Newspaper of True American, July 10, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 10, 1838 Page 3
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Wor the Znterior. FOR LOUISVILIE & INTERMEDIATE LAND INGS. The light drauohit.idie fart runntng " tesnboat NHAKSPEhllE Waring, mrmter,Wlll leae fir ttit placer, on neay tormng, at 10 o'clock, A, i. Iassengers are requested to be on hoard. For areight orpasage, alpply on board, at tile fort of (fleaier street, or to H P LEVY &, e'0. 10 Gaivteer street. P. S. Freight will be taken for Natchez, Rodney, Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, and all intermediate landings. Jor Testeatmboati "GIitAFFIe.i Copt. Swiler, will for the present iake only two trios, per week, to Pasea u a tire rrmrtdiate laadings on tre Cndet: her anof departure from the Lake end of the ailroad will be ot 'thursdavs and Saturdays , after the arrival of the six o'clock car. On the 4tl of July next, she will resumre her tri weekly trips, as per late aulvortise met. FlR'CA OLA, (Ln.) and te Iontermed a Laltdinrr two times a week. T I'he fine, low preasur, corppered ostea s boat GIRAFFE, Joseph Swiler, master, will for the present en eo two trips to Pascogoola and the interme diatre Iaudlm or tihe cost. Her departure from the lake end of the Rail Road, will he on Tund''h ys ,and Sa:turdaysq , ,ars immediately attar tler arra at tire six clock cars. .in thie 4th of July next, she will resume her tril webklj trips as per late advertiasements. jitl ----SATURDAY EVENING AND SUNDAk EXOURSION TO MAND)EVItIE & MADI.ONVILLE. Ia i L Tile steamboat MAZIPI'A, Capt. - . L. T. Knight, will learve the laoe end of the rail-rood for the abhove places, Neery ernet aycv"nirg, on the arrival of the 4 o'eliek cars, anti return eh same night,-and leave Sunony morning on the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars; returee ng lenar8lidlnoolle at 4 o'clock, P. M. in3 :itaw a FOR M bADIe .,iVIt.LE, LO ULeBUI.i t, to1ANJE VIIl E & COVINGTON. No /,l id The fhst rennint and splendid steam R A boat M AZEPPA, I,T lKni. t ma-. ter, will run as n regular mnil erat ~'lre aabove ports on Mondays, WVedteedllee on Fri." ,days ater the arrival of the'8 ,,'clok ears, iAR. Re durnult, leaves C(ocingotn 'I'nesdays, 'hnrsdayso and .latrday., at 8 o'eloek, A rM. N It. All baggag and arcels at the risk ofthe own., unlesne bill of laditng is sigerd. S.Eo WIIIo TMiAN, New Orlean r and Mobile Mail Office, S9 Eichnnrge irrilditrg, St Charlesn st. F-Ull BAY 6. LJIN," Poas, UIn ristiara, n \Vest ndl East Ptreoeagorlt. 'T.The el le tnd low presnre scteam hort CAILtLINEW C huttca mns ter, will call at tile above watering . la tie week,, Arvil the Lake end of the roil 'tlad on thu arrival of tbe j' o'cloek cars. Apldy to tiES \VIIITE AN, N OI anti Mbile Mallil Office, tinder Exheangre Hotel nt C.ltarles t. oil S'rEA.NItOAJ k Ui)t SA.,i". " The fine new srteam ferry borat LAURA, i eomplete ordner, and re-a . dv to collntee.t relrling ts site now Iieg tla t t Mrart"l tlo new geta; will ee dispoise of on reasorublre tere. ApTlllSto " A[.R T STEIN, No 8 Ihlliiltg Rrow, Tchapitoultas tlect, a few doort attovo Il)tord. jell il6 - or Texas. FOR MATAGO)RI.t, COX'S POIIINT AND ARINSAS IBAY. - Tihe well known Schooner I.O(IfTSIANA, t C.Captati Atlld, laving ir large poltee of her ",e etreaged, will meetr tritl desp telt. For bnlncer r,,f freIgirt ,r pasaat.roetg, apl! tnr ha, optscite Jtiretnt sateret, or to W hA, jy5 (,_ _ 5i Cote ttl steret. . Tihe reglnrtlar ket schr SOU'rIIER.NEI-I , . Capt ain (i vay *rdt, having e portion of ther ~ e~te gtrg et.gerged, will meet ,witt desrtechl. For holerfr trf freihtt or ilassag., lapply on roard opposite Jefftterson street. or to W IlliPeN, * 55 Cyp__ itete street For Ge iloleelotn, Jfeerrtslnt rg, .4icrhcr/1ierc trd lloston. (dtwer ) j Thie well rknown light draughit rschooner i EMILY, A Brown, mleter, hsving nearly the whlale ef her cargo enrggeld andre going on lter, wtrill soil' on ''laesdal next. For bilaelrce ol tifreiglhr or lasseae, a;eily are beardl. ec{onsitee Coenti ,tret, or te I' W . Il tAN, jyl i 5f eet:nlleaO str ert. ''I l well lilno , liht IdrIau llt sIl.r DE vt 11,11 Calif vceIrni luviig thkii et lpain Il Il'r cil rgol enga geil '.','ill m,'.t whirtll de aitlcl. lFor intlame of f'eight or pa:aze, having so perior acounlu dcldtio~n, apply to the captuia on board, ac, opplosit toi St P~ter srret, or to 11V1 BRlYAN, - ". l __ _ oIIIoII street. tLilt . V A' ir,,, aillt. i Ol AI A & IlAl ltA. Al i c lr`l f l l ie ir 1 il drllu ght - I da wil l he dei,- 1 l llii c tii lflit li lveg u l,r II. un t. ti gelity n Nd t raire \all itre ill.r , -- -- Iil -,\t l;ll l. I l(P llll ir lil9 u i .i rit. AN To sand KAL RA D n 11, oh ltlt Ui, l iv . i ved, lm the biii ie s la u tl I, (l i y S ri e, ti l t A ll as1 lavid J l Burr, edt 1it - I C iiO C J usi r civr n t uAi '' N, Jut "trY ien l i fior isle; Iv ivi rni er of'ii p tommo I stret s, ly Wm McAilllllrll tr. w i b Ily r e e e R1D d I l l A L I C LO E jelt 9N Coi n lln4 etreet, C AU N-Mess, Priln oAld h Il Ah fai sill.: 1v t28 G. lii)I5;1,-! Ne,_ levee. F i Ce? fncliiy letter ialpr ol ve"p eoleIent iiIvlg tlit Abr s fvery le by tihIe 'itorl sie irt e r il, roCo Sje_ N rtion16r_' Nl, 24 a ('knres ht. (yANAI.S nld ILl I{OAIIS--Jap of tih Uiiitea SSlants, s hcowing the prtinlmlal clveliln tu lnllke -ntd €eoitnll oas; on which ane given tl. distaneet en t miles fom one llaee to netllhe; also tile eutars tat :he aonals sid rtill mars tIhrghont the euo IIs'yl ldeHa ulls romliled fronm the heat utileoritie, by S tig'ustud Mitchell, 13 y r5. Polilial Constitution of e la ri (e state of Colthtsil t Find Texas . Ito lof 'nvxs% wvith lati's f lhohe liciahig states b S I' Allin ll. 18I5. A .a.p of T'exs, liv llavidi I la rr, ed. lL35. Jvistr freeived tol t ,fi' l t'v \VM M'IKEAN, otll cornier ecnimp i, ll oomnont sis. SNEW PUIA.ICA L'IONS. SIF. inlonvlon,or the Inv and Niight erelie't't i Jerry liawthorl, F.eq. anl Crritvihiaa Ttt.r allb irlnllitntied by Bolb L.gic, tile Oxlotiitli, iI llhilt roanille tnd sirees thlroueglh tie MetreljOlls, by Pierce Egan, is 2 vols. Viivainn lrov,a Novel, by ll'lsrseli, complete ili vol. it 'l ie 'iivg nl Duke, it oieal, vy ilte Authilr of Vivial Ii Ilrey,revopletein LI vl. The Iluiivriit, Edited by 'l'ieodore Hook Aetheor oi Gilbert Gurney. Jnst IreeCived nd fli sale at tl.e corner ofCilmp ndd tComnlc streets, by Wm cKEAN. V ll -iNI IIOXES-l anlded fronl slip Ethielz p l friii New Yers, and nipposed to ihave been takte frotl the Levee in mistaket, two large ecses imaked F S; '.truiiti trg Cigaro. Any infoaavltiol reslleciilg tIhert willbetnatokfully received Iy J 1) BEIN & A. COflit, n.15 90lCollitc l street NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tales 'of my Neigbborheaodxi by the author of "TIS Cnllegians,"in 2 vole. Agilae S&rte, by Itv nuthorfr "alIe Il.irets," iin tio vohllues, Elements of lnYtr.atowle LBow,e with n Skethn ni the 'Historr of the Setlene, by lHenry Wheato ll, l; L. II. A Practical Y'etdidee Iel Locomotive hnitgtvie t n Rail Wayst; n wnirk intended to show the Constfitelictn, tile tode of mcting, slid ihe effect of those elgilhe ii a collnvoyig lheavy lovdsi' to giethe to mnis of nvveerioli ilgi alli unUpectioiooelo leald,ad the remltis it ill I rllroli.rlndcr rarious virclllstnnleesetd in differet ilo genlitied, to determine the qiaitity of fucl ndll waiter it will require; to fin the proportions which ought to be adlopted inl tihe coastructionu of an engine, to imiatll il. awer tay intended purposei etc.: with prnctical talles, giving at once the rosnlts of thle fornmula, founded upon Sgroiat rimy new anperiattelts, mde on a large sonle, in a daily practice on tlhd Liverpool ond Mll.Mltester Railwvay, with many different enlgmes and couoideroule triens of earriages, to which is added an aplmndix, show wing lte explense of conveyitg cods by livimotiva .lgitnes on railroclds, by Chev. FM Gm de Paitbour. Jutrst reeeived ani fore sale y WiM M'KEAN, 13 o Coritr ofCanip ati(.olCnnlo streets. .I'.E - -UBLICATIONS-Pl A L Pan'o JOURNAL O 'LJ n residenee at Little Pedlington. nniINNe or tai y; by Madam de Stuel;l Holstiena, tiranslated fair tilhe Library of Standard Noe'ls; IThe Po eti:al Pas.ages, bIy L EL. American edition, with itn' neous coreltctions: ill 2 vnla. DRnAE'a AND Ilt.LEOKRI POnITe-new edition: 2 ile liihonil i n3i,. TlHi wois oai JOBc D.IDEl.