Newspaper of True American, August 9, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 9, 1838 Page 3
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Z'or the neir --·· uG s.& .mM-t,.aA-wa, FOR PENS .t'OLA VIA MOI.ILF. The low preseure steam beat )r ml h CAROLINE, will leave the lake end of the IRail Red on Thureday ýtei , Fiit arrival of the 4 o'clock ears, for Pen aol ouehing at Mobile and all the intermediate Apply to GEO. WIIIrTMAN, _gg Ecltange IHoltei, bvt. Charles at For Mubile, and all Irltrmetdiate Landings. The loW presese steam boat CAROLINE, willleave New Orlhnoe for lobile, every Thursday end ,t clock, II. toechin' at nall the wo ering lae eat which passengers may twinl to land. For nh particulars apply t Il N, ' E{). WIIIT31AN, jy Exchere Iotel, St. Clharles st. br Mobile and all ltler,,rdiale Landndb#. The fast ruentt and esplendid steam .. ,,at WIl. WAILAC.,I etstiely is otate rooms, will ewve New vUtIate Medo eie, and all intermed.iate wlteriil placere everyr Tuesday and Salturdy, alter lthe asrrival o tt It ocltco care. GEO. VWHITMTIAN, jy24 Exclange lotel. St. Chnrle Ft 1 :7 Bait SI. Leoite, a uvlXS, and Pascagoula S 'rIte fine low pressure ate mboal S GIRAPFFE, Captp.`aoiler, will leasve, fer the above places, on the moreiags ef Thurslayu and Ssturdayi, immediately after the arrival o thte six .'cluck earn sad rattin as heretofor:. ot Fridaoy and M odays. The public mar deped oni th e Boat leaving punctually on the above dave. 'or pasagle aisply to Captt Smiler. P i. The ' imel' wil lbe prepared, on prevotute aettic to Captain Smiler, to proceed ssnce a week Olt Pleasure £acen ese, proviled a ..nfficirl t n..abar elro to ea'naneate. jyt SATURDAY EVENING AND SUNDAY EXCURSION TO MANDEVIhLh & ]t 1Il ONVIIIE. a s The steamer )UTII AABAMA, Capt. L.T. Knight,will leave the lake S ead of te rail-road for the above pla er,. ai eveninr, on the arrival of the .a' •cloLekaa, and return the same nigt,--and leave Sun a o Stae 2m UUKR lADlSONVll.Lt:, LOUISBUKG, NIANDE yuf.L.E: a COVtNiGT N. s The fant rune t, and alpletz,!id +toam tLboat SOUL'1" AI..!,A qA , I., T'. Knliglht master, will run ilo r'gu 'tar mail' hootaor the obove ports on Mltndays, \Wednes .da aand Fridays after thle arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, A'M. RBturoisn leavea Chvington TlIueda., 'rhure. gda and Saturdase, at 8 o'clock, A it. N B. All bacgage and ptarels at tile risk of the own era, unlessa bill of lading is aig `el. 0:0o WIIllITMAN, New Orlean and Mobile Mail Office, a2 Exchaon.eo Itildine, St Charles st. FARE RKIDUE DI.:! l, la e OtaPamhont M nZEPPA will Sleave tIe Lake end otthr e Iail Rood on Mondayst Wedneldaye and PFt. da. an the arrival of tl 1l o'clock care, touering at Ba 8to Louis, Pasn Christian, Biloxh, &e.; returaing, will leave Pao agoula at day litte, and arrive at Or leans at 3 o'clock, i. M., toutting ot all the watering a f 0m New Orleanr to Bia St. Louis 250 Pass iChrin iotran n50 t Biloxi 4 00 G(iE). WIIITMAN, at Exchlange. I,,tel, St. Charl e street. - r or Texas. ybr Mulgorda, 1.ire Ok Poinl. oand . rronuee Boy. ,. The lite leot sailitgg i Uri t tO()D IIOPE, lJoht tatings, master, having a large part cf her nar;o engoaged will oail in a few days. For balance of freight or pssagre, loaving superior ac etamalodations. apply ot Imard, or to jyI2 Wit BRYAN, 56 Cotron st. N B Tie (Gool Hope has been thorouglly repaired and newly eopleirl on the op posile aide of the ,ivr and now stands A i, at tle difl'eret isurance offices iathis city. jy21 phr Pelo. Buraoria o od ljterior a, { The vary superior new light draft schooter ALBERT VTEIN, Captaion-, laving a l.-arge portion of ter cargo encnged, will htve ai'rkd eo(atch for tht altove ports; ftr Itnlao or f(ightor pasage, apply to WVXI IBI.YAN, 2 rtr5b 'otoon st. T RI.MA'r cGRI, A, C)X'S PUl.X' AND Al t ,Ns.\S Il \.' The well k" wt,,n Sh.tutter L.OUISI.\NA, Cptinll old , Iavmn u hlrie porlton ot her teLlq ar , encagrfl , will ,tlea with dl.patldl Fgor balonce tf t,' aiaoge, apply IO hard utpposite JelPrtomn street, or Io W \N, jy5 . . i Ltuuuttu t..rret... 'iTe regularl ruocket t:hl .I)U'IIIU IIEIlN.l i. .Jrrttcompltte Iterturv'.. For tulttre of fr,|iltt -r pasjg.', apply tt hoard oppoUiteU Jt!Trv.r~el streeOt WV IItYAN, jvl7 .,G comlmn slreeh . Ii. pa e.twll .IFIll. Illo s.IN II, , d a I Inlerl-, later t.Ienl on the Ut'oeat. eare. Jyl I ".ltr VEI.A.SCII, IlItAZ l:IA ,c;' ia 'l'ho well known, light ,Irluullht al'tr IIE K 11.1t, Clapt hllt,ea u, h !,hr !l*'fflr ti, part lher :gtOtu eltlgat d, will Ill.".t c ill dr Ipalcth. For lalonte of hi, ihlt or tiruei, Ih ItiC aU parlor aeotttt a lllltil, S, atply i,. Ire ln.Ullllil on oartl, eppusite to St Pa'uter street, or to jet1 56 Colmoan street. !'or Sale. Freight or Charter. FOR FREIGHT OR ClHARTER. STo lad tat llator Ion g the r ntermedila landings, or at this port, the finr cop.p, faosltled anod crpl.eredl hr a.t.'.Ir 1 K, Cataal HIopkinh, will load as amore if itmoednrte. apph oatlon be nmade to LEVI H G i' j 4 9' ot :n ron stret. WANTIED 'I' (ll t RI' :d, A Vesol tfor 6 monthls, to ru hetween Mobile and Texas,not to exceel heno ded jy.17 WM IRYAN, 56 Cmmnon strret. WA N'I D T'1'(t) CH A RElt, A Ve*,•l to proceed to Mobil, and there load for llavana. For terms apply r jyl7 56 Comma street. WANTED. A Brig or cchooner capablo or carrying from 6uto 100,000 feet lumber, to nlal at oast Pouit, Mobile BUly and roreOd to Ilaas a. pplytI L.V H. tALE, juln3l _ 3 D Umoron street! A vessel of the capac ityf 1,f1100 t,150 hhds. will receive desrpot iot huv, sidou, i lamoe. diate application be made to LEVI I i OLE, jy24 93 :,oonluoe street. .SALTV2- O akcs Liveret: oll fine salt on hoard barque Citizens, and for sale;byLEVI H. GALE, jel8 93 Coroamon street! TURK-Meaas, Primne and Rmp, for sale by 'm 8 (Ii I)OltSEY, 41 Neaw levie. RU-1-IO0 hble New Orleaon Rum, for sale by L an is .'PH tVER&CO SPEEI HAVANA C)FFEE-150 bass, in store, awl Ior sale by SLATER & TRIER, jyIl 40 Poydrau samret. "IAV ANNA COFFEE--95 bags fuperior qualisty, 1 landiog from brig Towen Etrique, for sale by SLATER 66 TRIER, jy2S 40 Poydrae street. L IME.