Newspaper of True American, July 21, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 21, 1838 Page 4
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1 r . tent , n vaee icc this aity. Stototiondkat ao Sto theealls whoki V fg attended them in tariO hed hd a ha Sh bee g t dand Stowhltho the to re oP * l het 1at ciouaather and s rt er:8 ron S: tiber 0 tallet"on ia year.s h8 to'18 iataon t nt' , O u t th t76 " o padtotto w " patr acti d it a and Bte ll Stnols o d, having fromin Sd Snis. hmnd ~t thn Joam imported a atrted, in eytsis ofabout 500n b fora a attor sat cry, hsr t Wir ed. ghts, 10 ten., a rwa d ro ity. to forlee o n et thernehoat c rate lip ohr t l~h sery mw dsh to a dhid rmv ; i t ie ts t e . . :.t. 'd I~ ssorimenlt ever Cy, e i kbi s ent ih the S lb o whc h thte devitihn ib over e immediate attenmo tion. , did P eiS, oNd se hadWs, _ r o, inbout and ' ch ptt i olas, a ItoIdI fo siaie. i.eota .' a to e Iae.ehoo . niL cr0 0, hoe- oloTri os, t lOt W .Aa.e 6 ' N d OO ER, mod o 8' ! Jul' st 1 0t p.t all from 2 to gllon, lla cp NrY Sttr onn t l r' H all ba, r t. S. ,.t .1 3 , aoa oe , u 4r~h o f as r h rllons, et illte i5 d oot f, i n o I bo wnho 0 Ibo, for i Or Pl amso, d;etr ate tlre. ore ho &c et td :hr o lutyi de strt. 5 do ' , 0 eiders. ii do "-4 l d r aasal ' t in l 31in poree+stret u ·n ft 1i , to .u4 inch.e. , ,i. W oontm od». a a o if no7 ,ots l :pIO, and X9lt gos" r, irl andl branv , from I ' a;4nlh q" 1!N·.s. iirIh 4 No,v24 of a superior . gltatit albd mai l, ulned t than J--ameo im porth itfohtb , in 4b f-iout I for . Sr ntit hyLaorwattiar, a oaohta h lc het a ;weight, lrog'l tonu, milod fotin 1 4.4 to d fort P bt!tylahio ns, ( toaomow ichi, ouorchesI , o&c. 'tdistow- :a. tflOld mther uai. e mmolediate tttntinSou . Wcstar rinarca 'and itm, aro o tod Oni atm , low psljand nipie th da mosacet ' tlibckle,; tfr-t a t dste rchat biod 4il, ft a god otnby manil, ea. pred0. 1.3 f tl wih no dAptltio is ever d i ture, ofar tal. m id immmehae attention. k a d `ickle, o suerled siroug ; also, ood cIShilop, ' in4t lekUel'eklen; fos luley on ld oe ar e tr Common an 'rehmlpito .ll a i N OA, l Vo1. bo I o,, :n 1-1,i, rheoa o t. B~l iS to 1 tcut zif seet. O It Ti: hi .5ir do cld arllttlot i .rei:t. ti-c(- App t to do lJ l; ý ý NEE ~iBdo 2 do1, alt'=2 \ibetlb:lrruar, "!l 1i0 pW. ip atote, oer cr le b hIIABIYLIN & COOtER, II7 mescodmaig onatty ott lsupdriolr Wlri laid, blur eod whlnulwtg, atd coaotc, adu ru oat rught edg, rerld nl' f N V iatiottoro' tall,:;i Ciortl ao At. .i Bt Jlouaeeg bo .e. c(·;i etlo ho t h losell' Wine, 1 C2R; 50 de o ont o d b ic 1 browno, h r yittotad 10 pipes exltr M rlt ira. For , al b 1i ERRlht YNS o Ibtot ;;N i -R &0 tit 0ocll Itoloe, leadil.g from Amlbaiualor,for mnle by 'X L ·A\LE'IT &. AMEIUNI, tall 17 Commerce at.. .Ti.etli I-.6i plaei,:s cliky laggind, a jd in YLJEuoc steamer lieu Wavnu. owl ,fir sale by <'. YO1t:ire, BitOT 1L11., ledS +_ 65 Camp street. N-O =RC3&t NORCOa yVA.,7 NeOlaw . e Ne, o . .4g , ly17. A 50lT sil months ago I hald the misirtrteoa tio gel "ca ne! tdaeitaeaa, for hich I lihave applied to sare ril doetrn for u cure, andl they did not care iae. so nlo. tliainbevea,dlate I .lt omyself under tlincae of Ikictio klfgotihdl I expect him to cure lue. einee Ithat time thledl.c,lma ot worne, mt ae to brealk ollt lar ulcers o tohhinttuher of sic or cig.t on ea It log. itutl aovl ",y lad.l anld sore thrlnt, Al ot able to work at Iw pecsnt teLall ea ieollvot of the disease; large ,leer theo giat skit of'tllut Ihrilt. I ellam e ,eolatting s c liutly later thi care of Dr. tluat, If llriD to lwe prtfectlr chtbd .OLHN DEAN. I DO CEL'IFY that the habve mentioned disease J.qite well d rltu imy men satiulsut, ienfor which I Lhaiwk Dr. lilt; ail moreovur I uas-ro that tihe meei c;ine I hiroe takoo makues me lot, gid d;t lnot indjure nIy cealiistlt all; iherettore I alviese i.t' f how 0l0ll'ruis t o Joie Ui "nitcand apply to )r A. Hllet,'i, Bouritlou 0t. fhcytwll Bids thl·thailtadt~r for tihia cotopienh. S JUlIi. Ir:AN..Iil (rinnier street. - If a· o Iee .ats to c te. e, call at Nou.40 ta vie: ateet to. ul m cuill ie satitsfied. " publihed tl the aupelt of Dr..u e N . . New Orleansa Fbh I, Irlft. fa, 1, It, Iloua*ais pat tllp in bottles at the low price ,f .50 cants laeh, con.raiing the strungrth of thre e outrca' of 1.-vt,.ort, heci-lei ila virtuel of mrn* y ether .rout. .eod herbhltaeown almmn the ludices asellicacius in curingt pcthiimary eomphnalats. .Tlate writlled success which hIas stended the une of blidt etaiilble Ialsamrn wherever it hbs been intro dlt' haitintledile confitdence and recoiuenda. h.N !)eam tatblte ,dty iellans for the cltre of cougila, siitltain the oid. aant of rtet, spiltting o bloodl, ilsrouteftpleaiht, &e. : l'i~io iat Imay concern. This is to ecrtity that we htav e . tmprateliet frtclttitly prei:riled Mrs 1 (lard or*., Jlsa ol eafLerwmot a:'d tlotrholund, with * ldai ldu l 1eulLt: we in tIhsrefurri,raii the kluow. Jeol thdrematerhiil it ineude froallln ald kservntiin 'lbagl e ratluei.te i at as illllseri prepIacitioniI a--il til l eatnioe cf itiae lins fIr lilhielh it it re ts !.IERI' Wfl.LiA ,M. D. CALVIN EI.S .I I. I). Members of thl IUnteon Medical Associatin.l Bttett. . October iS. J VIS & AN L , ealehry J. ILVIS & ANI)REWCS, L y? kl a oon to fI rlt niiituta tai l smi neitnded -y ite Medical 1;lacull,. I Etfervesent elageteian A.lrienot-- or la_1 or indieestin, nlerouua delulit*, gihlli S ,acility 'of tire ettinaclt, hiabituul els. a eeaueatuocdiacaote goct eratll&c.and ouch 1 ttany 4.lnite f aI. tai ii of to it eelofdinu. , Illd I, ehollty ti a letltle aod unsoli. a tite esaltrrlle n medicine have lteei itt nil athe lful t qualihe of a ge h. 4jhoircAd. eallO- u ti-' aitttier, is IIltelaii Q ar graiefalIat t lsatoatrh. gract demnapd fur lntlei's lr.6lrvloetilt Micg . eliat. ha.o'ien an tnduementt fior athes to IaW. a tI ita w 'oftlhb cable aht ewalel. Plrehai~ e Il fl V anied fal dla fait. tha the mIrel ,crie a t B. ifr ll, gipcn helth adeau tyri0 ,ai T~~t a f rlet le tr llite to for eihaht tlmietri. t ile wai clifed wh the u il ilic igt .l die nw eptpiao. are t. t who faio e a d tail. S", ICKLES JCO. cO gent. cll - 40 canal tireetalN t. dLeL(l Vrlgetalle holfr (hil, fir the or the lto ti[ aed rgcAo Hair, 1 drleg hp lthE d bcauty,eAN 1[l Hair .Oil w.s .l'U roed t the pulhri, it list a i drcd ,! i lre'-ld Ialluele. t llthitmb a Rte heiretE Th.ote l iii t unca its alll.eer t' ed )c tea 'tialts t itanlirfciilcd topril lec i of hah l hn n endls .drreads t rqr . i healIthy, and pliredaoe Sgrowth of heir, Wii.bOtII tielel •ij Ik· th iio 1his ail milm . go.l . Ira, saI i, pri'.rahle to aniy t HHgr Oil a r tr t $ b ,iRth5al-i, # tare halir. The ita c " v !titer l*ec g it. For sule at I IV tert, l lJ8t.,p etwit. - qEYLL..G( on o. w rT O.a .O,a. e o*ir c5oi .mro. soa r n i-ry AandrswGien and Gl,. rteao plty' cards; !iack gaitann oontImsc; Chea.ian, l21-4 d -e3.8 jitnh tll an-adl -ls; 8,9. 10 untl inch blalo Boat ie tvF; Kol Leather n i aother travellion l)reoeir Caor e ; o ell, Pocket, l-lronnial'n, and Dnellug tPitttal; doible atd es Salglearnrlhed Gnoa: Game n.g; Srlit Beltn; Powder that oad Pbtl Flsks; lrn Bottes land Drtinking Cops; i Pt Peetro:nin Caep and Cap Holders; ClothHuir, r.tht; but end ril il ettshe tj.e tr ord Chlorine Tobth Washt are Tooth Pwdeiler i nd Shaving Soaps, hi grtem Vtat t r rt loneilamki lBraide, Ringlets anlI ti'zette, Pearl the and TdiFe Powder, lmteryv Blag.. Ivol Ttnh eCuireiorte [ t Ptrmt 8Shdea or Gateork - Guo ElaStic . h istleftrs; ma t wtetePnlla od ronser; tmilt Chlains, Seml an.d fie s ."d'.teope; itsirt Bnoifkl; Bmeoett:; Beal.Neklah.. witi ad Chains; and Silvereed Bread; Iielitn Ileoln, wll Bolls mda Phlte;s Shell Twit; Side-snnd Dtressie ng Cs4ianwlsich,in nddition to ttheirfonner stack on hand., tot ehoca their artmno ver.y, oepltrete,t stdwil ehl e sod i ow end an libehan terms, at hite sig. of the Golden ae Osaob. ill-tf 70 C'lrre . street.. . Y tI E OErIhnl- hýi, Aments for the extenve ra hoe ol ey . W. n &. Botcher m Shetlr, Enl, haejeusst e crqived a etrv extean* e e se lre, eonsitina of Tahle and liessert Knives of e- d- eriptino, Pen, rel Pocket, irk, ant Sper lwnt .t; Rl.zors, Seiu , sre, Edre Tatlns,&r. &c. e. whli. ithey oretre.tRret eIn Sexiihit nita tlutade tu cr dorde. ret and oounthi d hit will ite nsail known ot the tiee. oil mIS J. I). BEIN &C A COHIE .90 ilCn mon e t. kr. .... , W GOoDS. a dt SIMMONS. IARI'T & CO.