Newspaper of True American, July 26, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 26, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. SUNDAY EXCURSION, I FOR BAT STI'. l.OUIS . I'ASS CRISTIAN. Fare for the Trip $3,010. Tihe emtttn blnot MAZEIPPA, will leavoe hI.t take en of the Itail RKtid, on Sunday next, after the ar ti e 7 lock ears A. M5., for tilhe above ports. Rettlini~n, will arrid at the rail road at 6 o'clock, A. M. on Monday morning. ApplIl to WGE. W ITITMAN, jt2h hunder St. Clrles En. xcltaege For Bay St i iiisi. Paas C-rrltian, relo'ii, to Pascagouln. The ete alott MAZErPA, (Grfintit, IR onter, will lrnlr te ile eud oflthe f L.l ail Iload an tie ;lost, on i11e arrlv of teto tel .at 12 o'althle tilr. Appll to (ilo. Whitman, New t rletoa anod 1t oille Mail Office, i: Ter the rExchange Iotelt, St Clhrlit -trect. jy'l For Ray St. Leuis, Pnss Cristlian, ftcoxi, and Pascagouta. Fle fine hlow prerure steambmnt em --l GI t AFFE, Cpt. S pr, will Sfor file above lles, oe tle iUrningsi of Thursdayl and Saturdays, iommnliately after the arrivl of the rsix o'chlck tinrs; sand return no Ihteretofui:. oil Frilaoa nnd i ,ndays. The puhlic may dlepeod tn tl. Boat leaving purctIlly oil the above dIA. 'or tialo tge apl ilo to, ('ol. S.ier. P S. The Giraffe will he prtepnredon previolt enotice 't Captain Swiler, to proceed tonoe a week on IPleasure S.zesrsmn, pronvidet a sumnrci:tt nothler r oflers to itrmuaersat. jym 1 SATURIDAY EVENINGt AND SUNDI)A TO IANlDREV LLE &O MAF I:SONVILLE. 'lThe sitenmbot MAZEI'PA, Capt. i.. T. Knight, will leave rte lake eit oftherail.rodl fito tihe allve o lace-t erery Stn y evelillug, i theil orrival iof' Ihe 4 o'clock nres, and return It' smotl ight-t-ld leave STNlllly mrornlln ti e lit rriv Tliif te 8 ltollolk elnt returli leove Madiloville at J o'clock, P'. 5. m2t3 3nw Itu FOR MAi)ISt)NVILLE, LOUISllURtli, MANDlE VIL.L: & C()VINGiT(IN. Tile filtt rtuitilc indl itlllrndil otetln Inoat MI AZEI'PA, 1. T Kni lt mits. ter, :ill ru itt s r-t uln r Itiail iot fori the ibove nt ortn on Mondalt \Vt eatt , ea Viletl tid Fri day, after tel drrival of tle 8o'lteock cars, A M. Ite ourning, Iuives. ttvino;llt U Tl'llo , rnva, Tlur.dtoyt aotd Satttrdsy, atI 8 o'chlok, A M. N H. All hiaetoC tietl Indtariol not Ite risk of tll own ero, uhlesan btill of lading is signed. liGti WIIII"IAN, New Orleauot anlId Molille Mail Ofilce, l9t EXClllttcte Ittilliuto, St Charles ot. FUOR BAY Si'. LOUiS, P.s.n ('litri;ti;tt-, -.t;tttl East I'ttcaetlttn. TlThe splelltid low presitre tllull, bl'l .Al 11. )l' l N I. ; IV C Sllittln tnqs S ttr, will til at thielveoevt wttlerit a twic n Week, levitaig tlhe I.ake etd of tlhe rail on the arrvnal o thle ti o'clock etrs. Aplplv to (IEO SVIIITMAN, N and Moblile Mail Office, tider Exelhatngen lotel Mt Charles el. t, STEI MilT.lA'tlI. S'I.ALF. 'IT fitne tt w steam ferry Itunt LAURA,it tttmtlete ortler, ani rean dly to eOttit tCte runttning, as site now ties in th h lr li the nlew canal; will IJ diisposed tf on reasonnble ieims: Apply tt ALBERI, STEIN, No 8 Bttilditg Ronw, Tntellitouhltt rtrtet, a few loitrs sove IDelotd. jell (t For Texas. For Maltegrdsa, Lire Oak Point, anid .rnanas Bay. . t_ fine faslt nliog ia bri OOilD) 11OPE, Jh (ihn Iilllt ling, laler llhrig li hl age nll 0f l hier li e erai elIgagde will trll il in it I..w. do¢. For h noea of 'eight r p li.ner, raillng sIperior ac aemno aotions, apply on t ardt ora t m jil2 W)ll I AN, 56 llnn t. N Thei Good (lope ta her, thoroughly raepaired dlln newly crleofal rtihe opos, aid itl ri ar r lnd n w stads A 2, alte d ul fireir iiasiaerll.lllal . i n th is c it . iyv l The cry suprioi(r new light draft eh!rill. AI.BEItI OTI'INtN, ntpiuh - , havhin i nlar i. plortion of h rl a .i lnga tl, w ill have . lle k des lIatch r tI l for ve Moore ports ; fior b a bui le lif riglt lr ptiragell aipliy ll V'r I , ll X t, jy21 . h M'nII st. AILINa,\C IlAY. hllT well known ShuoilOr I.iIIS1 IN N (l',iainii Auld,lahvinig l ii'nn- tital olf har (.irgo e gie, w) il ' at l d lap illn IFor i us1la ce affr i ll t t I pa .,, llaa IIIIarla I l bo ard, l tul la h Jotlirsoni ..itle, or ito 1 .1, 'i l~i"'.t ) 3.I I V ltal Il) (IllA"ii,\" II fN I-c.rt lha' iir . of 'ii6litb br piasag.i; iapply n toard oppo ..ite J.ll.i,-ron li.treat.i brttl IV Ill: \N, .17 5, - t l ll oi streat. FIaor Gaoelraloa , iaa l/ia, lla h,ad h h n uu,, e11/llstn. 1 ( l,'rn 'I'o sail Io- Io, 't TheT light strout-. .anier I lIlll.', I, j oLl will peIitiv,.II rail oii-ioit rroW |F,,r I i i e of fireicht or ia ll , apply oa olrlldlll .I - posit Conti a tii t, or tol 1til . II ' N, Am i.1 ell lea.inl lalI 1r tii aalr. ..'- J t iir < i l ea.... II. 'lh r ... ar.. jyll 8jlL VL.ASCi), II AZIIR IA l : I I,.tII rat. F Tl well kinw light lrallht slr Il " lllK a1 a 1aat .lealeir, lihaiog tie grealti l .iarll f her caiiielaagaulae, wirill in-i.t with de paror aci dations, apply te tiii e alh uin t n hoil, oppositerao terstreetr r ta Y jel4 5i (Comion street. Th A lrall kla o, liaght Ialr i aoae wllir tIIIe- nlehrela her ilca rligiea ria.'w ill tite el r parlSiagr alaly t oii W ta mll oiA ., o te i il o tr lln street, or t A firit A'Iai(i.igil a ro- ght ii r wll'e,,et Tloa firll tatnaoive ortwr in [lie. ealNa ii ieUtile heerargn. For bialaie of fr1igltr aa a tW IIIRYAN, jel2 56' Cournmn street. ,For Sale. .reight or chartero FOR FREIGHT il' 0 CHARTER. T.lo ind tit tlaton ItougIe, te intermediuat l asdionhg, or at this lrtal, tile fine culpet *f1 litstenrll nld illopperel sl:hr SH I.OKL(, Cantilr Hlupkius, will land as all e if imaediae auppli ,tion be riade to LEVI Ii GALE. jel I 9:3Coommnn street. FOR SiALE . Ft.A.;Iil' tst lCi ART'ER. STe Al copper and copper asfatend brig EMMA, Caltraini Ilitrn, 15 tlauna burthen, is S naldto receive elrgo, ainl en carry 500 hales v lr.. i"n. 