Newspaper of True American, August 9, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 9, 1838 Page 1
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0~0 PRICE 121 CENTS. -_ NE-W --__ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 9, 1838. VoL-Vi No 170 Termr a of VIeo reapcr Pree, of Yew Or/ca,. U. IEIO i * It ýlii ýcororo...gcneI,,,.0000Ly,,j on I, do, b, CUlIPUUNI 01' - - of thPrlrwietorJhel oaQ: fIs i WLd nef.r- , [ A1E utc 'eiccll IleirPat vih .\i..u....,., fDCinCi --ri- . . MILES' CX RIPUUNII Y·XI·ALCT" Terns of te Vewso,,aper Press of Yet Orleans teta.I.tecsly o'red lo al to, ne,,jona ek mneeting of the Priprilears, bield a f/i, I U.,ct of tl.reh Ill. o eocan ertPsO.--l' ave ,ollar, faortho (in y lyn csr;eara; tlln,, tLby tnb.e natni- tllly in a I nare n Iullree for th! tre woa'lely cooltrv paor, p ytbhle ono Wear in aitvaltl, wVarO lt , city reference it giren. No anb.triptio i will be di sctlinled until arroalrang. are .attlerl. In case of di colntinlaIce, non week's notice n writing I tnt hc t ilrab y givien, previous to the wipiation of sublscrlptioln. SAbvantrrlst to.- )It dollar per osqnre fur the first noartion, and half Il It prce for each sltrolbnent en: n materi dl lteration fro n Ites original advertisimeltn wil'be charg ed M a n "w one. Y.'LeL A~Uso RTlanSnm.nlo..usteal i ande Tnraler, orty dollars fn Eng;ish alone, and sixty 'or both Ian g.nags o Ianks, Itsar tc .eusr, adeol oter eitnilar p..llic tintitutio,.n, fifty d ollars in Enclieh only, andl nighty for buotl lan;lt.Lee; dhip and c[tehmbo.t Puc ts, or Co n nianio tnrche,tetas inty dollarn in English no, and eightyr r boti lahnotatres. ,AARRIOata, )elre.alT Noxtcis, and artnislcs ea nll tile attentioe of tl pnllic to e ales or pronperty, aids of passengern, enrtllt, k.e. &c. will hbe ehnro 0ne dollar per square fur tle hrot insertion in each lao got .ka. CO eeMItcAes.0W, or Advertinemonte, of any poeran 1a natore, whoe adtonihibe, shall be cth arged dauble, end int aodv,,,e A ded.,oi,, f twentyrfire percent. will be mode toIn Auc..toneers a ~ irs, rItgietieof \Yill, anol Mlarnshal oa)llen ofr reatl soute. pualilshed in both languoge, e.un, an s10in thl ngcales . blapt tlio. ,nd peor ncemnt. in ugl iatealonet 1pr pcet. oa ANVll5ls,,ci.VS ut of the direct lice of buerinen of the 'adertiser, simch s Ilegn, suction, ant planer Ion r seit rundahy h at nithermlu dtn t&ca. ill heahUorge fnr oeit.atety, nto at ttnr otaWry rates. wtei4 rtosneonmTh not peeisend at to time, wilt he uklils od olte moanti, abld charged enor liloily. No advertisementsL of baitkrutctino will Ih published avmaerl guoranteel by a rtepos ibole person il town. ' antrei and othor clacea of noemont, ndmertieirsg Gally or the rennon. to he clharged $10It for llnglish a. site and $150 in lbotk languaceo. uIl antouncemeontotof coo lilates for pnlit cat oflocee be chatged doubtls the prio of other adrertise. ,in.a..' to the immense loo tllntoined . nearwpape. olproetots, thee tare come to the canclueto that the catens of persons whose accountn have not keen ipid within one after preeatatiott, shall be made know., (oo for on practicable) to tacit other-they ubli ggatiog themselves not to a lronrte or print for such dslinyg·,ltz ,unless in cane of adeanee payments . 1tigaed) J,C. Da ST. ltOMES 3. lAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PrENI)ERGAT, JOHN GIBSON LUMSI)EN. oeekly Press.--We, the nidersigsedl, agree to abide by te kibove ootditions, ans fOlr asn they are applicable to wshkly spers. signed) i A. B. I.AW.E.'CE, SNo subscripion ar taken fior leo. than 6 months. Letters nust,in il lcars, he pont palid. --74ThLL'd 5.tiN ILItVItI.ITTl) u &c. SI'AIN REIVISITEI by the authior t "A year it . pain"in ,"i2 Ivole frry ~ 2reerl, a novel, by no atihot of "Cecil Hyde," in"2 vol,. Tie Arlress of Poden, and other tales, by tihe author ,i' "rnhe Fros ken i 2 vole. Niorodl' lIIntme'Tl'o(oro; interspersed wil chlrnrictersti aonecdlotes, eavings and doiuin of taoortng Men, includiag ,otice ,ftis pIrincipal crnack lera of England witlh analticoel ioattent and deoeral dex ol name, to which are added, Nillllod'o Il.'ttere in aing ,Houodsl, itl 2woles len t trtce, the lastonl einelo,'s A.aoteoloioin, by Cnjat.kChkmier, Il. N.,nothior el lhe ".ife ufaa Suailor,"Sec. n L vols. Conmenotario.e on Eqloaity Jurisprudence, as hnaoinistered In 1: -lind suldAmerica, ty Joseph lStoury, I.. I.. It. Ovii, t..u-a limled lv L)rydlen, Pupe, Conrrever, Alddlison landl other*. in oivot.fl, o rmisg Noibi nd 21 of "H'lrter'e ('luloieal Library." itfaeotry 'raciieo, or rtles for the eaer,:ie I'id mlloteeuereoaofit United States'nfuitry, hv Ihtajor iaoterl Scott, U. S. Army, in 3 vool. Jtot receive tad tor sale gy WM ..cK..A.q.o, 7 corner Castllp Co mtlooln sta. 'r is the Ilor; l aite not pasca. fair; Oh tils Is L.,Lve; olu:ici: I11)iv Iv j.witLe, Iisue; Italy; BeUiatelin I.vml; tIellt tor m of orIllr n V ,ws I lo.e to l v :l 1 i. t J,',o n ni :ell; \V 4,ll'l meetl n. Mar; t o', I, I.' le, Uatinelt are guilt Soundlino .'ug offlilt I 'l''.;i )ev i c . .1 uo t Itilltn. ..ilel ..oi1 11 ti; IVtliiht Uriga -ne; ,)Ii d. not asy paran vll; Jdl.v Jer11.; I'ae 'ulslg 1idy.v; lof t .uuitJ. r4 VaIc; :,o .o e y love at lvr, r .; Siutit we 'v¢r II. l L.uLh; VI I . e '[ l I1' !tells are 'l. i; it .4 [, o i I :., (air v erle I.1 by It- .inl; .Still 1 t.e ,tlv , .r ia it-' Lhol:, trraled hv C .reGramie; Fn.o.n rto ie rfr, n p~r L to.nira v tl' by F Il tienu iea r r"n f tvtýl u .+ ) r "l n'" tit . t o'" err I I., rit tat, rnlln ; d -r t,I 'l t t· I" Fý.Itt "I P twII) Ili+l"ltl tionlll In vnl± b~t: ,I YI·t 1'ad.;; F r,.v.:ll V.a l O o I. iv iontin i lia.e t' It ' i ii. lt 's Val , hv l tral . , Rlt obi Vall.; tle )I r:i t" L.e ..,:oin. Fr ,entl at II Ct'S. ', Piano Parts and <ttre. A Cll.,tetit ofnlulot lltl Plhlrael, ilt every t- yie no 1ca.or) t ll maintain coinvervntion, arranTgeitd truldtr i frellt lhens, vitlh numelrous rellmarks on tile peculiar Irollulcitiio and tim of variorus words. The whole eo diesosed las eoun.ido'bly to facilitate tie acquiition of a correct irouuncialiot of the Frenich. By A Bohnar, t new Iedition, revised and correctid. A selectio n buaidrd of f Perrin's Tables, accom panied with a key, containing the text, a literal and free eemnlatian, arranged ill suech a ilanner t to piilt out 1 dlitferieae bietween tile 'ronchl anl English idioa, au a tfiguredi pronulciation of itei Freich, according to thIr.tli Freneb work. extanton thle esubjlect. Ile whole treceded by a short treatise oil the soulnds ofthe French anguuge, coeanred with those of flth Eelliah. A iProouncing French Primer, or the Ichular's (;uide to tile accurate pronunciatin aol .atllhogrlaphy of tll rench Lang a.e, ontaining its eletrilati according to sle best usage. y Ilernard Tronchin, Jalt received aid or bale Y31 W IMlcKEAN, maig Cor Camp & Cerm ste. R:B,'E SrLPy g SPRINGSS GRE:NBRIERI COUNT'IY, VIRGINIA. flt|. ('vicrite watering place in the moantainj. I Virgiuia,t Ile iles w at of Lewiohurand 21 rliom the White Sulphur, will be open in due season for ltie reception of rulnpany. M my imnportant ieiDproveoenls hae be hean intdl , since he laotseaeon. A spaeios hill room, oat numbeha of single-bsdedt rtome have been added anJ no v rinichilg; ait irding ace itlnodtheion. ly thin let .1' Jlv, toiLr ' visitorr. An eiellent lurll pihk radhlenl hea conrirancted pcassnngby the springo, ond i~rlmectinh thie Kanawha turnpile near l .elri burg. )vo this road, bn y directiln of the purt office dppentment, ,lecre. Beldin, uWaler . eo'. line of mail cotchea will run. A poet office being esbthtished atttie spriogs, vihilors may recealve newe,and cormt pond dailv, e:lct and w 'St. Of tin medicinal qualoitie of thice ~lurers, e ris .rietors need nlot peab. They have been anIvred t.y ableand pr. fessed chemistil,and euai to h',d ii soluti a all the valuable ingredieunt ol the mst celebrated sprinusn in Virginia. Ptlmeo:nhinatlioi 'eotains ltoah Sulphurettel Hy jdroun, Sulp ate ef Magnesia, JSlphtienf Lima, Car blilltrd of Lime, Siltjlite of Sjo, Atiriate of Sot,la and .tltiate of .lto.nsia," the salutary edeta o ofwIich are eahihited in dina-een incident t feinales; and cbro, Ic affectin, of the ntmnech, liver, and Ibowels; incuta-s Callus affetions or diseaies nfstbh kin an remedy more potent oretriaciois men he flund. Exenesive bathing establihmtmts for both eoes. have heit'eIet lcontiguous in the epriHlgs Vinitore cic at all tores eljoy thie Ieuli:t advanUIages of their be nilgdl aId wllha Ie effects. -MeJi William Vaso will eontinic the superintleod. ane of the spring. vere exeilion on hit part, aod on the part olf tlhe pMlrpietlitre, hal he 'alered to ilsure for tie Le l ju!ulpt iur a liberal ahlre of the publi pat- I ronoge. TiTe jirprteirt e or the 11io ..lllllr priligal Will be ihteral Ili the receip, ,f 'oten of all .iheram sad We. n Uannks whichn creCconidered solw t.atpar. MARI1 ,'INK. Ire. _. 