-Are-now retcvng th 1 i4'pslit Hitttrille. Virlet, Metrv Andltvew, ltlgh- ah 'onerFrensh andaiGerman iletthie timd iaplvinscardas: Yl ster,belt ald pwcket pitols; tdain, rihlti nd Spit l it suasiu saps; rle telhlera; esius'ts,' Ittzoes, ten. it Svest iflllon's commoreial aind other steel pe.s; Vio- f aIs; Violi striagst shellt, iveryond ho'l-eoamlr wetitr; el h, head nal leother pttrses; hair ateds, Sent ito! tit . tk rinmglets negr ..tllsn; Germn ald Ferencli colognet f wtte-Rorwlentil msesraser oil. imitation do; antique i md ihlek soil; Iortabile tdesks ad detlneg reseat: ILtaLi Sblh..king; Mltia ndli toile glastst.emrtex ntmitnrs op Slal glisalnres sed views; IndianlSeads, Ibellsid s la t nes n Sotenrtoleon; wliit.twite; toilet and shatig tamps; toilet Swiler, eosmetie wash balls; reltted rl atillt lenshidot; a ool ~ tal screw eklshiollts; LttoerY bhet hifsllin anl, necklaces; billiard blls; ipket iooks h nd wall. tts; lenemanl ihmeert re"r ettap; fine lnd eommnno .lti. Sdnlastic ensprnelero. gantrt dnto; Beils lnuifer mateiS; sil ver pencils; Creyoss, &e. &le. h The ahee it odldlition to our former stouk of fanay , stiolts, imtalalt ossanlitect rerv o.+,1tiletn. .et salle whpletle l'r retail; as the si-, of tlle Golden Ctokh, 70, .Itorlt eel sree . lllO. d ý j )Tt.i;:l· -' -:' i. pll,,,rt l ip f Kellet, hl n-i &UCi, I of New Orlenlt ; Alnutlo, lilrris Lce o, a ; titlellez; lid ifnrris, Kelley dCu., of odneov. wao di.olreI oil1 helet of tlliny last, lit te death ofi Sallliel A ltionii, oneafli ptartero o ihothe trI. 'Thenmtterei;nd, su rvivitg prrtner.' il he rlhoreol withtirestltli ang sl clolin idt singres itt Inllows: iT LeviC Harris .ill attenll t tle settlliti oI the hr inellsi l isofMNonIt, Harri$t Cit.. i teedl Nat ; tan H ,trti Kel ad or & Cu.,it tRodnev;l itd Ietiry Kelloy will attend lil e ettlingol of tito nltloR of KEleVr, itaIoIIt Ciht, nt for New Orleans. The natles of ite everOit firmts willbe uset in liqsllitlnateottl. T'hote iltdetlted to unid fills are nrorePtlo reqiletel oeollte ftirword nild -ilLe carly uettlrlotarllrrll tll thoo to having clii will lleise plrevn hell le without i elay. LI'IVI Ct IIAlllII,. ke. I- INIY KfEl,il:. Now Orleane, Jtne 217,1837. to .Y N !ARIE PF I1.11,'-- CrL.OGN1 WA1TER n ) ,eoon ti-arof title superior COltll watel;r. jist rly reeirv ttl al r .itlniel v tile domn er e.tiglt Ilttl. d Alst Auneriiel'ottlld tinh "ll fteaih pil ,owter t adtti toteohI t i - Ifst ttxes Ito ttilet slipt, wonO5tit tlth Sibanlllr, mtilk of , -collleti cold crelnt, xtr n,: o - utrek, keplhlmt, VWonrdl's atetll loelie oil, pototitttm, cr .relle le perre, iloridl, lureioedllr, olls nllll y waters, thu imretnllt'e ilt, Marseieo terilttt!tVy illt trults.vemtot ie li ti lilhid illu.- Chlrltno ontld Orri tltooh wmosl, ea oiltitttir, thlllit t il olle !trtthretC f·iitt with ds. an hlitlitieotl etpIit tt falliionb; hle IhIrt, cud itoll r elntttii and IjeItelr} irdtrleoo low at wlIoIellle Or rtetil biy - IIIMON S, HAItI'TT &CO, halyl 70 Clhttrteestreet. and Irig (Concordia, fron Now I'n'k, a Iron! variety at goods in Ihelir lle, whielh toetlher with their f.leltel stoek on, Iakes their .sort. ent veery t, Itete. l'To folllowing cttmnpose as port, etc ell,t.or,Oild, tlrk atll resaint rnlas hero do nfali illltiol.s, In ltn roihier, ilk and woersated e il rti nrte, comotllltl filer losthC.tet'lod,'ro, loco fleo mtd LcIr s l,'nothes, Weilitptto ersT, i Towderpu fl td oilo(es, toit llowder, pocket IotYk. HSo .wI.lets, needle ltoko, othlei peorl, .rorv t(o d IhII:r.I card ca1sesR head ornlments, pilain (o ral "berai, ie .kles nl noglioce, beai chalins,lwiu .hlechkle , l lE.nse aid c IInp.t edr,sI vry Ril c b otfverl ds Indiani Ithood, Ir.ll. .l plunme: pistnl od ilere ptlow ler Hloo.a, lht hIltr h Irs, ol ckt :ricotlllrd dtilhl. intolr; dounle td singllo braelled tetmns. Bliale knives, and rliks. so iss, rst aoetr ls, t.,etkllikves Ctlr d llnilns nil ribhotts, won ist kitnklo it lh hair, tooth nail,colph ,rumlb. rshoe, p, tflor tn d tIG ssrie, hellbries oIl Co.oIgnei iloridl, laveiodr, rore todi bttv alter,ntshrtelrs1t'loeeo, and , nto t , r , 'l1: 1 lo , s til: , ,a nd W ardl'se vea getable hair loils, ithvitg IRod tloeilr t t, d 1ot(f oill do crtlti t s, i dirhe' and gontleittietlt' desk ncl lre esin" aeae i r I i t rigl skinettes ainli ,roils, plaill, filvery IInd npts ca wrkl bxesr, tlaoinl ll o ilt,l tifartd int land vetf Jlllllll + pllrl fnal ivor1 .hirt do, shlils gil allldIwi dth u an tI silver Ilelln'il I:uc ers, toi l rla ks IltI herlroels, Inhp.pll ind gilt I cnke es, r"nlnl re f n, silver, Irass andI teel 'and rdikd asht , l akinie g, &i.d to l al r, iilr, and ptin rt .ier rtlnmi ale ittt , iotll, t m itt .t . t rt t , l etalfl,,ridicg oe'tir, walkiny rad neclct I, w rato Ito are 1h8retl o w oleslol Ietail o aecoIIollltaiitaisigi Na B Shllclt ctios repalrocd. nýitT I) it t :,ln , -tii:ot itt ilt'- t itI't Cl. i bilt I oltlIiTY SalORetg -t t . sigti ot the ;rtrit lh. e toek,3leo Clarttes istir,. 'Itfw r etrtdcnrit ttt tlitvtwott civtdi, ir andltit ISn to tle irlCtevih . sit tltk oal hoI , i ll nu ll)ll tlte nsOrllea ft o f a riilest thetir, lti; iio colnas, (eoiaell, Jwe lltr rlnoefrs, hor:kino glatil:, piti aStlireoS w r!&e..fe auisti ve il o . ,est .s e;lll ow.: (toytit1-t'tfoikitshelli tritigantaid tltioo k,twiit,tt qedlloed tack, Ioll ronetlllld, dre'saiirn, il poll;ott curl td lelk, ortrlalilln colit ofr ev.ri V do ser liilto a iei Iwhhih im salllle t ttxicll p)ttts' IvIy m(Isi o:f eItPV (]a Wrinthl, horn, dre.sng no ikot , t tge thl r with a a iilatr vittltlnoi le tnflctiFetln o tdd to o ie ttayricon. PEfLFh tIh l le --C:nollgue , ittvewihr, oe'lrido, Ine,oro, h v, rmn, uad (Hrange Ihwer 'aIrerv of every :iLel and doe urptlt, tapollntned Colognei, Nexntral:t of Bcrgadqt, laluitm toaps oiral kinot. , havine dl il cakes nd pobt, erenllll rIalldlIol Ward's vegetable/ hair inil, h.l'r illd tlll-n. [hlutedo. I reslOa's sal::liitg sail% plain and pertfumod todetlpowd-rr. tinrl Iowder, pot ler )tl,+.aoo xll]lleX(?d'pln l lllom inIuts iAnd rollt, orisn and rtohrie tulth watit and I owll;'l , w lth a gClllll sn.,relIlltall of JEWtIo.LILY--sone n thi latrest t inrld illm t faTshiola hie sAtts, clsisl.g of wrhite aideeh l cott eliai , toptire ot jet eardrops, set in lilag'ee, bhrest pins of u grc.° .re nIv ofpaltmtlns watch triiiingso, gill al silve titckltRo, tilier thifleloots, hilttr and ItoI pe tilt ant d gnart t haiini BIIUStII ZS--tCloth hair, dtl st. tt crt hhctt t artliH or lnt, tteih, ttoth, platt, t ottl, Nail, staitting, shti e and LOOKING lorASSERS-Gernn n tatin alnd toilet gliess, magnifying anio Frlch hi essig ,l lassa, il illo do, wrih , varitiv o tothler kinis nrit otnnerntd. IFAN:Y AND VAI1uE''1' AIlI'CL.S-Freceh and Aieriiau portable idelks and dressing ctaes, rolni vrl, rkIlh alnsl y hiaisla onitl hli,- uerk btulst.isl res Ap caseo s o rwl ilh itoo-ll wi lhlt I olli, las it ll ls . Aor.iat ot lttrol kints, violinsttnot r a i l elor aii nd platod pnat ililns anllood pt. lo er lo ois caroultlrt fiald tra vtl.elll tolol u Klets'l. lllll pisltls ywith a ll wiithilut eit itn, piT m itro ltop iLC'iet.hilltipn (r : liaPe'etijitle aer.twdriverst, shot tolt~ hugslu , pastti Ilnckin,>li ti y tea si ells, hi an0 i seaI s of every k lIt, hello l id p h'lk y, ]inclal o ('llllnllonl kuivec, ra lfl fill(] scissorsl., rlllillslllne icele Olusll l'ila ver plro llo , .ealc toInn l cunlrot s epIRtl elies rrtgil aulld ,t ig.ron airio io indse 'itinr , card and cutr sllno, pilh y yta'. rds oI f srlCh, GI.o aeI iand Alaiiic.rn Iillliiiiilltult , lls, i ioi n fBit ll It'll. boIX sI pllrlltla vl(l'ialllu kind+s, il allll]Pr.dl PlollelrYVIP s'P , Hillhlti's nld llawkin'a n.vr strapa end tietallic, ho.s,dlirks, I~miy tiikhiltC, do with -.ra dlrolpstlluy wlttcauhts, ptnll(lr] boIIOI. lIpwer flasksel c nld plaIt tteed I b0 s itj1l the itilglito rIl gltit'11 ela.o lic t ullllcll. 0 tl'mu imll minrte ll 'd lillj lltllte )n llll Ltii I liP l tktlllltllti blaunrl] dicle, opltical vin e..s, jb' lar ll.a i oll. lhllx Illau itu II o and drinking cpalo wilith i great v ioriete l l uoher arli i clcsn, all ot'w h will I soil fllr cashl or ilyitel nretllll. i ces on iid tiOittis creditillt i itltItltd'. tm, & co. tIIt tU O Il artresslth t FOLIIEAI'L'o oo cinre f'lemtnaolship reccive],d.den S foi r lit tot iih Ir llnel.llft l Vl'illlw .\,d<lllit'. No. l Chll' Ol -ttlt ot I a roo l telltle, rlJ littdway i pw o', rkl,i nloiaeiuoo st., ilohilo, It ia u rtiullurly dt t ilotiei n tin ittivtti. titirerli a ieJlol ivl iscoliuluied Ibr lrsoUs f iall l,,ets. Loll" toadgenillslnell ire invited to tall nut ."tliilin Ihe systeml :,itr tlie.lla,'l. ca. 4ssllollnr are+ qivll r oe eh holtes ia, inty sait lhe Collve ttinll.;€ito allI, n d to I lb r'.1r1 ia tily parl o l' the tity. "' l.,olios whol pre'r Jit can receive !ouona tol Ihleir own ref L'er tlt laving for t.1A : A t,.e of lti,.tin enoire dired o tlftnd ulil hley writro , a t oeoaal itollatt wlil. oatii Di1. ,bhi.tlt S lftilg T lM ..ilte A tIt artitle no er aia utotrtl edtti oill tilt deaoi, A (.lled thie .tr 'l'rollprt,) l la I.ajst i n received, ylv le lriita ofl inhicli, t ll siillghtet lrdinulltilu oll t hilt Iliall voice is diltill uy iIl,tyLd i Io 1 lh . oare oIly IRS 'Wille hais ever bee n tlligtl O toutllve.r with Iittery ddt. iii anilriIIa ilI 1 Illl'I( Ld l.loblt tl.linselvs and tl ill . divilhlal. III allrli lso lnuat¥II *llBhitIud. 