Newspaper of True American, July 28, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 28, 1838 Page 2
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I I MERC1AL t . til Megullttona. 4 : Qieat fE rl e n .lainliu cloned o`vry day at 10 1 8et A Al-Is due every day at 12, M. "' pr ac s Mail in closed every day at halfrpast 10 A M i-a due with the great Eastera Mad, I S- tde Ly ke .lbil (via Covingtn. La.) in elaosed S e Molndy, Wednneay ael Friday, at l6n'cluehk, A M-. deoeevry Tuedda, Thursday and Satur. I ayt l R.M. y7! Lofsit or River ).ail is cloed every Monnay.. VWen acdy and Saturday, at 8 P M-Is e" aod tLtuied by steamboats.-Aritrcs irregu. I ljthree e1tinea week. . ay.oou ,ara o'Coast ..anil is closed every I and Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent and re. a byt . teambpat Brilliant. , .Jxar or Red Riverr .fail in sent irregu. ielyl by eittoahats, twice a-week. i.oniseille or River Mlail. Iondayi " Wede nday, and Closes at 8 o'clock, P M. -ktit-dsay, Coast 1aih: eliflewlsayn Clone at 8 o'clock, PM -Orleans Chamber ul'f Comamerce. o anc as ea esr aRn 1838. 8. J: Paterais, Fresident, A. Quertiar, lIt Vice President, W. L. Hodge, ld do. SIOMMITTEE OF APPEALS, FOR 1838. James Dick, Thomas Barrett, John A Merle. II C Cammack, Jate Leverioh, Abilah Fink, SGEO. W. WIITE, See'y. Intse ga lnes. lheten.JLy ........... 2 Wnaihilalon. July ...... Now York, July...........20 Cincinneal. July .....d... I lAdelph to.......... . ouisvie, Jul ........19 BidluiaseS July ............ l St. loaui., July ........ 16 Nasstua do ..... ... ai Liverpool, June ........16 S nMassive efos) July .... :t' Paris Jute ............ f Nieno. Juy .....O........ o I hPonda1. June ........ 15 . H illsto July ............ t8 avrO Jl ............. 7 I XPORT'' S PEIEPOOL..Per ship Normadie..eargo: 1867 bales 1 ctton, S..hs beaelsa. LO'hIDON-Per barqse Nlmrodo.cargei o ahd taobono. IMPOtNRS. 1. LONDOI¶.Per ship St Jamer-e.rgim 600 hhd tobacoe, 33 tees Itowoed.406i7 heri. lBRALTAR--rer brd Veo.. cargol: 60 hhds tobacco, 2 0(O siavee. - NEW YORK-Per brig .Lhamlpio..ecrgo: 2429 pigi le., 11I4 hhdi tnloa-n-, IYl balae cottol, L biallf bone snuff. 1O8 bhte loner.. r P r brig Aliie..sargo: al7 tons piE iroan l c1 loss ceder; 354 bald ccton. . e t hnie ctbles. i T PIERItEI..Pr ,chr Anlfl ..n.gui 22. bhds tobacco, 1t701II asven. MOBILE..Per sloop tplendid..erargo 15v bl's flour. 4 ,.ilks acon, I do niionsal ILW akls ots, 10O do corn, St casks claret. RECEIPTS PRODUCE. CINCINNATI--Persteamer C.o-r--argo: It hhds tIbacco 'Ceralee 3 doi N & J Dck a oo; 7 do J hLeund 640i hbl lorr t Maher 107 do do C Weaver; t6 pieces logging, 69 reltorope P Sbalnonol Brother. S.Prsahme r lonsparte..3l bais flour. 8 hhds tobacco J -Alnbeth & 'I'bompague calinls J Clsrk;tB hbid Cour Moore & C lrl; do whiskt) Loyet It Aeelna4 sundries to onuera a PASENGERS. Per steamer tnteppa, from Panecagoul--Thos V Brown., A G Concra., and -4 dck. Per ianmer Czar, frC m Cincinnsti..ll.ear. Lake, iied, J Worthey,J Deowey. Dickinson S NMEMORANDA. Nor Yorkb Oth July, chl ship Arkansas, Dennis. for N. O. Liverpool, Jula. J11th, arr Mary, Morton, hence; :lth, Cbas eery. Bimt. 14th. , Powhattan, OcErran; Iouisrillec. Pal moni 5th. lqacxirer, Atkbisoa; Ilr; ulae, ilearkn; Niagare Grotby; iGrampus. Seaward. " MARKETS. LIVEIIPUOI., .tvr. 1G, 1I38. OterCoitcol Market bha been dill, arid tlhe low and middling uenlilies have tenice, declined ld I-to -4d per lh 'I lhe better qunlitica are also saleable and rather lower, rexcept reanlly line cotton which beine relnatielyetariee o oinians h as vhile. Tie dullneos and lderesseion hero herae ld an iunfavorable influence oi buslhoit at e anlochestecer, andl the whole ic-ettrilnted mailev It tl e recent ra coulllnln a .om tilce United St ,tes, shao-lor that the sipply froln the Into crop waill be lerger i.han had lcefore Leon generally calculated. It lhad pill a sinie to piirclies oil sp.eulutli II, anod ia, dealer and enutner, havicng ir nome time pct I taken a oheral suipplv. are cocr llviu" very mncdrately. 'Tihe ales for thle wcrek endlinci Cli init. cere 39,3:11I hiles. aid this weeo k lieoc conmcint to 1,1 11 hales--r thie letter 4,840 are li llond ct 5 5.R8 tcS 1.5l--,.3l!l Oru eua nt 5 1-cL in 87-4 with R 1Ules at 9 Io i I-i; l2,i'0 AlaIbamll Iand Ui ' cCt 65.811 ti 7 .2; Oiilc5 oh-an at d, mu l5110 tonIrlad, da at IS bI3 per lc. NF-\V"'YCIRiS, 2111 July. Thiere wn. gli'e a revival ,Ii liisineiss cc the jion rI ,I ~1 ,,kers vrFisird it,. l olln s.hl l h th raln a.. ,}uiiher pricies. We nllc,- :in ccvrii ir o I-4 a I Lpe -r c-ill, 4ill h ib, t . , e I i , .ll - I S ntc, . olik; Nrtli lciver 3 4: Flji--cc I-'2: D)lw:w. c-c lL-- : rKcnl.n:lyl Kant I ; Pillrso Prllilo R, cd 1.2 u 2; tiarleni I I-!, and Long los!a.c 3-.l. 'lTATE OF LGI;ISIA A--Firt Judivial I)iutra-t 3Court-Jacptb 1tnasay vs hin Coeditors, \a. 16386i. The cersinn of the rlitioo li'o orooperly, haviing toee acceptedl It h:. ('eurt, ir the bntlit :of Ilis ('redoto rs. it is ordered toht a ineotiug of soid Croditors lake plare a't te ofric ao' Wm Y ILt.wi, -qt., notnry plblic, on Meonday, tilo 311t instnot, at 111 o'clt k, A l, F.or tiho puripos ot deliboraotingo on th llnttiloof s:id podi tiooor; and in the naut thone alil itoliclal proo'eediogs aganist his person ando proerty airt sntord. " Hv order ol tie honorabl Cha:o;rles Minor;, Judge of the Parilt (Cort of Now Orleans, acting as Judge of this Court in the absence of tin IOnntitole A M Buchanan. Tll l:O. I J.IS, jyl9 It llepnty Clerk. .I'A'I' L IA ttl l.IAoE-Ctot dIe Diitrict do premierdiatric juditinire. JTAOB IA'TOSSY contr ses Croancira-N-,o. * 16,'tt6.-l.oacessial des prol rihtbsl do pl'titiona re vannt' btk acdeptL tpalourIn Cur poer h, bhototioe (r e0s e;oancirn; II U ot docroth qu'une naosomlole dostlit etkanciers nara lieu a0 greffo tic W'nl. YV. Lewis, Not. Public, Intmli t e.o) ouranrt, 6 l0 htrort cotot tiotin, afn de dblibBecr str lesafthires dudit ptiitiionirc, rt en at tendantIontest pnursuoites j udliciairss cntre sa personne on sea pr" ribthse cot trrette. Par orsdr de I'Hlo.Clbarles Matrion, Juge de la Cour do.Purodrse,e agissnt 0ro0me juoge do eette cour ed, sol'ohsnaeo do l'ltn. A. l. Blthnnaon, 18jtil--3t ''HlEO LEWIS, Dp. Grefoier. FFICE NEW.O'IU.E.ANS &.AASIIVILLE RAIL RUADI COMP'ANY-lhl) nfs on Now York at sight, or sixty doas date, for aole, in sLna to suit poor chasers. JAMES H CALIDWELL, jy6t President. qT LET until lat November xt: .he elegant l )Iwellinr Hoonse, No 117 i t Jooelh s.lal t. Apply at No. 7.1 i'drans street. jyl9 H1 A RKIlEl 1. I1 1 lantlig.froot brig Uncle J1Lt JOSa osm, bor s.olo ov jyl9 b & J 'P WIIITNEY SLAVERY. PtiRLISIIED Tills DAY. And fPr rale at tho ('nalting tlonm of theo 't'rue .1 nerl can, Exchange Hotel, St. ( harle slnrret, SLAVERY: A Prrm n dellvere.l in the ilrt ('oogrr.gatioosl ('Io in New Orleans, April ,1518:18. It) Rev. '1 bedi Clolpp. I'rioc 5 ents. jolt I GaI8SON'S GUIDE AND DIIE-CTbOR F OR the State onl Imisinna, and Cities of New Or le:m.n and Lafayoete; for sale bv WVt MIKEAN. tmo.. ear Camp and Cmdnlo n eta. lOST. A Trearet, i favor nt' tieo. T. I)1unbar. Civil Ego giontr, forthe aottm of Five IotndrtJtlltlorse. The find or wil contoer avltor hy lenvinlo onthe . loae withl I. t deie, Esq.. ur ut tte oAce o f ti l Ionao American. jy 6 LA$it,nor bl.sdc't.el,--just received by • B BRRUVIEIt & CO, jy26 17 emp sttelt. SEAlt LAR)-Lasding from at tor r'eiooneean; or nsale by I)ORSEY, apg5 . 