Newspaper of True American, 28 Temmuz 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 28 Temmuz 1838 Page 1
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PRIcE 12 CENTS. _ .. . . -.=7a --- s . . . . .NEW ORLEANS SATURIMDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1838 __ V 165 'Tersas of the Nerospaper Press of New Orleans onoautonotly agreed to at an adjourned cl cetiog of te Prolprietors, hel at ore tEllh of .lar li(: 183 SgUBoCa'eolv- I)ollar. telrl the doily pg parptraoucr:n, layable oa ni-anlminly in advaneo: ten dollars foe rthe tri-wnealy coaetrv picr, ltevy:bll ote roar in advane, lwhore no city reolerencc is give. No, osbstLriptitr will be dieconinuer d lctil aorrtaragsa ro settled. In cots. of di :oultinlann:c, one wetek's notice Swrriting uoi Ir br itlvartabt.y given, previous to the eapiration of subscriptiuon. Aesenrlrszo .--)On dollar per square for the first asartion, 'ad half that price for each ohllse. uent one: an tntoerit adlterltion tro;u the original aodvertiementl will be charged n new one. Auovn rlsrens.-Merchants and tl 'aders, erty dollars for English alone, and sixty for both laIn jragis' Ioanks, Innuorce Oilefie, and orlther silar S public institutinns, fifty dtllors in E:nlih notly, and eighty for bolr lagnunges ; Ship and Steambote Foa, rs, or Comllmission merchants sixty dollars in English no, and eighty lor both langoures. )taRRIAnta, )norosrRY NorTIca, and artioles nall tile atteutiou of ric pnt!tie tr, sulee o ,roperty, urla of po.roegera, biCenlitr, tc. .e. will ho eherge soe dollar per squanre for the hrst insertion in each lan CsOMu1rICTIorrN, or Advertiaen.otei, of nny poras.n p1 narewe, ewhoe odciciblh, diall hi charged dubles, and in adnanreO A deduerbi of twenty-fire per cent. will be mlade to Auactioeres,S heriif, Ilegistersof VWills, nttd ioarmhalo on ualeruf real estate. penlishcd in hotlt langunage, .and 50 per cernt. in ughsl aloneo: I per cent. on oalao pf other prolprty. AhecRTIrsn NTs out of the direct line of busines. yf the advertiser, shle an legal, ntction, and plant i lo sales, runonway sloaes, stray aunnlo, &e. ,&c. will cfecearged for sepasatly, and at the ordinary rates. uADoRTISrEMc NT not apeeifi. ae to tie ote, will be ulli$hed one rnrtlr, and chnrged necorcintly. No advertiscepeitis of ieankru ecies will he pIcliphed ,a any cane, ounlos paid ior p)rCvirus tr t leertio., or enymonr ganranreod Icy a ropuspoible erson inl town. Theatres mald nother places 1 tnmaemono , nadvertision 1aily or thr season, to be charred $10U for lnglish t amr, und $150 in both lnguneeor. ll anaipsoneeoepto of ondlidcli's ftr pol tical oftces be chqrged doublo te peie' e of otler advertise SerI,. '.o th ioipeonse lpas orartlined by nrwspaper cprietrra, tlhey Itle c suame o thIc coneltsio.t that tcIrc pares of peruons whose accoaunte have aot b en paidl ithin one month after proeolrtation, cIrall be inla uo nea (an far as practicablen to each other--they ubli sting thenmelves not to advertise or print for such Sliiqaoent, unless in ease ol adoanace paynents. inigned) J.C. Ut. Sio l;OiS1 J. RlAYON, P. P. REA, J. C, FPENJUEILGAST, LO IN GIBSON, LU MsDEN. r/eekly Press.-We, thi, udersignad, ogree to abide .py the above conditions, as lar as they are applicabto to esbklr paper:. (Aki.vod) A. I. LAWRENCE, I9 ?n soubacriptions are taken for lens thanl 6 months. Letters must, in Ill caser, he paid. - G'3-LL' SPA tIN IL.Vif I'irtl, &c. PAIN REVISI'rEI by dhe auethorof "A year in TAvpain," in 2 vols- Ilorry C'tlocrlt, a notvel, by ,uoau.or of "Cecil Ilyd," in't vols. Te Actresrof .adta, and ultherr..les, hy the tellthcr 'ef "Tie Ftora ken,"u i vols. Nimro.l'o LIuntt t'uOurt; iulerspersed pith chnaracteristic aecdotes, satings and doings of surlinr g Men, incladiong uticesrlerlth principal eoec: Jere of England withe auulticcl econntete ond general den olfnolie, to which arc added, Nicnrsd's Lletters o slag .lounds, io 2vello. Iin Bruce, rIho.n lst nrllell'e Agameelllnnlola, hy Copt. tlCnier, K. N.,llntl(lor a theri l.ife ota Sailor," &c. ion vola. C.lnmmentari'e .n ieqnit J arilprrndce, a adiniistered in -lland and Aulenica, by Jioplh Story, I.. L. I). Oilid, t..n" larid ie Dryden , 1'olpl. Co'reV, Adllisit and ithers, in voul;. fnorani No lI anod 2l if "'s Clcnniclso .l.ilroerv." I cel'nltry 'I'alris or rlOe n s r tell. exertiona 'and lulifceuvre onl'lee IUnited Stater's, o lMailjcr SGeeral Scott, U. S. Arvy, in 3 cvle. Jcatera ccited oanild for asIe y Vt. , Ic an a crnere on C. ' olnlton ccl.h IaT rteh ItorloI sh iet p'ae.i'e t ire 1 )'t c ii ` LPri ; uliltllllug: r II I 1 , I o ii tIv Swlter' ilnllll' I Italy; |t.,lltenal "l. ' ; bell at, m.+ o. f bt : r I, ',ws; I o. .ltll ) Iili l e .tI tera e e er :ileu.a ll h p: e ,u lrf :; Ira'l1'erraseesn c ta i ii t leml a cre 'itclo T getf . Ilr ll Ilr ce ; e ll \l + il:l t i i.t li- l; l I lll il•n ea y ti,' a ll Js e '' '>ty "r.d r uI'. i 1 i l i i n F tl't l:.' 'i . . ; . . c .Ir, 'ot :t se,,ri . .vc Shi ll w i. *¢'r ",I ...t .týnl. 1I, I:t ..,''. . lle; h,,l] 1 err Ii n ...-.ia .; ii t ' f,. e it' ." lt I, ,l:""; A..\J i I e n l I, i ti. l;I a'; ',' .e nlleec. ','o.,) b s' ;'€.dile; Still .o r to air fr, i , t..a -a iln l.,-..e" t , ,n'. lhv I' Irtninl I:,lle-i ! tli ee I e l.e tCh , l ' ,,,se 'ct I. c ,t . ' ,c t, le 1" th 1.h ' .ccl.te l'tt ; ,t a .I 1 I'. t ;.c n t..c .I. ;.c t i e i'n0, reefl Et'1 V S"' '" l li / i elcj ,lc.Il. It II I I ,'I c . \ ! ,"l. l ')Iceict Icecc V . ,it.. It cte¢ sj .`nlhuetiuno,,i , :)h i c a: I'hc. r-etac c' ", i, t lerenecit tecla, villa tcd ces'rsefc ri,ec tceclltl i nt . , h 'ltl. proe nceatien an. nse ofivarico. woi. The wlhle , disposed ai ol oetotolotoioietf tic'ita Ilaec1 tI accerciti e it new edition, reaciveld .orrrcwd. A selectioti huo rer oundred of t'crriecec TuIde,, coin .oeo a igured pronuneiotliin ef tic' F'rench, aocording ro cIl. hest Freuch worka cxnntot c the .inject. o Tche whIle jtreeedelr by a shtort roeatioe O cc' scuteccciscf tifthre ierecl la:gutagerscotiecnreod with tiheoe stie ricei' . A Pronauncing Fcrcce plPrimero orae dc.oolhar' e ;cih, no thie acurate pronnnciati'iocn -th. gtie rule hY o f Ihcr to' hboo unage oy Ilereoerd T'Irtchiu, teist reeaievco aod ce jale Ly Wlel cKEAN, , an,- . sor Camp & Cul t.e. (litE.N!iH @,t Cc)iJ I'Y, V, ItlIN It. . i¶lldi verrite wate:r:rng lace in the lrnoullhips I Virginia, Is mileanes ofr r vidartar.nd i.I frm the w'Vitottlinltr r, trill heo pen in due season for t'e o reception of Icoipany. n Illv.i.npllra it imirvene!nts haere beenu minvleineC Icie le t sea.on. A eprcious ball rien, and a lumber of einglnlo ddet ronioma hpve bmes added and nh finiihing; afr a anlillcrin g ene odations. by tlb lstlt' Jtly, lur .1) avisitor, ith excellent turn like roatd has baten etrnctlcl paseing by the pringe, and inteoretiag thie Kanae In turnpike near burg. Overthiri rnd, hy dirhev:f nf trheoeIt off|J, department, lesdnre. Ieldin, Wialer & ee's. line of snail coaches will run. A goat ,ln.oe being established at he epringe, visitors itll recniver n wesand cntrrr peone daily, eatunld wreel. O)f the .rnierireiul qlnaliti.a of theet wlatler, oee prlprictors need aot speak. They have Ieen analysed Iv ae bland irrlob.erd clhemin.te,end atend nI I.old illn V aeiti - [ill the ..aItble ingredietent of thle ,ueesrelebrnteld prinie in Virginih. ''h.cdnbhinatine ' co lnitaeh Itch Snlph1nrettedl liv. drogeen, nisp eto ef Ma.'ae sni, 2ilphal of Lirms, Car bnntie of Lame, .hnllban t of At, )t Mtriate of url t, and .rt'inte of al anllnesin," the Hnlptery elctn ofwlnich are eahibited in disacee' incident Itn ro les;ind ciroa. ic atetliorn. of the tomaar ch, iver, nial ln rls; ineltat neons afections or aieonree ot the kin. te) relmnaty itnre potent oreffinacioun ean he founid. Elteneive bathing esvttltelrn.acl fior bhli oantee Inhve been erected coneliguouan t thl r ;tlnriofl. hilietori Cea at all timea enjoy the necpliyt r ahlvanttc 'f.their he. uii and wolesolene effects. AjoriV William Vane .ill conatiron the slcrrinltnd. neU er tile spring. Ever, xecrtim: .tn hi prrld oin the part of tlhe propriritprr, shaIm hit r.ndler to inuro for tte Uleo Aeslp reurn ~ f thie prblir. pt ronage. Thn proprietors ofitite Bhlu, Stllilnr Spriae- wihr Ie ileral in the receipt oir notes ofall r .thorn end hVee a Bnank whiehbrecoaciderl-, r,lvr t,rrlptr. WFUVL diEcloeueree r-f :laria Mre. . f the lintel SDire Nsnnenry aof ,tltrual,. 