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WILLIAMS, 00ULIST, NOW AT TInE r JFFErL ON HOUStl, JEFERSON STIET, LOUISVIIL. L.] b tle hjsLditor of th ileo ile Adertlier: t-lto app ri by ithe obhervation., of the Editors pais i of the Nashlille Preslyterian, Union and Trans-. trlsu eript, it well oa the editors, of the MemphiuEnqrer, bsess that the "Old Gentnlema" i amotng the Doctors. This tiels o is proved by Ils kintly rage, knhowig that hi tin.r teteat but short, and that the indeendent Atomeorilon peoplel inf re able to jhude for tllheielveo what are put's and piet[io mpositionas. The iorths editror who Are lDoetor, s hier the pEiJrietore, editors or sub.otlitore:ef the above thya i oamed acuntalu, caroll every letter from persuons I have is in restored to sight in the aIhwre places, piho's. hiel 1. The fiot is, thoet I nver had puch great success juain witlhin aso limited a period as ton or twelve diyv. One tend who was aged ieout tell earer who haed only" seen the of th light lrot his hirthl, leira to nee to fillow .hi mnter name tonty hotel, insteald of behin ohligedtlo Bhe led hyhn. So 'wt.,oute elatdise, a ho had each hat the ighlt f one ling eve, ona for ti years. nld the other for feuelv two ase veers, hevidg bhth tof theta the utler eve vcery ;ak; tore yet each of those vyonr ladies belnn to see with both gene eyes which blenefii I pledge mverelfotill centinues, ex eepflng they are nder the influence or dominatii., of thd Medical D)oetors. Anonther i the daughter of a bite n respeetbl in merchalt, whose name I am bhled never afo t mnention, (as he paid ite my fees), who esaid cthe had lostlthe ieht' of ole eye from the age of 1Ilnstirs, fit that sib now begions to read large letters with the ren other eye completaly shit. This the doctor edi'lti m knrew, n the grntlnlaen told me himselfhe h:it ceoer suart Sdnc'ed his dnuethtor to the office of tne medicel elitonts stri that they might lt iafeirmned of thre fact. TiOe lot I t shall teiion ias anelierly getleoman by thle name of i Yonen, early .etven ty yearseof ag, wholdeltared phbt e t lilv y letter, which he tIook tt all ti ditferent offiren the in Nshlville bit one, and himslf told me he had pllaid oW for he iltsenrtilon whatever they demanded, who drvlaer- s-l h l t that letter that lie Iths atally deprived of any d the sillt of ote eye from f ka titer hie hirth, t whisl his ot therstatedt IIt... o ocasioned by the ces e tmeasles or small pnt that now nei ,ould not oanly see e the light of the un, for thile irst time that he renotleeto, tee huit the stats ato, cad was beginning to distiguilsht et many otjets; and did, before 1 left that etv, give tan- tier Onty prooit thato he coeuld see to walk ohbott the ere the with tihe ether eye coltdrtely closed. He said tie ihad ea been a nembloer tte tethoenist Episcopal Clnsh for neirly thrty yenrnu, aoe thoat Itn word we never dloitat- bhi ed through the whole course o afhis lileb. iu 2. 1 rcepoattatI had never greater mlecess than at Nashville, and thOt tre etrelicnl ant elPrical idoctrs imhad nneehe foret r t ell reuieno to areinso l. he Y pimua indignation rothn ltre. tclericnl h)r Smihith irnos, t whien:re ertadt o i that dent six ears past, he was e 0, cnvee'ted from beine a merfect infidel, to believe in the a0 dletrtin a f the Pihllr,thnt lie mIoet Itve miedeta trifling ernro-that lil must hove tincllt to NIv, th t btfore the e cnd of six vers to colir, he hn,tltt be conecredifronti Ita t i it intlielitiv as the sprit if ithe triue minister of tile po uenh rftll raoi Intier d.ctriies of the Christian religion dore cit breathbe ont destrcuetiton, e ,y nailor n anld i td el falnehoid to pleasei his eld icet fi'inIds, osllait te di iman whom he knew had done so uach d, i andm nolo ill j ryv to aluv lit. All the itbitatI of Neslrvillhle ile o e ii of the greatit c; r Iti hod, a-cp t lithe edlineal rlitori. loslt of them ailem) hanil een ilirmend h Mlhr tount of an nte cumo rperfirmed e a his totally tlind eo. t 3. 'The fivotao Geitiih S. ofthli townt prten!e that ih SIave lost the lotelrea I gnind in the Niorltie spies ty w tell aivalI in tie SOuthIIweCt. 'lhi. proves, iowever,I hrti a' mit tlni I kept them clltil arrived ill this t eltion. Ifo I gnintrrl ttoniil tie in thotth , n oot tght tolveui gailedl anth er lithe ettl a niat ea tlthwet, anti I still hol; to weI r ai enm o ti y cciy VothflbaI hrlIw tilthe lay I leave, in vhite f the rittaperttimo if the greait re S.,if 0n tas R juaile froti tihe iltlet I ave ahitady bencfiltald in thin itv wuithiin thtete di' e. t-lt 4. 'Te iljrct of tn pse tnis ..ttr ilformn otlu neit ad ,ae lGoliahs and edlitor= (if ithe Rlepuliean td Tetes ie triet, ie well as the clerical Dr Smith ,f the C. t res luterlua.u ,lnd of thr Ulnion, of Nashlville, as well as the e ditirem, ilt lndi'ltlditiroffthe Memphis Enquirer, te wt co w l Il r Pre ttlict , tilre elitor oi f til o l uisvilleonnf !'lot- rttar the great D)r S., that I hahlll hll. actin ... galn... Via f ,ittotill, ,f t llr v pcra ti l ..lnt ....o r cultur...y, lieAtely t e:tr. arriwniit New York, as well us against teir amiabIle hrethrent the mecal Goliehb oftie north. tail t ,otw tid littself iipiroqttis , neverte eltiitti this happV atifId of II. e Iitt, l tthaVe trought the noses ot alt y edltical tiol alh of ti Ieiorth, as wel as tto e eaoth tr ie wi ailt tweol tite grildttol:e! Thle sallicted, there- I e la itre, itly cleaI tlue iin finding me during tile weOloof i y o tnext yeti ito New York,b :here letters, post paid, and roe t dthrUs, will be sore to reach me. lit. F. 'fio inltlnts the public that the lilk, so celled, , wichthe lire. clerically converted infidel Ipretetd was In written for hith, was wliltet orse than a week prior It& ttandt intnuiddtl fir thle lev. D. Hawaii, who read it in :Ives, icy cpresccc aithlot manifroting ally disapprolttion; oiter, tn !litctoutrrv, took it to his study and lcondlensed it in earl, the way tIl dli, whitcti Ihc said he Ihlogalit wvld an weo- er itt pertlse beitter Ie delivered tieil htibath il, mse, itd wiIlhoti pretiendhl thlt [ Wt nted ito hribe him froe Ins sotte, dit, as I never Conlll Iresunie to offer that geitlelnao i w fr !littl ethe, ncv r linr fol r stating ftaits. 'he lRev ilih I)lutocr'sto'n t i tetlncilt is before the poblic: hold he ilot lives, ti0iit ill my diliOaliiv eC. Mc. wtt h it gltleilfmlt, ioln, na illtllltHe f'ric of Ils, as well ia the whole of Il.y olth, pnticotr, in intiptlaiy wilth laother clergytlel, aid fi, i , fI I Ihthi m all t bt e ;i lllhelttie an all toy patienlts i ttl nlie, be itiie or .e ln htneltiled, lie never aealtl Ilate been s ve inlled by a toIlet siraugtr to lraw up sucht ai article i ittc rte liieincl fl r Ibllhiil tio, Ind adlirestceed it to Ciptg Ale StrIitelfihl etlitetr toftlhe S \V C AdvociltP. an ; N iioittl t mole the Ile. " tltd Ihettelive used thieir if o i sl l l f itji tl ti t hltr i he lii ll-powerllhl, tlileti IIt"itlo hfIi i li.til.a i ii lecti taltitte lti'e o i li f thlil-y i'converied ti il.i illit. t Itu Cor ii ttlilld, W ot. i n thile Ile! 'iI tle' is lkek i hb its tuits'.Uuf Il dare sFt ly theI averted iltitdel .,t-t a, ti li llt allty, i iltv ha Ittc i t il'1 iI lit 6 the er u "te fora bi . n+ sec wht'hoer hoe Blim of thitty tiedes o . -"i, ver i wll r i yl t I hn bio ", l'y ac ttt ltt wic wllrv f iltu iltle n n selOi , t lt, Iln v lll io lidel ho,t t ie n tif . velul ofi t ile n t io.llt tilllluio w of li Iivine t llI rlltr, scehttily mtlet hhi fio r i otl mt uu ill1111aer tite. s of silver. Mcty answfer is, tlht it wa- Irver iel n to Celtnc a b, thie, aora lllle iathcoilldver. lil 0I tlie lito lbioe itt e iy it evertd Iequ wid the tenth lnt tillt' Iftile iohlellelr prillttr's ftieC A fEi' ilttltir sqll:,r. afrCill otoie, hith iwvell litw, re o reatiult erthre, iti for itiVie v iz:1 tiell i'rhlse rini iUniii adMl oii a ta oifeor tunals. ht I "es , lrui trrnde to hril.. eil, I sho,lde y allv offered hiiii at picLen, hoililI, le woceld have tnillell' rectt ivd a his fiue, 1 tined not asi bribe. Or In a ioutruy, if I iiad been o a m lolele lof lllf'i'ie . it hr lite, i shoolih ertihly havle dney very, it it a lan it Iv Iol e illred l ii c, te' itallei iie.ii ttoi Vla u a'. IIad tire, RIev. ]octor beel reayllylconverted to olher elltle itht, doelrittllotS of of ,NavLolt ille, rewolle t vledict e l, tic'titut tf IoJlli piand e oxapminle atlo nth withly 1 t. b telii.e his word, ali I halv alwio ys tum d evapery 'alcitiliellv.ll o he gospel zealous t a ,In. tro i jis 0. Had lie Ileelel really c eilrtled, he woild not pulibd Inh.