT he A 1 nr,l l iti -tilia- .!ý '+ ' T1 l'l t', 'l 'll ai-i aI t , w ill r<~ ;,u r" ina iv d". a` I, i : 15 ;, 1e.: +r p; ,. r,,_t, i.. ],i . at u.ll , lia ý uipll c v s: I ,++V I l II. '1.1. " °i 'i,,, .\ I l,. . I , u ' -, l;+ , . : . t.; . 1. {', ri I[ ; I11 · r' ," I. 1. ..ýl" \[, l, e i··I, i . . i"L L If Ali 11.1 ,+,, +,.,' h1ll + ,,n,, 1 , (1W 11.; ,1, , ': , . IYL. 1,' t . l ' L r i ( . d - . ). : ' s-i ll, , , , ".l . 'I . I r -.l I + 131 l,,, r11 . 1 ". 1 1 d ,I l , 'i, i t' I l -- e - ,,- ; .i ' o , 1 ,, II I II . , ,,"Ili :.3 fo r ' n1 un 1 r'ff . Coastwise. 1.,,tti. uin Ill ,' w )ork linCe. • o l N rtulll master, tvll I. eto ista led h all s abo'e, filr fl iogh ltt1 p00 ' l, haviu '.;h t fri h' - Sd atno,tl ai attliouns, asply to the Cuptaht ll board, Loppoa fc t..e1 Su ll I o l .m , or t, J I) .elI\N & A CoIIEN, jvig .. ori t e"hllylht i tr t a - The fastl wtliu: E[ r r IlOUiNT DOR1A11, Ctopitain Ht wtlltrntv. rith lull c argo,reigaed, fll hoave dcpaltch. For posauoi uoipply to jy 88 Couti street. The fItat eoillg copper fastened schoerua ibr GEI, loara, ,easter, will ihoe despatch, fo twe rat tuolh If ihery frtight or passage, Itvitu good iu:o nlo.n atull ' tsrpply to nith Captlnr on arid, at oeft he 't U kn l t, i r to S I'll r Stw &l DIXEY, jy . . b street. t h leu Tt' fuet')pareictl ltoppr fastened fris tooil'i l, E 1 il.!. : ti tt Ca ok,will have < diep< or t tr the tawovu IorIt. For freight or Itago lohaving excellent acoltalllolttEona, apply to tIle Cluitailu on ihaldonl , o l tl otilte R i0 lroot I, or to SI'hTu O, & AVIIII., j' 88 (8 tS titraer street. FOIL AI.'IuIM IIotn . e " rs - li T eft taihnl shr. ICIIARI TAYLOR 1. Capta Il :rocket, havigu ftall etrgo engaged, ..,_ will have rdesait II. ."hr It ,saaee opply onu bund lear lOte post No. I", d u otuicipulily. j.1I ai .. s . I_..WVIrITrNEY. I"oo/itt.a, at r/l the IIolcrO. Ptltes on the Coast. f "v i Sar The PItt, low prourre , acoppethe .if t. tl t GnlAl lp L, a, s palr t Seie li let Inatet , will 101e tltt' lake etd I L the t rtlll-loadll ot Suttdy lllourltillg lle rf atl r tile trittl ttf the o'hl k tts. . . jv6 t. . F A ) l t It) . ' the t t c saitilt o ris'.t UII. & JOIt N, . tualm ParkIts, w, 1s ll tou-nl,,row uight. J . l"r freight or lsusage, aplyv to . . P \r'l111l'NlY, J (fi 8 t'el1i street. otr Sale. b reizht or Charter. . 'te .i r oplper stllt c07tto f-tenetl brig t ',. I1 , t Ca 11111 Ilhesa, o4 tmi l lltrtihe, is 1rt1ly IIo receie cargos .tllla ct etarry 510 htales col ltoa. F tI' term t, tll'eihl or uale, pph. t1 hto GUtapttin o o hard, or to IllItD 6& \Itl'TO\V, jell r671(; atvier ttet . j te I , ' - ; ' C; : ls , hlto I. I u tl st aiut r tNew bt .t tny' I llW\\IENCF kI. GlCEtIIE, 2 o 8 I "dt New Levee 'tLI)UIt--:.tll brla; h'rh Flhor ill st,-rc ir sale by I.AI El't I & AMEI.UNG, j28D_ 17 t. icelll·C stIreelt -,S'L'L",I'. 1' & Ab'E'PI', jce8; 9, arllvi'r stteet. 