0l. dectalotures Of +loaria N.ut of the Hontel A Dieu iNdlttery f lir.o'l, in wth an sp pendi eonataiiagopart1. I eeltiooal. t Brteilitilt," port 1,. seqlel of her narritiv ; par. i , Review oft.e crase. Also, n lsnpplomelt, Civlng more pireieularc oI the Nnanerv ad tgrmuads, Illusatrated by a plan f the Nounery 'dA. I Mrlria tlnk oand the lunnerv ifto Htllel Dieu--be- II inc. n acount nof a visit to the CInventa of Ilontrelt and mtntatiod of thi "Awful Dietlosuret;" by W,.. L. Stne. n Foirth experimelllnt of .iving. hvin without eans. i The Student's InlatretIr in UraliWllg and worktig a **Tho Fire ,ndern of Arlsitectom," fully explaining Iu the lnthoeiu for irik,tg regular And quirked Imniuldles; fCnrdimiishing and ofidunlnsenad eapitals;toe hI finding the tera diometer ofan lrdor to any given height; Ii for trtiag the Ionie Volte, circulanr or ellptical: with C finiand eaamnplee, on a large scele, of the drdars, their Il planclles, a. i. and .meo designs for door case, ele m gAtlly en ravec on lnrtv.oue illaten, with ex tlates--bty PerNitenslaon, arcehitect, author of the i oilechsltiiil ill Conapnpi n,'. "-triennter'a New (;ieds," "Carspentr', 511 nod Jttinsr's Assistant," e, e. "A.Ptaeltidl 'reati on th. Culture ofSilk," adapt- ii :ad to the soil and clilniate of till United States--hv J. ti f. Crttn!thki secrettry of thea Itnf tr I couuity Sil nSo g. ietv, an;t adiltq of thle "silk Culturiet." "'II* Silk Peicus .anual.or Ihe art nf rnhi'ni and ic fnedin' iltk e1lrlit, and of ealtliating tha Iheery vi rees y ilriCa. of 'The .lsrs'a tinide, ar rnmmenreal Coernpoan lence; se cnm llring lettersm of bulin sh, lOese ofbill, tnvaoice, at aluelnt.ikeat and . hplelhkepersaueamntio of payments, eh el-mlercal elarms..Ie -heby B. F. Fonte.r I "Lfisfirv of the War in ihe Paninacl iand the south of Frciep, from the year 18117 to the year 1814" by W. . P. NapiFi r, C. B., vatl V.;to which ar Ierflx n- in rSwilrs -nns e aettuhuin Rnitason'a Liie c'fl itnne and of ill tle lluarterly Iteriw; wita nouner renmrks n I. L, tudley.,l-onaeta Perieavl's rennrks ornll o nne plun. 9 ,es in (Oglatl tapier's turth vnlume el the Pseninsular ( we,. Ju.,,t.nri,.. nJ rf ,,. by *'Pl"-LAw--'2 tltib, I n itoLr, 'or alea by - G lt).ie.'. lot .jeit 44 N ow Lerve. C UGAR.I--50 hhdb pnme snsaets, oir ule be N je2G G D;)l at81. e 411N ,wIeeee _OlK- ln bhte ler. I+rirNl and e r ti rinipto n Fealr soc SrTE CN AA~lrtI - je7t iN. irhower aN't , AVE y justa :eivelat IheirFuarnishingl .rae-hon S No. 17 Ca~,,p reert, by recent arr,vals lr.icn:;. Iola, ald thle North, Inlrge alldilions to tlhir slak .I cuec'ci es ncct o'lcnameme l Aaeereke/.ing articies, whieh c.l leetivcay (they believe) form In Ila.lnr.nemn mmre geclec al unilccomplate than ic tio Ie ficlcd in alcy simnilar eatah hisument known;consistingcof SILVEI WARP,. Coffee "rd tea sets pitchersl, waiters, eastlors, eandle slaics. sps, tumblersaasd goteletc; table aid desert fork; table, delsct and tea spooans marrow anil gluay, or r got 5si aonsi sugar rtoigs; scgrc, slae.andl antI Illes atter, frit, pcddinig alnd fich knives; pickle ard desert knives and forks, nrlkins, r s, i ce. rl. nrioitlh frm, the manhlatory of Mr I. Csartlllcer, of New Yon, whose long established replutation for the manufactlue of sliver rwar is sullisient gcaurrantee of its superiorc quality. PILAtEtD "ARE OP SHIEPFIPELD AND IR-. MINGfl kM. Tea and aocHe urn, tea setts; eastrs, liquor and en dial stands; supehb acdtlebras, and Eple:guea with lc-r. onr plateaux, tor entre af the dilcner or ~,ppcer table; waters moued elnd oblong, from a to 12 inches; beeh . steak amd vegetal;e dishes; rich disk covers; cake and Ibread baskets; deenntleC stanlll; mantle and cEbcnller eandlesticks; wine stmcinersc colers andi sylntm lleeac tern labes, claret corks, tea atrnihers, table hells, tea, i. Idle. a, mutard soons egg mtr ; gg boile'rs acid stndss cest nrace, ke. SILVEIR ON St1EEL WAIlE. Taie anti desert knives, f'oks and spcnot sloup and lle ladiles; butter ancl fi1h knives, cheese scoops, an lmragcs tongs, vegetable forkl,, etc. JAPANNFERY. PFine Gotnhic Salwich an c omnl corne waitern, in setts rolt single, rrom t t S 3l ilcehec; Ilo oflc/cirt mcche; Ioernl, cheese, and knife trac's; large upriglht pte wtarners; sntice, stcgcn. ;rnd cach bcoea; ilresiig casns; India tea tasles in nests, haiclles .laplcit;ced acl tof rlob tortoise shlell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive ssnnrtm,nt, among wnech are Astral lanmps, all bronzed cidl gilt. and olf ricll it glass: mnncle lamps deo, do, each d.lin ti d with glanss piriscls; ver splelndid out glass do ; bronzed acid lapnoted sita or I bracket lamps. CHANIELIEItS AND IIANGIING LAMPS. English ancl Frncth sct glosa chandeliers or IhsPces ol 8, i,11 1t, 18, 20 acd c2 lightls; renehi b.cncczerl accil I iGrecian lamnps, 3, 4 and l lights; hall InnI cs olld Ibr iercs, rink brloze boat or centre laciclc fi"r crxwiIg roon, from I to 6 lights, lamp shades, glasses altl wicks. MANTLE CLOCRKS, CANI)LEIIII.AS AND VASES. Bronzed and marble; hbro'zed and gilt. and all gilt, with fixtlres, eta; counhting house and kitchen clocks; irocned inkstacla, cegar do; teper weights, therconr.. ers, arct rmcks, ocallresticks ertc. CHINA WAR. OR PItltCEI.AIN English anl dining deerct, eaA nd iole. e see. icet of nllin white, gold edge, and vrT'y riC hinev It)les; splendlid toilet etts; water and cmi'k ptlhalers, nllnlale tasesai falc caid racks and haskets. BARiTl'HEN WA i.E. Dining. dlesrt, Cte, oe, clv, bakfast and pl iptCer setts; iclet ware; pitlchers. Ala., Cant... china tsett,, CUT GLASS. Decenters, pitchers; claret iullcl id rdl hcek deoaontrri; loWlS+ i:ilels, celery vnsa., sanl tnI: il, s.i a tomlto i Cbl ter tics, linger laccnlts, cllcllatrr, , ilie, eatnl Ii, claret, ortlia lc'ctcnmralr nal jells iyosnrvl flccc; tiielit t, lhakglas~es. Al, m.eantlme shlalea TI'AtLE CU 'IIR Y. Fine ii.ry hanlacce tandha k , sell ip aXnd *', ick ). h i cary hlmudle knitcs onytcf lei't. ci ,k1.i: + ,;lne carvers; long lir fces n r't, -.r1.: itc" .5 bef IIIT'T'ANIA ANTIc Ill.l;c'K TIN ,it hil Ilta cllHI, coielir scits ancll cI., wi)hh I aiiil 2 ...,. elsn dishes w ith covers. s. str or chaingitll ,ccs , ,, c'I'cr, litlltchallers, c ie gire. . ,. ten ketrll o nith lcciters, eg. hbilhcr. etc. FANCY II.lit \tlll t, Y lIt ,l Rl wire lel'ers. hrvs ac i, l,,tilati elil , r l t i +h elsl :nd ltoigl , erl e; C,"llller c:nl l dlll t n l ll ll, an t il;,* k ess spi nne , ch omnea h nk,.; ,:lapt I or"I, Inn,, ,n, ! of ,I.*z ,E h1 h, ilar ,Th ,i,. tI;l,) ,I l )ll,, ,lt brIhers: ; ollh l ,L ah 111 .. lo,. lisai g ito * ; rlnl d Illl~u lo i tl.lliln ,, 'tl l'.h" W ,.riill.+ li. ii,", il 'tc 'iC'l'l + c at I"IcItr ''I 'III' - ' ,,l ,,,.n ,. ii,, ti., o, h~ hrilcfa:l lrln t t'.eP" 1 ll · Ile l.l ,, kilt. ---'e. or k Ir;,r, "s' \" cu, lihr I' nll icilhei' esliahlic l ,.I I i r Sd t.rr ua l ,l.liiil , t i, - . li o t l, I sie.,. lI. sturar:pair+,nd : rcl l ai.~lln , I ,ce .il I lJO' I'ril PN. T3I COt / wr, , .i lV. S Illl :lkl Glllolft, lllI l ,llll ll'tlatII ; IOllEM.N, F'Al.IdI ON ile.; trv V $Itl SlO For risoble l;in atr " .ow, fr mote n . 