- :ll iirih tie iksf lii tllld th I American il tit io te ctd.whlch, c itf is well k lOW, ere millre nulilieros, anit whichI hiolul trieeutll lelr o tIinvla in stle pacrtl iof Eiurolp. Iles ru itlnl Oeitil isii, htinistet u nnie votino g literary char citllrs, il'to bit scarcely rtcsi liedii teiuldryma ioiiahng hh. b ona- ou the p, fly Ilnyinl vulonlot hands Ion luiri. I .nsitle orsep iulleslls lie i. calltuiied), attihough tle mlciy ui t caifolhe i1. ( tllt.i lte ifll urt N rt ill a it y i e heli i t-li it-ei other an ablc ymlnuoe gentlemen of .Nashv ille, recallee ealc we ile lt' nrdut of nlil ous p iucxpouinder of thle Holy f 0. I neverl aes such a dlnOlt d nin hniiatn hahpe as the n I. th Ctor utIe D Ihe day I c la edt to reasne with loe hm wieglIr le n enaced y wit y grey hairs wihth at uplilteid es hitr tiIl, its if rtlnacllut would Inie ltlled Webt lt he t i, dot by It bribe of 30 pieces of eilv'r! Ittreally hltbltlled inhu Ils oil o hape! Io iclv il tcuna I to T ess tuat I nevtr, in tewar let 1'-r u e.u erl. ao r abit n anoi u to the editor of oqy jn a Ildst'e, Soille J~ I thire Englilh Ocu!it. Cui7ecd frro the. S. W. C. .droafte of the Otth Jnre, ,17t. At tie rtluesrt of lDr. \Villjrs, we. insert rio fIt lw iur" wte li'uco thi lRet'. iir Howell, orf rNi.hvilh, to hlt edltorof the ,tlh.t Westernl Critianrl Advocate, who, it r;per to, re sio t rh e ied the diloln rtolld olher iOCtt illtslltesittiveof thloe IDoctor's eloillls to Ipublic tlrrnll-. age in consequence of an accidenut, Dr. W. will r. r;ain i Natlhvlle ia fw days looger than he at ierst intenrtld.d--ny tihe oIst J ly. Rev. Mr Slrilngtiehl:-Iloving been requested by Dr. Williams, the oc:ulist, now in tlia city, to examinie his itutmeroas dili.rllllos sad miter tirrlrtlletre. rtr lcivr o.f Iris claito to pulrlic rcotiulldent i his prolerssio,l have, it company' with a Bvalued frimol,dune so trill pleasure. Atng themr I tla ltaetter froIt dr r Pageot, at pre senlt Ch:large dl'Attliire of the Kitng of tile French, ut W\ahington, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifying the grnuiueoies of the dilhmas from thie Kings of'Fraune, icelgiumt, tlc. us well as thoso fromt the Medical Socic. ties of 'France. He haIs oerlo vouchelrs fr'ol IIIme known to be of hligh repotatiro in this colltryt, received sine his arrival in tlue United tartee,l dertiliug inttau ces of great sncessc in t'e restolrtion of sight It t he olod. I have seen lie irly all his i.or Ipaients in this o-. I knew ooln of thllet provinlasto to their elming his core; hIt allt I lave seen say they are tun qastionabtly botrt.itisd. RalT, Il. C II}WE".oL, Nasohville, June 21, 1837. P. S. dice trriting the .uee, one of Dr. Willinus' patientts . ls h clled lp;'o. meao d stays e had acthilylV anl totally Ilst the ight of Ottone ee fr eventyl, but ltow ildet.res Ilimself bette:; trat last inght, ILr the first tieE in his life that he can recollect, he cotll dis tinenish, withl It e1:ve, ltle of tile itrnlllllenllt lrs. Slearn l ltht thi oldt g ettlllllttlltt llhtt liRved IllllY yer' it tille rdgiaitRto soyo I, e hats been o hlotelediciduring flrtn years. Ytours, truly, auglO R.B.C. It. SNw Moatp ri Loutst.tso, n with its Eanals, roads slid diulees trrol, llce tolrle., nlonu thll- stg lrlarlro stembot rolrte, by I!. S.'rlntler. Alt rCHELIl'S MAP oc' Ttu UNI.oED STATIiES elsVilltg rhe principal Turnplik adtllctu.o reads, ot hic are lyen tIhe dioisnee in m files ttl e to p n tlote it an)olter also the courses of the eoaalo oad rail reads llroagh .iu the imIcounr, rrrefdrll ctlmpiledl ro tre best au tlrtrii.o-ptuhltlhed blov ,. Augttttls Mtlcherll. IAIrcHKLL'S TRuoVt lllt.EIl GUIDE THtoO''tH TII' E UITsrrEnt. A.T ; a Illtlt of the raitls, dlisttetns setneatr boat said uaal routes, .r . just rececivld atd fir sale ([ lW--:Kd ON PI'IILADPEIr1l t-F- r sahl IV .I 0Ker, i0to IlMth¢t. c.51 tri:: Crop Iir t. tC tOR theoeur ofrheumatism,scrofolaorkingsevil,goult, Ft 1teoti p sa ill .t, caimr, alt rheum,r I siphiieic and mercuriao dise aws pari eularly ulc ,rs amt 1 iFunetblons of th booeaesuleoste ttlthora atsoat nos- Jutoe tri ulener oevel r descritinn, fever o, e, and intereal aisesea, fistulas, piilcs, scald head. scurvy, biles, ltro- hn nit sore eyes, oeyanie liatdeis anti every varietyofe n- cirt ttemos affection, chroaie Catarrl, head ache proceed- Iae ingf. m any aeril humor, painin the stomtach cad dyst t sete pepia prn"nrdiloglFromvarition, aietrtionsofthe liver; rntoe hre onic itlanmmnaiot of the kidneys, anti geneard debili ty oansd y atorp idoctioen of the veaselsof the skin. I N i' sing."aly ef.tioula in renovnting those constitutions iees wahil have been broken down by in dioinste treatment, the juvenile irreaguitties. In geteral terms, it is resom- who anended tn all those diaesea whileharia from ilmpurities itey of the loel, or itaitintion of the itumors, of whatever itin name or kintd. att Some of the anove complaintsm aty -renuire some tr- illcg ing agnsitnt aplications, wldch thhcircu metsanfes ot the tine, ease will diet't; but for ta ceral remedy r Perifcator ever to remove the cause, the isIL AoN'S PANACEA will etta I generally he fonund sfiolent. athe TO THE PUBLIC. logo tnow true it is, thant moern Physicians, in their am- '1 hbtion to excel in thleir proesston; explore th vast neldla its of scietee bv the aid oe chemistry, anti seek out new r virat Smedial agetas; in short, to arrive at perfection in the cfF s etice by means of art alne,- -n tirely overlook and Ca anegl e et, n h hitentlteir notice, tilerich and bontteoa tlans stoeres of meaicine, which the Altmightly has oansed toh s lring out of the earth in every clime! Aml how moh doll Smore tre isit thit whilethe American Physiclan looks f to noreign Elountris for nmoanny of Ihis most common aid Snecesaic articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates effalhinn or folly, lie is mure, anded in his and id own eountry with ait endlessaprofusion of medical plants, sr- alffitant to insw we ry is indioatia in ille i se or to cutse 6 of any culcble disorder; flnd yet he is igntornt of their vir- th h, tues, and they are sattdfredto awastetileir heailig ao the e indesert air.' fret oe The ects of vegetable medicines upon the system are pea , eml wrrythose of miieerl lasti ting. The firer ex- the Serttheireffelets areatl pat ti the latter, mercury in parin a- ticlr, t ct ehlemoially nion the solids, decomnposing t in tine bones ant ntioer int tile enistiitltia by a slow n n t Ad oala sutre destrOetion. or or The cngegniallity, efficincy aod SAFETYnfvegeta e ite temedlieis sver misesal, may lie estimated bvco'trast lr s andcient pwranlctice with tile modern; or, to briln i nore immediately uon:lerour awei observation, t-I halti nra tlh active with thatof the whoites. Who, in America, re oansot known o eard of repeated instaine es wherein s, some desaepid, enpreticteed femalelnktian, by meansof J lhei nsimie remedies alone, tias aflbcted the most raptid din nstl astonishing cures, after the Mateirto i elica of the of -ot tmm n irantinee directed in the most skilfnl mannter,e d lts foiled Andl who has not been surprised o t tihe com d paortiveeatse caml fieility vitl whichthe lndlian fieeshim- E n self from any ise case, and tit the alost tot abstineoe it anoli eo.nnnic disease amnng the.m Wrho has LceL heard n i ithe cnlt Itldian with eonstltutin brhoki evl o tatitntl y i by illireatntirt And cat a tlotbtexistt thatthis hapen 1e n the entline of the etno fron most oflte ills which tile ae. fleaof mann inaahirtn, is chieftly onwing to nre gratia n of andatlse remtdles whici lie e.aldoys? l'his nistonish- I log dilt'erenee in suceens, is a bitr exemplilc'atious of the al int inliittte superioritv of the snimple and safe means of oire it tty which God has reaated for the beefrt of hiis ehildren, Id ant, over tose whichC the juride and the rt of mare have in if venteld. titF- From a leng residentee amongaltortion ofthefaebergii - i djieallebitaeatsof lthiseoellltry, noi an iatintt e acqoh n - tr in teriththea matthoedsof careof some of their moat 0 g nccesaful pale:ionersn, the reprleteor of 'Thle ndlsn'bts Psanacean,'saiidIIed a knowledge of some of the most d powerful nol fareiite remedies. From these lie selectedl sdi-uch as were most efficaciousntid apptwiatr, att afterd i arrious eelerinttost tato test tiheir ttineilllesnnd alrength,lI r e has