Newspaper of True American, August 7, 1838, Page 4

August 7, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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is MARY KItL&LANO D eepeotlb1y an S rn nltt to her "iidi, chd the public grne. 'Ity itfe eltbiai'propated to acedmmtdite thddl at c aove establiwthot.t, and opoe futnm her e eioniato render visitur coneu,,rtnbio, to rneonIve , I,.,aee erf l rlnur tvervon. Se feel co.&. dent that .on viriting Covilgton during the e.m._ ilE ls. O.tantot fild bvttrr actcomonaidationh TA"e og. "aafford them, en male liberal ermns. # plssspk aatyitutlatd; and wall supplied aL.V yoI.tI eesiOMti bte.batr is furinhel with the mteeteb e li quius, &a. in short, aeo promcise ' no-t nothing U hail b6 wasting on her part to give itre .atiefatetdh to dlI vk, 4say potrouiso ito' e'i.ias. 'ndilbitt.a Hotel. - j.3 iý , lyR T a. e a, aned. having i l r Dr. Satomidt of Charleston, ro ~ for snme years hin aawiytant in ti's preatlon dcandOiti.~,tnd svtgery, has the heoor to elir.iaM af gtnional svrvicns in this city. Heo aee s Lhe'.ladies and gentlomen that the mst pro.Pq qttntien will be ppid to the calic which may e miade; aad also offort his eervices to the ";oldeae.elaver, being well acquainted with the diseaomeommon to them. having attended them in thie infer heose a Charleston. Tho tiaamu anti.bilioepilln aiter the composetion of Profeaer Smnllatte.wilth directions, can he hatd 'f the ad, 'Phb t which they have predheed i e and dlr cities, has been ttlendcd w.t the b enoess, t.w whiJh the b-ct ot vefecOoe* p aWe gileal Ap ýNo. 166 Ma a. mice strsat., s 1 D:' M'LORItNG. RR B WoRl O'4DPANY, No. - ! W~~otýt1ttsree.n; Now York., avre reeo.d.d he' pIt aecso, etd are co stantly reivin|g ia/dalnd eztenoive additions to the stock of the above goodq, which now consists of the ellowlan efn t, suitable for the southern and ati$ wani of superior quality, consisting of shoot 11(0 tos., viz, Pus of 22 discreet siz" from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sess, from 3:d to 30 galloas, Kettles, 16 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, akepoans or Ovens, 7 dffEront sizes, To' Kettles, 6 do Skillet, - - .5 ' d Flat Spiders . G do Covered Spider,, - do Orlddlrs, -. d Fire Dig,. 6 do Wagon boxes fronl 1 1.4 to .13.4 inches. ('.rt d,. 5 to 7 ilcetrs. Wood Screw.,S20.0100 gross, irm and brlas, from 3:d inch, No. 3 1. 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and fliiah, and less than Jame's importlt d priane. Sad Irons, assortod, in coaks of about 500 lbs for r-toilipg. Tailor's and hnttor's Irons, assorted. Sueh weights, 100 to.k, ascorted from 1 4 4 to Boll, for Plantationn, steamboats, chnurhes, &e. made to tudor, Also stoeanbeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly rreolnmendod tud tthe atteltau el" Suutbero and Wrestor merchants. and are offered fo' sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ;it is beo. lieved to be tile largest and best uaorimurent ever ,oered for sale by any 0oe estublilucleut in tile United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail. can, have a printed circular, with de-crnptlon at' golos, price. and terms, from which no doevatiou is ever made, furnished by return of nltid. Allorders will receive immndiate attention. New York, 1038, j'3 r . iJ S LtIP & PIC.LKL --Underwod's .Le oo ia ,Svral an cd Pickleo, ouncorol iteo; aslu, kil hloasn l' I.Loei &i Ilaskil'f Picklo:,; for smie I, relaoe euaaigloent, bv JAVYIS .b ,NDtt0VSW el cor (.7o c non and Tello ipitouht IaO '--ltl' all binxio No I Sawl, brand al rtaes tobuld, for sloe by 1 r \A liiE t, . ., 0 "i 1e . ., .B i.' · 6 , TV r. r, . `O, nM n doeiling, on Triton street, be. t\ en Tirvoh t`ivlu and tarulldalet trelnt. -rri. Apply to J OTl, V IIEELBARROW4, .e-i5 \t heeib.lruae, :2 nV dirt do. in .tl eu, fir rol h V CIIACNI'LiN B COOPER. nal5 u 2.l ul'a t ji.1. is ruled (.aof ued Litei t',Ior-, , ll Ialit., on ietifg r vlery s tperio, r blue laid. Ilalr adir wlhto at t, and il oitanLd ruled rouaIh cdge rc.rdil col, cetmtraoly on Iiadcl a.alilo saile by IAVIAD E'iu'L'' &L CO. alt N V Stanlotlo ' Hall, 10 C 'hortr,e It. O 51, b,ueo ,f 3 d,,z oach dloelie \\ ine., 182;0, '0do d o o :n ia do 1:21; 10 ipiper roamr .lnduira. For. alt I. to l6 IIERYIOENE, BROWN &.'C,t. ,r if Cm,.oti street. SBLAiNK BOOKSS, af ravry varitra of ruling tnd Sbinadig, aO.ltantlV oi Ihand:,eld Plrid'iii, ulhi otI neatly ee;auted, tt i. ort naoicne, by S IAVl Fit. 1' Ia C'O. w:l N Y Snutinnero' Ilull,2l1 thcartre tt. .luaead a lit c sole c n h ISAAC BRIDGE & Ca. 12.l1 134 Magazie streert. th NW.\t taso otorv brik itonbre, u nlalred 5 doler fron ttle m er ,id t tdr ueitCi n ality h ll, a Stl o'vr cs stn.;t. ltul veryn low, poasesastu given UIllPdiateiy E llbyin, ad Ila n preolni c an'-ab r ai f. r iLURo--Uo bbls k It F dloour. o t ea ul r it o il G O4ittRtSiEY. 44 New I rven. hunk ICr. they dC O cSidra for sure h h ,in mI23 h Ii)tiHatEV. 4 iNew lreea. nfethat hANDt I tati-- o I . io n , .gKe.itiu 150 oaild Rolte, landing from A.lainAi, ndI Tlir irsale by lAPEETL &r AMELU.OG, 11119 17 Cuuoiiiarve sct. tr, lnl oewicll k heaagiag, la i its Ii frio ptbrhe lion a Va ah e. uin .t lo r sale byr NOetKE, BKO'I'II bR.S, 16 6. Camp otrert. NO MERCOURY NOR OOPAIVA ioew a'leens, .onv. 14, 18'1T. A F(11l- cix anoilhb ago I had tile amisfortune to ige A seret diaeia., Ibr ,al hicl I hlve rapliad to seve ral dlcaloret far a caro, aid tile did uiat usle Il,.a Ianow tII therl aboe date L lplt aauselt onder tln roale of Jltcl Hue, endl I expert hini to cUie aia. Silce lthat title thle diia,,ratgo wot .r.n a, til hr,-ak IIt in large alerre to tle auher iof rix or eiglhti on era I leg, sladl ill ver ,ny Ilaces, ll a l Tre throlat, aalld at able to wUrk l it ii lr proeent time. oluacci i ii of the disease; ladrge ic .tr the rilht aide orf I aa no. iaatting r so otilderntly undertis. care of Dr. l.ort,,,f Paris. to be prrfeetlv cured JOIHN DEAN. fet 14 ly I DO CERTIFY that the ati .e inentt;,md dlease quite well cured io onv ca afitentii..i n, fr whi It I litk itDr. listr; ca ll.arevr I as,-ra, ilathat tt.a medi rite I have tokea ,itlkesa Iarc iWatal did ia.uto injirw oay ncallth at oli ;taitretire .1 advioa aitt f iaaw tItiarl,ra S t lose in lille and tap ly tDr A. Iliata. 15 lour'eii at. I'lty wiii find a trov, tlootar tar he conttlaie. JOHN I reAi. e ,Ililiraair strretr. If nwnor cr want, tia se iio. cll at No. 4U ilario atreert, nd tilav will bl srebiiedl. To b e pablished at tilhe ulli'aa of I;t. Uot., JOHiN It)l'N. Newr Orleans. Frlh ,. 1R11. fpr .t t,. TIHE (:enuioe tudlair enumau of ..i..i w e " e... b oon,: is ptill ip in bottls at the. low prici .f 5 nolts eath, Lcontaii.i tle stornoll uof tlhrie uulice ofi Lyevsort, ieti lea Ir hirtues eo mapv other rot un atn herbs known annonl thel Indiana us efficacius in cuarmi pitluollurv comnpolints. The .,rii.lled uceesas which has atrended the u!e of this in.etlmahle Fulosam wherever it hfs been inotoi duced. has obltainied the eonldlence aond recommuends tious of rerppetihtd physicians, for the care of c.o~un', colld, pain in the side, WInt irf rert, opilting of blood, liver conmptint, Lc. 'To whoum it oay enceni. Thli i tn ceirtir tltr we hive iii or prUrtie frerqgientlt prescribed tfre (;oarl ter's Indian Balsole of L.iverwort u d htIrholic, with il a rlcidekd eoad eteet: we can thereforr, from tIh know. ledge of the mater;:ts it is mlde fromn. sol Ieortvon an I erplmriene. reconinneon it an a ouieri" prepara. I ¢r all those at etin.o if thie liuea fr whiflr it is re nusnndell. AtilI WII .Il.l.A , M.D. i;..,VIN ELLIS it. If. Memote.s oflhe ln.ton ledieui ..seociatiun. Boston. October Lo5. slasby J lEVIS &A AN!EREWuS, keerunmueoded y t#e Mediutl F ,. r -- LTLE t'S EIfervescent llgneeilan perient--Polr I. d iyi. i. ii or it Iiti·em, nervulli t ,lchilit, , glllli e"s,htloadli, ucilivty uf th tes :,;it h. t.ab:oeoi co. t aevie-,etlteon.e,gout ira ll,ke ald I:llch valuel as i gentila, rioline pollrtivr. 'Thi desirwlh tint a r tirtfl hli re.eived the naoren sae of saly, emient mlembers of I e probiseiou, and trontia dil.enig puhllic .v say rerrlahuit :ir.d nCoot. ritsfdtrestlmoninta ts - fficu:e-v os u inrdicit. hivr Ilieo elicited. Wth ail thlle plesi;g qaoliiies if a rhIpC of mlan flter, it plsel .'lm ell ,et meulliehial pr,, terrier of the mlsatt llprp ted aliuoles purcatis; i it plieasant ItoL Ih llatil, old.grIteful t ith it llcth. Itl5'Ot1'A TI' I.AU I'IN--Tlhe ine. t.inC reC.n.. Cilie eiud great delrulnd frir illtle.'o I.te-.vllc.nel Ii" - . ainn Aperienl, llu bea oin iittiildu.ilot Ifr lithe i i: floral iiiittliaobuofthis vauhle oilre lcinr. iiircha.a.s aropartlichlnly wanted F' this it lt they mayll be .m Iheirg lIrd Iad InI p tIMe, an imlUllr tiilclry. " IThe public are npeleltluly finfr ed iltlt Ite ohscri i lseaseeOLLssItIsV ttspliied wilh the IrieCpl ot t geo -ai,. peepati. ai. For salh wo, reali a d relal. SICKILE S SL Cli. %ireie. m15 401 Cnl stree.t, N tl. "V AIL)'S Vgrtelhle Ilier ()il, litr ihe ret.oration 1Y051 growth os Hlor, givillglllt and beautd,an, n.eneetiaald Ild.eethe Hair Oil ws offiredl to the Inhlir, it hadl •wns trit*ia hitadro*l .f etsa f hlelladnesa, tlhinere. nod ,hllnl eof'llt ilihlr, atuld itsvery iaatllon its oultlih.r .fi i.,mvel egt reilterd. It hllaseter failsd to produie 4 sewmasd attifnl growth of hair on h~nd. ailradl ii$. e tea* whl.r*it beeinres dry alnd eames IIi El o is ittil wilIrter cui rrtler it hebathy, and ipriodei rapid al be.Uatifu gr .'th td hair. witsout the least .liurY r. t t.eodl. 