1 AttIAN--t to'h a-k, ttlutdtn fhott ttlt.Iate I moreos, thr wide by G I)lHNIEY, i, 41 New l.l ver. MonnnIarIh,tforsale o i,.A1E I' & .I\EI.UNI.. ..t; 17 (uolnmarre street. I) fIrsIll Ly LA\'ET' &I IttI.[ING, jeo'i " 17 C,'lltte tL o all).( 'JAItEItH -.ttl VitittI.-low oatlint., 'J frlm shlp Saralh Parker, Oil Vittril, uuttlao t the Nourfilk Chemical Ctmnpanv, lir salt by J.\IlVI' &. oa:l trou,, It ato+tn t t& . a jcl3 44 New OI'IK--ll l-'I Itl.. ollitnlg itrow E stau't.r t'etnumbui, .I fr rsll s, lhy (Ii l Rl I'Y, jRl l 3 I t , t Lev te,. . l 'mt Itouis'ilh. fr -ale by jeI ,II) i'roiat n i +trrt I¶ t .'ir 6 *t fal[ll, 1 'tN"',, !.'r BUSINESS CARDS, - +,sexc-,.,L= .-+--- PASHIONABLE CLOOTHING TAYLORI & IIAD1)EN, No. 14 Ihartlres MItreel IA.i~t n tnsrtlla t o lupply l fever' nelo l ie pr rr-.ioi, ,, e ,nen a dies , t. the style, at 1ew . ',Yo -' 1 il r piti l , I.. .e i,',,en a lIt.uaw in , Ili city .I. undcrlo tl ,o' UI. P. LEVY & CO. No 10, Gravir FIrTer, up stI ars. The firm lt orlm ud Glf, Miss. will be tontonuIl, un:er tithestileof I' &J I. LEVI II .P I.EX'Y, J I LEVY. lfelrenqers. P',ets " . w O ',mt t ir New Orlans, [.Lu. It II Bill & Co Loui vile. Kv. John 31 Gillimore, ickslIurg, n li . Ltrrper,t Co.lrlt'trr & Cuo. L re o ers & (atoe, Grandl (lf, toiss. hdir, Moore & Co. ilas Lillardl, N trhitz, Miss. New Orleans, Feb 19,18. ap 10 T'Erril. ISTIl'I:OUS Xl E11TALLIC TEETH. PECIME INS of these ehautlifl teetlh,and the mant. ner of setting them, mlny be sen at the ullies of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 16 Canal street. T'lhese teeth sever chnge colour, atd ore by nllV, atnd inll many cases, preferablet teo te [lit Dr. w. will wait upo:a ladies at their resido ee., rluesuetd. p S. A. l'IlRilO1SL23Ilt, I OuRCHANT TAILOR, 617 Colnlo street, m.EGS t inform the plic, th at Ihving purcl oed Sfriom e!ssrs l tIlUIl, SI~ret GS & C). port of their stock, Ihe will continue ths btuijotxso at their old stolll, opensitle Bishop'ti. sltet, where lie htps Ito merit fthIore oftl poatrormr..e, lie has 10ade0 srrotngeme.nts L tea Nrth tP, Woterpliel iClosets, adil'ith tule an I lll l |ti I Ohllb ae g sd es c rilr 14_ _ CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'o.orts street Acwt Olieanl, Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all ollserittlitt , IVARM, COLD), AIND SIO I'R R BA TlHS Fixed o ln tllh mot a:.proved principles, M111.'l) LEd , ILPES, &c 0POrders exer utel ill0 un part of the Southetn.Statets. Dr. Iober't sI. Lindoe. F1 F I ( 1i l,:x''itl.r o r boot.. -~t-~R ItK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manuufcturers, No. 101 l',ydr2 .treet, I( l' :1' on holI t c ,t:n1 supilyl of t.Ind Pipe', J um l ',lll ill. diil ellt rI doIwl to (-3 III. dila eter, ior satle. ORLEANS LITflOGRAPIIC PRINTING ESITA LISI Il EN ', No. 533, Magozine Street, (Opp.ioite lhinks' Areluds. lIL'.L'.II GRIr.'YI'E, I'ROPRIITOI2 0 H. PARKER (:omnin..ionlll tlltd I",orwtvlrditg lMarechlllnt, No. 0. F'11ONT'' ILEV: CE, New 71 lu1s1, :rl lb.' . JtARVIS & ANI)ItEWS, W Ilt)I.E i,'-: I. I \NIt'l '\h' I tI, K:ILIE RS IN DIEDIC-NES PAINTS, OILS, DLE l' 1'TUI1's .