'r trnls, fraeighll or -slet 'plyl to the Ciaptainl on barn, or to READ o BAfRSTOW, jegl 17 (iravier strroet. WANLTED 'I'( CIIAR'IEIt, 8 feetli far terlns llply to jyl? WM e r IIR AN, 56 Conmmon street. WANTED TO CHIAAITER, A Vessel to prcee.d to. Mobiles and there load for llvana. For terms pply io \I BILYAN, Jy? 516 (Comilalii setreet. A vessel of the capacity of 100 to 150 hhds. will receive desnlplttci lior C irrlaestn, it inme diutie aprlicantlnaa nlae tio LEVI If GALE, jy2l 193 Caarionn atreet. -ALI.--tCI-saiuks Liverpoal finaaalr unbnnrd barqre ' Citirens, nnd for sale; liyl I LEVI II. GALE, jel8 93 Conlmot street. P ORK-- less, Prime and Ilunip, foir sale h Im28 Ii I)OISEY, 41 New'l.evee. FANCY Coloured Letter Paper--J uast received, four cases fancy letter paper vy excellent quality, for sale very low by the case or siarle realn,nt I)AVIfI IEL I' CO je16 N Y Stationersa Iall, 24 Chartres st. LOUISIANA WURNITURE WAREROOMS, No. 53, Bienville street. W ILLIAM It. CARNEIS, (farmerlr of the fiarm of V Flint & Carnes,) woulld respeetlully infara lra 'frietidasld the pablic that he is constantly receiving 'froan Now York aid BoStoa a goold nseortrielt of Fair litule, suctb as lahollln.ay ch:ila, sofas, had-.teada, ina pie alnl painted chaire, iaplle inid cherry bedsteadda, nahonganr ad cherry tasllle of all descriptionrl, lt.i reanu, toiletls secretarys, writing dlrsks, wordrol;es of mahogany and cherry, wash t ands, looking glasses, feaihers. beddingke. &ae. NB. Farniture pnaked for tnrasportation with great care, jet C ANALS slid RAIL ROADIS-.aln of the Unliten SaeLs, showilg Ihe lrilcllpal travelling iturnpike ars eomlimon roels; on which are given the diatannet in miles from Mire lace to anotlicr; also, the courses od LIe eralas and irail oadls thleougiout thr enlrntry, nraln uilly eompiledl frontra thie best aaioeities, by S Angustdl Mitchell, 1835. Political Conistilution of the file state of Coahuil anld Texas. slap of Texas, witll parts of the aalrining states by S F Austin, cdl. 1835. A Maospnf Texas, it) Lavidl I B.llr, ie. 1.15. .last rccuived asolld ir sale by IVM M'KEA\N, . . . corner camp and eommon sus. i) U.-11-1(ll hhdas aNe\w oilan' Itut, for saele b .alls I a "I Il \YE a CO SICP( EEN IAVANA I Fa'FEI 0 -- Ib 1 sae ill store, nIf an liaranle hy LAfIi'IA a ' TRIER, jyl7 10 Pauvdras s:reei. . 1g'X.Ilit Ni .--I i. h'ih..m. ,e Ia).,llar.-l,-ral . at 5b aie r i a,; t. IV J CARNES. jyl7 :' SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LONDON-lPassage only. 'The A I and fast nailing barque NIJRf)D, , Cl apiain Patterson, mill mnet with innediare hldespaltch. For pa.sage only, having hand sine tlallrndllationsl apply ol LEVI 11 GALE, iv2 !3 (Conlmoan street.r, ill ,i l b :l Ia a ii,. - The I I and sueerior ship H URON, Capt. lBoardlan, will rancive despatrh. For freight of 6 Iuleas ni deck, or passage, having hbanl seml acct mmelationls lr 4 canbia psrngtro anpply to L.EVI II G.\LE, 93 Conlon staart. II)R Ii !, POt)Ii I . l' Th elegant Packet Ship IIUNTSVILLE, SCaornetll, mater, will be ie'patched far the ._. Lablva pairt, pinoided on ioaamediate cargo otaers, Ibr it'rlls appl Iio J 1) BEIN & A C(:IEN, iy2a1 1:1 Enintma.n street, FOIL II.\'ERPOOI. The A 1 and Bsit sailing ship) ROWENA, r Captin Rieed, having th greater ipart of her is. eargo engaged, will meet ltlh inmmedi te des jiilcll. For l'righrt l 30l1 Ollas cti tti l or passage having handsome accommotdations, apply to jyo1 LEVI I1 GALEl, 93 Common stre.rt. -- FOR I.IVERIIOOL. The A li and fins sailin,. ship ROBERT WA'I"TS, Captain I)allinghln, having lte i Lgrater part of her cargo aaged, will meet with immediate dtlratielh. Far freight of 301) aIler Settno or passage, having handsome aeconmmnoaions, alply toi LEVI II GALE, jy21 93 Common streer. FOR ldIVE EII'tOI,. . The A 1 and splendid fn t sailing lshil HURON, Caltail Bonrdlinau. will receive immedtliate diespateh. For passage, having h aeind- inlie nomilatiolls for 4 ealill pansSellner, alp' lly to LEVI II GAlE, jyl7 93 Comlnllm street ( O)R II AV ANA--itrnt Vesalel. The regular packe sell -oner Urchin, Peti, mIaster, wants 01() hbls to complete her cargo, Sand w 11 positively sail thins day, 17th itlant. iFr freight or latgrlsa hnieag asuperior ancommodations apply tn loard, oplosite St Peter at tet or to jv17 WM BlRYAN, 5! Common street. FOR IIAVANNA, (Pass'nage only.) 'liThe fist sailing achr. IIIERAIL , Capt. Moren, will Irave for the above port in a • .-- few dewy. For pneaasoe, havetggiial ane llill daitio, , iaplly to tile Canital ln iloard or Ito S. & J P.F WIIIIPNEy, july 19 8, Conti st Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. tegalar packet 6th August. 'Thn splendid fast sniling Packet ship IInIN''SVII,LE, Connell master, will sail an d _ sahove. Ifor freiht or pasagae, having aplen didl aci, .inoldations, apply to the Captain, ot bIoard, opposite the vegetable inarket, or to J D) REIN & ACOIEN, jy0G 90 Common street. FOR NEW YORK. " The A I fast tailingbrig WEI.LINGSILY, Captain J Churchill, laving nearly all of her cargo engaged, will have despatch. For fwigiht of 3'11i hln or aisanga, having gtod accommo lations, apply to the Captain on board, fl. ot of Delordl stret, ar to CHIIASE & IIXEY, ijy?