-- 00 Cask Lime obrN sla b l & J P WVIIITNEY, jy 8, Conti street. F Ii H HKOOKS, Lilies, l)obbera and Reels,juast re ceised and for bale by B CASEY, y2 19 Camp street. U a ermanoat Ink, for marking linnen, silk or cotton. ith a common pall without prepora t ties, for sale by B CASEY, jyi6 19 Camp street. ILLACK Writing Ink-Just received per sh Hunteville Itrm New York, S. dozen quart Black Writing Fluid, 24 do tint do do '24 do half pint do do IPor sale wholesale oer retail by DAVID FELT g CO. New York Stationaars lall, jyTS 24 Chartres street. MYNOTICE. RAVELLERS going to Mobile by the Mail Line 1on Mondoys, Wednesdays and Fridays, will regis Aer their names at this office, as no seals can be secured ,lt the sQaye at Pascaeoula on the above named days, ,.aulea 'ther prom a be placed on the way hill. lthose woo nave heavy baggage can have it taken ,jirertzo Mobile by any boats during the waek, ercep .rjbaabove named days. GEO WHITMAN, ORK-Prime and Meos Pork, full branded, PO and M 0. Alaoo0 piesaas Kentucky Bagging, 85 coils Rope; for daeby HPLEVY &CO. eT 10 (iraviar st. up stairs. O('K 4, TIN PLATE & ZlNoC-.pign block ti, w .a esa tin plate, and 5 casks inc, in st eiftfrr by S LOCKE & Cr jyt4 210d ves 710 LET u4til Ist Novembear aalt; tle elegant LDwsllng House, No. It? es. Joseph streel. Applr..t No. 7Od Podras street. jyt9 "-- b- 1 ARIRE8 LIME landig fron igUncle / JfUI) laea, tore"n by jy9 8 & JP WHITNEY Q-UINIE, EPsOM 9SAI TS, ANII-CA )..' It 1oaeones Irrteh Quirnite, 10 bblhs Esum Oralota t caskaPearl Aahns, 4 caeos Caloumel, Iprae c.. Jato,. Jlhubarh, Sc. &c.. landing from brig Villiam, l.unt jBostO, awibrie anlc b S JARlVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Drriggatlr, jy L o,(Cot'o manol K Tcbhoupitoulars street. bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERIP00L.. TheA 1 nld fitt sailinl bIarquie LAU REN3, Capt. Merrill, will re'i e despatch. Par passage only lhasing h.:lisune accue, IlluatnlS, apply to ImEVI II, GALE, aug9 9.3 Cmmmon strell. eFOU LIVtERIF'U IL. " The A allld ladt ratlhng hill GLOBE, MCaptt. )liver, will rIecie lmmediate des piath. For passage only haiving handsome accoullUdaltllons. Apply to LEVI II GALE, aug9 9.1 Common n slreet• F. Il LIVEILItOIIL. The copl.renl and etlilrg h.leped STEip LICUTZ, apt. Giln-n, tilal eine tno-t S hainger car g eaiPged, will bhive dcarg )U ted; flor freight aof 10 lad. ts , or pa..eas havig shuperi. accoiur mdnlldutionlG apllly to S&J p P HIITNEY. jaly31 8 C:onti slreet. FOR LIVI,;IPOIGL. The A I and lpei. sailinllg Up STE -pt LITZnldma Gi-o, will e caie tetat. Fedarletgt having th grnnteater pnt ul' her ca~rgotiaghIIeC for freight of 150 leds. tobncek, or passange, hasing handomne aceaulm t 4 cal .or.ler. pi it LEVI II GAILE. july31 93 Comm., lll" r t. FOR LIVEIIIPIL.. The T I and anperior ebip IUi'i \, Capt. Cperdman, will rehei l deispatch. For t rfel l of. baleht oe deck, or pule ge, ihavi.n g hpaal lacin accommodatiols fer l 4 enlabitiit p aiger aplply to • L LEVI II \LF, jyh v l 93 Com ollln street. FOK I.IIVERP.O'II)L,. The A I ad l fan llilitin sllip RO\ERTA, W(apait, Reed. havint Dallirehate, pnar tof her c Ueargo enp t red, will meet witll ilneli tv des parel. eotr freight ofe O0 tula elol t, or pass bai havineg landsome aecomntradaltil lln, apply to j2ly LEVeit LEI 3 II I:3 :1om street. FOR LIVERPOIOL. SWA'I'.T, (Captain Dallinghsm, haviiig the A The AtnA I fote triling batail ROBnEi glranter part of her earlo eignliV,,l] will inset with ilnllaeditoa despatch, F'i r rfeillt of eil 01t lto cotton or passage, having huadsl~mn d csm ole l n mloidions apply to LEVI II GALE, jy1 93 Cominmon streel. FOR LIV3RIPI)(I. Tile A l and splendid a t sailing shFip IUtipON, Captailn lh rd:nnc , will rci, ive immediate despatch. For t lassie, having hand-olne accommodations for 4 rabbin p.cseun era, ap. ply tom LEVI II GALE, jy17 93 C'ommou street. FOR BORSDEAUX. The fine andt sailin bar ilue NIHII., CapL. tanson, will receive desialeh. Ir passage only apply to LEVI II GALE, aug9 93 Common street. OThe Rn ad RSupelEor bia I4O11SFI Capt. K nhb, e ill rceive itmI en in dilg p -r pitch. For palssageonly,havn m olIt-,Idrelnl aeeenimodations, alpply to LEVI II GAI.E, aug9 93 Cirnllion street. FOR M A lE lI,ELE S . The well kown and last saihing packet calve imniediale dspateh tor the above port. has ig Ithe greater part of her cargo eul~gged. For freight :,fNA)ll bales clliliitl, or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to A 1) GORE or LEVI II GALE, aug7 93 COIImIIIonI shteet Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. i The A I tit.r aoiling brig WIV.LLIN(iS.Y, C('plain J Churchill, having nearly ull of hr cargo engaged, will lave despatch. For freight of 3ti0 biln or rsrsrge, lnving goood ucconnor o. ratlets, upldy to tIe Captain o boler, I. Ifool I De urd strect, r to CHASE & I)XEY, jyi6 6 ('u-iumhomse street. tOl NEW YOIl(K.-Pa ket Line. i'le A I copoered oIrl copri er fitsltned ship eARIACEN, ropioir )srv+rux. hfvih g S irineilupal art lflhr cor, enrned, will have quic delor trho For reigdht Iiro l3 II i o p+ pn-saee, hravin pcket r erounnidatiins, urply ro bohrd uppr sit" tilh veetble masrket, or tJ T rt & J I' WIIITINEY, iulv l3 ri tlrti tlrert. The filne .sc VI \tItN', Capl. SRld rorrr. , lihia ro rt r rf lr rnrgo ecnero l vili hloye deirl,;ath--for fregigh' ot 100 bale-, ui passage; apply t t & r &.J Ar P WIllNE - The fa-t sutli b,1% MAi.\,('apt. (r, tzi--..-- edl will hit,"e dC1p'atelh; flie ll ll all-i ` ,io lleclm or i ut-lre, havintl. ^ d r eeorl il datiolo n. Si lol thre i a:ptali l orlr ourl . wtl tie I lil,..d r to jv: i ('IIIates hro -i sItret. I F l R rI' STOIN. - Ile I n llld 18fit mliiilre ,c!Io il r111 - LOCK, I.r+CK t'npij, Illl ll rcr.Ie th'. Il'lh .r..'+ f,,r tlirea!-c , p.o..i :; :re foretir a..le toI I.:VI I \11.:, Sjuly3f !'1 t'uionlio n sslptrl. FiiR Clit \II.Ef T'iiN, ' The .A 1 4,1 i dilin riohol.r Sill . I OCK,h :ap. Ihtpki+ol , lovitrn hr fr len t r ' b r, r rrerlr ie o wll l t ii io tt l [i r tll u ,O port. F'or reihohr of*,0 harreo.l r IPassI e avi - l h..d oolttlleerrrnllnro driloreo, r lfll) LEVI II. GA aco 91 ("irt'nrloriorrret. ri')ll titll Ii r.tI'ON. 'he At and lrlltl t ll ilingo sgchrooner StlY .eJo LOC', ' a t. I1hpkins, will re ei e drispalch tor the above port; fur friaht rl tea 1 Or july31 93 Crrm lio, , street. T juT r ecerir.eil at ihe l.tlo irie FnoFiurl.-I-ile a? Rlooire, 53 lticnille sitret, l1111 latile arod Cherry dieitsleado; a fir+ raIte arnirle. 1rne, a o il usort ormeet of Maple. NVAlhnt, and PFi oted Chasr, ohich will oe sold or the lowest ca-r h ice . W L, CAtINE jp7 5 Bitrlloill stree. f RUSHITON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND T'IONIC MIX'TURE.-A speedy a and certain curo for the Fever eed Ague, remittent and intermnitlent tavers; prepared fromn the original recipe. Used with eminer t and uni vereal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectabilitv in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicine is highly recomrtmended, and has been extensivoly used in lie above diasasts with such distinguished success, that the propriutor of the roeope has been induced to offelr it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the hope that it naoy be the means of reheving many of thlloe who are seffering under tihe scourge of ouc country. It is a medicine possessing groat virtue, and when used according to the directions ine never failed of effeceting a cure, oven in thoe moseat ohstin stage of the disorder. It is not t all di agree ble, and persons of thie weakest stomach, and childien may iLake it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive Sorgans, creaotes al appetite, and seldom requirtre more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottire to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors arc uo well convinced of its eflicacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with tile directions and has not effected a a perfioct cure of the foyer & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and mediomse s0ore, corner of Bienvtile and Chalrtres streets. For District Agencies apply to jo5 T. WV. BMITHI, 48 Conti at. XVHOiLESALE AND RETIAIL rJOMB% AND d VAIte fTY STOlIE, No. Il Cuntoistree .tl er Bishop's Hotel-ThlIe subscribersatt . ow erllen'g at their new stand, an extensive assortment or ea llsrs a their line, comprising every valrirIy of Coir bsIr,itell Pecrfiromelry, Lookig Glassest, Playtg Canrds ld a large number of Fatrny articles. The followina r prrt a descriptiou: COMBS-T'ortoieandr Brazilian high top tuck, tasi and carved; do. do. twistlo, long, ne illk, pl side, poeas and dressing, ivory and horrrn; fit ltsth, dressing ran pocket rombe; horn, reddinog andt ere olmbs; woodeo, dressing, fine tooth and pocketor .a. PElFUIEIERY-A general aossrotr of French and American Perfunery, consistingt .t.o. pere water in bottles, of all sla lesand. sizers; olea ,c,ter, Florida, rose, orange, lera'n, jessamine, bergmeo, ..ullerfleurs, etc.; fancy leaps ofevery rrrootriptiori; maeasare, antique, artd vcetrshble hair oil and oerliog fluid; atrorine tooth wash, carboniieand chlorine dnulice; seentedlt and plain toilet powderpoolmatumOt; iwestoln idts, etc. BRUSHES-Comprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, toeth, 0nil, looth, shaving, plate, hertlh, fine acdl plaon dustiog, sweeping, crumb fueriture, erubking rnd white was, horse, hoe and rier.'s soarinrg, paint nd varnish brIushes, and sash ao d grainI ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING GLASSES-Co,.iprising gilt frames of various sizes, 5, 3, 0 and I draw toilets; German statiu, toilet aid poke glass, maor ifyiog manr, ors, etc. Pi.iDYING CARDS-Eagle, Halry 8thi, Broom, Highlander, Spiel Garten, French and whlit back Play. irg Coldl. FANCY AND VARIETY AliTICLES-A sepe nror assortment of portabhl desks, ladies' eand gelo.. men's dressing cases and holics' work boxes; farncy box. el of voarilos desriptiore, uitble for tire new year eda Christmas' gftsr ohket books of all sorI ; s perren ders, musi-hboxes, lead pencils, ciayls, violins, rend hobags aed lesal r ia asortoleint of fenrc hleaall, soprlior ueiity billierd brlle, peste bl hrk oilll obrl , sh , ll eat, fallsirnd utspender botto;i pearil lttoius and shirt studs, azor strlop .as machines fhore creatinig light; S oaniolt arld melee sugars; iinaccouba, allsi, coppee oand Scotch - suffs; an assortmoeont of plain Inli awardi caines; back. garotn bosesiers;dite, fancy screenS, optics, Jews larlts, armottias, lociter matcher, pinin needles, pertisohll clrl, chihking cops, haiiiig ilaske arrol gane haso; stool, aiverot rl plated spoi-taclrre tlhimbl, raiirlc, toercro a handsome assoirtment of en ravings, and a large vari Iy of other oatieles, all of .vilirrh will be sold fur low Iwrces, for ea or chity &lece io ' e,. aray .4 hiIl:S I'LANGE BUSINESS CARDS. PASHIONABLE tCLOTaffINd TAYLOR & IIADIEN, No. 14 hlI.nartre. Mireet HAVI arolsant l uptply atf eve rvaltltn eleprta"iog to grlllten , "lte, tite . e latetI at ive, at .e\w Yurk SILICEAIJs N1ETALLIC TEETIlI. , PE:IMUENS of these Itenutllal teeth, and the Itman • ner of setting thee, tmay bt s en at the Uliica of J.B.RRoss SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Canoal atreet. T'lhele t, h ll rver ehnlge colour, and tre by lany, and in lllt cUntei prfiableto to the natmrl teeth. F UDr. It. will wait tepr ' ,.-' at their ree.idenae, roqet.oed. ap9ifa A. PI -. ,- ll. MERCHANT TAILOR, 6a7 Cotn(et e tteo , "i EGdit'toh inform tnh uh thlil that having purchased Sfrotm Meesra I I, e 11, "Kt:i(, &S CO. 'part of theirstochk, he will lontitlle tlle buhini+asn at theitr old Stand, optelllreo lat ip'e holete, wfeire he lipen to ilori a allure u'ftheer etrotnage. lie has maule arrangements at the Norith to be sup lietd moan hly with the latest and mone faohionblie gotdla tr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'oydras street New Urleans, MANUFACTCItFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps If all des'riptiot. IVARlM, COLD, AND sHOWER BATHBrl Fixed oat the emo t a .,proved principles. MILL't) LIE.Dt, ti't:s, &e [JOrders executed itt any part of the Southein Staten. mr9 Dr. Robert F. illidee. t F F IC E ExeItANOEa lttet.L. am Plumbers and Load Pipe Manufacturers, No. ,I02 P,,vdraan etreet, C . P on hand a cotn.taont Snpply of Lead Pipe, iL from 2 in. di.ameter down to 4-0 in. diameter, fior Vale. ORLEANS LITIOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILIS l.i 1ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. IVILLL2. i GIlEE VE, PROPRIETOR nrl * H. PARKER Commnisaion anRd Forwarding Merchant, aNo. 6, FRONT LEVEE, New D;3ueto Fch. it JARVIS & ANDREWS, WVIIOI.ESALE AND IIET\II. DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE STUF'F'S AN.)D IVINDOI/ GLASS, Corner ut Common and Tchoupitoulas atreets, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)REWS. A large upply of Garden Seels. warranted the growth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERIIS. Nons.61 and 63 \VA'I'ER STR'EE'T. rI llE undersigned, hIling e.tblithed themseltos in I a.ohile fhr thie p rllpse oft toraCllllttg the Auction ltld Ctolllltsinll Ino.ohoei in Ht varioua brnllcllee s,heg leave to intorm their frnicee and t e punlic, tlhat they nre now prepared to receive co:!slgna.elts, and smake liberal advances on the saune, either tuar prate or public sale. SOSLOrllAN 1. JONES, IlRIAEL I. JONr:S. Refer to Watlker, Kuiltt & Co. New Orleanrs. Motbile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLarrn. ABRAeAM PTRIER. SLATE.1 & TRIER Forwardlllg .CO sn UUa Manerchants, No. -I e Pvidr.c Street, NEIW, .ltIENS. They will devote thetir ptrticol:r attention to tho sale ul tVcdtlurll I'ludtlco. Referencee. r hiRah I ilk, -q. ? lart 11 Sbhil ' New t).leans. A \I N:,tht,,, Ith a-r. c ,, lth, it,,to n Co,. iLt.Io 'ltll l l (ee ( lt. I -) It e 'th-.i ct Ia. Taic &O ti. le ert t . 'II' S Nrw York. Vl n a uhl tt lý' ta; tllll ) S I lttun ird t Ind ,. s St L ,ui" llt+!, ,', e D I i.. Al i1. A It ki ., - (: i lar- IIh t\t. l t . a i to. o .Llat r,. N aLa. to Lo n ele,ty at. 1Ltti., tator & oC, to. St Loao M r~l.e, E a,. .'Ot eet Ill C A. H" .IIEACII o n:1. f New York. S.l UTNAMo It ille, I. J P '. 1 l0ltr S, lo u. Sara, La. oaVtI trion , Dvitele n D)EALE ItS IN AM.lEIt.ICA & EINXLISII CROIWN GLASS, No. 1 LaONI)ELEr SroI.T. ol 1N SUIRoI'CI, COMPANY This Coll(any lare now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. uF kCl. , No. 24 Musson's Building, Cannal trert. E L TRACY, New Orleats, taly 15.1. 38. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Potr warding Merchant, l'IN(tINN.\lI, 01110. Refer to Layet & nelu New Orleans. Joe. Landis & C,. S add24 Ink 1O1H08R I' Cl,.