'c d cylindea, tll akio ltl s.s v,. the sta d, r n' I.t saws itll the stand, le.l'r', &. a l or I per saw, o o w 7,30 00 t lrlla. e At sawsrottot. mlt 4 saws its a staed, ati$6.So per saw, olr G. 00 SSINGLe, GINS. e For a singlein of Sl saws or more, with aonseut ftleedtra, bhods, & . s '5w, ate lats 5480 00 iFor d. of 60 stas, with leeders,&e .r t $6 ft l er saw, 39000( r F.'r do. ofl'0 aows, with feeders, &e. $6 he i1 trOt saw, 300 I0 to F'ordo. oIllttstws, with ftledrs, ce. at $7 5d SIer saw 150 tox Extra teethlwhere desired, for fetdlrs, tsupplie i Scelnts eashll; the Illlaher ofteeth bei.l, about eqltal Sa the lnumber of law. t)e set of feeders, it iscos ilderel however, will wttor out Iwo ol- three sets of owso. Extrasawsl sallielI at 80 ants eact. S The Gills alelrel, ilt be Ilelivelrlo tlathe agents o , t planters in any litf the son port town oi the coltto plt-. ts ino( Stlates, al thete lIrs ltlets, the agents Iraeitg the :II light ao thte ir ilne 1111 ew York, Iat icomng, r< on ottsihlefttrthe amtOut ol tihe t;it. A l;i wIitt willbe se.tlt with tile (;ittot Fit thet tll t .hvre I., siredl; the hllarges for wh. selserices will he extra. bu a, mterate. - Irolllrollnin georeatl atlt he orrlerd where tdeaite. Ot t reasouable terms, hnl will I IXtltra Fli' of owerl,ofaty tdestiitIl. , canl be ftrnishel onI like ad t.ns. Small steat enlgines cal als he ordtlr.l if de It is desirable, when pl:sters give ordenr for Gitn, thr's taotldtasooe anll) them with their views in reganl to laerge'ellltelntn saws, lttlasts, brushes, 64e It is fatsual they dlieIf o itiot'. Sam t cirie saws u arger timalotter thl otlerl., The llost con, oll niz sis or 0illlthe t, some wish thelt i iailtes.l Stllle wish t5 ot 6tows, ' bruies oil ait axle, while other's tI. h not wlst more thltaut nmast. Str is, saws with a Sorb teeth to the inch, while others want lo or II W oabeh dislremtlct, we t.leer rthey shot)lt, at thea time ofgiving orders fornish a stateto.,t of theih wistes, atd the inanaott'atretsnl cll tltli tltote itl eve') e Irticultar. Where it is ll't to attlr isc.retiot, we Shll Imake them on the moat modlern t d alpprovt d ile. A t order can lle executed, t'rom tite utlle it in reaelvol, in athe sato afight oe tinte weeka, intt tte init i tta ila tasedill the halds of til 'fstaor. T, h. ill time li tit thetextt aop, all torders at;htI to he il the ha tds o h ltattmatttitttrr hy tite firt lr ttiddle ttf A3ay; ext+let tr ttorlaln tats) whelelthey seiaate in ctltluntaineg Ito ,diak or gil ottottt. N. I. Tthe Patent Rlight, for atl rnle of the cettoa, cr'owitg States, will he sold on reauaale ternrts. otiS 6tsas . S+TA1'E OF LOUISIAN...-F-irst Ju.tcal .ai.t ct_ Coart lHR STATE OF I.tttIISIANA, all oIwho, Siths Presents shall come, tGreeting:--\Whereao Williaot tlseke hating purchterhl at a sale st e by tho Sherifr iof the Iach of Orleeau , tile Ilropelt Iereitinfter deosrioed, bto aitplied to tile clerk uat' w o ratrt, i, whboe sl.ios tles slhed of arte tto reetorded tttt tOt 5th d.ty a Msi, A. I). 1.1.,6 Ibr a mtoititll or ad errtleeoant iaconlurite to an 5a0t of the l.egl .teture of tile t ltat .loa-i ie, etlatled Ilt aclt fiu the lurther smaranIb If titles to tItllr tal s at judcitl eales;" ap t proved thie fIth day o . tlarch, 134l. NOW, therefore, knolw ye. nod all peraetx tterestiteI herein. tea hereb eiteat and adlonished In th nto l,,.el tle talte ul' Louisinll allI lIf the Firlt Jdlt' Iet lirl eu, Ct'urt wlto can a t up any right, title or clI '. in and t the rupertlherreinatlerd.,oer ibrdsi tt.ct'wqetl)ea llee , t snflrttalit" in tle orderldeeree or iudgautoft tlIheou t tnllder which tile sIle wao wtalte. or tll irrseotl.ritt o ill etilit- in the apporals.tenlts ad ndlv-rt5l,tee t., in t1111t, or lataMer of salo, to r altn tile'l tofetct what,.t. ever, to h1ow cao-lr, withlo thlirtv d.o foitn tito do1 this mltoaitiot, i lfrst in.ot ted ill hIts bolle paltre, wh tlt sole81o da tee should nttt be ulfi r.lleted nd htiool., latsd. "'he prperty wrn sold by the Sherffonf she por i.h a orenaiil on the "ad dey of iiril, 9. I). I 38,.., virlte l at adc.ree of th,a c o x t, resi.-nd o the 3dO hdl oflMarch, A. I). 18.1,i.t a s tt tllttte, Whilliom .ltck.ha vs. imunl tIell, .S.t. 15,535 ofthe dtolket'l .tis cturi, it whi:h solo said (tlliom .tlackty becroao tlh put choser fer the ptire of $:, ast, eaoi Ioeariptiar of Property s given in lte JuItdlcil Con. vevsin , via: A ertaino Itt if gr ,ndl. tortotler with all tle btld I ilis sInd li.tprovea.ooits thereon, aitliitttI in the p rilat of Orteons, in the qlrolm IooudeJl b. Nw LeveCe, Ltouis, Paol and i)elotstreeltsl desgtn'tste by the No ! ,on plutl drown Iv C. F. Zi'tpel. Iteptrv .Orerylll (Gieneal. on the 16th Deceolmer. I63I snd dot.titelas pln No I0. it the batk ofptlnta ,f Feli itt.ll, n ti. pollie. Said lot mttmunsl go IbeT II inehes frmst to New lavee street,75 fees i. depth its tha side :sdjinillt lot No8, nd 80 lfeet inches sld lines in tlpta on lI. otde idj ',iin'g the proporty n," tntely. boil. I ."e 5. N oiuodlls, and 19 fseet II nrhs width Ii Ito rear ahitm it fronls oa no stlec f tllree fti oio I cdhs ith cummoon ao Iot Not 4, 5,6, 7. 8 sod 9. l.lrk'a O.¢e, 1! '1 Mao, 1838. Ml6 "IV I EWY1'S Dsp t Berk. .t tar ara-..rtretere resolved o 'l'Se.daov AI.., trip 'tCicinnati, for one day only; I returtnd again aI'st i. nlght. I theirn Int f el that I a very importeat indi "t vidal,. as this instant the Journal tf o s city was rut cl inR y hand, stating, smongst a great laty otL es' icr- tltingelntt I Ittll aeiltally run a tay from Lusvir al- tr eteapette eltfeets of tire a nderful ilagneti nee eto rfdoctor .nip, th' knihtlt of the tlini e, alias, A $ S. Mv retiur, htwever, proven that the fable of he hti and wOlf, is applicahble to the J.tmrnl. The fable i.s y w- "Ahtttas emltlyed to watch alid rlve tlea nlor n wle vhen th w.lf alppeael; he bei g eilher a 'footman;' a Stailor'r n p. or a liar, frteqen:iy erned outr 'tie wolf ill al ime,'to the ire a dismyttf the citleest Th y Slast faound aout his real aharaoetel thait erhe was a liar. I andnot In be bel cvd even when Ih. spoke tile truth.' a, Thlti , thalausllmut produce their effets. So are it will pmrove, f tihe all-wisewritert, Dr. Snip. &Co., il it' ibe JurnI. I wouild ndeine them toprvitrurde them. selvta with a stta'n enaian press, in order te meet the Il.. won't.erful dlemand and increase of that Paler, an it it weil noawnm rhete ore many who neek for iothing hut et fialsehmnl,'ot of cheer late to the renders of that .rti. ir- ne. But unfilrtunateht Ir (inlinh anip, if needle and nle thimble celebrity, ithe great maass of the tillians of A. t- 'nrinttltenple, era fate I, and far fatied uo luvers ul n tuh. 7'herere they will, (as elffcts produced Ivyy fl t t hetl y maIwatU iii, (Ce eftacts icraiduced hty tht rer a ,natl) ntarlllv esay, I nt ia raida l paer diat I a-. may rely on. therafoa I will seek out sueh, awl h ecome ae. auberler to tha other journals, wellea stctetaeot t mpwill nlt prol false. Their I a statelmis are trOc pal pahle to reqlllta ,.futatiin; yet I will itate: It. I all. eaelna Ials lotel. nd 2i. 'tiat I hallrnle a, it I ht 3rit Js l , mho Ihi Strip &. 'o., have seat me a letter threalteuin my tie, if ! remained alter rla0ith.t. 3t. rhos Cr tm ti , h.ahll pteeed to Cineinatlfir fourteen da, only. of whlieh i with Dr Snip ,& Cao., tinform the nftllitel, in their own e .linhl en. ver fainto bring iei pctientr. th 4th. 'flat frotm ineinnati I shall preed is t-r 't ells of the Niagara, tohe lat IIl.frnlo, (if lir Snip .I Cc. h di not take away my life,' on thi It of.'ieiltelier, aon a'New i'orkon thele lt t Nilvembher, o.apend the whol. arfth nerxt srnnmmer, in erder o augh ot aol the atlilll al Philistines; the ',rdical Goliahrs of Boston, Piiladel. le phi, lMemphis, Nashvilla and I.ouiaville, who w;ei en probablyv. (lheflie t it ttime arrivesr iicnre,Celiah let, Rope anti ltre -ldiah 2d. Currier Eae. Golta make fir names, mulee, &e. Goliah 4th. Corn cutter. (;oli itt h 5th. Paints and drua,or] pinkle store. ;lin fllth ll ie most mannificent of alli, Ir. snip, a ins Belt. kc. t. p'lehelr to th proprietors and eidita's of Ihe tIaurcal, g I- abfre~thermwere hatnbaeto i tre liI.·zlv, [ wrould h~nva 'lool ~ . ,"t lp ~d Co fl kows thltnba' o lerr ·lrlrPad a leer lie,nr spread a I linter,I lieu lien fir vteer, in the hahi ii of reatoritg ielit i thie blind, ano'hct lolt whet o rwa a no lericr nitIti hlajeeiy' cutollle tI ii (ireat iit ain. oas ev.', tthen so eiployed. Di Ithe threan tiholimler Itaeu-riel; the htlressa iiake fir raene; the corn cuttetr tile laint and drti stire keepel-r and the inoifieent d,,etruli,eer, even ture than dre.m of heing able ti rn ihe likel I mwinl the Journal state, I hl.lll rt-erit'i it-dien and errs gers feom A0 to I P. A ii. ai sitli,'ec Crete; ton 5a'clai., P 3i. evet Sdey,te clriaiitiipiio wiriiiott tros at ucuol • , i I ( l t, le ll l : l it . ac cla'tn hlte, JIIIN VII.I.IA ltCeulitet JJ-fi'rscn lHnuntr. Louiaiille, Julyt 18, til3s. .It, S.--.iri'ewrltlii;mv y'al I ave een infrinrmi, h ,,4r nrsoi tine en.'e 's"" o% th i nr lacrluev of the Ji rn l t ',i ni'hl,, naterirke ee wlat-lrsire aftit it lis, fIt,.r .n.i n'i'i'.h. t-len toaether, i nii laire re ,t 'Acr-, t'- lli - , l" r rileil:r ell tb el .I1 e h ter Ithey /lii ii; Il'a ei' t, eir itt a feolhr lr:k tietiter." I' r iio it, ' an rie latr e r. it, Pr tire, 'it.i , D i i" l 1. ecu.'' r iorl, ofilthe 'tioUOy of 0'cei rebarr V - h: t . the i reped di- e d o stcah dinifiitd iririlris :i'. I itlrne, tlie ight hlave been so elevtle, anti S,,atlenl1 ifw Atl ter, and it a ,hllnm.e of nn t r"mco n II .tIIils il ndn. tie, Wictgefnl t-it ~ t tl ltrri llt Ii irnl ilirrt (lit .si d -l t ler,, '-e'nt Ilih part; as w findl by anmelut hit:talr5I thiill atOIii' wira bUart alive, nltert htinr va inll;er irl I irllne wesre aised to it eipriaP in-levarUted lie Lilic;htllof tile ia. I'lnlbul *uo le agtlley o ..1 t I in l kp'iey. oi rite tail. i conklic s n e a"ltr. u rt ..t. 