'l a ( lil gjeltl. lpteahhe, iao. .rUets utd.. ist tfhr ttle uoo lv' ;i.r eit iJr Oil Lrt prI i.itloe, cartliur ai glanClg the hir. '. if or Ouet elmne dry dyer sainr it. Far sale at awl Vauilty B ,ala80l t ap siret. ted &1AS & DLA ' lGE. Islra Andmrw, French and .enoatnvla rnar4; ' Barck fttamt:iot Boardlo; Clenmaon, 21-4 an4 23-8 inch Bil T nrd l !s: 8.9.0 an nil "? iach blaled Boire Kmies;S Leatler and other trmellineg tiatding Cear: BIelt, Pocket. llratnmsa, and Duallingt pidols:duuble nnd inmlao hnnrelhed l ne; lme fags; Shot elts; Powdera t and Pistol Flalks; Dram Bttrles and Drinking Caipa; "P Pnt"ta.ioll Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, 'Toath: b tad Nail IHruhaban: Ora ad Chlorine 'Peotht W bash e" loebh Powder: Talilert ad Shavingt Saps, in great vr s p idere: lanc lanir iraids, RinlIlst and Friotte.;, Pear hed and 'Phillet Ponwder; Eatery ls- ITers Tub Cusohions: an Pate.r Slates or Garter.; G.ln Pt.otlc Saulrlndetrs; a' Pnwder PIlan and BxAe.; Clr Chains, and Keevs; norrorape; \fniat Butekle: Rronelerl: Bead Necklaces it and Chainrs; gilt and iiveerand Benda; Indian Bead;s, Wh taills and Pllm c.: Shell Twilst Side and Dressint lith ionmhb; whirh,in addition to their former stock on hand. t makes their assortment very complete, and will he old fI row and n liberal tenn, at the ;irt of the Golden at tomb. i25-tf 70 'Chrtrr street. c ea - -----'- et rI[HE Subqherlber., Agentsr fr the extenstive Imttee of e W. & . Butcher, Shetfield. En"land, ohave just e re.ored a errev extenive met of a" ett,.s, enaiotlae of viof l'ale antild e.serrt Knives of d .. deeription, Pen, ese Polcket. inrk, and Spear pai nte \nlves; Ruzao, Prn- to saora. ie T lTools. .e. &c. &e. which toe ae pre repared ln o ex hibi to the trade torerldens. Termt and roditions b khill es moade knwan ae the time. otl a m a J. It. RIN & A COtiHE.90 Common at. r, e QtM11t1 NT, HPART' & CO.-Amrenow reseeving th: d k- prcshp I llna.tille, atrle, MereV AtndseW, lHiih- t istaier, Frstneh ard l ermn n ldomble head plovinr cards: Yt S ster, belt tdl Iarket pistolsl; llin, ribbed and split lic cositae tpea'. rao hklnters; aeia'a's, IBa.oors, trn.r res; (;illao's eanmmeredll and otler steel pens: V'i- f nst Violin strings; bhell. ivory and Ien comsnhs waena a; tek, he and leather nFres; hair hraid, frotf and th o ck ritalrtts; nelgllao ufs; Nrermae and French ntolone k, ater, lo.wlllas nlreacser oil, "tmittio do; aetirqte ly tlhenrso il; portahle disaks oand dresaieg nases: past th b hlaekig;: 'ttiatnna teil dlet gloaa le ive mirrrrs; oPi - a tatl eltn's nsl nieert; Indiaa heads, besllsannl plmlle; a ~ a teone; whit-twille; aitller d shavhg soapne s toilet et owder, 'ametlie washl llallst se;erl satin aeuhimnna; ha a ll patll stds;: clrew :lllimldt; fanty Iadll clhains ind n necomeles: billiard I*lls; pocket ihmks and wllettsa et SGermanll lanesa riaztr strapte fne Anld common gatm h, aclatic aasipnders. gerteradn; Bella lucifer mattchea ; sil. N ver pencils; Creylos, &e. dro. The labovrin addition to our former taock of fancy i haleh,, makcsou.n ,sm'tnmlent eery emplett. pot ade ,aholesale or· 1-etai; :is the sign o" the Golden (.omkb. 0, I Chte ea stret. mO2.. d N U'.l'E.E.--The pirtnoemhip of Kelltvo, tanat &Coe of Newt)rleoe ; Maoon, Harrls &C"., of Natchez;te ad Ilserie, Keller & Go., of Rodney, was di+ltedrd o he ?lat f oMav bast, by the deathl of Samuel A Mason, P er al'the oe ttere ol ithe filr. do The understgned. aurviring partners, will he charred with the rsttli.g and cloning said bIusiure as follows: r Iori C Ha rris will atlted to the lettl.." of thel brsineas J or lof anson, larris (to., tat Nathezb; and llarrin, Kel tLd er & Co.,at P.odnve; ad lmenrv Letlei will attend to kheaottling of the oflaflley, MAoa & Co., a att for I er Orleanst. lThre nanmea of the tevcrat firms will be - aced in liqridntieonl. l. T'hose indebted io ts'aid fir are earnestlv raqueated i ocome forward and lmakll earlV etlement; snil thane a to livilng clai will please prseant them withoilt delay. I be. HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, Jlan 27,1837. o l to A II- 10 Alt11 i FARINAI S COLOGNE W' +TF.R s asens mt+re of thbl superior Cologte water. just rly received and for tcae by the dozen or sitgla bottle.- Ad In AAmerican anld ,'reach toilet powdetn, powder tl and boxesa saving and toilet soaps, rosaetic wih ball s milk lf rlser-, cosmeati cold creLam, xtr lne o . l, lekltntlhinl Ward's vegettahla hair oil, pomatulm,t er "oeri d,' -peer Flerida lavecdar, rose and bay waters, 'le pre+.'s t ..all, Iltareillet prrl'mery in ert tle I n d li mauid ru e, Chlorine and nrri tonothW wash, Irat : tott.tirt. atito', il ant fliah bru'hes' t.eether wlth oi n atldlirtot.l ppIlV of falshionable Itree and shfell ver tambn and jewelrnlor sale low at hwknltlee or r tail by SI 1MMONS, IIAR'TTl' .CO, " i!v 01 70 c7hnrt1 : tratret. 1'\Y nd gi " l)-Simaol at ta &Ttcoiir n+"' e ra `rtet S teivinatroeln oo a es rdhiar n'aoo, iia' Ir,etItoc I . .ndlrrig Cnnerd in,fiom New York, a garet s., ol 11 tgoe tnin thei r line, wtich together waa ith rit1 fthe',rniae e a .sto,'k oe hind, oakes their asrn,. ant vet,, e : ,,lem. Thle following" cmpelln prt, viz: ell twist,, ,,- de, tnl:k andI dre"Sillg (,omh+s, bori do ofnll des(,ripthli In 1 ia din rulbber, ,ilk and etrsrttl elatie carter, olottlnool & fill elastic taespndrre, ltcn fae and I.uifrer mnatllres, 8illiz powders powelr eeffo and boxes, toilt Iowdlcr, Spocket boaks and ntllets, neetlle books, tetll, pearl. be ivory and 1loroccu card coifedeadt Irnamentii, lain ct rsl beld.; nechi,'ars nil ne,.ligeen, beap hclilea 11, ad 'terkleree, rit ,l'i antl pinis,ortedl,silver tti' ailt baods, Indiat beatd, Ibelle Iarld plu re:; pistol and Intoer .ptw ; jter fleko.d:,tt beltel htrse, belt. oeket aend dutiliur satodno; double anRd sile boarretledl ons. Bowie knoveo, and dirks. ncissore, slears, peeket knivet, etord eheaiu It and ribblons, waist bucklesaa, cloth, hlir, taralt, nil,colnb, -roumt. alho, plate, floor ad dlnotin bruheshe, Colates, :101 Floride, lttotlrr,eoro: and bar tt:treraaoe:rdl eaato:naa, tier and extracts, traeeasnret,hear. nntiqu, and Ward's va aLd getable hair mils, ,hnvint tnd toilet snapls a all des Slilllle, lalie'' anti gettlelltlie s' delsk :,a ,hlrrsaina nitre, hair rieglete, fizelotte: a::d braids, plain, fany annd musical work Iboxes, plain and gilt, fiorgd, t'nllt and reart tlllttKa,, earl ntd ivory sllhit do, sllirt stuhis, etld fi and ilover l.,,ncil easrs, tooitlt'ks and twreerer.r,pla:ted I; 'od flit locket,, aituitture dt, silver, braes 'antdtel 6; 'itiambles, hooks anti cyea, hair piot, invitatioll fruit, tblk "'. r"lill'uk.hme blacking, violina und guitirst,ribbcd a lS.,gold aud til,.i IKtlt'. lnn twiint seeml t o d : loh-' g<ord, pi t:+ ji d"..ilt r JFsill'}' A -'".d . .......'.:.:.... ,-. tid The aborve, toetlher with a gcret varietv oafother arti alto lee ere tfl'rtl at whlsale orretail onit aaceant:doting N B blhelf romba repaired. t ocn.1l l coimas r npn x In. w RIETYl 1 STORE-at the sign of tie goldei eomb,Mno70 Chirrtes treet. Thesibscriers have re ceived, in eddition to theirprevi.ou Stok on hand, a fill and icomplete aorltnlnt of articles in their line; viz: colies, iprtilnerv, Jrwellrv, brushes, lncking glassea , feann articles, &:. ransisting in part as follows: C(11)311 S-tortoise eshell,wrought and plain tuck,twist, qcilled back, long round, dressing, side pull, curl and teak, Brazilint combni of every description amongst vhich are slmn e Mexican patters, Ivory eolls iof every daseriptil, , horn, drerping and packet, together with a general nanrtmnepnt of Frehllaond Amnrican. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavendoer, Florido, honey, hay, ros, sad oranlge.lwerr wafers f every size aud des cription, eamnlhorated Cologne, extract ofa Blrgamot, lana amnprt of all kinds, rhnving do in cankes and patts, creant saoapd, Ward's vegetanb, hair nil, bears alld n tiquoodo. Pre-toan' snoleling salt, plain anil perfunaed toilet powder, perl powder, po ler polte and boxes po matm in pots and rollsorart and chlorine tooth wash and tmwders, with na general naasortment of JEWELLRY-some of the latest nid most fashiona ble set it, consisting of white and red cornelian, tops- ' let anrdrnps, st in filagree breast pins ofa grno" sl tv ofpatterns, watch trimtni:tst gilt and silvr ektleS, sileer thimlhls, oiler anRld gnll pt ila and Funard ihaii s IUKUSIIHES-Cloth, hair, dust. tg,crunmb,hearth,tlo r, hat, treal, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitetowas Ibrushes. LOt)OKING iGLASSES-Gcrman ttatia and toilet glasoa, imagnifying and French dressiag glasnasa, hone do, a itlt vri.ttiv of otlher kinds not enunmented. 