44 New Levee. I ONDON POI'ER--lo oaska ts t London dnuble Brown Stout, lor sale by HOLMES & .MILLS, m15 Bank Alley. . OUi HM-375- Pittsburgh Blue Ploughs,is ate .3 am It- s tt n n eodating t eon e'. S LOCKE t CO. ap 17 iJ Old I Prea stret-. IMATTINOG-2- O balea Spanilh Mattig. fr sale by M READ & BARS'I'OW, m 6i7 Gravier street. NEW BOKS. SAmerican omncrat. or hints on the social and 014bil mlationa f thke United Stltes. Bv J. Feni • mown eCloopr. The Two Flirts; or, Adventures in a Country Houte; sar itekr tole.o, by Ltdy Bleaington, E . L Buiver, Mes Wtetss, Betay Cornwall, tMr Gore, Captain Medwin, nzdetheo , in l volt. The River and the Dseret, by MSlie Pardo, author of the City tof Ithe Sultan. The Ceaket of Gnms, the Gift of na Uncle and Aunt witlh fine ond tngravings bh Anderaon. Just received and fr oale by WM MeKEAN. je1 cotr amp and :ommullon sen. IXCCHAN0i7 U.' KENTUC Kvt 'eritL snousof ID eposit'of the Bank of Kentuekv tat tLouiiville; for saleby LAWRENCE & IK.EGENIItE, el6 28 and 29 New Levee. LILOUR--It ht, landin. g from steamboat Erm r ipoes, fr aole by 1 II)ORSEY, r jl(t. 41 New Levee. HS. Y--i7 bbls r-ilftd \hiskeo, 0or sale / fby I bOMES & MILLo. SBank alley. Yin sr case and Indian bbls,,eanttledts debenture, tonal. y REAL) & BAEO4TOW, 67 Grvier street. tl S .', Inndino' fron brig S.wuen .Ion. tor 5015 by - " t 1 DB LA Municipalite' No. 2. Conclusion de la seance du Mardi 22 q Mai 1838. Instructions susela maniere dont le pa- d vage en briques des banquettes devra etre fait: Le pavage devra etre fait avec des bri qnes du Inc disposees en arr~tes de hareng, placdes sur one couche de sable du lac on a d'autre sable aussi convenable avec lequel t lea interstices devront aussi etre remplis. P Avantlde poser les briques le sol devra etre coupe et nivelle en lui donnant la pente ci apres mentionnee, et il dvera res terdans cet Ctat, pendant au moins, vingt jours, et alors it devra lier et niveller, en donnant une pente d'un demi-pouce par pied. Ledit pave en briques devra pre senter, loraqu'il sera terming, une surface unie; les briques dont ii sera fait devront dtre placnes d'une maniere regulibre sans aucune dlnvation ni creux; et dans Pins pection de cet ouvrage on se servira d'une regle pour s'assurer de sa r.gularitd. Les goutti res qui passeront surles ban quettes devront stre faites avec toute la soliditn possible, ainsi que dans le but de faciliter l'6couloment des eaux des cours. Les briques dont elles seront faites devront 6tre, selon que le cas l'exigera, posies avec du mortier de chaux et de sable, on de la poussicre de briques, ou avce du sa ble du lac soul. Tous les matiriaux pour lesdits ouvra ges devront etre livrds sur le lieu mbme par la municipalit6; le contractant sera te nou responsable pour tout emploi inutile de ces matiriaux. Il sera du devoir de l'entrepreneur, tou tes lea fois qu'il recevra du voyer l'ordre de dimoltr les anciennes banquettes, soit de bois soit de briques, de les laisser l ou de les jeter dans la rue, jusqu'l ce que la municipalit6 denne des ordres pour en dis poser. Lorsque dans les anciennes briques sus dites il s'en troqvera quelques unes de propres, le contractant ne devra les pren dre que sur I'ordre du voyer. Le contractant devra se conformer aux prisentes instructions, ainsi qu'. telles di rections qui pourront etre donnies par le voyer, ct s'il nigligeait de se conformer a la prisente spdcification, et s'il n'exicutait pas l'otivrIge comme ii a hti stipuli plus haut, son conttat deviendra nul et non avenu, et une autre adjudication de son contrat sora faite I ses risques et phril. Le lt de sablesur lequel le pave devra etre pos6 ne devra dans aucun cas etre d'une ipaisseur moindre d'un demi-pouce on de plus do trois-quarts de pouce. Lors eque ledit ouvrage sera complete, il devr tre inspcct6 et s'il esat approuv6 ii seraa mesura i la yarde carrie et pay6 au taux stipule dans l'adjudication. Signi, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Spdcification de la maniSro dont les pierres formant le fusse et l'appui de la ban quette devront etre placds. Les hanquettes existatnt actuellement dans ladite rue devront ctre larges de huit pieds. Elles devront etre doubldes en pierres plates, places confoiirmment it la direction et au niveilement don n6 par le voyer. Chaque pierre plate aura une pente de troais pouces par chaque pied de hauteur du citd de l'alignement des maisons adjacentes. On laissera dans les plierreesplates tdes uvertures partout ow illes sront ndcessaires pour digotiter les terrains par le nmyen des rigoles qui pas serent entre lesdites pierres. Les pierres qni deivent former les foissas an dehors dties lanquettes seront couches it plat our un lit de salle ou de gtravois Iien pil et chassd sons les pierres par le moyen d'une pitce. Illes seront posees stlidement con lotbrmement an irivcelle t ]e long des pierres avec lesquelles ellis doivent for mer un atngle carrtd leur base. Les pierrcs desdits fosses seront soute nues du coid tie la rue par un pavage de trais pieds de largeur, faites avec lea pier res do pavage ordinaires. 11 sera donni auxilites pierres de passage une elevation gradute du cGtd de Ia rue comme it a ddja dtd fait dans les rues ddja pavdes. Lesdi tes pierres seront bien erfoncdes et cou vertes de sable. Le bord dudit pavage, it la partie supd rieure aura sept pouces et demi nudessus du fonds des fosss : ii sera du devoir de l'entrepreneur de se pourvoir, a sea pro pres frais et dtpens, de tous lea bois nd cessaires it I'exdcution des ouvrages cides suf mentionnts, c'est it dire de tous lea ouvriers et journaliers, soit pour travailler bdcher et niveler la terre, pour placer lea pierres plates des c6tds des banquettes ou des fusses, suit pour paver et chasser la terre sous lea pierres, en un mot pour exe cuter completement lesdits ouvrages. La municipalitd fournira et fera trans porter sur les lieux tous les matdriaux, sans exception, ndcessaires poor faire les banquettes, los fossas et le pavage de la rue. Elle fournira aussi des' tombereaux pour enolever la terre. Le contractant sera responsable de tout emploi inutile des matdriaux. ,Le contractant sera contraint de se con former ai telles directions et instructions que lui donnera le voyer; et dans le cas oti ii ndgligerait d'excuter it d'achever so lidement on avec rigularit6 les travaux, cesdits travaux seront rejetis, ou telles par. ties d'entre dux qui se trouvcraient ddfec. tueuseas. Le tout sera mesurd au pied courant et pay, Ba tel prix que fixesa le contrat. Signt JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. tnris6 l 'aacheter de temps k autre pour l'v sage de cette municipalitd, - brmuet tes, ---biches, - pica, - pelles et autres instrumens de travail et d'en faire sln rapport ki chaque seance suivante du conscil. Signi, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. RIdsolu que la somme de $35,787 55 suit et demeure appropride pour lea amilio rations 'a faire at port en face de cettoemu nicipalitt, sous la surveillance du comiti des rues et lieux de dhbarquement. JAMES H. CALDWELL, SAM. J. PETERS, B1. WHITNEY. Rlsolit qu dordnavint tons le btillets et oblige. tious a payer, dolnt e consedl autorisera l'6missisn, excepii sculomnt leas bons portant Ie seoau do la municipalil, siront signlds at dinis par le trisorier, at contresignds par l comptirleur, qui sprbs sa si. gnature njoutera la date de la resolution on de Por. donnance en vertu desquolles