\ NNON, HOUSE AND SION PAINTER No. 1: t'atnp street, Wholesale Dealer in Plaits, Oil, Varnishea, Brushes, mu3)U \Vid,ow and l'iCuure Glass, &c. &c. T. W. COLLINS ..ATTOR'IEY & COUNSELLOR A.T LdI W. N OW practisiag a the Stats and City Courts. Cli ots ta ill fild him at thL Clerk's leeie US C ircuit Court, in the Custom House building. jet A CARD. rliE undersigned hae opened a house in this city, 1 tor lth pulpeose uo true.acting a (GENERAL COl ..i8.ON B;USINESS. OrFFIc, No. 10 GRAVttER STREET, UP STAIRs. IP LEVY. The houseat Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in the above name. lReferences. Godfrey Lairie & Stmtil, N Orleans.La. H I Hill & Co, Louisville, Kv. .lohn l Gihlnue, icksburg, °Miss. Ilarper,Caereter & Co G .ud Gulf, Mise. Muir, hlMre e&e o a M il". I.illatd., Natchez, Itia. Netw Orletan,J uly , 1888. jyl1 A CARD). ATHANIEI-L TOWNSUENI) having located hitn ± e ltin New Orleaub (or the purpose of transacting a General Agencyaenl' 'olaiselon bhsinesu, would re elpcthlll. solicit from the public a share of their pa tronace. Htlving a house in Te.u.s, Ile ill attendttl the tranl aclting u anll huiness that lmay be deared in that ucouhtr, and twill guarantte prT ntt and unretitted at tolieo to alll bsintess elltlrultd it ie echarge, sand a laitbful ajetlicatietll lil acurdantoe with iadtrauetion) of all lunde that tmay 00oe' into his hands. Ollie in SNea ELahnge. on Cleavier atrt's, npposite to lRev d1r Clapp',l church, and a.ljoining Gibson's reandieg rel.eýtOI lg oft tIhe Teeiun Conlsulate. 1ew Urlhans, .ovelmber 2, 1837. lrj'erenres. No srs llillyar, Bashi & Co. INew York. Alvarez r t Is, Natchez, liss. I it1 1Strh re .I.e, lh,. JI ..r ,y. L is , i..Kll, , m8 6Kn. PIREMEIIN'S INSURANCE COMPANY 01 N1.\V ItitLE \NS, Offce No. '!4 Masson's .allhiag, Jel L.c .. tL eiREET. GIBSON'S .,~cUDl AND DIRECTORY riO)R the 8lle it L b .ulaun, and Cities la New Or 1ý leams and Llstayetal fur sale tb S 'dl IteKEAN, m; cot Camp antld Comrot eta. SASlH,or ,~i olk hilie,-Just rtc.levd by It BlLt\l.ltt & CO, Jýo 21 17 (seinp -tiect. - ii --- - TIUln AJRI CAIYtA OE|I& J . In connection with thi Otice is a Ie SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR TIlE PRINTITI OF Pamphlets Blank Chocks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Rocoipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills CircuLars, And every dcacription ofJob IYork that e1 may bs required. l.'l'l"r propl ietr respectully calls the attentiona or the puidlie i, '. ' above C.rd, an l aUselres them IIthai all work ,, . hie care shall be dune ae the short rat notice, i , t.lyi unsurpassed in thls city, and atthe lat e . GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE. CITY OF J1'ew Orleans and Lafayette W AS pubhod Ion Maniaa2 lt Mac, and i, now for sale at tile 5.unltltg rml of'talepsllisheh Exchange Hotel, St. Charles street,-and at the Rook. Store of slesars. . Jlohas & Co.corncr St Charles and 1 Cemmonstreet,. nt23 a IlTATE U I.O UllsANA~--irst .1udicial Diattict 1 . Coart-Janes MayiEeld vs his creditors-The ses-ion f the petitioner's property havingl ben acieptp ed by Ihe court foir tie kenefit of his irseditors; it is ordered that a meeting of his said crelitors do take place .atthe olice of Wm Y I.ewis, erq, not. puhli.c,on Thbursday the eth August next, at 10n 'clock, A t, for the purpose of deliberating on the allhirs of the said ptettiolle; and in the mneal time t.I jluticial proceedings against his presln s ad property an to tite creditors nle,,tion-d ill ths schiedule are stayed. By order at the court, this 711t dty of Jult y p18. jyl2 P L.E BI.ANC, Dep Clerk. ET.AT DE LA Lr IUtll NE-sPremier District Judicinlre. TAMESl Mi.tYFIEdI.I eontre sas crr.aneiers.-l.a eT cession des hiendn u pbtietonneire aysant 6tP nerep the par Ia eour all hih6fiae des creansiers; it est ordon nt qa'une assemblne de ses cronnciers ait lieu en I'6 tude dt Wm Y .ewis, notaire public, Jeudi le 9 d'Aout A 10 heures du satin, saind de dbli.hrer tur lea alfhites dudit petionnaire; et en tmdne temps p outes rnursuites antl e sa Itersonrn at st proplritAn sont arritecs. Par ordte de Ie Cour te ljuillet 1838. ljuillet P LE iSLAGC, Dcip.(iretler. Pirates' Own Book. e lwIE PIRATES' OWN IOOK, or anthientie nar 1 rtives of the lives, exploits, and execations al the most celebrated Sau lobbler, writh historical sketches of the Cha.sanlee, Spanish, I.ailrone, West Indin. Mlalas, attl Algernlue irates, in I vol., just received, anal Itr ale by Wv l. Mi'KEAN'. jer I cur Cal, 1t. Commllon etleets JOHN II OEY, Siaddle, Ilarneesand Trun k Mllanfaeturer, and fur ai her of Mililare Equpntesrt of eaery deersplan.t Na 1i9 tCHOUPIITUULA S'raEET. IiAVING in emtploy several Mlilitary Workstan, I Ie is ready to execute work iln the above lite at tie shortest notice, and on tile OllatO reasonable laterI Merchants' and Pedlars' I'adcttngTruak of evervseI. acriptiun, consltantl on hand. a /'CORN MILI.S--10 corn mills, of Slater's Iate-t, 'J tombined. One man can grild 2 or 30 bhllhelas of me I per diet with these mills, and they cal be at tached t, a cllttll gill, and are particularly aeuleulated for planter's use. Apply to & COOP t"HAMPI.IN & COOPEh, n,15 82 Julia street. i'O MERCIIAN'IS. i ER FIICIIAN'I'S can have a beautiful circular strtuck i 1 aSl at two hours notice,by calling at thie Orleans Lithographic I dtice, 53 1 ngeaztte street, loppoite Itulks Arcade. 11124 1% ACERi L-3L half bblh \. 2 Mackerel, for scle l by (READ & I lt':R' TW, ml2 67 Grasier street. B AiON--ll citkh tItnl bicll rtdes, keceived per Ssteamer ItDaiel 's.eheter, asr -ttle hb L.A\VWRENCE & L .EEND,4E, jetl 28 & 2t Neaw Levee N() I'ICI. rI'HIIR sute,ribers have this day ase.oinlre thlema,, I elves ill business, tutder the fihn of llannay & Roberlvont, ned solicit et continanlle Iol the pntrsOtttine exilerllt ed hby It "i lIelutny whiletcondtteliltl husiness ill llelntllnllel, as Gle.1ral A tgent and Commission 'ltlFIF:.T M HANN AY, jvai I:oHl( 1tT1' A It, elERT1'SON, F:.\ F I.'A IR)-1100 1, gs it .tore, for tal bIy, j+ 1t4 New I.teves. i 1NNTI.;CKY :II.I1L\G--10e1 Ia iher sale by HiiOLMES & .lII.1.S, jy I BaIlnu Alley. c I, Il B 1t1ilI "l., -,, i. itheavv . .le tcll Itaggint ,-. 43 ilLt heto.eld.h fur salle bli tIlttI.lIES & bil1tt., jyle' ,l;uk Allty u .XGLII 'it ' 'IN NI:S btoRK fier tsle by 1 ..1 \litE-'CE & I.I.t i:i \I l jt I.' 23 & 29 New Levee. chests 01 "U'11 + tea; one cifSk t·f fresh uoln ege, and g "r a.,( n I o roves or aI Iro by LAWVI.:.C'nl' 1.l lE t I)il IE, l vI I 2i "'9 New even 1 ILt--73I kebl asoorteil l)'ldel:lh lll i ails, ill store and or sale ba YiolKE & BRlILOTHIEItS, jyl2 65 Calml street. (10O1 TON BAL.GING--III otam mnd for sale by YO.RiE & BRO)cTI'tlRS, jyl2 1;5 Camp street. 