'I-FANCt1 AIl) VARtIETY AlRTICLES-Freneh n-d American portalt dete tgrsad dressing ases, somar iere rich untinl itylll tllhttd Iditaos work hloxesanil dre ,,rg soein, with aili withont tmnsi, musicalI bUx.s, Ac cordiano if various kinids, violitas ntd guitars, slver andI plated eltncils aold ieulds,woad pencils for carlieners and era)yons,moatle clocas,gunsand pintols waiti and wrthiut cases, pcreaosur cluip., pirer'nasin rep chargels, mlpple sererwalivers, shpt bags, paste bluc:.iit loy trmnitriett, lndian Lead. s every kind, lhellrtnl 'noiinut oileand common kiiiies, razors and seanisors, tiuhles, nodieris, tillS, sither plited, steel and ronllntln selrtiu cles, tlcket books and walleto ol various kindsla, viasiting curdotml rard easesr, paying o ards of lreinch, Gcrmtan -nd Americ n nnfacture, dolls, illlitallo letrit, u t hoxes, priats of various kinlld, talllldrrs' leanOe vi s, Emmoerson' , Htltntan's and Ilawkin's rator straps iwl metallik honesa,dirks, fancy head te,klhtce, do witi .r drl)to, tov ywathes, ltiarllllittoai, rlnwetr itiiakns e:.,toid plaso teo bends, gilt ald silver do, guoa elaotio sumpen-i dera, and garters, plain and sword to anl, b::ckgaonton boards, dtee, optical viennes,jewsharps, hlot oloo imoult ellaad dlritkillg cups, witla great varlet. tt thlter arti ,rlso all ot'wili I Lo It sold ier cash or cty acceplta ces on 12 tmonths credit. II 11 131S(::(;, & eo. ,4l 70 (.nurtreoat. ITOLltfAR'S Science of Penmanship received, an i IF for nile tt their permanent \Vritln. leand nlltoe No. 8 (:Chatres reet, .Nw Otrlons, 1i9 lroaelwiy Satw York, Unapltiie st., Mobile..i It tillarticuhlul desimaed trili private learners, and eahuols, alu is c.t.unlatet foir persons ofall ia,40. ;luiesl anUdClll rucli tarle Ivlted itocall and examine the system for tlihe .t. "e,. I.nssons are gii. or atselh house as maty sanlt the onvwenicee ot'ad, and to clases f.orated ilt any pall Ladies wlio prefer iteau receive lesaons at their ow" ref idlencPs. Persns lt patin Fraane : t arse ofl.,nnr -o ! sired ., attend until they warltit ell as c:zcv ,l. ntl D.Jl.dEAit .a rt i it. 1)EAFNENSN. " NEW article forp iersons robled wi de n,., Jtlalntetl the k'.er 'l'reaeiiet,) Iins lo,: h: t, id t-aia voice is ditnctly ctonce'ed t thi i ,-at, A.l h . whoi, has eu: beer, albliged to crolvers, -i:lt , v I ,ir- i , I It . e fully a-,in itle iof Itie di it It, u i-tl in linrrnwreootiexp-rienced:toth bly theimenti,a and rtel i: dividulll: t u.lnir;ruattel alllicted. By the use ,f thi rier Iot o-pt this obeeiitions onrtiren, 'tiviated. The mi t sce.ptnl havIe a llo a anadultl therduatbt :toar T F GUION'8, Firancerertacru. r o' i OF 13 a 1d05I' Fay stora.corner ot Comeo aad rt Ckarles street .tler its t'a-,ltaa Isi te. feh 1:1 .PERM Oll--15a 0 steons pure winter r Sptnerm Oil, in catk o*ksd Inile, for aole lby JAtVIt &, ANiIUEWS hbaleaula Drung ita, corner C ontan anid rlhap lilltE it .L- Sdble, I titIlineach; o40 keg, O100 ' a 211I do 25 .agltih do-0 5 I--i hIhle. 1110 " 10 Paint lrtlbes, various siaes; Ia el.e Vlerlt lli I; S hbbl Copal Varnirh; 2- s Jalpni 1 " Coach t0 packs Gold Leaf; 50 ll : Silver do; 100 do Dltch letal. WINDO\V GL \:8. American, Erglish and Freoonh -lati; bhoxe, var:sll si -es and qoalittls. bon.t arown du.---o bones, cnignme:t, will be ui/lo, as eneral of artists' elon rse and toni., foer lk Ie A 1V SCA'I ES, nt .6 Cantl otreet. V I. AlahInm notes tak n at n r i, ald lissicpri I nol will tie received at I U per cent discount for guoia, -r in PInymeat of d4+too. .je I It jil.UR-)l-14 un ling from teaonten Independ Selare, -,a G I )ORSEY,. 1i1!3 41 Nre,.. ML WILLIAMS, OCULIST, ROW AT THIE JFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STRlAKT, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Lotisille .qdnertier: SI K-It appears by the obsorvation4 of the Editors t or the Nshvill'e Presbyterian, U'nin and Trans- 0,io cript, as well as the edttoos of the Memphis Enquirer, abo that the "Oll Gentlemtal" is among the Doctors. Thisa i is proved by his kinelv rage, kntowing that his time is tot but short, and that the imloen.ndent American people ing are able to judge ftor themselves what are puffs and pet impositions. The woo thy editors who are Dotorto, ch the prrietors, editors or sub-editors of the above ty. named journals, call every letter from persons I have is restored to sight in the above places, pals. wh I. The fact is, that I never had such great suecres juv within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One n who was aged about ten years, who had only seen the of' light from his birth, hrbnn to see to follow lisw mawter st to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by him. Two young ladies, who had eachlost the sight of oue fit eve, one for ten vears and the other for nearly two Ma years, having both l them the other eye very weak; to :et each of those young ladies began to'see with both eyes, which benefit I pledge mvdelf sill continues. ex rapting they are under the influence or dominati n of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of a hit reepectable merchant, whose name I am hound never of to mnention, (as he paid me my frees), who said she had lost the sight of one eye from the age of ill tmonths, 11 but that site now begins to read large letters with the other eve completely shut. This the doctor edlitors te knew, as the gentleman told me himself be hid con- st dte ed his dauehter to the office of the mw.icIl editors. that they might be infhrmed of the fact. The last I shall men ion in an elderly gentleman by the name of to Yount, nearly seseoty nears of age, who declasred pub. - licly by letter, which ihe took to all the different offices th in Nnalshville but one, and himself told me he had paid oS for the insertino whatever they desnanded, whit drcla. 5t I iu that letter that he ha otally deerined of the eiht of one eye from f e s lier his birth, to which his mother stated to ho.. oc asiotned by ithe measles or mall potx that en v i could not noay me the light of the sun, for the first time that Its rerntlleets, t but the stars also, and was bhginnine to distinguish ei mano oblects; and did, before I le.i that rtv, give ma- ti no pi.rif that ho could set to walk ahout the srr.etsl eith the other eye completely cloned. Ne said be had been a member ot the Methodist Episcopal Clhtrch for toe.r ly forty vear, an I that his word wa never doubt- b ted throthl tbhe rhketecourse ofhie life. 2. I repeat thet I sad never greater success than at Nashville, and Ikrt tte medical and lericsa doctors had never hefrle tra tc reason '1 he eenra ed. The y piot indinalioao ll Lho Rev. clerical I)r Smith proves, hen "e etatedto n0, that oahot six ears post, he was . tconverted from being a perfect inflidel, to helieve in the doctrin a of the Bible, that he must have madi, a trifling error-that he must have meant to say, th t before the end oftox years to come, he should be converted from Ii, infildelity, as the spirit of the trueo minister of the I peaceful and heticn doctrines of the Christian religion does nt br athe out destruetion, rage, catulmnv asid d falsehood to please his medical fr'iends, aainoit the man whom he knew had done so much good, and no in jury to any one. All the inhbhitant if Nashville epnke of the grera t ·tcct:e I had, v-cept the , edical dectors. I Most of them also had been intfioel by Mir Yount of the cure performed on his titeal' Ilind eve. i n . 'T'he fanous Go ial S. oftthis town, pretends that I I have los the tlarsls I asind in the Nbrty, since nmy ed r ivall in the Suthwest. T'his proves, hc wevern,l had, ta oid that I kept them until I arrived in this section. If yI gained one in the nortih,l niouht to have rained anoth. er ill the snuth and ea*elhwest,nlnd I still hope to wear them on my very vnuthfIl hew on the day.i leave, in spite of thie vituperation tf the great Dr S., if may R judge frnm the man I ave aHoeadly benefitted in thli city within three days. 4. The ohbjetl o the present is to inform the medi. Scal Golisats and eslitor olf Ile Rephblican inrld Ira er script, as well os the clerical Dr . oith of the C. Pres. hbvterian and of the"Union, of Noeahvilte, as well as the e iitnr atd suth medicl editor of tie Meltphis Esnqrlirer, Sa wntll Ro rI Prentice, the editor of the L.oitvse ille eJo irnal, annd ales the medieal o .,lidh editor of thiS Sclty, the griat D r P., that I shall brio' actions agoitst I llm all, I r vituperati'n, slander or calumnrty itnuidi. si ately aftermseriarlindi New oli' no well an ogainit Stheir amniable he ireen the imserlil (ioliaus ofthe north. tl 1 now lind ,nselfhv nproise, neer tt quit this hatppy enld of lihety, until I havet htoght toe nos es of all Sy t uedieali Unliahs,of thIe north, as well as the south and the west, to the grindstone! The afllicted, there. n fore, may calculate on finding me during tile tcol of iof ticxt yenr in New York, here lettert, postpaid, and alI othters, wilcl bese eto reach me. to. 5. To inform the pbilic that the rdff, so cal'ed, l~e, wicl the Iev. clerically converted infidel pretend was i- Iritten ftli,' him. wu hlitte 'U ore titan a week prior, Sad inoteled for tihe Rev. I); Howrall, who read it in s, l presence witlhout manoifrsling any disapltrobntion; r, it tile cttrary, took it to his stedy and eilden-el iit Is i- nir .ity purpose better; he delnvereld tlen both t ot t,, l witltoii preteon in tit I wonted tl h"iibe him fmru h:s d, iuty, ais never coull apresume to o yer that ientlnitna iw- or an oithler, any money for stting ficts SI'he RIev It I)Onrti'sown .statement i before e ts public: d he trot 'et, xmati e el all mIy dipo'as, .e. & Wi wi ht a gewnleaotn, ,0 l iltinmate friend of hii, as well as the whioie of oy a i, atice t, in citneliny with anotlmnr clergyman, atild te, forUtt them all to be ottleie , antd all iy pattelShto hi a o, be t ore to lea, hoefitted, he revir could have beull 0- inlduced hv a total strtnger to draw tp snuch all article sn. its n wrote him-telfftr prubtlieatitn, an I addresed it to n iler Strinrrfiel, editor ofthe S \V C Advooate. S 6. No wonder tie clear sighted illetieol (;olials of tad Nshvlle touck thie nla. ; told tlelefre iused theirel ll forts to ioin with the, tlhe aill- owerful, thleticl, Phts tel icni anl intellectual firce o the saiid to-h-coi,trttl eel clerical infidel. We reaid in the Bible thta 'r trie is lk knlowin by its truitl.' 