·i 8 Contie street. PFOR NEW YORK. To s ail on riday, th y,) 27th. inst OiN LI ARK, Coi. I'iitita, .new teile . igh anord iotn ake the illk at1 ela, ales: fIs li1( o lilpawih Ior pasiaie, llain y aarparn t - cabin for Idien, and pae a{emnn io , 0pn ky n) FIulR NiEWV YVIIK. 1'a ioil t'i'aenlael ili (tlsdao,) I7lt iins I. I II0.11 "1 GAL IE. Flne anI 7 ceraijr iot saniliag ahooVneer lna $'I'ulmnae t lt:eet, or to r,. BRllYAileN, ,,d alli rnd 'ate Iaditg., T.' / l w pa,,.Slueta bta I t C\RtL.INE, Fur,, i ll ., Y , ' t)ll( ll Mi l ' - T, TIe a I ailnd ranlt , n ill triitl, illCE -la -m. l ai n i - i ~i. nti naild, p us cr, j. 21 Exch i 7 !I4 it. sdr-t in .111n,.ut a \il I lllie hti ll rm i Ti! I--- \, it be nda I-ea ¾ en ,1 ! ..% lL /GnI ' ,, ar l· ,\,,w -bad "I' l I ,lil"ll ,Iýý //enelalmay h maad'.di/,na' i ' 11, p l iir t,'ii I hf . ,i rI I ','I iii i . " l,,, things. 1. .I 1 -'I \I. N .i.'1 l,0 i-a-i n- ,'- . Wi t. la'i, rili ee . I, l ill l, I'la'I iN. " .n r t a T jolh r Ir. iht r :. a rn auo- y nta l',IIrN C lnpila Flris, wil met lh 's naIt:11 !ar the above pra. For freight l . lpn.-at', :,ply ua hoaFne, (oppniite tipper lInrkei) lyr li J T'IIAiER & CA, FOR MOBILE. A The fast sailing schr EMERALD, Capt. Mergera, baying imosat ol'i er earao engaged, will hIrave desptcih--fir heiht ot 1511 barrels apply to S & J P WHITNEY, j y,2i 8 Corti st. SUST receited at the Louisina Faurliture Warlr J RIlatm, 53 Iieim ills streetri1) Maple and Cherry alh(diteds;o lirst rate article. Also, a good aiortI wtill be sold for thle lowest cash price. \V It CARNE.S, jr7 53 Binnville street. IUl Y E, EPaAOML SAItW , ANlD cALOiti, 150 ouatces French (Laioiae, 10 bhls Els.m Salts 1 caaks P'earl Ahesr, 4 cases Calomel. Ipcsec.. Jnlrap, Rhularb, &a. &e.. antding from brig Williat, froea JARVIS & ANDREWS, \Vholesae IDrtr.gcist, jy C car Comttona T& lchalrpfitrl a street. Notice to the Public. - M Ir'tY tOLLAAiS ItEnWAID tin ltse onvction of TfhiPfhr tl'hljeve.R-Oo Saturday night thie 7th itlstant, my Iraoh Chest neits Ibrcibly bchrokn oa ea by some villaina and rtbbed of thre fillowiag:; About twenty dthltara in specie A small tirt box having my nantto n, andtl cntaihil John H Giaharm' note at 4 nonttas, frola 9th Janary, 18S37 fitr $ oll 75 C Castaglre's note at 4 mtonths, from 14th Januarya 183t7, fi, 11 0970 Fr Castrgnrc'a alte at a montth, frdhin 1 1th Jantary, 1837, or t1 ;0 00 Morton andt Patterotn'0 (in liquidatiron) note at 60 days, front 2Bth May, 1837, for 400 00 Jlina's Vairil's notire at til days, from July 8th, 1637, faor 0 Felton aid oldter's note at 60 days, from Fe. 11 tat, 1838, for 139 25 Fet rrand Holdier's Cote at 4 monthlls, from Fehrtiary lat. 1838, for 1iII on T'elton and Haolder's cIten at G months. troant February let, 1838, for 111t 00 Fergtsrlt, Parker & Ch's ntte at o0 days, fmnt I:a t Januarty, 183n, for 7 22 97 Seraihht Cucullu, dute bill, daied, .5thi May, 1037, payable on demand, 6r3 71 And sundr otmher docuients arrd papers not recollected. ALSO, Ihe Western lMarine had Fire Insurance Comnpany's Policy for lir, risk or ga nacds. DIitto, certificoate of of stok. MIrrchants' Isorance Company's shares of stock. Ccrtamercinl Bank's certificate frr shares of stock. (Caoal and Banking Cnmpany's cerrilieate for sharas The publie are hereby cnntioned against trading or negotiating lor any of tire abire traleo or documents, as paymenttt of thbta. I,'rbv stoppedl; they having been stolen from mer bya saime theftor thieves t known . J G BILANCIIARD, jyl2 3:3 Glra, r i treet A OCARD. .IIE undersigaed have opened rutl hotur in this city, T for tia parpsC t of transacting GENERAL CO\MI.ISSION BUSINESS. OrFIcE, No. 10 C aatiN It SYEET, UP STirRS. 11 P LEVy. Tire ha na at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in tirve e aume. RIof.rcnces. Godfre, e ,Ia . ei & or mrtll, t a N rana I Peters & iMilltrd, r . 11 B till & Co, Ltisville, Ky. John IM Olmore, Vicksburg, l riss. Slarper Crpntetr & . Co . .. i. Mllrtrr lOoo're & C, . Gu.., .iss.. Sil.;r l.illarr, Natihea., Mise. New Orloans, Julty It2, 1i8ti. jtlt Office of the Firemon's InsCrance Company, New Orleans. I IiE St.oclhotcrlds tn' this Cotttmrvta lltre hereiy noti. JT fed, thlt ia Tlrirl Irustaleact oin theIir stock will be, due lltd payable oi tire lrth of Atg,~ l t tnet, at the office of the C'omltty, Nto. '21 M Lusoa's IBuiirng, C(rana street. jylt2 E I ITRACY, Secretary. uream d'Assuranccs seePomplers do In Noutvaellte Orlttr. SEO Actionaire d s oct eorpagnie cotnot ,ifii que. h troir.rtrne pairent pour tentis titats sermnt pryables Ic lit pout prtth;ilt aa hreal lacoll llt gnrrt, No 24, oaisneas Mussorr,, tire -;llnr. 1 ioilliert lI 1.'[Rt. Y, S'crbrtnire. 1i. E--rinoal.- -a:-l'. 'r'hml.;na ie . it.;er s-e-h _ I I r tI i r tulrhrlntir Sr street. -tore.tfacate bry S LOCKE (C'. jll ' BUSINESS CARDS. PA SIONKB.LE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADD1)EN, No. 14 Chartree Stre.t, fHAVE coll.t t soI.ppll y It ev. rv marli l'l'[llwia lr Io gee.tlenl's dr'um, l fthe latest nt, le, url NIew r l.rk TEE'I'IT * ,SILr(ICEUi.- MiE'I'A,.i,I(' TEETil SPE:ICIM ENS of Ihose beautllill l.etll, ad Ilthe mm nler of saellig thanm, taly bP' .en atl tI ollice of J.B . Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 48 Canaltlre6l. These eetlh ylr lanlge cllollor. alld aI by ulllny, and inll lly, preferable the natural tenlh, II' i)r. it. will lait upot ladies at their reideace, requeslwd. up 9 if MERCHANT TAILOR, i CommonIlll street, EGS to infhrm the oPbli that havine, purclhsed from NMears 1101.011, SKEiG(iS & CO. art of their stoCkI, hI will contine. thu blsiness at their old stand, oppnsite Iishllo .'i hote:, where e he hopes to meri a share oftliheir )Irllger. Ile hltt maude arrangements at thea Nortll to be supl lied moulhly withl the latent eral alltul fLashio nale Qul sr aI, CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 012 I'oyllras street New Oile.ans, MANUFACTURERS IF" Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps ()fall descrioltions. WARM, COLD, AND SllOWIVER BATIIS Fixed oi thle lmost approvedi plrinliples. MILI.'D LEAD, PIPES, &c IJ'Orlders e.xecutedl in any piuart of the Southel States. tor i! D)r. Iloerl F. Lindoe. SFF" I CI EXRcutst:.. 1Ior: ,. . m CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manulfcturers, No. 11.2 PFvdrtao street, TT EEP on hnd a e,:lnt.nt supplv of Pipe, I1 fromll 2 in, dilumter down to l3- ill. diuameter, tor sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING I:STA ILISIHI1 ENT, 5:. Magazine Street, il.p site 1lnks' I'ILLI.A.I IGREENS', PROPIIEIT'OR nr I S H. PARKER Commission and P.orwardin. Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, tU STAIRS. New Orlelllts,Frh. ;, JARVIS & ANDREWS, W OIIOI.i:. AI, ANI) RE'.P\II. I)EAIIEI(S IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, D 'E STUI,'S sdlJVD WVI'DOIY (;1 SS, Corner ofl cotoll andt Tehioupitoulias streeto, NATI IIAN JARVIS. .IOIAN W. ANlI.E\WS. A large upply of Garden Sed.l, warranted the growth of 1 837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. 1. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, Nos. 81 und oI;3 \VA .II. iFREET. .I11o ulllndersianld, bu'ing esteblished theueihoa in . Mobile tfr Ihe pirpose of roten lctng thel Au1:tion anId (Colnisiol business in its various b"lltniachR, beglt lenve to inform thir friensts and the pudlir, that they are iow | r ltired Io r erive. c.l nlnig Piiec, and iinae iitel advances oin fie smne, either iar private or iulic I sale:. St .OIIAN I. JONESI, ISi.41 :, I. JlINt S. . Refer to Valker. Knighlt &. Cd. New Orleans. IMioiile, fel !i, 1838. fohl 1l A CA RD. S..atol. SLt.rTK. AnoiltoAM 'I'IarE. SLATERX & TRIERI Forwa trdi .olllllllti "tt l li ,ll nt I ill .,\' .larll all nII . .\01ijid: Poisk, (;IS Itll l llnh l ad I A u1 N;,t l, J I. \ \V llino ll. ) t 1 ,i W ihl & ('o. I: s u . '1'.m1 ,,se .I: Iu. I",,..+'r , 'IlhlIla ut-.- NI-I ' -,,k. Es l s'ruohE. n. n'. barINF. SE& 1l. 'T.S N Forward,,gy ntd alommidiol .ClerchiallI. , FtrI\NISI ES O)F StIll' AND I1'017 STrTlE:'d, No.I I I Tcnor)ePI ouL.AS oTRE f. N:wOrlanon. I.elerellu (s: - i)'esrs. IALL., RA1KER & Co. B oston EBenI:|ei) Voot a O 5 A. ' heACH & Co. New York. It. PUTNAM, J" & 1. ITIt.LN" Cincinnti, 0 W RIGI'r SaMITIH 1 I)DAvti roN~E, [):rt4nl O BL.CoMruro K & 0o: Colui als '). N. :1mICue, & (Co.. Lnouivllhe, .v W'II1jsr, 5'TE1:V5aa& ('cl'rt, St Liouis 31 A. Il Ito'), .\hln, Ill. WM E. \VrHo tow, Itushviill,, Ill. . I. & . P . I. A tit :LI+, ltlyo &rn, la. SnOLaro IhGlH. New Oihl;as. ion UZ lOYI.B d. J1A.1, h:ALEKS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. :) CA1Ii)NIrELt: ScaREeT. iI FI RES lEN'S iNSURAINCE COMPAANY 'This Compalny ro IIOtw prepared Io to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. uYL-lcE, No.24 Mnusson:'s loilding, Onnal street, E 1. TRILACY, '-no4s, May 15,1838. Secretary. 'LLIAM IRWIN 4all Forwarding Merchant, LINCINNAlTI, 01110. Refer to iavet & Aeoni I Now Orleins. JoIt in 1 I 1)421 1111 __ __ l0O1E)I'1' CLANNO)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, Vholtale IDealer in P'aint, Oil, Varnisher, IBrushes, nm30 Windouw and Picture Glass, o c. c. T. W. COLLINS .A TTOR.JEY' & COUA'SEILLOR .l T L.A II oW' praptisin-t inthe State a.d City Courtsl. Cli N cots will lind him at tlnClerk's oilcr, U 4 Circui! Court, iln the Cnstmllo Ilouse building. jie A CARD. N TATIIANIEL PI'OWNSENI) haoving located him 1 self in New tOrleans for the purp)ose of transeting (a GeillrnaA) I.gencyo llnn tlliOII bllts4nes4,o Wotll re speeftlully hli)it fron tile pthlic ha shwr of their Io tronoge. rlmaig a house in l'Tcxaa, Ico will lttenllln the trans, acting of Oly business that imy be desired in that country, and will g4lllr.lltee pron4ll4t and unrelittold at ,tenaion to all business entrusted to his charge, unI a taithful a plicatitoll (in aeortnlloce with instructtons) of all funds that inonv tco t into his hands. Office ill New ExBchallnge, onl travier stre', opposite to Rev M1r Clapp's church, and aljoihing 4 4 ibson's reading (lllonl of thi lrxiau Collnsulate. New trlcaus, Novemnber o5,h1837. Itefeiren)es. Messrm hillyer, Iush & Co. New York. ourr Wokeita,. 5 Alvarez Fisk, Natcher, Mi-s. it Stroth r Si I -, L h,. Johu a '' r y. Lo )iv ,ilh', Kv. It .foil T DU"T'£ r, 1 p ptorle, Ky. Ia, tm2 rC sale by '1 IC 1)1: & liRII'IIEII, je2. car m'linnl . \hUanaine sta. - .OSý-.N 5i nlurls icu-i,,, haohlie;' atnd !ir sul,, Ov '11)&J 1 )' lItN), " .. ... . ....ure o P_°uli carest t OAP.-25 h)oxes olt p various bra4nds and dllerl4el Size boxes, otier Viae b A WINSTON 1 , je?. 7 ot Levee. A, l)'KF lI 4Iit-il) Itn )0 )r bbhls1 & kegs,lbr l sale by W\INS''tlN & SIIIlI., jt 7 F'ron l I. eve. `. 