1 \l;ilNi--113 pieces of primue 44 nch KCenucky Bagging, langdiL frml s. E. d Corithiaa, Nro cile by LAWIRENCE & EtGENlr.IE, j_ el6 8 and 29 New Levee. ESTEElN BUTTER--I00 kgf in store, fur sale eby Sd IA IE 1<'l'ltR1t, je21 40 P)ydras street. SARD- 1779 kegs leaf Lard of superior quality Ia lding froim te.a.boat Monarch. for sale by I.AYb.T' & AMIELU\G, i' O26 I; Commercotree LEA LARD--L cnding from str mr 'eressean; I r sale bv I)OREY,. ap2 44 New Levee. LONDON POIrER-IL-- 1 esks beet Liodoa dun Brown Stout, cer sale by :iOLMES & MIILI.S mlt5 Bank All p LOUGIS-375 Pittsburgh Blue l'lougha,in atur S an IL .11 O. S LOCKIE 4 CO. ap 17 2L Old Ievee street. I ATTING--0 bales Spanilh Mattina. for sale by IREAD & BAI.IS'OW, m_2 (7 (Graner street. NE\ itooKS. r IIFE American Denoert,. or hlnllts oi Ikl hoeil and h cil relations of the United itaesa. ley J. Feni more Cooper. The'rwo Flirts; or, Adventures ir a Country House; and other tleI, by Lady Bleesingten, E L Balwer, hli Norato, Balry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Cuptrain o edwin, and others, iu 2 vols. The River a thile Desert, by Misa Pardos, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt with fine wood engravihges hv AndersoI. Jusat received and for sale by WiMl IeKEAN, jaol ccer h taIipi and Coumnou ets. R OSIN I)DROS-70 bhls rosli drns, landing and for sale by JTIIA R i&Co, jy 14 7.i Poydraa street. CAVE & SCI-AF~ErS Cmupoun, iFelid E.a tract l'f Sarsaparilla, ler tile cure of oatiaate eruptions of tie skin; pimples or pustulen of the fa.s; bitle whiToh arise tran aos impure state of the blood; scaly eru,ations; p ins mn Ihe bones; chronic rheumatism; to t, r; scrofula, or king's evil; whit, wellintg; syphilitic diseases, ae d all disorder arising tram ati impure stato of the blood, br a loog residenc in a hoe limate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,--Caa & Shaff r's Worm Syrp., or to. rant Preservntive: tha best ipreparatioi new e ithae, Among which are thie follow ng:--ldiat Dye, for coloring the hair; Bear's Oil; Rnasin Bear s Grese; Pomatum; ichlaw's Frec-le Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Crease of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Ran ; Lip Salve; Kre. osite Tooth Waslh; Carbonic Dentrufieei Orange Flower Water; Powder Puff. an Boaxei Amcr can Charcoal, neatly put up il four ouace avall; Preston Salts; Cologe; ; KreoSato lootl-r.aehn Drops; Heir Brustheo; Engileis Dressilg (ton. h luioas Hatir Oi;--with a varinty of o0ci r Pcrfo. msrine, &ae. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMERIES. J C TRINCIIARD, Cotner of Cantl and Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. JOUIRNAIl of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the dretion of tohe A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of lthea geography. ge. ology, climatea and praductions. ad the sum er, mainers anid uatoaen s of tie nItivel; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Satis.-el Parier, ,A M. Shs River and tile Desert; or Recollectioss of the Rhoneo anti the Clhartreuse; by Miss Perdc, author oflhe " ity of the St tan, de. ino 2 vOls. Tit. R,bber, a Tale, by tle. aulthor o Riclmliel, Thb G:y2i.-y, Attila; to 2.Ovls. ilo 'I'.e Flrtl; ,r Advoi art in a Coentry Hon.e, .o. I.Tolar Tlcs, by Lady BDescington. E L BIlw.rI, nlr Norton. Berry t ornwall, .rs Gore, Catittln Mndwin, slid others; in 2 voln. 'Tie ltie and Adventures of Nohol. e Nicklcby, edlated by Boz, with Illustrati.ns by Puri, Ku. 1. Just me ,ivnd and fo" 'ale hb UIENJA.IIN LEVY, L'MtON SYRUP AND PICKIS. BOXES lemon Syrup; 145 bm rs assorted 00. Picklete, in quart, ltwo qort and oullho btn tles, ironm thie monufoetorv of \VWi Unei -,'iid, and Lewis a IHaskell, of loston; landing ruin big Talley rand and ship Charlecati, fort -le by JAk\tVIS & ANIiIDIIWS, tInot ear Comrlllllnl and 'T'illtilltn, it. ' 1.11' , "L ' 1--10 stn le CFWttEE:-I b,,go nline grei liiaioi Coice, j landcgl friom brg A E, ot fiir sale lv J. 1) i. t.l, ro _ __. . 9 ('rnmp a riet. A4G-ilTG & l&UPI -13.1 ps Kenucky t0agsuio . and I I Coils Rope; also a su.ll lot oft I* Tiu, in store n d for sale by J ItNI,.I., S.9;t .CI (,tl,9 sreet. rIf UBl' Cti-2.5 Iboxes .d 4 kegs pti...i' CLowmng To Tbaco. (Letoher's brand.) in tio ,I for sire by J. D \\ I ,Li, - 50 .I oi"OFFEF-8S0 I. ,t o-oiili.ef I quality, lasudng liona barquen Ilenr, tier rale by jel'i " S'1'F.itc iN & AVERY. AI.MAtNACi. for 1839.-.)oit iee ived, a annmah lo .of I'en ;it' Alomlnuekii l o ,t icketl's Aima nacks, for sa e by DinVIID FI:c.1T & COa., New Yorks tatioPeoi's Inai, jirl 2d4 Chrtlres 'treet, ' tXA:S FUNtEDCERoF.I' C-A N . nd.udi 1 tur'n brnft, n blhi" Tre';lr.,wnllied Ih NATIiL TIOWiNSEDI), jel8 Exhmnge Hotel, Grnvier pt. FT1EXAS BOUNTY I.ANI) nwnteit bv NAT)'rII'L ToWN-END, je8 Exchangoe Hotl,Gruvier staeet. FIR-MEW S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NE(\ ORLEANS. NOTICE i. hereby given, bhit the books of snblerip 1t lion fLr ho rilumieing sh tres of tile capital stoik of his Company, wer reoPenePd in 9'oedny, the tgit iiit. hbeaeno the hoursof l andIoclocik P it, and ceniin open the soni hour of cacti dov tkcreuisr, until the whoe shall hone teen snuliscribied-for. Iey order of the Blooed of Dirertors. June 14, 1813E. SeLre trv FRED. WILK INSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIAAA, FIFFERS hiin nernicee to the puolit i. the departo Starots eo curieiong and Civl Enginering, bllth itl ilowl and counry. Frln considerabie experiene ms is profession. nnld by pripine, andl fidelilt in ,ihe execution of Ileois entruited itn hn, lie oi pes to erot and eceoe a ntaroflpolhli patronage. Ilewill alt o alealnre nilld rcaltIlab thie onitentitd of walls and excavations. Olinhce Nou Cartrs treet, secold story lack. _jet I. INSeLlI tilL, in Coanstud ot ill bits, rl'eirrted J pure article, f.. sale, twhileule-lnd retailkby JAlIVIt & ANDIREW , ftldicine, Paints & Oil tDealers, jel8 Corner of Cinoion &. t1rCIoupitouolno sin. RIOWN O S ttIIEIýtts-aOltitrO yoeds 4-4 tienwa Slieetitso. landing F. aol ship inherokee, soitable for the Mexican marketati or eity trade, or ale. by ST''ETSON & AVERY, jel8 88 (trivmer sireat. S-PER C ONDIlln, (Ill, &e. 201 BOXES New Bedibrd Spermi Ctalles; li 30 casks Neow redford \Vintter Oil; 15 c(asks Rolofin Zinc; 6t boxes brvn Hlava naSugar, 1i0 coils Balte uope; 3o pieces Bagging; 6 casks Black Iead Crucibles; 30 casks Polier tlonginio; tb baskets Chamno gne ar ine. For sale by JOSEPH) C tUKA1'NE jer 23 G ravier slreet. I ES1TERN BUT' keea, .eceived pIer V steaimer Vandalilu, frot Spriangield, Illinois, a superior article, for sale, bL oLATER & TRIERt, jell 40 Pvdrao rareet. RK-Ralunip, Soft tsn nd PU, tir nalt be Sj b Ii IiDORSEY, 44 New I.eve. I tERi Oil., CAN)I.ES,. c.--31Ucasks New lHeA , fird Winter Oil; 200 boxes do do Sperte Candles 20 casks roofing Zmnc, llt boxes Boaton lotuld iundilea 300 sheets Braziers' Copper. tii store, Ibr sale by JOSEPII COCKAYN;E, ap20 l25 Gravier treet. EtAF LARD-200U kegs i, store, for sale by Ln (i Di{RSEY 41 r.w i.tvr,. lA-TE PfUttLIC 'I'ItONS C IESS MADE EASY; being a new introductionl to the rudiments of tlint seientile and popular ceane. By George ualker, eacher l.f ChscAs. t tnclo Ii ce, a novel, by ,Ira SC Itad, aulthor of °ketches of Irish Character,'Tthe Buccaneer, &c. .n The 'pirit of ile Woniod, illustrated by r'o n ired en gravinci, t tie nul r omitif Ilh.' Mllora of ["'iloiero. F'ioden'o Views of 'orts nod lalabours of Great lri Flare's (;em, or thie "Trea'ures of the Parterre; I: boullquets, drwi ln cl'ouiCed froli lnatUre, by James Antlre.s: wioll poertiect illustuntillns,by Louisao Annti '1'Taulhey, nulthorf It ione Romo,"c of Natulre. A ituocsury of Tii s usedt in ttreciat. Romno. Ita lialhnd ill Ili AIwhit'.tituro; the cecuod adlliIot, est htrlp d; exalt+ ilitie.l by ,01) wl o d cuts. odddock'o Flgmiee:s' Pcket Iook, fier the y onr I83;; witl Ln Ahonane; by Ileary Addock, Civil ' nzineer. Works of Lord lsacont, ith all introduto toroy say, ailn a Potrait'; coo edilion, oompere in 2 viols, I I -l oi t Ihlrllet'. Histry ol Ii- ou'i I',le'.: fioea tie reostration of t'hnrles It. It tli toreaty iof ptce at Utrecht, intlie r eft of Qiueen Anne. A new edition, wilh hnisoartic.'r Ist hogeh.t c oe e n, tet; comp'let ill one rounoi. J uot receivred anodf Ir site v WVi tI tcKEAN, m3s ior Criiit lotl ;,,.i aiion i, . J lLX.