Newspaper of True American, July 12, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 12, 1838 Page 2
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is i ...El Pwn~t ~ "" 4 1'' i~itiaial - ýý t l4SF po'dlIýisn- h: 11 t bklraie,~tl 4tu.t~tl r At i : e r~j l a e Clvnc 'eit cifJ° J -.0 ~4b~ .i0lmii Cor, '1 .r * s 1100 0Of ttfms "lf~if,6bi rý, r t A aa"mit1eo. el Iktth r0 a 161ew 1,6I P E aM Mai"R'ItreT` CM'go. go. ec Ibtdr rlaw, 49 40l f , ý tI d nt rd mlo. e... J ,tI ., fl~ueit tr, as ree jun u dpn f. ho ýy W . " · i~i~~k~ e~~~~~al inttt l f~ley7 hrca. ii.. DrCvr. do~ .AIfqai~tlnerrjuetirn..Mieme. thl teklre1 Lecine. Ferr o talon 'le$e nsd i~1~~ tlljoil  c tn W a tedm Aoim dii. Ifeery. fee N " I nfrlp qnt tte dri, t ldclr Ctie NO. t rlrr 0- - i lI In ,. 00 The Sock Mrkom ' 0,rrtr wen cott r iitni Im C mO t-flrled.,i lii j'1 tedC. 05, 30 Reilln 41 , ) li Ree4 Cre ctA.cTl,rw r4ing 4iIrmnmncrp decttitýrlared a- dedr Iit}L The Oticans Inonetmoco Un. hattlsj l 8 per cent., tl fr~ hinnd Inrance Ce.. e r divWidn tag 6 if l"ýd nsmne o: `J4 p c retei n a ririi dllvjjrr. ltd ,lel l ~3~ ~itc.l Mnrite tar tn~liaib~, b.· dividedt 3 1,. coot amd theNwJnraey Ri Reed sy d T re. r pameten Ce rltemerint. Tbi jiveEP lerlliticeer Stil3 itlirin Inch, ir neccie, ei mc(1 inrtrtirrorittn Mel'V. hV.lljcrt.ii Ail'l . ,4an3, a bt i hcelledrPI reify Pcirel iCy. T~ltir in gne :did mIrer,tas VIr. Otcctt ice reiriY all eiirvprririrtc h' *dllcnemee. Iliner tirlttija celerys ate lt 5t, 400ayer-o itllrta erilto, rc thee cUrl, ni trim.. 0e ime aeo lelmormld iriferl i rre Ieplnl ciii it' mrmoraitban lit[orin itlrtici 1id e Itrirretlken, t On l il lr ttrmt~haPreicidror ilf t rho· cryrill er I~llli i atmil~mrientit' ir s n it Litt,iejirr., Cirelt1,0( ( . itt Cnpiteltl rle vetl irier~irititri C ael 3c witir eritl lie d. cr-I rintrrier hlc i lnr 0r,14. Agniie h l rii nh etc r· il honkIng fir, etrir errriltr.lirr I fiii ferry N II dec trer biicri-i trrl er, peblitity it tire r l ot; iaar triti . rn ecitir. Vi'· cila c l ive. lllai) .aomelshtil tlceird.l ~lritlitia fu re tile ITeStck orkitet M lcetir taraweand t'd-C .. ec`AuH th'eeel RatCor, 5lbcir, 3r NOTICE. . , -WORLEA74S k NASIIVI.ILE RAI. ROAD 't)M1PANY.--Sealcl popornele Will bet received at ,theL office until 111th July, for laying suprretructure o nthe-eitd road.. T~Tne trlcrala.foer the Road Will be la;d along the Ci 0Zeef trunck, and lhuntees will be built by the .a ? n.trectorewill ptate how much per mile ji will huilt tVleruperetracture for,-lMuyent to be made as the work lruaebnos, deducthtg 20 per cent c- eaech .rycy45rt unillti- iu-ttleiucl t is ccoiajcted, to the satis. . ttof ht o En tr Ch Ltf.Eter t S. .4-t cCefEpfgineer & eut. Superintendent A V`tPA" 'lT'N LtalHt1'-'he undereigned having S ,r taken hl"enphewi Mr. John Leeds, into partner. .hipt the buriusse teretofUncarried on by him, , ill be S contuiued frlm this date under tile firm of LEEI)S J CO. ..4. : J I)EDIA IItEDS. " j4 44 New Levee. 1,01tA U obifr s . y GO ti fDORSEY, iJ ' SLAT l6& TI'RIER," Tyl . 40 Pouydrai street. eLAiG J'1" NI --- ilrdc Y ts eth laIggi; for sale low,to closn u consgut ~ en,L by" hd4 Itank Alley J. .LU'|ION OF PAI(TNERSHIP.-ýTlhe find • )f lilt4di DUn tisl, or Du tlhis & Co., Livery 'Steabe, No. $0 et. Charles street, knowan by tile nanme f enroll's,lhtve been this duydiseolved,by mitualI .; s oatt.' Tntl s le will iii future be conducted by O. 't 1 fIitliisha the settlitg of te bulriues. : s5 . A]- . HILtL, . l ESALE TIN J;ANUFACTORY. . tW . E L.O4KE &.CO. 22 Old Levee street, have , sre a large and well assorted eto -kof Titn c.e. m every article usually neade, anud of w ma.lfaette wihich they utier on accmuco cei 'tcr'r. -sleelor ia the article would do well to 1 ,g ca1,r .apll 7 C 1 .L. n lga ie store. for eeull by SLATEI & TRE ER, ,. -R 410 Pevdra, areet . 7 - 41 ORL cAN. ncwek, ( holo tMaley;ithtJuly,) 41 ouacec is truad of the acbc nt hliy is re qtielntto weighD lis ae unot, oue, visa 511 micas. a,,,. C.ENOI , May r. T ' .AY gs Lti ugcnlose, fyrcabrby Slaail U DOKtSEY, 44 ew Luee. a l.- ~ TO TIlE pUBLIC.-- Unfounded .: b iqtoe of the undersigned having sold out, . dlh tle his old and0long establihed RDEN SEED STORE, tat 45o $0 (e ouse h tterrl, "- i.i e aitn moot ai uaIr y lrcul-ted by ielf. sJ t ;g'ttotiltii tiber hags to assure his j y.tud thIe ptblic at large, that he lt c 1be0woR of I4! i lute,,or . to be d fruIobhld4-withlº ftll andox. "Et of a.l the .i~nd8krd kindeof kitchen " ardts Sda, Of the growth and isn. 4 lthte Us ae t seoonc, 18$7. ' the early p ort of ptscyhr. Le hh. re. t Sulppli 'bt the packe ehipu.Vicks S" ' ky, uL.i , a t al urrived in shoft I another .tek ehei is elh dailye;pects. 4 aten a pply of qt af Teden and Asprargcs '. " flee ter ia g ulroeudýdpir6qvnd vuiiccs thereof by fusrther to nseure tlo public 1t ..a present as mlrMIt -goolod to - odersn for all the kindib orfarden s 1iir wbipsale r retail, as he ever was S Jsohe t etablishmcont in January, 18"22. try Djalesm and Market Gardaeoer' orders I't the lwest and most reasonable rates. by 4ao d we igt, and gallon or hbshlel nmasuro. S tittaelaee. either in French or l ngliet, nmay Swieb obtained on personal pl,lieaUtiu as • . WM, S. MITam, ERsleeedStord, 85 CuoetUmlhose .otret. IOT A, constant supply of Biro S;tither e rP~lvtrrizedsogrbii47bn tire' I TUEsDAvi Oth July, 1131. Conveil met pur uent tos aljournment: pre. li l Hotn Joshua Baldt*iq( Roorder; Aldgermen - rga roaojie rd t in ' rat6l to ohvua antounted fii $ S, Chit Yh 8lomel 10,732954: -fiflnco ash noe 2077 " a e mduidiue- $11,78 44, old mtncip i 4T1e hltr ais i ph e kewceipia at $27,70 m48 laisu of, fltiolaahrit dt 825; bnl2noo 8 iro re. a port;, 410b ,7 .%9 , old notes T kl"oc e0l0f0W 1 iti thtis dbi to, $3 832 0 . wind & Co., which ebvovapted it ie oli Tsho teii of Treasurer tao , .fthe warPC the r to John Gisn, for dertisig n nmatin of, Me. Poref od, the .fsi e loing-dlp., t l n t hf 'one hundreothor wvr.y per dollars twefity.fiveoeente. .-. e • On m l ofthe sm entlemn, it" woe .iaolredir6 l tit tl i renumror ixty.two dollar:s el10f the Myi , to Major Willatn, for opdsetisin.g til ;sum obttq hurt}red uohd'thirty.fivo doliarrnwnd I u t ed iS r firingk af lnatinel C nate on tBulletin, fovr aC irt ofing, the ltin of Ioo pendrence.d "etnty. 