'l* ~hnrhi,ttluell knilirnlll r'ftlI It-a~lte. ltd1 '-11Ii wrtllhy kllithl is vetoat ulit, alitv', Id au e, fromn hr prliic f brtlni t join her, lhe nignit of rie ittIlilu h',in ililniinntillg th!e xo il , hit ic ia still i peit -I ittilthad Ilio.'in Hn a r oIill bown ,te-e ae p uie a l' iy o n I to , j ,...iir i'e , r t',i v u l Ae Ia , I n. lb t il. Which irh a e, ..t-it O li ell ill in, -4 k:1 ;ll:ot i 6 the '.m.Jtbe, k-e. will .xls ni m a i, is hi ,.ol.r spe.'e ( the ler:hllical lihrasening~v f haltwhich too ur P,.AuI {:uives tile ouullt; iold it intleara , ilt Ino oli o us pin r I eIt'illll t- ,iCtllll omn n t f ufr ic f krilil. Ciu' ro. l eill i u t Iuh nppr vcd ct hi so' e Il' Id 'I' ti- iirt mn l lll ut', ii 'du li 'e'i t.· tr: f i. I fi ull, l * iit I'i lcu dilu l l.i h e(,-~ ite li.c richtht,nlst.ikcirhun i-f' iirelitgauntu, t n I pit-ha In iltt-auiiit 1cciibt. iliut"' ee,;nnu 'Inc At- trn, N. -lit t ot f tf l rir ,i III iuollo lv rl i ,.ull u. I .I,. mestrei tist I ho .i w ' 'n to tIlt . :e r .Ii I to I, I" 1 r un t h uitit k 'hif ' I( tiiit-in , l i', . tier i--il na iii iiiiil'teuiit-uliiiuunill nt-ni. liehuitliirosg,i ; it It uil tinv riu'n oiln',lccs hut It, i c i)r t linl:alit iili.ii. i ltf, cn thi litiu itlt iilh tI fr i rloe ~ ~ ~ ~ i iltie11181 t'ltii liiluu-e lii.ylnr ii(I·F·IC lla.m) h n~ll., hoqI , p llld bl llr Il. ( ·ll ut . i lp r i] a hlla uiell it ll 'tl c t h i iT p ilcl I Ii h ntiiill f i .iiril IcN at Slull lhl h.! I .I tirill btiiu u II )' I' a fItorthr dII west.I I 11I Ile f .lnwU.1 u I, nai l , lsl. r III 10 o'eluu bit Whea e-ktd i h Ii l pa , cdn r it t itl'e rais l Iiei wiih whichi hasl' c nde tltai'ta hepd 'it jiitiit rt ilnit-itu fi r iiltcom. i ii u~lat r ss i;r;Ate~l:bi Ito (it-tu atd uto tile,, dlreaced It' eye'., 'id lie wmiihl ratlher pay $211, thano loose a lillnle drup. l|e oamse upwurda of '2110 iler iei ,t tlUhe. IIThe teal pi c of thr e wortlly apiatce of the riil ranilI the hiillble, will sc.lcelr mark legibly, aiter relatingi rithe ah ve lasty letter. Ilowever a title tIA odyell. i th filrnic f t ilrinkn rteo or thee will set all right and they will onddont irrnnare 'conIIlit ll stil t the mental ealipetitn if tiheir rnadere, cat Ilreekhlat n Mren t div inrttllug. Fortuillltely lir ttelri, ttere is a whole Ir S bhttalh dva,(t-ntmrrowI it which nhey ean do tIhils it dir v wmork., J hILLIA lS, yj. 11-I bane ject re-riced a AietOr, dited htljeu It y. moiatine on my mic'ig all apglogy to the drageiste N aof hit city. Cite mrt-estcyle theitteleee aKentuc ci Scrernersah pretendia p herat I alluded to them. hn toy h tact ler. ro 'hey' mv rust naannre, 1 dlihirslut kw or h; even suspect any Goliahh* auto llthe ildagdiste in Lou w isrile; yet ti e thcup fils any gentlemlal he mua t u r course wear it, thought net ittended by .r .i J. W. Jeffteon ouse, y, . rday2d July, 1837. JEFrFERSOo louse, LOUIIVILLEI July 13, 1837. To the Editor of ike f Lt'y Gazette: lit-Hlaving lijtcned to tihe eulreatiea of my po llatieellte, I aHIl re led, if tmy health penias to r' muin i,,,,isity ilt the end of July. 1. To try to do them mere good. 2. To eunvincs the Ihlubhtont that the vile apt theta the ledlical ti(;oliahO S. ., have alllied to al, beloun to thetm, a thi ir lawful right. 3. i'h I I am ready to depoeitr two Iundred dollars, in otta of tihe U. S. siak, in the heo.ds o" ia eaorl the Mayor of thin city, agatollt ia t'nilnr auo to be de poited hyall the gr at anld Il guty ,ctor, S. r Co. that 1 retor, to niht otyre aged, nto dlle-ged, youn.g prsons and ehildhre, wheo were todu ly or pa'rlatli3 ablid, thrn they do; ad thaot I at eulhlled dt ce a treooter numbo of shlort, weak .r dll' -ightred 'ercon uring Iny rhort visit, then they do. hYt I t II llna tIy ltee calumniator, to call ito thoer aid oil the vr, td~ervedly c lebr., t nd prtea r tand noterUt ol al th tnedi olcllegeo,a n weill as all the doctor anld qioc. doctors i, be 1ttad il private practice, (wloh, anre lt, ftw) in the States of Kait ckyt hiolIdlao a al cd I|, in'I renessee; there there tre ided t ie ,two 'tn-a. isottous deetore, whose naittle ou t to he h tndcd dew as liow a po*eible to laItet Isteorilv. 4. It , at lie clearly uldertotlk that all the coure If any, on both id e, m.ut lie prove t hall have bien ltlortoctd ithout the aid of lsy surgical o craticn ihatever. 5. 't'ho~e whr, really metit the epithets they have at lilthem. aitlied Uto mo, IcllI fofeit the lb.s 8 fort eletltitol irllaIetlhoull es it tltiscity, lud he otherpar ty ltali talhe hick hi- owtn t0.1, whoever io or the nv bIo. I ern the mighty toellicdl halito.,er St 'hutll trnivo one of thia tucceaall c andidtes, I w!it ulfil Itt old pr..erb, and gire th "el oll etle,,~u rt" Ii, I. At oll eveats 1 would ad.ise the last ,lllltl lict t oi o -. au 1 1o s ,a1r thrt letter to taud lo t0, , , it : ,.ir ,u- *sllll I.tolnII a well u s t ilna. ro. is,;" bult I atlvi-e him to ndl to it its Ieg.tllllat ceittltiu :,ie A Sptlacud tel;re It, ii alolbetctl ord," th'u, tlie oloelewlldret ilholit.l...ttofl . cite wo.uld . "),o kouu tle its rIr hb thls ntelod ,dilfis .iet. JOIIN IVILL.IAId, t.rcilidt. was weak enough to read the Ilti l ofl tal-ehood, .i'ned ., which deaernse tothing but ltoy sllcnt ton lad tI known latst etelin of the great ilipoarlrcee t . o . ', I ehould her, treated the lIst of tlhe. taree Orlse what ditltretly: but let that poss. I will. h rwtrer -omllplimlent hi toinater ,f t1he Journal, for Ls -ago Ita to employ Ihe furter knight (il of tire gartr or rol tie Itistll, but) ofthe needl, ani Itilllbl, it ordner th th be may kill two birds with one lotnR, i. e. o lpatch the hilee hat eta b in hia natural or nlolth.iI gri llteet nq.l, if' I oly Judiefrou that esaU t jlall r; ith Ad 'erliser, Ur. Yalli i master is, I y, i i slam tied of Il at'reis . Who all cinralumtanecpccu, wlhetherdollcticall, or ioliticall!, which requlres a hlistar, whether on hi ,on Inose or o tlhea ropuatiin olthoo whlo do not hop rell to please him. behog unlike hits, (wtieh tunot be .leat tialttrttnre:) thano it i he riul i Ilia BELL, whice .lfteeall i tllthing too me tltan if it warn lolindihg brae. ir ali tinkl cymblil;" yet, to view It thulstt.I. itell Il,oka well; but with n 1Al. U. A. .8. aftear it, aplpear. tiaguifceat!'! JOIIN WILLIAMS,Uculi t. July 14. I AV.AN A S,1 iEET.HllAT'S-l n store and Ir rale 'P It ii iE & BRl,, je ear 'omrton ancot ,ltg.o;n .. TO I)tN'l'. THE kanhdlne STotRI asd hack I(itchen' i on, the earement otory of the T'rue Arnri. ran tlire, two dost !rinm St. Charles T'he tre. A eit lrlateo tand fora Cole Hnile Apply to 11118 J IHN GIBStUN, Editor True y ,,' eiro.a. ,A(M;4;G A- RpE0--90-1, KenIuc .y J;eg L ging; 8. coil do Itol; fr sale hv I P I,..VY & Co. jtl No 1O Grieer stleetlp. ttr. iAL.-A prime aesortment ttt ; ails ret-, to ld, for selo by CHASE t DIXEY. ml 6 Cu'ilt ,n Hollte tret. t MILES' ClPUUNt, .X 'HIAUT O? TOMATO. It A 5U00ITUTT mea Caltmto. T ile doctrile Iro l.sled wilth o msuh assurance Iby many emldrieis of sle present dos, that one me w liine will curte all disease, Is en, anled ner ecl Ie Islet siad lie who asert it, lseits her fool or no im. pletor But it is a fUt demoestrole by texlperienee, that combinationa of medicine soty Ie fe.s ed from the Itaeooen, that will set so univerallay on the s. Item, when takens easoablyd ml injulieious pro Irtion(s as to oure, ill IlsO esonase t l oten, all diseases within the reoch asd pOWer of mellicise. srom toe well known and e.tablished rputation of Calomel, it hut long been emploe.l by the emnpirie, ssand cientifil ph1ysicia, asI on of thte most posmSlul agents for the removal of disease. Bs the former, al. must evern lend h.s bee deluged witll nostrums, that their authosrn olaimed as npes ius is every disease issi. ldes to the htluma 'amily. The fully of these prtes slons sleeds nlo collrnl.t, for oocnlsde ehemieal Investi gstion has sdhwn, that the base of mslt of the Palaeestn, HUtholicons, ke. which have been trumnpettd before ther community, with so much assurance, is Calomel, or meroary ill sone orm. Now, if this Ipotent article even in the hands of the molt skilful physician, freques t. l) eserta i II. dlls sIeIe o te Iasossl otem. ulolreoeesl, aid l netiehls bieyoll the osrt l Olars; ulrllsmising tih oudtlitntioi, oani brin.glng on srmemosu, stid age, olirse nld elath, whlaoreosll dal:uld ibe euetedi whet pre crihedl by the igstonlallet. Could their Inyul tholusal oiutim spetk, i. voin ce I o thle tomb would toon dsilel Its 'apecif c' de!uionu that suotw iw)a thle isdl of the living. Humane Physieians dela dot e s oud evils reoltsng from the meruriol sreratie-, a.d w II hit i ths in trsslshslin oofon aslr.ile lIal caIIs sslsel)" e sslIotitoled for lomtel. 