-in verse and proser ith a life, by l.ev I Mitfordl: new edition, ncImplete in lo J nattreceivedalt d fore rlehby 12W MeKFIAN, eir Cattp t Cemlnnnil ests P IE TVIU tEA'Tsd-'lhlenslscrivbers iive just raivlvid lrie London a few casks preserved aluits ii canistais, a verV Ile article, Iirtieculari adlllaptd for lh.e counltry, or fir travelling, whi hO theve oSetr for sale low. LEI'PEfS & CO. "itnr 1 Bienvili street ltNvCKS ACIN LNNATL-Chehks on iote , Franklin Ba n", Ci',,"l.nnli; fi , hale by Ail l 6-5 CcalllY ftreet. I.Ali'"''`1 blisselsili,i and Arkansas Mlllolliy, for 1 alehy L.AWILLENCE I.EGlENIIIIE. 2 28 & 29 New vl.eove e I9ble VWhik.lov, fur sale Iv T'r- rET\O & AVIEIi, joel 118 Glravil r streelt. EIl l-.-. very pl'aseIt lll d geuLeel Snuier I Reeildltneat ihe corner of Aiiiinn atialll eud ltarket streets, with a benltifal paterre, a stale. iind Earri~,e hbolle, istern ,n other ronveniellnca, Ill'v be enoeredIllptvt ivivlivillhcnV and will b let on v' vlltl nderatl IerlnI, ti rloll t;ennt till lel Novenlhr.e alter wlir:ll it call be leint a i1! e fair reit. Applyz tO SAi. ' 71C, T|, tPtN t reO. ne-l 7i C2aep street illPPING6 For Europe. FOR LONDON. . . The A I coppered aml copper fastened ship, S JAsMES, ,having part po her ea go w oengaged, wilhav ilnlpediatq!lnspatch. For t Ire lghl.l,.passae, having cominodionsand well fur- p ishedcabinst, apply an bard, at OlernaE Press, or to or N&J P WIIT NEY," SL D 8 Conti stret. The A 1 and fast alliiig ship GRAND T URK; Captain Thorenom, will receive des hpath. For freight of I)0, hales cltton, or passa0e, havini hIandomnr accoVtooudotions (iu . or 4 pasen ers, apply to LEVI, H GALE, jel p 93 Ccacman street. u FO i NANTZ. STihe A I aoliperd and copper festleced bri T SUaiT JEAN NAt Cl rtain Blright, haying fll clargo enbaged for the above prlp will meet withidespalch. For passagc, having hand some nbeonnn alntlos, applyto je2lt S & J P WHITNEY. J FORl. GLASGOW. S The first cla shilp HEBREW. Captain h Carr, having full rargo engaged for the above port, will have Buiek despatchi. For passage having 'ndo me accmm.. . iodationsaPp l t i 9 .........WHITNEY. .- The A I and hrCt sailing ship FORMOSA, Captair Tooloeaving the greater part of her ago - eogaeged. will e reeive immnediale o patch. Foriilt p 30bales 3 ottn, apply o h gnriLEVI d ts GALE, jy3 com i G 93 Commorn etreet. FOR LIVERP6O1L.' STheA I coppered and copper fastened ship TAMINEND, Captain Buland, aving full cargo engaged, will have deospath. For pasage apply to the Captainon board, opposite Orleons Cotton Prenat or to jeIrt S ltJ P WHITNEY. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I fast sailing ship NORMANDI FP Cantain Tyson, having the greater part of her cargo engaged, will have immediate deepatch: For freight of 3el bale, cotton, or pasesge, havintog handsoate aeconnodationa, applL tor LEVI I GALE, jel' 9r Common strset: FOR LIVERPOOL. Tile A I ship FRANCES, Captain Johnson, will nsailpositivrely as above. For rpassaeC, having handsome aceommmlolious fer 4 cabin and 6 ateetage passengers,apply o LEVI II GALE, s jelis 93 Comton street. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and Ihst sailing ship SENATOR, SCaptain Staov, having tihe greaoter part of her 1 cargo engaged, will receive immediate des patlch. Fr freirht of 0) hales or passage, heviug hl csuhme aerunnodationo, appl, e to iLEVI H. GALE, je25 9 Common street. FOIL LIVERPOOL-On laturdoay next. The ship DENMARi, Captain I.ovett, Swill posnitiBvely sail as above. ShIe lle six large furnished state rooms dlsenogaogod, and call hrlomely accommeeo odate six passengers. Apply to tlhe , near Levee Press or to ie(t S. & J. P. WHITNEY. FOR LIVER'OOL. fThe Al I and fast sailing British ship Capt Johnson, will receive immediate despatch. F.r freight or passage, having handsome accomsmodatione. apply to jets L I: GALE, 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. STno A I ship QUEEN ADELAIDE. Copt lorsten, wante 3(10 hales to fill np. For fr't L. pf which, or passage,app'Y to "--b S &J P W ITIT\EV. FOR CrI9VES. _ 'lT first class and fast sailing ship MON'T FPELIER L aptair Tson, mill reciv des- j h. t For Iassage~. meng handsoeme oe ,CmaltratochionsR, apply to L. II. tALE,, jell 93 C ,nonm treet. FOILOHAVANA. . he A I splendid and frst sailing brig tF IFN'l'AI., Coptain Hatchl, winl fell cargo `` ,aged, will sail with eospatch. For paS sage, nVaing eommodiros cabin antI state r0,aas apply 'to Captorit on board; opposite poest l13,1 Moniillpality~, orto _ &_ J P \VITNEY._ 'OR IIAYVRE-Pol' g -00 IrcV. c;at 0,r will meet trilltlespotcl. For pltoaeec. oly, ,,ply to L ,,I II GAI.I.., rTIII.AS-4 B5 UNN'1LY AND' -l'h I.IeO lagCles Ttexas I odl CercnteJ;.licr male, a osly to -- ptE .H~viu.: STilh A I aivl lenst oailiae shtt p Tel ah, C aptin tlarste,w. will rec.e i lv ilm "o (; the an eteo Ilcl ln be clu. trl i lts "t' I n tr Icnro engal ed, l .'t- I r , fr,.ight ol h:l1 hales or 11 11,'eo, llttthi bawl staicm .cocreloulations appllly to IV t 1.., S 'Ic 410,elln ncr l ll'lll *19CC1, t IR HAVoEct i.\ . '"l'h A t aadfa st Uiltt' Ilkeh;]rJ'\VEl Rob enl,ert II. Jcl ownl n ler %ill l ui, v oui na Montlry, the .lth lutc. :"r t .sa , g Iaory oIrl hlccdsec, ,Ce Iccc ccacntt L r or 3cc a0e p.o.:lgero. Apll" to I . GALE, G RlAN'IT', C altl i Ililltc a ',.-ci.:ý :,e /.- . (:taitedaote l; cnin & 3 }tea , i ,.,. . Fojr [tlll of't'rui ht el 1311 a 13 bah. n,,, ,'* 1 i ., lEVI I.1 t. , jil3 93 Ce'tnn I. C llste.e 'l'ire A I and new shi Gircce lc.c';,, ('apt. . Btc.vster, will rceive dsputl d i.r Ieo Ie -. sagl, lriatig u1rioe crccoqnllle ccr oiu liot, feor Ill , cchiliccctl ?clotecrage noSSccbco cic\cple "c LEVI II. lALE, . FOR ltttLFIf' tlte 5lr.t crlas acid fast oariltV.ship Ell ), Scptoia n Vottn, will reecive dospalcch.l For lleacgall,. O hllavhleg hadlclltse IcccOaIclda tions, alpplyto LEVI H. GALE. jell 93 Colcmmoc street. Coastwise. FORL NEW YORK. Louisiana and New York Line. To sail on 11IIth inst. The first class ship IIENZI, (apt. Norton. Swill positively leave as above, for freight of El c 50 oales rotton, or pasoage, having atprrior accortmodatiOnS, apply to the Captain on board, oppla site tl, Rail Road, or to J D BEILN & A COHEN, F y9 90 Clmmnon street. .....