loedits billets ou obli gations auront 6.6 6lis, 11 est de plus rdsolu quo touts autorisation jul. qu'a present donna au stairs do signer ot d'dmet. tre des billets ou obligations dont ii ett cideasus fail mention an noma do eetle municipalit6, eat at de. maure annu!id6 et rappelde. Signd, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qua ls maire eat et demeres respecteusse. aent invitl a informer co conseil, a sa prochaine edance, des raisons, 'il n a, pour lesquelles ii n'a pau encore approuvd is r.sulution adoptt leo 8 mai dernior, luipnjgnanti do transmettre an maire de Charleston 000 poor lea victimes do I'inceudie qui a dern!bremenat telati dan es tte ville. Signs, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. isaola quo Is apitaine IIarper, do la police. fora son rapport sea e ollnil, Isa prochaine dasn. ic, sa les fusii predt sau culonel lainsel White, poer Pueaga du 41. rdgiment de Is millea ds ia inl Louisiana, t sa dernibre revue, ent dd6 readui on h, bon ordre et en bon 6tot. Sign, th JOSHUA BALDW1N, Recorder. Rl.olu quae Io oyer eat et dementre utoria et re. quis d'avoir b rdparer imm6dittemsft, de tels ma. nimre et mayens qui lui sembleront lo pl eonvo. nables, Is clocher de Ia maison de garde du 3. district. Signo, A JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ho Rhislu quo In rrnompense offerte par une lution adopt6e le 16 avril dernier, pour l'apprdhon eion at la conviction de personnes commettant des ddgata b hbrd des naovires, bateaux B vapeur et au. trees embarcations. soit etdemeure.fiz6e eciuquante tb piaatres no lieu de deux cents cinquante;ot qu'aucun in officier ou autre poronne employde par eatte mu. nioipalitt n'auront droit de rtclamer Inadite r6com. pens. on ne partie d'icello. Signd, t JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. THE T'RUE A-MERICAN. BlI'FED n tV JOntr tSIBON. FAITIWUL AND.BOLD. NEWV OR'LEAIN" SATURDAY......... JULY 28, 1838 The subject of paving has been already fres quentty discussed, both by the public journals and our municipal councils, yet cannot it be so con- i stantly spoken of, or debated until the best ad I cheapest plan is gienerally adopted. We have I hitherto often adverted to the useof asphaltum for this purpose, and have stated that in Cuba and many of the West India Islands is to be found an almost boundless supply of the article, and we wonder much why some of our enterprising citi zens have not set to wor' to avail, and benefit themselves and neighbors, by its application to our streets, especially as stone pavernent, from a variety of causes is both expensive and inappro priate in our city. This consideration comes more closely home to us now that we find that foreigners are about to advantage themselves by what our own citizens have had both time and opportunity to appropriate to themselves. On this subject we find some remarks in a London letter,.published in the Courier and Enquirer, which are both interest. ing and valuable. A company has lately been formed itn London, called the t*United States Asphaltum f.ompann," for the purpose of supplving the Mastic ot Sessel to the United States. The direefors of the roin. pany are parties of great respertability,' a.d the shares are at a preiit oatfI 3.4 to 2 per celti They assert that the v,', - ,oents in the ar'erage, ol the Anerienn cities c at .t less tIhan 32 6d per foot, whilst tie asphanic vioement can be laid down at Is 41 per f.r, aod thence that great I prolits must result tohe ctompany front contracts which they propose to obtain tr the paving oif the cities in the United States. Undoubtedly this substance is valuable as a substitute for stone, for an experience of five years has proved it to beim. pelvious to heat, cold, or rain, and to be not cheap. er only but ten times more durable as pave ment for thie etrees--roofing, as a snbstiltute fr tiles, states or shingles--c.nement for hydraul;e a works, and tumerous other uses to which it hmo I bran very extnlsively applied in Paris and othter cites in France. the mastic of Sessel is protutr ed fromi tile listri: of Piedmont in Switzerland and is a bitunmnous limestone of rare occurrence in geolog.-the product alparently of subterr. naun nolcinic fire, by which the bitumen has been s driven upwards through a stratum of limestone, into which it enters iai the proportion of about 10 per cent. Soi perfect is the saturation if the lime stone, that no artificial composition of mastic, em. tparable to tile natural ,ibshnnce hnes 'et ben itaccomplished bli the numerous chiym sis who lave lately Ieln attentImpling its supI rcession I,IbII in Englandoud France. The irinilt peple il Eng it d anld Scoiland t re re attentively searching .or a nlatural mastic in the various coal lilds hlre,and a prlbaihlv a similar aliention to Ihe seject many be worthy of nolice hb the paries connected with the biluminlus clal lield, of Petinsiv I ia asiii the Western States.--Should nI naturnl nmasric be discovered in A leliiia, the coilil y laiely flrl. 1 ed here will probably tie profitable onel; for they have secured tile exclusive right ol supplyingllt the mastic Sessel toI every paitt l tile United States, be which they will tld the s state tsoaeurvico." HIealolt.-LDetriit with at populalion of ten them. sand had but a ingle death in thie va.ek endl. the 7th. Heavy bets were offl red, anll taken, in F:INtland,/ that the " Royal William" would mahke the shortest trip to New York over yet accaonplishid. We learn that hlt was certalily to start on the 51t July, aon I ns wl have advie, s Itnt New YI'ork tI. the 20th, wh ch give no account of her, there is a very considerable probabiility that these bets are I already lost, for the Sirius and tile Great Westrrti n have already made the trip in 14 days. Thte steamer Sir Lionel Snlith managed to reach Lon don in the unprecedented short steam space of 3. days! 5 Imprisonment for debt has been abolished in England! There is now indeed something more than Ioastas to prove this the age of refortm. (.--Lord Durham has given a "crps" valued at S100 sovereigns to be run for at the Montreal races r in August. A grand military display is also to take place at Niagara Falls at which tile Earl and Coauntees ofDurham, Sir George and Lady Arthur, and the full and brilliant staffs belonging to both commanders will be present, and help to make this perhaps the greatest military parade ever seen on this continent. These acts of tile new Gover. a nor General, being directed towards quieting the a minds of the Canadians by giving them sports c which will not only he gratifying to thesn but by drawing a vast numnher of visitors from all quar ters of this vast union cause s's large a sum of money to be spent within the province, will great. ly benefit them in a pecuniary point of view, all show that he is pursuling the most politic course in tranquillzing thos e he found harrassed, and cul tivstint a good feeling with his neighbors. His general amnesty has had a vast effect and done more to reconciling tile people to the British sway than the hanging and burning principle ever could t effect. / The gold taken Itrnt all the mines in the Unit ed States for the last ten years is said to amount to thirty millions of dollars. Chief Baron Joiy of the Irish Bench who recent. ly died in Dabhni was once engaged, togethler t hitl Counsellor llope, in s nit tried before Lord Nothury. The senior counsel beina ahbse.t for . few minutes, his