'iThe1 feel, toisi titl keenly. the ceertaissy of its priemar oitratlsoln; theyto.ot uI y whe her it ail, Io flvorable or Isfassivole. 'T'ry also ksaow, and feel, ith It iits usn in ustlsinel forsos eosssidslcaie time, in jtlriiolis .eolhlsry wtmsluseslluees moot tiltw. Bat .ley mutehot hosothe least of two evils the' know ano uther slottle thel wu l arIouse a torpidliver, remove shritrsr. ties, soi set isl fre action the whli le glansdular system, Asl itte biog ilodispensly neceslne to d s tsoisal they tresisoue its use, ionwitrtilinig tVtC'evil otmsseqOuceOe which follow, The have long desirel silh l mottht sno arnitle that would prodnce sthe aoul ef.iets of thiu s lrlg, withlou rsuoij cing thle itiet to its delietrioul restric. Surl a detlderatusm, it is belived. ha. at lensscth beec obtain..' ill theaotloe tow prersiltset to the lpulio. Thers proplietons of this articl. keepig in view the fts.'t, tlit a wiae sasin benetsles. eing, Ist plseo with. ill tse rath of ll, remtlhea sua,;t ;tol the dsionace in. cidesst t the climate tiler iolhabitit mid knowing, like. wtes, thist storut of tle dlielsson of he .'Snh lsd West re bosrod upo.ln stgielsr or fonotioonal dlrern sgrmet ll tile livar; i ireteil their attentian to to e osarticlel which lt s...t'et p ci illy on the bilii, orgat.. Ati r log, laoricls, tll eaope.sie rsenesch, sthe ht's. scserrsied iss eutreloissg a nsbstuaoe oflra tlse 10O ti.iA i , hicnl, frun its Ipceuliar effectl pon Isthe ihero lie o' Islisry oss-,asn, ihe h,,ve l lollo tlinotell leputine. Il i at ILetltEi that will1 Its..uCe all tile beneficial reosllt. ,f Calnus. ll b, l i i hlute o lld ohrcsia dieloses, withsut it le sprsihiliti of irnlueilsg the leernuste tiErl selnl"sluer oAnsIOs to t sltl srticle. Its aetin uils, ill t e laitlltioo in universal, sno dsr ri at . atemu s.alcillg ita ih,.lese. It is howervr 01oIsie uth orlst f edrtioas sild e aretiOlle, that ita gel.t powes toels particularly mwiet.,i hes ns itr ii. p. a'nllrly tIplsed to t.,e trout .ela of bilic u resveres ild othel' sli,'sa'ss ill wiscth . Ol'lridlty or oogeatisu of thcdr Ilvr ad poLerat circle Ifrevail. Itos.iis t l iie ein ad sas, where it is s.eessar, sin tleasllme tle snIIOch isll boweCls. It rsmoves ohrsoI- f lion,. ssll eocltear q uihk and hesltih ocliOas of the liver anlaI otirglat.iila, sesira oru thie uhsistsislsl. 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Ithc a lote pills are atharttic, alter'alive, cil. horeric ssldiuretic. l'ihce llot pill.laretosic, ltmo. sit/ad aslJ dissjsists'0iia. il The Iolltwino extr act an the tl et is from thie Cincin NILES1 ' T'UlATIU MiD)ICIXE. •The vhil,.v. , f tihe I, saut imh" an w ,klieious Ive'4t'lteia rjos t able but tlst i s nt loetieinoo, hie liet SU atisellt.le tto a1da. ittraell.d tit little ttntioin. It St alk been Ieliv. d to, a ti-bilious qula lis whidi, rilliy oldhihian..iitnaiihy ir~tito ir.i cramiarcri vatio 1 ilo ton-+ . llh u . 'lI I. ,+t I, 1 .ll'!e] '(n ,eirillluo nrr. o,.ur, tould be ilwdotiuie. ]'This has lbeen soaueterized tt s a bileous Alarge prturioni at hi.e ,h=elses:n ise fio n lisnrtrr.l live s, or fi as el - Irtn''lllelt'to ia the gatilulalr sIn temtt. This is Cepcilhly I Is, c:.te in lie west, Atnt li I miore o st the soutlh. If a It renit, rtas, s.A- ferlletuani i Ias operolinc, and le,. i. hec..s tuttatio nu.panrd, coll or Ilnous complaints, :: th wold unllque.tinaobl) be aillng tIlhe twt heilth) eliydates itI the wosrhl. t .ailiounl ia bee tihe altost universa remetdy tir n diseases of this icharacter. Iut It is t remel' y uWhiteh i noting bit iecessilty should itnducsethe use oL It innay be eonsileted as trespassing on the pntiinee oi f another prulessiota t s. ak o this, yet we may lie perittletd It Sexpress our strti convictiont that Lalomel acnotlot Ian used without ijrtre..u and .onting eflects upon the s y. I te.t, r'eater or le.', according to the qunltisties takiei, atli the frequetnc of its usiie, and tle con.titltinll ft he iatient. A bti tinte lfr this, therefore, .trom the vs. e getatie kiogtot is a dtetleontum i tita ioniry. n it ef believe lists thaitidertatu has bern'red in lie Tomtato. Di'. Males, of this city,and hIlisastnmitus witlh nlluch ahbon cii exnpense, as ne ulierstand, have succeede.l in oltaoing such sia extract irom thi" vegeta. hie an, tt is hoiped, nil bie fano an i.oeffeinal ulhstitxte. We tute nkhet stoot pains to etnuir anlog metaiceal men and othera who hase used this medicine, as to its effeots, and as seel e.I latefied thatol it will pioe a mt ef valub.i remnediy itn bilatus eotipl aite. So far as we haf. been ableto froun, it lasn pltuotl the deltsurd effect, oulemaltitgi to iproduce a health. tlion ol'f the lier, pritaicurt bhliurs tliaoftr ea 0heu ntreled, cdit i ue i.stanees bleakillig i lcoe, o it.. eci n ano ea certainty sall ii a thlU terltl+ itth i eall.mel l Fr sick or bilious healuchesi it ias been if a nd n a d arnuedsd. TIhose who hate lned it i)o tait it d'es nIot 1pr tli'e tlhe deblti. tfaiig erf'ecit of nttst other kin is of pfrtgoaie tmedicineS that there is it iinrretrlaed dintg r tIrion coulls after :ts use, ani whrere large dosesof enmleml wolufl be neededh thltf ulurnttm withouit anuy danger ut the distretssing sad lojllriouxs elelts of calo.,ael win .a priucing tlhalfion As tie have twasnon to hole frtto tIrinur in.atigntsonn his ylt rtt oof the "'tomato will lavte o sunilstittt to i n t i a f:rot vnarlety ocenas, oneraln. o r Stl it aLa b.easiLg tO tihe htuo , loailt. naiI ielerllh raf holtn Inen ,rowt all mine r im tur~rut&Cocn. iTes hunar aneeryitatlo • shut we s+peak of' it, and +e I nte hot itsuronoo 3illy In-led by fwullea. 1 le have every m | . u.. The above medicine can fin ohbaiiied onlb of the Ge. oeril Ag.ta acnod thone r,,titlog ageol-i haingg , mn uDsri o signed by "A. Mites, Pre.'l . M. i. a ,l eouotrricned by iF . I'l"' Stune, t;enrrn algerl tue Louisitna,' Gndl hearig thie toampaty seal. .f .dauense-,. S& IB T StoneU, enral t gh e Is for Louiiaha. f114 Thi!di ,hula aitstrel. ti~ed.r , t.o, i33 ,Id Late street, opposuee Vegeta rl, Msie ,\.re Paint ,lartin, cur tld Lvee entd ilnspilcl ontret. V:~ .neitrv, cer .tew alnd Juoiat,ireeta. ji faiouellenr . ilal ...u.. au.. . .laati t ad tMrs Ju a o anrie &s Co,cbrer'l'ehebu, Iluuleso and Giral attrendn [ oe+. rnse ote apruneo e J ` r I loart'efl, Ieaeou Sdrs In.. lier thin. nntlrsiori, N.tlosit.uihs., Ls. Jli'hialuae "taclhb, itaI t fenlcU,'reis. Freneri k'erd, crol e,' la'nydroas ad tntep sts. (ts' Je. s, e itoh (ltecle. hi An. :,nus no. I B. lwding Co R anw. Apiti mhe getalera or mtodirinehe ft wholtsale mut ih uable to the d ti-ersl Agent. as New , e, ant. All IrItire, pinl paid, if lbe priipiiy site. dd to. tcO fy STTE IlF' LUUIMfANA. I)AIUSH CUfi.t'lT fir the Parish nod t'iti of New jrleanla. Preout the ihfn. Charles flaIrisn, Judle. Ja,,e ltthi, fsllf -No. fi,94.i--Jseqlte l'otier vs. hi. rediors.-Upon reading ard dliig thlle pteillnn aod ufledduie iat this nae. ft ta ordered iy the Court th,at chl erediti, of flII innitieest de.ftlsow 'asus et often cure oto vaards. fho 7th day of July, Ili, wiiy he nhould so hdteisg a, mcondtg t aw; and se the measoli~as all pcnedtrg, aainist hi persof' and prt erie ore stuyed. Cloetk's omct New terlean, Joune if 138. jell ".aw A .,It A h-) Fl'l'tfrl', Clotk 'r r.1'" tIE I.A LtUlfs s.. ..--Ucit ti.t it,,i..,, £_4 pr If punris+evta In tilea tIa .Neoieeflh fir loata.s-Presett l'hiel. Carlles .Llaurin.juge. II juoe. fIJ8.--o. f.J.I184; -J. eque. Poiier eot.t.e is ceras. rises.-str leure at .oerU.ittlelltcciit la p tlltt a a Is schhditf duns ienoffa ta, If eat denretl pera I eour clne esn crt. iera de li'lsotvalde lisle'avei elur- rel. eonseen eon.raat e Ias a da 7 d• ui lot, It38,fs'nquei i ti0e airailt pint loch rgfh cotromeoent i lIa iu, et en atatndant lOttiete o irt1u1tee COltire on pas tUtns ou asea prtprietie aoot errftrAtes. Bureau te graetor, Noutvellf Orifsono.. I Ijoin,. 1838. jell taw AIj IN tf PI'I'liT, iaredii lINSEE-D ")Lll--ili tble, Ian~al. ihual .le.,,,u.ll SAlhono, freealo hy I iUtitiflsy, jel3 44 las errs. ARIi SUPERItfd Ht A l If S-NSu latding feint. ld steo boat Sl'tac.a, s fcu cllt nfitoe shave, lfUt ofl is hhde, ti.nees sod bhle; feor ele biy LhAYET , ANELUt': G, jeal 17 t'iwenfltoe strest: ItNnE-ts Olt--I2 'hbis nod 2 rae .0 oslti , iaed 1 (il,now lalding frno ship Ne.hvbi hr. and oe sir biy JA ittS & .., i;C.iEt Wihlr.lel I. llinggt~ata, lil.'i l'oPWhilesn Jr irb ggitsi.l n 1sl1 swvmaenaod f'rho utitu"'acsat. SCOTHt: H.ALP.