Newspaper of True American, July 12, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 12, 1838 Page 3
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- or the Znterior. FOR PITTSBURG AND ALL INTERIIMEDIATE LANDIN(S., - Tllie surior and fest running steem _ .,a GOV SHEI.IY, J Kerceivel, mnster, will positively canve lIbr the albe t-.,re,il. Firidnv, 13il last, at I o'eiclk, A M. For freight, apply on board to - LA\WRE NCE & I&G.EENI}DR;F, 1 0 20 und - Ci'w Leveae. FtIt VASUA(Gi)I.A, (lit.) andil tle lel rl0cdiatc la.aliagiwn two tmens a week. I, ihe fIoce, low pressare, ccpperedi c ite at. bent- (;IRAFFE, JI cepll e Swiler mastir, will or tile present ' lake ionly two tripe to 'ac tatgonln and thl iatermte diita laItlilng oill tn e c cst. IHer diepaeriture fc tihe lake end of the ital Road, will he on S hnrsdags abia Satardayt, inumnadite ait Ir larrival it tile six t click cars. On thie tIll of July next, she will resuomte her ri weekly trijs as per lute adlvettisemtente. i48 SAT'rukli)A- - .VNiNt ANID SUNDAI ExCURSION TO MANTIV iLE & SD|IONVIILE. TO •'.nl E tAThe tiemnlout IIAZEi'L'A, Capt. , L. T. Knight, will leave the lake citald of theril-rodtl Ibr tile alitoe placns, every Suter ui evening, on the arrival of the ,I ioclatk care, ant return th, antae night,-anI ledve Stnniay w laoraid on the arrival of tie 8 o'clock cars; Areturtill leave Mandlsonvile at 4 o'clock, uP. 1M. F-OIL IADISONVII.LI., LOUI lttKG, .IANDIJ VILLE & UOVINGTiIN. 'r tll lThe flst rlauning and et illndid steni-. Ioat MAZE'PPA, T ni t lit ams i -terl will ran as t rgular mill bolat rfor lte aboveltirta on Mondays, Wedhesdait utlld Fri. daey, after the arrivtl of tle 8 o'clnek ears, A NI. Re turniasi, leaves tvirngmtun Tuesdlays, 'Thrsdnys' and Satirclnays, at 8 n'clock, A MI. N It. All bagugae ald I marcels at the rik of tl le own- pi rs, uuless a hill oEf lading ias s ilned.V Now Orlannu. nad Mobile Mil olice, - ap 8 uxclalnlge luildilne, St Clairlea it. FOl IAY rI'. LOUl.--.a Chrisiult, Wea aw lr oirc Paecag.uln. " ,A A ILO LINF, , W C SutOon al~s tsr, willcall it tile aore wncatericng pacesticeaiwrekl anvi l ti ngt Lake enld of tle reil. ,adeon the arrital o the 2l otleokl o re.. AilTlpiyte (lEO VIIITntA N, N O and Mobile Mail Office, alllr Eachlage nHoAel lit ChLrle st. nit. It S'it ..'t.r lll(-l-t " For t VAi.1 Y Th u . fine neow steamlr ferry tInot - 1AURA,in eomlamtt order, ndl rea - v to eaon it nce rinning nrrs a er nnw IEithe hr; mi; r ofithea new eanul; will ity disloredt of on reCllattibhe retr. Apl l i N, AIAIEIl' STEIN, No 8 Itlnittitin Rit,I Trcllpitnltnse street. ai few :itrs alove tielrdt. jell It For Texas. FOR MATAGi)RDA. COX'S POINT ANDI ARANSAS RAY. The well klnlwn ScltLnilln r i.LUIStI.NA, C.aptai Anuld, lain iig lerge h ie tiolim hier cargo eliglaget, will maert witll dlnlttcl. ltor thllai oe offegt ptigF , plpleilll o iere, opposite Jelrs street, or toRYAN, jV IILtYAN, jF'i :Ai) Connuitanli street. "F -V- oAIItAZItlItA, & A.-.l-iAh ItorlTe reg pnr pckatelir SOUTIrIEINEII, = Canptuti in tinrl.d haing na ortioln of hier _l. crgn enggned, will nmct with despatclh. For lilanee il freighlt or p.ltatg.', tapply il boardt opposite Jefferson street. icr to A W (tRYAN, jya fife Ctonanon sheiet (,htrerl To sail tonaltlrrow. hie light dralcighit stiiIner EMIL,jlj Ail' ts, master, cull take t50 ilrrels oin dir, attl will otiitively sil i tc.-arrowe For eallnce al freligit or pnassce, ailly oil Ieaird, t. p Mpocite Clnti street, or to Wt. tIRY AN, ju t e2 l w 56 Utialn iln street, CilI.t I-.lCA(iOUi.A, Ill iiXI. And all Intlernleiiate I.rnllnitl tn thie Coisct. The orl Etie lner GIIt Hi FF u; ito io - uiler, will le..nn te Thurtlly U iilr S ig, after the arria iletile yei ie o' Cmk c mrs. jy n0 'I'" Lhzwelf kllu l, llight drought sllll r lip 1 part ti 'b r ca e ,t will li-I with d enierlrnlliecno i ai Allll pl y I rm, tn ihe citaln hr In inatd ,pillbneite to St P'ter street, or ti jetl n ('U Commo.i fgraet I--it Ill, lU; th I1, 11t1c, 1 ,-1tll1,ý1 . - Il i . A."E fs.t lihchit duilib hr iil. 1,. I ,,-i o~f~ next . ill i ii,,ulttlit h. i i I I: ii i i lf 15 t i tl ' r F t .j ; 1i " i '1 I lr f ,uI f 11 b u i-1. i _ _ IT o ":i'1 ii 5,i + i 1 1 v ,i lllie,1 In l rust. / S .lý ' 'hi" i.f l i kuI l .l· ' a ,ii'i il ii''!l : l Illlb 5 .1 -tar %. - p ll b It,.ii ill i \. ii liiFear ll i i ' ll l i Ii 1 .i 11\\l `i Ill "I, j. :; Coll ; (Olll ll blln ll. . (.itizpI , vl f'ir stc 'ih ir fJaratti i ute t' !; (ttlc. g . .irl e ifie cil , i. +ill - --li NC ' lt iit i it Itri . .il..i , us citi . e. it e i CiANALS ll etl RAIL. lAI)S-lal of tiec UIitet suit cailaiuoor Inadita mi whirh ate given tihe lislicetet inl miles fom one Iiace ti a0t0e1i)'; also, ithe ceuraeritid rite acilds aod -rit ui tit iht thrcugoutthe eiUitlrv, ctarles lilly eomliled froini the ItS11 aiortaitities, bh S Aiigunsttt Mitchell, 1831: poltitcl Cluhstituttan of tile free soitc of eitihuil nlnl Texas. aýl a ol''Tuxa, with 1ma'ats nf tli Iell tiileig statues by S I' AItati, edl. 18.315. A Mapif 'l'exas, by Mtiiti H ]u.e 'r t c-. I1 i. Just acecivell fitit fer t.lie hI WM M'KIRAN,' o02 center cnap and ommlo nt sitr. N h, IV pUBIIi.A 'ION'S. T IFE ioniaol, or the Day and Ni-lit scenes et . Jerrv I ttivtaorn, Eaqu aill Cot'riltblnt Ilctit, anih comldnliOd by Bob Logic, the Oxcliiiti, in tlnir rdmableA and sprees tihreilgh tte Sletropoisi; by Pterce Egan; ill 2 vols. Vivian (irey,c Novel, hylPtsriaclii comlalctihr i1 vol. -,The Yoting Duke,t na'vel; byh tile Anllnr of it ilai Grey, anniletein 1 vol. The Hlntorit, Etdited by TtheIltitd Iltiook authetr of Gilbert Gurney. Just cceivel aindI Ifir sale lit tile co.ner ofCdulp id Catlntii streets, by WVin McKEAN. l lJ l,~t; ltOXliUXli-Loaded Peoln) slp Natchez .