[i1) IT'. VD D I tlI' GLJ...SS, C ,, "r of uwuoitn aIel 'i'chouldIoulas streets, 3N.IIl \N JAMS.VI., 1.ItII I W.\ AN ('IE\V"S. it , ,l 1 ." n 'I fl (i-ihI , ,*,s I'.: tho rl' gro wth !i:? AT MOfloGfl Ala. SI1. & I. I . ONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nr, . u; n lltid I;3 \VATErI| '. I'.FE'I'. it '1 : l "' ,t"' , or-,1 :l <., ý ' 1 1 i, r- . .li-h^J t Joren Ea ,' in ; ,lr, i tin' I ,i, I:LJ' 1 . & ( ' I,. "lo, . li o.>l ,e Ill:ll: \ I, ,I r ,ý ". i I ' , lII r. l 4,l, I l t p ol ic, " hm II'," llih: ' '; Il'0t- I. J NE S". C t.t tl D.t -,to 'o. ,Si "tW, .tl' aio! . I'C l: tt. rn tI: . ,. ard, i IlalIt ' o 8hi, 11 A N . u. I lt!eOR. A 1 o N:,th:1,,4 oI r L. . hlrgow, Shan . Ta tum. Ro3ley, Ato IDo.'ltoi. A t I ltodnma A Iq. (it1nthrd & Ill ~ist Now.Orl tluni. EI s l oo. ar. T. St{Eo ELI.T. STONE. Fo..a...n ,,gd Cdolll.mrioaon Nlrchlll. {FUIIIIERS (OF SAt' 0ANDw IBOAT N 'O.e, No. li T..rouPIrowt..s s015or. . New-Onrleans. e Iir AN en Nls: C N LASS, Nlesr0. N1A, PxLRL & o RI.SES AGAINST FCoIRI k. 11" MFACH & Co. 2 New York . UTn I lCY, Jt . l ao, M ao 1.1. 11A I iro e tOry. CINCINNATIv r, DtHIn IRefer to l .o .I K t Ottt lUIt Or10'. N. A 1, , Co.. , I.uis ~etrt , F. tW tor LS Sl EVNeler S a t ot l, r , s, ISt rhis . 3 Wio i. toITHd IIIote Iltuville, I. J. & 1'. P. I A wIT Elt.l., Bavou I ra, L . , SOLOMON h uIili.. New Sr anltol. OYIglE. . JIAY, T. EA.E COLLIN A TTORICAN AND COULINSEL CLOR\V LAW. No. i Cl'f t Il.: Ier' S otttU' ir. '1 a Court, a tie' t Cu ;tottt tt e ltuildiN g. je NSU NCA CARl)). - 'O" NE. UILEA.". I l'flls o omloany oar o nIw p ireipr t tCantka: t. RISKS AGAINST FPIR! ttr t tttol t i Teoa , ot to t l a tttite itr oi- ot4M usot n' e s B uh h t o id Cailr . N B w Olarlea , Mntay I15. ot 8g. t Se,_ itry. WIIAM IRWIN Comrmissiot tlo[d F'orw.rding lerchngtL 1r CINCINNATI, OHIO to BLoatlet & enelmg, N w r . Jug. lm5urdis &1 0o. n in Orli sy HOUSE AND SIGN PMIVER tNo. 1' C:till 1 treeC 91 oolesalo I)ealer in IPeint, Oil, Vathe, Ilru.sls, Is l:30 .) illdow and L'iture tile', K -te. T. . ' W. COLLINS '`- ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR , LAW, NN OW\V prle.tising iutl|,e Statle and Ct(Jolrlt. Cli m ls will find hti, at the C lerk's lre, U S Ciri'uit ao rll, it'lltlo Ce tllol Ilolsoo buiht ing, jel A CARD. A''ItHANBL T()\VNL' NENDI liyi leoated hinu 1 s lf' in New titlecins htr Ilte Ipllrpl of trlillactil a enera| Ajge . aIr d 7ollllll? tll btLeh t,t woultd rt .l, esplwelully Solicitfruit tIhe Public ttre of tleir Pa rtrona ore. SIluving II hot se in Tuln, ltO wil Cd to the ran s ling o, any bu'ilirrss thit iituy l il t ut co lltry, aId w ill {I; turaNL Ue pt ) l'll[t a u Tlletliltted aIt. ns • tttiro to all !h htuBie