junior apologized for the hrie delay.which being somewhat protracted, the face tiousJudge exclaimed, "Hope told a flattering tale that Joy would soon return." t A model onhe saall new stoa s boa , propelled by a screw instead of paddles, has been brought over Iraom England by Mr. Strickland of Phdadel pluia. This same gentlemant is the principal en gineer in this country for the "Asphaltum Paving Company." C'6'este is playing in LiverponI with increased effect. Tile Duke of Nemours is the bearerof a diamond bouquer, valued at a million of france, as a present Irom Louis Phiiltppu to Victoria. Has the citizen king been studying the subtle wisdomn of throwing a sprat to catch a herring? The Em peror of Russia has imposed a tax on Tobacco j which will yield eighty millions of rubles to bo used in forming railroads, and encouraging steam boats. Thle British fleet composed of 9 sails, hav ing on board 3500 men appeared off Napleson the 29th of May. The German ratlway from Vienna to Wagram is finished, and the demand for par. sage requires 3 or 4 days' notice to secure. Mr. liume has demanded an investigation into the affairs of the Bank of England,and that institu. lion has earnestly requested that iJ be made forth with. British securities are advancing. A monu mental column surmounted with a noble statue of Sir Walter Scott, has been raise! jA Glasgow kt. Charles.-Thes painting and embellishing of the tultrrior of this r.codid theatre are progress. ing fast. The colours will be entirely changed : F the various ornaments altered sand improved, and 21 the whole aspect of the establishment rill under m go a radical and inmportant chance. / a The northern papers are quizzing amme of tbe Florida Volunteers, anod giving an extract from the at quarter-master's report of expenses for one of the ol Alabama corps in which Champagne, best cigars, i honey dew tobaden, and Cologne water figure conspicuously. They wonder how theSeminoles could resist these warlike stores. e Commodore Porter, our Chaorg d'Affoireo at the Turkish Court, arrived in Boston on the 17th I in the bric Niger. This distinguished naval offi cer witl his two sons, came direct from Constan- a tinople. h Castor oil, it is said, has been rendered sweet' pleasant antd easy, by a Mr. Wait of Baltimore. Wonders will never cease. The "National Union" is a new paper issued in Philadelphia for the purpose of opposing abolition ism. Success to it. Van Amburgh, the lion tamer, with a cargo of lame tigers, jackalls, hyenas, &e. have sailed for England from New York. The fellow of the Public Ledger, Phil. is still impertinently libelling oar citizens. Some one as great a fool as himself, if that be possible, has iritten him word (he says) that from 15 to 20 duels were to come off here immediately, and tha every man wont drmed to the polls. Carrollon. The splendid Hotel at Corrnlton is now open for the season, undler the char.e of Mr. J. Moore, the whole establishment having been en. Sirely and effectually renovated. A splendid din ner is placed on table at 3 o'clock, and in order to facilitate the journey, the cars start every hour on Sunday, after nine in the morning. Indepen dently of the Hotel and all its conveniences, the gardens are now a little paradise of an eve, if not with an Eve, and abhout sun down when the per fumed of the flowers is freshest and swerrest, o more beautiful spot can b- fotjnd in the .lrte T t ,,tf.wcntcxn. J The srentrmbt .~iferchlant lan gv go'"d in, the lnake, near tile Ponichltrtrin R-lr . i ,t port on Tuesdayv lnt, ot 8.t'lok, , I the purpotse of coming rountd t. e. h . ,e I dochk, pposite Ihe citv,antI iv ., ,is t Sin . ti,~ on ,ihe oll,,.o"ng Thurr , . nt 7 ,''I , k. 4 il The. ,Merclaont, Ithough nort t .ug 1 epsire. And witlh h t ne hrall .r ,, tir* il I wih el, her trip in o - sp.O . . hirtt r h urs, being d,+luined " ' . ~' n ttoodittg, &c I .spleo nd t " t,, . . ,;. h rne.rn l which. , judlging inr t tihe trina made during thiis shrt voynte, will enabllre lrr again to competee with any I other boat now alot, int point of swiftness, safety, r Sc.,her dUeatt guage or n ti te Itndictting toture the 15 inchies. Mtrl crerlsr is due tro Mr. Gregery Byrne andl her nlne rtginre r, ,1i. 'ltttrne, I t 'he'r rxertiovn tr 0 rr'rrt ,Tlf itd trefi tting the P. .hnau, whiht e I t w il l resume hter v.oages t few daes, n I. 1 dl i n a taorite witth et pub'iej j , Ic, r It het rrupere accrommodations. IIBIERNIAN SOCIETY OF NEW ORLEANS. 2blh July, 1838. At a tpecial meeting of this Society,). ell at the Cnuiirlilree Rnuooli, Hewlert's Arcade, on Thursday evening, 20th ieet. Ihe following pre. t amble and resalutins were adoptred. Whereas the Hlibernian Society of New Orleans deeply deplore the death of our much esteemed fellow mernher Mr. Philip Power, who duringp his life waslone of rhe mirst Iihient nlellbersol our chlaritable insl utiou. t Wherefore, Lie ii reavied Ithat rhis Society ex pleesaf'the deerlpest .srroi at his unexpected detlllh -thar we regard his lea an a lublj,: elanliiry, to New Oreuntl as tilre of her best citizens and to his unflriended iaounltryrlenu and ito he ilc treasedl of all nations us one witn symplhiased in their riuilfr tunes and was ever reaudy to alleviate IherI. 'IThut we tender cur regres in) the Inmily of the deceased annd sincereyly n)mrpthnle in halir ,ii:l for ltheir irrep arb ile laoss. ''alir thia n ca,,oc..r wenr crape in their left nrm for 3 ad *i , iY as hti r ate of risper IIt tlIs anl s ir,. ''That uc ,lllelll l be l ijl lllllnted It) preselt the..., resutiro s to the fl- i j- ul the umuch lamentcd That i lese reslhtilns b, P.ut.I i .Cd ill tie iew - palpersol il t le i . Ii. ,rder,, .T. Ii 1 A 1.1, \CE. er'y. e o. turn. .\'lAER FlO.) I":i NY L.AN I). The packet ship Siddolns, ait .ev York, brings L tnilon pa.,er l to te d lih, mid Liver;,o, l tl sI Illic Ju1no. faloi tle Vaintus New Vl K jou o ,Ialls I ut U I u w ie ihake u ip Ilis iii,,''iing uiiiimmary Iti S.oiim llat the Enlish papers app ar to lie alar rled allbout li crips, anld prolgnotlicate all the evils to trade and thu currenlcy which usually at tend shortines. Buliness is reviving anlld motney nre in de niand. The cotton market dues not show so well as by the previous accounts. TheI prucet dings of parliament seem to be of no great interest to the American reader. The ap proauhiag Curolatiion elijloyed all pens, anid en gresaed all toie oher Ideas, in every city of in portallnce. ll Icininaliione, onflires, military dis. plays, and all the inmost liglliicanit demonstratlion. ofjry were air preparaltla. .lany ol lthe most dia. tinguished Allbasaudura of the Foreign Powers had reached London, preparing for an amazing display of inaguificence, and a gorgeous outlay ui expenditure far beyond anv thing we Republicans ever areained of. In Liverplool, Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin, the day was to be celebrated us well asin Landon. Mrl. Roebuck was already aller the place ct Lird Williamn Bentick, who is to have a sent altong the Peers. Lieut. Roberts, who aavigated the Sirius acteam packet ito New York, lias received an clegant piece of patOe from his friends in Cork. The anse llllslp Vilnlll, on her passeae froam Hullt.o Lundoi. ,+ ori, LI d ,t , is - t e Ihi l. by whi . liv . '. -ix , onsw, re kuiled and a.veral severell w iudi,, c 'l If' ticoai. starti d Irum Htll ln companlr y with aiiit r i lnlm shilp, with which sIhe raced the wihole dlelni,.e. WrVhe just below the London duck, the Victoria run afoul of a collier brig and stove in herstarboard paddle box! 