1 diare say ftle converted infidel ti lns preached fi'om that paontie. it. 7. He evidently wanted to estahlisat Lt- ' toe. ti. was i.hitve ioinro 'ti to aniother enterteti infildl, who. ill the Iliac o lhe in tog iirnation tflihioDivinefitooter, nhbolutitiynsoll him for mt mnttlher of tpiuce of silver lly illaler is, that it wa' iev'er inleltte I oo ao I the, nnretolid i hbe roi-iler ' ed so Iby any one, a ie wae i or evei n rqo ,1 to tile tentih puliepurlofniall Cite regular printr's fee, of $1 Iper slqu re. - COlltnitling two ol' three tolomns of itlsely prnlited till imatter, whliel wele to he repenated ilthree onr fi)ltr tlie t: in thie Presboyterian, Unitn and .htnlitorjotrnals, hatd I ll, eve'r intendertlto inbe Itii , I should lhave offered hit at leeSt $i31l, iis regular fee, itnstetd of$ 0, Owhith, in ail Iot, itloaltility, Ie would hlve tladly received na hiti fee, tI i ni not s ali rie,. On the contlrariyif I ad beea c get plble of offeriat a br be, I sihould cerlanlty have done try itil a way to hoave inouted his ,uc.ptunee. na 8. Iland thie Rev. I)octor been really icnverlted to tie Iteliefolf the dcilt en i' Ste :.tivoit,' lie would not ey, have promllsed lto come sald examline, tnv ptiel.t t iti ts- nttkeeping his wolrd, as have alwdvs fouid eiery ot, ministelr of the gosplel zealons tit ,In. 9ti, P. Ilsd hlie benl really conrered, lie wiuII ott tillt. on- litlv l:te pokiinll iagainst t.e Ame!riaon iuiitutinn., tel owhich, it is well known, nare more nt ernou, and which po- are -uprior to tanyv in sotte patis of tEurope. iles th lcondtit so it.n eh diigpu-tld stone votng literary char acters, as to be nlcarely resttuiled from hin oa-iit the itontby loving viottti handst on him. file Iev. gentleman,thouoh a ecotchmatn, is withut ie. exctse,lunile-;s lie is 'nalnttiated), althhuclh he lnoin lee, think he bo i a right Io nbo-o the Americas inslitotions, inbecaue hie is a cntvertled infidel. I sAy Ie has tot-as ir, all ouoght to speak well of thie ridges lie goes sa.ely tnd lver. I fitcv thie gallant Capltnio (irund, and severel other amitable ynmimg centlrtaen of Naohville, recollect let well tle conliduct nof this pious exipounder of the Holy it. I neser saw uteh a demon inthuman shapese the Rev. i)ntor wtas the day I etel t tto reasol surl him, whe', he rmenaced my grey hnirs, with an uplirted riesnti t tlnd, t. if he w'olld thave fll.hd me tcy the ,rsond,tfrrr daritg 'a drawe r pionst rinistrrtwnv fron hrit dtry, by h bribe of :ii pieces eef rt.ier! I 'reallyv tretrtiidi moe than ifthe ".aid Gentlemtn" had up renled il his ewll shaple! II. 1 ..lelnTly declare before ird and rm not afraid tn .dil cilrtm wilhrme tflnt I anelr, in ire whole colure of 42 yearls rac til se a. an etlist, in tlreat Braitin. fere s tea bribte llt urlot tile editor of llyu njt r hl a an obi)enuthell fiw the apou rt I lauine and h roublewhlcl I n+.eeiut37. heluite [ that I wasalways Itore inrinhied tor redince, tlltber tllln ad oty inoney to t' e priterc's bill; ,vlthc ts a attiriesto prool'ihat I ad oi tesion itol bribe. 12. I.rt y.-l'he 3lempahia Enqruirerfortwo or hree weeks eontiasno i tissue lo flagrant ftlse tdso which the mliedial ( tliah elitors Irar ae I from their breti ren reof thr c. G ilist of the sNorti, and I hell tretro time with ordetrt nco sr t tlil tile rtOier tilTe arrivet,: Unhleis it is ttrua wlit I have been lnfiatlle i-- Sue n elggar, andl ellt ,vll ,'tch a I.- !" 'T'holghl I aid his fIr aily Iisvlretlseleote fur two or three weeks, ie cnlv inserted Item once. io will please to arsert this letter in your next po per, ntd oblige yours, r e. In taste, JOHIN W1LI.IAMlS, the English Oculist. isuioviilre, Jly 1o37. Ceopid frl , the . I. C. .fdooelre of the l40 Jieer 1937. At ihe reil Tu.of Dir. \Vllimlls we irosert the fo llw. i frt i ,e fro l tie Itev. Ar lowmeir, of Nalhvillre, to the thlllrof Ifl • Sotlh Wrrlerll :itri.,ito Adivocate, wrto, it apiears, has exriined the dli.lslrls and other dt - tnstsr,evitcire lt the ilttttr's t laihi s tto t blic )atrot. ale In ,aonseqlltheae I oFl accidert, Dr. W will r nris in aslehvdrle a frw days longer than he at first inrrnld--say the lot Jusi. lev. Mir StrinShlRI I:--lRving been Tequested by Dr. \\'ilhal,, the oculi~t, now in tlhs city, to ex"m arl Irir onslerousR dirliina siltad olter daeuoornts evievae of iris clai lai to pillbtu rontidel,, it irli I ruotesaioen,l hoae. it stlllmnct' ot ah valured friend,ditrleso aith irleaturre. ,1 ltrttr thlrtl I flnundr a letler tofr dr Pis eoe,at pre ce t C'harge d',llnirea of the King of tie French, at \'hi.,gton, laddressred to I)r. Williams, tertifvinrg ite ",,lllenes8 a Olte diphlotrs freto tile Kinora of Fraotee, lioli n, ,t t. asr well s trlllo- from tile ledicl Soeie tie olt Fralne. lie hILa nonero vasehers frar m men knorwn to ie .,f high replotstiao in Ihis eounatry, reeived sncr ti atrrival itn tile United trats, detlilinr irnto egs of treat suoeoes in t e rerstOltirtr r " s igit Ir tr e .t..tJ. I lave rean nr rlv all his lacr iptients in is c-,. I knew ilon. of them plevirusallt tei k nelin t. er Ilia care; but tat I have oren say they are un q.lratitaahly benefitted. It)Il'T. B. C HOWVELL, Nashville, June 21, IrJ7. P. 5. Serce writmgrr tie aureo, neof Dr. Williamor /,htiellns has calleI upo lie, and says he had el+nnall nld totally lost athe eig.-ht of one eve tor seventy ,eara but now declares himsaelf beter.; tdlo last nirghtr f;r the tirst ri11tte i Ioti life tlrt lie can reollert, he rotld dis tinguisl, with tb t eye,sOrte rofthe prominlent. tares. I learn that this oll gentlesan hias lived maony yeare in this rdgion,and scy. 'te has been a lethodsi dsurisg tsr) years. Yours, truly, augl0 It. . C. II. ""E:\NNEO'S MAP OF LOUIcIAN O,&.e. t, A NEw M3P rrF LOUIeIrAA, with its canal, roads and distances, fruls place to plae, along the stage od stetirhbout routes, by II. S. leoner. MITCHEL.'iS MAP OF THE UNITED STATES rkh'wintg the principal 'Turnpike ant common rodso, on wthieh ior gisen thIe daitsnce in miles from one place to another, also th. coroars of the canals ani rail roads through 'yr theeounlrv, carefully compiled fran the beot ao lhuritiae-ptrldilhed by d, Angrroes Mitchell. i;ITCHs.L'a r U TAva 1LER's tiEULg THROUGaH THE r'ITTED STAsES; a malt of the roadr, tislaraeee steaem oat andocanal routes,d&r.just receivedr ail for ale W3t .1i'KEA++, CIHERKS ON PIIILIDILI'IIIA--Fr ea!r ,.y + 1'YOlt K., BROTHERS, oi3 ti i'anp csrlet. lCt, ,A'A\n iA. ev l ;O thecureofrheourmisesetrfuls or kinsevil,gmul, aoiatin or hiP mDuo, in ci;ient elmra, to it hlm T1 siphilitic Isil mercurial diseases, pauticulsrly ulcers evil painfulalFeflitions of te bones, nulcrvt thoelh nti-ut ,ls- Jme riluloenof evary demilpsion, fever sorees, i in tern b it asesses s allat. pileS, saild ha, eurvy, bloes, hlu- hel il ce oreyes, o ipsisonblothlea, sod every vhoreof ynen- cvi aucos lfec tio, echronic Caisarrh, head ache pre- tio ing from any acrid humor, po in thesstsomaclian i dye- iien Ipepsi proeedinsc iromcvsrlaioi, aflretiomnuofthe iier, Lniv chronic iufiemsmmtiou of the kidneys, sid genei:d lebili- C"liC tlhy c ausesy aopiicion of IhenesNels ofte skin. It t is slog 'lly bemeious in renovatin; those consttitlioos owhi.he aibeen broke dorn bPwhyioin o ul mus tmeat, mi juvenile ire.uleritieu. In genesl terms, it is t enet- ia- h nnaled null thse hdoisoeaes whioharisefeom impuriius ew ei of the bloniod, or illition of tho e hu ro helumr of lterr li rname or kinid. hil Some of the shove complaintsmy reqluire some tri- itg Iling asistaout splioationa, which thee ilrumstances of tile le ease will dictat; ht for a general remeidy or Purifican loor ver to remnvethenutre, rhe INDIAN'S PANACEA will men Sgencorally be found sflo omnt.ces. TO THE PUBLIC. go fow sorae it isthot modern Physisisan, o their am- h kitioti soexnel in their prfession;eoplore the via fierls eh I afoienoe bI the aid ofohemiiry, nod seek ontnew re- irl medial agents; in shost to nterlea at prfection in the oF lien olinhy means of srt slone,--antirely overlnok anol Cs] Ilesglrct, os leneatt theeinutie, slerich cand bonoteousv s stores ofmeditins, which the Almightly has oeusoil to is s cricgout ofsthemorth inever colime! Andshomemoc dol more ontrue ni ittheat while the Ameritn Physician looks lo if to foreign cotoltriesfor maoy of his moat cooomon aol riehesry articlesa, perpetually hansging sa they ae at the dicties eosffhio n orfolly, he is tsurrio.ldel in his id own country withaii eslltessprofusion of medictll phistts, vi smocinol to answer any indicitios in disease or to otiw pit' of cy a crablo disorder; and t he is ignrant of leirrlr- as h, tues, onl they ase sufferedto swastetheirhealing on the she iseisert air.' s Th effetotnof meoicine eupone the system orei temorary--thse of milerael lasting. The Ibrmer ex- ik S sert heireffets nd wsos off-the latter, mercary in paF o - stieldr, aoct ehemieally sip an the solids, dlecompoasing ts he mnesoil ndt nding tile xcltutisn by a slow ind nl sere cearictinu. or oe T'heotngeniallity, erioiency sod AFPETY o velin 3 hle remeities aver miiierl, maoy e estimatei tv iyconmrs ig the aicieont Iprtine with the monle; or, o brig ii -t 05 icreeimlnliatelt uo;leI rir owni obsrrnt'i ll, ihsio ih u wn paciewith hstoofth e whitest. Vho ia America, ismlnice knwitovohmeahd of rbgated Inslimeso wheein Ju ie ier simplee ie'eoiliesalnei us ltaeteit t hile nmt itri ,, aodiamssnit ieor .iie tflnterthe i l toheuiroMse ifor if eie s -ommnno rcitice ilirtsretd i the moes skilfl iulier, has foilt th Ansl who hIas oht Ibon surplains aithen roe, ik teibrote ne l ariciliy weh which tile itiai firus hrontil selln from ny iisoaseol aitotl ihe llnt i alistiabstlenoie n ui oftllronioihseane omongi them8 Who has ti hemrd, e oll sin min itha costitonl bothenki eni! rsinheid by lii ii. illeatoimentit A:nd setta tonisohit shotha t his appyo- e i th eoriil. of the saviag from most of the ills kich the Ire. leshofan is i heirto, is ellenvowibgnen corem gesls Ws of ysafe remodlies whiC ho el m ldoys I hi ohis towish nldifferen i n ie u elees, i a faireoemdifiatniog of themn ibe iolntte sieuriomits of tile limple aunl ifc mesaes of ore i whioh (;ol hias csete for Ihe benefi of Iis Thiltlret, oher hose which thetpride and the art of mao hive is If nedntevl.u i rl a iloogrelenonlntee g a portico of thehmorigine e alinollanttof thieo onnly, unotili initimate aomcuan- E in ance wihthhre iothelsof cnmeof some of tieir.most u lemld plrnestitioes, the preilorietor tt 'The Indian's to .ainuacuey ilthl ad kiosotUeidgeof tsome of tile most il ionir.luiiP ftommfil rmoteorolies. Froi sthot hesohcted e chs u atis kwnl iiit ieaoi iuel id oIeprvnintoue, ilii anfter I nn msh ex tt'inemntsutbtstanthir al e eandcoan strengtht n The haluonbed the Panacen m hei mseret ed, nsc s tiht, Smohst 'l' ft e cud aLeelliel te thIe purpolae tar whicl it is ritonlmeudctil. il 'trile lir iOietor ofersetlhis prepartion to the pnublic, . ies nwilh tie eoonsiouso.theasbatheis ldeiigwiihblir seie, r di- roelly oapnatl ofrlievinlg mulany of his attlicter fril loss low bobigs, who knir ml'oU-i-u gnvr tile ibcvorious ohbroi' o I iii. ailb oiiiiete ocn iitleis t whicllrt istin ailicuble. 