Newspaper of True American, August 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 7, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. For Bay St. Louis, Pars Chrili.nn, Belozi, and Pascagoula. The fine I\v pressure steamhoat GIRAFFE, Capt. S.iler, will leave alr the above placer, oil the mornings hr Thursdays and SaturdayB, Immediately after the arrival of the six o'clock cars and return as lieretofo.:, on Fridays and M ndav. 'lThe public may depend on the loat leaving punctnally on thebs above days. or passage aIply to Captl. Saier. P d. The h irafTe will be prepared,on previus notice to Captain Switer, to proceed olnce a week on Pleasure Fesursions, provided a sulticient number o.rsa to semunerats. jy 1 8Ft). I.OUId ILLE & It LI'htRIEUDIA'IF LAND. The splendid and fast running steamboat GOV. SHELIY, J. J. Kercheval, mnster, will positively leave tor te above ports on Tuesday,tthe 7tht inst., at t0 o'clehk, A. M. For freight or passage apply en hoard or to LAWRENCE & LEGEINDRE, aug7 28 & 29 New Levee. MATUR)DAY KVENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDTVI.LXE b i1 HA? IONVILLE. , i ibThe oteannerSOUTH AI.AIAMA, " Capnt. L.T. Knight,will leave the lake ~ill& end of the rail.road for the above pla cea, every atu }3 evenint, on the arrival of the 4o' olockears, and return the saine ni gtt,-and leave Sun day mornitg oo the arrival oflthe 8 o'clnck cars; return in, leave Madnsnville at 4 o'clock, P. M. al 3taw 2m UFOR MADISLONVII.LR LOUIBUbJRIL, .IANDE VILI.F & COVINGTOIN. I The Ihst ronninc and splendid steam. o boat SOUTII ALAIhAMA, L.. T. Knight master, will run as a mgu lar mail boat tor thi above ports on Mondays, WVedaen daI a and Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 )'clock cars, A'M. Returning, leaves Covington l'uesdays, Thurns days and Saturdays, at t o'clctk, A M. N It. All bagnage and tareels at tim risk of the own wr.s unlessa bill of lading is sigeNl. GEe WHIT'rlAN, New Orleent and Mobile Mail ifiie, an Exchange Ilnildiner, St Charles st. FARE RKEDUCED! The steamtnot MAZEPPA will leave the Lake end ofthe Rail Road on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fti day., an the arrival of the I.o'clock cars, touching at Bay St Louis Pass Christian, Biloxi, &c ; returninr, 'will leave Pastaraoula at day ligbt, and arrive at Or leans at 3 o'clock, P. M., tounting at nall the watering ;places in day liglht. Fpare from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis $2.50 Pass Christian 2511 SBiloxi 4 00 GEt. WIITMIAN, ad Exchange Hotel, St.Charles street. ill lm iaý., Wor Texas. For Matagorda, Lire Oak Point, and .qraneas Bay. The fine fast aoiling brig GOOD() IOI'F, Jole Itastings, master, having a large part If ,. her cargo engaged, will sail in a few daoys. or balance of freight or Ilesaee, hlaing superior ac eonmmnlations. apply ie board, or to Sjy~ WVM IIRYAN, 56Coommonet. N l Thle Good Hope Ies beete thoroughtly repaired and newly coptlered ot tle opposite ride of tile rivor and now stund A 2, at the ifferent insurane offices in this city. jr2l F-r V--toei, Baaorio nad .Marion. le 'I'o vry .sperior new light draft scrhoonerr ALIIER' TEIN, Captain - , having a large portion of her cargo engaged, will hive tiek enpatth for the aboo pretn; blIce of reightor pansage, apply to W1t BRIYAN, S"ii 56 t'o .on o t. FOR LATA tDI, Cox'S POINTr AND AIILNSAS II+lY. . The well hno1 n Schoolner LOUISIANA, Captain uld, hlaving i lrgea aortion oflher cnarYo eigage',,will ineet with de patch For Ibalance of freight or passage, apply on board, opposite Jefferson street, or to W BRYAN, or p ag y, apply on board oppnoite Jefferton street. .rt IV 'I YA N, r17 5ti tn itnon stret. FOR tIASCAutitL. 1, it 1X1. 111 t-ll -., r. a, It.\ZOIu, on the (' n.s,. ulhe aketsch,w t ourl E II NR , ,i l-.'" c1 'till r ria , willr utlw welt U bl rlcln to S ls..e Viplete Ilerbarg lr ballnce of freihlt e I e +.l.`'" apply on loti r elaitn Jeiaersn 0sreet, i ears. .lylVl FORl VI.I.ASCI), II; '/.\ , .a 1;-11,1'11I--[A- 'PTha well kunw., light ,Iram:ht itshIrDI' ,syl rbl' . lFolr Ibl'base oI+ freIgr ht or lni.n-l% l|,i"E bit ptrilor .latiel% alyn,h t'· hlle {:cap.rlti tn blload, lppocite to St lt'crl street, o" to I i0 I 5. CaOI~lIOI ntmrPP+ For Sale. Frei'ht or Charter. FOt \tlF I1 IIII, (.11i t 0 II I F ' lhd (alt f laor Igo,,h', tbv nehrmaedt . ir 1~n~lihile,., ,,. .,r w tno e e t h en' l o tl ~r or lo i e mae • oV a t" r jrl Ion stret A Ve'eel "o Ir Ier tit l Il a Ibet e n \lTI0ile cIk 'lexaiv oe to nxesu I ~n llhon .arded A ui el, for l teryms to :jei7 V I tit m1: on street. Um A -Mes rIl ne 111npfi I a w .ever A VeY .l to proee'd to Mstobil'. and thuere f led fur IIvna.a. For terlns applm t Wjyt7 B NY 6 Comon~s street. - Brg or c olaner ucapable uof erarrji frolm 6 ti t Io 0,0(1H feet humbar, to load at last Pin, Mobile ay and pruceed to llvna- Apply to ImEVI Il . GALE, jul31 93 Comnetn street' A vessel of lthe capacity nf 100 to 150 bhds. will receive despat,'li otr Charleston, if ianne bl dte apnpliicatlu be made toI LEVI II G1ALE, b jy14 93 LtCommon street. I, ALT-0iwitacks Liverpotltliocn salt oboard barque ne t5 Citizens, and for sale; by LEVI II. GIALE, jelS 93 Common street. P RK-Mess, Prime and, ftr sale by Sm2r (o I)OllSE, 4 New levere. =1ANC..I Cole'dletter Paper -Jitst rceivedd, f.ur d coInes fancy letter Wpaper of vtiy erxcillent quality, for sale very low by tw ase or nBtle retlT,t " DAVIID I ELI' 6 CO jelt N V Otttiou'rs' tIll, 24 C'hartres st. - IIM tI bbla New (rlean. Rum, for sale bIr al 18 Ib'HeAVER&CO I' REi.N HAVA'nA Ci)FFEE-150 bae, in storer, G anl tar sale by SLATER & TRIER, P jyl7 40 Poylrns street. a SAVANNA COFFEE-95 bogs of saperior quality, 1 landing from brig 'I'wen E trigqne, ftr sale by SLATESI .. TI.+LR, jyng 40 Paydras street. LIME.--4I00 Cask Lime for siale by S & J p WHITNEY, jy L26 8, Coati street. F III--S l(K ie.S Liars, Dabbes and Reels, jlust re p c aeed and fitr ale by I CASEY, jv26 19 Camp street-. 15 'Si1l Pseratont Ink, for ttnrkibt ini reilslk n or cotton, eith a ucommon pn without preparn Sion, for sale by l i CASEY, jy26 19 Camp ;reet. LArCK Writlig I--Just received per sh SIuntevilDe Ires New York, 20 dozen quart Black Writing Fluid, 4 do pIint do do 44 do half pint do do For sale wholesale or retail by IIAVID l FELT * CO. New York Stationers IHall, ,yjY 24 Chartres street. NOTICE. T RRAIVEI.LERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line ,n Mondays, \Vednesdys and Fridays, will regis- I A-ernthetnames at this office, as no seals can be secured in thbe tage at Paseaeoula on the above named days, nless t.beir nam's be placed on the way bill. 