entrlllsted to helllrget anild i It "auhi'ul ulplictltttn (in rcuordetnce wiltttruclionaS of all funds t1s ut av olre into Irls hbna 'I. Otice in New Enchlange, on ;ravvieltre', (typoeite to R1 ev Mr ChiI t' ie'hor , and ai.llng Glbtl 's tetdllif rno lil.sigll ol'lhle'l'teiaw C(olile. Now Orleanls, Nuovemllber ':, 1037. SNaesre Ilillyer, BuhI & Co jN, rl . he . Irr \Vnkeian. ,. Ahliror. lisk, Nitcleh#, .Ms. " v. Louisville, Kv. .e e, I I ok: nsoille, K m lnm ]e S..,y T RP It Ii['DI & (O'rHER, s, jta,?I; cor C,,,,,, k Magazine st" 11 Conli street - B UT"I'EIR.-- lits and 77 kLcs-ih Ohio BIItl, I,. "" aidiinl from steamboat WViniltserind will be sold h lo ,e t a r1 a .ewneiC.u'trnr, ei', Or;, e,,:c TRITE A1ulltRICAN OMvM E 7'ý ý 17 3 1.'e, 31ý.'112C' \1 c'ri\~~" In on leeriln w ith this (llihe is it SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, l . P:'Ti rtno ,,r Pamphlets Blank Checks tJatalogu ss Billa of LadingI Labels, Dray IE:ceipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, ,hocr bills Stea:n Boat Bills 1 Circul.Js, Andl everly dl.rcription ofJobt "Worh that iiiii)" lp l,(·alil·· ll l ill - hor prop riert'tr: ret ,- ,ctellt I .llr tle ittelltinll of i he public to the alh)w tCt.rdl, mttl af ril ' t ofh that 11l work i.l htsted to his .-are shall le done at the lhort tst notice, in n style. tisurpassed in this city, and it the I ,as st raes, ~IRnEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY t)P NEW (lL'Ll \NS, Office No. 24 Masson's Buil'ing, e, C.IN.IL NT 7/.EET'. Cnmplroller's 0 f4-e, ant iec ~nt . j, a, , New Urhmll-, JitneIyi. |;a:ld. t GREEAIlLY totn resolulltion of thel 1l iillustrt, b 1 PI'!blie lothi e is herehy given, tlmt w.lded pro oirils will be reCeivd by tlle C mlllneil of this M lui.i iality,unti ondas heiOt h t.ll ly of Julynexi I t,fi. r niak ig flh IIl ln i.n i ln sesrilbed ilmprolm nti ; tht ilwl iwhole lip t done in tuuoilruitiy to the plan an I ,e ei fia t ion, _l l of ouil work il the t Irl'eyuoc' Ulil, all, llllundt his; uperintenlldalnlc, vi: 1st. Comlnmeneing on the ninth side of C(inal etreti ti caln l hlCnnrie, :sItd .',h) ehia wfid strePtll ,n the ),t ill side ot thli .\isliville lilllnltl hI the 18you St. oI.n, to a Ipit marked .1, oli the plan dlraw· l I.v the tlurvel fo r t lr nnllll thl e lalk lpart of the lil, hl'inl It liC alco if about hltent1 hundh d yards below LIt'.l .d. To roti In 'teral clit from n point marked nnon ail llllllan,whih pIOillt is at a flt filt e i lundred cl ards tq r below Willow street li the problgubi ut of Jilin street; andlll frlomlll Itheell ins trniht linlle to, GaIIes stre.t, a hle inters.ctioln of ( o1iio n, ,i kel II (,: anlldll l m ilrl e il . straight lile iutil it iiter rtts the f ai ca nal ,lt I, on tihe J stlud) ide Iflin,«lill cl rt, Oi n rloretilur iti oi frol, ll e a: ll Ca .r , e lltll tid n lt tWoll lunlred a.mltI oiie.y-night feet elow .hlhnotl "treem. :i, . utrik+O