-fnn -e - Yr, -an ,,,,.,-,1-1 to lhve been taken hrnln thle Icnver in ltalllhstti tlw ipSrc i.aenicilrkehd I" S, will be tlulcakfllly recived hlei J D+ IIEIN &A C(illltt. iii) tUI Ctnllnllt n i triea .. ...i V l ulI.lcArIONS. Tales of my Noigibhorhoodl by the duthnr of "The Cllcgiansti" in 2 vls.e Agne fMcrle, b he authuorio "I he liiiress?' in two Elements of Itlernatianal Law, with a Sketen of the History oftheSciene, by Henry Wheaten, L. i.. 0. A Piaetral Treatie on Locomlotive Engies upon Rnil Wnys; wio;k intended to show the tenontruetiou, the node ef acting, and the effect of thoece engiotes in, conveying heavy loads to givethel ieueas of ni:ertain leg, o n no ripeeteit ol the load, and theresult: it iill pjteluc utnder varioes cireeomstnoce , and in different Io enlities; to deterlnife tle quAnetity of fuel ind water it will reqitire to fix the proportions which ought to he adloted in ihe itistruetiot of en cngiqe, "o nmlte nte swer any intoeded purptose, ete.: with practican l tllee, giving at nttie i e irsus of tlte I Cnnuloc, foinlded epeu n grenoamuny nei axporients, ede on a large setrle, in a daily practice on tle l1iverpodl and Mnelhestcr Railway, with tony diferent engmcs ntd coesidertle trains ofcarriog , to whielh i adldedl n appendix, sonw wlng tire exlense of conveying goods by Iocomotive oaigmes on rftl roads, by Chrcv.F LI i de Patitbnt r. Justreeeiistad andftrsnale by WM M'KEAN, el3 Crterof Citmp ntid Comonindi etreeec. L ATE PUBLICATIONS-PPAUL Pti'n JettaiN it Sa residence ot .ittle Pedlingtoni Ceornie, or Italy; by Madam de Steel; Hdolstiean, translated for thie I.ibrary of Standard Novens; The l'o etinal Passageos, by L E I.. Ameriecan edition, with nt menrteus corretions: in 2 vole. DRatiK' ANti) HAt.LEca' Poxed-'tt-iiW eitilon: ei wleonds or Joit DnRYoEN-in IversIe nod preie, Sith a lifi: by ley I Mitford: new edition, complete in me Juet received andl or sale blty 12W McKEAN, er Caump a1t lClllnl)ie si I-ES- i -L I) MI-A'I--Th s-ubserit-[ have received hora London a few cotos preserved .cltcts in ealhjistor, it very fine nart: le, ieticlteloarly oaliptedl fo the cenutry, or fr tr.evmlling, chi.. they olfe r for saCle low. LEPPhI'bIS & CO. low. 21 Illenvill street iIEtIS U5 CINiIINNA'1'cliheo un tho SFranklin Bank, Cincntai; tir sale by . FOKeoE, BRO'n'IIEIn, , 11r31 65 Canlp street. ?,lA tl Missislpi r ad Arkansaus Money, for' snle by LAWRENCE & IEGItNI)RI.. &Ttl ISl(IE.'-92 hbll W liieH a; for ole Iby "je , Gravii.r street. r Lll.-A very pleasant and t eel Sari er i Risidlnetc,tt ,he corner of Aneincintion end Mtrket streets, with iI beautiful pi.Lefrn stable and earringe house, cistern and other colti.nges, m'ty be entored iupon imttdinatelt and will be"et on very to-e. dorste teSne, tOl a gid tenant till elt Noveniider, after which it eon be leasede n a fair ent. Aplly to UItil. THO Plit.II r CI). JoiL PlA$aip street. tiVhjN i) OUI( Tl" 8 sUlf- x lorv t iit Sier ir plnttid, aei'. st bathes litet deer litiln uit mnplete: juttreccitel per sti;li,'e ogeu,,.u and rr .t, n4 53Olll.eioe. ,,n; "z4 - bHIPPING. or Europe. PLOR LONDON--Pasage only The A l and flstt sailirag hbartjar NIM RI)D, Captain Pattertnan, will inet Vith harflmnedinta deatpateh. Far pat.r. e lyi, li inig Ihead; In some necoaimlodatians, ripply itEV AE LEVI Il CA\.E; jy12 :. l canninon street. FOIL I.,IlNDONl." Thi A I Rlppered an lopper fa'ltRneDd shitp St JAt u , hlaving p~nt an her cargo engaged, a ill have iarreditate rlespatcl. Far K freight s. 1'n,rasre, having cutu.ra lin rand well fTr nilhed cubiri, apply lie board, at Orletans Press, or to S J I'. WVHITNI'Y, jy T i It Coli street. N .... full LIV)NiPON: ThieA 1 aild rfast sailing ship GRAND A TUIK, T(:ptain Tllhonaran , yill arceiver de atlt: For freight of 101 bales calltton, or paisn.e, nraing Ihaadan I rbeEoemodlritions foar or 4 paasse ers, apply to LEVI 1i GALE,; jeh9 t:i (t l onimMn streCeI. FORL NAN'ItZ. The A I opperted and copper feltrnl I brig n. U.' ANN9AH: Captain Bright, avin fll cargo engaged Lr f lthe ave port, at will meet witit dcesartc. Ftr pansrge, hraing hantd-n asmeu In rcwnmundat.ons, applyt L j w trNFeY t je29 il& 3 Pw i Je----0 . A.W FORL. ILA OW. -u 'The firat alaas shil IIEiRnEV. Captain Care, having full cargo etngaged for the aove S aport, will have qiek des rpatch. Fr parssage having handsome acommodntion, s, apply to ja'Ci9 S & J I' Witll TNEY. .FORK LIVERILPOUL. TnTIA 1 anti 'ast sailing ship FORMOSA, Cantait Tole, hnving thle granter part of Ler ea-'go engaged. will teceive imrmediate des patch. For freight of 3( balea cottonr, aplly to SLEVI.I GALtI.E, jy3 9i93 Common street. F)IlO LI VAd tIl'rO lx.. T rr A I capptred nd clpper fiatsleedT sli IiTAMNIN Ef I), aptlai Inrlard, having frll eargi egagao'l, will tare desputhi. IFor panaage lpaply to the CUtailton board, apposite Orleans Colltn 'ros, or to S J P WIITNE F-OR LI VERPttOI. S'he A I east nailing ship NORMANr IE, Captain ITyson, having the greater partt of er .L"'L'rrgo engaged, will have irtmrtedirt despatch: For freight of Jit0 eottao, or passage, llhaving hrnndslalU nccoaantadoationn, apply to ( LEVI II GALE, jalei 9:1 C(:oanl a stret: FOIL 1.1VEILtttl, . The A I ship RANCIES, Captain Jollanson, wir saeil piitively ais above. For passage, n ,having handsoamer oco odllltinoas for 4 carin and i srlterage n !ssaengerals,alply o I.EVl II GALE, . je9Ii 9:13 Common street. FOi. LIVEILPtOOl.. _ . The A I and fiat sailtna nipr SEI:NATOR, ltCaptntn Starty, having tilre grcaltet part of her caro engael, will rgceve mnaniateiate ri.'. prCll. For fireitit of Oil baler or passage, having hmanrtsme accattnludutiont , apply tor LEVI II GALE, j?5 Ii Commna street. F OiL IIVKRPOrl.-ltn . trdrnrv next. 'I'l, T asp )Ir'OEMIAILI(, Clptai I.aovett, will positively ri as nloee. Shie Ihas six t ,large furnished satate room lrdsrengagd, arnd Iat hlltatolnely r'atronlntodrttt six passengers. Apply toIn t Captaina , aeir Levaee Press or to ,je'l S. & J. P1'. WHIT'NEV. .FtjK LIVEILtPOOL. . 'rhe eA I ard lirst sqilinr lIrili thllip ,Clpt j thirr, will receive ihmediater desrtchd. '.i,r lregt or passage, havilg hlanlltolellle a,.etounoodalions, apply to jelt I. H GAIti:, 93 Ctommon, strteet. F1) 1.1 VEIVILP~t~l.. 't'ne 1 ashlrt (LUEEN AI)EI..IIIE. Capt neareall, wulrtd :3l1l tarie to fill iup. For frit V lif whichl, or passage,alrp'y to ielt & J I' WIII'I'NEV. OIL COlWi:S. l 'lThe first elar andt farst sailing ehip MONT PilI.IKtL, ('aptairt Teyan, will rerceive des patch. For Iassage. Iruait s Irartaemne no rrltdathlla apply ti I.. II. GAIlE, jell 93 C1 nrrtrrr street. aoiR IIAV.\NA. ,-' I te A I sPCleriI rrd fGet eailinge Irig I 'ItCarptair IRIawc, with full cartr o -r." ' ard, will sail with desaytch. For rri anre, haVing clr attts earin and Ant tlte rolm, ply r t rnptuinil ar loard; rrpIrsrte pret 13, 2,1 arrririlrlitr , r o'to S & J I' WIN I'aY. - The hl rrarr. CITIZE,\S, 'It 1V "Thorpe, trat , wil rertr irh rle'pnttrtt For )trra ,,r' aA .. . arrten ,', r .rVr l I I (r,1, Je 9:t Clo r or strtel.ltll ert. if\.