'Thle engine was inmiediately strI, ped. and in a few minutes one oi Ithe boilers barst with a lelrible explosion, diveatinc the qu ritt deck of all lie hoguage, and Init cII,. ei lnly a, .t iering the ship. llnia sle lnae:r a ....... . fIir,.. i manim placer last I llar , anid boiler were in use woent I. 1 , i iccurred, the detective boiler nlvia ,, i nen:ly repaired. The American Ambassa.e aniil Mrs. Steven sonhukve returned to resia. ice in Prthillld. pla.ce, h n a visit to Althl.r,, tihe seat Io Loui. Spencer. The sieam r Si LaId .lcc., iiro N. YoVir, entered inward a LiLdona in the 141tiJuln:. She sailed from New York in thel3th May. Thie arrival f John Van Bares, Esq. sln of the Prresdenl, is"lard In tile Lnd papers I.f Jane 15 Tlhe Liverpool pal '" sI'lr itr .i a new sleamer, thie ig, r. will proal.. liv te O a e.,c d from llrc '., New' Y Ik. e is a vrese f the I, r- st isl. ,. nei a p , ic.velitny :lid l-., n 1111o ian lo t-:." Liverpool docks. She is irapelled ny en gilnes t 300hurse power, with ex aniihve vllves, und is fitted up with tMr. s:amurl Ill's pateant coundensars. Tlhe seam packet Royal Willianm, belonlginl a the Dulliu Steam Packet Comnpany, is to be colln nanded by Lieutenant Swainson, of the Royal Nnvy, who was un the American coast during the last war, and is familiar w th the navigation ol threse seas. A Liverpuol paper, in annoauncing that this vessel is to depart from Liverpool for New York on tle 5th of July, says: "li is intended ihat the Royal William shall re aIlsl i New York ten davs, so as to allowi tnle for travellers to visit isome Ir tihe beautiful scenery rof hat country,a and her return ironl New York is fixed for the 28lihr ol Juiv. There are belre itfred sald taken ill England, twol i one, Ihat the Royal William will make the sllortest passage to America ever known. In addition tilinesolsteam ships to America and the West Indies, a cernpany has been fornied in London, to estahlisah a line between that paor anid the lrazils. S''he owneres the British Queen have connrac ted for a vessel ul 1,800U ,na measurnlault, to be called the President, and have ordered a pair of enganesofl8 inches diameter and 7 test strike. Their packets will sail from Liverpool to N York alternately on tihe let and 16th of every month. Dr. Lardner, the sanre who demonstrnied the imp saibility of a voyage by steam to America, has been leciuring on Animal 3Magnellrnh. lIe professes itulsell a convert to the doctrlne of Ihe ellcacy oflmlnotenaus animal emanation. T'he lesnerrir fiuld, it appears from the doctor's ex perimentle, can be reflected fromn plislld allrlaces like light fromi a looking glass. By oglng Ihe ilmage of the lsbject in the mirror (he operator raly ihrow him inco a magnetie sleep. The London Herald says that the principal Amlerlcan hbrul which suspended payment have leln able to liquidate their habsilitirl s an extent tar exceeding their mustll angune expectations. The Duke de Nemours, secuond sun uf tIe French King, was expecrel at Brighton on the st of June, for a stay of about three weeks in England. lie anes said to he the hearer o(." dia. mond bounttet, of the value of 1,000,000 frnucs, as a present from his father to Queen Vicsnrin. In the House of Lords, a conversation ooklt place between Lords Brougham, Wellington, Mrelbourne and others, on the Canterbu y riot, in tlhe course ye of which Lord Brougham said that a lunatic nam ed Poulger had been liberated and sent to Amer iThe bill to abolish imprisonment for debtn was reported hy tho select committee of the House of Lords with altes tions-improved, one of the Li.iv. erpool ppersosay-and on the 12th of Jltne it panS. sed without opposition. Personal detention for E debt is abolished, except when the debtor v ith. holds or conceals his effects. d It enables thecreditor's to lay hold of every dc. scription of property possessed by his debtor. nd allaows the debtor, should he have surrendered all his property for the use of his creditors, anid he afterwards arrested on execution, for which, if Ihe have acted fairly there can be no possible in ducement, to apply for his inmmediate release. The House of Commons, on the Ilth of Jnne, was occupied with tihe municipal etrporetieln' I.:- ' ! land. Mr.O)'Coanell demanded that either tith " or the English svstem of municipal franchise should be applied to Ireland,and protested against any other pllan being adopted for the latter country. Asphalts, the now material for paving streets, has een ntroduced into Liverpool as an experiment. The condition of Ireland in many dtstricts is very disturbed. In Wexford, a fatal amiay took place at a sale of cattle distrained for tithes. They were ktnock ed down for hall their value, when the country people hectme enraged, attacked the police and the mijtary, killing one man and wounding several otltota. ite wandeting piper paid another visit to Hull on his rettrn from n ark on T'uesdy, and played througl our principal streets. He eext visits Newcastle, .untt derland, &c. We tadterstand from the piper that hi perihritationa are now drawing to a termlnatiot, as a amall additional um will place the contriloutions of this country upon tn equality widt the sua he receiv ed in America ritd tien his expedition ends.-- thll A French fleot is fitting out at Toulon, destincd for M exico. '1The Tritln was to sail immediately. The corvettes lndienee and P'erle are preparing to sail with as little dely as possille The Volna sned Z.bmhret brig were to fhallow. 'lhe brig Lo Dupetit,''heounrs and the brig Voitigeur have already sailed, it is soaid the lerclel, with ta ti rince Joinville on beard, had been ordered to join the blockading squadron on tl'e Mexi can enost. A letter from Tounlo says, "tiea line of ba-tle osips Sre to attack the fort .lanl D'Ulla, whicht defends the entry of tie roads of Vera Cruz :ind in front of which e tlhy t iait anchor withii pittol shot; the other vessels are to blockada T'ampicoa, Alvaro Lagootn, arnd Antonio Lissardo.," The Legion of the National Guardo of Paris and the But,lihuoe, and the troops of the line areich cgarrisont o Patri, were reviewed by Louis Philip on ilnday the Ioth olf Jnie. A vast boly of spectators assemitbled. The preocastions usd to guard agnin-t anyattempt-on the king's life were, it is said, toat elaborate and mant ifost. 'tihe fortune left by Prince Talleyranld i said to i amlount to etwees eight tand nine millions oefranen- Snetarli two mtillions c dllater tie i sanid to have nlet 1Itlitis ti the iouall ntllt of ON0I freies a year, of wlich l'2,ll.l f ants go to the vitlet wllhom Le irlesentod Sto tit' ;ing. lis Petiti oft' is saidto ite mortit gcig d to lre ant oln t of i,40,00t0 francs, bnut ttha tio. t.ey (I i i the citilotodilni.g adividenld of 1t11,000 lti beenL alppropriated to the payment of the in. to ar , of inentlion-Steanr mraic.--notont the nu ItIu.ous it vlitiOt whliclt ahnmost d:tily ciiIIit shaore of t public ltttlllioo, vac iave to notice that o' eteau or rt gait iventrd ed adalpted Ito the 'Tyne' leonomtite ean. y gie, the property tihe Newncastle andil Carlisle Rail , way Comtpany, 'v the Rev. James Birketr, of Oving. e ham. As tar nas we are ahIle ti judige, ths instreinent be..ern tie reatst reemhlani'e to tii organ: it enncniat. Ild o.hte pipes, tlned to thecotpaOss, wlht is terted llby inmsicians in iutitave. butttithott any intervening toiles ior icti tolne. 