--. crasi pitinee a ovtI ) in siWi tad for ealasiy *lluil.sS . s ta ILL., elt laik .b lhire S AIN'T,.,UIL, tiLA.S., BIU.Slb.I , &e.-. ust. litding l to j ip CoOstiIutio0 and for : 160fi0fePttofKlas, beat quality, froo 8XO1 t I+23X28; u 31i kega whte lend, puret 356 do green paint, in CClibr. kesei 4dozlpsnnedtinsforsigqne;lilOlb lithmg . 26 dud splendid 011110 ground brushe . also of0)000 and (1(1O1 do; goases croune green in powder, auprior rti.l1 a do to Call; u large asnortment of sah tonils of ever, tine and qualilv; nable pencils for artiste; fiat markin. It brusheh Ior me'halts; *rtiut colora io oil rentaid, pr " paredit ioxes, ttted uith all necaaa.ry brusther; Sartist's teols, .Lac. S Flake and t mllitr wht; 60,1 ack gold learf whlite mld yellow wax; gum arnic; amp a Iargo anil choice . if erortment of paints, dry eolor oil. turpetrine, varnish, so., for sale,wholesaea and retail, at the lowest prices, i by MONIELLI, It2 fif8 Camp It. .YEW EDITIO" OF THE CIVIL CODE OP LOUSIAl.X. IT has keen for some timne mode known In the phle ithat the ubeortbers are eneuged in preanring for the prad o new rdition of the Louiu,ana tivil Codelr - trI'hev wre. Irinn tuile firo, awar, l the groat difficllt .and retlntliiilitv attending the publilication oit the work, and it was nolt without grent hesltatioi that they iin oetted to the uondertokir . .ut the present ejitioni. a·nouaint to hout thre. thousand copies, ant which had cont the State mtore thtoi thirty tlituiaid dollt s, wao entirely out of print. For more than two year* past, thie ioual pice of the work has bean front ihlrev to fifiy dollars. It i a revstetWof witran mrle wnrlh a,, immediatelt intperates uion every individua.l of the tate, interealed - either in O 'ieulture or llcommerce .and which onveroe Sthe lisposltion of o tilo ch property ..ot titg tou t frrom Sotherstatea, that--ult ke clhoo. a votier teagtloc opo I low-it is a much tIle tex-bitok oid iinnual of thei imerchant anti the ItlantIr, as it is of tlhe prirvate gentle in an ad the prft*sionulnd do tI. r fila lawyers of tihendjoiiuig states, and in fact orfal khont ctteailpnor the i llitio ad tli ioeiIppi riCver which1 fad a mnarlt fur their prolo " in, live froe quent nvce'ritv of referele ito the code, and ltake it a ididpenntblea reqt:sit Ito their litlarirs; at d i.i the Sit0 1 New Orle ns tle hook is s sure tl Lt !hound in the merehlnt's counting rnom, as up Ihe leak I lthe iudo., or the tulle of ti, sit lrnev. It is or stlprislig thrft're that til first edittian of-l't work was eo quick. y dilpuoed of; ind nlthogh la reptml ft it wulld ill some measure ulpplv thee public nicte ity, yet it would he itlper eat and unmttielact ryO unle annoltated with relertnces to the report anid Staiute ,in oir,. r tt emr race t:,e itmeronu allllldltnllt wh'cll have hI el nmade by thile Laegisittre, and the i -ptolont deoitions anti eontrtlctiolls which Ita • beeu givlen upon Iintllv its articlaes by ile Supreme C~oui.t 'rThe puhlieheo have seeured, fir tne general saper intendence an+ editorial deparlnetlt of tie work, tilhe prolessional srovioe of ti hirleehk B Upton, Eq. a mle.terlof the New Orleans kiar. Tile Hon. Judge Bullard,Judo Bernodes, and Iron titrre Etusti s Ilre eath kindly Mir UIpton oilh the vealutnle notres whih thei. have eolleled in the eooree o their tuolioes tid praetiece;nd to iMr N it lenninrt,the onrt-. nerof lr Ui~to , who ito also ena:gedl i thile work, hiet .trawbt ilge, Eeq. Ihan prerented thle Prent maoe if ne. .i renoeonltailted in Ilia ooce ropy of ti coder, nttd WoliCh naor heen toodte Iv Iit dulrig tte whle period oi hi dlingaollshed prrleioalal lInbora. The putliah. er mlayv tlernf ,rr oell trut that t e annunlion. of the work ill bt all ihit industry a d lIottur, nasitd by learlain and experionce, amil perfitrln. I III puttin forth this pr sletue ani sauolitttig Cenfae ll suhteringeo rn the woirk, Int phlithorn take prime n the fo, t that the Legistlture of I.oninianiu heas otthirizrd the overnor to urd.r one lthousnl copies if it fit hte fulture toe lf'ti t -tate. k'he rendines wi-i whiwh thit toumtr wn ttke by the Arsenmbiv evinced their sense of theio valo ofthet wrk:antt they thiret exotend ol that confidince in Ili, ahility Ifi the ptblishv, a nd 0d etlitor which it i is ho ed i n it Fhr ai llo nerved. Tile wo~rk wtll ho prinlttd iii Frenkh atl Enyl:fh, upon gitI papelr oit with clear ti pr; nor will an ex-. It'ie oreare to spared tI Iniae tike who le iriehotico' exeulti 1 of it otrrenltlt.d with ire ireot illtlrtanceye it will prtobably be redy for delivery o rlh,. motth of ii -ept.nmher net;r and lthe "price will he, to ilhseroi',oi., fiflean dollars--fie dollars to he paid at ile tame of nutt -erihinlg. IThe -uh. rilotit liots onte cltod, the store price a ill be twenty dullarO per copy. It op I . E JhIiNS ,4 CO. Plublitear. a. p t [I.ouisiana and New York Line of I'ackela.] [MI shion e. Ctain Er i dglve'be, u to looaae thae .tlriett:tet pnnctulity in the r timn e ot iling, the line .nill hiereafter contiet of five lStips viz : SI ; slrene, Capttin in ood use , tolto ee a an theOt to n oui ,l tCptain Plmeravis, to leave on the 4th al ll above. Captain all newIgor to leavet lnu ', Ip IBhrlhredn oplth las and o 5 d hitt Vicknsburg, Cptin Woodhoume, to lenre on the Ship tlis Be stppi, Captain eIavli, to leave no the 13th ,Jonenrv. T 'thtl; ooveso this are aill noen of the first clane, aon 'otper tieltot d, adia. pward. uo itSi0to g itathiol are of light Ilrlht osf watr, btiner enult io eNew York exprenetlr foe i t rade. li- 1oice at pas. enoae is ied at one hundred dollarl Th'irt Ctonbins or - It fitted no tlte ltt ilnpor'ed nol R.onvenieet planiatd SA n d eled Ina nd elegant st omtnlo. Ampne ltoreso Sthe firl quality will ber v ri, lded d toeo s regartd had ito the enmort'nd en ellre nwt oaetia, lio launters, who tdl paid fr at ti ofl e o tie conoignee. I hone ru aen Is are commeondedu by Captin well red perieneet in the trtde, h, wdll jire every at entiot, and elxert nashnoelve to acollnodate. '1 hey will ar all tines be towed oup i al don the %itiraniippi by the time of anilineg. ftltemwers of these hip willa not be responsiblte or sny let erl parcel or en agte reth by orput ota bohdt o thent. utnles a reeular bilml t tleadin e .tgned tI nrefuro at the elnnthig ho atter oft ole gentt or owners. For inrlhrer particulars, atpply to t" BEIN & A COIIt.N nay t3 9t11 (oImaoltn 11 t. s `VAS found fifty mleessflrt it the Idizt.i .e r, , rn h Y of JIul,. In're laun:h. I Englisln buihi ,oy per fenstentl, end lhas been cunpered, ite is 22 i fet I8tg, and etght ft lheo; na d lie Lene "nloop rorged an the are e ircm straps t rwur.l for ritytniu. Whoever re e· gnises soed launho, wil p rinaIe call at ?aU 7l OJld _,_m_.. a ft 1Is P SAºC ,R ... NSION IXOUaS AE\V CITY, :E.\At.ICOLA. rI tiE tabscrierhnvong Ipu eaned th ee laa nd for . niturel' thllo well kh lTlo nestaliPleast, frunu Ma 'I' ypr, tte- ate pro ,ritorc will be rcoady to rertoivs . itere by tIlh tot it .lApril nmxt Nttol rtltos and costly ilp-o-oenltla will be foend i l tlto rroan~ alllnts oa tle Alulllao Ito-se. \rew nhd ilte crumiurlious bathing It urea will he built annt .armn b Ih- will Le pruvideld a all lorea. A atahte vil Ie antlached to the hoiu t , wih gitln l tcot lnmr dua. tions ltr bolest anid arnao.n es. Foi t rate llre and cuarnragr will alsi be kept fie Itir, t at n e ries; utd t ail .tad tnw bunat, ath tplletnea to manage them for thG ue of nV.ttera. IitileinrE and tht r tanoatnUs renailllv Iuoit at .altriln Ilglante, ill tnie eta litnnished, a d ocatondltcd hn not toa i .trle wtrah the CIothtrt anid quiet o thle bourdert. tha inrae ita ald Iqnn'a q ill le of th. heat qualty, ad tt selalro an nll tiyi)tV Ut ic , a cargo hoa- already bhee ordo,"od, a lie w ill airit r about ttt tul - lllv. Me Fh'derick ilt..oanr, whot foroerly kept so popular a Intel at aWealiithttoncttt.ill cotdattt tits nit, el lft the p,tirtelor, wht, aith w th a otlln,eolliddlttr nasulet the oallte, of last r.e.r, iutd his fittmlt geteroally, that ailer willt ertove every od.nihtn r.lteclta;I and therebe eoliecr to ngie gene ril satoialc;in. 