---~~B F . I T MARKS. The fast stdiRng er MIOUNT MORIAH, . ptain Hawthrtea, with hill c argo,engao ' d, L will rave despatch. For passage apply to S&,J PWHI'I'NEY, jy 8 C(oati street. FOL ItrOS'TON. The fast sailing copper fastened schoonerr rl(iF.IG , Bears, lastar, will have deIlpaltch for twenty tons of heavylireight or passage, having good aceommodations, apply to Ithe Captain on board, at Picayune Tier, or to ... c A.._-q ASE & DIXEY, . _jy6_ . ' ( nst luh use treet. - FO liO l O AN. , fine Copperedtnd coriPer irtosned feasti r sailing saistEALE. Captain Cook,will Ilat e diospatch for the above port. For freight aor passage hring exelleont arccmlmordltions, apply to the Captain on board, oppoite tie Rairrradl, or to S''ETSO & AVERY, jan3 .8 iravier street. FOR BAL'I'IMARIEI. .f, o The faot sailing tBer. RlU HARD TAYLOR Captain Crocket, having fdll cargo engaged, twill harve deslEatlh. For passage apply on board, opposite post No. 12, id Murticipolity. je'21 S. & J. P. WIITNEY. FOR MOIBILE TouRehig at all tie Watering Places on the Coast. i - The fier low pressure, coppreed 1 steamboat GIRAFFE,JoasPh Swi ler master, will leave the lake epnd i ra-ro-ado Saturdoy nmrnttg neat; nftr tile arrival of thle 6o'cloak ors jy F FOIL TAMPA BAY. The fast sailing brig SAMUEL & JOHN, Captain Perkins, will sail to-morrow tight. Fon hoiglt rl pnessage, atply to jy6 B Coti street. 'or sale. rdeialkt or Charter. FORl SALE RlUH'I' OltLClARTPlt. Thie A I n1apper andao ppr n faetned brig EMMtA, Captalo Bateo, 245 ton a urthen, is reanlly to reeive aeigp, and csn carry 0 l0 boles cotton. Foe terms, freiglht or eale,rtpply to the Captain oat board, or ta tmAD & BARSTOW, je21 67 Gravier treat. ft OPE.--t Cols; nlad Itol steamer New Albani and fbr salle by LAWRE2.ICE ft LEGENDILRE, je2i 28 &4 4) New Levee "ISLOUR-56-0 bret frest Flour in store, fi~r sale by J?2 LA.EIET & AMELUNG, j28 . 17 Cnommerce streat ACON Shoulders andl Stle, for sale bv STETSON & AVERY, jea8 88 Prayier street. I ACON-32 caska,landlag from steamer Empreon,' t)lor sale by i DORSEY, jel6 44 New Levee. U AMILY HAMS--74 bblset avatoed Famaily eat of superior qualit,n landling from steamboat Monaseh, for sale by LAYET &.AMELUNI,, je96 17 Colnmeree atreet. ACON-- 3 hds Sidles, and 35 'tie S-hiiolTder l for sale by LAYET & 4MIUNG, je2f 17 Camrme SO SODlA AKERlS.--uOil Vit;i..- -.Ti njir, L from satlip Sar'd ParkerOi : I, the Norfolk Chemincal Cumnpay, Ibr s JARVIO & co eorner rl Conmnm,,s & . 10(lMtl( )N WIllsKEY-S0 bbl-,)analiaE., for sale bY G Ol)t Levee.' jel3 44 New dI ORK-119 bbls, laomh iiolot steamer Crolub'aln,h L forsale ly G DOSEY, jel3 14 Nerw Levee. L R,1SH I1T'IF'r It.l.2r ke.s, rladitgt from steam. Sboat I.uutietlle, far saet hv SI.. R l' R & TrIIR, je35 40 Po,.lreastrder BUSINESS CARDS. FrASIONADLE c- --TING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartree ftreet s HAVE a constant supply t.f every article pertatiing to gentlemen's dress, of the latest style, at New York prices dec 20 IiHE undtrsigoed have opened a house in this city under the firm of H. P. LEVY & CO. For the purpose of transaecting a GENERAL CO.MAIISSION B USINESS. oFFICE, No. 10, Grnvier street, up stairs. The firm at Grand Gulf, Mie,. will be continued, under the style of II P & J L LEV .LEVY, H P LEVY, J L LEVY. References. Godfrey, Lawrie & Small, New Orleans, La. all Peter, & Millard, ase H B Hill & Co. Louieville, Ky. John M Gillmore, Viekbatrg, Miss. Harper, Carp nter & Co. ) - Summers & ate, . Grand Golf, Miss. aleir, Moore & Co. ) Silas Lillard, Nathez, Miss. New Orler.n, Feb 19, 1838. ap 10 'TEE.rH*. SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. S PECIMENS of these beautlful teeth,and the man ner of setting them,may he slen at the offime of J.B3.Ro SUROE ON DENTIST, ta No 46 Canalstreet. These teeth never change colour, tO and are by many, and in many cases, preferable to the ol natnral teeth. D3 Dr. R. Will wait upon ladies at their residence, roqoested. opt a9 S. A. PEIRROSIEKR, ItURCHANT TAILOR, S 67 Commwm street, d D EGS to inform the public that having purchased fD rom Messrs HOUGH, SKEGGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continue the business at thetr old stand, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where he hopes to merit a a share oftheir patronage. Itoe has made hrrangeetents a at the North to te supptlied mohly with the latest and miost fashioarble goods. tor 14 CLAY & CLARK, ROUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 'oydras street. New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all doaeriptioo . WIARM, COLD, AND SHOWIER BATHS Fixed on the most ioproved principles. MIIL'It LEAD, PIPES, &e ltOrders executed in any part of the Soutlhen States. ( mr9 Dr, Robert F. LIadoe. iFFICE EXncoANGEn IIorc. 6m t CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Povdras street, SEP on Itotlna c,,notnnt supply of Lead Pipe, lF from 2 in. diameter down to 3-> in. dinameter, Ibr sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIIC PRINTING ESTABLISHiMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLLAJeI GREENE, PROPRIETOR J H. PAREER Commnisaion and Forwarding Mercbant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New Drleatns,Feh.23. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAI.E AND) RET'AIl DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE ST'UFF JS .NI) WIDI)OW GL.SS, Corner of Common and Tehmupitoulas streets, NEW eRLEANS, NATHAN JARVIS. JlOHN W. ANDRIEW'S. A large apply of Garden eelds, warranted the growth of l,:7. AT MOBILE la. S. I. & 1. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. iNon. 61 anI 063 WATER S'tlEE''. ilI lE undersignedI hving eta.hliehel thenateos in I ll eile flir the litirpthe of trat.Co. clOg thO Atitliro and ('ol teaihiolt broioess in its, variun Iltnohle., Iog leave to inform their frieir t ail the poolic, thnt they are nwv preparedl o receive. totnttneltllh'ltnln and unite libter nd avnialt ut thle Sntol, either or lrivalte or pnblic saol,. S()l.t)I AN I. JONES, 0 I .'l 1 A E I. I . J O N ,I t . LRefer it \Volker. Kight & Co. New t)rloans. Molile, Feb i, It:. hfch 1' '. A CARD. otMUc. SLATEtn. 'AnnattaM TmRen. SLATER & TRIER "T rwardSn. & coTut ssio.ln crchantse, No. 401 Poydras Street, N It: :v I) I1, F A NS. h a ill devnte t ihelr I rtiethr attention to the sale of \Westor IPrt,dule. l t2 hi d' New Orleans. A l Nathn, & C Messrs. Koh. Dhon & Colr S11) & Willioms, ) cri iggn,Wil & Co, . Bnstof 'ttom Vose Esq. Rtln-rto lroithers & Co. New York. Leveret &T . New Yor.Th Vain Pohl & Me tlill. Stanford & Davis. it Louis , lawlevy, Page &i Dunlap. Alton. A lt Skidntar Es q. G It 0tarsll:l & Co.-_Louisville. E TONE. E &B. T. STONE. . T.TO., Forwnrding and LeonmlOisi in erehamts, FURNISHERS OF SBllP AND BOAT STORES, J No. 114 TCHOUPITOULAS STREET. New.Orleans. Reflerences : Mtcssrs. BALL, BAKER & ,O. Boston EEN'EZEIK VosA. h Co A. BI MEACH & Co. New York. R. PUTNAM, J. & P 1tI.I.ONN, Ciniantli, O.0 WIGHT OMITH. DAVIl' STONE, D):NItI 0 1.Co0sTOCK & (Co. Columouns '). - N. Al.lclw TH, A, C i.. L.o isville, Ilv WVLLIS, STEVENS & CL'oTIS, St Lueis A1o r A. . Race, :rl[n, Ill. WM E. WVITHR ow, RONushill, I1. J. & o '. p. I'AOTWELL, BaoVo Sara, La. uSOLOMON HIGH. NON Ortlc'r.s. 2n 7 DOWSEL & ,5IA0, I)E iLEItS IN AMIFRICAN & ENOLISH CROWN GLASS, No. ' CARONInDI.ET STREET. of FIRl.E l EN'S INSUR NCE COMPANY 1Oi NER\ ORLEANS. This Cot@pny are now prepared to tale 7 RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's nllldtng, CEn l a'," E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15, 123.. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI,. OHIO. Refer to Lavyet & AmelungI, w Joa. Landis & tCo. N~ew Orlans. m24 mn ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No.12 Camp street, [IToelsale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, .tri Winldow and Picture Gleos, &c. &c. T. w. COLLINS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, SNOW practising inthe State and City Courts. Cli po eats willfind him at the Clerk' office, U S Ciruit Court, in the Custom House building. jell SA CARD. NITATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located him . Having a housein Tex e will ttend toh rans , aetinag At any business hilt may0 ho dbsired ill lrat country, and will guarantee prompt and unremitted at tention to all business entrosted to his chKrgle, and e' s althful application (in Cecoordnc with inslauctiona) o all fnds that may come idho his hands. Office in New Exchange. on Graver streent, oppost to Rev Mr Clapp's chumh, and adjoining tGbesorf reading room.sig of th Taoinn Consulate. is Now Orleass,Novemberih 25,1837. a Refrenfr :. M:ssrs lillyer, Bush & C6o N ew Yor,. Burr Wake Nan 1 Alvarez Fisk, Natclhz; bliss. R M Stroth r.SI Loas, MII . John T tr y. Louiadille, Ky. Dr Jol, A Stee e, H pkinsvile, Ky. ,iS 6m 1 LAKE' HDTT - hampers in store, slid fr J ale by T RHYDE & BROTHER, j2 ePdb Conllon & Magazine sts. 'OS N-75 beirels Kosin, landing nd for sale oy p .l S & J PW IHIrNEO, 8 Coitistreet UTnTd'R3 hrls and 77 krps fresh Ohio:Bustter andig froom otoseamhoat \ ihehester, and' Will tie sold low to olose a' consil-emeub, hr LAvET &" AMlUNG,. e! 17 *'mmerce TRUE AMEBICAN O.FICE. In connection with this Office is a & SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading" Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Olirclars, And every descriptim of Job WYork that may be required. [[FThe proprietor respectfully culls the attention or the public to the shove Card, ani assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short est oltice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. PIFREEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEVW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 Musson's Duilding, Je2 CANAL STREE'1'. Comptroller's Ofice, SeconmL xnuasciptey u New Orlean,. Jlne 2t1. A83ll. A GREEABLY ro a resolution of the 12thliasteam, SPblic Notice is hereby give, that sealed pro. posals will be received by thei Counceil of this ilonici. pality, until Monday rie th day of July next, for tak mug Ute following described inprovemeute; the whole to he done in conformity to the plan and specifications of said work in the Surveyor's Otllee, and under his tis rintetiance, viz: lst. Commencing on the south side of Canal street, at canal Claibtrne, and prolonging said street along the soslth side of the Nasbville Itail-.tmd to the IBaynu St. John, to a point marked A, on the plan drawn vy the Surveyo' for draining the hack part of the city, being a distance ef about tilteen huldred yards below canal Claiborne. .21. 'r, cut a lateral ensal from a point marked A on said plan, which point is at about five lhndred yards below Willow street, on the prololngation of Julia street; anlld from thence il a straight line to Ganlve street, at the intersection of Comamon, marked B C: and from thence in a straight line until it nttar-ects the nroin ca nal at D, on the souath side ofCdnal street, on a prolong ation from canal Claiborne, and about two hundred and ninety-sight feet below Johnsron street. 3d.i.lacksn street tloie prolonred from canal Clai Iorne to the proposed lateral eanal. thb. Palmyrastreel to Ire prolonged from canal Clai borne to the Iate.ah esnti. 5th. Common street, from tie samle to the same. 6th. (iravier sreet to be prolonged from tie So eta sile tofthe orns Work to the aforesaid lateral canal. 7th. PI'rdida street to be prolonged lifrom SI. Mary st. 8th. t'ovtras street to ae prolonged frou. Giritle et. to the afloreseid lateral canal. 9tl. Ilevia street to be prolonged from Ct. Paul to the alforesaid lateral ennml. IIIt. Cypress street to le prolonged from St Paul to the west side of the Prote stanl Cametery, and a drain on the west side of the aconeters' to Hevil street jell JOHN C\ILHOUN, Ctmptroller. Bureau do Cantroletr-Seeoade Mittscipelile, NsovelleOrlbos, 21 Juint 1833. C ONI"ORIEMENT I uns riesolltion dtu 12 courant, 1U eis public a-t pr le Iprbsent donne, qte des of. fres cacbet6es seront regu par le Conseil de cette Mluni cipnliti jasqu'nt 9 de Juillet pr,:hain, Imur faire des ameliorations ci-apsrts dberuts; le tot devant n tre faite all confiorlitl a plan et des spaucifications du dit tra vail dane le bureau du Voyer et sous sa surittendance. savoir : 1 O " Commencer du cOtl Sud de la rue du Canal a son intervention avec le canal Claiborne et prolonger la dite rue le long du cOt6 Sud du chemin en fer de Nashville jusqu'au Bayoul St. Jean, it aun point mar quO A sur le plan trac6 par le voyer pour dessecher les derrihres de la ville, formant une distance d'environ 1,500 yards au des sous du canal Claiborne. 2 ° " Couper un canal lateral d'un point martqu A sur le dit plan, le quel point se trouve A etviron 400 yards au dessous de la rue des Saules sur le prolongement de la rue Julie; et de 1a en ligne droite jus ql't la rue Galves, I l'intersection de la rue de la Commune, marlqu B C, et de li en ligne droitejusqu'i rencontrer le canal principal a un point marqutd D sur le cOt6 Sud de Ina rue slu Canal, stur le prolonge Cent du canal Claihorne at cavirolt 298 meeds audessous de la rue Johnson. 3= • P1rolonger la rue Jackson du canal Claiorsne an canal latiral projet6. 4 P " Prolonger la rue Palmyro du canal Clailborne an dit canal latbral. 5 Proo)nger la rue de la Commune, tdu meme au m8me. S6 Prolluntgcer l a lrue Gravier du cute Ouest des ateliers de la ctompagnie du Gaz an dit canal late;ral projet6. 7 ' • Ptrolntger la rue Perdido de la rue Ste. Marie au dit canal lateral projetsn. 8 c • Prolonger la rue Poydras de la rue Gironde an (lit canal lat(iral prqijet. 9 = rue H avir doe la rme

St. Paul antu dit canal lattral prtnjete. 10 . Protlnger la rue des Cypres de In rue St. P'aul au cats Ouest du ctimctisre protestant et ouvrir uln toss6 d'igout sur le cot6 Onest du lit cimetibre jus'qti' Ia rue Hdvie. JOH1II CALHOUN, 21 juin " Controleur. L ETTEiRt, CtONVEILSATIONS, CELLER &CCO 'I'ONS, of 1' Coleridge. linttiegaturkeb or Old Tities in tile New Wtrll; )te ing Nea 7 and 8 of tie Uniforem Edition of Paulding's Works. Colton, on tilhe Religions State of the Country. Whale Fishery; beiag Nos 26 and 27 of tile Iloys an girls Library. Just receivetd te J12 C H IIANCROFT 14 Camp t.;] hA3tit SAtiT, I tStlanadinL fromll brig atunusel º anil Jlohn, for sole hI jelli S & J P WHINIT EY. 0 5LIC-s1. II bhils in srtre, for sale by P jetS (a I)O.SE'i,44 New .evee. II . .U}1 'i- iir lbd is - i tore, f 'r nie , by jelli G D)(ISEY, 44 New Levee. SOh10o POST. fN INETY-SIX reams Folio P'ost pIper, for sale on 1 reaoablr e artm. l O ISly O to N, mln9 17dior True Atneteuan. 