1 I, with aan p-r. pentli,containing, part I,Itereptlti.l, t firseditiion; part id, deqNnel of hnrplarrrativl; parn 1, Revirrw of tll case. Aleolt Illpplercert civitin more parliculnenars the Nunner nand grueato, ill,.ntrat;d by a plan tf the Nnllsnery, e. lMaria Ilonk and theb Niuaerv fits il ntel lDi.-be. iag an acrnnt oa e vCilt to h... a: C-rrvelne ot Ilonllrceal and rellaulation of thu "Arful Diielntre,;" by Will. L: ,.tone. Pnsrtnlh xperitnernt pf .!inbn. Living without noans. ThI Student'es Instartpr it Drawing and avnehking •"bThe Five rlera of Ar.hilecture," filly explauirng 'the methnda for elrikirg rer llar alnI qnirked moulders; tfnrdimin inbiar rd gluclrg reapitals; ilr Btieditg IheItrn;t dimletrer or'nn trldr to any given cuia;ht; ''or strsking the ionic Vullrte, circullar ir ellttie : withlll ,iiphlad axrnnpoee, un a Inc r. setrle, of thie order, their planelsorn, &c. and esne deerilns fir door cases, ell tnaly engraver on forty-one platen, wilth expiate--by Peter Nirclulen, architect, authonr ofi tile ";lzcranicra Coratpanian'-. "t.renrter' New Gunileo," "Carpenatlrer'n and Jninr'sa Aaxitant,t &,e. "A ,ractical Treatise oil tint Clture iof Silk.' adrpt ed I the oit and climate of thle Utiited State--b J. G. Conmstock, secretary ofnthe tlerlrlrl contiy Silit',u rieletv, and,editonr' of Iltheeilk Cultnriet." "Tlse Siltk Itaier'n Miual, or the art af raining and fseding silk wrmsn, and of ,clii'vatilng the lM lberry tren-,hy ... Mnrin. :P'Ie Clrk's lilGuld, nr ("',m:lnrecinl Cnrrespon lence; emprnltisilln Ittr' e" al tin. asl InrIts of bills, invoices, errllrnte-ales, atnd hipkeuprar eqrlatin tof payments, commllnerial terrla. re.--lhv B. F. Dtonter. 'liertorv of tht: \Var in lthe r'eliutl.a and thle Silthl nf IFrarce, front thie yenar 8117 tonhe renr 1314" by \V. 1'. P. Nalpier, :. B,, ,Il V."to whlich tarper n xen nl-d evrr to :rn alretrukr in Ro;fiatrr'm I.iie ofn 'iieton, Ilr i +bte (.,ltarr.rlr Ilr.iaw; witll co'rnter te Ml. .gre in Cr.tlneel Napi,:r's itttrthernirl oethe l+e insnlarr Ver. Jdttrntnrrivtr n Ier arahe bv (-it I II+ -e.rri-:. 'tr, in, r'ocrr . by .Jl , ( ritL'$F\Y, je*i iti .\e..v,,r. Y (le hR.- ntti, prtirr ne (r nim srir try - U. UfBrower & Co. I -A Yr jlst t. :eivedl: t their Furnishing Wrehtnius' _ No. Li t:o,op r. Oytre rarecent arrsvals from CI op', alll tile North, l-l.age additions to their stook of ts.eltl anonroaectunhl /otrekecieg artieles, whieh teo Ictti ,ly (they bhelievr) f'otr ci ascor:,ent more gtenr eal a comlplete than i- to le F.ond ill oany Smilar cExtl. Iltlnellct knowo; olositifUl;l of SILVEIL WARE. Coflfee lo l tea es; iitchers, waiters, clstors, cuedler slicLks, cop, tumblers eel gobletst Saetle and desert librks; taile, dese.-t and tea sioons; marrow slid gravy, or er goott1 pnoos; sugar tOtgs; su.I', s.EU.ce anti soup Iteleo; Iettor, fruit, ptl'olitfg eel fish knlvese pitkla anti dsert knives antd forks, n:cpkis, rings, yoe. princiatlly iron., the tllaoleetory of Mr Bi. Galrdttter, of flew 'ork, whose long established reputation Ifor the manuftcture of silver rare is sufficient guarrantee of its superior quality. PI ATEl ' 'IrAt OF SHEFFIFLD AND IlIR. IINGHAfIM. Tecn and eofe- urn, tes sits; castors, liquor alld co.. dial wsttlks; saperb esrnleb.ers and E.ltegues weitlliro rnr platelux, for enlltt'e of the tnlller or spper table; teethk tet vogettlc.e diclotes; rich itoh cecers; each cot c:tllteotioko; witte otrttaileor ; ooettirsrnctl ctph,; st tctts; - tIr labels, claret corks, Iat strainers, table bells, tea, tt. tIe eg te ad emustard sceons; egg boilers ansd caitds SILVER ON S'ITEEL WAItE. Table tnd desert knoves, forks and spoonst soup and ctltee nlaies; utter and fish knives, cheese scoops, as tparags tongs, vegetable ftohks, Ite. .IAI'ANNERY. ttne Gotic Silanwich ait I round h conet waiters, in setls ald silgle, from 8 to 31 i nehe dt ofpapier mtcle; hircld, cheese, and knife trays ; large upright plate waer;;ts; tplice, ug:ar otndt rcah bohes; pIressilg eases tnda tel lablerin Iltl, oalttlies JSllllJlnle ll ttnl ofritlt tortuisr shell, etc. LAMPS. At, oxtensive aortne,.lltt, among watch are Astral la-tps, all bronzed aitd gilt, and of rich cut ghets; mantle lamps d, Ito, each plan aned with glass prisms; very splendll fit glass do ; bronzed and Japanned side r thlttcke lantps. C(ItANI)ELIERS AND IIANGING LAMPS. English and French oetc glass chandeliers or lustres ro 8, lo, 15, 18, 20ad t lights; Prench bronzed :and gilt Grieeialn innas, 3, ' and 8 lights; hall lalmps tnd lean ters, rich bIrtnze boal or cetre lampo s lotr drItwing rooms, froiU I to 6 lightl., lamp shades, glasseosa.l wicks. 31ANT'&LE CLOCKS, CANDLEIIIlkS AND VS.\ESS. Ilro.ted and marble; bronntze,-I and gilt, snd all gill, with listurts, etre couting house anld kitchen clocks; blnlolzell ilnstksdlnl .ealU Irlo; Itoper weights, therllonte ors, e'r'dtt eks, etltlltlrttioks 'toe. lEnglill and FLreneh dining deesert, hra and cHGen, ser oantlle raes; rallcv e l raieks Amt hadI:clts. SAI:R'.'IINW\VAIthL. DIining, desert, tea, ent!e, tre'akf.t; altl supper letts; toiltl ware pitchetrs. Also, Canton china dinner st, UCT . GLASS. I)enaters, pitchers; claret r t ld vtrt n e 'Iheok decanttrs; bowlV4 disltes, celery vases, salt scaotIs sufln Ibnls, Ittler thub;l, finger bason, ItunlltlcItrs' ine, elllhantpiglle, claret, cordials, lemonadc tn ljtelly glstes; line color;e'tl look gltssus. Also, eonllel sha:le. TI'AAILIK CUTLERIIY. Fine ivory halance ,ndillles, Btll tip nd h ck handlle j knives and! orks of 51 ald 53 pice, ,r Iee c trezfe;c tieey htedle knives only t.r silet I' tirks; guord eel .llle clnrvers; luna slices flr tulllnd bef, y.Flelrkn;ivs," ,uIt lc;cks and picks; a iugelr irictr t cork selelo. Ief.:, ttit 1' 4ANIA AND lO)CIts 't " f .r T'1'o :tau etlltee etlselts Ulld urs with I anid _ F:Iet, stt:tttle for hotelsl san teamb rst , t ispounald MrIe . v i, ln i d .hee it mo l',, ain.b t e ;'c b lt iy, hurwl i "b ser., ra, plate heatersl', - colll g cgsga ;l .; :ti.t;lc. in st:tns willtl elticrs, egg bo.ilg . orie. FANCY IIAIC)WAttg:I. i . ,Yl lllu a n ire I't le an r.s. r1'llnl1~1 t(li ' Ii . ('1+ t o o :4:t,; Ifo e te ' 1 o t Ito e , - I t t-,c t k ;I,-; r:,s ,l,.tt n" -;, 'chin. ' h',y e , t; t. . hi o n mi tth: l e I, +'O r" hl au h.'s, Inuty Il n. "r 1 ; n.l if, hrit l'da ntt ,t t ,lrv .,t tiIl.e ,to l-,I t tit'.,:' k rft ' , to eatlhe l lin lto 1 tL, i," e. tu:lli ,l : t. , (. . :41.t 1. 1 .I .Lm,,Iw ý r 'p',:ir ", ,,.I rt' , , l. ' a nix, i;~ll 'e'?,ttc't;t -l ' : I;IlU, otto-f l o '. Ito-; ot ..f.0'IfI . . . :1 0 , Il at ' ... . I l' ."o'. '.it'., .I t') . I" ,'.,: , &.. , , . ,. . S. Itf, , v ,I I, Vvl ..lf l'll 'F, t1; 1.1 V . s w ,lll' li l · lh I;.l.~ ; ls , -c. 18) -1 0, 50 p11.r' s5 J.l . ., , dt cet tlora i dh irei,f e, d r'I, s... a ,4 i t1-ii .tll "t '.tI9 oro deti ,I , t 'S' f '.0 ill '.cr , ' ·il t i '. to.',,tn ce l,' tlt-' o, tb o--ft l t oio , It l lot(i. t it i , I.r .t. ll 'll'o ill." s ,.l itI t14 lncl t stit St l, t ot iwtA er esar'. or '..1 1 to T iwt ot s'. e tat to.''I Ioa ,) Idlnl"',tr sin. f tl g II IIo rt1o:4 sI at, h mo e a ill .$ - Iho ,ait.tblt I t.h.a[t ' l. Lmo ntit i,~ ithe I ~A r.i .;i S tIht' e o t'. wi4tt he, n f t( o i tu.l o, iite w&r c. It t a lint tiscy '.itirioat'.i'..ot. S".mt''.toait-t'.nt,- at 5i{re I;. lh oe' h oi.v r 'tr t'o 'serho '.'. ~l'.o. s ' r t Irliourlunnlh.ilng e;,: d fra n n 11 Isohe lC o idse 0riede:. e i ll I...t1 'rs .oale tia m , nidt )i. el'lel ber, is. a. ill a. I ori , I al o ll 'e 0o 'li o a(i llt, Oc Ile ' fl a the o. )Ik.e tote t tll a u'ttl.,e lleo wla e 1 rf't btri heo s, l el.l .o ct-lc tao t.h.e ' wiut'.n'h, filo. ti iown itlo orit. Sati s. '.'.t itt ta'I '. iiit' ,th' oill ho c 1 1m' . e h. Tle t (ime ol at r.l'ed, II e lits. oire In the f tls io wis.ll" tt'eal dl e tnim t , fare co t111olil t . cm i ll Lte. foIralig Stoae , E i t" tColI ae 'llr '. o , !;ol I i oL at s e II i 'the v. i nhl rhler h . lllolnt l the Ih: 11. le f l Iu IylII wI titioa en . ttio . 1wil :, the . . ie I . I .coeFi tn t1 o N. II. acho t ol o t aihter onbtoiol tale cmta a gsirell the charfe a l be ol: on ravif e, wtbl terts., Jt'c'.E O' a e OUeIt A NA.-t irt'. Jut icit l te iatrict 1ti Tll AT oe. SIAN.1,fo o a waoa "ll1' U i let I llctt'all tyI o t ,a a crin I:-t\tllther eIa v ti tour nt Lontiolrm tottl tilalt.h n ac t fof e slet u owe. istao n ifi o toe. ilhtt tio e Fu rljsicia l otei like IllNil. Sn ll lctelr, ll aents i. and alt tl e ur! lrte t ifd lt:ie, ru Itae , owh. enlit , i ant'r lyn ot dedrst t rt at, i t ay teollh l.aCia al., af tli with td iar da dis 1l•o.te e t: tis 1 oalo i they dit. oio ie tdo iion. ollell dIeirt o Illaedg o io lme Le hliu, oll othiers. 