Newspaper of True American, August 14, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 14, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. FOR Y STI'. LIUIS, PAS' C RIISTIAN, BI LOXI & PAPCAGOUI.A, Twice awere:. The fine low prrseure steamer GIlRAFFE, Capt. Swilrl, will leave for tile above places on the mornings of THURSDAYS & SAT'IUItlAYS. immedltely afltr the arrival of the 7 o'clock cars, ndrl t ourn hlTn yrsdayl ald Mondlays to hile Iail FLorad The ptlic may deperlnd upon grleat nnlrtalitv. AuI 4 For paage apply to Ca t yin Nwi!er. Tile low prelrr Stre l searls at CAROII".E, will leave tld dinle rld of thle Rail lood r,lr Thursday v ,air i arrival ol'the 4 o'clock cars, for Per eoh tleouchin atpll Mobile andi all ithe iatermdiate ltesadui. a nppgly to GEO. WIIv TMAN, sat Exchanrrge llotrl, St. Ciarles st. Few Mobie, amd all ntelcrmedirate Landisg P ' The low proessnte steam boat C \ROI.INE, nillleoave ew Orlcanrs for Mobile every 'hursdy arnd ad.iatl atieclok, M. torching at arll tie walering places at whih passengers nay waish to land. For murtheepartieulare, apple to GE). WAHITM i AN, jjlI Exchange Ilotel, rSt. Chalrles t. Pbr Mobile d tnd nl Ilermediale LdadihSn., hThe fast running oad srplendid rtetam oat WMI. WA.LLAICE, eatirely in atate rooms, will cave New Oileans ft.1 ., alnd all intermediate watering plac*s, over tidsy and Baturly, after the arrival of th 1I 'eoek care. ,il.O. W'IIITM.AN, rjy4 Excliange hlrtei. St. CMlrrrlrP st. I'asecrgoul. 'l re lit, lowr preerure stealnrboat CIIIAF'FE, Captll. Sailer, will leave; for the above plrens, oai the mornings of Thursdays and Saturdays, imaediately after lie arrival ol tile lsix 'clock cars ean return as Ileratof:. nII Frlideroand ,rdarrls. The plen may depend ont the Ihout lainvlal pitncrtrinlv gn lhe asve days. ler prasno ao appl tI Cripl. eitiler. s . T'lre icilraflT will be pieparedonl preirvlAs notice ta Captain Swiler, to prorced once a wrek itr Pleasurer Excurrasis, provideld it rUlicir:t aelabrer ofirse to inmnnere. " -- )A1V U i'VI'INlNl AND SUNDAY EXCURSION TO MANDIEVtLi.r & niAri:iONVlILE. W 9 1 Tihe steamer SO11TH ALABAMA, l m,' Capt. L.T. Knlightwill leave thie lake end ofthe rail-road for thie habove pla e, every . ator oa evening, on thle arrival of the 4 o' eloek ears, and retlrn the rsame nigelt,-and leave Sun dlay morning on the arrival Iftllhe I8 o'clock cars; return lag leave ladisonville at 14 o'clock, P. M. ao 3taw 2m FOIR MADISONVILLF, Li)UllntlhKG, MANIDE VIOLE & t'COVINGTiJN. STihe falst rrulnre and splendid rsteam- P boat SOUTil ALAIAIAA, I.. I'. Knightl master, will run as a regu lar tail boat far the above poerts ol Mlondays, \Vednre dav and Fridays,after the arrival of lthe 8 o'clock cars, APi. Returnirg, leaves CUvington Tl'tolesdays, Thuro' dve and Saeturdavr, at or'clock, A IM. tl B. All baggage and parcels at the risk of tie own era, ualeaea bill of lading is sigaedl. GtEO WIIrITAN, Nlw Orlean anid Mobile Mail Ofice, 2a Eclhanre Buildlinec', St Charles st. ARE RIIEDUCEIJ) TlIe steamboal t MAZEPPA will leave thie Lake end ofthe rRail IoRdl 0on Moulrnv, Wrlrdesday s and Fti .dlaysa on te arrival of tlie t .o'clork cars, touching at Bay St. Louis, Pass Clirioliaa, Ililiri, le.; returnlin., will leave Prascagoula at ,lay ililrl, nd arrive at er leans at 3 o'clock, P. M., tourling at all tihe watering i places in day light. Fare from New Orleans to ba St. Louis $2 50 r , r P'ss 'ihrisrtian 2 i50 a " Biloxi 4 Oi (lI,. WIIlTMAN, . Exclraoge hoitel,, lirCharles strree. For Texas. For Mategorda, Live Oak Point, and .9ransea Bay. 'uThe fine fast sailing brig ()01) HOP()l, Joln Hastings, master, having a large lart of helir cargo engaged, will sail in a few days. For balance of freighllt or passge, tllng superior at: onmmudtions. apply oln board, t Ar 1 to jyl /V W,1 1I'\t A \, 56 Colonialill st. N I 'rihe Good lope has hieen hlloroughly repairedI and newly coppered Ol Iithe p(llpii, side Iof itie i i'o and now btanld A 2, Il the dlllliret insurance offiile in this oily. ly' jLr Vem/lct, . II ". '.n and ,)llartot Thile rerv slperior ne w lilth dlrafl ahbooller AI,'II' STII l \, Cali, - , having a large portionl lf her ayo r.ugged, n will have qick'depatlb fir lil aohve pr ts; filr balance of ja lI 56 C'om aon at. FUR M.2't',A iI) Cilll N 'Sx 1't I INT A.ND AIt \... It hY. ,'. The well knowun S.hoooier I.OIlISI.1N.1, , (Captai Auhl, having a ,larg porteon of her nrero tllngad, will melt with iIdes pltcilh For balance of freighit r p Iasage, appll II bolhar(I, opposite Jefsonll street. or to Il N, ti llTAN, jy5 Si