'Theme wise nave bheavv baggage can have it taken direetto Mobile by any hotts during the weekeoept esn the above named days. GEO WHITMAN, lORK--l'rime and Mesa Pork,full branded, P O P and MO. Also, 90 pieces Kentucky Bagging, 85 coils Rope; for jes 10 Itravier st up stairs. S BOO'fS, SHOES & BROGANS UST received by ship Charleston sao brig Tallery .ra td,31i0 cases'Boots, Slha and lBrogans, coin ircing a good assorttent, and which will he sold low ,tr cash, or good city paper A F I)UNBAR, at:ll 21 Cttstomhoause st. II('sl'' TRAVELS tN EUROPE. /f IIAVE Li on the Continent of Eurome, viz: it Eng SIland, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland,t;ermalnt ny, tle lilbarle: Is. By WVst Fiak, I I), President o the Weslytatn I iveslsity at M idtletown, Coun.; in 1 eolumewith la i silngs. Just received ant for sale by WM McKEAN, m03 ear Camp and Common sts. pO1 -..ibs in ftteor sale by Jut6 ( I)ORSE't, 44 New leve tin, 101) Jaxes tin plate, and 15 casks zinc, inn etore, for eale by S LOCKE & Co jyll t2 Old . ces S PERM CANDI.ES.-S. boxttty-fc hu s, v.a..ions brants, tar Sale by W'INSTON & SIAL,, je t 7 7 Fnt Levee. T O l,.ET until 1st November teat: the elegatt Dwelling Hoaer, No. 117 St. Joselh stlret. Apply at No. 74 P'oydraa street. jyl9 +Iff B II RL-;,S tLIME lauding fr'am brig Unsole j Sa. S.t ,. for aale by jy .. S & J P WhITNEY bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LOND)ON-PassRge only. lThe A I and itisl aoilit:g brqoue NIMROD, Captain Patterson, will meet with immediate despatch. For pis.age only, having hand sole ccunlunodatilons, apply to LEVI If GALE, jyl2 93 Cononi street. FAR LIVERI'i tinf Th upe. croared and capper fastened ship CUI aMBEtl. iNI, Cai. Il.Liv, having mios of her car.o engagedt, will hanve despatch. For eight nofl;i h It.l os pr passageo having sperin:r hanconollotda tiolns aoply to S&J P WIIITNEY. jaly3l 8 Conti street. FOR'iI'Il.. The A an ul frior sailinS Ohip STEIG LPZ, o p. Gil n, will r eceive dsspa:oeh. uhaving Ithi greater pit of lher cargo enegaged; tr fretglit of 150 hlls tobacck , or passage, lihaing hundaomln naccommodations, apiply to LE I 1P GAILE, july31 93 Comelon sntret. FOiL ,118 .i.'OiUUL. ' The A 1 and sntieriotr ship HURON, Capt. Boardmann, will rcinve despatoh. For freight of6o bales on deck, or pnanage, inving haond some aeceommodations fin 4 cabin pas-engiers, apply toi LEVI I1 (GLE, jy24 93:1 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL The elegant Packet Ship IIUNTSVILLE, Cornell, master, will br de.patched for the obovo port, prinided an inrmediate euogo offers, tor terms apply to J I)DBEIN&A COHEN, jy24 99 Cnommnn ntreet. j1 FO fi lfiVFRPOL.. The A 1 and sot sailing ship RO\VENA, CUOplai. teed, having tie greater oart of her _,ro arngo engaged, will meet .'th imnedi tr des rnch. For freight if ll ut00 al elatil or passage, h ingandsome recoillnilatiaolE, apply to Tjyll LEVI IW GA\iE, 93 Commonh street. FOL I IVEIPi tioL. .-: The A I and fan sriling ship ROBERT' i WATTSI , illptaoi Ihlllinglhnm, having lhe graoter lirt of her cargoi, will mrne willth innlediate deiptcllh. IFor freight of 3l01 bale, cotton or pnssage, having Ihaannfolne anlolymd loesr applv to LEVI If (ALE, jy21 91 Common street. FOR LIVERPinUI.. SThe A f ald splendid I-ft sailing ship TIUCIi)N, GCaptainI BordntUi. will retive imn di.te ldespatchl. For leansge, lhavilng hand l tone naeolnllodatiolls for 4 cabin p.isonerr, op. ply tfi LEVI If GAI.E, jyt7 93 toanlto , street. Pf I lii IVIE. To Sail on Wtednesdey tle 8th of Aug. I'he fast sailing ship SALADI.', ('apt aimpson. will p,,itively sail -s above, and can han.,o.ely aneoilommnrdate two rahin pon nengars. Apply oiboard,a stipi No. 2ii, 3rd Muniei pholty,nr to LEVI 11 GALE, oug7 93 Common rintort. FO .II -PIt SIEII.L1,o 1T wnnell hone noail st sailing packet lbrig CILUMBUS, Pir ree, master. will it colve inouediaite idespatch for the above port. having he greater part of her cargo engaged. For freighft f'di bailes altlnt or passage, having lhandsome ccoununoduatiins, apply to A D GORE or LEVI II GALE. aug7 93 Coumlnoo ntreet .. mimRLs, ,'-e_ . 'lsandsome aceonunodutiuns, apply or LEVI II GALE, 'aug 93 Common street We A ,. + Coastwise. of FOR NEW YORK at. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Regular packet 6th August. l ''h spl.dmll fast sailing Packer ship S II2IN' SVIIA: Connell mster, will sail as aer ove, For freight or passage, hlviny plen or did ac,lmmodut'nilons, apply to the Captint, on board, u opposite the vegetablem l rtkelt, a' ta J I) IEIN & ACOIEN, Je jy-?6 90 Common rsreat. FORt NEW YOIK. lit S The A 1 tat sailina brig VWEILINGSLY, st t l Caplain J Churchill, having nearly nil of her -ht -.ran enuage,, will ave drspatclh. For 'el.e , ight'ol 31111 bids or piasslge, Inllag wodma.d lllnlllO Iaiionus, ,piy to the Cl. aplanll I laon ard, falt c I)eltd stresat,-r t. CIiAS kM & INlXl', e .y+6; 6 Cu-omohunse street. FOR NEW YORK_.-Pa_ ket Line. t The 1 1 pp'ored and ela oppaer fisternted in ship ,%.RA+'iN, caplain l)veroux. Ist.c s. tria p. s .ert rfhe arI.n engged, wa ac aill have having packet nrolaIlations, apply i, oard oppo sict vegetabi e market, or t. S &.1 I 'III'I'Ni:t, a Th, lille slr VI ll:I'iNT, up. N9, - ad, , pat' ..i'. l" l V\ . r s ;) ittsrlS JI' \aVIidI TN, S, _ MF lt tr l I, . " I.- Te lit rualing hbr g ( M 1, lI. en. .. ('lntis, Ihavng rle hmlf of orearcn.'. rl ;- 1 tide e t will h Iurl drspllth; l -l -l n llnerl I I .cl.l ll"insull bthllllh , btetoa the I: "lu 16 olaall Ir St'. li 1 E et. u.lvt:, , ,15 ,:y r isin the 1artl af ir ereg. rnagagr, witl lat r'' t jr 14 1 . i W IIN t " new. and liart sailing .schooner 11RY ,ng ELLEN, uprmain Parris, will neet with dltc ast natch for the above port. For freight rs .- passage, apply on loaaad,( (Ulpalite o r Ir aekl,) or to el' jy14 Pd PadrI(ras sireet. - FOL Ci I RLETS'l'tONN, r-s. The A I and lst snilhCg tchioner S11ne ne LOCK. Capt. Holpkins, having the greater board, will rcrive f iu htxara dertutc tile s ov Yet p sFor seigiht of.O I0 asrrolsa r paaaura aving hand' Ssome accommollutdationls, aapply LEVI II. :AEV a+ 9ICll C luuu street. FOP t ClI\II.EM i N. The A I and lost sailing schooner SIY L..OCI,a;. I..lpkins, will re eive despatch our for the above port; lor fr ighbt a ply to iy, TLEVI A . AEL&., lt 1 july3.193 Caoron street. I Foro Mobile, and all Iaterrmediate Landings. Thhr low presanure steam bust CIi0,lNE,aillle e esra Orlsns CO' for Mobile eversy 'Thursday andu tre, Sunday,r a tlock, MI. touching at all the wa ering places at which passengers may wish to land. For t urher particulars, apply to HITAN, .sty, jy24 Exchangea Hotsl, St. Charles st. For Mabile atd all Ilterlmediate Landings. sect. W Thue aust ruanin auu a nplsdid sreat rat \V . WALLACE, entirealy in ate rooAms, will