combined them in tile fotm here preseneted, ns tlhe be nmost Iert'.eFct and leteficiul tot the purpose ior whilch it iler, I t llle de ths Thi e lrc i offerstlhis preparation to the pablic, will the nonasioaltatss that he is pilaiag wthilttlcir se, anomldy Cnefet le of relieving nIllty of his altlicted fel ittat low beinags, who an undlering under the various chronic oath atalobetinate nomplltts so whinilt it is a1plicable. io such it will prove of incealculable value, as the moaas, In and in many eases, the only means ofrelicving their suf oth fetgsandl restoringthem once more to health alind hap Iere- pilels. Thiea nis otolhered as ad enclion remedy, that ter may per chance be et(anlly good with many others neow ,and in use, Int as one which iseapablde of savinglife io many exreme cases whieli all the unusual ieltedliesfIl. Thbis it iled, ihas done repentedlyt; ande t hls is ltue reUtaation it hannohb mat tained wherever ithas been introdlueed. ior, It is olely about thlree years since this ioeparaetion ans it in iwseUte ethe publc: butln that short space aof time, tion me hutihaeelo ofpiersons allgt It totitnd, whr wohl I it in olemnly declarel thlat they Ielieved that their lives wrne d an saheltv it, nld in mosteaseseatert thlv had iltied inany a m, and pterhops all the common remedies in vaen. \W her mtlsever it is kattwn it israpdlly oint.ig ittot tin, still his S.O aiffolatdne most substantal and noneit ing ino'of of it lie merits. t "ot 'the vahae ofthe Panacnn i most eoa1tntllllln lln th(ose tm long sataaiag nao ll h s-hiitit taoedtrllltlllttns aflt:etiaans If anywhich a it ve tdefied all othc re.aedia s allr l ilaathul:lhs ind tnlose cases wbea anilelery Ilals baee so hnaitl.,, n:e. tee tt as to eanst dlistressiag plnio ill oL Ie ,d's 111111, llel'm rial ulcers, ileranlemenlt tallt a thgigestive ell.nli t. " i h to Tl' it tcomlltelv rtectltsta i all acns:a, at t tlaie ly irattaioates the titetix ss -till cti le, " tof oa t les '(lo s of o.sies cfllonstitlio, i lelIt1de ,lient sI-ltaun tlnd airo. well.i I'n h m ~t al b a d it. il atll l . e ol l, itat as ita l - la a, a t lt elt t l ',tut i 1t n t t!: l " 'll a I i ll I lv a tt lll |a e - arateal eiat aetl. : tcm i ln'taket sin. ai n -. I n. l :S, tlh,. t ain:t ' IhOl . ,. l . 'I 'la:,* ataitel tica atallnt*naliav] ta a- a-latilraata t di:.a , l'(r t., ia. l," tanita Itl irartt nationt It latn be Ulnrite l). et it annleigaoes iseaes noit inele specified, ald it les I-..,n ittit abedtwilthtwonuirioaeil sutet as a Slt-htintttoad :,lFi11 li tenth rifler, Ily teate who i Sll .lee to conlllllai tsofl theicllisI, Itee anall wose constitltnoustnnt irt iewvtyn-. Shotcle-t. etinei soatt will.W u well to l.e tolll-tllto ehh-lntltsill t 1ia i, - eli s . \ lelltn.rver a diet di llnik is elallhilla.lbl-t Idt ' .h'in , lithsl l tinantaer.n, tsaken ill nsnaltllaIats will :illwt.r all irl i nll In'ie Se, III inn th less Lillle, at less tv.i a ell'an aIII1 ill I tis fia ttIItatrae :a;el.-tle nlller Lohnue a li.oa a laat ndia l ,alrink. Ti (nt- ta he ilalowitgeltiGfantes, not lta tltnt s saitmilar, wltne wllinh might hle I t drt tal, alre givn-to.i lh w Ila , telldcl ta the laaIoi n's I'ea Ceea, ill er lllltcat ' l:til (l.tll cr. t i leltioitelt llta ll an lsiqtwexhil iit ll ta the nast stli |ttalrII ) mtiltot m l.oer, itsnalinriri ty ovr tllh srlplllS iln C sIIIIIIIIII Is. actha- CASES OF IIIIEUNA 'I lS\I. oevery o CI.AtEree, Nav. 15, 1la3. During the last winter Ral lsprig, I was aallietin will, -t cob-a very evere alid distresitng arh-nullnlatisn, neoanio·ld aby seaXosure ilLn ad I now ankegreat pleasulre in whiel stasilg, lthat six bottles of lthe tadrlan's Plolaaes, tes d is nme to perfect hieallt, and I conlideatly rneoouuitetd it to char- all sinilarly aiflintcd. .01N FBtERGUSON, King st. CHAtLaSTrONi, March 27,1832. I was seiTed shout thrteeear since, i wih iladistiressiig rtieuatnaltill, .tlsed by taking it severe conlll, whhile undtler theielduencelf merulry, and whbih has disabllled i o hirnm business nearly ever since. DIuring this inerinod have bei t i i spatient in the Marine lloslital in this n it ua walrds of four months, andl nearly the Itone length,' time inl the Ilalthinre Hospital, ,ndi tried almost ever remledy, with little benelit. On the I6th of kebriuail last, at that time scareely lableto move about upon crutchl es, Icommencede t tle use of lllial's Ptaneca. III ou month I found nmysellfentliely freed from ll a , atnd or now halpy to state tluat coisrder e -sefi plrlbetly well. S 'i\'. TUCKIE:, 123 Mlkrt keit. CASES OFl SCIROFIUL)OUS ULEIlS. Ni:o YORK, Sept. 10,1830, TI'is tmay ertify dh:t il t'.e Il1ol o185, I was scize Il1h a swelll." in n my neck 1l1d thee, whllich alierwnl illelottell ani lcalllee large ghasly ulcerl in n ileal. Ailritryinlgsesealp hsiciiilanstonIi aidta\:lllncn, I en' to Philadelliin, alnd i lae-d in)self' uaier the carei, I)Is. Physic anld BIenaui ahell, all.', renpoto d sadittiolell toi nioell'ct, I was lltonnoulced utterly Itllotmble. A.lieo. wards Itnoktwentl Ibottessol'Swainl's Paini cea an( ci eh boatles of 'lottr's C:atholicon, with no ll:teri.dl benelit i)Uspalringnf life, which had now become a Ihrthen i me, I retnooted to my lprents in New York, in 18"29, :ot gaientysafunpto a lingeri.g leath. Ilenling of thit -gret slttes o fTle I nliilsPansailoil, h wevcr, in cas simlilar to mly owln, I was pIersuadled totry it, as a last r.' ,sort. 'uTO Inl)" glelt sullise, as well as satistIntioln,. solmlllle lld Ili)'st|l'a yellf r 'eily ve l t rnl. , l bd u olp Ulkiull{ sevei Ibottles, the ltot'rshwaled andI . belame perlentl't well in tile course oftwo ilmouths, and have remaineed so ever since. I lsakehllis stateitle anid w fihit lublished for th ibenefit o'thoslie wloe su:l fring Inlnel similar saeimlaousl r ayphliilitic illhitinmls, that they maty know whtlm he cturedonae tlio has sullrod evil'yi thinig kul tdeath, :lid ntho cosiUlers his life savedl y lnei s. W.M. IllNIXA) Clnaullli.slu. July 12, L. I1. I was afflicted, foitr yenl s with aln uilcr ll the Ieg, rct. noloionilly ancUnpiiiniiilt it cry' slit'liiiii inilantiatoi o and exeessive inail in the leg anld antil joinit. Svral eninlnt Itphysiciains exerlted telirtskill uponi it, Iiit with oult permllllallnt benefit. Ill iis case fite boiitle Iinli:all'n Iltln.eea madle a ile'tict cure. MAIIRGAIlIT' A WIEST, 121 Market +For sile by HENRY IIONNAIIEL, druggsat, ageni or tlhi pirorlieitors5, Tchiopiirtiillas street 6" NEW ORLEANS R' NASHVILLE RAIL IOAD CO.IIPAN V. Tp lI' stn:ki"l!ora ' l oetli ti cotlmny lio hetrelv no. tEild that t by i resilutln of the board of direli ti.n passed o il IUht 1lth int. the call iie oin tllhe n thll 13th February 'at, fir the payment of live dollars a IIareI w sll rescinded, Uand tile said stockholders are flrllher ptiiled thsht WIh.II.i AS, by a ireolution of this bonrd piosed oni ithe I9thb tinst. a ll has toeen luRdh on tle stocksoldlor ' of the New Orleans oind Nalshville Ruil ltRld CouImipiny for the fCllowininpll ay littI or in the tlhe st:k held lesplc Rioly ty tllini,5ia:-twol dliiari puler stlt's , payiible on lie firt dirt lo iF Septellllberlnext two dillarm per share pnyablol al tile first dul of lecembellllr lnext; Iand two dollar+lsper thllare pttaynlda oInl the fit dlay o(':llarh Inxt. Now tlhereforebe it relsolved, that tht+ sce:t'etary of this coan nut shall notify the sthare hholders thertein, through thel pit'licl pir.ltir : cit ytllllhs Iin n lrn ity with the t ixto i section of fle t hutra, theyare ptrmnittid ,tt poatpto any ipayment calhld in 1u thfo stoek ofsaid c palllny folr Ihe tols osixty iItlVs,from [n1ud after thle lay oil wiich it is lioIe payablell with the exp.rss toa'.i dii lu howeve, that if t lult 1regiiuly pid within ie saii pIrolonention hl sixty days, tinni and uft'r ih. day on whliieh it shou lll have me pail, that then the e totuk oin which sldiynent.iduly ilashould ihav btanm Illide, iiisd rena " h: rfiited to the Ico:tinu, the charter onl that lIoiit Bteinm impel.ltive. It tl)liibr lity thelnfiutre, t) niid eaIl,illntiok of tie nlttkhollerlulo in said ci onlnv, its ulhiuk tprolmo to pti nlo lmo in lelintaton ne +biri tock to tile a. tl if tihe addnitionl sxtvi daliy, t Mhdh llro lh lrine allows dhisn, are notifie thilat thie foaymsent of two dil Inra per shtiie clled ibr,uand due onl the first of Sept tnlltrt Iext, ,nIto be isit lt i)nlelid lnlelr hi nixthll ettinI tlf said cnlrter, iiniil theSloat sliy of Otctulntr next, lIIIt ithe paymienot of two dolllars per called ftr, andl duae o llthe first da of ltlcembar next, may Ie postl pollad until the 30iht day of Jntuary next; and hie pay mileit of too dhllars per shr ie allld tuir lld du e llln t hroot dny of 1cartb nexI, iany be illlpullud untll thull 3ilth day of Aprlil nexr. xtrlcts o.f tiea minites f lhe lo r, b Son. ii( O01. II 1'1'-, iu ca-e-.