'ER , l - '(. Nl11 .E. S.- - evenly-liv - Iboxes, carious I brands Ir al ON & I AL, je. 2 7 Front Lvre. '44lt 4 4. 4.2 . 4l ) '"l,, , 444) d f ill,. , ,, '44 -444' ' 1)4 ,14 So ,It Mlc.4, 51, 1h, ?, 4 ) I),)nl bbli hlum)p. 40) bhl) Shulhhers' in store and foher ela b jell I. r VET & AlEIt rN) . 1 )lR Di .1- u-- 40 od dif dil en il t iNU), ie r ,cod , b .' J \ItVIS & ANIotI:):), j (ti- (r(oletll) nll O l " I'rehoaillt t , 1,uh its M inhi alln nosortmhe lt olI '.h clltl', I:hneV ,ilk, aInd--II hlan ) 4 UII)44l . aild ,t4n"4)ols, 4,r 4 le I'v ISA.1 I)Illt))iE & ('&). jtl 13ll 11u)I)Ie )str-vh.h SLIN ) \. 1 , 0 "NI,.or ( -al a yll .NA'Tl)'. TOW N -l:N, 1"21 LEchauge lotrl (Ilave ) t. TRUE AIERICKO AN 0eFICE. II colttetoil with this is a SPLENDID.AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, r.,;t ru eliE l .-l , IN ,+ Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And eve'ry '' descrl.iption ofJo5b WYork ithat tuy bell' re,' cilld. I il The propritoir rtspeci, u clly eI lls the t IPilentinll of thb l public, to the bhove (iil, id assirts Ithern that all ,v rk iltru.-telld u his care =halld be dour I the .hurt-i esI notire, illa istyle unsurpassed ill this city, and at the ;west Crete'. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY O)F N1WV t)HIIE\NS, Ofice No. 24 Ma'usson's Building, yj.2 CANAL STRlEE7'. JET''EIS. lCONYVE 'SAi'tIONS, CJELI.2lt &M CU L TIOiINS, oll 8 T' Coleridge. Kascings acrke, or OlM 'Tjimte. in the New %Verld; be ine Ns' 7 ad Ii of' tie Uciltret Editioat or I' P..ding's \\ arks. (Il lt(o, oi the Iteliignitc Stuate ofte (toonttrv. Whale F'islicry; tbeig Nos 2ll salld 27 Of thle iays an Girls Librare. J uist received by Ji2 C H IIiANCHOFT 14 Ctl.p 500 S.,"KS SI l', I:,tdina' f..t briig iSat..l alld JtlIhn, ior sole Iby jel6 S & J P WHITNEY. pOiRK-2-: 11ils it sto'.e, for sale bv Ljelfi fi DIIOSEi, 11 New l.eveae. I11.U0R-300 h ills ins.oire, lr y.le Iv jell (G 1)()lSEY, 144 Ne.w ILevee. NEst Iic1liS. SlllI . .lnteirsan IIes crat. or n ictP nc iiln It i I civil relatills iof the. Ulnited States. Ily J. ei more Cooper. The Two IFlirt; or, Adventurtes ill Countrtrv Toult.;t; and other tale., by Lady lclessinnlto. E I, L, ,Ias Norton. Inrry C..orlnwall, Mrs (;ire, Ctllttain Aledwin, and others, in' 2 vols. The River andi the lesert, byt MiHss P'trda,authaor of the City If the Stilltan. Th'le i'askt of Ueis, the Gilt of lnl Utcle and .\1nt rwith lie WI i lll twol'l Eilinqk by A1lledrsol h Just re:ceived a', ire stil by VI .31aKIEAN, jell 6. ,r Ccj anid 'mmt oNtn atL. gXC1l:ikiE \. KIsN'l it'iK Y--C'rtili'anti- Cf _Dpiosit ii the Bank cf Keanttcky nt lk' uisttc l; liIr silet ly LAI\RENCE & 1.1":CGiND)I E, jPlli ?3 and :29 New I.evr. jell. 2? mid 2!1 New L)OUll--' hills bless l and i'rhufo 1l taiutid 1' ( a. Piork, fir sale ltw by LAWIiENCE N I,Efi;ENl)IIE, jell '.2'1: (Ii 2 1 and ( ! ye ' eVee. B \t:;INd l:, eitof prime Ic t ,l IKentMcky IB i LEYlig lhil f rl g etan Is. \V. siethill ftliirl:e bl IA 111ENE & I,1I :I" :N I,E, jel6 28 ad i Niw lles. I . ull)U 2 I 2hini:;, llndil.t ftrottlltt ; ,i't,,ti SIprERssfir sale 0by G D' rELY, jelt; 44 New Icvee. V IbIILISIEv '-1 f-l(ill .ret.ifiedl Whtiokev, nr sale 77 HU1It.MEL"S & MILLS, PESTEIL IIU 'I'TI:It--200 k'gs is t.r,,, (Lr sale S by SLiATER & T'IEIt, je21 40 'Poydat s street. SARD- 1779I kels .nf Lard of siperior utadlity, i litadihlg troi tLtttot hII ctll m rcllhti. crstle ly LIAYIbT' & A:lEIU\(l, .ie 26 1ý C1.7 lllilnlr'e su11'op' - icriclce II c'en loolk. r IIE 'PIR.tI'E' IWN IY K, or lutlullli nir sketch,,of I h, the C.l 'srn er, Spea nishli, nc rone, \t t stt llini. Mlilta , cncl Ale'rme I'iratel. in I vol., jlist recelivelll, a iir lsale by WVI. 1'KIII N, Sleic6 ea r CampIi & Cclnti n s.eets. t " II ISK.IY--151 bils Rteriled, in sore, fir satle bV hy (i DI1lOREY, I1t New L.eve j-% -_-( r5 t (h , ti 'l l n n i t sn"-: i st.i 'l'lI' l ilt hi 1" T1-. S 1".11 1.Alli)--I,}0 0 i s hest , mu ity, in lto ., l:,r . I:aI ,. i y ti l t(tll ":l . j1 l 1 , I Nt w Iov,,. j \\111\ 1 11 \\1 - Pl't ill i lll 9.,; ilwo enilliu=iell d. ,. in I'l's :alled hh !<, ,h !,.-,, ly lor I l1w illi - use H tlll lltl ' "ll r L i T 11r *'.rN h il l\I'IN \\'T'I I.\Cl tN--;7 iil Illiins, S nl . t dlq- niI "i,,,<, -I" sup t"rior i iuilits, lunnliny 'il Il hl\s ?la it street. _ i. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S lea in beaI t .\hhir'in Iar,(, ior a ii' h i j a i 2 I A'- l\ ' + & ',L \ u l I 'I U N i . i Alt-ll - -l keg g arilne nrdn,in str, rar leb 4A je'l IA YIVET &. AMIrU . -l. r-31ills Pi'ork, landlig from, stcin S'L.lYE'!r & II O .lNK l 1, UGAIl-15-t hlds lon pInutltion, lor Sile by _ mill) La IIl 'L &. T''Ltl j, it l'oydras is. IAIAT .I IVINl-'pweet and l)ry Malaga rWit, IV in -or Lasks and Indian bls, eotited eto s dleture, ftir le EA I )I+AD &I .& S , I \ ()W, ant° 617 Gmuir streer. .O1114iN IiOiE Y, taddle, Jlrrneseosal .''unk la.)nufabilrer, rnd furr. nisher of Mlli/i.y Equipments o]'every des rif l tn. No 119 I'ciourIn'IO.AS sru:-r. 1 IIIVING in employ several Milimr? .Vorkaman, 1 he is ready to execute work in tile hove litle at Nereohams' nod Pedlars' Packing' Irauka of i:rvuei. lo:rilption,, eonstantly oi Ilald. it LEAI l.Ali)--Landing -i i ar 'nsefr- n n; apt5 I Noew Leve. ( 'tORN ,IfILI -li0 corn mills, of SInter's patent, L combined. One man can.griunl i or 31) busheles oI' teal per diell with these ills, anld tlhey can Io itr lalerd to i ettlll gill, ld are particulorly calculated lur inlitir'n ewo. Apply to (HI1AMI'LIN & CO.I'l:h, tui|.. i. .hlin street. LONOaN11 PORTER-10 ic lit Lodun dnbtle SBrown Stout, lor tale by IiOLMfE & 0MILleS, S1115 Iunk Alley. STiOd nill-37-, Pi'ttbrgh illue lh'uoh.' ,iu -tor 1n 1I, i 1 il . ll l I l l t . ! S LI)'K I SCO. ap 17 .' Ohld I.ede tllreet. AGGIcING &. '- ~t- 1.