'sn dollar. twenty-Aiveocents. SOn n mtion of tilte somge ntlomno, it was - _.idt solved- .hdt theslsm of" eixty-two dollars 16-1i6 be paid to Mojor Willard, -forxpanses in. hoPfed iit firing a ostienalonaluto on the -asmtilrrna r of till Dodiurtio n of jtonpendence. tretr Caodwell -hairpian: of the Committee on I Streets and Landings, introduced the following report and resolutionr, which, the rules being dii. a onsed with, were taken up and Idopted. REPORT Of the Committee on Streets and Landings. l Reolved, That the hexagonal block pavement contracted for with D. II. Teogood be laid in t Careonolet street, between Girml and Julia streets. r.esolved, 'lhat the controact for oblong block atone made with Robert Aikin be laid in pavement I to St. Charles atreet, between Girod and Julia I atrebts. Resaived, That thl renald proposals of John Grant for the wtod work of the wharves of this la mInicipality, under date 21th June, 1838, be, and 'thl same is hdreby accepted. The Wharfipger having reported large quanti. .tfI o f lat best lumier, empty casks, ballst, and t o~ er i.nterials o hich have been removed as in. cutnmbrahces from the wharves of the manicipality, afer havring lain there in violation of the ord-. d n nances, now fill up the depot of this municipality, a aIo O.Iars for which appearing, the l1reseet mats. II1 rial niyst be.reeoved, or additional storage be pro. 'I vidod by this counCil for other material which may b m hereafter be removed from the wharves and'lrveea id for contrauvnilorn of he ordinances: Be it resolved, That the Wharfinger bh arid he i islerehy sdthorised to cause to be sold by auction, r, afete tn-dys previons notice in two newspapers, d- in English and in French, all tihe flt boat lumber, empty caks, bhallast and other Iaterials now in the depot of thisi municipality, removed from the wharves and levere; the proeeeds to be paid over to tihe owders of said property, alter deducting the Cr fines and charges attendant on the same. em JAMES UI. CALOWELL, SAMUEL. J. PETERS, O BENJAMIN WHITNEY. On motion of the same gentleman, it was aitso e. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Robert Ai kin, oni the wairett of thoe Mayor, the sumn of igh. tcln hundred and dultars, being the amount of tfright on one thousand squaro yands of p ving stotnes, lernisied by him agreeably to a resolutioneof the 6th March last; said freight to be pi- aid on tihe delivery of the paving sloneis, and de. Ua ducted from the amotunt of the samce. SOn motion, Mr. W. L. Breed was accepted as the at security of Philip Videch, in.his contract tor for. it nishing 80011 barrels shells; and Frederick lnisson 10 a secrity of" Joseph Laurent & son, for their g conttract to deliver 20,000 barrels sand. The Recorder laid before the Council the peti. lion and citation in a suitinstituted before the Dis. trict Court by Charles Genois, Mayoe of New Or leans, vs. Henry .ockett, Municipalily No. 2, and d others. When uapo, on motion of Mr. Peters, it S' Resolved, That the petition in the ecse of Ch.rles GaonOis, Mayor, vs. II. Loekett, the Muni cipality No. 2, and others, be transmitted to tko Mayor, wiih the request that he cause this llnni cipality to be defended by the attorney of this 'Council. He it further resolwvd, That this Council disap iprove of the suit instituted by the Mayor against as II Lockett, Req. and the Treasurer of this Multi cipality, inasmulch as said suit has been instituted without the authority, and against the conseolt of this Council. 0lt On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, lite 17th July, at 5 o'clock, P. M. nI JOIN (I.l:(N, ect',. ,i, ..~_-1--. -c-~. rF'llE, Ptte I'ri onnr,a Tale of tlfr French Regency Etiqu:tlte fr I.ulivs, with hints on the prer=rvation i11oovetttllcnt t ad display of fioulr I-oeoltr. Olivsrr Twist, or tlhe ParIJt Ry's 'rslgrre. By ('hales Iickers, (Hr.,) atltor of ihr "l'lickirhk P'a pers," &c. Part the first, with twelve illustrations, 'lm Jleslars by CGeorge Crulkshaolt The Cr(rckmaker, or the Seyi-s and Doings of PSa souel Slick, of etl.kvillh; new cditito. Just received ot ford sale W1 ItMcKEAN, mo0 oar LCamp and Cuommon sts. AGGI. G-2i0l ps of prio, Kentucky nlgging, in B tore ond fo. Eile by str LAWVREN CE k I.EGENDRE, je21 231 &29 New Iever. FtREH .II IIUT'TERl--Id kegs ..l I tl,l. in atoe snd I2 for i le y SLATE'R. & TRIER, jell 40 Poydras street. " TILISKEY, Flour sod Pork in store, for rale by i G IDOIRSEY. 44 New Ilovec. OOAI--10l Ixeas itlitatioa, No. I soal, branl of t Jrhksot & Trowlridge, latding from e rltr Johln Allyn, for sale by ISAAC III(D(tE &. Co, jv - y0 1:34 tAla'ntine street EAINTS.,OILS,CORDAGE-3300 kgs whie lesd, I 1rt canisters ochnmre green, grondl inl oil; 50 r hahsr assorted from 4 to f islis, 5 coils Mimnlittg rope asolned. Jutt received ill tore, for rale Iy " L.OCKE & Co, jvl0 l22 Old Lev.e. AlA-I.os it0oga liorlot ttail', jttt received, lil N rule by S LOCKE & o('e. ' jv 111 22 tld I.evee. 'ijjjEC '1 Illt WItI~h1=1 ( 1061ls lettiril wltiskev 1i ill store, for stle Iv LAYET & AMELUNG, jy0l 17 Cotttier.e srtrert. _. UTT"FA{.-i-Iu) kog- s hblo fitilvtll ltter, Itart very superioh, hbr sale hv ILAYET ''s AMEILUNG, jyl0 17 Commerce etrert. _-LO'jRli-l l bistfite linar,flue, counot, and eros ' sod flour, ih store, fir sale by LAd'.E'i ' & AJIELUN.G, jyil 17 ('ln7 mreo stel. G LOUR-500ih bbl latditg, from steamer, ndl fir S sale by (G DlOItSEY. jyl0 44 New levee. 1EAF L.MiTI-8Tu'hegrC laonisgae rot, sr ae byI (l DJOtSEY, j.rIlO 44 New Ilevee. 'OI S.OiLE-A slondrt likly NEGilfO 1101; tor furtherqurticulars enqnire at '6 Tchoupitculas street. , jyl0 RO1lN-- 0 O hlo rosin. laandih nlid ir sale by J "'FIIAYEIlR & Co, jvl0 74 Poydras street LE.O.\ SYRIUI-I100l otisel. landis g tnd for sale L v J 'J'kAYEl &Co, iyli 74 Poydras at eat .I u 'l'uL1l-- t xes musotl, ite eulRe ILII ITIIAYERI jrll 74 Poydroa street. -t'% CE-I watrnt atl l r sots n sh i chsess, aot to 1 trutst lly Wi.e, Alsexadria Diet: ill sy atmet, so Swiill tllts esvtltttttable for olls 1Dbt ltoe lrlty cots. treat She has left tvy ld sal boalrdo and is tlowlivilg with ll an amd ll harhsll i r edl , nad has otherwise ondl.lted heroll with great _tnrriety._ C IHEC KS ()N 'I'IIl UNTI' A1) S'I'TAE8S BAN of lPhiladel r hi, atnd in stms to suit surhaserd for sale biy LA WKEINGUR & l.IEGbN)RLE, jt - 2'c'J Neew Ievee. o iKO ,AN.S-40 cases Menl's an,l tys' Kip and Rutssttt Brooatn. for sole btY ISAAC !0ll)lRf;I; t. CO, jy9 134 Magazione street. NOTICE. &EW ORLEANS & NAS!HVILLE RAI. RIOAD) C tOMPANY-A train of eoas will leave the foot of Canal street.eovrv day dr Ilalthnd the Prairie, at 2 6P!: ao's G.P 5, cr)ept Sosadas, wle, tas le sill Isare at 8 A ai,.n udl 4 P A al r~dret urlat 1: AI and 6 P M. JAMlEi II C.LDWEI.L, jylo-dit President. Wholesale Tit WVare MAlaUfactsory. S LOCKE & CO, coltlnue,to lantufotrnre till ware to order, is all its branches; their assortment ft tin ware on hand ia very extensive, whib tlhey fller to very low prices, ty wlttleaale. Also,'.ltleotpper ssoaer sktlltoers, 30(listettaor ladles, 251) co pptr sugar Louse lamsl)s, 711 both tIls, all of tiheir owU Glassine lure. jyllht f SIt. SAMUEL Stl.AKtal'EAIE i.s t.y aUots edl L Agent durinrg ny absence lios Itbte city. DANIEL DANA. j9.