'iT i u TEit willpn prove o te tile value, as tile meries, and iat my iaes, tilo oiiy neauns oefl e ichigein o lu-. 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Ceciii.svo,riMNarchu 2?, 1032. he I was sinzeI naolii tlees years silnce, v iti u alistreseip in rhy ltelllntlsmts clli ekhuvcevo ueoldl, wuhilo IIr i .ht heiieef uneroi3 ci duilohi henuueilchit c uiroii buoiiisrnearhce eva'c 0i0e0. Ithrih; l this perhi havy ue twi. tic ptierti in the Mairiine lhonpitalt iii ibis cit ~ ,wm~irrs oGlu· I1r I ot d ml nearly tlll same Iugtlti Ila inllc ill the I~iahhom'lle Ih~IS dud, andll tr~ied lm. III1I1 Vt.r F l 'lllll Willl litll ucue lie l i On rle Ciii il' .illi*n " vo a1h, al i ti rcly anileto iolve allllel tulh. ioeirlv-h i.i n' hllrullls IPllaeuCepa. 11 iii i illi I l t lllhtrif eitt utitu ntiue1 ' boiiiii hiaiiuiy ino state ethit I ilvlilllrilfnict lv.i'fu-ily ceii feiio OWM. I't'h.kt.C, 13 Macrket ii. vole A ChrES i)ll SC]s{OFUI5(US UI.Cl.IiS "P. Srw l, n, Sep)t Iii, Silt. a This msr eorliltl thu ii t1le lull ol I .de, I Wnsca.IZt foid ueiltiahniiwejliil iiiiiy ieiirksluil I:lce, ulhieh .diel'wal ii,tan l~lclell ll:IId I~el:.nle Inlr..-}+;tstll? llelcrs ilq . . Ilecl iri ' hlit l l'yiii l i itliel nl I i trg.iiiuisi t i i.. a llt in. C, "I el, ci iI.lulilculriuluui, iiiit lirieel iiiserf uulid~rte a.C otm- lIe eI ltuioulCo utIt lllll e ileu .c tiut.l, lu llu leulu uuu i alL. ; Itie iir ,v e l, I wcas iliirol. lClllCed oceillyi lltvnl rde. Airel. ii wari ois to i ki tisellly I){tlieso'uwutinli' o omolivuiatllll eieli IjH~ !llltlll)I) 1 iltl"oter'+, (.uthlolicoll. w~ithlelo nl:llt~l'.:ll belletil h Ieo l i 't5 tllrl'eli Iil y Ilalt llts i l ew iorvc ill IuLuvo ak here gncol nseliopto a'ii rlletig itvith. tleaine of tII, kik ct slccs ofgen Thsm lelluliilcl'eco:tees vhbowerer ill con been siemilar to ui ow% I was [ivrsositeiti Itte ites ltlastin. hue ciit. To icy gortat sliiirsc, as wrllts satishluction., ilmlltlnlmlld fvscfrapidly recoverllleg,clnl clpell tukict ceo eei lutul-lsithe uclrerolhulelcdIi itI luecame u efetl.tw11 well l i the e ut lSm tlo 'tws o momnullts alaim Ihave remalieduls I llakoettls snatolrill nllllt wtnhiti)u blishtrdl Immlv.lh, ilerttiofvoth wlltriaceoufila undiee sicr iln r Io r .t'.,'hdlms orsydhiiitili at.feclints, hut they miy khuom olc1:ube ehredlole who h os s rlellde'I r thiogk o lhiath ind nbho consioder his lifi seved by tdli hbowe an 't. l'I1l- - -1- - - WM. IIlNIIA' CHARLEaTON. July 1I, L .31. 1 was allicted, four years with an ulcer tI the leg, oc c.lsiontlly ntcoanlpniedl with cr silllatouus ialllinmati,,h atll excessive tait in the leg nt ~ lale joint. Sevetal emilnenllt physiciansa exerlted thlieir skill upoln it, but witll oult p:rnetlll henefit. Ill tis case live bottle Illi.m's I'luci. made a ptlleett core. MAIIRAIltI' A W\'hSE'l', 191 Market aFor aile by IIENIRY II(ON NAIIEL, druggist, a.en ao. Il . t t Ilelal t tts, "rCh ullil llas 'tent 16 NEW ORLEANS - NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD CO11'.ANY T HE toctkhohldre oa' this company are hereby no titied lhat by a resolaltia of the board of direr :tn pesed on the 19th illt. the call made on them on the 11th IFebruary act, ftr the payvment o five dollars . share w reecinded, and the said stockholders are etllter llltified blat WH IREAS, by a resolution of this hoard pas-ed on the 19th int . a call has been ade on the stockholders of tihe New Orleanls ld Nashville IRail Ro.ld Company for thle ftllowing pallmntall t ol te the ile stock held respitc iel b hr tm, viz:-two ellttar ir halre, payable oi the lirst day iif Seileltber lext Itwo dillars per share puvable oa the first day of December next; and two poelars per share payable o thle Ii st dly of' ilarch text. Nowthereltehbreitresoived, ttttt te scretory I of this eotmpeny s:lll notify) t.e share holdetrs thereli, I tllto lh tile hublic pr Ills afl the ity, that in conflornity with tlhe .ixtl setioll f te challrter, they are pertaint.d o postpolle any payment called in t thie stock ofi tpayll for the terlnf sixty days, from land after the dlly on which it is made payable, with the exprIesR con dlo:, lowever, tlhat Ift nillt regaularly paid within the i said proloneation o' sixty dov., frlnl ancd ift " hI- dav oil wllich it shoul have iaeei paid, that then the etoch In which said paaltlm should have beenmalde, is and remu orftited to the comapany, the charter on that point balt ineiativet. II colornlltity therefore, to saidl .elll, all sthock of tihe sltockholders in said company, as thilk prper to wt off tile paltllattS on their stock to hllle e uld of the allilional sixtyday, wlich ltile cllorler allows them, are notified thlt the payment of two dul Iars per share ealled flr,and due io the first ol e elnber next, may be poctpoued nder thllo sixth sectiln lf said charter, until the:lRst dy tof Ocltter net, thalt the paymevnt of two dollars per share called for, anl dole lithe firstday of Decembner next, 'may le Post ponedI until the 311th day of Jntearv neet; and the pay meat of two dollars per share called fhr and due onl the fidrtday Af larch aexl, may bhe lstpmued utlll the a3Utl day of April neat. Extracts of te. minutes of the board. june 21 A R MCNhIR, Sec'ry. V 0DlL ISATS, in cme.-2-e dozen whtite W6o V Hata, for sale JOHN H GRAFIAMI. up 16 STATE (It LOUISIAnA.-Pursh Cous sr the the Js Perish soid City ,,f Now Oreans. .IHE STATE OFd LOUISIANA.nTo all whom --threse IPr'sent., shall come, Grntethng:--Whereas, aomes lInnse havicirn purchsed t a sale umade by tire Shefrio' tilc iariah of Olclmre tihe propert! li t irrincahlr draerilard, as oppplied to tie clerk of this oboe ort. in wh osl' onilcre thie dred oa sale .as recorded on cuir hre cld day of April A. AD.1838, fr a mronition or adl er- Tie i sement n cooalclatraty to al ect of tioe I.arislat a of tale at stale oni I.ouiriana. eaaStiled'An ast ibr tile frlahesr asiu- sod t orlle to parciaaers o atjudicialsales;" approved the 11th dc" u{ ararlr, 1834. leg NO5,5, irealra, kow a e ny d iall persoos interestedl hcrei, are Ieroia e cted r ald acd ronilhed in ths latn of th tire Stair.ef L'auisoliraa, snal ei tire Pariah Court,000, ho can set op any right, title or claim in and to ia tleprhportv hbrerltbcerldeibed, in e insra uelsreoay ver tio imulitay in the brdrd'eree or i rhhllaret of the COUrt eli tindeorhtrr whichte als .tae air a irbregularity b mir l iltergalitv io the as liracesrts anl aatw erliaemant, i h In tirce, ar manncer an crae, or bero ns orher faftricharacar- roa ve ,hllarfet hs.o trot;, shlow cease, whhlin ihirt'dtas friom thre day this fv iertitiol is finr insertd i ublir p i psh e rsoaliy an i the sale o ade shold nebe lot e irn'td cad hcrmor A toested. Sl ite saiod prapelrv was cold try tile Shcri' of the por e ish aforejaid oc thI I1aIr day of April A. D. ta:i8, by p virtuae afa decree of lhis rourt, rendered on the 5th day ofFrabrv,eA. It. 18:t8, in a eitt erltaId Ahexasett or aldwellt s. JIanes Hanse, No 7 of tile to, of ar et ranft thils Cort,t ai lio h sale the sid James Htomsne bscame ol the pucrhaer for the Ilire of twentay oo tlieoausl dollaros. i teription of Proterty as given in the Juodicil Cn.te for Oaypnee viz: of A caereai lot of enraand imlaes ud n tile abehurb Alt-g ane 'tion esliaso Lactolrse of this siqure lo 5, s u nd art having Freneh meoraaae, 6f feet Iroutaan'rchsu pitoulas.atreet, : i n ft fn In Ofager satreet, said ai li feeta on l.afsde dLA AUlar1ereabu oauch tananoer' that spid lot rig pr d is 6a feet wide frmo olle ride of rat tie q ane or the rohert, tuoelher witha a dwelling hoelse li'ont aig on 'Telhcnpitronlas stoeel, the kitchoen ard air podenmcis, dalo the dirilleory eslai h ntts ercated slreeo ansd other boildings aeil iar provoleetsr tire 501 tahiloev, uter.siail, irnpltersa and lixiures b lonino e to ies.l dEpaqilerey ito ali entp s jlaie r ansd appll rosanac. c and the righse, 8co.aQuil rvilcoo theret beloos rong nesc or ie lany wise apper T'ini,,p. er C~er'o (lfia'e, Sow Orletns Mopy 7. 18R8. to' il4,244,:jI JI . a Il..t pi. I'cartv Pa ark a toar i, l:roise ain t ill. u a N u.ctla OrIe, nie. ai q 'I.llAT lie e. , LOUISIANIP.-A tausr rear arr I' II.s a Ir'koctltrts rloarear'ccra, .soUeIr Attcarhlo qoV are Jaies Hlllrlte tat:lll ahtat .'a l venle faite I:sie le Shcrlri a diea laprirarrs e ea i'()lla'a'ar la plop'iribak Fi-ailartaa dker i'rit, s'el aden.r' aHO GIoYI a ie oli teara cl aa'enaa lcoilr -cet hire, oirergirrh It.s 'jorrr ade Mi ala paliaerIti 1831, acee U Urr aviseir rualll'Olllallent A Icn ile lie tea LEgistaluole ir h' Ela ltlra Loosiicarte, ioulirrlta Aete alot oll'llllerr le r a lilars ds aqi qulltreUI.a errX cealelsjrll}Ciiailrr iteer ltllrrrrr at lt I tarse 183.o Ql'rilsoiteo t, el+ laates slelr lllt ' ao ihrl.thraesro cl tlpsars presntes sorloeer all nsem ae lIo a Iaadat de I olse s l t de l Co'r dle Panreisse, ui nourra qaire r d aix dro aldllfarit latre aci-:les ' lrantiie, ero onse uene d'cjr at de ',aeae aorlter auedlla a Ilorlts, le dtlCir oJ lh lalse llelet re ia urellfer 00u aU ital' a vIlce a le t'airr, ou idsi tootr igrlaiettaae ia ilagrioe dcla ar l rsimaeinl'aai s our le teirans Ct le mudearea do IH \eltle, oil toulr Iilnt llltre ellus l-lleleotllqoe; lie ~il~e vuir tai s itellte r aII taeter t dlt auallialolr de cl ite avitrrOriai laer'arase aviinsi idrote r aerait ase eonfiln e i elahmorologrnpe, tds o ptaeiBta fit veda pu r e T shieRuOtisasdit, Ien lens toreielaoe llar daro e It lallll res 188, ell verru ls di.aeet de certtr a es Iae 5 e hvrire de l'ansne 188n an dune I'raire d'.