'o Ied iat coi O l. Ic is r l, inclt roaoo o a i b, tre '. , I ll ii.e d t. atI me aill o5 al or a ii'l of it cohe otl i n irt e d 'o loieh. o t itohe d lot Wlr ,lll r. sltl4 ,i a te So i lew h ailtw t ite ll 'it! o'l. ilht to t. e in .h c 1 hh olhew r wae nt 1i or . l taitcV n the lilcr d olecs eer ei ll .y to 111,ol ,t the time ofdogivin or . a s t iti e ish o se Jatc iet of thid h wlll'she , a. th.l h i ill1- 1 tlll, . C i ll l foiitmt nillion every larta' ilm i ll , l l' r '. isl l hft t' o doaIisct'l t i ln ake otilt oIl ilt toO t h oit ll lltat I llt a l iy c ovtt cl to o.h No flll bt , pio oe p le time it ia receivedl ioe tip pice'al t to-l' iet w. at ia ia l t to IJa l dii i ' Io l ime"dill 8Ihe haLn. if hhJf t lalcl. T'C)i e in iethou n'thernext cronen a, all-lei) o ree f etl nie i e n c ' tln t'.I ipe1.iia ill ' ot lio..iolh n tail illi't hlrko$ tin sIlWll a.tlnll' Tl' lath of. ol'1' t foliot Io .Ji-. a.tori, fittiond ol.o ,Oa in t , l-i-r iii. i a l I s itiIn '.1. o' N. It, Tho'.ib e ot Ioi-,.ol),i'.o7i of thu 00t15. ilclheie It'.'lr t sllo l .i t Olll. Grad .n - whlerela ll'illhirl 5llakey ial: in.ll rhoeldll, t l it ti l e le S ! horriasfter described, hi a applied 'to the. clerk of It i vet tisle)loill inl conotiyo~ull to a 1 a ct of thel l egislature of chasy;r fo r dii pilu of $3,l:e0, eS);, .ll'){; \" I.WIP.lVey. tclrk.. the Ni i. :;-,to,:,lre r- olved oe'l'u.sdov lest, trip to Cincirmati, tfo cre day only I returrned'agai Iaso nright. I begin to feelthat [ aa er ircr portant madi Sd' , aits ttis invtt t te JUur. aotf t, s city was tnut in t a, ^ y h tla , sta t in,, a rm o ngst a g rea t mt nt y o tl m " othings, that t had actually runo a avuy fIol Il.osvill. to eccaple the effects of the s rnderfrl Ionsnetie noe t of dotor Snip. thll knighet of thel thimb:e, lias A S S, My return, howevrcr, proves thr thie table of the bh, and wolf, is applYtsle to the Jnueral. The fable is "A bos was emp lor ed to watent and rve otto alarm, |hen w hee wtlf appe'arcl; he beiog eithlr t 'fstoenos,' a tailol' on p or al ar, fl eqeo+lv cril ost tthe eolt'f o comninrtg,'to thegreatdismany ofithe csteeno Ti vc n last bound out his real shr.r'tee: thatur he was a liar, and not to be brelieved evet wrhen h spoke the trae t .'' Ttte foCt io , tItHt tc caseo nuet prucdue their eeffnet. So it will prove, of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snip & Co., in the 4ourn:l. I would advise then to proild thenm selves wit) a Istoam engine press, in order toe meet the wonderfl demanod and inerease of that poper, an it is well known, thote are many who seek for nothing but falsehood,art of oer loves to tithe venders of that :"rti. ate. But onfertunatelyfior Goliah Stctp, of nreele and thimble celebrity, tie greet mass of the mtillitt of A nelieaon people, ar fan ed, amd fer inted as lovers oul truth. Thtert.fre they will, (aseilets t roduceol hy tie enst) naturally say I went to reod a pa ,er, thr l map rely o, therelre I will seek out such Int Jbeuome o etsortliber to the ut ter journal, whIse n, ltel ,nte will tint pract, false. Their Ito statemrents are ton pal lable to req nit r.futartions yet I will state: tst. I ii,. agoant to m totterl. 2s. 'rhat I shallresmaln tll ,he 3Sat Jtl , 'te Dr I Snip & Co., have sen meo a letter threateniong sy lirt if I remained after thn20th. Sd. rhst finm tll:sI shall proceed to tCiucioeltietr fourterensdaoonny, of whlich wish t Soilp & Co., n inform the aflictretd,in their owe attinbl, never failste bring me paierte. 4th,. Tthat fr..nt Cincinnatui I shall perteedl Io ie Falls of tihe Nio.ra, tn e beat iottalo, (if lr oSnip & Co. do nor toke away Inv lifeol tr thIe Ist of Septetlrber, goo altiNw Y'ok on thie tot tterNember, tolendt the whola ofttho next summer, in arder 'o laugh or all the schulll Philistinese tlhe medical (Golioha of Ioston, Philadel. phia, lemphie, Naoeville and Louiseilli, eho oiei probablv. (before that time arrives doorse, oihah lt, Rape and threa Gltlih t2d. Courier ce. (Guolta mha foir asses, muoles, &. Gcllelt 4th. Can cuttsor . (oli tic 5th, Painlts anl drug,and picklesture. druliol 6th' thIe eost magnrificent of all, I)c. Snip, alias nell, &c. patches to tihe prnprittors and cditnrsof the Jo.iral. Lastly. I would hive tihe noble It". Sniu, 4 Co r khoo, mot lneg tforen: they wcr able to tIlmretdA ncer nle,or spread blister, I litd hbren for rears. in tho hnbt it of reslorihg siht to the blind, aql that toowhen o war a ioelocttrr oF.bic: Mujelty's customs in Great Brit ale. I o nus cc then so ermployed. Did thIe rhrtan .slnner, tIIc, curriere; the Ihareass !rake for raees; the corurol:es the aIllillt o h h osd gtore ke and th 1 tognillee d IoCto Sl W, 1[I evr e Inr, p c dr. o .t ortst, seiroiit ierlrdieo anri ote gees traetr ltO I A St. anld gaotlcmen (ruin I~ml to 5 o'L:lJ·, P I. acorn (In, to oheti:c Illy optteirrrr tcnil'c'tlt ree, as usrol GrI Otca t h LtA,ho,(ela 1,)II.V "'1ILIA1l'aoccllf~t Jel'erson flouse, Luuisvrill:, July 21,181137. e. S rti.g tol at Iit hrve ! ena ihoe ilr r e tiet (on Or.' t canse, stie tte poor laqtnev of tie I Joulrnlel, na 11ite iosnuht rt'i:our, ore sOtci.ll p enrLd wrrt. Ileis, lir i,1 :etsruooerthmlill l to.ttltts ile Ic late re mInrka h c thit e o 00 e i.c'r r se'It c elt II tlielt : ter e Sftilil tihe adrcge, "iire of O feuiher fln:k together.e" tIornot paotag tin: litter, 5ir.r I' tie, 0 a ~. 'I~nll pa·ily 11~:I~lt~l, r. f'rontier,, alias. t tkrt t Olt tite" rail,' of t',' SOtit of Cao tellurt ,last I ti]nl cet r'e, th. trtot doell t nOttLl it digtdliod tre : : s nat. It tue,tre ie might iettt' itoit so eleosted, ato,! I rt(lnmen dtwith tiar, antd t',. plwrrte of ancthtr"tce n his own delg-hit;," whr ii t ,rt y morael trritd i lereviongou his Iorl; ns wr fiCd by eoient rcr 5 tt so ie were burlnt re, mr rt ' ityrt t t atr.r w, h+ilst som e w ere I.H i ý'sd i)n Ile e ll ll )rI.( *.+ orelPY l ea hbe kight ofh t ail. Toi l sir , tnt e hey oni it ier,' ralher tloel tihet LIrhei of the ht:;hti r. it lt ottr t ontl tykniohr tic ct mtrt onl elo , tri ah e, ts rom Itt, prohii braius to join i b'th ,. 'e K :i rf " thina e, inu i .nli rti , L or'l, t it sti therect IL'her' , th r d '0 ;i.rtt it,,r 'o N ,:I tiln l' - -- ." !Y n, ci il, ', t ,, 1 !`: : , :" .I '' t. , , cr It 'ti r- tch tt r'..rr .tr c'. -. ,t "t (". 1:inbol'e, 1"r. wt!'C,! , ýo :. , , ov.: ' , ; .t rr.t'orrt, , terr... - l ta t.itte, .ite t',, r , t ', a1,r ,:,. '1·,1·1 '," ·· N . I . . . , t t 1it ýt tIi.r. . ~ t. ' r~ I lrrt.t. i tor i ' Irt c ". r-s ," t ... ,' it t+ ' I vet to it . ,- r i' t .. t .ir r .1 3 irti w l :n I. h, . tri ,..t. ' c r. .e nrr r ,ttc. ,c .ror .r l:tte . , i r ot"Gl ': ' I : r"' on+ El . i r'' rir ,. r i i ! rl .ie e `A'I~ tx ..ý, 1 ý,.":.,:, I b " re m d ý+:."it wh Ir , ,,,ati tre t I,,re,,. i .li ri srr she oso n r ee:+ s ,it', th~ gh +f i o ,t t rt ,II dh ob r e, 'tll ' rii llll ,v ir v egbly Wer elli ;] t A'I '+ :. ' lip:-r ! i ... c] Itf'lL,"Cllt, I € ' I ~i.f ete a tltr !+,Sn. r' riay, ,,I Jtclo ISd uer Ig. J c, if . . ~ ,ft' a ,it tt crn!o " ll"a il l stor al .-i andn:rt.he dl utny".- I- ltwi u !"(l llo ' ll t.' i Ic z l Ippctit 1 ~t' il1IIR .,. . .twIlers.a. t hri u .lt t .10 n il es M n 1ap'" "ruineg F,-: n ;+-,t , ur th e,;, i h `f tis r' am~e , Yh x tIP ds, lll , Itro ,l l'i/ kll ellgII the , cl l' l er u: dile,' w .rk ] , ,l,. r t.L ]rl l'd in l Mll :i ieTlaol l+Wnllg~, L nfll. tln · ??lv fJ ly, en ra7s 'w even any in, vrk. e \\giti. L, iofi~c ytl city. the cwllisn~tyr gont lena hhll~es ,i {entt , course ,wear it, though tvot in'tended by tl.e, Jeffer'son ?louse, Sat:trdsy, +22,1 Jll y, 1837. JEFFERSON' JRiUse, LOInSVILLE July 1 1, I 817. duily 13, 1I37. To the Editor of the City (azette: Slit-l-Hviue lisltne'dl tto tli cdiloatia ofilly p ,t tioiltsrea i' 1 sIved, ifllv bheoait iII tlo. ro mnii in thia city till thle eln of J'lly. 1. To try to do thel more rooed. 2. To setlmiealr tle iualiltnot that the rile opt thode oho, lledicnl oliHoeh SJ, &e u ato p plned to :e., beloon to theo, as tit ir lawful right. 