-' ps Ilaiing; ?87coiia Ilmpe, hlou ing frm steamboat; CoIi 'rnn 'e,Ifr salen hv LAYI t' & f AMIEIiUNG, 11128 17 Co alll'lrc street. rtLI.OW vIlNr; I.,1UMilt--32,ll10linlet ol i yellow pine plaink, Iltr alie l ILEA If &f I{A11 ITOWl, HIIKE.i - If". i li. s in store, trr sile, y -r aT n! i, Ifi)lffuntY, 4.1 Nec' levc 7V TE:AN -$50-)0 gord short city, by. r A'I'EI . Fit IIRl:, S5 1411 Poydrus st. YEfl.ilo. PINE If,A Rlfii-litti0 tI, 80010 feei Ilooroig honrds, 1 14 hich; 30,(,0I) flbt inch plunik for rale by 111iAf) 6& I.\ IST'OI'\, oii1)7 tiri ier street. RK, Flouri , liskey cunit .,Lirt-.210 hllis iess firhie, i:lear, rtnliy iuaid air.nllnI' Pork I 2u 1 )llsu hb Flour; 1ili do ti'lhskne reciiiielilld nd cusin fOlO 10 kegs Leafl itrd; in store, fIr sae l iy ni,."I I..\YEt'I & AIELIING AT'TINIi--"g hale , 1 Snllish .ifatting, fi'r . de hy LL1I & llAftn'fS'utV, mnt: t7 irvllier street. L tEIrIN Si' i;Ul'--tn xires sOilerioir Ileion Svrul for sale by LAEA i ll Ic '010 n22 i (i Gravier ltreet. OTfK-10t rhin 1.i ac a1n 0 AI' f , Ias 1251bbs prin Y inspected Poili, for selea ti L. IVILI FE Ln t L LCENSIR1, li,28 .t ew ,nl .Levee. aV II I ISIK--i.'Ihllrrti nclille i] Iluntii firI tlleam r er Splendid, inr satil by (; I)I II'SEI, e1l4 ,l. New lrv, e. I'O AtItfCHAN'I S. I · It('I IANI'I' S cnl liiae bnutlnll circullar trl : 1 f tifrt two holuri's i , .tir , y ' il, it th," I rlr ans Litoigiapliic uitie,.,l3 lnguien ielI oppitite lianks Arcadet. 1_1. ft 1Cl.ER-L-- tia i hlt',\., ? un, kerii, i r e i I by 11 ).i .1 li.l 1'T V, S111.1 i7 (1rs i, r finnet. .T )I.,-111 mI skls. , ,rim ,,,., .iC.., rerit. d p,,r stcaliu r iltlIItbl NV-,i, r, r i, Iv,' i I.AlItENt'I' I.EK;llIlE, jeI " *& tl NeIw Leve. r srlhes if basies,, ultr the flc of ii hnny Rohbrrtsn, andll +licit t n .onlillllll. 1 t lhe pat lllLa ex erierneir d by I11 II ollan whilltIondriiii il li, t. his run name, an ocural .gent r sI' eaiii iscion IIORIIT ' 1 II.1 1NA, jyln 1,11115 .\ I I fERTl ft lAF LARD--lt0 klg in .to", ir sale by i, I( iORSE, T . 1 U'1 ',-- .IIabo I., --hi, p,, ifr sale byi- 11 1101 ,lL. & .11161.0, I' I' 2l ul, Alley Cs 1- N I e It;IlinN I - i4nl, tiav cotlrblicing 3 4:3 in , \h hit Id , 1 r "-l, hr Ilf 1 IL. & fI11.I.,, L2 1r Bank' Alley IMO.'KN SYRUI AND P!(+¢./. 1 ) OXES I... S.n pru.; . Ifx . a. . . I.ewia ' If , tkrI, of L>ton; lain a trom b nrip Talhe rand and shi p Charieaton, 'ir nle bIy .A4L\VIS &. INl1II' :VS, nit'!1 T rr (' uloon , '+I liollllli 'l' IhltrllolJt lIta 1'is Ti-1. I S 1 Iit.\ La .ý , . ll\rUI . S11-AVEL4 an l Continentlof l:nrwcý, vii: in IE.In 1 I In u,,, I.+ah rlll , F r , Ih ly, wi 'ni ' ( I;'Il ill, \l ll ,I:lllndl. i Lv IVll I'ik, i) L1, I a''r aI,' . th,' 0'el'e, n I nive,.sit at %li' hd,.t' , , (I . . i 'inhlin',.wlli eigrafving.. Juitree' iv'i aiI l y 1 %V JiXh.I Il ,raN, _ U( . . . r (',tmp and , otlAm ,n0 1 ,ras. I..LL Notices fior Ilaxl s orotl'i.r tlhtar.:'rt, rI'lllm r in / - eill' pll'rlllrt all' ithe . h rlh rt.,. itdl'l tll :u thlo 'unlll ar. a l. ro l eo , or inl the 1'oliliTsh a I · r 4 11. ';· n. Iowy i',. Ifelt -t \'Il"'rI)Il, I lil.* a, ,ltllhl+ faits', l u.vt' . h t ieI· aill I,' i elttJ'lllhlHN . DAVID. .11-:1 l l. I CtCO. - lit' I . C 1 i +.l'.\lllf ll": ]- I bass p une greet-- I:lnt. r I " 1]II .* .,,,l, 0. 4' i llTll i II'Oli ilit .1 i'". : lirtll. nd atd 'Iby .1. I i tIE ,I A(,t it +N ; K. ItluPl, -1- i ps K.ineky K 'lo , ( 11i I l1 I t prl p alo a Itl ln of iang , inl stoire ( a d' f il"' s:tle by J D1)I,; I :t.l., 1,'.iC059 U;: :p s( et.illl - a.Ir, rj .iI( 1 \I. '( 'l-.-i-j baosa an.) 4 k ,'aa princa CI,.-avita by 'flnloac, (Leathlr't brand ,) i llrt ; T r a:IC by J.I.\i LI., l 10, I'f 'I m1111 Rio I Ii l lee, of goodCla' e unalia , l hnding I i nrI bn unli .n tll'rn.y, f0i . by ijc",i STEIT'rN & AVE. A LIANACIS ar 1a39: I.l.nt t-eeivd, a .auni,-I lo, 1 of 1'p0. pldna Ahnulanal.nk.a : Clocka ket Al al nalck, for aalI by I)AVII) FLIT & CO., New V rlk gSt riol tl' 1ln:li, I lr's Draft , on II . 'J're: ur, wallled I NA'II'i. TUrlO NS'... , rilEXAt (IU.T I' V LAND wlinted by jell;: Ex hallla , [ tel,, , tlr nviier street. FIREI. N'S .it.URANCE COMIPANY U" NtIVW ti1L-i INS. olf i1,% (r u ll ll . t I. I lt'll· l't t II 11 (II o l illl·av, Iht' .lu11 fr., b (1· ,IIll" l o lt ' : e : I IoI. 'i' ll l ( 1 I( llltl' (l I' t1. ntil 1l1a i wlho , hl, l IhI ve IIh n snbhcrihed ilr. ly oaderdot: the cottd of Uhrcin r.o1 ' d a III, I. TlyS .Ia,. J l in t, l a1f. c,3 wovrn" FRED. WILtIINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, I. t lIN'll i ' Iii' srnic Il Illn ll li ;n b ; ti dllep 1 ini ,rVii o: Idclllllr l t. I:1 111 (co, id tnfileII rePxri e r' ill h I, o">; ion, nndl h l a tb ..... and tlnelitt iit t Ie exec'.ll l, 0i : b eIll-III' enllrltrh1· 'o hi 'is, [ll hol pes to( lii+lit Iitu 4 ' rlave s timH m " Il1: + li Ir;tona e. I etsill alo a, n11n.: ca pal) the watt"( of foal) a' Illli ln tlib li It, Lril'll Ill lll tll "w all .le l r:+t;''i ,llui; . Ou lilu .l o 8 I.Jlll'trlle m e, 1 setoll,(I +luov ahick. a ,:7 -1N II( I ) ilIl,, i ,l aI n maJIi nId ia lla L , " lr.Jtd j p r IIarit le, 'r a .sle, wh ,ole aleanhll retil, by JAItVIn N & Avi A)lt ', medicine , IPa'its a Oil 'J)eni r, jel ('orner of CoIoi lll . 