'thias tie firet atttempt to idllopt a ila. It sicl illstrtitnt tI tothe vtain enilnt. a pablhe iof pro drtltciii n ttlt, III', tllgh e si perfuet a to adlmit oa e at a i th t t,; n'i-. wari,, ,alnill u lo Iinutioe of sOLIc d it- t - inustrumen:lt t, "vli~he .e h]ave comparedt it. there iv no dtott bitt vary cilti-itiritlle iltproveltoents till he iatle in tis i stest Isial insrmnt v the intIIt nVCet, who is a scilftul itnioiiiat, as well aon inigetiious m hlllti' \Veo understandt that some iipurnant Iltern at titns ore it proett in irliiresontnd intended to lie eill nt pleted n'Ievious Is flhe grand ol eniag of the railway ol tile Iit in;.-- J'ype Metcrry. .hnlttrdtllno..lttiie i.--lie laver this inorning rcceiv ell the tfollowing iil'rtirlon frit-in our c errelttlidnt ,,1 at thtleatgt:ig Il hlove agatin had r confirmlatiol if what tIIs been c rtrr eltltd bt vanII as well t'lol L tondln as frothi tt l oe Il i 'le: si., IhleilIt'h five llIo 'r.c.entittitii i It clilfrttv elat I ":m int hl ven h t nvi ' IlealllllltlllslV nItified to thre to nlit'lllllnl " -.hllVl. to . ..i.i'. .iii. .i PI I 'T lit, N ,\ 1 (II{I,,l A\NS. cLI-ARANCEi. t1 1 N 1,,rm 3, .3T Iier h,,l, I. It Gai. SI .1 1 1..- 31, t. .-. Ii,.., ,,1,h . S .t r \ h y ,.,, Wl,. I. ., l, e , h h , v, nh t, ,l i m r l3ah, 111 V "I.'.. J. .a n . : ;i . ,h1.3 , J \ 1 7.,,1,,r .. 15 , " Ichr ·\1.1I· ::1 "t,., -1 ,, . ( ,, 31 n,, + I\ ;, Ir. FI , -¶ill,1 1l hl. 1.3.3lI Il.3 ibnl: ll. lllsy3 l.3 . I l"a. ll 0.300.3.3I .3h 3. 3/'. ltlt. il' I :+llt 'III 1111' 111.31 11i1 .LI. 3 gI ,5c1511 le lvlylo, Il, ll , ,lo t oloh n ,ti, forn slo L. OIIwarah IettXl ) h iI . ,, IIt8Y U ,I tJtl , jyf . b . [- ,Ill.\ _ 1 1111 al0ly l0lla, li o st ho . t . IV g 1u101 ll0O 0il, le0d 00 hoo, {lot slIs b ; .L'I . 1Ill: ) .i l' i 1 ,1, :\ t II. I;AA . jy? .38-l. rlc.e or Colmon -& '' llo ,o pitollo ls -1. I' .'l'r,'lo lI' tl,'1 fi, lIoy'orLs i ,t llo I, toe uin0 - t , e1,-ln'I weeko l I lte mo ly, lloo'o,13011th Julyo, 11 0u. 10 of leby JAr t l d & ANtdal t iWS, r qui rtlod |0 w eigh > 'l"rr cent. m u e ), L v Lz 5 1 1 2 L u d jy2N c.o-1m or Commln & . Tehoupitoulas st. (IFT)l KEuIS FRESH GOUIIEN BUTTELR, 50 boxo's cheese, "; 5 boxes bunah raisius, 1I0 Iuxes imperial tea, L0 h nrlels cherry bounce, 10 half lb.rrels 11'ulton mark.e beef .3 barrels smoked tongues, III b)xe.I) AI cheese, .,II b,)x,3s Gilbert's staurh, Received per ship Huntsville, for sale by jy28 PETERS & M.II.ARD. IyulK-- 1 bbl 111 0, 15 bbls clhineea. just recevred, for sole by G DORSEY, jv28 44 New l.eve. UO1tI0It-B6 hhd., superS, r qIaliyi ill st1re, for s ale by a D.OIILoI', jy2. 41 5New Ievee.e. LF ElAF' I 1I)--I "lib egs, ia hi,, thilJlinlg order,of sa, .. ior qual ty,at the .andmIg, for sale by 0 I)tIIISt,,I', jyil 4,1 New I.eve1 . D UI.:I) CAP & LETTER PAPEIR-On hand, a large assortneat of low priced snd very suplerio B.1ne Iand \Vhite, Wove and Blue laid Cap and Lelter Paper, for saole by DA /ID FELT & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, jy23 '24 Chartres street. N D)EI.IBI.E INK--Jtot received, all addltll ,. t aupply If very sup 0 ri0r indelible ink for 1markig linen, &e., ,earra.teld a 8l.rt ruot arttile,) flr sale by the dozen or single box, by DAVID FI'.LT & Cto, Now York Slatioeero' lall, j128 1t Chartres streel. LI il'o1A NA FURNITURE WAREROOlMS, N 53, , . 8lle?,,ret O' II.L.IAM it. CAIR NE:S, (formerly of the firm of F lhaUt & iarnes,) would respectlullv inftrm Ills frie:ods uand lho p,1blic tat he. is constanotly receivigl froa0 Nsv York and Buston a good assortment oft Fur niture, such as mahIogay ellchirs, onfi, I.edcteads, laos pIc and .3 mlnted lhairs, osaple ,nd cherry Ibedstead., mahoganv and cherry tables of all deseription, bu reau, toilets, secletarys, writing desks, wordrotles of mahogany end cherry, wash atands, looking glasses, feathers, beddling, &c. &c. NB. Furniture packed for transportation with great enre. je8 (..\10111O N 1WHIoKEI-80 bble, landmEY, I. for sale by G DORS I evre. A ULI)I't) R)IAF'lTSI--, Ille'L'0a10 iurehaed by NA'I'H'L 'P ONI( :ND, jy6 . Exchange Hotel, Gravier street jyiEXAs 11R IOUJF'LAN11ILA[kI -WaM 104 L NATI'1'L TOWNSEND), jy6 Exchange Hotel, Gravier etree'. NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVI.LE RAIL ROAD IIIIH s (If DEPART0 RC O0 N SUUTNDAY TO BATH. From I)epot. F omt Bath. 6 .1. 1. 7 Ak. 1. l dIs. 1t do. 1 AI. 2 P. M. 441P. .1. 6 P. I. The rest of the week. From Iopot. Ironm Ballt. 8 A. . It P. M. 131I.2 P. l. 41 P. M' P. A. N. o.-Pulos wishinog Ito go oi the Prarie, can do so s far as lthe road extends withult lly extra helurgec JAMES H. CA.LI)WEIoL, jyV26--it Plresident, NEVW DIIIRETOIRY. Di-UBLISdliE) this ly, (;ihsoa's Guild ean Diree Str of fNew O)rieas' anl Lhile.t: 1 '." "1. by DAVID I' m--2 N Y Sltiooer- HaIl. [.AGGINIG & BALE ROPE-b. l b.gging; .15 coils do hale tope, it . sale by O.K . m 1tR01111Il' ,. jyoI (01 Calmtp 5oletI.I SECOND MUNIGIPALITY. ,TERE( brought to the Police Prison of the Second SSlonnicipality, the following named slavee,vis: ALEXIS, says he belongs to IMr Sauve,aged 45 years. GEORGE, says he belongs to Mr C Johnson, aged about 25 vear. . The owners of the eaid slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take Ihlea awly. I S IARPER, jyl2 COptain of the Watch. I ai n(th nlic; te :l; pliHiln lorSecondse tocirei eipal1t5, rute lBaronne entrelevia el Girud, lea Eacsinnc suivnntc: ALEXIS, s dlisant appartenir S Ilr Sauv6, 5gh d'enviroa 45 nos. GEO:Ii, se disant appnrtenir & Mr C Johnson, Agh d'enviroi 5 nos. 35t Lee 1irepri.toiren de dits enselave vouodront bien procuver lotrs proprioctrs, payer Ira reic et lee retirer. Ti II S IIARI'ER, ' jail 14 Caitaic doe Watch. TI SAS longht tt. fle Pond tI' thedecntn Mutniei Ri W Al ity,situated in Ilaronne street, between St Ievia ond Girod street, the following ntitnalcs,vi: One IIown Ilorse and Bay Colt. K n ge lnre ay Mre and Colt, cJ SWhlite Spotted Cow. She owners of said animals are requoested to prove at prop"rtv , pay charges, and take them awoy, on or 'efore Saturdaly, JoIe the lot, whco tihey will be sold at ttuctint, by P A Guillotte, autiotneer. SI S HARlPER, jyIli Copltin of the Watlch' '-a - -;maeb au dhpbut ds It Seconde Manieijalitht Srno Barroune entre Heria et Gireod lee anmmaua suivants: n n cheval brn et un Poulain bnie. h Une grande Jument hale et poulain. Une Vache blanc et tuchetc. Lea proplibtaires deatsi tanimnux soent pike de prou ver leore proprihths, payer lea frts et lea retirer d'ieibr , Scamedi 21 Jillet, 188, ou ii sertont vendues Ie dit jour par P. A. Guoillotte, eanunteur. tJi II HARPER, IT 14 jil Capilain de Watch. cc ICE-5O casks now landing Irom Charsletoe, for it J alehy S G S1LA\CIIAIID, jyltl 3 (iT Grier street. I id -i R .EN.