\lexenlder Coldwell, centare Jamles Itsare, No 10ati de alocket de aelao Cour. A toqorlle h vc.oe edit oJames Ilasne s'est ed end nqureur pour ii la prcx ale ialal(lbi. tDcreila dtillio de an PoPt 'rauit r leItrtotfer Jcutlirelat Accoir' tIer ertal I t le irerro siloe a Pahao.rg de I'tnnoan- f Sialion .ntior Iacourera, de eie Vtiller daas 'diet No .5 a, orliale tlltre eyarllt [Ialreare fr Iapic,] aoicalltea ,,"' aliea falee i r lt a re TloudroitaRRul .illears air lace A ta rur e tale al r t slillne Ilitlo n ,le aie f ol afsrlah: ir at rue du \Olrcaae, d sort qu leto dilit l lerIre a SoisanRt piado de area-r d' vemall dh 'ilet he I'aaollre: eilaae t maip IenOallllt.A IAC h Srue 'rchonsaunly, llo eisiot. et seC oIt plcinetsySullrgeon a to diate idat i' Cr- n ruite a ur IAe dit ht, eL avuorlas Irk St sce. el all lill rltt inn; le. nltleilles. ustensih~.s inqaol arrlioa, 11te. a tap rorira A la lir- dianlillriera s da.pelaal- a t anctaalarlrarhrlsaaare ct los droitn,acsioutet privclrges y IIllp It Illall. ltarrao lu relralicr, Nolles Orlt are, lt 7 lai.ot ins . a r. i .n .i ,C h uld-- iI'lv;lltl- tah-.a - .aa-ll-,e-, testh C. ,tftt' rAf erlhoeianUls, Laar. tarsta. 'ae oul~uc raW StV.iskhr, lEt<I, +Stava~rrarta h* ' l vecl Calr'a,'' an ' oiaatge'ero. lt.g iatl ai ,a rnf aS rie. I` a. 't, lp ,v Yclhlw +11" 111h . C lll.I Sol·late, Stllgl~,lll stan i' e rora t" ic a,,ission iAl Cscoae liaia aalm'-r' nPC isa 'tarle al IUraoIr . trr a bil.l erta il cir r f tr ;,ci'ae Ili S.l' ,, ' ll el : Ii r l sillt a rla: I ase. ir a lilaf lt aa ', ara, r tnahte i r rtl. ullC , tah C. re ih f aI e Ca s1. rle l. ·:111 h.l h t'tl l |(l~ll }.h" I.wI(1· tt'lic"o lt l· o ih 1 311'1,-~l HIJ I·l·~·~~ll ta Ih ill raaalll a aii Iltl i ln caep li, ta , li r, s lll. ,ll srl reIsiiOn l "tige ltl Idl b ne 1 ¢I.. lltt, slll i i poll· r a ll l hinh Ji 111.1. ill tilt. IIO; I1lI Nti'.;1' t I s r i{erly lal c, N .- Y o1 rk ,llllll - ,n'aaa lla a'aI raIII II'"'a lata ll'a 'alaalaa'' ll'i ll I 111ra'rrla'atrl'lr a . hI.· i ll ; II·1 II*· lS)l~ l :· II 1+ ·1 1 tilt IIthl 1c 1) ht 1ilII1I! ii~ltl':*,, < I a,-rl e G n rl. 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IrIo.aII'l'v, al't SIrrll ce Si . t naa l;i larraraar St I v.a rar" r a t arm a ire r r an I:(1, .llc l : ) ii~l ll'eap.-t aseIhe nt iiltrarl aaiiitrra {Itrar hAIc''Se' sI~ll~ ~'l..-s{.!I .;IIrtsq rI l' i eVei i i lt om nllip, Nashy1 i lel , I.t lisJ\ille IlSh,,cky, Englel, 0a11 other late i.talt s oo ,no oh -ii l 1. 111iE ;. ltl g a d inew .idet ed a:saoltSliellt ! t:. O, hooIs, Sioes tiad ll ,rotltllso annsitli i ol g'1 II,.a e 's tfito klif alt'nd ior cco og n Ilo Id lI aily; do ' illll, am itot t1lwax lpegged oots nlllros s tliliics; Illell's film e:lll' seoal Miod .l tller "h.lll o; s ps et.: IIIroý s,l h IIb kskin shoes, J ro.:lsll .,ll ;liptle.s; men's ll e calli w old kipped p .1Yed shones I .:ll I 1 bll d oot,; o o ma kip 1 aIII x I egage ' s. 1 h P l b -gd s nt lem l bg t en st qua llily calll' s alu ' Silo. )ogaIs pl ,lack U)owlilgs-; do allo and k 10t.,t o I wkle shota ll 1)ilw 'll ns; 11lll si ll, seailll oiV1 ,llix,. I tlialll shoes milsllirs, o c ll. I lllll lo,' so\t . . a lmw lLr1icl'; eIo Iste c:I, s-:,l : I llllld morae l go0I:uIl I n llllr , Ill 1 srl i s .50)l ljllO I q..llll : k1II Iillll .tlsrr oI I o tl l.,ll :IoIooItot ! .1.o I I1o i.o1ol o ao- ll wiar 11 "':, xl7l i7 llll. :0111! shioie'y tcl.4ulh.,r i ilv l Il. , 1 , 11 I .,l Clcil i't v 1 oirot I tImlo;t loo : a l .I ln.It of mn ' l iti lonl d m lls oltl kp ii .t-I 511 1 sil , I 1 i 0 101 l' " 111 , g ei u quao litt ) .I ,au ,iolt iV ol , I 'I l k I oo;l tloil v 1 ,'O Iooio ,i S.I- s' line , callk seal, Inoo c.1n o d gralt o b I 1lti,, :z ' S, I 0i. s; d11 o 0101 10 le ,h it lllurttot:llo-, ioin I d-'rli ; ldoro: sholrs, will- : IEI 'alllET 1h .1sI 1II, sea andll stmi ail ol her ho ol.I s lo l '.. It l shoelo all kinds and r iitio do Isin ho ,:u,. to , . ld fo ed oo es. .li 112 isses' l nlls ll i 'i illtlllsinill, t arnts, Cthildren's coloreid \lorno ,w Ii lasting bro . t ,..a i-tl hoos , .to h nthi l.'.l sliunfushionale black lsilk hats; ,o black lI I7 51'b kaver du f ' ll i Is.Pletl 'i gll' ity; do I t It li.lli !t mmdo; hlamd told narrow brim menl's tiue dr:oh mal 1 1:k to ssi to totm t l. tipel. 7 s10, a tew arti.lte. 't n htii tio e silze hi ts of dillro ntl qunlitiIcs; do childrenu'.l I 'li'p mlo t i 'sf llk slial d h;b wool hats of various ,it% s, wilt gene lal fssilllltletl of boys' anold men't Shis as.o no. I t' wtillf Ile replel ilshd I the arrnival ofo lu oi ck s i l rn i r lthetitoto o nllnL. vcities, all of iohich Sii hsoheld~ lol oI 11lln iterms. lilng -11' f11.11.. FO11 TI 11F ' TEET11.. r .Il I ['.l salisthed rep llllionnadl icl lll n 1)0Rllltlll Yl tql l ld Ior Itn' elii, lumll 1e01 .' 'if oioi lod pro -ervative of ItI teeoh, tht iu0 to illu ti he ,aob-coer dlll{,r it 1o t ille Ameritan public. ArraIngmenets hav hee m d eIlld Ito suppi l iy ll 1 in lailll th p lr ipl I1 ieie tlv llrelt ,1 thotsoe sL.tli o in o an like;t to ltufer thil Itnus illotarlsli of ll -t c ot tiot , T i totolt-ache. 111in l applied aclcorditgl to directioms l iven on I tI)le ., it has nil ever t i es i. .ll rd ilin.l edianw 101d ,II,101 re'ief. It lsl alrrests tile dentv A deteltiv tecll, n,n relieves that .oreness which rt fretquqe nI' it0 n'l 1 fro ooth Sol T'he application a d rnzed, are sinpte, inncent. an rot unpleasanI tind ilh Inrgo lll., lr ol" lersons inl dif:rent sectlionl Ill al o IItly, that ave llair luv expericloked uch dSelioir ludloiltaoy 0t1ll5t o i00he use of tite 11Bu11l arC n floeldl t bear toR the I)ublic goold) Ilir teslitotl.og uno ivlllted qttto t- c. It ino a Indiao o roei, ,i ,to K el Singldnr, tnp1, , d iv. 1 t i h. ma he r.gnr led I Po tioit i.i.ooe worlo 00 o the mo t valuablte discovr o 1tl1s01al of the w Iood. o l'srce $1 er bouttle. tthi1 bv JJ.111o1.IS 0 & .lNDREtVS, tnr 5 _.Cor Common and Tel.,alitoulea ",. E~ \ BO.IOKS.-Naval Sketchi book, o the Serve L Aihoutand ashore. With characteristic reminiscen oet, fra-'mets ,iioand opitlions. Bt y the author of aulhsol Tal'rct, c.second series, 1t vols. I O .l ll It ecolictions of ihel 1llle ol, Com on s, 10 Iithleil they r 18311 to the ¢lon oIl 13 , 01 lnttiu g )0 1(I-I0 illl skethes c lf til l tain mitln nbers- l yl one of no p -ll I ,jiliet id we it re lar a physald n ca he pr11 W cKIre:N Iott oooooiaool'l'ooooboh \¶t{I. i''loKE ulotnr tokWEol., ti Ilisloitorto l Notel h the aotor o S oI o ' itorl l kll t o l ii. I ll C o), ti, t-, i P'opr our:' I ., or altNlv Advit conslI ing .of )t llphne of Airaiti , a'h iolieyy, i lutd I t ne by, w h0 , Juch hin's o de n h fr. sleif i'hri, lrr, ld tEA h, h. <ilir ,amwhpl r ns C tll Clllle prnllc rdts. NleCE1 l l ct 0crpa and luide r int.l.lient princa bnd- I miltlie,, hister 1 V. t10 llne ir .lo " itnis, r u1¢ il a Iahldy oll ledhr '. 1iu,. I 105 1 Comesl t 1, 1)| I Just l lcilled Ind fur oTlt, b." \V 1 eK EAN mll;1 (' ,1ns1._1 ,ees ii ol; llt ll' JUSTPUBLISIIEDFROMSTEREOTITet t PL4TGS The Vith Edition of ROWILETT'S TABLES OF INTF.REST1 Norl T[1O Arhich is now aded anI Average Time Calelis . tor, or ensv methdlde firs lting the average time Wel On storage, notes of haod or bills of goods, when putr- b ' chased at differenen ates, n differnt credits, and for various anlllnlt;I bresides useful and complllete lanking The Time Ta',le, the bekst lhat can be conlrived. onr that li gures ani pr luce within thie same eondesend eonmpss, end size of t) pe. An ao vertisement in lhelbook is in nearly the follow- i ing words: TOf Thehigh distinction this work has received through the tell legislative tietl prefixed to thile title page, is a re eonmemd tion iln itself, so unllcolllnlon,, and so eonchln live, th t nlthiilg is neeessalry mlore than v Iway) of ad vertisement, tn given coiohlised view of mnie of its pe- l r culiarities:as for Ihstane, the Intlrest has been eomp ps. Co ed from,and conmpared wihs, what is equirvalent to feor- 0i leen selsfeendatione, ex.lninied in thile preSs tldiry- Co s fiee tilens, and printed limn trrenlype plates teste Rn tlhirytytone times, firom 'it which it mnst nbe evident 1 even to the skettlei (eayeh llh- no theo e sonal ofthe de tal of proof in tIhe pefce) tilht tile work tmst he arith- R netieadl illfallibet. nnc l onl.rnultmln of thins beliefs Fr y peiullml of two hundredll and lifty dollars. is )w otier- W y el for the deteetion of anI error ofa o ent in tile Present I r or fifth edition, as expressed ill t.e preface, making fine Pt if llar premins affrlelel ftI tile slme treor sinlce the first N Spnhlieation in the ear 1802. iOne of the most onill ionaest features of the Inblels is inthe arramgement of the Time anlld Amounts, which N forexpedilithns, roferente and perspieily, with thle help e ofthe side satll index, ealno ble excelled; and tilhe saliy ty ad ease with which thle in:eresl cat hbe found ltthe exlent of general bliness, witlhout dotbling of shms is herid,.s a convenienc , a essential, that in tll estlnui- o d tien of some nn i tilshe mntot compretent and Ipractenl heisi4 . f tss men and public ofi elrs