`: \s BLIi;TV I.:1NI)-L'" :I 'lClr e+.eages "Texa III 'll9l adertili'rates filr * anlr, Irate t a Ilj 9 .1t) . l 9 IA.1111,\ r-r-I, '(I- t to IIt Vlt F. rTh- e ' 'l I at: l t i A *. "lr ilr." .r h I, "rel. FIr,, 1 ' a ,i t I'rI trI I iXV. . ll r 'i'+ i m dhut _ l_1. 9\I.. o li, l ar tr lai r h i.1>, , lt in'r r a.. ta r |'i l,. ll , t ,, l 1 .... I l... t. .. Ir : 't ' a i'r I=a . . n S; man ni ", n,. u'.1 t: I .I":VI It. ; .\ , I I Vt'" l V 11.. l'tt. .... -... .. a i- L I V .. . ...U art ja9t ___ Cuttttrtt m reet. - '" n I t t l d hi eli larrttr c h lil "II II, .. - l'- ,, ,wi.l l- & enl h rl e s r !, . iunli. 1, i t S i l. "31 ' . ol I lll anr a ont eti, Itrli'-d e ;.. sage, baying AnpeRi lrhwlttnto'ohl for Il0 it EIVI lII. GAILE, ýS I .l :3 IC'olliln l a treet. Coastwise . Flt NEW YORK. Seil oil Satuarriy 14th inat. . lThe A I r.hoonerCOI lNNE, MI Flinn, will sail on Saturday next, 14th tnst. For - freirlt if af deek 10l or r pr sage, (having aecro rrlrltirMt equal to tie packet ithips,) apply to the Captain on h'oard;o posite Jateo strt r to W BRYAN; Jylt .. 75 Comrmoan reet. -lt NIEW VOHK. Loiirlslan rand New York Line. To sail o I I Ih'l indt. The first class chip IHIENZI, Capt. Noeton will poeitively leave as above, for freight of 150 brlrs cottiot, or naag,,t, iaving sapriror - accenumodritrous, apply to tie Captuil altr lihaid; oppor ite te r t EIN & A COIEN, j l90i Co;onnn0a straret. F R ST M1ArKaS. t lire fLst sneling setir MOUNT MORIAH, . _ er ptraiu Inrwthorne. wilh tiii crareolengaged, I t' ill hrve decpatcli. E Fr paslana wtty to S & J P WIi I INP.., j3 Coati street. tR1K iI' rN. , tel [pt )c Dau, Iavingprart of ler cargo rer gaged, will meet with despatch. For freight or passage, apply dn litard or to STE'TSON & AyERY; jetb 88 Graller street: Tia eail poiitiiel this AdiV. b otlite fast aoilig topper lhstent ed chnonet .I' itRR, Bears, Mater, ene take tle irrik of reeledrll'rs, hriavin good aeellrrlllOllrtrtali l, apply to lirh Ctaorin ,m beard, tat PieayutAe P ier, or t E CIlASE & DIXEY, jl2 . ..Ii CuitmrhoUlrtae at: ' P)It I HAY. yN 1 S S . fi lt pperrd and crit tatiened fast . ltillu shit E e \'i. Gapfa il CtHik, Wt) Ihave ar isatcle tr tire abhet port. aor freight or rpaage irtavng rxrellent arserito datioici eliply to tie taerttrin a botid. b ,,, ritre trtI KrilrralE aer . jr ` - 8I tt8 urrvier streer. kThe fitt sailing sehr. RICIIARI TAYIOR C. {aptain Crohkel tavirg full cargo engaged, , will ave despath. l or p.ssage 1 .ply on h. boardposite poat No. ti , d Mr.rPT ITii.ER, j l. & J. P. WHIT0NEY. 'lererhina at all the tialerag Places on rhe Coarl. I, 'l'lr fite, low pressure, coppea .d . sramlatt GIRAFFE, Jeoaplh wi let mwister, will leave the lake end a t eoa-rol d on Satuerdy mrorrring next; alter the arrival of tie t l'elita.k rrs. jil FOK TAtIMPA RAY. Tire fadt sailiRg irrie, SAMUEI, & JOHN, Captain I'erkisr will trito-morrw nighti. For freighlrt or Ta4ssge, apply to S.J J I r WI'I'NEY, jyf" 8 Corti strree. For S 'ale, Freight or Charter. . '-"FOR S, LI.- I" .I.t T-I' OR CIIAR-.TEI. rThe A a copper sad eolrpr fastened brig I .EMMA, Captaini Btrea, 2li toea blrhien, is -ready to receive cargo, anl ann carry 500 hales cotton: For antems, freight or rlo, rpply glathe Captai:t er throard, or to IREAD & BARSTOW, je2I 617 (travier etret. r - OPE.--=- (C.oils; landirg rIroelsteaalerr Nw Albanv d n and tr sale Iby Lad WIAENCE. LEGENDRE, S je21 28 & 29 New Levee C OAP AND C OCO .--Landitg free brg er I ilessirngr and Aquiga, anhd. for .le by tire sub scribers--bi) iboxes No. 1, atrd laitatin No. I Seoap, branda of Jackesoa antn Truwbridge and Jamen G(ild; 24 cases steet ijpanist Chocolate. a" S I.\AC BKII)U'E & CO ju j,Tl' i.II.-ad ke e, larninrg froa steram I d tea but Luisville, for atle h Sl..htrEK & TRIER, je' 4 0 P'ydracratrc BUSINESS CARDS. PASHONADLE CLOTHZING 'tAYLOR & HADDEN, 1No.. 14- (t.hkiinire. Street HAVE aeontaint np sIly f every article pertauling to gietlemen's dreas, of tle latest style, at New York t.d . ,11 RILTCF(OUS METALLIC TEJTII. S PECIMENS bf these heaerilfil teeth,and the man Sler of setting theill,tmay he s,'en at the ollica of J. B. Ross sURGEON DEnfTtsT, No 41i Cotial sreet. These teeth never chutage colour, md .tre 11j atffy, and hi tafilfy cases, preferable to tlie nateral teeth. • S ,' Dr. ItR. will wait npoa laies .their resideloa th, roquclsed. ts .if al . . .A.PERtLOSSIER, len SERCHANT TAILOR, at ' 67 Commnll streer, EGS to inform the nublie that havino purchased from Messnr HOUt(H, SKEGGS & CO). liart of heir stock, he will continue tile business at their old starl, opposite Bipll.p's llotel, where he hopes to merit a slhae oftheir pratronnge. linoeIlas ntmle rrangement at the North to be seuplied monhlly with the hlatest tal mos fashionable goodas_ tar Id CLAY & CLARK, N noUis wno sHmP PLuaNRas, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANU:FACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Olosets, and Pumps G Of all description . WARM, COLD, AND 1HO WER BA TIHS Fixed on the most approved priaciples. MILI)ID LEAD, PIPES, Sec [I-Ordes ercecuted in any part of the Soothein States.. Dr. Robert F. lindoe. OFFICE taExcicri tlldsti. 6m CLAY &.+ LARIK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufadctrers, No. 102 PoI.dra street, K ECP on haml a oukallt supp ly of lend Pipe, K from 2 in. dialmeter down to 3-8 io. dinmeter, for ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING - ESTA BLISIM EN'I', No. 53, Magazine Street, (Opposite Iloniks' Arendu. WIILLI..iI GREENE, PROPRIETOR nre tnH. PARIER Commis.iion arnd Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEY.VEE, New O:W*1 , Feb. 2. rA JARVIS & ANDI)IrEWS WIIOLEisAIA AND RISTlAIL. IDEALEIIS IN mEIDICINR PAINTS, OILS, DY'I STU'F'S .AND WINDOI' GILASS, Corner of Cianlaonniand Tehoupitoalaa streets, NATHAN JAIRVIS. JOHN W. ANIIDREWS. A large apply of Gardenn eets, warranted thle growth of $137. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Noe. 61 aod ()3 WA'TIE STRET. ..IR uialersigaed, ihving ecoiblieed themealans in Miolsile for the p srpse atn trasrctis" the Artlion aud Commiassiont businessi in ts various branches, beg leave to ilorms tlheir frieclts and the poslia, tihat they are now pIrpared tol reeive eonsaernir.ents, and make liberal at vaaees oil te same, either for private or publlic sale. SOLtIMAN I. JfONES, ISIlAEL I. JON iS. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleaas. MIoile, Ftb 9, 13:18. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUE.L SLATER. ARnaHAM T'lRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwartlding & comaiU'itoti Merchants, No. 4)1 Poyrras S.Ieet, NI"W \V t) I: ,I 1.\NS. They will devote their prticel e attentiona to the sulo Ol esteurn Produce. Refereieeel. Xlbijal Iail, Iaq. liht Shill; Neiw Olens. \fevs~rs. l~ihu, l)aron & Co. l D 1 T 3114 \ &lVu". ) l Al.t 'i'llm -. New York. li, . ls illrts, ' Io . ELI eTONE. " t. ". -IcN . E &l).iT. SI'O5N . ,IlNIIrIIRS aOF Stills AND I5t.'15. .STORE,), A5S, Nise slter nce l l at estasa. B.A.L.L, 1, e & Co. Bt A. B" Mt:Ac1 . t Co. New Yolk. J. It P. IlOL at,mti Ci.tcti.ti O WI IGHt l SMil A I ' T I N. CO' w.a'Orl&.e . COlnUs 9. N. Alstctt, & Co.. Louisville, Ka A1I.t.lsSTVEiNs & Ca.- rs t LtNew Ta lo I. It. Roef, Alto, Ill. W. AIovatcthaow, Lioshvillc, Ill. J. I p P. P AlnaaIc Lt, Bayou attra, La. a OSt.OMON Ihtam. Newr DOloans. jeri 23 . . . __- = . . . I)IAI.eERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISHI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONasr.' STItEET. of INSUIItANCE COMPANY oF NtU V tIRLHANS. Tlhis Company are now prelpred to take / RIKrS AGAINST FIRM. No.24 .Musoni's luosiding, Canal street. E L 'ILACY, New Orleans, iMay 15,18'1. Secretdry. WILLIAM IRWIN Colnimgsion and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Lefet to Itayct & Ac.lun.; jRe . Lo i lii & i . New Orleans. I______ I b ROBERT CL,\NNON,. HOUSR ANDaSIGN PAINTER No. 1"- Camp street, 1\V'tesale Dealer in Paints, Oil; Varnishes, lBrushes, m:30 1\Vindow and Picture Glioss, N. Ac. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, SOW prtiiris t ttl i the Staoi oa City Courts. Cli N cots it ill find hin at tlte lerk's ottiee, U S Cl.'uit Court, in the Customl House building. jel A CAltD. NATHANIEL T'OWNSEIND having b l cated him self in New (rlrns toher 0o purene of transacting a eneratl'AgeoCY ayd ýololsllllsirlOll business, would re spetfllly socit from tile pilli: a staero of tller IpI trbnage. laing a house io 'Tecxs, heo ill uttend to the trans actinge of noy busiess that may be desired in thlnt country, and will ua rltee prolllt O lld YoUlesritted tr tirtun to all Itrsiners oetrusted to his charge, atd a laithfol applieatioa (in aoeo daece with.inatruetions) of all funds t(bt mvay col itito is bhands. Oltee ti Ne Elxctsong, on ravier store', oposite to Rev Mr Clapp's churchl, and adljasing Gbson s ,eodiog room, sigs of tbe Texioen Ctlsulatse. New Orleos, November 25,1837. IlReferences. Measrs lillyer, Bushb& Co. Nec Yore.: I ltrr WVI eosn. Atlorez Fisk, Natche o-,i.s: RM Stroih r Si Lo ts, ,\h. Johns 1' T r y.Lousisvdle, Ky. Dlr J',+ A St.e e, I: pksioville, Ky. m2g 6om (' LAIKET BoTLi'.- t ,- lcimrere i slrar. and tir I sale by T .HYDI & IIItROtHER, jOtti c Collloleas & lllMgazine eta. -s batrets Iosiu, lalldng )lnd for sale by 8 tCoti sheet O4 O .-250 boxersoap, varios lrals and dtperet size boxe ...f. . oy . We NST0L Jr SHALL, iACKEILL .--Itl kito 1(1)11r bbis. & kegs, for 11 ee by WINSTON & SItALL, e je22 7 Front Levee. : PEiRii CANI E. - Set veoty-five bores various brandst, for alte bINSTON& 11 AL . jo2" 7 Frbnt Levee. SJOlt2K 0 bhblsIets, 311 do Prine; l11i halt' bhs SSolt !ess 50 hblS P 0, 40 hibls Rumps, 40 hbla Shoulders; in store and for sale lbv jell LAYRT & AM.OiNG. £,OILDIALS-Cordiots fAFtlfrnt kinsr, fbrisale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, Sel2 eor.Cosnmon and Tehoupitonlao sts I - MB Its(tlAS&PARASLOLS= caser, en mris I g han assortment oMlentnta, (ancy silk, and gir ham Umlbrellas and Pn.seln, for sale by ISAAC IIRiTNJF. & CO. j'l2 13.4 lnegntse atreet. It.I.NtlS & OHIO FUNDS,for sale by .1 N . L''' TOWVNo END,` ,1 Exchuog. Ilotl iora i.r st. TRUE AlIERICAN OerBICZ I connectin with this Offic is a tl SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, " FOR THE PRIaNTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading r Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, ' Auction Bills, Bill Forms. Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every de.eriplion ofJob WVorli shnt may be required. F I[.'The proprietor respeltfully calls the attention of tile public It tlhe above Cardtl, all asslres them that all work intrusted to his care' shall be done t thle short est notice, in a style unlsrpassed in this pity, and at ithe lowest ratte FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 IMusson's Building, Je2 CANAL STREET'.st SE'I'TERS CONV ERISATIONS, CELLER & 0CO TIONS, ofS T Coleridge. KonillgStllarke or Oll 'r'imeo in tile New World; ie l6g Nea7 anod 8 of the Uniform Edition of tPalding's Works. Colton, on the Religions State roftle hCotntrv. Whnle Fishelry; Ibeieg Nost26 atd 2o7 of thle lilas an Girls Library. Juot received by J.l__2 CH4IANCROFT 14 Camp 1 - SACKS SAIl', landitl'. frioolt rig Smnmtell 5 U0 and Joitn, for tale by jet6 S & J P VWHITNEY. ORi('---011 btils in store, for sale by jeti Ii IteIS,' 44 New [.lvoe. 111l t, R-500 lhtle in tre; fr sale t r jell6 G IK,I(NYEV, 44New I .evee. FOLIO PO(ST. INETV/-.IX reans Folis l'ost paper, for sal e n Srenannaler marnm. Apply to JOHN GiBSON, nl9 Editor True Amelricaln. fCOfN Sil)Eo-19 ciso.s stoup e'r io inn i curetd, i- itl sore sltd ftr sale Iby G iORSEY, jelG 41 New Levee. - NE\ t lotoiotiv. I lIE Amoeriarn Denorllort. or hillts ll the social and civil relatious oof thel United States. Ily J. Fei lomre Cooooer. fhte Tw'vo Flirtei or, AdvPntures ill Coountry Iittler; anili otlhir tile,, by liadly Bleeoilogtotl, E i. lhnlwer, Mlls Norlton, 1tlry Corntwll, Mirs Gore, Captlai, ledwnin, alld othlllrs ill voei. 0 'Ite tiver ta tile IDesert, ly liss Palrdo., nuthor of thie City of theo Sultan. 'I'Tint llsket iof .elllthe Gi(t of ian Uncle nlid Aunt with fine woltld engrevinl Ilv Antlerasoln. JIltt received ltntl Ietr salr lty WVMl MeKE.AN, jeolft cr UCm1l nil (Olllln eit:_. XC- INI.iE U).