ComSnn, street. FOIl. VII.2IASt'I), I.t .1ZOitlA, & IALilRIN. A n The regular I 'ket soale'r OUTilIERNER, Captain Giavtlir, :ulster, wiot..i barels io ei a i.te heoarergo. For halunce of freight .or posseug, apply oil board oppos.ite Jeltr oet i ree. W IbRYAN, jvl7 56 Common street. And all literme,:iate laundingsl on the Cuast. rh siaTh mamer GIIRAF'FFE I aptain SjSwilcr, will levaove i'rhursday morn ing, tlee the arrival oif the 6 o'elh!: cars. Jy 1l IOR VELASCO, BRAZOIlIA & COL.UMlllIA. The well known, light draught sehr I)DE K LB, Capt BlcLearn, having the gleatner part of her cargo engage'd, will itait with de opata. For balance of freiabt or pasaage, having su elrior accommrdations, apply to tile captain en board, eapposite to St Peter street, or to Wl IIRRYAN, jel4 56 Common street. For Sale. .reiht or OCharter. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. To loud at Iaton Rouge, the intermediate landings, or at this port, the fite coppe _ Isfootened aidl eoperedl nhr SlVYLOCK, &t!ani a Hopkins, will load as aove if innaediate appli Sation be made to LEVI H GALE, jyl4 93Co mon street. VAN'ITbD 'O CHAR'I'ER, A Vessel for 6 months, to run between Mlobile and Texas, int to exOeed when loaded 8 feet, for terms apply to JyJ7 WM BRKYAN,5if Common street. WANTI)D TO CIIARiTER, A Vessel to proceed to Mobile. and there load for Hovawa. For terms apply o \WM IIRYAN, 56 Common street. WAN TIED. J r A Brig or chooner eanable of carrying from 61, to 100,0I feet lunmber, to load at 1Est Point, Mobile Bay and proceed to Ilavana. to LEVI H. GALE, inii 93 Common street! W ANTIN D. A vessel of tle eapaeity of 100 to 150 hhds. will reoeivo desaltch foe Charleston, if imnme diate appliation bea made to LEVI H GALE, jyI4 93 Common street. SAL''-2U saceks Liverpool fine salt onboard barque Citizens, and for sale; by LEVI H. GALE, jels 93 Common street' OUIRK-M less, Prilne ad Ruimp, fir 1sale b n ,28 G I)OllfEY,41i New I.evee. SU.M--IUhO blls New Ordleune. lu, lir Iale Ib al. 18 J ' a Ttl Y.t;i d CO G REa2N HAVANA C 'FFE2-150 l rs, in e toi-, Saild for sale by LATER & 'TItER, Sjyl7 410 Poydrsa street. ._ AVANN.\ COtFeET--95 bag.- ofsuler linereli, n-nlalding frona brig'li'oan '.riqlaue, fbr sale by SLATER t1 TRIER, jy .. 410 Poaldras -treet. .lBIME.-400 Cask Lime br sale by S& J P WIIITNEY, jy .. . 8, Conti street. Sl1Sf HflOK., Lines, I)obbvcrs uad-Reels, just re ied nd fl r Hale by I CASEY, -_1X26It Coap street,i B or Hatot, i ith a couaoan apea witlho preparoa. Il.ALCK Writing Ink--Just received ler ih AE Hutsvril.e fro New oc ,r 211 dozen quart Black \ritian Fluid, a 24 no Iintdo dT 24 dalliTitlit f liat h do , or ulo wholesale or retail hb DAVID FELET k CO, Newi York Stationers Hall, a jy'6 _'4 Chartres street. NO'T'ICE. T RAVELLERS going taa Mobile by the Melil Line on lMondiays, \Veldnesdays nd Fridus, will regis ter Cheir d amres at this allice, 0s n, tents a ll be sec red in thtotae ye I'aa velanul n tn e above nmed days, nn less :hir newm.s be plud one the way hill. lhose" Wil laSh.vv Ie aggg e ca hae it token djireclta Ajnahloh b alau at dlriag tare .. e.ketei- n o ntl above. naeddays. GEO .l eVIII ., I-)OlIK-P rime and Mess Pork, full braaded, P 0 so, 90 pieces Kentuclky Raggiugi 8 ciili Rope; for alerbv II P IIV CI). tit, f;l " tin platloe, anld e5 c naks zic ill Btore, fr salt: by ILOCKIE & Co ( fret) IET mi-mtl I-t ,avee i+r nexta; tbe eleganlt ] )jj l 't.e i IIi ] ... J -ae h t er e t . .J plp . ,+t No, ;l " l,{h.r; l,, e, jyI9 SHIPPING. 1OR LIVERPOOL. The A I and fast sailing ship IIf)BER'P, Capt. Seldon, will reetw imnoed iae dre pratclt for thle ,oeo 0art. For ireiht ,,fo50 ales tl ltotun oIlllnssage, ha vig hadisotle auc0n. laedations, apply to LEVI H GALE, | at.eol 9: CIrltoaon street. FUO I I VERPOOI.. S The A 1 frnd fast ailing bnrqae LAU RENS, Capt. Aterrill, will receie despltch. oord r alssage only having handsome acculo tllodallllllus, nppy I" LEVI 1t. GAL;E, g9 .... 93 Conlmoln street. FOIL LIVI;tILPOIOL. 'IThe A 1n alJ last sailhg ship GIOIllE, Capt. (liver, will receive immediate des '..u tr . For lassage only having handslome llccwoIdalioot+. A1,l'y to LEVI H GALE, nuagI 91 Commo:n stree. I- , P- Il VIVll)') '01.. Tile colererd ant cllop'r f.stened slip CUMBELI I,.NI).in, Cpt. Holv , Ilaving ut l her cargo engaged, will have des ath F or tilght of10 ti01 Iles or Ilussge having sliperior aotrlllodtiolltln, oopl'y to jnly3l 8 Cooti street. FlOl LIVERPOOL. SThe A t and fitat soiling sllp STIEIG LITZ, Caopt. i-lon, will eeive depn:r h. having the greater.anrt oe oago ewri gmeI ilr tielgllt .f 1,0 hd s. :oboc, or passage, Iluiong lhandsoa aolco mdations, ilply to LEVI II GALE, july:lt 9:1 Cdatmnon o tret. The A 1 and saperior sbhip tURON, Capt. CoBoardman, will reeive despatch. For freight of6ll0 halesoon deck, or pasnoge, havlig ha d some aomo dationes for 4 cabin joa'e tngers, oply to p e LEVI I1 GAILE, jyL _ 93l Commonl street. FOIl. I.VERPOOLO -L. The A i and 4not sailing slip ROVENA, Captaoi Reed, having tIto greater port of Iher =..rgo engagel,o will meet .th ilmmedi te des Ilacoll. For Ireiglt if 1) olas elitton t ond'soeU.., lving hnnslao ilceonmmodtions, aooniv . .to... . FOR IIVERPOOL. 