enave New Orleans .re a frlssi., .asndI all intermediate watering Iplaces, ss lsc Tuesday and Saturdry, after the arrival lof th C GE. WIHITMAN, jy. l Exhalnge llotel, St. Chasles st. I s The fast sailing echr EIERALD, Capt. 6ara- M urges, having mtaat u' cargo engaged, seat' will )tas .. patl.e r-lis hreight a 151) bursteals Sapply to S & JP 1 HITNEY, ah 8 Conti st. J T received at the LouissaLa Furtiture WIar Roo/ m ss, 3 rlienville street,l00 Malple and Cherry BedIteads; t a first te article. Also, a god aetssrt mest of Maple, Waladt, sat d Paiated Chairar ls wilh al, will be sold ar the lowest casr p Aes. hl wl, h e i CA rNES treat. jy. 51 Iiesnville street. iUININ EPIII SALrTs, AAND CALiMtilI"1 'c( Ica.M esa Fmnch QUtaias, 10 bils Epsom Suits Line lutaussPearl Ashes, 4 eases Cal.mel, Ipas c.. auloy, rgis- Rhusarb, &c. &e.. landing frol brig f William, froma ad Boston, and lfor ale byARaIe h k NyREWI S days, JAtIoS & ANDIREWS, Wholesale IDre.ggits, taken jy? cot Common ki Tchoupltoulas street. Notice to the Public. , F Y DO.LAIS REWA D for Ia i avietion Pf'I'hinfor li'ies.r-On Saturday night the Itt a; for instant, ylyron Chest was forcible broken oain by asonc sillainss and roblsd at' sts ,llssins: About twenty dollars in specie. A asall tin box having my name on, and containing, John H Graham's note at 4 ment.,a, frotu 9ti alley Jsnaar, 183', fo. $1011 75.. aon C Caenagrt nteor at 4 monthas s, fron 14th I las January,1837,ufor 60970 hu C Cstaaneas unote at 4 months, from 18th at. January,1837, for 600 lorton and Patteroann's (in liquidation) note at 609 days, from W28th May, 1837, i tr 400 00 Eng Julin's Vairin's note at 0l dyays, lrom July stna1 ath, 18a37, or 1150 00 unto Feltonl and Holder's note at 60 days, from Feb. in I st, 1t31, fs lyt9 25 sea by Feltan tad ildirer's note at 4 months, front oebruary iut. 138, lie IuII 00 ts' Faelton and Hoblder' note at 6 months. frons Februars lns, 1838,1 h i 141 08 .eve Fergu ahn, Prker & 'snote at l0days,front s block 3d aausary, 1830, hor 722 97 SiSertapin Cuctll, de bill, dated, 25th May, 1837, pnl7,tbe on ruaand, 609 71 ea And stndrs other dua ents and papers not recollected. The Western Marinet and Pire Insurance Company's Ditan, sanPiiiataitr.laures if liatack. Mlerclhants' laurance Company's shares of stock. Leves. CJln'nrciail lrnk'a o ttifeuate fir slares al ntok. nleintat lUn and asiaCssai nalay'a rstiicate 'ar shares on u rlFeh public are hereby eatia8oned against trading or Felgotiatinlg for any of the shove not. a or dm cnsents, as ins.Il Frtmeute tsft 18 are ereb i sar1 r; ai iaaain been0 stdlon frotm ar Iery nuath ohieat 'i mtlhiua rown. tNEY J G 13.ANI'IARD, jyl 33 rlisru er street BUSINESS CARDS. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADD)EN, No. 14 Chnartres Street IHAVE aoeotontatsupply ,f every r title pertaotoiug to gentleolnl's dress, of tile latest str It, at .hew Yrkt pries de 211 TEETHII SILICEOUS METALLIC TEE'lTl. PECIMIENS of these beeuthlil teeth, aind the manl I ner of etting them,tmay be s en at the thieu of J.B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canal street. These teeth never chlang eolour, and are by many, and in many cases, preferable to the natural teeth. IEY Dr. It. will wait upon Iadies at their residem'e, rtlqeResied, a 9if S. A. PEIll(R SI E;tt, MERCHANT TAILOR, 6(7 Common stre et, P EGS to inforlt the public that hnving purchased Sfrom lesrrs HOUGH, SKEtiGS & CO. part of their stock, he will continoe the business at their old stand, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where lie hopes to merit a sthre oftheir patro.ege. He has tmde arranweeelatte at the North to be sutpplied ooltly with the latret andi ,,111 at si,,.abl,__ gods. tot 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Povdras street New Orlean,. MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all descriptionl . W'ARM, COLD, AND SHOWER BA TIIH Fixed om the mOst approved principles. MILL'D LE.D), PIPES, &c ItpOrders executed in nny part of the Soutthetn States. cnr 9 Dr. Robert F. Ltsede. OFFICE EEXCHNOE IOT.E... Is CLAY & CI.,'IIE, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Pvydran street, Tr EMP on handl a ,net:nt supoply of leod Pipe, I . foran 2 in. diameter down t.l.. in. . ditmeter, for ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAILISII MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcale. IVILLI..I GR EENE, PROPRIETOR nrl J .. PARKER Comnission ane! Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STALIRS. New . :lrene,Feh..4 JARVIS & ANDREWS, WI|OL.SALE AND RETfII. DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DI'E STUFFS A.NID WVIDO IV 1.ASS, Corner of C ommon and Tehoupitoulas streets, NATHIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & 1. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. I Nou. 61 and (63 WATEIL ol 'REET'. rIIIE undersigned, having eisthlishel themselosn in L Mobile for thie parpose of tmnacting the Auction Jt and (onunissiotn bueitesn i in ts various t'brs:lepc, beg leave to inttetr their frie, untl tlhe paltlie, that they re r now prepared to receive e.osl'mr. ents, and make liberaladvances on the same, either for private or public sale. SIL.O.SIAN I. JONI 2, et ISRiAE1. I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A . A -CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. AItAHAMn TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardng a .ointlm nsotilt MerchanltsOr, No. 40) Plvydras Street, NI \V tIlt IEA NS. - They will devote their particl r ttention to the sale lic Westuae Produce. t ijaefen h lisk, I I p I Ht t I n S ill', New leil us. A It Nlthtu, 1 Messrs. Khou l , I)trt. & Co. c e 1ul) & .t, Wdli otts i ) ri s ild &Cl . Bos'ton, ](16 its I\j.rlth s Sc Co. t.errl',t sec l 'hnllU . New York. Vo EI hTO . le ii. tl. cONE It peortt.rdsn gal a oCe .i nte lIerelttuten tNiSiERdS 1 Itsills. ANt I.i S TORE, No. IShllaw rto'l a , att T e le ih e r& o. rl ' jllt th', P n XER & ua. n.I t APorwrdg and t CO ttii lll.iou ,ll S Soto o.u Hion. New Otleur.. AMERICAN & ENItLISI! CROWN GLASS, t. No. l C 'ittnu e i r i. re s iET. Mess. INS RBALL, CO. J BANY l OF' NEtn ilOSEAs Co Tlhit omltpnyite reIIIcle prltenred to take A.ISKS B AGAINST FI E. Nt . 