who hate made great tiie o o f the work, it has been distinguished br the hoIlntlolable I atlellatsinn eftfa "master place". And considering b Sthe infiallihility of ite method orignially adoipted it e corn losing the work, anld tile extinOlhinargy uanlnher end variety oflthe examinhtion, ando tests of every edilion it lI. h ia pssedin the lprsl o entwilhstading Ihe w Itle is in g stev ern ll e, aconsidering, in sl16 t. he positive nceulrle) Sec li.b the un rneeedented means elplo oil, the ai luMnehas been It.Idu enad emp hatically styled ' the inmost w"l Ittfil hook in the weslk;" miost certinly ii t manean no . mlllo figurlle work ofthe smne extent, which rine the ht ginning ot creation, has had the same nut ber lrind vati< ty of tests iln the, same number of editors;l in. nllr lone i vll'the iumbelr, as is clall) shown in tile I i eR ides, aqst st andil staandd, it kns bleen tried sd e il pr,,ced in nearly) all the llbank and Ipublie lc..files in tile - Un'tl States, anm hi the pbhlic gonerally, dfring the I' l ong period of "thhi t .:five ie:,.rs, yet nn error of the eel e llllulions Ihas uer Ih,..n Iound in print, althnngh coninl 6 silo challenged by thle offer of very large Ipremiums. es T'he in acEt ex nresrl) adopted by all heeourts o oflaw cl sevural ofthe Sfutnes as the " rate of calcnlation P for 1Salute interest," as lwie by law for hank inlerest, I it acEordingIs tie look is Ilsedl, and as try lie seen inl us part, by .,,w hamnes oelthe smlrheuibers, mad a few of Ihe ti subsequent ipurchasers, inti , . list t theend of t'la, book, ou isin pos-ession lf every clost f 'ceitizens in every quar de c of the Unit ed States. I re It is moreover well known tl,.t, by its rearly check, oe it ies st oicle detdected large oarrs, ,lo ng after tlhey were 1 S mlade, even by the most carefull oand most competent arithmeticiao , t'at its usefulness, and tile absolute ne a. cessitv I'or its us,, have been cxtensivelye insisted upon, I un so vidlent, inceed, iare been its all hantagesl, and its ( as, savings, that, severlI Tlrsagoll, whils? thle first edition ( was wassearce, nod out of ilint,:a great nIumber of second ( Ie noid copies welre sought illn. slnme to a gre t distaInce. aur oil] IIIn'nrasd :it eel.ious plaices, as tiler cohld ,reasion ally be ipicked nip at fronm tltll t) " Irrr e.copy, and e, some persons have reet:n. y declared, and instlances lcould be quotedt that they would pay $95, $! It, and $500 nn- for n eopyl, i llnot to lie hadll for less, anl -t individuna 51 in the latter instance partievlnrlv, having nk the snne lte iin rxhlbited sa:lisInctory Iproafl, to several per!'ons pre esellntl hat to in it was really wolrtlh Iht Icnyru sid more tlamOgh the savivng of tis verv vailable til.e, lihe le being a ver) rich mlaund in pnblieCoffice. It is likewise wnrthv ofr not ce, hnd indlleed proper to I inpre n, that such is tile nutnure of figlne wo'k g.ncral.y -and ahprvi:dlv when of the ext.ent aid illlllporlnmle oi ml. these t lno h itli e :dn this book or its like hemo l prep)rn S el ill the t sllal mlatllel"r elon, I l the most competlent }e calcllllll orin the \worlhl, n.l ai'lerlsa'rts prioted llost cas llliounv l hr a sdlis own t:orrec0tio of proof' sheets, it ;:b wouldh, anlin ntn tt aceltaillty, laVe heen nsed:ll irfar re r relnc,all dear t allny plrice, as ste ri.eface datliu lurlp explains. II1! soi perl'et and taiuable have the ste'"l'ellvp, iates of this worklheenl nan=e, that tonsecre i- them, itllhtlerir numercts aold extr11alodinaryi exUllina: tinli sngainlst firs, for thl genta:d ben.lit, they are (by hef dvertiselntlt) colltaotily kei inll a plice of speuial ;on a:daly, exceptt whihe nse- I" ullllllilli. A"'nye directions to filn IIII Ibnk:s :Ind st:lttute ittor ' ,est wilth ll eful l rl tes. follow i the p Iee., whlich, i 1111his lith cc in the twe preeedilng tilions, cotain rnch11a n in .I'as" ftl'nl lli. e n ^ rneel'l'lgI h' tIhI, la.I fill In· les of eum t -llt I i ts i t. .l t r t . l t.% t i ee. Itwith t"natin kt. alr"- I 11 " nI' .ll t, i ll I ir k o aIhw l , wi t ul ilh im i thi. 4 ",'+! i (llill ne 11 nilt l te'lhn n I, n h4, h ' . s +lhh.htl lrtIllll,, i,'oer si nt 1ilh' resl l nIn les werl intll . · ll ,.l is ,thll . ,*nlM c ill s l n. 1I..1II :Ii !iii lih·l~iliii:·' hll. ht·1'1'ti !+<t· t'lll111't1iVl I·~l .,.III.'*IIIv ) 1"1111 a I I aI/l III:IIII n I1n ·('" 1.n, 1 111 sit 1)1 1(· v" I. (t co l item 11 I *- i cio d, it Ii' n a r Ne t 1 e s s 1,il l il l io eul l .I S'-e., le'l hl ·)In l iac of i! r ll) In f, .Ill- lln :lgIlllJ d :l,,t.% he i-d+, I' ll' si 11 ' 1t iu iel . tht ,' l \ N l n lh ma l i- l, Illlhica= 0' i ' It,, :a ihO i I :nl lot t i . s 1 . l e b . l', en KI n ,i t '11"e 1. an cI 'rlti'+, l\ 1.1 r l'1vt ,1 . i om en ., i +! ,tall I', liet n I1,' rh iili.< t'Fllln~lll antll gll t'l'4 lln nd'tee phl' .: I" r n... V' i nthl: Ireh 1 .cme n t p~ ,1 t'.+t''ltr ;i' dI 1,tl, l ' .,l" , I , . : l e"h llle Al.., ,';t. . ,,tc'. te.;L":\\ 1\,' J.'+, '. ['.+" 1n",15:-',... i " I+n't,llal;'ll ,e - f \r v it , , iu 2+, , cel t l h- ,* l .\\ I '- l,, , t , - ,r + .slt ' f "n 'iliy t l 'lJit ll'- i O e, , li ft5 I , .hI. . h.-In. re~, 'ivl_ n' I tn r_,i l rl. Iby 1L"y. 11'Ki , N, I.....I... II . (.- L t- I. i 1t -.. t\ , Ct i ,.l'tlv i ,ir is nol , I tire Ica,,,,. ntlt a . to a r- la +,r d I e i aarr s, al+,+i I",.. ~ msI, '\ ,ierl1,.rt , oittr' ua t, lit -o' , d,"v l, 1 ,ll ,o Pil h hr L ar" l o \r C at' l) - o td'rda a. i hlar t- . N , , I)tre ethl'lt it; tt tll ttme lot t er, it ' alltn- I j hw s tra itcre stalni tat Ith. /I'tr Iit l a - ot' drtar r ulee , Wit t the Iotl mt nl.tirdr(ie ni te-uerena: Ieo is ettbletd I, re inov i a.) of II,1 1 11 i nlll owi1 co( n l iot* in fronl 5 tf _) dia) F. itout rIlne [t 11.oltlltltll Ittnr metrct r ' or lly other a elatt larillls ntmedhiine.r Ghogonrhe, 3lcrt S tructare, anl n I \r ,ktnei ,Art;'ections t 1 1a , IIai . der, lalnt, ProstateI Ii lalnd,llll d anll of those nlumrr onllstrille llll tltI ad .le.llns, w ic ge rllllll y Il,,w nae .R. t. eL r Ioil-treaPid lises of Vrurria. tcrrf ,lun -ories, ulceratel' d legs,. lll .w rms,111r.loa ed.t. I .i uple III.I11 S ' IIof t'eatu al, wit!lout rt trcliO ill diet or inlltIrrup. 'ernn re' illlln in the rcuntrv, andi who fi el delli. aite incs e, l { their a tenily l i lisiclnl ( s i, r altt h tlitlenl with ,edic.e, le be .irei, fILrwarl ileparmtleomers provided where patients :can never Yuule in contaet will i car t ther. A endllllll e i'lOn orllilng until nll ight, at 143 ('tIlCu to Sloose strelet. I't:olanltatioa s strictly i onfidential in il case.s. A re 13 ti itral. k n nAY, Ilousr, r igrn, itar l triai.snn lta i;ralliltrs, N 3r Curll e slleel, two doulrs fri to lntilalions alt hele following woods an,:d m:llbles,ex ecutld i I a master'! mlanner wOSi it IIR aI.E. a i:diog any, I Egplinll Ilck an gold, ti k, (;iltl and AIico, Itthaind do, Oriintr l or verd antique, -;irlcd ho, gs ,htsper, Curled MaIple, I1mul Stone, irhs iie o t, DLhrbe y (nialnite, S din H\ ent0, Pohtoac, Ihtir w1od, Ione or Ilrlello, Yet'''tree, Italian White. (:Cronntlle or Bilack Siuiatllll:and lirectell, Ire tt \Vai d, i Ati i i n (;ley,, Ash While Oak, sc. ke kc. Specitmons to be seen at the stgr p. IPailtas, ils, glaiss, iittal ltrtlish, ke. oil hall'd sior sale. IA Bi'N,>'rT .ni. IrIIVY ( ai0iJ-lllint, squnre annal lllandle iron, well assortetd. lialp, l rtill and rod iron, r nail roes rad plough C:st, (;ermln, shear, hlisterd, spring, sheet snd Cl ihwnle\ itUei Hnllolw war., epit and wroullght aiiils an;d iplike. Zill' , llloa c tilir mill a ml lltd Istoits, s tlt kettl i (Cririaer bl le Iolmisi, roers i tr i trx, Ilg ar d trace thanhs, cmrtn mills t \ter ils, itl es, Hatn a tmit tel. ri lllelllirowl e Wire. a etrteelita tnill al g i edalid; eiahot Ctirl, Iand coking stores Ai,ns, Itowillalld's nI taher rspdes anri bovels Ihak and plate hinges, delar aind window hooks eoll.s, Ilus.ts, rIha'llas lnd elher iTelies ''itnh anri ehtgiheilla aoirdgee linaa wna. e 'lor iant s ieall iang aiol iper; Naval storesi ints, winsee;; tllld t;eartlr ti oil A btllassomlnenl 01 hnt tirw tle all stip chandlely alwi) Iao hand, and whichllre .llied fa r aile nt whole sale or reluil, oir the most fivolable terms, by 1n4 Ip r r ftI ire Co. 53 Oh iraevee. AI].I, OW I.TI3 SPRINGS %llilllom goosesf lloliVtY Ilalvla a. TIIREE A 1S JoURNE Y FR 0.11 ANEIV ORLEANS. r HiE rroprietlr of Ihis establishmenet has the plea sere oi allannounlin to his friends iand ite ublic as .enelal,t, at he will be in readline-shy the first avy of May to receive visiter,. Hle will also .ltte for the'llte nelit ol'tholse at a d-tacelln that Ihere lhave been large nm llrlvcment i lrde, and olhers nw goiag on and il raphdl pll'+ire es for catr 1lep illli+ .Iw+ ., will en. le fIe+ ubsclr lher to altlmlnlodale a lundh lltrer mbllllller than Iheretuflol, and at the l0llnm time inuch llbetter. l'aulil can he acenlmm+adaled itl good room. or INa re kha) thaie hre, cae Srgl cabinl eta hed froan I ae mai. building. It is drermell unlncreps*ry to say fnrlh iey in praiea. ar of tih .l thesen w:,iein, i6, it is generally iersed tlthat h rey nre tes nferior t elr v in tile lotuthn ara Siales. All the amusemenllts thli are grenerally llod anl \Vuatlerins malre., wil bl roi onat tllis. The bpst nluic lhar thspt o. th• cmlntrn atlrlrds, wIah eal el.gliPe(, and will be in eOllnit Itt.eldllCe at the "rints during bethlewhe allaton. rh l in returllnng his ilnielld Ihlo k! ftr Ii "serv Iis er' l ~lil s rt ciVen hia m-t eLn..l*Oa hee'" Iby t'hie e-<· r .Non thalhat be Oen ,it ill.n ill llalipr and exteCodOn iil lit OllrlllOe1i Utlns, to Inerlt a liber l patrnn.* the prltenlt seassin. J.U CR.