'IThe A I and fltnl sailing rsip ROBERT WA'I'i'S, Captaln I)allinghoam, having the greater port of her cargo enogged, will meet Vilill llediata despatch. For freight of 300n hales cotton or passage, having handsome accommodations, pply to LEVI H ,GALE, jyl 93 Common street. FOlR LIVEIIP ktIOL. The A 1 and splendid faot sailing ship IIUROIN, Captain Bonrdmran. will reeive immwdiate despatch. For passage, Ilaving c hand-lrne accomnlodatiots for 4 cabin plasencers, ply to, LEVI H GALE, jyl7 93 Contlmo street. Tihe fin. fot sailng hbarque NOBtlE, - Capt. Monson, will receive despatch. For passage only aplply to L.EVI H GALE, aug9 93 Common street. 01FOR GIIIRA.LTAR. I'he fine and salterior brig 1101 I, Capt. Knahh, will receiver iww.diate de. patch. For passage only,having handsome accOlllodations, apply to LEVI tH GALE, A aug9 93 Common streret. FOR hMARSEII.LES . Tio well kown and last sailing packet brig CI)UMBIUS, Ponree mta-ter. wil le - aive itmmerdilate despatch lor the above port. haoirg hie gro'ler part of her cargo ergaged. Fo r froighl "2.30 hale lcltton, or passageo, having Ianduome aocommodotions, apply to A I) GORE or r LEVI H GALE, aug7 93 Common ste t m Coastwise. .. ... FOR NEW IORKR--l'aketl Line. 011, Saturday, tile 18111 inlt.. .1 he. l l I cll,pereld olld ooer fatlened 011 iS AILACIE, captai I)overt.ux, lhlving " . iiiipnlI part olfher caroolgonoed, will have lhei. pl e PFor tierght tlf3ll hIlles <lr paaaaeSe im nvi kll i 'lnrrtut +td(nlldltio, O)llly n e board plp)b lite t erpgtoable market, or to S & J I' \VIlITNEV, lgl.II 8 (' ti e lrrt. :ta ... I't A.O'l sOrK. . h AI loth siliac brig 10E I.LIN(SIA, - i 'nptninlll J CIhrIIchill, having nearly all oIIf ht r .. o. or' VIOI I NI, Et r i ¢rgo engage l, w ill .ve le ptr i { ll t . l F ir~e fie If t oI 300 I ndsi "r l .,g,, l ving good l eco'llOIll O lt i t h' d I ll tijtott ih Cap) 'il 'r 'r bor, tir roif Ui. o of' re, r i Ci1.i I)IXEY, y Ii6 Cuutomlbuh ls t rrrel The ine sehr Vi\iL EN'I', Ca-li. ,and jL t u rn hi ' h vi if p vrl ioflier ,ioarlt I ii gae d a i, frilee briL IIOiIt. Cucrrrrutrr or TS & JP WI RI'I Y, l, aug1 18 tlr Conr street .r The flat Slp lin br ll iRA,Capled. (bri .I N.u, 'ri i, Cal ine hnlfl t. ritt, oilnirg gfd will ber adOethg;g d toill oitll'etrh ilo r lj lrtei g l'hiriIt or rtl.St bo Itotiu g grotlo roSte pl- to the d autrlol to tire Cuptios abooed, Futot of tIe Ch1ASE & 1)IX ', rt jy31 Ctuston house stree toll CHAIII.ErI'O'N, .t le A I and fnuti sailig, ecioonepr s HY . OCK, t. Hia. wlr l reoeive ill thd p t; esill ll for the bov d ortl. for freihl e l) frriglrt tpyt LEVI H (,ALE, in july31 )3 Comoee strreet k FOR BOSTON. ter is now rtri e to receive freight ind ho i _me RonsideraR, 5 Iille cargo engaged wO iloe d erry wi t edesutech.o o r li gt l rt as sgrr l al ly on guard, or t ill b sol or tre lu STETSON &o AVEti Y, _ ngll 88 Gliravier street dt lr AN t) IElIA L O Ic AND d' The Hotel-The arsed ailte nd opp ed brig halt ei of hert lano engage, will hve d srlatho angll 6 Customl House tFOR CHARLESTON, rir Ifa sufliciet freight offers an A 1 srupe rriot nd fast sailing Trig, Ilaving. part ef i bottlets with immediate desplate. For i alao, e effrel napply to LEVI H GALE, role, ofge, le, JeWaut, and Paited Chalrs, whieo w ill be sold for thle loiwest cdsh Wpricr es.e tl e R CARNE olelo7 5 Binville street. WWHOLESALE AND RETAIL ICOM ANe der Bishop's Hotel-The subscribers are now o1.e 'ng at their new stand, an extensive assortment on artlmes " their line, comnlpsinge rg y ari'tl CorLat of rllo ,s Perfumery, Looking Glasses, P 'laying Co r.d nt L, large number of Fancy articles. The 'o llowltiter's rocketcomhs; horn, redding and oaors, rnmbs; woode", dressinl 't, rufine tooth and pocket om.s. i and American Perfumery, consistihlt. i.e writer n bottles, o all sha and a , F , wash, c:ohonie and chlorins denirfice; seemted and plain toilet powdder; potatu; preston s.its, dir. hair, ha l, stoS t, nail, casni, shavi g, Inltehet cooring, priot 