1I)ACON IIt)ES-43 ank.os iter"c tnronnni cired, i inust re uold iAr snle by G ItliREI , je16 44 New Levee. tb uuutEt)sJhLd. ill; American I)e ncrat. or hints on the so cial and cSrivl reletions lf tie United Staews. Ily J. Feni msore Cooper. T'l' Two F lirts; r, Adventures in a Conterr ' leuse; ned other Inle., It, ladI llessiniyt , I. bltsler, Als Nurton, 1 mrv :;nrnwall, Mrs Gore, Captruia Mestwin, end othere, in ii vws. The rtiver and the Desert, by Miss Paudo, aultosr of the mCitv sof cle Sl srun. The Cusket sf lienisu, tie Gilt of an Incle and Alnt with flre wl(lod ellg ilnlg Ily AierasO Just received and for sale by rVM IeKEAN, jel6 cor C(ap and (rMlialleon st. E- FI.. AR.t , KE. : 'UKKt;'uerri nr-. if;e; f I De Ipoesit of t le lBank el Kentucky at Lauisville; for sale byhv LAWRENCE & 1,t(t:NI)tRE, jell' i aRid :t !New Itevee. IOKK-215 bble Meanss ed Primesa U fard iP U Plt'lk, for sale l bow by LAW\\RNCE & I.E msI.NDPE, jell 2il and 29 Ne L.evere. II 0tAGINU--115 t pieces of prise 4 irnch Ksentucky Bg gining, hlndig from s. r. Cortinthin, fir usle by LAWRENCE & I.EGENI)tE, jel6 "2 and t9 New Levee. L'iUIl-V'o I;tIlr, lsnding froln stevbm oat Ems L'ressfi r saile by U ()RSEY, jet' 44 New .Lever. - 1'i./llS --1tiI bbls rectified \ idskbev, for sale V by HlOLMES & MILIS, je7 _ Bask alley. W ESTERN BIUTTER--20 kegs in sore, tir s.le VW by SL.'ATER &' TRIEIR, je21 411 L'odras street. ORK.--4O0 bbls Mlos MI Opri.s.enod sol. I'rilne just inspected, fsr sale ty G. l)ORSEY, je25 44 New Levee. J landing trn n steamboan t Monreh, saie by LAYbL'' & AMIEIU.G, je 6 17i Cr.mrnr',e stteet. Piratese' Ouwn Book. rIHE, IPIRATES' OWN BOOK, or autrentic nar 1 retives of tie livers, exploits, ant execurtits ot the most relebrated Set ltRobers, with hiistorical sketches of thIe !.h'fnsamee, Spanirh, Lnrrone, West trdir, Mrala, sntd AIgerse IPirrtes, in I uol., just ereeceed, and for iale by Wit. M'KEAN. jer6 e)r Crmnlp & Ctml'onL streets. jel6 44 New Iere l , DOR)1EY, je2r, 44 New l.eri. hI tjtiAE-5i5 t aed for sale by 'I' IIYDIE & 1I110, jst4 cs rClrllrron nsrd Megezitie st. LEAF LARD--iob kegs best qllstiv, in stour, for S ale by (t. 1I3tSEY, jel4 'yt New Leree. C 'AMIL.Y HAMS--Put oup ill h.s, also can.serd F do, in bble and hsdls. etpressly lor amilty use just lnndel and frir sale by LAYET & A MELUNG; jel2 17 Commerce Itreet.' S`rINCINNATI BACON--67 ahds Hemsn, Sr!'~l. en and Sirs, of superior (quality, ladring from steanler Cllssltlcel, for Rleat by Is (Ai: ittl t1(E F- C). ie 131,t. LEMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. 1. Bl B9XIW lemon Syrup; 141 boes asmorted .JL.f Packles, in quart, two quart and gallon buo- St tle, from the anoufactory of Wm Underwood, and ti Lewies i Haskell, of Boston; landing from brig Talley rand and ship Cbharlesto; for sale by a JARVIS & ANDREWS, m2l cr Common and Tehapitoulaa tn. FISK'"I TRAVELS IN KEUlURE. r T RAVELS on the Continent ofEurope, vit: in Eng Sand, Ireland, Prance, 1tal erland,Bcermatl b ny, tir Netherlands. By Wm Filk, D D, President o the Wesleyan University at Midnletown, Conn.; in 1 s voluine,with engravings. Just received and for sale by WH McKEAN, m9r ear Camp and Commoin tis. LL Notices lot oxesn or other charges relativre t Sthepropertav of the smbocriber, situated in the aubourg Laerose, or in the Parish of Jefferson, nmay be leCttt VICTOR DVIDo'S con ig hot l se., here threv o wii b 'ednded to. JOHN S. DAVID. at Ai UA-.AQUIL COCOA-1000 bags, for sale 'yv Ijelo ARIJAII FISiK. 1F .-49 bogs primtre green H na Clee, k'J) landing from brig A E, and for sale by J. I)ANIE~LL, __ _ e Cemp sireet. A-GINO & ROPE-133 ps Kentueky Bugging, I andt Il Coils Rope; also a suall lot of Twin, t ,tomre and for sale by J DANIEL,,r jewO 59 Camp street. AV'nOBACCO-- 5 hboes and 4 kegs prime Clsoitng S. Tobacco, (Leatbher's brand,) in store anid for salte by o. DANIEL.L, "je.0 59 Camptre street. O10 COFFEE--800 baes Rio Coffee, of goond . quality, landingfrom barque Henry, for sale by t jeo STE'iTSON & AVERY. a ALM&ANACKS for 1839.-Just received, a nscoll t et of People's Almhitoeks and Ctnkeott's Altia nocks, for sale by DAVID FELT & CO., , New York Statioper'. Hall, je2O 24 Chartres ortreet. I j[tXA$ FUNDEI) CERTII CA'I'ES and Audi Stor's Draft-, on the Treasurv, wanted by NATH'L '1OWNSEN1), jel8 Exunge Hotel, Gravier st. 1 ?IEEXAS BOUNTY LAND wanted by NATH'L TOWNSEND, jell Exchange Hotel, Grnvier atret. FIREIMUNS INSUMANOE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. OTOTICE is hereby given, that the books of sahscrip I lon Ifr the remaining shares f t capital strbokI of tis Company, were, reopened on Mlndaiy, the lth tionot. betwein the hours of 12 sall 1 o'elock P tr anid remain open the sate hour ofeach day tlereafln, until the whole shall have been subsceribed for. By order of tbM Board of Iirestors. E L TIACY, .lune 14,1838. Seretaior FREBD. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, . O FFERS his services to thiee hlic in the deplrlt m enti ot Surveying and Civil Engineering, Iblth itt tewr ani ctountry. Fmroconoiderable experiec:e ill his profession, nand by promptneiss andt lidelity in li.e exrecution of business entrusted to lihlm, he Itoes ito aent aod treelve a shore of public patronage. iHe will also meauare an d hen ultdn te l aontents of walls andil excavations . Otice No 8 CIhartres street, seonud story back. jek7 SINSIIEl) OIL. in Caooks ad ill bbls, warranted _4 pure article, for sale, wholesale ind retail, by JARVIeS & ANIREW.V, Medicine, Paints & Oil l)eelers, jell Corner of Common & T'holsopitoulan sts. 3ROWN SIEETII 'INGS-l0,0lI W yards 4-4 Brown SSheetingo. landing fniom ship Clerokee, suitnble ior tie Meien i market or City trade, or soale, by S1'ET'ON & AVERY, jei 8I8 Gravier sirert. SPERI.I, CANDLES, OIL, &e. Gf0lO BOXES New Bedford Sperm Candlrs; S31 casks New Bedford Wioter Oil; 15 casks Rioisne Zinc; 6 boxes troans H oavant Stugiar, IOU coils Bali Rope; 30 pieces Bagging; 6i casks Black Lead Cruclible; 30 casks Paper Hotginea; 511 baskets Claomnpapni Wine. For sale by JOSE.'Hl C ICKAYNE Je8l 25 Gravier street. W ESTERN BUTTER-139 kees, received per W steamer Vondalia, frot Sipriagfield, lllinois, a superior article, for sale, bIv &LATER & TRIER, jels 40 Povdras street. pORK-RmiiiiiIp, olt Mes atti I' i, oIbr stile by IjeLf (I IH)RISEY, 14 New Lvvre. HEfor WinAer il; 'EAf1sY bo ing do one Serodu Cati 21 ctankio t ZirieIan,11 blnt Iitat oileldti lanl Ciaillc o H}l sheets Bra(iera' Copper. In stotre, for sale Iv JOSEI'Th COCKAYN' , :, ap20 25 G(ravier strent. lEAF LAD-2ii00 kegs io stthre, for sale bvy . i 5 DeIRSEY 44 Niw leve',. . I, ATE P1 U LICA'I'IUNS. C lIENS MIADE EASY; iniiog a inew introductien toin the rtdientsrtt of tiot scientllietiid iopuiar gitae. Bv George Walker, Teaher lf' Clhess. i.;ntcle tiracen a navels, by .Irt S C Hall, author of Sketches of Irilsh Chbracter,'T e Buccaneer, ite. ita " T'le Spirit oif thel Woos, ilustrated bIv colnolrel en graviig, byi the athour uf'fltr Morartl of ,'lowers. Finden't Views of Ports uad Harbours of Great Iri tain. l'lora's Geme, or tile Treansures of tile Parterre; 12 tbouqets, drawn atnu coloured from nature, by James tAidrews: with porteiel illustratioti, by Louisa Ann 'I'amilley, author f Thlle niRotnc, of Nature. A Iit..wy ..f Terrts lsned ill Greciat- t.aeon It.. linu, arid (Gothic ArenItet'tiura the Second edtioai, et lrgerd; exemlliie.l by 4011 weld cruts. Addock'sn lgineers' Pocket r ook, for the y. ar 1833; with an Almanac; by Henry Addock, Civil E:ngineer. Works of Lord aeon, withl all introdai'tiry ressa', and it ortrait; ilew edition, complete in vols. ili.l It'lurnetl's History ofhe owin T'me: from the restoration of Charles It. ir tie treaty of peace ti Utrecht, in tih reign of Qmneer Anne. A new edition, with historical and biogra hical riotes; cimtplet in one volume. Just received wId for male by 1 r Cp dl o AN _ .3. caraCutup tpl Coantios.'tit.o. md1 cor totap sniot tt.rorrrr0x15. J 1~XAS MUINEY--'or alroe by . T R lYDI' & IROT11iFI, jei7 cur Comd.,n & Maloezine. sale bry S rETSON & M LanVIR, je17 88 Gra(i er treea ""LOUl. & POhIE.