-laswe. NI AAN COlrFEl-l:hi Isgs, gleelu tlad prims, landing fromt brig Slvatldr, for sle Iby SLATEI & T'lER, jyl0 41, I'oydts street. - U N' -l: . a ummer Clotlhiug, ,i -prle. CJ ings a good asortise ofrcots, jatckerts, vests adsd pials forsalus by ItAAC BRII)GE o& CO, jy9 131 Magazin e street. 11 ' . .1 lll t * - E~M ~ $.s.. u so,-. I. 1vfw ft LEANS:.; I t ..ia ..J UA- LY 12, , : ife of i = icyunf; lateele . Wisw n tley iereceived p licjcty "eomppleto list of e nmethbeft compri sfin e nsnew legislature will besnade out andpub ,ihedt n the imen timei it .nabe proper t ouncee the true rnmlilexon of iolitreal anecordinegt$ he returns which have been re 'The.result is ae complete and successfnl' ohe WhItg cause as ecould be wished. The. division of parties will be about ten W-higs to sevenl en feces in the Stelte-- r-r bably I Ito 6,as Ohachit hia not hetn hoard froint flly. In the house of repre sentailvees here will e eatleast 31 whies to 17 loen fito eand '2 conservatives, or juste milieu men. Retlrn. have been received of the election of 118 wbtgs to, t lco. ferOs and iwo neutrals. In addi .ton, we have the following returns. P.tish of Lafayette.-FrneoeissBreau (Whig)' and eCloear Mhihton (loeofoco) Tlreelected. St. .Jtlaietse.--Alexander Declouet - (whig) is el eted. :* oyelc.-B. Bellevue (wlig) elected. SClaiborns.-Berry Wilson (Inca foco) is suppos ed to hbe elected. This is tihe last parish to be Iresrd front. The repeal of the deposite aets, as proposed by 'Mr. Wright, passed the Senate on'the 2d inst. by a vote of T7 to 22. Mr. Webster entered into succinct, but eloquent enpose of what would be 'the result, which may be'snmmed up in a few words. A thousand fold increase of tronble, per plexity, and imposition on the citizens ito the payment of duties, Iannds or postage. and the entire and inconditionll surrender of the public funds of every kind soever, -without limit, hind. rance or check, Into the hands of the eeenerltive. In the flonse of Representatives, on the 4thi July, the bill wnas debated. The second section pruvid ine lr hl! repeal of the first twelve sections of the deposite bill was stricken out, and the first seetinn w hich removes the disahilities of the bank, owing to the live dollar retraction, but prohibits any banks being ased as depositories which shall after October, 1838, issue bills of lesssdennmination than five dollars, was passed by a *vote of 173 to 31, and concurred in by the Senate by 29 to 17. The bill now only reqniren the President's aigall tsure. The following is a eopy of it. A HILI, to mlodify the lane elause of the 5th see tion of the tiopll ite net of the 23d June, 1838, and for other Ipurpises. Be is enacted, &o. That the lnt elause of the 5th section of the net entitled "An net to regulate the deensites of the phulic motney," approved 23d Jtune, 1836, declaring that the netes or hills of no hannk shnll be received in payment ofany debt ldue to the United Statet, which shall, aflter the 4th day of July, 1836, irue any note. or bill of a less denomination than five dollars, shall lie, and the sanmi'in iherey mollified, sio lit the interdielion na to tile recentin of the bills and not s shatll not continue againtt anty batnk which lars, since the 4th tiny of July, 11136, issued hills or notes of n less denominarton thns live dellonr, or whlich shall is. uite any surl bills or otes prior tolthe first day of Octlober, 1838: but that from and after thle sail last mentioned day thla bills or votens of no ltu shall he received in payment of any debt due to the United S.ates, which ehank shall niter thls dlate, issue, rt-isy.e, or pay out any bill or note li a denomltnaion less than five dollars. The hd edition which was stricken ot, wans as follows: SEc. . ACnd be it furlther enacted, That the first twelve seticnse of tlie act entitled " An net to reguilate th deposite of tll ptublic monuley," ap proved 23d June, 1036, be, and the salue are here by repealed, except so far no is above previdtd. anid to enable the Treasury f).parttment , collect any debts which malty be due or owing trom the late deupOite Ianks. lirw thin iravre ccurred ble to enist so much undisguised mirth its the exploit of Capt. Clark, of tile schooner Lone, his mnat, and sew ard, in retaking the vessel, and brininintg the prize crew of nine Fretlinhmeen safely intlo port, bounlld hand and four. The iof this n tter were so generally published yesterday I.'nt it is useless to them her. It wae highly arnising to observe the worthy Captain reporting himself and his story II the Collector of the prt Whe tithe fiiails were husting with a ppressed mtirth, Caprai Clark proceede- d with his story as solemn as a judge ill the crimini courr. liHe seemer d far mare troubled with tlre few words of the Collector than in surrounding with his body grland Io tawo the whole of the nine French sailors; and whein sonca double were expressed Whether the schooner must nlit be sent back again, he calmly observed, he coultn't see why,-it was the duty of every captain to bring his vessel to her port of destination. We learn that it was deemed necessary to makes special deposit of the specie to the orderpf the government, and to take bonds for the vessel and cargo, pending the trans mission of instructions from head quarters. The Captain and his company have immortalized theam. selves,and many was the joke cracked, and bottle too, while laughing at the dilemma of the sleep ing lieutenant and his tied up crew. f7 Some writer in tile Courier who dates Ope. louses, treads upon tie toes of his friend Prieur most awfully. lie states that but one of the vo ters who had visited our city, the monat qf whom ihad been in the Calaboose, was in favor of Prieur, and that only because the ex.Mayor lhad given him permission to go out six imnes a day to get a drink. Doe the Courser's scribe mean to infer that ' A-fellow feeling makes sa wondrous kind." (^p- We ihave often, too often indeed, had oc engion to speak of the many delays to which the Mobile (Eastern) Mail lins been subjected front the very miscolctlerted arrangement forced on the controctor by the Post Master Generil, which eauses the steaier to p ss round Dauphin Island dlring the dead of the night, exposed to a thou sand perils of the sea from the intricate nnvigati-ln, there being neither lightt, buoys, nor other marks to guide them walen dark.. The inside passage through pass Hleron, not only lessens the distance twenty miles, tout obviates the many risks of pac,. ing outside of Dauphin slolnd; but unfortuntiely it is ob-tructed by a bar which makes across it between the Island and Cedar Point. Ten years ago an appropriation was obtained from Congress for the purpose of removing this bar, but after spending $25,000 without accomplishing any be neficial result, the operations were abandoned and the obstructions remained. 