\* INTUCE--Certilicotes SDeposit of the Illnlk of Kelntucky at Louisville; for aitleb t i.AWRENCEI& IEGEN'tIN , jelfi 28 and 2NNew Itevte. })ItlK-2I5 bbis Mless "ult I'lrioe Al U alid P O Pork, for stile low biy LAWRE(r r A NCE &i IEGENDIIRE, jli '28 nn*l 79 New, I.ewee. Sl.litg ygiog, lIoidint t'rtot .. h. Cu hinCortli folr ole Iby LAWVRENCE & LE(IENODIE, jel( 208 antl 29 New Levee. | .t l.lf-IO2l bbli, landling fromi sletillll t Eat 1 " ,for hal by G DiliSEY, jtlie 41 New .Leverr. Fi-llmmEY-1ttt bille r.eli led WVhiskev, or sale joy tOI.MI.ES & MI1.1e.t, - j .et . . .k akn lley. I.W TEl'FEI 'iN -U0"1',.i-- 0 k,.ge itt store, ftr sttle r by S Ri.A''E. & 'liiER, je.I " 40 i'oydras street. )PORK.i-4l bble Mess 1M O, lrneamlOe soft. PIrime just inspected, ftr sale by G. DtS01K1Y, je25 44 New Lev'ee. AiiD- 1779 keg lefLafirld 1of snperior T11ltv, B landing Irolll stembllllat Monarch, for saule Ily I.AlE'T & AMI I.U1G, jr fl 17 C.on erlrv siPtreet. teiritsl' Ot' tl Book. ,111'E PIRATO'ES' OWN 110OK,or uthoe hticnar . i ralives of the lives, exploits, and eceuttliOls kit file most celelrated Sat ilolitRleri, hi ltortal ketlll.lo f oi te (lCumttnoee, Spauish, Ladlroe, W\est Indiot . Alllh ., aOin Algere te 'irato', in I vol., jo si recoiveld, ld lior sale hy W1M. i'KE.N, .tje.t ll' ('a llr p & Collnllionll siees rIII IL IC; Y- 10f hbls Itcthihrl, tin .r', or sa by t(1 D1) E'Y, je' k .4 N"_ l.___e I l l I .\N <-till blis in ,torve hr toh I EY, e; 44 New Il.v,.. illool to lfh o by 'T It liI I'l &1. f00 i..\ ' 1.11:1)--610 "egs best ,ni v, ill so ltr :Fhr by ti I ItIfoo ' . - i .\ ill°l" It \/I.'v-- Ihet Oil ill iIIn , also ennvl ne'ii ll | '. e in biId< illsa Irhols, exllr'."sly ta liliiaily uLse "ijst iuolit and itr O.. . ,Td bv jlla2 17 ('iuII erce stt eet. ' ININN.lN+FTI 1i.11'1C--b;7 lhhlO Ilnmn, .Sh-ill ) ders and Siles, of sperit'r quality, lauling from st ialesr 'hb ncellohr, 'lrit Il' Iy je4 1tto t 1 I t .on1 h s t t ,.t P'i .ss lerion d el1toote tl t ol next mntlh, the two Se oey dwelling hole nljoiniig the iew Mte l thotdist Chu, ch onll Poyra streetl; ioccupied p eoent by lut Rogers. Alo, 3 tllnall teellmlellits on Gire'd rtrr, a few doors otn larunne st. Apply to I(0YIE Al IA' , etl7 .3 Cnoroolelet strpeet. to ERi} 0 -1o-9t casks AtoV ..ler ..l t. uil, blct'eh e rd, for tate by ISAAC 1ILIlli.I: & Ct). jell 131 lagnzine street. .IIISKE~Y---77 lblda Whiset heulltiug froml thle Srsteamboat Merrimack, ttor sait n Iy joal I.AI'ET & AMIEI.UNG. ARI)-i-410 kegs prime I.rtd, in ett re.for sale by L jeA2 E'AYET & AIMEI.UNG. LORK--3111 blles prime Pork, tllldig fron stealil onat Emtperor, ior sale by mn38 LAYET & AIEI.UN(:. mill SI..'I'rEI, & 1'Tl11' ., 410 loytlras ts. i ,AIA -A W IN l:-- S w e et a n d -i ry M a la g -a W ir e , L, n o or caoks loid idialu bitls, etitled to deotmlllr, for soile by REAL) & ll'AiSO\oW, 67 Graoier streel. JOHN HOE', gaddh.' laoaoss and T'roaaih Manatotenere and lnr nietoer q/0IHititar Equipmert ofvery rdscriprlw. No 8' lPcunourl TULAs STREET. H II lING in employ several Militarv yrnrkmon, t re ih ready to exeute work ill reasonable terms Merchantsa and Pedlmirs' IPaitng'1'runks of ooery iIs Icripti ttts tatlvt Ia o band. Ip 1.- 44 11h aee. UR M11'.IILLO IS c0arnaittill', ot Itlateoi'lmptent, I ot cumbined. (Ins Inns cat erind 2ti or 30 heIsels of sntel ipr ditem with thene .ils, Iand they can be mt taoreed tuonoottolfinii, and are patricunrlycalctulatead for planteIr'snue. ApplIytt~n1 Li I0 rIl , 4, 111.0N lisrrcr ntl~i 82 J tin street. U CNDS\I' 1'U IF-tt li(11 usklia uI I .,ui dn t ats L B rma'n Sltun, for sale by HOLMESI. &M lIILSL 0.15 lank Alluy. ý) LOUteI it-:I Piiitlhtrh liss I'Ioiuliia stor 911 1 t II a (i( Y tl i: I~ 1' f. 5 ioOCliE C :h a 17 _:'_ld Ledvue streLt: , tAtCtU t.. Itt P ilT ps Bit giitjtI1tcsils lispo, laIsailag frota srtih'ldt.i Cti~t~tietT.for ll by LAYE'I' 4. ADIEI.UNG,, ni23 17 Cn'a IIIeree stre.\ I :TLI)OWhi1(I I U'4EttIbl.3 11110 diet at YjytiHtow pine pahnkU, sal eli ra l1) & BIAIOSTO9V. s hi267G (s'ittir striet. W HldKBY- 11 0bbls in rtore, hr psle bay 5p00 (IICl. IA)E,44 New lea-ca W TEAN -$50b11 goad hbri'cit pa er, ILA'S *5Ofl gadh toito s'jerIjl 41ll4sydrat mt. YT 1L\ll PINY, IUD UtElfo0l tolSI 81100 foot flboring toards, 114 inch; 3111,1(0 foet inch tsank; for sale by REAl) 10 BAR0'IOW; m15t67 G 1 ratIirrcet. DiýjRK Flort, Whitcskyutt Itird-itOS bids imep J1 nritte, tlear, rtttmtp ant shoulllcr Pork; 20l )hita IFitr; 2011 do 51hittby,reatilied and estiaatll1000 lIegs leaflirdr in store, hr sale by m'_3 AYET&AMIELUNG 1A 1I .I 'ING-t0I bales Spanislh )tnttiitetia.rnote ly LlhsAl & liArl"l0't, in23 61 (irisemr atrort. " I111 8YL( ItUI '-5(i byesaaei'rnriar mon Sr.tit I fr eurile bt y !REAID 10 llAltnTJW, ti7 l:t riuvier st trt. 3JOkK-tIOl bidts Moesa ard U bib, Ikl ils prim ID t Iapurpcted lturk, for sl,,s IO. .WAI{ESCM 8 LEJENBIRIE, 1a21 211 ra'51Q oLsveb. HiSKEY =?49ht1lorceilied landit gfroratsstai It er Sprrdleadid,flitsbtW 41 D td I41 (& d I .1 e. tO IIERCHHNTS. ty ))I ECHAISNIS ensn balio a beautiful Eirvtlner atonyb iVJ off at two bodrs notice, by culling at tle Orleuna Lithamraphic Utllices,) i1ag~aste attl troppoastt@10.ti jjACRE EL-5 diatfbbl- 1Na 2 Siasbetol, fat sate b IREAD & Y ARTSiW, t67 Grseer strert. - ACON-Il nalaas prtune bacon sides, reelived ptr B athsomor Istibr Weitr, fore laoe bya LAW I~NU1 & JlEGECDR atr aIel I& IONc~e il am LXMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. r - i. BOX'ES Lemon Syrup; 145'boxes anorted 1.(_ 0 Pickles, in quart, twoa qiuart lnid gllon lt- si ties, from tile munaatcrory of atWia UIjalerwoud, and tit l.ewir k Haukell, of Bontoln; landing from brig Tullrey IP raend nd sLip CharlcastnfUrAil s Dole I at m t i JAI8VIS & ANDKRi WS, 1m11 rr Conaunrn and Tlehapitoleas to. FISId''lI'IM TAVr LS IN F.lU ttort. ri r IRAV.IL.S on rhe Contilent of E;ropC, viz: in Eng I l Ianl, Irelandc France, Italy. Switzerulad,Elermnl hl ny, tle Netlhorlands. By \VYm FisLk, l) I, Presilent, oaf tler \VeSleyu Ua nc µl 'ity at MidadotlehA, n: il " volttaewl h e:lgrdvings. Ju.t rceive . A .. \V,\1:lier ar.Canlp nnd Comoln, sta. A 1I, Noticet ftr 'lcaxes o- oti ler chcrgs relttive tc i. the rolpertv of the srlscriler, anlt ted in the) DPhdIurg. I.acrose, or in tie' Parish of Jcfli rson, may I bielte t cIaoCT ItOR Da 's coulniog lllSc, ohero l hv oil will-be atteledrl io. JOHN SI. I\VIID. sit je`3-3t-I pw U U A0 \(Ll, C-COA-lli i bui,, l lr rcle y % k. j hding rn brig A E. 