% .IlNI)N:1--l' ir sae ol T T1 1YI)K' & B I ITI:ER, jot cur Commneon & Magazine. -.L. iUI-l 1b; bills amprrlhne llouIu,.nli, and for t , le by t'Et"I'u N , AVrti'lY, je'7 ,c rinavii r streer 4t.Ut1ll ,' )ttaK.- nitbtiiiFnI ,c51i to si oiclea f Mesns 1. 0.., Prime P. O;, Kumps k o th uldera ill -tore, and fir sale by je'il I, kY'lT & AMFLITNG. W ' IIIhEY'.--311) bult rectiied (I' ullc'a b for atle by G. DOtii', je2 41 New Leveer. 1)ORK -500 bhis. of all qnlities. junt intspected S and will he tsld ,leaw Phe quotsnmt., O y tG. PO RsF., jeit 44 New Lever. It U'I'tE It--30 kegs fr-o t.l orotetru tuner, for t Ie ne 18 J 'TIIAYEIt & CO. - LtUIt--4t0U tbbl ill stir, four sale by .1e24 44 'nn Levee. FBRANCLIN INFRM1ARY 1 lIE public are resettuiily ineir lld tnt thls innti Stution is erected on the moat improved dlan, and in an ailry and moat admirable situation, in ile fuulbourg Frankliti, ipou the railroad, one ule frml die Jlissa I hio' e buildling i large and mostceonimodiosly divided int,. npartnenls, for kueeplg seplalate ditiirent classes, and dliferelt diaeans. The institution is supplied with the imst skilful and attentive mule and femalle ueon, and npeaking the va rlous lnUnertn languages. Private rooumn may b had byv gentleen at five dol arse per day, including attendance, &c. ''erms inl thlt or inary wards, tno dollars per day. Slaves alsoI two dollars. mall ix iin ti te urdiaury wards, five dollra. All capital surpgical operation extra. Th'le resident phnieia irs Dr \t'eddeman, to whom application for nldisaion must be aonde. or tno Dr C A Luzenaberg, No 17 laltpart street. a8lt t1 L EAF' LAlIRl-lIu khgs ii snine, laienile ie je'9 44 N.wi levee. T'lUl I 1ItN. D IEGO IORPIIY, Professor of Languages, is tow reFprepred to rreie e. tgentlemen, aho in llti dinn - posed I ilspend a lyrt of their leiaisule huri luring tie summer. in ucquiring the French. :itinuisht, Or Enljish Latguago. iiuch gen.lemnn wil lhave a separate hIour, romn 4 to it o'lnet, P. M. N. B.'l'ranslations moade as usual. Ollice, 67 Char trea nod 4 Rienvlle sltreets. jeSS-Iw T HE NATURALIST'S OWN BOOK-Comprising dec.nriptionn and uuthentic anecdotes of lQuadrup eda; siettitftrallyarrmnged sacordin to lne system of Couvet by the authinor iof the "'Ynlug Holnn't Own Benk! T'E 'IENATlURA IIISITOIRY OF INSECTS--In two yvlumes-vol 2,forming no. 74 of the "Family Li brare". A dli eatofthe LAW OF EVIDENCE In Ctin.IN. CAt --by Hsurv lRosnie, Esq. with notes tad references to American odecisimn, and to the English connmmou law and ecclesiatical repornts by (George Sharswoan l, On DiaoNosLS oF I)olasEnS aof the CHEa'r-hased up on tie comparison t their physical and general signs, by W W Uerhrned, M D) PairICaPLES OF I'PATHeiaOIO, AnD PInCTo oF Pi'iabc-Bl y John Maekintosk, M ID., front tihe last Lit. don edition with notes and additions, by Sauniue Gen. Muirtan, M D, in 2 vrl's. laHi AMEIICtiN (IUAITERLY Ravltw-No 3ii for December l835, Just received and for sale by fIo WVinM cKEAN.eorner nfCautinitid Cm. a LEAF LARD-4I20 kea leafr lard, Ian g t steamboat GeUi al Wavne, ort sanl, by LAYEl'I &S AMI.I.l.U\i7t;, jy2 7 C.Ltinereo tt et. 2 ACON SIDESI tt hhds bacon bides, landing from Sateambdoat Gin-ral WVane, for snlae by LAYE'T a mIE;LUNG, ijy 17 Co ,merce street. - about 1410 logo, lying at Cartlinaez. Ifr rale by T K I tIYIE , IROI'IIEH.R, jy cor ConuIn no Magazine streets. LOUR, WHISIKEY, PORK & RIEEF-148 bbli p "prfine and 152 do fin flouitr; 1 bida ccInum a%! 46 obis relfiied whliskreyl 7 bbl itirt anid 15 bihls rimre por; 2 bhls prime beet; the cargu of u flat boat tbr sala tow, to clee, bh L'.YET & AtIIElI.NG, 2jy 17 C.mnlll,:rce street. ALT-3f caiss (60 boeeab) naoble mlt, for sale J by ELEAD & BAIRSI1'OW, Jyti 7 Bank Place. i GtC.,T A C E ElE T-for : .al . bh - . SREk\I)A & BiARSTOW, jy 7 ohank Place. AGGING--500 pa Kentucky Iagilco, for sale by B GEAD & BRfl l'I'O\V, " j76 7 Bank Place. LAMILY tlAMS-74 bblsr e:n .el Familyv Hlam nf slperior qualitY. hlming lrmn .i;anbout Jtlsarb,for aoe by VYU.r' A' -. r EI tNC,.. tjeut I7 1' strect N l EW .UJ.SC--ke wore a wreat of stca a.fllea ITree; Lank flrtll my fohireto;'fhl e Suar ptiny;Couae sirg yeour lesson, Tm heautl thills night; the toy l ihe ndolie~r The lady leaves tIhe balluetl Imll; N.. ptdeou'a mideiegit review. Just received sld I;)r dale at Hi CASF'Y'S, arP24 Pianoforte alltl llgti,, - - IIYNG'S NEW WORIK &e. rl MIE ROCKY MtOUNTI'AIN$-j-r .eoe., iuclikere Sald adventures in cthe Far WVest," digested from helournlof UCtplit Il L E Bounevile, of the Army of the IJuoooStatee, uOt illnstrated froio various unser sotrce., by Vlshintle a Ltinoe, in 2 ol-. lHI. VIC'I'IMlS F SOCIF'I'--ly tihe Countess of lleosirgton,in 2 vol , Just rt rlved dnd fIr,t ale by .l'V\LC tguild, -tIpt-t, ink, tuidl , wafl'ers ealigll " a, india rubber, blek -iand, potlate. and every other article .t ttatiintry, of It,! vtry beat qualit).eun stautly oo lsndi and troeale by IDAVID FI. t&Cio. ni{ N " Stfi-,tro' falil, 212 Chartors or. IIIITE II VAei.. SU(iAIt-.5 Iaxnes ltocling fruon schr e'l'xs. fir Sa!eiv ,e v 28 Sl.AEI'rI & 'riti Fi,, 411 Plydras pt 'i|EXhv.- MA --E--$i18ttt'j'retttrv ooes for ale . by '1' VR KHYDE ItU'i ':fl fI i, y".o2 39 Commona. cor. Maazin st U. U -AR-JU hads i re, lir sale by a.. H I)toIRSEY. 44NIr Ivrer. "-AIACIiN-4i1 osks Cittittati Cured, int etr.r, for sale,by G. itI"EY, je18 I1 New Levee. jt( )OUR-4tIL bfibe, in ar.', for al e h. jeo8 G. IfIOSEY, 14 New oiner. -EA P L iRiD)--50t kegs, i; fine Slpl;pi;,g ord;r. for sale by G. i)ttiRSEY, jelli 44 New Levee. M ACKEREiL, LIME, &:e. I1 274 hble. mackeral, noe. 1, oan 50hal hallarrels muckeral, nos I and 2 1129 casks oflimte, 211 lnnlles hav, 50I0 feet lumnber, l.ondit fromt brig Rinablo and for sale, b) J 17 S'iiVTSoN AVERIY 'ti,,). NEW lIAT STORE. I UST received ipr late arrivals from New Ymk, fresh afiththonaa,ie ttloratletlltte f IIATS. 