'T'here is not one among us but ihas, directly and di ectly, suffered inconvenience from this state of thinas, and it in I therefore with peculiar pleasure we find now that private enterprise is likely to achieve for nus wh Ir public wnerks utterly failed to coinplete. T'ie system of patty favoritism, which has for ten years so constantly prevailed, has caused many of our most useful projects to miscarry, from the inl competency or enpidity of interested contractors; but this important work, in which passengers, shippers and insurers to ntbile are so deeply in. terested, is now undertaken Ly AIr. John Grant, whose enterprisilng and persevering character is a guaranty that what he takes in hand he will fully. aceorplish. A substantial steam dredging msacltine was placed at work ott tile 4th July, and with suech promise of success that Mr. Grant has no doubt whatever of clearing out the pass, suffi ciently to insure enough water for steam boats, by the let Decemberneat. The thole at the outlay lor this most useful work comes from the privats funds oflMr..Grant, who sgaeke his reinaugratilon frant a !light toll to be charged on all oessels suing he ho s annaon to eeee ctrays i t t froanm oltel .J.atilre of Alilbime. As ile ro set cinw4vhe completed, etmwill eablle. boaits eda teir tktip te rly in all weatherns as them niear tngtous pft o hef e holavigtion. ill E tie rotisuficd thlyo inure reglarity, to lhea otatins, ine ar.tcdrertty thosreengrra tnlhd frlfghlt arartrlwah n_ atcces ii le a} podai e unre ry ondit king RED RIVER RAFT.0 Wie leart fom, a gentlemin who lif s j tht caoio Itl triti the upper ecrtions of Red Rivet, saomd reo, ticulbroaihn are highly important anis4hou ldbe ishmediately known at head qortiero eOtiO ctizens are well aware that Captain Slhreove 6learu"j vayy the raft sufficit ly to insure a freesteirtbont navigaoson in the middle of the river, but the drift wood covered with ite deposited enti extended ,o ile far on to and over tie bantiks thatl it wasi osasible to clear aaly io the eroct plce, anid cons i ently a large track was frequently left on either side of the river. A very short. time- since a sdden rise ' took place, being over 20 feet in. 24 hours, and L such was theipowerful effect of the rapid curreen, in that a shbout 30 Miles above Shreeveport the remainder af the oid ra. on both aides, ented ina and obstructing the fAaoting timber brought dlown ih from above, forlmed a fresh and entire raft for five miles, which is now as green as a spring wheat It field, and the ntlriretedl waters have forced foraw r themselves a padaotge through tile Iayous so J lately stopped up as unneceery and pernicious. t The steamtboat Choituma winch lately proceeded from thip port in now entirely slith t out, having been for above Shreeveport at the time the raft formed astern of her. It is highly essential that speedy measurees should be taken with this newly foermed obstructio, as every day will vastly in crese ie diiculty of removal. Tie derpositr on Red River is much greater than in the Mississippi,e, anTd thie ilmoense quonityof drift wootid alwaos floating downi renders it I essentially necessary that a anag boat, or dredger,lhould be constantly khpt at work upon it, since it is searcely more important to open thie raft than to keep it open, Since the rsuoeesrfrtl operaoldne of Capt Sh reave the increaseuof pola.tion ont the Red River lands is beyonld all precedent: the soil is woderfoully fertile, and every itducement points out thIe n- I cessity of continuing the gooid work from which so many benefits have been alreadir reaped. lThese five miles of r ft, ii prompntly operated lpon, can speedily berontovd, but if allowed to remain any time and receive the constant nermul ntions croIght down by Ithe stream, i may be a rork'. of vast erpeny e and losr of tlime to re-open the navigatiodn on this noblr river. Beyond the great advantages which must hscrte to te from bring ing intot cultivationohose vast tracts of rich lands which lay on both sides of tile river, the tmeost indifferent observer of tle map muste see that in a very short time the large tride irow carried ,on with Santa re from Missluri musIlt eve ntually centre in this city, and travel up the Red Rivcr: anit for this plain antd siritple reasoni, . Fro intl l dependence, Mo, whelre the land carriage now coml enre, tor Santa lFe, is fully ,twenty itay journey, whereas frnom trf tend of navigation on the Red River it is only 2110 miles distant. The advantage therefore whllrl thlis routse iwoul-,d hIve over the present, is Imnense, iull mh st he lste it our ritiozen, ntnlresmeans arie takei to khep the navigastionof the river always openrie Cinpr. Shrteve is now at l'asoingtn, anol te hope as soon sthlle intelligyence reachesl h"i lhire wirll urge the il tere. oity of immediate actio. Bloinbt -Of lthe hiti importlnteoh ll a Wi thJi ont thie health anr l nmitS', it, one titill itts r an doubt il t esI or hnlihte tl.d daysl itt it ie n sra .lb in, r to preac to Is, that our ily, wihth greater ie r d oft its entjoyntert, ailn moreIi ti. ita e It ali tha tiltl triher, ltre less facimities It is true thait at the lake there are numerous ealys, bru til y are d Il. cultof accers an I far of W ilt all ltthe lLItl thI : ian he imad, litre hours hnust be e ltt, andlte I I an outlny of about 'n dollar anm a hall i n r d . h v nnibut wti roud ari s t lothe wihoz. So irel nivirpool tnlut hlve pu rnhived Ihow i ofirabin the 0 worn out culls of their shii;,pine, moored in the mrapid currenr, with steirn anrid stern opien an Sgrated, serveo its eitizens with rIthe mieanrs of clon aotnt bathing. Iliw easily rtobld thie same be doine on our broad Mlsisosippi, and what immernse benetrfit would arise to the ritizens. Surely mtor r Municipal Councils will not lose siaght of this manter, if individual enterprise do not sirehold ol it. We hope our own spirited council will sec to it, and speedily too. St. Petrrck's Church.-This most elegant buildl. ing is going on favorably, althoughbg..eixcessive heat of the weather slightly retards tilh progre s of tie workmen, but it is a wark of so noble a kind, and thie purposes to which it is to he devoted so pure and holy, that w5 trust our citizens gene. rally will give it a helping hand. The funds al ready collected are large it is true, but they still need the assistance of the lhberal and wealthy to insure the speedy and efficient completion of this noble church. We have previously gi\en our opinion of the beauty of its exterior,nnd the per fact leganceeof all its interior decoration. Mr. Dakin seems to have laid out upon it the richest sta:es of his skill and imagination, aod we trust no lack of liberality on the part of our ritlz sur, will prevent its being'completed to the fall extent of its design. (Citil Cade.