-ift hl i Flour 500 iis clnra SMesn M.O., Prime l';O1 , Rom.a b llrulder T in store, andfor sale by jer I.AYET & AMEI.UNG HIiSKEY.-300o bile reitilied (Pdolller b V fur ale. by ti. l)Oi,';I., je22 44 New Levee. 018.- 500 bbl.. of nil rnrarlities. lst i erted I ridwill be sold below tihe uolatitr, Iy Ed. FOR.EY, jerI 44 New Levee. ni UTTER-30 kegs fresh weaslster uter, tir O.ioT EL 18 J THAY'ER&CO. ri ILOUIt-400-bibls in stor, for sale tvr G IiSFLr, , je29 44 New Levee. THI. phlic are repectfully infirmed that this insti ltntin is erected on the most improved plan, and in on airy end most admirabien tuatlon, in the fuillourg g Frnklinr, uprn trie railroad, one mile from drie ilisiis spt le building is large, and most commnliously divided into npartments, for keeping separate different clnases, and diflerrent diseases. al lhe institution is rupplied with the most skilful and attentive male and femnle nouses,and speaking the 0v rionus moern languages. Private roomrs may ht e id by gentlemen at five idol Lura per da, inoluding attendance, &e. a T'erms in the ordinary wardns, to dollars per day. SlaerS alrso two dollars. Small Poxt in tire ordinary wards, five dollars. All D aititnl surgical operations extra. T'lhe rer.ident phsician is I )r Weddemano, to whom application for admsa ioa must be mlade. or to r C A Luzener, No 17 R[alpaert street. apti V1 --,-jAFLAD---0- 0 kegs in store, fr snale by N DOERWEK , jHE9 44 Newr Ievpre. d OtirSeiAS.. anu.dbr e in atire, adlie sale 1 C T R HYt iE &R BItuTItE ft jel9 Correr of Corar o t& Magmzin TU-I'I'ION. DIEGO IORfPIY, ProfeSsor of Languages, is now Sprepared to receive gentleat, who nmay be dis posed t, spen a part of their leilsua hours durineg tihe summer. in ecquiring the French, Spanish, or E.ogliai Languaga. lEanch genreman will iare a separate rour, from 4 to 9 o'clock, P. M. N. B. 'I'ranslntiaona made as usual. Oli.e, 67 Cliir tree and 4 Bienvlle streets. . - NEW WORKS. r. E. NATURALIST'SOWN BOOK--Cnomprsingr I desriptions an authentie attaedol teof uudrup eds; scientifically arranged according to the systrem t Cnet by the author of the aYanngMan's Own Borok! THENAT'URALL HISTORY OF INSECTS--ln two vdulmes-avol 2,forming no. '4 of the "Family Li brary". A rdigestof the ...v or .vttr.ncr t CrttNAL. . .... n --byllarry Rorcee, Eq. with notes and refehrnces to American decision, and to the Enlishi commona law and eccrlesiuatieal reports by George tiSharewood. jN D)IAtNOtIS OF DISEAnSS Of tile CaeseT-- lerid tp on the comparison r f their physical and generaul signs, by W W (terbhard M D. PRINCIPLES OF PATHOLOOr, AND PnACTICr OF PHYSICt--By Jonlm Maokintosk, l ID., fromr the last Lon dun editioniwit notes and additions, by oSamuel Gee. iorton,'M P, in 2 volt's. THIE AMERICAr j4UATwIRLY Rovtaw-No 76 for Decetnilbr I835' Just reeivled and tfor sale by fl Woo' M9ClEAN.'cerner ofCamr anl Cm. a . .,^R.-- - --- ~T- -. Co---- I teambat "e \IWVvne, for saf, by LAYET" & AIfEL.UNIt, jv2 17 Comlerree sotreet. )ACON SIDES--I13 hiblla on sides, landing t'ronr eteamlwoat General Wnayd, for sale hy LAYEe ur &.i,.ELI4NG jy2 17 Cormmerrc street Sj PR.i;re TII'I'R--T t Ralta, CIIsio!riI UI' So about 14110 Irna, ll'vigat C'arreliton, lr isale by T R IJDE'& BRO'I'HKR, jy2 .t.i Common & Megaxnre streetr. LOUR, WVIIIS1(.Y. PORK & BEEI'I - . "i; i. a'hrpehrite and 5"L doe fins floer; I0 hbls cbOro01, ail 46 bblh esled whirkert 7 bolt meoe and 15 hbli '.ýrire pe,,r; 2 ble Pirrne beel; the cargo orrif a flat ot an iroe lrr low, troituro, be bjy il .,rr r.rt e atr.rt. Nj EW MUSIC-She a wreejth of oae; Ellen Sree; Looli forth my tilhylt Telrtar )ii'r;Come oing ycre leseon, The beah lrths night; ,i.tetie fnroo on' tie (Inodolier; The lady lteraves h banquet hal Na oldeon s midnight review. Just received ard for sale s 10 ot B CASEY'S, an24 Piaaoforte and Mneic tores - IRVING'S NEW WORK d&. ea "ITHE ROCKY AIOUNTAINrS-Or saees, irteidente A TAd adventuores in "tie Far \VWet digestred jrom do be journal of Captain L fI Bonneville, f thle Annr at the United Stales, anld illustrated fiton various other stlrces, by Wsehinaatr o Irving, in 2 voCr. T'HE Yr CTINS l' SOCIETY-Be the Countess 5t af ileseaicertonia lane: vol. Jalt rceived and ibr sale by v .it tt-KIt-AN Ti P liEAt, lquils, .teel pets, ink, fluid, watefsar telielg ti ainedialldtrubber, bllck a ,ailal, poceate, oild every ober article lt statitnerv, of thevere best quit)l coair- tar rtaatly on rand and foi Bale lby DAVID FELT&CO. trll NY Stratitters' Hall, 28 Chan'res st. SHITE 1 <VANA SUGAR-ii boxes lctdiag trom schr Texas. for sal d by um"? 2B3 ,fA'I' . TItCI I", 40 I'eydra, ti 1 by '1' It HY)lIE .BL TII imay "l98 3i9 Colnlon.n er. 1lnasoin ait 1 U0lA.K--a.hI ; it e, hr sale by te7 m -t1)Rs I.Y, 44NewL evee. TlURNITU'RE-Thesoubseribtrs have received tt e elthilp Shahks)elr, ti oilowinfg spletdild w mre. gean furniture, wllich they ltler fr beae ua lier termns. 3I1 lahogenv Rocking chairs, plairo and eattremd bairtloth, Ilua, scarlet and ptirpla pleush scarlel delD)l and worsted damask ceats 12 ahogany freclch purlvito lhains with damask hair seat, 1i do dode Ihd plan 12od do do do crimsion worsted daansk, 13 do Grecian dtfe lair cloth, 2 do Freench Blurager ellaina Marrr It mar?" ielritutl. chains, t pair eoaihesa, I everet staind Aldu Now York make and perl ertl tnew DIu;NAR&Ctl ) 'IEARL STREET Ho:tEt. CINCINNATI. Near Arrangement. i HIS extensive and well keown establishmeint I (Iirner of l'earl a ld Walnut Itreets) having been leased by the ltuscriber, he talcts ;ileasilre in aotlan cit.e t itr poblie that the whole tntner of rhe ir eild inghits been relitteld andl repiire--the rrons newly furnished, paiontel ad eleansed-and that it it now in catnplite order filr ithe rleellatt of hoarders. Tit., sltriber ting fhlls awar oer f ithe great desire ofthecitizonu to have at reast one FIRSt' ATE'E H(t'I'I:L iu the city, lar ilri thas far, nor will lih pare eitier albor r exoarartt iP to iirttir itot rio t t a great desid eratrnt.. His table saltal itasriably ie nit died in ev. cry eevriev, a-itll the hest the. imerket fltits--lis lar fiturnished wit the choicest wines anld iqutrs-hisI sleepillg eiatrtmentl keprtenl and clean-andl pletlty of servants willat a ll times he in waiting to give prompt attention te Iht we tae if ills customers.e. lit is p.lrticulary wenll proaided ar tihe aeerrommo4a tintoof Flu ilies,as lits lhout ctll+. ilts i large nimber of' Pariatr w itl lt a f l rlllms attahed: el Ile will haveteiarri,-ns ald lhorses ait all times i.1ten t dinres to convey his boarders oreastromers,n their ar rival and de arnurefree of eaenase, to and from Steaat andi Canal fonts. Ie hopes that Travellers and othrbers will ive him a cvil anll juler of [tie art:onntiodrtioni for theuIseehii's as this is thre nly methiiIiid tv which ti merits of hlisI astablistnent caln aiE satifafitrilv ested. (0lERKE IICHELLBEIRGER. Cincinnati,April Ist. 137--tf. Rl2 iX CHANGE oin Philadelphia and New York , ' Ceek, sa&c. fir sale be LAWRENCE & LE,'GENI)E jel6 l8 andRtll .!!ew ev L AACON--40 casks Cilt iC ll Ci C ured, in storet Ier sale,by G. D)ORSEY, jel8 44 New i.evee. S1ILOUR--400 bbll, in atote, fer sale Ihv 1 jel8 G.Ota)olSFY, 14 New Levee. SEAi L.