4 Mu. sson' tildiLg,S I Ci PCntu O. \nl FM1. t I ACY, O New Olnneliayu 15.1833. Sereitary. t ed AVID STONE, i tet 0 N. ACommission d Co.. I.oig llerchant, CINCINNAST I, OTt, . t. Refe to e tA. L Roit'lt, n Ill an. 110 I I N ans HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. id lamep street, W leale Deler tM . \TIt, Oil, VaRcille, Brullhes, si' T.W.ToLLINS STTOR EY &P OLTAVELL Bayou SaraLa. Court, in lOen Cutom GH. New euildieag. j rec T H unlerieined havl oelineedia house in this ecity, yjan peue 2o2r ctg AMGENERAL CO& NISI CROWN GLAUSNESS. OFFICE, No. I CGAROIEn STrEET, UR Stulnto l P LESVY. t. Thehouneat cornd Golf, Miun., will be eoatiiuoed Sin te habove name. This Coepany arence prepared P' ISKS AGAINST FIRE. lNew O rleans, May I.183. ll e Sertary. Commission d IForwglrding Merchant, INCINNon A OARD. I elfin New Orlemntsi foe , toe Ofrtauns.cing Mt. oRe er t eo lye r& eus 2 New Orkeans. Jo, Landis & Co. i te nl tde o. nay C.e into I olitNnB, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER EiuNo. 12 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer rin Pasg, Oile Vreniose, poBrushe m3to Window aud Picture Gul,d noing Gib&e. ' Court, i the Custn of houe bunir dito l jall. New Orl, th purpose o" Ir5,n.actig a OFAlFICE, FiNo. lO GAVIER STREET, UP STAIRS, 100 KSr S Lout, Ln. STJohne hse st .r uuiillu, Miss. wil continuedK iyn the abovfe name. s i , lo;Godfrey Lawrie & dNl O..... . taren o Keoimne i or Old Tim iern the New ... ord. h ioN Gind reif Vicksbo Uirm Edisin. of autg arperCa ter & Co Grad Gul isks. tee Col, ot Coh eligiou St fthe Con. (ilit Lillard, Natchez, Miss. ATANIEL TOWNSEND having located him ct in w Oreas r the purpose of transctinep [re 312 C II 13.NCROFT 11 Camp TRUE Ai IERICAN OFPFIt 3)VK (A, 9 B PREWX9T* In eonnection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTINt( OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogaen Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, Anld evry dt'bcription ofJob WorI tshat in|ny be rqtil'red. [PLThe proprietor respectully ualls thie attuention of the public In the hbevlCe ard, aI ssres them that all work intrlsted to Iris rare shall Ie dune at the short est notice, in a style unsurp.assed in this city, and at thle tlo:est tra.f.{ GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF IJew Orleans and Lafayette W J'AS published ton Mni !ny, is1t ssay, and is now Sfor slde at the cunating room of 'lhepulishe, Exchange Hotel, St Charle street,-and at the Btook to,re of )les'rs. E. Johlns & Co.corner St Charles and Common streets. m23 L Cotrt--Jimts Mitvfield vs his ereditors--''he essioan of thie pe.titioner's proprtv having been accepl seid by tie court fir the boefit of biti creditors; it is ordered that a meetint c tf his said creditors do take piace at tile oaice of Wm Y Lewis, KetP, not. pttuiblie, Thursday the 9th August next, at Iti o's'lac, A m, Inr the purptse of deliberatling al tile afflirs of the tlid pettietoer and is tile leta ti te ill jsditial proceedings agaifst his eIrscn and property. as to the creditors aentioatld ill tile schedule ere stasyed. liv order of the court, this 7tt dhav if Jnlv 1833. 'il __y P LE BI.ANC, Dtp Clerk. ET'J' DE LA LITISIANE--Premier Dlatriet Judicitire. TAMES MAYFIEI.LD uontre sea crbaneiers.-l.s e cessiotn des Liens Itd pctitionnaire avant elf, Iceep. tiepar lacout ,t an bialtitcl des crtanciers; it est arden nc q u'one assemblee de ass crbanciers sit lieu en I'e rude de Wm VY L' wis, noeaire public, Jeudi le 9 d'Aout A 10 heures du heratin, afinhi de dlillrer sur les af;lires lidudit iptionunire; et ell mlte temalp toutes plursolites coatre at pUerPonltae t st propritr's sent arrit('cs. Par orde do ia Cour ce 7,tjuiliet 1838. 12juillet P LE BLANC, Dip.Grelfier. Pirates' Owi r Book. T IlE I'IRATES' OfWN BO)K, or authentic nar ratives of the lives, exploits, and exctlltions of the most celebrated Sea ltobbers, with historical sketches of tihe Clltaonstee, Spanish, Ladrone, West India. eaalty, and Algertie 'irates, in I vlt., jest receivedl, attd br sale Isy WMI. M'KEAN'. je'6 cur Calmp & Comnloan streete. rl ISKEY-l50 bblis itectiliei, in seor, ftr sale 0by G DOitomFY, je2l6 41l New Lteve. E Il) BANc--6li bils i store, tor rale by jol4 con Cottloen ttlld lMaguazine st. L EAF I.AI(ID--ti00 kegs beot quality, ill store, for jel4 44 News Levee. SMIiLY iitLMS-Put ut in bntc, also canraseurd do, in ilbi andti hhds. expressly for fumily ue jtust llnde I and ftir sale by LAYE' & AMlELUNG, jel 17 Ctttnmerce sttreet. 'IINCINNATI IIAUCON-i7 hhda Hant, shtool. JJ ders and Side~. of superior quality, landing from stetamer Chancellor, lor orle by ISAAC HI1DGE J& CO. jetl 134 Ntagaziec e'reet. S I'ERMll I)lI.--'0 casts Wintcr Sperm (')il, hieuch Sedl, fr sale by ISAAC iRlII(:iE & CO). jell 131 Magazine street. 1VJ IIISKEY--Iu7 hhls Whiskee, landing frunt the peteambuat Merrimalck, lor s:lde b G ieI. LA'S ET & AAIEI.UNG. A 1-4110 keg prime Iurd, in t t'-re, tr stide by )Olth;-31i b'bs prime iPrk, lauting fronl steam butt Emperor, tor sole by -t; I .l YET &.. A 1,1 N: N(: v t 1t- -is N i 5h s n it ,h o it in t hm , i t r. aaht i s, JOhNi I HOEY, Saddle, /mtst.ol u ottl l'Talrun illtnufujtaurer, anld lr ants tcs 'lll'.,trr r Etqt uttittett trcrey tcittrittiorn. -I il,\VINt. in mploay severtnl tilitary WorkI mn, 11 e ttis rleady to Irctctct work in tte above line tit fthe sha tntcI , nIIIod I tllilll most reou. able terms foi Ilit' L'IN & CO.)lFS, 11113 1; ,ulllin s el t.r -i El i'IIANT''A e un have e bhiuutinul cileular atrilk i ill a ll t ewo hours hsititc, b ttt llig at the t rleint s I.ilhur:lqhic ,iure,l,33 llugazile trett, lppoiloitt tdllks Sra- i... ir+24 AC bv t i -I:L- alt IIlblait b ii, iluckerec, for sale SRICEADI & ItiKT T1 W, nl:2 6f7 Gravier street. ACON-lI cesks Iwime tacon sides, received per B steamer I)leil 'I leblster, for tsale ihy ILAWI ENNE r I.EtIENDRE, jel e&e 9 ~N INw Levee. _ NoT'lICE. FIjFE subscribers havt this day assotialted them J selves is business, under the thi of lhaunay i Roberltson, ad rslicit aIt iconialne oft the itroaago ae ..riesned d It IR li .....ay wlile....luei tiae busi..i... t ia in his awn la.le, as (lGeeral Agent and Commission eROBERT iM IHANNAY, jyl9 ROIIERT A R IIBERToON, LEAIF LARl)-1000 kegs in tore, fe sale by lJ ti e)OlRSY. in jil2 44 New ieIee. Fri SENT'I3CKY RAGGING-1O-tII1 pltr fir s:e by E B HHOLMES & SILl, ' jyl2 Bank Alley. it CO I CH BA (iilNt -ui is heavy. Scotch Iagging I 43 inelhes wde, for sale by lit HOL1ES &. MIt.ll , rio vl2 Bak Alley I E XCiHANGE ON NEW YORK for sale y Jar L I.A\VRENCE & L;EtNItltE, Si jy 1` 28 &. 29 New Levee. w. F iEtAS, NUTMEGS, &c:.