'lIr ale by t J. i .tlE l,, jeg, ;.,. ._mp treet. J J AilN.n&r I&t)PE-1:t pe Ken.cucky Ilaging, ts and 1I Coils Riope; also a small lot fil'7 id, i store a, d fir sa!p by J I) ANII.Ie, Jeill n r 59 CaieIrl street. TAiuacNAC-2iKt bouer l'td 4 eei,' p ai mloliti t c S'oblaceo Leathler's mlacl,) il tore acndltIr slc bJ I).ANI ELI, .i quality, laeding flrn blirqe Iletnry, fr rSle ry u ic jci " T'FlTSON &' AVERIY. ac. A f f Pci.clec's Altnaek amtc a Ccc crlhkett's ttllct- di nucks, fiolr salev Ay )AVII) FEI.T & Co., I New York StAuioor's Hall, i41. ' 1 Clhartres tre et. Ni m triXAdS 'UNIJIO) CEIPT'IFIC.XITEi acd Audi I tor's lDraft , on Ir l'r .enurr, woterd b N A'TH'Io. '1O VNSENI), jel3 Exhaltne Hlotel, Grivie'r st. 7 F EXAS HOIIUN'I'Y LA N WEDlel 1 .l. NA'I'l'L '')WNS'END, t jetl F.xeblnlc lcieel,Graivlir street. er FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY It (OF NEW ORLEANS. N' OTICE is hereby given, that the books of stlscrip I tion folr tile rte'aciuiu shares of thie capitil strck : ly order of the Board of lIin cuors. . E IT'.aCY, June II, (,33.C. Sreriatnrvo FRED. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, OPFERS his services to file public i. tihe depart me Its oi Surveiing and Civil Engineering, bothiii illn iIwll alnd olt litriiy. Frocnlllccsicideral cae exerilce i hI; pri' n, ll proio roreio, nc y es ii nic ldelit is Ite Ie axecit aict of biness entruated' to ilei, bie hcc's to miert rinl :cceive ri oslcnc of puhlic: putrolccc . IFle ill also il'.ilre a dlll ctlrclctt til i Oilltellcti oI f wai ls andu l excnvlations. Odice No 8 Cihartres street, secoln story SINSoclI, I)ll., in Ciask id illc bii ls, arr.nted 4L pure article, fle sll wlleitale unit retail, by - JALVIS & ANDLRE\m,, Medicine, Paints & Oil D)ealers, jel r Corner of Comnmn &c Tchtoulithnis_.. I RiLo\VN SilElTTtI'iiSt--i-lTlll a,1 rdts-lI Brow Sheetings. laldlilig fiom ship Chc rokee, aitlable libr the lrexican market or City trad., tar ralle, by S'I'E'i'ON c& AVERY. jells II Grviers areet. . SPl.. I .I CANILI;,', 0il, &c. If00 BOXES New elbrd S.....r.. C.ndles; 2e 3) casks New Bedford Wintecr Oil; 13 casks Rooling Zinc; 6bo blrc hoWIi Ocar SuII arllcgclt, 11 colils Ball ll.Rope; 3II pireces Ilagging; (i caslks Black Irtlld Crucibles; 3li casks Paper IIanginh ; . 50 baskets ChlmcclFtr WVile. For sale by JOSEPI'l C )CKAYNE Je3 25 Gravier street. "ES''ElIN IUT'"I'ER-13iL kers, lero ived per Sstenaier Vaullill, fronI dSpringfcld, Illinois, a superior alticle, for sale, Tby * dLA'I'Er & 'I'RIER, jel8 4(1 PoydI' r street. (t)RlK--uln,c, c oit lcIisisaid nlI' l , l)r sale by Sjet 1it)IL't1', ,4II New l.evee. S I'El11 011., C,\ANDLES, &..-311 casks New lht:c l turd Winitr Oil; 21dl boxe, li dlo Spermi Candles '(l cae.s reoollin c%/I11n lllp boxes Il.tsio Mould (laldles :11i1) lcets lBraziers' CIIiopper. i stolle, ill sale byI ap90 23 (;ravier slrotr. -iAF LAIrIId200 kegs it. sIIre, fit.- vy Sl DI)SV 41 Now .ev.Ii lii i 'Ilh ,liN III.I 1' 1,55. eIII. ' li 'ilL• I.e -l il e r .ll cc ci i il cc.i - o .C ei Unla d Ilh ;,e , ,r t in ell hy .deh C n llhail, uni or o f Skeltc eloill I is 'h C , rne'ler,-l' The lcnca ,cer, . in t-ravills I b i i i.rlll c I. ccc.'o'T \Ith eral o c low'ers. F·i ndes' s View ' of l' I an ti tll blid rs of G reat llri I'ira'ili (:us, or the Tl'reasourc oIf the Pare rrI ; 19 ii tltrws: ill pu s iltll i t,o.iI v I' l .olciica Cii 'h'..ulher autu' of'he .~~oo m,.e c or natlreie. J A hI n arv of Termu uted iI Greeia, loman. It lianl liGobic A\Hchir cl. rr; Ite secoed .dthido, en bAddoek's l, trgi lee.' loPkc! l lbl'k foritle y al r II3.; with an Almaine; Iy lienry Ahihlck, Civil ci-einer. no' irk, I. Lord I-Hon, with on illntrodll try essay, n 1id I IIic eiw ic ,liat n , (om i leti iull i o Y OI. reltorliloI of Ciharles II. to thic tel-ity oi' lpewc:e at liri'cht, in the reign of i ltees Annile. A new edtctlon, with historiea and bigrap'l iht notes; complete in on0 volmilce. Justl received altil liar note Iy \'"'1 M3KEA N, it'll -cr Capat) Ccior.ltlucl sts. s 1EX.A, ,ONF.. IEY--I' r lo a Rby .. 'T It II'E & BI}RPil11;R,; je97 c.1ore Cnlton d& Migazine. Sile bly S I'ET'SON & AVItI.V; je ,7 3 3 (; i re s tree nl.IUlt & PO lcK.-Still ll bhi. ilcr, 51111 bis cleai I_ Alles M.O., Prime P. 0;, RuITpshi K hodldertas hi atore, and flr siae by je ct3 I ,A t E '' ch A ,M FI .'I l. I'H..KEY.-300 bil s nItild (I ,,illei c b S.for sale by 1.. I)(11 i'iSE, je22 4 New cI.riee. .l)tlltK.--sl0 Ibcle. of all qnilitles. is.i inlpiected ano d will be sold Ibelow the lUltlliaollc, hV it.l, lOIdSIt', je?2 41 New Levee. IrUTTEE--I) kegs f.olh wesaern bulter', Cort i 1, )p1 J''IlIAtER &CO. F LOUR-400 IIbIs in at,, to, fir stlrile y plog Ai Nli If S eveI . FRANKLIN INFIRMARY rCIIE~ pu~blic ree reecfirlly tlitete d 1h1 this incl t tttilln iv erected of the m osIOt improv~l)ed pbill, andd in an airy and "lost sllrirahic ritllnfiml, in the1 lhtlllurl + Ferunhlit, opon tie r'ilrotld, Utneile 'tom die 7lieOv s pPI" 1'1w hitililitte is Inrge nod iooteeeine ilitiely diVim4. Cintie pntmieiti its iar keep",; sepra.wth ,Iil'cei'it ilaowoi., nod d herein diseases. l dl~~l(Lb dl~~Tl~ T'he insitiitution is suppied tvtll tilhe nowt sklfol Itil attentlive nude and tonu noutons, tind speaieking tife rn rii-s oedi llaaIcItIl.l . Jars per day,?P including ll: attcadanrr·L, &r..· 'Pnsin the or' liry wt.ordle tdiillitrs per dtiy. Slavoes t otu two tllliit'r. Swttil PaI itn the uitiittry wordt, fivi iluilur. All calitni tuergiucl npleratrii tittre. The rsiderniot thitoi'ii is Di Weilultittit, applitittint Ciii or il issiei twit.1wn io t de. tir to 1r C A LAit I Aitht-i No 17 I hu'art street. D I IhT, J C. 'f-'10'0"" . '" SEI'I: ,2(: 44 Neiw I.i'iet. %'1UftPEi'A 10 tblili w etire,pwd lin-ului I--l---J ~ lIltE & i, 1 1e1 G Corne r 'R CoY, mi o.wtgtgno. it IEGOt'lii re f ipre o ricetivte arillieiieii, it ItitiY lie yh d tit'etl t r iejuteut part uf lthir leiirite outrs dluring; tihe tliiitttu in acquiring the Frelih; Stptnitl, or EIngllelh I~tInalmogv Lcclit et.leitit till hate it separate hounr, frnal 4 in Ito'clock.,'. w,. N. II.'Irittliiti tiitnde i tis twitl. blfci', 67 Clhdr ire- tid 4 Illedtller strect:; Ilr: NATURAL1Sifis 4B N HOOIKt-(:npeinitg T dr; F ricnllienl and mtutle slc t-naldot hi of FrFtadr op rile- set'eienuitclut' urrttturtl tiiitttllui fiti the vvefetit of Clouvrt tot ihe nittlltwt oif thId "i1litng Aliti'e Oli't HBuk! '1.4 NAJ CA:1'UR A i'IORl' OF LtNS7Fh'I'i-ht twtot vtluittwi.ol2,foirnltttg no; 74 of the L"ottily ii btngv". A igeeti of llse t.Aw tO it' ttiiiICt It CRttiYfti. a ItEt -by Rainyr\ Roscoe, Esq. with noes a nd re1 Ilernnlces to Ameorican dlecision; aond to the English cl CI)IIIIu low andI eweleoitistictl reprtw Isv bytGeorge Selti'iiwihd. Ott IttIOtIuttdS dt DtotKEii ii( theC t..tttat'.