-A i e ilu. il airy lice. well ciiituatd, end in the ioect hucines pnP t of thecity. TeI'rms 1 e1 moderate. Apply tio . GILEEN E, at tile Orleant Lithographie Oiefcc, 53 Mlnagoiie street. jy24 ri 0 LET-lThe House situated on tile corner of JI Orange and RefTiteios trees; apo lv to T J 15 IIRtN & A G0IIEN, . jrc4 ' 90 Commollt street. o .A Card. ORLEAA.1\ LITjtOGRAPIIIC ERTABLISII S MEA T, 53 MAGlAZINE STREET, Ie ePOSITE BANcK's ARCAIl. d. GR REENE returns his sicre thonhe to bic 0 friencds ani the plblic of New Orlens, for tIl: ' opatronee bestowed oa hi:, Ibr tile list two t ears, and begs Ienave tIo csre tiltei tltc all orlets coiccitterl to to his charge shall be puncialln attelnded to; he will us cit shall he alwas ready to strike off terchant's eir of lare, business and address card, felral ioticos. mapsc od plats, anil drawiigs, of etery dcecription, c tlhe t- chnrlesta notice, cad on tlsce cci.i reaocccIolcIc terCc.. o" Being oassiied by artistsr serir to any other establish '10 iPut i thlt citY. nsi l tfriom ]nitu ..pi rience' iu ieC 0 lithographic lie, tc, feels colftidect of givifg -ectirn catilfaetian. u N 1 Aplctlhecaries and drcugiits't labteles xeiuted in cf so good style as copperplate engraving, adll t one - tllird of tha expeinse. jy4 ci tE 1111) caski I'hilndelphia Ale, Abbot's brand, L justreceivei, and cfor i ale by I • J D REIN & A COtIIIEN, inn o. 90 Cnminrn se.t. te A an supit r ausers,fo le n sh i jy4 St'I'I:TSON , AV.RY. rn- l~ ElR'l OIL--ill coks winter straioei splrn oil, oeoc ratlltld, fcr hale Ib - ISAA.C BIit IfE & Co, no jyt24 131 Magzin' t teel. be -- ---------- Slla\,ti-I btle -Ith tic5f aci' ictolircraity,for c. lot 'III \ti--ilnraer an mci ert clthiug,compriciag oil ýalA assortmenlAt, ¶for sale & ISAAC BRIDGlE., : C,), .ljyt1 1 t31 l tgazeitl street. ant R OMAN (SI IA i-liTNI ttiitic1;61ii"lo tie ti-tic Ic i do, forsole ebv IREAIt & Il- ILtTt)oW teno jy2 7 Bank Place. -I h elA-L i 'l: t i -:}}L I IN .-ib ru-h,..ll .. - fvo r Poydras -treet, <Itl "ll l odra¢ ,t e. . S V.i \N,.} l"-i.\ ~i-t'ir in l, ibh ),'2 L .I i I i' , ji, ,l , l. t r i,, -, .I-c... ,lic, ,i i -. t - ,ileeI i I~l-\ING TOltd " I ll: 1 ,I i - I'r fl . .Til &Pe T ai", ll"ih" , , . .I? tmI ,,.- fTtr ,t i,, l- h,'?l-- ,,U a ; ' ir I, t aa ir, - axi rr I, r a 1111 Is ,'' 1. a c . !m e n + a nn · 1 i ~ll v S I9t1 Eeihta h ge ' llitel, Sc. I.llIe c' . ci- lTclt Icn. y he l nl hy "pplyinl cit Nc#. 311 New L _____ jet1 iJd R tLt: iE:'t-tl h'ug o, tilt ,.e, k.uSen t qn,,nlit -g j i ii hrcI C i i i ttpi t e, tP lra.o i , rSATC l1Nl & A N I Y. Snoe jiytI t.firle ectreet. I .i-.FEb ls V TitAlaNRi . l i rl ,il l lr hllicc etlutul-vi S ply bu sa J Ior n A cKE N, ".i't c (r Cm 1 tislctl o trten.t ing " G l:t). \V'lliT31'J \N, j jyv]. cor Camp &' 1'cIIIIIII sheets. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE, No. 5,3 IMa.a:zine airet, opposite Banks' Arcade, E S'AIIIISHFI) lfr the execution of mail, plans d drawings, merchants' cilcular, Iusiness and address earls of ever v description, lifnerl circulanr on deep n,nurnin I plonie Illr, lohecary nd dru(lgists'l.llbEls; bolk clheeks, dhg receipts+, .c. printefd and exAcutl d ihn cheapl uld expeditions style, ly theil prnlletor. "aW.IllI.A 31 I Iwt NE. NB fank Note s na *v exectedl. m24 FPORTRAIT pAINTING. I t . I'A Itl.ll respetllu lly) inrvt.the Ipblic tnthat Sihei will tllln a l short It In New Orleans for lt .r.a r 1 (.a nall rld St itlCharles, il tile holuse oniuu ilell, ilarlllly & iyou ,lJentidtl, whllitespecuiuens If hi i paint;g tin be seen. Entrance in St Charles Strert. t,28 m S)AOAf--I in boxesaN 1 N I ap, brand of Janles Ytld1 landing from brig CIlnpioan,'otr sile by ISAACC BRIDGE &. C, jy 1: 131 Masguzina street. FIN.- GU(1U\S--I faw line dublle barrel guns in S souru, for sal by S I.OCK OF & ,a. jilI 25 01hl Levee. llISKEY, Flour and I'ok,in store for saale by o2dd G I) ,tl..EY. 4". New Levee. IPUBI.IC NO'I'ICE IS III'EI(EY GIVEN, rIIIAT, whErena, my brother, Doctor JamEnrr Grant, J late of Colahuila and T'exu, died in the army of Tex s, in the lmntll of March, 18:31. Whereas, un dler date of Aininst 20, nltheane year IDanie:l 1 Taler adlien.ned a Iadter to intan from Naeogdolalra, in Texas. ameqiaintille iia ll itlhis having received my said Iliatlher's Vill, dated at Bnar, Daer. :10, 1835, setting forth thilatl ; Mr. Toler and myaselt were lnamed xecu tara. AaId whreai , the salid ioler etlltiont ill the lVttr abovel alluded tit, tIt lhe iad the Will duly regis tered; notwithstlading, which I lhave stron pioof that te never had it Ir ,ateld; and flrllther, have found my most anxious enquiries anld exertions, luor the last two yllr,, illasu l.iiril to Obtahill a cpy. Nowit tr, tle li" it htreby filrially known that the aid 'l'oler it as no authority to make anyri disposition of, I r give title to, any land or other proIIty' belInging to the estate of nm v deeased Brotheri or to act tin any thing appertaiaing to the anae;e bat that I ant instituting steps toannlrds the reuvery afsaid will, and shall at once roeed tt dul meai ures an ill my character oa execu tor, are now called fior. ItUIfiTI GRIANT. NOTE.-The editors of Texas newpapers and New Y'ork Albion are reapaaetfully reqauinted to copy this tdverti.elntrnt three times and endl their accouents to tie office of the Trite American, or to Ill atthe Sur veyor's Office, 2d Municipality. ofNew Orleans. pe97-hIi lE ION YRUPI--100 boxes a emonl syrup landing t from ship Concord, and for sale by J TIIAYEI- & Co. jy"ti 7.1 Par drns street. A4llS0l'CE-t bIhgs A·ll, tirol in ris, anad far sala J'IAlAYEIl & Co, jya _____ 74 I'oldrirsn strert. A'I'II--4000 Lath in store, alld lor roin by L JTHAYEII & Co, jy26 74 Paydras street. - uLOi --5t0O bid, landing iron ateanler Buckeye, tuand for nale by i IlOItSEY, jy26 44 New Levee. FOI.K.--,u0 bbls less 31 O, prince and solt. Prim Just inspected, fIr sale by U. DORSEY, jv"6 44 New LeveE. ACON SID..-.-7 ca sks supe r incinnai cured, in tore uand tor sale by G IlllSEY, jv26 44 New Levee. I)1 UF WRITINf INK-Just receiveda smalllot 1i) of Permanent Blue writiag Ink, warnraLed a su perior article; for sale by IAVII FELT & CO, New York Stationers Hall, j32 _6 24 Chartres street. IHAVANNA COFFEE. I tl(lSE--lil2 Bugs afpriale green Havanna Cofieo, oa lunalia: Irtota brig Towen EnriquE, per Illaau aa, for salt by JOSEPH COCKAYINE, jy26 2S Gritar ,tree'S OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPIEDILY, IIANDSOMELY AND CHEAPIY EXEC:UTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True aIneerican, ST. CIIAIRL.ES STREET, NEAR POYDIRAS. m23 Ut. S. 1MA111 TO AND FROIt MOIMIIBIE DAILY Coampriing the flollowing blalts, viz: Fm N. O. Fin Mobile. dtardy, Caroline, R A Jeffries, Swan. latnodar. Malnzepp, Saull (leiltin, t Alabama Taleednte, Isanblla, E MlNrra, Caroline. VWeda eday Swaan, S liar; \V Wallace. Tlhuresay, Caroline, l A iclEtre, lMaeppa. F1 lday, S Alalatn,J t CCa nrsoe , Caroline, Satuidnev, WV Walioce, J MI Knigh t, Isabella. he above boats will tlr vo the lake end of thile ail Road daily on the arrival of the i-2 pat 12 o'clock car, A. I. Slaves nimatbe cleared at tlheCustom Iouse prior to atartiag. Au extra baluat will always bhat each prt in case accidenl. FarTrieght at Pa i lN NI S, CLanrlea i:xelange Buildinas, N. O. t(I SATREI CQNVEIlS na CO. Mobile. -l . iNE & Pl)RTER IIOT'1'I.ES--il grose winer o and 100 gross porter bottles, for sale by IIOLNIES & MILLS, jyi _ Bank Alley. SCUTCH ALE- an casks Seotch ale, (quarls and 1 pinta) for sale by IOLMES & MILLS, F jy2 a Batik Allay. A ARPENTER' -Flud Jtract f SRarnaparilla i mid all other Carpenter's Preparatloni , received lately tby l BOINNABEL, Jy2l car Tchoupitnalas & Natchez st. Fifty Dollars Reward. .I) ANAWAY about onse nlonth ago, the Negro Bae in ROBEi I', belongiig to tile sdbscribevr. SailI t. boy is between 13 and 14 years of age, lim huilt, not ver, dark, ald very intelliget; speaks Englisal ail a little French. 