'Lhe local advontagos tl tit a hIottt. are ton cli knows to, .Ded a iogtened de-erl"nllta hebre 'Tre aol.t tl"l Pensoacla is the lergelt tnavl station of the t;ilv'rltlelalt the general rendaezvots of the (;litlf Uqal. rtn; cthe lalupri,v o is toimntc reltn.,.hrl contlantl r do tiog the sunmncr moutalsa b. ti coolest I reococo fonl rite ;uli tlte bhntttt of tlhe hay and thle neigllhtrtomg island nod lners; the ohundanco and dirhcay op tlhe • h with wltch the waters at-ouad; atti is prtxllotrt to, tha best autlern markets, aine I'bnloorola Iht ,ea folternc over all otoer places in Ithe- latitudes, as a hoalthy nod th!li.rlltill aumnerretent. First rateioats a..ill r hetweri Perinaacul anld tao bile. atd will at all titis het all to tale tie tan stugot r fromn the Noa Orleenbs boets. N B ARNOLD. Poensaeoa, Feb. 15ht, 1838 9 i Gntleten wnohttg to engaer rocms fore their faOtiieoi, rcan address the por;trietlr, it P'ensacla, tr lfr Sewoll l' Taylur, the frotnar proprittiLo, at auw tt eant. T Ratfiord, Fsq. Mer C Ctls.a, .8 MeAlpin, Enq., I.t. Kibh,c in btob le; S t Taylor, I' P BKa, Esq, in an P .--A litter beg, to rcecive eomnmunieatiotn fttr peraoa at tho hoe hol, in ilaned uat lion Whitntao'n cllice, 51 St Ciharlen txjlh nge. FLOIII.\A tItUTI.; FOR NCW YORK. Ir 'rratillers delsirus of taking the Florida route via Peauotlu,clo the North, are inofr.oed that lire rate koats will contanntirv runt f.-n. .olhile t Penacnol. leaving Stoai' and Paensneolt.t cr o thor day nf ar Ih Iat of Mae. Gfood at ges will always he proeyden uy the onber;l.rto be ia r.eadine.s to toke pa.en era front aloaile, in cnte of thb foilure of the bkmts N It A.NOLD. The steamnlttn Chmtapia eavesn Mobile tfor Peas.- I cola wice ta week fob 23 Iy SUaiAR.-.n hbuds, -.c- i . loUIS do'PI|R Ny'N'.",. to , G REIAT tt..I AIN. FiIANCE aed ItRFl.tU.lT a habort I'ot in IP.l--Bv Hatta lumephrey, it, )., l'oiarltutofAnthelltt ' i tll eg, coIn. "e - The 1, of .ir. rhtertoo.f--Dring th nn!-. cnt, ltte suatl tf'rm editi,,n etr -tahlished in tint ,itedn a bte:tc.o. cnij. u.tll tneo vd acd fr ta.. hb )7r4 ('ercsae C.ulr 1+sCten I s aeetms. Ult W. EVANm' CAM.,IALLr. PIL.. TrHIS highly tnable medicine may be had whole I"antit: :leil Camp New lark prices, of idE$ & ,'I.AN ,iE.14 Camp street. It is confidently recommended for the following die -rmes: I)seprpnia in ll its foe is; biliuas and liver at ic m onsr, every stopts mmd degree; female sihko.e, more particularly tis nauseo iecident tii mitlero; fluor ollur, fever and fgue, inei jeti tc-ittlati.nm or do - Icam, nh-ther of the liveror Ilunge, hemtiache or giddi tes-, too. of appeltie, nervoaas treemrei, ihetriatin nor dehrmm tarmen', asas odic afftlcion of all kinds rhen madaism, whether chronic or inflamnatory; ntorvoms o biltoas levers, every varidety; scromfula, is t rheum and all hI,-tcheo, bad humoars, ad imnelmmre cmpleni n. ofthe sakia r sleoness aw t night, and daily irritability and melatcho'yr tie summer comphlaint, and cholera morhut or diarrhea in grown pe as; .a res and flano rency, with lie i beath; ehlnrosia and tiltpimatione of tihe he art aid head" changes at felle conslitotion; an, for impeirs and eiseoreneized omlatiutonas in ritel erea; r wmreh have not immen pae tan. ntlv relieved b any other memiriiea A sit;le trial nf er W Evers' medirinet in .ny at ithree emae, will produce surb rffeela as will in dionte their mneompnranlme uperiorite, and induc e such i use o them as will mnitre a eap.edy and nneatimona h-i. cure. itir'etiums fir rase aecompanying them.e, No emrot cerlifietesofcrure. wil beshow, uas from the lenolh of the at ,Iorune it is impoasible to give them I Illicite thr,,u-h taie m'dium ofea mn Di ' lyeno'mst mboliue tirearnee upwards of 25,0001 cares, and in this city we can refer to many pernout wiae have eeeo, elace,.n. " i Yo ,mllom inmtances eniirel crured of lung tommmimtn min.cisae, by Dr Evansa' Caimmoetile Piltse an.llt|m STATE OF LOUItIANA-FirstJudieial. Court. F IlIE STAITE OP LiOUISIJA, To all wh-m I. thse P e ientsi hall eomle. Greeting:--Whetas, Jimes Bors DisOggo.le' ig paurimerd at a sale nsy bIr tlie' Slhrif'f i the ;.erias of timiron. the property b.r. iinalir demlribedl, ha applsied to the eltek rf thie coirt, in whose office the tsed of hale was ereeortdd on tile dll lday of Ali, it, A). S. 18,8 for a monition mer ndmernir, nmeint n conlormity to as act of the ltginlatlme of the State of Loisihintta,-titilhd An atee for tlhe filther a 'a relice cOf tlitles in itrisclmisa at julieiul aisles;" approted mime loth day of lMaitih, I t131. NOW, therefor', klinW ye aid all parlter ianterested h rain, aem hereby" aitedaeid admioelec iae rime mace ot the Staieol Lauisiana, aid of the Firm Judlilial District Court, who cn set el upany right, title or claim ie aledi to the properitrlv hereinaiteelrteribd,in onSquenti e, f t ane inf realiti in the or.der,deretie or jtlgmel t oi be f ou Ice nlder whirch the sale was made, or ayii irregularity or c ili-gality in thet pprlinaene'ts and dtsetmiee.ients in time, or mtmnner of ale., er ine any other defect a heto. I ever; to how cause, within thirty days frtmi thde l this motion is first imisettd in tih, public ipapern, mly' tihe ale so imamle nlmould othe .ifirmed metd homonlogalted' TIme said lpeitairy wis imld hi the Sheritftif the larish h cfinesie, ont the 31ith day at, A. D 1835, by vie. ioe of a dene-e o'ftbis ie , a trodeh r-if atlie '0tlh dtae of January. A. D, 1838, in a suit entitled JiAmies iaitines iliggs 's. illisl Griieene, No I,191 of the dieklet of thisi Court. at which sale asii Jamnes Barmies Diggs lecamem the ipurchaser for tie pricenof twenty-five tiholuanl dol. ars. (lesription of proiperly as given in tihe Judicial Con. veyance, vrr: Aeearnin piece of epropenry or pariel of ground tiglher l with all the iblihgsancl matipnotemeotis lmne-no, rights wimvilellec. .n. iheremtitonheltgiig, or in atto Its a"m. ptinmemluoi, aiimate it, ftaimneug Aoimmooi tiint, ahtir timi, ritc and measuring ini tEnglislh neasure, thrnle iunedc.d i p atl fiftly-six fetei soii tltr-e&ghtlhs of ail inch flom on thie Iva l ublii rondl on New l.roe st,tiler hmndirmi and sixti- it . feet six inches lnd f. ur-eighths of an inh f t't onl 0,P ('eleate . two handred lasit fil.t -i.tive ftet iie inche'd l twno-eighthi. ofan incih "m a line fronting oni Olt' ltever E steiret, until it strikes the botndari lineof Lauirentf mil- it hI imn e nprnoer,. at thecorner oil' Old Levee anid noitms t sheert; there fndlholig i right angle, anl enrmmog g, m ighlty- five fettiml thiee inlhee del nalongiic hiimihlae a: liit of maid Millatudon's proplerty para Ir to (Celee ce ate, elt; tere forma furight angle. mrd 0tnenilelg i itr - el thre fbet eleveln iiiea ouid threie eitlhs tf aoitmhai In the houbdnarl lih.e of ILatis D.le's lr -re riv, pt alle lo1 t 01 1 Le el steerl.; ithere trming anotler rigi n .Ir, .notd extemldiog fortii iW feet seven imhes and tiveeigllits if as ianc oil the oucdary line of Dedo's rtinperty, I prallel to Celeste stre-t; there folniitlg aliolltTe rigiht angle, amdmvx'emlingone imhundred it d tiwelnty e smee t It ten inches aneid four eighths of nit inch uin eo nouidary It ol'said iedel's lrerts' parmhitl toi ti inplic rt a .lc i and N.w I ivore stcot,. llod setenty sit feet inlicihe nold foureimhlth oc nitnch fonte on Ntn's otret, se "- i d ing tli a nhylil J. Piiih, City Slimvelor, maide id Ja-' va'r, 1Re, aminexed to an acet pmaml before Louis T 'I C.uc, Namine.) Poittia nine the Jtmh Iuititmy, 13. I - Whiilesa the ton A. M Hlluimlacn, Jitld of tie t (ourat alorelai,this 1thil April, 188. . aplS,m.i&lS P. LE BLANC. .)-p. Clok. SANCTIOXNE lY H1'flE YACUL1: UOF .IND C)INE. vIiltN'S Compunl Eitrrot of Copaiba and Sat.o I aIl.rill -A clotnil sa lil,t ,li IoLLst ettollal Ismc Il ever listre¢.llrl till- te 4le of .Gootllllhra, (lheta, Sictulres, Whiles, Plilns in the back stIll oins, noltlllll wektiet. affeclionU of the kidnice, gratel, scorbtlic elniptions, &,'c. In the. 'itrolductio, o a meditlricne posesing the useful an I actltle irtue of thel otne nw ofered to tIhe public tte proprletor ha:s hut to rCefero o tie nIIuerron rrcanu Ill lllaldt lno Iravellet iro tle IIustI llJinL'nt ft tile ntP tIdral f:culty in Eulote, biliring tht itt will Ili tciu at.reiated when i a nrlits are tmore foil3 k:now,. The B:dlctn ol ltp.tiila, coextrttoivorl, tcshllan lost motel, f its credit iollt tihe dislike 'iirh potienta Iboro,, expleei Id getlllilltg itll digreelb'e taste, dlatttbitntoto tlotttlcell ill Ihe boclte artid otlltllh, Itll its Ilerelrelio , intftcieoeo, chetn ts d iti tie inflft,:,tmetso stage. Ti proprietorh.a tma de anL analsis of the Bialuson, oollnei Iug tila, tie iore active quclities wnd.ld lth'er~ be utellc, loeor loncl.trllatt d more usefIutlh amlllnistered tttoa ill tie Ipresent state. Tie bove meal eine combille i grledients ahickate in the highest repute amokt' tie tto.t scirentlic and Iarored inl te profi.esion. F..:l drut in tile omplloitiotlof this preparationt increses itt littn:ae of the tither, producing an operation trlty inet potstoetcgi t tihe sunco ite tihe advantage of its toin l hndi ti,.ed with perf.ct success in the different s.tag, of the aist- lia -arr. l'he most emlinent ph) siciate mo,. lutll"g.enn . Itlh, prl.sent day express tiheillrie, ael at, pro aonul in licthr of Soilluropoino, owhilt ito too inll I. prinrip:,l hotp tala and piblic mndical in.tilutimox hot hle l, and .tIll 'oInI Usti , : .r y extensitr. It was a lsot t. ltrts . a tti th e celebrated DI' Abe til thy in at venetl el tIf -.Fins, and ,Iu obstinate nutaunoua elou l tioll arising ·infro l, e rlisrrieed : tite ofthligestliet' iutiost, lhvinlg bel "ullhnilttd: od tl est allnd exprience of tll Ioostl crle.lhlat amonllg tlle ifacult, they have expre,n I their 'lidit ctilt,. f its exteotrdiilnry flclaso) in evenr, e ot under their ahtuer, hy adoptig it bothl inl diil piblic :ald rlivtt: plactice. 