% I'D--I500 kegs, in vin shi prinig oler. for 1 sale bIy i. I)jvI, EY, jelS 44 New Levee. iT ACKEI( IL, I., LIME, &e. .il. 274 bhlr. tinckeral, nos. 1,2 anr 5t2 hialllilarrels itnckeral, utin I anil 2 11'29 cisk oflitme, 20 budles hay, 51100 fiert Illilber, Ltnling from brig itinaedo and foir sale,hb SI St E''StIN AVEII '& tO0. NEW t IIA' STORE. TUST received per late arrivals front New Yatk, i fresh aud Glshincatble assortmetit of HtAT'S. The asubscribrer woul partiulari y enill the attention of ith iilhhc o i t vie of beater !taltto o itl erih finli., file textelll rtic I Ilnd :a tilil lus' r; also to "a tine piin ,i ssia hat of t slperior qiality; and also a sc Itldiil article tl ilk hra, tllgetlil e ith .etienerIl it llltlllat unulallllll tedll by hunell, expIressly for thlis lltluiki t, lwhlhi i illlll r ti l J i\V ti OlON, 34 Camp strent. N. B Cit, and country dealers are invited to call. ..9 ICHiI) S, 'sToalncct autd nullt' manuIt l - t turer, Not. 277, Crln, New-Orilens, wishesto inform Iis triends anti the public in genetld, that he it ncow prieparei to itu'rnishi any thing, in the above buasiltess, and has constarntly for alethc lidlltwlltg amitiaear SNUFFS. Rose, German RapItIec. Maittey, English Pri .aIlegent, A lrican Rappee; Nteittagithrle Imeitated, Amlaricn gentleman'l, tierg'ar t, Duakeet lIatppre, irish Iluckgard, St. O)lnl, Cutacon, rt'is Pue.rspiith, illf larse litppee, Scotchi, adI f.nli'e tooth powder. Fine iat ehewinga, wee.uanttrgnr plain. Isie!: cut snmkilg, of various Italities. Itibt-rot Virginia, Spanish, 7ls. The nhaeratiltes aare all warrant.d as g dl' rfaot sn pelior to anytlu.llg of ithekind imported, ilr will be furtlished to declel ion the most ibealterms. may 4 Iof Newn IHdfhrdnI Slilr Candlet, landiii.,g rpim Sship Kentucky, ad FoEr Enle to . , ie21 28 & t.9 New 1.evee ItAZ IEiSC-PP;IER-1f100i 0 shIat.i br idiers opper· Sweighit ten poutls erth, in storre nd I hr sale by SA iMUFI IOCKE & Ct).,' i o8 Frolt Lereee, betweenl' Lestotr' oIutise atTd te cvilte streets jsne 91 New Orlenna . 1 tad Uarrllon Rail Rnd be A.rrangements fror running the core ftrom this dote. P. IROM CAnRO wLloN "IN EnolnM ;yw Or do sl. d h horse car at 4o'cl'k AI Sta encur at .A M stimtu car ti do do do do 9 Pe do do 8, do ldo do do it ca do do 10 do do do I tc steom. car 12 do do, ritoot r at, 3 1t steom ear 2 Jo P 81 do dl 5 do to 4 do dn do do 7 do do to fi do do do do 9 'do d1 do 8i do do The Jackson street cars no l l.ofna.ctte, half ptst 1i " tilock, A M. C(anal streett to o'clc:k A 1, and run tiac botrly tit 7 o'clock. 't'hese cars will totlaoea, tnnling every hall hour. and contlinto thrlhoogout t[b |I odnv util 7 o'clock, l' 1. 'Ithe.arraner.:ttt thr the Ia Cotrse street cars the I tnrrin aos ihr J acksoin street. it IT.l ,)( CI)IEIlE, iin gross ,ige--liUt, received per brig Star,tin sto)re,O tt le & Te | IftOLONE WATER- ditectlloy iorted troat to i C) logoes, y HII NloNAi,,Al, cur Narchebtz anl Tl'I'capitoulus stt . ItT The getuincless of tale article is provevd by the tultograplol tf 11t lltloutlater, Jolhaet Mria FUriatit A GREAT l;. tia.1A 11 W1TIL. he given isn t rch e Parcel of P.t131Elt it I l tt'illoINt , to close, a ,consitgnutt. I'cr ront wishlin rto purchase atre invited to call Itd cx- ti aliln tlhe t ane, t t t lhe ofiOt e oi T NATlII'I. 'I'O\VNSEND. jetl Exchange lotel, Gravier st. O SII .KE --2t0 li t it, r Leve. U t.ol lt It Dt, tiElY,.t4 Nw lrver. t I OUR--30 oll)ai 'tdlt,: ltndino, per tlat, tor lsat AItAlt.\ 1'hN1-It-owctot tll , ItV ttlo. o Wi". te, in qr casks and l tI bhdst, entitled to deltenture for salet by LtEAD II.& tBARI.' TOW, je7 67 (Gratier t. 501 CASES Realctpeio , .ntt puwdctr,.otltI+y;sot Unit ti 50 suchong l 'as. 9. ltt1 txes Ac 1 lR tlaga Rltaoins. 10i1 htal r do do do. do. 1l dtaotn psprio greeCtn L oa'tmt (ol.'os. 2) !ox11 es rosr lavana Sweet eflts.. 3t0 boxes t llaler Chlarlt g der '7o box7 Udse ordanix C laret. o 0 .can.. amttsriorthld lortt\ tWt,t. g Sl5 Ao drioan i err. Spi 11e h ol I, I' ''enrtlle. Sketbbs Aprite eoshcnn B tter:. 51 oils r anilla Crd asode Crtkerrste ilo; ' 2N1 coits tarreaian trrd bt, y do do.tem Iottt t stly ke ssorte d otilr wi l 511 ke+s No 2, Wthite Ied. Scerieasks Winter Strained Sperm lOTI j1tx Ioxes New 7 !dlord Spr Candi e ret o boxes edton No I Sdympd, wi reI 3it boaes French Itlrato Cherties. 2er boesC Uderwods lickle, a n,o nso n te d. in tble Aetricn P on ve d d 15 bun ls rr at r b laa n e h 5qIlcks htrblu' Id r ,Pr . o l W ran. | Sort 1 u ttiers Waetutr ckti Sod Crackrg , Pilot io Nt alT read, stanoflt soed thle Paten rStan lttkhe t cttt:cItottlty tt ottd, togethertwilh 1t getnral aoortlnOt 'lt of tirocrio, horlesale and etlal l, b hUa NOATHAILr. &o oip fOTII F R. ,. rt R OVKFI1,tERS going to Mottle bhtt Mailt Licte T| ot \.londaty, Wtdntdoydattttlt Fridays, wOl regis| ter their uitll at this office, as no Seals can lie ecured in the omt.oo at Pascoaouht on tliehvotc totied dats,. ITl,.,e o.v+ot nave teavt bttggage etn hvea it taken direct to ,lhdnle by toy faits durintg tla Waek, excep oIb uotbove tooted dtysc. Gll IVHlIT'MAt , ad .1 t tt. .Ito 90 Kentucky Baeging,85 coils llt.ptI 6r sl' bI H P II.Vi & Cu. je7 10 teraoiorot up+-t!Ao rc . SOht's., otllI'tS & BItIGAN. . o UST reotoed bl ship Charlestatt a4tt s altt ':ot.tve trisin to, good atetrtnont, tad otiihh wjltt be .-,. to tolt c0sh, or gtoodotiyplpet. A F ItttNtitK. ,,;o31 . l t. :uatvatm1a~t, ,4+ Mail Riegultaites.n The Great Eaterrn afail is elede o'clock, A It--Is dt ewary day .011, The Ebpr a ,ail is closed every tty 10 A M-Is due with the great Eu Mo ti. every day. a The Lake. Moil (via Covinglen, La) el .i , every Monday. Wednesday anid Frid "y, at (eo'njohl ' ' `': A M-Is due every Tuesday, Thursday anditkttiri. day, at 5, P M. , . 7eC Loiaedtlhe or aRimer lfail is cl ,ed. Monday, Wejnesdaev and Saturday, at 8 P sent and returned hby stnamboat.-Arrives ifiee larly three times a week. Thei Ilaqyoi $ura or Carat Mail i elo.ed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8, M-i l sicant and re. turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The ,liexara ria or lied.ll ftire .Mail is sentirr1oEL lairly by yetennhants, twice a. week. Monday, wencwlay, and Closes atg o'cio;' Saturday, Suawdayan o'laoh, P i'. Ne--Orleans C e.. of Ofermerce. orrICnee raR Ten hiAt (I38. S. J. Peters, Presidqntn A, Quertier, lst Vict Preeideadt W. L. Hodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APlPE i;S F&b i18 . James Dick, Thomas Barrett John A Mlorlv, II C Ceamrtak, Jas H LeveriCh, Alijah lik, GEi . vr. WIIITI, See'y: 'l ;,6 R A.LDNES.R. A IEAUT1 FUI. of hair is the grandest orna / nent belonging ta the human frame. How strangea! Ir thT los of it ehanFra the c,,un'enaene,annpraman. thIreh' I.rines on the appearance of old nae, wlinrh es.l a.r mleta.l irreoll at heinr ,ncovered, and m*nmethle peen tao llauiisitI to anvoid thie ient- and hPerant of Rtheir Iequaritnca: the. reaninder Of their live are con. seiintly spent in retilement. In shortn; not even tle, Inas ief riptier fills the nrFeOneo thinking weauth with thai nnav einskin cl_ Iitr as d.,a the losse o hie heir: I'lIi navert all theee nplenannt aelrrnmatance.,Oldridge'. he alm of nlblmlan stp the heir from.ftllditlff.'athb trnt aphnttanil, and feT hbltles torrS it atain*. It likewi.te t htiata ee e ietrwi and whinkers; pnevents the flair tronl trmine gernv, inukaa it rnrl honotifftlv, end feae it frnm.eTeNrf. Nunemnr eertifietnetrelnf etk firt retlwcithilitv in saptlrt of the virta re of Otldrdget Balei, am etown tha the.proprintore. RIh Reaid the followina:- Robhert Wharton, Esq. nlate. Myor .t Phtiladelph lha eertlrt' as may I" aee hebelowr, to thehigh chama ternt' he fotllvine'.entletrnona. 