3. "'It r aI lt ready to rdeposite too hun rell o irs, i l,'otto ift the U. S. Ltnk, in the lhansoi f Ilis lllnet the 31tver of Illit' oi, agailist aleuiilur s011 ict be do posited by all tihe tr at anl i ght I) loctori S. & CoI that I nrelore toi sbi- ht nore aged, I to dlte-loeg, .nou i: pwer Iais ak t'h Arlldle, who wele totall i.r ptrtiay bind, than thity de; oed thaot ulet 0myltaiatt cu0e u0 rreulter tullllbu .f short, iele ir il nitighte -trot oluritE iny cilhlrt visit, thatl they do. Yi't rtesutl lily jo.iitis lltiniator tocallin ti ir tirri l th e etni deserrrdly ctelrbrted ireioeotrsa t Dloit etio " o l tit ntedi.ol collegCe, a well is all tle daiIottel nd quace doetern o be loueud in privnte iopotiee, twho iore lnot If:w 'in tIle dtitta ofKeat o:ky; Ohli, lndiiaa anidtYr I i 'i elliestrr; whoere thrn t'e, inllded asleou twoi bItls Faltnouri doctors, whoso eIlo iesiie t to beh;ltd dewll a low ad possible to luteet osterity. "I. It la.ti be clearly tinertooi tthat all ite cores if soy, oil buth s. Illlt e, l ot he pri.o1 Sialt hitvc been p'eforne, ite huiit tLe aid hatlly surgidl u, ertiul. ; lhatoer. 5. Tl'hOse - Iot really mor t tho epitheis they ave ct lualh a,!i, to n', -htll forfeit the $210 fur t • h, tlit f al toiee iis a thiio it'y, Wiid lhe ottier 'ar ly ,hall take Iari hin own n$tb, whoetver h er the', imay be. If reh, tihe mighty tndied hnumbiggor .it shtd ptro on oe of otue reeselal cendidates, 1 wii1 fulfil too old proverb, and give the "old geutprlm ott I" li. i. At ml iovetl I would aditse tile last ta.tiel G1.o liall S. Iii it etlier thai letter to slaltd illna , as it gone for 'silntit'ton " as well ts 'l*sapientl," Ietl ye`tctredp tnla:o.tol, Ia t I advie hintl to aod to ititts leVilitltt compantio'zs, A S placrdl hetitrr it, in alphnbetict~l ord '. thue the otl:eprietit iiltallitet of tie city Iould Ui ways know tlh wtliter b tile aelatoy of hia vice, JuOIII.h ILLItaI, Urculiet. I wus weak to reed lht at otto itIalsetLoOd signed ,, which ldesrve nothing biut ItIy aileit coa iltd I khnooit laotevrollttgof thI great i'ttportancoucl A S ..Il should )ave treatetd the last of the three 1omlo lhat diflhiarttly: hut lot thatpaio. I teill. Ihuevtcr coiipliilcit hiti naiter if t.e Joirnal, fir f is u -ioa, ily to eoitlay lthe lrntr knight (:tit ot athe garterr o'of tie thi.t;le, butt) of'thr needie awlni tkitnbl , , ioll oee ltiat It mlaiy kill two hir,13 with one .-tomr,' ii . e Ith tlttth holiea tat ii ttVe iell his I lll tilril or pIOlit.lI e rlll lo tt unld, it' I imy jtull'efitoul thlelxcellent atirr,tlelth Ad vertiser, IDr. d.ii ,.' easter is, politicall v, ia c.-o, s ,,, nlied of hir W\rhell anv cireullaDnneu.llr eear: whether domesticnl!? to ..litiea ll , R liec r tilir t iti. hbl tlart l lwhe .. . lie ",,Wl teOns oroil tils re Hllulioull o" lhose will, d not Ill.n sei to please himii, ie ng taike hilt (wlhieh utsI t bt'l il.rralt i, nithtinig mnier than if it tewas"iitoundiit bruh or a tinllinn; cyvlldl;' ye; t, wView it thin-dl)r. Bell tlooks well;but wniti a3 .. 1).iA. S. . after it, appear,: auaniLent'.[! JOHN W!LLI.\ V , Iltelit. Jvly.*I.*i [,1\VA,'\ ;.\ 33EETt EA'I'tT---l etlte Iithl tIretic r1 by it Ii IttD' th & llt(!, jr. ca. Common and 31andyta;l,.· n ·. r-. ' tt he, neies ntLd ll t strt If r ti' leo' 3I u 111'I In , eIrr. .1 11, t ro e .goa 3 fr a;o:l" ' .p Cpo1i • ! lllkp ,\ tl€ t " ow ' 8'; re do d lt i t t, rr 'e I .v _ . i "i tt 11 I' i..V S",. t'L, i j .1 N,, I- . (;rn, u ilr of tIul t lla l: frmm L o ··"2,!, f,r -ale b.t II \ l: o )IXEy [ nlil 1i '6 1"); I ''n llo, ' _ ýrr I. 1 IMILIES' COMIPOUNM ) MIX''IIAClT O" T03OMA TO. A SUtSTITUTtI Flt CALOMEL. Irg;:lt docuine ipnmultlitel with so much asuragaee I by many emliri'e of the presett day, that one n - diie will cure tall diseaset , Is Ior, anld lnever can be true; and he who asserts it, is either a foiol or an ir 0I0r0t". Bot it it n lrt t- manntJabli. by experience, that combinatious of medieile may be fuoed iromn ille VYOLt.TAULo KINGODOM, lthat will aot so univernallay or the si stem, wheo tnken seasonably, and injudieious pro Ipltilon .au to cure, ill line c:sei tt of tel, aill diseaase withinl theli, relah and power of medlicine. Sromln tae wrll knlownl anld established reputation of Calontc!, it has long been elmployed by tile empiric, anil scientliec pltysietil, as one of the nlmost powerful agents lon the removal of disease. By the former, al most errtv. Ilaid hts been ideluged with lnostrums, that tlpir authors claimed at pCroifies is every diseatee nt:i denr to the hum:llt laamily. 'ITle folly of theer pretec ns nluleeds no comment, or acEurate chiemical nvesti gation liash inown, that the base of most of the Panteeas, Catholionts, kte. whieh have been trumnletted before the eommuntl, with ,o miuh assurtrae, is Calowel, or mercry, in slnle lotoin. Now, if this Jotent articlee even in tilehands of the most skilful phlleylat, liiquent il eearts oan itlculier oil the lIuImante SYp ta llnforeseen, ainl entirely heoml the LOltrol foart'i; uicndermining th, eonsaitotion, antd hringing on prelnmtutre old age, disease and death, wlht result htnould be rexr eted when ll r seribed by lhe ignonrnt? Could their moany thousand victims speak, a vote fioom the tomb would soon dispel Ihe speofl' delusion that now sways the minds of the living. IlHumane Phly'iiatn deplore the sail evils resulting from ?he trelcurial iractior, and will gladlyv hil the ih t triluotiiou ol'fii natiole that enan alfly bte oubstilted'for enloniel. 'Tlhe feel, lltl that keefly, the uncertninty at' ilts primnavnpriita r tiotboyeonuot Say ub heter it will bie .hvottblo i iidaOiatlubl. T'b.ya also .oel, and fotL, that it its use is cuatilue:l for .ny onsiderable time, in jmrious secondary conns-quences muat follow. But they must choose the least of two evils: they lkntw no other artiole that will arons a to/id liver, remove obotlot liar, and set iab free naon ttde wltole glaldullar systen, nod it being icdispen~sthly noeestary to do lair, ther bluinlits urs, n otwithlattling thle evil eouacq.eanoes whiot follow. 'T'hey havt" long desired rod sought an articld that would produce the good effets of this drug. witholut suljrctlt:g the pntient to its derleterios result. Suchl. a hlilderatum, it i belolrilved, tos at lengtll been ohtailne' in thea lticle Iow ,presented to the public. The'oriuprielnrt of thli hrtioth keeping in view the loot, t awisre lland bettrioleot Jlitnffr hata plaoel with in the reach of lil, reimdies adapted to the dineses in idetll to the climate they inhahnlo and knowing, like wise, that o f the iof t liuoses of the Sulllh and Wemt :,rle I:lrril IiUpilo ")'gloli or fItuitlioo il tle iigrltlll t sit tile liver.a lirected their oltlttation to those rtcielces wlhic tet imoire eslocill on the bilintry orgains. Alter long, lablrious, and expensive retararh, they iave ill extractling a sibilanre froOln th T'O PIATlO, fi, lil, rtnfiii pcUliari tfret o0 the IIPpa lic or blial orglansi they have idellmllilnatod lerpatine. it iu+a ii;dibi.e that aoill pro, one all the beneficial mlorlts of' C+dulll~u, ill both atulre mlnd chronic dleasert w ithout the puslibilitI of Itpoducig the leerlousdetcon ariltulceson.olnlto to that triicle. Its actinl upoll the cosltilutiol is universal, no part of too l stro escalling its itllteine. It is. howerer, iuon, t!e olgisa uof ascretion aindl rtreltion, that its - it power lal putiuilaerly manifioited : hence it is le oll tirly thllapted to t.;e tre:.tolet of b'ilios fevoers mll other iseirales in hichll a torpidity oirutngelltiot f tflie literl nod iorlal circle iprevail. leell the stoacllh I ul bowltels. It removes bstlrue tion, al tellciites ii qllC lln illtth notiton of the liver andi othir gladltulor aicera of the labdooniii. Beintg dif f"ii;e i its apratOiiun, it llinttlier la 'ree ciren latioln Iby I gentle perspirationll. It does not exolaust like drns tirc purge' ; t wilril, its cothn innaioi r unl sil't: and may -iro Ie reIti:atidg, not [i rely with sIntLy but w it grcia bIutfiti. 'htlit b.elmesll ilndispensably ce.e"ssary in ut.. - i, , Ius d i bytl II r nonl -[ i oedii ellt' , t dii r Ii o gol,; but tenl to injure the stiu"wn if the onmstitu ion. It is cliansiti ami puriiinig ti tha e sytern, sets in .1i it bliun will to known lawr i life, snl is e nU( ilr o onf thIe ist ialuoable, aititles etcrotier. it;. "i'wb l,:hat, Lilts arn cuth:rtic, altrativ,°t thoret tc :aý bti:l,,.:i,". "lht y iluh ,illall onlic, attm iit:: .Ui Ir. l Mi .N i Ei i,1i i C(,m _ I ] i i el'IargeiK e' tet portc u tio ni ,tio i JiiciI t j nr I-ikcll, th, isL c i c 1 hcs ci iiiedll cd t i1o, . oi".'.h t i,- t'- l l, ci .ii II .hi s Cml, cc . aelu Isia r cllihii sli jisiuisi I, i u l, d tie sei.olii . 