- 0 six aind thirrteen L pound s aIddies of gunpowder and imperial tes, '25 eases ' canfister itc peiaii and tunpowtder, 2i half ap e ealts of po•fa ioni tea " one cask t tras l autnteg.s , LII and a general aisiortuattl of groicries, lir sile low by - LAWtLENCE & LE.t( ENDI1.E, AILS"li kegs asoartil Philadellphlia Nuits, in I a store and lor sale bs YORKE & BtRO'IHEI.S, jyl2 ... C65. tn. street. OTON BAGGING--In tom rnd fir sale by C YOOKi & IlRO'IrllEIts o, jylh2 ,5 Camp street. . it ),.G1GINIi-- t 15 pieces of prime 44 inch Kentlacke D Bagging, lanling fro i.. b., Corintlhiansfaorle lit r LAWRENCE & LEG;ENDE, - jel6 2. ad 2L'9 New Levee. - ESTERN BUTTER-2OI kegs i store, for sale IlV y SLA'I ER , TIhItE, ed je91 40 L'odras street. Ct SARD-177i9 kegs leaf Lard of superior quality br I. lauding Irol cteamtotat Moltarch, fr aule lt by LAYEr & ASIELUAG, - il. 26 li Comlllereotree At -GI UON'S GUIDE AND DIUECTORY Pe F OR the State il Louisialn, and Cities of New Or- on leans and Lafayette; for sale by McKEAN WSI MeKEAN, mNA car Camp and Cotmaitta s. pi LOST. A IAR\ANT, drawn apon F. Cardere, State Treatsurer, in fnor of tlie. T. IDunbar, (Civil En D gineer, for the maun of Five Hundred dollars. Tir find er will confer a favor bI leaving the snmie with I. lit dse, Esq., oar. he Office ,f the Trie iAmerican. jyc6 ASH, or Bask .oxes,-jasl received by B BROWEIt & CO, - jy26 17 Camp street. EAF LARll)-Luldiig frome at Iter Trannessean; L fir sal by IDOItEY, ap25 414 Nerw Levee. N OtN pOlTERT--1t ciasks Ibeet loodon ditti L Brown Stout, aor sale by IlOLMES & l I LLS ail5 Bank All L.Itll S-37.P. ittsburgh lBlue Ploughs,in toar an .. t sera . S IOCKE I CO. ap 17 22 Old Ievee street. ý'ATTING-20 bales Spanish Mbatting fie sOle by A - IlEAl) & IIARSTOW, m _a267 i( rav ier street. NEw ItI)KS.. IllIE Aherican Delloerat. or hlits in the sk'iul au d o 1 ciil relatios f i tie aUnited States. ly J. Fenut mare Cooper. The Two Flirts or, Adventures ii a Country lonusei and othre title.', by Lady Blessin ton, . Bulwer., Mrsa Norton. uBrry Cornwail, Mrs Gore, Captain loledwiun, and others, ia 2 vols. The River and ite Desert,by Miss Pardosn, authort ofl the City if ithe Sultuta. The, Casket of tems, the Gilt of an Uncle and Aunt withl fine wood eagrvisga by Andersotn.i Just received aad ,or sale by Wl MeKEAN, j,:16 cor Cant sd cotmnslition sta. OllIN Il: ie 7O ha-!.ls rersin letdr, landing uand it fr sale by J TliA Iti & Co, iv " 74 'oydrae ashtit. IY:MON SYRUP AND PICKLE8. 100 BOXES I emon Syrup; 145 bbroe assorted .l Picekles, in quart, tnn quart and gallon bki ties, from the mamnictorv of Win Underwood, and Lewis & Hankell, of Boston; landing from brig Talley rand and ship Charleston, for alte by J.\AItVI & ANDIIEWS, rl? car Collnon and 7'ehapitoulaes ta. S.4 UA1'AllUIL C1COC0A-1000 ba ale ( "CFFEE--9 b.g a prime green Iluarnea Colier, 2 lannding from brig A E, an for rule by J. DINILL, je-il _ __ 3 CetIparstraet .,GGI-.Ni. & RO'PE-133 Its Kentucky Itaegtg, and 111 Coils Rope; also a small lot of Twinrt in store a, d for sale by J IANIEi.., Jr)ll 59 Carr street. r'\ttllCCrr--i orrrnres rod 4 kegs primr..UChwong 't'obacco. (L.eother's brand,) in srrre and uor sale by J. DANI ELI., p,20 5.. Camp street. I 10 COFFEtE-ar8110 bs r in tttffee, of good rl qualits, landing fromn barque Henry, Aor tale by j,"rl l'El'TiSN & AVERY. LMA3NACiKS tor 1839.--Just re ived, a arral lot of People' Alnueoaeks and Ct,ocket,'a lm.ta necks, for sale by I VID FELT & CO., New YorkStationer's Hali, j'21t 24 Chartrrs otrret, r trXAS FUNDED CERTIFICAIt.n and Audi. I torT' Draft on the Treasury, anated Iby NATH'L TOWNSrEiNl), je18 Ex~hange Hotel, Grarier rl. r1EX.'S BOUNTY LANDIwanted to S NrA'H'I+ TO1)VNi.ND, el . _ Eachange Hotel,tiravier steet. FIEMENI'S INstRANoE ComPAN OF NEW ORLEANS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the books of subscrip 1 tion for the remaining shares of the capital satrk of chis Company, wer re rrolrned on .cnday, the It:th inst, between the hours of It and I o'cioe P It, and remain open tihe same hrllr of ealch day thereafror, nortil the whole shall have bees snbseribred for. By order of the Board of Directora. EL TPtACY, June 14,11138. Secretary. PRODl. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, ()FFERS his services to the public in the depar-t Sments o Surveving and Civil Engineering, both intlown ardrollrcrV. IrrFrron eonsiderableexperiencecin his profesniln, aedeily prorptness and fidelita in ihe execution of business entrusted to him, lie hores to miert and eeidve a share of Itblic patronage. He wiltl also measure and eaetldate the onrrtente of walls end erravations. O:iice No 6 Chartres street, second story back. je7 1 INSi'.ED OILa, in Casks and in bbls, warranted Spure a.rlile, tor sale, wholeusle and retail. by JARVIS & ANDREWoI , Medircine, Paitts & Oil Dealers, jet3 Corner of Comnmn. & Tchoupiulaes ate. IfI)OWN NlHERTINtiS--0,llt yards 41-4 Brown ) SheetingS. landing front sllip Cherokee, rsiftble fot thie Mteoxie,.nu market or City rmdlu, for sale, by SVE1'TP N & AVERY, jel 88 CGrnvier strreet. OPER NI CANDLE.,, tll.. &e. 200 BOXES New Bedford Sperm C~iles; S311 casks New Bedford Winter Oil) 15 casks Roonine Zine: 6 boxes brown Havana Sugar, 100 coils aule Rope; 30 pieces Baggring; 6 casks IBlack Lead Cruclhles; 311 casks Paoter Hlaogtihes; 0 baskets Champagne ine. Forsale by JiF 2I GraC er :KYNE J - 2.i GOruvier street. W ES1'EILN tUUI'Elt-139 keese. received pr Iper 1 steamer Vandalia, from Springfield, Illinois, a superior aeticle, for sale, by SLATER &. TRIER jell 40 Poodrao street. jORK--I- mp, dolt Mess and P 0 for sale by . jet' (I IDlISEY, 44 New lIevee. SPERfi OIL, CANDL.ES, &c.-30 casks New Be.. ford Winter Oil; 200) boxes do do Sperm Candles i0 casks roofuting Zmnc,10l boxes Bosto Mould Candles 30U shiects Braziers' Copper. In store, for sale by ite JOSEPH COCKAYNI:, viii ap20 25 Gravier streert. N 'E A LAILI---0t kegs in sture, for sale itv LI el C IG ERSEY 4t LNeee.W IoV,. LATE i'PUIACA'I'IONS. C HESS MADE EASY; being a new introduction to the rudiments of that seientitic and popular iname. By George Wollker, Traebeorol'Chea. Uncle ltracee, a novel, tov Ar S C tHall, author of °ketches of Irish Chl:ractoa',The Buccaneer, no. o :' The Spirit of the Woods, illustrated yv co'osred en gravitg., I. the authorofThe Moral of Plouer. Finden's Views of Ports and Ilarbours of Great Bri- o'.l FIlora's Gems, or the Tresalres of the Parterre; 12 r aouquets, drown ant coloulred fromU nature, by James dit .Andreows: with poetical illustratimos,by Louisa Ann 'IT'o aoley, autior f Tile Rtonlln.c of Nature. san A Gilosurv of Tenor used in Greeitt. Roman. Ita liv, and Golihi Architec.tre; thie second edition, en. larged; exemplilie Iv b i0 wood cunts.l Addluck' legiorer' IPocket Ilnook, for the y, at 1838; with an Almaoaeo; by Henry Addluck, Civil Engineer. Worki of Lord Hlacon, wttith an introdetiory essay, nI n lportrait; new ediioll, comlplete inI vols. C ii-bo Ittirnet'. Ilislory o lhis oan Time: fl th Cie r.e t.r. '!, fit Charles It. to the treaty of peroe at Uý,yrCt, nt e o., t . -np A neCit ,ttinn. e ,1 McKEAN, 1 c- a m. - tIS 1U t a'-"-Fr sale by . T R IIY) & BRI-RTHR, tOt jea7 cor Common & Magazine. am \I alcde by ~''E'I'SON & AVERY, jc'7 88 Glravicr street Llilt . I'(lP)hK.