i eti ti ha prOloln It t o' canlt Clai hbor t ithe iproposed lateral et e al, J1h. l'tutantll rl t toll pc l0 lo'liugdOl net ennul i C lli Clai borle to, thell ilte. ll anllll~l. 51il. (Ctaln lo treeto, lom thePsnmonP to hesule. (luth. Oratt e, sr .el et Itl he pliilmtnld t'roult the ocst We . of the (a;is \\',ork.; t, tIllh nfrPsai lateral canal. t h, .Plrdid, str rl Io rll ollgled olillt St. Mary st. :tot. a'ot din, streFe to be rn!(nged from Giiroude s t. 'to t ln flflresni t hltcrillatera ll . |Jill. IlrlJ) i ail<:reet( t1 o 111.013a l~tll G~d oll) i'r. I'lllt FI. tl h. oIlevi lt Ist n oln ed r tll. Paul to the aloresa+id lateral ic' . !. llllh. ('tlres"r street . b" proloilleld from I ' P lt 1oto thi' west sh r ofIllte Prl LIt-o t tr',ynslort, aindt drain ot thle wett si ito of the ce nlti t t toI lhevia" i arr.t j.e'1 .- O) iN \L i omplltI .\ oln o.troller. Bvreau die Controlur-Neronude ,/arte- il, Nl v,,lleOrlulans, " ! titl 1;38.. Iq10tNIO111t 1 \lti(,\Il tri t rt snluiou do thournna (L I pubI' lirest p1r lie pri: ht donlii·, h lue I les l fa - fres e c,1luhPIes r. re llt rI'.l par I I HLI ieil do elte \Inli ciptlit" .jýtllsu'in 0! tin .lIillnt prneh' inh, poir faire des umcl uiathlne l-uttpr's d|bert.In l l t d wrant etr.* £tit, S lrll llll. ut ii n phan ct (idn, sperl i fi t li llus ,lt flit trll Vii lails le brllnes du Vlloyer ei sn lg a atlilrthl.leellic . savoi,' : 1 ° • Commencer du cute Sld tie la rue du Canalt sol intervention avce le canal Claiblrtn e;. ,prtlontger ]a lite ru le lolng du c;lt .tid du chemin onl for lie Nashville jtsqu'au ;Bayoul St. Jean, i uI polinlt, mur rqu6 A1 str li lplan tracei. par le vcoyer pour detss'chtr les tderri'res de la ville, frmatint lnto disttlnce d']lnvironl 1,500 yarl'ds .u des -otis dl canal Claiborne. :3 ° • Cooper utn ,enal latiral t'in point imar'lue A stir le (lit plan, le quel lint se jtrouvet!t en'viiron 400 ynrd.stll lto slllons tie la m tdes Naples s I1ty lpt'irlo',d m 'etl(,t de 1 l rul Julie ; "et der li elt ligne lrhite ju.ns u 'tl' 'ia rue Valve.1, r1 t'i rdt-,'ion do laI rue tIo I l C ntllC -, I trl'li (, et' de lit en )line droite, jnli' r w.,uonttt lo canal ,priu:ipl ll i Ill point ianu'rl" 1) ut"r h le, 'tt il 'de I'l ruln (d Canoll, str le" prhloni' Co t <ha <+nal Claihonr ,. o tilts ii. :2'9 mIt s ,ill esitso s de 1la rle .Tlot; i.n I * P'roloh e.r li rtL.i. Jlhn ilu ran'l ('l.ilo, ve altu ca aiI lu:a mi ral pt trtF. I Prolonuer la mne P'luburr sit IanulI Ca •lhue lu hlit c1i'unan ut:i ral. I i 5 -lrolniger 1t fiue ds la <'orimillic, (!t lill ri~til lilt| ili; 'ttn li :i:r: ft = " ]'rol ilger Iai l ri'te ti e, l 1 C l t 110t: it ' ti ll rs ( Il . om p lf tkill : t I cana.1 latt'rtl in] t 7 = • rln'r!, la t at,,, lPertdhihi d lt rue ato. Marie lil dit canal lniiral ptnjel(;. $ Pr" litoier la riie l'Paydrt dte la rue Gironde lilt dit. c"ilanl lIn'r:l irycit', !" 