+2" ben- wliil' 11'1,1 tip 16 V "'1 STAI'E OF IoOUISIANA.-P'arilsh Court for the JUol Parish and City of New OrleanS. ri' HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To sil whom J. htsc Presents shull rome, Grertiga:-Wi'ereas, r Joones Honte Io vieg piroltored at a sale lade by tlhe Shorfi of the ¶arioih of olclar tile property| 00 tt hbreonotter doesribed, ,ns apttlres, to the clerk ol thist 0100 cuurt. ia whton e oflice the hod olf was reCortdlel ono 000 tile Sd dau of Ae il, A. D. 18B8, for :o roonitioa t,Or adfvee-. Tir tiorealent n eonufreoity to nnt ootof tilef.gieOlnture of tle gore: hlate of l.onaoifana, enrtled"Ao rot for the further nssu- [,0 ( rans ol titles to op trohoers at jdicial sales;' pprovPeod i tile t0r, dtyntl" oreho, tI loge • | NIWV, h erefore, know ev , c d efl perrro interested i hereio, aercehby oited ard ododonisotd iI the nosme of tof the Staoe of Lot isnlfo, tlrl of the t'orielh Court, cor who ean set t ipoaoy right,tlifle or elaifl in sao to sloe the prtoflttv fleerhootferdr reifqd, iot'eortoeoaenor. ooiny w ififronootftv no tlo rtrfr, decre or iudoo,,,ot of thu courtr u nde r wohio:h th e ol e w aos t ll sonl, r lly irr etol arlly or ifligoolity ira thoe uofptofis ents and odorertitoctrntt, i00 tiflteoro a cr ooele fenfr 'orf o any olhero'efet whoatso evere to show couso, withino thirty oloys croom theday this fee atstoiot is filrt ihooretedfri io Iprhlfe pulpers, ohy tfrsole o oode shlouldt st be o :o l fironod auod lonlo lgooted. T''e sofd property woe sohll heotile Sheriff of the por. Or felt oforesfid on uth 14tlh day i.f AprilA. D. 18tf8, hy 1 vorfte rof s decree of this Court, rendered on tle 5th daoy ofFeheuarv, A. It. I1130,in o osoit enrtittal Alexnmhlur rlot CultwelI vs. Joome Honoer, No 1f,3f17 of trfe docket oof or thios Conrot, oLLltwhch sale the saidl J amerlitnnR beohme loot til"eternorher for tile pt.ce of twenty oto tlourutnlo do~llsrs. n I)escription of Proplerty as gCiOn It trie Judicial Con fur c o ertait loot of ernrotd uitrted in tile ruborb An- ty 8 asetion efias LourCoeE of this city it (IUre No 5n, c ad lot ilating F'renchmcaseor, tf feet frot conl cou-olu tprtorlttos otreet,: 60t feet frron+ , Oroogeer street, and M0 feet on o.ouglde rdr .llre! ctreret, in such aloanner thst stiot lot nigrro nd is sti fret wide from onne side of " the rqopare to the othter, toget ohr w ithl dwellog house froot;ng ot Tcltutpittautlo street, tsle oitoefon and tie proonlrtecies, also the distillery esiofhlishlenlet erected rio thereso and orler hui:dings nttl improvenrets, toe cc tonelofehinoerr utesils, ilnlolementt rotd o xtofrorrer hltglng Of too soifodisillery, itso lelrooencice and nfoppormnnoeee, anol the rigfhtsactionr, onrd prfvileg,.r thereto holoogirth 010 or in any wise rppertainino og. Clerf'n (ioce, New Orfena , Iaoy 7.f31i. to . t fl.o j' .1. t)Lt Ir , 1l oty C erk. e " F3-.iA-)T IDB LA uUIteAoNi"-C ou,' rle PorolOss lpour lot potoisse et vilh ole lo Nnuvelle Oole:oors. "[ 'EAf E LA. I.OUISOANhE.--A tous r0ux q0 e on 0 c0s ptr'srllta eolltoclllolllo osolt : AttentlArlltoroofro Juorres Htcase yracytohelt6 . roe centsc faire per le Sherif P l dofeIoIla roisse f'Ortleaoer lueprolinith ei-spo~r&e tleorite, s'e adeo,.oS(o oit Grelfie thlentre Crrlo' orl diritre ventef tt e reegiuroo~e If. eor eorjoao de alut rio l'aRoire IfSt, poror 00 00000 onolforntoeoroent A root eltl iI Legislatorsr e I' to Etut ole lo fisntis ,oore, irntitolO. "Aueteo eonforo coooot et Ins ne tiler ies ncrqrerertn'slx venteosjadlfciri tes ;" o ppeoono ti oI r 18oti-otires s. ooo 'iltoito Olon, , ct tootesllersoooes b~itl t~l./st~e p 8Slit?! F es presents aol~alet..b sil tin~s~f t ie' Etat ole Il Loaisoone rt de Il Caolr delootso qouoi nraieot avoie dlroit ; lorpropri\te oi-pre ,oeotfite, el rrenseqeceror aco f ('frio t oto ol',me o rwse foo l fc u Iorl ogo loecroet o le, floeuo el lot vcnrte a tre tfitie, oa it, 0 00 , o 000 Sill(..galite dlams I'estilnlaioo,|'alis oa lc ',mr~l I't Il,.d mtc to letlavfoie, oo Ieur I'lteSoittos'oose f Ilelo tllhoot; 00 fairs volt, lohs otecni jou's a d.,rer dloa pfhlieatieoro 000 0'lt0 fif, ilooonlo.oll ooi oU ote aii faite tie strait pts oonfirnltce :000 h r norologuoe, l~a la'e .ri~i'. Fir vendlne par I+ shelrf ELumit, I+(11\ toulifoe loufr f'tvriu i cfl I'oaroooe 8i3i8, .rr ol'.oot 0000 rferet ,is rsitr conr le I de Irivr r f I.olnllrroto 18ff, oust dooro 'ofroiore d'Aleorrlloer Caldwell, ootlroe James ltet Iteo'e, No 10,3ti7 (ht hlrolct ole cettu Cor ort ltornellef fe a r000 0e dit Juaoro Ifuroen s'ent reitdu ocoojotreur pour lth. Iprix tle 'S liON. floe ])coriptiot deolt Prtocroi~ti· d'olol -ris lctraosfer.Jrdiciare, U ,:e rro t lo ,o t ol e t r re R i t no o o ar f auo lo t more g lR 1 .\ no n chore totoororrorosL·LI:I1TS, ole ortrr oil t, oloooc I'11cr No 1,, 00, d dit ltot lte oeoo taornt [Ioellroroe fro ojliso,] sorixconoo tet- jcsfrlo tic fiet it rue '['nlooofitoulao, troio cent triodt otlfO de foar lou rot ale 0 rnterse, et scoisote itcr 'to ole furoe a luftoolede Is ror do Mlnrrehb,de sortr queole oroot, olitl ot de otere a io xanto pieds de iurgeor druro rIout do le r drfrilrtiIarotr eortmtlolsror mniroontfrrsant tee t lo hop- mrue Tclhoeitousa ,la cuisine et ten oti pendunoeto.eio Iloor olrre to distilllRrie ConstrUitr su1r le dit fot, rt orottres hlol r tor topere ot nmwliorrtfori; le oonrehln oo ustenciles, inelat rutty orions, &te. npop',r:enr fn t lo rt oiftillfrir oe fit nneosr,olltfnrtfaantoee ct lefs druito, tttioaoet Ifrioiloiice ob. yopp tt ororot. lhorroau lot grffier, Nouvrelle Orlaosoe. eP 7 Moti. 18f3t. rofflft~l~J3 . J. (Ot·LIfi tttiprotf fcoflir'r loyal College tor Physi ooss, Lotl',o. llaIE orlgtonal VCeortall ilgoeitot Univorsl Meol'i I loeo, pn'tnlr' by WV Aitskin, Estt. Oollr,loo!f the lt~ool Cotle,., of" Sttt.goonto, uiootettls' of Ap''thoo1 crry's.Uompmw,.y L'ellow ef1" llit Cout't Soiciey, S~lllgt'otl so1 tllr lo.:ll t Utloot l oy l~aio' 'UAto oi:o t oll, A I, e:os.rtit Plooo iVotcoot~lI oIho'o ,t' I'oPertrtotd Ptttit of Coy'] astol St I,o"'h ons'I ioslto ittto ,lI,~d Tdis Th nlnhe sedtit i stl, th e t sllt of twe't. yenrts' exoPIrivllce ant illlt t t oall ]|elr d slccss illt h to e o eotet ive to th tooilt lie . o't o llm luetice flt tio o to rIte o risto so liciotlios .f a number of -tt ,ehone of lonZ ntd t,.lin. in 4, ptotession, O (t' Is hoped, Rs l.'teli,,i naystop, tot otook to' eott toto Stoto consqt ne itiolog lIor tlol ulr of o he IhItn Int rou nud Illt!l'tritos nonwsuns111oto tti'se tn (he lic b thoe atid of lob t toio tr pro, did. u"ll;ll'lllons e ,lllll ;ll .lllelr li*atlllS, by ia .etl o IIt oltllit~l Flie111.e I0 I t 0 i 0 o to .l o I t h ll I ltlllo l llla litdlll~illl t'I11 l IIIII, l UIt· ' l) I]Y'.lI \.I~II hl itlll~l~ll...lll llIIe itl) ,tll. |li. Clll~lll·\ . "ll'Ill.PI pillS, flildl :lll(d il:I·VlI'.tlhT "1ruioe h.04 to koptttoovry amoot co e ill0sushtelllll (pro, 1 lip kl. i|illl'' hYli) l)ns:.e. co. phl insl l which toa oi}i..ii | . tolo , ito " oootw 1o oi Iv nrllstcll o1 plUrev~llt. Ill tll:t, all holo o wtitt I lleg t l Il.alilh. shrllllll nlewr l· Iiw wiltlhlo t tllhe . TIII"I arl'e s,,[I ill packets o t 5sct' . .'It 1 at n o$ eo: ,,o by eveoYt resoto . Il tle dlr tist , Ioo k silot , ant, velot, t ol' d;olicet it t ih ,lltillol toIsl It Ia ltot t I Hs , willl o o, llllls llletliols, ' w~th esi niell tt of troli' .oiotltt obilito ltoo. AIh' t tllto . t,' os lllo h II' 't . I).. \V. llot k, ,I. i)., . t x "K'y, A. t"am pto., If. D., ond um.trot s I T she ollrilio lls t .l\ b ., r lt p slti ss i"lt t f thtlle n dltl~l A.gentl by whlom~ til{e mll hi neit~l is illl|olrted inito this iroullotl 1 ot, to tltl otm l l at lllicatitt o s I'o ra.loci Io t'wo ht totule. JN(,. IlobitEIN, 13, I~ \selly PYlace, N'. York, Sole Ge·,1·swe Agent for~ thel Unitedl States, Sc. YF1"n ic y a ol, int nlllllt of tile orii llg l prlplr'ihtonl; hy lowtAo o tht'mot, Ioutgg.itt, No 1 CanIt steot , nllrl." Agenl efor. ' Sltllltet of l'ouisiola. jtl vi t IEMTILY It LEE & o'I, c 3 Xtglzille stlcet, art a ltnw reeiving l alln shlips Naslimlile, Louissille , tncktl ok , Eagle,oat ,l otller ltu srotivals tralll :I :llternl ctieos, a aige and ew oslelsteId assolr'tmecnt I!, ](osCs, Slhoio nsld BIrog.nIs, ootnshstttin ot'g.ettlo 'st't litte t lf o tt d ot,'t .Motooco lIotiiott 'to hL ,lualityt dto ittitttd, atll stollt wax Itgged bIlouto titrous qlltllties; metlU 's flIH tlftf .ond tloroco, thoo totottys oottd bltogos, ibucksklin shoes, brogns1 sll ottpetos; meto's too colt and kipe lltegted o hogsand ISogano; do boott; lo stolt kitp lot woo tegged shole Idr rogos;l gontllmeo't best qtthltty oIf sewelo shltlos, I'cogant aid Jatt k ltownihotr; do solf and IMorotot r' Ickle tltos hnIlRogallostl l elf, seo antl JIlooeoo. 