't. haut m '' h: .t i tle. e . L, t., týlue l r (I . ;, ~ e, ll.e. ', li t ,' hý." i ollr t' lilt' I], h. filth? lill , l Iti i s,1 I I. "1Iq I.i; i t li l " ' Sel:.hlc el I e bheInI ll.e al. ietiilu. ;i' teeCli th ui y t i (lie.itil± Uti'i I ol uiat i rtel. hIIi It Ii a r ui dy whi-II ltie i glul 5 chll u t s siiy ihoule d i ullllcll e i..ia - ol Ild ia ii csio liudOLscd tisl.llsi g ill tichirii li c l cill oif osthge ri prolth~ i to . pe,,a thi, e t w may be ere d iku 1 ii ecio"cdtoo . e ies our istroug o lo vic tio thatus a lomlIic as to his I blu t., colupc lutsh titch stfe ltii::I, it eulý I I ii uicfilir ae lc witiot I uh lit-S iiuiOs i.s lftil l (s ets uloil the l ls - isiurL, :ieater or lus is, i lac ordl f t o thie iu litis takshil -illl li e fi eqtlrl.ty of its u d. , wlla thle o lotit.uti tutill' lth iet. A isi ciub ticute tphses in thetreforl , froui t is .er .tellldee ihok injl a o ld s i Im sl Ihi i m i tllil'h t he y. hie 'iol iito. I d. fsliles, el tlls city radiic llisartlocialt wihill e much labor nc .i expnlel, it,is. ie uil. st:md, ile acuccded ia obtanig such lle .xtracl t fliom this tugeia htie a, it ils hped, i rill he i ha nd:m c lo ctual s ubet litmte. lWe lllate tilaken some pai .I. i elure samos medical mi and others wihol have used ti s medicine,, ac s to its eii.Iet c, l u cso lfecl well ratiited thai t it wiill prove a miec l ia t val le remedliy in ilious eolal i u ts s o Iba l' as wte have been ahble o to laini, it haes prduce the deshied etlfel't, o gnl rlatih Iti prIoduceal a ult h ) l tuil ofuthe li vr,c Ilrucur1 e bdls us dishargese when needed, ai d it some ciiit ncees brcikl.'y fe t ers', wio J lec more certainty and III c is l ttc l I. a e lfln cIls . el: For sickrli I ls o iiousi haduiches, it has benli aui d l , .d 'rened'. Thoei who ale used it s~c that it i es ltlt iprodec tlhe dilci. tetioI ell'e tt of last i other kinds of irall-lithe medicines that ther'e is Ln increased ILdanger tir n iola. er its use, and where large doseso|' cIl.lmel would be nerded this ollperates without daier oflc the dictlyessi ad iinrihus effects of ucaluolldel th produeiig stltratio. Ais h .te hato hgscs ti.c hoe ile Om ns t h.U - h.Ii.laioc, Cilly ll.ted by flll tiha. li, hiave every a itl ub f'1 eiic e ledir cii a calli le obtained only of hSt Ga. tuesh Agenii td eirhertailc g egeed;r acli a strtm sigleed ,v "A. MleUsidirCo.s' I. ll C." l cotirllt inellled by I-ielc rlc i Solisc Jlh ll Ago lnlsor AI. l Gitc, pid c aiii , ig tle icompaiy ctde l o. AI i CulrT f d City of lws I OI. t Sltone, Gcenrae .sg yihs for LouCi ian sic JudlAle lio 11ts, ih s . i 55o Os•I.cii c eUs saIo aui, vs. i crcitr.-Ucicn redisccg agi filisni s pliscion it B rllke:. Paul llartia, c lr Old hi evet on lnoaiiAN street.. corll on austrya. the 7tic daP o Julc coCc, of i .I' ,.1Iuull ....... I'clTueh u uihe sirtoul .t ad t1, 1a )'e Jii iiaro t . Coi c coruer inclil . to ulaa and Glu t lim r Wi ld ialior.llg, t augilill his per. on i ilshommr c i tacst )ry, e I leciUSIu 'iel i'axd. ccisse ciik i''cusd, coiner l'ydhi adc alid Ca, imp hoa. cl . or.vnl a h. 4 lUdi hc idico soi ow b. s nAll ntet ers, p ost aidg will be nc l to. o (ureau cidie scsier ouvsi lle Os, nci 11' c i, . j l 1 e it i L - \Chr .'' J'' li--" - l)l -.-"-- AI'b1 i r Sll.i f. I .r alie a. ed City uf luew e Orlessi . Pre.nt thei1os u. Cso ales ui cjge, til.jian li3ie. Julo. ItIllh.-Jsqc Pcti- r s1 .--Jact.e Lo -er ol. li, rediorse .-Uo in irogllllciug ail iihl Itic petiaion iand litlh.i c hic is in-, i It is o e hree rby a he Cocr lc it Ire i c iiitic is h l faI c s'ouetus d Io l i ca c i n coulrt l s.iaturda, tha 7th day of Jule , hi$S pciqWoo he should not diciilccarl ed s ccordc otalowis; ands cn ths onteonti lo all c rc.cis lec is coltrs c is peroui ac o sic pa prply i rio si c)'aIc Clerk' OicT, ew O lensy ine i, 1838.i jel :: AIt|,\. IIT) _ Clark.5 I'.t'I'.I DE:. j + l.O ilit IA h,.--fw lur de Par-l' e ur r Ia pn ll 'lrisse it lo vii'e d lie t I ln ouvelle O r en h.-, tcc' i'htu. liare auian.jge 11 j in, i\'S.-- o. (Ii,91.--hcques Poieir cnter crba-cd ri-(ldsr tetur i a eccrsgiS.lteel'p de n pel hiron t il to .,,'alf puiit dech r'h con&ornxemeut A h i l-i, - t ell nttvtndant ltPntrs ioulr. teal cciltra c at p hi cisau oiui, e proprieties sniit rrait k ps. i " o ,a i |hureau te gre Tier, !,.Ivellu elellan"., I].ln, 118. jecl Is2w ARis 111ce bic ITO'I, sGrfit '. jeln 13J \ c- t · 'le' . Y ' .t llL i :'S : U P E R I )II II A x1 8 t - -:. ow lan i gl.d _L j!iN lIt,'c .sll .y IPAINTS OILS, GLASS, BRUSIIES, &c.---.t k llodin. frml ship Constitutintl, and for Pale-tz: 16.000 fift ofelasn , host quality, froant UXIO t o2X28; 30 kegs whiel lead, pure; 3501 do green paiit, in 2 li r. keets; 24 doz )apaecd tins fersignn,0itO0 Ihr lithrage; 211 don splendid 00000 groaond bruslh,,, also of 0n01) and 0110 do; 2 cuses crome gre.e in powder- ,uperior article do do In cans; a large aaortment of sath tools of every sire and qualivty; able pencila for artists; Eat working. brushos Fromerch'n.; artist's colors in oil ready pre. pare:l,ia hoxea,tited :p withl all necessary bLrusaea; artist's teools, &c. Flake unad. rsanity wiliter 60 packs go loaf; white and yellow wao;gmai ariic.; and a large tld cholice as sortmcrnt oflptaints, dry colors. oil, turpeantine, varnish, &:., for sale, wholesala and retail, atthie lowest price, by e MONDELLI, s28 58Catpn at. Yut' R E :L't'tt-.*., XEPW aDITIOY OF TIIE CIVIL CODE OF . IT has boen for sone tim made- kneown to the pubelc that the anberri hera are enagaed in pretaring tor the press a new edition of tle 'Loonisiaoa Civwl Coder. They rwore. rom tile first, owarat rt the great dimiculty and respoonsiilitv attendig thle pulhlication uf the work, and it wooa'not without great hesitltion that tlhery aon seated to the undertaking. But the present edition, nmountit¢ to ,bout threr- thousand copies, and which had coust the State morn than thirty' thlouand dollars, was entirely out of print. For morea than two years panst, the usoual price of then work has been from ihinrv to fifty dollars. It is a systemn of written rule. wnirhno immendiately operates upon every individual of the state, interacted etthrr in g-iaultalut or acunmereo and which governs tttediapollttim of so much property camion to it fron other stlars, that-tniike alios a'ilt, othortreatinse upon law-it io nil ch the tat-book atal mtanual of tie .merchant and theplaatcr, as it s eof tlte private gentlo lian andt tlhe protiosioal advocate. : rhe lawyers oft neadjoiaiig staten and in fact ofal those states .ilotn tra Ohio alid .lisrirsippi rivers which find a mart hor their proiince in I.ouisiana, have a froe qesnt nacesity of-reference to tlecodenaid make it n indisptiniable raquisiti to their librariet; aid in tihe cit oft' New Orleans thie hook i as care to .lt founmd in le merchantn a counting room, as uan lie desk tf tlhe itdge, or tie table of ther attorney. It is not surprising Ihercfore ithat the firsnt edition of lhe work was no qiick ly disposed or; ~d nlthough a merei reprint of it would ia amue measuro sUn.Od i the publice necessity, yet it would hbe imperlet ail'tunsaiisl actory uileos annotaead with ref p'eee to tilo Reports aid Statutcr, in order to em' numerous r luoendmento whlich have bhen made by the Lialatnure, antl tihe ispnraot ldelsions aod eonstrctitios which hare Iten given upon many its artiles by the Supreme Court. l'hie publishers have secured, fior the general slper. ittendetiee and editorial dopartuet atof thle work, the professional servicese of WhereIock S Upton, Esq. it aevhedrof tile Ncw Orleans are. lea. Jtdre Ilullard, Jud.e iermudes etlnd lion (;Grorge Eostia, tone each kindly assisteld Ilir Upton with tle valnoble notes which thaot have collected in the eorare oil' their studies aid praetilce ad to iIr N I Jennmin s,tie port neor or' tlr Upptort who is also pltraged in the work, Ceo Strawbrilge, Esq, Ilha irererted tile great mass lof rtfL relear,.oaosiied in his offlce. ccpv of the code, end wihich nave been madei by hinl duri;ng the w ho,-n prc"od ot his disinoished irotescioial labors. TI s pjbiliio ors may therifre wrell treor that the unnaotilin of tile work 'iil hle nil thrtt iinduitrv nd lbuur, assistedl by learning and experii:nc, cani pIrhfo':nt. ' In putting forih this prliipeitia adoil solieitiig co e tal sihbscribers to the work, tn lll. illihcinq take irile ini tile fact ihat the LeIgislrature of Lrniirn:i hoe atii;'irioed tile (;overmir to order one thiuiand coples of it fir'lhe future ire of the Mtate. tIhe r,.adnii s ith i hi b tills Iuiliter wOn tnku,- byl tle Ase neblh,, evinced ilcir Itt Salae ofthbe taloa urthw winrl;reond ihey thIerehi; cxted. ed that ollldfeiit'o in the ability of lie pihiibul, S an editors whil ii is liii ,.d is nitr ''lidl i',ii dcerved. Thei wlri will Ih, prinited ill h'reliilh nid English, upou ondii paper and with clagr tpie; nor will any eI p'ise or care le sloired ti Iike tile wetirlo ilt:hanlicai execuntion if it eurrei,'ui with itits great irpcoacce' it wi ilbl li li.t.'ie readvfiir hllvei'rv in IIe nmotnh If ieptenilie e t. id ti e i ri,- t ill .li, t1o suii i rl- r. t fifte- lallar-i-flive dllnris to be pail at cite time o" sub scribitg. The cuaaecri.'hion luits once coed, the store p-lee will ho tiio do n u i' lar " i Ip o op oi " " JUiliNe & CO. 