1 l'rpteitr l]t |ie Il6viv de la rute St. Paul liu (lit catni" la:ter( polli d 10 1 'rolonger It rult des Cyprs (1t. la rue Si. P'aul au ct lleOnet du cin|'litte proteo:tani t et oni tir til Bhuss d 'i 'gol it stit r le ':it1 ()uent du dhit 'haittiire jltuqt'i la rut IHvie. JOHN CAL.ltOUN, _t j uin C o nt, t , hlo u r. i TTEl~R ,C.\ .A''ON6, CiLLEI s (U TIIN)SS, of s 'T (Ccritge.. ouiugsunttrke, or Old Times in the New Wnorhl; he in Ncs 7 and ii on tile Unili.rtn Editiml of I'ihnling' Wnrks. (Colton, on the, Religiltn Stmte of the (.montry. Whale Fishery; being Non S1i and 27 of timo lovn all Girls Library. JJist received Ilr JI1 C H ILANCROFTI I Campr lVl oand John, for sale bv jel.¢ "S & J P \VTl' I'"dE;. 1,)OIt.K-2-lli bbls in store, fir satle b jet(i ; I)(IRSEi,i New Levee. 1 |i 1 H-5 I ' bin i4. 'tne, b tale by jto I )( imDE.t' , 41 INe' 1 - Ie. FOLIO POST''. NINE'T1'-SIX remams Folil Poat paper, for sale on rasonablt' Apply to JOHN GIllS1N, m19. Editor 'lrue Anmeican. tACO. i it ilh:j'n i cu, s supe'r I:inci n, i cured, in store and teb wote by G i)iRSEY, jeli6 4) Now Levee. 11iV tttLI)K. THi: Amnerie', Dennocrat, or hiintsen tie etwiul and Ocivil reittiona m'f tile Umiited tnlrts. liy J. Inmeti ire Clllooperr Th' Two lFlirts; or, fAdventures in n Country HoUlse; end other tale , b) Lady lessiltn gtou, ' . L Jult'n, 11+ Nortonn, itrry Corwunil, tilrs Gore, Cuptuin. . tilwiu ' tnd otherr, in , vols. The Itiver and the ilen trtl, i Mins Pa 'nd, aluthor of the City of the Suiltln. The (askt t ofitslll, the I At or an Uncle nld Aunllt with lice . l engr i U v IV . \ l o1"o M c; A , Jit't rtni'vd ti n for sln by 1,'11 i cImIEAN, .i _l_ cr nlp and_ _lOulon sIts. i . 1 il A.\ t i . t .\ , K I 'l, t t - ' , r , s' m i . -o, f ibr I)Den it of tile I 'll i I\o tlluc lv tit loei'.illt ; irlr alelj 1,.\W ILEf lrF ,'. i,I, i.Ni; I'D 1:, _1_ p. Inrk, fr ..,lc ii, by iLA\ViiNCE & I.l;I'Niit j trtl t i t, .C, amn l O .nf, Nt , ln' en .i " I, nE. ,CE & t I,i',:i:'N Di;,n" jel6 2Aaund2 i9 New L'te. I d LO v 'UR - 1 b-i1 -!ld la i Lhntg fro i s nt' ,omn 't Er - a intes,for silet bv ti ly t I llt .l: , j'6lt i New iLcw'P. m/ - BL t Ikt-'ni- n bl, rcn'tr'liemd \ y,'h e t,km r m .m t A i11iit"ln ' & MILLS, je7 Bnk allbv. r i rlilN i T. t 'l'l ' t1- 00t ! s in to , ftr n alc t )t l i.n4("1) hi e m ,es ' i n, eni eoft. P lin o jmnnn 4i 4 o'm ir', itl. re. Snt1u t inspected, Ibr nale by '. D0)ilSlI': , AltD-17;!1 keg8s iaf ld -f suptrior quirlh, .ttn hn ding tra m tanti mhoat bloA t cht n boslel bt 1.AY1I, l' & A1 li":1.1 \UI, je 26 17 ('omle.rmv oflret. TlIIIE PIRATES' ()\\N Il(O(ti, or ntlwnti, nar . rttives of the live., expl,;ts, rinl |e" .tllillo io the most celebratrld S..a iPt( L ber,, wvth hitctorwal sketc. h s or f the (Clla ltlle, ,p ,ih, nltlrlont . \\'!.t ludie, nall)ay ol Aigrue 'irate, in I tl ., just received, and for solo htv \V . je 6 ]c r ( lllp 1. ('l u o lll sclt. R I I)ll'. ON' IS bbi s -I, ti.m ied, In