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An taveretsement in tlle book is in tearly the fitil'w isgwordsa: Tl Tinewleigh distinctlion this worrk hnla teivet l throltgh the ten legislative acts prefixed tothu title lelgiws a re a commealtioe ill itself, so uncsnlmono, and so etoitln- e sive, th t nthitg is neeressary more sltan by tay of atl vertisement, to givea etoaeinsed view of some of its pe- on Sliarsities: nais fer instaea. taile hlt IK'en o Coin ed fiomansl comp'red with, what is eurivnleeto four- t Milk teen seela'eaelcuatiollte, exniletill ill tile presiatiiy- Col fwe tintes, tnd prieted ihrot teeatyt+e prates tesstd Role thirtyty-one times, fi'om all whlh it mst he evidetd Wa eveu to the skeeptit (es-tielly ea tshe Iteaao.t l tth ale- Pete tail of peoefin tile tarehce)tlhea tae wtk Ileast tlie a Ri metintily ittfcllttle, tadci iai -onliatii-tion of thlis lellia Fret y premiltm of two huiahed ani l itiv dollars, is now ol'er- Wo ed ftar the detetiooe a error f a a tent it thle I reeti Rolt i ar iftledlition, as exresased in tie iapreltle., ankg lie Plail if Ilaee lirlee s fte7teloi for Ile salle terrtir sitt Ce ttefilet Net Simhllcati.n in the vear 1802. i One of the rnost coastticuou s features ef the tobh a is inSte crrlctaten eent of tlhe 'iilaie aod Amloute, which Nat fon expdtliti.tas, ioferene eand ealrspietitvy, with tile help l oflthe sidle adl iadex, cannot be excellelr; rld tiht sal'lty Styanl ease with which tihle in:oeel ean hbe founid,ltothe extent of genereal binsilnes, witlboat nldolina ofsums U ishesldes a -onvenieete s esstulal, that in tsle estLim- see d tien tof same oi tie most comllrent and practical bul S l o tss mess scta ia lltlea e ofli, era atto hloec madeg.l'eot osoe t of tl~e worl, it rllas iteea disti.aisl to-svtllo Iaaotable l appell.tiin efofa "tmaster pinoce". 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I il" l wor wh 1i=h wa plShlisbt~l( hef, ,l r e. halol nllcr.s t t tlatl l t: i -rcth 11I -tI t tti cr , i sl caa inaltt a ttic tttaatI' aaaatacaallala1aa 11· e Itn l a atatif l at ii liCtlilat 1tath t IIe.I telih l| : ttotatttacttt1tret -ett tt i n a111 te S idwith, e tc hae ntit-tt--c t- +Itatit ' itt-a- itr 11attleota a~lit ara-liesth' s X % ' s. Ill l lll~l •II( L'r,,l |Ttlh l-· 18U+JL Ill((llintC fili Ilh(l lil'lll at I tltill i e" ittt I i c11 i t t i t l14 .\ eat o i ll ll its , l - ibrl1 t t ct l' a-treatceli .ID ~ll (l \ III" \.+ii~( f ,llllhlo.l It 1II( I r:t.-t llll li',t l' ,il, l.1;'ri c /i a ,. i otal lair .,ae he sv i.r , AN r, DDOC'I'Ol J.OIINSON FA\' h cr suclt'd crnlriietly at his oflice, 1,13 Lr ('ll tbtll mlhloue .l'rl, neaIllr n uphdine sitro:t, or' thi' trlel llr ,l oi t c1 ti tohii t t:ll.i of dr.lit i, d li lken es. Fm I l r. Jo'hIstll's exlcrsiver opIy poirlruitIty In s(i lof th, t 1 c rt , c,'hrlrralted lh,-.tal- to Iurpl, cx:lldrirn ly devot"tl i the trrut.t ent of .ern ris. and i , phltic .lllll cirts; also Irinto i. rer'ourP of five VyeaC ss i Now urlrrk, dlring rhlic. tillle r Ir. Joirnsllo olllnlln iihi Fu pole ire Isolely to rhe tretllllellnlf thole, rlielaC, with the moIit nprrrlrecedentrl sucrell.: he is Iruiled ti rP Iovr anlly of t111 ftllolwinlc coumlplaints ill from 5 to I"i day, witlrortl iijurirlr tie cntatlllion by mtrclry'e or lll otlher .ehitrrrihrar rnediicine. lrrhlrlltril lr, JIlet, Stlructure, ujritrnrl Wreakness, Affuireclj tio f Ftlied der, iKidlleyu, Prostate lllllnlld iany of Ithro' rllllrer oustraill o'f nlfectirns, whichr goratuCy (indlw neig., t ed or nllll-trrertell caises of Venerial. Scrofulous i ores, ulcerated legs, anl worms,removed by a illlllle mneth od of trealll lr, without ristrietion in diet or inturerrup ion fruom biosirness. Persroll residlrcg ini the rcoutnlrv, ad who rlFiccl dlcli. rnto in co'auitlrg tlreir fliulily prwrician, by uroding a rratnement of thecir cao hy letter irpst paid with lies eucloel) earlc hve I). .ihnraur'rS advice, i'ur their owr trentlllrllt, with medicine, necessary to be used, lorwir ded. Separate olffice provided where patients can nerer eore in wilth eulh uther. Attendice frort mrring untail night, at 143 Custom lllme street. F .Consuultatione .trirtly confidentinl in all caern. ccr 13 OYL. Ll \ .1AY, !ose, sod, ad Orconvsalat ( a ll , \, r, .S C.walolele' S00,00, two donnatr ioe i llitotis ol f the I(hlhwh.i woods :td m:rwhles, tz cute.d i S i, n Ia u te nc , wool'o S An11 V]G. wiF'hcsF Ii 'Ii rI 1;h'iFyrch Eypthim black F id grld, k, riclla mol Anticot rorllard 3cn, O'ieta ior vyurtl ucticle, Stelr Sic XIccr, lrlc.r Stone, birds Eye do, ]hby Granite, FIlar \W'rec, D1ve or Iturdello, Yew Tree, ' Italian Wiitr, (C:rolloadle nr Black Silmn: and nDrctella, I(r)e \1odii, A crtri an irey, Ash \\'rIilrOr , F ke . & e. C(hled U lm, Specimtus to hiheseen at ithe hop. Paints. rile, glassi, copll varnish, F.m on.Ind nYiF I slerc.'c .llR ,5T I.& IIIrVY (')i--lh- .quart ll lm btnlldh+ io .ll, ,ell asolrtol. l[,mp l troll il toil iron, mail rods and plough mloulds C-tit, (Iermnl, shenr, blister,.d, slting, sheet mdul Crowler seelt Hrllelow rr'e, cut mill wrolglhtr ls rnid pII ikr., Zine, Iblock tin, mil eln g:rad stones, milt keitles C ehlill clble.s, aIchfOrs, lhos (cs, lag at II tl:lce t haii, colrn mills AFllist, r icrs, r |.llllln ls r lll bellll s Co:rl, alFd ct.o.king storcs A'iles, o illn 's alld r lrter spades d tllll ovll Fl ok lrtl pilate hinges, loor :,nrIl winildow hooks Collins, Irunts, Shlrps, lrntl other axes FIlr'di nllhl [M:lilla cordage, linl's halil twine Iolt:md sheathilng oppcir; Navidl stores 'Pailts, linseed mudic cLl l coil A loll assorou.i.t f heiridtwalre nod sMip ch.ndhihry, ildtmsno hand, audwhich tiro oibred f'r .de :t whole smle r 'cirretail, on rth 'Irl e .ltvora'le ter s, I rlln Ily riad F1,.\T"'N F c (Co. 53 Oh I ,vrer.. SAEROFOWGAT SPRINGS ,F rllllcrlrr i,err 1 rrrr ,r \ lF-e'rrcc . T7IIRlij 1L.i Ys JOURNE'Y I O 'lli.1i NE' Il ORIE.INfS. r4lHEro prrrietor of this arstahlisdnnrnt has the ir;e 1 sure o.llnOllnein toi Ilr s fries, lr d tle r li in rrcctnlei, ur:'t Ie will i.e iln rerndihishly the Fi'pt ir ofC nayr to reciive vi-iters. lie will ireso stae 3lr thie'lr lrefil ol'thlar t n di-rueen, thrt lthere Frrve ir.n lnr"c r iliprovements llde, iland ollllthrs n,,ow lllgoing on and in ralpis r rosres, fr riompletiin, whiich will eciale hei tu.n is,her to iwo ciiiluitei' miiIIC lalirgr tri' li llmr l than heIrelfore, ltuint i th sRLameI time Ruch better. rllrilii clni be auolulnllllnlllltld ith groo rmolie,. or thos hllo prefer can have laurge ctabills etlached frol thie rlail building. It is demuedll uuelCessPI.ry It Play anytlhilng ill plartical. Inc of the charitertr of harerr weri.r, lir' it is gr.rllelily brlived thait they are nrt inifirior triny inri the South eru 6tlce. All ihi nrc sitm'nlll I'linht aret rueralll fcluldcht lirerinil I'uc.r, will h cru f'mnd at rhie. 'lhe h,'st nltsic that thi par't of th t"olllntry nalirlb s, lhaf brc engagled,allnl will be in coait .nt ittlnPldanleC af the lm'itls dFirgllc the l ltolr Firr 1Fe, I' lusllllsihl will uav l icrelifr f rIlis uPi;nrtunity in riturnlig biin uilC'ilnlleged tHanks for ith very lillllie sliPort giv-en hIRIc Inlt Flln nonl l;Ape . hvl Oli P18 ., tian, that l v, h-e u ,el l r, in ill prllll anll dll exedIPlllling te n tllllllll ull l to I lll il la liriE, al l tohelaul· ilt' .T K'tilN 1'° Iil,"f A'R10)IL, i r remiingl rt pel'rtilme uir foii Ilih li.e , nr h. and ains, r' t ,+llual .afltry a t] ctrtainty, htla in g ilie skin finer antd whlliter tll., htolre toe ap lication. AAfrtsh .l pply iitrep iC i clits Fel cri(rF cilll is-4, i I0-hiicrce ncdcc, 1.crcrli u tlmlccc .ic willieCreitc sci cet. l c. i . auclr riced, MIAIL AURA IIN4)MNT -nil Doe ,vart l)ay-Ot 12 M1. Northern M0il, Closea Ev;cry ay at 10 A. M eolrt Matil. bone every. ,l'nyy, WVedth.sday an Frioay, by J, P. It. by mry of te Closea evrary Monday, Wediesda (Jean, cod Satoonry, by 9, P. A. ( n.e every 'toeeddy, Thonreday, an 'ieo !ake .til Saturday, by 5,1. M. via Closes evero y Monday, Wednesday TINES OF ARRPIVAL, IEPA RI'UKE DISTANCE &c. of the Enxpreot Malil, betswmo Mooile and New Y"ark-leoaving iohile toil, at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily ot 5 P. M1. Southward. Arriver. Arrive Norlthwardl. Distance. Time. Ileturn'g lorntrnoeryAlo. 21 mn. 119m't 2:1 12h n. Cotunohs,'o(. 114 II 9 3 na. Millelgeville. . 