'Publisiher,. i n il [L.ouisiana at .l:.v York .io t Iof acketl.] r lo(19 ll, l.hi ps. r p th lie 0 thi. I.. .r. a i i 'li., ianr .he lt ) I.ts lni., Catili0 l t f'all.uer, atlt lot on Ilo 4nh eitt l' ot utel| lty nl h tel l llh e I lio i I : tlto t I ) .ll. e oi rtl llt , Captai l all " llll , to leavei l n I ll h ll I l r h la-tnt Illeleunt tlo. Alnplt hotll vu ntI o1hipl .el$ntnbeiu (op till Pahir, tt i alen ben ah i S'hil e l 0b p eubt ill lar e ae,, ill u nr i of IleU first inhs, Ippm d and woopwr lastellned, sd I pwod lt, o'00 toll" l telul, a e of light dn auht of toh r, in Bluiltu the iw l ier be oel nor l t he r e in. T ipofi inp se is ialed a one li .l rel g. ollar. hir c li.ed upoll i e t o ut iimproved b n I nu i in t I plu nd ianlehd In a a r at it l ele ialnt 1l, le. Ample sitore: (if tio fir-t quality will v provide d, a nod toery roegard Ihd hse. ooleas retla n h bill th. Inali t he elsthnl tll e fToro t lhld r antin t hottie of tIhle a'etlllg or wee n. r r 'I hero pboeoln art etoan ltded hy Captahn wel' ,:- - prtir i the ti l wra, i epply tr s A CO eN o -nd exero tlnt.d irelv to a tbetlntutdnlc. ihae y wlt',' t t fastleltd, an dhs been coltlerest , lu l itu s li tet l i, The owneel s f l healt; lid awill en sloop responible aElV CI'rT, PES.AC4:ttLA. 'y let orl, par1 lte p l 'rieor, seil b y tor put ru I e rd i thel an ctn t rl idi ar rovginutsh will l ine tfln inr it the lantinghd tl tlho huo h i agentort r u W .r. Fn r ilrtir rti ull lis pl tlly d l Iu ne. rl nov wll reedth u a liro u.ib l 9gantCmltottlltn aIt, i Al. foun d fity ali c l k` lhm a re tOa m lh i of Julnee a lar.e ln'.enh, ( gite btuie coInper altilled analad ls benaoli p lat e s i nshn ttd eat otiee, land e.lhndl t el ; haet and ltnib etlo sloop <t geon , e qllwthtstnU b rtbtue w . a Tbrs a ibu n and liquors a ill bther iru beirn tr a rlir, and to rina ti l ltl. ller i re ich tt o Iaelrt lhruau buseaurdred, P aoiga s ifloreto N l . d uch, wil l ta lltit s ll lhallatl clle at No n ll U tldr ()IP slubmriher having purchnsed the tesn and fuir Uldrandf this well known rstabt inhr t fenrol A r ' lhurl t, Toh lte prorietlor, will b readylt tio rl t ie lir tiar lanthl , t, y i r .hliunet, t ol pr t . Ninrtlt a nit dvel wt'ul u n T l T lio tn llaiotesfly, i ll d in the arranemetls of 1hu nsiau Il oCils..e e ai elrors e ati tmadioa hot iag ttnt a will iit ba huit and liolle .lht will Ie, tted c l tall hou rai ue. stablt u tirnea t llr bo es uel t.crria su ; t'in n t rte hlort'se t ld ebnrioa l will o ble kept [ hi ra b aMy ote o Teialtpcol ; lan' aobd ule ow ioats si,ottt a peroa to lai agt e the lIar t t, t use of va t t ildlrta es lls l a s oe itr ide talls Tsueill asteualit watl rng plce, a": ill l be frnihed, tild .snlltond utl ; nltirot tos tl fr i l.e t he lb llb lokclUlrt coul t te i e ordlres . i i nd iquor b ill t of IhL best ilgeiliy, and io ensurt till u 1pply of i'ese ttPinFeY 15h 1R818.I10'1 & , i T rll lrl e r l are hit: iil . .d w ill ...... at ort l~, 1a 7'Poe,. v. bu the Inonl, of 11, i. ( hlirtt, Mt'elmit Enq Int e Frederit k a IFolrn b rd who firmrly kept oti pobiutr a htel trtllt 'Vsi ,o ta el i tnbll n titn lFin tuhid l for -nOW d to naea, a. e t. ciut ii.teri edn tit Irea ilrte lans titt Pent icohl n i the Inrann l" c o it ltatl( am s ttof th ato r (in' tie gentural rendl.l alt of ta e ttth'td uad rbn; te abeaulrit , of its elirtit rea In lled t oh .- s lflrh ,I ting thle eutill ern n ul roiby fl et olert t.,ls flue tO the. bone$ aatlheri I llrkett in,Il l 'e.. enlu lh pra: hcalhy aiwl dcllrbfiil um plerretre. Flirst ric ae ha(., w'il rat Latwe.a Pcialiolo and M|l. N B A.RNOLD. P'ens cie , Feb. 15 ,193 , . 1:. I io .lulaoelw wili., ne t ·rr ill era, t li fii thelr f tbll -ie biuru ad dre, a h pt patt ettlea. ate ee cola, or 'ir I ll T1 T cylortllur iormar l , Ior, :te .¢w Or. T Rotnford, Plitt, .MvC Co l, tI MeAlpi. , lit q., Ith SKi hTby, hi , ll o biv; , 1'T l r Pl P kua, tE , i.l ,u. a "-. letter hag, tto reIeee enmtnunie tions Iyrt, peraol atlt .ia ,hove h .rac isal il placJ at GCil o Vhhnlnl's oiltce 51 Sit Charles 'xlch ing e. t t vio |'eucoihll o ti , tLi, t :o rthtt ei ia orme d tha t firstt itt rt IN It AnNOLD. Theln stembolat Champiun I.aveo t lobltt for l 'uelI.y Cola twice ia we+lk t 'I3 b y aUII.\R,--#i hhd;, a ptlh liariul,, tale bfy Is. IlU. , i'. nF1 G T:..\T BRI A'.IN, FRNIACE d.n Iltl.r.tllll. c Ul+n'tple anl onif, lr ll edlililall rvlr rlulolir llrd in Ikie 1liilrd ttrlld W, vol, I:. ,lldat iUI'ereyd endl Gr eant hay DR W. EVANS' CAtIOUYlI.EL. 'ILLS. 1'I , hinilly valdbl nmedicine *uay Ie had .ihole sale and retail. at N.ew burk pric'., of I:EES & D'LANG(E, l8 Camp street. It is coulidentlv recolnmended for the fnllowing dis eates: Dsprpei .a in all its finu; Ilioua . ond liver af llicrlons, in every otaog, ld drpgrel; rletale :ickhnu:es, more particularly tile nausea iadeuat to. mothers; tlIor albus, fever and aguo, incipient enreunuptionn or te clines, whether offle liveror lungs, haslaclle or iddi hess, loss of oppettie, nervous tremors, iurbri'ti.,n or delirium tremeus, aPsPodcdi affection ofull ki da: rheU mnaism, whether chronic or inlflammator)y nervous or bilious tfve,, or every variety; cerofula, salt rhennlu and all blhtchen, bad humors,and impure ompnllexiott oftheskin; reatlessuessat night, end daily irritability and melanuho'r ; the summer complaint, antd choleria moraus or diarrhoea in grown; wnrme and loatu ianey, with bad breath; chlorNuei aond palpitatiun.of the heart and head; changes of feemal consltotiuon; and for impairel and tdiiorgauized coaetautions, in reither sex; wlhich have not been perntanentlv relieved by tno other medicines A inele trial of Dr Evars' modicies uin any of there eases, will produce auch efreels an will in dicate tlhrir ineomptrable superioritY, srd indace sauchl a use of them as will insure a spe{. m and uqnleotiuua Lie cure. Directions Ifor use aceonlraoyiuf tfce'. Nuterou.eoertifilute el'eurr will to iOhtwn, er frone the lengtl of the catlgrue it is in.l eible oto give tlhei Eublicity throulgh te mtdium ora uewspalper. On Dr vaua' aataloueol ternar upwards rol.2,r0O! eases, and in this city we call refer to mtano .gerao a' )o have been telieved;nand in some entirelyv ured of long standing dionases, by Dr Evans' Canon8 ilre ills. apo0 In STATE OF LOUISIANA-oie irst Jaicial. Court. , TlliE STATE OP LOUISIANA, To all whom Stheole Presents srlll conic. Greetilng:-Wheo.ea, James Buarloa Diggos lr'irrg purrllesod at a oale made bi the l aeriiof tre a mrisah oa Otleanas the property"hcer. infler dresribed, has appliald to the elel.a of thlis uurt in whose ofnec tile deed of sole wa.t Ircordel. u on tijiati iay ofA oril, A. 1). 