-The specimnen sh'eet of E. Johns & Co.'s edition of the Civil Code of Louisiana is received: we have. one before 0s. In regard to paper, type and general execution, it promrises to be a work unsurpassed for typographical beauty. Tlhe.steatmboat Erie has been chartered by the Government to cruise between Erie and Scihlosser, with troops on ioard, to prevent any interrupliun of the pasitic relations Ib.tceeti thie States aand Britain, by active ilnerference in Canadaa afl irs. We have but little additional news that eon he relied on in respect to the election. From Claiborne we .have tile certain knowledge of a majority of 135 for Roman! Well done, Clai borne. The Cholera is said to exist in the island of Meliguelon, near the eastern entrance of the (ultl'lf St.Lawrence. It is.said that 80 persons lhad died Tha etorm chinls eenl to he Ilulding their coun eils very busily this mloulth, for the " Thrnder" publishes its report now overy day. It is an after. noon journal, and generally comuca out abou: dlnnelr timte. POIt'I' OF NEW OIiI:EANS. ;t..iAcLANC.GE. Se Rianarai, Nortle, n.s Yort, JD Ieir & tt Ilolero halp Medford, WeI.h, Liverpool, G It Urquhart Ship lleary, Peters, New YTkr, Mnasr Barque More Castle, Dmnras, IBordeaux, T Itordealoi Brig Linolnta, ticker, New York, G Ii Abbott i eo Ouhr Charlot.te, Mack, lenaola, tMa.lur acbr Hdlas Fraasoer,Cotluou, Phit;tdelphia, Jerukastt ,eo Sotr Tilger, Bears. Bostuct Chakte " Dier c&hr Alerta, Uambaddi, Castpeaclhy, J W Za:haie 4 cu 4KKIVAI,. Tuwltroat BShark, Thomas, from the Poasses; towed to sea khip Ketlltucky, ad Frallelra brouarht p brigs Jaue, clad Cheampla, arcr Losne, Diadem, Phsbs 0 Martarrt; ten ua the ti ast to A M; reports I thr in the 0flrt, Inthing iu the Towboat Grmsapus, Aaable, from the 8W Pasrs; towed to soa sbit pPatlestuat ad Cretola, brig Julia, BKer Gee DCo Kal truught uip stp Cao ord, brigs NetsUt Clark, VWeer, left the har si the tut at S A hrports flothin snew. TOwboat PSs'ne, armstin, from thePro e t ws e toeato e ships Jacob Poadela add Hahrebes lmubgh atrbritg Jtaunco; earU I ril ib the raser., aohing in lte ofitg. sdip diocord, trqjsig idpl Bon to, mamter. il Ja, ab 2 dn. a from nsilstma, to Zaharie ¢ Bro. Big Wee, i. el-o Bremie, via Vera Crus, haw tnt 6eeu orar . -hi tnedcr`, hJ a +a'Iee~ -* , . £ mater.: , w = , I Btesm penrot Columbia. lanme 42 4lrennlV.toh. Bhlanl s Tuakena, Penca. fr enlorllnte i' f Stenlas rMilndater. Csnel. P Ia fiAi al. . ttelaLer ntofi Rouge, Irwhin; from Btltn ltollno. ''.ate r Waeaillgton, treak. from Lanforche. I IIaP'l. :CI, LOUSI iN.-Fit JludieinlIt. lri, ct `".. ll llrtl hIreby certify, tl inattn lleNiltt dyL of Juie, 1838, jndglaenta we'e tet ored in tiis coarit, in tah nitittof.W-IpJ 4ave.,is LuoilniCar, ils dicet i»th.t - • -ords ;nil .1igites fdltowi",irn wqitjij --+N6, 119 on ,mallet of A-'hlcarty, . Rq 6 ' ] fr (hphrpaaintiff, a anld0n §lghwing thI the e t tat more +than teu days I;ad e.s.j si0aii thi: oothe Ilde hreip taken ron tle 1391 l ein by al fi on da1eJl lnt, tul l la18-. 1 wletla l;en fil.tcdt amne, alI ota Girther siaewing StlAe ciot. that tdlNa Fwo yearn hilal Dsled Inlee tie rondhit jloIrer from b a nahd crd cilaeen ae the p atin ff no.eniliion itavng tlic J ibetreety t e th ASi.cii no eeds tde tetAo ,,s idth t r iot of divbrce e entaed Ihtwei aiti a'Jtoyce aud Lnillia l Ct~l l his wi ril ing to th",i e 4t... of n E+t'n Cole 19th t artei I 8"d7. I ta~l AeElt{Annemled 291ha JIe., 1 r38. ej"gned, 10tlh-Jiy,W138. (ignned) A 1 Bllclhanoi, JadJe. (C.untnreigaed,) G WV Lnwns, Dep Clerk. SIn 'testimodny whsr oil I han hereunto set miy hand and affixed the seal of the anid cour;ett tile city od New Orlaeans, ol l ais ltl day of Jaly i, l te year of aou SLard One thlusand eighat huaadred oal thirty eiglt, ani A in the sity second yenar of te landpeadence of tite United States. 1 jyu l P LE BLANC, Clerk. s. T O'E OF ,LUISIANA-sParisah ourt lirt tla 1l Peridsh ind City of New Orleens--Present the konorabale Charles 3eaurinn, Judge.-No. 11043, O H Blisa vs his creditor--Thn cesstion of property made - by tle inolvoentin tie soe, is accepted by the court for the ilenefit f lin creditors. It is ordeerd by the ourt tIlat said creditors do nseet at tle ffice of H 1 SDaoria, Esq, notary pnblic, on rTenday the'last day of SJaly lust, taore nlt thea to take into colaidcration the, aflair of tile soid inwolvenl; atd iOr lle a ineanttime all apnocedings against his person ald iroperty are stayel. d By ordelr ofthe court, this 10th ayl aofJuly, 18311. jv12-3t AN 4;U O1., Clerk. g ETA'T ])1 LA I.OUI.SIANE-omtar de Plaroisme Ipntr ta lpanrolnse et i ille d la No avelle Orians. Pr6en!t: l'Hon'Charles laurioaa, Jage. _- H BLISS c,,tre non e.nciarers-No 11,043.--La y cessilon des propri6bls flailte pa I'iansolvable, dota ceit nall'ire, eyant nit acerplto panr Ia cour, pour ie lI- n6fic de a sea r6iaociers; ii not rlhaanae par In eaour In que lesldits c.naciers s'nassealalerot en I'btudo d'Ho ratio, Dnavis, taotaire public, inmrdi le 38 do juillet sou- I i, rnat, pour prerdro n coansidlbrtion ler nffaire do P'in- I aoolve(le, et ea attedalnt, toatcs poursuites contrn. as personalle ct sea propriat6s snoat ctddemeore saasecdues. l Par orlre de lit Coual. Bltlrea lu Grellier, Nouvelle Orl6lran, 0ljuillet 1838 Sjt2-3t - A. PITOT, Gireiler. re TATE OF LO.(IJIIANA-First Judlliial Distlict SCourt-Jamla'mlayfield vs ais creditors-Tlhe session of tile pletitioner's properly having been accept e d by tlte court fir tile beneafit of his credlitors; it is ordered tlhat-a Ieetinia of his said creditors do take dlace at the office of Wai Y Lewis, Eqa, nat. pullie, on IF htirsday tle 9thl Anl~Unt OVxt, at 10 o'clock, A a, fr the 1purpose of deliberatiog on tle nffairs of tile .eid petitioner; and in the Intilr time all judicial proeediags tagainst ils persan adl property. us to tlae creditors anantioth-d in tihe scledalle are stayed. - By order at tile court, this 7111 day of JIly 1838. jylI2 P LEBI.ANC, Dep Clerk. ETAT' DE LA LIC UISIANE-Priloier D)istrict SJudieiaire. r AllES IMAYFIEI.D coalte a cr ca'ncairs.--La cession nes biaa dala, pttitilnnire anant Il accep 'I tea parlale ctua a b6bofiaia des rr6niaiers; il esat ordona oI q o'u ae asselnb i6 o de sea cr6ina cier . oit lieu on I'6 lide tie Wn Y lcwik, olanire pabli. Jcludi le 9 d'Aout atA 10 earces oll matin, alaiad dalaibnrer star len allaalea dudit ptionnaaire; et Cea Illmem temlp)s toate ptaursuteioi coontle sa personea et oas prapriitbs resnt arretles. do Par ord le Ido la Cour ce 7jalliet 18.38. 