-litlttI of Iio the tuutmtpariton ttif tlteir plhyosical tii genturl sigh ei by W W Uerrltund, Al D.· PRINCIPLESa OF PAHOLO(GY, AND PRACT.ICE OF Pnivua-Ihv' John llhletkiutttk, t I., frem tielu Ite Loti' Jan ediiio'iit tiutciti' udditdiois, by buniittie (;eo. Mottett, Al 1), it2 vol'a. Tutu ..ttt:1tettN (.uAR*tRtI.Y ltteRtto-No 36 for Detw.bereet3i3. JIut reIceivetl iId..? ftii't iu'ite'b f112 Wlii JtIeKhAN etiriw'itifCull'o InId Cm. d LEAI Lil.ARII-42J kegit talf lat.? I n'iiiiig liott sleambunlu t Grrneert i'nynel, for esnlr, b I A'Iml' I& AilitI.UNtI, () A't IN elI tUI4:St3 lilts h'i.'m.i i" fon B st"'Amlmoilt 1.5rral W t'iay Cr s+ll l" bi i..1iŽl L et1L iteec jy'? 17 Cmamtrcc ste rreet. //'l'Il'lbeiie''I' littli ' -i tý' ilt Ri nsiiu, o italuutdlOt 14tw l liiifug it ti'erutlltiiii Il.',le hi it T 1( 11111Iii & klhAttI'FEIhh ,a 32 or Commolmn & Rlnanbeint~ trrent. ULif UR, WIIIBKIIY. 'OrKll Jti E & P-Il 141! bla PP superfine nod 133~ do fin' Hamra I MsNls cuimino .ot. 46 hbla relltfitd whiokei 71 7 li utitit andil 5Ihbl. ýr prime pork; l6htle plrnt beatithe argittl Of a flat boat tor oal lo0W, to hiec, by lile 17 C.iuetioety .tract N1EW MUSIC-She aoe a reath nof oe; en 1 Tree; Leok forth my f.ireee; Thiwesar Spirit; Come ;ing your Ireti, "lTe eaith this night; List tlie 1Iv lt the G(tndolie, The lady leanvr the btnqniet hall; *N poIletira nllhlght review. JoIRt receiveI and a fo.ale g at to CASEY'S, an;21 Pianofirtee an lrie Itre I- VING.S N\EW WvOItK &.. cv HlFI ROCKUY d"IOUN'T'AIN--Or vel.-e, icliletle A - in advenltures in "thle F.r Weti"' direcled from d he p Utnin it I, l ltoniervtlle, ' te tof l oitei..ataee, atld i l S'Y-lty tie Countesr ,- I4. et.m, in 2 vcoi. Juet rm :ived tsIl lter sale by \V .i AII eIIANI T f . II. , uill. , pli n , tli , ink,.tlii-l, wmaife eiilali I t . t liy, illdiu rlbber, lileck c i.el, litoinL'a.ndl ever, itlter artlile itiiLfll i tl el i ti" thiel' - ri I I (b lit (.O(- In stlrlily eI htndILald andlint n . b y DAVID FIT I:r&('i. allt N V Stltillt rs' Ihill, :3l (:htllll' -t. 1IT1': II ,V.NA SUlilIt-15 bols IolingI Iron 8chr 'l'exns. for sille bv mac 23 I,A'T'KIt , 'r I',1I, 40 l'P<dm+ Pt ril',;X.:.3 ' it)N.EY--lllB,1'l 'l',ts-I-.- +, '+ t' ahbi - by "1' It llH 'liI' do 1110B ' 1'111, t , rlmayv l ;39 ICommon. c r. ,lenzin st + Utsilk--i thlha i e, r .ale Ivby , m . ~ . INRI. , l. 44NHclre. **4URNITURE-''Ihesub roribers hnve reeived rer i d.ship Shpktpear lllfollown" apluendld new ir.., gantiy lifurnitre, whichl tlhy otilr fr sal ofilher II Mlnhoganv Romkingehairs, plain and elerved lircltlh, bhle, scarlet lnd purlie plualsh seire t vella ihv worsted dunlnsk scats I2 Mlhoganv french pnrlslo chains with dliamask Ihair sent, 24 do do ldo plaih 12aod do dor do crimson wortedlduts, Ii to G(reciian doe hilnr eloth,L2 io Friel Iur*r er liaw MBfltmn M oer' do tltii ehaltns I lair enatelhe ,I veret stand AldnT New iYrk lolke aolj pererle tlv tre iIIINHArt & ,t - EA-ti. STREET RIl-v UtE. CINCI.lNNTI. New Arrmngemeaa . TrHIS extensive ald well kitriiown etnhli+hllentt IL (citrner ofP'earl niit \Wid'tlllll(st lartl) lltVilt )eCten liased lhy th lleibeeeitr, rte takes pleaallr ill l nr iniu tohe nlit that the woele interior of the a lul olll hinl i n refittedi llld eptiemle-the rioanlewln flriished, painhril al ellurolled--r-nl that t ia anow ih eoniple. rilder ire the 'ietlciont ot, ne l' .ruler. Tl'e srtistereit berin filly aware i :the greet ldesire ofthe citizll e tiariaeil ai ltet tine lIllh ilST RATE il(l'ESl, it the it , Il noit Ilite fir, nor will lIe.i are eiiher latbor or expe nsetiie , ot biri. ittlnret dnesnid ertldhi. llist ialde so allinsarib lv Ie uillidled ill ev" erv varieti, ililt the est the I ltrket iilliria--hid IIr iili Ahed witl tihe chl iellh t witIns inll llors-i sac(ill.oe alrtineni kellt neat awl cdean--nil piryo, tl aervntnl will tt ell timlieeh li i witiiglto give ilrolellt attenil, 8 to the want . of hi llJtivllere. lie is ltitinlarly well iovYied lie the netlrnom ln-I tl lionaf ,'tuilhie,n hli nnsecnieh a large nulmber f' l'.rhlotrc, with lied runnl .ttnched: lie will Ilave ieeriaies Rnld IIoriresit iall lihnitn ltn cel dlinel.s t cohiivrv Ils lonrderel itreltotllrtm ,,lt n their tri 5ival and dirparlrelfee ifr'erpetse, to nilfrroiti Steuln ind anenl lRomts. ilel lopeea tilt TrIIveleler lllta others will gie him a call alnd iudglfhbli i ilctniodalitons fotr alhelnelver, a -l is t1 he i ot1 lv i ni lil il lit p w hici h the eritr ls of ri s l avhthliailiittnelil ell tile ulitielteltoeilv teltel. G ORII ET all IhER F.RGE. Ciheinnnti, April st. 1 R37-tf. a2l X CrIANIIE OiI Pilallderlllhri alnd New York , T J Clrke, &e. ti ar t lle by IAIRE'NCi: & I.OIIEN.I)RE jel "l8 tild T Necw l .e i SA (:O.N--e te-ti-ks 1iinciai Cieured l . retor,. tie l) sile, by G. IIOISY, jolt " - i~it , New leveer. S je8.lll (i.11)O21.'s , i4 New Levee. IE i.A 1..-Ril--sial ke., in line sltiluiitg" order. tI a; le ilb G, Ii' aErYl , jelt i 41 New levee. iIACEER MLN I.h4llm, k,,. 2 874 thit. tmekeral, not., e1, ii: 511 htllll nrreli mnektrel,-tlltc I ind"ti" I11 etuaks ofllihe, N 0 tanlldlel nay, 51810 feet htel er, R. hll Aufre, brig Rliialdi tt fir snle,lh +77 ''i E'luO(IN AVER I O. NEW A14'1' S'TORIE. TUS' receeriNd llerll errivald fretl New Yolk, Ji ft'ireih and illlhilnllle alsrterltent i f IIA'ell . T'ihe u sni -rliriher trvllli pnrtienlerlyv t-ll tlhe ilterliot ,f the Illnhli ti n e.lte tof IrPnire !ailtl l a tllperinth fIue hIl. Illn iaha i etca ,.pnr.rir qultity' and al.e a i, lehtil'I, ifle nf'.lk hat, togeiuertl .r t nenervie iti worllvie bt iine aICtllttnd has hInsell, ex l-ehsly Iur thlis iii lrketl whtlleiui utlt rtetcil J \V , H"DOILN, 3-1 Camiip st +reet. N. II City and utltlllly deirlrs ere invied Itol itll. 1i( Ii 8 I(I C I.IA L tD , 'T'o bacco an d .";n ntl l nlil llll' e Curorr, Ni. 277, Cailte -ICr-t, New-Orlritll w Plles te inform hia tnh ls hen l n cthe public ip geiein, ,ii th, l c t iOW prtap-l ito utrnith atiny Ihhing, in the oove SInless , and IiS conestlLtihy for the trhe illlowiii SSNUFFS. + , i.en:wiu It:ntllee. _ A leriin Rl i ee ; t n litoe Nut ehitmties, Itileutill,h I-tdl' coei h tllil aple el l h sheto l: ond hetie oi;rh it, otf Nolk ikfrlll o ri n (rnlllllied, dl.ig r weilti-bnt pir-uhi nic uslp t ic, tdb. 