1rid varnish brushes..sud sash and grain LOOKIXG GLASSES--Co, prtising gtilt fraome ol various sizes, 5, 1, 1 and I drtw toiletsi; Lerman statli, toilet and ookct lss, te goili ng moors,lr eto. PI'lYNG L AItDS-4r glo, Ilaory tht, Blroom, Highlander, Spiet Cartes, French antd hir bai k Play. tsg iards. FANCY AND VAIIETY AII'ICLES-A mspe rior asstortment of iortable desks, tlaies' andl gentl len's dressing casr anll laldies' work boxes; fancy box es lt valrioou descrriltions, stitaelr for Ithe ew vrer ntt Clthristoos' gitis I;poket books ol all sorts; slpen derls, Olusic-boxes, lead pencils, corayos, violins, beel bags anllll urses, so assortment of foancy bellul suplrior rUcli r billinar balls, pate1 black irr btne, slhirt, vest, u Inill d srtellp rer buttonsI pearl I uitonrs and shirt shtd, razor strolts; gas mlachines for lcrttitrg light; S artish and mileeesgur.9 nnIscouso, Paris, ;rc4tlee and Seotch oli'o; an a.sosrtmnt of plain adllll saoll Eclles; back. gOrlllrtol hoaldSl dice, Itite sOlereeln optics, Jews lir lsl harlnoliC:lsI laterS, iltS, needles, lercltssltSr elps, dritking colts, lunting flasks and game bags; steel, silver ail Illatel slrectleles; tlinbles, twlne, etc. a ihadslme ssorltnlelt of ellrtal ings, lula larleu e earie. ty oel' dtr articldos, all of which will be sold for lon prites, for caslh or sity accepllrnlres. lray 4 1EES & D,LANGE. l, iiiIAI.I.iLS II' laItding for:.b.rig Lr'rcit 1009 Seram, tor sale by jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY n U NItE, E-7-ori SF tTS, AND CAL).iIT, S1511 uroustces Frnoucllt uioiic, 0 hbils Eplsoln asltr 3 coks Peorl Ashes, 4 criases C.lolcel, llepo .. Jalos, lntlobrb, ,c. &e.. landilng froum brig Willan, frour; BOllstl n, and (or sale by " J.I It. & ANIDREWS, Wholesale Drt.egilesr, 1j .,7 ' o" ColCou osn It Tcho pitoulo ls street. .lLOU"L--Ic . I00 , lauding from steamboat Emn A tws,fio rsale bDy .G IOr)li;Y', jelkl _ 44 New Leever. ( .I-.lVIS te NI)lrt Ietl', - "_I . cur CO un an. d 'lrhoIu,.it a ....... % V ll '' E " l t i rr o :i d \\i' ' ' , O h oke , 't or sale 1V Iv 1 ot-,l & MILI,, I''' Banik olry. BUSINESS CARDS, ITAYLORI & HAD)EN, p, No. 14 (lhartrea Nfreet IIAV naonslantsinpljy. feverva er In t ; ill IItgeleemi.ini' dres, A hle latest elvi, at .\lw Yo prier's " ei 211 I:ir 'I'El' . ll. sI~lICEOU()I M ETAL'lIC TEET'H. IMPEiIr NS of thele beautiful teetl,ond thle mela , ner ofsertting lthew,m Irw h saen at the office of J. ., Ross SURGEON DENTIST, Nn 46 Celal slreet. These teeth lever hllnge edlonl ad are h any, and in many cases, preferable to th aatururl teeth. IL Dr. It. will wait upon ladies at their resideate, requested_. .p!g S A.PERHOSSIhH, MERCHAiVT TAILOR, 6I7 Common stt treet, BEGd to inforn the ttblie that having pdrehalat front Metcsers lieill, SKEOGSA.J C0. . n their stocek, h will ontilna theo buainesar at tlheer el .tand, opopseite 1ish HIui ttel where lie hhpes to meri a salimt. uftheir .tmlnce. e line n ade arrarmgeilt, at tie .North li ta sulited nmbhly with tile Ielitt ali mo"" fii.on a.le goids ter 14 CLAY & CLARK, ROUSE AND SHIP PLUIBERS, No. 1U2 Poydras street New ()rleans, AtAN'UFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water loasets, aad Pumps Of all deicritia.i WARM, COLD, AND BIl.I'ER BATIIH Fixed on tile mIIItt pIIproved princildes. MILL'D LE.1), PIPEd, &e E~Urders executed in any part of the Southeln States. mr9l Dr. Itobert F. Lindoe. tiFFIF, iE Plumbers and Load Pike Mntof Bkt Ad-a ,. murpdy o ,ttn I'tg ,, 1%L Iulll L in. di ii.eter dow1 to ill.i dialteter, ir tale. ORLlEANS LITHOGRAPHIC P .RIN-rIG ESTA BLISIIM EN'r, No. .53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banka' Arcade. IYILLI..JIf GREENE, PROPRIETOR l.r I J H. PARHER Comnmision and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAlIRS. New 0 lraus, Fheb. 2 JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESALE AND RETAII. DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE STUFFS A./ND WINDOW GLASS, Corner of Common and Tehoupitoulas streets, NEw .tRLEaNS NAWT'HAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds, warranted tihe growth f 18137. et AT MOBIL Ala. S. I. I. . I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. No,. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. rlE undersigned, having established themselnos in I Mobhile for the parpose of ora,,sacting the Anluion Sand Commission buioness in its various Tranches, be leave to inform their frienna and the pnolie, that the) are now prepared to receive constiments, and make liberal advances on the same, either for privte or public a ale. SOLOMAN 1. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker, Knight & Co. New Orlestl. d Monile, Fieb 9, 1838. fb 13 S-- CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. A.RAHAM TRIER SLATER & TRIER Forward inIg c 'olnnl" sion Mlerchant., No. 40 Poyalrasi Street, N W 1 ) R Il Et A N S. They will devote their partieoilr ottention to the sale S ol Westoroa Produce. r References. tS ti Itlanchrd, HI1urt Shit ) New Orleans. A A1 Nathan, I Menssrs. Kohn, Darone & Co. J ) & M Williams, ) (rigF, Wild. Co. A Boston, *l'eoil VoU' IEsq . Riob rtu Brotl re & Co. Iece t. &T'Ihools. New York. Von P~ihil & Mr bill. Stanoftrd & Da, is. S! Louis. (ila-goow, Shaw & Tatni. S S Iider & Co. ) Ilonwlo, Page & Dlonlap. Alt n. A II Slkidmnore Est. ) G R IMarh dti & Co.-Ionisville. O ELI 'TONE. B. T. S'ONE. E &B. T. STONE. SForwarding and C!olamlssnion Mlerelmten., FURNISHERS OF SIIIP AND BIOAT STORES, No. 114 Tonourt roULAs STREIET. New-O.rleans. References : Mesirn . BALL, BAE.R & CO. EEoNEZERn Vbor. Co oston A. B" AIEACH & (:O. A. I SECnH & Co. New York. R. PUTNAM, WRIGHT SMITH Ciiniinti, O. DIAVIDt STONE, D)avtno 0 B.Cocaroco & Co. Columnous O. N. ALoiatCH, & Co.. Louisvldle, Ky WILLtS, SrEvE.s & CCotTIS. St Louin Mlo A. II. RorF, Alton, ll. Wm E W.WVIrnow, Rushville, Ill. J. & P. P. AIrTWELt., Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON HIGH. New Orleani . jan _2 DOVIYS. & MAY, DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENI:LISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDEI.ET STREET. o0 FIRE I EN'S INSU(NCI:iC COMPANY This Complany are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICL, No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15,l1838. Secretary. WULIAMI IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNA'I'|, OHIO. Refer to Layet & Aneung, New Orlan. Jos. Landis & Co. e ns' ROBEIIRT CLNNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1I Cnlap street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Wildow and Picture Glass, &e. &c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR .qT LAIff.a OWV practising in the State and City Courts. Cli. ents will lind hin at ith Clerk's office, U U Circuit Court, in the CIstoti lounse buihlling. jell A CARD. T HE undersigined ha': ,opened a house in this city, for hio pillo( if .ltrai.-.atinlg GENEIlAL GO ,1 it % S., ION IIUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 G(RAVIRt STREET, UP STAIRS. II P LEVY. The hbuse at (rand Gulf, liss., will be continuued in the ahbove ume. References. Godfrey, Lw r & Smll I N Orleans, La. H B Hill & Co, Louisville, Ky. John M Giliore, Vicksburg, Mlies. HIarpr, Cou.ner & Co (la, . Gulf, Mhiss. Sils Lillud., Natchez, Mias. New Orleans, July 1-, 188t1. jyll A CAIIRD. N-ATII.\NIEL TiJWNSENI) having located him sell in Neiw OIrleions for thle Ilrpseof transacting a Glnerltl Agellvlond nl+ll Iioiintin ttsinieten Womiuld re specioll solicit fruom thie public a share of their pa tronagv. Ilaving a hIlon in 'I'exas, he w ill attend t I the trans actingina b ess thlnt maty be desnred in that country, ndt will giranhtee prolit and unremnitted ai tiotion to all bu.ine. e.ntrusted io his charge, amol a faithful acnil'rution i (in crdoO, with instaructions) of all Iuid t+ltat may cono intoit i hboande. Office in Ne EExchlange, on (oravier trreo:, atposite to Rev Mlr Clltpp's lthrelc, and oJjouiiniog Gibson's readin rlOlln igl of the Texian Consulaotr New Urleauns, Novemlhr o25, 183i7. 'References. tlrssrs llillvyr, lolsh & Co. NcwYor. Birr V '. New York.. Aluaroe Fisk, Natchez, Miss. RIM ilStroti rst L. iu, oi. John "i i.r r. lauisv'lle, Ky. D- .la', _ . e. , It Ilpkiovillr, Ky. m2 ti ro FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEAN.S, Offce No. 24 Mamas's Buildig, je2 C.t.VAL 'STREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRE-TOR. ' iUR the Smrow of ILouisiina, aanl Cities of New Or. I1 aiiU aindi f Lafaeltto ; for sale ah WM] 3ieKE.\N, mn23 cor Clampl and t'onm to' oa. (,ASII,or sLBank 1Bon.--just received by B BROWEI & CO, j!