12 juilL't 1 LIE" BL.ANC, I)Dp. (reffier. '.'TE 01" La)OU[SLANA--Y First Judicial Distritel . ( I ort--Ci'ar Ielahlournsaye, vs tis creditors. e Tihe creditors ,f tie iclionort iti r ar lalDehlholisi ye, ire aereiay notifiedl to appear Iefore the court rlrimsi, ly ondll aydv tlh 30tnl i ,st, at i ) o'clock, A tt to sialw ca las, if' any tifle Ilhave, wl y said petlition er or ld. l Iot have the bleoefit ofp tile lows iwade for the relief of iln n olvent dlelbtors in ectual e ll+.lOiv. By order of tille culrt, thits 7 ale edult, 18l38. S'l P IELt:BiN(t, DI'y ('lrrk. aiier Ilistriet .hldii tire. SCTESAR 1)1. \IOL'OSSIAYfl a atr sIos c(ranciers. hr \ Leer(nciers do, ~litinillia ire, C:lar I)elaIiots Sare, sltlt inr Ic"s piieaites lnotil6s o vit a l- aa:rit)Iop Snitre t :·.,1ta i t, ite l,tl-r lu dl e 3 1 1 " i 1 1 ) Me res .Ulll - lttill, iour didi'dlre leo rciliaon, li ile t l~tour , -u l el. I cs letlit pi tloa ire htiinire Il' iiilrait piat Ie Ih eih'iie ti e it le lii ptltl vI . al l oa iiieOml' dens l ibiitoars iilnlaII les, iItellll1s. Pa lr ordre idei]a clluri i 1 7 dejilet 1." . us Offlcc of th3 Fireman's Insurnance anmpany, New Orleans. i ii fluho ii ':li iniuii errii tliaii. d lIe li I:Pou t - ( )o(i'ila il.. l IIi Ii i iI.I Io ia ir io ],ill ~" . e , :e l. l ,nyn (.lI t :! , 11111 , 11t ,'l.to111t I~rL4 , Itl 12 I~tit..' t I. I, "';.1(1 ', rr'c , h'. S13c'rcaon al&nn atonean den Pomtiera c Ini i , Ie illuiý"( iir· I lIc:rrlt,.on , am l li. ll o c + l:illllt aain c 01 1c o 1 1a r)i oll ro a: lexpetl I'l by l1 hu, w bm lco Wt n Itins il Ii ono unl.,) its (lnl,il l.lAt anlI Cotlollininil ]3)lI3T3I3'II M HANNA'Y, jy 1) I lOBEI A Ittl,;IL'|'SON, Notico to the Public.- . - I FlTY T )1).1I.Ai;S RIEWVAII{ l1)r . he eortviefiori of'' Thief or 'TI:ieves.-On Sathrdtay night the 7th instant, my Iron Chest won Forcibly broken of tn by someln villauis and robbed of tle fo.llow.g: Albet Iwtoty dtollar in speiee Nsalnl till ;ox ltving my nutei n, and conining, John Hithnnt'.I olte at .1 Illontte, trOllt 9Ilt Janar, , 1837 r $1011 75 C Casongnt's nolt at 4 months, fins 1I.4t Januatry, 1837. for 609 70 C Castugnu's ,ote et 4 months, from .8th January, 1837, for 600 (0O Mloret ind 'atter..,o's (Oi liqailttitt) note at 6O days, fromt 28tl May, 1837, ftr 400 00 Julia's Vuirin's r:ote at Oti duays, flo July dtll, 1837, fin 1150 00 Felton aund Holdr's note at 60 clays, from Feb. Ist, 1833, ftr 129 25 Felton and llobler's ino at 4 moltths, froln ebruarny Ist. 1838, fr i I 00 'elton and Ioldter's note at G monthlsfrmo February st, 1183, ior L11 00 Ferguson, Parker & Co's note nt10 days,front 3t January, 1838, fbOt 72' 07 Sertaphin Uucaillu tue bi.l dated, 25thb May, 1837, payaltle on demand, 668 71 A.lnd sundry other doculllenlts slt d papers not recollected. ALSO. lThe WVestero Marine and Fire Insurance Comnpany's Policy for fire, risk or goods. Ditto, certificael of shares of stock. Merchants' Iltuotrance Company's shares of stock. (;Cttnnercial lBaltk's cotificate for shares of stock. Canal and Bankting Comllany's certificate fbr shares of stockI 'Threpublice rhereby centtoned against trading or ltegtotialing oIr tiany of tlhe above notes or doclllln ts, IIs aymvnellt ol them ate hereby stop llied; they having been stolen froel mle by souer. ]t i or ilheves tllllnawn. J t; BIANCIIARI), jyl2 13 (;ravier street. A CARD. TI".lE undersigned hlve opened at house in this city, Ibfor the purlpose of tralnsactig a GEN1EtlAI, CO\IIISSION IIUSINES'S. OFFICE, No. 10l ( T AVtEmR STREET, UP STAIRS. H 1' LEVY. The lhouse at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued ill tile above WIate. .el, renc'es. Gfete , t tie & , Sall, Nej w Orleans. La. ltartpco Carpenter & Co Z Grand Gull,. isa. Muir, Moor ie CO, ' SiJl i.illtrd, Nutclhen, Aies. New Orleans, Jely 1!, 18088. jyl2 iýýOUN I1 , n the evening of tile ,It irest, at tile l'ir', - corner ol St Louis and Levee strcts, a :dileer Watch, wh ell ti owner can have by applyiing at No. 10 Gravier street, and paying for tlhi advertisement. 1I P LEVY, jyl2 per 0l 11 NATIIAN. .-L IAItD--10Hlf kegs in tore, for sale by jyl2 44 New levcn. (AN 8tI SOLlES-10I casks in stlore, tor sale by G DORSEY, jvl2 44 New L.revee. *jEN'l'l'CK lI-AGhit G-l10J Infor sale by -HOLDES & MILLS, j111=' Bank Allcev. SBAGGI I 1N~i -0 ln Ihavn Scotelh Bagging '-7 43 inches wide, for sale Iy " jyI ~Iliank Alley, ± 'I he subscriberi ull r for sale, Indine fi'om ship 'oncold, 2 orles plu111 toixed Igroth ctllrtsl; 1 bale r'-nr; I lule ile swan swklms; I n as e Irel;lrdl kersevs; 2bales. twlvtton Crtdan 'ttrsteys; 1 bale untinisled Colrdova kersey,. ISAAC BRIDGE Cno, jyIA 1:31 tttav.aine stret. JX1XCII-NF ON NEW \'iLK tbr sale ly I A\VWIENCE & I.t:GENRI)IE, -'At 12 2.3& 29 New Levee. )r\EAS, NUIt'IIME S, &-5311 six ts d thirteen - pound l rliers of gunpowder and imperial tens n5 cases of manister imperial and gunpowder, 20 Ihalf chests of tonll.lloCg tea; one cask ,f fresh nutmne8, land a general .Worttrent of groceries, lir sale low by LAWitENCE & I.I ENI)IIE, jylt 28 & 29t New evee AILS-o750 kegs tassqrted I'hiladeiti Ntls, i sture antd or sale Ib, YOIRKE & IIROTHIEILS, jyl2 65 Camp street. 'ITTOT N IAGGIN(I-In satore and lr sale by SYORI{KIE IlROTHIEIRS, j12 65 .CamI rect. X4E 8361115 Marie and valuable, I laei ný e 1 n d one ecivelti Ritve t1. ilbcOa e;R. e igvR l-itr. Ft will he solid at S jyll Ebhage lirtel, Graviedr street, A N1spbrandl'l etasc ld, be jl bnding tfrom ragCha nip r l, frc e rale.?, . re ISAAiC DAYBl ilJ o jI; rt An-1 boralety " 8 1h lt gRoAm oHeTAIrD," jyl2 E 3l ; Grarles ' street, IjA CiQ icent.acet. AGGOING h BALL: $t in d itis pa Ketuck r Sbagging1 5 coils eta' hand L ae e. in ifto El fc r Ny.2 Cap strce. PLOIR-3D1 bhis dupl Gfiis flloin - stnoe and far ci I NCamcrap irlreet.A -~ TORAE cat.y be Irn t by appl.g llat N. hi8 r .NewYLeveeB. . jyL2 tr 310 COPFEFE86l0 n bags i. Bin c'e.iW.- nveiqclit-y i landing froIb c rg Cbhampion, flr solin l.a STESQON & Av JY." .jyl2 - 23 c Gravii rrebds. - T/AN'I'Ei,-A LtUtIK l.-iltt-Nont e ilpesd p Y ply but a wodrkmtait. " WMeKEAN, BldQ B.5ca mp & Coaicten ytreets. SLAVERY. . " PUBLlSIII)D TfHIS DAY, p Anld.for sale at thc Coaniaf Rooml ef the True A oer eati, Excatnge tinbtel, St. tharles street, SLAVIERY: A Seermln deliveoed'io ile First Congregatoenal (bha in Nei Orleans, April 15,1838. 13) Rev. lbheod ClaIp. I lerece,5 cnal. je9 SGIMSONS GUIDE AND DIRECTORY rFoR the State of Ltore iian, acd Cities of New Or- E looisc andi Luaf.eltai for sale Ivc VMn IMcKEAN, a' m23 ear Cnmp and Cdrnmoli ate. fro vaausli -- istine sluvi . I - L- * N;EW DIRECTORY. P IIULISIInI) this tdai Gibsat'sa (heida and Diroe Story oft New Orleaons'ad Ialnyetre; fir eiln by 1):VIDO FFI.T' & CO. c c22 N Y Slatirtear Illl,24 Chartrers st. LOUIS IANA FURNITURE WARER00OS, No. 53, Bienvtlie stretr. S ILLIAMI R. CA INES, (firmerly of tihe fire ol SFlint & Clances,) woald respetlhllly iltrln Ills friendsand crite lubtlca tihlat be is colistalitly rceiving from Neow Ylr'k tllcl Boston a god tassortment af Far ia atrte, stch as rttaoaigaity chairs, saths Ledrtcrad, lallr t ie ad1 paiillted ciaire, rll le iund ellctrv bedsteadd, maboganv and chellrry talres of all descriltiri bn 8 reuua, toilets, ereOltarys, 'vritiag desks, warlrulaee of mahogany and cherry, washne sarnll, lorking gltsrpe, Sfeotllers, beddig, cr. &c. NB. Faritlre packed tir transporlaione with great iv ORLEANS LITROG APRICO OFFICE, SNo,. 