'TiNe suobsriber would particularly call the nttoemion of the Inliiec to, a -l Ie of beaver h!ta of a supaerio finish, fine tellture, ric tkI b tnutiful lus re; also to a fine plain IRussia har ofsa superior quality; and also a e lendid article of silk hit, or with a general as oortmtnt IutanIhetlIed by hv tell, expressly for Isis anrket, wholesale ani tlrail J W o IIORN, 34 Camp 'trest. N. R City and counmry dealers are invited to call. tICfIARD4", Ttobacco and S ri tmanoufltac turer, No. 277, Camt e:r:et, NewA)rtians, wishes to infortm his riteos and the public in geaeoti, that ite i t now prepailrtl to flnist.l au tlil.t,i til above bllineis, mad Itts coSUItatatly for ale the folloneg articles: SNUFFS. Rose, Geralet Rippee, Miaotey, EngliutIt Pri -.I tItjent, An.riean ltalppee; Nthbitothas, Imltated, American ttetltemtlt's, Bergmot, Lialtentt Itaplpet. Irish Illackgard, St. Otlu', Curacoe, Paris, PIareSpaish, Hall course Raioin e, Seotch, and g.uine tooth powder. TOBACCO. Fine cut chewimg, sweet s.ented or plain. Fine cut smoking, of variol tinitalitiel. Rilb-flat Vilnie, Spofnisil, c. Tiheraveartvrle areall warranted ast di, ifotctasu rpetiust Iyth1mg of tlekinld imported, ond will be tUrnlishellto delale a tlhe most libenl terns. may 4 N EW Ilr;.Dl:tf't& f J&PItM tCANi~.ESi-10 If bxase t of Nqw titlnird tSperml Coandles, landing fruo ship Kentuckyv, antI ftr sale by LAWIIENCE S LECGENI)R, je21 28 & 29 New Levee RAZI E IS COPPEl--1i000 olietr brzcier, ctpper 12 weigting ten ponttls anch,in satre and for sale by SAMUEL. LOCKE& CO.. Nao8Froet Levee, between Castom tiouse and Bien. tille street. jtttne 24 New Orlecna anid C4'aroltlla Rail Maad Arrangement` tr rufni:t: the cars froml thi date. FROM CARIIOLLtrtt FlR.t NEw (tRLEANS., The horsecurat4o'clk A 7I Steam car at 7 A 3i ateat enr i d ,io ' do do 91 do do 8 do do do do 11 do do 10 do do do I staem car 12 do dI ater elllr at 3 do steaom.e. r 2 do P 31 do do S do do do 4 do do do dm 7 do do do ti de do do do 9 do d. do 8 do do The Jackson streer cars and aefavette, half past 6 o'tlovk, A l. c.aal street at , o'clock A Al, and run ning hourly at 7 o'clock. T'tese ears will emmoence lunninr everv hall hour. and continua thlroughout the day uatil7 o'clock, P iM. The arranoemenlt fbr thie La Course street cars the sme1 Its lfir Jackan street. STi. ,AGO COFFEE, in grass ba i --l10l, received tI pel brig ltur, in sore, for salh by SLA Ii'II & TRIER, tm. 411 Pl'udras street. (O.OLitN \ VA'lEIL--Direcily ilmported frloml Co C logue, by i IItN.\AffEi., car Natchez ant Tchapitoulis ms. 7' Thle getnuineuess of tie article is oproved Ib the autograph l'of thle manulattcturer, Johullan Maria Farina. A Uli.EA'l ttILG(iAIN 1TILL. he given in a choo.e Parcel tf tUMMIER St1I.UTlIINO, to close a cotllSiglUntnt. Per sons wishing i. purchatse are invited to call and ex auine ti I bstIt, at the olice lof NA'l.IH'I. TOWNSENID. ijll Exohnge Illotel, Gravier at. UHiSKE -i bilt- - i satrtit ro s rle Y t,424 Ii LORS.Y,,4 New Lfever. 11ii~liOft--31tt bb+a atptie ltadnttg, per flat, for gala il bv Xrle G .E Y, j-f3 44 New Leve. 11 ALA(iA WINE-Sweet att Dry Malnis Winoe, ll l qr casks and Indi n thls, entiltld Io debcnture; for sale by REAL) & IIAtS'I'OW, ij7 07il Gravier o.t, 50 CASES lo.aoria1, gaaw d6er, yaatg l.nt.otad In bl xes l r I at.lnlga Rai ams. 10lt)half do do d.,. lIleI bags primne reen Invaaa CUofL'ee. 211 lboxe trerlhtl vana Sweet Meat.. 300 buox. lYou.e's suterior Champagne Cider 75caosee liar: enux Clret. 30 cases superior uld Port Wine. 25 d. do ShIerrV. 2 pipes old L. ' Teneriffe. to kegs (Giohe Ilutter. 50 coilas Slatil Is Cordago, assorted .izesn I0 cotll uanad do i ,o do. I 0 d.oaena eUlerior Corn Broonos. 50 kegs asorted Nails. 50 kegs No \, White land. 10 e.atka Winter Strained Sprnn Oil, loI1 lboxe New 'erdlotd Sperm Candles, 110. boxes IBoston No I Smap. l0 boxe.s French Itrands Chserties. I0) boxes U.dorwtMol's'Pickles, amsted, In WIiN Americao Ginll. 156bl'; Atrunrcn Itraudv. i qrr coks B.telany's Pot *Vine. Sugar. iutter, Weter and Soda Cracket. Pilot a ni Navv Hrlad, mtaanufact. red by the Palest St.aln Itakeo a on.tatltv ailt haid. together with t genlral asourtlmclt ofutliroeieat whoblrle and retail, by ZACII.SIlIt & IhtOTIIElt, jrc 7 7ti Old Levee street. I tNSltlit ,11.-500 gallons beet English linared IA oil now lending iran bhlig Willias., fromt lIthon. 1.310 gallons loreigl and northern atllLfactllred lintaed oil, ill casks anld barrcl, in tlore, and lir salos low by JAIlVIS & ANDREWS, \Wholesale Dtuepist., j) 7 e'r Conolllla & 'l'chouplttlnu e etmror. OA(JP--3lt I, oes No I top, -ran-d at James ilula -,7 lauding from bris Willi,.a,, for sale by ISAAC BItlDGEl & Cot jy7 134 Ms.gaheit street. I ,%AIlo IUl'E-t-tit coils bale rtpe, o0 sopear JJ quality, for sale t.v I.A AC fltll)OE &Co, jy7 134 Magaziae. treer. OURItK- I ds.loess antId Primel 31 0 and P O P ork, for sale how by LAWItIE NCE & I.t iSGENDRE, jIlti L and 29 tNew I.ever T ABIE SAI.: 30 Caseitil boxes each: fin. tai b'e salt, Irsale by READ h; IiAS'l'(lW. july 15) 7, Dank Place. L ULOUI..tiO, ih Is, lutadatg steanlloatl Jol-i U M ilIs, t.r sale by O DItUtEY, jyl7 44 New laivese. I OTIC--The ubl,s.rlher having purchased the SSt cn of lesarse. Irwin, .tall ." Wulton, will coutinlue iI tranrnsat a o a Vil esate Grocery and Coul isnla-ion Blurlnea.,. ti1 Iat' on Ihand a general assort. rllat of'arUaal a+soir .Sroarts,which he oflers for rule 'lnt moderate tot"itr, anLLd ..Iitl tlte lpatronage of his friends of lea. tor.,. c.oncu.r,, and the public in gette. ral. jyvl.-t JOHN CHRIOTIE, .t Cara tJOHN CHRISTIE iloa astaored front No. 13 Ne. I Leve, to 27 . notn Slll tIoet. jl147t Lockhart's Lit of W.lter Scott, &e. ART' 7th and last, of Lockhant'' Lift: of Sir Walter P Scott. Love, by the author of Flirtation,The Divorced, &c. in 2sal. The Works of Washington lIing, new editio.toles. ,It. It and I'. Tho Americaln Journal of the Medical Sciences, No 43, for Mlay., 1830. Just received and for sale by WSIM McKEAN, cur Canlp and Comtlot, steeot. Alsot, a fcrthtr anpply of Alice. U the 1h .sraieni a sequl to i;rnest lal travers. jeln IEMUN SY KUP--t L tbsa superior lneoanSe rul L four oslo by READ & BAIL.T.UW,. nI22 67 tlGravir street. IORK-t1i0 blhids Mess and At U Poak,126bbisprim inspected Purlk. forale by ).AWtE(NCR F! LEGENDIRF, l.20 ll S ew *nI Letee. ' illSlkEY-2.j9bblsorctllied landi.gfronmetenat I er tplendid, lor sula*ly ti 1.)OSEY, .t014 4 New lev.-. ICE,-11 caaks and 5i casks landing and It-sa ll J TVIla'El & C,,, iyl 71 Pl'ydt aaatroet lME-3uu csish o tiute lit st-k-. L l 'il1.56'l;, & 1\INl', J' II UCubsI lo; out e stre, t. NEW PURLI.ICA 1'lONc. SlFEinL,,duoo uthe Doy ald Night eenselet Jerry Hawlhorull,. buitaU Curriuthiau TroaY ,t Leon amied h Rb Lutoc, the tlonia,, in nhein ambn s nd ipre.ns tlruotgli the Melroepulie, by PYnR. E "·a, ito L2 ole. t weir E (gea. Novel, by f'fsraeli, enompl-coin I vro. The Yotlat~ lke1 , nowl,by the Autlr tet Vioiatl (Gvey.r.palte in I vl. The Iluaiot, Edited by 'l'heolure Hlook d Gilber turaoev. Jot receied nu for i ale at the cormer ofCamnp and Connnon streets, liE Wm Me1REAY. A3 rorr pint d,eslrJ .etan bsra lidlig rar furei f ur wmplete: jast fte ifent per ship UnI ltdteoanottnud cr a le v LI'.t TON ,v C)., auc 0(4 i3(tI. 'ne. ,of Pbiiladrl-bhu eul mtf uia n ito.ui it " p for msalie by .1ib N a tl v.lE j'. li ': t &,9 New Ln're... " ROGAN--4t1 cases iMlerns and Boy,' Ki anud I lu.ssett runcu,fndrsale Ibv IiA.ts 1llll)iE & CO, jyJ 131 Magazine street. 