sl O.n hfr ' alt' byU D itit NEl It N lt tlE l .l1iN lit t bbl, f at.n., o U, f co e . LI IN a ltti{ ill', je^_I6 Ncw t Irov lt(i.R- S lt l n.i ,in articlh, n it r m a hl b h PThetWimk f t r itoo !."Nemt, ti ny liiII l'IPi nEV', i'tiiil :tN '1'11U1, i t .c.i 1Ali RlI' iTB rAIN, FI,\NCE ntnd I",.t.GlUl'i, i mhorel'i'tr il l -t'45-- y ii,'lemtn lIh mpt rey, D. it., Prea.,ent of Amherst C'onlage, ti vols. compilete and uiiimlt edition ever bhsibed In tilhe, CUimmd it ten, ,ot. 1. Just rete.eed and lin,r salte in WV 31 1' E.1\N, ý" ,*, .-.2 l~ (.lit'm .m ' e'1D m .. ('t1 ., a. arlt', _] _, . . . .. . . .. . . . . l mm I.F\ION HYIUP AND P'ICKLES. o o B OlX E S: l e lum n .. y r. l, ; 1... . oxes . ss..o r ed .IL • Iil('kh!v, in ( urrt, tiro quart mid gallon o nt tle. from the nlanol0C1t ry of l\entlll )tlrwood, aLnd L.oni<.i IImsk,.llof h ston; landi.n Corn brig Tlaley rand and 'hip Cll:rlestln, for .nit !iy JA\IS ln) ANIlII'\VS, mol rnr Connl o rmn0 1 u lna T| n a:lllihsl,!s' .t5 S i " 111 s, 1'i11I~ I rl .: 51'.. Fuzz iy ll . : i l" 11 I'1 in t e l.'Olllilli t ot I nn,l''tl, ', t it'; i:, E lE IA bu I, Itrin ,r', VIi]rimw , Itidyv, aiah'.llali,';l ' it 1 ,t111 tit , tI er U illsdý. Iiy \\Pill V T'i. 1 l)l , I'reside'l t u ti. I I' ,'ley 'lo I Aile it ti ,liid.h im n, (oll i.; in J It11 rl.11 11' '.5, 5,:i'3 c or Caa lll1 nno1 '4 ot,ne' i. IA. N~in rI--l'xe:< t oiti r ch,0rre- relatt, t,, - Ivl: ,ropPlrv of the ntul"iiar,'lstml d I11 Ito.1 FauuiUue 1'. r"i' , or n thi Parish of Jell'er-,n ''05 Ine Itl t )o a ll .0. 'iut Ii 1 ly, l. h r Isll , Will he 'iRe'di'fed ILl. ,11)11 .\ IS . 11I 111. I . ll A I L 1 2 -) l ';O A -- l i t i - b Ia _ = , f o r r a ! , Ib . ( ' .ienI Al)l).I11 lII.K. . F .-EE-I9 big- grime meten lintu,,t ('t lJi , ig llt in s brig A .ull IId ia" 'llle b \ J. li \,nIfl.l., itse,,ll) (i \ ILOPI,--I: pis , tKer neky In eni'. 1 I l l to.IIR I? l un z eil I II Cails flopile; nlso It .:uni~ l lot t Tf 'lvin,, il rt ,e rn d for sa le by J ln .11F:,.LI, f . r <l ll b0 5- i .b'usntid )1 ke' ' pruse0 .'s t--'cc. 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Cu'i'o s' t, tro rell l ol' n( Mondhly,, tl,, l15,th illt, lietWe.,n tha I, I )m of, t 12 Il o i a' 1('d I' t1 n ih rennin .pet t +l he samer hlour 0ll eaihl dill thi0re.+ilfte iutl tI iho whoile .hal h~ ave been1 <Ul .'ihbed'for. lv orler u, tile i oarl d I l' D irt e\tilt 1 1: i 'r :.1 Y' •~~I\'n~·)! 11 lll~ Iiii II, ·'P"I+.AITY ,:llll· J inr 1) i, 18:111.,,r'r..tnrv PliED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, 1E FI":1tý his ervices to tl!" p nhu ic in: th' h depart melnt:ol $urtes i,, and Civil .nllineerin_, both in l nl ni and ,Iii r. :t ry. hi u l ' ls.iderable ' exp rilllr ie II his prolision,. a.llhby p lio t e;h l'si l til:d th'8 illn iihe excutin i o 1, l0l-iues u ,tr w.h'd tio him, le Ill hoas to to iil'ltll, l e lvl.