--500 hblt Fhlor, 500 biI elea Meas M.f., Prin . .;, Kumps ! hh.ulders i sttore, anld fir sale byi jetl I...YET & AMFI.UNG. W 11iKiEY.--301 hibla rectified (Pollen's b W for sale by G. DI)O( .EY, je22 44 Neow Ieve. f U fI K--till bids. of oil qalities. just inspected - ad ill be old teloew tte quotations, b G. OItRSEI, jer3 44 New Ievee. p) 1U'1"I'EI--30 kegs fresl western Ibtter, tbr a le a ny 18 J 'L'IIAYER&CO. F LOUIL--41U hbls is salure, for sle by jel. 44 New Levee. FRANKLIN INFIRMART H1jIlE thlic are respectluorlv ired tiat thas inst. Stot in is erected on th Imo tnt impreved plan, and in an airy and nmost adiiratie ituotion, in lte faubourg Fratklin, upon the railroad, one mile frao lie Mliesis bI hr linlng is large and mostcommmliously divided into apartietits, for keeping separate dilferrnt classes, alnI different diseases. T1he instittioi is stpplied with the most skilful andl ittentive male and female ult sen, and spleakibng the va riotus mintero longuages. Private rooni may b had by gentlemen at five dol lars per day, inclu linag attend:anc, O&c. lerms in ti or, itary wardla, tuo dollars per day. Slaves also totl dollars. Salall Pox in the ordinary word, five dollars. N All capital surgi:la operations extra. c The resident ph7sivia t is Dr Weddeman, to wholt . Sapplication for udmisioni must be made. or to Itr C A I.zemberg, No 17 lRampart street. I apI It j- .oAF.lm---60-11keg i ostore, thr sate ltvt L DO Ri-W, E.' - jeo9h 44 Noew levee. TUI l hIN. IU-EGO MORPIIY, Professror of Languages, is tow D prepared to receive gentlenmeo, hbe mtny lie i-s posed t, spend a Ihlrt of their leisure anrs unring the snmmer, it tEqirig thie bFreic, Spanish, or English Lanoguagu. lach gentleon will have a separate ihoir, front 4 to 9 o'crlock, I'. M. VN. B.'I. ranslations made as usual Office, 67 Char. tree and 4 Bienvlle atreets. j tr..l liiHE NATURALIST'S OWN BOOKn--omprising J descrijttins and authenttie aniedotes ofn tldrupl. eds; sientifically aerratped acoeoline to Ihe syateos, i . Cuvtet hv the autlhor ot tle "Ynunge'Mn'o Oert llolk I'ITHE INATURAL. HISTORY OF INSECTS-In - two votntes--vol 2,fortitg to. 74 of thle "Fa'mily Li br rve".. A digestofthe LAiw oF EV"DENCr E IN CRIMINAL rusi c --I Hlu.ry Rlose. , ERq. with tote sttd references to A tmerlcut decisiono, mle to tile Enlilsh etnctottla w atilt ecclesiastical rlnorts Iy George S mtarawnott. ON DIOanoOaIS OF DIeJASES of the CreT-bhnased up. r- on tlie compariaon t f their pltysicol and general signs, by WV \V Gerhoardl, 1 1D. PRINCIPLES OF PATOIOLOGY, AtnD PRACTICE OF Pastc--By John Mleklintosk, 0l D., from te last Los. dun edition with totee and atldilions, by SaIouel Geo. Mlorton, 1), in 8 vols. te Ton AMncINe QUARTERnLY Rk EIEW-ENO A6 for December 111835. Jst reeeived and for esalre by I 4. f 1 WVin MoKEAN.cornor ofCase anil Cm. s' jRLE A' LARII-420 liege leaf Iords lsntg u Ssteamtboat GetLA, Y Wayino, e.s.,P, b j vo , 7 C oa un e r e e t t o . .t 11ACON SIDES--l3 hLhdsl bacon side,laodilg 'romnn 0 etoatanaot Ginoral Wa yne , for sale by LAYCI'" & .OIELUNGO . jy. 17 Co.merce otreet. -yp9'ait ' " 1 IR lt I lb, cuOntsitlcl lJ abott 11100 loes, vlying at Carr.ltou. for sale by T 'I itYDE & BROI'IHEK, jy cot COntuna & bOlagazine so eets. FI OUR, WHISKEY, PORK & BEEF--148 bills 1 epoifine anid l.l dli tilttroar; Ill bbls cmonsUo t;el 46 bbls rectified wblskey; 7 bbls mesa and 15 bbls {crime pork; 2 bhil primr hebl; the cargou of a lit boat for sale low, to close,.yET & AMELYG, lj y 17 CI(ticorei street. AF.AT-30 oe oaie.s--o each rbhle saht efor sale n I y READ & BAtSTO\V, Jb 7 flsnk Place. D GMAN CEIIENT--ftr le byh" leely READ & 1ARtSTOW. jy6 Biak iPlace. B- _ ,l.i-t500 ,psKe.tuck blacig.,, Fir main by j6 7 lannk Place. ant _ 7i1EA a :- BARSTl'OW hanve ritved 1to N.7 Bank Place jyfi I IAMILY IAMS-74h bblscenvassed Famnilv Hams ind oi supertior qno0t., landing Itrn erambnoat ltliMeenh, for sale by LAYI E & AM0ILUNi., tot. ":' 6 (:UlllCtoiXees street. N EW MUSIC-She wore a wreath of loos; Elias Treea Look forth my fairest; The Star Spirit; Come dlbn? yoJu les on, The ihm eth thim night; Lisit the Ileo e ondole, Thle lady letove. the banquet hall; a poleon'a midmght review. Just received and fr oakl r Pn e d CASEY'S, IRVING'S NEW WORK &e. T HEIOCIKY MOUNTAINS--Oroloee~ ineidenls id udventulres in "tile Ftr %Vest,"digested from he journatof Cuptain I L E lonneville, of the Army Of the United Stitee, lnd illhnttrlatd frun various olther sources by Wauhit,,'n Irvint, in 2 ot-. THe, VICTIMIS OV SOCIETY--By the Countesr of tlessirgtmoi, it2 les. Just reteived and Ott tale by IV .t it. ' 1. CAN .) 1I'E I . gq u ils; A POp'I' n .e, ink ll id, i d qers seali g x d rite, bl ck ;a, pat, alnd eet ry other article it stii..I't.. .t the lvery best quality, coi - .tittrly l-Us ltid li eir I rale IVI.,I) F.I'LT &S CEO. t189 '1 T .st o. ..' I lillNe8 ('hare At. ac. HlTE Ii .VAN.l -Ui:ciA-- buses luodiug L t romU R-00 b'lr xa. fitr sale by sou jel8 1 .IK EIt & Y '1'ilt1R, 40 Pev drr at E'-lNtX.1N MltJEY'-$iaii.. 'Ire sury .\oitee Mai ile by hv 1' It HYDE & IitkoTtlt:R, i.,y11 3M :t0mCommon. e-r. Maiezin st `US1AlL--u hAols is e, Ior sale by F sale, by -. l ite I E ir, jeln 44 New Levee. i ACKF.REL, LIilE, &e. 111 h2h4 bhl. malkeral, no. l; o an .50 hll bsrrir .i ckera, nos Ial l nd 11.2 casks uflitme, 2 bhondles hav, 51,10 feet lumwir, landing iout brig Illhioalhd, add fdt rai,h J 17 lI E'lTSON AVYEI N& I'll. NEW lHAT STORM:. J IST receitrdi per Itoe srrivdls from, New oi k, s fresrh od fthhlonable asottrliltett of HATS. 'Tllhe selhsriter would partiott ly cull the ntlentinn of the lublie to a sitle of beaver hats of a allpriaf Anhth, line texture, rid and teautiat' lure; alo, IItd a ine pl:in Russia lot otfa superioer ltality; and oltli a splendid artiele ,of ilk hult, togeti or oitht a goefht 0 ti fillatleitd by hillmsell, expressly Lfdr titl iuarket, oldileaule iani rettil J W sIIOIIBN, 34 Comp eiteet, N. B dity and country dealers are itvited tortall. felt 1 RIICIIAIDS, 'Tobacco and Snuff Ilualll -c ); Curer, No. 177, Camy .', New-Orleans, wishes to iform his friends and the public in geonerd, dilt ite i lnow prepaulud to furnish any thinli in tfie above business, til tla constantly ale the tirllottlg articles: SNUFFS. Rose, Germsn" ?,ltpie, 'alsyltvy, EiglislrhPl ."lRegent, Antnricat l llaltes; Natechittllws, Imtatedl, Amerie.ii gentlemaillt, lergtmot, llmketl Ratppe, ri Bl aekgsard1 St. OnaIlr, Curicoi, Paril, PParenSoish, Half usatie lappeie, Scoteh, afti genutine tooth powder. T'OBACCO. Fine etat ohewllg, sweet scented or tlain. Fine eat smokinlg, of variouls lUlitlhie, Rib-foot VirlhtiB, Spiandsl, he. T heaovearlle w a re all