1838, for at oiitiou r lr 'adtrliu. merit in hollcbrultv to ll t.n if tltr (xgislatrrc.of athe Stote of I.luisiuxrt intltrld "In cet Ibp asrtU ranEe of tites ton In loult.inrs jodielll tilfhCt aIIpproved the I tlr, day of 3haich, 183 . NOW, therefore, know ye, and all [,rnnmc irt:resrl I hr, reit are herehy cited ard adtmouishc l it lthe dtome of the uState o Lruisi:au, and of the First Jdiicial Disarilr Couni ho can st't uppriyv ightn title or claim in adil t. tile prorty Ihi; eiltmer described, iu eo r Jiltele atC Int ilrt.rnllily in the order, decree orjudgmerot of hlrecourt unlder whiio thle sle was merie., . ojh irregularity ort illegality it' rtie spiraianrerrts arnd advel'ticcments, il rtotiaue, ller of tile, (rt hrl alny other dtnlet whatur eeroo; t) It.ow trusee, withlt tlirty daylr fron ti. dna this motionl t i n fin ituurted in the poiuli p:~nperi, w"i the sale so man e sltould be eonfintred nud hollotrloutret. The mid Iprot rti was sorld by tle Sherif'r.f the m.;h In afotuesail on tlhe .tnh day it Mareh. A. D la3i , hby it- . rue of .'eses rt of this court, relotrert. ot the till e thI n i Januoary Ah D. 1tl8, in a tuit nlltlrle Joames ald ee n Digg ;. Reft, (reel;r. o 15,191 tof the drloktt of tiir ourt, tanti ihch sale ssid J ne rr rne DiLgg Iure inle I.t'p.s roert .a the plic of twrenty-five tonoosai dol esrilltionu of prolerty as gjt, in the Jtdiiai uOll- i a A.crt:l rI ecie of prLourty or .;il-.l ol'l.r d tti ther : ului thtl ,rttiloitgcorr le irtph..r and ttsr .Irl'rot ght, ril, peranlnhg, siuincrd in fiuellrlldtlrub Ir, tirn, i ot th o i i city nM In:s tearol in Et lisle Ima:su rte, threi e hu drrt apdl lti .ty-six fttitRd tutut-et lthrs ul'a inhi troant e t llh It publi, ard lono \ew t, lhl re huncl nd dn irty- I' v rluet sixr inar i gsltd f~ltr-tilthrlhi of an inth tloth tt Cdleste a. Ltwo Itrnret l ianill erty-e tiret iue)nehres .d two-eight- s of oan.r inch it, aie ".o.ting ort Old revt or strtet, antil it stikes thl h,.tiuiiv .iro aef r.urent r il lenudlorl IroprrtTty, at thie cotmtr ol ttllt Levee slid Noants street there g t tight angle, aud extending erighty-tn.e fir oid tlhl.t, iolckrs dcr.loto. .plt e-rh llotlerv li a a ,t' Oid toill:tdu,,'r ~rlrlerry ptllolarrlo Cmlrareo streeto hes thereng t tl a gi :tlc nilleLtane II o.fItrth ti-t thre fet el c rh' ibhEs l1od te I thr ,, e tsl'l Ap ich 0 tohe boudm't v lit.. of LErtin l..l's, plr'le lip Olif Lrerc lra:,..thlrere Imrutnti:, riQhta gle, ud I ettnlio ftratt- tr trot ,et en e rircc r and ft.e eighths of as irch ol l tile trou;da:.r liint, o.f I.l hdo |nsro{,rt, lpiadh'l to Cdea.c str,*t; there f irutinff another, tlt In :Irngle, an ?:"l ullir g r nelr lhuu h.l, .d a itrnd r i-cn -I rrllrin iLct tt-ti l tithl ot]t'l f olu cilttl thof t.n ilch t 00 ; yma line ol'.oitl rlrue's tir,,pt'rtt paI lh, l to the ptblllc ra I aod Nt w IxtIr,. st-.'t., or( serrrtnrt sii litrt FiUr ii, hlr . mad Ilurot.riuhhlt; tfnnltth fltltt to t Nu's.tIt relrr :occ,, tla t rtn tl:tlhy J. PiliB, Ctnty Sttvno or, nlulol Yld J:A t varlv l',t PettiriLed tU it ait Jpn.nL before LriaIt T' Cuu./i'NO 'y P|ltbil, uuti itth Jinylll:lary, I831. I 9 ri thre Iin.l A. I. liltl t,lh p iito.l to f h It. oi,&i.i P. LE lI.ANt, llel Clerk. o S.1\TI ONDI ) tINtlE F'AUULfb Ol 11i1) tIN I. r'jllONLR'O Cnnpolr l E~xtirit offCp:iba nid Sal " r'illa --A certuin, sahl, ol;f mst -elit,.,l renl.. h '.ever dlinem. "re for the enre of (ionrrlnTI·a. (GleC(t., Sotriture-, i \Vhe, Pains in the Itl k itdindin, ictenial wraknoco, .rclciuoti o' tie kidies, graiel, sclbutici eruptionslLI. Ill th intrdull rtioll nl ;I illslie rine poslrl ill the ilsel'tli it nltive veirtl'lle of h olin lnlo ll: , dll-lln r lollhe .blic, trle prpiiolti r h tl l bi it ri'le ti o the uiit ll.lnt' r'ee l mendalinl, received i'rnam the mrost emine,.i{. oif the Int, oel fl.cll' it li, Imoie, heliciig et it will t eduhl Ilpt i ceialed lhenia i ntritisae ttr tlle felh" ktnown. lTh Btl out :1 C1,oibR, ci ettecoivtIl ifli,.I;hio hl misol h If ito edtlit ronli the dislike lhitlh (ii8tit ll - orneriv ex treoe d r leglteiiig it li~tltng ilentlle toaste, tilslottui-i .. produced in te bow uelsrC '.iil 'i t on , gnit i1. IlrtIIII CI inlefflicient i iwhn usel d ill the iiflanamsil,,oly .v ige, l'hw ptopriertr lhts mli, an aalysus of tihe Ilhlsetn, 'ouceis tig tliit the loni aclivcqualeitoul tht iIertby I litli oru irenatlniiitiltetd aildi lllo.t tllfullh admi;oto ltre- thillt in tirie ittir i iate. Thll bon e mlii ill einiiionminiir.ii gi-elitontl illilr il l tee lit hillltii t rtct-h ub oiltlO: l lhe ost sirlui ife oii h Itauetltl iiilit -p -ltsticuli. iEht drug ill the rompUsitionof this~llri- tioni iiceles the eloRery of the l.trr, ploducing an optratil IntllIy utl Ititing, nltd ultitursiuig the numit lniguite elxpelatltiolt potlllselill tigt tle alre ltilte the aovalltou of ill hihg I ailmilistllld with peerflet nceont in Ihe diillilelt stg.ts of the aibve Ilisea.'. l'he iiiot t millntit itlinioiaiiu illll. surgeons f ilthe preeittI day express hliir lided il .i pro latiotl ini in lit l if tPapsi liriltl i lt lhilt its ne ith e prinrilicipl iitli aglt il llli pulic ailnlie inltituiolln hsi be II, aid till coililtllte, cr'y ctllro si't. ItI -wt - a fa oillat Itrtlely witli thie eehrlrhtlcl il Ahirnel-y in ll venetrial Lfectioili, an11 ill ilbsttituii cIrtictLil Ir ions oridstintl itilim i dliorerll otit, r lll eit.i.grtiilwions Ilavilig beel llbmitttd ito tIIt,;, ci otd txprieilct- of Iht ttost celelltl mui llitigIlilh , tli ev ,havtl elt.t - r , thetir atlilhctinin of iots exuriintihlolr l-ffiincv in evrlo caoo under their Ohiate, lI)y ado.llting it botl in tltif jiublic nlull trivate oltriethe. 'lI'heirl o rh vations will be ime-eil hrtiftlert. Plsilllrol by II Thlorln, Clmins, Lolllolii. Price I pot. TESTI.ONI.SI .S From A It Slmoln, ou 1, , C Stge·plio t ie St T'hlmitn Illtspitil, anld u'e- onit AniTu The trial which I hive ~male ofl s ourn' reia llitionli in a I varioty oseit t ihottl laletantiite, tii, in i4 oresuii s I pliovl .o lilhhly i lun llc, I as L idltll bi itl ill fIIoIll ex.ClPi'enc', I cai piltce vel.v reliles; , wlhilst it l<i'ns niot liodcelc the :.iitte tunplosa.ltt elfctos uiially ex. i 7 <f e ¢c e d ir, um co p u sih; . Frinm G II !lyI)w.Rd, )L It C S, PI) siciaot to tihe St N.lsi'yln-ltititol Iitltoiociil. It ikilg mt in adolitlc tenl stionltllt i ti e vahiable propenrties ol'youlr pre liraticiai, wishinlg'ou tihe suoer s iiou ito fully iI leitrvt , ii n inilpll rI- C 'd n it r tll ie 8 l' c lotii l inltcii d ii brit l n iiiii ill , C; h ii Ca ii i YerYt WO Cooper, F It S, Nirgttll t l (hu)'s Itlci 1tiiUl The IItiifiinii s-luletIn nhli'h ihas altelllnletlle itlllnin tn-tugli p'li' Ilttmtiltc~iuL.i~loottol. ll% it~iitltttilhli tl ttlrcd lt tltht II1ittctl~in.ioctlcult itltiii) listtitli iio nit githIlgiv ytol e knlW o hle trttyiltti lall l t. the you SO weill do.ei we, :tin ly and speedilh r'ila ) ol l'or y-ourI suiuable p|rul~ttlloln.h froml Sir A Cooller, I 1t SP II C , &c. kre. |L~dillL·I(CI hI'll ~ICCII cu IIY Iry lP~l I.]xI-III ill U.l_'l'lJI tioti.ioftiolectl toclllltlue, whlitl haib olilhlrltto buttllll evelry prulesrilpioll adlilnislerl y mie, l,,vlolr bu sure' ind sped i curesl alllit t'ed hv It, h, al ftw durs- li cel illm ll in I lid iy houI l tiltrI i It t oi it t li ow i n Ill ii c , ticelu urb Ilublic and pritle rcounlnclld c uil ue nooiuus lothr. Itttm GC W Blir,.1 D, Plysicialt to (;ugy'.i-. Pital. The sltrict test wlioh I tlare gittel 'our mieleinics aImioiI lia' iatili, s.IL it insrlible teun .e . . hb s f.r wIll iliue o elt Iltiorevre in it ister, ull I d Itrenlt itI lutan act i'justoiice:it of tltttt to aidt! ly l.fei-e tieti-t ouettiol iniriiinut eiuot of ietutvirtuee Froom LC Telnpuoi, .1I) 11,1). I rtturn yoltu ny sinccre thalks tl e valuibte plen lent of ol'lr Ext~rst forl the lcull i iotrllirnlihi; k. i ifIe grite e lf tIn t )uou iioe i tlil It roht t mlicimoti inln use. wliclh will prove'r adtltdriantumi slig roiighl bor il the llllli dll ll'--a ·ulre, dy all-. alld r entlll illln d i,. P'\lbli1ih-i t".lb ol orl s toI n lluebls ltulitirs of o our \Vere it oneceo, the ptrojtu r t or. hri Ietntiiih i:lnJy m noiur te!limoi rqtu-lli cluttyntlslatol.ou the oaIbe; hut it r~tiitt hit gtroSrul utceshlreLrltlno--ti e care & t,-o1Ine t irhic.h it hI tllenpilelpaurd, till llroeilt grr:erltr room.ullltnlulioln aiollm. a hi-cniir g lublir. Ulr rauotitlmttlhlhlll this littpitljiron ijltts athlle atll lthel ist iti ttet, potllte tlrel-lut ul to in ilota--the nl.lle in lhich it Inma h tai.llkl,I hiug ltlhI roy cl- Il lIlet oot-iltait8tly ntlltlre, with no rerittiitm ill I1U', or u. oinll.tnft o f tro - blotialn. Tlrcilern eyoprillly iouid tlind tllii mcincic liiily utfittl, tnd ouht littVrr to bt uinprlotviled with iilrerltig n Ip lbinttg; the til. vataiges wthich thi prretll one ollmil.r Aotlltpuciog the \lelicino il llllphllt elpulll:-. toot ofthe itit-feltllt 'tlgr oflll tle Itlses, witholt iltt it .. I':.Lh , contLai,.k fll ahd untp, dilntioln. lit-r tlle Ity ItllKulI"I to Ot. mr I [4A tit is. rin I.'aodl ldtretuIs r , tBhohlo, Iandlo+ ialn o ur ii SI'I.:rlON S AVERIY, i;i Gtlouiu-,otru I. T tH t i. 1D)il A SL 'AGn I A rd DAY.CO - THRGUGH IIU FIAf AND A HhhAL DATE.l From Mobile (Albnnnlt) to Auguotst (sow0 T AAVEKSMonbiieeety other da., itmme..iately afel L ritle aotriil of from