53 Mlgrazine elrtet, pllosite Itoaks' Arcade, -STABLISIIED fcur the execltion af maespt plans J2 anddrawings; ieremhalts' circulars business and a ldress cards of ever description, fnoeral eiceulars oa deep raournieg paptr, apolaheraryv ad drtuggiss'labeli; bank ocheeks rayreceipts, r land exeattd il acheap and expeditions style, Iy tie praprietor. WLIJAM GV.I. l IFENE. SNB. Blanei Notes ret.i'v exeated. ild2 FPORTRAIT PAINTING. S. PALKEit repeelthilly intors te public that ]tl lae aill remahn it short tice in New Orleans for Srthe purpose fl painrtilrg perterite. Roas ctrner ofr Canal enul tI Clarle, in the Ihose Itroccatied hb l'armlvc'f" L I)orDotnlisa whleepeeilmas ifrs his paillting call be lie eeen. Sltrtncein St Charles streel. cr18t ha a.'uO RENT, Possessioa given el tie lot of ncxt month, s aI the two Etre dwelling hllr lr andjoiing itie an. a nrew Medlrtllorr t (JI'h oni il l IVdrr street; oc oied at Iposerr by I ir n C y c us. Sae, slan. telclaents on, (dtirod srtrrreei, a fewe dors efrom lleronte at. Apply to I)OYIL.E & IAY, jenl 3 Ccrt U delet st. r CAL PTAIN CH,\MI,5Ht'V' NEW NVElI.. SAI.SIN(IIAII,'IkIe (rtiitilcrtr. lie Cuat Frc d clerie Claaier, . N. author of .ifi; era Sailr, Ice Brace, tr . in 2 vr!a. Diary of the 'ITer of GeAorge he Frourth, interspersed wi- ri o inal letters tl nr tihe late (Larerll Carollilao, an d from vaition llolthr li~iniqlnlshed persosv, in 2 vols. I-urEthel Churahil!, or rite Two ttllrds. Ily Miss I+ma d do,ellu hor of tlhe Illlrovisat hrre, lllrarescall llrrierll, _ Traits slrdt Tri ils t c l Earl y Ltcic.'r S ., Sect ttd edritiror it l et leao, I ..c.crt. hie'a Irilgrtiage. t. rie Doly Land, Iedcitiar in l vrdl. Ce, L his' cled',:al lr-c C'ilcrcnh ed iid ccyncw t dild ito (ritcrac 'Sd rgery, nor' cdiJtm, lrccrg'd and ie provcel. Just r .eiv'd :tl li ilhr dle Inv \t\I eIoKEAN, apI ' ll n.rr ClItmI) lliiil ('c r nta r lt l ý-t. y' lillt SAEI I1- llc Iii p llles i c' I ht 'id1- Ic irk I 2 ,c es S tcctllt v li cH',c~ c rill- ' hair CI' I 111.141 11115cr' hFt u.Na.ti ll1bah. },glsl/ liwfit) 1. eacu,h, .,ri t illsFchc'rcute, "(I c-cit ccrrtl., I l (t gy, I l ti c t o ll cc ctct icr ; c-1 ii.: "- I [ 1"' le , nIi i L 1 l ( ['r l l, ai 11, I' t l* I lll fIR hil hl c ,aic l r li 'lcl i 'i I '10 ttr. Ii c'ccc trtrcat c Tonic12 d fact'suitc Itis by It dlh mill lihsl do do , 17 do.p .n, pocket, and dirk knives 11 do tldutlerv rg, 17 dic rass kettles 75 lie h Itooks and hinges 70 6 oases pistols, assn'd 10 711ensks sheet zinc 45c 0 boues tin plhll, asserted sizes, O0 whll also a good supp h of Amerdcan hardwnae Orders will receive pronmpt attention, and execllted at 00 owest priccs. cjun30--3cm2a 75 IPUt IC NOTICE catl EREBY- GIVEN, 7 IIA'I', whrcera, ar y brother, Doctlo Jcames Grrnt, l0 ck larte of Colchuila and Texas, died in the army of'texas, in the intiih of March, 18:.6. \\'herens, in 0 delr date of 2Ia of the atne year, Daniel I Tdler . ddreaaed a leoitr nt tan from Ncoogdlohe, in 'T'exa.a 97 aquintinC e wit his having received Iny said Brother', Will, dated at Baoxr, Dec. 3ca,1r8e5, sctling 71 fbrthll ait ire; Mr. Tler and myself were ealclld xecu ad. tore. And, whaPreer thIe frit 'Nl'olelr netials iP the 1 tter abolve alluded tor tat lie had the ill dcu!y regid C iy'a lercl; notw'itllctuldilg, whlich l I lave strtrn rlllf tlhrat .ie lever hall it prtatettd; lnuid frlhelr have lellrid ilry cest nlxioas rrenquiries and exertios, or tie lasti two ylera, insullicient to olctaih a celly. N"Now, lthereir.!,lIP it ltcereV. lifcrtttcll) known tlct tire err sahl Tler a rl.c iiot clcrithty tt. mke akcy dirpacltiel cfi or ve thtle nrt, cl' illyhuld Oretlhei" Iropeltvrl hohRging Ittl :<r r!I' eeShre rf etly dclacc ed arllerti or et actc anly htc illg - acr clrprcctaining to ire accllc birt ihbt I acrintihaRtitRg tItIcr ,cn trcartis tice re'vccrv.yafsair will crid shall at once iraceedc lr acurehtccrsuraeas ir iy clartcaeer ol et'rta ror, are elie called for. -al. ltUGlH GRANT. - Nc-Ta--Tihr editors orf Tecins nlopalrrleraelltd New Yi rk Alkica car resecpetuliy cieested to eltce tIis -dverti eeltrtrt rirer tilnes cnil cectr i icir crcctrr at, i the eltice rif trie Trae Areeriecn, or te aen at Ilce Sue yirpae ifllce, Id Municipalily. afNecw Orleans. ieii-1tn F LOUI-5 bbla Superfine, in s.ter, fir sale by G DOR.SEY, je29 4 New Levee. I+:Gt 1 if dI -.-i) canosj, stupriOr Cicinnati r Car d, for sale b3 U DORSEY, j29 44 New Levee. LTl 'N %V T1)-A young man , a creole bJ of this paice, wishes to get enployment in a Store or C(oatlig Room. lie writes aln elegant hand, and speaks Frenrh and EagliJshI. III haas bees for several years Lever Clerk to a conmercial firm in this city. Address box 5n8 Post OIlice. jy7 IAVANA COFFEE-3001 bo,,gs Ilavana CUlih, jest hindesd, ad for sale by JOSEPII COCKAYN E, je?9 25 Gravier street. UORK-Me 1s 1 lO Prime & olt I'rm, for ale b.y jre.9 44 New Levee. I jOsia'L'IhE-40 caks London Drown Stt, store ani for sale by jr? 1 R IIYDE Sc B1tto. PORK FOR SALE Mess adl I'rime, liall branded P O and M O; algo a few barrels aported. Apply to II I' LEVY &. CO. No lO trltvier street. Also, 00 pieces Kentucky laegiag; 85 cile Rope. jel5 NOTICE. NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAl. ROAD. -iA few croesn a of Dry Pitch Pine Wood warted, delivered on tie bank o tho New Canal, at thie Rail Ioand iridge. .tlo, a lew Carpenters, and men who are acquainted with Sawinlg an find cllostillnt emplo'yment and good wages. Apply at the attica of1 the Company, at the corner ofdCnal and laronne streets. I. HlOARE, e C'1hief Engine anl GC n. Oup erl teruia UNE IIUNI)LREI) DOLLARS REWARDI \Vill he giosn for the apprehension oflie Boy EDOUALRD,beloagiug toMer. Alrhe Labrattche. Said boy abarcoded from the Stealboat Columbia, on her last trip from Texas, and hlas belt, seen lutking about tile markets. Edsnard is (rifle, about 24 years of age, 5 Iet 4 or 5 lithes hi;h. roind fine, thick hair, mouth rather slhar. Fifty' dllltrs will be paid iftaken in the state. or enihundred ifort ofthe state. Captains of vessels or ste r.lbats are cautions.l not to hrlemr sadl bay. RP hv to F J FOtLSTALI. &ISRO'|'IIER, jy6-tw 3 Front Levee streee. SINSEU alII,-A constant nupply of Nuntu i and Western Linseed Oil, in tire e andOsls: for hie by JAIVIS d ANItltEWSt. iti ar" Collmon anid Tcnhipitoula. at. SECOrD MUNJPALIRTY W E[ltE hrp hito the Police Prison of thelleeoit Moaiclpntlyy the folluwhg namad .lave ,lit PIOIJSU HAR'.l anoel about 23 or 24 yoort,soas he beloolgo to Mr.iWlliau Rose. LUCIlETiAo,, .f about 85 ,ears of age,,aans Md imlnrs to:Mr.J n roll. C b r; CEl tIerA, nged about 55years, aysa she beaotig' ir. I)olthouseli. t'he eo ntl snaidoslave are requested fo prooe prope igee, nod take tbhe away. -yG ' Captain of ithe Night Wat h rILa 6i~t aeiC d h-i priten de.lna 'econde -I palio-le vclnvroes sruvants:. P1tlMUS H4 T, a r o d'oeniron 23 a 4 aens,e dflit npdortenir A William Rose.. iJCLETIAi g6be de 35 an, dit appqt.enir ,. Air J.,,IeCarrotl. C leELIA, ag6e d'onvirin 95 2an, nile se dit appar tenir t Air Dlelahou.lase. . Les propri6taires dos dits erinves, ,sont pori.l ie prouver leaur propritlBs, payer Iro frals at leo ret~tr. 12 ...1 H0 lARPER, . 