·; 17I Cemp .t-helt. TRUE A21ERIC585AN O Ftit Ad. It1 connelelilon with Ihis Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYI ,R £'s ru, PRINal S orF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills_ Clrculars, And ever,- description of Job Torl tlhan mlay b reqluired. I"-The proprietor rspectully culk, tire attentionl the public l: tihe ahove Clrd, Ian I n.slres the thl all work intrusted to his careon hll l b dne ii . the shor aet notice, in a style uuaurljassed in this city, an aofihe le',e.t rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY O' TIHE CITY OF A.eWk Oiftans and L.trfattte IhAS puhlished on 3olnv, 2r 1 , hlaldl, iv no1 1 ffoer eolheuat the 7tII IIIIe f te InulinII8 . Exchnnte Holtl, St Cheerles oreet,-ndil t th elBo,-k ctere of .Mesrsr. ,u. leims & Ci,COrne. St (ihLlrl . ,Id SommoA OLtreetT. n i : D i Coart--Itnns Ivelhl i'e hi nr(icritr-'-Thv 1e1+ion of the petitioner'sI'r llerie hivilg lIim u accept. lld lv ,he court ftr the len, fi of hliA "re minro it i, orlered tlhat a meetlillo I li d i cnrdilutrs do tac plece at tle office of Wil\V Y ir, !+:,1 not. I ) i.", on hursdy te I th AnlSt all , nt 1| O ,or ack A m , e-e the urpos elfr delierall. ,o IIhe rln, rT of th pa.di pelitiolel; llnd in itle itO nI)ll la 311 °" , ......i.... ..:_ y torder eof the court, thin 7 rth deio n ul- 18'.0, jyll P 1.E 1l7Ni', fl-p 'litk. ETA'I' DE LA L, lrItl \N,:--Prenir District Judicijire. TAMES IAYFIELI) lentre sen Iraneliers.--lt SPeenaion des bHeni du ptltiu ln ire evennt lit nmcep tie par la esor ai hrnifiee des cryianleire; it eat Irdon. hn qe'Une esea tbloe de d wr crn, tiier ait lieu oe ('( tide de W he Y Lcwin, enetir,- I pmhli,:,.leudi le 9 d' +out S10 hetrese du mwtir, hsin de d rliil n-r tir let ahinitea dudit pitionneire; ct en madnue temp ltrute, pIIoursulte contte toe perontne et netsprpritp(ti rlnt nrrelted. Par orde de a Cour ve 7jiliet 1838, lijuillet P LE BLA.Ct D-p.Greffier, Piratesn Otl Hlook. P FHE PIRATES' OWN tBOOK, o aulthntii ntr ratives ofti Sile li ives, epiit., nl d execulins ou the most cellhruted Sia ltoblern, with historienal Skelch,- of Ihe :lhta'samee, uipasuit, lI.alrtne, \iest Indio, Malay, eed Algerine Pirates in I vol., just received, and lor sale ,f WVM. \I'KIAN, jeut er Camp r& Ceelnu sarreets. JOAiN IIOEY, Saddle, Harnees and Terunk Mlanufnlurer, and fer. siaher of Mi!iai.1 Equipmentle of'eeery deseripli;e. No 119- 'CHOueITOULAtO STREET. igHAVING in employ several Military Workni,n, J he it ready to execute w'ork in thie above linle at the shortest notice, and on the lost reasoLable e ertms Mlerchnltt' and Pedollnrs' Paeeingtl'ranks of nvery t,-. seription, tonotetllv on hand. C`ORN MILLS-I-l corn tmill,, i tlSater's Ilyni, Sconbined. One man cull erind , or 30 bluslela of meal pIer diem with ithese mills, and they man be at taehed t a ecotton gin, ud iare particulirly caleulated for planter's use. Applv to CH1tAMI'LIN & COOJPEk, tal5 32 lutli street. - --- -~--~- FO\Eti -'A - - L'O MIERCiHANT9. i ERCHANTS can have a beautiful circular tirl ck .IT at two hours notice, by calline at lthe Orlea-n Lithographic ( fllie,53 ululegazuie street, oppousite ianks Areede. ntl»I b. v ItEAI) & [i.8Ite<'rIV, mdit I67 Itirviar street. B . 1"ICO-I-I neinhu piimiun bnleuuml eslu, I'eetcvt per L steamer I)llliPe 't, ehater, to, ,Ale by I.AW\VILENE & I,EI;DItRIIE, jel1 '?in&"f1 Niew lIeoe NJTICr'. rW111E n riperibr'r hat Plul lplyv associatePd them e 1 selves in ilsrrS, uinder the firm of HatnI y r RIobertson. andl stllit ar yii ( ilit,.arr r Io itl'raone xperlIenced iby It. ' Hinyv whllile loroIduclin; busintis inhis OiI ninre, aI (ierinrallgent mr d 'r omra . i o echnautr. HOIt; 1itT 11 II \':1AY, jyl2 I "1( lI ;, I' 1 ' '.In;II' ."T N, I 1\F i.All)- tiU kt. in tr re, ,. .ule -y ivait O lii ,Y," jyl2 4 Yew Levee. 1. EN'I'TUCKY 13.\Util.\l-Il, I Ibr sidle by ItOIMISt & .t11tII.n, .iy~l tikal Illey A LAWI(EN CEL & . ;:'li.N I, jr 12" d28 & 29 \ew reene. rILýAS Nt,-'u0' II*tt-S,- , - u-i- 4 -, 7.,; 1 poan d c ddie . o f ,rr llvrodrlfr r y iIe ilnl ei ll hII " `5 eanes of caaite'r nirmriarl rlnidlletiUr. 2i 1 tlt cheats of pour houre t:e; ire eak i . lfrsh nueglles, and a general asrl'tl 11 of roeeri er I r il, sale lach by LAIWIts.C'I a. ltIE\DIItlE, " Jyl? U2 h "nIv eNew coa PARISt COUR I, lw tihe- Pariah it New tirirann. 1 Pra.ent the Honorahlei haeirhP 31aurhin, Judge, August lIth, 1138. N. IlI0o2, WIn. N. MMartil an4 Richard S. Yost, vs Their Creditors tld the ('reditors of Martiln and at. The cession of pC rteyv bir the petition is hereby sceepred ii the Calrt fCr th' h.1teiit of their creditornrs, and it is ordered thait n ietiat. of said credlitors lie held attit the ,lice of,l . I. arks, h sq., Not. Pub, on Wednesda. tile . 1thll of .eplietier netr; there and Ihen to deliberale in Ihe aiain rs ofthe petitioners, and in the meantime al tihe plropeiedia agoaint their persns anid praopert' sn. atarell. It is further ordered that George ,e. inoeers, esq. be at, pointed to represent the absent ereditors. Extract from the uinutres.