- 11 urh l"+ i:llc ii ' lilron1e. Ih. will I li Ul) i1(\il.,le lild~ cth·1~t, Ih,.11 (111lt,'nt.' I)I wit + liid, e v'atrions. Otle N~. 8 l lhrtrils tireel, rIxcod stoly but!'- 1,,111(11~1 Irl·\· Illi) 1IIrl. l·I/l: [ l.\ lll til ll. , hi ) 11. 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'l lll'rh i it, clr (C tp ItIudl Julio l sreoets. I:r Mukellc. o: r el cUoluittollhis stre It and St Mran'I ollrklt SI' Iloarblt & C.., cneir e'I' lhloultoouu and GirnA .I I I P I Hrtn ell. l;yob 'Srn, In. )ler W1'i S4Ltbirtl. \n.tbiasll.s, La. 'fhIo s mtul.hle.r, Ili iton. 'Freor; lir,er ,ck ,d,, e.nit. l l-oyvdrlts lanl Ciuip Mwe. (;1,.. JesW, ,'li .1bo Ci. hir o, \1 In. L.Evtns. to.,. 1 Building Co. It'w. A.1,1ll'.ll.tlll titlr nPIenl o's o lr inedille-, bIY Il.olealeI lltlu bII' mlllter to T~he (;-'l'e,'l AgeC iot. It PNw leConlls: \All i' irs, p.os paiid, till be plru ptlil, ,trot.ded to. -- TP - l;.OI jSIANA. )Al"titi li Cll J''. h .,I the lt'risoh .oil City of Nidr I Etr'o,.l- . 1-: o+.' tIhe lilh. Charlr Manolrian; iJ ni'r .'.Jo , I o11 I .8 -o. ll),St4.--Jiques I'otiprr "I,. ,,j; 'rI , .l i. - Ii- L ,,u re illng und filig hl e eo oititti :,d n-,r! ul+ il1 t1 n± - It is orderel'd iv tie Court h.t l ,' rlito i of in , it oivtenit l4 showl 'loeri ia oped i~'.r l 1 1. iulllrr li' y til lo dy nof' Jul', 18.8, whly he ,hIt i oit h.Ii'nicI nuci'n'dort toi lao; land Io thld ilntiel(' ll II ll.t'(.iiigo nUgaint hie person and pro rite stnt't." Clek lie thn, Netw (hOilens, Jun ne, 11,1838. il . .. . .1\ itIAR L I'ITOI' , Clerk. - T .t I lit. L..1 1 18l.t Sl -\,\ t.- - uur te Pa mroi.reil i_ pou,,r Ia paro,,.u-e t lah ville de la Nouvelle Of ;itrs'.-l' t-,o-..t I'ho. ChaIrl'-, ei s urla jlij ge, I juini I .3.-... 1,8.d1- .'e's lollier eantte ans ernca. itrI.-Sr lretiore it .nregisrImeint de la petkin et in .i.c(I'Idll 'it l (s -ro te nlitie, lI let l.ereil par la rour ,looI Ia er.cll.lti-rr ti. l'oisolvldl e tLir.e Fclro ler urn or Si e.,.irn otritisoi, ci ile juillrt, 183,rpnrqsot iit o sesrit point rlch ,rgi'e roof.rntIeotelnt lla ltoi, et cn .urdlntlit routes poil;riteP weonlre s. per.+olne ou .lr I;un lli e, \ .i]velle Olons. 1I join. 1818. tlor11 'n. Al18lt\hlI) PI'TOTl;Grelier. LEA I t11). -.10 kvgs is pio - n r, c -in -torle 'il 81+:1 lly G. IWl0EiY, ?Y Jo - 1 New Levess Al,'.-i 'iokl Cincioutoo(oti I , ic ors10, for h) sIt, bf . I)OliP.EY, je; 44 New Levee.s ('1t{RANtI+IIl .E . 8... Ir hh11.. freoh ahd red,fnl Lt lle ,l N\SI'ON & IIALL, je2 7s Front Levre --~-------v p)lr'l'l( r. Ld.T';I gere.r le sic .... H7 . IL.. i.|. S III.LS), 1BiLk i.y u 'l I : Ia p'. sa[ .ý. I The ,i\"llPp ll't:-l9ýl llur e" it Im lylt. I'S & C ` i ~ TIT r..I" f u i., r"; o r ani dha k E( IIIIU c\E P I . P Y i cv - iNo I 1.e a i c it,unpete..u . .....- 'sri eate n t.ut Wp, ,,t r I It N l' ,I 5 11 '1ti : & lJ l l t' ,' ,i f -' - Co l us firstim licusgl Llf inll E('ilARlE It -,i6 -- ,, .i .!l!.--ll --

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