wtrtneelasd i , tf net to perlr to anytthing of thie kinl imlrttole, a;t will be furtilted to tetle tot the most tl.bLeral terois. netl 4 N E\W ulF.ItltO SPI'tlMl CuANIII.ES-. IU l.xe h if New lBedfot i perml Cundles, landing from stil, Kenotuck, andi ft.lale by LAWIIENE 'k LEGEN)DRI, je1 2~ & 29 New Levee SR tCO PER f aeeblir aiers cnpe. weighing ten poouls eal, in store and for sale by SAMUEL. LOCKE & Ctt.. t9 roSF ent levee, between Custom Htouse ind ilieh. eille streets, june 24 New Orleans iosd sitre lSe lt ll ea nd Arrlangemenrt. Ior nmning the ears from tisr darte. Fo~ e.l AOLtoLTOs Ftisl NoE ORIE*sa,. The hore ear at 4 o'el'k A A l Steeam ear at 7 A .1 saeati car 6 do do do do 9 la do 8 do do da do ll do, tli 10 do do to 1 teom ear 12 tdo d~ 1e am er at 3 do stean car 2 Jo P15t do do 5 do do do 4do It tin do 7 do do do 6 do tio , doi 9 du dI- do 8 do do The Jackson street eats end lIFlveltfe, Itlfpat 6 o'slock, A Mt. Canal a.reet at o Iclock A M1, and run tling hourly ut 7 o'clock. rliede cars will comunence running everv hdll Ilor, sland eontinue throughout ti1e duv until 7 ocelock, P M1. Ifhearranngeimet for the L,a Course street cars the name s li .r Jackl,on trn'et. `'lI.. Al4OG CtitF., Kruae hbr,-illit, rcntiotl A eer blrig Salur, il store, tilr sale by SLATI Et & ' RIERll nl'2 410 I'oydras street. . . .. . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . O.OOUNIE WATERK-Directly imp"Artcld from Co" u logee, by iH IIUONNAilL, nor Natchez and TebapinIul-. r.-. A GDEA'P IAiKGAIN e i T ILL be given i a choice arcel of S llUMMER c C LOTHING, to close a cenmignment. Per. tl sons wishing to purchase are invited to call and e- .. amino the sawe, at thie .ahae of tI NATH'I. TOWNSEND. jell Exchange Hotel, UGrvier c t. ci ' m24 n otORY, 4 Nuw e Lever. d 111.OUR-3011 bbl Atlihe leiadieg, per lal, r sale d, L by U iIOltSEY, l, j l3 41 New Leven SALAG.A WINE-Sweet and Dry Malnga , Wine, i LJ . in qr casks and Indi n bbol, entitled to debenture; for sale by REAL) & BA1S'I'5t, P je7 1i7 Gravier st. e 50 C.ASES m .,e ril, gunpowder, yuuung hysn and soucbhng Peas. 1l0 b ges M it Managa Raisins. 10Ihfllf do do do. lllI bags prime green lHanvana Coffee. 2il boen lclsh Havana Sweet Bleat.. 300 baxe Yoeung's superior Champagne Cider 75 cases BorH!eaux Claret. 30 cases superior old Port Wine. 135 do do Sherrv. 2 pipes old L P Teneriffe. :130 kegs prime uGoshebn lButer. 50 coilsn ianilla Cordage, nsserted sizesr 20 co*s tarred do do do. Ilt dozen superior Corn Brooms. 513 kegs aessrted Nails. 50 kegs No 2, Whliie lend, 10 casks Winter Strained Sperm Oil. In1 boxes .New Bedlord Sperm L Candles. 100 Lbxes Blston No I StoUp. 30 boxes French Bramly ')I boxes Underwtmd's Pickles, aseoted. 1 bhils American Gin. 15 bbls American Brandy. 5 qr casks Brelay's Port Wine. Sugr. Butter, Water and Soda Crackers. Pilot a cd Navy reaud, manufaClured by tilhe PatentStnai Hike i ennsrtntly on haned, tongther with a general assllrulllet of Grceeried, wholesale and retail,l, ZACHARIY & I I OTIIgl', je 27 76 tOld Levee street. I INS MEi) t)L- gallonsa bet English linseed IJ eil,now landing from luig Williram, lrnmtheo. 12110 gallnis Ioreign and nortellrn igni.clnureid lisered oil, i casks anid barrels, in Ilore, and tbr sale low by JAIIVILS 1 ANDREWSe Wh Inl sealst I)rggicst, iv7 car Common & 'tcholpinls streets. h OAP'-Jnn boxes Ni I sop, Ibrand of Jiaes i uld landing from brig William, Ifor sele by Sliy, r AAC BRIDGE dr Co, jy7 134 Magazine strect. B ALI: l(Ii'E-.5l,4 voil bale rope, of aaorela u SIAAC BRIDGE &Co, iV7 134 Mngazine1tore. UIIjUR K--di15bbl-Me d br- e -O atd t1O SPoerk, tIt Psle low by LAWRENCE & L.GENDIRE, ji l t m .. endl29 New L. eee: is /IABLE 1AL'I'- 30 Cases 6i0 bUxes each: tine tait 1 b'e alt,lorsale by EA A T READ l)b BlAlSTI3W; july 19 7, Bank llace. " LOUII--05 bbls, lsnding tfr.,d tirn- u-at - Iiii J, Mills, for sale by ( ID)R1SE', .r jy17 44 New Lever. u 'OTICE-The suglritiher haing punkthaed Ih .* Stock of Megnrs. Irwin, Hall & Walton, will coulinue i. transaet. a Whlesale Grocery and Com n miianiun Business. He hasn .t handl It general acssrte I manet Of S A itlBOT dStdaa.,wbirlt be offere fr icle SoeI moderate terms. aid solicitn the patrornge of his friemla of ihe foraer concern, and the pdblic iti geare. ral. jyl4.7t JOHN CHRISTIE,. TOHN CIIRISTIE lias rmonetl frOtm Ni.15 Nerv n J Lever. to 7 Common streget. jy147t Leckbhart'a Liin of Walter Scott, &e. . P ART 7tih and last, of LbckIha'se Lith of Sit Walter . Scott. ILove, by the author of Flirtation,The Divorced; &c; iy in 2 voe. Tl'h Works of Washington Irting; new editiouneols. ;10.II and 12. - l'lic Anericen Joarual of the Mldicial Serenced, NoI 4s43, Icr .Mav, 1838. en Juit riiccled and for sale by aW MNKEAN, Icur Camp anr Cningim stretet. Also a fcrtlhr supply of Alice. or the Mctm elies; a seqtiil to Ernesl Malnlttreor. jnl1 " E9LION" i -ti'P i cxee rnperior l.einn Sy rot et. L for sale bl READ & I.AIiSlTOW, nle _ .m ?ir 7 Gvierestit. Iiu)OiK i13 bbh Mlceanggd MI U l'ngb,tibbla pria. e. inuspected PoIk, ior sale by LAWIItENCE LEt;ENIiI{E, ma23 21 ew "eL VcLeCe. by ilI SIEY.-'9hlbleat thiid landin gfrm eteam er splendld, ior .ul.liy Ii DItSEY, m14 41 New I.evee. SICE-5 acusk and 51 carsk landing aind for sle hby J TIIAYER & Co, - iy14 74 Pvehlrs m IJ IE-LEau u.elks 'l Tiomaston limn tir rate bh rat [ CHIASE & D)IX. Y, y I 6 Custollnholg.C atreel. :ct. NEW PUBRLICA'TION1. - P IE"'l Loul.tb t t the Day l ul| jghMti lc l. L trry Hwdi'#., Esq. and Coirin~n.' TOR' mnpied by I ob Logir, the Onseei, le Meir ranmtlee and pts Ihmrolglh the .its.ojlit; by Ptee 'sln, W 9 ols Vivria (iley,a Nool;hv D lIsraeli, compl In i odef. The Yo'lDaanke,a liovel, by the Autloi of Vidiauid (;rey,olbmphete iI vol.. The Huna#ist, Edited h," Tlhbdore Hook Author of Gilbert Gurney. Jlust receirdd anil fir safe oa the corner ofCamp alt'P Coomtnt streela, by Wni" MeKEA N. `II Y I )tlHN FURNI'ruItTU;-l arat vre aul J perir. plant 4,;od' sets terlsa ni.lin gdoen tatiisorst ,nplele: justi received per ship llieot JItClgealn.r and' rcle tol L 'n. lOI V. CO., CII .t.CKl eli ONI' I-w It. of I'liil:ulrlhtria, end innllone tolnnif wUl4i for sale by IL;A OI.NIC I.Vl f [NI & " OGlueAeN r ue.l tr sale b eo ISA.At' A ilIt!tlE & CO, jy9 131 MLg6Cina street: R. it. i AMI.ELI. IltAK H ..PEARt is my dbllhtized .L ent durlig imy asenct. fre n o ilte cir. itNIEL lOAN%. . aJ)NERR. . I.. . IDNFE'8 r. Tle1iTL hl d t l heir Ir the grahnete orna mnt n elongming t;a the humllh framen. Hilw I ltoi, olos o it helllnirL the toiotlenllett, ald ppreateel Itllr, I.rine one thei nilppenr.ineo olold r.e, whieil e u, ere mentnvo reeoil at liotr ,ll,,ItrPld end solnetitneo even Ito loll, =ceielv in void thI, irete