-Clerk' Office. AR.M'd. PITOT, angl0--1838. Clerk. ETA'I' DE LA LOUS I ANE--'lnr de Purnisse pour la Iaroisse et ville de la Niuvelle Orlihians. Prb.sen': 'lton Charles Maurinn, Jonre W 11lMartihrr nt ichard SYost cantre lours cnrcnn cierset les vrcuaneiera de Martin & tast--a 1102--10 Aoun It3--La clession tee pr pribrias faite par lee p rettiinnnires ayant ate terepte par in cour pour Ir breaofc de ler, ercrrll iern; ii eat irdlala par nla our q;a lesrdits erancir are'aserthleetr en P'ktude deJ 1 Marksr , Esq, n' t pub, nlrcredi, t12 s •p. tetnbre prchalin, poter iprend o n len i erI sffaires den pttiionnatiles at ell alte ntir, thuter poniur suites eontrn so personAle et at. rrrtiirorr irerl et -e. meure tallpendnea. Et l esta d, pir s tar re quo Geia K Rogert, Esq, soit nlnni; pomla reprsrctr r les crthen cier abhsens. Par orrdre de In ('out. Bureau dl Greffier, Nnuvelle Onll'nns, Onout 1138 ARMANI) tPIT t , (,r efier. r HE Amerieali Deicruatn or hinltS ti the aovil and arcivil relations uf the United States. By J. Feni more Cooper. Th'e Two Flirts; or, Adventurer it t Co ntrv louIe; nnd other talet, by Lady Rlesrniactlln. I Ilul.ter ias. Norton. Burry Cornwall, res trin,' Caltrait Plettviin, end others, in h2 vol. The River and the Desert, b .e-s '; .Ricrre aul tr or the City af itlue honi l. 'Th ll(ktttoft -'e;is, the iilct rr all e'lrn le and .\Aut with fine lood el, n rvi i gs byi Allirl.lll a Just rreceived nid itr i ltu ihy I ,t Mr KE i , cSlr " 'allp iland (nt' olol R OSIN I Lir . I -U ; h is rerii d..n. hroiu L.ra m ir sale by J '1I1\ It & t Co, jy 14 I74 G Nydni* ,ter'.. CNAVE & CllAFFC twS CIAFFE ; r iiitat Frid I.I, Cotrtt a rn rlL LuIr, tantle CtrU fro, e litlet I erURptions of the ikillr; lipleat Of Iurstule. of tile! lifce; bile. utain it uriu (ruin all i ure tateIc of the blood; acatlyeru,,iuorn.; p tels ihie h1en; ' o( rheunoatinin; re t r; .scroitila, or Itoll'r eii; whai t swelnlitg; sypdilitir . diu.cine, at adthlorders arising Irollt aI ilpure Iteo o of th hii,sbll, ll a tlrrr l residence: iana I h' elatc, or tile Illlicioa us of mecrcury. Atso,-Cavc & SChlaff r's Worm Syrup, ar l. I atont Proeservative: rit bruat trptraoarolr inw extltu. AnTllg whie arce the ,'llowtr og:--liai I yic, fTr cont, rir itile I; Bar' ; litia.Ii lunar. G reast; Poutlartuu; icrate 's Freo in a ntl: an. Iperir Pearl P iowder; Lily Whlri; Crealln of RKsn; Vegetabtle R anlg.; Ott. ", I Rn,. ; Lipr Salvi; Ker. osite Tooth Wiaul; Crhlni Deetraicte; .iraitga Flar Wa aert; Pwder Purtt as a uacil ; Ailur . can Cittrcaoil, Itatiy lut up in y tt ll+u omIi .i,; P r strotll Sollst; tli.iie hroot 'aril.acl Drops; 11ric erraiuhe; :igliea l)roeaiorg Cao i. lituar hlair Oit;-awiti a ca v ily af aLtrit Perf - alrre.a, de, Fle sale by L Y, GLENN'S PI'ERFUOIEIIES. J C IIlINCIi \RU, Corner of Caaill adtld Uul-bi n sareets PARKER'S IROCKY MOUNTIAINS, &e. TOURNAt, of on Expinlrilg laur byo.nd the Rucak; Munlitainrs, under ithe dratuiill ot tilr : It A B C F 3i, pcrforled In the yearn 1835, '36 ald 73; contninlng u dscuription of th a geogrphltiy, ga. tlogy, climuate and pruduetior ld ta niin u or. anuroars aind , antatiOnl of the rttiiaAu; with a 3nap of Orelgon Territory, by Rlv. Salr er Paiker, A t1. Itu River aad thl I)Pri-rl; ur I1 ntll.euru il the Rlilna and lhe;rnce; by hlina Prdorl , uirthor olrlhe ity al toe Si, tall, &e. it 2- vlls. I T'ihe Rbber, a TIle. by thie authlur uat Itcltelia, Trt. Gylpty, Allha; lit 2 ivul. Irhe Two Fhrtr; rrr Adreli ore in a Country Ilouae, ard other TdCes, by Lady Iiceainlgtoun. IC I. Bulwer, Mrs NUrtr,, ILory a e urWlli, Mixr (itre, Coptarin M|edwiI, aind otIurer; iti 2 vols. 'L'ite L!tre a., Advnrturen, '.ieltll, r Na b ubv, odttied Iy HBoz, witll IIIctrtitrtin. ly PI', .Na. " JIl.t tc.elvcdi hnd hrarle iey BI;NJAMIls Ia\ 1. IO )l BO'b llmtoni1rll; 1.' h., lit nn.; ilel L' 1( ike sllO\1 I 'mlenten ipiarr till r I \ Lot-n he tunntt.Iooto~ '' nt ,ut I n Lewis k linkinrltlnot' Burt, In, IU t ltnr I, .g' A'llyt E, rnotd no nipij (i4itn' tn., lot nde (d 1LtF1'LIL IJCnIA-JtlltlUli btt In 6; _____ Nc ICFFliot:-tl bhp l prime 4nt tl gre M ,ni u;ie ( I laninginte trItrig A tl od for sale n j,~~~o~~n in__" 1~1'' o l l'l., B ILIIN PFJi) li itItuni'nJ.,t lr $ t"iIc it (t- Ittn..t n·lj 4 knLn tnt.ll lb ni J.1)t nltttt, je20 ~ ~~ IlINi I' o; lt I (J, Ft 111. IF F P -~~ eli c nk toG,ý A1 iK IlhOiti 1~I.I h ·nell I~olu ~i3~ . ·l zla~ .nnnbn l ri i Rpe a loti a s llo F 1 stole a' d liar s 111(· lht l 9U J I):\\CI Iil. Jr"GI :i9 Cn rI~l~l, p so er rr. ,f 11' 1 (' Nt e 'Ia)L nd n I lllnttt 'ne N liII. -rIt' ,V.1: ~n IS ii'llaaqu IL N.tY bid) i r and h gale bIXI 1VMN'S INSUR/ JC. COiWANY d [ý tot 