12 juillet Capitainn. doWtthh SERE broughtto tle Police Prison of the SV Mnicipality, the rollowing named alared,i - ALEXIS, says he belongs to 'Mr Sauve,iged: yeGrli.' saoys he'belongs to iMr C Johnion, aged abont 25 yoears. 'Tie owners of thie said slaves a o re qested leti r6oe property, pay-charges, and take liht.Lbway. . H S tiARPER. -jy1t Captain of the vatblt. A'lA bh'ght to the Pound of the Sseoml aM. eis ' ,olito, siuated in Ba-foal 0 street 0 bew00 ti Hlvia n"id Grod street, the following. aimallt 4 Ono IBrown Iocrly rind dauy-Clt. One larye o lao Mareantd ColtJ . Oar Witm Hpottc| Cow." Thtowners of said -aiinals are requested to prooe property, py rhargees, anl take them away, ao or before Saturday, J;ul' the u2l.t when they will be sold at auction, by P A 0uillotte, nIctionHe,. It A HAtiPER, jylS2 Captain of the Watleh. OF EVERY DEaCRtITIONs SPEEDILY, IIANDltOMEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OrPPIo oP THU True .lmnerican, ST. CHIIALES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF .7ew tOrleans andi Lafayett4 lrAS publilshed on Mttndov, l21st Slayi and V o br sale at thle enottig room of tihepublie Eielolge Hotel, St. Charles streetr,-und at ie honok. store of Messrs. E. Johns & Co.corner St Clarles and Commont streeot. tllot LINSEED IL01-5t1t gallons beat English linseed oil, now landing from Inig William,fron llulBon. 121)0 gallons foreign and northern tnanlo.fctttlred linseed oil, it casks ad barrelsr, in Store, and for sale low by JARIVIS & ANDREWS, l Iholeanle Druggist., jy7 c Ir Common & 'Tehoupttouiae streets. J U'T rvel tse d at t Itotttisiatta Fulrniture Ware R ltolam, 5 I ietvile' sloreoet, 00 Maplo mal Cherry lcdstetds; a lirst rate article. Also, a good assert lealt of i e1u, ,~VIW ltltt, andI Painted Clhair, which will be sotl or the lowest cash prices. W It CARNES, jy7 53 Biltville street. UIJNl flt E1eUSi tA0l.Is, ANDtCALolTEL. %i ontllect Fre'tchl (ttititom Il btIls Fpteani SaltaI 3 casks Pcarl Ashes, 4 cases Colotuel, Ipeec.. Jalot, Rhubarltt &e. &o . laldintg from brt g Williamn, from Botton, andl for sale hSoyRI n a IRI & AND)ftEWS, Whoelea e I)rt.ggite, jy7 eoa Cott on tt Thltoultitoulne street. O10A V--350 hoxtos No I stoalt, brand otJttates , tt uhlt Slauding lrom bri \Willi.un,11" fuale by ISAlAC BIIIDGE & Co, l quality, for sar eOle lv jy7 :it luagazine street. qI Aling IIr Iton rll it I;,r l," hv"ty I ; IElt' & AM ttI.UN(l, i7 17 ( rlllt re street. l. V It ).t1.N b " 1.44111 IEI SJGl A 17 17Commllrlllcrce stsreh I ( 1I. UI'll;. l ' --_or k. ' s c l riorT art icle, - h lin I 'r.- i'm I, t ). r . Il nto r I s 1 tille r ii ht1. I q" \: l,,· I il · sh, ljl~l· CIIIIIt(!I N '|e(.'lllllt l' Illtl . t :"t1, V11.11,: ItIt rlrlatto. St ioitt. t t .It. tttttll I oi t' t. I P.I \ I .' enA e iI I' lAiJen 1, Sro t.t., ittv, A tw.l soI ti chrgc any duties that a.. ; ,h,,,hho oulla ll o a '1.':,i:tn n aIII IsII I. " S tto tt Hltoarr :tl. .r, lit tlh Nwa Bttin. allr, M tss.; tId ; If. I. .EVI & CO., Now Orleans. ibis dalt y dissollved bIly mItlalt consent . 15.L I.c is alIo t ltlarirzd to settle the affairn of both houses; bu- iln- at ir.tled bIyt MDis.Li NewOrleans, tnblhi wn altro ,lloittt ald te.liitSl a thdre oTtIitroag oth Oillllae, the na kp ofl the liac till be Ap d pl ly- in liquidation. 110. 10 1ravi1r stre1' ?6 II P LEVY. T'lhr G(;d Gulf Advertiser will insaer tie above Sutlll farthber ntice Sthe intres ivtelof .iL. I.,V il et ai ut Sluness at (irald GUlf, Mllis. and New Orleans, noble rwl aclsorlll elld s oliclt It Shlre of pte paid on Oie.n ojy 74 Poydaar street. 1.6- t PNV d -.aCincinati packed T ae (band (:If Advertiser will insert the above t until further notice. fr lli private uoe in Rampar sb r, a Pio S jyG 74 Poydrs street. e tailV tsedor alS, for el I by )OY, jyG 74 o w Ldra e street. y 50Uto I.U I)I.LSW ' C millB 11ir sale by o Jt TIAYeER & CO, S LOUR l--ti bbl, E ul ding fIntl n Steamer Buckeyea S I and for sale ab y Gi 1)OIRSEY jyg 44 New Levee. iIAF dARi -Itg 0 kegs, landing from steamer - jy 44 New Levee. A.l-3(1 cases (I0 boxes each)r table salt, fur bale l by READ & IARS'I'OW, is7 B7ank Plaee. .MAiN CEMIENT'--fr sale by' READ & BARSTOIV, jy6 " 7 Bank Place. UAGIN.G- 500 ps Ktntucky baggin, re sale by Y j16 7 llank Place. i0 ihtIlAt &, IAioI't'UW t have renloved to Ne.7 Dl.alk Ilace.'" jy NATII'L '10OWNSEND, jy6 Exchnoge Ilotel, Gravisr street. U, iDl''u'a tO iKAF' a--orlt h'r tl' erxe It nI E aO, jtpoui'elby NATIItI. 'rOWNS 'ND, ao. lxchtange Hotel, Gravier street A. ! - ACIN-Ai caske, latditng itom steamer Empress, alor sale by G IK)ORSEY, jelli - _41 New Levee. StAMILtt lA.--t4tbbltatyvasced lai ems 'of superior qulity, landing from steamboat lonarch, for sale by l.AYE'E& AMELUNg,, jo26 17 Commerce strees. ACUN--23 hhds .ides, and 35 hhd Sihoude-re, Iorsale Icy LAYET & AMELUNG, Sje26i 17 Conmte c lU --50 brlt Ilras Flour in store, ur sale by 1. kE'1' & AMELUNG, dj-0- 17 Commerce street r Nhi W 'U BLLGA''iN- a. 1ANiE LOMAX oa, a MOTHER'S CIMI1E-1-'y Sthe ctatLr of'"Bramblelye I louse," toubeudlnAley, &e., in 2 vols. Gleanin.gst i Europe, Italy--Bly an American, in Svols.ta Ike Life tad Adventures of Aicholas Niekleio. 1. Edited hby looz,"t with Illttstrtlions I y -, PhL.' dt r b, be coatinued ltttthly, .... cttpletet1tl ir is 0.ll numes. it Jtut recivted, td for oale by WMi. M'KEAN, je.,. Comer of rt ntp Cornmlt shteets. JIluand.. ryl sloadin ttttt Tarqtin, brteTqle by rb LAIET & AiMELUNIG, jeJ 17 uomettarce street. rIJ,''TotD' n tore., H a-l'-. iii-jan .[ I" Erenu, Englint and kournils Printst prtted t n ' , p0l ril ttdoo',,, solan etrillas snd dark cllsia, IS .'. IAAC B IDGE ,tCO, J j 22 1114 YgaLkine stmees I&Ah.lD, h.2 hlitd kidra, adlfrom f leo boa jor LAVyET & AMELUNG. IjA ~tdIoG l. ItUbE.--1.1.I p.ugging, LtUe coils thVl.I tT & AMELUNG' .) lr oalsho . 1)DORW Ylaveu. 44 Ne

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