2 13 144 2 p. ohtotloio. S. C. 7jnm. 113 174 10 Ralei~lh, NC. 5 215 2 12 SWarre.nton;V.,Va. 12 at. 55 Peternlnro', Va. I am. 3 10 o.n Richmond,Va. I am. 21 3 6P i Frediericksburg, (i7 7 m. - Washington city, 23pm. t 661 5 Iloltitonre, 64 30 4 0, SPhiltdelohin, 04 am. 100 11 New Yo rk. 2 pm. 90 81 1:015 143 n. or 5d 23h Noorthward. Comning Southward, the time is six hoursn I less; hcitg3days and 17 hoors. " S TEN' itot.LfiS IEWD n t. l A1NAWAY fr.m 169 Carondelet earner of Ieevia is streets, on the night of 30th of Aegnet,e ad wee een .lh next tloringing I)o dras street, i negro boy a- n d CIlARLES, hout 1? years onf age, allt 5 fee Sor therenbout il I heicht, wcrv bIlack;and hasn ah ilped le iin his speech, one of his legs is sore, ceeasionet g by a recent hurt; he Ihad on when le went awav a white cotto tor illen shirt and while eotton pIantalotns. l onastera of vesnele and stePm boats are cautioned It it gninst receivig or harboring laid negro, as well a nall nolter errsons, 0s the utnoet riur of the low will he enforced aEaont0 them. "T e nlive reward will be pani SfnrdRlivn'igh Imln ntn nnv of the inil of eitler of the nomtnieitnlitites, or at 16!3 Curundelet, corner of Hevel rteeet. tlpt o g'nIc.., hi, hereto'e M isting rally existin iln odrrtler the firm of tlhois & (trretson, hal lmen r-a Tilved I Iht ehbcriter will liquodatn te' alffaircs the concero o tnhis city, nod rleqires nil persont indeb - el to Ilnlke tlylnellt to hi mnld, and aoil tltoaehnvaing ll clamnlesni, to hsc em fobr settleatt. ,tu 1_:--Tt LI UIAlLETSON, l- No. ( llfCaat Sreet .toe Otr.oan tii- ,o s nalwnas o Sna td teo n n tly rat ci o - it r. 1 tives, Cltrminal, and laolntentong tlheirt r. cIts olloweI i lnn t)lUC;. DYES, Ist, A loliot. ny) reIlt , Argols, red, i do rgwtltn, A toootto, SpeO . th Aresnie, erode, Atnm, oh, In leIowlteru, IIrozillette womn, rli· .la ineo1mv Conethinrll, Btnonx,cruode, nltapecas, Americans ek, do rtltied, ColIeCa et, te :lrinlstotte, cnltle, Pustie, Tamplco, ett ti rell, do utta, tc- do flower, do Maine, n, lirmhcn, Fre trh I.eerie, its Cntct,roil, Ilodigo, iegn ,ng; one. (lte o nndn tomao, n lo n lartar, do Man st n i, ( lil. rn aloeue, Yn Ouiwlmala, do .tothi, Logwood, Cormisenhy do tsWsatidSo, d ollh St Dlomingo tee dtt .tn. ntiae, tdo Jnmotica, 1515 to betzeil, Camtwoond, dtoal tin eloa, lrtttoth nadderlt omhie, cllo dos teisaped, Niauragun, l.onater, pe- dlo to S Amrie,, do Corn, Id noa Camthnr, nru'e. l do ltttneaoib ddo do ref. o IlaenI. do gaiaellm, CHEMICALS. veto .Inoki, Acli, nitrotls, ally do mstie, do mmiatic, nt tin 1 opium, do ,Ilplnrie, Ile sela, I vltriol, entt,:, nregal, (cslntnl, I i,. tent o uloltite, ..orrosnivesiotdimntie, ts, it dOtaegaeolat, '.hloide of leme, ct-c- noohogae, folsom salts, ittu- Juolliltp herries, Atllerical,l.unr enAllStie. thy to do Fonreign, Iced plrnelipitate, looMotagoioa, K.nglitl, loehelle ctlt, tin- America.j Red ohcrolnhtc potash (It M:alno flake, Solo carp Shoo. cil tIn snorts, Sbip potam I.iqjtatiee kalt, Sog p tean, il eh.te S lip zinc, "I , i n etTtamttt ' ' tlir o e mo i cn . ttt- t-oltoot, nPAINTS--e IIICo e , dpttHrm1tjcti . (uJbe, t lati. tot-otwrtiot, Chitrtomirmelloto dry, ;el h)o ipea*catc, io i oil (Itt- tt jolp, ,tI-, dry, ern llv In liquorleo, l' do io nil, ho, lrhtlark, Lb I, ttaoltlark Engtoco, -ae ll o stt Vitc, .i, ru ., ,i.n:,tnl :i, lot ott,.os .-rtjotootoatl-to,.on a In - otof doe t tt I :- oictt P.ri hl-tti vll-:rlo , l.. tl , Le ivi, lilt A i-riulit:l rot tol t car , hi I ,I l tttltv P o-le i~am:d, tl',]lll oin % t diotot t .teo ssltaokert, Sttir, itt.iCl, t l' l llltli'. foto| -l' eck, do grotllln ill A oi .'ei, .ipish, };min· d in il, Nt mli- i h, e Vt ttillio: (, cs dl') dO relled eltingri ¢ olo, :, Sott, to leonves, ~[ .'o, Silo lotttonnot-ttor o do t o tt lit , gI t . no r ooo,,,ý St , 1 3otclo AlttIo a oa td ll tlisod do ( toile, t ll ltl l if (i1""'' QniIsHher, All| srlaltIF.I llurt :CAPTAi'.IN :l. A '.n A'i"I'"S NEW NOVEl.S. t!ilima the t'eeer, by tie autihr ml lPetr Simple, &s i 'vll s. '.' n.. Cunnni.Ls, or nit Winter at Selldos Hlaitnielei in Lowe Styran, by Capotain Basil Iall, Royal Navy, F. I. lred l otnld,, a romanonee, y Alen Cunninglhain,i re -She pped Lee. written by lilself, in 1. vols. 4 Conmpedtiunn Ileltor iof taly, trnslatdibl born tI origilnl Iallllan, by Nathlniel (Greene, in ! vol. for min No. 79 of Harper's Enlmily Library. Vols. : &,1 lf tile new complete and unifunn edition of Vnashingtoa Jreina's i'erks. a./pc's Freoao anndel fog in Dietionury. in I vol, 3rv A'nent's Freewh and Engnlish Dictionary. A lso--A few more copies of Comab&'s Prenology "itienei." Lanrge Srveyor's Cnmpnans ofnfipenoroqn itl, with chains, Billiard Ballsof21-4 and 2 1i-2 inchbe (i illelt's improved metalie Pens,japaned papers, weight &c. &e. &e. Jsit received, and for sale by nlm:il BENS. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &c PAIN REVISITED, &c, by the author of 'A yea Sin Spain,' in2vols. 'Inait qf ulha cmharaetr, a geneo.lly applicble te the Aleeri-iiuie of NIorth America, by GTinter,Eoq. IThe Political t ranmmar, of the United States, or ar complete view of lthe theory and practice of tile genera' lIndlte goilermll eiauIt with tile elalions betell tlfeani, -dl'liCltced anl ladlpted to tthe ) yung mene f the Uantel ti-.ts, bvE I) ialllsfield, esq. imn,'odl's Iluntier Tours inlerspersed wihebrleaeter ines Iti'i:Iedoet'e, esyilie l al doing ll elsplortinge men, in cladlieg oatices oflhe sprincipal eraek riders of England with analytical contents, and genernl index of numen,a oIr1 THE CORF0 or Si.rfiuat or King's Evil, Chronic R ullunmatism, Clhnenin Cutaueoua Die- Paill ill tile loae,l by freo eses, Ilue of Mercury the blehd being in vitiated satae'e This very emaey.antrteC d Syrap is prenremd with the greatest l ran e rlmeti ll care oenl leellrey,lial contaiin the active principle of Sirsapnrille in the elst conceri tnrated dogre, curbind wit other nvegetanle subrstane elf loinl O efiicacv. The crent desi'~d~eailn with phvieinon in being obl to exhliliit a large iluantitiy f Slsar ilnrilla in a a lo dose, noas been lbtained in this preparat i I-they, benhao filly eiynevined of its nmerit, eunfidently adminiiter tile of their pracetice. Price *1 50 Ipr bottle. Sold inly at SWVAIN iiti'I'.TII R'S lrug store, No. II ]Cnal. ntret, whe imy In hid, fresh anld geneiile, dlirec t i-m tbe Prl Tti tlrs, swaim's Panacea and Vernoifone PoItter's o.iaeli. cln, Cnrplenter' Preparatinoat and aInrg and genera alssrtelet of fres E dru ag, no PINNOCK'S ROMIS, &.e. -iNNOCK'S IMPROVED) EDITION OF DR Ga(ldoditli's Abrdgmelont of tile istory of Ronllm to r iiich is preiiedl al Introduition to tie itndy o Ioimnll Hisntory, illd a greallt varLiety ofI valuable infor Inmtion added' trollnghoalt 1tie wnorl on thie ltanoerra illtitlltions aind Antiqatiies, if tim tInmans; with nu Illcean biogruephiroil nl hililstrial Notes; aadqnes llbos for examlllilnatin at the iied Of each mellon. Ii lnnstrited with thirty elgraviugs on wood, Iby A therton I'tslmoin's ihnmproedI Edition ofI Dr Gieldmitin's History fat Englmnid, Ila the lvaesilonln of Juliua Cmesar theo h tllof lieorge ii, wilh a cmntilluatioa to the yea elI;. 1 With quesltions for examiatiion at the end i ach snlctionl. Besides a variety of vlluablo informa leine added tllroagboin tihe wninrk. Conlsisting of table il cl eOlltelnlllrasy Souveocigll ald elinent penrsln COious explanatory olllte. iemanrkea oni tine plii ticsn, ilalllller aid literature of thie age. An outlilne tile Constitutionie, &e. en. illIstrated by mnny engr. Gunc' EIEvEFTS or ArrRnl.oly, anld Aarildgmen ni leih's Nenw Terentine oln tlie lne of Globe.. Nore Alnorcan edition, nddi ditils anld improvenltOl In aecll ncxpai nil" tlie nditin'"olnlnl port of tln Al .iile ren ived anlll for sale Iy WVM M'KEAN now, i4I colrlner lo Calnmp ind Comilrn ntl IiARPER'S CL.ASSICAL LIBRARi . SOIAL ,tra5ltd Itcl'b illip Franci, D DI, witb i all an i&eladx, nin'flilnl ruclllnlollats of in li,.rU, l. bly Be nll J a,llz ui le, i il lio IinVdon Slel:lellediion Swift ohlitrteui I, ii \nak Aield, Pbrdns hu O nIl.wC.n alid nsoiue ,f th intue I nllillt Re pot. Of tit I'II(.IRUS. with Lthe app:di x .l :nliae traiasla tod ly lilibty C iltphr *.imirt, inl s h I sr in, vul011es 18 iewl 9l of"ilarlrcr's Clas l Li!arv hIa u F:.. mlitnuu of IIU.L'RIIl.Y (:LINK{ER, Ity Hrlru,llill . I.l with a Illeillr lll 'thu \Ut hr, by'1 ']l i"L line t ntlokl edee enltil, i illn illu t Io.tton . by ni l'liE i bP' Y nIt nrle,hy tie aio.the of "Ricileea IMay I! tlrgmnuly,' &-."lIeW editiOiln 2 VliI wIIath PAUL ';LIFFORD;Iby ihe auumer of "Palhbao 'lha (lit r ad,:' 6res baalt v1lala1 1Volt 11new I!. n of"L", · G! • omnplele V nrkl. uis rlceivedi So eale n3 WMM McKLAN BACON SI)Ee3-36 ceabks Cincinnati anmo laiudii. oultl theatea'.oeat Echo, and fur maiLej BoG: tr & IIAW '

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