1.'1)1"' L E -solr III~ ( 1. CICI dlV Ilrtlid :,+ ,-f `, " - o Sli tsi feI ,in rnllte Irot bt--t rq a Hcoryi . tfi ) SRED. WILINSON. . S1,1 \.enni, nlnt i t) pt-18t:I'-nin. i1s- lid,li t i~t I'll Itertt I.l retifne'lsl lljlltelltin Iltt l l'nn. mocks, for s ale fly Oflll F II tIlt rnttnnlr tlnpuurt. Llt n owtitork tltenlll'enln' Itti A .IN S LII 'lLt l:tll'iel BITt b II I.n. Ft :1u i A pntor ie . Ilx t , o innhe tle-eiur t ttn'ittld ltj Nlttlininte, itnint t iii VN le · jeiS Cnrlrttrutn~l'~nltlttt.i ' Ilitnit ti~lttlll ain nIt 13 Seeninn. Ittitit._ E itt tnl eho l, i*Ilttttl e rt t tO'IiitiSON & hie Ihllv jell arll ier.,piled cook ofthis opayR sl re.NiiiLtn iL.1,~no the ()fIgI BOXESE Note iletifnnd Sp~ent C-ttlinc; t uud ilnminn p en ihtdt ls t \\citle da O ti; lit il tnkn Rtttllhne Zinef: filtoxet lttttlt Itlnttttta Slngnr; 11111 etlln ltd.I 'Ir:,IC J Iu pie4, 33 iln. gtn 6eotniiltn~loekI.ttd Cettibien; M t n e.l n Ptlnar i ,.int ,;t d ar; )lt bttnkrnc Ci t t. In g te tuslle. I-tn ntin it JO~lipli C IlL bt.'~IF is t nlettttttr Vttttbnlit, ) no tn. jtri tgiienl , lit ,he perior a Itt ilir, Ot shte, [tw .ILciLR it 111 INS .li ttt L,,t ti aks an d inttn F i si, Inn JApt IS &I NItIsIIY N. M n Paints i L lit lk rnet lit t jeltrd lnbtl OilrerLlf be'otntnon & k it ti S 110 ennkn nttt.It\ng Z n, 3 lilt bttnet oll l 14nlt l 4lt lln let flor ite ils Btcni trn' LinnPiyer. Itrttcde, Ftr e, by .lFIYlitl I LCit' i(iIEt-24 Alg Ell, jel8 88 f )-PUO re- , xr c rect. i~ In i .lltOEl 41\ 0 .·· 1,ý P.R ; N L OIL , &,.l, xii e G)(1ý BOXES New Ile~lf rd Sperm Cr lles;illlb~ 2g 60le Itlge lbas ks Cllweint. dW i ntetrt I iltit n le boit elt', blrtnl byI l t'tv h S uL Iitr;; 101eli I~ in Cltnnttn tI, ln coil Btlaletteo 'I'h lilil of Ilie~t e \ tain ill itt-nt-ti ity ro Irl p 10 c,,sk II t Papellr ol e'll \lrins o" Yo Ir bitden VibnnesfI'etrslCtpnl %lVltitttt'lnslob jlnrljentnReelite'l'r . nnllbe I stienne I steamer Va l all P iuIron, Spritiglilllc. I l I Ill iilll slll 'LA TE. it. Ot 7n: t i, ttinttbn m I , t tnrt IS f ies l, ittit fte ho je nni; (l-ltttntt ' 1, 44Nwl t Itt. - \nS ~lt ll O i iC llA i)lES , & 3 cilt-0 irkill Iw ir 11 ford \1'intc Ie O Pil; 20') boxes d:R do S re Candle :1110 sheets Br rlrers' C pper, lu stor, for ide b 1 II Fl' CC.. Ai II i.:, AI` AI-o I it. ,ltll i 1 n 1C.1.1 el G I).IaRSIlyit$ FI;:Y 41 \ w ,.~I il. C i1'v")I 'lE,1118Y;beig anewintodnl i P0110 ill the rudiments Of, that smentfc uuii pN ..l ri, gam.nB (ieoi 0 I iii 11' 11 e & IIIrss II ' he pmt of th sae Wodilutaedb ne eln gravngshi the author of"1'h,'1l oral of Flai". 't b er' G m , rth re 'risofte rtr ";1 I)IKhlr5Uobblr with p I··lien ifurar~, byr,.,,nu Al liiand ~ilot be Arrhil~rtor,; th second oditio,,, el ii b ull 1:17uet's Hisio* rl·. v el'TI1iu ow~~ 1'" 11 : I) f resoraio of('arle t. f) hetre ty r.'p:m e :. B.OULK-400 bils in stre, inr tale by U 1)IRSE'', Je29 44 :`ew i L vR.C FRANKLIN INPIRMARY T FIP F public are respeeti' ilo i t 'rml that the. inti utiton is erected ont Ihe most impronved pin ai d in an airv asd ImIost a 1dmiralr situ lltalon, i thell tilubr Frlnlklin, upon the railroad, one nile Ifrom the lizis plbni. 'Ihe thailding is laoge and mo-nconnoonomioonoo dvidrl inj to a rl-ntots. fie k oping sepalrate dithlreolnl .nd ,nlfierntll iisentls. SThe institiionn is supplidr with thO mnot Akilt', I snd i ttentive male antd I'mntl ".t , n s+,aud spakiln . h Iht,, I riouns motirn langu a e.. Private rouom may be had h v gentlemen t lie tdl larI per day, inchlding attentld en. &C Termrn in the or inry wards, tw.o dollr, p r d 41,. Slaves aIso two dollars. Small iPox in thle ortll wards, five doll:res. All capiniI en surgical operations extra. The resident phtsician is I)r I eddemaln,towh application Ior admission must he nade. or to 11r n, A Leollozlerg, No 17 Rampnart stret. all,9 1i LEAF LARIt)-- 0 Lkeg in store, fr Fle t je29 44 N 5 Ieoee. I)TI"iGO \IORFPIIY, Professor of Lanui7ges,is now i lrepared to renuive oentleomell, iho nootw e Ilre poed t s ti alit p-rtt f their leisure borom drose the autum r, ll. il It,{inuIg the rel('ch, S ounn.hb. Or 1nli hb l.n lll _l*u t ch TI Il.tlll.llli w;ill ]ate a se)lparate |,n , ('root Ito !, I ' ho i,,, I'. ' o. N. i. i 'Iran lhtion s in ad,: its usual. n Olile, 6;7 ('llr tr.s: a I I Ilie, llie ., ," I.w r 1Il' NATTURALIST'SOW VN I ;C)K--(',,iii I descliptiol. oll authellic lllt rdl lt < ini l(Itlll l rp. ell; s'ielltlih'r l lranllcrr d alrelll llod!ih II o th '. tl ,,atetn 1l itoby to niltlnn or 1' i n. ihan oI )n look! '111 N.V1'LCK.\I. II.\II.'- of. 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