'I Thonlitonlli s Rl0\V.N SitE 'l'E.T ;S-3-- 11,llll valud. -1 l-'rowvn SJ heoins, lahn ing floit ship (hl rol.e, hsnitbhl for tlhe . alexi:tu mariIket t' Cii'ty ti d , i llr , ale I y 'I'EITSN AVi 1IL', jel8 a,.ONv .-r". 1(11 cis Btlal ie oll..; :,t' basket, (.l Ilitini une Uhine. For thle by .1ra8 :, (; ivr street. • sh'nmell, r \:aulli a, firoml ,.pri l,,li ehl d llllmOi. aii tlrior l ' icl,, Ibr sale, hato, jIl ATEIL & T1111.1, ' ,18O.' oo ',o l',,vdrl,,./. I;,,·I J 6 (i ) b'qil' lll I ll I III I. , 0 .,-t. / 1t P~I';.l 0 1 I., ('.I )IiI. S, ,e...-3l ('asks lcw it, . for1 i \n l IVl i ' (il ; lll0 · xs dI. d1 Spo ii I,, t :.ull.i sheetU BraziernCur st SEt. 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E.\1\VI!E+NCI: & I.EGENI)RE jel6 "! n td "J New Ie, C(!N- 410 taskl. Cinll at (i lored, in -tore, fur jel .. I New Levee. S[ t.;. 111l)-- tl, keg , in lir., ill ,n ord er. ithr j"'s 41 New Levee. . tA l l.7 hbls. naItkeral, mn.1, , an fi) hull barl ii nlnc keral, nos I and 2 1129 nui s me lic e, '10 houdleh hay, 5.!0 11i i hin erii , I i niig i fr liibrig lninaldhi nd lfor sale ,b J 17 S11'iETS1ON \VNII & Sfl. ,v,4 t v W II.TV iTOi'-'O t lt' nT nre cived per lei arrival' f11m New Yt k, sF Irleh n!ll tIitllnlhlll l ao I rtolwlllltl ll (.f HATS. T|'he .lublsil.l r wonhl plarti'.larl v :all tihe nllhm io vi iliitC s ile r iG~riiv're;ai s f1 1ho lll'lllc t ' ia - I '. iI' b t',vtr p ll - o" It a l ria l Nillil . ( 'i; ll, I i vI yir, ii i i :l',l:llllllI ,r io 1 I U Sliu l Ihil fl ltl \ 1 : 1 r. l lrllo e r Ia lll ilf. 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I<,I ,i NEW PUIIILICAIL(tONS. j" FE in orl. itinlo nrte Dry oni Night Jerry ! luwthor, II '. ýe ` brthihi.'l Ttlt, conpnied by nIl og I cgi tlte ll o.tne ' th ' r:utble andd nirer. thrargll the Msitlfrujp.l, Pk-wro~ Elan, in 2 volls. ,Viviain (;revI .Novel, Ibyv )'ltapls, coniplrle inl vol. TIe Yoing Ltke, a l .nel, by ile Atlioir of Viviatl (irey, clnllrl in I vol. The II l orIi Edited I n Haiti( Anti6r of (ilbert (ilrlly. . , lst rriv l fi sale at eitiane ofClmp and Wmir MT ,(PiN. SI-i.\ . It F')!NITliTi7 --i se-ijTe in peri,,r plitt d and "+. Fr *t o bnrililhl domr fdaiiltulra pnplele: just r nerivte per shil G(Ieft ilrln'm lit in a IIcr .s ,. I.'rON tr. O., - I II . I i i; 1i' I.Tl) t'!= ,F S of 1iladtl .hie, and in aettn to aiuilVtc v4 for Fale by Ll. WKICNNI ,IF;lhlaltK - j, ! f) Ati 'Ji New lenen. 3 Itol-.stt i:il.nlii, riitFlae hp Iu AAC A ilrltflhi & CO, jy9 1Tn I Magazine street. ft. mAl t, SiAK I PE:'Fc TE i my uthorize.d ' 'i l Agent tilutlg l y I c fro ndoI elcityy. DANIEL DANA. j'it iinwhv. - , AL 1NESS. A I IIEAITIFTiUl head nofhnir is tl grlnd.leet rnati i llmrll elionini ti the hunlln firame. Hlnw mlineli turly I.rines on the nipenrancii e .liI u tl pse nlny'tino eanil ait lene uiiieoverirl. nd olnetntimtene even to hmhu, +,<'ilei to avoid tihe jest.t bipd eners of their :ntrouit.tanle: the remahller n tl eir lIes anreon eqlontlyv tlspa in reltirliemlF. In short. nit neten tile, I,,s f olrrl,+.c v ill l i ctneroie i ll lini i nutl h with flult In+ll liveiliilivii eii tini eia losp of hill ehir: Pialn fiiil i tllI+t ,In-iireic fliifola . iillnn tht' fir-t : li ntnlltl , nm~l n fi w Ibottle rireli ( rr it i ain.e It lik-ie plrodnellrc erltronw and whiklire; prervnts the uitr frnd firmnli- ena, hi.ies it ciurlt It.nliuliv, nnd ire: iifroi.i rnef: Nimer.i.p ce-ifilite 'of the first repelrtnahililt in supporlt of tie virli'a nof Oldridgeo liall, are lRowli hv the profpifior.. 1f? ReaKd the following: Rohiiveri Ilrton, Esq. late Atiiior of Pelilndeltph . IiPs certiier' a+ nv Im lie seon ht-ini , lto ite high chara t ierithe f liiwi7 tienl temen. t T'hi :utoier-igned d,ý tiWrebv certifv tirto whihnve us a the I dil of tl ilnllloiil di -iiered byv J.O(ldidge. andit harv ti.lml it hiiliiv eirvi.neable not i nly ti n prelea ti n - ;*ailt ith fill t iiilfi ti of inir; liut nlt ii crtnln reatort live. NVII.iT t 11 TI ITCIIER, Sir ior, Mnethodist .iliniterin it (og.l rlnrre. .t Nlh 86 Nortl FIlfthilt. JOIN P T[N';LIS,31 Atith ltret. Jill N i) I iil),tiA.. AI D, 16. ReKacet JOtHN N FIIII Illt Spruneettieet. ,13Suuthl d it. JOIN GARI),Jr,1L23 Archl street. It i khoum n tlintihvr rif the nliiic siinre nee mone thlaln50 iyears if aice, ar'l tlie otlhers illt less QIlah 30. [FProm the Ai}vr.] Clollnlltwealrl nhf Penn.livad;b , I Cily i f I'hilialelphIn . h I, Robert WVhnrtnn. 'ivoyr a ea'id siri of Philndh. rio, dio hieprhy cerlilf thllt I em well aeqinttaned with' letr J I' Illli.s, Joiin S Fe,, al d Hugh M tCcilnt ii hose ilnames arie signed to iithr liobve Ceeittitentehlit they are leitlliuieiei tf elictter nandil iPeppeitnlilitvnand ae nlcll fulll credit liuill hI (miti ti iti sniil e.cificate. In witnes wlienotl I ii lv hieranhao Frt ine hbtuýn and caenirld te seal of the 1i i fl led, hith tll tliJy of Ireo.,'etlo , t'; . [IT.S.j c ROBRIITI H WtARTON,AMnyor. O(lli 'itiVF lini ea.h bottle if the (enniiine BalI mn n pili.lil fidtigllved wranipper, on ihiehll is repireteted thle i"ll or f filliiP|, &e S lii hollea le ulr n licuttai by the snle neenie fel Anie rirv, 'No Fle!hliil stleet, in it ilhiilen Lane, rsp deoi belhw Pearl inrei, anii libiiyul dri'uioisleaaid imtrfumrd thioh:llh I,: cou(IIntry. JARVfS & ANI)R.1iB.l, ii!1 vholenile Aients, New Orleans. PROSPECTUS. T'Ill , subscriber Irotposes to Iphlish, in the be.. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condenstiion ef the twenty volumes of the Old and New Serines of Mortrn's Louisiana Reports, to he comprised in four velumnce, 8S\., according to the model of Peter . Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation b.ti. Burton llarrison, Etq., of this city. uasisted by William F. tlrand, Esq. The Editor in ulso permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme .durt; uand Iby oe of the sitting Judghs, to eipelt froln their personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be roeped from theoir.experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ne cessary, as the original is volominous; enpensie, and 0sarco. An incrtasing eldriority too is.mani telt, in the other Staten of the Union, in roference to ihe pecuriar jurisprudence of Lousiana; andthe circlumstance of tile numlerous principles lhee deo cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laWse makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of frimle outi lity to the. jurlta of the whole Unlion. Moreover, the rising rlpullic of T'exas has adoplod our codes, and thus thero is s great demand for the Louisiana decisions fromn a fresh quarter. Convenieont notes, ioldicati0ig the parallel iseoe dealcled in Louisiana, and occasionally thldse in the more autloritative forume of the other Stater; will lie added to each case. lThe work will formn four voumoed; rioal idtavo. and will so delivered, bound, to subscribor at $6 per vol.; in ease it should be found practicable to comnpress it into three volumuei, the pied tio sub. scri!:bers will be 7 p:r vol. Subscriptions received by W'i !elkEANi, je5 cor Campl and Commton its. I'(;.\ -- ;ll hI, very er a en otu 'labtutioni eigh; is elies horln the ;vita,, fist sale Its" T it 11 YULE &'II'tOTHE'., m1119 39 C'montnoL t scortner of Magazine it. i \i LILtIt AS l'AItASo(tL;-; 5 o'ees. bllttin ilt i il Ii)I'Itto'IInt of 5loolUta aL Gilgnaltl Unl rlltlll a ld 'arasols, Iotllltog from liritiod Ellenu Handu it9oo BRIDGI. & Ct), 134 Mpgnaztnd a l ''ElTS' P'ill, ir- dreth t'ilts, Mtaint Liniment, JudklnM' (tinlnelto, G(erman tll ltllte pills,Butler's F:librvescent tMagnesin, HalI of omCdnble, &. &c.; laling lld lul stulo Iby It lit NNABEL, ,135 t r Nerhtell. and Telthpitolulls ate; 0IC. o '. ot oI OtN'I'IT(.iAC'IO RS. E tI.l Il pr p.salr ill be tr e'oiil a the emlck of Ir t e UoroV (OoIlilie liloto Nitth tille itl-roiad, l l, i tilt ,olliverv ofltllOlIil l t lit f ,ille or clopresM tiliter, l hba tl:le l oI l twoo i.olo; theo ,;It Pto reaime IIlout he at lea ji l1 i ohlea, and the timber Ieonnh toe Ill intheas in thick 000ss, to tt cutit i lengths o'not lesIt tiln U0 feet. The liitiheo is wlted ,otig tlie shore of Luke Pontbhua I'6ill, In t will lie received ot t ti third Itvn ufliver. the tyw calotl, or L. tile bank tt tie ne rstial,ar tie i ll l rad to tiilg , a ot lte o i otih e C'oalltl y. lPropols tiltl .I oretived froet eovering the embalk l O'i t- lo lllnw altgthe hirte of the lake; with sloelle awl lalnd, h, i dept) h.f:Ibout 19 i.lhes. The materiall i:1- tie ,~u, -.. art easily oblaittod withn lht sltort die St; loce if totr t thaiknt'oll atlu thoe company will fur tiiish o irt ald :,s ttrilos te Iooihg a tetepurart t.okh w000e0 tile ditotaacee is too great ter uslng wI;eelbar toopuvuls will be reotlett for httitingdht eirrdl alain tin longo tiro lietoIf the rool; the lbStriptidn aill ho iot u tlen t lttlicatsi to tite Fattn iooee. ,.o tirnit 00i 1 ald tasivilie Rin-rinld )Alice, Jund Slh, 1ll3Il. D HOARit, St 'it Etigiteer and Geotol Stbluirineibtat. ltri.e TIr tl Streete, uitlblotl fo a llege tftunly. Apply to DOA LF & MAY, je23 3 _arorhletel.rftieet "i11.OlENl.--Oi1 ills U tiiterllee Fli,,fresh nd iii L kLep Io. sourit g jr trUllle tile; for eatle by G. I)tD SEYI' jelo 44 Newli eeG e. AV j NA COFFEE= 2il hune Edn Co '"w, pet Li seht Hero, frmo Hlttana; for sfli by SLATIER & TRIE., jell 401 Poydtaiattert. N storo oaid for sale io the sest'ibrerie, Old Ieo lit t r all ttil bill lt; Atll Ti0 l BrIttt ldy' tld Gil i u du; 10 ' ilackem l in half (ll n; Table Salt it, roo i of 611 htxes; tlormiea \% itmo, 0w0et and Dry, in qr caoks aid i ioon li, (.,lttled todelentute;) Sloti-h i o trllltog; L don r'utt'r Idt Alt; Leintel Syrp, l'dttthidioito \White Letdt, No I; CoItlisi ill hoxuo; Cotton Gilns. KEAD & liARSl'OWil t l, k 7 r velsero .Ut et 50 oti IIEN tlj0 r' tuntta ilalietrie. Ilr oI llllt r l'l tip enxr in.'en foe totily Use, ter#I5 LAWRLENt E d& IEGESfR1. 201 2ototdNew jeteo. cinlitti blocran. ill priue order, htlootees bei i Ib LA E'I'&AIMELUlNG, jyt7 t17 CI.maeelirtitriei i h ots, 30 lidt ,tad l't bl hh. haged e4, ttntlip litu iltHiy eU4i.ttý$itllO U .rtietto iU satro, lireot ltE LYlTa '&AR EIUNG; j?17 .;:- , 17 ('otoeem olt* :' ,o stuotuloltttio'jl'at Ihr toale by SLAdTlER ,& TRlIRn jl , 40 Poytdrh itte. get ONK ltttKe'-Js rt.eeieoulohoe`n eus I, .t... New Y'mk, anotI lditilLmit oloh , o t e v e r y t rr i t u f R l u l ie s A nd t r iu '.aitad it hltln'i ltioeu o ol ltjrr, sae j tis . ".sI1 .a~el rxnil.iie bar exteu.iv, it to " I k, l 1,,,v , tekstat i r> b1oil iltaltuos-

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