'lh'e nmdelarei d to lo d erilv e r tlifa thant nelve uctc the altt of (oelumbnia diaivoned by J. Odrilge.,adn have fimn it highltv serviceahble otonly as arprementiev aiinst the filling 0ff of hair, hat also a eertain rsorn ,WIl.I.IA t TIIATqitHER, Senior, lrl2thodiet lieistr r in Sit George caarne,.,. NOt 116 North Fifth Et. a OtN P INf.LIS,g3I AIrh nerelt. . tiHN I) 'THtMAS, M D, 163 Reenat Ji)tIN S FI'RI-1InI , Sprue atreat. 1iUGil tIIeCURDV.243 South 2d et. JOHtN (tAR1),Jr, 1193 Arch street.,;,.. It ie known 'itnt thlree of cilla ttIiInva mIMn . thln i l yenrs lnfce, andl lie others not lera than 30. [(trom the 11Mavor.] Caniain wealihhaf Pennylania -. .City of I'hindelariai. I, llibert WharTnn, Manyor nof'nid city of PIhilaide.t shiin;fd, healev ceriila, that in am ell naquiintad with tesatrs .J a inglis,..ilii S Frate a, and Hugh MCurdvy v mhose nm are s;ntated It the above certifiaentethat they, em genttlemen fi eiiirneter and resapetaiility, and its iisuch ful li holl reit lr F eiven to fia raid certificate. Iln witne.. whle,lef Ili have hereiato sent my hand, and eat 'ed tlhe seal of thle city tol be ffix ct, this ath day itf Iteeetar, &e.. [li. S,] ROBllTl' W\IIRTON, Mn vor. , QiltIlit'. at eaei hlottli aofti' tietntine elnm line a nsplealdid engraled wrapir, on whlich is represtntee the ils of iafilr;i, &e Sold tiailesat nlitl retanil by the sole aIientls fr Anta. rice, No Fletchetr atreet, near hlaidet Lane, one doont, below lPearl street, and hy mosti drugngistsaend perfumtrs theroilF lae oilltry. JAR't'tS & ANDgREWS, ti n holesale Aemne, "ew Orleans. - PROS PECTUS, THE subscriber proposes to publish, in the be.. ginning of the oeruing wintry, a Condensation rt' the twenty volunle of the Old and New Series of Marlin', Louisiana Reports,,to hIe comprised in four, volumes, 8oo., according to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton IHarrison, Esq.,,of tlis city, aesistpd by William F. Brand, Esq. Tile Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge iP the Supreme oulrt, and bv one of the sitting ,Judges, to eipect from their personal cspervlsion all the advantage which intlly oacolli n0 cop Oe4,,o.n t.eir aosl rixpns. Such a work is becomling every day more ne cossary,,as the origmal is volluoinous, expensive, and scarco. An inlcr.nsing curiosity too .is. matni feet, in the other Statso of the Union, in reference to ihe peculiar jurisprudence of Lolnsiana; and the circulmtancle of the numllerous principles here den cided in the.adijustm'lnt of conflicts of laws, maken the knowledge o,f our adjudged enabs of prime, uti lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreover, the rising republie of Texas heie adjitond our,eodes, and thus thereis sa great demand fotr the L.ouieiana deinieons from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, in'dicating the parallel ones. decided in fouisian, and occasionally those (a the more a.othloritativo iorumn of the other States, will re added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octave. and will be delivered, liund, to suhserilhtr at. i,, per vol.; in t ase it slhedi be found practicable t comlress it. ilnt three volumes, the price to sb. scriobrs will be ~7 per vol. Subscriptlons received by . WM McKEAN, j5 noor Camp and Common ets. UI t--l;tll bluls very tril e, ou Pl'ntation eigh. miles i'o firm tIe itr sail R ,I Si' I-IYrtl,&tBRQ.Ri.t( , Il''! !) 39 Coumni i st corner of tioinet. Ultllilkl1.' i lt.SOLS-25ces. ceoris i, mig or onporioti'ntf 1ulilta, t. Ginglmnr Um brellast In I'anlrasos, ulihaglo fronm Blaqeo Ellen Hand fiwr Sa Ih hv m29 t t It r TiG)(Ei & CO,134 ingazire st Ij' It'EL It IlItrun.eth Ihlls, Bilie Liniment, SJnidklioc' t)illtoimil, (ieiluI foemale pills, Butler's. lltrle'-iecuit BM tiensin, tmlhti of Coltuiobla,'&c. .. hm,,irg cad focl.h byi H ItONNABEL, I .5 en -ear \attth'i and Tehapitoulus tms. it, NO'li Itl GON''RAC.1ORS. A, d1'L Ipll.esal will' bc e received at thi office, tf i. t, N or tcill iI aII Nashvitlle Itail-rculd,lon the delivtery of e:hl,0 fis t of lile ior cypres tinber, tolis. ulltce 1 on two siil.e ; tIhe.nlt lrlnete inut be al least J10 iL icilletoo d Ihe tiueihr brought te Ill inches in.thtiqk -lei, to hierIul ill lenlltl of lat tlee Itlhu 2U1t feot. Ti, timber is wantedl aulmlg the shore of Like Pontbha~ i cli o iltl will bIe receivedl In Ihe thhd baynou ahlse th. ew Illllll, or ci. the hbllk lh, tkii new Ceancl,t the RaIl reond lBirlgc, at the icpioei' of Ihe Colipasy. rAlson, IProposals will he received for iveritLe teile enhaok Imlltl oOW toe alineal slore ro thfe eo lae,writhi sllle and Sau,i inn depth nflmee t lor inclhes. Thl l.tmierit ls fil r the uIpul. e ire niatlly ilrIihI wih lin n ah re dis i llrl the ui tclllnilrie'nt sl tihee uctuinmv wlltfur2 alch curs ou. :m.tritll tor Inaingo ie toeipory s tl.,b , hllnre the disilce is too gieot er usnlg wlleehbar Alsno PrYposaih will A te reeived lir hlhildi.Li ~oveml elin-" tip i a hig thte ine of tlie riul; thr e ,do l 'ciptielM will be givll in trppliehncatiol the lmiginmeer. iew ericaios alid Nasllville tlil-eoad tfilce, Ju I1 1:38. .. 1) HOARI), Chief EngiiceR enid General r uperiten.tdnl. jet ' ,U fI -'A . I pem,- n Cocanal ,teeth, .eliow eie M iilse ndl Ttelmh Streesi, luitable ufr iu llrge family. Apply o L & , th d E do MtAY, jipt2t 3 Canmldelet etreet. ie] ..--2l1 filf e Flut r-r-sb-and wiwy r klop T,.i ouriiig i, r nioe tinc, for fole by iG. l)ORtS,, ra 41 New Lwsans 1j ' IiAtL't'I"bi:-2it loigos Beoct Coffee, p"n l shr lern, Bleoi iuvanafor sale h , SLA'I'tr8 :h Tlit je4l 41 Ptydrtatdett .l1Y AUNT IlONTYL'OOL, a nov.l, in 2 nIinuers. 'iDc d.)coed, lie the autloreso tt "TiLhe tiselhlesitLsd "ltirtatii,' ctc. ill os. c 'ht A4relturLls ofh GeCtiteria is rc&4. ll .Id'. lf. i ithh nllllltroua u ooid rLuti. t Cnmtpevdou ...r .Nets Irpum Ont. ,rbiredil ke kI inrohes iy Ithel auchor a Our Ou ttgibobrhuodl," li t. utssia and lhtbq Roesios: or ait toey to St +Pet Sbe.9"g anti .l!oso tlirnugLh Ctpmbuad and Lhnivi Iwith ctaieterieti.,.*l.tclt s of tee p.2ple, by 1i ." io Ritv tii,koqt filatls of 'rTiruovs Aonnalo TeI,' ft rvuioi ,if the Arveti 'Irl Exueelifio'i to the :. of htIme geniFiliihner, ond slhug lethWh _ Acsie Ocumt, il the t ; 13,1 m 3 . l ll3 a en Ce.pain l k. R. RN. commooder t thi tis rp osctlrtd with nnell -s ti.(Iid 'ei Brulidv in bills; i t Ainoricq Brandlcmtvuid mGinOil1 No ye tackecol itc half dtit Gar 'ITble Oelt i, rneoesofiitrba" I l·nia. tiu% .weei..d }rt.etr ltsU d I' im :!1 6 FY111;

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