\11. r.3 A TKINSON'.i L)t-''ILIA'l'Oitl'fi. r removings el. tC. perfluOUmn',r from the fatr,, nPck alnd urmF, with tll al rafely and cerlaintv, IPaing the skin finer and whirer than beflore mhe application. A fresh supply tst received at rtUION'S, Nn I Exechnge Ilellrl, 'urnrr St r'harh,.t and Comn n ·tre t~, MAIL ARRANGEMENT Northcrna Mail, Due Every Day at 12 M. Clesan Every day it 104 A. M Dun every Sunday, Vwiaasds#tnt Wester Ma l, Fridaey, by a, P. M. by ray of tke ilose every Monday Wednesda Coose, and Matntrdayt by 9, P. A. TheLakeMail. SaDee every TPueada ,Thursday, an lSaturda3 , by 5 ,P. !N. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, IJEPAR'0URF DISTANCN &c. of the Express (Mail, betrw~a Mooile and New Yoik-leaving Mobile dail at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Retua'g Montgomery. Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 23 h 12m. Coluhlacb, Gl. I11 81 94 34a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 p. Cehtebie .C. 74 am. 163 17 10 Rulaeilh, N 6. 54 215 22 121 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 en C P'etersburg, V. 10 pto. 83 10 sa. m libchbneal, Va. l am. 21 3 64 Fredearicksburg, 8 67 7 11 p m. Weehinetna cty, 61 61 ItBaltimre, 64 38 4 64 a Nhilsdelphie, 6 am. 100 11 t New York 2 pm. 90 84 1305 143 b. or id Sh a Northward. Coaming Southward, the tirte is six hobam Slens; briers days and 17 hobrs. y 'TEN I il.l.AIS REWARD. e T ANAWAY fr na, 169 Cuanadele cormer of Hbvia as A sAWtreets,onahenigh of 30.h of August,and was . seen Jae neat aorniag in Peydran street, a'nagro boy + named CIIAI,1aS, aleut 17 years of age, In' tfee e or therenbolana in heilht, vets black, and hbulsIlapedl r iltent in his speech, one of his legs is sore, ,e k t Sby a recent hurt; he had on then he went away a whilt cotton or linen saeirt and white cotton I antaloans. ;lantars of vessels and steamn boats arc eCautisotd a it receiving or harlmrig saild neano, no well as ao otherapeersons, ab. he utmost riaour uf the law will be enforced agninut ta wm. The above reward will be pa.s ftralelive.iag hima int any of the jile of either osl14 unricipahlties, or al 169 Cerondelet, corner of Hevi sonere. rapt ai Jl'lIl;I,-Tbe ciartarslahip heretofiaee existing 11 tdertbe fire o tubow & G arretano, hs hbee dissoalved. iThe suebscriber will liqaidate the affairso althe conern in tis city, tatd requires all p ,,raonn inl ob . eal to make bnvient o him tely, and anl thosehaviapt claims, to iresent, hem forsettleabuAt. Iaul 8-3t ar IIARRETSON he w W. SWAP N. - No. 11 S.reet A,e Orltens ST AS iwajaynon hand oent anly r reeevings UI laes, lhemicaluand P'amas,ataony them aua ate ollowni;: t onlw DRUGS. hYES t, Alntin.ny, rctle, Argolsa, retd, in do raegulus, Analatto, Spa1 . . be Arsenic, crude, Alum, ' k; do 1acwdercd, Brazillette woos, a- !lnlat -aciaeviu. Cochineal, Borau,arale, Copteras, Amerluans do refinecd, Culpbar, rte 'rimtonet, crude, Fustic, T'ampleo, at ldo roll, do Cuba, edo flower, alt Mnine, Bin, lirath, French berrie, its Castoroil, Indligo, Bengal, on Cream tarntar, do Manilll., ad Catutharides, do ftracracas, c. Guin aloes, do (,asttmala, I- o a.t dai, Lowood, Campmety adl acen'btida, do St Dominge en do amniaeuc, do Jamsleas, l00 do benziin, Camwoodl, tl do nepal, rough, Mdlder, omhio, me do dto scraped, Nicauragua, Ilonaisre,. re- do do S Amcric-, d Coro, and d0 camphor, eal te, do Maraseal he do a do refit., do Haole. do gi.cinm, CHEMICALS. e to do kino, Aestl, nitrounas, al do mastic, do muriatie, tat It opium, al salphuria, ae, a ahellace, linle vitriol, n .' senegal, taltomvl, p p, at do sa ndruac. L'.orrosivesutaliautle, ait alt Irnacanatl ,.'hlolridleof limae, re- Giltge, "pseom salts, cut- .Iat lu'Cr berries, Amteriea,,l.unar ecaustir, e do do Fotretign, liedl precipitate, are SIa.aesia, Inglith, Ithlleoam ,clt, alo Atet ica.; Ietdl chromate ptaint (by la:nna Ihake, Sla .earp Sir'% ial do sorts, Sulp ptnal,:,wice hall, Saugar lean, 0r- Oil clomes, Snlp zion, I Tis ,I..c ia. So, oulpquinine. lt,. ]ft-- nalltt , T.rtar emetic, ,t- I.. eot. IPAIN TS-lfiaea. a!t apepjerin atI, Blue, . tat ti., Charomic ellow, ira. I,n n i . p ,~ca,; .Ini Cio in "hil Ia , 'lola een day, ta i t hlni.e, don do in nil, . a la ratl:a l,I' I, l.a.blauka Englthask, ie. di~ senicel , ile. 'i.",.naion'L" Sa .,pt . , Il irhurge, ung:~sh, Sla. . s. . aa ant .ila t ra , Itd A ttmatitac go .I. t " T'anmpa , Pari';t hi e, F;,glish, ('lt ll~, 10 A mlel'icnn i b ," In I, it l( le n at al t F l c . l1. , I. : m n . lin,+ I In l,' , d .r .. f nlt l rl,~'" blrnl It,roy uI dr.', F:n~li~h,. rr , h* I I', ,vlul, . si I,)a . In ., A11 :ri."e ýI l ,l t,s \i.ýll, til .A , ll,"icllllI a Ilta ita , S tl a tl a t ., gala lt l i n ni l , atia-, ttt cruhdti l ' .Cln l dg-ll., It fi, n, 0 I, \r gri l11 . id: y . 'a," .Wi..... I t,1, %\ hil,.t -tl a l, l' Ann, Is 11 h1 ,hi A n. -ýt... ., ..e E"nglMsh, Of, Ce"lih., , grland ib Ii k ~il~ml, al ule , t2 -fat Itttria trr Rieefer, by1 II! tuthollr if Peter Silmple t CunIlnrirt.., or ,a Witer lit whcinllre. ljnioliel in Law. oylll, CijLlptaiii Iollasil Ilall, Ryval Naoy, F. l.rd IRoldan, a rlnanlet,. vy Allan Cnninngham, I c. d Cactpercdictc Iligloryt f /nly, tl raslted from tie thiiural Rtilln, it NaIhaiilel (irena in oleol. for rice No 7 of itlrper's Eamily Library. Vols. :1 & 4 Ie the llw c limpIleC e aed uniform editlii of Ili'aslhicta Ireinvr's Works. lgc,'rs FrcaFch and Engo lI cc irtionary,.in 1 vol, 3io AngcclCe gF, mchte Ici ]tcy/e/lish Dietiocarco. Aclot-A few nicore cpies ic'f Co el's Phrenology "lienzoi" I;r" e .oiiacrve r't illmslnnses nfnlcperor qua ir, wilth Ivan i, Riliiard itcallrclt I-4 and 2 1.2 inches (Iillrt's icproved metalic I'ene,lcapaned papers, weights Just received, and for sale by itl3 BDENI. LEVY. SPAIN ItEVISIThED,&e. &c SIAIN REVISITIi &, by c.uhe ntor of 'A year ic Spaio i,' i2 eoels. Traits of lndlta charcetrr, an generalln aopplicable to the Aborigc ins of N olt Aeorica, by o C Turaar.Es :vols. q r The Polieical rammmrr, oft le icined Staten, or a colllre view f tc e tiory oand pltr -lae af the genera fi lr ttegoverlnents will ItIh rellltiens Ihtnreo the-_ -dedleilled ancd tinpted to thie atogoren ofthe United St.tes, lby IPI lNCoKsfiellO, Ioq. t'ifOrld's I/otiore Trat. o itnirperao d with character iati c Hi1nocoeslmavintoc oid dolin.s of snorting men, in claldinl coticor oe tfhe Itrincilal eroek rider of England with analytical contents, ald general index of moao,2: FOR THE CInE OF' Slrfdlnh or King's Evil, C ihroni Rheonmrtism, Clronie Cutaneous Die- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, seof lereury the blood beiing in vitiated state. T'his very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest phlarniaeutictl care artl aeuracy, andcontain the artive prtaeiile of Sarsnparilla in the 'cont conoere rated degree, cotnbinPd with other vegetablesluhstanc of kllown efficacy. The great desideratumn with physicians in lbing abl to exlhibit a large quantity of Sarsapnorilla in a min dsc, has been obtainerd il'thlis itrotlaration-thoy, bein fully convinced of its nlcrits, coufidently administer tie course of tIlleir tprleece. Irihe $1 50 por bottle. Sotld only t WAIN.V BIIOTI'IIEI'S drg sltore, No. I 1Clnnl street, white" iayv le Iad, fres lland tenuine, dire t from the p.,cpeh tolur, Swtii's PaineIII and Vernifugc, potter's Ul.ttolh con, Coarpeater'a Preparations, lnd a large and genero asseortcnt of flesni dru gs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &de. PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EI)ITION OF DR (ncldstnith's Abridgmont of the History of Rome to lIich is prealxcd an Lntroduction to dite Stdy Roloan History, and a groat variety of valuable iifor oration adlded thronhuthn the work, on tde Manners hctituotionc and Antcquities of the Romans; with n tcerous biographieol and hitorical Notes; and qnle tiotpn fr examnation at thc end of each cection. II. lustrcttditlh thirty etlravittegs n wood, by Atherton PtisocK's ho Irtoved Edition of Dr Goldecith'a Hitory of England, iron the Invasion of Julius Cesar to ths death of George 2d, with a cOotinciatiol to the yea 1832. With tqnestions for exanmination at lite end o earch section. Breides a variety of valnable inforn tion added throughln, tile work. Consisting of table of eottcnlprraey Soveroigna and eminent persons Copious exploatory not00. lemarks on tim p0o ties, icacoer and literature of the age. An outlines the Consatittiao, dec. e. illnstrated by umny eonga itgs. Guos' ELEMtrrs OF A.ronoYoc, and an Aoridgmen of Keith's New rrreatae on the Use of Glohes. New American edition, with additions and improvement oan an expialtiona of the atronamical part of the A. titan Almnanac. Just received and for sale by WM MIKEAN nouvl4 corner of Camp and Comimon ate I4AIPEILS CLASSICAL LIBRARY. i OiILACE, tratslabtd by Phillip Fcancil, D, with I.l tn allpieillx, econalinilag trunaslttonta eot vocns odes, &c. by liea Jonson, Cowloy, illton, Drydoe i'olpe Aclddison, Swift Cuatltrtalc, i Wakeoidld, t.noee IBrynn, &c. and some of the moreeminent poets of th day--and I'lIchDl .US, with the appendix l i udius tranole ted by Chlristolther Saoar, in o vlh fo rm ,d voul 8el I8 and l/ ot'"larlper's Clasiaul Librarv 'I'he Ilppedito of lIU.'lPltr.: CLINKER, y Kmollett, At O, with a mctmoir of thle Althor, by Tota i ,tto.eoet, Esq., aew edition, willl illustrations, by Ga CI uikshtnk T.lE i1PSY; a Tule, by the author of URireiabe Mary oil' trgundy," &no:., t yw edition, 2 eole ut.plcf n onle. 'PAUIL 'LIFFORD;by the tuoter o "Pelhs The )let 't," .l"o, hainl ooleamnlt oittin new ea nof"ht necrCompleee i,.ek. Justere.eleol sale 1) WMV McKh;AN ACON SIDES--36 coasks Cincinnati eti»k landing from the steam'Ooat ,cho, and for elnea BOGIIRT & flAW

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