New Oriuans, per th, stetamboat I.MLNg,,.. n Itlik3th. untmeten to PsGm -e" stambnoaots (per Penn. .lC e Itl, fit oa sou nd and Chou tIlmahie Rit cr and Htny) to Cedl.r Mldtt-, coaches thelrt via Marianna, Claottlahsohee, (foratrty Mohntrat.Ve non,) Hainbrldge, PIhtdertont ilawkitnsileg and L+p-al ville, to Augusta. A l.tsstgelritakit; tia set at M bile is in no danger of being thrri n out or loeIng hid pr"erene by Mther conflieting ilnemeu , a.he FLOe H 1)A I.NE is but ont concern, atld under one ,oetro thopghount, and say rely WITtH CEIRTAINTY alpe. hli arrtivalt Angmsra in time p eeifeed, Ihrungh all weatie er atd at ary seasos, unless some lmot ulnforelsee estalt trophe should occur. The (;Gral New tOrlet. Mai is carr.ed.t.y tthianote. The Agents tje at'etttmottl tony, Telm., (:oaehes aud Drivers are tot suliat 'at tie seotllern ctllsntr.l The smooth, hard, natural roais, the t e, and inter eating water avirjetion, the lin, atitt tonteCUtndlatliau, atar, (ih ttlrtaeer see+-, .e t.61 : , trmfort, nold ai |leas ilg varietyi eotemtted as it weer:, iti the Itail Road Cl:utlestolt, S.C. .ill the dtem a,,cketl to N ew Y.rk travel, , met omth New Yonrtk t)rtttw Orteont Lxt ltEtR f II oDa1Is-Wl.Vashinett cilt ill 14. YitS Otlttthooetae, Florado, we lmve a .llrpe Litn eia Qoimv and Tolltlsteae, tIo St ;lrklr,;4 ht' ou entt.ihno a;to .tva. e)t sean trost Ifawkitnsyllle one to Milledgeville ml (, .at h on tto eo, two ,thps coamdches. ' 8"(iC 1 I.O. \ ! o: Aot tlprTA, tth Jan. 18.t, C Ie " )f.ui.l at Mansin Hiouse M.obileJ DUistancv N..w Orel' s lta Io ..11t*4t, l..t r lnhile to Attg , 641 AIngt'sta Ie CltltL't .o, 156 Clltartle tot New acrk, S.i- 1.11 Time, Nutw Oriot I, Mlobile, 58 hlunr * ttMoilue to Augusto, 1 i ,2 rln Arta toeto.larhmo , i,, S o;oarlestton to New.Yo rkb .0,- 55 Mttking I ties per t a, or r nto t i.or, ladm. sive t ot ll toppags. e. . . tov Lt N, B..1 beg lenee to lioRrm tIe rtllie thtt tho brid-evnvr thte Cuotabotrheswmp rnl l ltretd iLb9, oees l.teJlta been entlete.hrl, tihe gto llertl goern-. ment, (tiou. n1Vy o ,Prcler tingW,,tl, ,. tis sult atn leetly.outte 'ee tbaJot.ittliiy tott..... tanti I hevtth ,'it,'urr nt';,%, °t "m f lis tYnoel er ..... L. . eoe... s..,or. o s, ds l .ee aotntd oth Sualofttllh strsl rtle; t ansi ull t ti eater rote.fimm lettol.t to ColIr lltul; it is admit. led bI s wlto hae taoed totuogh it tt be tlttr seJ it, tnelties. beetsy tnl stfety. the bH Ie trthroulh I Georgia h.oveetlan ben reli.tJ" J .t C iKI.{; rope cadi the Attt ie , fm "lOtIt:PIe KNEO'P.lE, &. Cu,--hnpe n rt oflih - " tenors, an extensir,·v llurdolre c.mpriso g ever-, a--n i " h-i. t hielt 400') It, O to l t t t . .' i t; I tell coole o "e'ottntrv Mborh ltanb od urlerh oh ,tnihil ton eil andt anatlter ltheir ootck whohll ore'Fi* in prl of table, hulterte, puettot, totddler'ottt ll ttot'p ktabres, platled anti rn lea spccI n o , net.leds, |ll -, be~ok+ ald'eve. .. velid spa1dest tongo, .eIt*rel, tintders nnliron.;. Brit. taniOndotljpened, Itr etm , obcktn nttd pa. tero looking ao t tst. on"ilo, tires, remw Plooten, It-d, sledgce and nail hat',bmre, ..itbh bellows, A z • ieuan ( lnglteh lister, cast, alt.i tt ernnlet a.nn crn rley e teel pi ugh moulds tene s on etol lae o"htio, tagtdittg I.tUio. ran nd CtleubbLog toes S itttoe,, pick xes, orn .n greoss ceytthoe, Cenlli.Itte nl tg )io I cl.opplined rxet, wotrht, hlorse and rut nnils, c clheal woe 'oordle, coffee Itltd torn tiltsplHlles ah .i ' - ole, rutee, lo.cs, sod, iront, bhueto n a Il fitoittese Slt, plowdr noo id loiur ,loti, per po\llera, ttlolb, orlt, b lrlnd bIl .eltl knob chesl, Iruuk sdiodl~l t ack., britle Jatm-1 Surn .g n t':,o dt it : To S. 11ricl Judhicih'.,. r ']ErTAT Dll LA LUU|IIIANE. '.. .. •llllls Etlrneoe lligg nr |r Sl~tlvll ' t'eI a l,;lloirs dje I ~l sl: .... + . d.*.eit . a're a Ndrch .:ar l " t .i l eI , t+ " +'. i ..... . 14t I.E, Pou lt U gi llll I0. Y ""e Wil It pu,.[ 8 ,0) t ,' u hwr C d le I n 1 IOuuiatol. , 110·,,., . . . .. i,, uomirlnar lus ti tres r<stes R , u~t~ 11Jt,"', - 1• t'..I'.it,, ,poi o+ Nplprlnu!t,. le lit .\I,, 8.. . 1P.t'tl 0t . .".(01 •' a' " ooti.n'r. i tio, t0s ,.. . , l r aj, ,.. i uulli r d. :Iul" ,t a a npr I"o"-• lptt, tlr 5 Jlo.i."r c· t 0u .%l:o ,.00 t$tl c. " ,:" ,." ', ,,, rlet~tr di-ao .Ll I'or I'Ir .. Jr . ¢:l8(,' . to .ru; "11,, 1, " i0 :: 0(0:" .he)l o,1 i1 ',¢l (I ft " I' t , '"Y'.7~ ~ ~ ~L!'a~ l ... " ...... I,"'....... " . c......... 'v+ le· Il(Otlr d IN YII1, 01 oil pony (. lill.C (080,8 lll.t.ic "1,riue d," i lot't, ,1 i 2lr o , 1 l ,, , d e n Im d ltlah!ilto, I nlenlll tllte..t3 ,+ t l Iut. r 1k: 1. st+ rr '.. ,' J 6 bf l re)'tld't lllll deCT it tl ~ll(; i ltl~l,,fi mdi.B (II. |·l1:i· dC uI1C Ii(2ll· i u+i'.~E t2++llUg G.lnt~mllmt D defIo Iooussoa 'I'1 I (~~o. ~ llrl v l; J llt.n.i S I tt ot 3 d h "+ I .Jl: .i ',. ' "'n, a ll ·U lill a l. Iliil u I c m , tie , \ u.1 t l t 111o i,-t1 l ll+IIl l t.II 5o l l' , plm tIsl hie l 'nut I+ ll do ur1r l .i r 2i t 0Ill011 ill III n 1ti , Ur •c Ilio d L " ° (- I *lll rt e rs t l l t tan fer l n t l t, l," d -mal11". Id,',I"t'II'. 'uI-..tI",',1 I no,, , , ,1 ,,, h dol e.t 2la pu u I '•r e ' l tm ,tu III 'hI il 'tll 'I . rIItl i t' e it qtllul mll8t lllutllrr ' aren In rul'Ot° (,C. rl., ,It. t., cin. edl snt dnl ,I+ t ll{ l 1 ..1.... f I.. ..l. ... t l I I r cltlll ...ti.. o'+-- ico 'sr ' .', " ,.', ill ., LOca"I·et' de i ',,, 2 3d |.ll Ir· .I *i~:t )e sel I II. irel 11:l. |+ I·( tlnlel .e i, u,, t 1 ,,oll ,,, l''2 , eto p. e ', .'" d I,,,ie u .,i, . It ' .x e.t W1 ll p. ..... r 'i tt, . t ' ' l .,,'e,, 111,8; C I III· 8.I1SC I •UF 'i" "d it 5 h u, e , pa r. Il lt Iit. |L ' t + ,d0 I'n.D. . ll'l, l.t1' :llyl 1 oloh lft !"eudAnu t d. t.. . tx : , ,:_ ,,,,+. I1 (,,;,,, 'lInnis to 't J dittd ote. 'I0r' Inrst' p; e rr lle la ruti t e "'H (sioe que1. tltllllla t 1 Jo11 . 0~n~~rli u ! 5,ImCellr JF .\II np velte4.i. SlIo t y pFiol 'lr+ l a- ( le. + r 1 tt . i :ht..r ii l m e l l u I. l m i le d0' )ltued Cenltp oli toolr r l " It,, l, d,,e to-ht. r tir .'tt t ',tts Ie t S'ltocl :,m, IIed s 8 1 1. . l .i . iIc , In I 1,,,,,ot, , s :1 5r , itoa +e .ll 1 ,li L` r,)e I: "elllt tlr Il duut d0' r, of %P.l gt s. pitct I It i 4 t - ll:t •d . ltenu tir 10' 100 II (' tl dr-. del 1:o i plllt I i't~drub fli 11oi r .e I . e, p I o U rI)ll ' In r m . d, " la (!D p~t .m,!in d ettleav~, l+t'rq l la +et e (j i nmj, d tuit: telyI~~c c walle sedsrr pie,:8 gl!Inle Iprla o( t 111ld 11:7 11(ic~irst rc In true .1110 \(0801,.. re ulliB Cben la t' Ilto te C pxt' J. ilir o0'11 15t 1 d.0' 0t00,1n Ilerd rcr~~~~~~'ncoon(t Itslnin:P r lmoieie e't. tr A nriql I t" t e lteI tl on do i"t loi n on' . Lur rt, tilsl' e ' ell f'nr tu ] -ut dI. M la ria l dIotl Ort, toe 1" 'F .l ,"'ln.o. I. c 'tt.. . ti do lwoqlin , hi.toon ,j .... te l ,et -Ioi, .oo,, dJo. d d'ltu . ioek ie l. $bcti'O l,tcc.1 ,€uIe 'dle' Ija OIdtii d0t' rm ,, 'ldI. ,,tnie Isooh 1113 loo l'~ tt do W tod Vitokr o t"Tlll '. di1 l'ihinii .lltto.O, I, rend t qu n ht0eur .,;,r te. p eeuraxd cri rnl.0C lrnrl~i, ýA qt^"1el° Iu Will iv la k v evnt sllelr aF..mriptii .. d ( la 'r tlt'rid4 ' oe to troatfer Ju(ioi • " ..i p rn N ,r 1 "a0 17 t , y to t r: i io tt c e ,lo', . ',00 tdtist ...t i' . . c.,., , o.te ,oidoe I'ante ad klut rd, d sgitr( In r e j 'llr 9 d'ap "1001 u d{" .. :; lIoc t per tu Zioli'., epult Vosver tinut n0 c ,;c l)ecmdr t IX3I4, t'r bo c ' do 3¾ nt',aio puo lie, et~ioom e pl on u I: le di l, I.rt j,' i o tlinll0 e Il quiort . , te.0',,n -uv " no'r, t 0 .',1 . . 1Ilft'" , 'pr 0'Y ro111 . tl ur " u 0'" 1, (11( " pm ,m ..: pl ,. e ' ti-i n W l os lo., , nVi I, ll i1u'8 linde i te ct 10 c, to 1 ' 1it t de tluop r n.ou en 0u tidun Gr " all cn S u,01 vertu Iugne ]it (tort a(rte ti, t0' no do tout ..._+:iP..5 h r o, , "t < ,',,, lolr d ., ,. I,...i. o'L 1 bn 'e ,"t( hIN p .u : 'i Int euruns ta . i+ I , no levi 7 |'++( I t ,\ IJt N ill o e ."tt J'%: " o(rtis.+"t ' ..' ' I .`'irlri nur A'' . i.I,dl.i j'aimiei J + . +.ile Lt etd (/plo ll, \r,, 15.55 do 'lc e "e 1"re(o r 0j Iq e (luta VnlI-flit t('i ailSQake" itel rent, aqulu p ~tT~AIIUQti..iToro , T. 01r fhtpr o.dlnrijtitoaigr 4 'lier* l i 51 o ,lLI Lr 0 1 , I ._I ,JiP'rnll nA t Plli~l` e In'; I~r1 ae " al, , ilt r s rJ '%1 I P a la d ) l rld $go a e l d 'a r flu ,(pe C F lultlDe ut V se ,(0'~ca_ " i fire IS34, '"I dr3oNb e I'etu to , 18808. et uaurli 0-- n 1 -4bnd-r ; muh, n (("4ropn ll a 0 ee t'" 4toe 9~5,6,7,3 ae L7' 9. (tut au du Gr '

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