'i R. SAMUEL. SIIA..tPEAaE ins ty authorizell Agent during mty at.vec fro u the city. • DANIEL DANA. j-l.faw4dw. BA I,)NERS. A ItAUTIFIlY. head of hair i. the rfaet lttr Mte meat to; the hltan frame. line trattne ih the Ioer od it chanres the .,,'ennntee, ahd ptmlt turely Ilrint on the at.penrtuee of ohld age. whiclh a ut tao mnu to reconil at hefnr une,'.ored .and sommetintli evgo to t.tuv a.ciet, to avoid the and nneerb of their rqu nai.tanree the relnaimnlr of their liVth ae etth e.qn..'nt sp.t tr rtetlirement. In short. not even the tto0 .Tf tll eperto fie the renelrotn thinkib. vanth with tl tt ienvr sinking glohom an doom the Inos of hi halir. 'r.,o.rrt iall the., Inten l not ctirenottl nte, fldrultie' Ronlm of ('omlfbnla err,, the ohair from fih llin' off on the irt napplication. ld t few bottlrri reotorot it arain. It likhwir. produie. etehow.r and wthikerr; prt ensla the nnir from turnin.' rav. moker it erl he.ltttifftly, end tree. it from e.trf. Nutnencr ertifieter 'of the fitt rwpeetahllity in stpport of the rirtues of Oldridgee Ba nl, are solwn hb the proprietor.. IIt Read tihe following: Robherl Wtsrton, Esq. late Mover of Philadolph hna ertllfie' as milt he teen below, to the high chara ter of he fdlowint gentle..w. The ooudreigned do hereby eeltift that oeheve teed the Halm* of (olombia discovered by J.Oldridge. and have futnd it highlyv ervieaoble not only n' n preeentive ogointr tihe ftlling offof hair, but also i certain restoem tire. WIIl.141 ii TH ATf' IIER, Senior, Mlethodist Minioter in St (;ure chartee. N.. 6 North Fiflrtif JOriN P IN'ILh,3I21 Arch rtneet. JOFfi\ D 'filIMAS., M , 163 Rlcaret J(IIlN A FFI'IEV, Ill Spruce street. Htf! 3(1 I.cCURIY.24.t South 9d at. Jr Mif y GARIP,Jr, 123 Arch street. It in known Ihot three of tile aboutv igner ame more than Off years of age, tad lte others not less than 30. [Fnt. tre 1 Mavor.] Commonwealtll of Pttnnrvlvania,. 1, Robert Wharton, Mlvor of nid city of Philnde. thiu, do hereby eerfife thut I am sell acquainted with Messrs J P Inglis. Johnf: Fore,. and HIuch M Curdlye v home iltnles nre signied It. th.nhove certnfietare,tht Ihey are gentlumer tit' ,harmrten and rre utbecil tv, and as suIoc full credit chfuld, I.e clgt, t, thIe said cerlificate. In witnets wf ro.f I hove hlereunto se my htond and uethe fhcity tie o be t fltxed, this Oth day of I le:emhbr. c e. IL. t.) ROiEIIT WHARTON, Mnvor. O l.SER'E that eachl bottle of the (lenine Balm lia a splendid engraved wrapper, otn which in lepresntt.d tile Fulls of linear, tic Sold Io tnl e nd retail by the ue agentst for A·n rice, No 2 Pletehet street, netsr Maiden Lane, sae door below Pearl tretlt,aml by must draggiesrand perfuniers through h rcounltry. JARVIS & ANDREWS, tni Wfhetnuletf Arents,. ".,tw trleane. PROSP Ec'CTUS. TILE subscriber prtpises to publish, in the be. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation ft' the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of MaI rtn'ti Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumeso, 8oi., according too he model of Peters' Condemnsed Reports. 'hi- work is now i' preparation by J. Burton II.rison, Esq., of this eity. uroisted by William F. Brand, E.q. T'ie Editor is also permitted by a distiingtiuhed retired Judge of the Supremle Conrt, antd I,v o0 of the sitting Judges, to expect fron their piereal sulperrlion all the advantage which mlay natttrally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becomaing every day more noe ceanery, as tile original is volunlious, expenaieo, and searce. An incroaslng curiosity too is launi. elot, in tlhe other States of the Union, in refurencu to the peculia jurisprudence of Louisiana; andthe circuslltatle of the numerous priuciples here de. cided in tile adjustment of conlliect of nelas, makes the kntowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti lity to the ejriats of the whole Union. Moreoves. tile rising republic of Texa.s hla adoptod our codea, andt thtn there isa great deli nid for the Louislana decitions from a fresl quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallil cases decided in Louiniann, and oceionally thosee inathe i inre authoritative furuinm of the other Stateas will I le added to each case. 'The work will forml four volumes, royal octave,. and will lIe delivered, hund, to subscrilers at ~8 per vcl.l in cane it bhoull It Ifound practicable to Scolrees it into three volumes, the price to lab. Serihbrr will 1w 1(7 per vol. Subscriptions received by SCamp ad CoKEAN . je. cor Cm, nld Coml,,iun ts. i I. It (-1. ll bba etn pr , et on Plantation eigh. 'Ile from the 'it'. tar ple by" '. T. HYDE & BROTHER, .'29 1 39 Calmnaa at co.met f Migatlie a t. HlitELLA & . PAtASOLAS(LS-5 cane.e cmli n ing au a.slrnlani nt of Mlntula . Ginglaw Uam , brrellh a d Parasola, landing from Barque Ellen Hawl lablr" IS .At" BRIDGE & CO, 114 IMLglngelt -) 'P-RS' Pills, lreadtedlt Pills, ,.ee Li-inaa., L ludkms' )ahulate,t tiertun Steale pills, Bulet"4 ff n'arvaceat .|igliesir, Ialm oft Colultbta, .e. A. laldig and for.le by II BUNNABI.L, n' litear Natchez and Tealahl uilahs se. I It LET-A louae n Cnout Stere, Ierwel i blariae Id "lT'reu. Street, suitablel fr a lal; !llllay. Apply to DOYLE & MAY, jeill :1 Carandelet rltret. L.OUL:.-dllii bb1., l iuprtline 'loar, . real, and a i. ktep rnlium anurielg Lhr some l amleor rale by G. DtoRSEY, je2?2 4.1 New Lever ar Cv~ ll'~ , tY LE-.i51 ta trt. r Caffnn lInr I atchy Hlero, am Ia Haian; for olye by SLAT'l R &" TR IER, jel4 40 Ptydrss atreet. S tot e at tt sn- I theiats, = O d Peach BrUlaulv'it b!l-s; Ane ,ica. lrand v'nd Gill in do; Nn " .lckerl Il m ilf dnu; Tablle St it casest of ti1 bxer; Malaga 'Ai r,.-weel na d try, in qr casks and I diea bhla, (lltitled .dclnbnatre)) Sppai -b Mattig; Indut, Pl.ter nid Alh,; Lemon Say, lup, White leld. No I; Codfia ,.. ,es; C'ollon Gina. ILEAUD .& AR.NrOW, mlna b7 ornier teMt ( JSIIEN U111 I"l'l-li tlhbs looeriorr (ia-e lbultr Iti up expr'aly far faluily use, fat sale low, to clo a lellignllg+lt', byIv LAO. ILEN0'E & LEGENDRE, jyl7 3i atd Y2 New Levee. ACUN-115 hhde -id,,, 33 biii laladmee, Use B allsti ba-a. in prime older, ill stOIBI ten tey by LAu ET tA AM LUNG, j17 7 Connaerce streeAt .- -\ 7 AISh7t s:M iers - and t bblh euraae 1 aets, :. hhlds and 11 IsbI. e.reed do.,pet up lir flaily usl, a ls.1eti ,r erltel, ijn rla, tor alat be LAYLT Aac l, C.LUNG, j _17 I Cot'meoe. troes. P'R H W&.:IRN BUlER--B kege receirn. S from steamboaMt 'rquin, for oleo be 6LATEK & 'TRIER, jyl 40 Poydrs street,. 1 LANK BiOOKiJast rneeired by ecen.l srrim l tiG.u New Ylt,, al edditeal sUttla of lteek IHoaks, ufevery ari-lr trf Rulig aad Biadi.g, thos. in aatu I Blak Iluom and Paper, are requread to call lnd eatwine nor eatenit. stlck, whlsole" e r:tail by lIVID FELT & CO. HJ TI'AYER & CO. jell 74 Peedme dAee. On) cmraded hamsy Can tale by 1 'PIIAYER & C), jyti 74 tMl drals sreet ``l J TIHAYER S CO, 'vi74 Poydras a.res. l AC ac ý , alediflt (rot ee r Eter nr I fur w by Le l)(R e..... jetl 4 t New eihs'. Itr e rle by LAI s AI EL.Nti, 7 7 WCeepwe ea. Si' (h<IEN Hl'l't i,-- -, +.V. es l hihlng mapn a" uu-eAlb.dan d.,, ,--

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