sno sneers of their e fine mealind, lft' their lives are ano .rqtlly spelnt in li llhrt, not evo n the Is elt ifepert fills the ee elrnos thhinklg neth with Ilrnt n 1eto1 hinlkhg beltnm re nloe thile nlee of hi hakir. To avrrtea IAtese onlJic. tio~i ToIrenirrTeR',OlfnrioIhr' Rlol of c'nlnml,,lo stolltie iloia r t'e, fitlli.t nofr n the. fircfeeplirltinn, sio i a4f.. btotler inteorre iturpen. It likrrlsr prodlo',t Lvethrow, d me lh.lkeors; Itrevetts the, rl (iirareIneto ino rpelv, akes. ir airl i. ilif'nll, nl, i tr itlFrn i .flt'. N'i, eretliliNtrP 'n f thif fir( e-lpe6inhilitlv in ciipli[ tt oif the virtui-a of Oldcid gte, Ill!t, ara hl,ov n yh, the'l pre irielr?. i3' ReadI thle flllowhg: Rinhitt tWhorton, e.q. Into. niivor ,if Philaderlp has certifi ue as ine i- seo lelouh, e., the high helirs ter of tie fllowine i.entloen.l I'hel undPr'inlrd do hFerll vr .tev lthe vr eer Amerl ihi 1 1ii ofI lhl a!bi ,l- verI h o .1. )lnlridge u i have f lfind it Itighly erv.ernble elrilv oil n pieventit - inneidt the f o, llln i foff hair, but d.eienbratuin resoti rrthmolit u lie ;tloirtl, e'l compr seninoer, v I No 1 Nortl Fifth set. ,dOIe~d InR LI..,, .o4ý1 cb srtle JOHN i 'hIrIttlA, M D; 11 lhll'rr.l JOHN S Ftlw E1', all Spi"ieer lstrtt. i HUG H .'cClti '.13iy s t? ti Wll.h d. JOHN GARtito,Jr, l23 A.liel ptreet. it is knioln rIhal liede of tIie v sienems ne tour Iltan 5ll year of eflr siand til eters no t less tno 30. t[Friionl t hie l dvnl t h.] may naaClitlyb ii r ea h i ofro theotir ex inta Cilt r1" I'nilat elt it a, Stt, ibert tlotrtol,, Masi'tr of'.Hid eiV, o Philnd." 1.10,do th arrie cesrtly det I aot %-iM eqnna;ietad wish lertcrs J P Ilnlite Join t Fltrh,, hloi Htiteh I lt "tmd "hlre tnlen ore sifned to thell jioe ie.tieiofieRntrrit Ihet are, el' rl,,rotter.nal nd r.,er.tohilith, tnd as i t full l t o shtulotl Ieirti t.t thle tioid oertificate. In wiietnrte wlt"rrof 1 lia hioeronunto set my Ihetl stlld causntrl tie . eal ofie citi, ito e :.i sxll, ihit cith day uftl)l{rm eqtler, "e. [L. S.) ROIIPII' WII11iToN Mayer. OlSEItiE. tlotle ench battle of the (J1ftliine liar thoad d cstindid itnrounrd tan tt, on ..i icl i rto prese nll Ithe I or ell o .igeurn, t reet.t Sold i hobtsole n redtail lih the eole tidcl.i ftir Antr crice, Vu n "lethe. eWetat, i,,r lMaiden Laner r ite lioll rbei low Ierel treolli l by lrltt rolrtinggii ts - iru .ore tltroegh it Ctrlnlrv: ;,1 R'ivi, ,G AN.,.R(:WR, m9 Wtlleshlr tAeente. 'New I)"lenn's. PI;OA P il'"f"S. TIlE subscriber proposes to publish; id the be:. gitling of the onrning wiuter, a Cotiitenation aif. the tiwenty volumnes qf tile (Oh anlI New series of lMartin's Louisinao teport., ttt Im etmprieed in foir voltntme. 8ot., seeordilg to the model of Peters' C CoCdaered Reporta. This IpR,,k is ttow ie pieparatinn hty J. Ihrton Ilerric.n, Esq.. of this city, ssslted ly William F. r:uvl, Esq. T'lhe Editor ins lat permitted, by a dliotinlglliretl retired Judge of ti i Supreme Courtt and I, one of the sitting Judges, ta expect from thier porsonal esupcrisibn tll lthe advantage which mtity naturaolly e be reoped from their experidnc.:l Y~c. Ali ilbhdorng urioshiy toe6 ie nnni test. in tile other States of the Union, in reference to Lite pe(tlliar juriprtudonEo er Lotaolsnit; aud i 1the eirettttatrte of tile neumerone principles Itet deec cided in tite oijdotmecnt of conflicts of lowa, nihake the knowtldge ttf odr adjtldllltl eCsno of prite uti lily te tls jurista of lile ti.tole Utliolt. Moroovet. tie rising renllllic f Texas lle n dopt, l nle r eolt andl l A p tlhere it s greet de nliotl lee the I.otAiellto decriiltns from a fresh quarter. Convenient ,otes, indicatitg tile ptnrllhrl elt. decided in Lnuiinona, tland ocetstloallj .,doh, itn ti, o trs atllotritativ torutItla iOf Clie olther Staiel, .wh' l ne adldd Io eaceh case.; T'le work will fiuni fonr vtiltlion, royal obate,. and will be deliveredl, lund, to d uhaecriberIs at $(; per vol.; in case it should hi ftund t praclienhle. I ltmprean it intton three ,ollittue, the price to nnb. acribers will Ite A7t ker vol. Sublcriptions received by WHM MeREAio. je5 eor Ct.iiip and CoUetmonnn ot.L. owl .tI (- tl I hhds very lion r t o LEM Etini E i-h. iniles frotll thle c:ilt, tirt ttllh I T'i 1. II nl E ,.rlllntlTH E!{, t29 :19 Cuooo a it etiole ofn lnglrelnrt t. U lTtIELLt..A , 1'.o ti-rl:c -n-.^ bre cInt,, iS L il g ase, aoul llft Muntau . t i.hilheto i I'ii rellte lad Pareneols,lutldiel fruint ltitdtle Lt.llet Il.Ltl ibr sale by in'!) I LAtC Illlt~l)G l & C_, 1.314 iltgzieet ,r ilrl ' fills, Ilerndrelh Ili'a, Hotn i iill ,', L n dunhte' t)ietllltelit, t;.el'lltlo lllo l pill, Ltitoi".'t Elt'rneeelt Mlgnestit,, Bileltl f (tlTllllll,, kret e . lading anttl for asle Itv It IINoa I11B I.L, m:I' jl Irtr Neei sld m illln dhoitetireorti. 1 ,,trise tld Tote T ilect, l uiikbcle1o iti large fIuetilv. Apply to , jeI18 :t Cilrjeiihl ehitele t _ nte .ld i iotli t ,Is tlit te I tit,i ltr trof e , , 'il ! Iit ep linhn a'nii' r sfim e tiur; " r s'r le yN 1; iI edHlt" 40It, S (hPiythe alrte. • i lll lr l l ill lil.ttllt &ttbeiib 'r _ lOw,ii in etrtond l ]l lEb NrE cll jerill __r_ llndi "rai tiot ie, all; AO htNL l tll ookti e' i 1 h bhdfrdo; t MahlolloI ho, tle nttt orervllr.e ,i n.,d I / di-n Iotls, 23niitle td i dbleitglit'e; t Li· hlo dtlit, :a1 lihtl l b I.oll ln P,,iler an . Ai-r I&emoh AjllpN; Philellp1 hia Wtitttt Ltrs, N ob 1; t. d~ sh ii ihoTiest L'bitth r G Sne. , , . Il' . toto eb e btloeii llrstolep It ItAe ILS' (:L LE & I 'fRE, In' jellT C1ilalleloe itreet. BLANK IlOOK$rJuu. rveivd by reecnt arriin1A Got N'ow Voolko; an n.litinuld supply of Bleak HankA ,)fy Irc vurkiv n1'it~i Il Rati Rnd ~Binding, tkbbo in want al Rio¶ik Books ad l'oper, oue n'qoSeoaed at roll andl onioiobr txtenaiv' stokobokale bi etlail b' DAVlD FELT & 1Ut Nw Yobrk ýtuotioor', Hail, jvl7 _I4 rlatiro st*4t: Lv~LO URI1I4U UIfluo, lotlbliun, rod fob aole It b 'rIAYER & SA I . .Ayt 74 Poydabo saeot: CANVNA'A i.1-iell li,) cc!i, Cionoiaol pabke ) nvaieed hcoeco, far sale by J 'IIIAVBII & C), j~ti 74 Pmdrsitita BUSI '; LS WHIT 010-far aa1,b~ by, 500 lio L J TIIATER& CO e6i to Pccyirse alaot. BJ ACU4)-3' oinkk, lauding keeen ae E apreoe Ins orole by G IfOLkSE j, 16 4I New Levee. L i~Al I..:HR-flit kl s, all fom aleame Rucker e, end 1'oso b liý )SR jai; 44 New job s (4.11 ..~c' ~t . .-1110 pa bcooy Kanoaooty L$boyliig, 900 coils rn ep. .all0 st in atom, ed fur rele by LAX ET A A5KEL.Unf j,7 17 Uomcteae >a ildt_ ; q Fiji bue .cdaeTid i lidealsakjuia,, hore', l) for oleby LAYLT&A AELLING, jr7 17 Comm~erce Sitre ( UýIEN s:'ii'E.-;h N;.ilpemr tle (2 ldicig frrg roteeor A lbeova rerle b 1, a't qrate r AVP e jv> i; >Yi9q~a* lee ngtee

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