'Their h oi..ationa a ill b, inter ed iher.edier. Prepared by J U iuitont, Chelmit. Lon.dn.. Price $1 1i0 pr pot. ''EST'I OI.IAI.S. From A II Salmon, Esq, F i. S, St.reog to the St Thlloma llospitll, anll ler ni Alltunll,. The trial which I Ihave made o f year pparr.' i. in a ari'ty of oeisl', both alll atl feClale, in itsll tia'it l:eoe prnvod; so hiightly fvlllbloe, that I do not het atileo tr, imPoll.noingt it otle of the most vaIluble anII etfeicioll, remttdie ever ofiieredt to e lpubllic, ant one io a hich, fbno exiorlic:e, I can plc ac every 'iilone, whilst it ioes, not llproldu the toiio unpllaactul tfects uoutlly ex ieriecetd from copaiba. From G II Hlaywanl, i, l C S, Physician to the St lMarytlebohe Dispensettrt. 1 take groat pleeouar in addling my testimony to the vailu.,blt propetiles of youor preparatinol. widaling ol tlhe sc-leee ~n so fuli' .berle, ii anll oaopic rewardI for the tlaboraon exlenso icurrdol in bringi'g it to such otnt. pleto pe:'fet ron. From W\ 0 Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Cuty's line Tilhe muoifrem oacels which has a tended the adminis. telrilg your medicitne ia one g y pattteo tienttts li..od with tile abovie discses, lhat filly sati.filed e that it has only to be kt,own to he truly i.ppro.cattLd. N at tie tucce.s youoo eall disves, omlmly and speedily repla ou toe yotn'a:hlublc preletiutlo. From Sir A Cooper, FR S P RC S. E, e. Ililong bero ittttoedt to try youe tr tetet it saverteI oooleof lviolet (;ottst'riht, wteicll had hiitherto bafl0,d ' everyt p'eaoription by" me, having leolt sore sd oiteod) cures rl'eted by It, ill feiw datiysl . lel maf Ii,, duto hotol tot s:ltetlhat I nor ill ni I ipio ice hboh pulblic anld private reommnlc,li sod use uunte oiher. From GW Blair, SI I), Physican to Guy's Ilo,. pit:dl. The otriel teat which I hare given yourr med'lbine among nI) paltients, ad its it illn.tble sIli:c,. tIIUs ilr,, will ilntue llo toi ltloorae iln I ts use, ll I deetm it but an act of julstce tal of duty to iltd h t feibhl testi monial inll commenta ion of italvirtues From 1. l Thompmso, .l D IIS L. I rotdrn yno m In swerle thatnks for i e valuable pre lct di)' oo Eixtroirt fur the cure of albmtbtlta, kNe. leel ll gl llt l that ou hae alt lst rtltght a tlieinee ito ttue ow ielc will prove a rstiltrstttlt lot. strohtl r in the motelia: ol hIl--- ,oro. plley and ys elru. ellct it corse .f the ellse. Ii atliordo nltegret pirasure in oiuhllidsni to the wor ti vilo a lusblo qul;tieof ofurc Were it neressar, tile pt'pritoer boit.d here inistlhl tuanv mhrte teatinltials qually as cohtnul.eldtoa Ia lthe holset but t Itlots that itslgret sueebl Ihither't-ihe oale Sexp.tse at whiich it haos prwt l, owill preteiit greatest rcommrlnldation uraitlg a dlscernitg publle. One i'eocettoeisttt tllos jteeposti't etjotssitove al otihers isits eal, lOrtibIt .m-pot up , t's-I14 tmtlie is which it nlea be taken, hbsing lmth easy) al Ita u:mt--ta t.ttehl nattlrre, with no retrictlion i 'let, eo elntfinsrmnt frot builless. ThvelleIt esolniu) oul lid finl this metlicie highly useful, and ought ntrve to be diprtovided with a pireati'e Lioi l pIoeslU snlg the adI vnitsges w hieo the present one eomi'ines. AolaItnoyinlg a 'o .lelisin. is tremphls etpls... ltory of ihe tiferent alegs of lhe diamsr, witlolt an xtna ihaorge, colaititlg ful l .d srnpll diretious. For set, by SI tKLES ot CO. mr 1t.:rtm - I . .Ct.sW et. nd)l Sign IIJrrsC"en.tsoin Colt. a d, a lundlgtom0ats. er Be bel-, otd fen q s byt TEr:tfON & A'VE:Y, i ta in L ts, ostrl t. I THIE a' 9IlrrnA~slsAtct C4DAIO - THROUGH cL FIVE ,c 9 Aa HAlr DA Is Prom Mobile (Altaboumr to Auguetal (Goe) f {AVS:;M locilreevertt otherc th iumeo,.lsieN l1l1 irc the :rriv.l ot'citem il from New thrle.ans, pc ths nstelnnoat EH·IYi, to IlaktclLt. cuhes to Peuoalr tmTo+lcl.ut (rel Priluaeol.t I vct Itoma iound and (,,_ tchlcc-l- Flier so Itt.o) to (echtuior At ooehtc.11iea vil NMrijnlca, lmtttclrsihee, (fMrmerli Moont Vet no00,) nI.icbt ittsge, Pdlotroo 1 ttwokiooitle and IcoAi. cills, to Augusta A Itmoeongetalti.this we t r Mo. tile it inl uo daucer of hrine thrown out or Iosnil his tre reerro by other roaflieinit i"terests, sus FLORI - Ith I.Icc tI butc oet concern, and cder one eamt tre thPXl'ltntit alldl ayt' rel WITH rca'TAcnyT Up hlIs rriv alut Augcla ir; timeispecifl, Icecc]ogc all weath. er stilt at an' erococ, I.luest trcssc Inmu s c uforeu. saga. clrOtleshoulM ocrco. TIl t- Great New Otlelns Mull irsco-l-llt . , this rune. Itte Agrnt rforoaamndsadi i'rocc,' Can Coachtes oid lkivees arem y scttjmcnscl lcr csthtc ecccrty. The am.m,th, hc , I. nctcc i l c o are and inter oSclng ccler oavie.cllco, the lime Ia. accoennmmtctio'a olltd the Mteh-t alw~el, eei'taintlr , and altms cc cu'icc: ctcc cooRneel a it were wimtth thail Road S+tchccelnwc, S. (. I0c tle slRic l tmckes to NMew YTrk, travelers ct0 ret h New Ycrk fronm New (Otlasc Los r.t..N II ofea.--... alinclgtcc c lc , in lt. F rom C)ctcLhoiccoe, Filctcidc, we heIe s Tlran I.h" via Qcinc u uid ltlnhaa.eo, to St Mork',4 toa I"os Eoc.sha, alco tI o lBlanhe c Itirl HwkinooilTu cccc. to. tiillcdciccvill,' cccia occ e to XcoIo, light two hc rc r+:xw.ea S'l)t;l: I1ONS U uS. It nc'roa, clth Jan. 1RSS tcfcc.ct .clacicc Rtcncc 'Mocbili "lcistuccc., New (blclcI.cas to Inl.c,+d, 1it1 moil F c.lcctac to CluAc.ntcco, l54c "' t:ActIVounc to cew lfork, 9II80!1 TIicce, Now (h'leoo c ihobile, H8 couori Motilie to AogCua.s 3. t. AclgmstS to (Chcciltcl.l, 1 i Cilt'lecon to New Yccrk, on- 25t SMUckicg 6it mciosl ier day. or 7 lulc s IIm l 00cr, inClap 0ive ul'of ll tnl oge•. noy I0 N. It. I c Iceave to Itfotrm thie cualie ha thi icidges oaver ie (.lc.lcatouvko ohWlo l ucl Hsrt LhBd r creel hcoc JUst iCeec ciccceteoc -'y Ice gonerol govern melt, (Ihe cit o|laccclel o(e.rating cglios this uafe an a'telvIluc t t P 0lhu Im pllc y recc.ccd;l 0 I M oe tthe It-tlec-c dfie, c.cng rc IfoRaieltc .it, hc the sothechor. a a, idriverlmllt cndc are olcc ci'.c le o,.nlelc Mitu the w tuer lulleu li-omlm occio Ctcic- tluci it I i ted by o all tie h ulw I csl cI. trogghc it tc he icl l0trpcaicl. ic occlties chcc.Iv n i c tot. l'Icr bries scrjuecllc (iorcia hbVer olig hen rerltciroe. J M C HclAKmFR 29 MAu~Ecfl Swazmlr, N EtR-OR1.EANN. JOSEI'tI KNETI'LE, & Co.lnpnrlera of PFnrcefn ocandtiuomeslic hirdclsre, Are reeilvinc UC0 rope and ithe Atlantic Citieo, direct from the mtanutcc tur,'ryt en exten sivV assnrtmegt l)f FaucOy andsS I lcrllwnre compri.sing every artile in tl" lin edey, they oitcr low. wr con w1 o.. Couuctrc Merehaptw and othacc are tnvited toeaa exlamine their stock wltich conlist, in part, olf tbi icotchee',, plocket, lcc ldier's Rod stiw knives plated lJc ltoricnio tea spoonsa,nedies pin, hooka hod ey t, .- . occc Ryo spade. tccgn, e, lccc se oaneyes, Bsc i cnniu a socapccc woareo, thruls, blank bookc and -o,. , "r loonkicg lgs~e, anvil,, 'ices, onrw nites lcoci shcdre and nail hnmer Lc, s ccaths brllwoto,mericun a~" Englisi blittter, ctscci, rcccelnto ado) e" y Atc'. , tap~rt mh and molds tIrace, ox and Ink nhain; wscdhmtrl Louie . ccn t and grubbiccg ioes Mattock c i.i ersco l. ur - g .cu s toethero, Collior ,,ngani ,4m .,ns i.oc oppi. axe, wrought, horne ind cuto cisa "ott rooo sod woi v artts, coflee and corn. ills,planea a'd h lte dc, osoUgeas, louoeo, conlc i ctcoy ooko-dh Spisols, Io , ruoler and liquor tlakr,.lea noo,:or.o iloh, tru so andc Iceil SrIoul icccotc olcrcc, crccck ad pacd l urk,, triuls I E triem Jiiliaiti t.. ts is 'IE.TAT DE LA LUUISIANE._A tow reax ter es tle nshi caeiiaaeelm, Sblui.-.Aiwitii qun n illlC ls Dig ll aycll. uni t lIkt Ullc ulo I eir II Ic iinex'i.aiiei. iii to Its"l . t¢a · i rltr 6'1.6{ a nhise NO G C'ffe de cwtte Co._ Lu Is Idite - vl~t In err~o~rirle Y clue iuur I'vlii a 'Palnbe 1 I ., pur <I ,I ,, is cl. fu.+ . 0wlmm i tn . ... e I. 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