'yrwenty diollar will be paid fur his S ithprelheiyion ns that I cani get him; or fifty dollars if takAn ouA of the state, on oap ricaetion to P 1D EI.AHIiUSSAYE, jyl2-lt FanbhurCg Infayette. New Orleansi a C'arrmllllsasn, S.alwmy. It. It OPOSAr will hS ree ivedal by the undeesigned until Satuaardar , ,T1Rt f the erection of 2 two storv lounse andl Kitchena. ae Illanokaaitbt' Slnop, one Corn House, one Stable fIr 2i3 Ioerses, 120 by 20; and one Car Iloser. 40 hv 13. 'lanma aid tpaeilhai lihns can Ibe seen ni opplincation at ltl office, eoraner l',dres aidI laronne streets. is l v21 IEOEIt 1l EIIRRICK. 1Ip IoTn''ERE I',ER.-Ju-t received from the Brandy l I wie Mlills,ltses soaaltfine blue.a letter paper Aile vera y lnw priced IIt cases saperfane whit lefter par, do; I cse tini paia letter paper; 4 cases super. uite packet post large size; 2 cases saperfine letter assorted colors; 2 asaea superfine octavo assorted olors; for elde, wlolesale andl etail, b I) FEI.' & Co, New York Stattioners' Ihall, ': nri 2.1 Chartres street. a lii ItENT-lI', treatitu giveat immeadiately, the e I. lmuse on the flalth Rail Road near the Lake `sahore. ''h two Pariliras in Iath, near the New in OrleanI aidlN.. hillc lat llllad. Several Roomas in athe a(r Ilouse lf tha llttilahRil ho.od Company. For the pI'atictulara apply to II BONNABEL, d jyi earuer Naetcltes 1. Tcaloupitonlles sti. lio I RON'e --The alouseiand tardean adjoing llerby's i Academy, onl Tioli Circle eontiainUg aix rnoma t. withl kitchen, palntry, anld ltahuseel, &r. Apply to J ltVlIS & ANI)IIE'WS, hI 21 c ,ner c."i,'lpitl' laa &I Coanllson streets. l ANAWAhY from the subaiscriber, filteesn deayLg tith Nero Glla l.lUCY or lI.ICINIIA. - e Y strt rt aieI Fll luilt, ep'ak l'ailisa aind sonae brikens ,ollch; Ilr skill is n.t very dark Site was owned by Sn Mr."l'.reog, tar atM ler" k ine t l'ayddrasss etrel '' /1'hwfn sold her to rieer pac asrat rtle has bien .4vei fim v A rvic ago, il the lower pait of tihe cityed n S otleay bnlor last shae ax pnll thi e whole. dnra, in a ,ig rick .yard, alru to thesrerc t.enund. II BONNAiEL, jy'l corner Nalchez urd 'ePchllupitnulnaets. E-. I Ih . IAlri--lllll kegs set lilra article, in line *to ile s illp TIrder, ietd ltor sale byh s_ I)ORSFI, a ym- I I C 44 New Levee. r ItKE -.'-'tilt hia b aidl tectifiRedso sta.r, foe jo''l - t1 New Isevee. a tIl : 'l.1 E - hh a rotal atil twhiters, landing Ir, ll r t tl a t h,ttthll Iatllb, 1 , , da o ini store , for 'i Ir,' , Al IT t. r Ak1E [.UNi, d je l 17 Colllllllll'ce slrel t" LOK,\ING l.1 l AlSSE-S-Ch, Iotlr+baon rsiles, hi storey lilr I v . ,' ; IIM I' , i e " I; ' rallllnit street. i p I I. lill i a. 1hsIllSyllln di t work o1111 ) r incge, rand SC, risa s'h , l .Ikof Ilhe mo. l t i srl;oved den Ot. S:11t 'lo t a n t, t iir td tI, l "eta- t h5PlllYr-. de AI-I, ('si aolelllt \ tltr, ; il al Ia t' olthia, alrd's le lna 1 , t "u itnlar, Na ilaatts d 'arl' onlh cari- sh.r.t:tc. IC. or s r I, ,l(a \1.1. l I. 1o cr Ill ( 'lllg.t street. ai a . aml , "tir m Iconlh, r a t I ))e faino tly. n.\l ;pl 1r a; lf t',l street. jtee. I hl I 'iill utren : I t 1 ` I . .. "1 ot a 1 . , 0 . : ,Itl,-1 - fDr. 00 . 1u, ' '' I" '' tt ' |' k r lahr c. tat' \'.\ti lltýt' l' Sl'It. l". 1. II te i'ar a t'aree it" , ,Icr 1ata.1'.cc II-t-ct ' ht c saltti' iac ia c c, l pac t a c ow as.'ail a "a :i t t i ,r lat:\v sial , niii exla ti * r," ir,. Ls D tlll pL 'i" llel s "t ' l'" r laei llt, c.'mlftisiug ai,- w ily l.{Imb(s, ilrott.e, aile taa'Plflne, laiakr t:larls. Ilming (trt arli as. s clarg t rillle•d Isl lnlc, a:ia h i 1iht. hllnwing a e t. il .arcr e - i a t 'aplio a t ' a s ' nal.s, to c Ib l)M IIS--''oiiisrrla tlOr ,ilian tillglioptn i lu till si l d ecn'-ell; do. de. w ils t ldlo, roc, p lle, |li l •oh lne I aid drlsing, ivrnv and hoern fin e nluith, dressingnnal ockel tlcombs; Ill{l, ridding snal , ars. a-nbs; wootle l' 'ERIIFUIIItY--A g"'t'alell as n,.w et ofae French "2 ard Americaatn Ierfutacr, ceAsistalto a.'i-Igne water i,, bottles, iof all e1ht aes sizes; nt asIeer, Florila, liiaaellorallgge, lelerl ia, Jess.tari ea, lllme t aislfu. Iear.; facy slinaps of tI.ely at scripaltie; macasar, antliqu, eta. `,a, carbeolic It al bl atitaadsela11a1a saented aidplain toilea powderl'; premtouniapesi-t salts, etc. II[USLHIES-C-omnAprisnag a great variety of asloth, latit', that, alash, toaib, ca l, casal,, ssls;ig, plate, kserth al Soie surdl plai dusting, wneelitng, rulnb forithure, nscranhla gser ld witi wasChli, horse, seitsami tamter' isrosrinag, .aint i varnit h brushesa laiad sasa and girain de, g toohl of all sizes. an LOKIt; CLASSESn-Cotapritsig gilt frames at and "varis sizes, 5, 3, 2 sand I hdt'aw toilets; iermmaa mitt sat oilet aed posket glass, maall' italg iarnors, ter. Peta; l.AYINGC CAi1)S--Eagln, Inalry 8th, Brom, di llHighlandter, Spiel Cartril, French and whia l bak Play "" FANY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A sape rior assoIrtment aof lrtable denks, ladies' and grud - mea's ldreesig aesas and ladies' work boxes; fancy i n ea i aof variouas ldesarittionls, suitable for the new ygea f sand Christnlas' slla;il pakekt books el all sois; luspns. des, tlSireoxars, lead pencarils, rayonsa, violins head bags sld pursestait assortment of fancy beadsH superior e qu)ali billird baills, paste blacking; bane, shirt, vet illl atl arapllapder hettlsstl pearltlntanss and akin atusa.. I sense alaroepi be s tartmehsi far asrstitag liglht O ias1ida saiit an utlaerltnict 'af apaiuh ad swarill canes; hank ganiorua iteasd dliac fancynac'ens, splilc, Jewsikerlps, K' may 4 BEES It D'LANGE. RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S !'tOMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy 0 and certain cure for the Fever and Ague remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal succass in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicinn is highly recommended, and has beoon extensivoly used in tile above diseases with such distinguished success, that the propriotor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form. in the hope that it may be the moans of relieving many of those who msn suffering under the scourge of our countay. hii a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cnre, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stonmach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requiret more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottls to effect a care. There is neither mercury nor arsenit in the medicine, nor any thing injurioes to the human constitution. The proprietore are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & agpe. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholusale and retail drug and medicine Istoe, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITH, 48 Conti at. OI nl Il r1OS5-70 bhis rosie droes, lending asat f ior sale by J 'T'HAI ER & Co, jy 14 74 Poydran street. R ICE-50 caska and 51 casks landing and for eel by J THAYERh& Co, iyl4 74 Poydrad street NEGRO CLO'I'rIS, LIN5EYS & KERSlEY'- The snlbseribersn aoffer for sale, landing fore ehip uConcorl, 2 hbales plain mixed negro cloths; I bale Cailled mixed negro rlorlt; 18 bales lioseyy, enersed dilrors; I hale white ewn skins; I case printed kerseys 2 bales heavy mixed Cordova kcerseys; I bale nnfinislhed cord ova kereys. ISAAC ISAAC BRIDGE d; Co, jy12 134 ilge.rine street RESUI fLOUIt --to0 hIls larding and for aale by C-v G DOltS!Y, 44 New .Levee ST. JAGO(tOFEE. C O:"FIE-95 Bags, auperorlar ier, landing per b righ Tuwen Enrique, for sale by -LSLTER & TRItlR, 40 Poydul street

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