'l'l ittiiuveriittu aeirt. ll we:ir atel as g d, irltul sit . Iern tFnt ei tren, be the kind toiii Iliset, d will ben I:hV iii itIuoS.I lo i.llI NC l h .i--lititi. .ls: it of New ihtldfourd piere Cuntlels, adllig Piroil h sil a K tiitie.k , oiil II u rler ti.r L,,WIWNCE'& I.FGFNDIll, jril t8 &.t & ,2Ne i.evree 1) t%17.TR rtC P BtI-lltl ulitete iciere1 p Sweigi hly tt 7 ponlllldtrk. , l o ear d wil l cllle by SAMIUFl. INOKIH & Cal:; e. iot Front levee, betwncued Cltlloiii Illhti.e'illi Ilien New Orlenna uan d Cnrroiltla lnil Rand f i rraigeihnte li e rnni lRig tie l or ft inlti ts iate. 'lThe itsnt mir ttitl hcl'k A 1 C.fSei tcrat 7 A he eoil, ,, do t, d dh .i, ritetin ear 12 it, ii rieilit terat /eait e, care 2 ,li P AI ...hi d, 5 i,. The Jitikhon etetet renot ai'l laluveite, doll',biuit 6 ,i'.lock, A MI. itinl street atl ut tlule A til, and renl mittn.lholrh at 7 'e'ih'k. "'these ar will conet'e rnml ltlheg tiejrv hull holur, iltll ridthitte tlhrtirtg.flt the d1,1 tuitil7 ot'lock, 1' 0l. "' hhdcrretlhlineitilit Ih('5 La Ciarcee streel rare ilet lliiiS h lTnr Jneksii Pttteet. h I. IA~iUto) 14lb I:E wo om- I. 000lt. received f A7 er rig Star, in cllrl, I or ll'4l -. .cUt.\ f't LL.R TR1IER; it" Ro411 I' vdrolo stret. (J OIir4NE OVAI4,.-lloooIlo imported from Co t b11y Ilo olnEIl car Natchezr an~ll 'iei toalo ls sta.s (ET 'rile ooreuiaoeooe ol ile artlolo is (oolo d lro IlA 1ii10111041b the elaoll erd4101 Johan l r.ia F ln: A OoLEA4 .. t 1-T IL! be given ill 0110 oo Pool-l of OotoIMIIFR V LI (.O'II 4147 to clbooe it 1.1000,1etl: . Per= sons w \v~Ill:o urcIhaeo rle iooinvil lo o4 llotd ex atite thle saneIl atth e1,40i1 of NA'I'IIL 1OWNb0":NII: jer Exi"IniltB linte; Ufnviier rl. 1 lohI - 0 i I111011tS, 4100 w 101B01 SOUR 40 bll.. 00ll411 jO lradixg; po0'r 40.4f,0 00t1P1t jrl3 44 New Joevooo: [I ALA (: IV, WI'o-1111100 on' IlIy Still.a%%l Lin r0 case CO~k ooool14 II oblls, e11title1 ill l!0b11111111 for sale by REAoL & L RARS'I'OW, jo7 b7(iruvirr or: 5)CAS 0,moo ia1o1 glnlojlol r~, yott io4O 411110111 1011 Ib it0 1 II Moaloga Rllal1in,. 101110' do do doo Slbags piriiI' e00011 Il01'0lCl041i01.' 201 boxe0011rr1h Hav100n1 Sweet11 Meioo 31)11 lexea Younga'. sul,ertioi Chnlnlpeggll Chill dilono 5 011es 1101'11410C1ar i 30 11ar1 1140rii0 d iortW'inlred ;:5 it,, do Sheorry. 2 ipesloldl I. 1' od Ori ll d 1f1 b1e l prim Cl l el oon Iloitoo oo 55l bcode oldoollI Co01age; u1. ortedsibrs 2d1 codlstarred WsO it.od. 111 1B1 deiblofrnoiloi Cflio Ioo41110 511 keg 0! l Ror 101 Na il4. i kelo N !o Whlln O'l.ead. 1511 c ~AlWinter S1rai0 bll ISlenn V 110 Iuxe% NLew ýedluld Sperlnl Cnudles:P 114 b001e Iloolootn No ISapp. 311 luxesa French Brlldy Ch~erries. 0 Bellesd Uoderwo~od's Pii~kbs, ass~orted. III bidsa Anteriiesn Gin. 15 bbl.Americut trrally. 5 (Ir, casks Hntelai·'r Pat Wine. 14 lor. Iutter, Water 0nd l4~10 Crackers, Pilot a Il Nooy loolad, maOplf0Cetlllulrd 41154110 Paeol lttStrn Hake , l111an111tly 11 hand, together 11111 a generaIlraOnllB, n 110 of Groceries;00, 11 ,0le and1 retaill,0 Z.%U4A141E d I441OTIER, jo 27 716 UM Llono oltree. NOTICE. OI\RAVE!.LERS ggoing 116 Mobile by tihe Mlail l.ine 1 ,.1Moododay, WVounesdayn anod F~ridays, oil regis ter 111100r 11.11111 oal 1t1h0 1lice, as ne0 0101000n he O'Ol0,11d in the ·II:gv et Paseaeoulal on tile above named dan a ooobeoe ;hei n110,1 be placed 1111 t1e way bill: 'I'ho101 woolI nave1 00eavy balggage 0a11 bhae 1 tlktke dir0r(11 14.:16151 41 00y Ilboltr Obrinlg the oiCO (;exel. 0n thoe 1111010 nllmllCld daoio. IW WOt'l'I1M A\10, 11)1 OUT-obooo 011t 71011 Polrb;foull braoded, p AN, 0JI e pi 0es l b I lOnttark vagoillg,ir tuil Rlope; for a.lebv b LII' LEVY & CII. ,jc7 10 (tirawjer at. up stairs s U I ' rdeived, 11 ship Clln1stoo loonId brig rouiov t s reIad ,. l e Ibloear. l b, s0he 1,nd1 Ioogors, tog prirolol a good 111011011011,OIOrl an 1011h oilltba sold tow tin e o4h, goi iod 110V Pa101a0 A F IILNBlAIf, t" Jl '51 olob oIO1Ios Cl. The Great Eaateer, at' N n e t1 d! al e ydfll t i'cloak, A M--I dIle .noe. d.' at 1` . The IExpr as ..ldl is closed overy day at th~l .it 06 A M--Iw due wvith the groeat Ealteran Ma.i ivery day. Te" ILke .Mltil (via Coavinanti, 1a.) i tEto4) every Monday. W\durpwhiy and 'riday, at.oe 1libt A M- la due every Tuoedai, ThI rr dL r:a layt, a I tC -r 7 dranday, W\ednu'etd.t antd laturday, at P M-Id ': rlnt and ratiirlied I ay sicamiublaAts..-.ia es ir.i -.t 4. artr three ttile a week. '71Ith diatn Sara or C'.r l Icndar'ia rlned e2".r. Tuesday and riday, nt t, 1' 1- ad. stilld" 'n .uraed by the thoeatib'ont iBrilliant. TI,'e .'i,'aradria or i e fe Iirer fail it aeit itregd.-. arlyy b iteatnhoatt, twice aweek.o " i- i.t,,vIjtt or Itinor i111faul Monday, Wedesld, and Cloea at 8 o'clok; ,P M. nane loe at coitk, . Afi Newr-orienao Chamber of Gjaomerceo OFrItC~s rtA va il:. 83 ' P'.tij. Peters, iraLdent,, A. Querttfr, 1a. t.oe Prneidti"it; W. L. olidge, 2d dB. COMMITTEE 01F AP'Fe;i; ' FOR- i " - J Im.. Dick, Tlimajn fartet', , . Ao A .MA - tr.le , I t t rai fu ac i, Jan II Loverich, Atbijah Fik. GEO. W WtIBTItC We'gi RAt4.FNE98. A BEAUTiUL .ed. Itf hair in the rrandedt .erotf Sment ieltilsippy t; the human (rain. prcn-.a Iv ttlte loNt o ii chancrs the rnnnietlan, , .nd prdma tarely Irinie .in tle pp'e.rncae nfohl ane, whtt tic uli I att irnv oo rileit' at bihny .uneovered. and piotpae rrea to utiitl cavir dio amaid tih ierin.and- snave 1T ;e thieir noetnau.ta le: ithe remailnder e itheir li P as .. req-ntly Roant in retitem.nt. In siont, not emna 'te-: In· rf rlpelirt fill; tlie raerorms tlitnking youth aiI. tiat niavto ainkho s ab i n a l dea ., he la. s d ofaht'. it:;. To Avert tll,thi eet, t eaul d rten- c.ii ttnmsta n et O.lIri4 'e' nhnlm f trlpdmhio a stlp the thie airfom flling on et Irst aepphtairan, esnd a few Iottle istrra it'ega.. 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